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Local lliiKviTtr.1. V. H. ltocUwell
Co. nru moving thi-lr Hook of, book nti.
otntlonory to llii litiildln licluj; vacated by
UK Bcc.tt AViiltu.
"Messrs. KlluV'i'b'C o nro about to open
in 'Ml'cMiU stvle, tlio Dolrnoiileo hotel
Dan llnrtninii ii repainting and over
Imulifii' tho Atln!iiU!Uin. Whm opem
on Halurilny evening next, it will b M"
coiniilcto nnlor. UnrI .L. Thomas 1 doing
th painting.
AMurrnnn Uihur&n bun removed
tin romor of Sixth nnd I.ovco, nnd hia old
aland at. lliu ear nnr oP Tamil - unu mil
injjtuti ii to bo ronvirted into n pork imol;
injj gslabllahtimnt.
i V;. Scftt White is taking lni"n
or'h'UnWurUk torihf.uK cVrticr Sixth
nnJ Ohio Lvvuu.
Tho appointment of the Hon, II. V
Webb fctid John H..Obrlv,- Kn., for' tho
country product fit AluxanUiV county
iit published to-day lu another column,
Our Democratic friends In the country
will ptaasa luLo notice
A two horio team ran away in tho
vicinity of ( tho court Mouta, yesterday
t-vunlng, throwing th'u driver from tho
WAgyu.ntul Injured Liu nuity aorluualy.
Wo invito the uttontion of Democrat,
MAilicfcli and ovorybody to tho
communication publishud on our llr.t
page to-day. When thoy digeat Ma, wo
l$avi ipori of th annul 6 1 which ahull bo
forthcoming Immediately. v'
We aro Informed that tho Hon.Ham'l
H. Marihnll will make threo apucchri in
tbl Cpngroaalonul diUrict, during tho
' cinMlgn, at poiitl a)..; '.tlio ri vnr, and
Oi-rlcral Anderson will 'rrfukcthrto or four
at point! along tho railroad. "Now by.St
Paul, tho work goca bravely on."
A fictui wan found in tho Ohio rlror
tieaf tho upporaharf.boat, jritterday, nnd
properly dUjiovlt)f. It was 10 swollen
and dlicolorbd'tbat It ebuld not bo satlafuct.
orily determined whether It mm of white
or black origin. It ia conjectured thnt it
thrown overboard from some atenm
. boat. '
The chlorohclof .Mr. Mutin' lifu I
to go to Congas, accumulate? all tho filthy
lucro ho can, Improve hU Vermont pro
pert)', settle down there, and, nl a dlttanro
of 1,600 milii .nap hit llngurei at hit
Kgyptlan supporters who may then depre
cate tho Tnan'by wilrh he achieved hi
Mr. Wi Hull has been Installed as
llstant, tjdltoj c-f the. Cairo un. Mr. ll
' vwll haTofhire of thj Jocidi pertinent
of tho p:ip?r, Mid la nuth'orfzed to tmniact
any builn.ua pertaining to tho poiition ho
I holds. We welcgnw .Mr. Hull to
lelJtU" and hofa the "roaci'' of editorial
ilfornny hodo him iiinllnlon hi wny.
, Komumbor that t io linn, Thouia A'
Holraml. jeVl othrr., will uddroM tho
I)(nocmcy of 'ir", In the Court JIouic,
t noil rlday uvtnlni;. lliu rcrordi or tlio
rtindidMiM put on tho truck by tho Itadicnl
clique pf Ceir will U fully 'vpoiod,
Munn, cipfctally, will bo put on trlttl, and
hit S!iet9fial curcor fenrIi'Mly expoicd
Such faeU will lo hrouht to lli;ht a. wil'
latiify all rckioiikblo uicu that hu U uttorly
undoi'irvlni; of public contldcan, -will dl
i iKrco l(inlfjnnd mtin-i upon thoic who
j i 'nl.t hliii Ibouhl he- 1m tut U CoDgrtu.
( ,..irA,jl.l,WNiJV(U9t of the
t,: ' Cmrro W'n, ni(rtHkin rantf noiae. Wmeand
. ,ffwn,ria" w.v"?;'." Mu.".n
, n uttorly unnniilHttd Col. Crln at Ju
ijimin HeM IntHliBwUnn who hcArd
thpl)K;if'(, dlurylhnt 311 unn entire
a4rt1nwaa uado up of iioity Invective,
utterly dirrtitutc of arguiiifiit Jint tuuh a
rant.uiR dejpeeftU) niau'iolght bo jipected
to make i rt doiperato euiereney. Crobi
wj cool nud i'olleotoil,nnd, nddroiiod liiiu
"l 'Ttair fo-nklft rcou of; UU henrow", while.
