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WW5 OF 7K on.
.Shaw!. nt motion to-nlglil, nt Si'IhiIi''
.tlj stand, i'okff, iiiu tloncor.
CJtilotlieOrcnl Auction b'alo l,rv
goods to-nlgrit nnd to-morrow. A. T.
IVrlrr, auctioneer.
'A wlgwom'will bTTreeiod for lliu Sun-"
duy oliocl convcnllou to l' liolil in tlil
rilVtontlicfitli. "(It tJ Mli of SoptcmW.
Tiik AnHADA. Tlie stentncr Arimuln
list gone into llio plocu or tlui Dan. Alio,
for llio lime Iclntf, and will run between
O.trr. Joii.v TnovKii 1ms taken llio Hn
ler Into tfio Cnpo Girnnlwui trndc. .Slio
jMTfi'hor every other niornint'i nd Chk
OlfflMeml every other zoning.
Tiir. Uountv Couiit extended the time
for tho construction of the Cnlro and VIn
coiines road. The Hoard of Aldurmnn
were not to who.
I J'lwtic. V very pleasant picnic, in
honor of 31 Im Simondu, of Cairo, was
fjiven lvn number of hor frlondi at Anna
l,it week. The occasion was a Jolly one,
Mid a)I preiont enjoyed it most heartily.
l'oiTrosuD. Tho Cotillon Party to be
(tvriToh Cijit. Phillips' wharfbott, ban
r,en postponed until Thursday evening,
nt which time It will positively be given.
Prof. Iscnlcrg will furnish music, rind rc
frHlimeiils bo supplied by Pctor b'aup.
Kvorybody can attend tho party with the
assurance of not coming in contact with
buy improper characters, as nono will bo
permitted to go nboard tho bout. Tills rule
fi U carefully enforced.
Tim Ji.sT Ciianck. Tlioo who lmve
not supplied themselves with llnon goods
of all kinds, at tho great unction salo, bad
kltcr do so nt once, ns tho sulo will cor
tuinly close this week.
At1Iovie.--V. P. Halllday, Knj., who
has been absent nt Chicago, in the intorcit
of tho Kentucky find Tonmncfl road, re
turned homo yestcrdny evening. No con
clusions havo yet been arrived at, but
tln'tc is rc.ison for tho belief thnt, In a
short time, something dcllnilo In regard to
tho road will bo determined upon.
In Town. M. HughUt, Esq., tiupor'In
ti ndcntof tho Illinois Central railroad, is
in tho city. Ho is hero for tins purpose of
making somo arrangement to put uiiothcr
transit boat in the place of the Able.
Fast Tiitr.. Tho steamer idlewlld
made tho trip yofsenbiy lt ween tho 1111
noU Central nnd Mobllo imd Ohio roads.
Her running timo from Columbus to Cairo
wa ono hour and llfty-il v minutes buttor
time than tho Alio could make.
TjichKW-KciiooL Tk.wiikii. Mr. 11.
.H. English, tliu new principal of tho public
schools of Cu!n, nrrlvnl lit tho city Ihl,
morning, llu was formerly n teui-hcr
hero, and bus many frJonds nnd iicjiinlnt
uncv. Ho will open the M-lmols on the llrst
tf .September.
Tiik P. (). Tim now jxM-inuHcr, dd
McKcalg, bus entered upon tho discharge
of his duties. Tho Colonel will no doubt,
wako an efficient officer. Hu is too inucl
uudgr tho control of the Miiiiii faction to
bo jicrfoctly Impartiul in bis duties, but
may succeed in tpitu of that timllgti in
lr it is thrown iv yoimi tkktii.
That you do not your ileritnl apparatus
in proper trim, It Is your own fault, for
id I tho world knows that you might do so
by using tho matchless vegetable dentrl
llc: .So.oijoht.
'.S'pamjino' Clue." Chi'iip, Convert
lent and Useful. Mend everything.
(L'louddl w
l oxxniMi Fkmcitv. Kuthlng tends
m tc to connubial hnppini-M tlm rheerful
andlfaUhy Infant und children, Mrs.
W'h r tnVs .Syrup li tho great children's
oothing remedy.
A Family Tukasuiik. The bapjilest
and l.t member of a family Is usually'
ta'lcd the liht of tho or tho household',
bwau'c, bosido. liing happy nnd choorful
hl:...elf. or licrelr, bu or tin. mhkes all
t he hnppy or cheerful. The Charter Oak
rUi.vi Is such a trcaMirv.
Now It tho tlmo t secure the most
dii raMe rooms at tho St. Charles at low
Ugure During July, August ami Kvu
teinUr, n largo deduction from regular
rat. will be made. A fow morn day
Umrders can bo nccommodntod at tho olil
rate The coolest and most spuclou. din
m j rjom In tho city. JyTdlm
Vou.soeu by plenty years I the
Mipwrauco or, tho man of fifty, or the
lady of -ucvtr mind how many summor
-after ho fcr il(j)!ks fLarmoJ ftWBvU)u
gray bulrsMU, Phalos'. Vit.ia.
