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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, July 29, 1870, Image 2

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AS AVI'RM' 0!! l'r"c,:-
Tin' Cairo ' TJf.v ,4'';;;
, mortal wwlM. It duo o In a '
worthy of tl.o ,.i0cvrN.H"; '
ouimiiiloi 1 fioci .world tho
tSr-Un tlioK,,,,
there b wo" where tl.o other liiillet enrno
from, JWnF ,00' t0 1,0 nt McC with n11
,non,'iimliwrlicularJy with our nc-Iglibor ;
wufow, in sJiort, to &t out of tho dlffi
cuhy with n Mllo trouldo ns prwiblo, wo
,idw cry for quarter mul swing to tlio
trror.o tlio white Hag.
Tim trntli 1. wo Imvc no stntnncli for thn
fray, and arc n peacefully disposed lxly,
loving our vara nnd tlie dulcet strains of
ppACP. "Wo i1inll Tint, therefore, permit
ourelf to imitate llm example, of tlio Sun,
and Intimate that lio does not toll tliu
trulli. Hy Hi" retraining uunelf we
shall keep out of nny controversy wu may
liave uitli our neighbor tlio spice of
blackguardism nnd tlio bitterness of acrl
inonloui crimination. Wu nru impel
led to this eourso by more than
one consideration j First, becatuu wo
have for our neighbor a "loft fide," mid
do not wish to ritfllo tlio placidity of his
calm Mood by cnlllny him n liar; and,
tocnndly, because,'!, is not necessary that
We should call him by that name, since he
Is known In JSotitheni Illinois the prin
cipal apologist of Mr. Munn, nnd it would
be a rnto of tlino to assort ft jclf-ovldont
"Ve hopo our nolglibor can npprocinto
our peaceful sentiments, and is 'willing to
sound a truce, Vfc assuro him that wo
aro its much n lover ofipilvlas Hlsmarkor
(1 rant, nnd In thu language quotod by tho
formor from tho latter, wo entreat our
neighbor to: "Let us bavo pence I"
.Siiamevci.. -Hocausc certain inconsid
erate Germans of New York published
their Intention to denounce certain niitlvo
born American citizens becauto they
rofuo to sympathize with Prussia, tho
Chicago Timet, yielding to tho impulso of
inconsiderate anger, Insulted tho great
mass of our German population by de
nouuclng them ns tho descendants of tho
Hessians who, In 177C, wore hired by En
gland to aid her In tho work of attempt
ing to subjugate tho United Colonics of
Ainorlcn. Tlio Insult was n gratuitous ono
uncalled for shameful I AH Germans
arc not Hessians; nnd, own if thev were,
tho Timtt would not bo Justified In laying
nt their door tho faults of their ancestors
who, bound down by Inoxorablo tyranny,
wore compelled to obey their sovereign
who was tho ully of England. Tho Ger
mans, it is true, have no right to insult native-born
Americans or other Americans
who sympathize with France, nnd they nru
not who In becoming excited over tho war
in Kurotie, but they have tliu right to ym-
pathtzc with tho Fatherland, nnd no paper
can bo Juitlflcd If It therefore insults them
m the Time has done, threatening them
with war nnd using language that would
becomo the lips of a crazy man more than
the columns of n reputable Journal.
Too Late. "Wo nru Informed by that
most notorious of nil liars, n great
er even than a Jtndic.il Mumper,
tho telegraph, that Xnpoleon lately
nsxea rrustln on whnt terms ponco
couM le iiiiuJc, mid that Prussia replied:
"It Is too late." o Mro incline! to be
liovo Hint there Is no truth In this report;
mid yet then may bo. Tht-ro can bo no
question of tho fact that both Napoleon
mid King "William are mixloua fur war, in
tho rotilt of which ono or tho other will
be npgrnndixed, Hut how about tho people-'
AVIth Napoleon, who overthrow the
I'rwirh republic, victorious, will any gains
In li tin, people of Frmicu ? Will the
1 indent-' of their liberties bo inoro ox
tfthtlvo'' And with the victory of WIN
limn, who dismembered Denmark und
holds portion of unfurtunato Denmark In
bis Iron grnip, cun the people of Germany
expect to receive many Hit'cal blowings?
The war Isn war of lCIs.K not of people,
and it Is not waged In tho interest c.r hu
man freedom or advancement.
Not Tbuk.-TIio Jacksonville. Journnl,
n IWdii-nl paper, a.sorts that "Gcrmum In
most of thu largo cltliw throughout the
country are now culling uihii meetings for
tho purpose of expressing sympathy with
1'riHsln in hor strugglu 'with Franco.
This sympathy comes from our adopted
citizens of Gorman birth, bu'. among those
who have not yet become voters."' There
Is la this assertion a slur wnich I not com.
plhnentary to tho Germans who, ulthough
wodd&d to J'.epubllcan Institutions, cast
their eye, UcV to tho old Fatherland mid
J-'npatWze with their friends nnd former
countrymen A vnx maJorIt of U0
Gorman, who wentUuslMtlcHycheorlnB
for l'ruula ure voters, R,l Ul0' JoufJ
knows they ure. They are not muu of
arty foreign sovereign; buttruo Americans
who hato kingcraft and lovp liberty
Too Much. Najtoleonforaand toy
much. "AVe demand," ho says, "the es
tabllshment of a statoof things guaranteo
Ing our security nnd assuring tho future.