" JfunnJufiUJI t prjiidicuJnd! piiMjoit. L
fThJUdk-idiriii'Utlrely welcome to all
the advantage ttiey rnii rjaln in mc con-
number of local and traveling agouti' to'
i'1llr"n',!?Liwm1r1ir'lu.uu.,le.v ''IC0,"l
of $10 per i)ny. Men who aro traveling
wita-otlir gut-U'i'ank'khMiy't pay their ox-
.iiPaV-W'J nfytajcago, Illinois.
! ,.ifmn(HinrAvHf i .'m i.iiu and
CiiKAKy-'nte' ehWpt, frvslaM, and nlost
ictsoTraWOTmrl-Tattilcrnnrrlrf-rtnplr of dry
gityda, cWllVg,iViV bo found at 138
.Commercial .avenue, MiMjra. Cold it I no &
lUiaonwutor. Tho FnlUtuck 1 now arrl
'Ing.ili'fiilinntaHajiopv JliH aTecolvcd
every duy, nnd ovory lady or fcentlman
that hat infipfccted it pronounce it just tho
kinilWaj i ock fWiflej tK'4rkei.
kf pawner haye , rcsol u to nay to
freezer prmoryjaijhhmHTiIo slock ennnot
be 'found' in tho counfrv. thuv will urmit
Iu ilMbtJv i'n t'e eounirv M'uhtirtill (html
Aiioy propoao 10 intuiy inemseivcs wiu
small proatiujid'tD guarantee full sntls
factIonto Uiiiir cuatomcra In every initanco.
Drop In there, and you ran soon eatlafy
youraolf that' (hfs nolfco (a fiof lyuliyj-but
a plain undld itatomcnt of fact. ' -Uy
oMA. aWfH-tho b&t
r 4jo by 91. D9i,deraon 106
Commorclal Avonue. beo ladvortiscmontf
Kwoll & Jucob will furnish Oasollno
lKi ij4i4in 1alj"miLsfive nt low
Tin: Jkwihii Nkw Vkau. Wo briefly
meiitloiiod tho fact yoitordny, thnt our Is
rin;lltlh clli.cuu wcro obsurvlng tho .low
lib cw Vear, having no tpneo nt or
comuiund nt tho time, to rofor to the mat-
tor in other manner than "moro mention. '
Having a llttlospaco nt ourdlipoial to-day,
wo cannot improvo it Jiiori) jirolltahly,
porhaps, limn by referring to tlio subject
Tlio llrlduy of tho .lowhh Now Vear U
Indicate J by the uppenranco of Ciu flrnt ne
moon of the sovonth month, numbering
tho months from .March, or tho tlmo of
the exodtit of tho children of Iiracl. Tho
commencement of tho Jowith Now Year
nt it period neur the cloo of tho Chriatinu
ye nr. h due to tho foct thnt the harveits
of the Holy laud harojuil boon garnered
-and the work of tho old yuar ended, and
that of tbojuow commenced.
Tho feitlval of tho Now Year Isroforred
to In Lovitlous XXII I, 'Jl, uk tho day of tho
"memorial of blowing tho trumpet," being
Intended an tho typo of that great duy
when the trumpet of the Almighty ahull
i'grial the gathering of all tho aervaut of
thuhouiouf laronl. Tho ltubbii have held,
however, that tho aounding of the trumpet
la alio a memorial of the creation of tho
world. The orthodox larcalitoi celebrate
two day; tho KcformeM but one.
The service tiro described ui followit.
The aervico in tho morning genomlly
continuci from morning tilljnoon, during
which 'time those who are very devout
dre themoelvo-. in it wliltw rap and toga,
ovor which thoy throw tho four cornered
carf tnentioned in Num. xv. Jit. Tho
prayer in the first part of the morning
constat of iupjilicationi, thankigiving,
bynina of praliv, hlotory of undent core-
monlei and rltei In tho Holy Temple etc.
On tho tlrat day, tho twenty. llrat clinptor
of (ieneala anil tho flrat chapter of flrat
Samuel aro read; and on tho second day,
the twenty. aecoiid chapter of Oeneali and
tho tblrty-flrjt of Jeremiah.
