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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, October 06, 1870, Image 3

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3HIw uUittn.
Local ltiir.viTir.s. Col. IIuiA'or tlio old
Democratic tvlioi'l liorsouf Kyyjil lscnjoy-
iiiy 3iilu!iilid liL'iiltli, and tnklni; nn nctlvo
part ln,tliu prwniit CMinpnlfjn.
Is tlio Cairo Sun itlll '(;qlnj on V
Wn linvc nol sunn a copy iluritif; tin) pros
Mil month. Hcnd It arounil brother
Tim City Colkctor liu retiulvod tlio
tax Look for 1870, ntitl will proi'iiud nt
oncu to tlio collection of tliotntci charged
tliiTcin, wlilcli aro now .Inc. Ill otllcu l
with tlio Trtwlecu of tlio Cairo City prop
erty. Tlio IMllulmvs pliiccl tliolr ".rounds
in ro.ulliii'JSto piny tlm rnducnli niuk
li pi, this uvoiiIiik; lnt luivo llicy put thern,
t Ivci in roadlno'S.' Wo havo noticed
that tlio tint nlnoliavo not met a finglo
ti 1110 Tor prnctleo illicit tliu (,'iiiiib lit l'adu
ciih, in which they wcro defeated.
II. W. Webb mid 1 Ilrcm left for tba
country yestordny uvcnlnj;, nnd will visit
fill tlio principal point In tlio county be
furo the y return. Mr. Webb will (peak,
during hW nbtimcp, nt U 1 10 jo Iilund, Cnlty,
TJieUi nnd Clear UrMt.
The l.tuinwi ofllco of tho Ilri.l.tTiN
l.jn be: u removed from Thornton's block,
on Tenth ttrci't, tutho llt'LLKTi.v building,
.n thu cjrin.T of Washington Hvcritia and
Twelfth street, whuru nil persons having
billlnu.-i with tho otfico will ploiuo cull.
Wo liopi), In n few days, to havo our print
ing cflLj in "thip-tliapo,'' when wo will bo
nllu to i!o iiitlifurtory ntluntloii to ul
departments of our lmstnct.
While Mr. Cwper ISuU was deliver
Irij,' mi nddrcti In Ucriiinn, In tho court
limse, Tuesday night, ISob Owens entered
tlm rojin, and, slunglng down tho
uM.. ti Inlmodi "Thnt' rlht, Dan.
fread yourself It was "iil.t'qtKmtly In
. iiiuatrJ that Hubert had absorbed tovoral
fin ;rm of I tr.ir-nicktd. This Itudnuntion
wiij gtvaii forcj by tbo fact that while Mr.
M, iiii, who followed Huts, wiu denouncing
Di inorrut a traitor, arid denying; that
tiny htlpt I to cnh out tlio rebellion
liol.rt nru in bit phcuutid said: "That'
iid -J lie, Dun .Mtuin, I'm it Democrat,
and I did forty timet n much fighting m
yen did, And lio did.
Tabcr nnl l.rotliom, Ohio Lovit,
tuniiufartiiro Jr-wslry to ordi'r. They
liavojittt llnltliud n iiuh ngalo pendant
F2t, fKtaon stoife, that uvcitm tho admira
tion of all who havi ifx-n It. Ttiu difign
Tift 1 rii uti 'ti f.irni"h iuruiiti-itlbb.' evi
d n t'.at M -tr. Talicr l'rothem nrc tin
I h If Wv.lrs w.irkiiii-ii nt ith'pii-'tiun-n'
I - tasty nn 1 (kilt. Ladlos mid gotitli
m."ti, th reform, who may want rings,
bren t, cuifor collar hi r any nllicr kind
rfjf .clry nuntifal'ttirul to order, should
not con I oir to St, latnils or Chii-ago, but
g illrntly tcTnW rlriitliiira-. TliU thing
oi's mlit g .(' kind of work out of Cairo,
I t Icti ;ti mslttir pf . neopoity, and
.h iild, ni riijddly a poiblc, jday out.
liiiJT l' l,i;t',Kt.Kii'. Money cannot
I ly it, but I..M! iru- nnd ilorrii perfected
r .taili wiU pri'wrvo it. No gliminiT
in ; it wixi-rln of nislit, peculiar to
illi n In inc. Tabor l!r ol agent for
(Vrniind vicinity, Sen uilvurtitcmciit.
