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AVantkji Tp vent, a plnno. Addrcs?
slating terms, r, O. box 775. oct 20 3t
1'on it of splendid St. Louis layer
iM-r tbo i(!.t In tho city i;o to tlio
Washington saloon, corner Washington
in.:nuu uiKixourieentii street, tr
We hoar llmt chief of police, Hour
(loMtimn, propotes to roiigu hljolllco, nnd
uer!pi ii itu'itioti in tliu 'liijulil ullnu-iit
lepiiruiicntortlianow Deltnonico. llonrv
ii i? clover Mid Courteous gontloman, mid
will add not a ltitlo to tho department ho
win supervise.
I'KUYH auk Uakokkous. Mothers ns
you lovo your olfiprlnt; don't full to tuo
r 111 i. ii . ...
uri. uiiconioi syrup, foriwottiinp chil
dren, liond tho ndvertlsmont in anotlur
column. Oct 21 dAiv lvr
Tut Sunflower and old Dolmonico -
I.'itu, tpgnU their patrons on soup uvcry
nltflit At o'clock. The ntrabl l'at Fit.
Btrnld presides In tlio former institution,
in person, and Harry Waller, In tho latter.
Tun Wkkki.t Ilui.LKri.v. n campaign
paper llmt should bo in tlio hand of every
voter in tho Congressional district, will l'o
printed to-morrow.
Hum KkAi'T am Lkiikiiksoedkl.
.Inhn Scheol, of Sohrjel't Hall, will spread
a lunoh of isiur Krnut and Loberknotdol,
nUo'olocfc to-morrow afternoon, to which
h Invito tlio nttandanco of citizens f;en
rally. Our German citizens will appre
ciate the halt that il to be prepared, and
will doubtless pre'ent in force.
"How mt eyes ache," (mid a lady
while reading Harper's edition of'.Dick
en's 1'iekwlok.) .Vow, ifthatlady had been
mini; Lazarus A 31'rris' iwrfrc twl spec
tides, stieeoiildhave road the imiio ike,
tyfrom fur to six consecutive h'"irs
without the slightest In-onvn.l-nc .
Taber &, Htm I'M agents. S-x ndver
tistnent. tf
Tu y. now Doltnonioo win thrown open
for tho Inspection of visitor but night,
und t lOo'clook to-day nmaijr.ltleont lunch
was spreaJ. Tli institution Ii n credit
to Cairo, and tlio cntcrpriwi nnd liberality
of lit proprietor, nnd we shall, In next Is
iuc, yiTe a de.talled description of it.
I). liAMiiRitr, Ohio Lovo, between
Kltjhth and Tenth streets, hai unladed
and improved hit sha ring an I hair-eutting
itloon,nnd ho is prepared to i.-rvo cusl..
tnori In flnt c!mj itylo.
Clean towels, sharp razors and curious
attention are "among tho attractions of the
establishment. tf
Kki.i.v A: WiNTEit, of tho new l)ltiion
Ico, spread n dno parlor dum-h, this morn
In;', for the Indies. It was n n.... irediln.
bio aif.tlr, nnd wit fully appreciated.
An Incessant cry fr "copy ' prevented
us from participating in tho oHiuint; luuth
prepared for thu masculine portion of our
ominunlty , but tliov who Uul participate
speakof tho ntTalr In terms of enthusiastic
C'jinmen lation. Tho establishment will
c pen for business on Monday.
Tub Centra t .Mkat Makkkt.-
.M'rs. Frwl Kooldi-r V Co, of tho Con
tnil .Meat Mnrk.-t, doslrelt understo-xltlmt
they luqi nil kinds of in'inti, beef, jwrk,
mutton, Iamb nnd vuitl; that they buy and
luunhter the lost and futti-it nniiiiuU
brought to this markot; dress and servo
out tho ineaU in u nrat and cleunly niun
imr, and deal with everybody fairly nnd
.Market baskets of ciirtomers delivered
freu of clmryo to any part of tho city.
Fresh faiu.igo on salo every mornlni;.
Tluy your meaU, then, at tho Cttitru
.Meat .Market, near tliu corner of Tditli
strcot, on Washington uvenuo.
sop 'JO dm
A IIioii-jiamuii) OiniiAiii:. It i ro
ported (hat n (ovt days ago youns !ur
ioiui nuiiieddiuiiei Kun.i, fell into tho
hands of threo of the slnrpor that oeoa
tlonally start nut, from Moiupbls and l'.i
dufuili to for.ijjo on tlm kurroundinc coun
try, and, tin lor tlio promi.o of prollublo
Mnpli)ymnt Kiinno tiwk p-i-sagu with
thorn for St. Louis. Tiio yottn;; man had
a trunk with him containing Si') in cash
an I hi clothing. At u point In 1'uhnki
county, Puliukl or rilin, tha sharper,
stripped tho coat from tho bark of tho
young man, and wontbutoro a maijlstriito
and sworo that ho had .toion tho garment
from thorn. Tho maUtrato r.i.arnint; tho
proof conclusive, hold tho young mm for
trial in tlio circuit court. A confodorato
of tho vlllians remalnoil on tho train nnd
gobbled tho trunk containing tho clothing
tind money.
Kiinzo is known in thU city ns an hon
orablo nnd upright young man, nnd wo
suppose that stops will bo, or havo been
takon to roliova him from his "durance
vile," otc.
