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jihc iwllctin,
hews or m cur,
Attention IIiiikhxians. There. IH
a special mcetim-of thoiihovoeom.-
, , , , . 1
5 luri.oo of periling ., -"
this tmptintn nf VtcrfeOtlnir
mnnli fnr SintflthiS nllr tlteflic Oil ll'
All member will plcmc pf",,flt
By order of tho company.
JOHN '''
. ,e,. fAcretarv.
MlLttMoldrtMa-f-"1'' tl.I-von-
l(;,c.mmonir"-',"4,,"ok' " ,l,rK" J"
ortmcnt of pants. v.mi,, irui.h.,
ncclUe, .t sh-'r,rt ' ,,,,,!' tl1"
hiirst bidders. ff , , ,.
tugiC h. 11. MYKUS.Sli.Tlll.
The I'BiwTKiit HEir.MHKKi:i. WliiU
tho procession of colored people was pic
ting the Ilut.i.r.TiK office, to-dy, tlio Ki'V.
Jacob Bradloy, complimented the editor
til and typographical fore.- with un in
ritatlon "loeome out o the picnic ground
and take dinner." "All of you come," ex
claimed the large hearted Jacoh, "it shan't
cost you n single copper! "
The annual regular meeting of tlio Uor
man School Association will he held on
Monday-evening, August 16th, at So'clocl,
in tho n'cliool liouio on 14th ttrect. A tho
object of this tuactlng ii tho election of 7
director! for tho cniulng year, It is ex
pected tbit every member will bo present.
By order of tho President,
nug 13M 1'. 0. SCHUU, Secretary.
.Mil. Xsu Monr.tssET and family oc
cupied one of tba buildings that were des
troyed by tiro this morning; but be suc
ceeded in saving the greater portion of his
household effects. Tlio flame spread with
great rapidity, necessitating a very hurried
removal. The result was a good deal of
broken furnlturo, smashed crockery, etc.
Morrissey had no insurance.
Titc ItritlT Gtrr Kxtkkhmc Wc
have been requeued to state that -Mr. A.
11. Sallord. cAsblcr of the City National
Hank, has been designated at treasurer of
Mr. J. Kcllly's gift enterprise scheme,
and that until tho day of drawing all
moneys paid for tickets will be left In his
charce. Mr. Safloru ana Jir. u. -
Hughci are agent for the sale of tickets,
and will f upply any quantity desired.
rnKAcuixu To-"iout. Ilder T. V
Caller Is conducting a itrlei of mating
In tho Christian church on Eightcnth
street, the fourth one of which will be
Leld this evening. Those wba have heard
the revercctd gentlemen, pronounce him
the abUit pulpit orator that ever visited
Cairo. Convincing In argument, fervid in
eloqiuncu, be fairly cnchalni the intention
Of hit haarer from commencement to
cloe. A gntlemnno( such signal ability
dwerves crowded home. Let him have
tlicm. t
IUrd Casks. Three or fur young
Mlisourians visited Cairo, hut Saturday,
and during the day one of them got Into a
fight, with a resident of tho city, and used
his knife upon him. Tho festive trio re
turned to Missouri In the evening, and
during the succeding night, attempted to
steal a lot of horses. They rnudo a raid on,
Mr. Swank's stable and psitures, but
were discovered In the very height of their
vllllany. Kirc-armt were brought Into
requisition, and tho Individual! to whose
belligerent propensities w have referred
was shot twice, but how seriously wo did
not learn. .Shortly afterward an arrest of
tho three scoundrel was effected, and mea
sure taken to Insure their appliance be
fore the next circuit court of Mirsisslppi
county, to answer the charge of larceny.
A Xkw Hook Lira or Ciubli
DtCKE.vx. H. .Shelton Mackenzie' life of
Charles Dickens, now in press, is anxiously
looked fur by the ten millions of Ameri
can readers who have drawn Inspiration
from the writing of the great novvlitt.
The book will bu well printed, hnndsomely
bound, and sold fur the low price of
Mr. Yandevinter will, during tho coming
week, wait iion our citizens for subscrip
tion.. We trmt that, for her sake n well
M on account of the merit of the ImA, she
may obtuhi a ubtriptIon in every read
ing faintly In the city Mr. MacKcnsdu hu
Incorporated in his work many pernoiml ri'
Cwllittioin, anecdote, letters by "Ho., '
tc, Lbver before publihcd, together with
i van number nf uncollected papers, U-ar-lug
thelmpreu of tho great author' gen
lu, In both pov'.ry and proc, Makeup
your mind to tuhwribo for the l.lfu of
1U: Waul Tin: Kivtiinni. or
EvAMsn'tLE Cannot Accs.it tub Uiui..
