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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, August 18, 1870, Image 2

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Ftoni lUA'Urtirof Ilnnaji W Cmie-i-miii
licj tMrcJicliollsM':ilou '1,lnr
iiilitcr; no time 11 ' iII.tii-moii
r ilcnd i'VphM? ii" inniiir'slii(iim "r
narrow or prosrrlpllvc focll".-'' " '
sacrifice or I ho ciihrc to pW'O I"'1"'
.final amWUoii or rsei; !' '
' . yui costs .vnirii '4r"" "
.jsWiaWs.''',,,',,,M ,,H,,,t,
I IIOMAfS A.jjg "SIT 2 V
J 11 Lentil's Kn- eliitlriniili ol tin Duni-i-nislfc
CWirj;'l 'f'Witl (.'omiilillii
i . l.t,)Sflrouir to Urn 'clinirnii'ii (
has ilium - - - ,
tin. iltfVrent roitnty ceiitruli'oiiimlltei" in '
wiiu i c u, . . . ..i, i
the Thirteenth. 'Mriot, urjnii; llicriuiijli J
Hi .ii"i ... i. ii... ti:.. ..... I 1
lirnlcati bu licit aultli'ved thronylt 'rt
elfiet club, to tlio frnnatlon of wlileli Air.
Louuils urge, the Vttuocnoy'to jirnowd
with all poselble Ulipntcli. Tlio several
nuttnltcrs of the ConprewlonMl CutiitiiittiMi
can greatly aid In thNwork, and they urn
I'Xjiected to do so.
There is work to lo donu befuro thn
CAtupalgn cloin, mid It hohoorci tho lend
ing PinioortttJ of the dlitrlct to eo tlml It
in well dune. Let no man' energies be
jigralyHHl by "mudial dependence ;" but
let oTcrybody tijton whom any of the bur
dcni of the cnnvasi fall, "roll up hit
dear"," and work ai If the rotult of the
coiitmt.,dap dA upon his tndlridtiiil
itl'orti. The ooacraalonal committee Ii
i-ompwod of the following gentlemen: J.
It. 'IaxhiiIi, OaUatia county, chairman;
Fred. Brow, Alexander county; John AV.
tVrtirlu"laikf; T. P. Houton, Union; O,
W.Wall, Perry ; M. A. Bataa, Williamion;
G . W; It. Corlou, Mawaq D. K. Clark, Pope;
0. W.SVilklni, Hardin; James Mncklin,
Saline; George Williams, White; Nell
C. Surm, Wabash ; John Landrigan,
Kdwardt ; I. N. Dumron, Johnton, and
U. Andrews, Jackson good, enterprising
.ni inimmimin urp'ur.ir.iiiiiiii i nuvhh ....
and popolar men nil of them, who will
carcely be aallsflcd with aJftxatidltiditTer
ent cotitat, when so much depend upon
hard, work and thorough organiution.
Tho distribution of campaign documents
It a means of power that must not be over
looked; anil thai distribution cannot In)
i-ffociive ind general unlet there Is a com
plete organlzatlon. "When clubs are
formed In the different precincts of the
differontcewtiM, end Mr. Loomti Is In
formed thereof he will forward luch pa
peri and doeuaenta M the committee may
be ablo to icctue) for distribution.
The canvas it now InaugurMcd, and
Yery Democrat is expected to do hi duty.
There Is a large Democratic majority In
the district; and If it is not brought out,
the delinquency may ho charged to our
ownjUtlesafifeM and want of united effort.
Lt$ Jdlti TfajioUonitnnci, published by
tbe.'jfweMOt emperor of tho French, In tho
yoar jn9, lias often been rcrurrcd to as an
Indication of hi policy. The prophecy
bearing upon tho futuro of Franca, writ
tin when tho author was in exile, und at
the time when the mure idea of his ever
mounting tho throne would hnvn k-cu
laughed nt all over tho world, as nn ub
surdity.not to U tleratxl, is rontalneil in
thortlldwitSg-Vtraet :
' Oaeination Is urged on ngnlms another
uml the one Is employed to accomplith tho
subjection of tho other. Tho French liber
ate tho Italians from the yoko of Austria.
Germany njid Kngland roumin neiitrnl, for
what dp tMyiciire about tho AuitriHiin In
ItalyT' Hint h the flrst'ttiir. "When tho
power of Autrla is broken, then comes
the turn of neutral Germany and Prussia
without Austria but with tho aid of
the Ituliant. That Is tho second war; by
which thuUerman question, tho Ithinoend
Danish" question, the rihcldt allu
vium (mention that lr. tho in
corporation of Belgium acd Holland in
Franljfi-Twul basolvod. The third wur
will bo directed against Kngland. The
oljeqt orprctoxt will 1Q to freo tho op
pressed iiatlonalHIes, the Irish and Scotch,
m well as tho colonies, from the Ktill.h
rule Ut breiik thejtpwor of England on
thn tck, ahu to dismember Great llrltuiu.
AVhktuvur power can disposu ships-of-wnr
inu.i nein, i lien tlio srrtnt Western Km
pirn of tfiu Nuiiuleonilyiunty will be voiw
plete.budth.eotherJuilfof tho world, the
hH.tufii Kmtila.'Siallufsia. uL'alnst whlrli.
hfter she lias been the allv und the auxil
tary, u ie lu.t war will be declared."
