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Unuiutmn tlo DeW:ratic rally at tlio
Atlicni-iim, Monday night.
Don't forgot tlio meeting of tlio Central
Committee in Allen, AVcbb & Ilutler's
olllco to-night.
Hot "Wantib. A imwt, Uto boy, to
do city collecting. Kefcrcnces required
Apply at drug itoro, 71 Ohio Levoe
For glnii of splndld HI. Louis lngor
br tho belt In tlio city go to tho
WmhitiL'toon saloon, corner Wasliinirton
nvunuu una l-ourtoentn street.
Tun Atlionciim will bo crowded with
livo votors on Jiondny nigUi. hoe to it
that you aro omiof thu number.
Tun loit Damorratic meeting of the
cnmpnlgn will bo held at tho Atlietietini,
on .Monday nieht. JihIl'c Allen and
.Mill key will addrcu tho people.
lULOB (Jrwn addressed the peoplo of
Union couuty nt Cobdcn, on Thursday
night, ami at I.imastonu ichool-Iioiise, lint
nlghtt with iplondld e'Ject.
Vnr.u IJLAXKr.Niiuno, oftho Washing
ton saloon, it a judgo of good U-er. and
kfcM noother kind. II la St. Louis lager
la, "nffwxlly, the tast kopt in Cairo. Call
on him aivl try it. tf
Air. If. II. Candee U thu father of n ten
aim! n half pestr4 boy. At this writing 10
cl. ok a.m.) lie hftt been in that fellclUmt
fix. about la;ht nr tin hour, but i already
fv'.'.H all tba dignity and responsibility
of "us men of family."
ltd a Tunic and will strengthen you
J'wJuce tbedose 10 it sets at u gentle lain
Ive, anil onnlinue on regularly with Sim
mons' J'.eguutior, and you will booomo
strong and healthy. oe.iSII&wlw
Tn r. rain lait night was attended by a
vary severe wind. The large clreu bul
letin board at tho corner of Sixth and
Commercial vu blown down, and rather
badly smashed. Wn heard of no rcry so
riou dainago however.
Vautiks interested will pi mho taVa no
tice that tho radio for n tino hcrse and rl
flc willcomo oft" at nine o'clocV, Saturday
night, at Ixnili Herbert's taloon.
n-iv3 :tt.ti.
.Icdom Alton and Mulkey will addrci,
tho cltlzem of Cairo in the Athcnicum
Monday night. Turn out everybody and
hear a calm and honest disunion of tho
riuestions Involved in tho prosont contest.
Chartkk Oak Cooking Stoves and
Kvcning Star heating stovt-s the boit in
uic for salo by C. V. Henderson, 190
Commercial Avenue. Seo advertisement.
Mrsoin Barclay llrothtirs, druggists
Ohio levee, wiih to employ an intelligent
active boy, twolvo or fourteen years of
age, to tnaku city collection. Make ap
plication soon, boys. Tho situation is a
respectable and tnty ono.
Night School. In compliance with tho
wishes of many friends, 1 will open night
school on Monday evening, Nov. 7th. Step
up promptly then, boyi and girl, bo or
gantxed Into dimes, nnd ongago In profit
able work. J.J. 11ALPKKY
Nov.l. 3t
Tnc fricnJs of Mr. .loo Lu.kln will o
glad to learn that tho .severe injuries re
ceived by him n few day ago, will not ro
s tilt in tho Ion of lit hand. I lo Is getting
along as well as could have been expect
ed, considering the very serious niituro of
hW injuries.
Succr.."?. Tho great Napoleon' only
criterion was Success, and this has been at
tained by tho Charter Oak Stovoi. Ovor
200,000 have been told sinco their Intro
duction, mid tho demand wnus stronger
every day Oct 31t. It d & It w
(Joi.. AY. U. Ilrown, tlio Itndlcnl cmidl
date for tho legislature from tlio Second
district, was in tho city yesterday. In tho
yrniw 1801 mid 1855 tho Colonel win an
out-and-out Ivnow-Nothing. As this fact
. is pretty mil kuuwtt in I'ulaski and Mas
sm countie, It U cnrcely probablo that
forolgu-boru citizens will dclro tho Col
nnol'i election.
