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Oil! lUH'MlWtOIT I'Ul'KKT.
do to tlio noils to-morrow and vole
for llin now constitution.
Drawer ami Undershirt, at n sacrifice
al V. XcIPk, No 70 Olilo Levoe. . ..
A "ipply of Calf Hoot aiiil'Galh'rs
just rwivi'd nt 1. Nell", No. Ml Ohio
Ventilated" liat,in entirely new ft vie
tlm most comfortalilo ami delightful lint
i vcr worn, nt J no; Antrim'. tf.
I ...1. 1 .
uoou wiioieiomo vinegar. Any one
run mako It. Sec advertisement of Sv. II.
IIMiopin thl paper. tny'J0dav3m
- no 10 mo poll to-morrow nnd votu
or tho now constitution! but nyaiiisi tlio
section relating to tlio Illinois Ccntrnl
Uood Cotton Socio, only J 5 cent per
pair or $1 25 cents per doz., nt 1'. Nell",
lo. (0, Ohio Levee. tf.
lly the adoption of tho new Conslltti
tlon, the special legislation and corrttp
tlon Incident, will cento touro tliopeo
Kuksh Kgg and l'cllow Ilnltor can nl
way bo had.. Itcwd tho ndvcrtlscmenl
"Greatest Work of tho Ago," In this pa
per. mayl8d3m
l no poll to-morrow will ho opened
only at two point In thu eltv, via: At
the tutml plaec for holding election In
tho North and South Cairo precincts.
Look at Wamiek'm Stock okOlotiiiko
ami furnishing gWs this wkkk. It I
replete with am. Tin: noveltie of tho
fcason, at price to ult thotlino. Corner
.Sixth itreot fid Ohio lovec. tf
W W. Thornton. No 13 Thornton'
lAiclc, Tenth trect, ha just received three
Mimlred Iwxe of glass, varying In slzo
irom exiuto acxili. J-'or fale, vholcalo
or re-tall. . jUf
iiioicov. .Mr. Conn, rector of tho
thurch of tho Itedcemcr ha returned.
...Ill . ... '
nu nui luiiuiici service on riuiiuay a
usual. The liovcrend gentleman' fninllv
returned with him, nnd are, for thu pre
ent, guests of -Mr. William 11. Morris.
A valuablo milch cow, tho property
orjir I'astor, who live in tho Fourth
aril, fell down tho abrupt hank of tho
Mississippi river, night beforo lat. and
hroko her neck. Tlio loss is u consldera
lilc one for Mr. Castor.
l-'irrv hay HOAiiDKiii wanted at tho St.
diaries Hotel, whero can bo found thu
coolest mul most spacious dining room in
tho city. Tho tablo a muni upplied with
the best tlio market atfords. FumlHe and
M'nnancnt iKiarder taken during tho um
iner mouth nl extremely loto rnten.
Wo ask attention to tho well display
i u caru oi -nr. i;n jinrtman, auctioneer.
The inference ho give aro of thu hlghiut
cliaracter. .u mini I'nulil ask bettor In
doner, Harlmaninin enterprMng young
man, a sueccful auctioneer, a id lia
proven hlmiolf entirely trustworthy.
Tho new constitution, eminently wlso
in it provisions, aim suited to tlio mult!
plied want of tho people, and tho ad
vancoil coiulltlou of our vast and varied
Interest, will bo voted upon to-morrow
iu every election precinct in -HlnoN. flo
to tho poll and deposit your ballot In fuvor
of It adoption.
About two months ago .Mr. Castor, a
carpetitor oi nut city, va iu a state of
health thut gavo his family mid fricm'i
great uneasiness. A horrible cough and
Its cause were wearing awav hi Hfy verv
rayldly, and hi iihyslciiin was unahlo to
nlford relief. As a last resort, and con
trary to the advlco of his physician, ho
started ior tno not bpring, Arkantas, A
stay oi tnrco weoK Micro cured him, and
now no Is following III trado in Little
Hork, perfectly sound and hearty, and
weighing twenty found more than'ho did
when ho started. .So much, for hot wator
ltegularly at that hour of tho evening
wiicniiio "lawny group" Is wont to cnlov
tl.t frgnt porch or portico, u negro wo
man somewncre, witulna nillo or the Court
House, smacks her baby. It Is a strong
lunged youngster, and, as blow after blow
descends upon its tender little body, its
ouicrie iiinko tuo "welkin ring" mo.t un
comfortably to all within hearing dUtanco.
IJambrlck having killed mo.t of thu yelping
nownnguogs in mat vicinity, tho rest.
dent congratulated themselves on a reason
able quiet i but no sooner do thu do" "dr v
up than tho bable begin Wq aro an
ulllicted people, alntvvu?