)f thefour foresli'aowed war the no
cond hut commenced, Whether the pro
phecy is to Uo fsilftlUd In tti entirety, f.tily
the future can dutvnnlmi Uit lu remark
hie Verification so fr, places Napoleon
on record for all time us u statetmuu of no
ordhtay tttdiioients,;rhateer error he
may have to utoue for as a warrior uml
ruler. 4
Tiik Ciiicaqo' Tntitusic assails, with
ronslderable virulence, the platform
adopted by'lbo Uemocrafy of thu Thlr-
;niu uongreasionut district. It full to
tee in. the demand or a, Uriff for revenue
tnlyj for rellcf.fnwi our luaasnt finnrii
dsprcsiion by an Increase of the volume of
Currency ; In It denunciation of' the great
land swli.au, that have already robbed the
?iYT'?.Vf Utriy entw than
. , . tnB'nd; In its denuuel
nun oi vie ci
or the- ere
fttsskl a.t rr-.L.m it .
... ; Jiv "uucturer
burdens and eppresstt the laborer r,r i-i.i
sMgoand the. farmer ot Cook uuty-i
suunisuiiMiKB wore, tho Tritio,. mi.
to eee anythJng thnt Is worthy of tho nam,
f "pUttom?." '
Wo re disposed to value the favor of
the THinn very highly; but since the
MetropaljUtfcrin is ekactly aoch a one
the Democracy of Kg'ypt can, to a man,
nil upon, it will jroUbly sUnd Just as It
la wltnoUjI bt erasure or addition of
wort orasylfolJo.
y.jrp. ij!ii tllu." !' wht'iit tiro dully
rtciiv.-il ii' J!Ii Iiii""Ii Vii.Iiiiiilnl.vt'roiii ilm
, 'v,ini'oo iiii'l Vlrj-I'i'n nlr-llnci rnllrii.iil,
Htlj sPf.rcl is Hiu tlmt til u tlujiuti
niiinot iiiit -t ir.ttci room, and liavit given
'notice tmt lilinipnti HilHt In! re iiuVihI
tiiiliin tMeiily-tir niliri alter .irriviil,
Aflj)" A iluiti!r In LiiiiMiimi rucunlly
"lil III r.'w .n ..'tt.m at HrtfUll cults
n r iiiii nil 1, i "Mill, ihe cuttuli to lw ill'.
livureJ itt Viiliilm, ''' "' Ni-t :lic. Tim
t..t. .....l- .ii lituiAti ritni'iuiiiitii.
live oV tultt.iiiti.il lit- t;-j lli'iiiv mul -V
h lUlltiVl) llalltl'l "
I 5j-Tln.' i'liixlilu iliiuti!rt fliW e.iuii
luive plnnti"! iiiliitnU liiftend lil Sen 1.
IniiiJ cotton to nil UliUMlul extent. Seventy-
;h iUnU'r In Alui'.liuit ruunty, ulm lut
U'nr lint! 2s- Here in uplands utiil rt,,V.i;i in
,,,,,, , , 6m
lilt Mid "ltd u tlv 2,760 in tliu ot it-r.
. .
tie ten in
Kukptiti lit-' thumb to hU lime when
GriintdrlvoK by,
Iti'ply of thu ladliM to Victtir Hugo
"Victor, you go.
A Ctiliftiriilu Methodist minister, us
slsted by it tititii who iimki" mortiir, U
building it eliureli.
A portion of thu original manuscript
of "Oliver Twin " in thu lumdwriling of
tho author, bus been sold for 50.
Some of the Ilostoniaiis uro wearing
live dollar crnvjits euibliir.uncd with por
traits of Klug Vlllluui und Bismarck.
A man In 1 ml hum, on being usked why
hu liuver combed hi huir, nobly remarked
thut "It wits ahonp ohi'Mper to cut it."
J. D. Fitrusworth, Nanhvllle, and John
II. Neville, Lexington, Ky., uro announced
as having arrived iu London, July 27th.
John K. Owinr has been secured for a
season, of olio hundred and fifty nights by
h Western uiuuitger, and will start with a
Hrst-cluM dramatio company on September
1st forfH tour tirough the West and Now
The share of Mrs. Samuel L. Clemens
(Mrs. "Mtirk Twain") In her fnthet's es
tate amount to a quarter of u million.
Murk is one of thn two uzocutors (elected to
carry out,thu details of tho will and to con
duct'tliO CxtetMlvo And profitable business
In which the deceased (Mr. Langdon) hits
for so niaiiy'yotirsbeon'bugaged.
Tlfd editor of Hlair, Iowa ttyftfsr Is
in tho wutermolon business. Ho recently
put.his card lu his pajnir : "To the person
leaving the largest melon at this office dur
ing the ictuoti, wo will send tho lltglsitr
for "one year." The largest and best mol
ons are being rullol Into tho office, and he
and his friends ure feasting.
A Turkish Pacha recently got posses
sion of a rebel. Ho ordered horso-shovs to
bo nailed uiuiti Uiu liuro feet of his lcitiu,
und then, ulvlng him ti few Hrd sturt,
told him to run lor his life, as tho soldiers
would lire nt him nfler a minute's graco.
The poor wretch endeavored to run uwoy,
arid asufter thu volley he still contlnuod to
run, and it his body could not bo found it
is thought that hu hud contrived to e
enpo; ltut his remains were subioiiioutty
discovered in sonic earth hole, where ho
had drugged hluiiclf to die.
Tho Now York Timet publishes n let
ter written by Charles Dickons, In which
ho nays: "Let mo say, In answer to your
letter, that tho wniiduriiigs, history und
death of Nell uro 'pitto iumcinary und
wholly lictilloii. Thnt iimtiy of the feel
ings which grow out of this little story, und
ere suggested b It, nru fumlllur tn me
I need n'nrcely -ay. The grave hu cloed
over every deep iitlvcilon and strong lovo
of mine. .So fur amino further, there Is
truth in it. 1 do not usually answer ques
tions, having thl reference, so freely, Jlut
your Is an hornet letter, I U'llovf there
foro I give you mi lionet answer.
