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Th.e Cairo Blletin, Axigust 4.
lilt ArsTl.v, uhoisnWnt on nn pn(crn
tour will return Sf. 1st. Ills if
Will II IMclier will coMlnliu tl I""""-"
during his M-som-f. uSJn.
i,voait.TtofcJi;t r0,;';1:,"
U,, world Wn!i ttfn rrU or ..unkind," et
.!nl.n,.e ciV J'OU UHO of 111
shntnpoot and n sIjbvc
..tv..-v w .......
i u ve ineu u,
( .i.v.vnu.u Kmc. Nothing tends
more tovoiinuMal hippjnMi tin. cheerful
nnd hcnfin.r fnftnH mid children. Mr.
Whllc-mili's i-yrup Is tlio great children'
.utMnp remedy.
Tut Ksu.UN"ov Mtt. Oiuki. Tliu re
1,1.1ms of .Mr.lArcliJMJ Craft, were for
unrJeil from itcn.nlils. this morning, to
li .mo In AuUmi, NW York, via. Iott-
The General in town general turn
out of ladlci, In spite of the woiithor, to
the great nuctlon salo nt SclmlU' old land,
where dress goods nnd othor wearing ap
jmrol nro almost given ,nvny. Salo
morning, aftornoon und evening.
Tek thousand lmndkerclilefs, towel,
tablo clotlix, napkins, sheoU, ahlrt boiomi,
piece goods all of tho fint quality of
Irish linen will bo told thli wook, at
Scbultx's old stand, at auction, at your
own price. Salo morning, afternoon and
The Hibernian Picnic. Tho members
of the Hibernian Fire Company propose
giving a grand picnic, on Thursday, Aug
ust IS tli, at tho Flora Cnrden. It promise
to lo r.rf.fTalr of tho reason. Details
will lc given In their advcrtUonient to
morrow. Tut Mktropouc Convention. Quito
a large number of gentlemen left on tho
.Mllbrcy lust evening for -Metropolis,
where ft pill Is to bo compounded, which,
when administered, will pur go the district
n thoroughly of radicalism that not oven
u grcaio spot will ha left to mark tho spot
wlicro onco the noblo Daniel led the
i harge.
That you do not your dental upparatu
In proper trim, it It your own fault, for
nil thu world knows that you might do so
by using the matchless vegetable dctitrl
flee S07.0D0NT.
".SValuino's Glue." Cheap, Conven
ient and Useful. Mends everything.
Now h tho tlmo to fecuro tho most
sled ruble rooms at tho St. Charles ut low
llgurti. During July, August nnd Hep
tember, n largo (Iftluclioii from rr-gular
rates will bo made. A fow mom tin
lioardcrj can be nccommodnted nt tho old
rate. Thu coolest mid most spacious din
ing room In tho city. JyTdlm
Voi.sor.K by twenty years Is tho
appearance of tho man of fifty, or tho
lady of never mind how many summer
after ho or alio has charmed away tho
urny hair with TiialonU Yitama
Pleasant, clear, arid transparent. N
Sold by nil druggists nnd fancy good
Tns Yeah in AVai.i. Siiikkt. This
book, recently Issued, U meeting with ex
traordinary siicrc, It gives tlm oxjier
icnctf and oluervnttoii of a gentleman
who hni known tho street for ten yenrs,
is written In graphic style, nnd rolutes with
force and dcirrtcii, tho history of
all tho rcmarknblo flnancal schi'ine
which have transpired iu this country w ith
in that time. Tho sketches of the leading
characters of the street nro admirably writ
ten, and tho record of their successes mid
failures are IntcnsoJy Interesting. Kvcry
body should read it. Our yunug friend
Will Ctritman Is tho iiuthorlwl agent fur
( mr v
- .
-Ol'Ml AllVH'f.
Mali- it j our luslnrn, If you mod cloth
ing, to go to a reliable store, whore you
inn find all you mid, and made iu tho tyl
you fancy, at utli prices a to suit jour
purse and tho times. Antrim U ut nieh
a house Tliero you will ulwuj fi,,a (l
( nipleto and select assortment' of cloth
ing, rlthcir for men, youths', loy or child.
rcn. at prices ... low us the lowest Cwn.
pare his gools and prices, a it will
VII' lllterril
i to
This Mlcrcioopu is lmpliilu.l and adapt
cd to jiopular as well ns scientific uso. A
new optica! wonder I This, is thu only in
strumcntof high power which require no
focal adjustment, nnd therefore can be
readily used by every ono, oven by chll
drtti Costing only Two Dollars and
.Seventy.fivo Cents, by mall, post paid, it
is within the reach of nl J in tho commun-
III iiml cl,,,..VI V - .. ...
, ....v. ruuUiu i on tno tanio n overv
Itead advertUoment in thf
Perhaps it is not generally known that
the much talked of irfeAIno tj, Wuli, or
pork worm, was first discovered In Amer
ica by Dr. It 0. Kendall, of Philadelphia
Pn., with that American Instrument known
tJ,76, after mieated failures to discover
the worm with nn imjiorted microscope, ,
& X-.,if!? 'ff ,ow,cr " lfs 'f-
liable. Jlilx fact Dr. Kendall stnmls
.,.,.., 1 "..