Ileasant, clear, Ml4 trM1,,)arcnl, y0
KoldbyalldruggLu h,id fmv ,
denier. h
Tiik Jt. & li. Bvu.viM.-ru n
building of tlioltouL'h A- Iteadv
pany li rapidly urowlug in nmiMrtlont
nnd beauty. In n few days all tho brick
work will bo completed. Messrs Pitcher
nnd Chrlsman havo rushed tho work
through but havo not slightod it in the
least. Indeed, It Is an excellent ple-eo of
trick work. Hut tbeso gentlemen always
do tholrwork in an unexceptional mun-Hr.
Ckm:iiii.uio.v r1"' plo-ntc nt the lo
I cust grove vetonlny wai a luccrM. The
colored folks turned out to tho number of
! nevcral luindrwl, and cat and drank anu
i tlaiiced until ovcnlng.
Tho colored exeurnlon down the -Mi"
' ..rppi wn not ii!iitliulntli'ii it might
1 Imvubooii, '
At nbout It ocloel. but night tin' A.
Ilaker rut looe fr Cn' (ilrardeuu, load
ed with yelling colored people, Who pro
pose to celebrate WVt India emancipa
tion at Cape (ilrurdeaii to-day.
Si'dkkn Dkatii. I.ait night, about Id
o'clock, a man wa seen to f11 from the
stage plank of Phillips' wharf-boat, mid,
It Is presumed, instantly died. This morn
ing Judge Corcoran held nu inquest on
his body. The Jury returned n verdict
that he died of some unknown disease,
which is n clear at mud. What wa! hl
name or where wn his homu could not be
Tim Dki.uiatkh. Mot of the dele.
gales appointed on rfuliirdiiy to attend the
convcntlonx at Metropolis, on Tliurday
noxt, have eireied their determination
to attend. They should procure the
services of the Cairo Silver Cornet Hand
nnd havo mmlc for the trip, the conven
tion and the Jtadlciils, who will need u
great deal of soothing florthocouventloii
do their work If tho music of tho Cornet
Hand cannot ninth tlium thoy nro un
Caktwiiiuiit'i" I.KcTiriiK. Tho celebra
ted pioneer preacher, Poter Cartwrlght,
will lecture on the utibject of hU early
life, at tho Metbodl't Church, on Wednes
day night, 3d in1.!., nt 8 o'clock. Mr.
Cartwrlght is elghty-bc yean old and baa
been all his life in the service of the
church. He h now telling tho story of hU
labors in his eccentric way. An lulmls
sion fee of fifty cents will bo charged.
Almost vry country and town along
tho Hue of this Culm und Vinconnos road
has oxtonded tho tlmo for tho construction
of the road, but Cairo refuses to doso.
This action may defeat the enterprlso, and
if it docs the blame will laynt tho door .of
tho Hoard of Aldermen. The question is :
Is not that road ImporUtit to Clro. Aro
wo not willing to give $100,000 of our
bonds to obtain it ? .Suven-olghts of the
voters say : "Vcsj' but tho .Hoard of Al
derman savsi "No."
.Mako It your buslnes,Jf you need cloth
Ing, to go to u reliable store, wbero you
can find all you need, and made In tho style
you fancy, nt such prices as to suit your
purse Bnd the times. Antrim's Is Justiucli
a bou'O. Thuru you will always find a
complete and select nortiiient of cloth
ing, cither for men, youths', ltfiy' or child
ren, at price ai low an tho lowest. Com
pare bis goods and prlcu, n It will Iki to
your IntcrcU. if.
(lorn,. The .Select Council, by ununl
mous vote, adopted the ordlnanco to loud
tho Hough and Heady lire company tn,i)0
toaid them In paying for their now build
ing. The ordinance will have its
readings In the Hoard of Aldermen next
Friday and Saturday nights, and will, no
doubtk be ml opt ri!. This company has
labored faithfully for tho public," and
should bo trteated with at much contldera
tion us other companies. And It will
be. The Hoard of Aldermen will not
refuo to p)ii tho ordinance.