A correipotideiit of thti New York
.Vim, who ! an nrchituct, writing from
Pennsylvania, my that the dog found in
Mr. Nathan Inline is Used iu aw milU
only. Tiie.chim.-I mid of thu dog is driven
into thu lo with thu grain, and the hurp
point into the iidu of the carriage. Them
are right and left dug, und they aro
Iwuya ilmli'il nt the points. They aro
driven in with u hummer called u mull,
weighing from m to eight pound. Thi
fact would nivoiiiit for tho indentation on
thu instrument. Thu correspondent who
gives tills iiiforiiintiou uer.s that In a
long t'xpsijlcm'u'n an architect hu lnw
never known ia-h an implement used in n
hutiie. He Highest thnt tlientw mills on
thuKaitnbd North river and iu tho
cuuntry-adjaci'iil'bu unrchcd, when tho
iiintu of tinning will probably ltofouiiil.
TIs l'rSeiiltl Itriliii-Slosi nt lite 'I'aits.
Tliu radiculu areclHiiniiiif it ureut reduc
tion in the tnxen through thu bill passed
by couiireM. ''to ri'doci- the tit and for
other purnou-t." '1'ln.i bill was u cunning
ly duvi'ixf rehemu In nominally reduce
the taxo, whll reullv 811111111! to 'tho bur
dens of thu Hople' Thu tuxes are luwured
on a few urtieles, while on others they urn
Increased, and the etK-ct U to udd to thu
prices of articles that enter into general
consumption so that thuiudirecttax eaut-
cu uy llio lyerenseu trtev is uiuny lltnea
more than the pretended tavlng by the re
Auction in thu turiH'ou a fow articles and
in the lncomu tax. The Washington cor.
respondent of tho New lork Hi.Wd thus
succinctly and forcibly ventilates thu pre
toiided reduction of taxes. I (Hu say
Tho reduction of tho taxes, with which
every stump Is to ring this fall, amounts
to this: TVut while iu one form the popu-
lur burdonilsavo been lightened, in anoth
er ait the burden nave been rcimpoiou,
ana, perhuns, oven new ones superadded.
Kenator Hhcrman put the reduction at
51C jW)(ooo. Bchenek call it 80 000,000,
nil Itoutweii, in a document sent In on tho
,h f 'lunu last, make It $62,000,-
, ur the.u estimates for tho re
duction it not known, but mere
ly un estimated reduction Uout
well is, perhaps, the tmM rellablo, and
that Is not saying much fur it. Thu secre
tary is not enmrkiiblo for hii nceuraiy.
According to Diiwon, he liiiulon mlstnko of
:t7,0i)(i,000 in his estimate of thu general
appropriation:), and thcru Ii no telling but
he has nmilu allot her mlsttiliu of .''J.Oil'),
rtOu in IiIh (Mtim'uto of thuriMuctloti of the
taxes. IJnt, eoiici-dliii; thnt thuio Is no
mistake, conemliiig tls:,t jf..V.00i,n.in, .r
nvcil $70,000,0110, :ui' fikuii "tl' the
luxe?, is there nothing milled on '
Tho uiiMver to this Is that there in
.Kimiithliig iiildeil on, ns m iu li
as If not more than thu amount takmi oil'
At the fug end of thu act "to rediieu tlio
taxe unit or ttcr itro.ini," thu "other,
pifribsus" iiiuiiiar In the iliiipenl'.Sehciiel;
till, tariff sylilcli adds, to thpopulur bur-
il'ii all tluit tlie I km Iv u Wie act tulle oil,
and probably aild more. The income, tux
i reduced from 5 tu .1j per cent., mid tho
uiemlioii iiii'ruased ' fiiom $1,000 to
$2,000, iilo.', seemiilotiy, and gumbogue,
egg.', ilhiiiminl ilut, seitwiicd, skcletoiunnd
HquilU are put upon thn free UU und thrt
duty en tea, sugar uii'l colli',' is dccreietl,
unit on tliiMii tihaugi's thu reduction of
70,1)110,0(111 . clai.tie.l but cocva
with theu clinhgci, the tall tnrilf rnhes
the duly on steel, Hits, hemp, cotton goods,
nickel, oils, ainl other most uecissary
article), to it ratu that will take from thu
people of the United Statu-) millions of
dollars in thu shupo of an enhanced cost.
In thu urtiulu of steel alone. $."0,000 will
in all probability bo taken in thu hapii of
a ilifferencu In price brought about by this
"act to miner tliutiixei;" from $4,000,000
to $10,000,000 on eot'on ; whllo on llux,
hemp, oils, and nickel tho duty Is raised
from ii.ll to 000 per cent. It Is truo that
these are not taxes in thcscnsuln which the
Income tax it that i, exactions which
must be met by going to n collector's otllcu
nnd planking down your money
in exchange for a receipt, but thev uro
none thu less tuxes for all of that. To pay
more for thu suuu; articles is nibstatitiully
n tux, und tliN is tho tax lovlcd by the
tuil titrltl'. Tho teel worker or painter
who has an income of $l,C0O, nnd has
heretofore) paid an Incomo tax upon it of
$25,11 relieved from further payment, it is
truo, under this net to reduce tlio taxes ami
for other iirotr;' but in. tho enhanced
cot of tho steel worker' raw material or
the pointer's oU, ho will pay $'it
many times over in thu course of tho year.
