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$he ttllr:tin.
hews or m cin.
t ii liurvtTtrH. A incclni: of
Dircfctor of tho Cairo nnd St. Lei '
road company will meet nt tho of"'r,"
Frrildaiit, in city, on Tli.'?J".v ncxh
tho 16th Init.
-Dr.Au.tln reliirneil
tornoon train.
,. r. i..l. iiirnth
A till
stoves nt low
for n:iollne Ini'"
W l WOlilo I.eveo nnd liny tlo An
, for 3(Uinl jierfc'nllon. Tlloe who
,.,ve mow !t mine. tf-
Mr. Tlinrnton will cnminencu moving
tlm nisrVci 'lioliis on Monday next, Hi
will Pl(vcc It onTiintlt trcct near III brick
blocV, giving thu front a finish that wjll he
uniform Willi the block, tv..i
Yult Herbert Ilu rouitant receipt of
which ho -will
servo up to cuitonier In nn y stylo desired,
on short notlcenndln the most tatUfnCtory
manner. "&"
Sixty thuusfind dollnrs stand to tho
credit of the Cairo custom house on the
kuh of the United btatcs Treasurer.
Why li It, then tfiat work dn'tho building
li.not resumed? This Inquiry' Ismnde
dally. "Who can glvo A correct, answer 7
'Is Jowltt "Wilcox running for tho Legk
lalure?. If so, where? Who will vote
him?" Tho' foregoing 'Conundrums"
form tho burden of n private letter re
ceived through tho post-ofllco. , Tha only
Miiwor that occurs to us Just now is: "We
don't know."
For ladies, mimes nnd children' shoes
all styles and prices; fbrUdlea fancy nnd
hair goods; for gentleman's custom work
shoe, etc,, go to the city shoo storo, corner
of Eighth tlrect und. Commercial nVcnuo.
A new tupplv has ust beon opened there.!
CI .'
For nil the latest sty les and best innku
of ladies', mIso' nnd children' shoes, go
to Elliott, llnythofn &Co's. tf
h Mr. Jcnnla Ward, wifu of one
TVIU 0. Ward, In tlii city of Ctoj Her
huitami's broker Mr.'C. J. "Wnrd, t box
2CH, llrooklyn, Maw TorJr, Is anxious to
csmtflunlaito to her something greatly to
he: advantage. .
Ono of the gentlemen who addressed'
tlo Sablath School Convention "WodnH
day night snld: "The women aro more
virtuous Uuui tho men, but tby(aro l-;
ouilng considerably, dUordored." Tho
remark created an "uudiblosmllo" through
out tho cntiro congregation.
The citizen of Cnlro were highly and
diiervedly complimented by tboso in at
tendance from abrond on our Into .Sabbath
School Convention, on the scoro of their
liberality and hospitality. Th cntiro ex
jicnics of the celebration, local and general,
and tin- i.nti-rtnlnincnt of two or three
hundred strangc. wero cheorftilly borno
ly our citizens.
The resolutions of thank iaud by
t'iu Sabbath SVhiHil Convuiitloli, did Hot
embrace the name of l'hlllp Phillips', whoso
slngiug rnntrlbutod not a little to thu in
tcreit of the jirocotiliiigs. Itccelving no
thank mi l telling only a fiiw of hit 1tol;s,
Mr l'hitliii whs not very uburidiintly
psli for hu service. The slight wan not,
hovrevtr, Intentional. -i '. i
The county court lm't'ordert'd thut tbo
following quo'.tlon hull bo summltte-1 to
tho voters of Alexander county it tho
gancral election In November:
''-Shall tho bond f tho county to tin'
amount of one hundred thouaaA dollars,
bo iuuod.tonld in iho. cpnatrvciion of a
wagon rod from Cairo tu Lake Creek
bridge, Kiin h hiuch. road to (iooio
Island'' odLnll, In' due time, 1U-
ous Uiu question fully.
'And there ran a man of Beulumln
out of the army, aud cumo te Shlloh, thu
lame dsy, with his clothe rout and with
canh upon hi head." Tho gentleman
whoreptatod thl. uxtract from tho writ
ings offiaraudl, In our hearing, desires to
know wirni tl 1m Kol U) ,0 wjll j,H
Munn's military ruord'f Wo should
JIKU 10 Know, too,
Th tltsl mmunl Mr of tt.o Ht.t,t,.
Fair Aiioclutlon of l)u Quoin, nn,,,.!.
will commouco Oct.br Kth,n,d contimio
flvo days, i meow thousMn iloUar bavu
been expended In tho prvpuratlon ot the
grounds, and a cash premium lUtof fc.oop
li ouerta. coiupvtiuou opn u the world,
"Wo aro undr obllgatloiu) to thu attention
of tho Secretary for a complimentary in
vitation. Tho ball for the beneflt jf thu .Cairo
Orphan Asylum, named for 3f od:y n'lght,
has boen indefinitely postponed,! jWrtles
holding tickets to the .uuie, can secure a
rttturn of tholr money by returning thu
ticket to tho ofllce of "W. W. Thornton,
Esq. Many of the ticket .old to'
potion whoio nitinv tho young Uily kgiit
eonnot recall, which fact jirevtnu a rwlm.
turscment of the tkkot-holddrs t their
respective places of builneu.