A Ham. will bo given In tho Mockler
Howe, cornorof Fourth street and Com
inorelal uvpiiuo, on AVednesday evening
no.t, for tho benellt of widow Fitzgerald,
who li now C I yearn of ago f.nd In very bad
lionltli. Tickets oO cents. AV hou that
nvury ono of tho old lady's tickets will bo
told, as she is u desorving old woman and
should bo helped. U
Attention', Siu Knights. A regular
Conclave of Cairo Commander No. 13 will
bo held in tho Asylum, in tho City of Cairo,
this evening, Saturday, November 5, 1670,
at half-past soven o'clock, sharp.
Sojourning Sir Knights aro coiutoously
Invited to attend.
To the Ft jilic My b.isinos engage
ments during tho past two months having
been of a nature to prevent ino from
making a canvass, I hereby withdraw
from tho contest as a candidate for the of
flco of sheriir,
I am very thankful to tho numerous
friends who tendered mo their support,
and shall remember tholr partiality for mc
with n view some day of reciprocating.
nov52t F. KOIOHIiEH.
New PiiOTooiiAt'ii Oalleiit. Mr. 1)
llurnctt is fitting up) photograplrrooms in
the building on the corner of Ninth street
and Commercial avenue, and will open tho
statlishment for tho patronage of tho pub
lic on Monday and Tuesday next. Mr
ilurnett comes recommended as an artist
of first-class ability, but proposes by his
work to ihow himself doforvlng of tho
patronage of all who want fineand artistic
A notrr hulf.paft ten o'clock last night u
strunuc man was found ooncuulud beneulh
thu bed of tb.j serving boy, In Mr. T. W.
Hnlllday's residence. Mrs. Hallidav was
alonu ut the time, but her outcries Hrrotlul
the attorition of u coupiu of neightorj,
who hastened to hur asittance,luttultt
to ctrect an arrest of the stranger, who wo(
mauifeitlly, bent on the cut.in!-im of
burglary, and (irobably murd. He
WHlkwl out of tho front door, where )ii M
johiftd by two accomplice, when the three
dinppired in the darkness of thtt niglt.
A Fi.nu Thimi joh THK Trkth.-TIm
fraraot Sozwlont has takwn a Trv profa
inut placg among the tuost approved den
trilled of the day. It U a vry pofmUr
artiulo for tbt toilet, highly reeummendi-d
by all whn htv uf.-d It,' a hesittllerand
prsrvr of tlio .toetb, rcfrMnf tb
month, swetnltig the brtnlh, StM ff st
ing tli jirogreu of decay.
"rirALUi.No'h (i.ui" tiokletiiliigoHt
Tin: ltadtcal elifjue nf Cniro claim they
will poll 'J,MK negro vote in this Congrw
ioiiul di.trlct. If that number of asjff o
vn'.m nre jiolled, at least on tlio.ttana of
them will bo fraudulent.
That a largo number of Kentucky end
Mi-iourl negroes have been lo tilted In
ttnj district wu feel assure-. On thestrceti
of Cairo wo meet stratigo negroes at every
turn. If they aro voters In tho district, there
will b7no impediment thrown in their
way. If they aro not votcri, and sittumpi
to participate in the election, tluy will Ve
rigorously prosecuted to the full extent of
the law.
Politics aho Ovstku. I)An Munn
speaks at Thebes to-night, and in order to
draw a crowd, Ilrown, the l'.adlcal candi
date for Sheritr, agrees to provide a plato
of oyster soup for every man who attends,
and that ho might feed a Itj crowd, l.o
sent to Cairo for a dozen small cans of Cwc
That tho Democrats and nnti-Mutinitcs
of Thebc may notbts ''left out in tho cold'
AVat Webb suit out to Thebes by wagou
this morning, u dozen cms of froth Haiti-
moro oytcr, packed in ice, n barrel of
Feuchter s best beer, and a hundred good
ilgar. All tho rnllk given by all thu
cows in that neighborhood was bought up
by tho Democrats this morning ; bunco, if
Mr. Ilrown 'nukes Covo oyster soup for
his supporters, liu will have to lay the Mis
sissippi rlrcr under contribution for the
liquid he use. ''Oh I wont that bo Joyful. '
At thu joint discussion In .loncsboro,
yesterday, Col. Crebs achieved a triumph
that was complete and ovwrwhulming. I n
his closing speech ho charged homo upon
Mr.Munntbu multitudinous falsehoods that
gentleman had circulated in dltfcrcnt parti
of tho district, and in a manner most mas
terly and complete, vindicated his own
record in Congress nnd that tf tlu Dfiuu.
orntic party.
