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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, September 07, 1870, Image 4

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,ws otjhs tin,
I.ooai. Hkkvitik. Mr. N. A.,l)uyor
Toll through the dilapidated tiidowalk nfr
the corner of nth and lmvcu atreeti. yci
terday afternoon, Ami wn consUoral.ly
IphiImO and injured.
Swell A: Jacob will furnish Gaiollno
for Qaioliiie, jainpi ami stoves, nt low
Tor ftl tlic liitcit ''0 nn(l main
of Indies', misses' nnJ chlldrens' shoe, go
to Klllott, llaylhorh Co s. tf
iGb toO'iPMo Lovco'nnd Vmy the Ah
rora oil for cents per gallon. Tlwo who
Itat'n ti l.tiOlV IttVallin. I f.
!,,!, HorWi l.in r,',,,'.!,.,,, r,.i, ,,f
f,..i. n.lilmnrn .YrVYMi i, win
,' . . ' .... . t.t
tCI V uf .u,i...iVI. S .ll,tlij OfcJ IV uiniii.
on tuori noicunuin vjic.mou sans
manner. nit
Tho 'Aurora tU is ubrfoctiy cloar.
non-exploslvoj Itjwlll give entire satis
faction, ntid'can be hnd at (C Ohio Lcvco
for tlid'inconsldernblo stttn of .10 Cents per
KrIIoii. tf
The Turner's fttst In Flora Garden,
next Sunday, will call out large crowd
of people. The entertainment proposed is
vnrled nnd Interesting. There will be
speaking in English and Gorman, tinging
by glco club, physical exercise, tableaux,
and a grand illumination. All this by the
way, as a celebration of tho society's eighth
annlvonary. 3t
Arrangement aro bolng perfected for
a grand ball in tho market house, on rri
day evening tho object bolng Jo replenish
the treasury of thoCalro Orphan Asylum.
Our young folks will doubtless turn out
In force, and scoreof citizens wh6 .never
indulgo in such pastime will buy tickets,
Who suspected It? "What7 Why
raad thi4 : Married, at tho residence of J)r,
It. S. llrlcham, In this city, Sept. Oth., by
the Iter. Van Troai, Mr. W. II. H. Goo, of
Xcnla, Ohio, and Miss Jiuclma Brlgham, of
Cairo. Tho happy, couple, aecompanjed
by Mrs. Brlgham, left by the afternoon
train, for tho home of the bridegroom, In
Mr. JBIxby, Superintendent of tho
Cairo Ga worku, and Mr. JI.Kfndearehl
tect, nro engaged in their work for Inlro
djclng gas on Capt. l'hllllps mammoth
wharfbost. Tho plan adopted cothmend
itfdf as simple, entirely practicable and n.i
Involving but little expense, fosirx. Blx
by and llfsde being men of thorough sci
entific attainments, wo fool aiinred of tho
complete succeis of their present under
tnilog. Who wants a comfortable home, for
two dollar? Wo tlaro say everybody.
Then let oTerytxly tike aeunnci', or, what
is better, n half down chancen In iIiutmIIIo
by which Harry Walker's residence U to
l disposed ot. Tho building, routnlnlng
eighth rooms tnxesand lumirance paid
Isput ttpnt $J0(t to hiindroJ und fifty
chances at two dollar each. 0,ulte a largo
number of tho ulmncc, hnvo boen taken,
and n almost overyboily wants one, it is
reaionablu to suppose that the Tallin will
cotno oil" In n few iluys. l'arties upon
whom Harry does not call during tho day,
can secure chances by calling nt Louis
Herbert during tho evening. -t
Xotick. Order numbered 11, Yi, Ad
nnd 19 drown on tho treasury of Alexan
der Lodge 1. 0. of 0. F., und in favor of
Clro odgo No. DM, I. O. of G. T, liaro
notltecn seen or hcrd of lnco tho expir
ation or Mr. C. K. Sluck' lorni of ofllco as
AVortby Financial Si-crctary of said l.odgo
No. fill. Any Informtitlon of tho where
uboulsof wen order v. Ill bo thankfully re
ciid, and n HUral nwiird p;U for their
return to me.
1 M.WAUWlCrC, W.F.a,
Cairo Lodgo No. 554, 1. 0. of G. T.
unfortunately you lave lost your own
teeth by ncglw tnr mismanagement, tako
care thnt your daughter do npt suffer tho
same penalty from tho lamo cause. Seo to
It that they brush their teeth regularly
and thoroughly with Sozoiio.NT, and
thereby you will iniur them sound nnd
serviceable sett n long; a thoy livo.
' .Si'Al.ntsd s (iLUt, handy and useful,
Don't Skit Tut. The surrender of
Kinperor Napoleon by no means involve
Mat Burn's surrender to hard times or any
other set backs. He has gfeatly Improved
the Mechanic' Boarding home, corner of
Third and Commercial, nupplled the build,
lng with gas, tho rooms with flnu spring
ldi. the ittlooti with tho purest brand. ..f
llnuors: and the table l Just whut It
ought to bo prctentitig In gol' lyle
urerythlng tho utarktt ntford. Beir all
this In mind, and, further, that tin- price
of boarding and lodging i only $!t per
w6V,ono dollar per day, or forty rents
per meal. Mat ask tt share of public put
ronage. andlidemeaiiirig hlinelf in a man
ner to deterve it. epctf
Fok a gl" f ili;ndld St. I.oul lager
beer the belt in the city go tii the
Washlngtoon saloon, comer Waibtngton
avenue und Fifteenth street. tf
Tuk Woon Jji.k. The timt. I. pun In
the Went and South when It made no dlf.
furence how much wood a family burned.
F.ven In regions where wood w abundant,
the expenieof getting it is a large Item of
family Jcoit, and people aro learning to
make their wood title last as long us possl.
bio. Thero is nuagimtthatalds this econo
my of fuel so much as a Charter Oak stove,
Try K, .,' wpS itditw.
flnanlait Kxerrlaea Slrrvl lrtmlilim
OnCnuitMlna of Cnin.i.illcoi l.artjo
aMendanee.-l'orpiioi'M VrorfetllMUai
t. t s" :
Tim Southern '.Illinois. Suiulny School
AsdciHUon nieljh' till eHy y'Ulbrday, nt
4 o'cloek, p.in.' The ntibiid.nieo wns nut
large, owing to u fnlluro of mil road con
nections at Odin.
mo exorcise were opened by 5ini;int;
by Philip Phillip,. A temporary, urgaiil- ,
r.atlon was utTected by the elcotloii.uf illcV.
