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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, July 14, 1870, Image 4

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git gtilltfin.
ms op m cnv,
out ttot'.Mtuioi T nii'Ki:-!-.
.-Illnckborrios nro In nctlve demand i"
ho city. Tiio supply so far 1ms l-een rath
er limited.
Hi: jure to read the ndvirtlsomunr
"Oroitost "Work of ll" 'W 1,1 l)li8
paper. " nmyl8dl!.n
To-dnv lmsl.oon pronounced tlio hottft,
closest nnd most opprcvivojjfdny c.f the
wholesome- YlncKiir. Any 0110
rati miiko It. fc'co ndvjirtiscment i.r V. H.
-Col. Hearden'i fntnlly will lenvo ly
tlm Idlowlld, this evening, for the Crilteii'
ikn Springs, where, thoy proposo to sojourn
until tho end of the present hot spoil.
ltomontbertlio Hough nnd Iteiuly lints
in white nnd hrown, nt Julm Antrim'.
Ttinv nro nice tluv nrc fool. Sen
them. " tf-
Good Calf Hoot for two dollar mid
tuventy-flvo cents only nt 1 Nell's, No,
VII, Ohio Lovee.
Mnvor Wilson wns not present lit tho
meetinc uf tho. Select Council, lwt night
Councilman Arter served ns chnlrmnn pro
Kittsit Kggs nnd Yellow Mutter enn nl-
wnys ho lmd. Kend tho mlvorllsotiieiit
'(trenlost AVork of tho Ago," in this pn
per. iniiylWam
Thn Cnra stenm furre W'twecn Cairo
Kentucky und Missouri, is ft very consul!
crablo contributor to the liuincM of our
Chnrley Artor, Sir. Dnnlol Arter
Mrs. Jacob Martin, Mrs. Hurry Poster,
undicvcrnl othor persons will start, thtt
evening, for Crittenden .Sulphur Springs,
Thoy villi go out on tho Idlewild.
Saratoga Ladle' Trunks tho best
manufactured all size ami prices, nt .lolm
Antrim'. Also Satchels nnd Traveling
Hum of nil grade, ihv. styles mid
prices. tf.
Thejoontrnct for fencing St Clary's
park lias been nwnrded to Mr. tleo. "W.
Hendricks, on his bid of J'.yjJS. Mr. II.
ii an excellent mcehniilc nnd 11 reliable
Tho number of inmate in the enlii
boo'o has been doubled by the cpnllncmciit
of a white man nnd n negro, for being
drunk, nnd cutting up unseemly cnper in
I write you to certify that I haveii'ed
Dr. Simmons' Liver lSeguhilor in my dim
Sly with complete success.
J. AV. Ii. mill),
Clinttidmochce, l'lu.
A case of sun stroke win reported rj,
noon to-day, viz: that of n colored mnti
walking across tho Mtonu near Worn
Garden. "Wu could trnco thu report to no
rellnblo source.
AValcrmf lions have mado their np
penranceln markot, but nro scarce mid
high. AVIien ex-judgo llodgo', twenty
ncro patch ripens we shall ! nhunditutly
supplied, mid ut reasonable prices.
The Select ,C'ouih11 lust night refused
to concur In tho action of tho Hoard of Al
dcrnicn in allowing thu salary of the extra
policemen, Cahill and Shnnnwsy. I'll!
action is probably flnul, and will set that
'vexed question" nt rest.
For 11 shave, huir-cut or blmmpoo, or
If you want your hair mid whiskers dyod
to your own satisfaction, cull nt .1. (ieo.
S'.eiiihouso's shop, corner Klghth street
nnd Commorciiil nvenue, (I'erry House).
-Mr. 11. F. Potter, editor of thu Mound
City Journal, dropped in on us yestcrdav
evening on n hunt after u supply of ''.mall
pica.' Lot the Good Templar should
yet after him, wo will remark that "small
pu n Is not rogardoil as on "intoxicating
Kverago. ' Ifitwero, Mr. TotUr dldu t
v t nny, so whore' the harm ?
it you Jmvo n Hosuru hour
aim uysire to enliven it by Indulging
in a cool glass of St. LottN hiL'or
go to the "Washington gnloon, corner
of lourUomh and Washington or to
Moycr s saloon, corner Twelfth aud Wash-
Ington. 1 heso saloous nro cool, hdv and
well ventlllatcd tnd their proprietors uio
uelevcr nnd courteous gentlemen u. you
will llud any where.
Tho walls of the Hough ntMi i'HHjv
ngine houso aro nbout ready to nivo
uie seeonu nor 01 Joists. Tho contractor.