. iv,'.vivakmii nine, xno uraiir
Microscope In neat box with full direction
qT"ny .cr0tfM 2'75' hi' r'- "
Koftd tho Advertisement in 'this
d ' 1 .v i '1 l" """"" M0,
1 pa
my 31
. d3m
(.,.,; or K.vamn.k. It was Myron, wc j
wo tiolicvr, who v rote
3Iitn loins: ronntl, niut get ilrjnl:.'
And, If Hyron wm ron'onablo and not
dnink nt tho time In; puiincd theso wordu,
Hie world, it U pruliiililo, would have never (
la-nril of thorn, ami nmiiy u gux.l'r nt" tho ,
"rov" would liavu boon deprived of tho .
authority of the d -tingniilied pout for
Justifying a habit at war with both reason
and niitur.. Itut preach against It
ns wo may; war upon it with prohibi
tory laws, as .Maine und .UinoiiuhustitU
only can, and weotill linvutlic fact staring
(s In the face that mint ll "gut drunk."
And it Is curious to note how variously It
atfect men. This morning, a couple of
cases were brought to tho attontlon of tho
gentleman who jerks justice In tho second
story of the building on tho comer of
Twelfth street nnd Wnshlngton
avenue. John Thompson nnd Mlku
Dutren tilled up," yestordny, with
lightning rapidity. Thu former
gentjomou as lit naiiin Indicates is of u po
etical stock and this is his "Season." liu
held at tho end of his tongue volume of
poetry, and would assure j ou that ha wus
no 'vulgnh fulUh," was a little unfortu
nnto at present; was away from homo;
was a getleinnu by birth a man of thin
skin and flno feelings one, ho w ould as
uro you, who had Keen better days. And
thus It operated upon him. He was a sun
timontal cuss. Hut tho inezorablo dlspon
ser of Justice looked up at him and utter-
od but ono sentence "ffl.20." Ueing tem
porarily short of funds, ho left the hall of
ustlce, and ropaired to tho hospitable
mansion of Mcllalc, vthero be propoaet to
arrango the matter In a mannor aatlifac-
tory, if not to himself, nt least to tho city.
Of a different stamp is Mlko Duffy. A
bold, roaring, roving blade, whoso hoad is
as thick as hi hide, and his bide a
thick us tho covering of a rhlnorerous
Fighting ho delight In, und It I only
whon drunk, that ho Is iu his clotnont. Ills
natural resting placu is within tbo walls of
n prison, and when the finu of $0 '.'0 was
levied against him, ho only laughed. He
will bo servicrublo to Mcllule.
A CiiAr.v 1'hints:k 1)kci,ak: HiMsti.r
a MunnKHKK. Somo throe months ago.
a 'printer named Hontley, hailing from
Ilarrisburg, In this .State, landed In
Cairo, and strange lo relate, was
broke. Ho applied nt tills office
for inonoy and work und received both
His actions nt thu cute excited notice, nnd
remark and ho explained it by laying that
ho was subject, at times, to spasms. lie
continued laboring for a few days; re
ceived his money, gut drunk and was put
upon tho chain-gang. Ho worked out his
One on the streets 'und left for (iaroso
Landing, MoT., whnrn ho remained until n
few days sjuce. Shortly after his arrival
hcie, ho culled at the Huu.lXlx nflko.
Vor awhile nothing uiiUHUal was obstrvablo
nbout lits actions. In reply to Interroga
tions ho said that ho had a pretty rough
time of It while nbent; but, wanning up
it would soon bo all over. He was going
back home to Ilarrisburg und deliver him
self up to the authorities lie could stand
It no longer. It iiilW ic.1 his mind, nnd If
thing went on much longer rs thev had
been, be beliuved ho would go stark iiuid.
hen linked what was the nature of the
crimo whliih Welched ,n heuvlly upon
liu coiiM'Ieiu'o lie replied In tho
most excited manner. ".Murdir, murder
gentlemen, ' and detallel tho matter with
the greatest niinuleiiess and seeming aci'ti-
racy. UN father, hu aid, bveamit Involved
i.. i ...i. .1 . .
in a iiih.siiii, nun cinirgiHi tiio
constablo having some of thu
paper relating to thu suit Iu
his K)iiesioii, with dorolir-tlon of duty.
Till Incensed the (illleer, and a quarrel en
sued In uhlch ll.'iitlv ji father was consid
erably Injured. '-When I hoard of it," ho
said, "itnlmo'i drovu me mad; I armed
myself with u club, and took up
n position ,no.ir u point where
I knew ho wa uro to puss; and
hu did ron id, Yui uught to mio m let
into him. I kliiM'ked lit si i senseless tho
first blow, nnd iiiii-hiil him into a jelly I
Oh' but it did mo gori; you bet lie never
will hit my father again ; maybe I didn't
gather him to his fiithurs or nothing;
ohl not'' nnd ran mi in n
similar trnin tiulii hu frothed ut thu
mouth. In leaving the olllce, ho ull "
am going right oil'; I will stand my trial,
nnd Wiuld a lief swing us not, ' Wi
have not "liieo lu-urd from him.
A Family TuKAhuiu:. The happiest
llllll lt.t mnmlor ,.f n r.....fl.. I. II..