The tall tarllf enhancing many of the
main articles of use, what is said here of
tho steel worker, und the pulntcr, npplle
to men of other callings. Their incomes,
if under $2,000 aro spared, und their tea
nnd sugar comes utrlllo cheaper; but they
pay tremendously forthls, mid the money
that they pay goes not to tho government,
but to tfiosc cormorants, the protectionist.
In whoso interests Schenck framed
nnd Congress passed tho tall tarltf ut
the end o? thn tax bill. Kntitled an net to
reduce the taxes, It Is really nn net to re
lievo the people from paying curtain taxes
to tho federal treasury on condition of
paying certain other nnd heavier taxes to
protected interests. The treasury loses di
rectly under this act, und the people Into
Indirectly, and nobody profits much ex
cept the radical protectionist who makes
moiiov, and tho radical politician, who
makes party capital out of it. The "re
duction" is fraud.''
.-incr,ori lo 1-II, lliu.lrick A (V J
"VeZlXaStX'f - BOat
MlitiKtl. AISVAMC s-MAIK O.N 4'tl.V.
cir.r i-rM-kml lo m-Hii-, -turi-anil furnunl
Iff. Kill- In all illi(, uti'i liil) ini-l r-l li iilil.
Hil-il,-F. allrl.-lv.J liiulll. pri-llll-tlll'"
-iiiv.i..iiiii I'irkt-rA I'IhIII-,)
Mi, I Hi alrr ill
riour, .It'iil, liny, 'rn, Oiiik,
Cor. 10th St.& Ohio Levee
;.muo, IM.I.VOIN.
f hi: ui:ui:to im'kciiasi:
wi: wnfi.ii (ii;r a
.Not Mild U-i ,iiii uiouk Ihu IiImIicsI I'tO" al Hie
Ni'H Knultn-I Kan nl l'riitiie'i', nt tin' .V.iv
VolU Hlulc K.ilr. 11 -1 Mart lan.l Sluli- I'uir. nnr I..-.
ritiioi ll.i- Jiul- ut tin-AllK-riiiiii liililuli kuy,
." .' ' '""" 'l H" I 14-1 I.II1IHII Ml
till-Jtlillll-- lint MO'r. nut lllliiL-i II, . r : l.iil N..
t aun Hi-Ilk,-il 1,-Kt, ai a hoiiihu ay, il
w,iii inn- n , iiMi ii. . hi- ran ,'H iiiiiiiiiiim,-tilt-ii-i-
tiilli it : Ilm I'lill-lri'ii cun'l l-ci it mil i.f
urdi-ri aii'l H U juil at tin, in,-.! kouhMi-,
v..-.. t .1"..
A, M. WOOD, Anr.lt,
J 1 in IHU Cuiiiiiu-n-lul hmuiu, I'alin, III,
jp M. IV AHT,
I'runil'lly K.i.l utl.fai-lniily, . ,, ery la
Lfuve Orders nt llulen'a Old Stunt)
Oil A't' TIIR I'OHT.UI l iiifc:.
ji:ts:k cuiii,,
Vrr Hulli-ltnl, ami lroiiiyir anil
S,ltNnV'tiirl)- I llleil. yji
omo i,i:vi:i:, caiho.
FULTON & SOXS, - - Troprlelors
ArtsHoMr 1st t'tsil 0irrntloii,
Me,ir. Knllnn A Hmia ar rri'iutrcil lofuriilh
nil kind-of I'limr nf l!n- I c imllly, and nl-o
Mill Keil of ul! '(Iii'Ik. fir.tliait Hour, IntArku
ur in lra iiinnt!ly, iniilo frott lln Ix-nt Wlille
Wheat iipril.VIII
mum &c
.Mi, ki-cp eniiatmitly on lifunl n iiui-t com.
'l'tn Klix-k nl
Scotch and Irish Whiskies
h Madeira, Sherry, Catabaw
V aro mt-nl' lur J. IMil Co.' CVUbratcJ
. UVwIlfirlinlsily fur Ch, t wlileli fsa.1 w
nuite Ihf ntlcntieii of ey bargain lni)or:.
Scchl atltitlon ultra to f.llliii; or-lft..
fc'QX Tin: movi:."
Confection Merchant
II.ik Iteniorid to Ilia Old Stand
3( Commercial Avenue
Whnr Imavliei ts a eontinilaiic c.f lrnnaK o
Ills lorintrcu.lu titers, u II aa tlisl of a-man
tiw on n may nit prmif ctoei-rles, prorl.lonsy
etc., miiarkklily i-hrap lor i-h.
Tariiiat Mttctly riuh, for which he will aril,
iiMtrltun Him jimrrl. "flf
Piaster Paris Plasterers' Hair
ojaavcKiJgq', svo.
l.iHitt III ItilllnlvtXNi) aji?il
jii.un'oi.iDu 'vLO'i'uistT.
Hill. Hill ST. .V OHIO IVA V.V.,
C'alkMK - - XIIIjioIh
IUm jiM I' '' ' luf ill mi l ronipMf-ttof ljnt
Genls' Furnishing Goods
OfiM T) ill rrii-li'iii, wliiclt will lie solil ul jrl- -Unit
ill not u,l i itiiiiull .iirclniT, IVinn
lll2i:iriii i ,1. Hu stock uf
Slilrls, llnt Cups, (;:.,
Is nut i h i I!., I la int uf rlcp, aljlc uul ni.il.'r.
ml in tins or nuy utlirr uiti.i t.
