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i-n-r-r-rn t A T T3:D " T3TTT.T .THrPTTT jMIH-TTRT1 31.
Kwra tho AMtfi of Democratic Congressmen
Let tlicrc lo no dlwnolons about minor
mnttnrs ; no lime lost in discussion
rilm.1 uvrnt.it no niiiiiircstniioit m
nnrrnn nt- nrocrltlvo feulliiir '
Rncrlllworiliornudclo gram;
Honal ambition or "SMft.".'.-..
ron co.vobess xumi Disr'cr,
THOMAS A.K.OI",,',f pBl0nC!:
irrom th O-f Tnbuno, tlnJIcM.
mmntains taxes, direct
jSjSSw' f WOBMOBi wi,
tub oorsnxMENT. The remainder is
dhtrii'vted to private individuals and classes
who control legislation."
Take Notice!
irremth Chicago Trll.uno.llta.II.al Thun.lcrer)
1 h August a. j
"Ills known anil read of nil men, Hint
thr overshadowing question m American
politic at the present time is A taiiikf volt
Wenuk, on a TAwrr ron rnoTKc
TloK. It is optional for political
parties to be or one or the
other. TiiJtv cax.vot nt romiOTii. NOK
Ruolutlon In the Tarilf Question ailoiitol l.y
the l)inocrtia ConrrnllJii of the- Thirtwnlli
tonertaalonal Ihilrict Col, John M. Crebs, notitt.
"'lUsofrtd, Thit VtF. AUK IN FAVOU
LY J and ice demand that the burdens
of taxation shall be fairly and equally
adjusted, and that such an adjustment can
not be made without striking from the stal'
tite book Ui present odious tariff laws, a
syttem of taxation based upon favoritism
ana onicn has nestroyen imrn
can shipping una commerce, 01'1'HKhhkiI
ontsa ; and tee demand that the prime' ar
tielciof necessity, such as tea, coffee, sugar
and salt shall be placed upon the free list
involution on the Tariff Qnetllnn.Ailoptnl hy the
iiauicai vonTroiion in in j ruriermii t.onKrcn
nonal Iiiitrict Hon. 1), W. Munn, nominee
"Will tho Tribune plcasa tell u which
lido of the tar'tlT fcco the Hadieals of the
Thirteenth DUtrici a: on tho Kevcn'uc
or l'rotcctlon sldol AnivflU It please tell
ui whether, In lU ojdnlon, the UadlcaU of
this district have dodged tho taritf ques
tion, nnd are consequently entitled to the
contempt of both tho friends nnd oppou
cnti of Frotcctton 7
lNTEnE8TI.NO to Hask Hau. Ci.viis.
A Washington Justice has decided that
late ball clubs aru partnerships to an ex
teat which binds each men.lier lo help to
liquidate debts Incurred In tho tiamo of a
clubby any of its agents. In this cato an
agent had purchased lumber for fences
and soats, and tho Justice gave Judgment
against tbo club for tho whole amount nnd
A Mexican Waii Commis.mo.n. Wo
learn that Mexico I about to send a com
mission to tho scat of war In Europo to
observe tho fighting and make a report to
tho government. This piece of Informa
tion is unexpoctcd. Moxlco, above all
other countries in the world, desires no In
formation on tho luljoctof fighting. What
can either Franco or l'russia touch our
warliko next door neighbor? Do not tho
Mexicans know all about Uaxalno'i atylo?
Dd they not, with cx-Sccrctary Soward as
an illy, rout the legions of Nmolcon, with
UaxalaoRt their head, from the country?
No, Mexico does not want to know nnv
thing uUjut European DghtltiK. oun.
try that can boast of h revolution n couple
of tlmas a month can have no need of i.
commtilon abroad to learn the noble nrl
of war.
65 At Mount Carmee, Illinois, a idea
young man, from New York, supposing bv
cortaln unmistakable sweet glances thut a
young lady of that vicinity was tmlttcn
with biro, wroto'a note to her, asking If
he might call and pco her. Sho wrote
back: "if you como about our Iioiism 1
will scratch you bald-headed." Ho didn't
go to be scratched.
tfs?The Cincinnati Enfuirer 8xpresw
Itself as being highly pleased with tho
Democratic nominations thus for made for
Congress In Ohio. The Democrat have,
ays the l'.njuirtr, "In almost every in
stance brought out their best men. The
"late selection of Lewis D. Campbell In
'tbo third district, General Denver la tho
"sixth and HU15U j, jweUln tllB
- considered clos, nJ doubtful dls
"trlcts could not be improved."
r 'Will,-I . -T- .
Tw v ' n ",n,w,ly that augurt
-w... .u.wlBcy, t, iea(ibn and
papers of the parly Uva lKaored n
suffrage, reconstructlonandall other Issues
of tho past that haTe lost their vitalitv
The tariff and questions of finance .rid
currency arc the questions of the day .Bd
upon these the Democratic party and 'pm
have taken a stand where thoy may defy
theassaulUoftheopnosition. It Is on I j
necessary to fight the battle "on that llntf'
to overthrow the ltadlcal cohorts and
chlo.ro a substantial and swsoplng victory.
