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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, August 27, 1870, Image 4

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Cfr ls A
I,o a i. Hi;kvitiu.-T)ip next Joint ses
sion of the city dirndl will bo held on
Kridav evening, .September 2J.
-Thanks m Alderman Pat l'lu'
Tor two pair of line, fat and yournr l,Mim
-am eligibly ' i'l,vc "f T"
propertv U nllVred for Ml " fHl ';r
Jnl,,, by Mr. Curmn. -'tloo cIm-
where. .. . t .
TI,o Pnducnh I- ;,"b l" ' B"
lllHltll,.irwillnctot:,Lo ,, friendly
i,out with tii i" ;m Vlil
CMIro, for tl.l J,lirl""(,i "r '"l 1,10
(Ir.t .MonJy'',f,'cl'lc",bfr- Tl'" ,",1"'1'
club number funic experienced tlii.vt r,
but wehofu tu furnish n Keltind for tlii'ir
Oliver from tho Culro club.
Two colored female, notoriously tlio
rnot obstreperous in' nil Cairo, attempted
U resist constable SlwimeMV thU morning,
while lie wns escorting them to tlio cnlu
Ihxims. A few well applied blown neros
tlio shoulders, from Shitnhifsy' riittnii
coolod down tbeir belligerent propensities
knd persuaded them to go along tpiletly.
'i Acknowledge the receipt of u com
plimentary ticket to lliu exhibition of tlio
L'nlon County Agricultural and Mechan
ical Society, to whleli wo refer in another
column, The npprnuclilng exhibition will
surpass It prodcccssoM in every iurtleular
-certainly In tlio number of entries and
in point of nttendance. AVc shall if pos
sible, enter nn appearance there, and
Inform our reader of the remit of our ob
servations. The tlenmer Mnry K. Forsyth dis
charged, on the Illinois Central wharfhoat,
this morning, two thousand bar of rail
road Iron for tlio llellcvillc find Southern
llllnoii railroad. This is laid to bti tint
largest consignment of railroad iron ro
ccived hcru during the year. The mud
manages to forward the iron about u fust
M received. Tlio Vowythe also discharged
fifty hogsheads of sugar.
- The city Hoard of Kquiilir.ntioti have
taken possession ot the assessment list
and propose to make u re-assessment. This.
of course, will in volvo considerable labor,
nnd will delay the completion of the tux
book until late in September. AVu have
every confidence In tliw ability .f the gen
tlcmtn continuing thn Hoard to mnku is
Just nnd equitable assessment. Tliey are
men of Judgment nnd woll ndvhcd as to
the cash value of city property.
A 1.1. rcif0N5 wishing bud nruLroot for
early Spring flower, will please leave
their order ns soon ns possible. My sup
ply, for till season, will arrive In a low
weeks from Kuropo,uud ought to beplmit.il
soon after arrival.
u2Cdlw AM AS M'H 3 V.OK V..,
1Mb Street, bet. Wnlmit and Cedur.
It In positively true, that the people go
to Kwcll ,fc .laco'b, li.-i Ohio l.tvcc, for Au
rora oil, in prefcrene.' to ii'lng greasy
coal oil. Why is this ' Simply liecnue
tho Aurora Is rafer, perf(ctly clear, and
gives u brilliant llitniu which L fur supe
rior to ftny other. Kwoll A .lacob also
keep on hand (ia.ol'uie for (iii-nHli.' biiupt
stnd Stoves (live them a call, nnd fill-
nitli yuuneir with a clii-np nnd superior
liht, for the long winter nights. I its
ItIi the jiurM.s.iofihu City Hoinlorj
Kmiulh-atlon to nJuce ihni.su.sment of I
nrLiiertv for thonrc.ent war ton mJni . I
t mi in cush, will provide fur tho interest
on the bonded, Indebtedness of tho
city, ni.d fe further levy of one per ceil"
turn, which will produce j-'S.dOO, certainly
ought, with rccelpti for licenses, fr,n
......ii Mtllli,, ,i, itrovtue inr the
carrent exjicnscs of the city government.
A sufficient levy to provide for tho inter
Oit on tho Fox, Howard A: Co. bond
uuthoriicl by a ,.cclnl net
of tl.e legUlaturo, nnd can
not be Htlcta by the uggrcgatc of the us
scsitnent. It ouu be luid ujioii $K)0,fluO as
well as upon S:,iuo,ouo. It j, chou-flit
thtit nn tcenutnlcMl tidiulni.tratlou of thu
city gorernment c1(Il ling the current ex
IH..e, undergo. If U,l, can be done,
...esaud other souru-, tl, ' m "s
-on,,, .lae.i.biCa'is
::r:r:-tad 2?;;:.
pray for that new ,u,d w P " "
history of Clt0. not fu un '"
th- initrun.ctumv t .. ,',t'"'
about. ,,r'" It
STIUCTI.V PUhBAsl.,,,,,.,.,.
mueiiensive lalimtorv i.r Ml.Slll m," .
'."ncu.u r, ui,4
mo iroces oi making the Ilitt
ur. mU.i.
are o famous ever v here.
The In. i
lents uro tho purest, fretl,i i.?,,,,.
mm uiu iwiii useu inr iniiuilii" the, virtue
oi mo nerus iiiroiign the swim, , tl
purest wo over awj and this it u very li
portant fact, for, however valuuble u nuai
cino may bo, j fit Is compounded with Jpol
onous liquor, its uso will bo lnjiir!uu In
itoau of ocnellcini. wo cun say that
M1SIILKK S llr.KM ill! 4 UitS Is strict
ly pure nnd wliolcomo in every respect
Sold by nil rcipocUblQ ilrugglstx. Price
ODlollar por bottle
ujj22 cod wlt
low hp tho ulMlutc ii(i'ittF4 f the olty n,nKt mtnuior, uiu jioiuM'iuvd .t tma thu ,., . , . . . . ; . . . Sur,jUi Jaiui' Trunk tint butt
goverimiriit permit. IlMhhtthnl CliMrl.-.miua, uhhh vUuud tho nMKvt of , ;
,.,,iw.vuu, .v iuvv otic.iinii tier run. i ' i'.i.....ii ...i i , , ...
Dint TtMi:.H.-Tho following paragraph '
Indicates rather "dull times" In the cnpl- TION.
tlljctv. Mm tin Units iii of Tlirlici, for Shrrlir.
, If ntiv person desires anything dul- ,i,.,i , n Wllroi. nil- Hit, Lofclilnturr.
1 ,.r tli.'in " 'I'1" ,,".v 1,1 Springlleld, they can , . , - .
J,j,o our lmro In the dullness, tree of A hilu-,1 crowd collected at the court,
i riurgo. house this afternoon, and n portion of it
1 Oii the principle, that "to excuse Is to j ieolvcd Itself Into u l.itdleal county eon
nccuso' the f.llowlng panigrnpli from tlio , volition.
same paper, tells u store nut alU'gother Cl (1. AW MelCealg was nindo tempo-,
out or plnco in this connection: riir.v ehairinnn, nn I). L. Davis temporary
'Soniodisappolnted cnlegroN through j secretary. ' '
the columns of the lllooiiiingt"" I.rliin' l A coiiimitfec on jiernianeiitorganlzntlon
about the heavy l!'t "'' J" . J'J Uvhs" llien boscti. c1ng Icsr. '
Spr ng eb, and her poor pro. pects in tlio .v ' ve , ,, r. - . :
futnte. He snvs thM th'i water works Arrick, Vopmiuid .Mayberry. 'Iho.teport
great burden
our eiiy
nd hilt little
lenetlt. W e arc not golnu' loi
(join is.Mie i
- . T
u'lih lilm on IliN uueUion. but
nlllv av.
Springfield l abundantly ublu to take euro
ot'liortelf. It I truo wu pny heavy tuxes
nnd plenty of them, yet Hint is no good
roa.on for our fitting down In dispalr nnd
. 1
fiiyniK " an gonu ui. ' foi ov uov
means, in n Sow year' timo'wo will lie u
large, tlourlshliic; and line eitv, and Hip
7. It-. ..!.!.. .....V.. . m . . ...I
mi it uihiu iowii iiko iiioomiugiuu aim
loomitii'ton ami t
other kindred iNit, will wake up to ilnd !
themselves Tar lichlnd the ehnital eitv in
her onward strides to wealth nnd popula
tion. As Jack llunshv would remark, this
is un opinion in Is tm opinion.