lksoeos oukUklta J1o. On the llth
Ini'.unt the secretary of tho Delta bait
Khllcmii, of this city, luvited the Klver
aide bai bull gf Kvamvllle, to meet
them In u frleuuly ..Uout', at such time u
might suit their convtnUi.c. The ecro
wrj u iu nicrmtt., under date of tho
JCIU mini, replies that . Invitation
cannai to accep;e(j, oecauso the club li ar
ranging for a tour to Torre lWutc. i,ii
sinapoll, Fort "Vayn. etc., to play for the
championship of Indiana. The tecutarv
continuing, tays: "Our boy regrut to
dlsappolat you, and rsxjueitiuu to buy that
they will take advantage of the first oppor
tunity sum visit you. If wo can pos.lMy
lMvehome during next month, wo will
wlviso you. Thanking you for your gen
roui Invitation, and wishing your clul
abundant iucccsj, I urn,
, Yours respectfully,
T 3d. J. HOWLFY,
Wecr'y Ddtn 11, U, v
J.M. I'iiiliii" i'onw.xKi'iNU Mr.nciiANT
.vx'n Wii ' ""AT '""''KTon -The im
I porlnluf f t'll"'. " mi entrepot fur the
inti r-liiri"K N,i!iKditlaof thu country,
' ,. i ni.ktii wlodgud everywhere. Atthe
...jifhii'iHV of the two gient wilier ooiiros
1 ,.f ila- Mintiiiiit, ihf uniltiiibtul Ih'ioI of
' "" ' 'vi.
I11I1I, the ts.riii In ,i
tiinterrupto.l irtvi:itlon on the .M
the HUM" l-'outral
bile nillioiul-, ml of
iniNUToiH lino- oi -ti'iiin inifl. i't Unit pis
thu Ohio. Ciiii.w -Ijii.I. 'IVbii "fo nmt
upper Mli.-i.;p(ii rivei if t'nlrn mut cvr
reliliiili tliiit poli.l wlieie thee will ln .ill
ingnthirliig A irainliiptncnt, nl' n
argo jiurtioii or tlio goods, mid
rodiict't that I'li'iile the I'liliiiiiprco of tlio
Mississippi valley. This tu'ltig true, tlio
fiicllitle.i here fur thu safe, cheap nlid ex-
ivilltltiu trant.K'tion of it lurgu receiving
iiii.I forwarding butinoir, bocotuo n nmt'
tor nf roiioorn to iivery shipper imd roi
igner ol tlii I'.iiiiitry.
It iill'onl" ti iniicli pli'uMiro to st.it.'
that iiiiiiI! provi-ion, in that rucpout, lis
eelt liiiulu for all thu Iiimiii'm thut I
llkuly, miller nny cotitlugeiioy, to conceit
truto here. IUtIiIci tho imiiioiito ware-
hoilKs and wliurfjoiiO of tho lllinoi CVn
tnil ruilnmi! coinpany nnd of Mhmh. Hal-
lldny llrotllori. (,'nptaiti J. M. l'hllliphn,
in his own mime, provided the largest
wharfbont that lloats upon thu waters of
the 'West ur South, and such other meiins
and nppliiuico would enable, him, should
occasion requiro It, to receive nnd for-
warJ t wo tlifmAiid ton of freight every
day of the ynar. Ilelng tho ngont nf many
of tho largest and lt boats of citlier 1
river, ho is scarcely ever delayed in his
transactions bv a want of means for trans
lation, niic in nocn'ocan consignments
to til m suffer damage from.handlhig or ex-
j K)s urc.
Capt. Phillip, has not only enlarged but
ho has imiltipliod tho faciliUM
for u reshipplng buslneiS here.
In times past there ha lien no space on
our whnrfboats specially dovoted to the
btorAge of fiimituro, which article hat, for
years, formed u very considerable item in
our river commerce. In tho now wharf-
boat to which wo above refer, tho entire
second floor, embracing an area of over
tifteeu thou-aiid square feet, Is set apart
for consignment of furniture. Access
to thit floor can bo gained dtreetly from
the guards and root of steamers an ar
rangement that will certainly be appra-
elated by all iteamboatmen who may havo
occasion to employ it.
Of Captain Phillips' energy, business
capacity and personal Integrity we are not
called upon to add a lnglo word. To the
steatnboatinen, shippers and merchants of
the country ho Is known as a man of iter-
lini: worth, aliku at a eltiicn and a bui
net man. lie gives hl butlnet a close
pvrtoual urviioii, and kerps himself
tl.urouv'hlv nhited as toall iti uiu.tifari
out detaili. To hi splendid buine
ability and indomitable energy, he adds
the experience of many years, in the re
ceiving an 1 forwarding buiineis. and it.
therefore, the man out of a million for th
jKfition he occupies here In hit connection
with tb ouininrc of thv Mississippi
physieian. -f thit city, enters the fol
lowing plea for that jKirtion of infant
bumanitv that i- iubjcttl to the rasfsing.
tusdttrlng, K;ratching, nettling ordl in-
eparable from the wearing of flannels
I enter a protest against tho gt-ru-ral
habit of wt-rni'4 tlauuel nest thu skin,
without regard in the tenifcrature of the
atmosphere or delicacy or irriubility of
the eiiideriuis.
M'l.l. I...I.1. 1. ..f..... li.tiirlnns f.. till.
Ills llllliv is iii-. ,
htalth and prejudicial to the comfort f
little babes, and causes them to be fretful
and cross, when, if propelly drst.l, they
would tie liealtny, goou naiurwi arm nappy.
Flannel l ofieii'very unpleasant and me-
chaulcally aid In producing errutitlons
upon the'body, by retaining the local heat.
Cast of skin d'lsemct olten apply for
treatment that have been much aggravated
by wearing flannel, especially when nuiii
tlOUs have be. li iifglectul. Flarinol Is al
wny Injuriuii. m niorbidly sensitive nerv-
in corii;eslive condition of thu skin.
