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KORnll tlir propositions on ItiU Tlclu ,
Mlilctt nre mil marked wllh Ink
pencil nnd AOAINST nil iro t
tlmm wlilclinre mi cnmcleil. j
For thn New Coiildiltlon.
For the section rclalmg to Uviliov.la, in Hip Ar
ticle entitled "Corp rslion."
For Iho Article -tillUfl IJoimtiwi.'
Fnr the Article entitled "Warehouses."
For ft threc-IIMn vole to remove County iVnis.
For the sectln relating to tlu Illinois Central
For the section relating to Minority llcprcfen
t.illon. For the section relating to Municipal Suhcrli'
Hons to lUtlroads ftiil 1'rlvalo Uorpnrallana.
Fer the f ectlon relating to tlieCnnnl.
(From Hip Address of Democratic Congressmen.
lt then he no illixt'iislons lnml minor
iiinttorH ; no time lost la discussion
of dead ncnts; no imuilfcstaHmi of
narrow or itroerlpllvc reeling; no
Micrlllco or (lie muse 1o gratify er
nonnl nmliltinii or resent monl.
t:ilh CoitRreaalonnl District.
A Convention of the Dtrawwy of tlio nth
Congressional District of llllnols,lll ho held at
Metropolis, Massac county, on Thursday, Hie H
lny of August, A. D. 170, nt noon of said tny, to
nominate a raiidldato for Congress, In which Con
vention the couiitlescoiiipriaing said District will
l entitled to oue dclcraln for eaohluo votes cat
for Horatio tfeymour In 1W, and one for i ach ftae
lional part therenfin excess of fifty, as follows i
Alexander '" Delegates.
I'u lA.ki o
Williamson .......
Ilni.liii ,
Hill Inn
. n
" . -I
0 "
0 "
fi "
II "
Ill "
( 1H
I "
8 "
Democratic pipers In Ihn District will please.
It In suggested that Democratic county conicn
tlon, to select delegates, talicM on (ho 3d Mon
ilny In July.
Let every comity sends lull delegation. -
llf onler of the Democratic Central Conunitlrp.
Chalrman Dcm. Cen, Com. 13th Cong. Din, Ills.
Tlio Democracy of IIio I-'lret Senatorial District
will assemble In conventon nt the city or Metro
polis, on Thursday, the alhday of August, next,
nt 1 o'clock .m., for tlio nomination of n cnn.tl
dalo to represent said District, In the Pinto Senate.
Tlieritlo of representation will Ik one delegate
for every in" votes call for tfejmonr and llljirat
Iho Inst Presidential election, and ono delegate for
every fractional pnrt thereof In excess of lllly voles,
as, follows i
Sllne .........
Union .....
, . 11 Delegates.
!.'.".'."!.T."!!'.!i'.l. M "
II. '
...io "
A1.F.X. II. IliVir.. Cli'm.
To-morrow tlio peoplo will lo mlltil
npon to vote upon tlio New CoiutlUitlon.
Tlio wcuthurlin Iicpii so wiirin font week
pait tlmt wo fear jiuoplo Imvo given tlio
question btitcoiiipiirntivuly littlo nttciition,
ttnd limy let tlio tlay of election m by un
improved, hot ut emituerntoti fuw of tlio ronsoni
v)iv tlio new Coiittitution uliould bo
adoptud: lt. Tliunew Constitution litis
cost tlio people of Illinois nearly $JO0,000
to produce it, including nil tlio incidental
expenses of reporting, printing mid (mblisli-
ing; nnd it It is rejected It will (irobubly
bo n quarter of n century before tlio peo
plo venture upon unotber experiment of
comtitutlon making. It occupied for
nearly six montbs, tlio time and thought
of in hblo nnd fair minded a lody of 'men
in ever nifcmliled to form it Mtato Consti
tution, and if it is rejected, where nnd
when will a more competent, tiilentisl or
d Ik ret liouso of delegates bo selected to
frame utiotlter.
Prom -Mulnu to California tlio press
and politicians of other States are prni
ing tlio new uonttitutiou oi liiinoU a a
model Instrument, and express great stir
priae tliat any right-minded citizen of this
Mate should think of oppo!ng it.
X The old Constitution is admitted on
all tides to be the worst Constitution now
in existence. Xo State in tlio Union could
bo Induced to exchange Constitutions with
Illinois. It is a miserable contrivance, ut
terly uimilted to tlio existing wants of tho
State. And Governor 1'iiliuer declares it
really amounts to no Constitution at all,
as It Is violated with impunltV bv the Leg
islature, und trampled underfoot with con
tempt by tho lobby. '1 ho responsibility
for vicious legislation cannot bo iixed upon
sny department of tho Stato government.
4. Tho new Constitution secures tho
abolishment of the fico mill tax which is
no longer needed to pay otflhe State debt.
Unless it is adopted, this tax, which
amounts to u million a year, will bo col
lected for six yearn longer, and tho money
will bo idled up idle lu the Treasurers'
o ill co in vast sums, or bo tdrreptltionslv
loaned out to speculators on private ac
count. A two-mill taxis $2 on each $1,000
worth or taxable propony. Kvory man
can savo two dollars per annum on every
thousand dollars ho is' worth by voting to
repeal this useless burden. It that not
something worth looking after? How can
nny'voter make money faster for Uvo or
fifteen minutes' work, than by going to tho
polls and voting to abolish this tax 7
5. Tlio Supremo Court from three over
worked Judges to soven, wjll bo worth
hundreds of thousands per annum to suit
ors in dispatch of business and saving of
costs. Tho reinforcement of tbrco judges
ttj lift courts of this country, now over
wljelmned and deluged with cases await
tag trial, will bo worth every year to the
io or Wioflu.o, more man it cost
(be mw Constitution. JTLU relief
Is absolutely required. Tho existing law'n
delays aro beyond further endurance in
this county. Nearly a thousand cases
aro now stacked up in the courts, and
awaiting trial, and most of them will bo ,
procrastinated and postponed for years
unless tho now Constitution is adopted.
