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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, July 13, 1870, Image 2

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Tlie Cairo Bxilletin, July 13.
Mill! till.
..i.i.. ..riiem . ! f"imrcMtiii
t.r.l IlieVe ItcnouHi-cii-ioiiviiiMMi.
iiialftr i iintlmr lM i tlNeussl.iii
r .i..,i ..icni; niiinlfoslnlii"' r
im i
.....riiien i.r the rnii-c to kv.m "
MinalninliHIoii or n ntmcnl.
,S(hCn..tf. .m''""C'-
f ,inTmo '' of J'"1
A iMflWUM W i'ilftio:.:" Ill.fi? hel.l "I
M, im,l... Mm-; ','t ,, , .tajr, ,0
nomlnMf iM,,, ,.,rie, il!
fjhr.i .'f.nnourin . ..
it hereof in mwmh i.oj. -
mn I.T...
I 'in
U' thninsou
lVpo ........ ..
Ilftllntlll ....
, 0
. .......
.... II
.... 10
.... 10,
Wiuit - , .
Dumocratle piper "" IN"1'1" w'" n"
' l . .''teathillicliiocrntieeniiiit) 'Oiiwn
llon.. usrleatiU'Iepite, !hM Willi" 3.1 Moil-
I i) n July
l.c'f leryeounly semla liillileleplhin.
Ii . nJiT of th iHmoerallc Ccutml Committee
JUKI. d. JUUlllAN'.
i a.riiiinlitmi.iVn.Ooin.lJIhConir I'is HI"
m:atoiua i. ox v km iiiv
'ii,i. Honorary of the Hrst SSenn..rml I' -met
w .,.. m' Ii Hi convent on at Hie ! f M'lro
. . mi Thttpilay, tilt -Mi ly 'f Aiikh'I. mi'.
nt 1 u I. I'.m . for Hip nomination of n cainll.
il.Ui. I r, , r etit mhI Itri.-t. in Hi Nut'' .-entile.
T" tll-i of r presentation will l' "no ilelcK"'!'
(,T( . T !' vote cntt (rr s-c)inonr nml lllnir nt
th In-1 PirliUlilll i loctmn. Mi'l ore ikli'g.ite fur
f try trACtlonul fnrt tlinwf In t et of tWj oic.
Aipnnlr .
l.nlUtin ..
j-'i'inp. ...
J- !lT."Il . .
II lii'lcgnti-.
i. . . "
AI.K.V. II. lltVI.N. I l. ni.
M('..'S CA.XlHD.Ujy.
lew intulligciit lcroin lmvo frtlU-il to
olnrvvthc outlrit nlnonco of ciilliiHi'in
over Muim noiiiliintloii. Ii rv-iii to
Imve i'ruhctl out tlio very llfo oftliu jiarty
frlcndi lire JiKiulciit, ami mnn of
tliftn will fratiMv'confiiH tlmtUnre i no
(Lance for hU elcttlon.
lm vcry neighborhood in tlio diitrict,
wrnoH Influential HiulieiiU lmvo roputll
ntcJ tliB action of tlio oonvciitlim Hist
brought .Munn into tlio lloM.JnnJ nuw
tbi'lr imrpofn to voto for hi i;alliiiit 'om
lu'Utur. Col.L'ri'l''. In l utro, wiicro Munn
livci und ii best known, lio will run mom
than liunilrcil votw behind hN ticket.
In C'nrml, wlmro Mr. Crol live
imJ U beit known, ho will run
far nheail of hi ticket I TliW condition o"
feeling fjioiik louder than word, mid
morn potently.
In tlilf connection we njijieiidthe folloiv
Ing bracu of jiaragrnitli from il,o White
County VvurUn
The Uuquoin Tribunr of the 21 ny :
I ii obedience to Jiarty r.ulreinuiit wo
I. tilt the name of Uanfel . .Munn n the
ii 'iniiieoof tlio republican arty 1 tlio
I'Mh ContjrcMionBl dittriet for l!i.in'en
tativo in the Coiirot of tlio United
.Statp." It m liH'ii very evident for
fwne time that .Mr. .Munn W not u fuvorito
nf tl.o Trilxnif, nnd tin1 weak neeoiiiani
i lent to thehol'lliiK of .Muim k uniiie to tbu
liead of lt editorial column U Indientivii
of tlio tupjiort ho will receivu from that
lnjwr, tho 7VMMNconeludoi Its notice, by
ruylni; ; 'WoVfk our jieojile not to allow
thur local feelin;;', or other foreign jiif.
tioni to iitand between them and tho en
thuiliutlc fujiport of Mr. .Munn nt tlio No.
vomber election."
This hut claieof tho Trilmtir'H twenty
lino article, devoted to .Muim, breathe u
conviction of hU ;i'nral uuioiiuhiriiy, in
tl e "Western portion of the dUlrlct, and
whin fudi able l!e. ublleuu Micr n the
T huh', peakindiirurentlyi'f .Mr. -Munn
i n i n t' Coiigrcuioiml honor, the iutVe.
t ' will he likely to spread throughout tlie
d t, nnd Insure nn cay victory to Mr.
Mui.u'i opponent.
-t.v ad iOTvt7:".v7v:7.
The llulfniu C'uMfiVr, olio of tlie ablutt
tmd tii.-.t influential journal of tho State
of 'cw York, et-iu-the Minority l!ep
rcientation feature of our new eoiutitu
tion with much favor, l-'uiniliar with tho
pr.judice with which all (jreat refij-m.
bavo t'M-ontviid, th tun'rwai!rucnbly
diaijoiiited in the rutult that proclaimed
thf ratiUcatli'n of that feature of tho iu-w
Iiiktrument. "It I," my the Cuurin; "n
great advance in the eaue of juttico and
popular right, and ominot fail to be highly
etilcacioiM in restoring legitlatton to its
legitimate UH). The g..o old D.Mitoerntle
rule of governing by the majority never
contemplated that the voice oftliu minori.
ty tliould bo hushed utterly. There U a
inuUTial diU'ercnco between tho leitiuiato
.wer of the majority and tho pro'ript
ivc dcipotiim of tho dominant jiarty. 11.
llnoU may take pride ns n tiloneer in n
reform which U calculated to remedy ex
iting hhujo bud reitoru the reirioutntlvo
nyitcm to ajut oqutlilirluin,"
EST A match game of Wo ball, on Sat
urday, between the Ited Socki, of Cincin
nati, and Amateur, ofChicago, Chicago
rcmltod In tho uccei of th0
former by u icoro of to t,,
10. .During thogamo, kome raWed nuu
on the wct side of the park gave wav,
precipitating tome five hundred pooplu to
tho ground in tcrrlblo coufuilon. Three
men and two ladles were considerably in.
tSf V. J "CableTontcKlc Inland, re
turns tho large, t income in tho Filth Hit
triet, it amounting to $110,1:15. Hit tax
of 11 vo per cent comes to 15.677 25.