Simmons' Liver Rogulator, if persisted
In, will euro tlio moit stubborn Liver dis
ease. Thorn is no failure about It.
Oct 2 id Aw 1 w
Fresh llaltimoro oysters nerved innny
stylo doslred, can bo obtained, nt miy hour
of tho day or night nt Louis Herbert's
restaurant. Also oyttcM for sulo by tho
can, in any quantity desired, at tlio namo
luco. tf
.ii '
Fi.ouiv Choieo Family Flour In bis
' half bbU., racks, &c, for snlu at tuo Kgyp
tian Mill. nu
Iioimhiio vl 111 all IiIh Sciimm nhntit
Him ID.-icliircs 1) Im t the "countor
Atllditvlt" In tho InlorcMt of l. W.
.Miiim nus llxtorlcd from Him by
Ucnd IIU Htntrnent of Hie .Mutter.
Tho sworn statement of Malhow Dunn
huo, given below, so nearly explains itself,
that It requires but a few words of intro
duction. Mr. Oouahua was taken before Col
llearde'i,notaryJpublic',thts morning. H"
was uuixhoijcr. Ho was insured that no
legal nor moral responsibility ultached
to him If ho refused to bo sworn to tho
statement; and before tho Colonol would
administer tho oath to him, ho required
the assurance from Donahue's own lips,
tlj.it tliu stutument was truo In every par
ticular JituI that ho inado it freely, with
out any compulsion or persuasion what
ever. This iiMiiraiico was given, and tlio
atli was then administered.
'Ito'id tho statement uud loam to what
svi extent tho Itadical partisians of .Mr.
D. W. Munnaro willing to go, in tho vnln
hopo that they will thereby olfect his
Cslro, lit., uotcr U?9.
KJItor Ciirolliitlotini
Dkak Stic As an explanation to all
concerned, I hereby certify that tho state
ment heretofore ma lo by mo In tho Circuit
Clerk's otllco at .Mound City, Ills., on tho
2 )th lust., at the tlmo I brought suit against
Mr. iMriiol .Mtinn.A llro (lls miucti.v and
Arrnnu am. tiikiiki.v statkh I .wa
lid not touch inlrop of liquor that day
until after 1 had loft thi clerk's ollleo.
What purpofts to bo my counter alllditvit
p ibllsh" 1 In tho Kyptlan .Viii of tho 20th
tlmo I was till by tlit'.su tmrtlt'x
(hut .11 r. M ii ii ti Mdtild liavt; me:
In flit; PciilltMitliiry. nuil In fa ft
I bclk'Vud (liuni, mill roiuldereil
itiyL'il' umlcr arri'it : Win
ualclird inil iirriiii(lc 1 by Sil
ver ami itU 1 1 au sic, niul a In
vsintint l'r sir iktmoiiiiI vln
Umu : at lht!lr liamH.
Mat.' of llllanli, Alfx-trlrr County, 0 1)' of
This day personally appoured before ma
a notary puVio In kih! for said- city,
Mathow Djii iIiuu, ii rui luiit of l'nlu-ki
oj nty, Illin.)!', wljg b"in d.ily t'w 'ru, on
his oath it tt'ti, that tho inalteri and lhln;
oontainnl In tho fore ;olu nt i oiueni by
blm made nra tru-In uvory p.irtftilar.
V.'lt.ies m; l.jnd a...! riot! nl .lis
2'Jth duv of October. A. D. iSTfl.
Notary Public.
Hlt or lllilioi-. Alxnn Ir C.jiitit .-.
Wo. tho undorslirniil, r M -ntsnf Abv-
nnder and I'ul.iskl cnuntie-, liuroby eeiti
fy that wo with pre-nt when thf" forego
hi!; statMiiiMiit was n-ad ovt and
acknowlv lgl by Mathow Dnmhuv, and
that nr. w i ks'tiuki.v oni:it .mi ka
tionvw., sii I lint ht mnde tid utatenxnt
with eeer'i upixarume of truth.
L. I. HL'TLKlt,
W. ri. KDO.N.
Subscribed anil sworn to before mo this
20tn duv of October. 170.
Notary l'ublk-.
DitD. At hi renilunco neardooio Is.
land, nt 10 o'clock, a.m., on tho "'ith ln-t..
of typhliKl pueunomla, Sylvoitcr Web-
iter, in tliu 40th year ol his age.
Ho leaves a devoted wife and interesting
family, ami a largo circle of friend to
mourn hi loss.
Tho subject of tho above notice was born
and ralsad in Alexander county, and his
many virtues, -trict integrity, and kind
ness of heart, had endeared him to n )nt
of friends, whonro left to mourn his un
timely dosth, stricken down In tho very
prime of life and tho iiiidit of hU useful
noil, oro his hair was silvered with gray.
or time had furrowed his checks or brow.
I.f(Ti Im u their tiinn to lull,
Anil llowpp. 10'vflliurat lhrNoilliii.' LriMlli i
Hiara llieir lime to n i, anil ull
lint Hints, hint nil rann lr Mine, u lh.au.
Thin wroto tlio iwoetiuid peuslvo Hem-
mis, when musing on tho (light of thoo
that wo lovo Irom earth to Heaven. It Is
a kweel ineliineholy with which wo iron
templato tho death of tho pure in heart;
for if there nro atigels in heaven, their un
stained ioiils look dowri on the dear ones
of earth with an everlasting lovo.