'';; iLuxoFs'vnsTitAi, sucnos.
The section of the new constitution Unit i
provides that sovpii per cent, of tho gross
earnings of the Illinois Central railroad
company, shall remain in tho btalq
trensurv. a fund to bo applied only to mo
oxpono. of the State government, should
bo voted down.
"When the business of tho Illinois Con-
trnl shall have been doubled, the soven per
cent. In question will provide for tlio en
tire expenses of tho btnto government.
Three-fourth ofthe earnings of tho road
nro from the thirty-llvo counties traversed
by it, and as tlio company must, in tho
regulation of lior charge, provide for tills
soven per cent., as well as her other ox.
penses, it nccossarily lollows that three
fourths .of the entire sum paid Into tho
treasury, is exacted from tho peoplo of
these thlrty-flvo counties. In othor words,
the tlmo Is near at hand, when tlio business
of tlio counties along tho lino of tho Illi
nois Central will bo taxed with tlirec-fourth
tho expense of running tho state govern
ment, while the "through business" of tho
road will pay tho other fourth.
It may lie said Hint if tho Illinois Cen
tral company were reloned from tho pay
ment of this seven per cent., they would
not correspondingly 1csm.ii their tnrltf of
charges, but put the sum In their own cof
fers, Instead of paying It
Into tho Stato treasury.
This might prove true j but the opponents
of tho section in question do not propose
to rolcaso the company. Tlioy only ask
that tho thirty-live counties whoso
business is, in tho future, to bo taxed witli
tlfooxpensos of tho Stato government, bo
placed upon an equal footing with tho
other counties of tlio State. Tiioy ask that
so much of the' seven per cent., derived
from their own business, ns Is necessary to
pay their .proportion of tlio expenses of
tho government, Unpaid into tho Stato
treasury, and that tho balonco bo
returned to tlio county treasury, whero it
may belong. Tho amount paid can readily
bo determined, and heneo our suggestion
is not only feasible but Jit-t. Hut should
the railroad company be held to the pres
ent arrangement, by u constitutional pro
vision, tlio great burden of which wo
complain will bo saddled upon us for years.
nkuixAT d.vc:.
It is rather warm weather, butnono too
warm for Democrats to begin organization
for tlio fall election. Tho choke of mem
bers of tho next congress will impose ii
responsible duty upon tho people, and tho
selection of it legislature which will n.
Hpond to tho popular will and not tit
inoro than half tlio year, is tin obligation
to bo regarded. AVo calLnttentlon to tho
stlring address Issued by tho Democratic
congressmen, which wo publish to-day.
Its utterances are righs to tho point, nnd
should bo carefully consideded by men of
all parties who desire a return to u really
republican form of government.
tiTlio .Vim withes us to ny that Ocn
Logan did not follow the Southern Illinois
Normal School Commissioners to St. Louis
'o taw tills charge in tlio St. Louis Dem
ocrat, ti Umlical paper. o know that
Logan denied it, but his denial, wo believe,
was made before ho joined the .Methodist
Church by letter, and is not wortli much.
Did ho coutributo any money to purchase
tlio man who was bought ? "Wo would
liko him, lifer being impressed with tho
fact that ho is a church member, by letter,
to answer this question.
How in: Cor it. Somo people profess
to be surprised at the fact that -Mr. Miinn
had Inllueneo enough at Washington to
secure tho removal of Col. (iraham. The
fact etui, without dilllculty, bo explained.
-Mr. .Munn visited Washington soinetluio
ago, and knowing tho President's weak
ness, presented him a hat. True to a rule
he has established, the l'retidcut recipro
cated and allowed Dan to ditposo of tho
Cairo poatolllcc. Tlio otlico is woitli a hat
at least.
Watciikd Him. Our courteous cotem
porary of tlio .Vrw ;, says ho was placed
in n position to narrowly watch Dan .Munn
during the hut session of the legist turo
Ifourcotomporury availed himself of his
opportunity ho aw aoveral transactions
ho would not like to divulge to tlio public.
Ask I'opo
A I'uiiiiiiis llolirniluii's Kkelcb of I'a
uioii Kentucky Devotee of the
((eorge AlfiiilTownsend in t.ie Chicago Tribune,
"Did you evcrjhoar of Tom Hawkins?1'
said a man of politics to mo yesterday,
'Tom Hawkins is tho greatest duelist in
Kentucky. Ho Is now (Jovornor Steven
son's tobacco Inspector nt Louisville a
handsome man, with n black moustache
and large, glaring black eyes, which sol
doni or never wink, but look out Hko ii
tiger', with silent ferocity. Ho is, per
Imps, 11 ft y years of ago now, but still nuo
of tho bcit shots in Kentucky, and ho has
llxed up inoro quarrels', and been
a second on more llelds tliun any
man alive. Personally, ho is a
gentle, truthful, faithful follow, but
ho Is deadly when holms made up his mind
to eattomobody. Tom is ono of tho best
fellows of his class, tho finished duelist of
tho South, always nice upon points of
honor and prompt to advise anybody to
light whom ho thlukti 1ms been' injured.