T.ll N. .'. MClJI'.K'S
1. 1 Ik iu(-( In gel tlio new ami fashituiuMi-
Iiarge Hair Hats
.ll(Ni' Selissol rJIuta nnU iMtt
M.l.lt-1-jir-ply furh'liin Olrla Also
Widlo SassIi Slibbou
A Mil Mu- L; of
tloo.ln, HiMlrry, Nutluua,. .l Olovra,
re-, c. . r
Slid lul l'" no Ixink uccouiit, si lls
Strictly r o x- 0,w2x
aii'l i'i.n.iiii.ullif. ciiti f.l at prwPH llialnlllru
(uln for Iiit i l.it'll.liiiii-nt tliuliiltir
. Ilrr k'ou.U aro lresi,sasouailauil fitshlonaMi',
nlio will I- you morn for tliHaanm uuiniint ol
iiioni-) than any other atore, In loan, i ion' t buy
ntl ou rail on lit-r-M,oiallj If you wnat mil.
litiety uv("t- cr Htum'i.'a mul i)ii,riii'H lim.
al.op., Hi-. inlll
! " j FORiBDlilllffllSSIOII I
I ii 1 1 1 r t'rl n i-vnm I
l,S,lirAi jii.ui iUMH.
AllJ Attnia of
NO.70 OHIO Xjinxra33E3
2. 1'. M.(iiu.s. ' i:. c um.
-..AMi i
(ii;Ni:uAii l'ltomici:
Commission Merchants
lil.jOhlo Le no, CAIHO, ILLINOIS.
H'PMlntl'ntlnn Kl'cn'o the purrliaM) nn-l snloof j
ItKI'KltS tit
I.ee County Natluniil Inns, IHoti, III.-, Win. t'hl,
iJixon, III ; 1'itr N.illmml Hank, Calm, llllii"ll
Mallii Ki), I htlnr A Co., Cotiiml"iui Mrri-haiits,
Chk-avo, 111 i HhIiIuOi A Slum-, C"'n. Jter hauti",
i.'lit'njn, III,, !)', MorAa A CSi., ('l.i.-nuo 111.
1 W. UI2K,
IHnei-i"is:rto ralll-.'In nAC'i 1
...n. IJrniT.il
Commission Merchant
(!:iio, u;r,
H. I. Acr.
II. .!. A) lis
,f , ..,-.n,'l (J irl.-...
Commission Merchants
o j. ik o.
ISAMr.fi II Vim, 1'rrolilt-iili
IIOIII'.HT W. 3III.M:it, Vl;p.'rr....
I', fi. Ill'SilU'Ji, Clt.lllrr.
Collections Promptly Made,
i;x(-liMim, ;iii, ilank Nsskm
und llrilifd Slates Seen rl
tl( Itotmlil anil
Intcrr4 .tllqivid on 'lime Depnjlls,
' t
Capital - - $100,000
W. H. IIAI.I.IUA V, I'ranliUnt
A. II. MAKKOIll), lluahlri
WAI,TKI IIVlSI.OI'. Ass'l.'lnnt C-.lil.r.
Slasl. Taj lor W. I. Ilalllila),
roll IVUItr, Unlit. II. ('uunlnvhuui
(irii. II, llllnnnoii, li 'lii ii I'.lr.l,
A. II. itlTuril,
.l?x;liaiic, iUln and
I . S.JCond K outfit
and No Id. i
OOoiposwltO rioocivor!
WoiiI I rr'i'lfii'ly Inform iIip ,ntlz"iia f.f C. n,
ainlvi uii'y, Hi 11 In' " h" I'li-j' ""I i-if' rn ,li
full H,'Ul)iVtl lO-'aUnn f-tr liM"';l,il'l-ssitr-l.
I'rivafipKpafilPin ry;un,l llrol-i nif ,ill l.iuu.,
l-i i.il iilii'iiliuu Kivi'n lit lint inntiiral 'ii ol
I'hta'iiu's for (
U.'S.' Patent Office
An.l al.o fur all kiuilanf Mill Muniifirlurinit ntxl
KiiulttoMUiK 'r'd. Kiiiif.ii'lliiTiiiiiniiiU'i-,. dr.
ili-riiiH'iiriill)' siilkliml, tinipp Wlnicr'H lllook,
Aicfci's .sii,vi:itisi:iu.',
...AT tiii:,
Is irejmn-it lo
MaiiiiructurOilUMiili lluoke ut do ull
klntlMor lluok lllndliit' and Itiilliit;,
On i'imI iidor Tlitir.(l:iy. prll I -lit
(ruins iill niii ns lallous':
(HUM. urn tin.' r I tin -run-irii 1 1'.
Mail 1 ''
l:niri'a.t 1 I i
rxiii :''
MiiUntft'IitsI' I'liiiiiciintia nl '1'iiiu -liii II' n 1
CMIIMl It, II. for Cull-1 mi l nil -oiiil -i I
with thu I h,l. A (il. i ..; II, Ii, lor lii'luiw) I -uml
I.oiiNtllle, ami nil i. 1 1) t i--nt un-l
Aim, il irliulli.,l uilli ll.i- 'I'-li-ii., V.n' .'.
Wi-jt .i II. .IU tor (iiiln,)-, ami nil i.-utii- ..- '. .'
withthf flu.Smpi.t fi.,oin It. 1! Ii-t Si. I -
ami Ulne.iKo, Mill nil i,iinU i.orltt mill n-iillitt,
K. DOt.(,i:, Ut i-' -i r'
ID, IN I 'H.lllTT.Oi'iriT Is. i
1 I Viir
Ql'MJUKs "MtAt'Tl; VitUM
.'I I A
I il I ill! IS CENTBAL ii.