If it i dctiraulo or necessary 10 wear
il uinul in ordtir to jsrolect delicate person,
from thu fleets of sudden change lu th
weather, lit cotton or lliis-n lo worn n.-At
to the skin. Common en- Is ii vcrv good
guide in the mutter of dress, a wi ll as in
all else that ! of ue to man.
Now, when thu thermometer is ranging
from 'J'icto lno" in thu shade, is It common
tento or natural to suppose that tlaliiiid
add t tho hralth or comtort of children ?
Wu tnv it 1 not. Medical authority ay
it is not. Thervfor, we ask mother to d--sist
from atllicting their little cherub by
dressing them In flannel in hot weather.
Ml'MI AI. I.mki'mi:mi- s.k ., sou Til K
Million.-.Misr. K. V V. Under, cor
ner of Seventh street and Washington nv
enue, are in receipt, and will, in a few day
offer for sale, a xpleudid assortment of
mini 'ul instruinuiits, consisting in purl
of violins, violiucelhn, guitars, banjos,
flutes, tlttgcolctts, tiles, aceordeoiis, llutllias,
i rnnch harps, violin and guitur itrings,
etc., utu, 1 hu tt.M'h wat selected w it.lt
groat care, and embrace many tlnuly tin
Mied and roally excellout instrument,.
.Messrs. Uudr havo v,W) obtuinod the
agency of thu Davis Sowing .Machine, u
machine of unbounded popularity in thu
bast, taking precedence ot all other yet
Invented. They will receive u supply ot
tho machines about Saturday and on ilon
day will M pb-Mid to submll them, u well
a thuir iiogV 0f miiticitl instruments, to
the liupwti,,,, of thu public. Kverybody
I Invited tu Cun, Mm.rs. iludor regardlug
it as no troublo, Lul K pien.ufp, to show
good and to answer Inqulrlet tu to prices.
SKisadvortitemuiitot Ur. Hutu" Ditpcn'
sary, headed, Hook for the mllllou Mar
rlugo guide in another column. It should
be read by nil, mlldwtr
Fil'.i: THIS ilmtNlMI TllllKK I'll AM K
nnil.UI.Nds DKSIIMI HI). About o''lK'l:
thiimnrnlnglh" llvo holls riingniilan iilarm
thill wai rather leisurely huuiled by quile
overvboilv Tho ptoporty Involved w a
one stole t'raiiie dwelling houu ouTweii-
pmi troei near
(.'nininercial iiveniie, i
own -id b Mr John llvhiud, nnd iiiioppu-
pu-d When the tiro ooiiipanies teiiehi'd
tho ground tho building was entirely en
veloped in llanu"., mid tho lire hud bi'.'"
cuuiliiuiilented to the lion niljolliiiig. The
Hibernian being the tlrt on the ground,
throw tho llrst water. Tin- Itmigli nnd
Keadys and Arab came in soon after
wards, but tliorc being n great Minri'lty nf
water in tlio neighborhood, all thu oiii
panles worked to very grout disadvantage.
They did inot evuollpct service, however,
since they saved no less than three, and pos
sibly four buildings that would inevitably
havoboon burned, but for their presence.
From tho one story building in which
tho tiro caught, the flames ipread ton
larger ono story building ndjolnlng, which
was uNo the property of Mr. Hyland, and !
from thunee to a two story building owned
by Mr. Charles .Staats. In lhi last named
building tho lire wu extinguished, but not
until threu of the wnlls, the roof, etc., had '
Inieti destroyed. A one story residence,
standing within thrco feet of the burning
muss, was snved uninjured. The occu
pants of tho buildings hustled their effects
into thu street, sustaining considerable '
lot by tho hasty removal. 1
Thu buildings were nil insured, but to
not moro than half their cash value The ,
first building destroyed was insured to tho j
amount of $300 ; the tecond to tho amount I
of $000 , and thu third to thu amount of
5100. Tho two former belonged to Mr.
John Hvland nnd were Insured in thu ,
Ktna. A short time ago Mr. Hydatid j
held 11,300 insurance on these building. ; 1
but regarding them "safe risks,'' he caused
the agent to reduce tho amount to $s00. j
This transaction, therefore, cost him Just
$500. I
Of the origin of the tiro we could learn
nothing. Thu building in which the lire
originated was vacant and had been so for
some time. There urn two or three re-
ports in circulation ono to th effect that,
a few minutes before tho alarm was given,
a man waj seen to leave tho vacant build
ing and run off Into tho weed; but tho
most diligent inquiry did not en abb; us to
trace any of the reports or rumors to n re
liable source.
a "
TllK first arrival of Uoots nnd .Shoe
for the wholesale trade of Cairo for this
fall, will be received by Mesr. Klllott,
Haythorno fc Co, in a fw days. Over
three hundred caset ar now on tint way
This Is only the commencement. A con
tinual stream will jwur In each day
throughout th K-ason. We are deter
mined to keep our tock complete and at
tractive, and offer the lowe-t price that
can behi'l anyivhr-, enabling all unprvju
dicl svroni to buy their gJs at lnme,
where they may iav llrne. freight, and
btsids, t!t their goJs In j-jrson. jr.-
itsraJ of vrdering by mail; the disadvar.-
tsge and perxdexity of which can be '.
tlifl tohv ail 3irclr.li. We invite all
merchants to xauiin; our sto-.-k before
making tneir purchasfj. that they may
compare our prie-;., if they do not wi.h to
dl with us. au'12 d.'nwlt.
llUsiiliitlon uf iiirlusrslili.