After tbe reading of the law, one
of the congregation (uaually tho IUb-
bi or reader), in accordance with the
command in the 2!td chapter of Leviticus,
tounda the trumpet, which la a ram'a horn,
In memory of tho ram which waa aacrl
Meed lu the place of laaac, on 'Mount Mo
riiih. Thla rite la Intended to remind men
ol tho day when the trumpet ahall awake
tho dead to rourrection aud when Satan
will bo confounded at the coming of tho
Kudcemer. The rite la alao Introduced
wltlia prayer that God may lend holy and
faithful angela to juatlfy tho motive of It
ruel N.foro Hl Holy Throno and terrify
Satan from traducing the Jowa, and that
tho Lord would remember the mcriflce
which Abrnlmm otTered unto Him, and ro-
member tho covenant which lie made with
the three l'atrlarcha.
In the afternoon h lacuitomary lu many
tyiiMgogui-n to nitetubleforthu purpose of
reading thu nidmi and go after noon ccr
rice to a water where there are tlah aud a ay
' theaeTtho following from tho laat chapter of
Mlctli; "Who la like unto the.', O Lord,
that pardon tho Iniquity, nnd paiietli by
tho t.-aiifrcnion of tho rumtient of her
herltngc. He retuineth not hU angor for
ever, Wauao ho dallghled In lutrey
lie will turn Ngain; He will aub
due, hiid then will tail their kins Into tho
depth of tho ea," To-morrow wouk will
be tho ilny of Atonement. Until that time
thoduyi uro called "dayi of penitence."
On thr-foduy It iapretcribod to auy thirty,
nine abort luppllcatlont, every onu com
incuclng with the wordi "Our Father and
Kins," On tho Sabbath the cvremuate
are omitted.
Oldiit to iik Biorrnn. It ha long
been a practice among audi boy hi run
about thu atrceti after nightfall, to anaoy
newly married peoplo by the pounding f
tin j 1 a 111, ringing of belli and blowing of
horiii. Of late they lmvo adopted mi eh m
procedure at 11 meuti of uxturtlug money
from brlilge-groomi. They will demand
S-'J, HorSlO uud pound and, ring and
blow away until the money i paid over,,
when thoy will retire and Inveittho turn iu
Twer, p'op, and candy. 'J
Mr. P. Wahlertook onto hlmaeif u wife, ,
'yV'tenlny evenine;, and ubout ft u'cliM'k
MiTnu J of Imv ciimmeueod eharnaruii.L'
hinii' following hint fr.m tha
Joor nf the rhurch to hi ri'Mdenre. II--
o!fcr.,il the boy tw dollan, tl i;o nwny ,
and ti'p"tljeir dlji lull no, they inut
hnveleli dollnr. Mr.V.anld liiiCO'jIJn l;
afliinl to ifivo that aum, and retired. 11ir
bova then commenced throwing miailu
iigidit tho door, and ruioJ a din thkt t
nltogethor Intolerable. Onw of Mr. VNitN
dor'n relntlves finally beenmo mttoli Uauii'
perntml, and roanid to violent nieani td
diaperao the boyi, nnd Anally aucrneded.
He caught one of tha boya,'nd, it it aAtd,"
gave bliu a boating, and, tho other, fear
ing llko treatment, iiuittoii their nolle aud
'dciamped a nuickly'ai poHbre.
Thiiall'air, we thinkt abould put an tml
to churlvaralng. If It do not, then tbe;po
llco ihould interfere. ,
tioixu to Faiiuuau. The Delta baie
ball club will leuTO by thu yackot thli
evening for Paducah, where, to-morrow
morning, they will play the QuIeMepf.'
.JChapelUa jot up ia PgorWnd " wiU
not lurprineui, therefore, to nunr of their
"defeat. Uroderlck, tho flntbaie, and tho
boat player In tlii club, cannot go. In fact
wo hear thai only lis of the flrat nine can
tlnJ tlmo, to wako tho ,trjp. t Thoben
threo will bo" roprcontod" by iubstltutea
that havo played only a game or two with
thai ajubland yrho. at beet, aifolf arcely tho
c4alinnayrepr:it. ovniio tun
ft parlof tholtoUai,tho Qukk-J
I aatit (5 bo!,i.4splendod,.-tHBi 3
cpjuainmg tho boat playore of all th5o!d .
clubofFu4ucuU. t-rr- j
Uoti05Oho Luvcoanii buy tho Au
rorn oil ror 3U cenw per gtiunn.
lmvo it know itvnim
n, .