. J. Grant, , of Carboiidnlr;,, president
and Hey, Ji Cole, of Dn (Juolttj Secretory.
.After 'nn' itnprosiivo pmyor ,by tUuKcv.
J..lI.cSeoit, of Metropolis, the Ubth Pinltn
was rend, followed, by singing:
"Oil, for u f.iltli llinl nillliiotelirinl;."
lnconr(iueiicc of the iiImoiico of the ex-
w deferred uutU Uili Morning. It jWBl
moved nnd enrrled that four members of
io wrench at tliomnrico'.housoiind Iluv. W
Md Stewatfnud ltcr. W. Ji oAiiit; f Car-
bondale, at the' S:ofhor 6r Colnmcrclal
kavonua and Flghth street. Qn Motion n
corrtmltiec of hf So 'was nppoiiftW1'
chair, to arrange a progrmnmo lor futuro
xcrcUes. , l)r: 0. S. AVhitnby, J, Ji. Scolt
and lloV.'I Vnntrccs wercappolnted.
After singing thu Doxology tho tisocl
ation adjourned to meetnt 8 o'clock at tho
markot house. . T 7
' xiatiT sKssiotf. "
.Street preaching begnnnt 7 o'clockn Tho
attendnnce was largo nnd the, cloctnt
tentloii and the doeiiest interest mnnifeilcd,
The Association resumed its labors at
the mnrkcthouso at 8 o'clock. Tholm
moiiM nditloe waih'early filled The 'cV
crclnJi opened ly singing.1 ' ""
"I will Sine for Jcsu. "
Trayer was offered by the Hot. .hitne.
Brownlce, of Dongola
From 8 to B:10 o'clock was duvotcd to de
yotlonal exercises. The balance of the
evening was consumed In tho disciiMlon of
followlng'uction ;
"linpnrtanoo of- tho rjundiiy ohool
work." ' 'i " ' '
Tim following gentlemen partleipnteil in
the discussion ; Jtov. R. B. Olmstend, of
Caledonia j Kcv. W. II, StW't. 'Mound
City j Bev. II. Vail Burenj CIUrJ v
E. I. Porter, Chicago; Ttev. .1. Cole, Du
Quoin; He v. II. I). I'Wi. Jlrighton; Itev
Mr. Warttitan, BovrM. Oriham- Cotjtrn
Hit. Thouddrefsus wero brief, but'Ianpre
live and to the purpose.
Tho committee on prograinmo reported
as to futuro exercises. On motion, a com
taitloo of. live, consisting of Mr (ic3rpo
FUlier, Cairo; Bov. W.H. Stowhrti Mound
City; Hcv. H. 1). Piatt, Brighton; Mr.ft.
Whnrton, Carbondalcj and Jlov. J. D.dil
hnin, wore iippointod by theclmIf?to irj-
seill iiamc C otltnoM for )riitMint nr.
ganlsntlon. After bencillctton by father
Stewart, of Carbondale, the meeting ad
Jourued.tu u o clock thi. morning.
MOIlNI.Nd HK..1I0.V.
The Arioclatlou met nt 0 o'clock. The
session wus opened by singing
lt'k or Ak-'," y I'lulip I'liilHi".
l'mycrs wero iiQxtoffijredjih behalf 'of
the nbjecti of 'tho' Astoclutiuii,: followed by
"I am but a ttuntfof lierrrUe.vrrn (s injnliaaip."
Prayer wero next oifered In the Inter
est of the. Sunday .School CHUSoiitourhoigh
liorlng States. Aftor singing by tho audi
enco, led by Mr. Phillips,
"lift jilrMnnl tlll to ilnilt btluM, '
In Mlow.lil), of lute. ' , , .
A motion yn jiiudu'niid tarriod (haC-nll
those present from other status lie- tnviteu
to minU in tins Oonentiorn "
Tlie lV"nUti) on )rmattent vf(;tiii,.a.
tioti made the following report.
Provident, Dr. C.N. WhlmuyIntiaoln.
Vice-l'r'oidenls, A. W. W'ebU, Cairo;
B. G. ltoot,Tamaro:t,
Secretary, ltoberl IUoil,.Shawiioetiiwn-
ItHilronil Secretary, l. M. I.iiinJeii,
Busiiuiia Committee, Hov. F. I. .Thump-
on. I lev. II. 1). PlutL l!av. AV. J. (irnnt. I
Tpou taking thu chnlr Dr. Whitney re
turned hit thnnks fortho' honor conftrred
upon him, and implored tho blessing of tho
Great Master upon t!iu-lnlors of the con
vention. Ho referred to tlie extensive
prcpnrittion iiinde by tho good citizen, of
Cairo for thoo attending the imociutioit
and oxprcised the hope that the labor of
tho lAioclatiou would have u liene dotal
result upon tho city.
After singing:
"Je.ii", the w.itt r,t(f llfv. VlUlAC," -u
Hcv. Mr. 'Fisher, of Carbonilnle," jirayed
for thu blelng of HeaveK upon the labors
of tho Awociatiou, upon Its utllcer, and
all connected with its interests.
Vhllip l'hllllps, i.sslMcd bythe vast nh
dleni'ii sang
"All tu t hrist I one,"
iii,u.vcry atlecliug uiunuer, iptltu jt number
being moved to tear. J " hL
On motion. Mr. Darlington, of Green,
vllle, was appointed luaUtnnt .rjcerctory.
The following imestlou wiu'thcn ill-
"Tho want of tboSablmth Seljool work
in Southern Illinois, and hfiw'to moot
them." . ,
HeV.'F. I..- Thompson, of .Hhawiitftowrl,'
said that wo could ;neet UiU want by
thorough organization. There shoubl ho
an lirganir.ation In evry - precinct nnd'
township. jSuchjOryilzatloiu wouhl nf.
ford every one.fn tho JeastanMiJus to'labor
for" the eauio," an opporliinlly To iTo o.