.My ability t.. supply the farmers of th
surrounding csuntry with agricultural itn-pl-nK-nts.
th!. -tc.. on tint, is not qu.
to:nydi('ssition. I luvesueh implicit faith
in th'e h"liety and integrity f my Jsstron
that I would, if I c'suld, supply nil tlieir
wants in my line, nnd Ift them rerisult
their own convenience about mying rne.
lint It o hapJ;U that tl,tt U Just exactly
what 1 can't do. I have, therefore, made
up my mind to dissolve partnership with
the credit business, and to let my partner
go In with somebody thnt Is better able to
stand his way of doing than I am' Thit
course I h necesary step m the direction
of clfpr-ervaliou, and I have no wi,.
wisher that will chide me for taking it. I
thiill, as heretofore, keep evert thing the
farmer and planter of the surrounding
country ne.J for the ucrfsful )iroi.'ution
of their calling, and n thou.jnd and one
things thut nr. considered nec.-.iti. to
town people, but for fill th'-re thiilt;, I in
tend to CHO I
Thu lidoptiou of this rule will enable ii.
to sell cheaper that over, n I will not )e
couielled t "chalk-up ' price, to cover
tho lot of nil occasional ''wild-cat' d.ibl.
.My customurs will no doubt appreciate,
the necosdty that impels this step, and
give il their approval. Let it bu under
stood, then, that "sink or kwim, survive or
porMi," my motto for tho future will Un
'.Small prollb ; quick sulci; no cash, no
trade." And having started out on the cash
basis, 1 desire to dispel n memory of
thu fact that 1 ever did 1UsIiicm on any
other plan. If parties Indebted to inu will
cancel their iudobtedui'Si, o that I can
hum in y old books, I shall soon b able to
achluvu that desire.
Thanking the public for their liberal pat
ronage, and hoping that those indebted
lo mo will find it convenient to txpiaro up
soon, I remain as ever,
Very Hospeetfully,
180 Commercial avenue,
July at, 1H70. dawlm
Tiik Mr.t iiAMc'H IIoahiiinci Houhk.
Mat lluru hns tluished thu .Mechanic's
Hoarding House, corner of ('uu mercial
avenue and Third Street, and is now pre
pared to receive boarders by tho duy or
week, on tho inou reasonable terms. His
tablo will bo nil that could bo desired, uud
his guest bo treated in tho mot courteous
manner. Mat hat givo in to win this time
and iisk a kind public to extend to him u
helping hand. iiuglU
Local Hiikvitik-.. Tho culnbooso con
tains llvo negro tnon nnd onu woiiiun.
Tlio men nro employed lo advantage on
'ho stVCetii.
Attoclato Jutieu, .Sovoro Miirchllilou
l in tlio citv, in iittendiineo on th
l'rnbiito Court.
The Cliurlestoli ba'o lull club will
lhiv a match ''iiinu with tho Delta club,
of thi el!, on thu grounds of thu latter,
(.ii Friday, the liClh. It will bo ii very in-
tereliug cont.-t, and will call out
hundred of spectator..
The second alarm of tiro sounded this
morning, was on account of the breaking
out of thu flames in the debris of tho burnt
buildings on 21 it street. Tho Hibernians
answered tho call, and stayed on thu
ground until the last sign of tiro was ex
tinguished. There was n wedding In town ycltoi
day, which was followed by u pleasant
dance at the residence of a frlund residing
nenr the market boii'o. The boys of ihe
neighborhood iivailed themselves of tho
oporUiniiy to indulge in a cfrtrivari.
Thu Hibernian picnic comes off In Flora
Garden, to-morrow. Music, dancing,
featliiL', etc., form tlio liroL'rnmme. As
tho Hibernians have served nnd will con
tinue to serve tho public faithfully and
ethciontiy, as n ilru company, our cltlAeiiS
owo it to them to turn out nnd make tho
affair u success both socially and penunt
There l a bad brenk in the sidownlk
flooring on Eighteenth ttrect, near Com
mercial nvenuo. A young lady who pla
ces a very li'gh csthnato upon herself,
narrowly escaped serious injury there,
few nights ago. filio desires to givu thu
city fairwitrningthntshoTalupsher ankles
at itO.000 hinting to tu, by tho wny,
not to say, on her account, that "it it no
trouble to .-how goods."
l'at Kolly, with gun and dog, left by
tho afternoon train, for tho prairies of
Northern Illinois, where ho proposes to do
veto tlvo or sl.x weeks to thu snort of
i shooting prairie chickens, l'at Is u "crack'
marksman, a vcrv successful hunter, nnd
promises to keep
tho people of Cairo,
throtiL-h Louis Herbert's rcstaurtv.it, sun-
i .. 1 ...t.l .11 .t . I.I. .1.1.1..... .v.... .....
ilieu Hioinii me jiiuuiu luukvu. iw; i uii
"itowawav during thu toaton.
Make It vour buinoi, If you needclotle
Ing, to go to a reliable store, whero you
can find all you need, and made inth stylo
you fancy, at such prices a to suit your
purse nnd thu times. Antrim's I Just such
a house. There you will always una a
complete and seloct assortment of cloth
ing, either for men, youths', boy or child
ren, at prices as low us thu lowest. Com
pare his goods and prices, as It will le to
our interest. tf.