Our exchange front New Virk,
Chicago, Milwaukee, Uutrulo, and other
point pek of unusual dcprc'ilon, In busi
ness circles, or stagnated trade and gloomy
prospect. The same coiiipldut come up
from quite nil the river town between
I'lttsburg, St. Louis and New Orleans.
Certainly In view of till condition, thu
buiucs men out of Cairo may take
heart. Our levee presents more activity
than can be seen In any other town on
cither river our retail merchant are do
ing u living trade, ami there Is utllcicut
work to keep the majority of our mechnn-
ics and laborer constantly employed.
o repeat that the business npect of
Cairo, wlieii compared with that of other
cities, furnishes no occasion for despon
dency. .Maicii (iAiiKor IIasi: Um.i. iiktw i; Us
ui K 1)1'. LI A Cl.VTll, Of C.M KO, AND '1 11 K
-No les tluui four or live hundred men
women and children collected In the vicinit v
nl'lhe Antrim House, yesttnlay, to witness
tin game orbttsubull, between thellrst nine
of thu Ocltu club or Cairo, and the llrii
nine or the Charleston club, of the uelgli-
lionng town or unnrleston, Minsuurl
When, at half pint onoo clock, the contest
commenced, evuryliody wu llposcd to
concede that the Cairo boy stood no
how whatever would be, In fuel
'incontinently " gobblcil up.'1 Thn
Charleston boys wero widbo.ii mod
young men ol uniform size, and
came to Cairo tis the champions of the
country all nroiiud about Charleston, In
eluding Cape (iinudeuii, nnd .Murley,
.MImoihI, nnd Hickman Kentucky. The
Cairn Ihiys, on thu contrary, wen "littlu
whlllets", of an average weight or nbout
l'i lb-, without any prestige except that
obtained in u successful contest wills the
Mouml Cilylto. I ho Cliarloiton boy,
tlii'iii'i'lves, were rather liuprosMil with
Ihu idea, niter seeing thn material pitted
against them, that the way was clear for
an cay triumph
The game commenced at the time up
polute.l, a number ufversi,iis from Charles
ton ami .Moiiud City being among the
spectator. At the third Inning the bovs
got fairly di wii totliulrjivnrk, and it was tlio
unanimous opinion Hut the club were
well luiitchiil, and the game would le
very do. ily lonlo.lwl. the ilfth in
nlng tho score stood Delta :'.'J, ClmrJcstoii
.'I, many of the lookers. on belli! still im
l,r,"etl with tho bullef that
t harleston Imiv would nnivu
1,10 vicior. On tint i;th in
the part ol tho Cliarh-.lonlan would on
Mile them to bring up their score. Thcv
worked manfully nnd ivhh much skill to do
tills, but tho Cnlr.i lu.v. Iri.iilr.,,1 l.i- ,I,a
liro.ncct of vlctorv. nlavcd with Inerense.1
cure, mill eniil liui,.,l ., I.. ,,l il,..t. ...I..... '
arici to the eul. Thu followluij 1 Hi
I ... ,.,.. ,vil ItlltUI-
n. It.
i ,
i it
llrl.ljses, I'
Ilni. r, I, F
a)ers, 2.1 II
I'.wl... 11 li
Ital.i: V ,
Ilfiuli. l'....
o. n
r..ey. I, F..-.
H'Jl U. 3.1 l.
I II I. III.'.. It..
'1'luU'hrr, 1'. .
Iili lt. I-F....
Ilrmlerirk, 1st II , n
llnulu)', b S t
Williams, li K ,'
-.' a
il..lt.iHuv'.sin,'.V .i 1 1
''" JJ I
iiulirlh,.-M II .,
i ii.irieiuii 4 ;o
rileau)thl lifliu :i.
rii.irlesi m-
II. ;ni iv I'n.i.i...
K i.ii i. r. ;.r-.t'V ,r. I. Mimii. 1
Mlli.t citielieloii f th., intiie threi, I
eloer. Were given for tho t'hartesloli boVs,
uirey loriin, ,.hi i,,H 1 1, 1 eo mote lor
thoiiuipire. Mr. Henry (io.uiitn. Tin.
oei u i,.ii. ,r,iiii,..l i -.,. ti .I...
v.uune.iuu t.oy iluiiieaiiin.. il,,.,,,.
solve u gentlemen, Isii-I
they arc. evorv mi ..i- ii i i
, : . i. .'in , 111114
tool, their defeat in u boeonili.i! iii.inii..r.
IT, Hill. 1 I.I. In .ll!,,ln ..1. . .1 ... .
,,"". oeii me i-hlro Ii as
meet U.i-tn un tln.tr ,.. ,.i ,
ll'i v J,u l,. tl... ..1..1.1.... .. .-' ,
tb.-.,, vs. . ." . . '" ""-".""K
u) nilhsi.l lll.l.l, , who (,.r.
i.i. . lu'y hud ii.tuributed. ami
"-MtuuVu,,1; ev',r-v """n,,,,r ur
K"s rM.K.-TI '
John l'it,tMl v." "' anil lot of jjr.
te..i, Ci,i,llt.tll ; . ' ""'lh .treet, be-
ti.., iuMrl; . ,.:) U4l'ii.gtoti nvc-
lMv tm tin. i i. b 11 1,h'Ulh will
iJunuro ti i nii ... . r.
'.! tho Juni, Jl,,.. . ' '!"' '"Vee, iid '
of .tl.er new stu,., ll)0 ,. , VurI,-,Ul'"h .
no... HiMuemi;,.. i : z ' .cro,u l ..
L'et vnnr l.i. "irilll S IS tin, ,,)...
1 'I Hill Illlll.
'i"''iy - 1 .' . i j ; t "
H'Ul I . -i ll.,,!
i ' 7 i i i ii
-.' e'l.' .i I. n I1.'.
of tbl committee, deslcnatini' Colonel
,.rl,r ..l,t,.,i,, il Il,nr1i.(!,irrnv
, ,, T ,, . , , , . r
mill II I I luv',4 iia inrO'ittiiFInt tK'na mlntlt il
" .............. . ., ,
it. n. , 1 .1. I. .1 ..I
.ill. .uinocrry iiioveuiiiu cucu ueiL'H-
tion be autliorir.eaao cast tlieMull vole oi
thn precinct it rcprcicn'ted. Ctl. Wood
moved, a" an uuiRUiltnciit, that the vole be
by ballot. Tim amendment wa voted
down. The original motion was then voted
,,.. ,,,i ,i, cm
-,,,',, J
.Mr. Mayberry denounced this nction n I
urbitrarv, and unjust to the country lire- !
ciiictH who weru there with only partial
delegiitlon. Seeing distraction browing
-Mr. Pope renewed the motion or Mr. .May
berry, and It was adopted.
Nomination being declared in order Mri
Arrick mimed .luwett Wllcoif Ksq., its u
proper person to nominate for tho Legis
lature. .
lleroro preceding further, Mr. Mayber
ry thought it right that thu convention
should decidu upon a plan of procedure.
lie thorcforu moved that nominations bit
uiadu by acclamation. Tim motion pre
vailed. . ' V
Mr. Pope placed the tiiiino or Peter
Suup before the convention In connection
with the ollice of ShcritT.
.Mr. Arrick presented the uiiino of Juek
Mr. Mnyberry ireented the n'amo
of .Martin llrown, of Thebe, nnd Col.
Wood thu iiatne S. it. Hay, of Cairo.
Thu convention then proceeded to vote.
On the tirt ballot Snu) received 3 votes,
Winter li, liny I, and llrown I I. llrown
tin villi- rnnivi il ii niulorllv of nil tlio votes
t -w v
cast was declared thcumitilniotW choice of
tliocuiivi'iitloii us tin) 'IMdlcal cniiilidi'le
.i... .iii,.i. ..r v!t...!ff Vftr:" .' '..
nn bliu .iiiii-u in k?ii.-iiii, a ilia uniiwwiivjv
itn nt was followed by the solitary shriek
of an individual who is bei!evcl to belong
to thu llrown family. It .uuiidod very
inueli like the last shriek of a drowning
lewctt Wilcox wa- nominated a the
fun Jid.itu Tor legislature, and O. Osterloh
for theotllci, nt'eor.iiior.