- m i
A (Jwuk Kuifl.T. Thousands tiirl'e
iiocdloly from Indigestion, dyepepsla,
liver complaint, Vc., and It Is oiilyhrruuso
tliey noglcct to avail thcmsolve of that
wonderful household remedy, Mihlcr'n
Herb Hitters preparation that excels
any other ever discovered for complaints
of this nature. .Sull'erer from the fcourgo
of our race, dyiiejila, why will you en
dure the agony it produces, when by tho
use of MUlilerV Herb Hitters vou candrivo
ll from you forever'1 This 1 it soverign
remeiiy ami will cll.vt u positive und per
mancrit euro in your case. The public is
mndc acquainted with all tho ingredient
used In the preparation of tliene bitters,
and the hlgho! medical authorities in the
land recommend it, and It hu never been
known to full when taken according to tho
ilirectlons aei oinpanying each battlo. 8old
iy all tlrugglti ami drillers. Dr. S. II
Ilartmnn A- Co., Proprietors, lncas-
ter, I'u. aug 1, d A: w 1 w.
Itev. J'unlel Wise, ). Ji alitor of tho
New York .Sunday School Adroeatf, Hum
peaks of tho celebrated Craig M icroscopo
"JU simiilicity, i heapnen und great mag
nifying power struck mo with surprise
i ucii i was examining a My s eye by its
aid, and was struck with wondar at the
kill and power of tho rrealor which H
displayed in lt .trueture. When I saw a
statement in an advertisement that tho
Craig Mlcro-copo magnified one hud red
diameters, and could b bought for $2 00,
I thought it wat ono of the humbugs of
the hour, for 1 hud paid $20 for it micro
cope not long before but now I Und It to
be it really valuable Instrument which T
should like see introduced into the families
of our readers in place of the manifold
usclets toys which jilcaio for an hour and
are then destroyed. This mscrosetpo
would Uth nmuto and Intruct them and I
advise every boy and girl who wishes to
know the wonders which lie In little things
to suvo his money until h,, has a 75 which
will pay for the lulcroscopoiindthe postage
when sent by mail."
A a holiday gift this mlcrosc-ono Is un-
""I'Mied, b.nt. ornamental, Instructive,
uinmlng u,l( ui.ulli uml n(JVl.r lojCi u ,n
t-re.t Agu.w imd dealer Mippllcl on
iboral te,. A sample will bo mailed,:
II. ROSS .Hi, Locust street, Ht. Louis, Mo.
Head the udvi tUeiuunt llIloUll.r WJ,.
"'""' mayn,
The Oairo,
JCalled Mtetlng.J
(,Vlrn, 111., Julysn, tffffli
l'rcseiit Hit Honor tho Mayor, and
Coiincllmen Harelny, Meyor, O Callahan
and Taylor.
The chair xt.'ited that the object of the
inciting was In take action upon un ordl
nanco entitled "An ordinance to aid tbo
Hough and Heady Fire company in build
in an engine home," nnd upon the rcpoit
of the city attorney, to whom tho ordi
nance heretofore wn.t referred for report;
whereupon said report was presented and
r nd, and, on motion, received and ordered
The clerk then presented and read the
ordinance heroin referred to, (this being
the second reading of said ordinance),
which, on motion, was amended by Insert
ing the words "thrco thousand,"' In tho
blank referring to the nmount of security,
for which said company shall execute ii
good and sufficient bond to tho city.
Councilman Hiiro ay then moved that
the ordlnanco ns umcndod be adopted
Carried by tbo following vote, via.:
Ayes "Barclay, Meyer, O'Cnllahmi, Tay
lor . N'nys None.
Tho following resolution having been
adopted by tho Hoard of Alderman, was
presented to this Hoard for concurrence,
to wit:
lltsolrttl, that one hundred copies of tho
rules and regulations governing tho city
council, bo printed on aurablo paper, said
copies to bu used by tho members of tbo ',
city council.
Concurred In by a unanimous voto. ,
Tho Council then udjourncd.
JNO. UltOWN, City Clerk. ;
Dii. A.xukiuon will bo at tho Antrim
Hoiie, with tho wonderful Klectrio Chair
and Magnotlc Walk to-morrow. "Where
all who call upon him will recolvo consul
tation free.
-Gossamer, Llslo Thread, Bilk, Linen
cross-barred and merino under-wear, suit
ablo for the season, at tho famous clothing
bouse of John Antrim, No. 73, Ohio
Levee. tf.
Gold. Gold many hunted, sweat and
blod for gold; but any ono interested in
the Italia county mine, Colorado, noed
neither hunt nor bleed for gold. A little
sweat Is all that Is required to obtain a suffi
ciency of this "allurement a dutt dug
from tho bowels of tho earth, which being
cast Into the fire comes out ashinlng thing
which fools ndmlro and call a god." Mr,
D. S.Groon, now in tho city for tbo pur-
purpose of organizing a company to work
those mines, has opened subscription books,
Tbo shares are twonty-Qvo dollars each.
