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The Cairo Bulletin, July 35
mt 1
Tlio Cairo .S'mw appeals to tho llndlcals In
ibis congressional district for unity of
action, mi J nsos tlio following language:
Two years ngo thr- Hciiulllcati party
i win ilofontcd because of a lack cf union.
. Sotnd piillcd tilts' wnv, and wo, Uiat
some grumbled atthb tiling And othors nt
tlmt. 'Hon-, r,oiu would not work bo
moMuotwwMnDl honored with some place
which ho thought ho could All better than
tfiah.Any one else. Another would notgo
.to tlm polls becauso Iili motion was defeated
In a coilnty convention. Another got mad
foocaiMo somo would-be-leader, spoko do
jirecjatlngly of his Influence. Some'lisd
duo reason, and some another, and tho
result was n defeat because thofull ltcpub
llran vote wa.not polled,
u '.Tim iiiord.Ma, two-years age, jfaionsy
nn J divided .couusol in tho Radical party
in till district, wo bavo reason to know,
andlhaciQ.cauioi contributed,-in, part
to tuo aucccw of tho JJoinocratio nominee
wc do'not deny. The truth is, General
Kaum, In bin canras of twa years ago,
bad a road to travel beset with many ob.
etnietlons which proved to bo Insurmount
able! and, WM u full knowledge of what
ctay,ce asicrt, that of all ike obtlacle
ehick barred General Jlaum from itie
etst, IIo.v. Pajjiki. W. Mum vu tiik
vost roRUiDAnLK. During all that can
mil ho acted tho part of a treachoroui
friend and a secret enemy. Ho met tho
General with fair words, but tecretlg
labored to ttcurc tkt election of Col. Crebi.
At Mt. Cnr;noI ho approached Itcpubli
k cans and requested thotii to vote against
Gea. Kamii, and hero in Cairo was guilty
of tho 'samo act, whilo ha was publicly
professing for that gentleman'! success cx-
trtinc solicitude.
Could conduct bo baserthan this? Ilorc
was a Aian tho pretonded supporter of a
candidate of the party to which ho bo-'
longed, working to aec'uro that candidate'!
. dtfeat, saying to the public, "I tin tho
friend of Gen. Raum," and to his personal
friends, "1 request you, as a favor personal
to me, to vote against Geo, l(auntl" Pu
v y.Vichy could not go to a grcatoextrotulty;
' dishonesty could not grol, in lower
And what abject could Mr. Munn. ar0
in punulng such a.courso? No pe;,ion
Who U waro of tbo moans to onda 'adopted
fcr the Radical leaders of Calrv ftna w,0
anows that Mr. Munn hai jfl0n Rmbltloui
of congressional l"D'ori for
would asVcd th',4 question.
would know trt (len. Raum was
the only danprowi rival of Mr. Munn,
..and that tb. gontloman would uso overy
possible r.ieans to get the General out of
tho way. If General Raum had defeatod
' Col ..C robs two years ago, ho and not Mr
Munn would nowbo tho Radical candidate
In this district forCongress; but his defeat
" I -U-lf mn, Utt f
Mutin ii clear Held. To get him out of tht
viy Mr. Munn beeame the xertt ally of the
Democrats to defeat (len. liauml This,
we know, Is a charge of great pith and
moment, which wo would not make unless
wo had tholxist of reasons for believing It
truo. It is ii charge which should forovor
damn Mr. Munn In tlio estimation of all
good men and consign him to tit shades
of disreputable privacy and fellowship
with trlo'lobbyaget who vends him cheap
for cash.
There is a disposition which has, of lato
mado Itself in an i font among sundry local
ly prominent Democrats In certain parts
of Southern Illinois, to turn upon tho
Democracy of Alexander county tho cold
shoulder and denounce them as unworthy
tho confldenco of their fellow partizans In
other suctions of tho State. This fact a
eumts a peculiar nppcaranco when it Is
viewed in tho light of tho other fact, that
Alexander county ha) never yet failed to
give a Domocratle majority larger, in pro
portion to the vnto cast, than that of any
ether county in the .Statu, and that the
cold shoulders have been turned and the
assertions of 'ack of confldenco mado In
counties which for n series of years havo
given majorities to the Radical and nom,
luces to tho Deinotratlc party. Hut wo do
not thcreforo propoio to complain. Tho
Democracy of Alexander county are too
patriotic to become angry becauso thoroaro
rooilsa ana unjust men in tho party out
ildooftho county. They know that it would
bounroajonablotooxpujtthat all Demo
crats should be as unselfish as they j that
even those Democrats wLo have bad tho
benefit of their auoclatlor. nro not all wiso
wen that good example overcomes error
ciJy as dropping vater wears the stono
suiMy, it is true, but with patUnco-trytng
alowaess, and that, consequently, oven
with iho wiso examplo of tho Alexander
county Democrats beforo them, there aro
other Democrats who persist In making
egrejlous ascs of themselves, to tho utter
disgust of every well-regulated mind. The
Democrats of Alexander rogard all tho
missiles which other Domocrt.ts hurl at
Ibem with great indlfferenco, and look
forward to the tlmo when their unselfish
nets will be vindicated when all who op
pose thttn now wilJ .oknowledgo that our
only object was tho good and welfare of the
Democratic PMty, ftud that, even under
groat provocation, we wero always self
possess, never allowing ungor or proju
JIw to run away with sound iudi5rn,nt.