"Wo wish to conquer a durablo peace.' It
would be easier for a camel to go through
tho oyo of a needle than to secure perma
nent peaco In Kuropo by war. The-only
way which this great work can bo dono is
In tho manner projKwod by Napoleon mid
Itlsmurk in their secret tretf a .,......
(iHVuiItc aud tlwfviisivo between Franco
nnd Vriisla would do tho work. They
could overrun the balance o Kuropo, nnd
obtain durable pu.teo In tho orcetion of
two overshadowing despotism. And
even then trouble . iitllit cnuo. Iiili'o
InitiL'rv ilniM ov'nr : bono thn t'ri"t thieves
might fight Over their spoil".
MlHTAJtKS. Tin' St l.oui llepullieiin
siivs that tho Hon S S. Mnrslmll, ''mem
ber of Congre-n from the Thirteenth Dis
trict of Illinois, ill ileelinu being a candi
date for rcnominatlon.' Tim Ittpublleiiii
Is mlilnkun. , Mr., Marshal is :iiot "mciii-
bcr of Congress from .the Thirteenth Dis-
trlel of Illinois:' Tho Thirteenth.! Col.
C'robs' district- and will hb to for fcvnrnl
U M h r.
vcars to comP. Tho Ignorance of thofc-
publican concerning thu politics of a sister
State Is amazing.
(Kr5m Iiim Ii. J
lift iteei Ii6 iotit. nlorp-nnunx the Kre.it
in i ur inti ixity I i,t, niiiid ine lew
Of r.nut.imt'K riiiniMO tti,,1lnuil H lin, lilyh nlalu
inone Mini iieriiimi.ireiii) -iiioii.m n ico
Mniurclir, bIiii inrn'ii iniiuls 'nenlh IhelrMtuy
voul.l uium,
llv mlclit of vi it mi l liimiiii. u N.luiii. lure.
Mn!e ill npnlien Hue nr toiiiiilril nlrlnn,
oi nn iii.ii iih vtin'ii iiiiiik are no inure.
k'ritte In IhN lie.irl nf Kiial.iiul' lioiiil,
Thm rlitlne mlliln tier rlirine I on. I nil unniii.l
no nnmn l.nt In .Hit or In Arl,
f ntimli, at the li lines of Mm linliiorUI hiuihI,
Of HDHif , tlie a-lif s lie IkIii' III- Jill,
or cuiiie, bin intrri lonnniol!imiii-rH Here;
lint xrnve or eeiieUli-retnntni nnliut
iiiy win nun (.Men lor i nee, incir imei peer
Muke room, on tnneliil linn. li t, nt 1 1 iy feet;
M..I - I. t. If ,i UI...-I.I ,.. ul , l,i ,....!
Hhlfl Jolnifiiii, till tlmii trine liim prave fpaee
iiiori i
flirriek, lioc art linlotiil,irrii4 to liltn ilral,
Mo niilny, inaiiv-nltleil tiilnJ, reeelre
lly tlilne, tlielmni" IIihI IihiikpiI iilnliol n keen
Tiike an Iniprei-H, or mi lmpre lenve,
i roni iningK, ur on iiiiiik", re.m or rieuiu,nr
seen. '
Welofiine, nil AiMI'nn, with Cultn, le fm e,
llln coining, liu Ini- peopleil Knulluli nir
Vltli tjn- of humor. ( iKrin ami itrivn;
Tlnuinliicli tlilniinmnuri' leuml more rure.
Tlinit. tnn, tiiflSirntlii'tTiniiir time, Imtlo-t,
i iinrKerny, ocioi iny nruw hiiii Nluniy cneer
On liltn.lliyi'omrMe, wiive-vtorn, teiiiiiot-lo-i.e.l,
null, iiiv n .j iii. i i.nirv ,i innnii I
All th4 rnnro vlfrntne'tlmt he neekit Ills rot
Without tlie uitnii Unit follow great uneV i iel
Nn mourner yitetliu imrtlrnt one tlmt tiicut
AiM.n, d.n ru,t,...' aahi.. f.r ,1... r-i.....e
NoU trnln w?th plume, ainl plttte, niel p:ill t
Nn lonff DArH'letif utiilerLiker'a uiw i
BearfH mnteti, nn.l fmttherrJ hesrre, ami couri-ers
All that beinoeki, the Kinre Willi hollow nhtiw.
Humbly they tiroiMnt him in the smnmnr morn,
lliuulily nml iipiH'fnlly theylaM him down.
Anil on tlio iiUu Unit tvlU-whrn ileaJ, when loru,
111 children, lore, llkt ikUii.I'k lva n
. 0ion llieeoillii wnskeMwaofsrcfnloattii nn.l
piinii iw.r.. nu ul iiiiixmiii" vnillll 1,1 ioiik
Into the rmoiliirltm the dny it reinatncil open
threw llowois llitott.
JL HdlBl Issr stss the War.
The Stamlnril; edited by John Jlussell
Young, Is tho only Hadleal paper In New
York city thntglvcs unqualified support to
tho administration of l'rcsldent Grunt.