uti:!l Utw tf,
r. vvn.i: A.vi I'i::k Hai.i.. Sutur
d y evening next tlio Mh liiktnlit, u free
I ,ill will lxi given nt tho reWdtncn of Mrs
.1 l (iiluou, cirner of Fourth street and
('. 'uiiierilal avenue, to which all repocta-'
l lo persons nr cordially invited. During
t ,n tvciilng a lino Fbiri'iiee mwing inu
thiitri will tu rallied oil', nt one dollar per
'.-. Tho maohlne U In uieellont or
' r, nnd m.iy bo cn at Mr. (Sllnon's rol-dinc-,
Tin: Ckstiiai. ik.t .M.viikkt.
M- -m. I'red ICiwhlur iV Co., of tho (,Vn
tr,il Meat Market, dosiroit underloltliat
tiny k -p till kinds of jncaM, beef, pork,
ninlton, l.nnli and voal j that they luiy nnd
slaughter tho Uot and fatten nniuiaU
bn ught'to thl market , dreas and servo
riit th ' meat In ii noat uiul cleanly man
IK r, ami dc il with uverybody fairly and
i , 3Jir ly.
M arkct baikuts of cuHomors delivered
frco nf cliargo to any part of tho olty.
Krcli sausagoon sale every morning.
Ituy your meat, then, at tho Central
Meat .Market, near tho corner of Klghth
street, on Washington avenue.
sep t!'J il:im.
Tin: JlcclinnuV lloardjng hotce, corner
id' Third 'and Commorclal, is coutautly
growing In popularity. Mat llurn, tho
projirietor, is exorling himself to de'ervo
public- patronage, and his ollorts aro being
handsomely rewarded. His boarders al
ways wear a pleasant face when they como
from their meals, becauso ho feeds them
well. Ilisrooms are furnished in tlrstratn
stylo; thuiounis lighted with gas, and
tho bar U supplied with as line liquors as
can bu found In Cairo. Tho homo is til
ways open, ninht and duv. for tho reeeiitlon
and everybody u kindly received and hos
pitably entertained. Hoarding nnd lodg
ing Uvo dollars per week, orouo dollar per
day. ftp Otf
r -a.
Foil n glass of splendid St. Louis lager
beer tho best in tho city go to tho
Wnshingtoon saloon, oornor "Wiibhington
avenue and Fifteenth street. tf
Louis Herbert is In constant receipt of
fresh llaltlnioru oysturs, which ho will
icrvo up to cil.omors In any stylo detired,
on short Jioticoiuidlu the iiunt-Futisfactory
manner. nugltf
Cairo III., Oct. 4ti( 1870.
Council furl pursuant to adjournment.
l'rcietit MeMH. Artor, Carroll, Jorgen
sen, McKtif, Theobold .0
No quorum present, on motion adjourned
until Thursday, Cth list an t, at 7 ojcloclc
II. 111. JOH Jli.U.N,
1 City Clerk.
llo(jnl.r.Mi'ilmjof llie Hoard of .Milrrmi n
Cilno, Oct.Sth, IS70.
li ciont Muisrs, Carroll, MtKce, Tho-
Noqiiurum. Adjourned until 7th Inst.
City Clerk.
ilrummor for a Cincinnati irlnting homo,
visited Cairo, ii day or two ago, and du
rltiy liii stay received over forty orders for
job printing, thus robbing thu homo olllew
of two or threa hundred dollum, and, of
course, worklii'' to. that extent, toward
their overthrow.
No intelligent citizen will deny that the
nuwpupcr is an ngutit of power In nny
city, and that It can, howuvor humblii it,
may be, claim a) a right tho patronage of
the people for whom intoreiU it labors.