Muuns pecch was "n big wliinn. Ho
did not pretend (us Mr. Crvbs did, in bis
owning speech) to d'souss olUlotl iue
but i ml ul god in i pononal harancoe, vain
ly endeavoring to uxcito ym;My. It
was a drag for him to fill out his time
tho conclusion of tho pcli Wlnsj without
system, sense or consistency.
Tlio Democrats, of whom thorn wfO
fully ono thousand present, wero jublkuit
over tho result.
Mlmcal lNTiiuMr..s-fs andSkwixo
Machines. K. A AV. Iluder have a toek
of pianos, organs and musical Instruments
generally, that dewrvo the attention of par
ties ilo.iring any article of that okWswtr.
They will e'.l nny urilolo in their lino as
cheap as It o. u l u purchased In St. Louis,
Chicago or Cincinnati, und tin !r r.-prj-
srntntiuns uro entltluj to the 1'ulK't filth.
Messrs. Hudurs aro also the uguiiU fir
tho tale of Davis' matchless sowing ma
calites ncknowloslgt-d by nil who havo
uscil thorn to bo tho best uvur made. And
again, tlioy otl'erto tho publio ono of tho
largest nnd complctest stooks of watches,
clocks, silver and plated ware, Jewelry, etc., I
to bo found In Southern Illinois. Their .v- I
oral establishments nru nt tlio corner of j
Flchtli street and Washington uvonuv, i
whoro cltlzem ami ftrangors will always)
bo welcomed, wliother tlicy want to buy or
You.va Ukads o.v AoKn Siioulukus.
It is no lnour a loatluoniu tail, to drukon
ray lialr. Phai.on'h Vitama, on .Sal
vation Von the lUiit, aflVets tlio chango
witbout any unclean accompaniment, it
is a limpid, clear fluid, and lias a pleasant
aroma. Tlio number of applications de
termines tlio sliudo. Ho sediment, no
stickiness, no darkened bottles I Sold by all
druggists and fancy goods dcalors.
Oct 31d &wl w
Km:n Items. Tho Missouri river rise
Is still passing here, covoring thu Missis
sippi with heavy drift, a portion of wbic'i
is carried up tho Ohio t ovonil miles by tho
back current. Tho rio nt this port
amounts to nbutit eight feet, and In Htill rls
ing slowly.
The Anna, now on ilio inarlnq ways at
Mound Clty,;ropalrlng tho damago done
by tho sna which recently sunk her, will
bo put into tho water on Tuesday next.
Tho Dextor, also on the same ways, being
uldond twelve feet and lengthened twenty
four feel, wsll bo launched next Saturday,
.12th Instant. She has had a now nnd ex
tremely symmetrical bow built, and will
still bo as fiutus oyer, except after receiv
ing half a load or upwards. Her carrying
capacltyhiu been fully doubled.
TboQuick'stcp tikes tho placo of tho Ar
llngton on Tuimlny next. Tho Arlington
w-IH lay up fir t' t or twolvo days to ro
pair. Her clirtfttr expires .Mnrcn io, ibu
at whiull time tho new boat for tho Culro
and Columlms trade will bo coinpktcd.
The Olty of Ali-n discharged l'J 0 bales
Kustern cutvoti lior, for tho rallrond. nnd
the City of Cluster diichargul 500 baloj
cott'io, and 0 )0 k dried fruit.
