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u ttlljjtiir.
ran op the cm,
.Kid. T. AV. Caiky, of Pndiicui,
prcftc1iing,)i!lit!j-, this week, attlii' Mff ,
Star, r.l,.,r..l. TV urn uslll-ixl i lint hwer i
Caiky it a man of grcut lw('r
ii ul nit orator, and l hIio n
id nn " tnlfiit
- '
Go hoar him.
nincting for practice "' ".'.' the
band wllayc..rcl.l"..M."M.l' ' cn
of . Rcncrol r'"J- ' 1 1",rr,,.
BTorvboJr "Piw''"y l" J"' t'" (,f
lh lent oftW 12,001) acl of now Indr..-
CtOTHI.'tOATSHKnirp's Sai.k. I ill
iMlUttbe olditand of T. Kellly, thlicTcn
Imj, commencing at 8 o'clock, n largo
lorttacnt of coati, pant, vctf, trunk,
neckties, etc., at Shoriil" mlo, to the.
highest blddorn, forcaili.
auglO L. II. MYEltS, Sheriff.
a A regular convocation of tho Cairo
TVcbaptcr No. Tl R.M., will bo held
at tho Masonic Hall, this (Tuesday)
ctening at 8 o'clock, for inulncM and
work In the K. A. degree.
Vliitow fraternally InTited.
V. P. BA.RCLA.Y, M. Kx H. P.
M. It. DUNNING, Sec'y.
Mb. Van Rodsit, having town all hit
wild cat, hu settled down to tha rcalltle
of a sober, raarrlad life, and has become
not only one of tlio roost popular, but moil
uitful cltlie ns of Mississippi county. He
Is a candidate for the office of County Su
perintendentof Tublic schools, and will bo
elected, as he should be, by a rousing
Cairo Orphan Asylum. The man
agers of tho Cairo Orphan Asylum are
requested to meet at tho Asylum on Thurs
day, August 13th, 1970, at half past 9
o'clock, for transaction of important busi
ness. A full and punctual attendance is
especially desired.
First Directress.
Tut annual regular meeting of the Ger
man School Association will bo held on
Monday evening, August loth, at 8 o'clock,
In tke sxhool house on 14th street. As tho
object of this meeting Is tho election of 7
directors for the ensuing year, It I ex
pected that every member will be prnsenl.
Ky order of tho President,
aug 13W I. G. SOU U II, Secretary.
Attixtio nxnnxiAve. There will
b a special meeting of the above company
on "Wednesday evening, August l'tb, for
we purpose or .perfecting all arrang'.-
taeLtf for holding our picnic on the Uth
All member will please be present.
Br order of the company.
AugIC:t .Secretary,
Stolix Gwt RicovRez. On the
trial of Newell and Manahan yesterday,
it was proven tfcit Immediately previous
to bis arrest, the Utter threw something
Into the river, tie splash of which was
plainly heard by the officers who effected
the arrest. Officers Arnold and Cain viit-
ei tke spot this morning, and afur a short
search succeeded in finding tbo thre pairs
of pi&ts, of which . and M. was convict
tri of stealing, lodged under the low of the
whartaat GrsrnjK;!. TLIs discover v com-
pleUt tho chain of eildence against the ac
cused, and Insurts them a free pais to the
Joliet piniie&tiary.
Tui KciLLr Girr KNTxarib. We
have been reuettc to state that Mr. A.
B. Safford, cashier of the City National
Back, has been designated as treasurer of
Mr. V. Rellly't gift enterprise scheme,
and that, until thu day of drawing all
moneys paid for tlckot will be left In his
chargo. Mr. Safford and Mr. C. N.
Hughes aro agentt for the sale of tickets,
and will supply nny quantity dcired.
TlIK FVHIIHAL Of Cot. J. C. Suw. The
non.srrival r( a member of the family,
who It abMint from tho city, necessitated
poetponemcut of Col. Sloo's funeral and
burial ervice, until to-morrow OVodno.
day; morning. The funor.l sorvlces will
be held at the re.ldoncu of J. 11, Tavlor,
Eq., at the hour of 0 o'clock to-morrow
morning. At half past lutho remain will
be moved to tho cars, ut the foot of Slith
street, and thrnco to Heed, Grove ceme
tery, where they will bo interred. The
friends of thu family aro Invited to attend.
Kkvolvhrh Mianr.NO. Mr. Peter Neff
Uncovered, this morning, that ho is short
several valuable revolvers. It U suspected
that tbey were abstracted from the show
caao by the same parties that ,tolo the
three pair of pantaloons. If this m.
plclon is well grounded, tho revolvers were
doubtless disposed of as the pantaloons
re viz. thrown Into the river. Mr.
a lU "ploro XU bot,om of H' river.
MdU the nvelvers are there, or there
abo Me.,,,. Miwtll Mld MiBlb
itovvMHcmy to answer.
THE MMUAjtic'a Boahlijio n,
Boarding House, corner of Uoiamcrcui
Mcnue and Third Street, and I, tt
Je4 to receive boarders oy the day 0f
week, osj the most reasonable terms m,
UWe will bo all that could be desired, tui
kit guest be treated ia tho most courteous
sner. Mat hu gl vo In to win this time
ftndukja kind public to extend to him a
Ulplaghand. ugl3Ct
A aewiupply of Calf Boots and Gaitcra
Mt r0IyeJ t P. Ner, No. t.0 Ohio
Lot'U. Hkkvitik-. Thu old Instru-
incut tf tfir alHt-r Ciimot bund, of thl
I citv havo Iccn old Mid delivered to n
imiIcnl urfjiinlsHtioti In (irund Tower.