His last appenranco in proximity to tlio
'field of honor' was occasioned by a mooted
duel between two Cincinnati editors, which
never cuino to n shot. People who know
him, send for Tom in case of n duel, just
as you send for tho physician and the
preacher when you aro sick. IJu was
wounded at Ituena Vista, and ha was with
lleudersou, Crittenden, Lopuz n d the
The Cairo Bulletin, July I.
rest when thoy Invaded Cuba. During tho
war ho was on UrcchinridBo'fl sttiiT, nnd tho
atl'airs of privato blood in which ho has
been engaged aro Innumernblo. Tor in
stance, he was Hen Johnson's second when
ho killed Tom White. Did you ovor hear
of that?" '
"Oh I Tom Hawkins had to loavo tlio
State for somo years nftorthat duol. Old
man Whlto was tlioro when Hen shot his
nmt In. went on nwfullv. Tho tinners
rnUpil n howl nc row about that duel.
Tom "Whito and Ben Johnson had n fuss
over cards, both pretty full, nnd u chal-
Iciiro patsea. Xlio women anu uimnies oi
both sides took n big Interest it nnd Hen's
mother molded tho balls with her own .
hands. Sho was nil up and allvo about it.
I reckon sho'd shot Hon horsolf If ho lind
not gono to field. Hen was nil crippled up
With rheumatism, nnu moy nau io suv nun
up and hand him Ids gun. Tiioy fought
with shot guns loaded with balls. Thcro
was old man "White, haggling In tho Hold
about points of honor, tho terms of npolo
gy, oteclcrco, otcotorcc, when 'pop' wont
the guns, and his ton laid dead at tlio old
mntr feet, with n hole right through his
forehead. Thoytay it wm dreadful to
hear him go on. I don't know what be
came of Hen Johnson.
"Oh I yes, bless your toul I Tom Hnw
kins scared John Popo most doad once.
Thoy wore nt old General Wool's tablo,
when Popo impugned tho courago of Ocn-
cmi , and Tom Hawkins just glanced
nt lilm nnd opened out. John Popo had
to tako water.
'Tom was Hrcckcnrldgo's second when
tho challenge paed between John and
Cutting. Then Tom showed tho genoral
iliin of Alexander tho Ureai. Cuttini;'
tccoml was old President Monroo'a ton, of
tlui regular army,aiid Tom turnou mm in
side out. Ho put bim on tho defensive,
thundered at him, nnd got John Hreckin
rlduo off with nil tlio honors.
"fom Hawklnt is a terrible fellow. If
he looks ut you with his wide-open eye,
full of ferocity, you are half gono up al
ready. When they tried Henderson nt
New Orleans, and Judith Hcujamin was
employed by tho Spanish government to
assist in tlio prosecution, Tom, whoso trial
was to follow, taw what ii torriblo tonnno
Hcnjamin hud, nnd he followed him out of
tlio court-room nnu sniu .
"Look here, Mr. Jew, 1 want to tell you
something. If, whon my trial comes off,
you say ono word against nty character,
I'll kill von in vour tracks."
"licnjnmin saw tlioso big eyes ready to
(umti out of Tom's head, und he taid:
"Mr. Hwkins, I shall not want to hnvo
nnv tllfHcultv w til vou. tlr."
"Thoy dii not convict Henderson, and
Tom never came to trial.
"1 reckon you nevor heard of Tom Hen
derson's connection with ,tho Fitclt und
Stephen A.Douglas trial? That hosnevor
been published, to my knowledge, but it
was n remarkable episode in tlio preface
to tho rebellion. You seo, it was coming
on toward tho political convention! of 185'J,
and Douglas iiad nil the strength, so that
it was hard on to n certainty that ho
would bo nominated and crowd out tlio
Huchnnnn nartv. luot sure Intormation
nf tlio nightly caucuses of Slidoll, Jesse D.
llrlght, Howell Cobb, Hcnjamin, nnd that
faction in Washington, for they met at
Cobb's houso chiclly; and ono day it came
to mo straight ns n wiro tliat they
had determined to lorco Uouglas
Into n fight, nnd that it had boon
proposed that Slidoll should insult
DoliL'lrs In tint driiihiiiu aoluon r thn
Senate, nnd if ho resented It, thoot him
down. I wrote to Douglas ut ouco, but
knowing his habits to well, of leaving let
ters unopened for days and weoks together,
I sent the letter to a friend and com
manded him to make Douglas open it und
peruse it, that lie might bo prepared. And
in tliat letter I said : 'If you aro pushed to
tho wall, telegrapli for Tom. Hawkins, of
"Well, I c.tmo on from tlio South soon
after that, and went up wltn George i'ugh
to seo Douglas. Tlioro wo saw nobody to
pay much attention to us. Douglas seemed
absorbed with something else, and looking
out of his library, across tho hall, I saw
Koger A. Pryor and Albert (S. Drown, of
Mississippi, step into another room". I
asked no questions, but came away and
soon aftorward started for New .York.
When I got to thn Itciay houso tlioro was
but three minutes delay, as tho western
train had just come lu, and I
saw get out of it and step toward the
Washington train- who but Tom. Hawkins
"Tom, ' I cried, "what aro you doing
"What aro you doing uwny from Wash
ington?" said Tom.
"Going to Now York.''
"Now York, what? Do you get mo
hero nnd then run oil' to New York ?
Douglas has sent for me. Tho light's on I"
"I'll get oil' my baggage at Haltimoro,"
taid I, "and return to Washington to
night." And with that the trains steamed con
trary ways.
"1 found out tlio matter at Washington
tliat samo evening. The conspirators had
arranged to forco an insult upon Douglas,
and then If lie challenged, lie would lose
tlio vote of the North. If ho refused, no
body in tlio South would touch him. The
creature of the conspirators to insult Doug
las was G. N. Pitch, of Indiana still
alive, I believe and ho had dono
it in executive session the duy
beforo I reached tho city. Doug
las had demanded u retraction or u light,
and Tom Hawkins had been sent for.