Nocheer. '
We neglected t cinto in lint proper
plaro that Dog Tooh'irecIuet liovlug ho
delegates pr.M'iit, .Mr. Illodgvlt, who hap
pened to be t-plid In the crowd, was'
ilralglitwtiv invcstnl with power tutako.u
Heal as tho repruetitutIvo)ol the Itudlcul
Htrcugtlt of that iinllluehliig ' DeinocriltU;
..lii4 tn )irus ttiioioiltAlwly ttt. itiA m.1.
Journuitnt of ihu movent Ion, we tile un.
ublotogio full tletalN. Wu have only
opportunity now to .iy that tlio gathering
wu- n spiritless ullulr, and that (he .tioiiii
iiatioussult thu Democracy quite ns well us.
any that could have been iiuule. Ketter
mull to beat cotlld not have been se
M) Until AT I'tllNII.Vtl,.
.Mum' Hariell, ouu of lliu editors of the
llitltrtlit, the leading Jc:ii.criliu,iiaii,ir in
the diitrlcl, aptly ciiid : "Dan .Mil 11 11, we
win get enough ii a I. .on irniii your
party to make tin nil von will train bv the
nigger vote.''
The above paragraph is clipped from
the coltimus ot'tho .Mount Citruiel i'xm-
bject in rupro.
duelng it Is to say that I never isej tlp
e.jircson ' Dan .Mtinn, wc 'wil get t
Uh,! 1 fo.ls j,lrom ynr ,.,rtv i
tke nil you will gal. by tho negro
-In the presence .,r ), .Mt.,.n, .ir ,
,0 ,imko "1
any other mint living
Murine .qutiiolls ol
mankind " would not deter me from. .,,g
. . I I .1 .1 .
ouuii iiu..tnuu, ii." i i.iiriut-iMiii'ii iiiiii mi
, . , 1 . , , . .. 1,
father. in-law and ot hr tiroin tietit t n I-
i ......
, . , . ,, . , ...
cnli-ol C.nr.i, arc worklltj; for th " ileleiit of
.Mr. .M linn, certainly tcof deter me. l-
have snlil, nnd repeat, I hut the negro votu
of tho Thirleelilh Congrefslonal nistrfct '.
w.ll bo coiiutoi balanced ty the, ballots, of .
,l, Ht ,r, who. although willing to swTlf-
low tho jiati.eoui dqs) Hint' .'tin- Itadi i
I I ,. M 1 ... 1
thoni, art wt U to .swallnw Un
.Mun.t, nl.o. TI.I, tmd no more. , . . ,
l It IIAI'J'Frf
Sv k tin: l'i:.s'Nll. Parents, ihi(iilileil.
cotirniiK tlietr ciiiiiircn in .nitying their
pennies. The I''nterpii,o Saving Hank
receive deposit as siniill as ton cents nt a
time. A deposit of trifrrnU a day will
necumiilale inue.li more than some people
would Imagltiii. lilt llitcleit allowed bv
thi saving bank, ten cent per day will
produce tho f 1 1 1 1 1 vy 1 1 1 g, result! ,
fit .1 .v-u;s...,.; st 21(1 Of
In 10 ur. ........,v K07
r j 'll r. ............. . i .r.r.r - I
III at) ivue M'-i7 II
Olio liillur per week will produce tlio
following in. ult'! "
In 5 ytiix $ aoo Tti
In 15 js-nr-i
IllUO yt ui-M ;i
..vtji77 01
l'l sltilliii'M isi'i- iinck will tiro-
ditco thu following ro.ulls ; ' ' ' ' r
III 5 yt'illM K ,50 30,
I' SUtr,;....'. 3,ia"
(( . , U.IKl,l
I 'In ' ....
, "
J vnv OA
. . I 1LIK1 lllMirils'(4 llltltMl.'l.ri H'lllssls Ihu lliiii II '
1 urcMiou.ii insiriei. .nv u
ihe nbivo tables illustiuto the utctimu-
lation of fundi deposited for tlio bonofit of
children or for other purpose.
The small itinu of nifjnoy thist most
children mny avc, will, wth tlio Intorcst
"puld by this bank, amount to a ulllcjent
turn to purchase a homo br to establish
them in businoM.
It .s (he small mm naval that male peo
ple icialth).
Flora (Iaiidkk, on Sujcday Nixt.
Any,, frequuntor of Floret Oardon wil
cliuerfully. testify that Mr. P. JKiihor has
mnhuged th unrdon, durln'trltho present
itenson, in a maimer ontlrcly satisfactory to
jng pairons. no mis mainuinea popular
mentis or amusement, prcsorvod good ur
tlcr and treated nit his visitor klndlv and
VfcJlll'OH.l V.
'wTijp'gnrdeti never presented h mora In
viting iippearaueo than at tlio presont time,
nil. I, in dotal, mi Sunday the 'JStll inst.,
will bo open to all who limy clnxMu to come
tu l!"li;ii to the Hue iniulc of Isenbiirg's
b.iiil,itn piiitnko ot tlio refreshing bever
ii); or to Join in the sport nnd reereu-
tlsnin Unit eharaeterls'.,) evorv assembly
Come one. come all, I- the invitation of
1U V. KISHKU. Proprietor.
4uM leeetveil at I'. Nell' , No. V-, Ohio
L.rvoi'. ti splendid lot lifsprlng Casitneres
Co'ntliig and Tl'stlugs, which will be made
up in the most fashionable style, and at
price" tu-Milt the time',' u perfect lit guar
anteed ot un sale. tf
(Jeiitll'ineii go toJohii Antrim s, 7:1
Ohio Levee, for all your muslitl shirts,
hosier v, underwear and paper collars, and
snve'nt le'u.t p'er cent from the oollnary
retiMl"irlei'l Uh lias the lwt cloth cov
ered pitper lu'iUar' over tl'erml In thn mar
ket. ' , ' r.
CiMkat KxniTKsiK.fr. (Ireat slaughter
of High Price at Antrim's, 7.". Ohio Levee,
where you. cannot onlr Ilnd tho iiKMtfasli
liiiiiibliinndon'soiialilostiii,k of clothing in
Hie eitv. but the largest and lx'-l variety
of Straw, lii'gborii Pnnnmn, Casslmereaiid
Silk lllit- ever oH'en-d ill Cairo. Iluy Voll
lints aiid'cli.tliliig r!iht there. tf
. - -
CilostKI. at n di-coiiiit. IMWnqc to
Soiilliern Fevers, (,isl digestion secured
by u-i'hK Sitiimuns Iiitvr ltculntor,
, riug'-'J dA: tw
. ,'V, ruths, ,lOir Mini Children' clothes, lit
le than New 'York price, will be sold
this week, at IV Nell's, reganlless of cost,
Veiillliiled lmt, in entirely new styles
the must eomfortable tunl delightful bat
ever vorn, nt .Inn. Antrim's. tf.
Trlcut nnil basket cnsslinerssuit, very
tine, iiuule to order, at the old reliable
eliithltig house of .lolin Aittrito, No. 1&
W W. Thornton, No 111 Thornton's
block. Tenth streit, hasjll.t receiviil three
lim. lr.-.l l.iie. nf gla-i, vnrving in si.e
IV.. in M lo In .liixlO. For sale, wholesale
I retail. I . . . J,,fl
Dtt. A fsi i.s, who Is nliseiit on an Ktot
1 ern lour will return Sept. Nt. ill- n-sl-t
alii, Will. li. I'ilchur, will continue the
budliest ilutiliK hi absence. nligl Idlin
ll'.Mi AllVK'i:.
j .Mul.e ItyouV business, if yon need cloth
j ing, ti'go t" 11 relinblu store, where you
j c.in" Ilnd all yon need, nnd mude In tho stylo
I y.itl fmi'-y, ut Mich prices a to suit your
plllie iilid the. time. Antrim's is Just such
' n Inn. so. Tlierg'yuii will always And t
eiiiilpleto Mini select iis-orlmetit of cloth
j Inu', either fur men, youlhV, Uiys' or chili-
' i en. tiI price ri'imrnr the lnwot. Com
pare bi good ninl price, a it
his coikI ninl prices, a It will be to
or ititaroit. 1 '
priori.' - tf.