Wo hopo tho bereaved wife, may benr
her great leu with christian fortitude, nnd
that htimo may soon remove tho great
weight of grief that is now weighing her
C.uno ANiiToi.KOo. An ufl'ort i on
foot to construct an air-lino railroad be
tween Ylucenne", Indiana, and Toledo,
Ohio. A rousing meeting was held in
Kdinburg, a few weeks ago, of which .Mr.
William Sold was chairman, who, ntter
thanking tho meeting for tlio honor eon
ferrod.'dcplcted in graphio and glowing
tonus tho possibility , practicability and
feasibility of tho Toledo ond Vineonnes
Uallroad, which must ultimately oveutu
nto In tlio entire change of tho great rail
road travel and its connections, thereby
rendering Toledo & Cairotho greatest rail
road centers on tho faco of the globo, and
making tlio ltluo lUver Vnlloy tho most
famous in America. Tho proposed rail
road will run through tho following couu
ties In Indiana: Knox, (Irceno, Monroo
llrown, Johnson, Sholby, Henry und Jtan-
dolph, nnd In Ohio as follow; Mercer,
Putnam, Wood and Lucas counties.
Committee's woro appointed to get up
meeting in all the counties concerned,
and to put 'ho proJ""t In working shape.
Tun N r.wMA.v-Hnow.v A rv i it. About
ten days ngo wo published it paragraph to
i tho otl'cct that elder Drown had passed
through Cairo m route for Llttlo llock, to
idled tho arrest of Dr. N'uwman, whom ho
charged with tho seduction of his daughter.
Wo did this upon what wo conceived to
bo good authority, and our comments In
dicated our roliuneo In tho truth of the
Dr. Newman is in the city, nnd pro
nounces the whole story foundntlonlei.
Wo havo taken tho trouble to push inquir
ies in rel'eronco to tho mattur and frdtn tlio
information io far obtained, nro led to bo
llovo that the report ia fulso.-
Wo are glad to bo assured of tho falsity
of tho report, nliko on account of Ur.'uw;
man, and older llrown and his Jamily.
Hinco giving the ruport publicity, wo litivo
heard no one contradict or overt question
its correctness, until yestorday. Wc have,
therefore, availed ourselves of tho first opportunity-
(nftor lo.irning 'of thu
falsity of tho story) to do Dr. iTowman,
elder llrown and his daughter that Justice
they have a right to claim nt our hands.
Of all the colored people who over lived in
Cairo none stood higher, or so high, in our
estimation us elder llrown nnd Dr. New
man, nnd It was only an unquestioning con
tldcnco in the truth of the report, (to which
wo added very littlo publicity so far ns
Cairo is concerned), that Induced us to
make it public. Wo uro, therefore, glad
to hear that tho report was fahe, nnd
thus voluntarily uuko tho due correc
tion. Waltkranji M alo.sbv'is Ni:w .Mbat
Makkbt. Tho everrellablo Kighth street
butchers have Just taken potsession of
their new and spurious brick building, and
nro now better than oror prepared tehtrvo
their customers with tho very Imst of fresh
meat, beef, ork, veal, mutton, lumb and
pork sausage. They aro determined not
to bo excelled either in tlio qtinjltles of
their meals or Iho manner of serving
them. A child can secure what it calls
for in readily as a grown pdrson, and sat
isfaction is Insured to all.
Mer. Walter and Mnloney desire to
express their tb.inki.for thu liberal patron
age hitherto, and lhall tndeavor tp receive
a continuance of it. Their nrw-ttniid win
bo upon Saturday morrilng;ind tieticcfoj;
ward, and wl)l bo supplleilvltulio very
bust ineaU lu.le found in tliU.m.rknt. -Tlio
proof of the excellence of their meats may
bo found Itrtrying them, nni tju-y Invito
evcryliody to innke tho trial. "'
.Seotlielr card. , . ii
' i
Itux.vwAY ScitArr Mom: Ii.t. Ltrci;
kokTom 1'okikh.--Mr. Tliomai Porter's
t.(nt, attached toaliht vvagoh'in whii-li
Mr. Verier. nnl .his oir 'Wm s-'Mti'df
away yeit(nd!iy,Martlng from the custom
hotto nnd bringing up near the corner of
WMliiiigton nvinui rttid Twrfri-.i'onil
street. .Mr. Portor succeeded In getting
upon tho back iff 'noof th'.'liorsi, bnt was
unable to check their mad career. The
littlo boy wa thrown from tho wngon, und
one of tho hind wheels paud over his
lutlictiii'.;, however, no Su.'ioiii dam
age. At or near Twenty-second treed, -Mr.
Porter, was thrown from tho back of the
animal he was riding, und was bruised
coiuiuunblv iiviu feet. The waijou wa
also badly brokuii
'ttetr end?
WllLPorter s ili luek
a - in
.iamkh.M. II Ait now, .M. 1), Physician
nnd Surgeon, formerly of thu Indiana
State Hitiital L now In tho citv and will
remain hero until the 1 Mil of
Those stitleriug with nny form of Inaiilty
whether incipient or of long standing will
do well to call and seo him. He will dein
j'tutratTto yoirtholiiorbld (VUion-T'of
the brain, and will Jdl you jvhntjji'roditeed
it, Ac. The Doctorwlll nlloillagnoi and
treat your diioa-o with ! stieees
whether It bo constitutional or local. Strid
attention will bo given to all forms .f
Chronic disirifrs. '
lfb will fidli'vo you'of all private disea
ses primary or focondnry without tho um
of mercury, nnd a sure cure warranted.