BMT Tho Wnil'InB1"" correspondent of
tho Tribune notes that tho "Democrnllc
Oonrrcs.onal committee, is issuing lis
camp'" documont rapidly. Thus far
nfii'i'i 1'ivo boon printed, nnd qutintitlcn
tfesch aro mailed dnlly. Tho prlnclpsil
niljecti treated of nro tho tnrllF, railroad
' land and grants, expenditures oftliuSoV'
crnmont, condition of tho dolt, nattirallzn
tfon laws, nnd congressional investiga
tions." An Infurliited brother ronipcllocl In
gay Lothario to marry hi lster In llnlti
more Uio otlior day. A couplp of. horse-
pistols, n ninrringo license, nnd n frenchcr
met him nt tho door when howctit to aco
her, nnd rather than confront th equliio
machines bo accepted the llccnso nnd tno
ceremony was performed. Ha immcdl-
telv left and had ilia i brother nrrcited for
mtnultttig nnd thrciitcning to (hoot
liSZ" But tUouch wo do not uso itael rnil-
In this district, wo do u.o tea, coil'e, sugnr,
pig iron nnd tho articles made from pit'
p-on, on all of which (len. tfchonck's bill
greatly reduced tho tnrilf. Col. Crcls
voted against this bill.
The Carbondalo AVio l.fti, from wlneli
paper wo mako tho above extract, no doubt
thinks tho chnrgo thnt Col. Crebs Voted
against tho Schonck bill n very damaging
ono. H might bolmtfor one little clrcum.
stnncc, nnd thai is that llifi'ehnrgo U "utter
ly nnd wholly false. Cot.. OiiKn voted
sVJr "Colonel Crcl voted ngnlnit tho
Sclicnck rcvonuo bill, and tints placed
hlmsulf on the iccord as opposed to tbo
reduction of tho duty on tea, cofrco nnd
suciir. and as nuninit a cenoral, roductlon
of our taxes nprnl lo $&0,00l),000 annually.'
fiosays Dan ilunn. Stralgbtwny cvory
Uiidlcul slicct In Egypt eeboes : "Colonel
Crebs voted against tuu Stltencli, revenue
bill, nnd thus placed liltuelf on tho record
as opposod to tlio rcductibn of tlio ditty on
tea, collco and sugar, nnil m ngnlusl
general .reduction of our tnxes cqunl to
$80,000,000 annually.'' Had n slnglo ono
of theso editors investigated, this matter
for hlmsulf ho would have discovered,
first: That Col. Crebs voted for the Sthcnck
revenue bill, and, secondly, that Dan Aluiin
either Ignorantly ,or knowingly, repeate
a falsehood.
& Tho Now Yolk .Vim says : A re
spectable correspondent inquire whethor
itlstnto that on tho day of Farragufa
ftaeralthc yacht America, belonging to
the United States nuvy, was engaged in a
yacht raco? Wo nnawcr that It Is truo,
and that the expenses of this yacht nro not
only paid out of the taxes of tho American
ppl, btttthnt.lt l tinder tho particular
patronage of Vlco Admiral l'orlor, tho
head of tho navy. Tnkcn In connection
with tho fact that no representative of tho
navy wus present nt tho funoral of thi' great
Farmgut, to show n decent rwpect for his
memory, this participation of Admiral
Vorter in a yacht raco on that day is dis
creditable uven to him. Our correspond
ent is of opltiion'tliat tho nnvnl officer who
raised tho Amculcnit flag for tho purpose
of a yacht race under such circumstances
diserves to be cuthlcrt'd.''
4'ffi 1. W. Munn has uhnrged, in every
chnnipalgn rpcccli he has delivered, thnt
Colonel Crebs voted against tho Schctick
blll which sought to relluvo tho people of
(0,000,000 of taxes; und ho quoted, or
pretended to quote, Mcl'horson'a Hand
Hook of American Politics In support of
tho charge. Tho authority ho produces Is
unquestionable, but unfortunately for Mr.
Munn, it shown that whon tliu roetlons of
tbu bill wero considered, terlatutn, Mr.
Crebs voted right uvery time, and when
tho bill was put upou its pnsngo he udid
for it. This fact could not havo escaped
Mr. Munn observation, for- :t
Is recorded ou tho snmo Jingo ho
quotes from, and Ii nt coritplcuoti
us any other fact reclled there. This
being true, hits not .Mr. .Munn forfeited nil
claims upon tho respect nnd confidence of
truthful, candid men? It is no excuse for
him that Mr.Ornbs voted "not to ogrco lo
the report of tliu conference committee,"
because in no way can that veto lo con
strued Into 11 vote against tho bill. Had n
majority voted with Mr. l rbs tlu.wl',.a
of tho voto would not have bom ilu deft til !
ot tlio Mil, imt its reference to Iho mine ..r
utmUier eommltte c llciiii. tin, f.fcEiirt Int. i
that, on it pa,iag... Cl. crcU V(,u,(,
RCalnU the .Sel.imck bill, i. kI.p1v (aUo
and every person wh,h,,j InvwiigM,,! Iho
record, hi-thfr hobo. I )o,llwrut or lt...
h'.tl, hnou s U to bo f.lllc.
CM Mid her ,i.tcr-it ,w,na too, a uf , ,
add -and ! twll Mr.. DIckenJ , d r
oldi'.t dauglder A f,w dav
was s, , iiiMtiiiB botw,cn tho 'iir , , $
jheddiug oru-ari and polgnnryof r .. .
but the end Is a. I d ,.
would ,,,, ,1... V" M
tho deceased
atone mat tttMid In tlio
.mlt. si,. -t,.7.i" - " ' ' ucaiii
TV . . v""," to inu mother, ami
iister to sisturl uh wishes tho vetenn
Mr. Qognrl, whoso death weurred ' f," v
meeting. Air. llonart. w .n u-. n. 1...1
mate fricnJ ,r ' w, '
and who often lt wit -Wilson l!
tho Ambrolal t,.i'.' i 1,1
ainsrularly tcnder-lioarttd i,in'n ....1 u
cauoxaggorato the grief Mch iQ 1U .
tbo dlttureneo between hU daughter 1
have heard his voice break h, he kiiolio of
It. He liked his aou-indaw, ....l u ,
(jrrtrdltiL'lv nroud of him: but. ,.r,,...,.
separation lie could 'not bear to hear his
name mentioned. His sytnpathlw worn 1
solely witu tlio wile, and 11 (ipponrcU us
though somo loved Idenl was slintttrrvd 1
when Dickens teld his wife he could li '
Uh her no longer.'' ,
on a in thaw:.