'llio spieuuiu property occujdod and
owned by r. Jtieily, lan., will 1 disposed
of by lottery, In August next, and tho Uno
brick residence, worth every cont of jj.12,.
ow win bo drawn by somebody .Inglo
This cnterpriso i a homo ono. Kvery-
body has conlldenco In it fairnes, ttnd
know that a fair value has beeu plucod
uiion tho property. Tho price of tickets
ha been placed at So. Supply yourself
... . .... i . '
wnuoyou navo "cuoico oi numbers. 8t
Agent for tho l'atent White Wire clothes
lino. Only throo cent per foot. Kvery
lino warranted. Dellveied in length to
ult tho purchaser, from 1 inch to 1,000
feet. Also agent for tho last book pub
lUhod entitled "Ten Years in Wall Street,
Now York. WILL 01I1WST.MAN,
Agent for Alexander and Pulaski i oun
l4w. Jc2S 3t
' Tho Craig MIcroscoiM) adapted to pojm-
, kr nnd cIcBtlflo use. Head tho advertise-
t. Trice, II 75, u27d8m. I
Tin- Unlit. i:. lire nml Ilic Nut ln
Tho citizens of Cairo, ami oipeelally
tlioso eonneeted with our river interest,
haro deeply iu the excitement prevailing j
In relerence to tho raeo now being run be
tween tho great steamer (
confessedly the fateit boats on ourSoulli
cm water.
Tho announcement by telegraph lo
yecrday evening, that thu boats had
at 5 o'clock, tho Natehos only two minute
behind the I.ce, had the effect of greatly
enthu!ug the friends of thu respective
bout, mul iliirlnu i'io evening the chief,
nml in tome circles tho only, topic of con
versation, was ''tho rnee;"' "the l.ee mid
Niitchez ' Tlio l.ee seemed to bo the fav
orite boat, and beta of two to one that she
would win tho race, found few taker.
On the other hand, genllomen who do not
chooso to lack their opinion by money,
but who nevertheless, ought to know all
nbout tho respective merit of tlio two
buntr, feel quite confident that
Tin: xatciikz is Tin. f-astkst iioat
nnd will show hcriolf null, In tho prcicnt
In Louisville and Now Orleans, a in
Cairo, tho Leo litho favorite, and although
much money has been staked, great odd
aro given by tho Leo nun. In St. Louis,
however, the Hatches', ii ald to bo tho
favorite, nnd citizens who will bet on her,
can bo found on ovcry street corner.
Tho Vicksburg Times, (peaking of tho
speed of tho Leo, says that on ono occasion
her running tlnio between New Orleans
and Vicksburg wa only 21 hour and 'JO
minute". Sho was out 30 hours; but allow
ing ten minutes for en:hoftho twenty
landing iho made ; two hour for going
through "Old lllvcr,'' and CI minute for
taking on board 78 cord of wood, her aetu
nl running time ia reduce J to 21 hour 20
minutes. Tho time of the Natchez, is put
down at 28 hour.
Tho Vicksburg Jtrruld, on tlio contrary,
lay tho Natchez is tho fuitcr boat of tho
two, and that her time to VIckaburg is two
or three hour better that, that of tho Lee.
Mr. Samuel Mulligan, thu well known
founder, of New Albany, Indiana, ha
chargn of tho bcautlllul oik horn worn by
tho famoti J. Jr. White, during herearcor j
nml also the pair that graced tho pilot
house of the A. L. Shotwclt. Thcso horns
Mr. Mulligan will prcrenl tn thu boat
that beats thu time oi the Shot
well, between Now Orleans and Cairn,
which wa three day threo hour and
forty minute. It Is confidently expected
that thu Natchez, or
nit i.f.i: wn.i. taici: tiik iidum;
Hut a father ltitcMo wa wont to ny,
A'oijr rerruiit.
Telegram bavo been ncelved announc
ing tho progro of tlio race, tlio (lrt stal
ing thut tho I.Oo wni three-quarter of a t
mllo aliead at Ilaton Itougu; tlio second
that tdm wa eighteen minute ahead.
ThU intelllgeneo remlorud betting quite
out of tho question. OHV-r on thu Leo of
two, threo and four to one, found no taker.
tiii: kxuitf.m i:nt.
Uy Sunday next, the excitement bore
will bo 'Ted hot." Tho railroad election
Munn' candidacy, tho ehangu In tho io.t-
olllco aro, for thu time, forgotten. .Men
women and children aro coustautlv in
quiring: "What do you know about tho
raco' 1 ho Armada will bring down an
excited crowd from I'aducah, and wo shall
not bo surprised if hundreds of persons
nock Into Cairo, Sunday evening, to seo
"which bent. If our preacher would an
nounco tho
"hack of Tin: lf.i: ami xatiiii:. '
As tho subject of their Sunday morning
discourse, their churches wouldn't eat half
tho eo)Iothat would turn out a hearer
Sued lulormatlou as came to hand bv
telegraph, up to the hour of going to pres,
wo puuilsn eiiuwiioro. I'ltuu' read it.