The price cblaliicd wita S'JOj.
A contest btilwi'cu tlie Pnltannl Kvntu-
villi; Imau bull cluli.-, l in t-o 1 1 J j i J J . 1 1 1 i .
The Kviuifvlltc el.ili havo practiced nil
tlio ceiisoii nnd lire annua' the bet in the
A gentleman who spent ii fuw hour in
the Kentucky o.iil-, on Saturday, re
turned home liiidJ.i pul-olicd. Hi- face
and ImniN, noiu ith'trmlln"; the npplica-
1 tion of vnrlou wniilieiit, fcdiitivc., etc,
nru still i-oiul.lirnlly fuulluii. r
Tlio Young Jleii'n Dramatic Aouiu
tton propose o give a eoniplimeiitnry en
tertainment to the Kviinsvllle banc bull
club on tho occasion of their visit to this
city to play with our Delta boy.
The county court will ait u a board of
oijiiulizHtioii on the county aimfnt, on
the first Mondiiy In September. ,
Tho Corcoran proper! v, reccntlv pur- '
chased by Dr. Gordon, i undergoing a
very general overhauling. When it leaves I
tho hniidt of the mechanics It will be one
of the most convenient and desirable resi
dence of tha citv.
Tho Antrim Houc is udvcrtNod for
ront. A chance there for onu enter
prising individual to make both money nnd
reputation, u a fevditt.
The subscription is in circulation to
ratio money to meet the e.xpc nie of a Imr-
K'cue for colored laWlng men. It may
be taken for granted that Munn, Linegar
ct mIs will avail themiolve.. of the oppor
tunity presented to alniso the Democratic
An effort 1 on foot to rale moticv, bv
lubscriptlon to pay the balance due on the
salary of tho colored Methodist minister
elder Brown. The elder proposes to enter
some other field of labor.
SOL'THCItX Ii.u.sots Sv.vuav A-iiool
TRTAI.SMEST.-The coiiimltteeto whomU
charged tho duty of making arrangenunt
lor the Jundy School convention to be
held In this city on the Cth. Tth und Sth
days of September, have designated the
rouowing subcommittee whose duty it
will be to ascertain and report how manv
visitors can. And accomodations during
the session of the convention, with tln
private famllle ot the city.
Mrs. K. I Bobbins, Mi Annie nurd.
J. M. I.ansden, Mr,. C. C. Davidson,
Mr. J. M. I.and..n, Miss M. "Williamson,
VOU Til K iLCQSlt WAhli.
Mr. Athmore, Mrs. Phil. Howard,
" M. H.Coi, " Dr.Wnrdncr,
" Klttenhouse, Mr. l W. Stilwcll,
ron tiix tuird ward.
Mrs. Walbridge, Mrs. J. Johnson,
" J.C.White, Ml,. Sophie I.vot.,
MWs Annie l'hllll, Mr. W.K. McKvo.
ron the roi'HTii wari.
A. A.Arlck. Mr. W. W.Thornton.
" Oaih, MI, Ida Harrell,
" S.Walter, Mr. J. H. Reed.
The several committees above named
aro exrncud to rvp-irt to tho committee cf
arrangement on or Usfore the lir-t of
Million M.-r. K. A-W. Iluder. cor
ner of Seventh .treet and Wa, btneton ev-
enuc, are In receli-t, and will, in a few da v.
offer for ale. a jiltndid assortment l
musi'al instrument., vonslstinc In part
of vio'Ins. vi-dii vll,4. .-uilirn. I.ri!m.
nui, a'MWM, 6T. ceordciii. flmina.
KrWith harpv violin mid tjuitar string,
etc, etc. The st k was m!u1 with
great care. ii1 vinhraies many tiaely Jin
iihl and really excellent instruments.
Messrs. Iluder have nl-o obtaIne-1 the
agency of thy Davit Sewing Machine, a
machine of unUxitidol jpularlty In the
Kait, taking prxvJnc of all other yet
Invented. Ther will receive a supply'of
the machines abvutSaturdav and on Mon
day will bple.wd to submit them, a wifll
a, their tcl. of muslcnl Instruments, to
the ititpfctioti of thu public. Kvervbvlv
is invited to c)l .Messr.. Iluder regarding
It a no trouble, but it denture, to show
good and toatituor Inquiries a to prices.
UIK tlr.t arrival of IJcmjI. and Shoes
for the whols-mlu trade of Cairo for this
fall, will be reciIvi-J by Messrs. Klliott.
Haylhorne A Co., In a few dm. Over
three hundred case, are now on thu wav.
This I, only the commencement. A con
tinual stream will pour In each duy
throughout the wason, urn" deter-
mined to keep our .lock complete and nt
tractive, und oiler tlio lowest nilces that
can bohad anywhere, unabllng all unproju-
uiciu jHirson. to nuy tlielr good ut home,
where they may suvo tlm.., fruighu, and'
btnldes, select their, goods In pr.on, In
stead or ordering by mull, tho di.advan
Uo and jicrplexlty of w,ch can botes
tilled to by all merchant,. Wo invito all
merchants to Mmi,1P Jllr ,l0(.k bcf()M
making tlielr purchases, so tlJllt thev n.av
compare, our price, if they do not w., t'o
deal with us.
nug3 dStwlt.
Tiik Antrim Houhis ron Hint. The
largo nnd eligibly located hotel building
known a, tho Antrim House, I, for rent on
reasonable term. Thu Antrim HoutJ u
a large, thro story brick, three squares
from the steamboat landing, two squares
from the now jowl olllce and customhouse
and In about the center of tho population
"t the city. It contains thirty largo,; well
flnlthbd, well ventilated room,, and in sup.