A corrOloilonl of tho NewYork Tri-
bune recently iihuiv.uu
ii.inin!i. (ho woll posted (ccreinry 01 mo
IJsnrd Of .Trade, and, drew out the
following facts ebneorning tho grain tmdo
of Chlcngo. Tho information will prove
interesting to everybody wliq desires to( In
form himself of 'iho nclidaltiirUl 'resources
of tho "West and tho greatness of Chicago
us a grain market: .
Tribune lirrcsnomlcutAs this sliddcii
deel jiratlon.uf -wu rj" c.Vc 1"pUbW wkh-iMight ttt 41n4i
Urcnustuiu, 11 nocomcs 01 groai invBrt-3v iu
tho farmer to kifow wLut grain IheTo Is In
the country. How mlfcli is there 'In the
Chicago ofo valors 7 . Lr;J
000; Urn of oats, less tbun n million, nndi
some barley, lint our,tvlicnt U, much of ItM
in dani?er lrom tt usccslvuly warm ana
moist weather; in factwo havo R numbaj
of binsof hot grain.
l'nlune What U your oplnlou.of the
incoming crop? - W
if It will be goodjjf not large. TfH
wheal thero wllUbo moro No. 1 than Inat
ear, and nearly, ns much of No. 2. Throe
week, nno tliero was inucii complaint oi
drouth, but 1 have noticed thnt ri dry(
year tuu croj) always turns out uouor titan'
tlio farmer lonredj tno straw in scant, uui
tho grain Is plump and clean. My estimato
is that wo snail nnnuiot ncro ami in mt,
waukc. within 10 nor cent as much-crain
as we did last year. Minnesota talks of
two-thiiucrop, bit, alio sowed ngreaicai
tnor man in w. .
Tr. What can you say of tho com
prnn? r"'
if. it will lo noavy tno largest proua-
.( - ... ... .... v i t
lilv cvor linndled In tlie West, 'lilts noi,
weather Is tho corn weather. boi!ioJlt)ld.
1...... ..I I.. ..I. 1...' t,tLlf,rt'n'
till- mnnv of tliu l'rciit corn jU strict uaVe
lind rain enoiigh.dt fsjinjiosslblo to say,
now w hut her tliu war wiuuo mucn tor tne
nr!in if ciirn. Ottt "1 Will
urobablv advance fome. cspeclaily If'
tno j-.uropcan crop is -mouernie. - 'neyi
" i . . till. ..
Will bo needed bv tho uorsci or bout nr
niles. ". i.
i . Tr. Il'itkine th6 Chicago price of wheat
ntJt, as. hiiw m uuh d6es that mean in
Now --York, 'and, what does tho7farmo'r.
, It. Wlicrf a buihol of whent leave Chl
cigit, ltlhas'.paid nKnit-hulf in tranjpurtaH
t!m tax: $1 .5licn means SI to thulaVmcr.
,nlid(!?rpOto,llio Eastern consumor."-J The
liUeUuiii grain hit induced tno riiiiroaua-i
itonddlo their tarill. and this holds craia
IhlTo tlutt ought to.bu moving. SomcTimo'f
wo have freights to ow 1 oru low enougii;f
' For liMtniifC,.tho tato by steam "Jioijcu to
Jiuuaie nnu iiionco ny rminmii w iuw(
' York, at one timo.touchod 'JO ecnU'.per 100
imtiudior Brain and 60 cents n barrel foPT
Hour and ruled undor40 cents thdiiund
ri.il fur i. mill fur anvprnlliveck'l bvaJMIiru
iHiller lfiio fuunlng'lit conuectionfwltti thtf)
Jtrio Jtniiway. iako uuiguts uy lau.iiav
lA'Ctt very low. h
Tr. Whlth rrtllroads brine:
wheat to Chlcairo?
if.- Tlio ClilcaKo nnd"Norlh-wesl'er"rr
nnd the lllinola Central. ir Iist. viar-tL-
Nortli-wcsterh brought a mlllloil and d halfi
........ 1....1...1, 41.... 1... '........I ...i.t'
IIIUIU Vllllll hllU VfVilbltll, fll.
together, they- brought fjiearly, 14,000,
thoUvholo amount brought by nil the.'
was lt'.OOO.OOO.' til 'jH,
7V.- -How it It In corn ''
if. Tho Illinois nnd Michigan Canal
bring moro corn than any road. In C'.i
it lauded over (1,000,000 .bushels; Illinois
Central brings over 0,003,000 tho road to
Itiirlington nnd ffulncy gives u' tliorlso of
i.uuo.uuu; itooi: island n littio less; unit
the Aton road ntitqullu ij,000,000rvln all,
we rccolvo over 33,000,00 bUsholsT)f 'cornT'l
ami ship over 31,000,000.
''. What can you fay of tlio oats re
ceipts? if. Illinois Central leads oil ou this
crop. It brought us In '0V almost -1,000,000
bushels; tho iortli- eatcrn 'roada not
qtiitu il,ooo,o00; llttrliiigton and (uincy
1,500,000; in nil 10,f.00,0u0.