CONVALKtiCINO. Uon. D7 f Munn
Kadical candidato for Congress in this dhi
trkt, has had an attack of some kind of
disease peculiar to this season of tho year
and has been endeavoring to rocovcr hts
health by rurallelng and helping' a young
wan from Yalo colloge to write his cam
paign speech. He is, wo aro glad to say
convalescing, and has tho speech nearly
completed. Wo may, therefore, expect
Mm back among us in a fow days.
llKRCur.KA.v. Tlio .S'hn boldly assorts
that "(Ion. Logan's labors during tho ten
sion of Congress .Just closed were- horcu
Icnn," and "trusts" 'that ho may bo per
inlttiil to talfoji little rest. Wo bavo w
doubt tho (kn,csiij labored liken worker In
a blast furnncu. Ho l one of that kind of
men. Ho would not be mtlsflcd If ho
could not uiil'hl'L' In herculean labor
twenty-four hour." r-ncli ilay. And In
Washington lie did .so labor. Ton hours'
each tier he wrestled with "Morphe u j four
with his meals; 'four with the Lord In
prayorj four with liiijicch-makor four
with his constituent four with the Presi
dent; four h'A tongue in Congress;
four In Uie committee rdom; four with his
i private bottle; four with his ambrosial
locks and superb moustache, and tho bal
ance of tho day , with literary rocrontlons.
If crowding all the labors of theso" hours
into each day Is not entitled to bo classed
under tho head of herculean labors, wearo
nojudgo'of wlmt hyrculean labor is. Wo
thorufore Job the Sun in hoping that tkt
Gcnoral may enjoy n little rest. Such a
laborer cannot get along on less than a
little rest, rind wo consequently demand
that he shall have it.
Knoaokd. Tho Honorahlo Mr. Pinch
beck, tho negro member of tlio Louisiana
Senate, who was u member of tho Radi
cal convention which nominated General
Grant, Is now in Louisville. II o has been
ongagod to canvass tho district with Mr.
Munn, supporting that gentleman's claims
for Congress. Tho Du Quoin Tribune will. ,
it Is believed, wheel into, lino and hoist Mr,
Jlunn's name, if. a square-toed nlgror,
with all the aroma" of tin raco upon hm
and distinguished by tho como1rC 0f
Llnegar, can be induced to mae, anoeches
during' tho, pcnllne canv jicnco
Nauohtv. hut Nica n nr
uuei uut iiku suo laitr.',
jiiago tho IIULLXTIM
hai offered to bir
tavB.andu fart ... i. . . ...
' 7 .nnn ounoxious so ino oiucr
charge profr- fro) ig.t i,m. yf0 my
havo dune 'm ju,tco That wo ,a,nt.
U Is, f'jkiiowguod looking1; mid n long
u;v but he M also, wo must iniut, a
'..itlo slippery it with soap, however.
Hols "naughty, naughtyi.but so nice,"
liko Lady 1)1 Rciuclerk's new novo).
Coot. Our.nelghbor says, "Thoprcsont
hot weather U not ohargeablo to the appear-
anco of the Sun trl-weckly," which is a
cool remark. That fervid luminary Is no
often responsible for such an Icy ray of
eTTho generals of Prussia ami France
aro aged a follows :
Prince Fro.Urii lt Wllllun. s(4
I'rlnc Kr.lrkk Chrlf i Altundcr
I'riaca FrdrlcK WUlttmAlbait .....
Clnral MaoUuf)!
iipntru Ton llnmi
Maralitl MeMlion
assrsnai 0'nrobrl.......
Marstisl IUulIiic.