Fatal to tuk Tkktii nro all acrid
I nri.li.'iriilliitij. 'I'lief lone lileiieli llm i.ri
l'-''!'1'''''- f hey ntuy blc,.c
"""''"J V ,
,r''V''' ""''. f
l.p.i.iiri.'iil!vii .SiiviiluiW'f ihiiitsii,H
o and .do-
atnlu and
f.ro.srativo So.oikdst, Impregnnted with
. . ... ,.v. .
, ' ? ' !, 7 ' TT "JJ ZZ
IXIIV.l' VI IS- lt ,l.lllll ...IIIAVIi 111114 IJIV
. ; ,, - n i . .1 1 .1
U'l-hjho IVeth from all destructlvo intlu
, .. , , .
..,...,.4 ,ui,ll m ..itw IhAn. r.nn fp.n n.
v-, .1- ..... ... . 1 .iv... ..vw .....il im-
, S -
' -w - 3
' Spa i.niMra (1I.VK," luutdy and useful
JUlg'J-Jsod Iw ' '
? -Y"" wi" greatly "mlsf II" If you don't
huy th'lar Shirt at Jolm sAntrini , No.
wiii-r-JsvTn'. tit
,t" " 7. yr -
HahoaimhI UakqaikhI-A gool ult .,
ni film ns s. .ins I, iv
Ohio l.nvce.
A.y aIvajta(ik. Aisjrfat advantago
f neJ jiy tlioj()harti-r'Oak Stove Is that,
owing to u cnjuicity uud draft, , you ran
burn almost any kind of wood, and, on iso
count nf it substance and retention of
heat, you' can run H-with" green wood nf.
ter it U.huitud, o-by-having it small
ti ii i ii ti i of kindling muteriiil. Those hav
ing to prepare fuel fur ordinary sumll
stovi-s will appreciate thi ud vantage.
aug'.'-J dikwaSiri
Ai'V;in iMi will, nut neM worthies
inedicliiiii buif,'insy'pe-sion have
Mfiiilittcj,, iliscovercil; but a medicino
that r ituends itselfj as.Siuinion, Liver
Itegulaior dow mi trinl.l only require to
1,1 1'Mnroro tn (iuiiiio 10 insure ucccss.
, . i . yv. uiviii .".,
Proprietor Maooli (fisi.)' Daily Telti'raph
aug'.-j dw lw
To .MorilKU . .
Wl.ltcom'b' Syrup
children whether Im
asiw- 4Nt;itsi. ir.
for Diarrlnea Am in
tlini. Imliii.iiil liv taelblnir ni
.. ( -:"., .'i"vi-'- ' ' "
otner ciunos, U tha -afest nd best rented v.
.' 'r V
nug'-'U dAw lw
:i(IO lililn. Flour medium grade, al'o '200
I..IC I.I.Ij ..,,..11..... ...... lit,. .,lll..l.,.. ,1...
Illlll iil'l.-. 1111.-1,111111 .iiuiiih riiniiuiU IT IIIU
, ,, . ,. I ,i ,. .,
botlthein f lor sale at the I-.gyptlun
...II ,,
'OH tl
(iood Cnlf llools for tw odotlHr and
aiiventy-llvu cent only at 1'. Nell', No,
VU Ohio Levee.
Ciiahtkk O.K Cooking Stove tl:u best
In ma for .ilc by I). V. Henderson 100
Commercial Avenue. See advertisement,
aug -M tin.
Clothing lor the million at V. Nell" No t
7!l Ohio levee, Thebest good in the city (
will bo found at tin house. tl
.Just Kkckivkd. The Shoo Fly Klllot
and Don't dodder Me lint and ciih at
'P. Nell's, No. Tll'olilo Uvee.
Sk advertisement of Dr. liutt l)ipeii
arv, headeil, Hook for the million Mar
rlago guide in another column. It should
be read bv all. iiilSd&wlf
A new tu pply ot'CairHoot and (Inltera
list received at P,
Nell's, No. V.i Ohio
Li vee.
Ttreiftli Mruil-muiunl Term.
The twelfth -eml-atiliiinl term of the
Cairo (lertiiati suhool, will begin on the
1st of .September next, ills already gen
erally known among the patron of the
Cairo school llint Prof. Wirschlng, the
lirlllllll.il ill' tile (ilTIOIIII pcIkioI. is till
' , ' ,., , , ,,,, . ,, ,
cduciitorortlrst.clllabillty. vl vcrseil
in the ancient language, he I eminently
qunlltled to leach the modern, especially
the (terman and Kngllsh. Hut not less
elllcieitt is he In imparting instruction in
nil lliotu branches, thorough knowledge
or which Is essential to a goinl cditeallon.
Tho-c icholar, therefore, who have made
duo iirocri' In lUading. Writing, Arith-
meliennd (leograpliy, will have thu op-
portunttv of taking such udvaucnl studies '
, Composition, Drawing, History, Natural .TKisMH-i'" '
,., . 1 , i , i . , .... I Itn.inl nn I Inllioii in the ( uiiiiiina llr.ii1 li
History, and, ir desired, hrenelt and tier- , , n.. ..itim. rfiutf,.rstiiinais- i;ii-g
Since lliu German laiinuage is known as
.... .1 . . 1 1.. .
one 01 llie ur-l eie.iiems ... 1, nu.ca-
tloli, on account 01 us practical ii-ciui.
ui'ss, the I rusteus eipeemiiy liivtiu all pur
ents ho wish to give tlnlr children n
stlbstulltial Uermati'udueutioli, to usatolliu
for thuuuelvc thu ) tidvantngei
of the Cairo (iermali School. Tlii, they
may do by culling 011 nny of the
Trustees, or upon Pror. Wircblng, the
principal 011 Mill street, at any llino brfore
the opening of schtol, on the 1st of Sep.
tember. Itegarding It in tho light of .1
nmtter of duty, in which mure or less
honor is Involved, (ierman parents 11 re ex
pected not to forget the day, or the neces
sity for lending the school a liburalstipport.
allg'.2 dlUt
- -
a mil VA l.i.
Mil r.,IV.illl.'..h. ,
KOI, "ilki r, M. I.llls
lir.iin.il Iiimit, l.i
KIU HiiKli-s.Ni.ti ;
I'.irsylli, .V. (t.
Collier, le;
Arln.liliiii, 1'uIiiiiiIh.s,
Arillmlil I'.l llli'-l.
!il) iri.-i4iisiillr, i'.t aii.
Illi Willi-, Trior tiller.
11-IIh t. Li.nl.. .Mom.
Kiiiimi Kin). I, .In.
Mlll.rrV. I'l.lllrsll, llllliu'lnn, O.lilliili.l..
('ill n( KisiLUllr, Dvsn Arm i. In I'h 'n. ili,
(.illics.M. I.nuls; Rim Carhrr, l...io.nll ;
liny Wills, ito Km in llojil, iln;
Fntsyllt .In lir.m i To.r, Mrm i
llellts fit. I..IUI-, nt. ly.nl..
The Weather was variable last oveltlnj
and it was quite a question, until mid
night, whutlter wo were going to have
rainy or clear weather. This morning,
however, has cleared nway the clouds and
the itiii comes out almost too wurm for
Tito river lias fallen four inches since
last rejnirt.
The Mississippi continues falling nt St.
Louis, butarlsoof several feet Is ruporrd
at St. Paul.
The Ohio is again falling at Pittsburg
after a sudden rlsu of six f tel. There was
seven feet wntci in the channel atone time
and live tow-boat with over half n million
bushels of coal wero expected to lenvo for
points below on tliurrduy and yesterdnv
Thu river is falling slowly at lioiilsville
with three feet water in the chute over the
Ilusluess colitlnuui fair at the luvue.
Tho Milbrey brought out libl Hour,
310 sk wheat, 'J k cabbage, 4 Wis light
ning rods for Cairo. . Shu ruports the Ar.
luadn u having burit a stonmpipo yester
day morning while preparing to leave Pa
slucult, scalding thu second engineer, Thus.