Ho referred to tho grand workiiierformod
In (lallalin coiitity'diirlng thi'pa.t year u
an cvidonco of what well ilirected i'Urt
....M.I.... ll.i. . Ji.fir4r
. llVUIllJ'lltll.
Hut. S. f'fiiik. of (iolpondu. clillllieil til
wael iru of tin. love of kiofl iJr
hearts lor U eaune. Ho' said That ''tl'o
cause was notproptroiu m teliprnt Jlj
' the asoclatitBiltfiilaoted(ocoliduct'lrtct
I, 1'JJiujuoin. nnd Hov. W.l'eek were selected
i " I i. i. . .i ... t .. ii'
m-" upemiiwuient and teachers Wtnf
not christians, nnd Iiad not felt tlie grace
rf ClnA t.i lli.iir limirts. Atwl llinrnfurn u'ern
f'nbt innved 'iif Thjiiroiit work by'llovo ah if:
love nloliu tor iiio;canso 01 inn.
."I i'
' Md Uiss ,enr,fiin'lay MignU'
i V
wnt ncxtMtnc
Kov, Ji. V. Fish, of Cnrbotidiilj', roitimiid
tlie inVimlon nnd (.laltinxl'tluitf much lie
pcmlcd upon tlio orgnnlziitfoif, but tliftt
.tliuongeiboulpoia lo.vo for tho
tun if nnd for tliu'ifnstcr
l.il.n & l "lifiiiinrt .if ('nrbnllibiln.
'"iV .-.J; i.Jk US. .
lltbllt.- it. i .jh.".i " - i
thouKljl iiUcimjrt4 1 lomu.be tntigiii o
cwnnni iiin I'lMirniioi iidti. linn luu iritius
i lirm. !iiov.of (Irktul forUhc cause
must control. "J-
Uev. C. (i. Hart, of Sliawnee'town,'
tbfuithtthibtbci Work f Uho Ifamlly hail
tiiiwli to do with tbn suoeas of our schoollii
rIi'er?. tofiVori 'shrtutd Dc'flu'no In tho'
.Sabbath seiiool, nnd parents should bet
... . ... i. . .... i
nnuio to reel umiiiietr cuiiurcn are sinner.
Ji JCfo brT4; .rhtm.f.'iJhri
1 .1...luJ i . .. 1.1.
nnd obey th'o precept of hls ohuroli,
J!ov. 0, V. Woitninn, ot UotHien,
ngU'cd.ivlth brother .Hurt .that, jiucces .
leiionds greatly t.ipoti tho intereH taken
by parents. t
Mr. Phillips next sung
oh, Ifnty, Iious la bultmpoBa-rock.Vs
1n ;t vory liiipreitivt.MUinorhoatulierite
joining In the chorus 'A, i k;J ' J
Prof. J. It. .Tohisoif,.or,THl1ijtUdge1coii
sidoroJ somo of tlTo dlflleulties In the way.
Ho mid thnt e had many minister who
did not work for tho cause .through love
nnd that many of those wbpjjytiiio labAr
for tho came, have not thelove if God in
their hearts. Wo h.uvp,thootngagil.. In
the, cause who arc bad men. Such mu'l
bo forced to leave tho work.
ltov. Mr. Morgan, delegate to thu con-vcntlou-froinithvUle
iit'larcoald that
we hid uvnny-who wolld gladly,epjjige1n
1l(V we'rlTlf hiMitlo il5 so. the Aecet of
our schools also dciond. upon thu manner
hi whioli they are conducted.
J HUH UMIlllfMDB hfPI, '
I iliil no la tar fold.
Win snug' by tho audience, led by Mr
Phillips. b ' p ft-jn ,
Mr.-M. Iluntcr," ol"phiivijeWiif tKd
,tliut we noeded niorb'tunch'era. tit vvalitct
ijllllcult to obtiiln 'tn?m If tho'prnpc'fVf
forts wore put forth. It Is not necessary
thnt u man must lo'a philosopher to 1 A
good tenchbr. Tho iHory of tf.3 Cross 1s
easily understood. Wo must convert mon
ilyivtl'lnto tlieVr'ioekots ; wo need meatn
to carry on th worki No one need Imvo
fcaM but that the Investment will puy.
Itev- lit. -ilyor, of Du Quoin, naid-that
wo bad many workurs in tlie Sabbath
school ennui wliu Itiborid when they had
nothing elo to do. lie gave an account of
n boy who :ild, whijnapiirj-MBfu.tipoir tho
sublectof religion. "If there Is no.kimUif
relk'luu btttUiat which lay futherJia'JJl
lun, "lllliuiuis nv-niiiu'.'i
iat wlijch lay fathejJiai'.M
t.' '. MlulspokicW thiw-r-stlu.!-
upbn parents'' with
aiit tm of It
ponslblllty rii'l
mileli elillih:iiu.
.luflgh" 'Tumor, nf- llarlmndMeJ1 sjioku
with ell'eet moij tho labors which should
1 .
oe jienopucii in 1 110 luinu v uireie. . .
ThoiYiie'tisiibiiM'iere'clMed. '
Tim beautiful tnud liitllMA J
titled: 1
ing, en-
s.. .
,".JAfn Ullhlfi the' Vllle" '
wnt next ung by tho 'audience, led btl
Mr. Phillips.
After tirnvcr by .Mr. 0. C. Hart, tin
4UtJtoi ,(t' iU"Mily,ivr'ftnilMtlijifiMas
MrrKJVl'ortarof Chicago, Htnthtlml
Secretary of tho Illinois Stato Sabbath
School Absorption, spoko with cUvct in
favor of jicrfect county organl.ntlnu. A
great deal depends upon such orgnniitim.
County organizations should perfect pre
cinct nnd township orgnnlKtloiii and re.
ifllife tf tliem Vtltortji-pjiijliml fepi.ti'"f
Shi',!,.i'lai" u)lMwH?r "hc)ols(;CJif
Secretary of the county association should
know thu.lCvltyiiCtiivry Mwnl school,
and eo tluilj.thelr, Wiujli4rn. fppyliiil
jiroinptlyi Cotiiity. dundnyfilaiol. Insti
tutes nhotild bo held for tho' pirliWi of dis
cussing thoroughly the tjlieorv of, iniru.