"I found tho household nil warm for the
duel. Mrs. Douglas and tho Cuttses and
everybody were bound to seo Stephen out.
His wife said ho might lose tlio Presidency
or anything beforo ho should bo beaten by
Jesso lirigiit and old Duck's myrmidons.
"i no otuet (Mijc iiad been passing all day
botwixt the Huchanan headquarters, in
tlio Vice-President' room of tho capital,
and ono of tho committee rooms, whero
tho Douglas men sat in council. Tlio
messenger fur Douglas was ltoger A. Pry
or, an si for Pitch, Judith P. Benjamin,
"Tlio Fitch gung were Slidell, who was
tho arch conspirator, and as bloodthirsty
as a bat; Bridget, who was Icalous of Doug
las, nnd despised him : Bobb, etc. When
.ludah P. Benjamin, tlio second dnv, came
into tho committcoroom with another let
ter, and amongst liichardson of Illinois,
Pugh, Pryor, Brown and the rest, saw
Tom Hawkins glancing nt him. they say
ho shrank back and turned pale. Then
ho nut out his hand in n sycopuantish way
nnu said:
"Why, Mr. Hawkins, I'm very glad to
seo you."
'Wo all met that night, nnd Tom went,
in place of Pryor, to arrange tho particu
lars, and forco it light or a peace, Wo
knew by his look that tho thing was seri
ous. They know that it was coming to bo
blood by Tom's big eyes. And they wrote
n retractioh. Ho had it in ten minutes.
"Wo arranged to try Douglas's courage
feel T
" 'Very well. What's tho news?'
" 'You aro to go to the field to-morrow
morning at 5 o'clock, nnd light with shot
by tolling him that tho duol was to como
oil' next morning. Tom, who wns n tlmplo
hearted fellow, raised objections to this,
nnd rofuscd to hnvo anything to do with It.
Wo cntorcd Douglas' library, nnd thcro ho
atood. with as nlcasant u smile us I ever
sow, waiting to hear tlio result.
" jir. jJougias,' tniu i, -now uu j-uu
"Wo all looked nt him piercingly to seo
how ho stood it."
"'Very well,' ho taid, 'make nil tlio nr-
"Wo watched him again, ana no wns
quiet ns l never saw mm almost encor
ful. Tom Hawkins could stnnd it no long
er, lie said:
"'Mr. Douglas hnvo retracted I'
"DoiiL'lns drow nsloli. whethor of rollef
or regret I do not know. Ho wns a splen
did shot with n foullng-plcoo, nnd would
havo fought his weight in wild cato rnthcr
than be crowded out of tho path of his am
bition. Ho wns tho greatest leader any
party ovor had, to my mind. Do you want
to bo introduced to Tom Hnwkins?"
"No," said I, without thinking about it,
"if it isn't ollenslve, I prcfor not to know
Tom II jwklns 1"
A flair of Honor In Arkansni One of
the Participants l'rouauly 1'nlally
Woiiiiiled-Tlie Oilier Unhurt -Full
Particular) of the AlTalr Scenes ami
From tho Memphis Av.ihnchp.J
Mr. James llrizzolara and Mr. Gcorgo
It. Phelan met Inst ovonlng nbout soven
o'clock, live miles below tho city, on the
Arkansas tlioro. Mr. Brir.zolnra fell nt
tho tocond thot tired by Mr. Phelan, tho
ball entering tho left breast near tho nipple,
nnd passing through the left arm. The
origin ofthe tinfortunato difficulty is fn
inlfilar to tho readers of the Atalanchc.
On Saturday last, Immediately alter thu
arrest of .Mr. Hriz.olara by tho Sherill",
Mr. Pholnn addressed him n note, request
ing lilm to nnmosomo placo whoro a cor
respondence could bo inaugurated. Upon
consulting with his friends, Mr. Hrizzolarn
designated Honcllcld, Arkansas us
tho place, nnd tlio time, nlno o'clock on
Monday morning. At tlio appointed time
Mr. BriKzolnrn was at Hopotleld with his
friends, Colonel James Coleman nnd Col.
Rogers. Mr. Pholnn was also there, at
tended by Colonel M. C. Gallaway and
Colonel Duncan. Shortly nftcr arriving
at tlio placo designated, Mr. Hrizzolarn re
ceived a note from Mr. Phelan demanding
unconditional satisfaction, which challenge
was rtromnliy accepted uy .nr. jjrizzoiarn,
Kovcral notes passed as to the terms of tho
meeting, nnd a cm tel wasngrcod upon that
the gentlemen snouiu meet ni uopcuciu,
Arknnsas, at n point nenrly opposlto
Washlncton street, -Memphis, iennessco
nt six o'clock last evening; tho weapons n
Icctcd woro uoit navy repeaters, mo ins
tance llfteen paces, and tho terms, to tiro
nt will alter tho word had been given, and
to continue to tiro until tho weapons were
emptied or ono ol tho parties wounded.
The terms of tho duel were of u deadly
character, but were selected upon full con
sultation with .Mr. Hrizzolarn by Ills sic
nnds. By some means or other, the rumor of
tho iipproachlni! duel circulated through
tho city yesterday liko wild-lire, nnd at
Uvo o clock in the evenine: several thou
sand peoplo wcro on the Hull's gazing
across tlio river at tho Arkansas shore. At
five o'clock Mr. Hrizzolarn nnd friends got
on board of the 'Cheek" near tho foot of
Madison siri X(iirlv
TWO IlUXDItEl) l'KOl'Li:
crowded on board, anxious to witness the
tight. Tito Check steamed up tho rivur to
a point nearly opposlto tho dry docks,
when tlio steam tug commanded by dipt.