A lliiiuuit Skeleton Tlili'lcril fert lit
llrlKli' Kitimrit lit Wlicuimlii It In
Sold for 910,0111).
f Milton (iitf. ii) Ctirrctpotitlcuco Mllnanhre
llelievlng tho discovery made this
morning 011 the farm of Mr. Statiloy of
interest to your rendew, I fend you the
following lacts, us I chanced to bo u ajiec
tutor. To-day as tho hired help of .Mr.
ijtanloy wero 'digging for tho purpos of
laylng'tho foundation of n' 'Itrfrn, thby
Itfitck a large bono which had tho appear
ance ofa human skull, but of such enor
mous size that thoy thought it-mtut belong
to somo animal. It was found in it', slight
mound on the cast sldo of n hill ovorlokiug
Itock river, and In tho town of Jaticavillc,
section C. Dr. Towndrow, 11 man of for
tune, chanced to bo Passing, n tlio work
men wero clearing tho dirt from tho skull,
nnd ut their rcquot got over thq funru nlul !
cxniiiined it, tinu pronounced 11 n. tioiong
lug to the human family. Tlio men full
to work nnd oxitmcd tho entire skeleton.
It was found in u fairsfiiloof iirc'drviitioii.
'riiobkull mensured il'JHncliiM lit clrcum
fi ronco nnd the thigh bono -ilj in
length, Tlio ic(nr tliotiglit that when
living 2io could not liavu been less than
'''rtfen fret In height
1 110 teetu wcrcnll
In tho Jaws, and wero of enorinoin slzo.
Tliu doctor cxtrnetetl ono whieli inciiMired
ono ineii and n half In length. Tliu mo-it
remarl.nblo part of this strange discovery
is tlio fact that tho lower llmb, from near
tho kneo to near tliu cud of tliu toe, aro
entirely petrillud, tho flch buving changed
to Hone, nnd tho parts being perfect in
shape. Ah Iio was buried in a sitting pos
ture, tho doctor thought that tho nctinn of
tlio lower strata of noil produced this mar
vellous change. Dr. Towndrow promptlv
oll'ered Mr. Stanley IO,000 for thoskelr.
ton, whleh M r. Stanley promptly ncccptt d.
Tlio doctor will urrangu tho bones in posi
lion, when tin will exhibit it. Tbenows of
t,lio discovery How with Iho wind and the
nelghWi cauioin anil viewed tlieso mnn.
sler remains. Tlio doctor boxed his prly.6
and semi it North this afternoon. I wrilo
In a hurry and have failed tqglYy yj'tl K
yery graphlu nceouiit of theso gluni re
mania. Dr. Townd row's homo la in Neo.ho,
Dodge couuty, j. JtJ?KI ANO.
T7T-rr )f tnr-T.t I
The Letter of the Orlrmn I'rlncr.
Tho following are tbo letters sent bv tbo
Orleans prince to both tho old and the
new niini.trv (f vFranuot
Auiit9, 11.70.
ahmiuai.. l.aiareisra, ysyv ycwniiy.
ornliig tbeJolipwlii W'psjroti Sjii(f
ill llie ircseneu in inu iini;er
if the country, 1 ask from tho Em
peror to be employed, wllhoitt regard to
,lt,y 1,1 ''ctly "Tn,'i R'iJ ,ui' Sla.S0W
ruia I ask to nid mo to obtain it. 1 re
new, to-day, my request in writing
with importunity.
llolltvo Admiral In 'my tontimgnU ofar.
luctlunato romujnbruneo. ' t . '
August 0, 18T0.
To his Exctlltnerl the Mlnlttcrof Wnri
Mh. Minibtjeh. You appeal to all
frenchmen to light for tbo defoncof their
country,; I am a Frenchman, a soldier,
and ahl6. I havo the irrado of general of
division. I ask to bo employod in tho nc
.tlvojiriny. Kccelvo tho assuranco of my
UJifllll JJT4 SJMJItiiriB.
Annm. n lorn
o llfllonoy, tho Mlnl'ttor o? JV'4
Jilt. Ministkk: As a r rononman and
former oflleor in tho wnra of Italy and
Aniorli havo tbo honqn ofMkliigt yoti
M bmployrWcWt iW7tho(faellU'RrtTty. lHj
our country, tlio BamsnfcKa
ted volunteer. HeceU'fLHi'.
MluMMbitk'.nsiurancc of my hlgVcos)-
i i. .' IT 'iniiriiir til' mT.v .M ra
lUCrVilSMSA Itvuuiu t ' id viiuujuiu.
AtJai-amo tinio that tho prlfcof
Orlelfaiflrtre writing to tho tnlnlipSfif
war tor-TRM mL'slon to tuko service teethe
nrmlMVnnels de Orleans addrcafWifo
.Mr. eMMfMUowing intimaio iciicrn
1 read Uio journals, nirjliar Mr. lfcr,
but jbhcyJeiHh me nHlfl new. Tsiy
nto oWPTOjiircparInai onjlioth sides for
a KroRtirrBL'ele. Wo haT yet great ro-
iinrMfffir. nftor all. It Is on V McMallOB's
corpa.that Las licon placeu'Aora nu tmpat
ttiatoWros.'nrd has sutl'ered but little,
ut tue mnera aro intaci. xueron in,.
lltlnnthlfJndlpnntlon cofiaeouent oirio.