A V'..... V
.'i.n i oil jircacuiT kiv mat "no
man who use rplritou liquor can get to
Heaven. Ofcouro lie meant uch execra-
blo pol.on a I retailed in tho Kmpiru
City Iu vlcwoftheundeniabluexccllenco
of tho old whUkoy, jiuro brandies, spark-
II ...f ...
nug wine, aim creamy ale oil liy p(lt
Fitzgerald, of tho Hun Flower saloon, no
Cairo preacher has ever ventured a like
declaration. Indeed, wo hnvo heard mon
say that everybody who patronizes l'nt'
beverage i immediately poccil of a
serenity of foul, n christian fortitude and
relgnatioii, that maku this mundane
sphere of oura a good a heaven a ho care
about. That everybody mav sharu In il.h
felicity l'nt ha tlxed tho price of his In-
comparable Cincinnati lager bier at 5 cent
a glaif, and everything elso al about half
wiiat It Is really worth.
Thu llnest llilllard Saloon in Southern
Illinois can aNo bo found In connection
with this popular establishment. tf.
hi:.m:iv ioiu mcom:.
, ..fny clerk' onic.-, i
Cairo, lilt.. June '.'7. IbTu.
Notice is hereby given to all Merchants,
Saloon-keepers, Draymen, and all other
intere.ted, that there must bo a prompt ro-
newai.fom Una ojice, of all license ex
piring on tho lt day of July, lb70. On
aud after tho 3d of duly nil persons who
ihallhavo fulled iu procuring their lieenso
as aforesaid, will bo promptly prosecuted,
without further noticu.
Jo28-3t JNO. liHOWN, City clerk.
Tricot and basket caslmersults, very
line, nmdo to order, al tho old reliable
clothing house of John Antrim, No. 711!
Sprliigtlcld JJIock. (f.
Jlemombcrtho lioutrh and Iteadvhat
in winto anu brown, at John Antrim's,
They arc nice they aro cool. See
t ... i. , . r
The Cairo Bulletin,
The Time Mrnlc,
. Tho Natchez and Itob't E. Leo left Now
1 Orleans yesterday ovening, the Lee at 0
j minutes to 6 and tho Natchez two minutes
later. Tho Lee passed Ilaton llougo at 1:
, U8 a.m., tho Natchez at 1:38 a.m. Tho
I Lee paused tho town of Natchez nt 10:04
' a.m., and tho Natchez passed the nmo
1 point at 10:18 a.m.
It Is said that tho Natchez lost 8 minute
In lauding, and tho Leu 4 minutes in
taking fuel from barge.
Compared with other fast boat the Loo
and Natchez aro certainly tnnklng a splen
did record.
It. Ma
Timo of U-u to Natchez 17 10
" " Natchez to Nathez 17 22
" " Kcllpsu " 10 47
11 " Sultana 11 " 10 15
" " Magnolia, 1U 60
" " Shotwoll, " 10 40
" "Southc-nlJolIc" 20 03
' " Vrlneeis i, " 20 23
" " Now Natchez, " 17 30
" "Newrrlnces, " 18 63
U II 1111.. 1.-...
Ilcllo Key,
19 67
fourth AuiiukI Celebration by the SI,
i'asricsi-N urucvolriit Hocltljr, at
I'lorn Wardrii, July 4th, 1870.
Tlio member of tho St. Patrick's Hon
evolent Society invito tho cltizon of Cairo,
and thu surrounding country to join them
in an observance of thu 04th nnniver ary
of American Independence
Tho exercises nnd nmuseinont of tho
day will bo hold In Flora Garden, n very
pleasant nnd convenient placo of resort,
affording ample room and shndc for 2,000
Tho Hon. W. 1L Orecn will deliver an
oration, and Joel u. Morgan, Ksq., will
read tho Declaration of Independence.
A flno cotillion band will bo In attend
nnce, nnd tho Garden hall will afford amplo
room for thoso who may elect to dance.
llrlng your wive and children, your
lister, mother and sweethearts, and dc
vote oie day to a burnishing of your pat
rlotlsm and to physical nnd mental recre
ntlon. Ticket 26 cent.
John Maudk.v,
Joit.v Htla.vii,
Jyl-'.'t Committeo of Arrangements.
Tlio horo thieve, Johnson and Kolly.
arrestwl in tho city Wednesday cveulng,
wcroiairiy "coinurcd" by horilt Mycr
and ma lo n "clear breast of it." Under tho
belief that it would "bo better for them,"
they confessed that they stole tho marcs
from Howe' clrcu, whllo stopjilng at Po
tod, MisMHirl. Johnson wa a teamster In
that establishment, having chargo of tho
animal ho mado off with. Ho suggested
tno idea or stealing tho loam to Kelly, and
i BK'on agreeable, settled
tnu UctalH, ana "got out." Tl.o.v .,.,i
tho river nt St. Gonevluve, and
mado a circuitous through Illinois, lauding
in ino county Jail of Alexander county,
as statei yesterday. A tlio animals aro
valuable onus It I quite probable that tlio
owner will bu willing to pay something
lor tlielr recovery.
(Hi) fur it I.oilr," Klc.
These day of blistering siiiuhlno mako
ono "Oh, for a lodge in some vast wilder
ness, that I not at hand to bo enjoyed;
nut "tno contiguity or shade ' I furnished
by Flora Garden. On Sunday next thu
Garden will bo open as usual, and. If vou
would ticapo from tho sweltering heat of
tlio city, take your family nnd enjoy the
You will bo well treated, can listen to
excellent mutlc and partako of refrehlng
beverage at will. Tho proprietor, Mr. F.