! called the UMit of the ii,". i....i.i.i
i bwause. beside. Uting haiipv and rheerl'iil
niiustit, or licr-elf. he or la muki" nil
eluj huppy r eh.-rful The ('barter ;.k
Stove is such u tre.sur. .
Fresh, healthy SweedUh I.tiehes lecelv
ed regularly from thu Importer! In New
York. Applied und old, wholesalu or ro-
JyC-lm Sixth si., near Ohio Uivee.
I'HOTOdUil'Hm r-HOTOiilUrUHl
Go to J. O. Hugwull, Photographer,
comer Klghth street, and Ohio Levee, for
pictures, Carte do Visiles, utc. Having
made arrangement with tome of the best
artists of our largu cities, hu respectfully
solicits orders for copying nnd enlargu
ing old picture. ;ull ut his rooms and
see specimens of work in that line.
" 'ou puro Winn nnd Hquon, or
1 n r.io. r,.... . -.1 . .' 1
v" ""Kraiii ciKar. L'olotho Wash
,.nu , ' n
. -."' cot,m f Washington uvenue
i i;"rlwl"lU lrt- The proprietor, ,
-. wiaiiKcnuurg, will treat vou welll'
nd et out his "best ' which can't 1,.. ., 1.
passed in Cairo.
..... - -..i- .
ll'K .IhtMi i'tinor lli'j Ua.inl of Aldermen.
Cairo, III,, ,u 1, 171'.
Prc-enl Aldermen
Ilrnnklc, ('nrroll.
Kleb. Lohr, Lonorgiin, Mulvce,
riieowolu- o.
Milei limn .Mendel iu tho Chair.
.Minutes of thu last Meeting of tin)
liiianl roml iitul npproviKl.
TlieOlerk then laid beloro tho Hoard as
unlluiilicil biisitiess a Petition from Cluis.
1. Hindi!, tile nraver of which vm here
tofore grouted by the Select Council, for
concurrent action, and on motion the no
tion was euncurriil in, nnd prayer granted
by this Hoard.
The following resolution nlso, having
been adopted bv the said Select Council,
Jlr-oU'f'l, bv the Select Council, tho
Hoard of Aldermen concurring herein,
that the llccii'u heretofore Issued to Chns.
T. Hlnde, be and thu Mime is hereby trans
ferred tu his miceossdra, thoproprlolori of
the Cairo City )V'hiirfbont, was presented
to tills Donrd for concurrent action, nnd
on motion thu action of thu Solcct Coun
cil was concurred in, by the following
vote, via:
Ayes Jirankle, Carroll, Lohr, Loner
gan, McKce, Mendel, Thcobold 7.
Nnjs-Klcb 1.
Tho following resolution having also
been adopted by tho Select Council was
then presented for concurrent action by
thu Hoard of Aldermen, to-wit:
WiIeucab, Hy an agreement entered
Into between tho city of Cairo and the
Cairo & Vinccnncs railrond company, au
thorized to bo mado by tho City Council
of laid city, on Novembor 2ft, 1607, it is
provided ttiat In consideration of certain
undertaking on tho part of the city, work
shall bo provocated by Mid railroad com
pany with "reasonable dispatch." and,
Wiikmub, From unavoidable cause
work on said road hu been temporarily
suspended; tborefore
litsohed, By tbo Select Council (the
Board of Aldermen concurring herein)
that said temporary suspension of work
shall not be considered as invalidating i
any particular tho agreement before re;
fcrrod to, but that said agreement sl.sU
bo and remain in full force nnd effect
withstanding said temporary uipfisiar,
provided, work on said road shall be re
sumed by or before January 1st, next, mi
said road shall bo completed tritbin vs
yenrs thcraftcr.
Alderman McKce moved that the rot.:it
tlon bu amended by inserting after un
word "two years thereafter" the foUr
Ing provision, to wit :
"Provided, that all ctrtifisd elabni rtf
citizens of Cairo for work dot b rrmi.nr
said road previous to this dale staJH Iu
paid by said company before Jax. 3nV
A motion was then made thai tit Jt.t.ux
of the Select Council in adoptie tii res
olution bo concurred in. vhiti xitciaa,
was defeated by the following vou
Ayes Carroll, McKce and Theobald
Xayi Uratikle, Kleb, Lohr, Lonergan,
and Mendel ft.
Monthly report of F. Bros, Police
Magistrate for tho month of June, 1870,
presetted and read, and on motion re
ceived and filed.
The committeo on claims to whom was
referred tho petition of James Meehan, in
regard to lost scrip, reported adversely to
tho petition. On motion tho report was re
ceived and placed on lllu and concurred in.
The committeo ou claims to whom wu
referred thu following bills, to wit:
J. It isiiliiii for Mr Ices reti'lrrre In taking
I'lwriti'il clisiiiKMiR '"I tsi
1 Hi i-iii'jr, rcisiutsiiK erlin from city
lunils 1 is)
!lHwrtiiiy,hailllHK lumber fureity Ut
Ililrr, I..tllN A I'n,, lie rurjnll II IU
reported tho same back, recommending
that they bo paid.
On motion, thu report wus received und
tiled, und thu several bl)N allowod by tho
following vote:
Ayi", Jirankle. Carroll, Kleb. I.ohr
.Mi'koe, .Mendel, Thcobold
Nayii I.oncrgan I.
nry (.omi-tuom.kiiV iiki-oht.