Postal camo alone; side nnd took on board
Mr. ltravjzolarn and seconds. About
thirty spectators crowded aflor them on
board tlio "lug." Tho Check steamed over
to tho Arkansas shore, and put oil' its load
oi passengers.
Tho "tug" steamed over towards HopO'
Held, but stopped In tho middle of tho
river, Mr. Brizxolarn's friends seeing a
white ling waving from a skill. On tho
approach of tho skill", Col. Gallaway stood
up and informed tuoso on board tlio "lug',
not to laud, as tho sherill' was tlioro rendv
to arrest the combatants. Col. (iallaway,
and .Mr. Phelan, nnd another gentleman
who were on board tlio skill', ciiinu on
board tho "tug." In n few minutes an
other skill' camo alongside with two med
ical gentlemen.
Whilo the skill' containing Colonel Gal
laway und Mr. Phelun approached tho
steam tug, Mr. Hrizzolarn was standing
on tho stern ofthe tug smoking n cigar.
As tho skill' passed up towards tho bow,
Mr. Phelun seeing .Mr. Hrizzolarn politely
raised his hat; which net of courtesy wm
as politcl) responded to by .Mr. Hrizzo
After n short consultation between tlio
frlonds of tlio combatants, tho party again
entered tlio skill', which example was fol
lowed by Mr. Hrizzolnro nnd friends, who
got on board another skill'. Tlio tug then
returned to tlio Tcuuctsoo shore leaving
tho principals und their friends in mid
stream. This wns dono for tlio purpose of
getting riu oi tuo crowd on uouru tho tug,
as no witnesses wcro desired ut tlio light
excopt tho immediate friends of tho par
ties. Beforo tlioso on board tho steam-tug
had landed thotcamr Cheek put out from
tlio lauding and taking on board princi
pals, seconds and physicians streamed
down tho rivor to a point on tlio Arkansns
shore live miles from tho city. A lauding
was made and thu ground ut ouco stopped
Tin: riaiiT
Both gentleman, on taking their re
spective positions, appeared perfectly calm
and collected. Colonel M. C Gallaway
acted as second of Mr. Phelan, and Colonel
J..1. Dulloso acted for Mr Hrizzolarn.
Col, ltojrers, who was tlio original second
of Mr. llrlzzolara, remained in tlio tug.
When tho tug was seized by tho ponce
o Ulcers, Col, Jtogcrs could not get on
board. Consequently ho was left behind,
and Col, J, J. Dulloso acted as above stated,
as tlio sccuid of Mr. Brizzolara, in which
ho was assisted by Col James Coleman.
Upon tho question' being asked, according
to the cartel
both gcntlenen responded in nn audi bio
tono of voice, "ready." Tho word nt ouco
came, "Fire If Mr. Hrizzolarn fired im
mediately at tho word, missing his oppo
nent. Mr. Pholnn fired witli liko cu'ect.
Twotliots wort; thon llred rapidly by Mr.
Brizzolara, neither of which took effect.
Ashe was cooking his pistol to II ro tlio
fourth time ho throw his bre.it s forward nnd
rocoived Mr. Phchm'g second shot In tho
manner designated above Ho im
mediately fell, and Mr. Pholan coased fir
ing. Tlio parties returned to tho city on
tho Cheek. Mr, Brizzolarn was enrried to
tho retidonco of Ms eistor, on Union ttreet,
ttnd medical uttendanco nt ouco socurcd,
At it Into hour Inst night thcro wain slight
hemorrhage from tlio lungs of rather n
dangerous character, nnd tho wound was
rcgardaa by tho uiicnuing pnysicinn ns
prouaoiy luiai.
tiik couni:sroNDKNOu
which pasted botweon'tho parlies wns ns
Mkmi'HM, 11 ;30n,m., Juno 2o, 1870.
Jas Biuzzoiaka. V.sii. Sirs 1 ucsiro to
know ut what hour I can moot you ntllopo
lleld, Arkansas, when 1 will havo tlio
pleosuru of handing ,you u further and
personal communication.
Memphis, Tf..s'.vknkr,nHatuupat,
Juno U5,J870, 0 p.m.
G. P.. Piiki.a.v. Kso. Slr:Your nolo
wns linndcd mo whilo under nNrcst this
morning, nnd without nn opportunity to
reply. Hnvltig just beon rolcnse 1 beg
Icavo to tay that any lurtner conimajucn
tlon vou may dcslro to have withmovill
renen mn nL o n.in.. on .uonuuv mum
- sr..-. I
nt Hopcfleld, Arkansas, through a fricn
who will ho thcro torecotvo it.
HupcflcH, Aril., U n. in,, June 57, llO.
James Hiuz7.oi.aiia. Eko.. Sir: I do-
mntid satisfaction from you for tho intuit
offered mo bj'youin iienrd which appeared
over your signature In tlio Memphis pa
Colonel M. C.Gallaway will hand you
this, nnd is fully authorized to net for mo.
tlKO.lt. PHlii.A.V.
Hoi'KKlEi.i), Ar.K., lOn.m., June, 27, '70.
Colo.vei. M. 0. Gallaway Sin: 1
havo tho honor to ncknowledgo tho receipt
of tlio note of Colonel Gcorgo It. Phelan.
of this (into, handed mo by you, nnd would
respcctluiiy reply, mat mil tatisiaction
will bo accorded him. My friend. Col
onel F. N. Kogors. will hand you tills and
Is full v authorized to net lor me.
Very respectfully,
.lAMKlS Bltl7.7.QI.AItA.
Tho cartel provided as follows:
Tins (5 o'clock Tuesday evening.
Pi.al'K Hopellcld, Arkansas.
AVkw'oN! Nnvy revolvers (six-shoot
Uibtance ri teen paces.