I nK ;thji tf tttli Of tlm frill... , ; , ! ,1 j ! U J
Prof. II. (S. 'Bouts tt Tamaro.i, bore tes
timony to thu ellli'iunuy of county orgnn
ialiii'in.thoslbb:ithioli(ol work-.' i.Stiolf
orgnnlitlitlirt bad ilfiiiftiiincll Tot tlleeue
In 1'orrv county. fiitVas'sahl'ik and I
will give. If we who pretend to be labor
ing for tln cause, .Inlior with love for
Christ and the intercut of thu children,!
God will honor tho work and bless ft.
;i'.o foiiir ciititjvil; . , , Tt
; iiuiUtf'ftU Ur,v
wus.iung, the tclo by Mlsi' LUzIo 'liiwo
of Shnwiiei'toiv;i,,miil qliifnts by .Mr. Phil
ips nud the iiudleiici.. Father Stuwart,
of Ciirlionilulo, counselled orjatil.utloii, It
was iietvifsRry luurce In itnyJVafno. -
Mr. II. L. Boswojj, of White county,
gave an account of the m;yi;sfill worMugj
of tho catiso In ills ijoutity, , (
Prof.'w.'.l. Sklcn, o'f Pulaski, ,uld that
very teacher lit th'ti Sabbat h'Sfhoo) should
Know (hiit Ut tench, lie expnsied liitn-r-ulf-
gratltlwl-'v.'ith thu irogri-s of tho
Sunday School wiirk In Southern Illinois.1
Itev. P. L. Thompson, of Shtiwneetown,
tiiiitrnjteil the viuditloi of, the fjunday
S?lid5IViin.!al present vlth tlm past.' Hu
regarded flyV?,,!i!li.iW B" diienin.
bin to u 'perfect orgnnlr.ation. Such or
gaui.iitiou ilip)iutsonlyfibrlng imv men
and women into tho Heidi but they infut-o
lifolnto-old'aae'ri: - ' 'I 'l
Mr i:,.l. Avers, or Villa Hidgc, ami of
Cnlfi'sniko of tliq jifj'ress of tlm workj.11 .
Pulaski county. Ho believed jlmt this con
veiitliin wouhl lq pf;ilicf jyepf great good.
"Oli, let not yuurhiMrt ho lruuUe.1 1
l or. lii'iini j 11, 1. liriili'LTiioni uoiattb.'l ..
Was eung by tho audience, led by Mr.
Phillip. r r v . t : v ,
Bov. W'.TI. Seott, of Metropolis, tj oku
vey,ftmlVly iu ,f.ior. of .county ,orgtul?
zittloii..c.Jlogivo nu account' ot tho scliool
work In AInsiao county. Ho plnlt;ed to
the friends of the cawo that the good work
.would go on. in Ills countyn unUUmen,
Woolen and chlldro'ii would bo'cnllcd to the
Void or ood. " y.
.jdflroCotiinttce on. UasliiqiiS next re-
fiurieu ii8 lotiowt :
jfEfening nfelltng4 fdr stroet prcaehlng,
nt'Hnier of Klghth street nnd Commercial
uvcmiu, to Tie eonductcd by l..vll. Turner,
of Sliiiwncctown.
A meeting fortho colored people, corner
Fourteenth nnd Walnut atraeta, led by
I'mcV. R. Johnson.
-"Wengotliu Association at 8 o'clock,
p.mx4 ths'tMrkct houMC0uljectior dli-
w icaurortho cooperation
Jto.;Nei(i,df Awa.
ifVom Mr. jWynoHs express-
iratmtiat urgent butinWdald pre-
lileJitteridenccL wae read by the
T1 Mjt4,Al. - rnn,iw1 ,i, i
. . -
Wl? Cp5lLlis,'TU F0KIT0I'I
till . ' .,
vvnuover nw Uie,!!!!.!!!0! rcilCWeu
in irrny hair bv n hair dye? No one.
I Who can distifiguftn the browns and
j blacks brought out by 1'halon'x Vltalla or
I .Solvation for tbufllnlr, from Jpaturea?
-yjf'ijj'- AJia a,nrK,Kit leaet s,ne stain
if iekin,ntij it clen'f nnd. transparent,
und lias no sediment. t
Sold by.nll ilruggiit mid fitneygqoUs
dealers. SfptOdAw'w'';
Par.Ai:TOK"Tti'KUitoL:iu. wth
lho''liciUcd''orinV,''cotnes'4 thu danger of
that frightful pestilence Cholera and k'n-
tdfotJ'JilhWseii.: What -untold and indo-
tlioiisiinaftujiUy Mo 'Wful com
iilalnts. ' thfccToryi brw.cniibt to be luadc
awnro'thut n apqcltlc fotlilsla of dls-
eaes ai wen as ncuri.iin jirevcnuvo, is me
but, (jholern Itifunlup, Diarrhoea, Sum'
mer Complaint, Dyicntory, Colic, Paint'
ers CollD.LJtisieM. D, Phy.
sJhMiin-m-enierotlicU. Ji, iI.opUuL.hip
"1 uliuu hi;lily rtoomtneuds it for chol
era. nnd lias usdlt '.wnhntafveloii sue
tell in such cnttsC 1 tu act like, an' ancel
ei uiuivy 111 sivcrv iiiiiani'e; ."70111 oy ail
i -A.... i 1.. .'ii - 1 . ".1
drtiggVt and dealers. 1'rico one dollar
pcr.hiUo.fi 1 ' ' eod sepM&wlw'
i FiirtdcJlArigeniejt, ofthoXWot, for J)y
peniir.'Uiitrhosaj.Pllw, etc., Dr.SlmbldHsi
... . A. t. '.. I" .M. I.. . ".
n.iveiiieguiaiur.ceriaiiny nai no supenor,
ItnciJlkc'h ohnVm", without debUiUtlng
tliuyatin. ml have tried )t thoroughly
;Ai,J.frntit T lnAw. ' 1
' HKV. rs. (1AKDMKK,
ejyd.fcwlw Atpulgu,,Oa.