ing th(trttomy on our territory; littttw
mtisUlio "bolter commanded, Sliall it bo
rO? . ..1
'I'Iik-b idf Van horrifies me. ana I
undcntauutiiothlng In tbe chamber: I
not undatald why they should, y
i ao
twxiiipikM u'nrti iii'ftiii.t mi uol mat ii aa
lib feV
it oh out tno aid oi t no armies tno oniy
rtipp'jrt "if France t6-day. Whatever
the "ncTlial govornwenl maygj.wj,
in oUmutoi fur "TciiitBce aro .msicu
bettcr.Uiani Mio provisional, for tn ie
laci luai ll is orciuiizeu, nnu 41 ir
sistatiesrM)ot Ten prolonccd' It imntt
iinili ratkti law of tliu vnniltl sued. JS.IIV'
tlilng-Wfireiorniiio to iiiariiternastTo. a
havo, Jiot .ftpclvcd anV responso fd my
r.-.; . .. ..... .,i.-
reuuast ior.eirvico In tlufnrmy of the
lieror. 1 uwnu nun
inn'nuxlety yott cab
rointirchcnd. I hnve lust' lead that the
citizens fiU'elsscnburjf have flrcdlapoij
tho enemy during too corneal. 1110
in.niili otild that nil tlii world
ilm ti'Msstu v iinlto t.iuit Farte'lrTiss
state of sUfesMM; if, tlnally, our urmy'tld
achlof (odlre'CT It. tho eforU of tho Ger
mans will oxlmustthemsbtfcs In tbo centre
iiBimii Liiruw out iiiocueuiv
bosom-" nv
TholWKtho mlniitos, jiv precious
In not ilinlre more. ill
I iiltr fau!mucii, bccauJoloour anzletlM
r., iiilifod'fnr von those of our father.-.
Jt - - -
Vt v
Tlio next election is that In VernioM
.September CtW
-JojoplLslrauii,Jvhu.dieil..lait jnonth
left 8tw wniucs.
A choe6"Iaetor6r2000 c6w caplcity
Is going up in jiinnesota.-
Tho first load of new corn nt Fort
Scott sold nt fifty cents a bushel
The census return' gi vo Nomabn coun
tv, J.an.m, a population ot 7,3 10,
It Is Said that tho Now Albany Led
grr Is toon to bo removed to Louisville.
Firemen', Tints are impressing the
wlidoui of a paid Sro department upon
Hi. hop Williams of Massachusetts,
jtut returned lrom ltotno to Ilostou, is to
ha vea present of 913 000.
Tlio lies Moines hitatcsman of a recent
(Into iiv tho press went back on them,
11 ml calls jca ioastiy accident.
The Soutb'jlond llcgUter says criin-
licrnc win ie plenty tins season, ana nro
already coming into niurkoi
-fVriTl 'twn. huiidfoil feet long ,vas
bro.icn up' on Th'nb'day evening against
tno pier oi'inu mock laianu nriuge.
A Jlavacrahdeo is coinlnir totlilscoun
trywit)t 1U uigbty-orje children, nnd wants
to "Wuro boani In somo qulul family.
Tho new clinlr of history in Harvard
univor.itv tuts lsJott tcnUtrrd, nMr. VA
wardL. 0odki)i,io(W
Tru. ulliigftrtvurTc
permitted to glro'ex!
grcgatloual ohuriih a
editor of tho Nation
oa ot performers aro
exhibitions In tho Con
gregational oSuroh at Now' Valley, N. Y.
Mollio Meagher, of Kansas, is the girl
who took up n taim near Wichita, and
flits' now got inree tuottsanu uoitnrs 1111
provemcnts on it.
China has '.Ufa .Insurance companies
wnicii Jiavo neen 111 nusincss tinny ecu
turU', and its marine risks aro said to
extend back to the ark.
Augustus Hemenwny arid David
Sears nro the heaviest tax-payers in Iloilon,
1 ..1 1 it..i:. It.r. - .,
iiuuig neieu ruivciiTvij ini tuur
(Ij'.'.OOO and S'.'.Sta.OOO.
illaron Von fichlelgcl, of Now Haven,
last Friday gave an Italian organ grinder
nn emphatic notice not to play tho Mar
f clllniso under hU window.
To how thoir anteriority to tho
Chinese, sumo of tho fairer portion of crea
tion are now wearing two pigtails, whilo
tlio bclcstinls sport but one.
Navigation ou thu Illinois and .Michi
gan canal will bo cloeied'on and after the
Mh of October, in order to facilitate the
completion of the deep cut.
Tho conference of tbo United llreth
ruii church, of Indiana, will moot in tbo
United Urethren church, at Georgetown,
Floyd county, on Wednesday.
Tho gold notpi'of jltto now. gold banks
aro to ho printed 011 yellow paper, so as to
give as good a sutxtituio Jor 1110 real arti
cle, as circumstance's will "permit.
A foreign mail1 'of 100 bags paised
through doliet on "tlm 17th inst.on the
liock Island and l'aclftc railroad. Tho
mall was from New- Zealand, nnd wai des
tined for London, Paris, etc.