The (.'Ity Comiitroller to whom ww re
ferred thu following :
llilli.f M thlirrMrs!. for ux boul: fur IK ,. :i io
" lliisv. l.uomr AOs., !-luriiUhvl
Clrk' otlli'f ; 12 vu
" J'urlink,(irteiiU-3f.t i;o.,,pr Jliirl,.
lllloil.c e'.k'M..., '.Ti I
Tu r flt) CI l'i l.irK"" eiiii-iinieU '
hy fiiy firtk'n iiifice, Council
Omiulxr, ll'Mlyh mel Kriuly flit
l'.i Amli Mfi' Co., mn IIIUtiiUii
Kite Co.; la lull Iu Jul) I ts;i it ;j
renrtil the same back and recommended
thu puymtnt of thu several bills.
On motion thu report wus received nnd
pluced on file.
Alderman McKcu then moved that thu
bills bo read separately and action taken
upon them n read. Carried.
Hill of Cairo City (las Co., fur gal con
sumed oy Citv Clerks oulco, Council
Chamhor and tlie ilitrcriint lire comimiilet,
iu full to July 1, 1S70, forSl J "5, was then
presented und ulloued by the following
vote, viz:
Ayes Carroll, Kleli, Wir, Lonercan.
ileh'ce, Mendel. TliuobolJ-7. h '
Nny Hraiiklc 1.
Hill of Fairbanks, (Srvcnluaf & Co., for
market house scale wa presented and
rundj (J7.'i Ollj and allowed by the follow
ing vote viz.
Ayes 8, Xay noitu.
Jllll of M. Silverborg forcollcctors book
for l"0 amounting to $30,00 presented
und rend and allowed by the t'ol lowing
vote vlr.
Aye Cairoll, Kleb, lihr. Loner
gnu, ileKce and Mendel 0.
Nays Brunkle, Theobold S,
Hilliif Huso Loomis & (!o. for K- for
clerk's office, amounting to iJ (K) was,
on motion, laid upon thu table.
Thu following bills for salaries as estab
lished by ordlnanco were presented and
on motion allowed by the following vote
viz: '
Ayes Hrniikle. Carrol), Kleb, Lohr,
Lonurgan, McKeu, Mundol and Thoo
bold a.
.Vnys-Nonu. (Bills to-wlt:)
J no II Go'sroan, Chief uf I'uIIik fur
moiitli of July ,(. m
JoliuHhclin police I'unslnhle Ko
u eWii, "'"moo
Mill of Jno Itrown, " .""loo w
n Hhtunaya t to July Il.... -a 00
...uiuti niiton, utry a Ntyor,to
FCoreoron, I i (en
V 'I 11V1 i"7 3 , " " ,iou
S.'nr.,1'lc.,,r',uelrW " 0 00
W in Mc IUIe,ilU.tlnKirisunr.Uur.
'"K Jllly ....I.,, M so
Tho ordinunco committeo reportod that
ecordnco to Instructions they had pro-
wrlu 0ul'"-'e "in reference to
,e, uutiM oi tno police magistratea
unii f'jiriiTBinnc " anil nn nn nnn.A ii ...
latlon to the duties of the city marshal and
juiy in, isiu gj SJ
Jof)i u.Tior, City Treasurer,
Klarr for July ; ; oo w
voiiu iiyiwiu, uuy UompirolUr. sal-
ry lor July ... 7s
J II .Metcilf .3 .In. l,,.i LC.V.:," 11
police constnblen:" thoy nlso reported
nn ordlnnnce entitled "An onllnnncoucnu
Inij tho duties or fioftnln city olllccrs In
nnd for ullinr linrnoe!" also, nn OI'di
ininci! (mlitlud "An ordlnanco to nmund
swtlou 17 of tho riivNed onlinunces,'
were severally read and laid over for a
second rondlng.
Tho Printing Committu to whom was
referred tho bill of Jim. H. Orberly & Co.
for puMlslfishiilg Conntll procoetting,
from Fob; 1st, 1870 to Fob. JStli, 1870, ro
portod the nmc back, recommending thnt
tho same bo nllowcd, on motion tho report
was received nnd the bill ordorcd pnld,
by thu following vote, viz:
Ayes Brnnkle, Carroll, Kleb, Lohr.
Lonergan, Mckee, Mendel and Theobald
Navs None.
ING. Tho Clerk presented an ordinance upon
Its second reading which on motion was
umonded by striking out tho 2nd, 3rd and
4th scctione and inserting in the first sec
tion, after tho words "less than that
width," the word "and that said brick
sldowalk to made and constructed, shall be
constructed! under the direction of the
Street committee."
The ordinance wu adopted a amended,
by the following vote, via:
AytM-Brankle. Carroll Kleb. Lohr,
Lonergan, McKeo. Mendul and Theobald.
Nays Nee.
Alo an ordtzAiM sJopUd bv tho Select
Council, asd e?cc iu irst Madias in this
Board was rrasi ul r.-isJ, sad laid
over nsder u-i nis J;c second reading.