Fisher, Invites nil to come and enjoy them
"dve. Jyld2t
I. 0. 0. ',
Tho oml-annual election of officer of
tho Alexander Lodge, No. 'M, 1. 0. O. F,
was held Thursday evening. The follow
ing member were cluctcd:
K. A. llurnett, N.G.
DyasT. Parker, V.O.
Cha. K. Slack, Sec y.
C. M. Osterloh, Trcai.
F. llros, G. Representative.
Cairo l.olijj No. 2a", Ai K. Je A. M
will hold a special communication
this (Friday) ovenlni;, duly 1st, A. I,. if)70,
for work in tho third decree. Visitor fra
ternally invited. Hy order of the AV. M.
July 1, 1870. O. FOItKEST, Sec'y.
(JLITlKUlJlU tki;tii.
Not only doc So.odont Impart the
whiteness of tho purest porcelain to the
teeth, but Its polish, too. They glisten af.
ter beinK brushed with It, liko tho Inner
surface of an ocean shell, anj tho effect of
thispeerldentriflco is to render tho en-
amel as hnrd and Indestruetiblu
.Savo and mend tho nieces, use '.Snaul.
ding Glue." June-JDoodlw.
M I . E It A I iM'ATEHS.
Kisiingon, rJelter, and Illuo Lick
Wnters, and all tho other variety of
Water from the celebrated spring of Gor
many and America, on draft aud for alo'
by tho gins gallon or barrel at tho drug;
store of II. T. AV'hltaker, No. 108 Commer
cial avenue, Gain Ills. apl!2tf
HCIiAlS AlllU.N(Jl:UOlK.
Mother us you lovu your ollipr!ng don't
fall to iiso Mr. "Whltcomb' Syrup for
soothing children. Itead tho advertKo
inent In another column, junc26dAwlw.
S00 hbls. Flour iikhIIuiii Kradf; also L'OO
half Mils, medium quality eultablo fur tho
Southern trado for salo nt tho Egyptian
mill. tf
A tfosnKIIFUIi Jllt'ltOJ.COl'K .
llov. Dnnlol Wise, D. P., editor of tho
New York Sunday School Advocate, thus
epenks of tho celebratod Craig Microscope:
"Its simplicity, chcaimcs and great mag
nifying power struck ino with surprise.
Then I wa examining a flyVcyo.by it
aid, and wa struck with wonder at tlio
skill and power of tlio Creator which i
displayed in Its structure Whon I aw n
statement in an advertisement that tno
Craig Microscope magnified ono hundred
diamotcr, and could bo bought for $2 60,
I thought It was ono of tho humbugs of tho
hour, for I had paid $20 for a mieroscopo
not long before Hut now 1 tlnd it to bo
a really valuablo Instrument which 1
hould liko seo Introduced Into tho famlllc
of our reader In placo of tho manifold
useles's toys which pleaso for an hour nnd
nro then destroyed. This mieroscopo
would both amuto and instruct them ami I
advise- every boy and girl who wishes to
know the wonder which Ho in llttlo thing
to savo -tils money until ho has i- 76,
which will pay for tho mieroscopo and tho
postago when sent by mall."
A a holiday gift this mieroscopo is un
surpassed, being ornamental, instructive,
anuisliiL' and cheap, and novcr loes its In
terest. Agent and dealer supplied on
liberal tonus. A samplo will bo mailed,
post paid, to any addres for $2 75, by K.
ll.ltUSS. JlJ Jjocust atreet, rit. Lotus, -Mo
Itead tlio advertisement In another col
umn. may.lldSm
How many houscwive aro thoro who
havo experienced tho dlfllctilty of obtain
ng good vlnegnr. Head tlio advertise
ment of W. II. Illshop in this paper.
Sr.K advertisement of Dr. Hulls' Dispen
sary, headed, Hook for tho million Mar
ringoGuido In another column. It should
bo read by all. ml'.'dxwtf.
linn AUt, Coluinliist A llakcr, I'n.lueiili;
MleHlM, KvrjhvIIIc; AriMliln, du
llmmlTimrr, HI !.til: l'r. Wiittf, Knolaotti
Kale HoIjiihihi, W. II. Drown, l.lli-rly,
.Molmwk.N.d.i AM, I'lttslairK:
I.ongworlli.N.O.i IVirolIn, l.oiilsrille.
I).in Alii.-, Coliiinliiu-,
Miihswk, t I)iil;
DiivlJ WuUr,
A lUkcr, TailiK-ali,
Arm! ilo
I.A....H. ifii. ......
. .-.lull., iiivHIIiaili
(irand Tower. Meinhli Kale Itohlnson, Clmi.:
Mullic Atle, N. O.i Ixnigworili, I.oul.nlli.