Prof, llueltnaytr will boM forth at
th Atheneum in thl city on thu isth In
stant, lid itay will probably bo regulat
ed by ills patronage. Tho I'rofe.o stand
at the head of our retldlgluturs, and
with music, logerduuialn and hi troupe
of educated canaries, will giro a varied
wonderful and 'highly Interesting enter
Ulnmcnt. The small trills to be circulated
throughout the city, and theadvurtiument
that will appear in the JIum.ktj.v on Mon
day vening will furuj.b pa'rilfulari, .
" Jun.es Kossuth Jtulkoy, alto -Mollko
clerk of thestcamor s, uy -
.IL-Hiimih, iriiui-
belween .nn.;
. . i...'... ..r i im r,tinwiicd tii'rman
finnnrn I on .nunm
it ..l s it .
ilnnriil writes to hU ihmiIiow tlmt
if he
will return to llerlin, He will put """
the miic footing us the son of n nobleman,
and muko him quite cany hernfler, nu;
a the gotxl thing of life are concerned. It
we were .l.uncs K. Mulkpy, ':"I wo wo,,1,i
"llglit mil'' forl'rii'i 1' 'i""1"' " "
The young foil, "l ine eny, are ue-
termltied to Imld t'lfir uaiiee. auyno.
The ball at Hie n'nrket liou.-e liiiving l.cen
I'lndr-finltclv iwilponcd," out of dollereneo
to tho view of a few porsoni who hold that
there would be more or les sacrilege ill it
n Snlili.it h fehool lileetlng having been
held I" th aamo building tlio young
folk have arranged for a dance nt thu St.
Oniric hotel, not fur tho Orphan Aylum
but for their own amine-
mcnt, Thus, through the op
pofltlim referred to is tho .yluiii,
cut off from tho receipt of a miiii of money
that would huvo comfortably provided for
tho little. ones for n period of two or three
Mr. A. II. Irvln Is making a thorough
tour of tlu; country precincts, and feels
greatly oncouraged at tho prospect. lie
Is undoubtedly the best man tho Dcm
ocrncy could have solcctcd as their cnndl-
dato forthootllco of Shorllf. His superior
qualifications aro acknowledged by every
body, and nobody questions liis honesty,
industry and personal Integrity. A mi in
bcr of our most substantial Republican
citizens avow tholr purpose to vote for him,
and on all sides his election is regarded ns
a "fixed fact" a "forgone conclusion."
Almost any young man In Cairo, nnd
at least one-half of our boys, carfplacoonn
dollar per week in the Kntcrprizu Havings
lianlc. If they would do so, thu result
would bo that in ten years tltcy would have
i04 85 theru to their credit, in twenty
years tho sum of $1,H?7 84, and in thirtv
years $4,i77 81. Thus It will bo seen that
every ten-year old boy, who will from this
tlmt forth put ono dollar por week
in the Havings Dank, will bo enabled
whon ho Is forty years of aire, to draw
sum therefrom that will enable him
to enter into tho mercantile lunlnes" or to
buy him a well-stocked farm.
Tin: passage of tho resolution cxUiiding
the time for tho completion of thu Cairo
and.Tlncennes Itailroad, by a tiiiniiimoti
voto of our City Council, is an act thnt
meets thu hearty indorsement of tho citi
xens of Cairo. The amendment, to thu
effect that thu railroad company shall pay
ill debts It liks contracted or that it may
'contract with tho clt' xens priorto January
187I, It a Narlng clatiso" that was Insisted
upon by some or tlio members of tlio
Council, that might have been left otf; but
it will not, liorhap, do any barm. Tho
railroad company la not In debt
to tho citizen of Cairo, me), con
sequently, the nmunduient ha little
other effect than to show u ills
trmt of tho cotupany. The company is in
debt to Messrs. Dodge, Lord A Co., con
tractors, nnd Messrs. D. L. & Co. owe sun
dry amounts to our merchants, teamters
and others; but as thoy (.Messrs. I). I,. A:
Co.) are not citizens of Cairo, the amend
ment docs not apply to them.
s tharels, now, no oltnclu in thu way
of a resumption of work, nt lentt on this
cud of the lino, wo shall expect to tee a
commcuccmut made, at least during tho
present Full. "Wo have never, for u
moment doubted tho ultimata completion
of tho road, but w e bavu with others, been
disappointed by the frequent delays, etc.
That Oamk. A lettor.from our friend
Martin, of tho Charleston Unn'ir some
what delayed In Its arrival furnishes us
tho following facta concerning the return
gamo of basu ball between tho Delta and
Charleston boys, played on Monday but ;
"Thu Charleston boys owo tho favorable
result of tho game to the fact that they
wero in the right trim for batting our
captain aud catcher making 111 run', whilo
last week, In tho Cairo game, ho tallied
only two. AVo alio had another strong
batter, who played third baseman equal to
your ilrodorick' lint.
'Thatcher got hurt on tho third Inning,
and had to reHrrr. Pcto Simp took his
placo a good Mibstltute, notwithstand
ing that ho failed to add much
to thu scoro 'sheet. Mnco proved an ex
cellent ubtilutt alto, but was not as rllect
ivojonjthlrd baioas Slack would havu been.