Marshsl VullUnt
Mrlikl lUrtinty
Marshsl Votry
Mrhl KtQilon
MrliIChnrnlrr ,,
!nfrl Krnsnril
Qeaerai Lflxul
.. .si
ssfThe American minister to France
will protect tho Hessians who aro in
Franco. Tho Ilcssiuns during our revo
lutionary war protected tho Americans
with a vongcauci'. Rut the Americans do
not give tit for tat.
KvruO or July !43t.
On tho 23d a largo part or tho Frcnrh
Algerian army passed through Marseilles
for tho front. On tho samo day, a Prus
slan forco on tho lladeti side of the Rhino
blow up tho eastern side of thu bridge con
necting Strasbourg with Kchl; the Imper
ial Guard arrived at Nancy; Rolgium
forbade tho Importation of horses; Napo
leon Issued a proclamation to the French
pooplo; martial law was declared in the
Rhenish provinces of Prussia, as woll as in
IIcsic, Hanover, Schleswlg, Pomcranla
and Eastern l'rin.ia.
C. . V. K. K.
Gen. G. II. Raum Is canvasing Wabash
county in tho interest of. thu Cairo ii Vln-
cennes railroad. A voto will be taken In
that county, on the Oth of August, to mb
scribe $76,000 to tho enterprise.
The Grayvillo Imltpendent says that
"potatoes, of the Murphy variety, aro soil
Ingat Vienna, Johnson county, at $1 00
per nushel; at Harrlsburg, Saliuo county,
at 00 cents and at Mt. Carmol. at I'J 00.
In Qrayvlllc, perfect beauties are offered
at 80 cents per bushel."
Quito an oxcitlng canvass for the Demo
cratic nomination for the Legislature Is
now In progriM in White county.
TH. KiBifWJssta,
William I., King of Pruul d tlm .nn
of Prcdcrlck' William VlL'ftinces.
Louisa of Mecklinburg, Bt ,it. ifi
born March 22, 17t?V Ho veT n.
thorough military education ana
activo part in tho campaign of 1M3 n,i
1815 against France. ll.BwM Eb0nvJ.
ernorof Pomoranlain 1810, and hold tVo
position until 183 when tho progress of the
revolution forced him to sook refuse in
Ingland. In May of tho samo year ho
was eloclod a member of tho constituent
assembly, and returned to Berlin. In
1849 he commanded tho Prussian army
sent against the revolutionists of Raden :
and in 1858, when the reigning king be
came insane, bo was appointed regent. Ho
t.,b i.' "cfol'0.r 'oth of tho samo
thereby assorting his faith In "tho divino
right of kings," "and hti' course sinco that
time liaa SOIUOWhat fHunnr.tntnd (tin liberal
psrly,. of 'Germany. Count Uiimarck
,Schoenhnusen, was tnado Prlnio 3Iinls
tor in 1862. and this abln man and
his royal mastnr linvn 1 u'nrknd hrinoni-
ously together forJthonKgrandlsomcntand
glory of Pruvla. The Austrian war of
lace contribute greatly to his1, end, and
has indeed almost mado Prussia tho dom
inant tiatlonnlity of Europe King Wil
liam was married to Princoss Augasta,
daughter of tho Grand Dtiko of Saxo
Weimar, In 182?, and hai two 'ehlldrsm-"-
rreiiencK William, born In 1831, tho huu
band of tho Princess Koval of Knirland.
and Louise Mary, born In 1838, and mar
ried totiiourand Duko of Baden.
' ITEMl.
Mrs. McFarland is to nubllsha Tolumsf
ui iicr mngazino writings,
Tonnesseo could square nil her dobts
1th $4 1,000,000.
Isabella is said to bo enhllontlvlooklnif
for another heir. j
Tho troublo with tho narr It has too
much Porter aboard. lloston Posf.
Botltwcll Is rccrultlnc his health to on.
ablo him to boar tho loss of office. Ee. If
Tho Queen of Don mark moves her nam'..
norourovn tv nv snuandorln XlOO vmv
uji urrssea .
- - - -i a
A colored Tiatrlarcli of Kvanivllla. Iml..
is only 105 years' oldor than his twh-yoar-"
old sou.
The Chicago ladles now want women
policemen to caro for fomalo prisoners.
A Vormont dame baa just presented her
husband with their nineteenth child. 1
Don Juan Fostor. of California, can ride
twenty-seven ratios on his own grounds'.'
in a siraigm lino, too.
Hohcnzollorn i circn name is Leopold
Eticnne Charles Antonio Gustavo Edward
Thasslllo. Ho has no middle name or
other initials. i
Tho fearful report comes from Salt Lake,
that tho steamer which set out to explore
that mysterious outlot, has nover loon
hoard of sinco. Probably it will next turn
up in the China seas, or the Mammoth Cave.