I'lirwiu, KtHimviile;
Tho weather I cloudy, aud wo might
almost say stormy, for although we have
had no storm hero, a very severe storut
ha been in sight all forenoon, aud u
Mimllcrono about twoo clock thl morning,
Tho frequency of uclt occurrence latoly,
added to tho fact that thu sanio thlngoccur
rcd many time last summer, nnd it be
lieved during previous summer, hat at
length cauicd people of a philosophical
turnof mind to Inqulro If there isnotsoino
local causo for this continued and singular
exemption of Cairo from storm. Thov
pas all around tho city, in full view, yet
not more than ono in ten bunts upon us,
Has any gentleman any remarks to make
I ho river ha fallen twelve Inches lnco
tail report.
Tbo Mii.isalppi is still declining slowly
at St. Louis, with scant seven feet abovo
Cairo, but with plenty of water below Calm
forall clinics of steamer, fully laden.
Iho Ohio is fulling jlowly at I'itUburg,
with 22 inches water in tho channel. It Is
falling nt Louisville, wltn 5 fret water in
Tho Cumberland I stationary, with C
leet wator on llarpcth .Shoal.
iiuiiness continued fair yesterday until
dark but nothing has been done to
ino great topic oi conversation In
Lairo, as well as in over city and town
alone tho Wt-sterii r!vi.r U il,.. ..,.
now going on between tlnxo
splendid steamers, tlm Itobert K
J.eo and tho .Nutchoz. They aro swiftly
dathlng up the Missltsliuii at about mil.
roan spcMi, andiocIoi.t(M'etherthat It Is.
as yet, imjioi,lbletosay, with nnydegreo of
certainty, which will cotno up ilmt. 'J'hu
laiesmew will 1. found elsewhere.
Many hundred of strunireri from St.
Lout,, Louisville, I'udueah and othercities
will to hero on .Sunday next, to wltm.j
tho arrival of the great champion of the
Tho Olive Hranch U duo hero to-day
lund for .V. O.
nu i. oiorauo h thu regular packet for
ick.hurg thl, uvonlng.
ino liuickstep Is the reular packet for
i.mnn iiio io-iiiiy,
'l'l. ...!. 1. " . .. ...
. auiivnii piii-Kci leave Ually at 3
ij.iiriiiiir i- winaiun A- C.i. uik ,..ohod hy
liilitunl coniit-iit un il.a in. .r m... 1L .1.. '
.."'"VJ ."."I'i.1" '"r""f""-. eondn.iiM In iiIS
1 ...1. . . : .. 'L" ' "'unuriwii 10 n-itii.
...v v...... v. 1. IV llfjlt.
c. wiNvrox,
''-..rii.Julyl.,, u;o. "";,
Dmnlel Hmrtmii
.,i',ur.nJ,,l".,h"1" ,0 eltlsem of toiro for
ih.i ill .... rJl ti 1 . . . I r:.a Hiein
. ... uu.it. mi in. ui.. iiini iiiaLoiiiriu'r.
i-inl menu. All les iiroiniilly niimilct in.
AUtuhcch Mado
Ull Cuii.Hlt'H-
lteulr ..Is .lii)M Veiliii..dy,)iaiidPiiliiril,ij,
All consignmonts corort'd liy opvn polloy of Bni
ac. rrllecoolKnlng food, will Incur
No Extra Chargo for Storage.
Kor prompt return nd Mrlct attealiou to lanl.
nt-.. would rno.l n-.pcctfully refer to Iho follow.
'Df."'.V,r?,'n''' loakfr mid other.
llalliday Uro., li. Ilurd 4 Hons. Admim Esprf.
Co pov, , A. ,11. Hartord, 11. H. Harrfll, Hn.tnl t
Nitioaal ILuk, of Cairo. Uerdea Jones. New
York. A. roach, llogan, Clark 4 Sleeper, Hon.
Jon. Allaatiolilaai Co., HilUburg. Clappillro.
Uiieutp. A. Mi-lneiililiaer, I'oimola. A. Hail a
Uto.,Sl,I.oal. julyltf.
A JlrnntUlUe for IIiiiiiIiiiki.
lticoiniit-teticennil iisstirnncn erni-r.-illr tin hniifl
In Inml.nnil of nil thctrllio if nri-tcntliili know.
nnthinea with winch huc-Ii'IvI iillllclocl. llin tin.
iialentino "rnpilleliia men" hIio atteinpi to lain
jicr "illi tin lienllh nf tlio eouimniill)- tiro llin
ineu imiiKruiiH nnn inn in?i imii imuiii.
So ininliliywny uf Text. ow for n f (itclnl nml
partluulnr uppllenlloa.
linpi'tNii linn ii iiiii-iiriiuii uit... in ui bu ciu-ii
"Illtier," lairlnalDKUp iiniler illllerent nmno'i
In milium lornlltln. nurtirtilarl v In (lie Hotitliprn
ami Wests rn Ptste , which tho vmilur hate tlio
harilllionii to rccnnimemi to eaay-fcoinu peojuo
upon whom lliey tlilnk theyoan linpoe, nt n
riilMtlliila for llimlotler'!! Htomw-h llltterfi, InnK
reennnueil by every cm as imp paresi nnu oei
ineJienleil stimulant nml InvlEornnt tlio worlil
The coucoctloiis renrrea to iiti eoinpoi-cn
of worlhleomiiterlnl, oiler n Ur;i!r iinri?in for
trotlt Hum sunt ucieuwen ionic, aim iieijcn inn
nnxictv of dollar .nursliipplne dealers In folt
tliem upon tho pliUio In lt plnen.