Maco showed himself a better pitcher tlnln
Thatcher. AVIieiiSaupc.iine in ho played
catcher, nnd Ilaugh went tothoshort-ntop.
Polity and, Ilrodorick did .omo lino but
ling making two homo runs.''
'Thu' boy ttero pruvalled upon to re.
main over night, and n dnnco was gotten
up for their entertainment. .looCourtwny.
of tho "Whltcomb hotel, although taken by
urpri.e, provided for tho hoy moU baud",
Fuoiu liAiinr.K.-Thero will ho n guv
and happy tiinu in Flora (inrden to-morrow.
Hundred of our ho,t cltleii. will
bo thnro-ii.any of thum with their wive,
and thlldri'ii, and all bnt upon n acaon
of rational onjoyinent. The Turm ri.. ,
der whoso iiipcrvltlon the patimu4 ,.,
omusemojits of tho day will l,t. lire.erited
will ho thero In foico. Jlr. Amindus
Jaeckel, nn (Intelllgeiit gciitlvinnu
and H printer will addrvs
tbo crowd in J tho (Jeriuun Im,.
guage. Other gentlemon will deliver ad
dref in English. ThoTurner Glee Club
will sing a number of cholco and appro,
prlatu selection, and afterwanK Indulge
nymiimtio exercise jiorfomiliig many
"tartllng and surpriting feats of strength
and activity. The hot of order wlll bo
enforced, r.d t ro willing ti g.iarantco
"V. i",i1n" r"1 k8V0 l,,u B" dUutNfied
with tha entertainment.
DKt.Mu.viro I.u.nhi. Tomorrow, Sun
day morning, at lo o clock, a freo lunch
will bo spread nt the Delnionico Kiiloon.
French soup, turkey, game and meats will
bo served. On the iJelinonleo bulletin
board "III b" polled all tho war news re
ceive.! from is o'clock to-night until 10 lo
in rrow. If
Tin; Cm- Siiok Htoiik. The City Shoo
Store, corner of ICightli and Commercial.
presents unusual attractions just now. A
full supply of ladle'', misses' and children's
shoes hasjuftbr.cn received, and Is oll'ered
to tho public, mid especially to patrons, at
vory low prices. A large stock of ladicsj
fancy goods, Including hair rats, coils and
pads ba' tlo been received, and is deserv
ing tho especial attention of the ladies. A
line itoek of gentlemen's, custom work
shoe always on hnnd lit llgurcs that can
not full to glvo entire satisfaction.
sepIU-dl w
Tub Commerce D'mpaUh sayn :
Our friends in Santa Fo and Thebes
aro becoming as much excited over rail
road matters as wu aro in tills county.
They have heard from some source that
work will soon be commenced on tlio Cairo
and St. Louis road, that tho river rout hns
been decided on. This of course becomes
part of tho great routo from McmphU to
St. Louis and Chlcni-o. Thoso roads will
connect at tlio (irutid Chain, by ferry for
a while, but cro long by a bridge. It Is
also tho intention of the Illinois Central to
build a branch road from Jnuoiboro to
connect with the Memphis branch, nnd
also to connect with tho Cairo mid l'ullon
at Morloy. Those connections, of coursu,
cannot fail to brinir thu 1'enusvlvanln Cen
tral via thu Vlnceuiies nnd Cairo to tho
tamo point. "With such pronccts as theso
beforo us, can any man with n yrain of
common sense, who Is not biased bv some
damnable motive, voto against this enter
priio ? We hopo not.
Tin; trial of Mr. llirr for aeiaultlng and
wounding Anna Peru with a sword, came
oil' this morning. Thu evidence showed
that Anna bceamu vory abusive, and niub
treated tho old man shamefully, and that
lie, to keep her oil', seized ,tho sword and
swung It about his person forming a cir
clo which ho thought Anna would not at'
tempt to penetrate. Hut tho old lady wns
... i. i...... ..a i. ,i... .
IUII IU I7U IWJI. Ull III lilllb lil.UMIl'l , Dl'
watching bur opportunity alio seized the
blade of tho sword In her liiind, and "went
for" the old man llku an unraged tigress
Tlio old man gavo the hword n suddou pull,
and Anna refusing to relax hor grip on the
blade was cut In tho hand quite severely
Pndor the clrcutmtnncot'SquIro llross felt
authorized to turn tho accused adrift, and
did o.
Tin: liniiiKMA.v Fikk Comi'ax v. At
tlio 1 1 1 1 1 1 i : 1 1 meeting of the Hibernian Flro
Co. No. I, on Thursday evening, Sept. 8th,
the following ollicurs were elected for thu
4'iisuing year;
President Win. Mellnle.
Vice lresident--.Mlcbuul Ihuiibriek.
Seeretnry. -.Ino. Miller.
TicAtmci - r.iili.K liurkv.
Mi'K'enger Martin (iuntioii.
Foreman of Engine .Ino. O'Donnell,
Alt't Foreman of Kngine Peter Smitli
Foreman of Hojc Martin (lannoii.
Assln't Foroman of Iloso Jos. Walker.