Otllcu at Commercial Hotul, Itooni. No. I
tf. "' ;
Tub Pkoim.kh M:vr .MAttKitr. O
(SavbiiA Co., Pnoi'itiKTon-i. -Tlio, moat
market Just opened by (layer and Co., at
tho eornerjof Washington Avotiue 'and
Tenth tre.t, Is just actly such a meat
market a thoto who know (iayer woiilil
expect him t ustubli.h when ho "i-proad-hlinself."
Kverythlng l new, freshly
jialnted, u;id wears unfair of i-kapHty,
that no one will fall to commend.
Gayer A Co. are among the oldest and
most experienced butchers of tho country
and havo learned that It pays betto lawp
first elms meats, and command a flrt ilti
custom. If oltir.ens would, therefore, in
euro splendid fro-h moats, pork,dteof, mut
ton, veal, lamb or sausage thoy oftu ul
way Und them in any quantity deIred at
the People's meat market, dust try It. tf
A Ilnii.r.i An't DtsrovKitv. Kvery ninii
nd woman In tho land, wjim' looks havo
been touched with silver by time, or
prematurely whitened, has reason to ro
joico that Phalon's Vitalia, or Salvation
for thu hair, is numbered .among tho
wonder-working products of "tlils ago of
discovery. It is clear mid freo fronrdi-
ment, while the shades of color it imparts
aro moro natural than those prodrirel by
any. other, agent'. . Oot,'J4 uf 1 w
OiiXUTKit Oak CdoKiNn Stove's and
Evoillnfjfltyr, 1 1 c' U l y 's;t V y rs-lil -t '
use for salo by O.-AVi Hendori-on, 1UU
Commercial Avenue. iSeu advertisement.
uu;;20d Im.
Tim new Del nion Ico, which will lo
opened on Monday morning, under tho
proprietorship of Kelly nnd Winter, sur
passes, In tho completeness of all its ap
pointments, tho olognnco of its finish nnd
furniture any like establishment In South
ern Illinois, and, probably in tho wholo
Kvery deportment Is very complete, nnd
has been fitted up with an cspcciul view to
make It first class in every particular.
As intimated In another placo,
we sliiill on .ronduy, give a de
tailed notloo of the eslabliidi
inent and try to nivo tho imterprialng
proprietors thu enedlt they deserve for fur
nishing tmr city a homo of which every
eiti.cit may. feci proud.
Fiiom 0. F. .iTColburn Dcdor of Dcnta
Surgery, Nownrk, Ni .L Tho popular
dentrllleo known as Sozodont, besides be
ing a very pleasant addition to the toilet
contains ingredients, that, if iscd accord
ing to the directions, will provo of tho
greatest utility to Ih'o health of thoinouth
ihdleetli.f '., .
".'ji'At.iif.vo'n Gj.uk," 'with bru'sfi, ready
for inc. Oct2idAcod
DisiNo HooNf OnitH Wastkd at tiik
Bai.nt CirAitt.K.s. Wo want Inimcdlatoly
three experienced dining room girls to
whom liberal wages will bo paid. Applv
Sop23tf St. Charles H6tcl.
FitKii llt.ANKK.s nuito, of tho Washing
ton saloon, is a Judge of good boor, nnd
keeps no other kind. Ills St. Louis lager
K confusedly, tho best kepi In Cairo. Call
on li!uiind try hi " tf
Dr.MOcn.vTj or SouTii Caiiio Pnixi.vfT.
There will bo a meeting of the Demo
craw of Strath Cairo precinct In the en.
gine hoo-o en Seventh street, on Monday
evening, tho 1st of November, for the
purpose of organizing a precinct club. A
ruinitor of D.rtiocratlo speakers will bo
jiresentj md tank o short addresses.
'L'tt 'overy. Democrat, orl'cltlf cu' iwlio is
tired of Radical rule, bo present, and do
his part toward affecting tho tnucri needed
liange, . 3t. ,
r- .; "! ! ii ; ,. , ' :
Shell, oysters, icrolvcd every day by1
,LouU Herbert.' t ' tf
PllKfAttl) FtUt TllJJ.CtlOl.mtJC. Willi'
tho "heated to mi'1 comes the danger of'
that frightful postllenco Cholera aul
kindred dilate. ' What untold and In'dq.
scrlbablu nifwry has, been, vlilted upon
thousands annually by IIicao awful com-'
plaint. Hut every one- might t o Vo mad
aware that a -qioclllc for tliis class of dif.
uM,.k-W..', vrtil(rivenllve( i tho
eclcLe.ll .MlaMvi'a llcrli HIltCM. It Will
positively i fortUVs thu tystcm galrt'iho
nttneks of Atdntic Cliolcra, Cholera Mr
but, Cluilern Ttifaulu'in, phirrneC Hjiii'i
mor Complaint, Dvsentery, CoiTc, Paint-'
ers Coll,-, Ac: I), if. Hitsel, -M. D., Piy-slelan-ln-chief
of tho L. S. Hospital ship
"Falcon'' highly recommends It for Chol-i
era, and has used it with marvelous suc-i
o in rtich cases. It acts like an an gel o
mercy In every Instance. Sold by id
"druggist nud dealer. Price nno dujlar
per bottle. oct-l.-odAw
Ailinston.Ciiliiiiiliis, T)riie, I'uiluMh:
lti.liiii'.h'l, N il, Je KU-siilutc. st Uml-i
lawKifi. l'Minr; Jtollle Mmne, "
Cllj uf CfteiU-r, Miliip. ArKOiKHIt, No. , "
Atlinetoii, CulamU'jsi Trunr, I'.iJii.ih;
' Ki liinuii't. " Mollie fo..re, .N O.