Si. i.ouis. I.tutlsvlllc. Cliieliiiiitll
rhicuuo. Saw Vorls. ltnloii
. . I .11 ALL
lsints Hunt and IVorl Ii
I'Hsai-KKrr Trnliri .Vrrlp nt uml Ii uvc
Oil i-ii ..a lolliitt i
.11 ii 1 1 i:in,.,.
AltUlVC 'llhO A. . . it'n t. .M
I'Kl'AUT ill).! A. .It utl.t I'. .11
U, h trn ip cti.Dt-Lt nt Ci!iitinli.i wild ua tnon th
I'Hiin, Itrinliir, llliitiinlilKtnil, HI l'ni
f,n Snllr, .li-niliilii, fr, , iirl, (iiilrnii,
lllllillilii, mul nil iiiili.ta In lllllliil-,
.HIkiiiii I, .lllmit niii, WIm-oimIii null
An.l .. i nt i .unnitiK lin-t u l V. i -i f,,r
SI. I.onN. frlni,'lk'lil, LiMiIavlllc, ('In
I'lllllllll, lnill;llt;tioIls .V Col mil lili-;,
Ai ai l.i. atro with Ml I. -t (Vntfa'. Mirliu
, - in 'ii i n. an-l 1' : i t . . 1- t W.,yi.
hikI fi ai;n Kin. !i f I
.VI AO AIM t Af.l.M
F,lw I .
IH'l i M..
M.W KiIU.,
Pin -i.i :
UM"-lli;..))N CIV
For thro'ith tii-k-l-, amt nifortnalimi, ani ly
a" tl ti-1 Cuilr-il lu in.a-l !' i.
W. i'. JtuiVuN,
(Jpnfral l'.tppngpr Ain nt, f h . -o
I. Ill'Ullirr, ilitivrulfut.oriBti-n.iPiil.
' i' IIN-')N. Ar-nt (M A,
g.l.tt W I I.SOX.
iii:.n.i;r. in
. ... ,,. .
Osniio. ZlltiioiN.
l llijillli llltli nil kltttla uf
Boor, A.lo, cUc,
o.v vomiv.iuiwi. AVI.M'K
ii. iii i; kiiii. 1 1 1 ,i' I.. . .,
Tl.' lit r-tj. ' j .1 iik J ,n ir. i.i 1
' . , , .1. 1 ",. .. i mj I a
Fit a U n a era Ait
tuti it.il'.i ,r an'a ,'Up.l.l at Inalut
Vi 1 r ' f t 11
lllllluril Saloon and Ilm Ituom
EI Dorado
100 Oimiiierelul Ave.,
Ufl.U'O. - - - - 1J lllOlS
jlf I1XKY !.ATT.3:K
11.14 iiroti.tii 1
Popular Public Resort
Vlii- 1!., . '..1 ii liu.l ini(.;i, n,,y ro-.iiM
p i, j ,1.11.
n.witTi:i.n: ami iaifit:i.Miiii.i: taiii.i.s
( 'M.if.iii .blp mii. Mv., nnJ mLm- npiipt M.th
I'. 1 1 .1 ,1. 1 louli .tlniTl- w, lint 1 .1 1 r f t Hii.dk
an.l it'Pt ra,pi?-tr, -t' , lo 1 f-ittti 1 o( nr-i.
I!., .) 1 -iy 1. .in ,ii. I i-. 1 ..il hi ml". ...i oil,"
I'll 13 ki ....il 1 ifi 10 iTi'oin .
iii 1 1,,, iwy mf0oumvfn iwimM
111 iini
j The SIiikoi Uliiiiul'iirliirlilir 'o.,
la 1 11 Hi r ill il.:iir,t''y 'tii -'',( iJjM'ielll
i'ir mi ,'n i" ! ini'tal.l. i.ru-p' t't il ma
l"i 111 orli r lii mi '., 11 r fjiiiilM I
cicpl. I 'ii .( n 1 Hiij'j.ly
!.'il),0U .Uncltlttcs l.'uclt Year.
Thi.m,.iihrltynf tho "NIIW r.iril,Y ' Si v 1115
Iim linn- iii oily slirp'isapil l y (is iitpfiiln, a iunj
hiuiiili..ilt" ilumlolllv uml Imiu'v. Wlinrn lamwn.
it is ilitV- iiU lor 01 In r 111,11111(1, (111111-. in rilpi't,
fuiip,aii. iin-y piui'iij t',-'ij iiiimi.. 10 .t'li tiiiur
-riHlil)) oil Ilia fi i'4ii Itii vs-r-i .f.ufwlii(; Ma.
iliin Hli(iiilJ mniil i-.ini"i-ir,iinil - Jitl. i p 1m
ri'surs 1 1 coinmiiii"!! in nniiii- .mi'-, tor no iim-cliinncr-n
l-iK'.irJl lo thfit I furcllily ilirut 011
tho tmri'hn'u.'r,
Thn Singer nXrw t'liiiilly" uml llio
"Nov .u. Slur" NctrlisK .Itiu lilm., fllii'
liillor nr Ii.iuxiii il:aiv,,l',iiiiri,..lioi'iimlirr!',rt .
urn tHgejly H0iiu;ht tvr, iimi 11 liugu t-toalt f.m h"
fiiuiul In vur M1I0.H rooms, (o,vllu.r witlintry,
tirffttl iic i-nssnry ItilPlnloil for tln iu.