.,, .. I -n.'r r tl.o i.lolStillclm.l
VI V M III'MI ' ',"t-
,,oitM. in: the nKMOciiATio
!vomi.vi:i: i'.T,IE s'l'AWi: si:n
ti: Ui the )i' scnt crisis,' thu ruojilo look ?u
..m'tl"'i llinn nuru "o.pclSi'ii'y '
,.r ,ivfli!olillity ' ill tin' ilioice of n cnmli
to represent them in the Scimto in
.'ij 'lion to n ii iiiilin nil Hi-count i.f
' iilltv. 1 Ion weal, to bo sorioiHy enter-
: lllllieillf r lill 1. Wlllllll ri'lllliri;, IHIMIMIII,
thauUio! lclrJelMv,.Vi'iiyel licl "In
. . . , , i
put.oll nir. hjtfiUHe inai euy ii:i neen
eli(ni;n"n tin' ile i.r Hie IWmocrfltlr con
vention. It'i, nut to bo thought for a lini
ment, thut hi- '.ilro iKiniltiKO will opptwe
the interest" of .Mii-:ie county or of .Me
tropolis In the State Senate. I In the eon
Irnrv, the liicutire wliiell would advance
the Interet i'f, the one would lm likely to
bo favorable to those of the other. All
thing" eonidercil, lifter linieli '.ji lleetioli, It
ntiliear" to me.'thili h" liettl'Mimn call be
nominated than ,lvel (1. .Morgan fur onn
torial dutlc.! ;t i j , t
In llu llHVl'hiijSb ""l u IftwyPr,
he ha? n cumpeten't Kumvli-ilgti of law l
dijoovcr any legal flaw, in any hill brought
forward for dl-euji"n. Wo have already
ipilHvii'Ju'Ut'naw.ui'un Uf b'Jtli branelii")
of the robMiiture. ' .
Seeoniily, .Mr. .MorgHn' I mi educated
man a Wyll in u gofid educator i and the
intorejl Of hlavoiWtitlieitcy, in'aill that re
flects school matter, would ho faithfully
attended to. A matter of sterling import
ance. Tlllitllvrf he I wore than a maty'li for
Vinegar" David In tho cnnvn, in The
llui.LKTl.s' hajJiiMly-observcd. Active ener
getic, ipitclt, of perception, 'u ready
ipeaker, he would overturn the plausible
siieeehes of tho Kadlpal candidates, and re
fute thlr fallacies j there is no iriun
whom the Hemocratlc party could nntne,
wlmwonld take tho pnlni, follow up as
charply, and m thoroughly defeat the Ir
reprcssiblo party polltlelnn l.inegar, as
.Tool. (i. .Morgan.
Foiirtlilv, huls frch from tho people a
newn.nn. AVith a new cointitutlon lot us
li!ieinij now men, nt nny rate, jirovlded
they are adapted fur the Munition. .Mr. .M.
is a man of probity; he is not so much of
n lurtlr.nn ns In tacriflee sound M6. or
principle or the public good to party spir
it, l'.ven should it bo In Ills pow er, on thu
other hand; he will neither barter hlv'oto
or betray hit trust to gratify selllsh aims
or private gains. Ho is n young man, too,
possecd of the rare qualification, ill this
day of wind and wonU, when to lie client,
niu'l when to peak and how to speak to
tho purpo.o with vigor and tcrscnoes, and
will not bo likely to indulge in ornate
phrneolot:y for show, or chatter bunkum
ngnin'ttlmb. Conjoining force of charac
ter with Amine without ob-tinney, en
dowed with fine intellectual power, of un
blemished reputation, well and favorably
kimwn to the people, a staunch Democratic
yet wide awnko to yield to the Inevitable
"when opposition hiicomes (Julxotlc, a cnlm
debater, logical and argumentative withal,
armed at all points with facts, alway car
rying III hearers with hltn. 1 cannot fee
for my part, wny ,ioei . .morgan so evi
dently a man of the time. would net ho
the liioU acceptable candidate that the
Democratic Convention could nominate
for the State Senate.
llei not, moreover, n protectionist Hko
hi opponent', houlwav ha been the friend
of tlio mechanic unci laborer. Very im
uorlniit U1U will i likeU to Ixi bronchi
lorwiiru in inn nol legnuiiiire. mm i navo
. . , i
nerfect eontldencu that -Mr. .Morgan, ii
electiil. will be found doini! hi whole dutv
earnestlv and falthfullv. So other man,
it is my humble opinion, would take so
many vol,' irmn nave, or no su neariiiy
t iidoriml liv men of all unrtle.
1 have a high eteoin for Dr. Caey, but
still, on thuwhote, under thoclrcuinstanccs
.1. (i. M.. would lie HIV llrt rhoice.
wliUli, If eonllriiied by the voln oftho
Demoernllo convention, will by iioim bo
more chinrfully ucquiutced in, thiiii by tin
iiocior iiiiu-i'ii.