Pod with gas in every room and all the
hafi!'!' fur No' 1 boU'" Tho house
a H! orl! ? rr,uUtlou. wmmands
lberal.htU(jfboth, Uhnteni
patronage. Appljto
No. CO Ohio Uvt e.
f.ilro Jll'., August nil,, tSTO.
To Ilic frnMi.oftlMifrtll.niSclioolsi
Aflhe lato Convention of tho Illinois
State SiiMmlh School Assoeintlmi, held ill
ilm city of (Juinoy, in tlm monlli
of .luiie last, for thu purpo-e
ol'ltuplrliig fresh enthusiasm in tho Sab
bath School oauu In Southern Illinois, it
wiu determined to hold it Convention in
the Southern p.irt of tho State, at wmu
tlmu iluriiiit .the coining Autumn, and u
eoiiiinittee was appointed to tlx the time,
and place ot holding the Convention and
to iiial..-olhvr piMparallons therefor. Tlio
uth, Tt Is und Stli of Scptomber next, Is the
lime tlxed for the Convention. The city
ot Cairo is thu place.
The leading Sablmth School workers of
the State (among whom vsu may name
Reynolds Mood v. Jacob. (Nllette Tvih.
l'ot n ml l'orter)
.. ... .-nl
will be present to rentier
it aid in conducting the
aithiiand etlieleiit aid in conducting
convention. Tho singing of Philip Phil
lips, who has promised to bo present and
conduct the musical exorciei, will jiot bo
the least nttrnclivo feature of the conven
tion. All Sabbath School workers and friend
of Sabbath School, in this and adjoining
States aro cordiallv Invited to aid bv
their presence and co-operation.
Friends attending the convention will
bo entertained gratuitously liyotircitir.cn.
All persons expecting to attend the con
vention will confer a favor by sending
their names as early as possible to I
Hard, Hsq., Chairman of Reception Com
mittee, Cairo, Illinois
The exercises of tho convention will
commence at three o'clock p.m., on Ti
VVIIIIIIVIItt- II t llll IV U tlUV. IMH., Ull 1 III'!
day. Sept. Cth, and continue during tho
.... s
7th nnd Sth.
The convention will bo held. in the Mar
ket House, on Washington nvintie. be
tween lth and 10th Hrrtts. All person
attending 'the convention, will on
their arrival, repuir immediately to
the Preshjterlan Church, on KIghth steot,
where they will c met by the Reception
Committee and places assigned thctn.
The Kvansvillo and Cairo packets, tho St.
Iui and Memphis packet Co., the
steamer plying Utween Cairo and Colum -
bu, Kyn will convey passenger- to and
from the convention for half tho regular
fM" .
Tho Illinois Central Railroad company
will Issue return ticket, to person, attend
ing the convention, for ont-fifih the regu
lar price.
Train over the Illinois Central Kail,
road arrive in Cairo at 2 o'clock, r..m., and
and 1 o'clock nnd twenty minutes p.m.
D Hurd, J II Itced,
S D Aver. H W Webb.
Kov F M Vantrecse, I. W Stllwell,
P W llarclay. W F McKcc.
Mil Safford. CP Pawns.
S It Hay, J M Lanstlen,
II 11 Cnndee, tlcorgo Fisher.
All pupert friendly to tho cause please
copy. 3t.
Tin: Hiiicu.vja.v Picnic. The commit
tee of arrangements announce that
tho Hibernian Firu company's picnic will
come off In Flora Garden, on Thursday,
the leth Instant. All the detail having
been arranged, the committee assuro the
public that the affair will be one in which
every citizen may participate uith pitas,
ure, and without fear of meeting objection
able character. Tho bett cotillion music
in the city has been engaged, nnd ull the
mean, of diversion presented by the gar
den may iv employed at will by th'.e
who may attend.
The Hibernian firr company I one of
tho hardest working und most illleieiit lire
organization, of tho country, and de rvc
the good will and support of everv cltl-
zn of Cairo. The committee of urrangu
ments. in ordr to meet tho expense, of tin
picnic, and, if po,ibI. put a fuw dollurs
In the company's depletml treasury, have
(ieterinlrie'J to make k small charge at thu
gte. In pursuance of tht purpose tick'
cts for adults have been llxd at tlly cent.
for children at twenty.five cent,. When
It I rememlt-red that a ticket entitle, the
holder to admls.ion at unv and all linn
during th day, and to full participation in
.11 ...1 ... ..
..v .j....t niiu recrekiioiis oi Illy occu-
tlon, It mu.t he conceded that the Hiber
nlniun have provldel our citir.ens with
very cheap means of amusement.
Should the weather bo propitiou. tho
crowd will bua large one: and we are will
Ing to underwrite that everv person pre.
ent will be courteously ami kindly treated,
and will llml mcuiu for u tlay of "healthful
recreation and genuine enjoyment.
An Oi.ii Oaihoii'k in a Cincinnati
Hotki.. Wo ask thu attention of everv
body to thu curd of the Wolnut Street
House, Cincinnati, which wu publish n
another column of thlt day's paper. The
proprietors, Messrs. Davis and Tucker, aro
experienced hotel keepers and excellent
gentlemen In every particular. Mr. 1.
H. Davit U well known to many of our
old citizens through hi connection with
thu old Taylor hoiko, of this city, and
every onu of them will bear cheerful tetl
iiiony that he U an obliging and criur'etlc
gentleman who knows how to keen
a hotul to win upon popular favor.