Now wo pretend tosaythattho IIlm.lkti.v
ulllcu can nnd perform Job work as
neatly anil cheaply as uny sol vent oreiyn
ollleo. Let any citizen bri ng in a Job pur
formed for him in St. Louis, Cincinnati or
elsewhere, and wu will u;u tlio tamo mater
isl and duplicate it. 'If nny foreign oftlco
oiler 4 to print cards or circulars cheaper
than thu regular rates established by tho
Ilt'I.l.tTI.v, that oiUco Intend to umploy
Inferior innterial. Cards printed on one
or two ply Imitation JlrUlol board or eheap
merclmnts' blanks, can bo furnished ac
cording to izo, at from f :t 00 to t'j 00 K-r
1,00), and it is this muturlal these cheap
foreign ofllccs propoo to employ, l'er
soim wanting nheapcards of this kind, can
obtain them in as good style from tho Ui'l.
i.kti.v its from any ofllco In tho West. Wo
would havo this faetrcmcmbsred.
If, for personal or political reasons any
citizen cannot patronize the I1UI.I.ETIX
ofllco, let him go to the .Vim cilice. Ho will
then leave his money in tho city, and con
tribute to thu upbuilding of homo Institu
tions. Tho habit of sending printing
abroad, however, ttrlkes at thu very roots
of nn important Industry in our midst,
nnd should lu abandoned by overy man
who is solloitous for tbo prosperity of tho
city. If one citizen may tend abroad for
his printing, another may, with equal rea
ton, scud abroad for his boots nnd shoos;
another for his clothing; another for his
dry goods, and another for his stove and
tinware. The rrsult of tuck h cnurso
would bo tho driving out of our merchants
and mechanics, thu ttagnation of buslncM
nd tho ruin nf thu town. If wc would
prosper wu must help onu another keep
our work and our money nt home, and glvu
drummer' from nfiroail wliotei'kto draw
upon our subitancu for tho enrichment of
other muiiiiuiiit!c, the "cold shoulder" at
pt'iii.io .mi: i. in so, ami a
sMM.i.Krnox, i:tc,
ii a IX
liitrmlrit l Hula Motiy to Aid III
Hick autl Wuuiidril t'rcsscli riolillrrt.
Notice U hereby given, tlut purMinnt to
an adjourned ineeting,field ut tho Hibernian
Kngino hiMie In regard to thu ulxrvo; u
jinnl mid ijatemt prollmlnary meotiiii; will
bo helil at thu ubovc-iiieiitiimt'd pluc on
Thursday overling, Oct. Oth, at i ji.m ,
nr, to make ticli iirrniigcment a my
bo coutldercd mlvKabli', and then and there
ti raise all thu I'limU potilblo. All uhu
iim friendly to nnd in favor uf thn abovo
coiiiiiiendablu purjiosu aro respectfully in
viteil to I) prelum and invite othuri to
come. No emiiu fur Uhhh nb.ent.
Thutrlllo that any ono gives will never
bo mU-e.1, and the act will rellect honor on
the head and heart of thu glvur. If you
uru unaldu toglvo yourself, comu to Incite
and applaud others who nrc. .Multitudes
of other cities and towns in thi country
and in Kuglaud unJ Ireland have contrib
uted fur this purpose. Now Is the crlnls
of ntl'ulrs in France. iSho is not simply
iiiigagod in u defonslvo wnrfare, but really
truggllng for her very cxUlcnao iigniii't
unscrupulous, lyrmidon l'russlii, who
robbod Denmark, overthrow Hanover, and
in u cut-throat-llku muiinor, obliterated
bravu'l'oland from tho map of Kurope.
To whom should gallant, heroic Franco
look for assistance and aid but to tho de
scendants of those whom tho aided In
1781, 179$ and 18.19. Thu luugiiniiliiious
French nntlou who extended their treas
ure, despatched their armies nnd licet, and
whoso heroic sous perished ut Yorktown,
otl'Hantry Hay, Navurlno, nnd at .Magenta
and Solfcrino to llberato America.
Ireland, Greece,; and Italy should not bo
forgot during her present fcour of distress
calamity and misfortune.