Itcpectfully. A VOTKlt
Cairo. Ilk, July 12, 1610.
rou vi:.ii hack viitciin
Am jou not llboutlck of carrying tin)
oM man ol tun mountain on vour siioiiiij
or .' Stagguring under n load of taxation
near s'rr ii timfi u rrir u from JS10 to
lr-i',0, weakening tho musses t" a degree no
other people on earth ever experienced
liefore. '1 In-otlleial estimate lur tlie pre
cut llscnl vear show government expend!
turen ?3io,onn,oii'J. Hiiring tlio ten year
prior to l!!'.!), the heaviest annual expen
ditures wore under !f 1 2,00. 001) j tlio least
JIJ.ihjii.OOO, and the urrniM S'S,000,IKIO,
l'lnee thee figures nealnst tho-o showiii!r
what the wealth-creator have J to provide
tMiay,atiii tiicrcii. reason lor tlio tiationiii
Imcl.-iiche now producing Mich national
groan as wu hear North, Soutli,' Kat and
Hut th- mii-M", t'.m workmen, the voters
liae only theiiiM'lvi-to thank for their
nii.ory. Three several times, kinco tlie
evpirtitinii of the Demoeriitie anti-taxation
nduiinist ration of .Mr. Itiiclinuan, have the
workingmeii of the I'lilted States gone to
th'polN,and given a ballot each, for or
ngaint .Mongrclism, extravaganc,., cor
ruptioii and political iufainy. Since 1 s-iiO,
tlie voters lmvo nllowcd tlie lingo evils
which are crushing them to 1e placed nil
their shoulders. Will they vote to con
tiiiui' thee evils in 1K72 ? "it remain to
be i,rii ; but we think not. Look at thou
llguro :
Thu leitiiontu uieiiditure ol tlio gov
ernment, from ISV.l to 1H5U, were alioul
iOD.iMMi.oOO per pear average. Adding
fio tier omit for Inereaw of population, and
adding o() jiur cent also for increase of
priem, weruaeh the mini (f SI UO.OOO.OOO,
w liieli would be ii liberal e.tiniate for all
government expenses at this time. In
stead of those figures, we get tho more ex
travagant Sinn of tlo,0iKi,00ti us the re
quired amount for the "careful, economi
cal, nnd lionet" administration of lleneral
(rant ! Auutning the cot of tlie admin
htration Miglibl not Imj lionc-lly over
s-i;,o,ouo ooo, wun jo.oiio,ouil a year
added as a linking fund the
debt, and $1 20,00,001) per year interest on
said debt, and wo haven total of 280,000,.
000 per yearjliuge and formidable enough,
hut ,000,000 los than now demiided by
thecorrupt mid extravagant men in power.
How great a relief tlie "let up' of $05,
000,000 per yoar would he to tho over
burdened tax-pajers! With near u hun
dred millions more income tliau is really
demanded to meet all tho legitimate ox.
pciiditiires of tho government, the people
pray for relief for this over-taxation, and
their prayers are scoH'ud at; their rolls of
Vn hCit"TU1T t,,",r, rUlCr
Imch father V """" fc,"1,,r",,c0 "
lll wk done on the Illinois and
-Michigan canal during tin. month of Juno,
amounted to m,W, und tin, amount paid
on these ostlinatiw wie- S71.070 r,5
I'oiiiiiiuiiiciitloii rrnm XV. W. Ciilrrr.
j In this uiiparalolled age of reform, ha
already boen(groator nnd more important
j discoveries tt bfiicllt and.amolioratu the
condition and wants of humanity than In
all recorded previous time. To one espe
cial liiMstnco l beg' to advert. It Is the
, rciicdy el" Dr. H. If. Collins, of I.aporle,
! Itidinna, for thu opium habit:
1 I should bu dealing unkindly with my
iHymjiatbutio nature, to forego an oppor
tunity to mnUe public my testimony as an
rlcuin'l etport or demonstrator .ur. the in
fallible ollleuey of Dr. Collins" treatment
for the expulsion of tho destructive habit
df opiuni-enting, and the uo of the drug
In1 any known i'onn. If there llvus a per
son wlio litis tailored what 1 have from the
usuof opium, wiio could feel indlll'erent to
thu tnitery of others under like futfering,
or who would be slow to found, n timely
note of alarm to the uninitiated, or point u
mean of salvutiou for tliealremly enslaved
lcliui. 1 can think of no iiuuMimcnt bet
ter adapted to such nn one than to subject
hllu again to tho affliction of tho hubit.
Almost twentv wars tiun. I was ad
dicted to the daily Use of opium, nnd. but
for the timely intelligence of tlio discov
ered remedy by Doctor Collin, should this
day still "be an opium-eater, or hnvo
sought relcaso from tho cnthrallmcnt by
voluntary suicide. Doctor Collins is thu
only mini known in the History of the
world who over obtained a victory over
tho terrible enslavement of opium.
Under no other treatment was u patient
ever cured ot thu lialiil without eiiuunng
suffering which not one organization In a
hundred could endure unimpaired, If at nil
and nuver one who would pass through the
ordeal a second time for the wealth oftho
I stienk with tho authority of exner onee
in this matter, having uindu it a subject of
demonstration j and yet I can conceive of
no ono capable of being less Incredulous in
relation to tliodlscovery of nn antidote for
tho habit than 1 was when tho fact was Hrst
uiiuounced by advertisement In n public
ournal ; for I'had been.using overy oxpcdi-
etitairalnst thu habit on which I could pre
dicate a rational hope of success, nnd ex
pended time mid money at several expen
sive inllrmarle, claiming to treat success-
rully the iiatut, ami ueeu uamoa in every
undertaking for relief. 1 examined all the
published authorities on tho subject, but
found nowhere anything to encourngu my
hope, but, on thu countrary, ascertained to
niv satisfaction that thcro had never been
a cure effected greater than ono in a hun
dred could endure and live.
Huv nc received suchovidenco from the
doctor's patients ns no ono worthy of cure
could doubt, in thu month of December,
lbOU, I left a comfortable home, and trav
eled over fivo hundred mile to visit tho
doctor, then beginning to bo esteemed as
niv prospective savior, un mo Jisioi.ino
month 1 had satisfied myself of the genu
ineness of the doctor's nractlce. In tho
olllce he occupied I took the Hrst doso of
tho antidote, irom which umo 10 me prcs
cntjl lmvelused in no form one particle of
opium, nor have I felt a desire for it, nor
any actual suil'erlng from Its disuse, and
nothing more man a iranneni uneasiness
once or twice.
It Is now four months and four day
since 1 abandoned tho habit, mid I riily
aver that during thu time, I have lelt de
rided! v R'ttor than wiitio indulging mo
hnblt. 1 ihouldulrciidy lmvo discontinued
tlie use of tho antidote, but that tlie doctor
ndvlsid mo to cohtinucit use a few week.