OnACTTry; who'l'nbont on an Fast
o il tour will return Sept.-, 1st. Hit assist.
tu, Wliu 1L t'ltiilier, will c.intlinie thu
l y-ine-i during his absence. nngtMlm
itn.li'(Kit Oak. Cooking Stove '.he lx-st
lljlie foKKibibyC. W. ,Hcudernn HH)
Commercial AVentte,' 'Sou advertl.eniou
nng J)1 -im,
lll. S
V, V. Thornton, No 1U Thorn ton's
hlockj Tjn,tlt street, hn Just received three
hundred ljyx of .(jIkss, vurylng In lo
frimi Hxl0.u itcxiti. tor sale, wiioiioaio
JJ Shi ill" im P111CKI.R.1K Money cannot
biiy.lt, but Lur.nraii and Morris' perfected
t til .. 1. V.. 11
jpccynciea win pruFurvu n. giiiiiiniir-
Jjig "iti waVerlnj of lglit, peculiar y
hri jji e.',TubiT Bros solo agent for
Cilro ijid vicinity. Sou advertisement.
. V , augill. dAw tf.
Fiiiu J.'renoh-caif boots, and gent
wi-ur giKrully-rcutoiu wiirk may bo
fi.uiiil iitnp!)oj.,1Uiiyt horVCo', at lowj
er price than elswhere in tho city. tf.
Kilii IjOiNKriljiuii of ttu Wshlnj;,.
ton 4m1ih lyn Judge of good beeij
nnijii-eps nn ytht kind. Hs St. Loul
fiiirls.iiifeirodly, thu. bvtt kept In Cairo,
CAirWhJltiMrfJ'tryll- tf''
iNTKi.i.iUKNCKOmcs:. M. J. Buckley
has opened an Ingulllgoncti nfllee nt the
siyjJiSWCAcii'I'th.itrccI jmtl CotumcrclaJ
avenucjin tho rooin(connccld with tliu
ollictyof. .1. S. Keuriieti.
pLH person seeking umiloyuienl, or iU-
siring tq einoy labb'rerir, cotton, pjckur
ijr rallrSad hand; will consult tbclc kit
interest l.y calling at M. .1. Buckley' In-tuillwntjo-otlico,
and inako known their
wiinfJ to h'ltu sep5d6t
' Elliott, ilaythorn V t'-o. deal exclu
sively ih iind "iol'i, und kcop tho
Inrgeit stock In tho city. They receive
new supplies nlmoiit ovcry day, and are,
therefore, constantly, pcu-nting new goods
011.4)19 nnif k'ct. If you wouM supply your,
self pr family with good goods, at tho
lowest posilbmfigurcjgo right there, tf
. t'HofutiTi trisVtH(iiit.i nnJ 1
Go to .1. O. Bagwell, Photographer,
corner Klghth street, and Ohio Levee, for'
ptrtur', CHi de Vjsitosete. Having
twdf nrfa jgcrueqtajsrjth sono of tho best
nrtist or our largo ciuos, us . rcspeciiiiuy
sllcltd order ,fur copying and otilirge
Ing old ilcture. Call nt nit rooms and
see sped torn i9f 1 work in that line.
Parsons, Da'vis V Co., at, Nos. 6 & 7
Tenth street, havo received, their leoond
large stock of Fruit Jar for tho summer
trade.wjiichtlioyara offering at much
lowi'i-(1gur Mian last year's figures. r
Good GlnM Jar at 11 50 per dor. j Ma.
ion Jars, elf sealers, at 2 75 per doz.
sainr ylth jiorectftln lined Oapi ts pr do.
CidUhlViJItoliiolittho 1 7TTJ
A Wonn or Abtiok. Mother know
the iiiinortnncu ..attached to the.cirn
tiVetliihgtiitlldron.t' lteaifthe advertis
ment of Mr. WhltcomV. Syrup In another
vltliiiu, 1 1 ' senDdaWlW
).oatifely(ftW(t. semgajrwt the
.attack of Asiatic Cliolera, ' Cholera Mor-
Fi.uUR--Ohoico Fnmlly Flour in bbls., '
half bbls., sacks, &c.. for snlo nt tun Kirvn.
tian Mills.
nng 'Jtf
Hai.i,' I'atknt Savr. Any pormm de
siring to purcliinn a good safe -Hiill'it put
rnt, should cull nt II.. T. Whltnknr'H drug
store, Comuierelal avenue between .SWtii
nnd. Seventh streets., The safo U In good
order and will bo.snld at ngrent bargain.
k tit. '
Noiiui:. All persons are cautioned not
to pnrchao or negotiate for tile following
orders on';lhq (Treasurer of, Altunnder
i;i4BO,W..22t?lW). O.T.,of OiiiniJlHsued
in favor of Cairo l.odgo No. Bo J, 1 . 0. tf. T.i
Oriler No. Hi iln'eil Ai.Riiikt l'l ISiVS for M
" tt " " l:), " 10 in
1. .1 a, 7,;
1 1 ,j 'ii J111
hhosamo having beeh paid. '
Bv order of the Lodge,
opr. 'Jt G. K. SLACK, Sec y,
Savi.mis' Bank KlkctioK. At an elec
tion held 'otiirdny, thu following tunned
gentlemen wore chosen directors of the
KnterprlseSavlngs Bank: 1'. W. Barclay
Ulias. Gallgher, F. M. Stiwklleth, Paul O.
Schttli, 11. H. Cunningham. .1. M. Phillips
and W. P. Halllday. The election of otll-
cers thnt succeeded resulted in the choice
of A'.'B. Safford M president, S. S. Taylor,
as vlce-prpsldcnt, nnd W. Hyslop ns sce.
tnry and treasurer. The mere name of
these gentlemen form nn nbundMit gnar
ntiteo for the wise nnd prudent inaiilicu.
inetit of tho nlfnlrs of tho bank.
A .yoiiijnu7UKLAiiiiM O.sut. Tliu
.will nisortca stock of embroideries, etc.,
nf .resrs. neilbron iV: Weil' will be closed
out ut prime New York cost prices. As
they propose locating whero there will bo
no sale, for such goods, they do tint, of
course,' wlsti to carry them out of Cairo, If
they can rcalir.o anything like cot for
1 Their stock" Of dry goods, dress good',
etc., Is fresh nud fashionable, and are going
voir at cost. Call on and get your pick
Kvtrvthlng !j .sold nt lenit 25 per tent.
cheaper than It can be bought nnywhure
else In the city. se
A Baiiiikh Waxtkh. A steady barber,
who thoroughly understand his business:
can secure a situation in K. Theobald's
sh'dp7ell!ior'iit hulf he can make, or $12
per week. Apply Iminodintcly. sep5dCt
1 iiavk for year been npiHisud to Calo
mel, nml since 1830 have used Simmon'
Liver Begulator as a Vegetnble Itemedy,
and can confidently assert that it has ex.
ceeded my cxjcctation, curing cases of
Dyspepsia and Liver complaint t'uit were
thought almost hopeless.