Hut "fnrewnrueil Is ffirpnriiieil,"nnu nil pnrtIeK
whointhejoillctiliiiliiilieil ()Vioinn nrn enileai-
orltiL'tneonx nmt inrcijilo into stibHitutiiiK iru-ii
for i" stnnilnrd reineily, nre hfrchy Infornn.l of
tlic iiorillil nml sr-lfl'h tnntltes nhk-li umlcrlln
i no irr "i. pi'i'in 11 ) nii'i riiiv:. i"-'--ter's
llitlori cannot, nf coure, l,o erloiily lin
pilnit ty tlice"tilcksof thotra-le," hill tn tlio
ilcliilltnteilniiiliiniriiighae mlinct lalcrctt la
tho matter, It l ntily an ntl nf cuimnnn hmiianlly
to put thrin on their KiiaM. Jnlylil'.Hen-l.
ynu 'OIJ MUY A
Cooking Stove
Get The Best
Have Merit Nolil Iu Hit- l.nsl Ttru Yrars
Not one li.n failed Ui KIM'
Entire !a.tiwivotioii
They aro mnrertally acknolcili'-.l to ! the
Ami wlieiever known Ihey
Stand Unrivalled
For Economy iu Hie I'm or Fuel,
For I it i'a li 1 1 1 1 y mid (.'ouveiilciu'i',
And 'I heir Perfect Adaptation
To the
Wants of Western People I
fend for price lut, to
013 c I'll X. Mill n Ml erf.
)lll)Mnwly Nl. I.iiiiU.
Tlic New Timv nml Job iloal
If. . 00 ULT Eli,
l i-ri-i.ar-l nt 11, 1 inn. - 1..
I j r'l lun l-: ol tow
n ninl.le tc rum.
1 nil nml Jot.' 1 11 k on llin it. -t
lleaiiniiirr -t t..i to, Ih.ii
o. iri ;II
rjim: rixi: sii:-h iii:i:i.
it v..NoitTiu:itit. . .v.j it. r.wii.r.i.M-)...tTk
Will i.l V ri-i;iil.ulr tin nLoii-. li-avini (airn iTfrv
diiv 1-tiiad.iy exceitedl atliair-lt .1 o'clock p.m.
. .... m u.nm niiii'-mtrvi Pti'.llll.'r, linT-
terv HH-nor ne- ainiiicdntionii fur U.tli nn...
cnurr nml freight
.-ho riinii'-ct nt r.uliinih nillilliu CiunU-rlnnil
mi l Ti'inti'i i- mit i.m kola nn l tlm ,i-w Oil. n
ml illu, riulrun I, I'nr i-arti-ul ir. ni.i.U on
b-inril.i.rt'- M. .1. Ill CKI.rV,
1' J'll Am-nt ul Oiro.
pi. i:iii.i:hs,
TiVi.'.VTiiiTii stiii:i:t.
Hot H ecu WiialiliiKtuii A to k INijilur SI
lliiulx nml Slior .llnilotoOrilcr. I'lnea
WorKineii Kiiiiliijrt-t,
Satisfaction Warranted
ratroiiiigc Solicited.
M AKIIMIK, .11. l.,C'iilri,
i:lsiiii:M i' . !-.,. ,.1 n. v.1.11,
Walnut ulrn-l (H-HiT- mill
tier tho I'lintolK IIKFICK IIUl'ILS Krom 1(1
U.Ul. It) III HI.. I Nufiil.lVs lit ) i mul rriitsi ti
" I'.NU
' IlKHIIiKXUK-.Vo.SI, ThiitouithStrwt
ix-iui't-iiwu.iiiiij-toii Au iiiiu ami Walnut Hlni l.
! l-ICI-.-t'Ji; Ciunniffi-lal Avi'iini-, npntalrH.
f x. iii.vi(j,.n.i), inn
IDKNCi: C'ormr Ninth and Wnliiut HI.
"l-HCi: Corner Hixlli fstni-t and Ohio l.eiio.
OKJflCK llOUitS-Kroiu u a, m. t 18 in., nnd
ruin 10 u p.m.
J vi:. ;ni:i:u 4i.i
liopper and Sheet Iron Work -
II M achinery of all Descriptions.
s sic
Jl'ItlXiTjl h;m ll.f.I VOIS
3 sti) rni:,t.sn;n i. it.
(In and nttcr Tluirtdny, Aiirll 1 :ttli
Irnlns will run as folIown i
, uiiimi suniiwsT-tr.AVr. rrauuruLb.
.DM i.M.
.1:40 p. H.
iioiku xonniw mt-leavc r.
Kxpes - jj30 a. m.
I U .1 i;2 r, M.
MnklnBcl.o eonner lion nt Pnn.i with llllndlii
Central 11. II. for l!alr.i nml nil polnln miutli, mul
with the I is .1 . St. .l M. II. for laillnnnpoll
nml t.oulstille, ami nil imlnU runt nml miullirnsl.