Kkvuhkd. Tho city agreod to isiuo to
tho Cairo and Vinccnncs railroad 100,000
bonds, provided tho work should bo begun
within six months and finished within
eighteen. Tho work was bogun, but can
not bo finished within tho specified time,
Application bus been mado to tho City
Council to allow tho road longer time, but
tho application was refused last night by
the board of Aldermen. Gen. Durosid
has turned out to lie it worthless sort of
man a grand finunclul humbug and can
not tlnlsh tho road; but, wo aro Informed,
that if the cities and counties which have
subscribed will renew their subscriptions
the Pennsylvania Central will at onco take
hold of tho euterprjsf. If this is true, the
action of the Hoard of Aldorion was not
wise, mid may deprlvo us of this important
DLi.i.TiMKs.Hiitiuess in Cairo has been
better during tho present than It was last
year ; and although wo should not object
to Its material increase and do not wish to
reprimand thoio who are continually com
plaining, yet we are sure that wo ran show
ii better business record than most of tho
cities of the country. During a Journey of
many hundred miles we heard tho unlvcr
sal cry of dull times. It extends over tho
entire country. Kven tho great city of
.Now lork Is making most doleful com
plaints. From a late number of tho New
York lltrnU we extract tho following
paragraph, and commend it to thoso of
our cltlietn who belluvo Cairo to bo par
ticularly unfortunate. The HtniU says :
lluslneis in the city was never moro dull
than it is at present. With tho oxcoptlon
of the little f.ustlu that is going on among
tho wholesalers, who are putting things In
order and getting ready for a brisk Fall
trade, there Is litcritllv nothing doing.
Tho fashionables aro ull at the watering
places; tho shopkeepers aro fannlngthem
solve on the shade side of their front
doors; politicians are lying along the river
bank and tho ocean beach: tho eltv
otllcliili. with tho exception of Mayor
Hull, who has become an nctlvo member of
the Ciin't-get-wny Club, are mostly on
the Hound or stowed away iu country
boarding bouses; hotel proprietor aro
rtuticMtiiiL' on their frm. whllo their
waiters aro Ivlnir around the ico-tanks or
snoozini! in tho attics. Thus it will be for
six weeks to come.
Anotiikii Stkamku Uuhnkd. Tho
steumor Silver Spray, bound from New
Orleans to Cincinnati, with a lino trip of
assorted freight, and u fitlr passengor trip,
took fire yesterday at Charley Harris'
Wood lard, about 40 miles ubovo Mem
phis, und was totally destroyed.
Tho passengers and crew escaped to tho
bore, nnd no lives uro reported lost. Tho
.ityof Cairo arrived soon afterwards, and
roturnod to Memphis with her passengers
and crew,
An old superstition exists among steam-
lioatmcn to tho effect that when ono scam
Iniat meets with an accident, two others
will meet with u similar ono. The Dan
Ablo and Silver Spray havo gone, and In
tho language of tho barber wo ask, "next."
This Mlcrosropo is simplified and adapt
ed to popular us well as scientific use. A
new optical wouder I This is tho only in
strument of high power which requires no
focal adjustment, and therefore can bo
readily used by every ono, even by chil
dren. Costing ouly Two Dollars nnd
Seventy-five Cents, by mull, post paid, it
is within the reach of all In tho commun
ity, und should bo on the table of every
I'ractloimcr, Read advertisement lu this
puper. iii7i3iu.
t Bllfetili, August 2.
Tnii Yotmo Mtit'a Miwixo Company, j
Tho ottontlon cf tho public is Invited to
the following statements concerning tho
nftU . county, Colorado: do
;old niincSj to
sfLls.liow at
wWiMoTCMr. DJS.TGriefi
tempting to organlr.o a company in thin
city. Tho men who ,'nako these state
ments ar all reliable. t t
TyC?0irolbW '"k fte1V
Dftlutkirl. JStfc, ?809, y K.1
"I discovered the RylU county Lode"1
about tho 1st or June, 1800. I
sunk ono shift on the dlsooify claim about
forty feet de6p,"and'afiolhor about 30 feet1
deep. Tho crevice was from 3 to 4 feet
wide, and tho-ere JookosL well and pros
pected well; tmt pwinflo Ifcecondltlons
of tha4plll( at the time wo;were.-worklng
It, (tWturlnit of 18011, we-sibin't tret
enough to pay, and CHirelrcumstsrncos were
such that wo had (o go to' Work at some
thing olte. tio'T. can'-cniyglvo
"prosfxKiu ' results and mo work or othors.
I have-ot the" richest dkt out of tbtt
covery tlisit I ever law; I got ono dollar
ana sixty cents out or aoout two pounds of
dirt, and then did not pulverir.o the quartz.