Fortho Ilutlpttn.1
Vt.AU (tr TIIK IlltAVK.
nr !Miir fciiU'Mini'M.ra.
Clinic, Iteii)Ocrnl,tlotl! to niircliiiiilnrJ
WollliiK with nur sliouls to the hrretA,
Tlmt(lnillitm. crniiilleil rubellioii,
An t Mot'inov Hip prldoof tliipn.
Shall lh zc fill) r thnt fontly wnft hy 111 .
Sot ripjue thn fln of thrjlirarni
Hhall n Oeiler or Anarchy rule m
Ami tie it us In whole am Mare?
.Vol llio iloeilc fjf our fiirefathera lM in'
Ilie manly alul Klorlom na they,
That we may, in future, Inherit,
The Mo lng of peace every day.
Tho nur bugle iignali lit rntly,
The earnpalKti hia njif ni-il with might,
And vlot'iiy nuw horer around un
Four our catme U thecnunuof the llxht.
Ltt tlio right! of the people unaulllod,
From ttiolntrlnut of curi'l cllquoM I free
Though Cudity'abeen Rlfen hla franchlao,
Our aiiuftlaln naught can ho he.
Willi u plalfurm that 11 pledged to the future,
With candi Jalea hbneat, uprihl,
Wo come to the peoplo and aik thetn,
To ehuoiu furthi'iniiolvea which la riRlil.
Come, Lieiiiocrala true, then aaaemhle
An I join In our campaign' arlrny
That the tnlntona treason mny trcinhln
At our Vbteoneltctibn'aKladil).
IM llioai io that wr'te trim to our aundard,
That our rame w o'ro determined to fijlht
And plaeo a the choice ot the people
Theoncathulkte auro todorlxht.' '
Nmenilier ahall tell tt our jrlory, 1
Ita IHi;ht wind ti rut aa it roll
Th ahoutaof nur triumph rewound ilur
Forthnxctnry we'll haroyitlned at the polU,
When men ahall I ehnaen n office
tiur iltjhta an4 our honor to aavo
To uphold ua, oar nation, our honor,
And the flag, tha hrlght fla;of th lirair.
W. II. Green will address tho people of
Villa Hidgc, on Saturday evening, Octo
ber lit, oa tho political laiuei of tho day,
Tho Democracy of that locality, will
pleuie take notice, and miko tbe needful
arrangement. 3t.
! in
Auciiox Salm. I will offer for lalo
on Friday, Sept. 30tb, at i! p.m., at Clark's
Building on Iiveo atrcet, near atona do"
pot, one nearly new llruniwlck Four
pocket Uilliard Table with tho Table la a
new icitoffiialli, Cue. Hack and Counter.
Terni of fale Caah, yiUhfait'rciint.
I will alio hare a large itock of Fall
Dry Good a of Uteatatylei on talo In a few
day. Notice will bo given of talo.
II1L1.Y Fmkrsos' Comiko. Our play
foera will receive, with a thrill of genuin'o
a at! I fact ion, tho announcement wo inako
to-day that Hilly Kmonon and hi anion.
'did mtnaUeltroupoV will vlaU Cairo next
buttlrday, and give two oxhtbttioni In the
Athencum. (
Vo need not ay a word In commenda
tion of olihor Kmenou or hU mtnjtrela.
They are known In Cairo n tbe bolt per
former In their line traveling. Kmeraon
U matchkc.
Se tho'ndvertlaemcnt.
.Strntton and Ilird deposited nn our
tnbie, yeatrday, two quart lottlci of the
cCIchrated"IIomo Hitter" which our read-
on aco nd vert ir-rd In tho Uulleti.v and all
about tho city. It to hnpptnod that ic.
cral goodjudgos of medical bevcragci drop
pod In during tho day, nnd tanipled the
bitten. Tim unanimoui tcatimony waa:
They are capital; moit palatabh, and
evidently nil they profeu to be."
If anybody wants a caio or a boa ot
them, let him or her call on .Stratton and
HlrU, agents, 67 Ohio Levee.