Its opinions of thu pending European war
will bo rend with Interest. It sitys:
Wu have not ullowed ourselves to drink
In what tho reporters call "enthulii''in" of
the purtl'iuii ettliur of l'russin or of
I-niricu. it havu little concern with
tfllhor nurll. nml w,i hnvo vet in en ntn-
cliiiin of iloimpiirto or llohenzolleru lor
American symp tthy. Wo can understand
how In u city which Is the third Uerman
City of the world thero shoulit ho nn in
teniu symtnitliv with l'russin. Wo can
nlto uudcrittnm! how our noliticlnns, "finh
ers of men' In u political sense, should
tnku ndvmitngu of till feeling to become
entuutinsiieniiy rnmian, mill mnku wihl
speeches about tho I'litherlniul without
really l.uowlnt; what thu l ather and is.
Wo respect this political enterprise, Mtt
can kcnrcely be governed by It. In this
war there is something higher thnn n few
iiorman vote in tliu next niinimiL'ti
l there aiiyllilng In tho hUtorv of tho
House of Holieiixolleru to excite Amur!
en 1 1 entliiLlniu f What bus it ilouu for
German liberty ' What has King Wll-
li tiii ever done for tho frftJniii of his great
mid Intelligent people? Whnt hnvo his
ancestors .domr.' llm there ever been
scliomt' for territorial aggrandizement, the
destruction oi n true people, the repres
sion of republican institutions, In which
the Hohenzollnriw Imvc not tnkon part?
v- i. - . .,. i . ;
iiih nun n nro ikkisi 10 iK'topi mo
eauo of l'riisniit with cnthuiliuui let
us hnvo renson fur that enthusiasm. Are
we to lollow lloheiizollerii hiraum it is nn
olderpowerthau llutinimrte? Itisnotmiieli
older, mid was really a juivvtunf power
until Frederick ln'gau ns IiKhmIv n wnr ns
ever Jlonatiuriu iniiirsl tojttstifvtho rob
bery ii'Sllein"' Wo arc linked to follow
l'nunln, iiud yet we eo Prussia engaged
in me iinreeinnt; "i tin' ron. u nation nuil
still lioliliui: to In r sham ol tho IhhiIv
When she sit.taiiied the llrt Napoleon 'it
wns because she hoped to proflt bv thonlll-
mice, and when Mm npiintod him she was
prompt and greedy for her reward. .Sm ro
jirosed the Kepiililieiui iiioveriieutof IMS
with a Ktern liaml. Mio imiteil with An..
trlit In the liiiiemboruieiit of Denmark
nnd mndo tin, wnr ol'Sadown In tho Inter
est of national iiL'iirmidlzement.
I lie J.rcniiM 'in en lis nlteritlon In the
great blessings tlmt Mlowud thu battle of
vj utcrioo, nml elmrges upon thol.mporor
.-SHtioieoii thu eoiistNiit iiiilitary reniline.s
which has been entailed upon uvcrv Kit-
ropean power. 'The Intere.ts of peaco
aud elvlllzatloli tleiiininled Unit tli i, Pirt
aH)leOli MkiiiIiI bo ilrtlir,iiii..l nml ,.t.
peiteti irom J-.uropo, ' mid the fume Into
must fall upon thu third Emperor. Now,
if we aro asked t ) supjiort 1'riHsin uiion
thewj grounds, wo can nt leiut huvo nn in
tolliKcnt basis. "Wo support the conquerors
of Waterloo, who dishonored Frauee, und
weru with ililllcully kupt from dismember
ing her nnd de.troylng her as n State. "Wo
sujiport tho "Holy Alliance," the most In
famous diplomacy ever conceived, und thu
rekn of the Jlourbons, who ruled Franco
with incredlblo dc.potlsm. AVo aro nsked
to respect mid ndvocate a power which
has always been u styrnnnlcal us nny In
Europe. And now wu ure to dothrono
Napoleon! and to do It "in tho Interest of
peace mid civilization." "Why not no
buck to 1703 und Insist, with Pitt nnd
llurko, that Friinee hall bo what she was
then with hor precious Ilourbon laws.
and tho noblo deeds nnd customs which led
to the French llovoltitlou
We do not dofend tho Nupoleonlc sys
wm, nor have we tho leust admiration for
notw Itbuand in- the blunders and crimci
?' n i!?.IH,rir 'iQllc'' ",UI,y W deeds.
frai n.. r i . H'fttt) una civilization."
no aro forced to gay thcto thlnes lie
freedmiViiV.V . " . Cl KUV0 ltft'y unl0' d
mono. ilno wo ever known Prowm i,.
k'ht for mivlnteie.i i., i v". 'u
Tlie Cajxo JBulletiii, July QQ.
ods taken to compel nn oxprcsslon of sen
timent In favor of Prussians the champion
of liberty, AVo ure nuked to sco freedom,
national unity and international peace in
bcr pulley to honor hor n the great lib
eral power of Kuropo. Wo nro summon
ed to pass Judgment upon Franco as the
bandit nation. Wlint we hopo toseo In this
conto't Is tho dethronement ol'llolionzollcin
ut.d Honnparto,thounityof Germany under
one llag und one republic, tho restoration
of rctitibllu in Franco worthy In ovety
way ol her majestic and glorious Involu
tion, the abolition of standing armies,
tho pacification of tho nations,
and nn end of this brutal
muriHrelileat vtem. which L'ives one mall
the power to throw u mlllionof his fellow,
Inen Into tlio agony of war whenever It
di.tl. l.tj ...... lnn
riillJ" Ills lyjiu vn,'iivut
Wo trust to boo this wnr end with theso
reults. Vtv shall then feel that no blood
has been shed In vain. As matters now
stand wu havo no enthusiasm for either
Hobenzollcrn or Douaparto.