Mrs. Samuel Coltof Hartford, has
just purchased a villa site of live acres on
tlio clili; at Nowport, for $02,750. This is
thu.iilghoU -prico-ovor-paid for 4 and at
Mrs. Tilfoy' ,5jfltence, about ten
miles from Colusa, California, was des
troyed by 11 ro on tho 18th, and Mrs. -Tif-fey,
her child, and nn oJslipianyllytsg at
viiu piitco pcrtsiicu in tno names.
clus.es und the Grand Cross. The last
and-Ttlgliest is gireh "solely to' command:
lug guiiofals oa a reward of great sue-
Dr. Parkos. of London, ha beon ex
pcrluiMUagiivltk '.thefetfooti pf 'brandy
upon a "healthy soldier." Ho inakos out
n terrible 1 reccord of acceleration of the
hoart, but fho oldior rathor liked il.
of Frmc& abii thoy will jtilna their lioro
dlno.cSot!fIiiRllost, aid iKlream suaU
of a grapd-patlonal movetsknt by vnlclt
Kraiicujliul! throw out tlletncmy from her
--Wisconsin says that '20,000 women are
working in its Holds tlili summer, ntuoiig
whom nro not only Germans, Irish unci
Scandinavians, but many Americans, It:
eluding thousnnds who bolong to tho mid
dle clnscs.
Tho Population of Hun Francisco.
which tile press of that city predicted
would bu 76,000, is found to bo not far
from 125,000 of which 10.000 nro Chinese
The n Umber of rcglslcrfd voters aro 1M,-
12, a littio over ono to live,
An orlirlnnl nortrn.lt of Martin Luther.
UV, Lucas Cranncli, has recently boon dis-
ovcred in perfect preservation anion tr a
mat of rubbish in a passago adjoining u
rntostiint cntieit in tlio smull v line
Rclclicpbcrg In Silesia.
AlifilltAY 1IHOT1IKRM.
Atul Agents of
200. 70 03ECXO DXr
K. 1). M.ithusa.
i:. a uhi,
fc UIIL,
( JK N Lit A I, l'HOHUCE
Commission Merchants
i:i5 0hloI.evop,!AIItO,II.I.INOIS.
Hrial atlfnllon glen to the purchase and sale of
str.s'statN ti
Iit'slliitr Nttliinnl ll.in. Mon,lll.i Wm. Uhl,
liiann. III t Mf Nstluaid Hunk, Cairo, llllii"l;
Mlliewi, lsolnrx A Co., Conilalxlon .Meruliiuits,
Chlr)(o, II1.J Il.iMuIn x Stonr, Otn. Mrrelmatf ,
LUlcmjo, 111., Ihiw, Mfirant in., Cliirso. 111,
q w. ghi:e.v,
8uoc;nr to Kwill-, Greea A Co.)
And (Ventral.,
Commission Merchant
. II. Aer. i:. J. A)ns.
fiK.U.KlU IN
Commission Merchants
Alio, kerp t'oniUnlly cn lionil a ino-t rum
plctn dock rif
Scotch and Irish Whiskies
Part, Madeira, Sherry, Catabaw
V ncrnl' lor J. Held A Co ' C.'li-l.rutrd
Wlli:i;i,I.Mi M.K.
Wo Mil csrltlxltfly for ("a-li, to wlilrli (.let wn
invito thu ullfiilion of cliiro Uirit'iin lnijiTM
HfiiThil nitration six 11 to tilling ordtrK.
Confection Merchant
IUh Kemured lo Ills Old Stand
3 Commercial
Where haaolk'i I a eonlinimncc of I'Mrunnuii 11
lilfcirincrcintojiieri,inw( r 1 1. t tr nw snstsi
Btwont'i n liiiiv want irlniOL'roci'rlii. iirnvl.im.av
ato., raiumknl'ly rheuji for eh.
lartnni Mrictiy casii. for whlth he will nell.
owoe than tlmloft.
Plaster Paris Plasterers' Hair
Lime la Bulk, alwayw on ItausI
hul mm
yym: you kuy .
Cooking Stove
Get The Best
sf it WM-
Havo Istrss aiolil lm llir !.( Two Vtnra
(il one li.n rallcit lo,.o
Kntir isf:i'(.iii
r ev nro un ;r:a'lv nektinstlp li .1 i I' Hk-
And wIk ii wt known thi)'
Stand Unrivalled
I'onrxiKoioiiTv in hakixh,
l-'ur lltimoiiiy In Hit LV or J'tirl,
Fur nnrnlilllly iiiul Coinoiilfiin,
Ami Tliflr rorfrrt. Ai!tiilullnii
To thn
Wants of Western People I
find for iirter llt, lo
ni-J A. Oil N. .M11I11 Mrrrl,
Jlll)ld.1l)- SI. I.otlla.
pubifier'op'ths blood,
tit If it lr.'Mthelt Tonic and re
moter cf Health rttr titter, trtJ, It it
a tmtntixt and turt cure fcr J)yt-
fifth, ndisttttort and all JiitJiit cf
Pit .n'trana A iJnejt.
I tit a mild nnd ddithtful Inr.i$er'
ant fjr delitatt Femaltt, end it Iht
mat agrttalle and (JiJiit-tailing
Tutit cftht Jjy.
i'.ir young Children and Infant t it
it a turt turt fir Wind Cvtu, Gnfinf
J'tint in tht Stuniath and Ilirxttt, i5rc
1 1 unit lad at all DrvuivU ami cmcmI
dealers, tr by adJnuinf Ui WWcU
ntinw . WHKB h CO..
lJnJU.V. Stttnd SI..
nr. luvis, mo.
IlKAI.r.ll in
OE rovisions
Oaii'O) Xlltuoias.
lp?. mm,
lm miipllrl ultli nll'ltlmla uf
Hoor, Vlo( Jbo.t
o.v co.HMi:uci.ii4 avi:.m:i:
ll. linrn KIrIiIIi And Mnth Stit'vt,
'flu' llilr.ly, ulo nit i:iud llii'r, ah' uhl t;.i-
nun a cuii, nan mc.c hiii wain a
Can have thxlr wautx miri'lii' l at hi. kir.