In tho deepest shaft wo woro Just coming
to tho ore. Other: vartiea. the next fall.
worked number ono west, from tho surfnni
to About Uty feet deep, aad aoout the1
cntiro length or tho claim, and It paid
from sixty to ono hundred and five dollars
for cord, which paid them vory well, as
Nomber jo'h "hifl aLslmfi bboUt
ininy iceiuccp. xnrco-iourins ot n coru
f aid sixty dollar, it bolng what was left
rom a lot before .taken to .another mill
which dlcVn At mVo it pay tho-expenses of
hauling,, which shows, tbo diiHcultie wc
labored tlneTAr 'at thai tlmo. ' 'Ono'inlll
wouleVruako it ay.woll and another, run
uslndobt. Last full I
toolc.,ou a lttlquartr. from tbo, ntiddlo
sh'afK on discovery claliiis, which tested
on KlmbflU's Darlold pan process. It
yielded about $500 to the cord.'
' r l : W. 'J CABOTMIW.
Ill letter (hows tho Imperfection of tho
stamp Bijl.rece(llnlBo and 18C1.
' Nicholas Glaro writes underrate of Feb.
2 A, 1B03, asu say i
. '.The Martin boy are at work on-the
ltalll countv lodo. on number two went.
They aro down'SftysHrd ftkt deep nnd are
running tho ore which yield ono hund
red and thirty-six ($130) in coin to tho
eordi i Tae turfac ;quarta' -yielded roan
ono hundred and twenty to ono hundred
thirty, dollar pet eordr Thoy;hare It r u n
In a eeaunon iuttp rwiPl I found tho
crevice in number two west, thrco fcot
aa4 eight inthes wldo. I thtnlc it ac very
valuable lodo. Nicholas Glakk.
The following I tho certiflcato of Jacob
Taihor, mill man:
CentrsI City, Colorado, April 2, 103,
I hereby certify that in August last.
mwmm uu vimi a viuihvu VI KB 1UII1 illU
RalU-Coonty Lode. for K. H. Martin -4
Dro whtch yielded one hundred and
twenty-eight and forty one-hundredth dol
at KAa A tit a OA4k 1 saiialtHl Au.m
lars per coru. jauuu TASUiiKit,
R. 11 Martin writes under d'at of April
28, 1BC9:
"Wo send you, to-day, a certificate from
j. iascner, or uenirai Lily, wfiochrtiined
orei for.ui jn last August and Bepteraber.
It brings' an average of $128 per cord.
Wo would lend certificates from other
mills but thoy did not keep any accouat of
lue rum ana couiu not recollect accurately
the yields. Averago cost per cord of
breaking and hoisting, twenty dollars. Our
ueepesi snail is ninety root uoop. Average
width botween walls, threo nnd n half
foot. Kncloiod we tend you our own cer
tificate or tho yield."
NsruJa City, Colorsdo, April ', ISC
We hereby certify that wo had crushed
at tho different sUmpmllls from the Halls
county lodo yielded from one hundred and
ten toono hundred and forty-fllvo dollars
to tho cord. GEORGE MARTIN,
Terror ..I Color.o,allpln Co. (..)
Sub'crlbod and sworn to boforo me this
29th day of April, 1800, by Goorgo Mar
tin and R. II. Martin. Witness my ha nd
and notarial seal tho day and year above
written. JOHN W. RATL1FF,
Seal. Notary Public.
rerlmpsitis not generally known that
the much talked of trichina tmralit, or
pork worm, was first discovered In Amer
ica by Dr. R C. Kendall, of Philadelphia
Pa., witJi that American Instrument known
as tho CralL Microscope, costlm? onlv
$'-',75, after repeated failure to discover
the worm with an Imported microscope.
cosuugiEM, "or Jeobior power and lea re
liable." This fact Dr. Kendall stands
ready to provo at nnv time. Tho "Cralu'
microscope in neat oox with lull uireciion
tii - - . r ... .....
is mailed anywhero ror ?2,7., by K. II
Ross, Uia Locust St., St. Louis, Mo.
uoau mo advertisement In this paper
my u3m
I'aducahi ldlrwild,ColumlHiii,
Milbry. Armada.
Kmina Ho)d, Mmi,il, M Houston, Htw Oilcans
Umpire, WolfUland. Ilrnry Amor, "
Armada, diluiiititii. Mllbrr. Padut-ah.
Idlawlld, KvmisTilf, A llakor, Ca.airarlail,
M Houston, Loulnrtllc, Kmma Muyd, Cincinnati,
iinpirB, Kaanriiis, nrnry nirtBi miih.
The weather continues partially cloudy
but tho tun ihlne enough to make tho
tomperaturo ouite warm. Thermometer,
Tho river has fallen two' inches since
last report.
Tho Mississippi is still falling at und
above St. Louis, and it tributaries above
that city aro also declining.
Tho Pittsburg rise has culminated after
reaching a channel depth of nearly ten
foot, and li now falling rapidly with ouly
icven feet six Inchci roported in the chan
nel. Tho river la riling at Now Albany,
with four feet water in the chuto over the
falls and wren feet on Portland bar.