Hoard of Directors John Hyland, I'etor
Smith, Timothy (iormaii, Tho. Meelian,
Henry Stout.
Since its reorganization under .Mr. .Mo-
Utile, as President, thu lllbernlnn Fire
compauv ban shown itself an active, hanb
working and eircetivo company. At all
tho lato firei it did veteran ervlee, and
won the ailiniaatloii of all our citizen who
obiorved its wol! dint' toil and tireleto ef
The members elected us ollleen., lint
Tliiirfduy, will hhow themselves tho right
men, energetic and thorough-going, and
devoted to tho suceeis uf thu company.
SfAr.oin.v a day pasies that wu are not
called upon to direct attention to broken
bldotvalks in diHercut parti of tho city. On
Fifteenth street, where cores of school
children pa' every morning, noon and
night, two planks aro broken nut of tho
lloor of the high klduwalk, making a dan-
gcromholc. On Wanhingtou avenuo m
eral planks aro broken, and in lil'ty other
ilace theru aro holes in the xldettalk
through which tho feet aud legs of men,
women nnd children an, thrmt almo-t
every hour of tho day.
Tint reaon why thu lice Kill rupalrs uru
not made, was net forth on W'ediiesdtiv
lat, uiu communication over tho rignu
turo of the chairman of tho street ;tnd idu
walk coiiiiiiltleo. Thu committed U with
out a dollar wlierowitli to buy uiatorlal or
pay laborers aud the City Council U not
in a condition to furnish thu required
means, except by a procc, that will in
volve comiilorahlo delay. In view of this
fact, tlio .property owner of the city, who
tiro legally hound to build and maintain
the siduunllis fronting their pmper'.y,
tyero earnestly appealed to, to muko the
necessary repair. If this appeal had
been properly iepondei to mo,tofihu
"mau-trap, ' of which wo hear so much
complaint, would not now nlt. It
will bo a very small mutter
for every person Interested to cover thu
holes In tho iildowalks in the front of liU
property a matter that will involve but
n trilling ovpente, and, nt most, only uu
hour or two of labor. Shall wo not, then,
have a response, to thu appeal of thu Street
committee that will stop tho holes and at
tho samo time tho complaints uboiit tho
holes, In thu slduwalksV Tho committee,
wo repeat, is, at present, powerless. Tho
waul of moans tie their hands uUcctuully.
Thu duty of citizens, then, is apparent
Thoy mutt patch up tliw holes thouiselvc'i.
FlIKIi. Hl.ANKKNIIliKO, of tho Washing
ton saloon, is u Judge of good beer,
and keeps no othur kind. Hit St. Louis
lager is, confessedly, the hint kept in Cairo
Call im him and try it. tf
tho "heated term'' comes tho danger of ,
that frightful pestilence Cholera nnd k'n- (
lruil diseases. "What untold and Indo-
scrlhablo misery has been visited upon
,, , ,, , ,, , , i t'p
llinii.MM.Ifl ........ ..Ill In. I in.n ntuTill nni.l.'
.. iv """
piainis. nut every ono ougiii to uu niauo
nwaro thnt a speclllo for this class of ills- (
cases ai well ns a certain proventive, is tho
colebratcd MIslilur's Herb Hitters. It will
positively fortify tho system against tho
attacks of Asiatic Cholera, Cholera Mor
bus, Cholera Infantum, Diarrhoea, Sum
mer Complaint, Dysentery, Colic, Paint
ers Colic, Arc. D. II. Bisioll, M. D., Pliy-siclati-iii-chlcf
of tho U. B. Hospital ship
"Falcon" highly rocommoudi it for chol
era, and has used it with marvelous suc
cess in such cases, it acts like an angel
of mercy In every iustanco. Sold by all
in.. I
urilL'ulsti and dealers. 1'rico one
per liottlo.
cod aepr,dcVwlw
Tub Mechanics Hoarding" house, corner
..e.ni.t.i , f, .. t. , 1 .. .
ii mini imu vyiNiunui i;,!,,, umn j
growing in popularity. , .Hal minis, tnu
liroprii'Uir, is exerting himself to deserve
public putrotiage, uiid hi ellort are being
linndjonicly rewardedl Ills bourdurs al
ways wear a jileit'iint fia'o when thoy come
from their liioal. hecallsn he feeds them
wiill. His rooms are furnished In llrstratu
style; tho home is lighted with gas, nnd
the bar Is supplied" with as lino liquors as
can bo found In Cairo. Tho homo is al
ways open, ntglit and day, for tho reception
uf guests and tho transaction of busineii
and everybody Is kindly received and ho-
pitnbly entertained. Hoarding and lodg
ing llvo dollars per week, oronu dollar per
dav. sen Htf
Tin: Tukxkkh' Fkakt. Wo have been
requested to keep it before tho pcoplo that
thu eighth anniversary of tho Cairo Tumor
Society will Iki observed on Sunday, tho
litis Instant, In tlio Flora Garden; that
there will bo speaking by Mcsrs. Ju'ckel
and Oberly, ilnglng by tho Turner (Jlco
Club, fine instrumental music, gymnastic
exercise, match shooting, and a grand
illumination and hull, to wind up witli
Occasions of this kind, engineered by .he
Turners, have always proved decided suo
cesses and thu ono of Sunday will not
form an exception, (lo sec, lit
A Oknti.k Wiiimpkk to Motiikiim. It
unfortunately you huvo lot your own
teeth by neglect or mismanagement, tnkii
ci re thnt your daughUirs do not Hitler the
Mimo jicnalty from tho samo caiifu. See to
It that they brush their teeth regularly
and thoroughly with So zo do NT, and
thcrchv vou will insure thorn sound nnd
scrvlcuablo sets a long as thay llvn.