, i-oor, are eirrv-
ing forward the work with
considerable cipcdtion. Taking thu
weather luto account, the progressof the
miming tits uteri very credltablo indeed
-Tlie scarcity of men who know j,oth
ing of the MIsenheimer.Uemuicriiif.iith
case, suited tlo Idea of carting tho to.
bucro Indians that stand before Me vers
and Kor.incyer's stores, into court, a." in
dividual, v,bo have neiUier formed or
pressed , mi opinio,, in that or any other
coiineetion. '
-riie crazy negro committed to tho
calaboose on Sunday evening,!, n tindess
vocalist. He sing, all night. iU mt m
ungovernable jxnthunt for Jewelry 1
tho absence of anything more appropriate
hh stculs tho brass and etetd buckle, froMl
J'"iuivuil nuu lutpsiiiuurs Of lllg
low prisoners, and manages to attach them
to his nose and ears. He Is not at all vio
lent. Eask AxuComkoiit, perfect vision, the
cye4 preserved, natural sight guaranteed
to those who uso Lazams i: MuuW i.er.
fectoJ spectacles. Tuber Jlros. sole agents
for tills place. dyUMiwlm!5
A good idea the sun shades used by
sumo of 'our teamsters to protect tho lunula
ol' tli'flr howes from tho parching rays of
Die nin. Horses thus protected, htand tho
heat inllnitoly bettor thiin tlio.c who are
rvpo'cd to tho unbroken rays of tho sun J
And. then, there'is u Immunity In the pro-vi-ion
tlinthouldeominciidit In nil kind
hearted teumntorii in the city.
This locally win vUlted by u very -voro
rain storm. Inst night, iHvoinimniod
by mi uniiMinl ipuuitity of thunder and
lightning. During mi interval oi live or
idx hours, the wholo vault or tho heave is
wn in n perfect lihi?.e,
tho llashei being of blinding brilliancy
uiul following each oilier In very rapid
succession. There win n bard wind, too,
but we have hoard of no serious damage
All of us denlro to tender our thanks
to the gentlemen who engineered Iscn-
berg's splendid string band to our ilomieii
last "night. Tiio iiiusle discoursed wn de
lightful the harmony most grateful the
selections Just such ns wo would have called
for had wu beoii consulted. Thu Profes
sor surpassed even himself on the llutoj
but where all wero so preciu and skillful,
it may be considered invidious to purlieu
hirir.e. AVe hnvc rnrely listened to music
that pleased us better.
lVscngors down the Illinois Central
railroad, bring word of a terrible storm
that swept over portions of Murion and
Washington counties Inst night. Our in
formant was not ncqiinlnted In that part
of the country, and was unable, thcroforo
to give, the storm a "local habitation.1'
Large trees were thrown down and twisted
In two, houses were unroofed, nnd much
damngo done to oat and corn crops. Wo
hope to be able, in tomorrow's paper to
give full particulars. Iteforo tho outburst
of tho storm nt Cairo, the opinion wa ox
pre'sed that n very violent tornado win
raging tvmuehrre within u circuit of a
hundred miles or so.
Thu competition between thu Calm
and I'aducali packets Is "fun for thu mil
lion ;' but pecuniary misery tothu owners
of thu competing boats. It Is said that
one of tho packets left I'mliiculi n fuwduys
ngo with only one passenger on board.
When tho time nrrlved for the opposition
boat to leave, It did not huvu uuybody on
board. To start out with u smaller pin-
seuger list limn hur competitor would
ncvur do, so the clerk bounded ashore, be
guiled a friend u-board, and dcipituhis pn
tcitatlons that he couldn't go, pushed out
with him, carried him thu round trlii. giivo
him liis dinner and supper free, nnd nil to
maku ns big ii show ns tho other boat had
made I One bout might iniiko money in
the trade, but so long in throu remain in
it, thu ollicers will be driven to nil kinds
of shifts to keep up appearances.
Tim First Senatorial District, in which
Dnvo Llnegar will bo cll'ectuiilly slaught
ered, shelved, nnd llAinmed-out in his racu
for the Senate, Is composed of tho follow
ing counties vi.; Aloiuiidur, I'lilaskl,
Ma'sac, l'ope, Oiilhitut, Hardin, Saline,
Union and dohnsou. Munn s majority in
these eountle, was about u hundred votes.
The election huld since then iiidlcatu u
change of morn lliaii tlficcii hundred votes.
Thut l'adtcals can count upon carrying
Popu county, nnd possibly .lohn.oii nnd
M tissue; but the balance will givo mi un
questionable Democratic majority. In
deed, wu have the name of u gentleman
who stand ready to wager $5,000 that 1).
T. J.iuegar, Ksp, will not bo ulected to the
Senate, mid that the Democratic candldatu
will carry live out of the nine
counties composing the district ' Who
At hut! After ii three days' tedloli
and exhainting iil'ort, u lurv him been
formed to try tho cau of the I'eoplu vs.