"Engaged to a common carnentorl" said
Mrs. Tracy Chevcnel, 'I do think you
ure crazy, T.ottle I'
'Whv, mnma,' said Lottlo, with flushed,
cheeks and downcast lashes,' I lovo liimli
Adelaide Cheveiiel, n regal style of
brunette, with dark languid oyes, looked
shocked. Jtebecca, her younger .slstor
who was fulror, with oyes and hair of tlio
fashlonnblo red-go'd shade, uttered a llttte
exclamation of dismay.
'Charlotte,' said Adatnldo, with dignity,
'I'm ashamed of you 1'
'Charlotte,' aided Hebccca, 'ono would
never droam that you wore ss Chevcnel I'
'With ex pec tn thms in tho future, and a
lineage In the past ".' emphatically ndded
Mrs. Chovcnel.
'Hut, mamma,' chirped poor little Lottie,
'I can't help the pant, and I've nothing to
do with tho future; and as for tho present,
lltith is oarning a thousand dollars a year,
and thoro li n nice second floor wo can
have to keop houso In and '
Mrs. Chevcnel sank back on tho sofa
with such a ntuny countenance of horror,
that Ijottio checkod herself in dismay.
'Mamma I what's the matter ?'
'Don't let mo hear another word) not a
llp!' cried tho august dame.
A Chevcnel to keep houso on second
lloor, with u thousand dollars a yoar 1 and
with your exnectalons I'
'I don't believe Undo Jonas means to
leave us a cent,' said Lottie.
'You don't grimly demanded Mrs.
'No, mamma : I don-t.'
'Hero Is a missive from him; receWod
only this morning,' sho said majestically'
a missive which contains nn invitation for
three girls to make him n visit. Does that
mean nothing, I should like to know?'
1 supposo said maltor-of-fact Lottie, 'it
means that ho wants to soo us ; but as he
has never before shown any anxiety on tlio
subject '
'it means that ho wishes to make you
his hoiress ,' interrupted Mrs. Chevcnel
Impnllciitly. 'You must no at onco. and
produce tlio best Improsslon that is
"Mumnin, I would rnthor remain at
home, stoutly persisted Lottie. "I don'f
want money; Hugh Wnkcly can enrn
enough lor us both 1"
Whnt you would prefer is of no conse
quence," snld her tnothor sharply. "You
will, of course, ueconinany your iUtcrs!"
Ami Lottie Chevcnel dared remonstrate
no furl her.
Mr. Jonas 1'ipor, wns silting smoking
n Jung niecrchuum on tliu terraced front of
his his pretty country place, when tlio
depot omulhu deposited three young
ladles In front of htm ono tall. (lurk nml
dlgnllled; tho second, nlTalde, smiling, nnd
blonde; whllo the third our littlo Lottie
looked liken frightenod white dove in
company with two gorgoous macaws l
"Oh," snld I'tielo Jonas, laying aside
the mevrehutim, "so you nro my iielees?"
"Yes, dear uncle," snld Adelaide, softly.
"Yes, unclu darling," said Heckle,
Willie Lottie ald nothing, but secretly
thought within herself whnt n funnv, old
fashioned man uncle Jonas was.
Mr. l'iper rang tho bell for his house
keeper, und aw tho young Indies no" inoro
until they met him nt the dinner table.
"Well girls," .aid he, "nnd how do vou
like Pipe? Villa T
"Oh, uncle, Its lovely I" crlod Adelaide.
"It's like n poet's dream, uncle," added
"And what do you think, young lady ?'
demanded uncle Jonas, eyeing Lottie,
"I supposo Its very nice." said Lottie,
slowly, "hut but 1 would ruthor bo ut
"Vou would, eh?" said uncle Jonas.
Some more oup, .Mrs. Keefe. I Invenlod
UiL soup girl.. What do you think of It?"
"Gh. Us delicious,' mid Adelaide,
strangling in the effort to swallow it
second spoonful,
"It reminds mo of turtle soup," said
llek-ccn, feeling ns If her throat wns
"I think It tu.tcsjii't like melted lire,'
snld truthful )ttle. "1 bellevo it must
bo mndo out of rod pepper nnd Worcester
hire shuck.
I'nclu JomiN smiled grimly, but ordored
in the kccoiii! courc, of boiled miliuon and
lolhter miiec.
After dinner ho lighted his pipe again-
"You don't object to smoke, girls, 1
"I dote on it," said Heckle.
"I always did llku it, ofall things," said
"1 iuppuo you don't like it, Miss .Sauce
box?', mid uncle Jonas,
"No" said Lottlo ' 1 don't." And shore
mtuiiborcd how Hugh, her tlrst authority,
told her how utiguntlomanly it was to
smoke in tho presence of ladles.