Oily of ll.flir, ' fit) uf l, U-I.Ufl! MS.K!
Art; "iisut, 'iVnn Hir.
Tho weal her continues "loomy ami
threatening rain. A heavy rain fellahout
nililnlghtlnst night, hut only lutol a few
niinutoii, Tho temperature i sumewhat.
warm. .
Tho river lntf fallen twolnehes rinlo
ls.l ruport.
TliQ,Mlt.slpiii.i fallint' efery whersi ,
above Cairo, anil tiic .MUsiourl and Illinois ,
aro iIoIiik likowiio.
Tlio Ohio Is 'fallliijj slowly at Pitt-lmr
.with thrcn tW-ieiX' inehes in the channtl.
It is stationary at l.ouljvillu and rising at
; Ciiicliinati. C'onsidi'rithlo rnins are rt'
' ported along tho Ohio, and a uell i i x
, poetol. ,
' Iliisiiitss hero continues modenite.
, Tho (juieUtep lironght .'ISO sks wheat!
! 120 pki-s fiiriittiirAandiiiiiiidrtr,i fur Cil.,
100' billet hay, 187 hoU whlikoy, 50 tmis
I nssortoil freight for re-hlpiiietit Eolith.
; .Moors. Itv'eil tV Alann, of ihU city, ,
havo Jttst Miitravteil t Imlld a row pro.
' pjller tug l"r tho Vfggin ferry eonipay,
; of .St. Louis, to lo used in lowing barges
' laden with care, t" and from llu olt'Vator
i ntjtliat city. Tim now tug is to hon", fe"t
long, 10 V ( t I'i'iilii, and jj lent depth of
I hold. .She is to liavo dno fourth moro
' power than tlm tug Alum recently llu
isbed hero hy Jlo;d iliinii for the (iart- i
. tili towlti'. I'Oinimnv. St. I. Odin. Thrwoti- I
' t melon will iirolialjlV havo tho new hull
I built nt MetropolH by Alt'. Cutting, mid '
I wjll build tho nuiehluery at their. foundry
and machine shop in Cairo, at which city,!
tllO tllg Will lie tllllilieil. JtC-srs Ituetl ailU
L.Mnii,hiiY0.kuilt jlsteen. serow .prouuller
itgs nearly all in fact which aro in iisii
, ton tho Western rivers.
TJ71 Oil- " VIUKMIItyitfil
llsvinu lint bMinlboroiiulilT l-lniir!l hi Mnmi
i City in now rcccnliiK frualit, biii will depart fod
MniKlny i:renlnK, Slelolirr .'lint.
for frei.ilit or iarni;e apply nn Ipmrd!
Oct. 2S, 1870. f
Our general market has expetienccd no
qtiotublo changes during tho prcsont week,
though the abolishment of quarantine re
gulations in Texas ports has produced nn
improved fooling in flour, nnd holders nro
moro confident of better prices than have
prevailed for tho past low uoukj. Stoekis
of the medium and better grades are unus
ually large lierc, and holders uro anxious
to rcnllr.o; whllo tho lower grades, from
lino to supers nndklugle extras, aro in
light supply and firmly held. Oats , and
hay nro in good local and shipping demand
at unchanged prices and pretty much all
the receipts find ready salo at quotations.
Tho order trudo is rather light at pre
sent, but with enhnnced prices In New Or
leans; itVcflTorsion this way will bif antl
cipatcd shortly, when we hopo our mer
chants and produco dealers will bo fully
occupied.' ..'
Arrangements arotniiklng for nn early
resumption of our weekly sales of Tobacco
by tho two cnorgotio organizations which
handlodiU so succcssfully.lasj season; as
tho crop in thl Section Is unusually largo
'and line, they aro making preparations to
hniidlo a much larger quantity than ever
lxjforo.'.iTho genoul satisfaction which
tbey havo. tlitt far given to both scUers nnd
bityeris-will bo a guarante-s of what-thoy
will do In the future.
I'loiir. We havo no improvement to
note in prices, nor is there any Increased
activity in sales; though, as has been al
ready 'said, holdorii aro mora confident,
nod tho murkut 1 firmer. Tlio nggrvgato
sales continue extremely light, and com
prised: .
75 bbl.' city, mill's. XXXX. fatii-
Uy on orders $7 00
125 " citv mills XXX on order 1 'JS
75 "r. ".XX on orde, Ti 60
.'.0'-" '"X " " " 5 25
20 country X I 00
f5 various grades at at $1 50l
75 for supers, $'i (iOfS, M for singla nnd
doubls-uxtrai; nndS5 7t?,0 25 for XXX,
uiidTmnlly brand-i at from 72ufJj7' 75.