Honor uiul iliaiiio fioiu nu l ou.lltlom ilo,
Ael fll your rrt tin-re all tlio li(jiiorlic.t
l'UANCIS YINCKNT Clialrinaii,
L. .1. 1IYUNK, Seo'y.
.IOILN HYLANI) 1 Coinmiltouon bo-
II. .McMANUS ) half of mooting
(So to J. O. JIagwoll, I'liolographer,
corner Klghth street, nnd Ohio Levee, for
pictures, Carta do Visites, etc. Having
nuido arrangouienti with some of tho best
nrtlts of or largo cities, ho respeetfujly
solicits orders for copying nnd enUrgo
iug old pictures. Call at his rooms and
kcospecimeiu of work in that ling, ,
Kwell &' .lacoh will furnish Gasollni)
for (lasolino lamps and stoves nt low
rales. tf
D:i:i) on Tuesday: October 4th, at
8 p.m., at his resldefico In this city, of ory
sipohis, William Yocum, agod 68 years.
an ounce of preventive is worth a pound
of cure. Ti prevent chills and fuvcr
tako .Simmons' Llvon Regulator.
Kioutv-o.vk Democratic voters nt
tended the Kadical meeting Tuesday night,
forming nearly ono half of tho nuinbor of
white men in attendance.
WAsrun. Flvu hundred dollars In city
scrip, nnd five hundred dollars In county
orders. ..Apply to t
tep24-l m Ht. Clmrlus Hotel, Cairo 1 II.
.Saint Louis Kaiii. Wo will com
mence tho salo of tlckots for tho Saint
Ixiuin Agricultural Fair, Oct. 'Jnd, nnd
will discontinue after thudeparturo of thu
train on tho ovcnlng of Oct. 7th. Faro for
tho round trip will bo S7. 20.
I'iTkai-miinoJintiikCiikisitivk Ciiuncit.
Kldor .laspar 31. Armstrong, (of West
Tenn.), will preach In tho Christian meeting-house,
on Saturday, evening, tbo 8th
Inst., at 7(30 o'clock.
Also on Lord's Day, tho 9th Instj at 11
o'clock n.m.,,ant' 7:30 p.m. Tho public
n'u cordially Invited to tho service.
M u. A. H. In vis tho Democratic call
didati! for Sherlir, returned homo from a
trip through the country precincts, lust
night, and reports that the political out
I(N.k is tplendid. The election nf Mr. Ir
vin by a largo major ty is accepted on all
tides as a filed fact. Everybody hns. con.
fldcncu In bis ability, honesty and Integ
rity, and feel tatlsfleil that he will inako i
faithful and ellicieiit.Shcrlu". Hence, nearly
everybody Intends V) voto for Jilni.
To City Tax-hatci:!. Tho city tax
book Is hois' In my jvwiion, nd I hal
proei-fd at once to collect tho taxw chnrged
herein. V rs una interested will pleata
tako iietlcu.
1 may bu found at my office, corner of
Washing! in uvunuonnd KJghtccnth ttrcot,
from 8 o'clock,'!, in. to 'i p.tii., and from 1
5 p.m. JO.SKl'H H. TAYLOK,
oct lot . Pity, Collector.
Mn..I. A. Jonkk hat taken mi oflku with
.Mr. .lames Johnson, Suporlntcndeot of
thu Illinoit Central railroad, in this city,
to represent tho iiiterviti of tbo National
Tniiuj)ofttloti Compuny, which furnish a
very expeditious means of communication
between Cairo, New York, Philadelphia
and nil the lending cities of tho Kast. Ho.
alo represents the well known .Star Union
lino and thu Allenuwii 'National line, thus
presenting to tho public nil the c!io!c-t
facilities yet provided for receiving freight
from tho Ka'tor making ihipmcnts thither
Mr. Jones is an active, obliging buslne.
man, and will cheerfully furnish all neces
sary Information to tboo who may apply
to him.
D. W. Mess uy tlmt If tho Huu.ktis
publMu- thuatllduvlts ot Morris I). Wlloy
and Csptaln Clarke, which fantt'n 'uott
him tbu bii'csl treachery to General llaum
he, thu said Muun, will publish hU own
iitlidHvil that the Mllldavlts of Wiley nnd
Clarko are false I Oh, don't Daniel. Thu
jK'iipti' think ill of you already; but when
yo i for v them to believe that you aru u
perjured man, they will dytet you. You aro
not an cjijjible witiness,;inThali'iiat(tV,,ftnv-'
how. You.liaVo ti deep an Interest ln
tbo result: but wour If you want to. ' Wi
shull glvft you thu opportunity, pcrhnpsto;
morrow. ' r , . . ,
Du. Tim. J. GuimiiiH, sjiirgwiOj In
chargoof the Marinu Hopilal nt Louir
... ... I. . ..