Wade, severely but not fatally. Thu pipe
will bo repaired and the Armada In her
place again to-day.
Tho Kllu Hughes lindii slim trip out to
Cairo, having discharged a large quantity
Of wheat, llour and tobacco at Pudiicah,
Tho Grand Tower received 50 Ions
Momphls freight here, rufulii(j us much
mere on account of being 'JO hour behind
Thu City orKvatisvillu brought out !I80
sks wheat, 8 pkgs iiindrles for Cairo,
100 ski wheat for St. Louis, llu sks out,
101 bbl Hour, a:i bid whisky, '.' hhds
tobacco and soveral lots sundries fur re-
hlpmeut south,
Tho Forsyth discharged 2,)tX) bars rail
road iron here.
Captain JohnS. Patterson, latoof the Sil
ver Spray, and soveral prominent citizen
of Cincinnati, have purohased tho C. II,
Church for $24,000, and will run her
between Cincinnati and Now Orleans.
The Tobo Hurt ha been chartered by
the government tu bo used in the survey
of tho Cumberland river, lately ordered.
Tho Arthur nnd St. Marys uro dun to
day for New Orleans.
Tho Hello Memphis is tho regular
packet for Moniphi to-day,
Tim Mary Miller Is the regular Kvunt
villo packet this p.m.
Tho Paducah packets lenvo dally at I
p.m., except Sunday.
At XiV:li o Aiotlon.
, ,,, ni,, ., .... ... ,...,.,.. ..
I I wlllHi'lliitnulilic.iiut iiiiiiMliel oi limn oi
Cilm, lllliio!i, on H.ihinly, s, r ,,:
Imul.vlii limmiiilti li .1 1 --i-iiil.i-.ii- ii j ft.'
Hi i i thick p. Hi., 'liero low nif i ern -en inn i- i
lullil. fl I'liA .until 1. .11 .....I , II,,. . Illlll
hhC Mm I -onlliui'M iiiiirl,r of "iiimiii iiniiii"r
sivenli'cli (No. 17) In iuMiisliliriitiite.i 0 I)mhiiIi.
riinjin three wi-lor IIim Hum el) irlii' lp il nn r
lUeiiii, In Alexiiliiler ikhiiiIv, lllilini-, r-ntitnililliK
iireorilliiK I" (NiiiKroKlnii.il mirvpy, llnve loml
ml nnil uvenly j:wu) imtck.
'I'Iih IkihI Hps within two nnlr.i of site Cuiie 0 r
iiiili'.in IVrry l.nil,iiK, u sulil ( tmnr snpermr
soil, nn, I wufl IIiiiIk'10,1, mi l pttsnils atHienipnf
linilly fur liiti'stini'iit un sii'iMil.ition, nrfiir lin
iniMiiK'iit fnrl'Hrinlni? nrfuxf
The mill) h III h williuiil lrkiirii,. 'I'i nn. Iiull
, i'ksIi, linUtipp ISiiiiiiiilisrrAilllMiili liiiilnftinst
I to tnH'iiru uyinoiil.
,:v ,u,,V,i n!'.u'; .i,'.,;,,.i.
lly wir.TON, timl .nct rui'f r.
I (It'.M)l'.ll, I Hil l.
I'lmrlrrrJ I.) tin- l.i'irMat urv of I In- fjlate i.f
Illinois, IMil.
This Inslitiit un, iniili't lie l.ri. tooi "I li"' '
i..d ..r i ,it,., -iti'-i-.l in ni'.-t i.'io.'
in. I irilhnil lihMl.lv In Hi" i iH i iniiiMH'liim
n m k ut Im.Hi Hi" I'lii" eel Mississippi liim-,
TlielillllihllK nr I'lilllitln lneis nn. i i iiiiimri i-.i;
ninl the urniiiiilsinti'tisi, ninl li nn Ifully sfinleo
I'nri'iils s.ii'1 ilmrilmiis nn ! iis.nteil Hi il He'll
ehlliltill mi I m it-Is Mill ii'e,i. sii-h vtuilnttt l
ti'iil'iin ninl pi ti ntal ear "s limsl Hi"' entile Ml
'I I.. ln,illll r.ir thn trnll-tilis-lnil nf lilllllls III
this I.MItillii'li . liiisiikiscil n llhmiui'l
I 4. llt IIH., III! lllllI'llS '
;,.il)ir, s',j Vin'-tin's r Irnml, i.tt.i
llo lllllims i florin nnil lie'
Im.f ii liner
l.eiinif entnliiiliiientl'ili llli lli"'i,0 ol l.'mt'i
( llt'flM? CM" TtUTKI.V t
, .1,1,. l!,.,,,lniL'. Wrilliic. lirjiiiinnr. lt,th
iIl., .11,. 1 iooiirdt.lir n lent nii'l Jl.nlrtti,
.lrii"inr toi'l use ol lliu! Hntor) t. leiit
nnl MiHlcrii, lllir.o le. l'Ki''. Prn-s. nii.l I'm IhmiI
C1l11iMi.il mi, Mjth'.lei), Nitiiriil I'liil'.sf.il,),
Chriinstn. ILitstiSi Nslnrnl llistnrr, I'hssl.il.inr,
liilrllM lii'il a '1. 1 .i.'rsi i iin.u ,,),ii..n. . .n.i
rinifh Kiel le-nnmi.
Mu.11 i.iitlnIUr. 1'isnn iiel ilinlnr. oel W mI
' I'.iiiitlnist I'Nm nn ! inisi,i. iiiil Xi Hlkdflik.
Music 1'fHwlinr a el riiitins 111 su r 1 "i"rs,
li-h iinonin.'ir, lisiiKriptiy. r.ain smnu
; Iu,)'n 'tm ,1111 I V ii iVin'. V.V'iVr.wiV'sr
. ... 111...1...1 f'..iriln.li. lll.Lirl . 1'lnl.
.!: "i
;j.,;in,j , ,,,.. (M.lMrv.
i.s..ihy, Astreiinin),
.lllillirlliniics, rir ,
Kit in 'lmrr ul Optloi.,
II.. 1 ninl Its-.l-t 11. l-er soi. inn
i m
:i 111
In in
11 in
Jl 10
t .
m la.
.1. Ill
-utmin'1), " "
French nn l iiernisn, ! Ii. pi r irs-ioti ...
Mii'lr en Ihe llsrp. Jr ses.,
Music "li lh I'lmi.i, " '
Musi" Ul IlielllllUr, " "
Iiukiii; mi l I'slntnij 111 Wuti r r.l'irs...
Oil I'lilntinir
iiiiiinn-iitsi peaesl(ll. -
The s.'ln.lislie Year l divided lain l sr..
sl.uisof I'm-mr.nlli. .-..'li, ll.r rir-1 ln-cliinin nn
Hie first Mini, Is.) IliJsepH'liir.rr iinltsrmin-illi. H.e
la.t.ls) in Jsjiitsri. Th srenn.1 r.sii.a , m.
mriirliiK ile-nr't .y.f FrLrnny and trmnint
itnrllii'lvt Thur-ilny of June.
p..) mi nl lls inmlr Imnrwl'l) in isi, r for
riv'li mi. Nn reiliii'il.in will lx iiiiIp fur
iitisi ncr, rirspl Ir. (ii.ci.f -Ir Vt nr. nr .1 l-uii--si
Pupils cn nr. I ult-r the r.iniiiii ni'Sin. iil i f k
tmina vlll l. rhsrsr.l .ll. only surh 'ili..n el
ll s uu) t-iii un
UnUn.l Is-iMim;, mIii ii fiirnl.lir.I l.y j..ir. is,
slii.iil'l eon- st i.r n in litres., Inn pilr. ..f .lei t,
ilmil.le l l ilii.l tsni.,1 a wtiitecii.litrrpsne.
He'll pup I iit'lsl I-" prs.ii.ls.' uiUi sn.r.i'
i liinii" nf i Intl.. nil. Inn r,.r'' tindrrskitls, u
siinl-.nn. l, s tnurls, pix tsi.'e lisjik'-js, s.v !
Iihiiii, . vim., uii.l l.rnsli.s.