V- Silk '1 irist, t'ottiiii un-l l.infn Thrp.i-N,
Ni'i-'M)', t)ij, Soii'u.ilriwr. 1 1 , ut tel.). I or m
iiiiniillly nl Ilm iiiaiiiit'.iiiiiici'H iiiii't'x.
t'uhiliitrup, Sru' lit, elf., fin DukII.Ii r 'i-r
man) 'iiiilali,-il nn a.jilliitlon hv m ill nr other-
pfiJNortii Sin Slroit,
St, I.oula, 31 o.
nit. .ioiin nri i.'S cold.mn.
U. ,t(l itl.iilS
Great Remedies
m.7m BULL
M iiiir.ijliiicrnli'l vi n-l'-r ill Dm-
Smith's Tonic
Fun Tin:....
CJlxlXl siucl Povor.
re ill i: iprotiriflfir oithli nli-liralnl nnMli-ih'
1 iiillj tlnitin r-ir It nnii-riorlly nti r wl n-ttii-illtK
-v-r iHTPt to li i-uMi" for lli-. t
lam, tinJu ufJ " "f .Vkh" sttiJ r ' .
ur Clilll. bii I K-rr, whflln-r sir horl nr liij
st.ni'llii2. lie rctiTftu tlif milt" Wrslrn au l
S,nii,-l, rn luiiiitry fi l-iir lilm trsllinoiiy m
lh irtitli or tho assrrtloti. alint Hi no tw
tlulnfpr will It r.nl tiiciiri', If tin- tlirwtlnn f
tri- llv liillnnra uml tarricl out. I" ""'
mill) ra.cn n alnulo iloni 1 im t, -ti siittliii tit lori
run, ami wliulufainllli' Imto lut-n viire-l hy
alimln luillln, with n ii, rfit n-loratmn nl lla
Kmtral lirallh. It l, liowi-m-r, t.ni.lvnt, an-IUi
i-vi-ry rasp linir t-prtaln to enrr, if lt llrr ! i'li
l nun .tin smaller ilo.ra for a wi t-l. or two aio-r tin-ilt-i
n-i. Iia In-pi. pI.ppIipiI, Inorp pf 'l:illy Iti ill!.
In lilt nml lonj ilamllnit rasi-a. IJ-iially, tin
mi'. In MP will not li ijunr niiy nlil lo krpfi thi
I nf. in Kixhl nr-liri uoi.1iI tin- .ln til, howcr
it. r,'iiltn a rnllimlii' iiip.IIuhp, alfr l.uviiit:
l.iki-n thriii or four di-sra nf ilm Tutiip, a sinvU
ilun- ol IIiiII'h Vrk'tlKlilp I Hilly Hill
will I" rtltflclt'lit,
tilt. JOHN HULL'S rruiPii-alnlCopi
NO. 10 I II TII, (4'ro-H Slrci'l,)
XioulMvUlo. ICy,
To .Mj.riilledlMuUM jiiisJ n'nrlsl
wlsle Jlleiuler;:
IIIAVr. rpCPipl ninny u--tititiiaail Hull,
,i .ii..u.esl i.n,l mril.rsl iii.ti, toy nlm.ii.
a 1 1 1 .r u.ji'.t i iit.ii ksiPklman, alt if h Ii
ar. iii Th f i nn from a htRhly nl'i
i ii.. -.1,1 I .,ii.i .Ii)iili ... in'.rit.". ..err
ti uiy cnpulilm mi t ti iuiUi' .iiuii,iiiuliiiUf
J li, ,r rrilp I'r IVrmiit kunn.ri
a. Uy Kl.at t" -1'Pal.a of, mi l I, lot .null)
..I,., i.. I,,- writiui .n ii'lir- jf l; If . Haat,
Mhatlhr I'-X'.or is), uf tliiU' WirtsS Bm
roj-ri ' ' t , f
. , I , ...... , ' i
Villanow, Uraiai-r C,.ur.ijr, asi.;i
J uup zj, f'i.J
llr. J .iia IH'li Iar tin I hatP Ir.iiill)
K'tui yi.i r "Worm Hr(f")pr" ppral trul,
ai. ) llli'l .1 t-nil.tfilHy raractuik-. -It L...kbt I
1 1 ..SI In a sintfl In-lanri-to hasp th lhm.ur
. pr-. t. 1 am Ouuj a nlti la( o-iyuiy t rariu i
Mil ,avp darty iln fur Soiiip arliclpof IIip kfi)
I J .-III 111-' 1 ''111-'"- 4va I WlX'tr of till rpllir""
I n -.tin n,k I 'y ll.i) a.t juilwiiili aifc.i 1. . j
rr 1 1 u am! sp.p lyliiil p!t t. Shi thiiri)
1 llfv,.,i in.'.iia ..11. the .itri'liip. Mr olnitin
I tu t.tiat 1 1 ,. i tu r.nt out 11 M n what i.tin. I rwi
I 1 t tl." m- In .ii'- tl.tc- l.y ftom juu, 11 1 can M
r o 11 1 1. -y if r.n, i iiiwu-i' skiisi u-ai hi it.