I feel no ilc'lro or use for cither opium
or the antidote at this time, and consider
myself cured. I seem to bo transported
into a new and more delightful sphoro of
existence than I have known for n series of
pait years. 1 find beauties, endearments
and enjoyments, where, under tho abnor
malities 'l was suffering, I saw nothing to
cheer my despondency. Tlio elements
that surround me all impart anew inspira
tion and present a changed aiect. 1 am
stimulated into the exerei-e of u new uui-
bitioii, nnd, llnallv, "old things seem
pwscil away, and iifl things are bccoiuo
In consideration of the fact that, during
the two la.t centuries, the medical laculty
have exhausted their skill in tho search for
a remedy for the horrible suffering from
the opium halilt, without pretense ot sue
ecu, I mav well allude to tho discovery o
Dr. C. as standing pre-eminent animig
moiirrn discoveries in the noun or thora
iicutic and materia mudlca.
While at l.flporto. to visit the doctor, I
suw there ono of his Hrst patients, who
had been cured for iiearlv a year, whose
experience, a related in detail, was iden
tical with that attending my own. The
medicine is u liquid decoction, and not
uiiu?roi!', or much unpleasant to us not
more so than opium or morphine and can
lu conveniently forwarded, by express or
If the foregoing details of opium cure
induce any unhappy victim to seek relief
by thu eav priK'o of regeneration I am
now enjoying, or should the uninitiated be
put on their guard against tlie insidious
reductions by which the habit is formed, I
will have received a satisfactory requital
for niv pain.
W. W. Cl'M'KIt,
lllulf l'.dnt, Yates County, '. Y.
It April 2Mb, 1870.
Unit Tort uui wrm Mailt- IturliiK flr
lie volution.
A brief history of the lirourc
of con
tinental money may not
bo out of place,
becnuio so few of thy procnt generation
have over heen correctly luiormed respect
ing iti operations and details. It I in
itself something properly appertaining to
an illustration of a chapter on "Thu War
of Independence," and ns such we hero
lu June, 1775, the Hrst emission was
made of $2,000,000. lleforo tho closu of
that year $:i,000,000 moro were Issued.
In -May, 1870, J5,000,000 more were is
bili'd, in the aiituuin uf the mine year $.",.
000,000, and in December $5,00o,Ool) addi
tionul. Sueli frequent and largo issue
began to reduco their value in the confl
deuce of tlio people, in thu mean time tlio
power of taxation wan virtually denied to
tlio confederation. Thoy could only ree
imivienil the measures ot thu states,
Tlio whole amount issued during the war
was 9100,000,000 but the collections made
by thu iroveriiment iu various wavs cancel-
' ud, from tlmu to time, about one'linlf of it
i so that the maximum of valuation at no
i timo exceeded 200,000,000, nor did it
reach that suiiiuutil its depreciation had
I compelled congress to tako iu and pay it
out at $ 10 for ono of specie.
il Kept at par lor the Hrst year, as it was
ftlxtot ,,ot,l 1 1 , ll.n in,,,,,,.,, ..Pf....At.. I. ..1.1 I..
I ii tl.eci;;;-buVth; " lon
ot increase tended to depreciate It until it
reached COO for 1, and lluully 1,000 for J,
ul. It ,..,i,..l 1.W,I....1, f... 1.. '
,,.v., ,i. ..,-, iuiw,iiiiu iur nnv value
at all. '
I'uhlle securltle of u similar character
wore given, bearing such uaiiies as loan
olllco certlllci tes, dcjircciution certificates,
final settlements, for services, supplier, Arc. j
and those conslltutcd tho;itiie debt at the
end of the war. All these woru worth but
fl to 1, until 17St, when thoy were founded,
nnd rose to par, nnd thus pindu fortunes
for many,
Trtntmeilt of Huiutrnltr,
A writer in tho Chicago Tribune says-
Case., of sunstroke present thomselvr
In two form., which inust bo carefully dis
tinguished from each other. Ill the Hrst
the patient either fall or lies downs ha
A feeblet inodoratoly qulnk pulse, n ten
dency trt falntlhg'ort making thW leiM e
ertloil, and a. moist skin. These aru the
mildest and least dangerous cam, and the
condition prefont I simply that of ex
haustion from heat.
'The MCond clns of cases comprises thoe
in which the patient fulls suddenly to the
ground, where ho lies totally unconcious:
ho Uns a feeble, very frequo'nt pulse; tlio
breathing is nloty, dlfflcult, stertorous
fsnorinpV, and tlio skin hot, pungent and
dry. This condition, uiiles iromplly
relieved, soon ends In death.
Trie treatment oftho Hrst rhiofnss
those of exhaustion consists in placing
the patient on his hack In the coolest po
slblo place, his head low, and the free ad
ministration of stlpuhints.
Those of the second class should be also
removed to n cool place, where if possible,
thore Is a current of air. Tho clothing
should bo quickly removed, and every part
oftho body nibbed by two or three persons
with piece's of Ico ns largo as can be conve
niently handled the rubbing to bo contin
ued an hour ormore If neccsary. At tho
snmo tlino pieces of Ico may be placed In
tho nrm-plts. If tho patient Is able to
swallow, iced wutershould bo freely given.
"Whllo tho Ice is being obtained 'no time
should bo lot. The whole surface of the
budy should, in the meantime, he kept wet
with cold water, mid the evaporation and
cooling increased, by the ue of one or
more fan. lourrrr)ircnt fVir drliitify mini
be use uotthiutltint.i. To recapitulate then:
1. Send for the nearest medical practi
tioner. 2. Itemovo the pntient to the coolest
2. If the skin bo muhl give htlmnliint'.
i. If tho skin be hot nnd dnj, remove
tho clothing and apply ice (in lis nbcncc
cold water) freely am'l constantly to the
Liociy, anu giro no stimulants.
Tvo Opinions.
The 'ow York 7o4c says :
" Amcrlcnn enterprise Is gradually
attracting the attention of the world. We
have only to continue tho course wo have
marked payment of the national debt,
reduction of taxes, encouragement of com
incrce, dovelorcmont of ourresources, etc.,
etc., and wo shall in timo monopolize a
good share oftho trade oftho world. '
Tits: New York Day Hook says: That
was refreshingly cool for tho very middle
of tho hented term. Tho way wo are pay
ing oir the dobt Is a crabish aHalr, going
backwards, as it is nt tills day $50,000,000
creator than It was nt the close of tho war.