To securo tho patronage of theu
citizens to tho Walnut Street
homo, it is only necessary to romlnd them
that Davis is thuro to give them a greeting
and to look after their wants. Wu need
not udd a word as to thu character of tho
houso. It is enough to say that Davis is
onu of the proprietors!. The moro men
tlonofthe fact I, enough to assuro our
readers that one of our cltUeiu who re
ceutly , topped there, spake the truth when
ho declared that the Walnut Street House,
a though not the finett, i, tho t hotel In
tho qlty of Cincinnati.
Youths' boyi'"nThild7en, clothes at
less than Now York prices, will f'oU
thU week, nt I. Noll's, regardless of coat.
mwsii jtnvir-K.
Make it your buslnuss, If you necdcloth
lSi to go to n rellabb) atorc, where you
; fan Und all you need, nml mndo in the stle
you fancy, ut tuch price, as to suit your
punonml tho tlmc. Antrim s is just such j
. a house. There you will always llinl a,
eompleto and select nsortment of cloth- !
lug, cltlipr for men, youth,-, boys' or child-
i en, at price, as low as tho lowest. Com
, pufo hi, goods and prices, a it will be to
, o ii r interest. tf.
I This Microscope is simpllHod nnd nilapt
j cd to popular as well as sclcntlilo use. A
i new optical wonder I This Is tho only in
strument of high power which requires no
focal adjustmont, and thorcforo can be
j readily used by uvery one, oven by ehil
. dren. Costlmr onlv Two TJnllnr.
i jventy-flvo Cents, l.y mall, tiost jiald, it
I J 'Vit ,,0j 'IT1"" . V',u co""'nmm
, hum euuuiti m: tm inn siiiutj im uverv
I Practioneer. ltoad advertisement lu, tki's
i Paper. . ' m27d3in.'
Parsons, Davis A- Co., at, No. ,1 A: 7
Tenth street, have received their second"
large stock of Fruit Jnrs for the summer
trade, which they aro offering at much
lower figures than last year's figures.
Good Glas Jars At ?1 30perdo.j Ma
son Jars, self sealer,, at SS 75 per do,
same with porcelain lined cap., $3 per dot.
Call and examine at the
Rev. Daniel Wise, 1). 1), editor of tho
New York Sunday School Atleotate, thu
, , . .. , . ..... ...
P '.C ,cb.r"t-eJ '"'B microscope
"Itsslmnllcitv. chcuuueas and L'rent niais.
Implicity, cheapness and ereat luau
! nifying jiower struck me with surprise,
i Then 1 was examining a ily's eye by Its
aid, nnd was struck with womUr at tho
j skill and power of the creator which Is
displayed lu its structure. When I saw a
1 statement in an udrertisement that the
, Craig Microscope magnified one htnlred
diameters, and could ls bought for $2 GO,
' I thought It wu one of the humbug' of
the hour, for I had puid S20 for n micro
scope not long liefore. but now I Jlnd.U.to
, ll0 u re,l))v valuable instrument which I
should like see Introduced Into the families
of our reader, in place pf .tho.iaaulfold
useless toys which please for an hour nnd
arc then destroyed. This msc-osctpc
would l)th amuse and intrucl them nnd 1
ndviso every boy and girl who wi.hos (o
know tho wonders which lio In little thing,
, to save his money until he hit, 75 which
, will pay for the microscope and the jKiitugo
: when sent bv mail."
As n iioliJay gift till micro'copo is un"
' s'irpifjcd, being ornsmontal, Instructive
. nmus.ng and cheap, and never loe it, In
frist. Agents nnd dealers supplied on
niicrui ten wmple will be mailed,:
post paid, to any andrcs for ?2 75, bv K.
II. HO.SS.1l: Locust street. St. Ljui. Mo.
Head the iwlviti-cniutit in another col
u,"n may31tl3m
Kql'alization or A-.:sm:nt. Tho
committee Appointed by tho city council
to sit ns a board of eqiializatlou "on the a
sesiment of property recently submittal
to tho council, will commence its session
to-morrow, and give all person, who feel
themselves aggrieved by over valuations,
etc., n patient and Imrur'Jal hearing.
It should not be forgotten that this board
Ii fully authorized to correct all error, or
over-estimate of the Assessor, and that
they sit for that -pedal purpou. After
Its adjournment, aggrieved parties can find
no remedy short of an t xp nivu suit at
law. The n,sesmcnt li'ts have been filed
with thu clerk, and are, at all ofticu hour.
k .. l.f J.A 1... 1. . . ...
ruLy.i. t inspection oi priqiurtv
ladtler... Hence, if after thu adjournment
oi inu hoard, anvt.idy find himself sul,
Joctod to undue taxation, hu can onlv blame
... .-
month, nro here, and as usuul bring a long
tii.iii oi uiseittus many ilangeroiu und fa.
lai. it i, me season when nature can do
mtie in recuperuttug our exhauste.1
strength, ami when wo are required to for-
tlfl ,.llt 1.1..:t.t.. . 1
i-v-i'jiiu n-iiin-i inu uaiigurs
arising irom the universal pmvnlcnov of
ncmic. thu only truu safgaurd is that
purnntiil reliahlo tonic and Invluoralnr
indorsed nnd revonirni.-inIid by tho medical
lacuity and tiniiumbereil thousands of per-
son, in every city, town, unci vllh.g., i thu
country, who havo tested Its remedial vlr.
tue, and by lt aid iresorvetl or rcoovorcd
their health. It will purify tho blood and
necrctionsj cure every form of Indigestion
mm anoru uumeuiuto ruliof iu case of
JJysontary, Cholie, Cholera, ChoWa More
nnd kindrrtl diseases. Provide yourself
Mm. Ai.hlll.l ii ll .6 I ....