: . .
llAtr Am vk. It il aiad thing to paat
through llfo only half alive Yet tbero
ara thouianda whoao habitual 'cotidltlon ia
otic of languor and debility. They coin -plain
of no ipeeiHc diieaie ; they a u tier 110
poaltive puln, but they have roliah for nuy
thlig which afford muutal or leumoai
pleMtireto'tlicIr mora robuiCand ener
getif felfewbuingi. 1 ,
III nlneeaiea out of tea tkieatate of la
Itude and torpor arises from a morbid
rtuinneh. Indigestion deatroy thu energy
ofboth mind olid bedv. When the waatit
of nature ia not supplIiHl by a due and reg
ular naaimulation of the food, every organ
starved, every function interrupted.
Now, whut duel common nio auggeat
under thee cireuiiistaneea of depreasion ?
The ayiiti'iii ueetle nxulng and areugtheu
ing'; not iiiurel v for nn hour or two, to link
afterward into1 u mule pitiable eouditioii
than ever (ns it umredly will do if 1111 or
dinary alcoholic stimulant wire retorted
to), but radically and permanently,
ilow U tide dcalruble object to be ni eoia
pliilied'r The nltiwer to thia ijucjitlon,
founded nn theiinvarvlng cxperieiieu 0 1.
.ipiartLr ofj a century,, Qnaily uivou. In-
iuu new isr nun wio iiunuin ori;ani ny
tl eouriA pf HtK.thtn)','' Stomach liittvr.,
Do .frtC vvatto Unit- In ndmlnlilering tempo
rary remedies, but wake the systi-ui up bv
n'cuperatlns the fwintaln-heail of phyaica'l ,
aramijtli and eniTy, tlie(;ri)iiCorgan upon
which all other orguna lej i-ii tor their
uufturaand aupputt. ' ',
lly tlio time tlutk Uoxeli .ibjies of tho
great vvgutablo ibtw. and lhtflg'orant havo
been taken, thiTfoeblo frnmimf tho dy
puptlo will begiu to feel ita benign in
tluence. Appetite w1ll'oe 't7td, uud,
with uppotitu, tho capacity ta rflgeat what
Itjraye. A'eraevere unt,il,thu cure fa
cplto mtll healthful Mood, Ht to bo
Xi material iif tjeh and mf-idly,1 bouu and
nerve, and brain, flow through thu eluin
aol of clrculattuu, liutead tho watery
pabulum with which thoy hfcN'V hurotoforu
been Imperfectly nburiihed.
Tub Meciiauc1
ucs' HoardinK corn.h
Commcnsial, is, conataiitly
of Third and
growing In popularity. Mat Uurtia 'tlttyj
proprietor, I oxortinit himself io diaorvo
public pu'tronago, and hi offorta uro Wuf J
hanuaonioly r.wardetl. Ills boarUor al
wayivfcaf sTplea.iintTaco wh'cnth.y coin
froav Ih.lr meal; fcocatuio Jri; feeds thciu
woll. Ill rooms nrefuritliliedln UrslpQ
style; tho house is lighted, with gut, and
lliu liur ta aniinllinl with u lllln Hnnnni an
ea,j CJfound iitX'-lro.. TJia'fcu.a Is a
ajopen, nlBhUnf tlnVi p'tfo rccoptjon
i)r 'utiCats una trio transaction-rn uunlncss
ad oyqryhody,l kindly received and ho
pltnbly enUVtaltiuii. ' lioardlnR and lodg-
Thgwhy!inill;a-dollari per jfojwy dollar jor
unv. "I i'1'
' I) ' ii'lll,'
Hon. H. "iVatfon Webb nnd John
Oborly, Kjip, will nddres.tho people at tho
following times and 'places :
AtGoofo Island, Thuraday, Oct. Cth.
At Thebes, Friday, Oct. 7th,
At Clear Creek, Saturday, Oct; 8th.
At Hnz!ivood, Monday, Oct. 10th.
At Unity, Tuesday, Oct. 11th.
By ordor of tho Executive Committee.
Thk Ckntral Meat Markkt. Itoad
the advertisement published In another
column. The ContrAl mint market has
already acquired a reputation for keeping
aplendid fresh meats. Thu room is kept
In the most cleanly manner, and meat aro
served out In the best atyle.
If you want the choicest meats to bo hid
Iu tho' City, go to tho Central market.
Market biLikots of customer delivered to
any part of the city.