Tho Swedish navy, now ready for im
mediate service, consists of twolve vessels;
with seventy-five guns, which cost 15,773,.
470, .and eleven vessels for service along
which cost $1,800,C40. Of tho heavy vos-1
sen, lour aro monitors. k
President Ulysses S. Grant, has at lastv
suoceedod in something. In his, mcssago
of December, 1869, ho said. "I susrircstthe
renewal of the incomo tax." Tho happy
suggestion, prompted by tho grand army,
of ofllco-holders, has boon adopted by the
Radical sjongrees. I'Mi. Age.
It is juit related that one of the leading,
lights of tho Republican party in Maino,'
the morning after tho election o Grant,
met one of his co-workors, who, after shak
ing hands, exclaimed, "Woll, wo havo
saved tho country.'' "Yci," was tho roply,
"and (with a sly twlnklo in his eyes) wo
sliall claim tho salvago." Itotton Pott.'
HTA correspondent of the Hew York
Sun interviewed Admiral Porter on the
negro question, recently, with tho follow
ing result; -
iWIi Ai Wm tlitnVf" mid nur rnrrct.
pondent, as Admiral Porter, in resplcndeat
this morning nt the drilling, "or Ti"
colorod boys t '
Admiral " hv. darkovs are umxl
enough in their places very good very
good, sir vc-r-y good f oople. I wish I
uau una now so clean my bOOll."
"How as u cadet, Admiral."
Admiral "No place for them hero, sir
no placo for them. I'm afraid our naval
boys would drop them overboard on tho
"" cruise. Had. sir; but you know, bovs
will be bovs. and if thorn ihmild )m iUr.
key misiing why why, lu no place for
darkeys any way, sir.
TlllTcilAlfl aiCHONtToPK.
This Microcopo is slmpliflM and adapt
od to popular as woll as sciontlflo uso. A
new optical wonder I This Is tho only In
strumcnt of high powor which requires no
focal adjustment, and therefore can bo
readily used by cvory one, ovon by chil
dren. Costing only Two Dollars and
rJovcnty.flyo Cents, by mail, post paid, it
Is within the reach of all In tho commun
ity, and should 1 on the table of overy
I ractloncor. Read advertisement in this
Pl,tr- t in37d3m.
Go to J. O. Ihigwell, Photographer,
corner Klghth street, and Ohio Levee, for
pictures, Carte de Visltes, etc, Having
mado arrangements with somo of tho best
artisU of our largo titles, ho respectfully
solicits order for copying and enlarge
ing old pictures. Call at his rooms and
see specimen of work In that line,
tiik mTicmit umtmsT. ,
After ten years of experience, and fifteen
chaugM in tho Ingredients, Phalon has tho
pleasure of announcing that his Vltalle o
Salvation forthohalr, is a perfect article
capable or infal'lbly restoring gray hair '
Its primary color, and without7 failure.
Sold by all druggists and fancy goods
Grkat Kxcitkmxntv Great slaughter
of High Prices at Antrim's, 73 Ohio Levee,
where you cannot only find tho most fash
lonablo and seasonable stock of clothing in
tho city, but tho largest and host variety
of Straw, Leghorn, Panama, Cassltneroand
Silk Hats cvor otrered In Cairo. RUy vou
hats and clothing right thcro. tf
An examination Is solicited of what?
Why, tho choicest stock of pieco goods
cloths, casslmoroj, doeskins, linens, marsall.
Jcs and silk vestlngs ovor offered in the
Cairo market. Call and sec.
Kabk AHDCouiroaT, perfect vision, the
ye prosorved, natural sight guaranteed
to thus- who uso Lazarus A Morris' per
footed spiracles. Tabor Bros, solo agents
for this pWo. dyl2d4wlm. ,
-Ladles' and children's hair cut to or
der, at tho shop or attheu- residence. Leavo
orders at the shop of J. 0o,, Stolnhouso.