.;sru. Wo.kivuuu .rcccfpU iiucc our
last report, and no sales to note. Iho
market ujichnpgi" (
ltK aro in good demand at previous
rate. Thu sales aroncarly all in jacks,
nnd comprised ; i
a enni'liitnow burlaps delivered -ilVo
lS.lMickfi from Horn -r
1 car No. .'I, i-old. in bulk..
... t;t o
... !) C
Ilaf bliVbeenJn U tUr 'supply, with
ctlu.l -J l.M.,lltl( all. I l- i
I. car, Inferior miied,, ;re)lvbrod,..IO p0
t " f.ilr' 44 on track M 10
2 '"fair" delivered 10 50
1 .prlmi, 1 1 f A s.Hi traok HI 50
lY .il '.,:' ' "(Ul rdellvcMd 17 00
1 " Tlmothv on track 17 00
r. ii " .i..ll..,..l i; r.n
A prhnodo " 13 00
(,'sii'll .llt'ltl is quiet and unchanged"
N'o sales reported.
.Itrisll. 200 hacks patent prersed sold
from toro, ilellvorinl ul S17 no and fomo
M'niill lots'oti ordSrs $IH 00 per ton.
PrnvKliiiu aro firm uml uncliumrud
'o Sldtfi reported. , i
! Hill l'r. Strictly 'ctiolc ' foarco and
firm villi good domnnd.' All other grades
! In pood supply nnd dull.
I 5 pkc common fold at
a pans ordinary at
10 pKg I'llOlctMlt..
Kjji; aro in moderate sujiplv, with
sales ot -'I il;gs ut Wy.
' S'siiillr.v. I'eeelpts havo hcen larjjs,
hut jirioi-s havo N'on jrettv well sii-tnliicd
i:. coops uljKK lli 'llil.nt 9 'OOJ--' " lr
voiin.'.ijj.'iu foriiiixnl aaU H..UH(j!jt &o
Tor.ofc f , i. ""A -p
x. " '
innls'-hav5l!een in L'ood simrlv.
and thedemaud.liiih been fair. Tho sale
. ..... ..n... I r,
I i ! II 1,' ' I
i.ii i,t.tii,ni,i, ....,..., .. v.
i.' ' Uui vavi' .at -i no
I'silllHiCkr Tl.'rM"iiil.oU' ' well
1 4 1 -
plied, und prices are iinobani.'i'd
1 car 1'eaeb llluwn fold on Iraei; at 75c,
A "'it ' Vi' '" ilellyf riM....' 5o
'.' " . j to arrive., "So;
1 .. I. it i, In M'ciiud hand i
t..- ... I inn.l.t.t. I I., ,Ij I
Ullllllll'r, 11 r iy .IIUI I'". .''I- .1 ...il- r.....-.
at f - no, anu ? per oui
OnlrTlK. urn"' unlet,' with "stiiall sales
from tro,
Jit IM prime red coM nt j:l f.'
Ul'jtll -aro" dull. " saeVs country
while, old at 2 00 pur bilihul.
.'!!. 'ii bbl !dii nf f li 00 par bbl
s'lii'm'lM lvi are ntieliaiiged nnd lu
modernh' deuiiitid ut iiuotation..
art1 luoro pignty, una rite
aru firm. Tliu ueuthur
U .lllllil
llghtful. Ivlng unu-u'lty
fur this latitinte. ' '
ili'auiit, even
VJJTm$ '"r f'sHSrt'MeWsMS.sn
l'o? Nlicvin ,'
, ... ,..,,,, m. i ii
WonioTiathori4 Liijouvuij-ij tli-U Mr A. II,
1IIVIN Hrte.indl.Ulo for the ofti f t-lientl ot
AI.'XHn.Wr. oiii.ty, idlheeriifil i Novcml friflie-
.il... ...ii. if.. .t.,..l.i.,n ,.r il... Ik'nun-nliu
lira, nl.jit to the dcclh'nr the IHni. raue
I County linivi.ntloii., . V uiiu'Mtd
tlou., . i uui!ii.i
ileal panlen. I heuhy ann.iii.ien ii)..'lf h the
Wltll'Lr?rtjifSlill,VK')f.SUeiilvi Alvxudei
eminiy.ni iiineaiuiiiK.-wieiiiiH.reiee
'Hltim; KOKIIbUlt
jiyAIl,J3llsVtMAf.fN,. ;
Eighth St., Ibntwean Washington &
t t-uintneroiai avo.,
ollll(r ItlMcillioiMK llHtmy .
r KreptlKtl.i i.tfif lliof, IMrk, Halloa, Veal, ;ib,
1 haUH.iKe.ele,, nad are prepnre I to "n" '"AViSi"
in uiu uio.i liocepiauie UKt'iiiiT, i
i ii. mm.
J .Votv Oll'rrs n Villi Mini or thr I
('Ki,r.miATi:n noi'iiiii: wahp ai,
In Superior fti ,lut f
To any oilier IJrand In the Murttel,
And N "pcelally adapted In
llclnf Iho heatlest cood imported. Krery lady
nliould i'.XAiulac Itioin.
lie Invites nu etAmlimtfnn of III-
Fall Stock
VAc, I'Ac, VAc, VAc.
Wlili'lt lie ofTr at lotver price tliau
IIU ttin'i of
Boots and Shoes
and will 1 1
Sold lit the Lohi-M M'intr rrues.
Low I'flecs unit Vnlr HcnllitK.