"Don't you ?'' said uncle Piper, a littlo
dlscomfltled. "Then perhaps you will go
Into the green parlor or tho library."
"If you will t'xcusu me, uncle." said
Lottie, taking him ut his word, and walk
ing demurely oil', j
"uncio,prny excuso iter," snld Adolaide;
, She is only
"You ure coughing," said Mr. Piper as
his nelco paused, unablo to subdue a woful
bronchial irritation: '"! hopo It isn't the
"Oh, no." said Adelaidu: "only a littlo
cold I caught on tho way."
nut sue was yet very paio wnen Jiooccca,
roso up. verv nalo. and left tho room sud.
" i our sister tion t loom woll," (aid uncle
Jonas ; "perhaps sho doo-n't like smoke."
'She would novor dreamed of objecting
ton wish of youri, dear uncle,' said
Adelaide fervently.
"Humph r was Mr. Piper's onlv com
"Tho dlaL'reeablo old fudee.1 thought
Addle, vindictively.
They werosittinc at tho breakfast table
tliu next morniiiK, when thu servant
baought In n petition for charily,
"It Is a poor, one-armed man, sir," said
Mike, "who"
lull bim go about his business, J'yo
nothing for him," said Undo Jonas
brusqiioly. And thon looking nround on
his nlocos, ho added: "It will novor do to
cnoourntto this promiscuous begging.'1
"Certainly not," said llebcccn.
"I novor give to a beggar in the streets," I
snld Adelaide, complacently.
'Hnllol whoro havo you been?'' risked
undo Jonas, ns Lottie, who had slipped
out an instant, returned with roso-tinted
cheeks and glittering eyes.
"1 ran out to givo a littlo money to tho
one-armed beggar," said Lottie, valiantly.
"Oh, unclo,lf you could have heard how
earnestly he thanked mot''
"Do you mean that I wes iwrong not itp
eivo him iometh!np?'Ylttaly bsked Mr.
Piper. jj-
'Tdld not Intend to crltlclieivour be-
lliftvtor, uncle, but since you Bek trie ''
Lcll, ilnco I do ask you, jrfitj then?"
m sentsiea.
-"SrThnn T mutt v thl TttilnV tt U vfinr
duty to give to the poor ft UUVisMUetblnsc
from your over-abundance, I think
avarice is worse than povcrty"ir 1
.''Lottlo I" reproved AdelaideA-'n
-?Let hor talk,',' .said undo -Jonas, "I'm
gtat'elio desplsee money so fjHiuch ; slit
won't want any of'mlno. .
"I don't want yoar money, undo, said
Lottie, firmly. "I am young nnd strong,
nnd I can work for myself." ,
llumpht" granted undo Jonas.
"Hut I should like to have you love mo
ft little," said Lottlo. "becauso you were
poor papa's own uncle."
"So you take to criticising and contra
dicting me, eh?'' '
"But uncle I mutt ipeak truth I".
Adelaldo and Kebecca took their poor
little lister most vehemently to task, as
ooouthey wero alone.
"Yosauro spoiling nil our prospects,"
said tho elder.
"But, Addle, ho asked me."
"What thon? intorposcd' ltebocca;
"couldntyou have cqulvocatod Just little?
I don't bellovo In thcto extra tender con
oicnecs)." And Lqjtie felt as if she wore n out
cut. ...
"Olrls," said undo Jonas, the next week,
"pack up your trunks, I'm going to taku
you borne to-morrow.. Piper a Vula is to
be shut up, end Iiihallspcnd tho winter
In tho South of France
"Just M you pleuo, undo, dear." said
the two eldest niooea, and Lottie thought
of eeelnt; Hugh once more, with a great
bound of her neart'a mslsof .
"Why uncle Jonas,"' said Mn. Chevo
Bel, when hor three (Iris wero gono up
stairs afior toe, and she sat on tho sido of
the f re. with Mr. Piper facing hor, "how
do you like my daughters ?"
"Hswr do I llko cm?" repeated. uncle
Joftfta, elowly.
'Telj'you know mother Is neturally
"To be sure," laldnaclo Jonae, nodding
his keed. "Well, 1'vo decided to make ono
of 'em my heiress."
Mr. Chevcncl'i kcon, grey oyes spark
led. 'How kind of you I how generous, dear
undo Jonas I" sho cried. "But my Ado
laide U most worthy of uncle'i loTe,"J
"It lin'4 Adelaldo," said unelrJonas,
dryly." " V
Not Adelaide? But Bebeeea kat often
written in her letters, 'Mamma, undo
Jonas is liko a father to me, and "
"ery kind, of itebccca, said unolo
Jonas, energetically taking snuff, "But it
isn't llobecca, eltlier. littles tnn girl I
.Mrs. Chevcnel stared.
"Yes;" aald ho "tho name mentioned In
In mv will Is Charlotto Chevdnol. I fnncv
tho girl, she't spicy Independent little
thing, nnd I believe that sho Iovosone bot-
tor than either of the others, its spite of
mcirion voices anu coaxing wny;w ni
no fool niece Chevcnel, nnd fused to have
a knack at reading and translating differ-
cm characters that hasn't quite deserted
mo yet. "I tell you, Lottlo my holresl,
you may iiko it or not."