Frksii Fees snd
wan bo had. ttfw.,1 ..-. a
"Greatest Work of the Ago," n this pa
l,cr' msvl8d3m
It is said that tho new Constitution, rat
ified by thopeoplo on tho 2d instant, wW
reliovo tho tax payors of Illidols ef n bur
don of at least $5,000,000 per annum. It
is said with oqual truth that if you will
Imv vour wblskv and brand v stralchts,
y . .
your gin sloga,.your toddlos, your wipes,
alos and boors' at thu Sun Flower suloo.v
presided ovor bv the affable P. Fitziiorald,
Km will nseana sill tba tortiirssfnlid
. ii i ; r-r-. r -,yvji.
torments of aching heads, deranged atotn-
nens and appetites injoparapie.irom mo
siae of Impure article. Ho kcepi tho very
pareet liquors in tho marketed icrycs
wem up in a style that is ponbetly irresls-
i Tho best billiard saloon in.Kgypt Is in
.eetwectton with tho Sun Flowen;
.tWf ttslCMINA fV'" 0ttv??,K W0"M
Perhaps it is not cnerallfesjAwii that
the much talked" of, trichina tpirali), or
pork worm, was llrst discovered in Amer
ica by Dr. K C, Jvondall, off Philadelphia
Pa with that American instrament known
ss sIm Cralc? MlJrosconc. costing only
,$2,70, after rcjieatei failures-to' discover
iVa wnBM Mstttt ah t sw4 vntrrAnnntvt.
tjatj ifUi as a must ( sets iiiivt -f
costing $55, "of'feeebior powcr and lcs ro
liable.7' This fatT)r. Kendall stands
ready to provo at iny tlmo. Tho "Craig"
Jiieroacopo in ricftt box with full dlroctinn
uaaaiioa anvwncre ior .io, oy o.
Tl old T a. " . T 1-
, Head tho nuverincmcn; in. mis paper.
A M.E18A5T Aljlj POPt'lAst' KMOIIT.
If you havo a lolsuro hour and "ant to
omnlov it Dlcasantly drop In .on Henry
Lattncr, second door belowiho "'post of
loe. Ho has largelry roorrie splendid
bsgtHo and pjdgeon hole tables,' and tho
ooolset'and best lager beer, imported and
domestic wines and liquors toW found in
the city of Cairo. A spacious' room, re-
tired and won jrenuiatcu, snmytcd witn
chalriiand tables, b) at tho lorfiolof visit
ors, awl Henry Imielf Is nhsijrj always
on nesM 10 givt cvcryixwy -a -woicomo.
Drop In on hlm?and see if all wo bavo
said, and more tost Is not true, v lw
.Tricot and hiuket casslmcrssalu, very
tae,-uulo to order, at tho old reliable
clothlsjg ho'.no of' John AntrisB,;No. H
Sprlngfiold Illoclc. '
ClothliiL' for tho million nt P. Jeff's No
n Ohio lovee. Tholmt frrxxriBi Hie citv
Will bo found nt this house. " tl
- rt,otiB. "4
300 bbls. Flour medium grade, also 200
half bbls, medium quality suitable' for tho
Southern m for ,)0 at thft'Icvptfan
mil - tf
Good Cotton Socks, only 15 cents per.
Sair or $1 25 cents pec do., at V. NetTs
ro.WOhlo1ve.v 1 ' " tf.
Ba sure to read tho advertisement
"Otatest Work, of the. Age," in this
Pllvv "'- may'iadSiii
3ood wholosomo Vinegar. Any ono
can mako it. See advertisement of W. H.
Rishop In. this paper. , iuy25daw3oi
Fresh, health vSwccdish Leaches rpcelv.
od reeularly from the' importors In New
York. Applied and sold, wholesale or re
tail, by F. TnF.onoLI),
jyC-lm Sixth st., near Ohio Lovec.
Plaster Paris Plasterers' Hair
Umt, In IlHlk, Hlwnyts oh hnad
ojtxzio, iiiiiirjoiu.
Also, keep contlaullj on hind a moil euui.
plete slock ol
Scotch anil Irish 'Whiskies
- usrm.
Port, Madeira, Sherry, Catabaw
W tell sscluilvely for Ciuh, to which furl
lavite the stlleMion of close terrain bujn
H, W. WiiLE.fi
n si s
Confection Xerch&nt
Has BewoTew to His Old Stand
U Commercial Jyenue
W)'?fe he solicits
d&7 uon.
Jri (itiV(lJici.t Into h(9 l iirth Wtrl Urocery
rr stn srsfirsn
UnT l-illl ll l.
KmbriulnR err nHlelnusnall foand lo III tM
uUrdrrgoodslioUKfoofihiicllr n.
Hosiery, Notions, Boots, Shoes
And coinlc'l! asorlluoul gtnsrsllr.
The rtronK4f Ihe iulillo Is Invited, the prti
prlatorcaarrnntotlnfflo soil aarlhlng In hit lint
kethr .Viy UooJn or tlroe'rits a cheap aa
inov can w Konhianjwiicrc in wociiy.