('arsons, D.tvis & Co- at, .No. f A 7
j Tenth street, tnve rrceivH their sooond
' lar.-e it-'k of Fruit Jar f-r the ummer
; trade, which they are '-fferirig at much
lower t!-.-ure than last year figure,
, Good Glass JKrt at il i0 prdo.; .Ma-
on Jr. self alr, at si .S rwr dor..
same with porcelain lined caps, 3 pir dor..
Call and examine at the
Tiik StLTKr Seaso. Tho summer
month are here, and at usual bring a long
train uf diia.. many dangerous and fa
ta) Jt i the season whfii nature can do
littbs in recuperating our exhaust"!
strength, and when w- are requirud to for.
tify our physique again.t the dangers
arising from the universal pr.-valem-y of
iK-kne.s. The only true sufaurd is that
jure mA reliable tonic and inviu'orator
Indorsed und re:onimended by the medical
faculty and unnurnberel thoiuands nf per
sons in every city, town, and village in the
country, who havo teited Its remedial virtu-.,
and by its aid preserved or recovered
their health. It will purify the blol uud
Secretions; cure every form of Indigestion
and afford Immediate relief in caie of
I)yeiitury, Cholic, Cholera, Cholera .Moro
and kindred disease.. Provide yourself
nte against u time f lieJ, Delay nre
danueroiis. I'rite one dollar ter Iwttle.
Sold ly all druggitt. aug.;oddA-w
A Till.WiS.liH I. tmUOiC'll'i:
H' V. D.mlel Win-. J, Dn ,,litor of the
New York Sunday School liYoeif, thus
pi-.ik. of the celebrated Crnlg Microscope
"Its simphelty, I'heapuuit arid great mag
nifyinir power struck me with surprise.
Then I was examining a fly's eye by It
aid, and was struck with worel.jr at the
skill und power of the creator which !
di pi lived In its structure. When I saw a
statement in. an nd vertUcmcut that the
Craig Microscope magnified unu hudrcd
diameters, and could lo bought forS'Joil,
I thought it was one of the humbugs of
the hour, for I had paid $20 for u micro
scope not lonn before but now I find it to
bu a really valuublu instrument which I
should liku tee introduced into the fmnilie
of our reader In placu of the manifold
Useless toy which please for uu hour ami
' are thou destroyed. This iiitcrosctpo
would both amuse and Intruct them and I
adtiso every boy and girl who wishes to
know the wonder which lio in little things
to save hi money until he has $'J 7S which
will pay for thu microscope uud the postage
when sent by mull."
As a holiday gift this microscope is uu
surpassed, being ornamental, instructive,
amusing and cheap, and never loses its in
terest. Agents and dealers supplied on
liberal terms. A mtniplu will bo mulled,:
pot paid, to any undress for $'2 75, by K,
H. I,O.SS,3i:i Locust street, St. Louis, Mo.
ltcad the advetisement lu another col
umn. mav31d3m
Youths' boys' und Children's clothes, at
! than New York prices, will bo sold
thi week, at P. Ni H'h, rognrdle" of cost.
..fnnot, !
.', '.. .', ...
Tub Coi.oheii volkh Haiiiikcuk.-
tirninnv rrt.niit ifiti Ti n iirnu li'xi. liiini in
Xnierlcn, On tho back of coal black, llory
tteed at tho head of a column of colored
people, uuuiborliig ono thousand strong, j
enthused by thu duleat strains of tho I
l'hoenlv brass band, lio looked and felt a ,
Mfltshnl N.:y, Canrobert or "lighting .loo .
Hooker.'' AVIllit colored man, Its nil '
did not envy Jacob Hradley1!
colored woman that did not look
his eoniflv proportions
w!'h irreiressible feelings of
n'.miration'' And what white person
failed to say to himself "There goes thu
ltoverened Jacob, against whose mutily
brent the poloned dart nf calumny hnve
been hnrletl, but who, panoplied with di
vine favor, still lives, tho observed of all
observers Wo rctient, it was a happy
dm- (or Jacob, nnd n Waterloo for thoso
who, in his humbler days, dared to accuse
him of the low crlnio of hog stealing.
Lone livo the effervescent, invincible nnd
exuberent Jacob Uradloyl
ThkAmthim HotSK kok IttNT. Tho
large and eligibly Incatod hotel building,
known as tho Antrim House, is for rent, on
reasonable term. The Antrim lloitso U
a largo, threo torv brick, throe squares
from thu steamboat landing, two squares
from the new puatolllce and customhouse
nnd in about tho center of tho population
of thu city. It contains thirty largo, well
finished, well ventilated rooms, and is sup
plied with gas in cvory room and all tlio
conveniences for a No. 1 hotel. Tho house
has a first-class reputation, and commands
u liberal sharu of both locnl nnd transient
patronage. Apply to
No. C'J Ohio Lovec. auglfitf
A new supply of Calf Boots and Galtera
list received at V. Noll's. No. Mr Ohio
Tiik CruKTKK Oak We har.ard noth
ing, wo think, in saying that, all In all, it
ha no equal. It sue, Its shape, affording
the greatest convenience, and its nunicrou
and durable vessel, entitle It to tho pref
erence over anv stove of which wo have
any knowledge. auglod&wlw
Tiik Lamm arc in rapture at the in
troduction of lIIAI).Ns ITALIA or
Salvation for the Hair. This grand di
coverv enables them to shake their ring
let at the frosting hand of time lu defi
ance. Frco from any sediment, it rapidly
darkens thu grayest heads.