.Miseiilielmer. About two hundred
men huvu hum examined by
tho attorney" and rejected. Nearl'v
cvcrylxHly hal heard of the killing of
iieruiiiivriiieutli ami had formed or ex
presteil an opinion ns to Mbonhoiincr'
guilt In the premises nud all such were
'exiu-cd forcaue. lultea nunibcf who
Knew nothing about the caso were rejected
l- reinptorllv. 'I ho Jury selected U com
piHe.1 chietly of young men, ami nn..t of
tliem nro comparative strungeis. Tho o
iiiiiiiiiiiioii oi uic wiinoe will i oiiiinenco
In th- morning, and such evidence as umv
I drawn out In the forenoon will Im pub.
Hihed In to-morrow's llt i.i.r.Ti.v. Tim
trial will prob.ibly coinuuiu tho wholo of
the present, about half of tho next week
nil: r.iiiioTnsi.omn;,
Dr. Tiiggurt, now In Washington City,
write, ton friend in Cairo, Unit tho WnJi.
Ington paper of Sunday morning con
taineil mi unuoiinceuient of the conllrmu.
Hon of Colonel McKi-aig H . iijipolnt
nieut ut postmaster ut Cairo. Th
Doctor may not he
w'o have narrowly
exchange, mid failed
mention of thu mutter.
mistiil.cn ; hut
wntehed our
to observe unv
Thu ("net was cor-
tulnly not stntcd In the associated press
dUpatchos. nor Injany ot tU spoeinl. to thu
St. Louis, Chicago or Cincinnati papers.
A matter of ,iich conseijuenco
would M-arcely i scape tho notice
of tho nrgus.eycd iowpnj)r correspond,
cuts ut Washington, yet Dr. Taggart
speal.-s with conll.leuco-deelariiig that ho
saw what ho.,. tee, to-wlt: The con fir
million of Col. MnKcalg us thu Cairo po,t.
run in su.M.
I'llOslllu of tolm. ','.i hi- lb.. Ill , re .
, 'V MW I'nilf.S' ill-
bauo Warohouso Company this morning,
calle.1 out quite, u number of local buvers,
".nil 00tl 1'tices woro commanded for all
tho tobawo offered. Lugssold.it from ?0 "5
medium leaf ni from i()tou 0 '
InJi'l030;'?0 ,aordI,""n'.eo,,'sider
Ingthoitateof lhoL-eiiemi......!.... ....
quality of the lohacco.
Tide Cairo
.MrrHiiir rns-l !S'lilil"Kilciiloii of'
Time In lio Cairo . Vlnceiiliesi It.
It. So.-Aiul Otticr Mntlcc".
Thn called meeting of thu Select Council
last night, was for the purpo'o or taking
action on the ordinances passed ton second
lending by tho Hoard of Aldermen, and to
consider the application of tho Cftiro
Vliiceniies railroad company for further
time wheicln to commence work and com
plete the roild.
A resolution was Introduced to tho ell'eet
Hint the temporary suspension of thu work
on thu rond, should not so operate I
ns to Invalidate the contract and j
ubscrliitlons between tho e'ty
and tho company, provided tho company
resume work within six months from the
1st day of .Inly, and complete tho road by
December 1872.
Couiii'llniuii Arter moved in an amend
ment that the company also be required
to pay off nil their Indebtedness to Individ
val citizens of tho city. White county
bad exacted such u condition, nnd why
might not the city of Cairo?
Councilmnn Tnylor explained that the
Inability of the company "to pay off the
debt,'" etc., roeessitated u suspentloli of
the work, and that, If tho company were In
n condition to meet such u
requirement in Is contemplated
by Councilman Arter's umendment, It
would not ask or need an uxlonslon of
Tho amendment wa not accepted, and
the resolution in originally Introduced win
adopted by n very decided vote, Council'
man Arter voting n very decided A'ol
The Council passed sovcral ordinances
to their second reading, allowed sundry
bills, and then adjourned.
Ill K I.N FAS or tiik cm.
Dullness is rather dull in tho city, just
uuw, In nil departments. This Is owing
ehielly to thu fact that tho fanners of tho
surrounding country nro putting in every
hour of their tlmo In preserving their
wheat nnd oat crops and In earing for their
growing com. Very few of them have
yet realized anything from their
wheat, nnd, us a consequence,
nro not in funds.
As these causes aro of . temporary ehnr
ncter, thu depression of buslnoss will be
temporary. Jly tho first of August trade
will be greatly revived in all its branches.
The condition of affairs that constitutes
dull business In Cairo, would bo considered
marvelous activity In neighboring cities.
Taku Cairo to-day, and the"ro is not u town
between Louisville nnd Now Orleans that
presents moro ovldcnco of life nnd thrift.