'.Sl'.u.IiI.Sd'.' (Sl.UK,' handy and useful.
sepSeodl w
1 UAVt: for years been iqipoied to Calo
mel, and since Iti.'i'J bavu ued Siniinons
I.Ivor Keguhitor a a Vegetable Itemedy,
and call conlldently assert that It ha ex-
ceedt'il lliy expectations eurllii; earun nf
Dyspcpuhi and Liver complaint thut wero
thought almost hopeless.
oitEN villi: wood,
WoodV Factory, .Macon, (!.
Fai.m: Coloiis o.v tiik Foiik-toH
Whoever saw the natural tinge renewed
in gray hair by a hair dyo'.' No one.
Who can dl'itiiKUhh thu browns and
blacks brought out by Phulon's Vitalln or
Salvation for thu Ilnlr, from Nature's'.'
No one. And mark, It leaves no statu
on tlio skin, and is clear and transparent,
and ha nn sediment.
Sold by all driiggi'ts and fancy good
dealer. eptriK;w 1 w
Tin: Wont' l'u.i:. Tlio tlmo i past in
the West and South when It Hindu nodlf
feroncii how much wood a family burned.
F.vcn In regions where wood H abundant,
thu expense of gutting it is n large item of
family .out, and people are learning to
mako their wood pllo last as long a possi
ble. Thero Is noagvnt thatalds this econo
my of fuel so much as a Charter Oak stove.
Try It. .epS'itd&w.
l.NTKi.uiiKNcKOmuK. M. J. Huckley
has opened nn Ingelligenco ofllcu at thu
curner of Seventh street uud Commercial
avenue, in tho room connected with tho
ollico of J. S. lEuarden.
All pcrtons seeking employment, or dC'
siring to employ laborers, cotton pickers
or railroad hands, will consult their best
Interest by culling at M. J. Hockley's in.
telllgeucu otlice, mid niaku known their
want to him sepDd.'it
I'll IITOIJ IU I'll i'i'MUTOU KA I'll S !
On to J. O. Hagwell, Photographer,
corner Kighth street, and Ohio Levee, for
pictures, Carto do Visitcs, etc. Having
made arrangements with somo of tho best
artists of our largo cities, he respectfully
solicits orders for copying and enlurgu
lug old pictures. Call at his rooms nnd
see specimen of work in that line,
Poiideraiigcuiont of thu Livm, for Dvs
pepsin, Diarrhu-a, Flics, otc, Dr. Simmons.
Liver lieguhuor certainly has no superior.
It acts llku a charm, without debilitating
the system, 1 have trieu it thoroughlv,
and speak what I know.
KF.V.S. (iAHDNKlt,
sop.",dA: wl w Atapulgu , On,
Skiiit is PKiiiKi.Kb.s. Money cannot
buy It, but Lazuras and Morris' perfected
spectacles will preserve It. No glimmer-
1. ...... f - I A .
niK or wavuriuu oi sigui, peculiar to
( other In uso. Tabor Hros solo agents for
Cairo and vicinity. Seo advertisement.
' "iigill diw tf.
j Ciiahtkk O.k Cooking Stovo tho best
i in usa for salo by C. AW Henderson 100
Commercial Avenuo. Sue '.advertisement.
. nug 20d 4 m.
! Fl.0llic Choice, Kumilv I'lons ln 1.1.1.
h.lf bbli., sackj, &c, for fain ut tneiVyp
tinn Mills, atiit'.'tf
A Tainted AtitiOHilierc.
,,,, o;MMmf IC ftr
fr()m i, rurlli, nml Hio jn-ai disnrlly !wl rn
tli tfiiii-rniiiiti f din mil ii!j?lil iH'll"ii,
the -mhii, mfcM,.,! i,y ,i, ,nnon-r l,.a . to
' "'Will' 0 fenn'
I MM .H'lfM"- .'..lll', .11.1
liter rspenially, are apt
at lln imt "I nf llieyiiir
tolm oini Ineil an.
fluli.i, ami nil I'H'lily
(innrr tenure renmation. The beat, in leva IIki
only protiolloii nKali.it Urn moililil inllurnccs t t
ttifMiiajnn U a Mholetoinu incillrali il rliiiiutelit.