Tlllc, roquets lit 10 pUOIIMl IIIU lUIIOUIIIg
report fur thu bene lit of tteamboatlilull
mid others :
Number of patients remaining Jlnt day
of August: White, U0; colored, B0 total
Admlttud during thn month : white, :n);
colorcil, 10 ; tot.il 40
Discharge.1 during tbo month: white,
!, colored 10; total, n2.
Dio.1 during thu month: while, O; ol
(.red, 1 j total, 1,
Komainingon tholastdayof tho mouth;
white, 00;-colored, 43: total 10:t.
A Ntw Fiity. It. W. Miller and
Dyas T. l'arker have formed a copartner
ship for tho transaction of a general for
wardlngand commission husinos under'thu
II rm uniiie of Miller and l'arker, and havo
cstnblitkod tliumselvcs at oS Ohio l.cvec.
Mcsjm. M. & V. rank among our oldest
and most substantial business men, and
havo tho confidence of tho entire commun
ity. Fnrmors seeking a market at or
through Cairo cannot do bettor than to
patronize this now firm. Thoy enjoy flrt
class storago nnd forwarding facilities, and
can ditposuuf consignments quite us satis
factorily ns any homo in tho city. Wo
most heartily commend them as gentlemen
of tho highest business integritjv-and em
iiieiitly worthy of thu patronage of all who
patronize Cairo either nsn market or rc
shipping point. h
Wouk JIks umeu. Work upou tho
custom hoiitu and post ofllco was jrnsumcd
yesterday under, the supp'rlntcndunpo o(
Mr. Heae,,is nh-p, ju1nlau,lci il'f Ji .C.
Itankin, nasistnnt supervising architect, is
in tho city, nnd liftAgiven iifoctlous'ib
havo tho work pushod forward wjth a11
posslblu vigor. Thoact that'thorclsmo
cement in tho city may dulay.tuj nTyjrii4'y'el'i''
work a few dnys, hut, in tlio.iiicaij line8nOBU,ll,riJ,,'olJB0V.,..'iiii .Mr. A. II.
thoru It plenty of work for thd cnrrientors,
ifi. i. ..i.i i.i u.... V..V
.niiilll HUllllt Hutu nnii .' u
oral weeks sooner, but for tho demand for
of vury urgent work hud to bo performed,
lio is horo now, howover, and will seo to
It that tho building is flulthod ,Iu short
III. Central It. U. C, Cairo, Oct I, HTO.
To persons wIshltTg to nttciul thd Union
fair to bo hold at Ccntrnlla from Oct. 10th
to Oct. 15th (Inclusive;, wo will aeU'cxcur-'
sion tickets to Ccntrallit and return at
$0 10. Sale of tickets will coinmongo Oct
10th nnd dl"continuo aftor dcpurluro of
traliron tho ovonlnj; of Oct. 14th.
Tickets will bo givcTuntjl tho 16th (In
clusive). To parties going with stock or
articles foruxhibition,tiekcts will bo Issued
on and uftexiOet.'JIIij !. ' t 1
ft ' I'l t i la.
oct C-t.
Agent. I
Tub Talk ahout Klliott, Haytiioun
& Co. Fathers qnd mothcri, lmls nnd
lassie., in all i&rts'or'lhb city, lire '(afkli.
about th'iijiWatocW of booU( and shoes
Just rcceiveiUsy Klllott, .Hiiythn'rntV. Co.,
For thowholesalo.trado theroro cords on
cords ' of cases ; but in Mi's, retail buyers
aro not specially' Interested." Thn. retail
department forms the. attraction with
them. So many now .ly1k, stichljc.iutlftil
gaitersmob sploudld.booti! The llko was
never noen ;iu. Cuiro. Ami theji thcro nrp,
Kelslmor patent shoos, Arctic boot1,
French calf loot, and nil other kinds of
boot", sewed and pc'gged. ror'gotitlemcn ( .