Wood' Factory, Mscon, Ga.
A Tatsstcd AlHMpktrf.
Malarious ferrrs r most prwittnl In thi fall.
Iliy aa.1 unwholrnoiiiii mlmlailoiia thi-ii tl"
from llie mrlli, ao.l the cr.i.i Uiirily btwi--u
thlemierlurtof I tin Uy anil nltflit ,ir'lli.i'S
Hie svtUm. rnrlildl lr Hit- iim.ni'r he.irs. to
rplilc-uiln ciUrnset. Tho ncrlle orii.n., tlm
urrr rsprcinuy, are pi. fti nil rid 01 uir year
to lieroiii Inert nml liiK'tfliii, ami all lh l.ellly
tjowrra niuira renovation. The. liest. niilrril ttie
only iirolm Hon airalr.st Ilia morhhl liifliicons if
UiiiM'ii.iin Is a wholesome lurdit-atc-t! slltiinlrnt.
I're.piiilnenlamonK the restOMllu-a ol this elas,
nnl linlceil foremont ainoiii; III" remi-illal Mi l pre
vi'iilliii nutlvlnea of mo liTii tinio., sliii't. llo
teller' Htomnch lliileri. Its repiiinllon I. ro.
extrn. Ire with llie Writern Hi nii'l, hi re I it has
li n a ataniiarilarti-lr for twe nty years 1 lis al
i luay iw at.iwruunoi iy ine mveoue rriuroai
arc farln.f.r thiui those nf any otli. r prhprlri.ir;
luparuUim on this cnnlliif nl ; an't thrtr.tlinony
Inllsfarnr rinhraeea Irllrra of anpr valfiiun tl .
most dlstlnxillaheil inrmlM-ra nf all the lenrcv J
profesions aii'l from wall known rc.l'knts of il
must etcrf eitvln the Union. These are Itsrfe.
ilentlata. To state h hat It la ilnlnit to prerriitsnit
as.iiago Ihe sulliiliusot llie lilllliall family v.lul'1
renulra more n.v iliaa eau l.'iilten ini ncsub
jerl here. Thulrspeiilie, llie tlhous, the neriuiis,
the weak ami eniaelatail, the Irspoii'lliir llie
timken iloaii.flfi'l In Its renoratlnj ami reun slink'
1'ioprrtlea a sure ami imiueitiato means nfrriit-l
It Is a ,nire tegetaMe apm-IAr, at nnoe iafi ami
l.itenl, anl for which tut l(ol miterla ii Jwa
ultiri no iUl.stlllltc. repS.(.o,rnMlt
Mllbrey, IVIucsli,
ArillS'la, "
Kails Pilot, M Louis
At. antic, "
t.'olller. "
Ilelfast, Oneinuali
ArllriKtnn, ColiiiiiLus,
Cla.oM-, Ixiiiistille,
I'll) of Kvunsiille,
11.11" .Mernl III., Mrclp.,
il Moore, I'llislmrKJ
I ueau, new uriaav,
Itnrkatille, N.i.hvi
Milbroy, Pi Jo. ah,
Armailit; "
Illj.dOi.- U'lulA rim.
Ailliiiilon, Oiluiit'-la
I'Hy of Kvaiioills Kr
T Dean, et Louis. Petiolia .No 1, Juck rlv
llelle Meiiiiihls,! Ii.lla
n .Moore, Urlcan., lalU Pilol, L-ni-viile,
Itelfasl, lluker(UipeliS'r,leuu,
Leonlilas, New Otfr.ina,
Tho weather continues clear Jul pleas
ant, except during tho middle thu day
when It it rather warm.
Tho City of Kvansvlllo bngbt out 'JO
tons furniture nnd sundries Pt points on
tbe Misdwippl above Cairo o bbl np.
pie and potatoes, 360 bblllour, G hhil
tobacco nud 5 tons suudrle for rcshipment
Tho Armada brough lu3 bbl Hour,
7 boxes peaches for Cairs I hhd tobacco for
roshlpmcnt to 'ow Orn.
tho .Mllbrey broupdi 03 bbls flour, 'J3
sks whent, 2cratos cifKc, i!8 jikg wagon
muterinh, U caddie ibacco fur Cairo, Vi
ditto for St. Louis, i'l lid tobacco for St.
Now Orleans.
Wo regret to rnounco that her obliging
clerk, Mr. lsaacc-P-", 1 having n o
rlous time witbtho chilli and Is obliged
to remain at l"10 a' Caledonia for n short
timo to rocuFruto. Bruco Hunter still re
mains on if Mllbroy,
Tho BaWr brought out a fair cargo of
flour and Imo for reshlpmcnt South.
Tho ollle Mooro, Belfast, and Leotil
das, 0)1 out hero with -00 to 1100 tons
Tbe Dean discharges 2,000 bar railroad
he Burkiville brought 200 bbl flour
fyr rcshipment South.
1 The1 Julia Ii the regular packet for
KVicksburg this evening:
Tho Mary Miller is tho Kvansvlllo
packet to-day.
The Paducau packet leave dally at 4
Tho Olive Urnnch Isduc front fit. 1-ouls,
bound for Xew Orlema.
'l'l... r.ln..lni.ntl t'.j.urrtiill fflVS I
. v uinbiiiuuil 'rwti' ' " - - J .
A feneher ill onoMtho Fourth dl'trirt
Siintlav scliiiol.i wa oxumitilii'; hi- '.
iiml iikcd them w' was I'ontiu- 1'i'n'
when one, with ( stnilii of. lriiiili
claimed! I kuoV, Mr. M.tbu wi- pi '
of thu It. K. Leo.
The boy Was mistaken. H wu out that
King, but another onr, whou surnumo
Knot ft.
'r Hlifi lir.