..vw iiumt u tiiuu in iiRco, uciavs am
dangerous. Price one dollar txt bottb
Sold dy nil druggists. auglCeoddA-w
DUtoliiilnit of C'itnrlttcr.hlt,
..I. :iii.. i.. .i... i. . ..
.... iii'iiiti iu puiii.iY inu jiirnicr oi f s.n
i rrouuuing country with agricultural im.
picnic ins, seem, oto., on time, is not emml
to my deposition, lhavosueh Implicit faith
it sou nuiiusiy ami iniegruy oi mv iiatron.
Hint I i,ii,iii tr t i . ii .. .
"vwiu, it vuiiiu, mijijHv an iiiuir
want, in my line, nnd let them consult
their own convenience about paying imj,
Hut it so happen that that Is Just oxuttly
what I can't do. I have, therefore, made
up my mind to dissolve partnership with
tho crudit btuinoas, und to let my partner
go in with lomnbody that Is hotter uble to
stand hi way of doing than I am This
course i u noccswiry etep In tho direction
of solf-preservatlon, nnd 1 havo no well.
"niiei nun win emtio mo ior taking It. I
hall, M heretofore, keen overvthl" . ...l
nn viiitiu iiiu tui LnKirifP ll I I .
. . ' . b '"o
tanner ami plantor ot tho surroumllM..
coLutry ncud for tho successful prosecution
of their calling, nnd a thousand and one
things that nro consldorod necessities to
town people, but for nil thcio things, I in.
i tend to exact
The adoption of thisrulo will ctniblo mo
to sell cheaper that over, n 1 will not bo
compelled to "chalk-up" price to cover
tin! loss of nil occasional "wild-cat" dubt.
My customers ill no doubt appreciate,
the necostlty that Impels this step, and
give it their approval. Let it ho under
stood, then, that 'Sink or s-witu, survive or
perish,' my motto for the future will bo:
"Small profit ; quick sales; no cash, no
trade.'' And having started out on (he cith
bnl, I tbsii'ii to dispel a memory of
the fad that 1 ever did business on any
other plan. If parties Indebted to mo will
cancel their Imlcbledni.'ss, Vo thal 1 can
burn my old books, I shall soon bo able to
achieve that desire.
, Thanking the public for their liberal pat
' Milage, ami-hoping that thosit indebted
to mo will .sind It con venient to sVpiaro tip
1 soon, 1 remain a ever,
Vcrv Re.pectfully,
1W) Commercial iiTenue.
July 21, 1870. dawliii
Tricot and basket cassimers suits, very
line, made to order, at the old reliable
clothing hou.u of John Antrim, No. "S
.Springfield llloek.
Fiikmi Kgg nnd Yellow Duller can al
ways be had. Road the iidurtNciiutit
'Greatest Work of tho Age,'' in this ji.i
pcr. maylW3m
W. W. Thornton, No KlJ Thornton's
block, Tenth street, has jtl't rcct ivotl three
hundred lioxi-s of glass, varting in ixo
from ?.10 to 30x10. For sale, whob-salo
retail. jltf.
The Craig Mlcroicope ndajded to jopu
an ju 1 iclentillc use
Head tho utlverti-e-
ment. Price, jl 7.1. mS'tlKiii.
Tiik C'HAiiTHK Oak We haxanl noth
ing, wo think, in saying that, all lu nil, It
has no equal. Its slxe, it. shape, affording
the greatest convenience, and its iiumeroti
und durable' vessels, entitle It to the prof-'
erence over nny stove of which wo liavo
any knowledge. imgl&M&wlw
TitKIunu-are in rapture, at the in
troiluctioti of Pii.i)N.s Vitalia or
Salvation for tho Hair. This grand (lis
covery enable thorn to shake thslr rl ig
lets at the frosting bund of timu in doll
ancc. Free from any sediment, i. npldly
darkens the grayest Loads.
, Sold by all druggists and fanuy ,0Odl
dealer. augl3dA:whv
lr you travel Fast, AVest, North or
South, taku a package of Simmons Liver
Hegulator. Prepared only "by .1. H
Ceil In A: Co., Macon, (ia. uugl&dA'wl w
LooK to Yit;u CiilLMtKN. Dinrrhira,
Dysentery, and summer complaint are
cured by Mr. AVhiieomb Syrup, which
Is sold fur Vt cent a t-ottlc. Sec adver-
tlseu.ei.t. aiiglitlitwlw
.M. D, (i.'ni cit ii ml Orsamut (sreoritcv
Democratic wheel-horse of (Jooio Ilnnd,
were In tho citv totlav. Thev sav thnt
(iodic Island I, good for a rousing
majority for Crebs and thu whole Demo
cratic ticket, iu November next.
Ju-t received at P. Nelf's, No. 7l, Ohio
I'Vce. it splendid lot of spring CitssiiniTos
Coating and Vesting', which will Ihj made
uji in thu ni'iU fashhimtblo stylet, ami at
prices to suit the times, u perfect &l ttuur
nuieiKi or no snic. tr
. ... ! i mm s
Peter Nell's mummoth tK-k of Sjiring
clothing ciuliriires all the new tylo, nml
whatenn ho loiind nowhere lsu lu the
city. it lurjj'i (iiul well varied .tockof bvi'
uiutiiio, tl
Ilf.-juru to,c4llt7.'J Ohio Leveo, and
si n Dm June Uiin ILiU, uiiha varluiltlocJ.-
of other new tyl-; too ntitncrous to ni'n
tlon." KeiuemlxT Antrim's t the place to
get jour uawj, 'i tr.
- - -
a . ,
JfhT ItKCKiVKi). The Shixi Flv Klliot
nml Don't Il.Jdor fe Hab and cuw ut
I . crr; No. 79 Ohio Leveo.