'I lieunlf.iriii fur Mitel)' nii'l fi-'lial. ilunnuil..'
.Tiinntirr, ei.iis..-.. i.f a .i.k Ismii .Irr.-snl is life
tier. .a. Fi.r thn Wintrr, u I l,u-k tin run ilr..
,N.i iinifmin risinrrd fr wirl. .Is)
Km h pllpll lilll.l lisle ii riei-tl lrH sell, illlll
I'llh'.lli: pupils while Mu.. ei, tun )sr Is Ion if.
The lirsl Nitnrds.) of I'ler) If . m 1 1 I set llfstt
for llie rterplll.tl ol n.it.il- tn plllnl fliilll Nlf
ruts and emirdlnns Ills ,s-irr l IliM tl.ry .hull
tint be flsi.rdnn (ilhsrds)s. in nr Irr to aioel Ur
I. rni.ti,.ii ut si ho'lrtrrttirs.
.n pupil mil U !,mr, ti.cn mil u,ti fiien Ii.
eieept l.y orir 'if pirciil- nr fiiinllans.
ll.,..jK)l..'lR'U.. pllplls Is sulijrrt li.in-H.
tli.n eiiiiiiiiiinii Mtn.li. In pi ri ills nn I iiusnlwns
Knrlln, saLe of iinflnrxilty, nil il aire.
qttirr.l lo Is- prr.vnt hi iniriiliii; nnd i innnv pis,,
er- -mi I dnineseiricroii MIli.Nj.
Il'..it..l'iruiu tliriU' iitinii rlir il., ll.tr. jr m . k.
Tr.iii. fur lj Hrlmlni ,
Tullinn i'r yurlrr lor lh First tin. .. i.i
s'tt-rrnd i'Ihs.m..,,, i mi
-hirili:iis -t 'si
l.fttcts nf inquiry slmulJ l.n,,lrrs.f.l .
MurilKIt HUPKIIIiill.
of l.uictto AiMidrmy, Ciiirn, IlllimU,
lti:FKIIKNc--:-i.-l:t. Iter. I,, p. Ilus, Altun;
Wry li, I.. .1. l)-llnr.iii, Cilrn. ltr. .1. In.
Iisn. M, .unit Tit) ; lir. Ili)iini,i:i,liulm, Ky., W.
IMliillidir.S. .). T.t)lor, linn. Win. ll. liieen,
.lnd'.'e Mlllk.-y, mil the ' tit' til of l-jlro criut.
nil). ,'i'iMlt
Tre.i.ltrer's Oiliee. (My of Ctilrn, III., )
Jul) '.'sll, Isjii, 1
.Nolk-r i In rel.y Kiieii Unit th-City Ttetisitrrr id
til" fill of I'uiru ImsU en liislril' led l.y llie Cily
Coiiii.'ilnf snnl I'll), nl tn redirni or nt eni ut
p.i) Ull-lil of nil) llrl. t.li-.ln.'.. In slid City, after
frplmiU-r I.I, iii.aI, .. l. IsTu, uy urdiT ilrntin
l.y the Cily Clnk un il,e Tn nsiirer of ild .ly
mi) Juror aerrtiii.'ntni nf I do 1 ,1. Cuilil if I oil
mini Pli's.. uf ninl cily, 11 r nny Trp.uuirr unrrmi
nriilher eildriiru of eil) linli lilt lni ." loss limn
Kile I'ulliirs, eei it eniil mis iKs'uiiundue hi ri
utter fr Ihe il .11. -lit i.i inti'ie.t en Ihr Isurtnl
liidchtednrss nf inn C.li, unless ueh oiil. r r
oilier eildriiru id II. l"Llf ilnrss alme sperirlril
l. lirst rrifisteri'd uith ai. Tirastirer.
The Cily Treasurer Ii in.wpreiircl in ii.-!i-r
nil rily ..id..,, nn l .iiinl .iiii.tini. lint; 1 i.l-.Iil'l-.
uf eiiy uirllrilllss nhiile ill
ltide.1 . at In- i.llli e, corner of Wa-lnnit.
ton iiisuiii. nnd Kilili'i titn stru t, f,nm s p, 11
o'dui l; ti, 111, and fium 1 In ,' u'elneU p. 111.
Jlli;PII It. T.tH.dlt
l-"lf City Trrasnter.
.l a liir.tinj uf the stuekhiihlrrs uf llm u'i,i..r.
prisn llstili uf Culro, h. Id .luh Jnth, s;n, a
null red Hint llll. Illlllleuf imlil lliltll. l-'C'll limed In
l..i.iii,iiiiiiiji, . ....... ... .... .." ! '
ii.i. i,.i i i.iii iiir. i-.i . i i , i I, ,1 1 , nn, , a
the NterHniy inn. liutire uf :ilnu hy iiil,n.:,nni
in 1.1-i.iiiiiMiii i- nn,, i.i-i-,ii.ii t. iii.ui siiiii rnarirr.
. A. II. H,r-UIIl,heeY
nliK.lsl-Vl.1 '
itii i( i: o. ioi.
A1. "'rdlnaiK-is liroilillns furlhernnstnii ilutiof
1 UnhiM-l h;i Mr W,y Uvinttl of Ihe (Vv ut
. I...U
Hieriosj I. Kn rv mi hit ,r ;,ni-l,x ... l,,i r. ... i .
lOK or rihiltllni! ii...n nny strret m airline m tl.
UI) w liitli $ Up lo the eslHl.llslird Kriule, .h ill
hint, llu, rJjilit. under the nii,erMsiuii nnd Kxvt.
on ul the f reel C.iiiiiultlee or th,.r ,fi,rr ,m.
thorny uf fins city, tn make and cnustritcl. in
front of Id or wx Im ur Int., a Lrl. k si.lru ilk
iHeliefetl lliHi.tl,foiiilh,.rn tliolot. niu n
atn eta or nvenites one hiltidrid fret Hide, ninl let
feet in mill i ii.,, .irtrls nr iiUMiues Ir," ,
jJiie liiindretl fBet ulil,, , aald hriek snlnuilk" to
.-. ...... ..... M...,,, ruuuiMu i.rii'i,, curclu lly and run .
paclly lul I in l.u Hh.iH nf kr,,e i',.,, . no t, a
liriiinudMlhsluull,,! ) 0.ro, ,,,uV i.Vchr"
of eoaiie sand on siiilal.lu lt.ii, I'; the t't iruluv i.,
.enf a.illnlle u,,k or nthr ll , V,rV o , Tm
fnlir rvn or liuiro u.. -I.I.. .. i .C.'. . " ' I'
ll.vk. Villi ,,. y- , rkttV l ' ,
uk stake. U o and ,f f).H loilJSiall thee. trVonr
ii. nrs s.iunre, i.uerii nn the Milsiilt, of , aid ctirli.
OIL' nnl muni tluiii tii.i r...,i ....... .i... i. T..1.
of iho nidralk fru,,V llmliit' o ,, Wniio bS
.tiUuH'tilieH lea, ,,,; .hV."! V Iml all I
i'.r'urfo'i'im''.r' 'i'"" '""'"'"' "' '
niHtw. """Iireelioii of Iho ritreil Com.
Appiou'd August lsth idj,,,
miKiuiln 'IHO.MAS MII.H(lX,Ma).r.'
An i Or. Iiiaijc., Ii, i, riTi-tio. U, Ue illlll,- ,,f ,r
M. fi-trulFH iiinl ( iiiintnlilr.
'(", !"""' ''" "" '7 0'"nri' "!
in ..J it. il'1" I' 1,1 ,"" r,,y "
,, , . ""!'" """"Me niel.itlii, .,1. ,..
nn.li .rmoil t,, nmUehirtsis ami coll. n line un,
IV"'-' " ' "T, " r!"1' ,x''"', I' ' iP lly n ro .
, .1 lueteil In lliotu, .r m i! i.;t nr ,,, n,,,,, ....i'
l"'Vl""".,"r'','V ""',n " -'h'.T,',l !.'ll!i
. ,, ,,.,. en 11 III.' III.