Mrs. Chovoncl murmured some faint
word nf acknowledgement, but undo
Jonas could sco that sho was sorely disap
"Hut I can't help It," thought uncle
jonas."ino two incniy-mouincc girls may
tuko care of themselves, but I'll look
after the futuro of Ixitlle and her carpen
ter." - -
And tho lnVAstml-nttfcfitdf-sacrlrico aud
amiability ol the two elder Misses Chevc
net havo made, went for nothing. - r
caangiBg. gray. hair to a color more or less
natural, Is eternally abolished. Pkalom's)
imparts to the bleached tlbcrs tho very
shado that has been bleached out of them
by time or sickness, and is clear and has
no sediment. Sold by all druggists and
fancy goods dealers.
Ant: you out of employment? If, so
send for tho "The Greatest "Work of the
Ago. Thorelnypu will certainly And some
thlng'that will not only glvo employment
but by periervorancolead to fortune. 8eo
advertisement In this paper. mayl(J3m
Saratoga- Ladies' Trunks the best
manufactured all'slzes and prices, at John
Antrim's. Also Satobols nnd Traveling
Hags of ull grades, sizes, styles and
W. "W. Thornton, No 181 Thornton'
block, Tsynth street, bits Just received three
hundred Ihjxc of glass, varying in tho
from 8x10 to 30x40, For sale, wholesale
retail. Jltf.
PoU'r NetT mammoth stock of .Sprinj;
clothing embraces all tho new style, nnd
what can no round nowhere else in tho
city largo and woll varied stock of boV
clothing. tf
aq e sure to call at 73 Ohio Levee, an
sco the Juno Bug slats, with a varied slock
of othor now styles, too numerous to men
tion. Remember' Antrim's U tho place to
get your haU. tf.
outhi' boy7an"4 .Children's clothes, m
less than Now York prices, will be sold
this week, at P. NeflTs, regardless of cost:
Just Rkgkiykd. The Shoo Fly Klliot
and Don't Bodder Mo Sets imd caps at
P. Neffs, No, jOhlb Levee.
You will greatly "miss it" if you don't
buy tho Star Shirt at John Antrim's, No.
7a, Ohio Levee. tf.
Hk sure to read tho advertisement
"Greatest Work of tho Ago," In this
I'ai'er. rnaylMOm
Has Introduced Into bls'Fonrlh Ward (Irocfrv
entnUinliment a
RmhrAcInK every RrHcle mnnilr fonnd In tb reg-
. ..iT. ,IM swusl ilk. .11 ' --
ISSSII VIJ gwinjsi ISVHSJVW lf hU9 t,l
Hosier;, Notions, Boots, Shoes
And n complete wisortmeal csaerallr.
Tlie po'renSKe of the puUlo Is Intltod, th pru
tirletorUtrrnlclns;to sell anything Ju his fine,
vhether Dry Uood or Orocsri, etieap m
they run U botiglit mii whore la thecltjr.
Nrxt Door to the Corner af Poplar
mid NbieteeHth Htreet.
The Grccerv Eitahllthment tt
(he Corner of Commercial Avenue
and Sixth Street will be main
aned as usual, one of the best
sitoked in the city., , .. .
Dmniol Hmrtman
Upturn hi thanks to the rittsen of Cairo for
thrlr liberal pstron(s, anil would Inform ihra
tint licn Im foiimratlilaoUsUBillOIUesnmer
rlsl nvrnlif. All sftlts irnn(itljr attall So.
Literal AdrsMwe Masle as Ceailn
lU'xulu Mle Jjs'tVelnilsr'aaa4HaUriUf'e
All CbntlgniiH'iits coTortd by otn policy of lasur
aner. l"iirtl5i'onHl(tiilng goods wUI laeer 1
No Extra Charge Tor Storage.
For nrnmnl rcturtm and Strict attention to lnnl
nru. would tiiont respeetrull)' refer to the felluv
till iur'linH, lauikttrs and othora.
llsJIIdsy l)mi., I). fttsnl a Hon., Adams Eipreet
Cumnanr. A. II. HaNord. II. H. Marrtll. BnSUl A
Htilwell, Haul 0. Hcliuti, (I. V. WilUamsaa. PI ret
national Hank, of Olro. Bordea M loan. How
Tors. A. r roDdi, nogan, i.iarn anipr. trai
ion. AiianucuiaM im i iuiiurjt. uupaw
Chicago. A.MUeoliirar, llongoU. A. Ball
(..Ht. Lnui.. . luffltr.
LiceiiHed Anctioneer.
OrFR'Et for the present, at It. II. Ouanlag
barn's, Ohio Jrre,0lro, llflaois. 9
srilut door sales promptly attendsd to."
w w w -ess w w w iksrw .
Promptly and e.liriw!lurilr, with the yrry beat
Lcuvn Ordcrit at HuIon'h Old Mtsussj
sR at Tilt: UHT.urric;.
W. Htrntton. T. Ilird,
TltA'ITOX .V Itlltl,
(u;eeor toKlratlon, Hiidaou A Clark,)
AkssIi r Assserlcssai rms!ev Cev, sksM
Mauuraclurers Asresste ftr Cattass Vsssrai.
Q 1. U 1X1,1 AMM,
No. 7 Ohio Leref,
Nprrlal attesillets S'Halcai
ssaeuu auat FltllnK Orders).