Huilncu hero was rather dull vestordav.
but is hotter to-day.
The V. R. Arthur ii here fllllntr out for
N and will receive probably 300 tons
all sho want.
Tho Emma Floyd discharged a fow tons
potatoes and lundriei and received ten
tons iron and assorted fn.l lit fif T.nntei-
vlllo. "
Tho Mllbrey 1ms tho Paducab trado to
herself at last, unlets tho Armada nnd the
Illinois Central It. It. should not agree on
terms, which would koep the Annndn In
tho Columbus trndo. . Iw tbo mean time,
that steamer continues to make semi-daily
trips botween Cairo and Columbus, "carry
ing tho nail nnd pasftenirca' iintil Ifbme,
duilnlte arrangement conclusion Is'errtvedi
at by tho contracting parties.
The transit steamer Dan Able, which
was bprned at Columbus, on Saturday
night, hint, was built nt Metropolis, 111, in
lBCOv for Capt. 'Clark, who Intended to
place tbo machinery of tho Gen. Anderion
upon her. Finding that machinery too
small, he bought the old Cincinnati and
Momphli packet, Glondalcj and placed her
machloory on the new boat Boforo he
wo finished or named he sold her to Cant.
Hnrt. Ablo nnd othoriy of St. TiOiiIi.wbo
gave her tho unmoor Dan Ablo. .She has
always boon an expensive boat to run, on
account of her vast consumption of fuel,
and norer made any money.
Tho Hello St. Louis It tba regular pack
et for Memphis, this evening.
ThoCltyiof Evnnsvillo is the regular
mail and passenger packet for Kfansvllle
ThoW. It. Arthur loaves for New Or
leans this ovonlng.
IX oMrllcrs rrrnnialoKliuculmed In lUPont
omf si Cmro, III,, on fulunlny, July 31, 1R0.
Lstiu' LIST,
Uro ii. uirn Itoliccfn;
Hf)lilil, nil I,
Outer, Mi'llmU;
Krnup, uilrs 1.;
afbrria, mrs I.oult
ftnclilitD.I, nifa Meal
Thonina. mlis Luo:
Urowu, in try Mary)
cooper, iniisAnns;
xltihtnry, mlsr Amanda;
,11111, mrs Kon,
liilM, mrs Hunt:
Hullltan. mttSnnu ,
Tn)lur, mli lUttlri
Wllltuin, mini Kllsnbttli.
etsttraaa's int.
AteU'rnn, J !(
A Mp D, Hi
lUIU-y, J 11 t Co;
Ililini-o, H W.
Cnnnon. Kuki-iii'I
Anderson, Ju Hi
Anthony, Ptter,
itell.Joi I
Uyrnr, Hlohard;
Caiman, Watsou;
Karos, Jsuei'
llbson, INi
IIourlRaa, MlehMl;
llaimui, Austin;
JcnVlnt, "nionj
Jonf i, W H (t)
Kurnt, Chu,
Lee, Albarlt
I.oiliu Ho. t Lof U;
Martin, Lmatr;
McFane, Inielrlni
Snykvr, L le,
HlrplirnMn, QttAl
Hinaill, C tl
Thi'Uii.OD, KVti
Wlghtmin, a L-,
Wl'it. C
Johason. rrtnkf
Junes, Win Ji
Jnni-n, Pllos Ai
Klrkpatrlck, Ii W;
l.i nrv. Tlios
Millr,HT I
1'osUHhwilt. : (SI
tkulli-r, Jnlm;
Hcotl, K Mi
Hcnirlln, Ailrllicrl)
t'ndrrHnod, W W;
Wnc-I, It C:
Whashlnirton. Fsrlrr,
Pronenlllnicri)rnyof ln obor lolUrsvill
pliito call f ir "AilTtncJ tellers" and cive the
.Itlvor this lift. J. M. (iaAlIAM.
City Ch ik's Olflce, Cairo, III., 1
July 3f, 1870. f
Tll whom It inarcorrrn. Nolle Is kMtbr
liven that all irlianM'a rvstriclliig th ill (
nr artlt'luor unTUHTirnon iowi roarafinon
hiti.lrn rn-alr.!. ami that all such artleltaei
bniolit alanypls'c wllhln the city tlmlta at any
lm. aijiiii nnun ji
j) WJM Uil; Cltrk.
Not folflv Uciinr it tnolrtho hlshrst rrito at tha
Ntnr Kiiitlamt fnir at Proiidrnnr. at the w
York hlslK 'alr, and MarTltud hiale Fair, nor tw
tn JUUvea ai tli Amenrsa inmiaieaaT
This lnUtlff than any of Its ilasa known l
tl, lti.lu,i'nAt tli-i not allOKf thrr t but lift-
puiui IIIim it Im'i. a woman would aav. It
ill- with It ! lh phll.lrpn can't Mil H out Of
wnrki. lilfn a rFiarTn t wh ran Bw ailf IllinK WV
unliTIMi'l II l iit al the most rcasonablr.