Parties, to tako tho stand, und nt tho
word, ficnth'iiipn. nro vou rfctulv? FlItEl"
tlio parties will commence ami continue
firing until ono or the othor falls, and then
tlio tiring is toccaso.
Come and See Me. If you want bar
gains in clothing nnd furnishing goods,
corner of Sixth ttreet und Ohio I.oveo is
tho best placo to btiy them.
tf 1. vVAIjDKK.
How many housowives nro there who
havo experienced tlio dilllculty of obtain
ng good vinegar. Bead tlio advertise
ment of W. II. Bishop in this pjipcr.
See advertisement of Dr. Butts' Dispell
sury, headed, Book for tho million Mar
riage Guide in another column. It should
bo read by till. tnlSd.vwtf.
them. tf.
You will greatly "mlts It" if you don't
buy tho Star Shirt at John Antrim', No.
73, Ohio I.evco. tf.
Jiur Hm kivV.I). Tho ShiH Ply Elliot
nnd Don't Boddur .Mo Hats und raps nt
P. Nell's-. Nn. 711 Ohio Uivi'it.
Millers' Agent,
oo omo XjS-vjeizi
Order Solicited, mid l'roiiiitl)' ami
SnlNrnrlorlly I'llled.
.. I. Mnthuss. j;, o. Uhl.
jyjATIIHN A I lib,
(ji:ni:baii phoduck
Commission Merchants
lit.". Ohio l,ovot',('.lIKO, ILLINOIS.
Hpreinl attention it en to Hiopliri'haMinud fflloof
ici:i'i:us to
!.' Caunty National Itnns, 1imhi, III.) Win. I'hl,
luxnn, HI ; city National Hank, Culro, Illinois!
Miniums, I Mars .V Co., Commission .Merchants,
Chk'no, III.; Ilalduiii i Stone, Com. Merchants,
Chicago, III., I Mw, Mor.in A CVj., Chlcngo, III,
rpo iti: soi,i fok cii aicc.i:.s.
I'll-Alln.l.... A.l.l..u ....... I ..Au..UJl...
uiidcrsij;iii'd, will !(. Mat jmliliv unction, on the
tth day ut July, l7i. to jiay freight nnd eharijes,
if not elaimed or called for hofur tho date nlioro
inentloned. Halo to takoplaroon Wharf llo.il, on.
pO'ltu Uixth street, Cairo, Illinois, nt to o'clock
u in. CJ1AK. T.IIINDi:.
1 1 hM plumlor nn uinrl;
'.' 1 do und 1 sk do ICS, Cairo.
3. 1 ho imttern no miir.'t
1 1 pkutlialr rungs lo
S 1 empty trunk do
n lnkg harness Til 11 Comer, Tcnn
7 1 leather tr'i, empty,, no marl:
H 1 lihl iiueensware do
0 1 box plunder B Thomas
K 1 1'kK selves . no mark
II. Silo w paper do
Vi 1 tr'k iindconttnts.... do
11 1 do medicine Ir KT Jonei, Memp
II H do w hoards KMK.Crah Orehai'l
l'i Ichest plunder no mink
1" 1 hox. 'lo Mrs I) U Conway, An-
rorn, Ind
IT 1 chest plunder no inn r I;
is 1 Ir'l; nnd contents... do
VJ Ida do do
' 1 lo d( , N Ilhuie, N O
l 1 J do io mark
..... 1 do do do
'i' I lo . , do W It W A Co, West
21 I do do no mark
I do do do
J 1 valine do (ll'Wiiiiht
'W Ido di lierryHhoer,reoria
1 trunk do Clms M Moore, caro
II Hros, Cairo
-J 1 trunk do marl!
3" 1 lu mui nnd ul.ua lo
31 1 1'"" tobacco MTIcllan .1 Col Hunt
Grand (Julf. Miss. '
S3 I Mitt toliacco samo
j" I'lo 'lo Kiinu
2J Jhox miokliiado.... samo
I caddie tobacco . sninn
icooKingstove minimi;
37 Ido do , do
3) 1 sack iiiul contents do
3"J Ido do do
j? h do do
II 1 'hi do lo
I- I do do , do 1
13...... ) do do do
ninthly celebrated rluld Kxtruct of
No Quack Medicine-Formula Around the Pottle
Dr. J.J. Lawrence
Organic OhotnisU
o s koo
I Nkc a' ,,in root of ilisc.i'ii hy i.nrtr Injr thn
I bin. i. restorlnuthe hvcrnnil klilneiston Iii kIUiv
OPiju nnd hivlKnrntlnjt Hie nenous sjsleiu.
l'hlsU'qie secret of It wamlealul sneeeaa in eur.
Dyspepva, Syphilis, Scrofula,
JLivei'v Complaint,
tliroiiloltheuinatlj.i, Neiirsliiin, fi'erroiis Allee
Hon, !'.rullo!H olffm pkln, Humors. l,oa of
ViKpr, Kisrusesof trt Kidneys and Madder, and
nil diseases cnue t,)n
Or it diseased condition of thu
Liver, Kidneys,
KTorvoutuaytttum, oto.
It Ihnrouiihly eradicates a-setj kind of liutnor
and had Ulnt.nnd restores the inuro sssleiuton
heiillhy condition.
bytheuso of this medicine from weak, sickly,
siUlerlnir creatures, to strong, healthy ami liit i.y
nun nml r-unrii.
No ineiRnehaa attained such, crest rctmta.
llr... fi- II. I- iti.llv .i.t.l.ll r
KndorseJ an I recommended hy the President
of the lacultt of Hie K. Mi'dii'nl College of the
city of New Vork.