JJf cDsSmS, City Clerk.,
Tx Gm Ixrrxa. rjis Oxltx a.id
Herts Czn J.ia Cwne Cairo
yxrtaaian. Ths .iiirg-JX.'wsvtwl Match I
Wi IssX thtszvswii Jlu Delta Club, of
li.uiKi 'JHv CtuR. of !
lj X nuia OlyV im
itT, tTitniy, u tn- i
.'Ity, st hrs ji:ck, '
iinuiiniu. it. timnu
S .HL,,.I. TI... tcfa'tr.! IVr llt$
n:uauiuii.rtuuUti-niuutv-o(' Dr. CAy,
mi sfu tiiwrttin if liy iur wys s bin
siUniiTnh' wutULi M "h purpvsei jf
j)Jiu.- Clu .Ji.itu Ciuu, isvcvnllng to is
jiriwiniK irmiigiinCTHt, nnbarked burn on
j xlu 3iiilltiiii aud. gruvewdudau Mound
J rCll-v vliun Uny eons rout-at thu lauding
" , i. Tiutitiin. niminiltiM of thu Mouud
vCIirj- dlub. Clu psnu 'tomimsncvi a fuw
numimru uhnrrirrr. -vitausrsid by t ta-;M
jj nuxuhsr nT mw.taajr sail tunuinausd in
1 kif riautrt Jut 3u Chti 'iif is thu SiU
utsiif nrw wes;
set. Ot L sucKiuiTt 0. X.
BasifU C i . . ... : JZinnL ). i- i i
Tfcsi.-i.rf, r
Rnl,S. f
stack. U B..
t M- Xjsss. i. r S
X I nsmu- r , l
Fsltoa. ti tu S
foit, it r
William, R. F S
Brook. Ut B X
RMfcireMa. Lr.l
W KI, H i
MJ. OYalitta, C X
IiinIoi.. II 1 31 4i i
D-.'.i. tit 1 le 7
Mouoaciiyll t ' 3
Homo Runs, Tlistchrr I.
Files cuhl, Iila-c.
Kllcs cauuhl, MouaJ Citjr-a.
KJS.IUI, t'liil.ire,
fieorrrs T. J. Hrnltts, C. K. block.
Thurctultjbf thtjgamo was accepted In the
best uaturo by thu Mound Cltyltes, who
with their proverbial hospitality, left
nothing undono which would add to thu
pleasure of their guests. After tho shades
of evening were well advanced, the two
clubs with their friends repaired to tho
.Stokes House, where n bountiful repast was
set and partaken of with nil tho zest which
distinguishes your c .ulno busc-bnllist.
Then came thvaatice.'lntid -with It that
merrlir.ei t and Vnjoymcnt'w'hlcli Is thonn-
turn 'of- youth everywhere. Tho Cairo
boy are Jubilant over their mtcccsx, nnd
dcllgbud with tho trMmcm reccIVed nt
the hinds of the MoiUil cltylto's ' They
dcslro" to publicly exjiresi their thanks to
tho cliib, and to thu citizens generally, hop-
in; nlso that they may hnvu it rt opjiortu-
nlty nt nn early dny to reciprocate.
Aftbh the Manxkk or Faiiian. Tho
anniversary of tho euunclation of ne
groes In tho West Indies (which Isiand?)
as the handbills will have It, has long boon
looked forward to ns n groat ovont by our
colored population. If wc aro not mis
taken, the celebration of it bfgnn about n
week ago nnd continues In full blast up to
tho present time. Thu celebration, how
ever, with which wn have most to
do Just now, Is that going on
under tho auspice (,f thu llov. Air.
.Shon-s, In the rear of his chapel 011
Tenth treu. The colored folks weru thcro
in hundreds. Of coiuso our old frlond
Jako Uradley, who Is'not forgetful of the
little amenities nnd courtesies of till- life,
particularly when hu enemy as intlx-cuv
was present. Whether '.Mr. .Shuts s wus
pleased or not with thu presence i,f Mr.
nradley, was matin- which Mr. II. did
not troubbl himself nbout. As we said
beforn hu was there) nnd being there n
luminary in such a nilno of darkness
Jaoob would hnvo his say. And ho did
have it. Ho suggested that the arrange
mont wero miserable; that it was shock
ing to Invito respectable people to a place
"whara hog wouldn't danco." Hu empha
sized this last remark, and uttered it in the
presence of tho august Shores. Hut
.Shore, too much engrossed with tho fes.
tlvltit of tho occasion, beodod it not. Ja
cob kept on in bis good work. Honuggcitod
that the whole party should move to the
field boyoatj, and leave Hboros with his
chapel, hi alsad belly and his loud voice.