Mr. -i If nn l ollfo ciii,,. omthrr (lll,i.
niillmiar, to tiiiliei.iti.,t.l.iMl.H. ,.. y ,n
r.l .., ii.Kl.el .1..I.III., .lK , ,,', ,r,
(Lin .f xii. v unt ililltin.l t.i Im,,. r .,. ,, ,,,,
out I., th.. t.tll) .iiill.,.ri-.c. t.i le'". v.. ii J.V..V
or in, in) i oIIih tcil In his ntti,.u, pnnwlti .',.,1
lllr.r.hll rnrlrlt 1111,1 t,y til s ,, ,!,iy t,', ,', .
lh,.iilriit).llie.lo l.ir-ii.ir tniiri, linn ,ii. ,u,.,
li-'l illillos fur Kiiell lli-rlfut r lalluip t,,
. 11 1 1 " 'I'""''!! vr I I in;-UK.f all, ,
ofnlli'itlon nlun ilrliinii.li'.l.
..'.nl AIH(lst lsth, lll.
sllC-IKll"! i.i'iji.r
isi)i.v.ci; ,o. mo
An i.lliiiiiiee in ri'lstlmi In the iltitie. ,,f u,r,
(' ly Mnrslnil iiinl 1 ',.1 1 rnnt,il.l,...
lie I' '.,'f(ti',i I ',. U,' fWy rii. inJ uf ih, (V,i I
( 1 1 ti
Or. I. 'l lint ntii. of the rrti.liis, In lie lis nl. t
li lie M.iyiir nr Jail (.lllllilttrr, nf llmse rellle.l
l.y Ih'1 eii) s lull Im nt.ioprliite. lor mi l n-nl n.
IIIH lieniln'lllliri I.f the t,l.lli- f.ilre .lliu. i,il.
s.inl Mill,.,, ti,,,,. iiiislrtilit- i.r the City Marslir.,
an I Police C HMtnMrs,
f Itsh.ill Is, ll.,' duty nf Ihe (My .M.ir.lml
Hti'l I'elit.. t'nti.t il,,., l.ri, nl,.,iit i, i ,(,,. ,
Iips. IqiiArirrs in Ih. nl sem nn .Hit) ill. nut; in,
linnrs ur Ouu, to ti,ne .nun. mi innmii'liitii rnn
h.,'h ('t-..i, ne.irliiK their iis,.,iii.'i, i -in n.
I'MtJlll wlirrellii-) n.ill I- prntsil.t) fnUIld ilntlllC
s'irh lllis.i'i, mi l il ,,in,.. Mil ly uf II, i, I I
Msr.liltpr.isiiri.it,epii r,r the i ,1) in ui
-in. linn Irmii iii Mhl. h any .i.iiiie.in imike mi)
i.irni.irioi linn i.r slii. im in nr nier ion ...in
plsilit whli'h thf) inn) ii.rel.i l.rini: In the liutire
i.f Ihef ly M tslul ur h,ici. i on. i, il, I i,r rm
lllltlmr tu s. It sht.il al.ii , lh,i iluly (lf Ihe ' I)
Msi.l.sl to lnVf nre thu ,m. inPiiiurnii, linn
l-M.k will, n UiUI. peneil, In Ut '( .n ir I
:it tlireusi nf the city, shall t kept mid prr.i m I
III sum.' sll.l il.lr ilreln sai lailiee he ,.liU ,rtrr
mi ns Iii l" l.i)p ii.v.l. ii, n j,,,!,!,! , nn l
-l.ntl I- the il.l.) nf lliel'ily Mar-hul HI., I lui'll id
the Pull.'.- ( .iii'MMi", liH-liidiriK the rniilmii '
iiiulit lire. I.i ins r. t said nx inor jii Ii.im I,
upa He 'I r. tiiri to pulee hind inri. is nil.
imrli mid en-,) i.Ii.i ir u Hinl ut oilier tunes sit ,
tn he. i.iin iiin, Lly tu iiiJltit.'.l u.llianr sljlctni . ,
rr. ninpls lil nil rd tlelrili sn l prulnpll) nil n i
tll,e,iiti tliir.-inlriUlli'...f tli-in,
r.. It shsllhn (lie duly .d Ihe lire I m
.ttil.lrs.in .luii.it 104I11 1111 linliiiK' Ihe Cnpliln 1 f
Ihe N'tlll' P In e I.i ilul lliu .li r. uf the t l
iliililiK 1 'li inxht fit. ill -llli'it to si..e siiinl)
nr iuHln r s ihe l nor or 1 lie r.iiu.n id 11 r
Nlllhl li.li.'r Ilia) ilirn-t, li.lt It .inl I. Ilir duly
(if 1-. ll t'l rr..,rl lull... It nn. -it It, rw , huiirdiir
thi; the IfHirs uf duly. Ihe Mile lu le ilrsivtintnl
In Ilir Mi),.r .r tin-1 spnin .f III- N tt ' ' l' le -riw'h
1. mil' st the .i e In i..,Uin t. rs and thru I
n tiislii tea miiiiitrs n .1 no lutirfrr.
Mr. I. ferem-h nnd elrry nm i.,u nr n. !i:-l
1 1 mivoltsrir nullii.r.srd l lu iV.. rdrrsls i.nJi r
the tir.lunnri nf the 1 It) In iiisk-tl, rrl iltt.
t .,ie.hy iwlsin lii.tr.lre. 1.i uf mi Or Iiiim.
In mti.pl the Or.liii.iiit'rs of Hie I 11 t.f I ntu ns
tin... I siul iisliitisit, in. hull. I 1 rj ii f s.ud (.ill
rrs stts.1l fnrfiil and pi) to said r I) 11 in nnlli s
Hi. 11 Si 11 tl, 'loirs tin, mult' limn fltlf.l. list-
M . ll shall nut le l ful fur mi) nlllt.'l nulleif
I.-I I.. insVr snr-ls 1111 It r llirl.Hll.iilKr.il Ihe
1 '!v 11 Irciiiriit ur l"itiT nn.iiiid linuur siluuns
.nirinu Ins feints uf dulr unit., m the mreasary
it hirer ul his tlul) ns mir), MHrrr, and etri)
s.. h "tr. . r f'.inid n,,l..inu the prui iti nf Ih
ni ii. dill fvrfnt irl mi) lu sutdclti n sum
Ir t l.s t .iin the dnllars ,ejr inolr Ihaulill tlul
lrs fi .u 11 ulidrlt I) Mlrnif
t 1 tu, l,l. Jul) '.-'in, lot.
.St prui. I .ttiiMst Isiii, ls-ti.
'flluMAi WII WW Mi)r
itii...x'i: ao. 107.
An ilrdirmtiri" tlrlin.iisr u, dnltrs uf.nl, -if 1
llltinrs .il nfrtrrite to ll.r t-sUe rilti 1 1 it nil
sou ilrltu nbn uf i ii lris i- uf ( ,ty n lil.tr, I
ii-.s iiitdf .r iitlirr purt-ysri.
frrtn. I. II .hill nut lx Imful for lite
Clrr k nr m I'lhrr k sun in ml mil or tlrt.n n
fiviiitt.e urdrr ur m up UKt.k ny klink i .lrr:
ll.fC.t) Tii"io.rnr n) "rdrr n i ml- n
ff.iu ny i iiu-e rriiirrt-l unfit fur , a 1 in '
a.. i r.ll r In. lit ittyriu-. rrnd'iLl 'tf r
ti. r. il shnll 1st I..VI-I hvk i n II." i n - I
Hi,,, pr. s.'ri.' l. mini me n. ii n.-i i ik t f llu
I . .ui r I dlllii Itli., Vlli'll -..i l.t'l.-fs -I L lie
d,.lr..ii-il is tfei.r rederrord nf.d i.uir.it I utv
n..u tlr.tn.il
fn I. ll -litlll- th. .hit) nf tl f t Ii C!ril !
s.,IH) h' , thr rri. trui.trr- in Ins dtLoe at, I In
fc-r.nl tl.ife.n, m iniuu-m al mi l . Iirunu! , al
nritr. ailh.i. t,rl)..ur- h.uir- slur ll..) li.tr
ta n .Iran Hi nil nrdrrs nn tin i-ii) I rmsnn r pti
liiird 'y lorn, I n Mhk'li )ml i Ui rli Mn.fi I
unfit fur ui.
fie. T It slis. I U' ilir duty uf Kir I'mile'i1 ( i
tlnllri. ittr iui ll,l,',i) Vin'r,ll'r, nndrr dlrrs-."
linn id -Hid ( '..lull. ,11. r, ,,rl u.ll. . Hie r ,
tl'ui id ant i dy m irr, i.u. l m , n m rt, as r . I
tsill-itl ) n,i.i,,,i,i , ., s'i, ii, i uiiijiAir s I r Iri
mill llie InsrifiH id the ur-tar U.-. an I s. ; 't ;:
isirr Mid I.f ".' ll "!,, ,li. .iiM,Jutl,.r r . .