Tho wny wo reduco tho tax is the same.
And, as for our "encouragement to com
merce,'' wo havo encouraged our com
merco nearly off thu face of the ocean !
What stulf for a paper that doe. not pro-
fes to be an ns outright, to !boast under
pretences w utterly false : S country of
civilized being occupies so shabby a por
tion a this uoes in proem, ii nas sunn
down oDo.hftlf in all the element" of civil!-
ration In ten years.
1VIIITK to. i:tk.us tii: Tl.Sir.
I'roiu ilin t'arnil Cournr.
On .Saturdav last the County Court con
vened for the pjrpo of considering a
proposition from (Jen. (I. 1). Kaum, attor
ney for the CairoA: Vlnecnnes railroad, to
extend the tiuin of the contract for com
pleting the road. After considerable ill
cusslon, It was agreed to extend tho con
tract '.wo years from December, on con
dition that the company paid oil' its pre
cut indebtedness in the count v mid entered
earnestly upon the work within 0 months.
The Town Council alo agreed to extend
the time on the same conditions as to the
date of commencing the work.
. ..
Calf Thu vole for .Siiprcin Judge in
(ireen county was a trifle onesided. Hon
Anthony Tliorutou received 1,003 vote,
ami hl opponent. Aaron Shaw, not one.
J nouanil ol teeth thut might Ial a
lifetime are hut overy year, beeausu the
parties concerned either forgot or do not
appreciate the fact that .Sozopo.st, duly
applied, renders thodcntnlsiibUniico proof
against decay.
Accidents will occur even in the host
regulated families and Si'ai.ihnu's. (ii.ri:
should he kept jiainly. jyeudlw
Tin: IIksit and 0iik.wkt Ci.oriii.su to
be found in tiiih ('itv is at Isaac Wai,
pk.nV, corner of Ctii .Sntccr A; Ohio Li:
Hi.' shows Ids giMls with pleasure, and
and nuver lets his patrons go disiatistled
Cam. o.v Him if you want a bargain, tf
IIUV Youit C lot II I Ml VltoM Walder,
corner tith Street and Ohio Levee. Alj
his good, aro reduced to gold price : but
will bo sold for greenbacks, tf
300 bbl. Klour medium grade, nbo "00
half bbl". medium quality suitahh) for tho
Southern trado for sulu ut thu Kgyptinu
mills. tf
(iossnmer, Lisle Thread, Silk, Linen
cross-barred and merino under-wear, suit
able for the season, at the famous clothing
house of John Antrim, No. 7:i, Ohio
Levee. if,
V. W. Thornton, No inj Thornton s
block, Tenth street, lm Jut received three
hundred boxes of glas, varying lu ti.o
from 8x10 to 30x10. For sale, wholemila
of retail. )ltf,
W.U.PE llll'N Cl.OTIIlN(l IS t-Ul'SKKiniu
motto is: "Quick sales and smam, iuiok
its. if
You will greatly "miss il" if you don't
buy tho Star Shirt at John Antrim', No.
73, Ohio hovce. if,
An examination is solicited of what?
Why, tho choicest stock of pieco goods
cloths, casslmercs, doeskins, linens, marsall
les and silk vestings over otl'crod In the
Cairo market. Call ami bcc.
ii am: Pi!i;.ssis(i, i:tc.
-Mrs. Ada Duck ha established n Indies
hair dioMlng saloon, and invites thupalrou
ngo at thoso who would have their hair
dressed In the nentest manner and strictly
according to the luteH elyle. Mho I. alio
prepared to cut children's hair, having
rooms for that purpo'e, and will iui.v
reiih'tico in the oily on order for -liam-pooing.
All kinds of hair .niamciit
nialiuf.i'''ui'ei on nhort notice, hair, .'inhi d.
In iuwof tho nppioaching iielioul cln
billoin. holiday, etc., her skill and appli
ance in lmirlrclng, manufacturing and
cultlng, should he llljictlve ruiict. He
place of bu-itio" i on Commercial avenue
between Nintha!..l Tenth tre, ts.
Jul Idlm
Cam. at Wabbr and i:.amim: Mis
slockofcMiTHi.su. II'' cannot, and will
not, nr. i vir.it!i.i nv anv initKit imusi:
is tiii: samk i.ini:. 'I'hi '"-' I K-v'
KMiitf.i.Y nkw, and was limoilT at the
I.OWV..T PKi l.l.VK IN MOM".
I. WAl.DKIt, Corner of Sixth
If and Ohio Levee.
. -
It you want puro wines mid liquor, or
a nice fragrant cigar, go to tlio Wn-hing-ton
Saloon, corner of Wadiingtuit avenue
and l-'oiirteeiith street. Tho jiroprielor,
.Mr. T. Ilhiiikeiihurg, will treat you well
nnd set out his "bel," which can't be ur
paMtl in Cairo. JelCllm
,)llt received at 1'. Nell' s, .V... 70, Ohio
hi oo, a splendid lot of spring Ca-simerc
Coaling and Vting, which will be made
up in the niu'l fii-hioiiahle styles, and at
price to suit the time, a perfect lit guar
nntoi'd or lio sale." f
A UK you out iT employment '' If( 'o
send for the "The Greatest Work of the
Age. Therein you will certainly llnd some
thing that will" nt only give employment
but iv pcr'erverancoleail to fortune. S.'0
adver'tl-iiinent In this payer. innylH.'im
A new supply of Calf Hoots and (ialter.s
ust received at I'. Nell-, -Vo. Ohio
The Craig .Microcow adapted to jtopu
an w sclentille u-e. Ibud thu advertise
ment, l'rice. 2 70. m27d:)in.
l'eter Noll's mammoth stock of Spring
clothing einbrnees nil the new ilyle, and
what can bo found nowhero elk" in tlie
city n large and well vnrh-d stork f buy
clothing. 11
IlAUOAtNir II.MIUMS.h!-A ginl silltof
clothing for ten dollars, at l Nctl", 7'.i
Ohio Levee.