Sold by all druggists and fancy good
daalars. auglSd&wlw
It you travel Katt, West, North or
South, take n package of Simmons" Liver
ltee-ulator. l'rotmrcd 'only by J. II
Zellln & Co., Macon, Ga. auglld&wlw
Isok to Yot'R OiULiiKKN. Diarrhii'a,
Dysentery, and summer complaint are
cured by Mrs. Whltcomb's Syrup, which
Is sold for 2 s cents u bottle. Seu adver
tisement, auglid&wlw
Tricot and busketca'slmers-uits, very
line, made to order, at the old reliable
clothing houo of John Antrim, No. 78
Springfield illocfc.
Flit-it Egg nnd Yellow Uutter can al
ways be had. ltad the inlvertlsement
Greatest Work nf the Agi'," in this pa-
i !'
W. W. Thornton, No 13J Thornton s
block, Tenth street, has Jut receive! three
hundrel boxet of glas, varying In tlr.e
from f x 10 to 30x10. For tale, wliolcsule
rem;. jltf.
a ai n.MTiuf nu.ui:k.
The Craig Microtcoiai adapted to .opu
an iul scieiitlilc use. P.ead the advertise
ment. Price. $2 7i. rnS7d:!m.
Just rcceivd at P. NetT's, No. !, Ohio
Levee, a splendid lot of spring CVsimeres
Coating and Vesting', which will be made
up In the most fashlonablu styles, and at
prices to suit the times, a serfect fit guar-
antoi-d or no sale. tf
Peter Netr mammoth tck of Spring
clothing embrace all tho new styles, nnd
what can be found nowhere elo In the
citv a large and well vuried atock of boyt
elothiriL'. tf
f!)ure Vt ctll at 73 Ohio Levee, and
ihi the June Hug Hats, with it varied stock
of jthcr new styles, too nuiiuirou to men
tion. HemeuiU'r Antrim U the place to
not vour hats. n.
- -
Ji'hT ItKCKiVKU. The HUixi Fly Elliot
nnd Don t Moddcr Me Hut nnd cap nt
P. Nell'., No. 7'J Ohio I.ovi-0.
- - -
II K .lire to ri-ud the ndvertlsemerit
'Greulet Work of the Age," in this
pupsr. rnaylBdSm
You will greatly "ml It" if you don't
buy theStar Shirt at John Antrim , No
i.i, oiim j.evee.
-Gossamer, Llslo Thread, Silk, Linen
cross-barred and merino under-weur, suit
able for tho season, atTlio famous clothing
house of John Antrim, No. 7H, Ohio
Levee. tf.
Ventilated hats, In entirely nuw styles
tho most comfortublu und delightful hat
evur worn, ut Jno. Antrim's. tf.
. .. - .
Da. At'nTt.v, who it absent on an Kust
eru tour will return Sept. 1st. His assist
ant, Wm. IL Pitcher, will continuo tho
business during his absence. uuglldlm
Go to J. O. Bagwell, Photographer,
cirner Kighth street, und Ohio Levee, for
ulctures. Carte do Visiles, etc. Haying
made arrangements with somo of tho bct
artists of our large cities, ho rospectfully
solicits, orders for copying nnd cnlargo
ing old pictures. Cull ut his rooms nnd
sco upoclmeiis of work in that line.
up Mil
Anotiiku M yhtery SoLTil) Cham
n belnir iinnbh) to discover tho Incredl
tuts in fragrant "fcorodont," wlch ro
min is all ttain fiom thu teeth and Imparts
such a peculiar rosinoss to tho gums, tho
public nro hereby inforiiiod that It is a
preparation from tho bnrk .if the "Qullityii
Sopoiiaria" or Soap Tree of Chill, impor
ted for thotlrst Unto Into this country far
this special purpose. Much Is tho purify
u ......
ing and Innocuous effect of this raro bo
tanical intent, that It removos discolora
tion from tho most fragile textiU fabrics,
without Injuring i singlo thread.
Save and mend tho piece, uso "Spal
ding's Gluu." auglCd,od
CloihitiL' for the million at P. NetT's No
TUOhio Invco. Thebot good in the city
will bo found at this house.
Good Calf Boots for tw odollart and
sevetity-flve cents only at 1. Keif, Nc
til Ohio Lcveo.
IIahoai.ssI. HaiujaikkI A good auit ot
clothing for ten dollars, at P. Nrr, V
OhioLeveo. ' '
300 bbls. Flour medium irrade, also' )6
half bbls. tnediuin quality suluble for the
Houthcrn r for sale at thu Igyptlan
mil ' tf
Gentlemen so to John Antrim's, 71
Ohio Levee, for all your onuju aisirto,
hoviory, underwear and paper colW m4
save at least K pur ceat frosn tba otdtrury
retail prices. He ha tba tmt cloU cor
cred paper collar ever offered lo ilia mar
kct. r.