Next Door to the Corner of PeUtr
ana ninetecBiB Btrcci.
The Grccerv Establishment At
the Corner of Commercial ATemiC
and Sixth street will he mam
aped at usual, one of the best
utoked in the citv.
Daniel HeMtmmn
Hflufin hi. Ihnk to tlio rllltcnn of CullO for
thrlr llbrral palroasgr, nn J woild laforia ibm
nisi nc can w lounu ii in" iu hdu no vammrr
elsl avtnue. All tnlcs promptly attended to.
Liberal Adrances Made or CaasJfrw
Ilraalsr sale layn WeJncmUy's oJ RUerly'i
All cwaslaamcnU covrrad by oia poller of lour
sacs. Parties eonalanlng good, will lacur
No Extra Charge for Storage.
For pronii rrturn tad strict attention to ImjsI-
nni wnuiii moil rnrprctrutiy rrirr t 1110 iuiiuw.
inm aiitrchAnU. lAnlCfr. ftnd fithfri.
Ilallldity limn., Ii. Kuril A Hon., Adsms Kiprm
ioriipMnT. a. ii.nanori, n. n. ii.rrpn, pniwi a
i ... I . ... II 1 1 ... I ii ..... I. 1 ' 1 1 Ul,ll.u .. .
NtilounI Hank, of Cairo, llordoe A Jsnrs, Nr
rora. a. rraorn, jiokd. bivs niopr, iv.
Inn. AlUntlc(iln CV., I'ltl'liirK. CUfpAHro.
caicaco. A. Mcmraninirr, iona'ia. a. iini
Iilccnspil Auctioneer.
OFFICE I For tho rmrnt. at R. H. Ouaalasj
bun's, Ohio l,Ttr, Cairo. Illlaoli.
sM-uut door aalri f rompUy atlodd io,M
" w ; W W W W W W f W VAW W W WW w
IN PMty'AKI.U 'rt f-lLI, DKBM
I'fciii.jr an. I Atlfrlorllr, with tbp try brut
"" tilrtnrood, ' '
Lrnvp Orders at Ilnlo.u'a Old SUud
W. Htratlon.
T. Illrd.
(Harraoni loKlnlli.n, Hinlmi A Clark,)
AkI or Assstrlrass Pstwdvr Cm., stsssl
MsmantciHrera AaesiU tar l.-tioss Vtsrsa.
No. 7 Oyo Uitv,
NsmmsIsU tsvsslfesi Klvstss ( 4'unalgss
Meaia stssA sVllllnsj Orstarsb
" P Bar Fixtmes
Cairo, I1Uii1m:
tsssfc ThstwostoTT frsmo dwelling and lot
block No. tw, ou Vlfth Btret,'btwen wiinit
street and JerTer.on avenue, Cairo, III, The bouse
coutalns ngoodball,
Tbreo Xjsaarsso Rooms)
on each floor l atrood brick cellar under It aud
.fiiv, iiimvi'i Juiy iv, niv. IVIwIni
J Bf ., I'lIlXLIPN tV CO.,
HuoeeMora (o-'B. B. Itendrlclci A Co.)
rniiiiiooinu iirnnniUTo
I , - rjAIll6' ItiLlNCjIh
'"l'rl)afidnrfelrlore and forwur
irnnni. 10 mi Mmu, and uijr ami hi-II on com-i
lUnrotsmtp,parkrr A llilllia,l
' 1 1 4kMKMAl. ;
(Ii H And OsaleVin A M
Fl., fcAl, HV, Cera, OhIm,
' ' 1 Bran.
Cor.lOthSt.& Ohio Levee
Millers' Agent,
Oretae salseeel. sisi Ptessntly s4
fesiilasktily sTIHesl. '
siM Upjsss aaAlstassSkAAaA
paiALUa u
No. 70 OXIO X.
1. 1). Mathuss. K. U Chi.
jjATnrs st imi.,
Commission Merchants
Pxrial attention Risen to thiurchaA and sale of
rSfRSiSI Ttk
Lee County National Haas, ltton,III.! Win, Itbl,
I' inn. III.! L'll National lUnk. lirn llllniii.:
nairirwa, iionr. a t;o,, i.oniuilailon Mrrrnoni.,
Cblcaxo, III,; Haldwln A Htone, Com. Mere-limit.,
i.-ku. iiu, mw, moras m uu, unicaso. 111,
(Suo-or lo Pallia, Orren A Co.)