Hi: suro to read the ndvertisemenl
'niitet Work of tlm Age," in this
pnper. inaylSdlim
'!" will greatly "mis If if you don't
buy thehtitr Shirt nt .Mm Antrim s, No.
i", uillO 1.IJVCC. t.
-ttutiniuer, Llslu Thread, Sill., Linen
crori-barrcd Und murlno nnilcr-ucar. inii-
ablu fur the season, at thu famous clothing
nouso ,,f John Antrim, No. 73, Ohio
J.evio, if
Vuiitlhited huts, lu entirely nuw styles
the most comfortable and ib-llghtftil hat
nvnr worn, at Jno. Antrim'. tf.
.M us. a i. IIltk has Just received from
New York city a full, miiplv of mohair
switche, Itnd waterfall,, curled nnd jilaln,
UK iiirnlshcd, all of thu vuryjnto't ftylc
V.UU on her ll you wuut n lino arllclu at u
reasonable pricu.'' Aug. 12 lm
Da. AunTiN, who I. absent on an Kan-
ern tour will return Sept. 1st. Hi uU-
'"",' "Win. If. Pitcher, will contintio thu
business during his ubseueo. ntclldlui
.inu hhlH. V lour medium grade, nlm L'OO
halt, hbl.-medium fpmllty stiltttblo for tho
Southern r for sulo nt tho Egyptian
mil ,f
tlo to J. Oi Hagwell, PhotoL'raiilior,
corner KIghth atrcct, and Ohio Leveo, for
. .
,ru'' tJnrt0 ',0 V,3itl)S. "tc- "ftvlnK
made arrangements with boido of tho best
niauii itrraiiL'uiiiuiitji w tit Honirt ,
artist, of our large cities, ho respectfully
solicits order for copying nnd cnlargo
ing old pictures. Cull at his rooms and
ice specimens of work in that line
Anotiieii Mvuniuv Soi.vkij Choin 1
; ists being tinablo to dl'eovcr tho lligredl ,
' outs in fragrant "SoS'odoiit," which re
moves all stain from the teeth and imparl'
stit'h it peculiar ro.lness tathti gums, thu
public aro hereby Informed that it is a
preparation from tlio bark of tlio "(Juilaya
j Hoponni'ia" or Soap Trni of Chili, impor
! ted for the first time Into this country for
1 this special purpose. Suoh is the purify-
ing and liniocuoii, ellcel of this rare bo
j titnical agent, Hint it removes dlscolora-
lions from ll mst frugilo liixtilo fabric.,
, without iiijiiiing -i single tlneiul.
Save and iiiend the piece, use "Spal
ding s (Hue.'' uilgKM.eoil
Clnllilng for'lliomlllTyu at P. Nell's No
70 Ohio love. Tliiibust iiiil in thu city
win lie ioiiiiu uiiiiis Jlliuiu.
(iootl (,'nlf Hoots for tw odollars
.nventy-llvii cents only at P. Netl's,
70 Ohio Levee.
I'lAUOAINSl. HAI!(IAIN 1 A gotxl Stilt ot
clothing for ten dollars, at I'. Nell's, 70
Ohio Levee.
Hotel unit lloiieliolil I'lilure. I'or
'I'lic entiro outfit of the Cntlltilcrrl.il
lintel will be sold at auction on the prem
ise., on Wednesday, the 171h Inst., sale
commencing nt lo o clock a.m. The fur
niture, beiltlltig, licd-tead, dining-room
and kitchen ware is ingood ordur, and will
be sold without rusorve for what it will
bring. Parties desiring to ftirnl-li hotels,
iNinnliiig house, or dwellings are thus fur
ul'ltetl ntt opportunity to supply them
scmlvrt nt their own price.. Hemembor
the jibco, .-oritur Commercial avenue and
Sixth street.
(Joutlemun go to John Antrim's, 7!.
Ohio Levee, for all your imnlin shirts,
ho.iery, underwear and paper collar, and
save at least 2." jtvr cent from the oriliuary
retail prices. I In ha. tho 11 cloth cov
ered jmjwr eolhir over oll'erwl in tho mar
ket, f.
(ixK.T JixaiTim:.T. (!tat slaughter
..f Illicit Price, t Antrim's, 7 Ohio Levi,
where you oaniiot only find the tuoit fa.h
innable and setttonitble tt ck of clothing in
. f
city, but thularget and Iwt variety
, f Straw. Inborn. I'.nama, Ca..imernd
Si'k Hat ever offered In, Cairo. J.'uy
, int. and t 'tothing right there. tf
fill. TIMI'III.Vt M'lltU.N uii 1'iiui; noiiM
Porhap. It is not generally known that
thu much talked uf tritkimt Jin'rui, i
Kirk worm, wm, first dlseovtmtl in Amur
lenby Dr. It ('. Konlall, of l'hlladsslphia
Pa., With that American limtrument known
a, the Craig .MIcro.copc, oistiitg only
?J,7'i, ufter rtjpwt'nl failure, to ih-evvr
the worm with an Imported inioroooi-',
rotinuSrf.t, 'uf feebler twtr and h v re-
liable. This fatt Dr. Kendall stands
read to lir.ive at unv time. Th ("rulL
ilcrocope in neat U'X with f.ill dlreulo'.i
I. rnaibxl anvwhere fur $3.TA, bv L. II
Hom, l.t Locti'tSt., St. mAi, Mo.
Itcml tlfe ndvert(mni in this paper
my 81. tbiu
Arlington. C. .him In.,
IlK't.txr, ! IHII.,
lllitr ilraenli,
Mtl'.e, I.ill. lUck,
Mll.ry, r.nJ i. .