No less than ten or fifteen daily, trl-weck-ly
nnd semi-weekly steam packets muko
this tho terminal point of their trade. Thcs
nnd u dozen transient stoatnor land
freight and pnsaongornon our wharf every
hour of the day ; drays may be seen In every
part of the city conveying goods mid pro.
dueu to anil from our business houses nnd
tho whurf; Hour goes out on orders by tho
thousand barrelsevery day; our steam ferry
boat cumcs ami goes fully freighted and
passcngereil ; mid thu stranger
tlsltlng our city would scarcely
Hud out ' that hiisluc is
dull unless told so. Yet brisk as our busi
ness affairs may scorn to strangers they nro
tcompurnthcly speaking, of course) do
pres'ed. A thu cure Is ncarut hand, how
ever, our citlKens can afford to wait for It,
and trill vmit whether they can afford to
or not.
A l'uhiskl county correspondent of the
Kgyptlan .V.(,i "goe. for'' Col. K. -M. Lowu
in a dlsorganlzcr of thu Itadlcal party.
Col. Low-j'i, offending hath this uxtent, lio
more: Tho late Itadlcal county conven
tion selected n central committee, (all
whlto). Col. Lowe, unwilling that tho
colored element (which constitutes thu ma
jority of the party in l'ulaskl) should bu
ignored, moved that n colored man from
each precinct bu added to thu committee.
This motion im ruled ionvi uiumiinoutly,
If wo will except tho volu of tho Colonel.
Thu correspondent says i
"Hem was tho beginning of this mini's
eilorts to disorganize tho Uepiiblleun imrtv
of this county."
Why all this iiiovement bv Colonel
Lowe I will tell you, iiotwlt'lntanding
his miiiouucciuent In your paper tlmt lie I.
a cnndldato subjts't to the ileclsslon or thu
Hepuhlienn county convention, ho has
been preparing thu way tohonii Independ
ent cnndldatu and doe. nil this to creatu
discord In tho Itopubllcan party and in
thu end secure thu votes of tl'ie colored
men for hiiinelf.
Mr. Iaiwu it entitled to his chances before
thu convention like all other men. Let
him inu them fairly and honoraldy and
receive the respect to which all honorable
upright men urn entitled. Jtul let
him understand that his attempts at dis
cord if continued, or if hu fails before the
convention, n he most urely will, uny at
tempt an an independent candidate' will
uietu out to him a most lasting political
Tho editor of tho.S'HM refuses to publish
a. portion of the communication, unless it
Is paid for in r.n advertisement, because
forsooth, it "suils Into" thu Colonul with
n savage vindletivuness that can only bo
ventilated through tho columns of
.Vim as the result of a price.
.Vow, nil this means u tight a muss a
r iimnus a hL'h old hust-un. Tim mlnr.-.l
population constitute tho majority of thu
tit I. ...
i .mucin puny in ruiasKl county, and they
a ru wllli Colonel Love... Kortltlo.1 l.v tl.u
kMpport tho Colonel will neither bo put
u own nor scared on. jience, unless the
hltu element of tho p'nrty back squaro
d own, ami permit thu Colonel to "acoop In
t. he pot.' he'll lead his colored brigade to
tjiiu polls, and "scoop in tho pot" anyhow.
A capital artielu of tiraham Hour, In 'JG
II packages, or largor ones If desired, can
I. o purchased at the Kgyptlnu .Mills. Dur
itig thu iirovnlllng heated therm, bread
ic ado from this (lour Is tho most healthv
tl nit can be used, Trv It
Tho pcoplo want to know wholncltod :
tho colored voters to opnoo It. (the now con
stitution) nnd they deslro to know further
whether any one objected to colored' votee
bocntiso they wero not registered. C'.nV"
If "the people want to know," why In
thunder don't you tell them. So far in wo
have observed the jio'jitc are quite Indiffer
ent, and don't care whether they "know,'
or don't "know."
For tho gratification of our neighbor
who, unlike tho people, appears quite
nnxlouf to "know," wo will observe Hint
wo don't "know" who objected to colored
votes becnuie thu names of the voters of
fering them wero not registered, but wuto
"know'1 that tho only person who made a
fuss nbout It, the only person that "put
himself out" nny to secure the colored men
In their "rights," was a life-long, hard
shell Democrat.
Kissingeu, rsclter, and llluo Lick
Waters, and all the other variety of
waters from tho celebrated springs of tier
many and America, on draft and for sale
by tho glass gallon" or barrel nt thu drug
etoro of 11. T. Whltnker, No. 108 Commer
cial avenue, Cain Ills. apll2tf-
Prcsh, healthy Swecdlsh J.ceohes receiv
ed regularly from tho importers in Now
York. Applied nnd sold, wholesale or re
tail, by F. TI1K0II0LD.