(I.U.I. am ns: c:oxvi.ci;i
Tlio Coiiipleli'f, Sitnplest uml II J
Htmlitg Mnehluo In Use.
Cor, 8tii SI, & Washington k
CA1H0, lliMXOIS.
, Th; dei.ian.l for the D.wiis HKWIM1 MAril;
IM", lii the . MhutleSliite-. where Iliey are hfjt
linoH a, and where they ii.pl.mt nil othim, h
.re.uei nun i Mii ih' pu'j.iM.i.
It never r.'liin nny land of wmk. Il l xtinplo.
i'oiii-liiik' of ii few etroiu part", iia.l IK eriieai
li ed i n iMs" '! "' "" "u'r " Ji" and to turn eo.'.
ni r w iiIiaIi' ell me" of lllHi or l.-n-ioli.
I'loilinn: i ' iiiiiiiillailui"r pieferlt to
!! otbeM. silo; Hist 11 1 jum tlm thinx for rsinllj
'ewoi;ee)l. I ml IHW.HOUI. ie niier I'luiii
''.Meiri. Ilnders l.ve ver.il iiie and dillitenl
"i)le of luiNh, and t...Mitfully liiilte iillulni
wnt l',e
Mnnitfw tiirM M
ife ihe'iii. .!t hv;i repuri'lms.
inil.i 'I" r.
:u m toiti .'oi it . areolar.
'jfw!5 w mtirro itsh'Iiasi:
. f il sr c k
Noimlelj I. ii. e i took Hie loiliect prlt at the
'New J.'niiUnd I mr l I'rosnti nee, nt the Jim
; Voili Mure 'ur, nnd MHrjI.ndeiati' lulr, nor he
,.,;.,. i , the .merl lii.linite e.iy.
I ej.,w is I.e-tUr lian auv nf If el.ien Uikiwii l"
tlio iu.lev." not ihe.e, not aln.tlu r . I at he-
i eaiuo we I lie it heel, as a woiiiu.l wullld
... eh'. Hl, , .mihinswe
i ,,,.iio with It : the cliildreu cnii i irei it mil ol
onieri oil i n is pui in inn in ' ""
ChurlH I 'nn.it.
Hciid forcuenlars.
A. 31. WtHH), AKtlll,
Xlaowllm 1H1I romioeieUI iireniie. 1'iilro
Cor. 71U St. and Comminlul Ave, in
Winter's Hindi.
M. J. BUCKLEY, -Ag't
IMrtleuhiriittentioa Riven loflirnlnhlns
l.abortr., Colloii IMelr uaiisHrol
between Waliiiiton Avenue and Walnut Street.
KKJCK li'l Coiataerelal Avenue, up vtAir.
I i-i w. iu..mx
ItI.U Ito
I Q . Ifl,.vpronH.r N'ln
Ninth nud Walnut
OKFICK Corner r-litli Street and Ohio I.eveo
nKf'lCl-: HOUUS-K.oii! U a.m. to 11 in., ad
p.ni .
. & . sin
The exj.erlonco of years lias (lemoiitrtMl thfl
r.ut that reliaacu may bn placed In th ctlloney of
Specific Pills
'l uiifita ll,n pullerer fur busmen, hhm.'Iv nr
'.1..,I:,,!r' 'ri",y ean Im llseil without iletei Hon
r.i i ' """""Ii liumtiino lirail, and never
,11,i'"movnn'rvotM liability, loss or memory,
. I.'.'l i i . . '"'. weak nerves, lirailimtie, n r
i . iim J" '". elpralla.ltil Je, iliiHlinea uf vl
i , -I"0'.11"' m hlch, If neffleeteil will
surely lea l on toother mtiom. ili.ea.en, for when
out he'lp.'" 0nCC MwU caant rccorer with.
.r irepared from tho prescription of Dr. Itobt.
i: Hell, an eminent physlcinn or mnny Tfiirs' ex.
perlenee, anil nro not a worthtem patent medi
cine. I)r, Jlrll's "peelfio remedy hs twen testod
for many years, nml Is warranted a certmn eure,
no nmlirr lioir l,ni Iho cao may lie Hnndreilt
of cerlllH':ite enn he nhon. To "eflurelhe tien
nine, i in loan l in a letter ami they will bo nmt
on ncelpt, eiMirefroino,neratloii,hy inad.po.i
plld.uiih rates nnd Itinlrilutlnni thai will miiro
n srieily cure, l'rlrnte nreiihr nt fe. ,J.
Ocd'I Aseui, TJ7 llruadHty, . V.
Dr. Harvey's
A iiliysleian of .V) yenr.i' experience offers his
natle rcine ly, liaowu im
Harvey's Chrono-Ther-
mal Piu
I'nr lln li.ime.llatn reli. f cf nil tliO.ie ililTlcuUlo
and derftiii;ementi pecnllnr to the KemAle cx.
To innrrlol Indien iliey mu prt .eal.trly valaable as
m.iy never i.iii to reinuve toe mo.i iiisin'riiio
syptomn, no mutter how loim they have existod.
lVitatoolrciihirs Mladie,KitniliiillnHtractlvn
eni free on receipt of "tump. Dr. Ilaney'
flirfini.'rhf.riuAl lilli tntut liut tie eotifouhtlej
uitliorllikt, patent niodieines fold n Female
rill, Tor Ills plll are nr ami xate ia every cnn.