This ws too much for Shores. He be.
eatue exaiporated and went for Bradley
Bradley toed tho scratch, and we are in
formed that tlie conversation which ensued
would shame the billingsgate of a Liver
pool fish-wocnan. Finally tho faithful
stcwanls went at it. Shores would
ttand t no longer, und ram
mlng his hand Into his pantaloons
pocket, this Christ'lan opoundor, jerked
thirofrom a plMol, and with the agility
nud daring of n Oliuido Duvnl, hnd It urn
dor tho 11080 of tho obstreperous .Jacob in
l)in twlnkllni; of nn oyc. Jacob, with com
..:?n,lab.sagac.ty,co,prehend('d tho situ
ntion, nnd, like a crab, progressed
backward, until spnco gavo
him an opportunity to turn and execute
ono ol'lho.'o rapid movements away Iroio
the oiieiny kriown In war pnrlmicc, ns tho
"Fabian policy." Hut It is not over. Ja
cob is on thu war-path, ltuvuuge Is stamp
oil upon his classic brow, nnd "blend'1 Is his
battle-cry. He Is ft Vlrginln nigger nnd
his honor Is In question. It must bo ro
deomid, oven If tho noodlo-gun, tho chas
scpot, or the mltralllaeur have to bo
brought Into requisition. The end I by
no mean yet and no ono will have tho
hardihood to predict It.
a oxi)t:it!Ti. xicnoscoi's:
Kev. Daniel Wise, I). DM editor of tho
2few York Sunday School Advocate, thus
speaks of tho celebrated Craig Microscope
"Its simplicity, cheapness and great mag
nifying power ttruck mo with urprle.
Then I was examining a fly'i eyo by It
aid, and was struck with wonder at the
skill and power of the croator which is
displayed In its structure. When I aw a
statement in an advertisement that tho
Craig Micrecopc magnified ono budred
diameters, and could be bought for $2 60,
I thought it was one of the humbug of
the hour, for I had paid $ 10 for a micro
scope not long before, but now I find It to
In a really valuable instrument which I
should like see introduced into the familiea
of our readers in place of the manifold
melt tors which pleaM for an boor and
arw then dmtrwyed. ThI mscroeccpe
rouid both amuse and tatruci meat ana x
vlviiu evurv dot ana ittri woo wunee so
xitow thu wonders wiiicn lie In little Wing
o uve 'tis money until he hi $2 75 which
I - ...
mi ill p;
for tno Ttiiervscope and tne postage
hvhvu fvnt by mail ''
i a holiday sift this microscope is un
surpassed, beini; urnamental, instructive,
'Auitiitng nd chfp. ind never loses it In
turxt. Vj;jnts ind dealers suppllcl on
llivml terms. A aaplo will be mailed,.
poe paid, tu xay andres for $2 75, by K.
fEL ROSS. 311 Locust street, St Louis, Mo.
'ijiul tlie xireitsement in another col
txam. majnid-tm
Am2. Columns, Mitbry.l'Jiicti,
Bl ;t t LouU, liarksnllr, .Nulisillr,
MXaUr, EiasilU. Alplu,
!l JoJi, Meltij'lilr
trasJa. tlamtns. Miltcy. r lu'li.
ISaresT.il, Mbfillf, M Jotli, Mi Lmi,
HelieM Iouls.Mrmp., Molk,
Msry Miller, Eisosillt.
Thu weather has been cloudy and threat
enlng storm since lfet report, until nearly
noon to-day, when thu clouds commenced
to break nway. Whether It w ill now clear
up or not, isn ipiestiuii wo cannot risk our
reputation upon nn answer. A storm,
Apparently heavy, pasod from west to cast
north of tho city lust evening.
Thu river commenced rising lust night.
us wu cxpcctO'2, nnd hns rlncTi seven inches,
Thu decllhb continues In UAi MisiWIppI
nnd tributaries above (,'nirj, nud only tlvu
and 11 half feet wnter h riported to fct
'Thu Ohio In falling at Pittsburg, witli
live und it half feet water in thu channel
nnd business still ciitirely,suspendel at
that citv. The river Is rising ut Loul
vllle, with four feet water iu the chutu
over tho falls, nnd sov'cii and a hnlf feet
. . .... . ... ..
011 rortlniid bur. XI10 rise win auow
rc'iiiujition of nnvigatlon to Cincinnati for
eight or ton days.
Thu Cumberland i rising with over
four feet on Hnrpeth Shoals, and a ten
foot riio expected.
hromtho nbovo item it will be K-en
that wo nro likely tohuveanabundanco of
'water In the .Wsislppl below Cairo, while
it will bu very scanty above.
Business hero continues moderate.
The Mllbrey brought out 40 bbls flour,
5 hhds tobacco for Cairo, und 4 tons sun
dries for other orta.
Thu Mary Miller brought 40 bag wheat,
3 tons sundries for Cairo; 18 hhds tobacco,
18 pkgs wheat for St. Louis; nnd till pkgs
stove and pot, CG pkgs furniture, GO bbls
Hour, G hhds tobacco, ft threes hams for ro
shipment South.
Thu Alpha brought 080 sks wheat for
(.ape (iirardcuti; 10 tons for St, Louis, nud
1 Mid tobacco for New Orleans.
Thu St. Joseph received huro the St.
Louis nnd Capo Girardeau freight reported
Thu Siislu Sllvur and HNniKii'k me due
t'Mlny lor New OorlcHiit.
The Grand Towor I IIik reulm mall
packet for Mem phis this evening,
The Idluwlld is thu regular packet lor
Kvuiisvlllii nnd intermediate ports to-day.