JOH.V ati:s
lVnirirlor uf Ilm
Ilillliiril Saloon itml Our I.'imiii
EI Dor
100 'iiiiiiiivrciul Ave,
Viljll Os J.lllllO)S!
I 1'1'tn
I lla iroil(.t'da
I Popular Public Resorl
I Wli;r. tli.. j,-iir fin 1 laruu airy r,Hii
m-.j'.i,'ii nun
f.'oiMrurtahl.! train, ;t.'., ami uh.ir iiiiiii-.I u.lli
llili-aUii.lcoolt'i.tlsucrU-iT, thi' i.i'iit wiii.-
- w,r, , i n ., io mi 1. 11111 1 in Cairn.
ii . fr ' J111'111"1 'll in ami 'Void. oil."
i., ii, ruijiii irw it
to i.y. rj hody.
ww n s.w
Millers' Agent,.
ao 01110 ijaaxr-aia
Order Mollclltd, stil rroniplly ami
hMlarai'lorlly t'llltil.
mi n in vi
DII..I0IIX HUiil.'S COl.l.'.MX.
jyn. JOHN IM'M.'H
Great Remedies
M.uililii. ttirrrnii'l i 11 . 1 4 1 ,t 1(
Smith's Tonic
KOIt Tin:
OlxillfM 4ra.3j.cl 3?ovor
'pilll jitojiili'ttr of llii (eli-lrnliil mr.ll.'iiic
1 ii.atfy uunns tor itaMii'iTiorlty nu ralln
Inciiiis .vr otl. r.'.l tolliu I'tiMI.' for tlin.ar, t
lu, ij.itj) init innimrt rrrt nf af Ml' vl r,.
nr "hl!l aal Krr, wli'thcr or lion or lonj
tiuii'lifiK. Ilu ti lcra l' III.' rntlni Wii-tcrn mni
.uiu inr.irrn uriuiiir. ill iM'nr mill ii'H.iiiifiiiT 1 11
thr truth or thu anii'itiun. th.it In no caip
vhntvrvr will It f.UI totnr, If Ilm ilirn iinim an
vlrlvtlr IuIIoupiI mill cnrno'l out. In a utml
iniinj I'vcsa infflo il'io Imil.ri-n nillicli-nt for i
1 un. anil uhoto f.iinllli1 llna l.ixn enrol hy n
rlnxli' iKitlto, Willi a ticrfct rctMtlnn ot thu
fincrnl hi'iillh. It l, lumiii r, pi'lcnt, nnd in
! ry fo inoro cortaln to cur.', if llnii.ol.cna'
Mini .1 ,11 Miulltr iIopi for a Mi l k or two nflf-r tin
1 .nil' li l-ftn iiln-4'l.rU, tiinia ipclally la illt.
I' on It atul Ion: t m Jkijt rniiM. I'.unlly, llil.
in. iliiiiif will nut require nny uM to kt-rp lite
Inwrls I11 ii"0'! onlor j rhonlil I 111 putn-nl. lioo
rr, riilri u r.iihnili 1 11 lir 1 nr, nlnr hatlni;
l:i(;i-n thn fir four ilom-s of Ilm Tonlr, Ii aiiiulr
ill, 10 nl SIiiII'm 'iutni- I'nmlly I'lll.
will U atlttieirnt.
tut. juii.. iu.L.1,.1 i'rnviiai oiih'pi
NO. 10 I'lS'TIf, Vo.t1 Si-f!f.)
To .12y.riilt4!lSla(( Hiiiil V.rll
wlilc ;itciulcr;
f IIA h i. i-vrj manr u t)niiiil. Iumh
111. t i.ir ',i. Mil Ii- .lion. Ithr l,iwii, tUI of wit li
aii'iii'ii'imc. 'Hi" follow Inat. from a iii)lily m
1 1 r ili-.." a 1 mi l iiini.
I un 11, m my Mima! iw.
I' ill 1 PU'l njjliir I'llJVII IBIl III ,11141, l r
in i.'y in' ol thn ui". n u.ilil" coiinniiii nti 11.
I l.nr ni r r . .1. lit. Ci.'inciit ku?i'S
i 'iy wl at ho r rate, of, nnl In. tfiliinuuy ilr.
M'rtr. to I'C writtni in it!i of V"l llaar
wl.it thu I ."t'.r u) tl Hull'. Wurm lit,
troy crt
Vlllanovr, naiKar GntiMy, (ia., I
Jim' S. lit. I
I ,. J.ihi llitt Pfr Sir I luro ircrnli)
given )our "W.irni l)"lrorr" Mral trial.,
mi.' liiiil it wonili'tfully 1 tin ai'iom. It tia. not
finliil 111 a flnuli' io.I.hk" lo luiiu thr wj.lii-.or
i'iri't. lamiloinxa ( ttlly larito roonty t ractti'l.
and bau daily ue (of wmo hrildarf thi klJy
1 am frrv t" ronfi". .hat I kuow of 1,0 ti'iii""
ri-coiiuii'inl'"! hy tlio al l"! Antlmritli Ih4t 1. t-i
cffUin nrvl I) ini! iLV t, On II rn mrat)
ll.i'V am 1 iif. f a n. .n IIic extri'irif My '.Jul 11
ut t t'X)'''11 to lm 1 mi' H" what tiii i. I c .n
pvi the ini-Oiilii" ilife- uy Htm jmt. Ifln)il
it tiKin ra.y tprtn. I .h i'l a." aifiiit ilfalM jt
I aioNwnrf that thn i.-i. "t - ' li 'li i.rc ' t)
lo s lit I. h.ni;. KU'I I'lai ii' p f a hi. .1 r r ')
of lha rtUr linr ili ai'liiik' Atrnnily wh. In.
know lo I mnbviant, iin ly Li-. au. we m-. t
itria'i4utofiU (ioiui.. nation. l'i r my iml, I lili
nnkf it a rate to all nnl rrry nu m. to al.