I am aaarp Ili4t IIkiiioI Sluhari If- IsnmltSry
I.i ll.i-t.wMluoa'at.'l iLflwn of agrrul mi,)rrty
oHI.'.rtgtLjf line dini liur lim Jf wills llwu
I nor t A L anClilrnt. 1 si. .l jr Uwaio" nu,yk.
iMftOtaninf itspntni'inatiiin. IVr my j.vi, I snail ,
makf 11 a rola In n nil anil vy err mana ti al. j
lristn mtlppintf liuuiauily wl. Ii f may L stir
Ui miniMU'l-not li-ilnlinK VPaliav romp o&
111. .tp (ninlTi" thsti lay stir Iiiip )rxiu-i M.
itfrvlo llrat, anJ a-'i urt-i the x.lr right iospouip
Uiat I.O'.wlP'Ui'. IIo4 ur. I iu ly n mtMMait
a tv.H'atf or sD-rirt' r of Iho tl,i.i.inj c I oitlar..
n. -ir -tin that tif..i.i (ip 1. i.i.iy. Hut iirp.tS lo
I l''a 11 1 ly oit , low inf. 111 hip f )our ta j
I'll- lliu,sr, 11 -y t.iif iiuny,
Jl l.llM'.l .KMK.Vf.M I)
Keatl (lie iiislsiiir l.s'ller itusl
Ihe I.cllcrlroiu hit. IfulUer :,
"Tl S5i S . ' J 1 fi ,
Jt ni.i'-BarrekKc.Iie-il, lei 1
Ml. JHlNDl'.l-I)prMri Kegwinaiiic'piti
r.. t.py pf ypir Hnr't'ortiu, au-l Hip liraliiix .0..
I ni ti' .a! luulitlt-a 11 k.p..p, I .ro.l yiu tin
tullnw nr iatriupit i f inyossPt
I w.t wmimlnl alul Iwu ))H .(' M t.kin
I n iiiriiii'lt.inlltn'-l far amm-n im iitln. Iipiny
llil.li u .n iiftPi., my woiuuls huti-not li-al.i trl
I har n'' .it iim iiioiui'i.l aliiro I '4,1. woundrJ
. tin. 1,.. ihr jnslLtW hj . My a'awral ahlil
i ii,mi., ant l.iii,.. I .omrtliiii to aiwial to,
lull' " I hnvt-'liiors failh in your Hai.aj.arilla thsn
111 ai.) .i.ny tle. 1 ui.t that thai it vvitUinc
ril-wii in a-S luw a half Jo-r I.iIiTpp, iiiii)
oHli: ,. I AIT. O. f. JOII.NMI.N,
' SI. Urn.. Mo.
I'. S TliPh HoiTlni; ua Mrilti'ii Al-ril Si, 1
bi Mi.. I'liiiir J.hii.oii, inotlii'r i f 1 I.' Julm
Ml, J'lllN fitll.p-IPiirfirC My M1.I..11I, In
C h. Joiiututi, u.tsrkilllul aurjiEcon ami i.Iijsic
I ui if ( Airni N(-w York, ulirtc Ini ilit-.I. lrjiinj
llii .ii. it. 1), I'.JniiiKMt 111 my I'uri-. At llilrl'.t,
y.'Si- ..f ap, ho hail .1 chiotiu.' illaiilii-a an
r.-fnU. ..r nlil. Ill L'atuhim m i r .--.irxHI ...n ll
IT ( l'l!i:t llt.Mi I luf-for.(pn yi-ara tpi'otn
linin ii-l it to many in N, w York, Ohio ami luN '
for (iloltta. fi'Wr kiiipa. am) cini-ral ,1 -1 .il ll i
JVrt-tl . r link nlUli..-.( Jt Jit m rMiti
la 4ut M4 Htijulg cu4 Uiif lints vstt lll
Mini. u.'iikj. J.au. , xv aiiKioii. lor ins .on to su!au
I'titi-'rPiolir'oliiyourSiiraaiianllik, lit- is ftardi A
ut fci'ttianjiapuiious artii'lc, In-iiio hl wrilinr d-l
roiir'trii. ins oiiiiu wcr terrioip, out 1 1.
IIpic liwil ricour ltc.t'lfully,
jVvlcnnsas HcTird FroiiiT
I ' "s
TohtiiiKiiij' ul' Jleills-nl Men
Htony 1'oinl M'hllp Co., Atk. May S3, 'of,,
llr. John lll'l l.-llpiir Sin l.n.t Kl'hrilHn I u .1 1
nl 1,011. -villo I'tiri-husim,' ilmttf (aii'l J il .itu H
of our H irniiii.'irill.i mul I'p'lroii llilli'r..
My 'ii.iii-I.itt, who uai Willi nn- lu Ihu .lorp,
till. lu'l'M llnilll With HlP lllPltnilltf4lil lur uiin.,
tliiu-. i cmiiK nci'-l on Hip Hitlcrx, nml m.dii l.iun.t
Ili-Hiiiirul lii'allliliniTvtfii, ,
lr. CUMtlto tnuAliiien iu l.id luajihi tnati ,
Hi(in,j(t jilo iniiravo.l.S r ' ";
fir. Ciilli'i-, who hut 1.0,-n in Im.l lu.nllli for .i
lorill vrnrrt .tumutk ami hnr utfiit,.illiM litinrot
in nn i'i um-iiso nt yniiriliurs,viiu if
Ihu Ci'-lron'Hllttrs tlnS ulti'i. ton atent iiotmlar it
111 IhN kilt Cllll'lll. I I hi ok I i-milil ..Iii. r
iiiisiiuiy 01 your iilu-luiii.i,tD fall t asifPiaiiy
..... .... .. : .-. -rY- r ..
1 riiii'ii iiuit'i. unii
K,rt,.i,.lil i,i .
piuan irillai
lip Ull-
Mpliitilliiti'itriiol 'I1I..L..H t k..,.!,..
J'li'imiml hv J)Ui 'JbHN lUJU.
IiIn Lttlitiriitiitv. HftU Blrteta Lou
Stile l3? KAKIlIiAY ItllO
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