l'rr.riiiiiicntnmiiiijj tlio ictor.itIOH uf tins pUp,
niel Imloril fiiri'inii-latniiiiK the reiiicillnl aiul ri'
ventito 'iicllciiic." nf iiiiiilurn tiiiic, Anu llo
tiitrr' Htiinincli llllters. lt remtiitloii l to
i ltuu-mc ttllli Iho Wiu'rtu llnnlfphcro! It lux
l.C'ii actiiii'liirirllelefiir !nnly years i lit .i)ck
it inli) he ce rtnlnel hy llm rcfiiuo n'luriii)
ure fnl l.nKr limn lln).e of any other proprietary
i''iarutlnii nn thli eonlhii'iit i utnl thu totlinony
In it four embnici'd li-Uern of itpr vitl finin the
iiiot illtltijiiili.ii.i iiienilipi of nil Iho leiiNit'il
i I n )fr.-l) u anil fiolii well hll'ln li reshlunN nf ill-
U,M 1TlT) eitj'lit II. e (Intnl. Tlies o niu lt. ere-
ilctitliili'. To Klnte ul.nlit l ilulnif In nrevrtituiul
ii?iiiie lh- sutlerlnK of tlioliinu.in fainlly uouhl
reM'lre..,,.re-rceili.n r... lnRiei, i.. one ,i,.
- ,, - ..,.... - .M-.n,,.,,.-,
the WfitK siitl emnewteil, the tjerliumlinr, (he
liiukeii loHii,tlnil 111 'NreieniitltiK and regulatm;
prnieitle a sure 11ml iiuii''.lmte menus of relief.
It Is n ,iur vrjje'ahlii speelac, at onee saf.- met
potent, mid fur ttkleh Ihu whole materia lucdiea
niton s no siili-llliiti., seiMon.lnHll
A II 111 VA I.M.
Mllhri'V, I'H'Ineiih, Atlliuiton, C'lilutnbll.
Armani, " T I. Ml'IIiII, mi I.diiI.,
HtMnrs, New Olli'imi, KIU lluulies, "
Wiumtiitn, I.niilvlllu, City of Kvansv lie. Kv.
Mllhrey, P lui'ih Alllngton, fiilillulais,
Arni.iilii, ' HI Mart s.Ht Louis,
l.'ilyof eitmnsrllls Kv Uln lliiuhns I'mliienli,
Molllll, w flllciius, Anna, i emiJiU.
Winanlla, New Url;in..
Tlio weuther was clear from thu Mate of
our last report until lat night at a Into
hour, when clcuds began to obscure tho
moon. A light rain foil this morning, and
the sun was only seen occnsionly this fore
1 uu river mm risen lour inches sinco vel
tcnlay noon.
The Mississippi I nbout stationary nt
St. Louis, and tho rlsu at St. Paul and Du
buquo has ceini.il, and tho river Is ngaln
fulling. It Is still n matter of doubt
who h;r that ri.u will reach t i.ou's ns
it seems to bo wasting away very rapidly.
it I curtain that tho rise will not amount
(o much at that city, even If it reaches u
The Ohio It fulling at Pittsburg, with
threu feet largo in the channel. It it also
falling nt Louisville, with twenty-llvo
inoho Jn the chute dow n thu falls.
Tho Cumberland 1 falling, with thirty
inches ou Harpcth Shoals.
Ilu1i11e.il hero continues fair.
The PaJucnh pMuketshad only moderate
trips yesterday.
Tho City of Kvansvlllc brought :119 sks
wheat, 48 pkgi sundries for Cairo; 137 bbli
flour, C5 bbl whisky, 70 libit apples, 100
pkgs furniture and a fow tons sundries for
reshlpmeiit smith.
Thn St. Mary rshipped fiU tons for Lou
isville nnd about the snmu for Cincinnati,
list night nt thiii port, and went to St.
Loult for a loud.
Tho McCIII received ISOObbI. Hour, I IM
bbl applus, I crate pears, here.
Tho P.lla Hughes brought out 1 ,'00 bbls
Hour for reshlpmeiit South, and went to
I'adurah to go ou tho murine ways and re
pair. Tlio work of widening and lengthening
tho Dexter at Mound City is progressing
rapidly under thu superintendence of thine
eminent mechanics, Capt. William Ham
bletoti and Mr. Strcetcr, whoc talent f"r
such work cannot bo surpassed, even if
equalled, by 'any other men )t their lii.o
of business. Thu work 011 thu Dextor it
carried out on a dllferont plan from that
mado use nf in the widening of other boats,
and instead of tho boat running the ri-k of
iiuing mnue weaker by widening, the new
plan make her stronger,
than ever. Instead of being cut In two
through tho centre, ami the new addition
being put In all at one placo, the Dexter
ha been split into three plecei, and the
extra width placed equally on each side,
half way lietweon her kelson and knuckles.
Kntirclynow lloor timbers, nearly twicu
as largo as tho old ones, aro then Intro
duced, reaching clear across from knuckle
to knucklo, leaving tho old timber still in
their places. It Ubolieted that tlift Dexter
will ho moro staunch"than ovr before,
whlloher capacity will be nearly, or quite,
doubled. Hor speed when light will bo 111
great as before, as her lmtv has been cut oil'
cntlruly and a.ncw and bettor model sub
stituted. S Jit! will bo readv for work In
about threu weeks.
Thu Quickstep I alio on thu way ut !
Jlound City, and Is Imviny a very thorough
repulr. Her guards aro )elng made con
slderably wider from Iter wheel home,
forward. Tho alteration, together with
her new fancy top cldmnlcs will iiinkea
considerable Mhango in her appearance. 1
Thu HelloMomphls is tho regular packet
for .Memphis to-day.