JyU-lm .Sixth St., near Ohio Levee.
tun Able, Uotiiinbiiii A Maker, I'.nliicnli;
Miirblfl City, St I.oiil", Arin.ul.i, .In
H.itn Itrnnn, I.oul.r; Milbrey, lu
City of i:unsllle, III, llutnil, .N l.
Alpha, Niislu IIAuie., "
Ml Joseph, Meliipi Ajiu, "
Ihui AUc, Colmiibiis; A ll.ikpr.l'ixluMli,
Hornet, Loulst; Aiiiiiuln, do
AJix, Miltirey lo
Jl Ames, HLoiil"! City or Kviin-ullr, l.,
hnin llrowti, ilo Mnrblu Clly, Vl.'ks;
Hi Joseph, iln
Tho sultry and uncomforlnblo weather o
yesterday nnd last night was terminated
for ft time by n thunder and rain storm
nbout midnight, which cooled tho ntr to u
delicious extent nnd ullowed refreshing
ilcop from thnt time, until morning. To
day Is again sultry, and another storm is
needed and indicated.
Tho river has risen four Inches since last
Tbo Mississippi is again falling steadily
nt Kt.- Louis, with eight feet water between
that city and .St. Louis.
Tho Ohio is about stationary at Pitts.,
burg, with nearly four feet water in thu
channel and u rise expected from recent
heavy rains. It Is rising nt Louisville
with live feet eight Inches wntcr In thu
canal. This will materially improve the
lower Ohio whoru there has been only four
feet six inches water.
Heavy storms of wind and rain nro re
ported us occurring two days ngo all along
the Ohio river, and there will doubtle.s bo
rise of several feet.
lluslnus lief: bus fallen off a little, but
there Is u lnrgu amount of freight here
awaiting shipment to various ports but
principally for the South.
Thodrcat Republic Is expected heru to
day will till out with COO toin in.yrtcl
freight mid produce.
The City of Kvaiuvillo brought iJOO pkg
furniture, iSUU pkgs hubbs nnd other wagon
material. -ID tierces hams, .'.OS ik. corn,
70 bhls whisky, 10 hhds tobacco, nud 10
tons soundrles for thu South.
Thu .St. Joseph discharged here 1 1.". bid,
potatoes, 'J'j bhls apples for reshlpment
-North pur I. C. It. 11.
Tho Marble City received hero Dio tons
for Vleksburg and way points.
Tho Alpha brought Vi hhds. of tobacco
for reshlpincnt to N. O., nud b0,000 feet
huwed and sawed cedar posU for .St. louis,
Tho Ureal Republic and Huslo Silver,
(thu latter n now boat on her first trip)'
nrojduc here to-day for N.O.
Tho (J rand Tower U tho regular packet
for .Mom phis this evening.
fi ho Idlewild Is the regular packet for
Kvausvlllu this uvuulng.
Thu Alpha leaves for Nashville at
r p.m. The Alpha w u nlludu to Is a steam
boat, aud nut thu person of thatuamu who,
in the last number of thu Kgyptlan Sun,
basely Insinuates, In rhyme, thnt.a certain
"man and wifu' are not married.
The raduciih packets l-avc daily nt
.'I. p.m.
J VE. UltEE.VlV.tM)
Copper and Sheet Iron Work
Mill Machinery orall Descriptions.
No. 24S hast I'eurl HUvol,
1e'.'..,c...u ""."IHO.
Tin. l.ltlUK .Mm hi ii,..
r. Third smil Mnrkel NlrrrU.
Terma 12 I'cr Day.
Han&c FarnisliGd witli Best Spring Beds
Hwe rontrally IoodIo.1. Hush for nil tnun.
SwiiBtuI Jl. It. nu.l Hli'muUmt Tieket olhee in t,
J. CIIKSLKV, 1'roprlotor.
Ttlriiier.Win.loii.U).i. wan ..lc. l.y
wutulc.m.e.l pn Hie Ji,(1f m,,. ,v , .,n.
lrHl ut Mr. liurlex Korre.l. Tin. re.il .'.tan.
Imslnr.s i w ill, u horeiofore. U. ion,liict t In Uih
inunt. oru. Wiustoii, who In aiilliorucl to etlle
. mtsu ul tlm Isle linn.
c.s,.lla.,,u7o, Jomtuvr.
JrxLy 14.
rpiiu visv. mi3si;-v,iii:i:i.
r ,,n."""toll',"r!" ''Alno ANIU'AI't'Cl
It Y.f"UTlli:itIt..,iyn U.K. WILLIAM'S .(.Tl t
Willi1') rcKillnily mitlHive, Icnring ('.urn every
il iv (Mini'My ere..i, iitlhall imM :i ii'i lock p.m.