W'r nie iinthorlf i'il to yiinuiirf.i t lint Mr. A. II
lllVI.V l.i'fiiHll,lle for 1I1. i.in.,, ,,f siiinit nf
Atriainlt-ruoiiiitjr, ntlliofiiiiii, aNuiiiinU'rt-le.-tlmi,
sillijeet tu (he ilteilnr ill,!!,,, fvinmii'
Vt.Mii ......... 11.... 1 '
( , nuK.K'Oi
At theliiilieltalfnn nf llluny tltltn "K'ot tolli'lnli
tlciil pnril, I hireliy niitioiinc niyifif tt n,
I'KoPliK'.S IJA.VDlDATKfDrfheritlnl Al.'iin.er
rotitily, nt tho enillm? NoTiTnlTeiictd.n.
dirt I'hkp. kikiim:k.
Unlteil butet of Anierie.i, Moiiiln-ru li'-timl 'f
IlllllDlS, ss.
U'luren the 'th 'l.iv nf Jiilv. A. I. !;".
WnsliluKtoii l.H'htnil'irr Hli ,l 11 IiIh I in lie'
M.lrkt onir t of tlie I'nlteil HlHte fur tli.-K6nth-
irn Ihstrlcl i lilinnl., elnl I lei hUuihIkhi'
"(jiiiclcti'i'," lu r txii.. nicklv, npiuri-1 .net fur
nltiire,t''.,prn) lii that Iluv mlneni-iy I ue
ilMniiH'l In iirciirilie'- ltli tli prayer of mi, I
Auil whurei". I') virtua of proeets in ltni lorni
nf la, loin.illreele.1, retntrinbleon thellrt M"ii
li 01 (h lolisr, I )! rl'l iiHn.iuiil takrii tin
MlilMfMiilout "iliekslep, ' hrl'Mt fcwl.li-. ni
1 purrl nml fnniltnre, eie , niel I, rr Die f- ttiu-ni
.Noticr licreny t'lina, inai n intirici win r.i .
.. A -l..l U.... Ill tu. I.Al 1 . t... . .... 1 Jt .i, I
1...... I.lin tin. Iiilr(.ri.t lliiirelo. nn. h.ri I v I
elleil to Mel apf" nrnt Iho tiiiieiiii'l ! enf.iri'- 1
Hlo, to miuw i'.ir, 11 uny ini-y iikiui uci) a
cre stionl'l ifit I' ri'iiili rtil 111 nrconUr,. i
the rrnM-r of ""1 IHfi.
Ciilro, 111"., fpt i...l,". ilili
L'iiiIdiI btil" nf Amiruj. Moiitliim I'lsi'uli'
Illinois, n
Whereas. .n the I Ktn-nili '1) nf A tix, A l !
IsTO.Ji . II inkle tilliililelliillin l,.lrl. 1 1 i".rt
of the rnln-ilal itia for the r-nnthvrn M-trli t I
Illinois, attains! the .ennilOil "A. Hik r, ' Jitr .
Ijat,laeke, appatel anitfitnitlire, Me., prsytajj t
that the sinio may I rninleiiibed in iweinlvw e
with the prayrr nf salil htel.
Aiel h r,l.r tiftue of prn-i as lu J e 'cm
of lr. 10 me .lir.i'le.1, rtnrnii'le on th ire ,
Mmi'lay ui 1 Hii.i-er, I h" seliel upon ami token
lhe.ai.ti-liilU'A. Ilakir." hlTlo 4-. i I
PIrel nn l hirnitre, He., ami haii' tii. . , . .
m ruslnil). i
Notice is hereby cuen, that u Ill.lrit ttvllll
thet'nlte.1 States win t,e lts.lt! at the I'hUnl Siali-s
lmrt lloflin. In Iheeity nf (.'mm, nn the tlrM .Mon
lay In u tolirr, hi si, tor the trial at the si. I p i
uiises. an. I Ihe o her w jnrr, dil l all i .,,us
hoh.iecrelilmanyliitersi Uietein, are nli)
cite I to heaiel apjcaral Ihe Inn nml plsi-f"te
anl'l, to lii" cun.f, II any II, ev have, why.'ide
er?e shou' I n"t ! remleie.l in ai-eoriUubf) ii.U
the prayer of -! Iit-I.
JuHK I.. HOI rr.
U, : jUralsil.
Cilro, Ills , Augil.t J, IsT'i. epJ.lllt ,
I'nlle.l M.iti nf Aineriini.
iilhrro li.lre I in
lllirioie. tt,
Whereas, nn the Kltftenth Uy nf A'Mii.l. A
It. llTll,Jo.i. IlilillleMcl a llUI In tl," l).lr t
Couit of Ihe t'miMl Mat.e fur the rxnilheiii His
t ri I of Illinois, ni(ainst the steainleiat 'Mrio.ula,"
her liout., t.vkle, opparel an. I Pirni lire, ,
pmjlnutl'attaeaaine ny Ihi eoielenltDil in n
uor'lancewitk the prayer of s.iJ hhrl.
Ami whtress, Iiy luliio of pri.'o, in ilue ("tin
nf Isw, to nu ilireeteil, ri ttirnnl le on Ihv Hrt
Miinclay InO-lol er, I hire eic.t np.n anl tnleti
tho aiiitatea-iibo.U "Armada, her l.'sst. Im klr,
ipirel inl furi.itii-e, eh- . unit !ui tl,., t.ime in
niv ciisnely,
.Vol Us Is herehyrlve.il that a Ih'strleK ..uri of
Ihe UlllK'il Matea will be livhl at the fu.leil Mate.
Court iriorn, in Ihecil of Cairo, on lie- lift MuO'
day In Oitnlier nest, tor the trial nf the ml pr' m
lse,anlthoiwoiroriiMners, nnJ all inn.wii"
tuie or claim any Intern.! iheietn. Are hrreh)
ule.l tnean.l apMmr nt the linn tin-1 plaeealor.
lil, lohnt inii.e If any they hate, ,hy a Ii. ree
almsM m.l b remlernl In Jreonl.ilieii iiiili the
prayer i eanl hU 1. JolIN I. ItnUf J
I' H Mar. bi.l.
Cilro, Ills., August lt, l'7'. till
foiled Btntcaof Amtrira, toutliern I'iKtrlct of
Illinois, a .