Artii.-,.. "
ItoM h'ult"ii, f.t. nil'u.
oissriioaise .tth. '
AriinffUni, (V.lninla-.
M thr-V. IVIneah.
I Utu.r. at Irfsui. At u
" utlllMtSeilltl, !
koi rulinn, MKU'tiiii'.
Thu weather tviiiUuitetl dUinal ami
slwwery until after dark, when it lsgan to
clear oil', and this mornlii; Is clear and
The river iia fallen thnsu inclie-i kIikc
lat report.
Tho .MI.sls.Ippi . rl.Ing again at St.
Louis and heavy raliu ure niorted 1n.c,
which may cause two or thren feet umro
The Ohio Is rl.iiig at I'lttsburg, with
nearly six feet in thu channel. It I,
itutluiury at Louisville, with ilO incite
down the chute, ami live Vet on I'orllmd
Htisines. i noinewhat better to-d,t than
yuatorday, but it i not u. lively as In
rhe Olive I! ranch is hern rccdi-vlng
largely. Wecauuoltet suy how much
the will roi.'oive, but sujipoto it will lie In
thu nelghliorhooil of ;toutons.
J ho Armada and .illllircv bought out
good trip yesterday,
The Commonwealth from NewOrlean
dlschnrgtil here, yesterday ami lust night'
,ooi bar railroad iron, 11 Imlos ot mos.,
1.1 Imlen halt nt;. -II litlndht.il .Ics ami 'J
pkg sundries.
Thu hnglnucrlng and .Mining .lournal
nays that "the talk of explosive gusse. de
velopment of olectiiclty, etc., us came, of
holler explosions, is all Miiiciisc, and that
thu roul cauiu of such explosion, i, uu in
sulllciciify of water and a supuriibuiulanco
of steam.'' That is our oiiinlon cxaetl-.-.
The Kvansvillo Journul, says:
"Our Nlishvillu Currtisiiiiiiileot fur nl.ln.s
US tho following: I.or.l I 'jit tl loci nn tin.
retired from in, recent Iio-Ition mi the
I niliirc, ns atieeial iiiruut and ruiirustiitu.
tlvo of Com. llni'lioi. nml U now i-iuticu
tine ut Crittenden Snriiurs. 'Thu l'trnte.
oi the Cutiihurliiml or thu hero of the
Hlg Jiorsu Ford,' U the title of a now sin-
tulioniil.tory licing published in thu Pa
dticuh Herald. Sylvauits Cobb, Jr., is not
inu uuiiior. u u u oiucr uon u is. ' ' in 'liti.
ismiin will bo sold at public auction to the
highest bidder, on Monday. Harper, Ar
thur CC Co. I thu UiltllO of thu now tcain.
boat agency ut Nashvillu."
Tlio Olive Hrailch departs for Now Or
leans thlsovening.
Tho Lrinpiro leaves for Nnshvlllti this
Tho City of Kvansvillo is thu packet for
Kvansvillu thl, evening.
'l ho Jlollo St. Louis is tho Momnhl, pack-
ot this ovoning.
Alio Paducnh packet, lcavo daily nt
I p.m. 1
a itous iJ.vi:itiii;Hj,
Is iirojurcl ii,
Mn.iuru. tui u Ilhuik llookii und ilo ull
lilndnof Hunk llludliig mid Hilling,
Ni:w adyertisemknts
y.iK.MIT s r. iioijni:.
Cor, Walnut k Gano Sts
Ni.li.-ri. hetcli itmi tlutt lliBiiiiilfisltfiii'.l ha.
J .( Bjipointi-il m n Ounmlilri- in ln li.U? i.f the
t t I iiiuicil to dear ni..'al. mint tlm J.lest liln.
s-..iuiit fur eirKitsiimi Its.) mil lint -ii.l
,,,.r-.IMlllt l. ntiw t. CetU'liim. eiip.
to the I'isitilnMioti of ny ,frMin Inlneaii.l
therein, itp.l tli tt nil persnu. frel nx llin,;.. fe.
tl;le'l l.y l. mM,i n.(rPHii.it nmi' iii.M-tl to
mi I L..fiinitle for al .teiii.ul, Ktfry such nie
.eaUUll Im In urillbti iumI .Inll sl -i llr the
i.kun-; i.r.and l, pte.eiit, M the t ir r-rk nt
J In iillye. ft. H.'diniii. tire m ill hii'-t on III" Ull,
irawisnisnai,ui. tlie nutter nr fhiliicvhlii
it., mm te.nj i.iujr llieel lllll., IfOIII III til U
it.m .f irtli" trim n leu il.t) lur ll.e i.in,.c (
I.e., like. .net. n.i.u.i.1.
II. mi:vku,
I' I ITZUCilAl.I),
J.l. I'.tltltol.l.
Olro, III.., ,nU"t llih, HM-d.M
iij:umm4 .oticj:
IMy S1frk' Htfir, ( it.r.i. III,,
.tnsjii'i xi, is:
l.f l.e rl.,ln.f-TlU-. l.ts,!i,.H l.l. ()
j KiRlild; n. MnHcrn, 12") Tweniv.ll Tal)
one ir llln.'Litium'-ri'il:l ,lisn y.f nr. n t,,.riy
I t.r.lm.ti. e orlrei tficrr nltlicll( il uf it uleaalk
it Irnnt of snel Int., and t a fei t niirllnsrsl i l
Mill.it., 10 the ..iitirt 'life (,f splits .kiili" ntli
tie uf l-fBlli .ttset, .nil tl.st ttm smner r
1 1 .V . Vi i. :r.r:: n' :r,.r,r"s
ll... I. ..! .Al.l lull I.m.Ii tl... .1. f...... ......... I
t , ihu tulf .in.!te, tit!, n n.e ttm
, ;B';,i;;f JU.:. .'rii.ie .I!: liTiVTI's!'-
,, 1 ' rl-jr, in w. orJmi'f it!. Umj J .irt r i:-l
f s SiMulkfssi i.f Ilia aiai.t m
j ' ums lil'OWN,
kiia.v;i: .vo.