UProf. R. S. !Ncwton,
ri-ofcssnrandl'rtslilenlof Hie Faculty, late "pro
fessor of Thetry and I'riv.llce" of Medicine, Cin
cinnati, etc.
One of llmnioat eminent medical men of this
nun well known iw the author of the following
stsndardtncdiml uorks. Kenton's "I'ractlceof
Medicine," "I..cc of Children," "Newton's
Hymes Howry," etc., in Iiit'emUr of .lmc-ieiri
.Vedmt Utritu- pnjre says i
"Anions Hie morn rceent i tlort" to Introduce,
popularly, some of thu new remedies, we notice
new pri;larat!imf (impounded hv J. J, lAwreiice,
M. or Norf Ik, Va.. which l'fumlhcii lo Hie
profession and thu puMtctu any desired ipiantity.
We recently eiainliied his Uhr.tlory and U-cniue
fully satisfied t' it all his work la done In Hie U-.t
manner, hy the moat apiiruied processes, and
from the leat in .terials, tifvluf na a result n me.
lein ini-i'tiiiK it.ii conndence of tin- pli)lci.in
tld the I'lll'll
Cures Scrofula In Its Worst Forms.
I'roiii A. W. VilN, n prominent and wi ll known
men-ham ofN -folk, vn.
No. II Mal t, Noaroik, '., Held. 15, la.
lis. l.tWKr.Mi-Dear hlrr Vour Koskoo has
worked woiiden lu my family. My daualiler hs
U rn ii aullerer from Hrolul in i'hililhod.
tjhi'lost thirty-' ne pieces of hone from her ankle,
auiorul from I.Tiirm, U'.l.lcs harluu ulcers in
several parts nf the body. Whll.l In this condi
Hon the cummer. 'ed laklnu your lCoktxi -It neted
IlkenehUrui on her. under It use thn ulcers
gradually healt . mid heriienend health Kre.oly
linprou'd. It rliiinty saiel her much sutler
Uvi, Hiidperhapi her life. I regard Kuskonn spe.
cine for bII seriifiiloua Bthtlions. Vour Koakoo
nlsncuriNl my u of djspepala, from which sho
sintered itre.iily Hho is now In lietter health than
..I.. 1 . - . , ... 4 . - .
nunnv i-cii in uvo years
With tliehl(iisi lexard'a,
I am gnu' ' lly yuurs, etc.,
A. W. MII.W.
Koskoo is ene.red hy the l.est physicians
ever) where. Its I (ho follow iiuj from rr.Tllleiy,
u successful practitioner of many years staiidlna
III the Old NorthM.tei
Ilocky .Mount. IMi-combo Co., trVpt. 10, JsTl.
lis. J. J. I.bier H-arHiri 1 luuui-cl your
Concenlrated l lu .1 KitractofKosknoln my prac
tice witli iho hsipiest reaults. I rind it tone n
powerful luer j'lrijiorator, blood punller, and
iierrous tonic. In all diseases of the liter, scrofa
iilous, sylillllii-, and nertous nllectlons, It la a
remedy of linmniso value) lu fact, In almost
cycry variety of i tironie diseaaes its use Is I nd I
rated. llupuiK j .u may meet with thn success
which oil di si ric as ii manufacturer of reliable
medicines, I urn, r, with much respect,
Vourobedii i.tM-rvant,
It. ('. TI I.I.Kit V, M.I.
. . . . Norfolk, Vu. Sept. 7, lsio.
Hr. J. J. I.nncc ienr Hlri My son has re.
neived somuch btmellt froiiiyour wonderful Koa.
koo, that I cannot refrain from exprraslnti my
Knititude. 1 had tried nliuost eterythliiK IHiout
la'iietlt, I believe, iiuill sincerity, lint yuur Kos.
koo Is nn infulhble remedy for tlio disease from
which liu has suilfrcd, mid, so far ns 1 can learn,
has never fulled. If you only knew tho linmenae
iimoiiut ol kiiiteritix ho has underuoue, then ) on
eullld COUCeilll tl.it tidun of sllcli u rcmede na
Koskoo Hi lt sun ly clues. The jrreat amount of
Ku..,i ii ia now lining iiinunu us is luestimauie.
Willi much KMtniide,
I nm, re.pi. Hullv vours, etc,,
Mtli. M. 1.'. A. NKI.SON
Kcad tho follow mu from Mr. WomUe, n proml
in lit hardware uu hant of this city i
No. laM.iriictSipiari', Norfolk, Vn.,
Octobor 13, IsiVj. f
Ir. l.aHreiic.-lvaeBir. Totlielaruo number
of testimonials wlilch you oil'nr of thu reat etH.
ency of your Ktukoo, J take pleasure In ut'dinK
iny owii. I suilerid ixreatly with nenoin delullty,
headache, loss of Bppellte. etc. Two bottles uf
kn.knn ...Mlnrd n... fr. i.ai.i.i.
Vours truly,
.!. C. WOMIH.K.
Kromltev.W. H. christian, Pustor Dlnttiddle
Streot Methodist Church.
, , I'ortsinouth.Vn., October !, lkod.
This Is to certify that I know Dr. Lawrence
well. He la n ccntleiiian r cultivation, mid
worthy of tho fulh'st confidence. I havo used his
Koskoo with mlvantao to myself, and have
adopted It me in my family In eases of nervous
debility and depreS(Un. W, H.CllltlSTHN.
Krum Dr. Llojd, a physician of laro practice,
. . . Great Hrldge, Va.. OctolwrH. 18C9.