and 'felt sllpjiers, (n luxury), Sensation
thoo-s French heeled and Grecian bend,
nnd alt other styles of shous and slippers,
for' ladles, uiluci..und clillilrrnj. Tho
sloo); Is immense, unequaleih beautiful nnd
cheap ! Wo looked through tliu establish
ment this morning, nnd know whereof
wu speak, 'wnun wo declare that Elliott,
'Hay-thorn & Co., aro prepared, better than
over to supply all;ilcnnnids, ordjnify or
.xtrnordinary,for Loots nitd shoes. lie-'
fort' .voli penult ntiybodyVthen, tolnro you
into thu pOrehsflo -f flltos:al7s,,
Klliott, HaytlumWCv,; J optMlf
Wlrk. t-t l.ouli. , .
i ''.ly. ;M
A r in k'I n, I'i.-tnt'Kl i ;
Milt; y.'Sliutfiiwumlii
.TTtTKCH. . . t
Ailliiitton. ColumlKit; i Annmlii, rJiidilii
SIllliii'V. Hliani Woui M Uit'.n. Kr iiinilloi
T K Ix-mrt; Ohli rli)ii .wlfk';.iwijleuii ,
lit Jwpfl.Sl Ll.)ii, J,((
Tho woathtr noMtnuos cienr'an'l.Hlulto
cool, iiltlip.ngli becoming firmer.
Tho river haiisipi jdx.lncles, Alucjs vol
tor day, making ton indie total riso since
tbo swijll couiliU'ticed.
Tho Mfasliilppl Is rls'Ing.at fit.-Tuis at
tho rato-W .s"evon Inclios per Jt hdurs.
There Is an nbumUnco of, water to. thai
port, but frcVijit Isnpt.vory. plontlful.
Tho Olilnin rlsiiig rapiuiy at l'ltixiiurg,
witls lz feot'wuter lu tho channel, nnd a
coal lioat rise l. Very probable. It Is slMI
tlnllriniiri' lit T.nllltvllln Iillt will lin'rlllnt
; ., , i
tlioro to-l;iy or to-inorrovf m this hannwha i
was rirlu rapidly. .
Thu Cumborhiml Is still rMnj; with over j
four feet on Karpeth fihiuU, j
Tho Milbrcy inn !e her appearance hero-j
again thi;miinili, .having uiiidu aiiuthur
trip, to Sliawucft iwii, In which trade sho
sslll probably remain until thu rito In tlio
Ohio iilliiri' the Kv.msvillu packet" tocom
throiii'li to Culr1.) wlthuut dotenticm. Tim
Milbrcy bnny lit out S3 coops jKiultry, OJii
tks wheat, iO bbls lloiir.'J bbls upples and
'i pkgs sundries for Cairo, tks .heat
for St. nuni.2VU)N npploir-3l bagsiiola
toes, 0 tin safes fur Memphis.
, 'liu Arnnila brought out a moderntu
trip of hiU3tlM iimliiissjirtii 1 freight.
, ;'Clm Mollio Itagoii brought balyn bat
ting (or M. Louis, i i lihl. apples nms
,vjhj.ky, Ua plj tiriituri', lo1nn. iior
ted frV.-it'lil for res'hipment south.
balls cotJU)i) fonrvtillipnittl't ..Kail per. Uluc
I.lneLnj' rccoied JSO k wheat, and a
'foitdniiiundrie fur St. Lnuls.
'i'lie (Ir.iudTowrIs tho ivsular packrt
'for Hvansvillo to-day. ,.
I'ho Aruuiila leaves for 1'hiIik'mIi JAily
lit t 11.HU t '
Tho Uakcf leaves fur ,Cupo 01rrJi;vt9j.
morrow, t rulay evening, at ociici,
Hour lu
.Uln l.
WhtiiiliuA'A fA' n n lerMltu'lf HiC ImiinsT nti'r
- I ti,,a rV
tin' pli)lial yli'iii Iimi hveouio prnlrntl. a
ttliiiiil.ini lh.it u ill not only tiri'iifiihrn, hut re
iiuive llif'TicW.tkfi fut t J lim.H II ittlrl f"1n J
In, Jlvnttl ilKUff m Inii a friiitfli! t )Ui)f of
th lirr:uVi'is iln'.m (.Mho I'lin.liliitinn, ami. llio
rMfiKO.u llrii.iii) t 'lii alihnfi' trait nl.irnlnx.