'1 he A i inula Is n sullt !.... he, I strainer, n.iv
IniiMTN 'iiTloriioi!omiMi.lntioiii fur bolli u!
etiti'M iili.l frelKlil.
Nicenniiccti nt l'.iilnenl, uitlillin ('Miiitx-rlnml I
mill T. nn.'s'i" timt mnkcN ninl llm fi'v Orlcnn
'kcN mnl llm ri'v Mrlcnn
'or inrimiihr-, iyilr in
M. .1. IIIIOKI.Hl i
a its iiaio r.iiiroi.i. i'r
l-oanl,'nr lo
i iM Aj.'llt M ctw,
The Xntv 1'imv nnd .Toll lloul
II'. . COULTER, mister,
1 iiteiuri'il lit nil limes tiiilorllltinil.nl ton
lnu mnl iiilil'lni: on Uic ino.t r.Mi-.iimUii Irrnn,
i lli'iiijiiiinil.T. ut (.'.nro, Illinois.
Altai's Mi.vi:it3ti:ic4.',
.it tim: .
N .Ti'iril I.
.Miiiiufni Itiri' llhiiik llool;r. nnd do nil
MiuUof Hook lllndlm,' mid Killing,
i.otiii:s i.i.vr.s.
Imigi-nl forll.1' s.ilo of the Piili'lit McUlhc Wlilln
Woe I If.lln'i I.in.". im Hili'l.' Ill ii w II list any
)ciiri,eruioiei .Ne. iiiiti orr.)ilonrrlinj roluri
ilo' nut st.tln nr in nnv iimnniT Minim ilutliini:,
Id.', not lirrnlc, im 1 1 by nil il.l. tli fln.i'st
nail bcstclollip. litin eer nifle It cost, only
thr. rriit .r foot, mnl tun Ij. piirhi,.l lui.ny
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niMi.i.u in
Plaster Paris Plasterers' Hair
CEIVIBrJT, ctoo.
l.ilili' ill Itltlli. HltVllJS oil lltliul
S.UYTII .V ).,
oaixio, ixjijxicroiis.
ton:' Mly en 1 it
1 1. ti st- 1 1
Scotch and Irish Whiskies
Port, Madeira, Sherry, Catabaw
tt'e nti nt'.'lil. Inr J.'llfl.l A Cn,' CVI. ' r.iti'il
viii;ki.im. ai.k.
Wu s.'ll cx.'lu.lTi'ly for rnli, In whl.'li fwt we
liilllu Die ntt.'iitloli xf rinse Uirtl'iiu l'H t
Hiwl.il nttdiiiuii Kiten to tilling or.ltrs.
A N l
Confection Merchant
lla Iteiiiini'd to Ills Old Sliuid
U Cornmercia Avenue
Wlii'i. linnblii'i Inn . oiitiiiii.uir of 'iirnimxo of
lif rm.r.'ii.lo ini rs.iuu.ll u llnu of ii. iimuy
uih one. n in .) H.ii)i)n line iirurcr leu, T.iilH'in,
If ., i t-iii ukiil ly vliuu). Ir essh,
Term" i Slrlillf ea.li, for likli lie will n il
imer llrill III" lowest, J.'JIf
corn .vs.
yy c. abv.
Xo. Ill, Sixth Street, Cairo, Illinois),
Keep, enint.lllllr.,11 mll,
hrKosiii.nlyorfr.uieA rL.r,'
new mnl iiiii'rmi ,
Burial Cases
llm lluol mnl lot niMtiillio
eiise. lion in iip. ,l.i reiuly.
iijmlu '
WomUn Collins, Kle.
A hearno ami ('.uruinc nl.
way nin roailiiienH, ll.ilr Clulli,
I. rem Iti'i... (iiiiniw, Hun. in.,
liol.l nni Hilvor I rinvu, (!uli
imil Silier tm, Viirnisli,
Tuelis, Miis.Tiim, l leili.i an,.,
HoUiiinj;., I.lue, ele.,ete.
Moss Mattresses
Mado to Ordor.
AlMi: A.l'4MFOUT
llirre Is- notliin ho MtltmUe n- lvifccl llvlil,
me I I'.-rrcetflKlitemi only bn iil.lHlh.il l.y Ulli 1
I'KUl-KCT HI'IX'TACI.i:!?! Th l lltl.-tilty .f 1'ro- (
curing whfcli l wi-ll known.
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IIAll'i rUI. COMM.,
MiuiufiutiiriTi of tliu C.ltl.rnle.l
Perfected Spectacles!
..mil iin..rvpfis f.r i-t..prifm'i.. Kittermienl.