Bar Fixtures.
Iro, I1UhI. ,
issaifBjaB fht two story frame dwelling aad lot
i.irv bl',onAln4.,V.'.n: KnHl'.ira;ud in
street and Jellerfoneveoue.UIro, III, T.'ae house
rontaluao good ball,
Ttix-sses Xiaarssa Xioctmai
en each Joori a good lulck cellar ondsr It and
a lime 0 intern en (hi ureiulaea, Kor lumbar par
ticulars apply to r II. Ill.OM, . '
.. . "wsrwiissin oi. anu wasliingiouare,
' sire, llllaois, Jul) ii, w, )yitdlm
T IK fiHHXirs &. :o.,
..aai .
saSTAra VreMrtNl 'to reeeUi.tort aud (Xw
rreignsa-M asi pass
d sail ud com
.SO. B. PHIIiIilft,
And Peeler In
FlsMir, Msjatj. Hay, C'ra( Ohih
Cor.lOth St.& Ohio Levee
sasr m s w
Miller' Agent,
satstere Mstssllissl. aasl ssaastlr asssj
ajasajgarserUy sTiUesS. ,
iirw ILLS
JULTtlt-A tsMfi, PMfUrs
Me.ira. Fulton A floas are prepared to furnlsli
all klnil.of Flour of lb be.l iiuailtr. and also
or In leta quantity,
miii rrru 01 an miuum. ijranam riour, ! mtr.mn
rronitlieUtt Wlilu
A. e
Plaster Paris Plasterers' Hair
T, aSeto.
Lle la llnllt, always mi luiatel
Also, keep constantly on hand a mo.t coui.
pi Ho stock ol
Scotch and Irish Whiskies
Port, Madeira, Sherry, Catabaw
We are areata lor J. Bold A Co.'. CClehrsUM
We sell exclusively for Cash, to which Carl we
InsiU the attention of clo.o bargain btiyers,
Hlal attention glren lo Ailing order..
i si rt i
Confection ICtxthtiit0
Mm KtMTsj U pi. OM Mi
U liirttiGiil lueniie
Wliera tie ebllel la a eoatiauaace of yalwiaasW P.
klsferaserctsnomsrs.aswsll aa Uat of asinaas,
smw eaea aa esayj wasrt swlmegrnoswlee, afssrWonsr
ae aaa wsrt swlmegraoswlee, aMSssoasr
lowNUiMliMrswees. ii " iwtr i
tr" 1 i . - ' aiaaiawiaiawawi aaiawaw
TMrGBANT ' 1 luriL
Wtr4, ,Hrrto ,Cfe,
MAV9s)te a
MuDUf'iiriiid M'hdi rul tin,
ji 1
iron tiii:..
Olxlllas aud Povor.
irpIlB bioiirielor of till" eHcl.ratwl inedsriiw
JL JiifM claim. ir i. .i,',iii. y...
meiliea iiti i otli'redlotlin pulilin fur IliesW, "
Uia, mrrfr tnd ttnutnl txri nf Ague nnd 1 r,
ur CIiIIIh an j Ketrr, wliSllier il elniil nr Iuiik
ataodlng. Ilerelurstu lliit entire Ueatein and
ttoulliwe.Ufn country to lionr lilin leetliiiouy li
the truth nf Ida insertion, that In uu tax-
'WliaUTerwill It fail to cure, If the dlrertloiis niv
atrictlr lolloaed and carried nut. Inn ureal
'manycaset a Mnjjlo do.n lia. Icn MilliUrnt hit
cure, and whole families liaifu been cured by h
Ingla lioltla, with perfiM't ri ulnrali'in ol tin,
general liealtb.. Jt li-, liowi'ver, prodent, mid Hi
every rstS morn rerlain Ut cure, if Ha li.e t cun
tluue.1 in njnnller done, for a week or two nfl'-rllii?
,t;aaae liar lim.lnjl.ed, mote rpf,dally ilidil
flcult and long aunding raaQ. ' t'aiially, tin.
riedlclno will not rr'iilr any aid to keep tin
awela In K'1 order) r-lioliM the pjtiiut, Imwet.
:er, requlru a nailisuUi' tneditine, tir liktlnx
.taken litre or four doer, of llin Tunn;, a .invlv
do.a ol.UsUrenVeajtablti atnllj I'lU
will U sufaeient. '
UK. IKILI.'H. rrittial otlki, i
NO. '4 I'IFl'JI, (L'rN Ires l,)
XJOtxlav ViUo .
' I a i ' 3
MrVMlttBsJptatcuunsI lVorld
wtsJe tKeasJcrk,':
IHAVAvrecire4Tsnaar rUatimmiiala' imu.
profe.alonal and medical men, a. my leaa.
US tariou. puMicatloua batealiuvo, allcf likh
arageauia. The Mig. frusa a highly edu
catd M't poptsat atijsklan tn ileorgia, i,m.
tolnly iOMulthe ssioii sen.iblacoiniiiunlcation.