J. J. I.iw ren e, M. D.-Dear Sir t J cheerfully
encorso your Koakoo us bcinxu most viduablo
preparation. I'pou examination of tho formula,
1 flint each Ingredient highly extolled by our best
mid most pr'Wesslvo clinical investigators. 1
have tested it elteeta in my own practice, ami
have no hesitation la recoinmendiug lu lu my
opinion, it la the Ik-si compound ol it class ever
put beforo the publio-excoedliiK by far all Iho
various compound of Marjaparilla, etc, over In
vented. It n a decided nerve tonic, and Invigor
iitor of thn Miiimid forces, nldliiK dlKestion and
rusimllatinn, ami thereby producing healthy
,,!.00.'li which should bo Hie Imals of treatment III
allchronlo ducaie. lloplnj; you will reap the
reward you deserve from tho publh n n bciiefac.
Ir.. I .,t UIH
'Vouis truly,
CHA8. hWV.
After reading tho above high recommendation
Invalid cannot reasonably liesltato to uivu tho
KOrfKOO a trial.
, For Additional Testimonials
from physioians, cniiiient divinvs. editors, drug
gist, merchants, etc., seo Koskoo Almanao fur
inl year, ' n
l'llll'K ONE DOMAK I'tll BUTTLE.
Koraalelv Iho urlnclnal druculsl lu Hie United
Slules uid llrltlsh Aineflja. Jeljan3ui ,
w. II. Norrlsj.
St. II. I'lill.li'c.
Notary I'nbllc.
Notary ruhllc mid t'. H.
i:i,,iiahti oni,
ahhcIh .-i.am.ftoi at
AmcIm a,7h,50 0
Am;I 2,511.210 7-i
Anh'Ih I.OWl.l 1H Ml
INTi:!VATIO.AI.. . V.,
AmmcIs l.ilfflt.aOM 17
Acm 700,937 7!i
jlkvi:i.a.i, ;i.t:vi:i.A.i.
AsirlH 51rt,7: H
AmIn 515,27 'IB
AHMCtM 500,000 OO
C'O.VN. MUTUAL l.li'K,
AdMCts) o.ooo,ooo oo
TltAVi:i.i:ifS, HAHTKHlll,
AmhvIh 1.500,000 00
nukac;e CO., HART.,
AMHClt .100.000 00
i.iKit:.vit:vr. iiosto.v.
AhcIn, MU:iO,Nn2 UH
Safford, Morris & Candee,
City National Hank,
0xiio, Xll.
J S. lti:UIK.V, Act.
.. ..OKKIt'K
Wlutt'i-'M llluvk, corner Kovviil
Klrt'vt mill Commercial
A rcti ne,
JiIlO, MLi,I.01S.
We represent the following leailing, wealthy
and fairilealtng eoi'nira
MKKL'IIA"'S Ih. Co., or Chlrniro;
CAPITA I. AN1 ht.'lil'l.l'ri .DHI,IN OU
SKC'UKITY Ini. Co., or.Ncnr York;
I'AI'ITM, AMI Kl ltl'l.t M.eJ.OIT0u N
C'UMMIIKCIAI. lim. Co., orChlcnco;
OAl'lTAI. AM) hCltl'I.I'rl.. 3fl,UIN 4H
CAITIAI. AND hL,Hl'I.fS.8ail,l.0a OH
SANdAMO Ins. Co., or .Siirlnirllclils
HAI'ITAI. ANU hl'KI'M'Jj- ,f '4U.1.037 T
AUItOlt.V Ins. Co., or Anroru, 111. t
CAl'lTAI, AND SUItl'I.r.S. iJU.77T SI
STATU Firo Ins. Co., or Clnvclnml, O.
CAl'lTAI. AND HL,III,l.fH......'JU0,H7
LAMAK lim. Co.. or CIiIcuko.
CAl'lTAI. AND fctltl'l.lH OI,llO,lltU 0W
CDwelllnga and contents, Merihandiae,
Htoeka, Mumifui lories nnd Mschiuiry, Hulls,
Cargoes and Freight l.itts Insured oniheino.l
reiKonahtc terms, lithe iihoi"iiamed comiauiea,
j. s. ui:akii:, aki.
-putt: ash marim:
Nintruva, "IV. Y. :
AhNKTN 1,43U,'41U Utt
Grci'mttnia., IV. Y. ;
AHNiri'N t,0UN,e'41 1
IIhikivci'j iX. Y, ;
ANSIM'N.. .. fl40,7U'4
J topxiblic, TST. Y. ;
AHNirrs 7ii,i)j. n
Comprising I lie L'nilc rtvrllcrit'Ai;
YonUui'H, N. Y. ;
ASHV.TH $h7H,ttl I
t lbany City 5
ANNETN mm M..9U78,00tt
Security, IV. Y. ; Mar'e
ANttKTN M...fl,IU!4.M.
tSrStores, Dwellings, l'uriilttire, II.il
Cargoc Insured nt rates as favorable
permanent security will warrant.,
I respectfully ask of the cllUen j
share of (heir patronise,
. V. jiumii:,
ORlce-at First National .Hsu
CI. 0A1IY.
Principal Undertaker
Xo. Ill, Sixth Strcoi, Cairo, Illinois,
Keep constantly on hand a hrge supply of Crano
& llreeds' new and Improved
Burial Gases
Iho Duett and hest mctallc cases now In use, Also
ready-uiado v. ' 1 '
Woodon Gof&xxm, Xto.
A Hoarse andX'arriHgcs Always In
llodles dUlnt'rred and shipped to any nddrcsa
Also on hisid for sale
rpkolstcrcm! Trimming
Hair Cloth, flreen Itens, Olmps, liuttom. floldi
...xl urtvii. lrlnmi f.nlil nml Ail v. Ktnru Varnial.
TMlcSiUosaTor, Chair.t'ane, lledsprings, Qlue
titer, etc.
....fll le. 'I

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