If nnl mrlt riuKliiuimnit)' wr. -ii f may IO alio
to coiniiitnl not l.citaunit ran .otno ou.
tnoic iMit'niiu. limit mr .ill lm ietn.iil it
.-If 1 . l In.!, i.nil nr.iu.il Uio ml.' ililt lo ti.
Itinlliii.wIiiJK. llowi'trr, I kin tiy no invtiti. mi
ailnKloornii'i-ittTiif llii tliiiii.nti Ii f woitl.n..
11. -trnm. tti.ti'vo'i I'.i i'.iy, t't jii.ri illo
1. 'i' ml manner i ! a ' wli" ' H. .!i 1 hi r
I'Him. tr ly hh.i, an I uifvrib n"' i.r )mr
tfrnn. laui,r. tr r't' tfnili,
Jl'l.llsl'.t.f.KMK.Vr .M I
Kcuil Uio (.'aiilitlii I.t'tlcr anil
I lie I.cl((r frum hla .Mother :
llrnlon llarriu-ka, Mo., April 3, lwt.
I'll JOHN J1L I.I-l nrMr Knowiiitf thr elli
full' y of jour ft.irij'iir IU, ami thi' hrulini; aim
t-4-rirricikl qnalili.a 11 Ki.r., I .eti'l you tin
rolluwltir al..t4 iiivi.t or myca.oi
I was wonniinl atuml two )rr i;0 waa lakri.
i rinjiicr iinili niiliiiC'l f.irnili'ii inunths. ll. iu:;
inomu .ooricti, my woiimla lusi- not li.-al-i jrt
I liHtoliOl cat llpu linilm lit aini I w. wouinli-i
lam .hot tliroiik'h thu hin. My uiirul lualll
I. llll.lirHl, nail I Unit MjllllililUK to ..:t n
tun-. I Uf mutt frfilh in our hai.aj jii;..i thaL
in an) thiiitf cite. 1 win! thut that i ti iumn'
I'liiav f iiircus IHO n half ilotu l,ul, , Bl'J
Ol.i CUT. C. 1'. JOIf.NMi.V.
M. I.111K n.
V. H Thi' lollowinrf wn writtrn April lo, In'i
Ii Mrs. Ji iiiilw J.lic.on, inott.cr i't Cal l, John
Ml. JfillMlfl.l-lH-arSin Mylni.' . I. li
U Ji'liii'i'n. w n fliillfiil furi'i'iin an I rlij.ic
Ian 11. LVntrai Nt w York, wlurn li ilic t, li.it iif
IhouUi. f. I'. Ji'hnton m my ran-. Atlh rlrL
)i.it of i'H, ln l,uil chiouiv diMtlira uml
arrufuU, ( r wlin'h j;avi him j'Hir' iraamrika
IT IJL'ltl.l) IHMi j imi) for It-n years ifaiii
Ini'll'lvil It In ln.iliy ill York, (Jli.o uml lona
tor aitufula, fi'itr i"ica, mnt kcih ml ili'h'lity
IVtfiit .iitii'." Ii..- utli'a.li'l it 'In ' iii
in mm. laiiM i irrrfmlj utj f.ifr Kf n Kl't ttm"l
iiicjix.Mi. 1 hiii w iivxuiu. tor my i. to ns n
I'uto iitouuv lo jmr KirMnnlla. II v l. fiurfm
of Ri'ttmgn itiitbtii iirliclp, lu'titu hi will up .r
ton font. Ilu woiiuiU wtrn turrlth', hut 1 U
lii'tf houill rrronr Hointtfnlly,
Arkansas Heard From.
TchUiuony ol' Jlcriiutl Men
ntony l'onit Whllo Co., All;. May S3, 'Co.
Hr. John lli l 1. Pear Sir: J.ait Krbrnary I wa
at Loiiintillo nirohuaini ilrufin, mni I kh huiii(
of your Snmnparllhi ami I.Vilrun Ililli r..
,., ri'ii'iii'iAii, nun linn 11 nil in.. ,,, ,,ii.pii,r
111' 111 lIllHII Hllll III" llll'UIIIUtlaUl tor HiilllK
111111', cumiiiciu'ril 011 thf Hitter.', 11ml noon found
liiKi'iicriil lirnlih liiiprnrcl,
It. fiint, who hn licon in tal luiillli, Irldl
i 1
111. Ol, l,l'4 III' ,l, llil ,'l U, .-',,
in IliU u,illl..,iniil. llfTinl I ..nnl.l k'il ifc nftlt
iiiuintity of your moiili'lno thin full 1'njx'i'lnll)' tho
tVilron llittiTa ami barvniiHrilla. Mill' mo at
.McuipiiiHCHtt'Ol ItielHttA Nooly. ..
1 1 ........ I fi 1 1 1 u
t)r,.,,,,,.,l 1... nt MllW lllTr.T. nt
IiIh J.aliiiiniiii'v. Fifth yireet. Lonit.
Ville, Ky.
'.ii' Nule hy IMIUXA Y ItltO
nr. i.out'1', who una uoi'n 111 nan neuuii lurr.T'
e-tal yours .tumiitA mi liter iittvctml ho tinjirot vl
cry much hv tho inm of your Itiltcru, Iinli'i'M

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