The MUbruy leaves for Paducah, daily
nt 3 p.m. 1
nlro, ... HllnIii
Has Just rrcoie.afull.rHcom.tlestock of
Gents' Furnishing Goods
nita-iurantocd. Hu atock Jf ,r,c
Shirts, Hats, Caps, etc.,
uht.r1tynolhe,kr tttltni ,n'"
I'AIA AND tjcio tJHal,
Oily Clerk'. omcc, !lro, III., t
AiirusI M, J
Niillf I lift rliv rrlvMi tm llm nunpr nr .owner
or Hie folliiwlni UfcerllpiMl lots, to-writ 1 Lots (Is)
Klxliloeii, (IU) Nliutcnn.fiiO'l'weiiiy, (ill Twenty,
finn In UliirU numl.fii.il'JI rl U'f.nls.foiir. in thncli
nfCalr.i, tliAt llli' City qolinrll nf ielly, lme hy
iiruiiiiinre iirurrnu biineiiiitiniciniii in iniurw.m
ill front of nulij IuIk, ami Icn feel imrtlox sl nl
ulil hits, lo the outer rilge of slilciriilll on sniilli
Khln nr H.nlli airpiil. iuuI II. it (lip nwllfr or
oMer(iruia lot liasulhorisjlii fur llm ferioil of
mi) uny iroin huh oiiie ill which ,mi uihui k hi
lilenklk,' tlisl uiiImi cblii)ili lril hIIIiIii the tiliio
bImivh specltiod Ilia ntnawlll In hull! by tho city
aotl llio eot asscU aiisilnsttlie properly hne
llleil llitretiy, In annorUanco wild the cliattor anil
ordlnaiii e of tho said city.
niiftsMlir Oltr Clerk.
S-r 1 J nroiiorala III h SMrlrcil at th (.like of
Hi nrelcrslKOKl, No.U Thoraton'a lilixik, until
3 o'clock, p.m., of Writosisday, tli lixls Uy of
AukusI, ie.i, for the IttKirand msicrlsl rtauirrd
In ill ernollon of RU Jt Mann's n(srtvrt house
In In ereuUil on Ohio Levee, Cairo, Illinois, as
cording lo Hi plans and peclficaUonsnow eiwii
for rxaoilnallon at sny office.
it, nnAur,,
angMDI ArUlilUclandttupt.
aiyCtsrr Ofliee. Calre, III.,
July U, me.
Tn ll han IS m nanarn. Nalir la arbv
gln that all nrdlauscea rtstrietlag the tale of
ineai, TtgviMoin, irmi, Ksi cvuntry prvuurr,
or article of aoyeesMrfBSleasaShe inarkel heu
btffi Un rtval4, aaf hal all such arliclttcan
Ik told at any place within the elly limit at any
time. John lirtowN,
jy auati it s-ir
ww w. . nrafitrfet m
IEsesbsi eav 1vtii1.iii.1ax1,
The (tne ttevner
J. H. CHF.NOWITH, MatUr I It.W. WISE, Clerk
VMItlMTeaa adore on Monday nexl, AUt 1st,
at 10 a.m
Kor frlht or pasDKr snpl CP hotrd orlo
j, m, rnii.i.irn, x 1.
tt T.NiRTHEM,nlr.WIU,UIW.-Cl'k
Will fly rtRolasly asakote, UatinirCtsIre every
dty (Sunday eaeapM) at;htJf-Mt 1 o'eloek .(u.
The Armada It a twill tld.hl tUwnr, iiaf
lo( ttry tupfrior aeeoiMKioSatloBS for tolls pats
KLTt aatl rretght. .
iTh coaaecu as Psjslsssak ttilh Ute Omkeetatvl
and TtnQttf rlvtr ptMkets and Use New OrWsavs
uU Oklo rtllroail. For MrSi-ali aatHT oa
totrd, or to m..wmcMMmw,
lejcsf Aatat U Cairo.
Tlse If ew Tsjw Met Jek Vesrt
W. 11. COULTER.-- Mathr,
It prprd at all tlaae to 4a rll klsssU et) !
Injr sad Johhlai oa Ike most reatoatM le-ta.
llctdqntrtfr tt Cairo, Illinois,
U ssysslleel wltss all Ixlsstis !
Beer, -tVle, tro.f
littwien Klttrith and rSlntti Hre.-t.
The thirty, h lute'CHxl llqiior, Ii'iuM l
lil 111 ell, ari'l tliow siliu tuts
f ta Imtr their wmlMUpp:)! tt In bur.
join iVTE.Ss
Prpprlelor C Ihe
Wlllarsl Naleea aad Her Kovrn
EI Dorado
1 C'sMMsaercliUAve.,
Cniro. - Illinois
lltt proslu'la
Popular Public Resort
Wl,.r Ui tUitor will fibJ larfs sUrjr roumi
trufiiruU teats, it-., tad altr supplivd '
the lies! and coolest Itgerlieer, Ihe pureit
and liiiur,ciKtr, etc., to In found In O- , viiiii
Plenty uf nmui free loeseryl'idy.
r.Terioo.1 i min.i 111 rtu in una "
miol oil."
I1N V CO.,
1 ' 7; to K. II. JIe11.lrlrka.A- Co.J
v tr - .
fo Awarding
- Boat
, SWAre prtpared o Veeelre, store and forward
frelchts to allpulasi, anil buy and aell on com.
W-JJutlntststleitsUd te with promiilneta,
(8uccossorto Parker A J'hlllls.l
And Dealer in
JPtour, Mewl Hay, Cora, Out,
Cor. 10th St.& Ohio Leve'd
SOUTIIi:AHTi:it II. 11.
tin nnd nflcr Tliiir.Iuv. Aurll i:iih
(ruliiM villi run us folloiVH :
iioiMifiii'TiirT i.r.sx irnis'irn If. '
Mull .t.i a. m.