Gkkat Excitimhsit. rmU aUssghsar
of High Price at Antrim's, TIOWoLevsst,
where vou cannot only Bad in iKNrsii-
lonnblo and sensonatle itock of elothiag in
the city, but the largest and beat tarlety
of Straw, Leghorn, Panama, Cuslmereaad
Silk IlaU ever offered in Cairo. Buy you
hats and clothing right there. tf
Thit Microxopc it simplified antl aslapt-
ed to opular as woll as sclcntlfl uv. A
new optical wonder I This I tho only in
strument of high power which require bo
focal adjustment, nnd therefore can U
readily u.l by every one, even by chil
dren. Costing onlv Two Dollar and
Seventy-five Cents, by mail, post paid, Il
Is within the resell or nil in me commun
Itv. and should bo on the tablo of every
Pructloueur. Itead advertisement in mis
- j
paper. ins i a j in.
Perhaps It It not generally known that
the much talked of Iritkina tpiralU, or
iork worm, was first discovered In Amer
ica bv Dr. H C. Kendall, of Philadelphia
Pa, with that American Instrument known
a tho Craig Microscope, cotlng only
'.',75, after repeated failure to discover
tilts worm with an Imported microscope,
costing fi-1. "of feeblur power and leas re
nin c. Tin. fact ur. iven.iaii tunas
r,iMl c to nrove at an v time. The '"Craitt
MicroseoH in neat box with full directioa
i inallel anywhere for 1,75, by K. II
'.o-s, 313 Locust St., i. iouu, aso.
Head the advertisement in this paper
my 31. dJru
M I.ry. I'tdi.rth, s.iliH(U.a. C-iluuUs,
Arinai. " ruvof faiio, NVktlurg
Ar.'r-iikut. Twill Klsi-r, Ml HI Louis, Hi I.ouis,
UtVn, iiiro.lr.u, liurkilill)-, .HmIiviII,
lSi,.S'vf .Jrlttns.
Milt.J' X. Hitii-'li, illiDKloi, (XiIjh.Ihi..
Arilivl. I'll v of Cairo, Ml Lvult,
Affiir.ut,llUis, llskcr, Ca(a (llrtrdaae,
Ali, file laastl, IIWItM 1iUls, Mnit.
The weather continues clear and il is to
bo hoped the rtin I over for a while. A
heavy fog hung over thu rivers and city
most of last night, which must have Inter
fered with navigation to some.exUnt.
The river has fallun about 3 inches silica
lait report. ,
Tho Mississippi is reported stationary
at St. Isoui and- will undoubtedly bp on
the decline in a day or two. Th channel
to St. Isoul has deepen! but is untt!d.
There I sir feet water to Quincy, and fall
Ing above, '
The Ohio it falling at Pittsburg but is
till rising ut Cincinnati and Louisville,
with -11 inchfet in the chute over th falls
At Nathville trio Cumberland is rhlng
with IJ feet on Harpeth Shoals.
Tho Mllbrey brought fur Avars t'i
Vi bbls flour, Fulton Hons HI ska wheat,
Chat. Gallachor 21 do.
The Kvantvlllu brought a larsr lot of
wheat for Cairo and a good trip for olbtr
The liurktvillo is th Nathvlll packit
to leave to-morrow.
Mary Miller it tba rtgular MvaasvilW
packet this evening.
The Milbry and Armada loav for Psv-
dueuh us usual.
The Pauline Carroll for New Orlaani U
due to-day,
r tb t'orasr or Klfbtk Ntrttt aad loai
srll Avcaat,
IU .ui'iilitil Iilinstlf with one or U. UcDoaahl
A Coa
Meter Testera
1'aitien ills.atisricil willi the raglateriatl of tlitir
misvr.cau now bvo ttnm leslnl. If the nitUr
are fouajlrue tins mntli ipasa of Ilia Utl tvlll
livchaiyo'l lo tlio parly caiisioglti il th tnlr
I foiimt to I id concct no cbarg trill b rnsdf.
$200 EWA"-
Office Illinois Calm! K. It- Co.,
Cairo, III,, August 11', 1S7C.
; will pay arcwnril of Two lluadred Jollarsfor
Tim arre.l ainlroiivictioa of llisi 'r;B orpsB
who cliine.l Hie Hwitch urar Ihe Ko"J'J "u"
in llil city, ou Huoilur moriiiug, lat.,
tliercl-y eausinK cellf.lon between a iissneDger
traluaiel koiiu. i-nipty cr turn wero aUiiil lag on
Ihe sale track. uv , '
.tijjlWla isen'l.sjiipr.
-sw.t '
....M...AT TUB
Is prsparad to '
kiadsoT ltook JrilSMllrtv Us4 HsiUsssj,
Gor. Walnut & Gano Sts
tit I SMHWUT rsjR lit.
2lotic it barsbr (la tWal tlx uad tslaaad ha
kiappial4a OwsailU In UhalT pf th
Citf tuaciltu harapfala Irnn Mia arveatttat)-
rtemtni ir cotponuuD tun i aat tna i
iMnaatltaw la sax Cliy Clash' oaV osm
So lb tsatulaatiaa f aay ra lirMt
tharsla, a4 that all IWIIaa Uinlt
Mcgtssvari hy Ik mU mmihiiii mmf at)M) to
i CotmaisStM fee alttfmts. tVih -
pa I iball lr la SflltHM aa SluJI SSMrlty tb
taswoas of avaeal) aart tba matter oranlajeta
MataM M, bm u aanioi sua LtsyuMtai
kiaaaV. laMVatatuitiMSilll mMtatatha Itlli
t4 tsf.aU iHkmSoUil I th iMytTstfcal
V. M4Vattjtuitiitlll mm an th ITtii
I sly
M., ud IioM iJy snMliaca, fro an M to is
asj or th tarra ot tao tUysTur th yarpoM r
arh BBtvaasa.
itgrntT wirrtti,
i. UTtor.kal.D,
Cairo, lu., lurl lash, ISTU dM
Ctt; t,1k't fie-, Caira, III.,
Allfuat U, 1S.V.