MiiltliciTsH'tldii nf eo.lly nnu'liiiirry. I''n fimti-
i .1 to iriiiiieein.u iiriinu u.'sun niuii.i,
3?orfoot Bpootao loss.
Wlneli line lni scl'l '.ItlitiiiliiiulPil "hlisfnotlon
lullie MMirern III Mm.'lills. lis, lllimla I.Uinl.Culi
liii'ticiil, New lliiinpslilre, Vciinniit, Miilne, New
York, New Jersey, iVniisyltntiin, llliln, UlelilKiui.
Wisconiln, llliimls, Mlnn.'som, Knnsn
low, n'l'i " inn nriii'ii rrovinres,
.Inriiiir til"
.jt .Ixl. rn y. iirs.
Tliine pel.br.ileJ IVrleele.l
aSJcvtii-TiL'c the; Wye
Alull.i't many jenr. willmill elmne. Sles.m.
I.uj..itlii A.Mnrria liaie nirtinle.l
Taber Brothers
Ilnler. In 'ill klmls nf
Amerlenii nnd Foreifc'ii WnlelieH,
Kin" Jewelrv. Iilninoieli, Fnll.l KiUir, l'lll
Wure. h1 Mntnif.icturi.ru i.f Jewilry ninl lii.t
nimel S-elllli)i.
2STo. 815 Ohio Juovoo
;aiko, ii.m.voin,
hole Aent fur Ibis I'liier, from wli'.in "lily ri
ll'i'y I i.M.UUf.1. NO l-r!l)lil.i:lWK.MI'l.iA-i:
Ii.l.AKUN ii .lUKItin,
Msnuf witirltiK 0.tIcUu., Hsrlt.rJ, Cutin.
A eMiipilnli'in Willi full unit irrurtln rilni
ij..n i.f flu. Ilnmefct..il l.iu. etillMlllir mnl ill
..riu'llntf inv t.snan how to secure otif lllinilrrit
nrrout tfU firming l.iml for iiollmiir, su mnnil..
Ix furrleiitinc liunif. mnl Intli" r.i lie.t niel nmsl
tiro'ln iii u,ition f ih lirent We.t If you
nnteiiil'IkU- emivrstloii ml fifty Cent, fur
llinnoik. You will nctrr rrurrt llf
M. K. naysaiirsl,
hi. l.ouis.Mo,
ai.i: Moim.'.ioi:.
Not . i. Iier. l.y kIm ii Hi ii 'I. U'.U hnnuUeii
llimle ii Die .S)lll"llt .if Hi" Hill. Mint s. l.ie l In
l i. Oil l.y ii rertmn ..I" mnrtipii!" sis. nle l lyr
Join. 1 TKi(4it nl I'li'Dl A. Vniintt I... wif
l.l Mi II. U'.lr) .Ute.l III., ll.ir l'l.y .f J.III.',
i !, nn.l tw..pl.sj m Hie iVreint lerk'.
..III. .' i t llm r.i.inty i.f Al. inn.ler nn.l M.tie . I
III:... .. ,i. lK'k II. I I.f sale HinrlJUt'. fnji I'.
tlmMi mil ii'.w ilue ninl i)M. Inline tl,l t'
rin. t.:il. tnelher with mtrreit llieiwin In in tlm
1'nr l.is t.f I'slipiary, A. I. Is', in i-t leimr f
tr"itii. 'IS ndie iii'arinir eien nme wuii . si i i..e
mi.riirjr. hii.1 dun lor ! um of Sl.l
I . h.l.r-.he.l to Mho m mi. I e in"r'l,si!" wu.
! elr. sirtne of tlie term, ftiiif r..vi.i..i.. of
on r-'iiliinliiv. Hie U iIhv of July.
I' !
I. Iwren II... hour, of 1" l.. l n.111
It. is ill. of rnt'l ilnj . i.ii 1. 1 o 1 ly
I' i ! (,( .wrOf Herihtkine.l III Mel !
t'.,... ..I Kt I'lll'll'' l.lliill,li' ll.e IhkIi'.I
Mr- rii.h.on thsi .reini' .. the f..l..liii
i, - I 'i'"Mirly tu Hit . I...1 um.ilxti -I Kent)
. ilo. U nuinUr.'l p r im ITi.iii
. I 1 1 Mom lull, pity r r.ii.o, . i.niiiy of
i o.. Mate of lllliio.., w.lli ll.e ni'iir
li . ... .fy the iii. mi. I . "lehli ii" of
...I .. . ltM(e. MfjItllH II 'II.Ki.
,i Ii- . '. I-TO jerll'l
o sorTin:.sTKicN
B. II.
On uiul nflcr ThurMiIiir, Airll llith
t nilns t ill run ns follunH:
.i'lMisut'Tiirs.T tnm srsis.il It in,
Mail . ... , .1.15 a. x.