Altn, nt ."prilieneM u, Tolciln, WnlKih A
Wetern IU It. fur inliiry mul nil poliitu w-it, nml
wllhthn ChlenKoA St. 1,111, , ft. for St. l.oul
nnj Chlc(?u, nnd alt point north nnd north et.
V. UODOK, (len'l hnpt.
JOHN KOU(llTT,(foi'l Ticket AkI.
a tllH
tiii: SOUTH,
Nt. I.oiiU.T.oiiIhyIIIc, I'liirhiiiHtl
:hU'ti;o, Sew V'orlt. Jlonton
.oiiitN Kut mid !lVortli
neii;rr Trnlim Arrlir nl mul Irnve
4'ntrn n rollotv!
Mall Kiprcas.
AnitlVI-aiOU A. M.... I4i4(l 1. M.
UKrAUT Miua a. n .....aii3i. n.
llolli traiu connect ut Ontrnlia with Irnirmon th
I'mia, Urmliir, IIIooiiiIiikIuii, Kl Fata
I, a Sallr, .tlrmlota, Krrrinrl, tJnlrun,
lliiliuiiir, ami all iolnl In llllnnti,
.HUnnrl, Mlnticaiila, WUruiialu anil
lint a.
And with linen. uniilii KjuI nnd U'vnt for
St. Louis, Sirliik'llcld, UnUvillr, CI
clnunti, Iiidlaiiapoll A; t'olumbu,
Ami nt ChlexKo with Mlchicsn (Vlilrnl, Mlrlil
i Uoullinrn, nnd IMIiMirit, Kurt Wnjun
nr. I ;tilcKO Hnllrociia for
1 1 1 rfJ 1 1 1 f 1 1
For tiirnnnh ticket ni Infurmttion, nt'i.ly H
ti,.. fin.1,11. i.v.,i.i u.ii..j it.....
W. I'.J0II.N0N.
Oi-neml l'AMnj;T A nl, Clilmiro,
M. lIUntllTT.rx nrral ttiirrrlnK-mlFut.
JAMIi-i Jull.Ni-ON, Arnl, ("uno.
sn. TAnn'si
pueip;ze"op the blood,
tie lot HmttkcU Ttnle aJ 'ro
mcitrcf Jltitltk ever dttdnertJ. Jt ii
a reteiii.e and jure eure ftr Vyt
fifth, InJitttien and clt aneniet 1
the I.r.trand JCiJnryt.
JlilA miM and dtlirktful fin-feer-ant
fir itlUatt Ftnilit, and u the
visit agrttabte and fltMint tutting
Tenic etke tfjy.
l-'tir ycung Children and fttfinti it
it a turewefir Wind Celu, Grifing
J'jint in the Shtmuh and Jimrlt, &V.
1 1 can t kid It sll Druttuu and gcntnl
dltrt, tr ly iUictub Ik Wbucul
er, Lbtru, ao.
F.vniiiiiiallou of Applicants for Tench.
it (.'ertlncutt-H.
Orriu, kCoi xrrSn-'rrriiOdK, 1
l urn, Illinois. .In mi II, lnM. f
Thu firiit nnd third Kitiiril.-iv In everv mimlli
mi-urn ut nppi-iiiu , ior ini i-iaiiiiiiauon oi np
idicanl for U'ln lur.' i-i rlill.-Ali-.. Ilprsflrr nil
i-juiuiiulion. m .i lUi iiuM c- uiiil i-iindui-tisl Inn
prruiauenl II--., rl i,f j:xuriilri.-r i-nniliriK t
iiiri-K iKr.onn npniiiii uy urn lilinly mi-i rill
lendcat wh'- Mill iiin rm i-i-mru-iln except upon
lln-ir ni-ut. T idititln the nimllriint inn rerlitl.
atool tin- n-i-Mi l Kradi', n rati- nf.i rrn on irali
er U-ii mint I ' atiulned In all thn hranehes re-
ulilr.Ml liv l.u- l. 1.. l. ....I i..m .. ..P...I..
i .-ini,-riii urj'c ur mini Hill la riiilireil. llourn
In. in 'Jm.ui, I ) ii.iii., nt Coiinly b'ii'rlnliindi inV
iiUiee.t'iirin-r i f I -iniiii-rt lul im miiiand i:iei-nth
Hrril. Ilni I! i in, nil Htnlr, 'Vvwhfit nnd
m-IiuhI dirrct'-r .hiiiihl tiil.n iKitli n that mi ti ac ln-r
.v . .1K. , .1.., .... .IWIV
i niiiii ii in -Tiv iiirtmiifif tli- t-omiiioii nclioul
fund, nor l-i . mplnyed to te.n-h any eniniiioii
ii...) nu-f iiu... nut nrii eauiiMi n rernni:iiii-
i-itiier ir-ini in hfite urCoiinly i-npi-rliiteinleiil.
1. I'. HUTI.r.lt,
i-llJiiu.'iii Ci.linly fup'lof Keliooln.
li. "
ii iitui:L,
m:.i.i:ils i.v
Bar Fixtures,
(lliASSWAKi: nml 1I0USK l UUViSH
Cairo, IlliuolM.