)laticaUhraayirivra Uth owntr or
of tb tlloia4i'rlld lou.to-ttlti Io( (tl)
KlahlMa. IK) fliaotMB. ()) TssIT.(Jll TIV-
un la Hlaek tr4 M Tsstalyuur, la Ut cliy
a( Cairo, toal Sis City (Xwaall ra city, hat or
ctiiiaaawa sstsmism tnarsiBatrartina or iSKsnaii
in rraal f aasd tola, attd tea fl sstlttnl (
tis Uu, l lit nsr i( r Mlk a tulh
l, uf Httfa lrl, aad thai ll. osnf ct
aakataofaatiltota bvU riablhr lis tio of
fortr lty from this ial la sbich tu build said
id walk, thai ualsa computed sslllila th Uaia
lxitr apas-iaru in stusini Mouusitaaritj
a J it, cott tsJMisj aotoal lis liraioam lm-
auS tlirtr.la trorao
btiiu mm cbanar asa
crdliiaac of lb aalil uly.
Citr Uaik.
Aa Ordinaas lo aid tb aWuti ! WJy y,t
Coinaaay a kasMlaf aa f la baas.
tuiiorsUhtadbyShvCily Cauwllof tbellyr
Tbt, for th turixist of aiJins; aaJ aaaiatlM
th "lloas ii Sad Kajy Kir CatnpaDy," f Us
City of Cairo, larnri'iraud by lha lv f tb
huie of llliaois, lu rtrllD( a lrtak tOlUlM
Upon lol DUrenara-i ni;
ity.ttTo, la tliotk suns).
Mr, la ssltsek lo fc M
sssdtMry. s4 la tkUM
iMMlv-bv. la tb Ul
aairlna vl othal Basil
IioM it bo.! maiijrAa rT a arasra upaa
lb City Tramsrr lor ifoMta t tar linad
dailar , 114 to ttv rar f il "h
Krads rira Couitany,' to ba lllrd to Mid
Ktody flra Couiyany," U ba lllvrd to said
IXsasi-aay for lu us aa t llsaaai upoa US sasj
Caantvaa; BUrlnj; late Ustvd tfitb aatanty, of
finaralbsraod aad tusl aaeunty forMia
Mtteaal tottkSSUr tf th llsnawaad daltar a
Sir bafot aairaliaa M Bsa yrar frosn tb
dateofaaM oMr, abteh said idr shall b
iuaaslby lb tsriiMt oSVaea of lis eit M Its
approval by in riaaar CntHlt af tCaai
itacy of aail buad aad aaeurtiy,
Scprsd Auautt h, IMu.
ufVdtus THOMAf VIlsMW, Mayr.
joncE. ,,.
TrtajClsl's 0c, Cily af Oairo, III., I
July ksSk, ICO.
otia U btby ait llitlbjlMyTranr t
It. Cll r CallO bMbssM IBSUUtatd by lb atf
Coumilof tid City, u-si to r4n or rvrl its
asnilaf aay 1w.sm1os to ail City, ri
.1ilaaibsr 1st, rtast, A. l. 170, aay orilr dr
by It City Clark o Iba Ttrasurar of aid Lily
any Juror cattlnVai of U Ul Coart of IVBi
mua lltaf of Mad Cliy, or aay Trsaaury.ttarraa
ur ollmr rvidtac of nif lnJVjB 1s Itiaa
Kisa IIU's, airyicouron brtnidkra
arts-r f.ir Us ayasral ol iBUrrslon Tba botdsd
latbldaau ol lb Cily, uulwt utU orttr or
oll.r vld of lBlbU4sa alsiva spaeif .
s ursltiird wllhtsia Traurr.
Tb Cliy Trurr is itrraril t ttfl.ur
all city eriitr aud olht onunaadlaf ys4
aca of cliy UdalstaUtisM tto J-
Udt-i to at In cfl, coraar af Waalilag
to vao aad Kigklaaata lrtl, fioai t U II
o'clock .m.bad frara iwl o'clock r.ss. '
Ttf cut Traaairtr.
' FijrOompmsyy
; , ToUh.Ual
Flora . Garden
ThurUdy, Am 18, 17.
Tb meaibsr of U liUiaia Kir Co., latlta
thrllisf Cait and vitially loJialiniuia
ChNUid FiMlcv
OaTbataday. Augasl Uth. Tba aTtlM aad
iisussistit.r Ibaday III bsv hM al riara (lar
(t.a, a pUaMal and rovalal play f rort,
aifordiaganpUroon asai shasi for,ajpaot.
A Fine Cotillon Band
i .r
III U in tiUmiaJwa anil, lha Oar Oaa hall will
afurd reotn for ail who with to danu
To all who would sujoy a 0y sasMStr, w
MyOUMIC, pai Itlog your wlvrs aavl ehtldrtii,
sistar aad swaall.tans.
JMatetvtlB, - - - 0 3SB.
aut;Vltil -Coin, af Arraagain.iiU.
Copper aid Sheet Iron Work
Mill Machinery of all DMorlptioni.
N0.248 MtrMrlHtrett,

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