They will Ini frnt e'iirelv neuled, oil receipt "Ot
Sl.hy retain mail, with full direction f.iruse.
fien'l Ai;tnt,737 llroadway, New orlc.
rnmx;s voir
A Lorturu on tlio I'ltlliKojihy of Mar
rlnpe, nun mo evrv iniirmiiicH
of Youth, Mnnliood nml
(Mil Aire.
Tbisletttiro should ha in the Imndi nf every
Mint.L- inin. n.t enxeiallv Iho.o eonlemi lllin
iiLtrrlntfe, It will caution nnd Kinde turn thrnuli
li'e, and If he follow Hie instruuioni there laid
ilown, lie mny ecapo onesi'o rn'i ounin oin bk"
wllli alt his f.'tiliie itmmpsired. It eoctnin
piiIok noil oPM-nvii.iiAn ti.Mi wni nn enn of
I'lnnnl wenknc", eiiii.ioM, .., nnd reitorn
loat mmlinKd to h'rfet he.ilili. Sent free to all,
by one who lets pnllered ho 1 1 ncweiirnl.
Adnrtu?. Dr. I'lXiXltTltl'.M MN,
Station D, llible llou', N' f York.
Head Dispensary
i:lalilnlie I In loi, nml chartered ISr.l, f.r the
n ntinrnt of all ibcaes of a private nature, In
.i leal to both xeies. A euro is cuiranttetl I
every e.ic iiiiderlnkcn.
Por Snlo
Dewees' Female Regulators
Tor f' linile". vnrranlcd to remove ohitroclion
He. l'riee Si per lox.
Alo a nill ui.iorliii(iit of lliadns:"iiii.t Trni.e
n up. rl.ir oe .ly nl Mulii rihei.lihii tl forelnKle.
one; ?.l !. nil doren, or t.lper doiea.
A Medldnl I'Hiilphlei, I'.inuiiiiiiK an elalirtn
treat-e on Iheiibnied enii', 'iua few pMclie il
reiinirlm upon Hie eaie, caVct und treatment ot
the Mime -eoiitaliilnK latjie p.se nne :KI rnu
aiideiiiiraiuii!', ehowlni; the dllti ient nljei.cl.'.
-ent ill ended ur.spprr oil lieeipt of puce (Jj
Cents.) Addiiex
Talon's Head Dispensary
No. TU Wei-t J!lernn trert
Uiuvllle, K
The srmiMmnf
'I v. r lompuint are
line . nei.H mi I
im Ilie lde. Dlli'l
hiiii'. tin. i ii in la
III e -Ii udder, nud i
flu i!i'riimn'tt.
ml In X ii, Uiuel. hi
tfene ulti.'l e, . 'in.'liini r !t n-ri'liirf w ith I.ii
The li.il i. tr -le.l Ui r'n, nil I dull, lirsvy
M'twaiMtp, iMinii'irri.eii
ilo.e of iiiemory, M-eoiii
litilieu wiin winnn-li-
-Hiioni'i invins mu no
loan omt'thlu whk'h
iilllht to have t eii done.
loo ,olll,'' II -III ' 'Hues, m nty, nni'iiiw
4p r. sS' me' l ie"., "liir ! tie' nbove n p.
lonu 'lli t tli iwr "' i nd ut imIi.i Ui...-iy
fewc.f lli.illli bill lilt' b ver i .'T'ell .,! "k'SII
mnt lav !' ' l iiri'i.i' lover h l
I Xv. if-.-i.xi'i.o.n
! 3Lritrep Regwlato
, ....... in.1 i.ii. r.t t.Vi.i4 ii. I lit
I... wenn d l.i
l.eiUlC-l' Vt'Klltt' le, IV J call '"
no mj'irj to any
'lUmi been uml y ""' !"' 'J-'1'1 !uV,lfn
Hi H a., je.r.m ' I Ihe lao.l reli.d , elH
It '.mil- ' ''..,,.. ...l,: .
v ri -
.1 .loin I , l u.l l , liriJ,
-. t, iK'aditohe.ehror.lo
liuirleea. Mln t.' ie lit
lie l.:ddi'r, i-mp
ty-eiiiiri, artection
I. -lie. , 1 lull. J.i'll
i org y jy()(
TTTh. )-,i. . i i"
ir fill' ,h r.iinrwi'.j , n" - -
or ir'- "i 'FM'iM'il' ai!l.uin.ooi..orpi.ili
n lie to.,, pan a the lica '. fei-r nml Mite,
IrVi'.j, toil. V'U'i .n t'e l.i km; l.mU,MHitii
IVjiij.fU"., fi'ii'nt. all-'' i.'.n-, and liilioii.ilisea.es
only by J. ' Cu
' ' liruwlsts, Macon, fin.
For eile hv H.wUy Urotlier., nhio I.cveo
L'alto, Illinois.
1'rue.lt by mall I ii. nuT.llJwi
' . . ..: t .1 . II ... I l.i. Mm Iinlv.
la prepared o do all Vlmtt ot
.... iXO
Eiuiriii sTBixr.
I or Hie spr.ily and permsneiit cure nfyemlnsl
Wal.ni., tin. result of pxiei or toithrut Indt
n.'ri'imn. ,hii li tii'jI.Tlril. nin I . h3m.iiu
no i . re ot
1 1 urn' t
I siutu i

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