Nolii o la herehv oli-en llnl default luirlnir been
mado in Iho payment of the uinount aecured to
l paid liy u certain nnto morlffaa eiociited liy
John I1. TaitKart and I'lmiUi A. Tiigiiurt hi wife
to Morrla II. Wiley dated tho third dy of June,
A. 11. lbfc. ami r.pnr.l.-.l in thn Circuit Clerk'H
onieo oi trie enunly or Alcinnuer nn mule oi
llllnola. In tiook (l.l of aalo innrlufiKen. p.U'n 1".
llin iinioiinl nowiluo nnd paynblo lieinx tl,M :u
nrineliinl. tnri-ilii-r wilh Intereat thereon from the
third day of Fehrunry. A. !. l&u. in per tenor "t
pruiiiiviury noiti iH-aruiK even iiiuo whii earn eaiu
niiiriU'L,'1 . nnii alien or tain auui oi i,imi m, i
tho uiuleraluneil tnuhiim mild talo mortcauo una
made, liv tiriuu of tho terms and uriniilfini of
the miiiiK, Mill, onHalurduy, the aniliuayor July,
A. ll.ls.ii. Iieluceu tho houra of HI o'clock ia.ni.
and I o'clock p.m, of said day, under and by
virtue of tho iiouarof anleeoutained inaald aahi
innrtKUKe, m il at puldiu nucllon, tn tho Iugheit
liiddcr. lorcnahi on thn pri inio, tho following
two (!i'21. In lifiM-k uuiiiliered furlv-i-uien (171.111
leaciiueii nroneriv in wit i m niiiiii-vrtiii (wuiiit-
tlio !lrt addition to the city of ('aim, rounty of
Alexuniler, un-l Hlutoor lllinoia, whii inn appur
tinurcea lit aatUfy the inirpoaea andcnnilitinn nf
anld nalo liiortiace. MOIIIU4 li. WIliKV,
Jlllit' 1. 1670.
Grand Picnic
Kentucky drove
Oi3Xolto tho City.
Thu Ciimiiiltteo nf Arrniiueinento lie li a.u
to nniioillH-n a
Grand Fourth of July Picnic
In thu Kenllli-kv l'iow-4 niiiwi.il. il... ..liv ,.i.u...
atlooruill Imhlii for lho nlm may i-linn In
ilanco) and wlii-reneiit,refreiiliiiiint Klainj., ele.
niu i.r .iu.iiiiu, nnipiii ior nil HIM) may annul,
A uplendld
Ootlllloxx 3F3A,axct
ll U-fU i-nxngml. nml thn (tniiilltei Uuli,
Mmirolho pul.hc lli.nt llii-y will p.uo nu nlnrl-t
In reader the neoiinioii nfltlmK oli.rriani rt of the
tilth nniiUermiry of our liulepondeiiei., nnd oni.
nf the plunantest rvualon-i cucr tic l-l Hi thh .ee
llonof thcroiir.try.
A hont Mill hly ilurin thn day Mlm en thu
hrounda nml the city, c.irrUnij parllcipiiila tlm
roiin-l trip fur SO feat..
I'l nil H hn m ould enjoy n il.iy pleu.aully, railoii
nlly nn-l Iu it pKlilolii! iii.uiiier, allMnl.
Turtle Oil
X3,xol Ay XI X O I
m P
('liraiitr anil hetlup is.a
Mnopfur alt not. fr&cfpl avnali.
In rlalliaa) fur tlrnislnr Win.
flow wllliom walar. Falm,
Oil lnlli, t'lnora, Talilea, ami
nil iioiitvorH, a iuna, Kami
' niiit lla.annra, aud fur
utiierai ssonar flrniilna; Pur.
Far rollahlna; Hnlvta. Tlnwdrr.
Mraaa, Nlerl, Iron, nnd all Mrlalllc
Wares. Ktiitotra,Ma btr Masxlr, Hlalxa
and Mual, ltrtlii) a brllllaal surfarr,
eual lo New.
For Sale hy UAItCUY HKOS
0 g
0 E
- AT
For X3AtlxljrijV. jVo
't, am it flortts on
tlxo wntor, nt
Till. I. mil in a is il (at-1 ii re il wa
ter, but rumen illrcjt friim
IheNprliiK', nt Haruloya, .New
Klvlllir.-tobabadaalt nura-lra.
narhlliifx aud brlKlit, from llio
Barclay Brothers.
Blue Lick Water
KENTUCKY--Frrali lot jual
rcrrl veilkept ou li-p, and fur
ale by
IIAKCIjAY hkothkus.
H h
Q h
Large Stock
...I'OH 8AI.E AT...
HTKAMSUIPN Leave Weekly frouiNetr
Yark, Liverpool nd()uutoMrti.
rXr pnshee apply lo CIIAS. T. 1IIN1JL',
Cairo, lllluola,
Or to 8. Howe. Geuersl Western Airenl. N'n.Q
i.asi'oueei.iiutdso. leulwl .
Ms lug Plachlue.

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