A, M, WOUUi AB1.
Jyao-lm Commtrelal atenui-, Cairo, III
Between Commercial and Wash
ington AvenuN,
AuchIm for M)?k River Pair
viipHy'a naemauisjs ii mum
II. W. JobBs Imprvl leefi
Iny Hlways mm liw1.
Bar Fixtures,
Cairo, IlllnoU;
VAHK Vrmm Uverpoal, IBdoatrry,
Ulaaguw or HMfMIa Cairo
a ao.
W -W
.. ..-.HPVLKHi JN-. .
HHsTereJ. Merrla A. Vaadeo,
t V.
I ' hi
)1, I
..mun i 1. 1 I . -
E v ovlsl oni
Osltljro. Xll.tki.ol.
Would rt'spsjefrnllt'lafbrm the cltlsnt of Cairo
ml trip In I If, that Me la'now prrparrj tofnrnl-li
.mi IUHS M J HfaoailaW tut JitMiri1a1U
togs, PriTaUBatldeiKM.andBrldariiorallkliiils.
Htclal a4traNeaRlfM?(4mMctnratlon ol
lirasrinxs for
U. : Patent Ottoti
And alio for all klod of Mill Maaufaet'uriug aad
miKinvrimf win. Datiiraciioa BniarvnirAo. ur
4ri itspeciniUv aollclttd. OMeeNo. II Thorn
li. n kllruf
GriaaMK paokkt
Will bljr nculailr aaakova, taavtac Cairo evarjr
day (Sondajr etetptad) at,hsir-Jit 3 o'clock B.in.
The Armada la a twin sldsnel stamrr,l)af
In varr superior aeeommcaatioe ror bot r
crra and frlht. . .
8hi eonofeti al Padoceh wllhths Catntxrlaed
aad Tsasvee mar Wgaass ssm la k wi
and Ohio rallroa,!. Tir nariiralan. Jly
board, or lo M. J. BVCKLVT,
rtW Awt at rslro.
The Jfew Tew ki Jok Besit
Is Dranarad at all liasae lodorll stladaal low.
last aad Johlfiai on the sneat ttaaoaakl Ural,
uritiqqaricri at Cairo, Illinois.
FIB !.VA!WVlIal4B. IQIll.
Th One ttesntrr
Floyd, .
Will leave a abor on Voaday seal, Aaiust 1st,
at to a.m.
For fralahl or paaalaMrs mil on board or to
leal wtu a4i kiawla r
llptrn EiftiUi and MalhCtircU,
Tli tlilinl;, aba lore stood liquor, slioutd nit
him a call, ana those who want a
Caa ha?e Ibeir fata auvplted at ha bar.
lroirietr o( tba'
JHUUr. HtUtm Bar KsjM
EI Dorado
1M CeMMCrcIeUAvc.
Oairb, - - - - Illinois
Haa prefixed a '
Popular Public Rasort
Where the visitor HI Arwi UrM alrv msutna
Comrortable !, t., and a ar supplied with
and lliiora. ciKars, etc., to roued In Cairo.
hrertodjla ludled lo.call In and "i-ool ott."
ri.iniui room irte toesnrjwir.
William H. ertia. t
WIUtatH Call atari. V I'AIkta. II.I
Hllaa W. aillSkara. I
Bpeefalatteatioa glvaa to Admirall aad Mualn.
w waeweew.
OSBea OhleLivss. Hmms 7 asset
ever uts aatiaiian mtlt.
Otace lis BrsMe' Mew slldlasr, esrasr
seer, eiaiei awtaisssereisu AV
W.J.AUeat, i
H WevlaeM. WaM,) CAIBVs ILL
L.I alaitler.
a RKaiDRNOR flOraer of Seventh an
Walaui street. . OFFICE Oa Oommereial areaua
ever tho I'ottoHoe. pFFJCK HUUKK-Frota IV
n.m. to Urn,, (Hundajrs excepted), and from I to
6 p.m.
WILLIAM B. tpiTH, . M. ,
BEIDEKOJC No. 21, Thirteenth flireet
belweeoWaslilnitoB Avenue and Walnut Street.
OFWK-U Oommereial Airlnet, apsUlrs.
IUENCB-Oorner Nlntti aad Walnat'st.
Om0-Coraer Biith Wree aad Ohio teree:
OFyiCB HOURS-Fronl, t a.m. to II m aa4
faom 3 to (p.m.
Kxoellont In ererv danartmealjlhe YJTi, ATH
olteta extraordinary saotliUea m MUH10. Head
lorcircuiar asttuiii torui luaraqeuwiuaeaiur iu
Wane, Organ andTJIaB. TnWrsw,
afHMHNleMlast. r, I.. ATH
C, v. ux -,vivvuTm,iii.