Tho Continental ts duo to-dny for New !
Thu Mary Miller Is thu packet for .
F.vansvillu this evening, und tho Idlowild '
to-morrow, Sunday evening, I
The Paducah packets leave dnllv, o.uent 1
Sunday at 4 p.m. j
for Miitrlrr. j
w e aik auinoriae.i to annoiin'.-o Dial Hr. A. II.
IHV IN Isauajidhlate for Ihe cilice of Hh.rlil r.f I
Aleianilercounly, iitiheensuliiK November elec- i
Hon, sul.jiHt to ili ileclalon of tlio Hi'inoernlie '
tou nty CoiiM nllon. auutil
At the solicitation of many cititer.a of hoth unli.
tleiil parties, 1 hereby nunoiincn myself m tho
I'KOPI.K'.S OANDIUATK forfllienflol Alexander
ounty,nt IhermuliiK Novemhereluctlon,
M l-HEIl. KOKIIknit.
I.M of letters remaining linrlalninil In the Pot
oniee, ill Uitirn, llli , nn KMiiMii.KpiI. 10, lWo.
l.iiniV i nt.
llji 'irt'ii, imi.I H
li!iii, lute Lino)
I .llu mm fti :li
liivl,, imikb ShiiiIi
I'nr.er, mri Allen
l'mtr, inl IMii
I I iirvcy. mr .Nanry
J;une, turn Annie
Ion inn in, i it Ann
I t'lnrh, inln tilmno
I'ltl till., 1,11011
lilpkmn, mr Cenjeh
I'lehlw. inrs.tnne
HoUlnmuooil, m l S-?
l.ookett, mit Maiy
nr.vti.tHi.s s i.ltr.
Avers. (!
Ahhnll, Aahley
lllnfonl, I'm I; (.')
II) me, 1. 1)
0. rliliMits.m'
1. '.irii'i .I11I111 II
C.iliil. .hilni
('iirriiV, llrnrj
IlnKS Thus II
iw)ii, 11
lli'lllis, Krnnlt
11 iin, a 11
'lirtls.lnhli '
llliiirn A Mama
i:-aln, ll 1,'
iKniuhi,, J H
lloiiirii h, J I-'
r.hler, Win
Kly, John iiml .Olll
'jU.n.r, 1 Inn let
ljo-e,, A(J
t0";';, Jnr.lUn
ijeiilil,,. ThnB
Mat , ll lt
Mi'lielsoii, r
KiiRlneeri) tc V IL it
liiiiu'Hii, Charles
Dunhnr. w (!
Olcrn.C II
Harris, tt 111
lllllll, un w
lliiitzoi? A llsll
John, 'n, II
I (l. It
I.IJKIIJ. ,1,'U Jl
Mr! Ml Iv. John II
Nitrlh, llsre
I'rulle. II
i iiiniiiii, ii
llnllliis. .hilni
Hlirrio.l, IVHi
H'l lih ti, (1 W
Wefis, (!
Wotliner. Jwed
Hletller, II
run, on, n
Hplller, Kllioit
,t.it... ...1...
toui'jr, llenrt
IVrsuii' eallini? for an) nf llielite letters lll
111 nn . Muitn
neae enllf'ir "Adtertlseil letters" a in I mte lh
.Utof l)il li-t, ll. W. Molt litlti,
Ottieu of the C11I111 .1 Si. I... 111, lliillruit.l (
Cairo, llli .Hept oih, UTU
A meeting nf the Ihreetfiri nf lhl Ciniipili)
ttui I' lu l l nn iiiur-iiay
Ihe i:.ili 1111I . ut in
o'clock, ll 111., n III" ultiee nf IheTrasIt i s of the
Cairo ity l,riieriv,niimr.rWuliiiitfiiiiiiieniiv
an.l HiKliteinth slteel.in thr dit of lain
Inuls. H HTA.VreJTWI.HH.
0.000 Jtoyisuiiil Uivls tVuiitcil
Ono or lieiH' III eii'O city, r.ll.iie ;i I uesic'i'" 1
lr... n i'ie t'n.'. .IhUles i) w rk .lie .r ' "
t,-r no "I p i 111 ih l'l. Aiil, le n 1 tut
ph'tiii' nt. Wr e at onee i .I' lin II A' Ifn .vl .
ChlCfiKe. lll I'le'.se inililii li nheie u sen
this. "H
Whose is It? I
llrfure ilnjImlitTliuisiUy inninitiK U-t a
.lurk uroMinc. re, ra i u 1, .na i
1 I at .,!'-
inarlfs, Inkr n up 111 Ihe too er tar. 1 f IUe ' ').
N'er l.y f re f. un 'an 1 1 1 1 m vl.. 1 nt . .i
Iriic eld vlolliiliv.n l-ottl,' of h r-. lis. mill nr;!!
ilnui hooks nnd fti.oek .t b.x.k!l.tli.uile, n 1 n .1
,.f llsronteiil- Tiie pri.p-liy i suppiiseil ! lie
luiiKtonliermaii rim owner run liie t.e same
l.y latl.nuon the ulnlersiii" I hi. I pt i,.'i l.aiRi s
lull, flll.ril t.