Kor all otielt mi!a lien llintetlfr' MihimcIi Hitler
hiM'li.'fii fiiiiinl iMi.iirpii"e.l. II) uutiiii,'illri'i'ily
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IMIOl'I.Il'.S CANIUIiATK fprfcliinliif Alexander
eomity, at (he cimilnK Noicmbor election,
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cryMpol i, fi'intlo nllrdtluiiK, uiul lillioim Jleiu.i ii
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Prcpure-I oniy-ljl. It. Zelllii & Co.,
Kor mIo bv Iinrelay Ilrother, Ohio I.cvca
Cairo, llllnoi.
I'ricfjti l.yiimll SI as. in)-24.1w
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Sllllce aid.Si'cnnil Avriiup, near 1 Slit
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billly, iljipcp-m, ptlpilatiun vl llm In-utl, lu ll
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iJl'ilv i ilvcU prti'lueetl l.y iiuly It-iluli" il ihuIIi,
vni'Wi'ihji't nf llm Ui'l;, pain In the b'C.I.I,
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Imnof the h'Jtl, lyprplu, m-nnu- iriilabuliy,
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I In. uill. I-n p'r.ui of all ni'-tnll lU.wlri.l-n
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t !i. 1 1 Hunr. I"'tiiii.n' ii'iil., pain, iiimuilk innl
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Ik, in Inl.'.'d i'i wln'n il mc, it h.ilill frnpii'iiily
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ll'ipi' yl nn' I'.ilini). nn' I'li'i.' ni ni" . ut in-.
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ttuiiytitmii tr iiie iy no'
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from thoii.ttli in'ii'iliiri'. 'luiiU'i'lil k'n In a
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tlm b in. I of iMh iuiip prnli ji'ttiri', who, invain'
bin m' i urilii;. bl'il bi 1" Clllinry t-ill-l:ili.-f, keep
Jil lu trillini! mi'lit li ulli-r in. mill, ii-art lna n
110 Mlltllll.'a.t l.'lll.lll laV OyMII''.!, IIU'I III 111 ap.t 1.
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phll o aiul,iukljiikiiii, iliMiuuliniiril ttunt'is ttilila
tint i nv p nitration, p.tui tiriinca.iin'. Mlinr.
lKaponiliiucti a.rii llv to illilnllinl I' rikii'tifil.
Thin( ti Im villi Id taLo trukliin'iit mutt main llm
M'k't amount of Ihe ilnu uio-l tiikly.Mht lhor
Kiliu opium, Mprphiiif, J.aiulaauiii or jircpura
t.ml of 'opium in oilu r lornm. aiialAwiinr
v. mm -s.
Manufacturers of Steam Engines
f-ii"a.w IilU f lllvCrt
mit Hlhiiif, Urnnn pnmtw nml Knumn trUiumniti, "
I'.t tlitar only, mi.l tire Time, Ifrtllli ant
MoncT. 41,0110 Itl'.lVAIlli fur any ct of illtcno,
In any ttia wl.lcli thrr fill Ui cure.
in. iisjiiAt h tint.nKS n.M-
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l trrti a'lta Ileal and 3tty Can la all ciki for
whlcB lliry aro rcouramemlcJ. whn all other Iraat
meat has flle.l. Tent of llioiutn.lt yearly reenjjiav
by llarlr uio, hn htvulott all hop. tjiJLiaiTiu.
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JL- KMXIH ll'AMOl'lt. a rtUc.il curt) for
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yoiinsi Impartlnit rnerity with rndrrul tlett.
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all correstnii'lcnts. Nuns Renulii'i altnutil I'i;'
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Kl"'0'b',.t1?':. ..ni ct a liberal
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A.l.lrc.. P1U P. II.
Street, Nt Vurl.
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Ii the test JhuuM.i Tonli and J'rj
tru'ttrof.JtttiUhntr iltuouu f. It it
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Silt S'llillik, I Innrh, ' Rlilra, mill C
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Blue Lick Water
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Turtle- Oil
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