I hire er.r reeelted. J'r. Clement know.ee
actly what be apakt of, and hia le.tlmniiy ile.
suiss Ui li written, la lallera of cold. Hear
wfuw the IiorVir eays of Btssll'a Wwrsss Ilew
1 IW o5w'lsurit mti'LV iitWa reaViiti)
gi rea four "Worm Ielritr .eteral trial.,
ars flad it woaderfully mcaclou.. it ba. not
failed in a ilngle tnsuac to hato the wi.l.ed-lur
eSK't. I am doing prttly large eouuly raatnd,
aad kate dally ueeifer aofce artlclSr.f the Lidy
I an ., Sim la Jistt 1 kaoieof'aii relne.ii
recommended Ly the atlnl authoritie. lhal I. u
certain and pS)f tatWeBi-i t. Un Ibei nntrary
Ibeara uaceriaifi la the extreme. Aly uUrcl m
wrlilMPo i. toBitdcut niiti what term. I i-uii
gel the tnediciao direetly from you. If lean k'l
it upon caay lerma, 1 shall uee agieal ib-alot it.
I am aware thai the usabtaucbaruclr. I. contrary
to the teaching, an J praritceof agrwt nuutirily
ofttiareraUr line di aidinif a remedy wlilftixi-
ta am auoiuieDi. aiinpir ueca'm we ioa)
iata(iUcvaabaallou Tor ray asft,f ehtU
ILa uia to uia all and rrr riieana to hi.
leeiaia suBanng liumanlty wt. ?ti 1 may I gi.
Sa eomsnand not hcsllating becaua iiiir one
aaora'Saganions than my aelf hato learned It"
gWuarVt, and semredtlK 0je right o aure
lal aJSWWirslga. HoweiSr, I alnby u innin. an
adeocass) or .upporter of tin Uwujid of m on bl. .
noaSruma taatlood ll rtiiinly. that purport to
ire all manner o ,ln , . toahwri u.h i lit r
ltee reply toon, ScJ infuriii ni i.r jmt b i
I am,.ir,
ir. irtr ri'l'ertlullii
UI.IL'rj 'f CI.KSI f.vf, M
Hsael the Caatala'a I.t'di-r ansl
Ike l4lrlaiiakl NsiJ(er,:
- - ,j
Ileaton Ilarracks, Mo., April a, 114.
IK. JOHN UUI.ly Hear bin Knowing the ert.
elence of your Hr.irilla, and tho l.raliu and
fcncfJal aualitiM u poass itar.,- I .end Jfou the
lasjlea sesiisiiial oTmycain "a., it
iwMiacsaaeed about two y-ar wti-d, taken
ari.estfl assa eenssway Si'r iixwan wmbibw. t. iieuii;
rnoted o often, iny Mound. Imveuot healed y I.
I hate not eat up a moment alnce I va. vxiundeil.
Iain .hot through tho hip.. .My general health
la impaired, and I need .ouiethlng to ai.t nn
lure. 1 har nture fallb in your rUmapanlU Unit
in anything else. I wl.l. that tlmt i. gruulne.
I'leue esiire.a inu a half ilorep l.ittTee, aud
obllg ' CUT. 0. I'. JOHNbOS,
. ,, at. Laub. Mo.
P. H. Thelollowing km written April IW, Ifi.
b) Mi. Jennie Jhu.uu, mother of L'apt. Jubu
Ml, JllllN HUI.Ir-rnr bin ly hii.Und.Jir,
O. H. Johnturf, was a aklllfut .lirgron and di).ir
Ian In Cfutral New York, whernlie die.1, Ii ariiir
thn abow C. t'. Juhnsou in iny care. At t'llrls ru
yeara of aije, In had a rhronlo diarrhea au.t
.crufilla, f.ir which I gatohim ygtirfearaAparilht.
IT CUllKI) IIIMi I base fur ten )eur iwoiii.
mendod it loaiaay in New York, Ohio and Iowa,
for evicfuU, fetcr aorcs, ainl general didutil).
1'erfect lUcce.s haa nttended it. It nru rJ
in mil fair, n acrsala fntr swrMren .!
wrinlnj, I am very aniiiiua for my .on to vain
buearwouree u yourharaparill.i. He I. fearful
of getliug a .piinouj, artM le, hejiuo his wilting In
you for It. Hi. wound, wero terrible, but I !
Ii,,h.wil recover lOHM
ArkftnseW Heard From.
TsMatlwoay r MshIU-hI Men
" slfony Point Whllo Co., Ark. May S3, 'U.
Ir. Jonw Hill Jiear biri Jt February I "
at iMUiavillu puroltasUir ttrtigit, nml I got aom
of your ttaraanarillu and Ced ron llitter..
My son-in.fatr, who was with mo lp , (lie store,
haa been down with'tbe'ibemnslUm foT
lime, commenced on the lllitere, and aoou round
niagenexai siewiiiiHifiuivw, . . A . ,
Dr. Jls'. who haa been in bad health, tried
iaw ueem w awa "T'l! " J
' '
B ma uaa of vn
Ui Oedron Biitem baa given you
d aell-a ( v
mxtmXiftt your roedielaa Shis swr especially
Cedron Hitters and Har.aparilla. Wilp m
Memphis care of iekettNealy.
PreprtU. ly I. JPN 'BULL a
bla Laboratory, Fifth Btrett, Lotil
4 - a- ' , ,
For Hale ly IIAHBI-AV . HHO.

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