' Wm.TiTUif'iiRE satIs. The- ilesd
in ( F.) : " Tho woll-known
TERS Will tparo u thu ncse-tlty of tay
Ins; xAjsthing nt length in favor of this
iiikfutul Tor.icsvttd SUirlMlnnt. AVhurevr
this Bt:toflJto'tM& nwt, Si sioaU with
jSnrXrtcnhrn m!T. TMs U the case in
our s-otioir of. thu couhtry. Thro are
chtui lu tlih pity he U: tnrit nultca
cb hf vu botn etftetcd intolironic li'
Cii'ivci.cs which the bsjrt pKVsiimin
could r.ut nSHsct, nd we know scores .f
tlfyUtkf (ottruta nt?nj? thsjnumUrj r.l.o
wiW ntk l)sti.iui Great Ioui.'-
hoM Ucm1v fit nntcoh Merati .il.
I. I
vcry fcmil y Ssj tbr jxilMi k '; it on lion
Sold by all rfpeetWe
irtltrgk't. rriee
Oct. $1 eod, w It
one dollar per bottle.
.Iau'hbM'. JtBttUtrMt; Phyftei.m
and Surgpon, formerly of tlw Indlai a
State Hospital i no.w in the city and will
rsmein ers irntiteitCtston November.
Tliosesutferin xrnpiyt ria t ! In.-ntiity
wl.utbtr il.vip'eDt i r r,t b.j r',ali.'.i:.s- v;..l
i wi'.i to.-.:; .in.: him. life iin
or..'trsvt it y i Qnu fbW fY.U ns of
t!... l.r dn. i- '! ' " y -i w!. it prt Awv
it, Th-v ' r . Ill ao:ign . and
troat your . ' . with -If 'iitecs
wh'ither it bo ,mUu-.ion! or '. :il. Strict
nttention will bo given to nil forms of
Chronic diseases.
Ho will relieve you of all private disea
ses primary or becondary without) tho uso
of mercury, and a sure euro warranted.
Oilico nt Commercial Hotel, Room No. 1
tf. .
The Ck.vtkai. .Meat Maiiket.
Messrs. Fred Kocblor & Co., of tho Cen
tral Moat Market, dcslrolt.undorstoodtlmt
they koop till kind" of meats, beef, pork,
mutton, lamb nnd veal j that they buy nnd
slaughter tho best mid fattest animals
brought to this market j dress and scrvu
out thu meats in n nent und cleanly man
ner, and deal with everybody fairly and
Market baskets of customers delivered
freu of charge to any part of tho city.
Frcsb tauttigo on sulu every morning.
Huy your meats, thon, at tho Centri
Meat Market, near tho corner of Tenth
street, on AVnshlnglon avenue.
sup "'J dttm
The Ptoi'LE'ij Meat Maiskkt. 0
Uayek & Co., PnoriiiETOus. Tho meat
market just opened by Oayer and Co., at
tho corner of Washington Avenuo and
Tenth ttreot, isjut os,aclly uc!i u meat
market a thow wh.i know fiayer would
ixpect him t eKi.l.:ish when hu 'uprcads
liluuolf." Ev. r j thlnu; 1 new, freshly
aintel, and wear n air of clennlinc-s
that no ono will fail to commend.
Gayer V Co. art nuioiig the oldest and
most experienced butchers of the country
and have learned thut it pays belt to koep
first class meats, und command n tlrst class
ttiiietn If oitlsierii. would, thcroforc, te-
euro splendid frih meats, pork, beef, mut
ton, Teal, lamb or sausage theyoau nl-1
wnya fitjd thoni iir any qswntlf y deiircd f t j
the Pswlu snsmi marktit. Just try It. tf i
Mbitino or the DEM-K StAric Cks-'
THAU CaustiTTKU. A moiling of tho j
Demooratic Contral Committee will bo
held in tho p Ck-oof Allen, ubb 'littler,
ti'-mon'ow, i i.turiliiy'i cveislnj;, ut 7
o'vii'vk p;m.
Riulneiii of tho uuiwt tiiiportnncu will
bo prtfsonlejij
- priivKitititertlteit, Iftirman, Itfc,
Hoinon, Mtilkov, Cdtsmah, Fitagornl.l,
UottLy, ,ctuyth, Wlbjwn, Hackor, Ilyland,
and otT-.crs ftf respssftfltlly invited to lo
present and tuko jntrt in Uu U-'Mberutions
of thsi mioltteo." Dyocilerof ..