Ventilated hat. In entirely new styles
the mo.t comfortabl.' and delightful hat
over worn, tit duo. Antrim's. tf.
Aiu'i's sii.vi:kiii:iu.'.
U i ;e id i i
.Miiniil.ti tui o lilituk Itniikf, ami du nil
Mud's of Hook Wilding und Hilling,
n oiiio li:vj:i:.
vi:. tun: emv.im)
Copper and Sheet Iron Work
Mill Machinery of all Descriptions.
No. 'JJs Kasl Pearl St mil,
( I.M l.VX.tll, OHIO.
'1 lie Mvliifr .sinrlilnp.
it. c'i..n: iioti:i
S'or.Tlilnl iinil .ttui'liet Mieem,
WS1. . 3J t M O.
House riiriiislieu will! Best Spriug Beds
lloii-e renii ,11) t.Ku'".. Ilii-i f..r nil imin.
J.i'iii-r.il It It. .iel HlcmnlxMt 'i i. k l i.lli
III 11,0
J.CIMSLIIV, I'niprlelor,
Tlie firm ft r Win. ton A ( .,, n. ,lik.iu. l.y
iiiiitiis.lriiiiM.1,1 Ii.ir.tli ,.t Mry, ,y tii Mitli.
IrHHitl of Air. I linilei. 'rxt. TIih ic, e.nui,
Mitiie- will, n lu rHolnrc, U roii.iiH. in Hie
IM1M1 of VV.II'lllll, lll , iiulhotiK'.i lon'ttl,.
,nfn ol tl.i' lute Mm
... ' roinior.
i i i-i. is;n. lm
pi?I. I, .(.'SCHOOLS.
llxniuliiiillou or Applicants fur Tench
eiV Cci'llllcntex.
(Iiih i;ii'I'.)i-mi Rle'rin SfiiouLs, l
i.'.uru, llhiio.., June ii,
The llrl aii'l Oiiril bnliir.l.it in eierr iiimilli
urliereliyiiiiniiileil fur llu, i xminiuit ion uf (,,,.
plicnnts for u-achers' eerlilientei,, llereafler nil
exniilinaliniix ill l.o .lll..t aii'l eiiielili-lcl j.yn
i.erinaiient lloanl uf llinminers cnltlnL' nf
lliree ersiiie nl..ollilci l.y the Coiuity t-iii,,-rii.
lemleul ulm Mill ls.iie in, eerlllleuli, fieri.) upon
their rcnort. Torntltlu (lie iipphrant Init eprllll.
cute if llio seeinel urmle, n rate of seven on n .culu
often iiiiut be Htluiiieilln all I lie l.randie re
itlireilylaw to ho taiiKlit. sinl fur ft tirt ermh,
eerlillente arntn of nine will , rnjiurcl, Hour
trnm Uil.wi. to 5 iMii., at County Siijienntciiili lift,
olllce, corner of Commercial nteniivaml I. lev, nil,
treel, llrms' llilll'lluu, iiii ntitlrn. T,.Uficr8 mel
school illrertors slmulil taliu iioliee thut no tci licr
U eiititleil toanv portion r the eominon seliool
fanil.nor to ho eui.i,yei to teaeh any comiaoii
miIih.,1 hu uue uol Brt extublt a eerlillenio
either from the State orl.'oiinty s.,iperiulen,lent
,,, ,. f,. I'. IIUTI.i:i(,
County fiip't of Kiliouls
HH'AUDVKU, n. l.,Calm,
... , .l!I;,'!"i?''.i:,7:t'',fa'rof fUwiilh aii.l
Nalaut klreot, UH'IUIvOn UoininereliU iiienuu
iner the Pobtnlliee. lll'KIUi: IMU'ltS om In
- 1 I- ni (Sumls-ys cice,le,l), ami from a to
u '. in,
4 4 V l.l'VAH JiOTt ilVWVl-
S. ,(.,i. li Meillcine.rorniiil.i timiinl ihe limi.e
PltlUMHIlIt soi,i:i,v II V
Dr. J.J. Lawrence
Or:iiiic OhotnisC,
K osko o
Mrike Hi Ihe runt of ,i.,.rti.e l,y .iirifin tin,
l.lomi, retnrinthe liver tel kl.lne) I.ih In nil Itv
lutinn, nml m luor.-ilini; thu ncrtnu-i sx.teiu,
'I hi. Is the secret -f It jinh'alnl silere. In eur.
yspepsia Syphilis, Scrofula,
TJvor Complaint,
I i r i 's IilK'iiiimti-iii, ?itini!itn, Nertuu Allw
I ons, Ilriij'tion of tlie Mun, lliuut'r, Loss of
jit. Iieuf Ihe Kt.lueyr ninl hhebler, iilel
nil illic.m cnineil l,yn
Or n il,ps.e, rnmlitlnn t,t the
Liver, Kidneys,
Nol170U S3 V") to xxx, etc.
It IioioiikIiI) I'tt'li ule. ,.,'ry kuel (.1 humor
Kiel l I nihil, iui'1 restore, the t ntlru stem to
liv th tiir of tin Mi' Heine from weak, sickly,
nitlrrinx creature, to.trn, he.iltliy ni luiipy
Tan. lie Inilt.i ntlnliir.l tU' h ifreil rrtllln
ton till Jll'lly eelehrnleil I .uijioui.'l.
ModioAl xx tlx ox-It y.
r.nJorss I me! reeniniA' n., . l.y il, l'rr,ent
of the IwiUty of the C MiJienl I jlleje of tli
eityof t- vork
Xroll S. jSTewtou,
l'iofeiiranilPri.pit,r lie-1 -r lilt y, lil"'ro.
friorif Theory n. I'nwtici'" of Medicine, in
eiiinit.. t' .
Uni.I iliolno.t pinlncat me.llenl insn uf tin
H -'ll MtiiKii a the mithor of Dip fellouine
siin'lst'l iiip.Im ui work, . .Nevtoii "frkctienol
Meth, ino." "Ki.en.e t L'hiMreii," ".NPHtori's
Muim Hiiiirery,'' etc , in llv-'i'iaU-r of .mtr,ili
SlUl Hi' 't r mji. '.Ts .i) .