And (lenrral
Commiiiioii Merchant
H. Ii. Ayer. K. J. Ayert.
, And General
Commiition Merchants
110711X6 MZLL
FULTON A SONS, - - Proprietors
At aoWIss Fssll MrtlM.
yulfon Sons are prepared to furnish
u.ulSict.y'!tT.0itha , Uglily, and also
Mill Peed or all kinds. Oraliam Kloiir, In sacks
or in less quanUty, mad from Uia Ust Whit
wheal. aeriisdit
Olaaejew r eaaaeMrs t Cairo
SuHtjrel, HIorriH St la a dec,
JB. JOHN Illlt,!,
M Uiblitiitejjiiii.l lender ol II. .1
Smith's Tonic
' l- t .foKthk.L,..'.
' sbrjbtillsBt and Voi
rpilR lituhflelor ofthln releliratml mmli I no
JL JUlly cliiiua fur It a .uinnrlty user nil re
UieJiea eyeriilleredlotliopabllofiir tliev.
' . ;''"' "Tf of Acuo im 1 eer,
or Lhllla and l-eur Mliellier orslicrt or Ion,
tandini. JU refer lo Uie i nlirn Wr.t, niKn l
rloutliwrMern country to lar I1I111 IviUiuony l
the truth of tho, aufrlloii. that In no av
m.hf!'.rf f T.'" " f" ,rt. If Ihn dirif:lli,n. an
atrlctlr 1ollowyl and tarried out. In 11 i!rel
many eaara n slnelnilnae lias Iwep MirScleiit (.r
etir, and whoiM tutuHifn' hn i,en cure.i 1.) n
stnale Uittle, Willi a perfect rrnloratiftu i,t llm
general health. Iti,huweier, tiriident, met in
f.r,',TJ"' "'"ro rertaln to cure, if iln.iiae u con
HnoM In sinaller llo.ea for a etU or t0 Kfl. r ll.i
dUeaaa has 1 4-rn checked, irtcta e.pcol illi ,11 .lit.
ftoult and Inns standmy cana. UaLAIly, ll..
inedlclno will not require any aid to kiei. Il.u
towel, in coed tinier I fliutllil the ,ate m, ,i,we
r. require) a calliMtlr tne.litlnn, after hating
taken sbret tir Umt i1om rf the loo.. tinulv
lAlH,ss Vrc(a Sainlly I'lfl.
Ill 1i iiltflclent. ' -
U lfl. JVILV HUM3 Utbcipnlsinirt-
NO. 40 I IFJ II, (CieU S.riM-l,)
1 Xjoixliwvlllo.'KIy.
Tm My VmlieluivM itutl Wsn lii
rllAVh rri-elred tnimy UIiiiiii il. tiom
profe.ilunal and medlctl men, a. my almwiar.
and Tariouapulillcatiou. I,ar l,ou, all of oliuli
aieaeaulne. The futlnwlnv. ffi.in a l.tifl.lv .mIu.
calrd aod popojar idtfaiiiaa In Uuri, iii.
lainiy one 01 uie mo.i niii roiniiiuuK alt it.
Ibateater n-ceued. UrOt ittt-ai ka..ei
actly srhal fce .peaks i.f,,airt'l.!4taliiB..n de.
rrae In I vrHUur l letter of 'toy. II. .(
hat the iNMtor sera of HtLll' ' tfurli
tmanow, najaer uouniy, ia., 1
June i. If. I
Dr. Joaa Iicl-iW Kir- I iuVieeLiit
. .
Ciseo your "Wotm IicstiuitrV aeieral iri!.
m And tl vonderfnlly rfftcacloua. It ba. 1.01
falleil In a alnjjle la.tacfc to ),.m tl.e i,e.l. r
effecu I am duina a pretty Jsrun county 1 r. tii.l.
at 4 kkr dally use fur Me artieU of tf, 1. Ij
lam free to ennfe.. Jut I know of no r :(
recommendo.1 br the alJit authorities U.i .. j
certain and apeHy In It effect.. Un ttietnittraty
riCinyuu I. 10 end wit uprn wlul.(nna 1 : a.i
tt lha rnedlelaodiretlly from you. If Iran i;ei
I Hr.on eajr terms. I .hall iimi a ri at duiri 1
I am aw see Ihtl the nts of such snTtlc. K n,,,,, ,., .
to the leaelilnct and practice of n rii m- ,Jly
OtUuriftUr line dlMaidina m trtinedy Ul.i.l.n..