Kspri'Mi I'M 1.. .
111111 miiiiMnriT i.tAvr. fin,
- tau a. m.
4:12 e. .
Central K. It. for fairs and nil r.olnl. iu,i LVZ
Hfnhllnf rlnn f iitinnetlnti nt .In. .il . .
itlillm. Ilid.ABI. l li U, It, fur Iri'limikimli.
and iMiiltvllle, and all point emt audiiutliei
ud CliKto, nnd all point north aud norlhvrrpi.
i DO DOE, flcu'l huiil.
fOUX KO(IOITT,fl.nM Ticket Al.
rS rtf
a nc mvsu xxi,
Mi. t-Hls,LiiiTiile,Jlttcluaall
vssiicesi, nw iorx, jueeieu
... . AVn ALL
Point UrmI Hnd IVortli
Psttsestfeer Tralssa Arrive at sisssl leav
, ' twsw sh i.iiawi 1
tall Csssrett.
arkivk-hioo a. . ... aao v. tt
UEi'AHT-moe a. n ..( p. M
Both trains eonneet al t'tntrtlla with trains oa th
Vststssj Beeattsr, lssmltsna, at
ta SJsUle, Mtssslata, rrteptirt, Unless,
Isetksaiisse. all pelsstt In Illlaela,
isessssrt, Hlssstesota, isyitetsslss sssssj
Aa. with linta rnnnlni; Katt and West for
8U Louis, Mprlarlleld, LoiUvllle, Cla
clanetl, indlMapolls ACIui,
And Chletfo with MuMou Onltal, Mirhl
t' Uonthern. and I'UULurg, fort Wttar
and ChlrKO Rllrofa!i for
I'llll.ADEt.f'IHA, HAI.TIMOSr,
WAHIMNfiO.H V1T, tin)
rorlhrouxh liekst and Inform'. fan, ppl;t
tl Illinois Central XUIIrof I IreiKit.
W. V.JtililihsJN.
OeneriO I'Menxer ir'in, (.'hlriy.o
M. IlfOHITT, lieneral HuriLlJul.
J. JuHISnOW, Aatnl, Clr.
Good Strong. Vinegar
frets C'ieor, rm, Jfolat-et, Hwgar, ,
rWltte,txr SJte JtsUtaf Assrwll.
Blreelsns tlmpUaoJctir. nl nuS cnr-t.all.
Lllialtf Ikr oldproeets of tllosrlLjt Cldf r tft "r.
Inharnl. . --
Aajr Oar Cum Multe II.
Full Direcllon iit ujxm receipt f Kill?
Addrrt. W. II. MUh'ip.
H.. I.inl, Mo
rjijiE cui:ai ktoiie..
Millinery, Fanoyj Goods, He,
InilUt M'1 attentinn hut , VeV..f-'k.
hliel) fuU lso of
H'ttsni-ir MiaMVa HIKl Crhllrfrfll'a
And a thoutand other thing that canuol " nu,
nieraledlntnadmllstment. Hhelt d ..JiJira
to detenu and maintain for her V1,tl,.,,n'i,i
Jiitt.Ju.d hy Dr. ANI'KltfON, of n'l. ""'.
Cure lis- wrurtt ca ot
Paralysis, Rheumatism
AH waaaklwIseasMa. OVft'lS' Si'
.iJTsiolual Coissplarssr,rrsf.
, " : h::;..
Will ull atsos who all ujion liim if Ihe) 1
r.VBitv had KKKr.i.sa Tiinv kxj'KK-
andidl this without a.kliixiiiies'llon.
CouMuHaiiuii Free.
KVE AMIS KAIt niteatei Treated Iu
be tutsstsjfcllinii Msjtsitr.
Or. ANUEIWON guaranlccK a cure in erery cv.
Do iiotS.-ondviiiii until you call and iuii.v fur
yourself) . - I
Vt, Andorsuu will ho at llio A.NTItIM IIOIJSi:,
Cairo, lllluola, 011 Wedneedny, August M, U;u,
and remain for one week only,
A Sewing: 3fachliic
Met solely because it took the hlgbttt priso at Ihe
gew Kngland Kalr at FrovUUnoe. tt tho Mew
York Ulate Fair, and Maryland Bute Valr, nor be.
cause the Judge at tin American Institute ty,
"This tt better thau any of ita clau known (0
the Judge" not these, not altogether t but be.
eaute we like It beat, a a woman would say. It
wortH like a charm 1 we can sow anylhlnK we
Dlene with II I the children can't get II out of
order I and it I pal at the most reasonable,
CXercAtVM. A. X. WOOD, A.t,
jj.lw lw CXuamtrcla) attniie, Cairo, III,
filfii will 2i,e iou l...rton.trnd faahlonaMe.
him will stue you ' . , , ,lnouut "f
SmIIou .' 1 ..MMSlSre ? tow., Iroa-I ttnr
Mil gr" ..lonher-prelally," l."
eh.".. " .ed or women1 ami tluidien shi.s
RwMR 'IT, .MtatwssssssssMsMt1Bsme

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