"Am..nllie more refill ittort to intro.lu 'e
i npnUrl) , . .In,' ,,f the new relii,',, I, wn noli,
HllPW'lrJ,u.lt..llv',rilKlliiti l.y J. J,
M J)., f Norfolk, Vii., whi"h I fiiriilil to the
i.rnf.- tn.l tm il,ie m ny ileiml iiiinliiy
rmlly exunilne.l hit Uhrnlory onJ Ui'Mn
fully sson, 1 thv. nil hi work i. ilen In Ihelx .1
inannsr, '7 (hi ino-i n.,rn),-l jiue ,., met
from tl.- i- t insl.-ri!". imnf a a rrslill a mcl-'
uui,. 11... t 1. 11 the t'uuUilrii,',' of ihe i.iiti,. 111,
i,. it,, 1 ii 1 . '
Iv O Slv O O
Curos Scrofula In Its Worst Forms.
I fom A H". Milt, n )rrilii'nt nat Mi ll Lie. mi
inrr ',,1 1 of .Norfolk, V.i.
,V. It Jtain'it. Xhmh, V.,Hcpl. I',,
i. l.tRs,'E t,.ar ,l 011r Ko.kis, l.i.
workr,l Moteler III my family. M) lUllhter In
l-en it .ih'ier from SjrnliiU "Hh-ii chil.lh'ol,
Mi. I...I i',irl).jii,i ,iw,. ,.f trine frniii h'Titnklr,
M ieril from hsrnrrn, li.i lutriiijt ulcer 111
trtl i.srt, ..f II. I,i,ji. IVliil.t In Ihl, roieh
lioiiuhe .iiniiMn-,-1 liiklii .ur Ko.kixi -Um ll
like a el,r 11 on Ii,t, luefrr II ne the nl.t r.
j'r.hni) heule.l, an.l lis r K'neml hrahh itieutly
iiiiprvs. I It rerl'unly ate hrr nuK'h wlier
n..', si. 1 ..rl. h. rliff, I rftr ir l IC-koo n.
e I,, for u'l fotulon Mll, It, .11, , .ij r Knk,,n
nlwirnr.! My ife of ,l),.enm, from whlrh he
'iileiF i L'rrntly. hie. i now m UK, r hmlth thsn
t... a.,-1 11 111 fit., Jel.
With :'ihltliet K-sril.,
I ui ,'r.t'i'fulli J"iir-, ,
l. W. Mll.l
ererHli, le lln.l III,' foliomllij rruln flr.Tillei),
.i , ..fiii i.riv liliuni r of uuny lenr Uinl'nic
111 tin UM .North St-le :
lie, ky Mount, IMicioiiil1 t'o.,S. pt. In, liitj.
I'h I ,r ,,wrrr IwrMr: I l.i, u.e, )..iir
r..ii'iiiikte,l I lu nt Kitrw Inf Ko.k'-Mii my i.nv.
t . e u Hi l! n.i,,le irall. I flml tt Oil-e n
I' vteiful Urr mt iiforstiir. Mil iiiilir, nrnl
nert ".,. ni.. In nlliliK'a.f of the liter, orof.
u!oti, sttnlltie, nnl lierrous arfretion, 11 1. a
rem. ,1) of num. -nw, value t In fst, 111 almost
eti t.irn ly of elironlf ih.ri.r. II. n. I, m.li
Cltli'l. II .in )l.ll liny m.'fUtltli ,e dlleee
vtli Ii 5 'M "hn'ru. a a iiunufriiirer of r,-lt.,t.f.
lie 1 1 , I .tin.Hir, with iniiuli reiecl,
iis.r oi.e,lient sertiinl,
It. C. TJI.I.IIItV, M Ii,
, , . Nurfoll,', Va. r..it. 7, ls,
lr J. J Mwteneiwln.ar bir. My n lm re.
e,it,l o,,iiii kenellt from) our wuinlrrfnl Ki.
kois thu I eaiinot refrain from e)irt'lUK my
urtiiiiinle. 1 hiwltrieiliiliuoai et-erythiiiK witiumt
N n, hi I Miete, in 1,11 mecrity, thai your K.
k." . uii .i.fllil,le r ineily f r tlir iimmi from
whe h he ha, sutler, -il, nml, so far a I can l 1,111,
Im-li,'terfih. If tiiuoulv knrw th., Ilninen.o
amoiiiit nt snllerin he ha Uli'lerKoiie, then you
oill'l eoureite the t ilu of aueii it I, me.l) a,
Ko.li,.., -Hut .urt'lyeiir,'. The great uiiioiint of
Ho... I it 1 now iloin iimoiix il is lue.tuiulile.
With mie n imtltii'le,
I .nil, ri .ix-i'ttullv vours, etc.,
.MlW. .M. II. A. NKION.
Il'.el th,- follovtiiiufroiii Mr. WomMe, n ithiiiI.
Hem ImnlHari. lii'rehani of tin. diy 1
No. l.lMiirlalh.iuare, Norfolk, Va.,
lietoUir I I, l,i. 1
Dr. I.iHrenee llenohlr. To the I trjjo iiiiiiiImt
Of te-linmninU ,eh toil otter of the urent elli
eiv y of tour Kc.koo. I take nleuaiire in n, iline
iiy 011. I Miller,"! greatly with liervom ,el,ijt),
liLI'liehe, In nf ii,.etlle, ele. Two Little of
w-no, le.inretl liie ill ne:mil. .
1 truly,
.1. (i. WOMIILK
rroui Ket. e. if. christian, Pamir Uiiiwid'lle
I'ort.niouth, Vn OetoU-r'A S'.
I Ilia i In eeitify Unit I know llr. l.aHreliee
well, lie i, n ni-nllemaii of eiillivulion, 11ml
worthy of the tiilleateonfl.lenee. I hate ucl hl
ho.koo with mltitntiiKH to myself, nail hate
nilonte,! it, u niy family In enae of nervnii
ilehihty nml ,e.ro.ioii. W.JI.CIIUlsTIA.N,
Kioni !r. Llojil, n j.liyslclau of lurije iratiee,
, , ; Great Ilrhlae. Va , OctoU-rS, Hi.').