0 foh Joliet. Hherill' Myers lefr,
by the afternoon train, for dolict, tuking
with him four prisoners, sontonccd during
tho presont term of tho Circuit Court
Tho number, tho smallest icnt from Alex
ander county at anyone time during tho
paat ten ynari,co!npriiod an American, nn
Kngllahmnn, u I'ruulnn, aud un Indian,
Peter Luolair(Indianj for larceny two
Jamci Linn, (American) burglary,
three years.
William iiucklea, iKngllsh) larceny,
thrco yenr?. . n 1 - ' '
John Wittu (I'ruasian) larceny, ono
a V 'ounce' of proVeniivcfli worth a pound
of cure. ' To prevent thllta and fever
tuko Siinraoui' Llvuullegulator.
' ' Sept20diwflw
Artoada, Vailueah. Arllnaion. l"J5f'
lUker. Cap Oirardaau Ball Loaila. m touia,
I.. '- ' 1 11- tin...!.. If ail.Ana
.narnpion, Jmaaiiia. 1. iumjim, vw -1
' . . . I u.hkl. U.M..I. a
Armada, 1'aJuiah , , Aillugton. C'olutnliua, ,
llllejiLoui.MinphIa,IUker. Cape C.lrardeaU,
HxllrMeinphia IauI, Wlnnnt , Loultvill,
. wiaiiipiua, - iuia.
The weather clcarud up yeitcrday after
noon, but clouded up thia morning end a
light rain fell. The aky began to clcur
again at lOa.m and wo may posslbly.juave
no moro cloudi for a day or two. - The'
temperature centluuci pleaannt, but wai
tiocomlng warmer at ine un cwne ouw
Tlio river ha fallen two inchei aince
laat report.
The MUaiialppt 1 still falling at St.
Louit, and thu river abovo are all de
clining!. t j, mi
The Ohio ii itatlonary at PitUburg with
thirteen inchei water in tho channel. It
1 falling steadily at Louisville, wltkr six
teen Inchei In the chuto down tho falls, and.
Portland bar has cut out to four feet.
Thorc it onlyrom thirty inchcu Ho three
feet out to Cairo.
Iluiliiea.i hero coiittnucui good. .
Tho Aruuula brought out "o pkgi homo
holod goods for Cairo, SOO bbli flour, -i
crutea cabbage, 1C roll leather, 00 pkfrs.
wugon atuil'for rvshlpmunt South, 20 bun
dles felloei for St. Louis.
The linker brought 300 Hour barrel for
Cairo millers, USO bbli lime, 80 bbli Hour
for reshipment Houth.
The Champion reahlpped tV) tonihsfoA
TheMompbl Aralanehe of Sunday'sayi:
"Jerry Cunningham, of Cairo, lateitow
are! of the Mohawk, well known in river
circle fur tho lait SO yuan, died .TfSlef
day, after a brief illnnii, at the Marine
ntupltal. When tho Mohawk passed
down on .Saturday, deceased, who -eom'-plalued
of illnct, waa put nahore nnd 'left
to the charuu of Measr. Maat & Huoth, by
whom bo was conveyed to the huaprral nnd
kindly cared for. Hi friend will be glad
to know ho did not lack for attention. Hi
wife was telegraphed for and arrived lu
time to witness her husband's death.
The Molliii Ablo I. due fur New Orleans,
mid thoClty ofiiAllon for Vickahuf this
evening ( -
The Kvnusville packet tire all I'ehllHl
time 011 nci'ounl of low witer.
Thu ArniinU leave for Paducuh dully at
1pm. (, ,
lot- Miiritnr.
tW lflllhllll'd U Mllllluly.'l. Ill..l ill I)
tltVIN .n.ir.U.ii!i' for tin' n.lli it'll I it i
mkilJ!WiHii'Jl,",l,';,t'ui'l-t wnd.i'1 tl'
linn, alll'l-'t In IliM di-culiili nl III laima'ta' '
iViiini) Uinii'iitliin. aivay.!
- inr T T
At lh aolii'ilHtioiiiif mail) liliai) .l l -a t )!
tioal1 iwrtli. I hf rck) Hininilh iiitII iln
riivl'I.U'fl (.NPinTBfiirHienfiiii Alivil i
.l.. - v.. ....1.. ...... r
t'Olllllf f HI IDP ru.inui .........-.i . it-.....-...
,lt,t KKKM. KOCIII.ril
CH1, BELTIcnr rTmir'r.