aaovi w anncirai, snuiiyuvaiiHo imy L
inoraatofitucoinvlnalloa. ft; mr nui. I .1.- 1
snake. Ha rule to ue all an I rrr laiao. I j a,
lerUtasuneriaxhumaully Mt.th I may ! l
to command not hiadlallntf ucanx some od
moa lB((.nloii. than my e.f fcsrs leinied il
effeeta Sr. I, aaJ aeriired the role right lo .nitre
thtlkaowtedio. lluiteter. la.alT r.o tniu',
drvcaieorauijrterofthetlioiieaadofM itli.'
no.trutua llutroud the county, lb.a aulio.vi
cine all manner ol.IUe-u I., nl,:, a,.i, '
neve rr ly .oon, an i miorm me or jour I 1
term.. lim,.lr. ery re.i-rif.ill,,
JL I.Il'.i I. CI.KIKT, M. l.
tsl ili.4JsiMiilit,s IMer isnsl
r Ike)' Letter iYuih 1U M vthvr :
llenton lUrraoks, Ho., April), I.
UK JIIIIMIUMe-ll'srHr lCuclnir ll.e edi.
cleneyof your Sar.fiardla, and the LealioK no I
lenttielid Muatilir 11 i.ieieit, J eta 1 u the
lolloalos fcUtement of mycaaei
I wa Konmied aiMiui two years aj;o- hu taken
pri.uilerandciiufllied fureuleen Inunllv. Heni;
inured adofirn, my wounds he not healed let.
I hatetiol eat up a moment ainee waa wounded,
laui ahol throuKh ll.e hlia. Mr ueueriU lieallh
I. 1irtnlred, aud I need .omethlnx to n.ai.t nt.
tore. I hatti mot. faith In your Hai.ii.arilla lluu
111 snythini; el.e, I il. that that I fniiiiie.
I'lMue en.reea in a half dnier litile.. and
m. i.ui., .mo.
J'. H Thetollowiui! was written Ann I an. im;.
I) Mi. Jennie Jalinsun, motlier of Ca.. John,
eon 1
Kit, JOHN lit'M-PearWri Myhu.lnd, r,
w t.. I.. ...... .. . .. .bllir.il .n,i.nn .n.i ..(...I.
f fi. fuumui.i " m ..I.I.U. wen.M 'i I i J i V i
Ian Ic Ceulral Num York, where ho died, leaving
th'i a lent it V. Johiuon 111 my csve. At ll.irli en
rar of aue. he had a chroma diarrhea au.t
eerofulv tor which 1 ietiim your har.intilii.
I I' CIHIM) HISII 1 natn ior leu yaara recoin.
mended It to many In New fork, Ohio and low a,
fur crofuU, fetcr eorta, aud K'neral delnlny,
IVrfect uct e ha ntleudeil It. 7 o.r tjutti
a vw ion it) miftti aa rn.r wmw .i.,i
wttuhmi, I mi) tery aniioua fur my eon lo ncjin
hare nvoiir.x to yourhnrsainrlll. He ir fearful
of celtiuit a ei'iinoii. article, hence hl wtlllnif to
you font. Hiawoiiud. were ternhle, hut I I.
lit-ve he will recorer llespecifully,
jr.n.-Mi-. juh.S()N.
Arkansas Heard From.
TeMtluimiy of MvdiotsV Men
Htonv Point Whit Co.. Ail."; Mar S3. ..
Ir. Jona Bi ll Dear Bin l ast rYl.ruaiy I h i
liOiiiavllle mirchaaiiiff druuaand I unl eolii
at liOiiiavllle imrchaainx driii!, and I K"!
of your Hftmaii
My 8on-lnfaw, who was with me In the store,
vnur Harati!irllla ail.l t;euron llllleru.
haa been down with the ilieiiiiiiillm for om
time, coioanenoau on in Slitters, aua soon iuuna
hla geutral health IsoprovsJ. . .i , , ,
lie. ni.t. who haa heen. In liadiheallh, tried
Ihem, and heaUo Imiiroved. ,, ...
J)r Cotleo, who has been In had health for nev
ral year-.-iiaA ss tr Btleclod-ha isnnrot ed
ery ranch hy the use of your lililere. Indedo
Iho Cedron Hitters haa ulvenyou great lnilai
In this aettlement. j iBlnk.CcoOliI Mil 1. 1 i ,a
daimlity or your mollla in" BWJ"I""'
aedroa'Bltters and Saraaparllla. Hlilj. m,.
Memphis care of Hlcketl aheely.
Penn.eu.l bv JDK. JOHN DULL 8.
hla Laboratory, Fifth Htrett, Lou I
vJUe, Ky.
win inn
now mm

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