J. J. Latirciiie, M. D.-DcarHIr: I cheerfully
eneorse tour Kuikoo as helnK a Hunt tiilimlilu
l'rekUHtr.ii, t'non exaiiiliiittlon of the formhlii,
I liinl rich lDor,:,ii,nt highly eitolleil hyour he.t
iiiiu mo.t ireresslvo flinieal Intestwitors. I
hate tetei Hk ellects In my onn prai'lU'e, Hinl
hate 110 hclttitlon III recorruaeinlliitf it. In my
epiiiloli, It U Hie Ik,i coinioini ol it class ever
liil la-fore the mhlio oxveuJIiis l.y fur all the
tarioiiseoinponnj, ( hnneipariffa, etc., eterla
senteil. Jt u .leelileil nerte tonic, ami Invlgor
ntor of the ntri).il forces, nlilliiu illKesllon ami
asuimlwtinn, ami therehy iroilucui htnllhy
ll(,u'l, which should he tho hnsla of Ireiitineut ill
U throiilu illeaat. If o)ilnK ynu will reap tin,
rewuril jmi ile.ertu from theinihli'i as a benef.i'i
li'f, I mn, ir,
Wir truly, C'JIAiS, I.I.OVH.
,..')ni'T reailuiKthe uboiiluttli roeoiiiiiieiiilatlont
il-,,uir',w.cal""" rciujoniiUy hesitate to givu tho
fioi..FSLA.dd,lona1. Testimonials
10111 iiliymeiun, eminent ihtine. eiUUirs, Tlrtii!
Ui"s'enr'IV ' vte'' Ko"1""' Alumiioa lor
rifll'K' 0.K II0LI.AU I'KK 1IOTTI.K,
cav.?.'.?1', 'je.rf1"'!lr''llrnKlls In tho Unltoil
. w. i. Moi rtn.
II. II. S'lillllee.
Notary I'ulihr, end I
Cominlss inner
i B WkM 1 1 Mm Mm ff
,rSS!lH 85,5 "VOI 0?
AssetH '2.7KI,
H i It'l l OltO, JO.V.,
Avt U,3I I.21U 7'i
lIMi:.M.V, HAltTl'OItU,
Anns-1 m- I,ASI,I1H HU
i.Ti:n.ATioiVAr . v.,
nHv.tn l.:i.t:t,:iiH 17
1 UT.VA HA ItTI'Olt l.
A 'HfU 7on,ii:t7 7:1
iii:vi:i,AM, ;m:vki.a.m.
AitM'tM 515,07! HH
110.n1:, ooi.i'Miu i,
AMl 5 1 5,2; IM
A.m:ui:A.v e.tkai.. mo..
AsshcIh 5(10,01)0 OO
COW. .TIIi'ri'AI J.Il'K,
amiiis ue.eoo.oeo 00
tkavi:m:ic'n, iiAitTFoito.
mfj:,v A'CIIK.r.
AsMfla 1.,'tOO.OOO OO
Ni;iCAiCK t'O., IIAIIT..
AHMflsi 500,000 OO
Safford, Morris & Candee,
City Nation.! Hank,
Oct-Ix-q. Zll.
s. ki:akiu, Aut.
, miT'
"iVIiilor'st Blofk, corticr rM-vs'iii
fslrrct nml Coininors lal
tt',' rej -rM'Iit lh f !uwm-( iivlit,, wis Hi)
an, I falr-.letluif iiui,nir
MI!liniANTS In. To.. 01 riikiiK..;
CAi'ir.u. .iM st'iti'.t - Nii.nsx m
SKCUItlTV Iik. r tifir York;
lUI'ITAt. AM riUltri.U."..'4.lll7,iOtt HI
COJDtritClAI, Ins. Co., ui Clileak'o :
I'AI'ITAI. ANH H'llI'M i. jn,tHl. 1,1
CAI'lTAI. A Nil nl lll'l.rs) MUUO.hnu tin
SAM'AMO Ins. Co., or Sirliiiflleld;
IMI'irAI. AMI hCKI'LL's. J3,oa7
AL'ltOK A In'. Co., r Aiirnrn, III. :
l II'ITM. AM M lO'UM S)wn,717 till
STATU l ire Ins. Co., nl" ClcitcUml, O.
CAI'lTAI, AM) fe Itl'l.t -S. .ml,ll7 If
LAMA It Ins. Co.. or Clilnifo.
Al'im. AMI hlltl'.lt..MI,00,OOII ou
eA')ail',n? an t f ntui'i. Men hn
tiH.k., M tnuf ti ' .rir nui Marhtmr). II ;i -,
Cari: oa.l l-re jj'it I. ' inure.t onll.einn 1
reaonaUr term, "it..e aujte nairnsl e,imme.
j. n. ui:Aitii:.v, aki.
Ilti: AM) MA KINF.
IN'injrsi i'ii, IV. Y. :
AHSiKTM..., .... tl.lUD.'SIIS JK
CjJoi'mu.ni.1, T. Y. ;
ASNirrN. , ..... .ti.oaN.rii 1
IltiiKsvor, IV. Y, ;
AHHIITf. . 70,714
w.eiillic, IV. Y ;
.VSiHKIH.. 71,0'J3 till
SoiiiprUliiK tin' I'mlersrrltcraMv
YoiilcerH, IV. Y. ;
am:tn N7N,I 1.1
A lbxiuy City.5
Assirrs 6I'J,IU3 'i
li1ii';iii,n,iH J.imllS.ls
Assirrss - TO.o7H,ouij ou
tSoclll'ity, IV, Y. ; Marine;
.ism: is ....i, s:ij niii on
tWr'lore, Dwelling, Kiirtnture, lliill nn.l
Ciiroe lniireil at rale a f.uor.iMe :iiin.,
iwrmaneiit Mfiirily will warrant.
I respectfully a.k of the citizen of ( .in, 11
shari of tln lr p:itrotiif,.,
c. x. iiu;iii:is,
Olllcc-at First Natlmml .lhink
Licensed Auctioneer,
OKKICKt rnrthe i,i,,enl, at It, II t'liiimn,.
ham'ii, Ohio l.etre, ('aire, lllniol.
sttrout ilonr sale iiroinl'tly iiiii n.le.l in.fj
Is usi-nl for tko kaIo ot the l'utenl Metallic Whltn
Wlra Clothes Hue an article that will last fifty
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