An Ort'Hni to aid t, Rouk'i an IU ..y T re
Citiay .a lnMltai(Mi aunt If. ui .
ll it onlsiiiwl Is tl.oUtj I'wtiai lot lliecilynl
Th..t. f.r It.- ( u r r U,J .t,,.
II.. -H'lifti , i il.u.iy r rc (.intiny of the
I Ijr of Cairo, lr.otCir-J-l I.) tt I .i fll.e
S-'.te t.f Idlric!., In sm-tIn5 a 'iik u,llu!
V,a nmnWwl tlil) -Uti, in -L MiinUi
f I Ii. . ,:j-Ut. , in tl. t oy. In nhf h Si. kJi Its
tin".- - atel f.tlier iii.'hiu(iy, m I In -l,l n l
linSil At iMtainws itisiin.,r .r rl- trni, t.iit
tlie I'.lv Tfltrr fnr tlie ml.l rf 'I t l '..im
..laj., Ins .Me t.i l.'.si r "t sa I 'dlf.llKliali.l
lU'l) f,r '..H,,,(,' !., I... Httr.iaUs s.lll
t'oMi.ti) f..r t. .11 I V -J - , , t r , J,,
lamjfivs cnlertn mli I- nd th t- nr iy, fit
tiiitHMlKfinwl isi . .Hb li nt -e.' til) f rll.r
pain.!.' Ijtlrtt.iy uf tfarrti ll.uii-uiel ,i..il.r on
orWfon il.si et.irii. t. t,r fie ).!- fr. m ii.
Wtsf nl. OlHt, sil.teh .s i order sliall I
ksundlSyilietmnrotjs-er. iif tha nt. lih the
spiKurtlb) im K.u.ie.'e ( iiimM.'c tf l,suf!t
ti. wy uf msU I wei atel ... mill,
Ai.erase, ,imu-( h,
u-Mie Tllll.Mt'- WHXI.V V.ayor
Tf.a.nter'. CMtite. CI) of Cum. Ill,, )
J'.l) tii, IfTl j
N.ttlt . tiefat.y ipn tl.Hlll -l'l( Ire-. Tfrnf
ll.e i iv of I nr. !... l-.i, t.-tfi" trJ dy tlie ( ty
nie ilnf .aid I'll) , net lo it irsm sir rwelte m
..ii.eiit,f an Ii iIIh...Iiii-.. .. -s' l I y, aflrr
- fini. r l-t. tiitt, A. I' Is: ), nny i r r dntmi
I.) li I it, I l. r .,n Hi. 1n.,.rt r cf sai l City
ii) JfeSWI st,U.-Ui. (if lua Imii U,ull( iXim
im a of i I riiy, i r m v Vtt.it try wair.ui
iMItfr oJ(a?i" c: . .ty . ,Mt 4t is. Ii it.an
J iv IiilUra. ritrM . , ,r.. i iiunKrrt.
after '('t 'Om l-tytmiii i . r -ti it tlie Ui,itr,
lli'li-tyl lines, uf the lilt. t.i. . . I, .Irr
K l.- I- etdlfuoe l.f tn lrljti il. .. tr ! Or I
Is.- ttr.treKi.lrrrd illts.. TirkMlli r
Thti ftty Trt-utarcr l Mwpu .tn l ni iriuur
all ctl) iinleT And Mine i liMunShiK cM
itle'ra uf cntr linl..l,t.i.liir.. ut.i.. i.
ludiid lo at ina oniue. coriwr of Wvhiiia
Inn atfuue and, KicJ.ts rnlu strut, fiom I to U
fitlotk u.iii.uud from i t. ' oVIin k km.
jtMi;rn ii. r.tvuiit
l)'-,'r Cttr Tffosutcr.
ijKA.VD l'IC'.VI.
Fire Company,
T's l.f I -ll at
Flora Garden
Tltiir.iliiy, .liiuuKi in, IH70.
Tlie im mli r ef Hit- ll.lieiu nn K.r it itiie
Ilm i.tt.1 a.uf t itiru and virumy In Join tin niliti
Grand Picnic.
On Thursday. Allk'ti.t IMIi. Ihu eiert'iea ami
iiiiiiuuni'iil.id tliDtlay uul I. held at Klnra liar
deu, a i.lciis.iiit ut,d coiitriilBitt i.' of rraurl,
;iil'iiiliiit!itiii.luriiuin aud slia.lt) fur ,iii.fioii,
A Fine Cotillon
It III lie in iilti'lulalii'e nml. Ilitifiiirilen
hull will
lilliiril luoiii lurall uliom.h In 4niwi.
To nil Him would eiijuv it day ieannilly, us
rO.MH, nnd lirmit your une ainli'liililien,
sistels Ulld totetitlltrarti.
TioKotau, m m m CIO otts.
JOHN ,mii.i.i:ii,
IICNIIV ertll'T.
MII'IIACI. lltMllltll'i;,
ii ''ll I Com. nl" Arr.intreiueiils.
j (Vi;. (aiKi:xw,4f,i
Copper and Sheet Iron Work
Mill Machinery ofall Descriptions.
Mt, ims i:ast roan street,

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