II ,u I.i ntlisfy (In nui-l ,. ttft audi r It r, Is.f.il,
t i.iii.,n, r "hr I'tl.frniis nf eitv i. I.'.tti ..
.1 ut t.i m oir.'rti)! l lius Is ri, prt,lily s.ni-,1
Hl. l ... t Ui u. . fn-it li . in. .1 i.i a I, and tl si. 1
la. II.. .lull, fi I ') Tl'l-nlel to li'piilr and
nl uiu h eii the .. i.i. i, I. nils, i uiij.nita ur . 1.. r
rll lr. . . ,. ,1. I. I t .It,.-. ,.. I Hi. I) I, I,, .jj I
ll. .,. .l..)r. tiiedlll eatft I -ll fsllllnl I ) !
III I IUI.. r S i. s I, I., U, ,r, .,-. 1 uf im m
din -I. ,ui id sdid Kll.-is i Ia.uiiii1i . ,niid m ,.!
lists ll.it (ril'trn and tiller rtldttr-is if IiIiI,i,n
nissalwlt U- .Ir.ciiLrd in nnmrrtril nnd . Iiti.n
l.i.t i nl or, l-r, t ntiiin. nt in nilhtlu. pm-.t nuwi
1st nnd oldt-il line, -l.sll aim I-the duty i f
the i ity (Ink l'i murk mi llie s.'ri.rrji.ti r fn i
llieTlrnsiirrr's ripntt. Ilieiliile uf rntietPalnti l.y
the Cll) Trnisuri r id nil cityiirdrrr.
hie. I. iliali l. ,i. il.ity nf IlirC ) ( V till..
tn.IlT In marl, iui llit-K rip lte;iiirr, a. ilrtroyi .1,
in thu plesini o uf Ilii'l-il.iinieC.uilliilltir Mhrn
l.srllll,. In .lestt.i) rilJt lirt .n rll) tnil,tri.
Iir.aaa lr,lnri d hy llrdlli nt e .So. su, or nthrr
le,all ll.i-ordi-isur i.tli. r rildnM-i w of city ta
ilel'l.ilii.'.s u hn h lulu U-rn paid or mlrrinrd nr
remit f.i, milt fur ll.e.aiid Inn. it le him in, II I.
Im -li 1 1 il. in nnl mid rr. t uu fmin tl.n ,) llrrk,
and Ihl't'.ly Clrrk Is h. lrl.l nllllinrilrdtn .li I M r
tu Iiiiii fur in. ti iiir,H,., ihe -rriprr rs ln n
letiiurrd I.) the rnuiMr.. Ciiiiintii .. n.r tln lr u.r,
met u hcii said iiliirs l.sti- l n ton. ie therein ns
,i-ipiiii-.i i.y wie rmanrii '.ininntre, . I s , n
r. ui-lrr sl.sll le r. tlitm-l tu anl.t S'tly I Ink f r
s.ife kt rpitia us Im furr.
tl' '.. ll shall aim Ui ,e . I . t ,,f , , ,
llrrk to h ue the pt'iitcl ir. i, n I ,e In iiuui
id 111 ui Irr la.uk Lis ii) pruprrl) s lird l.y Ilir
pir-uiirni.lr. In titfue un) or.lrr. or histliilt
aiitte i i"l Hk-uit, l.)f..rr ll.eilrliut) i f a.nd ur'
.Irr i bI.ii 1 1 premptlv icnrd the nituoti i.r il.v
prwi rdinxiof l ai d inrrtiii,', m joiul rrs1M1 ,,r
mil. IU ui,, nnd indri thn aiiino s. Shut III.' mill,
lite- i.f the privrrrtlliiKsiif ra.'li inn llnj! ahill l.
ie 'urd'td it ii-1 in hiid i.r.nloii- toilmtuxi tm t.
inif, ni.. I uiu. Ui ke . ihu salnnMe honks and p.1.
lu s i.f Ilir, ,iy, wl.i u mil 111 ll.r, In Ihe safe I-.
orik'HiH In tl." i ll).
Me .. Porrviry tiiin-sluii tlrrilletieti tf
duly IK ll iiiiii.. I l.l ,e pr.mslonsuf llm ptullulis
s( Inns nf tills I iiIuiiiii,' the eity idfieera iherein
iianied and .-n li t.i tlma ,,nii f,i,i, ,i und pn) in
sniilr.i) id Lino a sum net less Hint, ten imrinnrr
til in t'.lty ilrdlnr-. Hint lur Ihe mm. .ion ur ilri. l
ri Hull uf any rj;ul duty speeinlly ImjMjsrd (r
... ,.n,-i iiiijuii'i, ,i uniiiianrn i.f rrsniil
linn of llie ( il) Council llix.u nny titllei r, nthrr
ll.'ili Ihe Mater e.ieh of .i. ulllrrra almll furfm
toi l p.it tosntd rdy u stun mil l.-s lliati ten imr
hint it llati liny tliillsra,
Api rniei August si, s;u,
tiuir.ii.lli'i '
itii..i.i: . his.
Ui drdin. iiHii ln,'ini.,ii,l hii'luni 17 of ". lu Dului.
illicit lo ndopl Ihu Utiliiniui'es u Hie til)' ul
Caiinasfatlsrtil nndcodlllrd."
IU il Or.WK.y 'll,i Ci'h (Unifi! of Ike f.f. ,4
Hi.il said Hrctloii 17 Lo lunt'iiilid hy slnkliii;
out the nurds ".hall hellie llicul ayvnt nf llie
Cily mid ns .ui li" in thu tlrsl nnd sreund lines nf
said hit.'! Inn. mid l.v lutilinv nfli.r tin. uur.tri tt.itli..r
ell) lhiiowiiiriita iu Ihe ad in:. I (Ih linn nfiiiid
set tlnii, tliuaiirds "hf h nny Colli Illlll P( of Ihe
(.'ill Cuiiiii',1. dull Mlilliurir.ril llii ri lii ur the Cilv
Cunril I.i uiiiiii.iui'e i,r juiul rciftluiluu may to.
'iillehllii to limke." 'T
a dot en AUiiusi inin, isiu.
TIIOMAti WII.SO., Mayor.
CilyClcrli's Oiliee, Calm. III., I
. . August :H, ls;o. J
nf III.' I.illmiinu' dcu-nt'sl jnls, to.M ill r.(.ts(lli
Kiahlri n, (Id) .Sim lrrn,(-ju) '' ri,ly,(.'l) Twenl)
line in lllnek miinl.rri.il 'Jl 'I urnti .iiiur. lu llie eii v
Wet ice Is lierrhy Klien t Iho umier pr imuers
nrCalru, tint IneClly Cumirlli ftnldrlly, hni l.y
ordiasiire nrdrred lheenin.riirlioii of nii.lusiuJk
u fruiilnf Mi.id luls,- urn ten fret n..rlhrt'ol
nil. I lut, to Iho inner edge of aitlf wnlk Sn aeutn
aide i.r f1vi nt It sire. I, anil that Ilia 0r r "
i.Hiirrsns,i, m iiHtmi,,, rlijlit fur the I'erinil of
loriyilnys fmin s Iii ilam In ulnrli, I" hiill.l niil
sidewalk, that unlets qiiinnlrled within Iho Hum
iilinvn snerilled Hi mum will Ut l.ttllt l.y Itijtoin
nnd Ihoensl axsessuil iijialusl Iho property hene.
II led theirhy, In lu'rurihinen illt the ehurier mid
ordlimuresul ,. a,,,, c.y. j(,Jf JoWN
niiei.Hw tiiycieil..

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