'BBH;,'gVol. AVilfkT Tf-Ih Street
in tut mi frm t 1
A pUuld aa.ortmnil W fr'aii lft-,
Pnik.'siutinn. Wal. I.sinl. and Haiiaau.ala
... -. i v
"XTtnaiWeaiFiaf frrin W I
aniiu in aiiica
Marhas Maakat llallaral la any pact
fufflLlLlUll I II
in ii,
iii i . ft r !?
t,on yvainut ii uano ots
t 1
'Tou Ylt'liHlUIH:. .v'Vku-
The aplendhl firn f, , .
nnd r!Pijli! i...1tnPf
J.STt'T NKAI Master.
Will Icaie for theulMf eiiiidnlllnlrnnisllala noita
on next '
Saturday Even'g,0ct.1st
OnBrrlv.il nf the nftcrnoon traln.a. rfrrlhtur
iiw9t:uiu "j'jij uu iMinru, nr 10
.T. M. IIII.MI'M, Aa-ent.
n nn: favor
Two IVTights Only
Oct. 1st anil 3d.
Tka largeat and moat cotBlat ov'
laatlon ortllel klssal In Uk world,
assdtaniUr the Isuinedlate parainat is:
ervlalna tif
Sflly Emerson
And general Camedlaia IIvIhr.i if
I - .Mill lll ' f
Astasia fsi, &ita.'H ftfrtalseate Taeu
xicaaua rr ma an bi natiaaa-a auc
tloiuiorri WSaSWh aeaiaeaia beiraeWaaa
laaatlvaaic..JI'or.sarUriUai;Mf " till of
til day.
t'UAM, IfoffUlHTK, Ag't.
aff HAMMH1FN l.HyV-ak1y from Xtvt
York, I.I v ri"iil mitt luciiNtuwn.i
Knrpa! apply to III AS. T. IIINUi:,
I'alro, llllnola,
lr (n Hltnue, (Irni-ml tVrterii Atfenl. .Nn. 'J
Inlro'UrTji't.yhtn rVMfiiiljr
TffM. u. scjiii 11 r.it,
Importer and Wholesale Dealer
!.... J
Wines; 'Liquors
1 il I W I f aSV
; Mitn fiMr.Uat 'Wtiudsxf
,7.-..vtr; 1 1
rorout xcm-caiM,
jfip'ft? til nl'
nmw. cheapest;
a I I
Wood coou stove
Huh tho Puteut Hrn Hhttoui A,
WAUKANTIvl) Slffl TO tllAUK,
Forfaly l-r
tf imiaii
ur llllink llfbiialil aut uu ns
i. i .in i i :
'jit&Mmzr vi , i
vi , I :. . . n ' tvp
i KoprvAarr iirrn
f a I
lit iad " " ' '- " ki. .......
arpUl t '
kinds or lluuk liliiillnif uud lluliiii,',
.79,01110 liPVE.
T I'lTT" I'Iil.U '
. aaaaSI
Manufacturers of
7- f "11 w
a-ilw ami ntimia. Ilrpta i-vi.i. r.nni. trlmmlnga.
IC1IOI li 11:1 TH
Cor. Washington Are. lltli-Sf.,
Cairo, - - - XXllxxoian
Keep conatamly nn hand U10 eelehratnd
Alio, til kln.latif A'alnut and lllaek Vehet O.ifflna.
He haaaHplendH Ileum, and mil
Attend all PiinsraU la laeCltr.
atlpil1nl 1 '
, Golden Remedies.
v liJUVnaily. ti'l ttc Tim, IlMllh tn-l
... " l -A l i tt ( ... JL.HLI
Monfy." !" HITw.UK fur ar.) c.m l diivi',
la any attir wi. c Un')' no t rurc.
iik. i.it niti n iii.i.i.r..i .ii
s iM. J. Nat. 1 li 'i. are tli
T jsaaaV. fra'r alifriiitfft known.
! afHkM !'. ItlOHAf'fl uoi.u C.V
Vliixiu hash i in ia mo
lirratid Tonic and ,talrilrnt
In ilio Uisllcal l.lit Da. HI
I'llalM liOI.DRN ANirilOTK
Ii ihj ni.lv ihatl diurrtU.
' taiaal I ill.