Wherein, on llio'JMhilnyol AiiRii.t A. I IW,
larrm It. Parker ami Tirtin Htrhler, esnr of
tl.o "teitmbont ".Sum duller Hind a liU-t in
tlie lllhlrtrf f'nnrt nf tint llmf...l hlul... r... ill.
Houlherii listfH'l of Illinois, ngnlnst the spam
... i --oil. ib piivcr, tier cmi.iu., im-hiir. appano
ini'l fiiruit'iie, on ., pr.yiiiK lt. miiiu liny hn
t on If iniii-l in . orilaueu with lt.- pi It; of
kahl hhel.
All'ltslieriaa. I.y y rtutof pr'Mieeln silts- frirm
of l.iw, to hie ilireitnl, iriur-iuble on tlie hiM
Momlny lnN-.nl- r, hue .no, upon ailil lak.ri
the tanl .li amltkil "rnmi nilvar,'' her In ais
Uclilc, upnarel iiihI furniture, nil., c.u 1 Uuiutht
same in my mi.to.ly
.Votleo ! hereby irlieu, Dill a tltsimtCnnit of
Ihe t hlll-Mliili-imilllK) held nt the I'nili l m.Icr
Court room, inllu-eitynf Cairo, ontlietlr-t Mor.
lay In (kinur, next, for tin. trial ofiliesniiil pre.
iiiiK-s,linl the owner or oh in ra, mnl nil v.ena
alio hnto or ilaiiuany inierest the.- In.wu lure
liyeiiMi to lrf..iml nij,ctir nt tde t.r,. nn-t rlaui
afoit.iil l.io ahou- euiis, if uuy ihy hate. ?iy M
ileerte ahonhl not to ii.iiiU'rel in ti unluiea
with the pro er of ,i , Jl
.., " el. Mural. V.
Cairn, III , S p .', Ifpi. . an ji
Al n met lliu i f tho neli'iOlilira ,f the "I'.iilt r.
pn.e lUnk of Cairo, " htiil July ifHU, it i.s
ntih-reil that tho nainenf -ai l lUnk ltelani!i 'l tu
th"i:.NTKIIPlllei: HAVINflSIIA.NK." enl thul
the St-erc tnry liiiu iiotn ii of mine by pntl i .ition
in utt'orilaiice mill aevllnn one of fault litrli r
, A. It, KVKHHIl.,b,. ),
lKAI,i:i! IN
Cairo. Xlltnlsss
Wouhl reaHieimily inform tlm clllren nf Ciilro"
anil vicinuy,nmi in-1 now ptep.ni'ii 10 mrnlsli
KilllOcUllsnulSpeelflcfttloiia for l'iihliii-l(iul.-injr.,
Prlralo Hiaideneei, and Drlds of all kinda.
Special attention (-Ivrn to ihu preparation ot
lirnwinxa for 11
U. S. Patent Office
And also for all kinds of Mill Jlimiifaotiiniig NnJ
hnlnniing work. 'atUfaetion aiurantee.f. Or.
dera respectfully selyi-vd. Otli;oViatfr.'a lilock,
yy iv, 'i'iihXT.',
fiinAi,i:u in
illS, SASH
Bclwccn Commercial and Wash
I ington Avenues,
Aki'iiIm rir Ho k lTr PBpcr
.'miiiiinj'!.SI"'lB 1 clt Hnl
lu. u i. Omt'iit.
tt'.W. .IoIih'n Jmineil Ilr-
iiiunlvvayi 011 I111111I.
.. ,.....iii:.M.i:u in
iiaiitj a ici mow
Lath, Shingles and Cedar Posts
rt'iiMMii:i os yitoirr .otick.
ubm:h commi:iu'ial .ivr.si'E
mm ta:d,
itv v o.,
MO It'll ;itA.ll ate.
Till lll A.Ml hT. ANN HTIIKirirt,
M'.iiiii.itr.ts. Vault', (.rata Hl-.ni-., Manll..,
It'lllileHK, !... eierm t I lit -lierinr woik.
iii.io.rnp. al luxi.t (ifH'sa.
l.'iiKll-li, llnrmau ami IleUrrn .jinj; ilour
iu inv t-at so
nrf (iranKe I'Uures, by tl.e Uu.1 KUip.
lure of Dirnpe. Inijrfrt .1.
tu "ca Kuacjwi'eci.
FortlesIgH", apjHy to
UtBI, Ii. TllO.n.lS, jtitTllt,
" fMmc'rnih'h llrcs t ami r..mrnere tl Af n le.
it , l.law.in
Ui, Srltth Stroi't, Cairo, Illinois
U ..-na rn.(a--t rm 1.. c .
I r-s ipplyofCnneA Itried',
new an t irnproteil
Burial Cases
the f.ne.l nml U,t nietalhe
I ases now in use. Also ready,
luaije Wooilen Oilhns, He A
lluar.a ami Variuifea always
III rnelines.
Dphols!ercrs Goods
lia r n,.lh, i.i.u I1m,
b tups, lluttuni, (jcilil aiel
e.lter rrinire. Oohl an. I
MlttcrnurM, Varnish, Tai ks,
! To , U.air.l'sne, le..
prjn., f.hie, etc , etc
Moss Mattresses
Made (o Order.
mnyjlilun '
DitY ;ois
l. I'oiriuii
Intro. luce I into his I'nurtli Wanl (irocer)
Nst.ttll.niat a
CmhrnclnR eieryiirtiele uauully fimud In the reg.
i lurtlryoods houses of theclty
ti' j;vj:hv hkhcwiption,.
Hosiery, Notions, Boots, Shoes
Andiicompli'lo assortment Ketierullr.
The p:ilronnx"Of tho puhllo is Intlted, ti pro.
prietor(jiiarrantecin(tosel ..niyllng In his hue,
te lit liter icy Hoods or t.roeeries, as cheap s
thev i nn he bought nnywheru In tho clly.
:."wmiii:b thei.iok
Next Hoop to thu Corner of 1'oplur
niid Mnt'lccnth Street.
Tho Crocorv Estahlishmont at
tho. Corner of Commercial Avenue
and Sixth Street "will be maln
tlaned as usual, ono of tho nest
stocked In the citv.
. in

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