Hl1VriKM tV IM.lN'Olf
Or aad after ThatMilny, April I HI"
IraluH villi run a follow :
(.iiimimi'THXAXT utsta nni.in 1 1'
...i , 4i40 r. a.
Ki rm ,
irauu aOBTMWMt uaK rski.
Msll ,
, s .
.eases eeeeee I ,iW'
Maklngrloie mnriPdintia at I'aim llli lllliii
Central ft. ILfor Calrtandall pulntn aonlli. tinl
With the In.!. A ft. I H. If. rr Ir.llMi.i.li
aad l.oiilif ilte, and nil f.filnto tat nml f,niilt,nkl
Also, at Hprlngntld with the Tclfdo, Walah
Western IU It. fur (illncjr and all toiiita r-l, and
wlllttlio ChlcioA St. Unit K It. for Ht. I.ui
andCliicftK"i and all polnta noilh and nottliwril
K'llOM.K, (im'I.Supl.
JOHSU-IJHJTT.ti.'M'l Tlokot At
a rfilf
Nt. IHt,IitilAvHIe,C'liu'lnimll
C'liicMKN New York, Huston
...,'txp m
PoIiiiN East and JVorth
raeeeacr Trsslaw Arrive at ami leave
Cairo at followai
Hall ' Kapreaa.
AKItlVraibO A. M Siait P. M
liKIART-ltS A. M ,...( P. M
llolh trains connect at f.Vntrslla Mith Iraioton lh
taa, meeatwr, HlooMle;toa, Et Palo
Lei Nalle Meaetala, Vreepwrl, Ualeaei,
BHhUMSse. stssel all palate lis I Ilia ale,
Mleaaurlf Mlaaeeota, Wtaewttalit audi
' Aad with linen :unningKaat aad Weet (or
St. Loal. Mprlaclcld, Loulavllle, Clu
,t daNatlailaUlAUUMsl') A (lawba. ,
t . j ?
ia.l at Chkajre with Miehlyao Onlral, Ml'M
Hoathera, ejxl PitUhorir. Port Wajae
and ChkK0 Hallrowla fur
OfiKVCLAM), liHlf
At.BANT, NKW Ttlltk,
BtHTO.N. . I'lnvniHn,
HUII.ALkLl'lliA, UALTlMoar'
ForUirooili tickele and informeJiKn, avblv
at Illinois Central Eallroa,! Ifet!.
Oeaerai Paaentrr Aat, Ollre
M. tlCOHlTT, aenral Kuprrlnteadeat. '
J, JUlINiiUN, Aasnt, 1'ilro.
Good Strong .Vinegar
Tax 0x Xsvx 1
rraaat'lsler, Isrikaa, Xelaasea, aagas,
Wlae.cr Ike Jalaeuf Aajrl'iall.
r ' i.i ' u I
Directions lmi'laejideJf J'utl f-Utii
tUtof lh" oMpre'r'iJfeelitt ,lltr.4 anal
InUrrel.. ""iTI'lL
Any One Caa Make It.
Full liireetioos eul nim receipt i.f l -lt;
Addteee, W. II.
tin Hw.
Milliner!, fancy1 Goods, Etc,
lavites epevla) attention to tier pre.ent xc,
h has a full I la. of
Mni,IT.?PY m- -
WewVBIiC MHet C'klldrcH'e
AadathousaadntherUilnia thai ranaol oou.
sneraUd la an advertisement. Hie u determine
to steaerva aad malnlais (or her eslabllaaiiieal
In name of
Herroods are lreh,eeaeoaati-and rashloeja,,
Hlw will Too inori fur the Mint ainonat of
money than any oilier stow tti tewa. lioa't Uiy
until you tall onliet vlRlly if you want mil.
Hurry ijooda or wonnn a and ihilJtn'a floe
efNarW ee-V'
Urn ak'a aa tm
U Ml
DANIEL HUn; frceiiUatt
aeaUT W.'MILtKS. Vlratfraa-t:
';. MPilHKM, OaawMer. -
Collections Promptly Made.
LscliHHie. mim, Haak Nl?
h United MtatM gecttrl
Ilea Baujcht !
laUreat Allowed en TLaie Bepeell.
flit' WTIOMl 'lil
W. r. HaLLIDAY, President i
si. m. SArFORD) Caaaler ,0
WAVLTaUl BTiLOP, Aaslataat Uaaaler.
Itaat Tlr W. P. MalMr.
eelt White. Kofct. H. Caalaiai
Se. . WlllUatiea, Btaa pirs).
A. B. aaaVeV
KxehHOKe, Coin and
X3momXtmm Xl.eoel't7'a
IIMfMllNBetl I
hi inn

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