Itmuojlia) nr. not adifrilnJ tn Cure all
li. tin.l Kr.'ni uon, urn aia uuimri
ltJ.C4l and H.-o!) lure III all caai. for
r am re.nnni(ii'lNl, alien all oilur Irttt:
" . 7. . ... -f . .. . L I... ..I nn.l I 1 I i l
J ' unllu lilJ. Tuii.riLUUaiiiliirarii w"
hy lliKc uy whii t
n;t.t-aU liicatu hy Uw Uai ijfXr iutJll
kAII.IM. Nik I. CJfci tltrra. IIMUWJ
P..ia flifiat an I JJKiitla. Hi .), cmaw.
.414 AI1U4. lif. fri M
Ii la iliiiriirt lltiui-
V')M(!W rur ur
III, A0i . Carr. afvrvuiru nuni-
lUmaataUaui In all iu (xriaa, and
lrMlmaiJfUir.lltlaaUte. a
. i.a . & a . aaA . ts . 1 1 a t ar.
NTIIHU A rftdUtl cure for ft.lurlaftrr.
liTtwmoftAlI'S GOLDEN.
JLy,U.!Xml'AOi:i a i.tleal cure fat
yroiHlbl Uan.rat litbltltr, In oU.r
.i.-i... ..'...a- H.hiillMf M Li 4
iyaitna i Uif tins emn!f."h aroadarfal BWt.'
Vi i itrWiIeT a Iwo' f ur .
I iOv IKKti.t. ,41, nwaa. uvm SMacaiir win
lUniatd to any ulatejrfroiniit afUnllon paU W
III uimnnaVll, OtoM Isfuulna wllhyul. to
aaa. of rnn. KICUAC'H OOI.VKN
Ii. B. R)CIU1US, Sola ;'ro(iiUlor,' '
fiaaaai aumaai, - ..iibal
CtMaUw'a.nl. TraJa silld at a'liowai
OsMMaati tf ii . J"i
A44rM, nn. 1). B. BICITlBr
aifrct, K.4 Yv. I ' ..
LAn ,
ipw-ial allfnlion ten luAdinirally at4Sveam
tial bualnra. .
OaUca an Ulilo l.a vcr. Itooiwa 9 asid
iitiwro: at law,
USPcOa llio., Naur. UullitliiK, eimrr
II IV ' - I r ,
l.p Ul 'X .2
aaaaal ssr aassla as
I a S3 S S
ma ''aaatlafiBW ' a-a) SSM
e in r '
kaaaHaai2 aX! 2
? D9 1
''rafs.aiiaajaaNasrrina Af av,
L..I HalUrl S
( ' vp i i !
Solo i-gOJlifJ for
A '. I
sT XLX BsT F 1
1 siaojmn Ai
Mi nl Fly-l&l hm
I .1lt.nl
Steam Engines
KfOil r
on linint
Turtle Oil
JiAiir. nv
n Pi
th i :it.?io.r e'j'i:ks : ,
Large Stock
a urn per nun I.M,.r (Inn,
Nnopror all liar, (. .xri-ni unsli.
ii?.!:?.-?!"1?." "'r. I'iiIiii.
in a;..;;:!. ' "mi I
.... ..rn, I iiiiiii, hill l ll
(icnarnl llnnan rlna.ih... t E
pnara. " " U
H.r. l,f.,!.''.l,".,,? lH'."- 'inuro
rt1t ICrlllOfi Vm. saaa f.a . .. a .
'r Sale liy HAKCLAV 1IIIOS
i 0
P ECES--PRFP cnntui
SAND. w'"
it i ,
IT. fX.'t r fl, t,
tllO 'Vt 'l t OJ', !
II u
pilVVflt"' XV 11 d
Till. I.
. n r. It
' Iml Illilli.iFr, .
1 !- fn li(t. ni
i u.
' I I'liiti il ... .
l til. v..
ll. i.lilui,)..,. ,,, ,,.,,.,, ,
I ' 'Vr "in liiul ... li i".i.ii .
It?. 'i, ,".u 'I'l-li'. imiii il... M
tvii l'
Barclay jS.rahcxs.
. .i. M.ta hm
3 Q
aj U
kl:.V'ni'KV..'r..l. I... I..ti
r i rl v. il i.i i on Ui-i mill tur
nlv liy
ui:ai.kk in
Bar Fixtures,
tJI.ASSn'AKK and HOl'NK I I KN'aMl
1X(J (i 00 IIS,
Cniro, IIMnoiN
Tifii -iisajax),
5 H ?J
t 0 P
6 -J
: 1 il
K 11
I I'

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