Ki'r S o r. n.
..41.1. aonriiwrtr n.s iis.
i:s r. '.l A. M.
M.i l I 1.1 r. h.
)Uk ns-. o... .oiiii.flion.nl I'.n.i Willi Illinois
l.ntrnil!. II. fur Cum uikI nil ihiihu soiilli, un.
with Hi.. a h. Lcsl. II. It. for In.lMiH.i
1.0' I l,i lliMille, aii.l nil HitllMl-u.l mi'l solillien.l,
Al.", .1 -.iii1;ti,l, Mill, t,. Toli.lo, WiiUsh A
M' .1. in II. II. for O.ilnry Mnl nil lujlrit. we.i, mi.t
willlll.e lllli.ljli.t st. Iuii. It. 11. lor HI. I.o.i I.
i.ii.I I lie no, himIuII )Huilauoilli mnl norllmi'st,
K. DOMii:, lieii'l.Sii).!.
John niiii.triviui'tTicket ak
11 Tl.'t
.m .
SI. I.UIlis IiOlliHVillt'. t'llll'lllllUtl
'Ii1'iiko, Xew Yorlt, Botun
....AMI AIL... .
PointH KhhI bbiI IVorlli
I'lisit'iiKcr TrnliiN Arris e at ninl lenvt
Cairo ii follutvm
Unit Kxprass.
AltllVi:-!ltOO A. M -...ai'40 P. M
liKl'AllT-iOS A. M m401. M
Until train, connect at Ontr.lin with trains on th
I'nnn, llrciitur, Uloomlnrftou, Kl I'aio
l.n Nallr, jlcsiilola, Frccporl, UalrnH,
Itiilimiiir, ami alt point I it lllliiola,
l I a. null, Sllimtaota, AVUreiialn and
Ami with linoH;iuinlnj! Kast ami West for
St. Louis, Snrluirlleld, Louisville, Clii
tinniitl, IiidiniiaiiuIlH A. Celiimljus,
Anil at Chiaj;o with MlclilKn Central, Michl.
Ki Boutliern. nn.l 1'ittsl.iirK. fort Wayne
ami t'ttieaxu ltuitruuus for
lil.KVKI.ANI), UltiK,
I'or IIii-oiikIi tickets and Infurmution, apply
(lie Illinois Central luilroail Depot.
Oeneral l'assenRer AkdoI, Chicago.
M. IlIlOlllTT.neneralriinieriulunJeui.
lAMK-i JVJI!iVN.iAi;eaU'.tw.
Cooking Stove
Get The. Best
llnvr llrrss Sol.l In llr I.n.l T Vr
Not "lie hill fulle 1 lnj;IWi
Entiro SiitiHlnUin
I'liey re Hliiiers.lllV iM'Un.iwIeil". il e ll.e
Atl'l wlielHer Knr.wn llie
Stand Unrivalled
For Keuiioiii)' In llm LV of 1'ui'l,
For Durability anil Convenient'!',
And lliclr IViTcrt Adnilullon
To thr
Wants of Western People 1
Hen.l for prici li't, l
Oia St 014 S. Mnlii Nlr.l,
Julyllfii. ly SSI. I...11I.
Turtle Oil
ma nr. n v
Barolny Dross
lasiieanrr anil licltrr llsass
Naop lor all ns.i fpxerpt waah.
Iiik elotlir.l lor Ipnulsiir Win
ilowi Ml llm ii I walir, PalSSt.1
ll I'lolha, t'loura. Tablat, asssl I
all woo.t worst, s iima, Ktrui.
ru nuu iJi.war. ana sar
(iriipral Ilmi.r t IpiiiiIiik I'lir.
I'ar S'till.tllliv llnlvr
lira.., Hl.el, Iron, anrl all MPlallti:
War... Kriimtra, na Ity Maiclr, iSImImb
ami llual, lintlnx a lirllllnnl aurlitri,
iinl In .N. is-.
For Sale liy IIAItCI.AY IlltOS
r.ilih.VI.K AT -
arox'X3.tlxia;. No
dnnsqr -r iapsssina;
if, asm XT uonia
tlio wtttor, at
Tlilalaii.it maniifariiirpil yxm
lor, lint ' riiini a illrejt from
lir siirliir(, al harnliiKii, Srv
Ilpnltliriil--rt rrr.iliiK..ir.
Ivlnulo lir hail aa II iinrirlra.
aiiarklliiK ami lrlKl from Hi,.
Barclay Brothers.
Blue Lick Water
KKNTUCJCY 1'rrali lu( Ju
rpcplvrU-ki lit uu Ice, untl lu
ale by
Large Stock
...rOR PALE AT,,,
5 A I
sS I
n I

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