Sept ti, IsTH. II I'.. i. emun
'.f. Uratli.n.
T. H r l
(siieee-irs loflntlon, Hlll-on A 11
a7 ouzo xjbvee:
Agents or Atiirrleau I'imilsr Co., mill
Mnnulactiirrrs Aatrnl tor Cation Vr
C'O.11.1! ISSIO.V .11 KUCHA XT
No. TO Ohio I,o tee,
.Sperlnl llenllmi c't n lo Conslmi
liienls mill 11 1 1 1 li (f Orilerk.
yyAlsXL'TST. IIOl'Ni:.
Cor, Walnut & Gano Sts
j x t i : 1 1 m i : x : i : i " i i ' e .
(.'or. Tlli SI. und Cuiiuiierrliil Ave, In
Mlnler'H llloeli.
M. J. BUCKLEY, --Ag't
I'liriieiilsratient on i'lti n t" fnrnishinj
l.iiltorrrs, Cnllnii lli kcr antt Itiillrimil
fitiK so.lir
A .11 M I I.SOX.
iu:.M.i:i( in
on, .
P rovisions
Oftiro, Xlltnoir.
4VIXS'X t $.,
(Siiri'1'..nrs to Jehu i. Ilarinnn A Co.,)
74, Second Floor, OHIO LEVEE,
Cairo, Xll.,
Buy and Soli Ileal Estate
to am, Kiirnx.
.riL,!i:fl,',i,;?I'-li-,) AN" ,,A"",,UI
. ..imiii :i!ltM.(.yn 1 ,K. wil.UtMH
t l'l.
" ' feK'osiiy asnbiMn, i aviiiK Cairo
loi'k 11 in.
, n 1 1 a, himi'-u 'K 1 McnhM'r. hnv-
Mm eoniieol at I'.iiliif.th u ui. 11, , 1
I "'" leuneMOi riter n ;l;el. ii, iho New Urlem.
riihl "In., riillroft.t. 1'r.r prlieiilarN. niiplr Mi
I honi.t. .n o, M. .1, ltllukl.KY,
i I -II f AksiiI m cro.
The Nun Tow nnd .lob Hoat
IK . COULTJUl, Master,
l piemni at nil limes lo do rll Wlmls ol tow.
ItiK nri'l jolihuiif on tin, most reasonable terms,
HiMilijUiirlrrs nt Cairo, Illinois,
Cairo & Paducah
Daily Packet.
The f.iwt r, lining steam packet
WUOliH Maite
Will ny r,'Ki1nrlr as nhove, leaving Cairo etery
eri nlnK nt I e'cloek, niel louehlnK at all Inter
ineilmli' liinle.
For fn-Ulit or iiu-rk" apply mit-oard or to
M. J. IICCKI.KV.Alienl,
aui;.llf t'auo, llluicis
j ai:. jiti:KXtvAi.i
Copper and Sheet lion Work
Mill Machinery of all Descriptions
Nn. 2IS l.nM IVarl Strwl,
. prepared to on all kJrel oi
. ISP-...
r-ArEii hancung
oii.Ni'.it co.MMiiciAi. Avr.xrr. AMII
r.ii'iiTii KiKKtrr.
-r trlli is
Iho oolv flrst-cUts flun 1'alnter I n
Is Hu .,cu to K I 'lie new an' I fali,onah.:'
Jluargc Hair Rats
.imv ntvm:,
.llih-x's.' Sttliool Hut ami Itlil
Mwle ipresilyf ir s hod Olrls Also
7tTiclo SimU XlilDlDOii.
A full sliHlk of
(Jooil., Ililery. Xollom, Kid C)lo?r, .
f'tf liiips no leink tceolliit, sell
Htriotly To xr Onsli
an.) i'iii,t-iii'iitl, can sell at priee lh:it rt
Iaiii fur h.T estiil.li.liini'iil Ihn title of
Tin: ;iii:ai ktoki:.
Her l'ho I. are Iresh, seavmaMeatii) fathioimhle,
Shi' uil) l' le ji.ii mure fur the samo siuouni of
ini.nev ihsn any mher sf.re in l vin, lun't tuy
until )" i in I i.nlii r e.piw j.il.y if sou want inn
luur) K'"l- r K'.nuns mil cluHrrn's tine
shoe, el. . in v 1 II f
Woulil reseifully Inform llm ritlsfii" of Ciurn
nn-l in'inilj-.thal l.n I ii'ih prep.veit lit furnish
Hill IMaiWnrolfweineatlon fur I'llhlle lluilil-
I'riv.iln Itesiiieiii'i s, an.J nrmcesin nn mihi.
pe. ul ntli iition ui'ii
HruiiU4 1'ir
lo uiu prri'uraiiini "i
U. S. Patent Office
An.lalinforallhlii.lsof Mill MaiiUfacturiiia ami
Knuiiiiicfliitr norli. isaiiaf4etinnBuaranitn.il. Dr.
tiers ruspeetfully soliclloJ. OiticoWinler'a lllock,
oaiiio ixjXjxnaroiei
Bar Fixtures, ,
1X0 (I00DS,
Cairo, IHIiioIh,
I l

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