Nov. , 1ST0. 2t TH K CIIAl R MA N.
A- IlItlCK
r.or.sK ron
A two storysbrlc;. KkssWonce, admirably
lurnngod, wit'i larv. yrouiids (1 lot"), nt-
j uatod on tho comer of IIoibr!; avonuo ,
; nud Twenty-thiKlitrent, will butjiVjon t'uo j
i most raoiiablo turuis. U 1 located on
J 1U ground in ail rxc-'.li nt nrl-hbor-I
bofld, thu grottud oetitiil4i,lnbef.lnlrfrult '
i tre, vluoen'dcuufe'ilet3io!ff.r!iriil
; b..-ry.' It Is, In sVrt, oiiof tbo iv-iploiot
. oiiies in tin cl.y. J
Apply to W. II. THOMAS,
At'l'lioina, Ori-en A' Al'lon'i.
j i-'i.Quif Choice Family; l'lour n bl ;
J half bbls., sacks, &c, for sale at tnoKgyp. ,
tlan Mills. , ,
I Shell oysters received every day hy t
Louis Herbert. tf i
1). Lamdeut, Ohio Lovee, between
Klghth and Tenth streets, has enlarged
and improved his shaving and hair-cutting
saloon, nnd ho is prepared to shavo custo
mers in Jlrst class style.
Clean towels, sharp razors and courteous
attention aro among tho attractions of tho
establishment. tf
"How my eyes ache," (said a lady
while reading Harper's edition of Dick
en's Pickwick.) Now, if that lady "bad been
using Lazarus ic Morris'' perfected spec
tacles, she couldhnvo road tba same size,
typo from' four to six consecutive hours
without tho slightest Inconvenience.
Tabor &. Bros solo agents. See adVor;
tlsmenl. ' tf.
City Taxkh. Tlio city taxes are now
due and must be paid on or beforo tho 15th
instant. Othorwlsc, costs will bo added
as I shall, on thut day commenco tho prep
aration of thu delinquent list. No further
tlmo can bo given. .1. II. TAYLOR,
City Collector.
Nov 2, 1870. lOt
Fresh Hnltimoro oysters served In any
stylo dosired, can bo obtained, at nny hour
of the day or night nt Louis Herbert's
rustaurunt. Also oysters fur sale by the
enn, In nny quantity desired, at tlio sumo
price. t " tf
I'op slicrlir.
We areantliorli I to nnonn l!it Jlr. A. II.
IRVIN KHoan.li'U.e f t Jhe ol'.lce of S-lunlt of
,VeAa lori-o.it j. .iMIi- ..miiiB No'tntxTelec
t '0, su'jwt (' ii' i. norihn Dcinoorotlc
DOUIlfy t'tlllXT. i 'D HllgMIJ
inesetyt-srfcTJx' '.'s-iw mm svm. 'mxwmmm
cxno, xr.sjxijerx.
Alto, ki-p . iUr"r cn hnJ a M0t-om.
; ;. . loelc-of
Scotch and Irish Whiskies
h Madeira, Sherry, Catabaw
Ve . r's l-r I:c .1 A Co,' CIflrtei
.ilKKI.IN" AM!.
W sell i-lnlTi-ly f.r CIi, In which ft-t
r. -ctli- .'teutlon of :w Mrgsin LuyetK.
--eciM attenlmn siri a ti t!.l:s onltr.
4 X THK move:.'
A N l
Confection Merchant
Jlns Ucmuvcil to Hits Old Stand
U Commercial jveoue
Where lie nolle! I n conlinnince rf fnitbxttet
'il.fdrincrcuilo mer, a m t-ll e llmi nf k msn
tin on a may wont prime underlet , roTilony
-t"'., reinarkaliljr clii-ap (or h.
Term t Mnctlr eiuti, for whith he will sell,
I llian thn lowest. ;t
Plaster Paris Plasterers' -Hail
I.littu in J!uMi, altviiyNoii Iimitl
17 "I. iVAKIf,
t itM'Attcn to i ii.i. ntni:ns
fi )Uijtlx an. I MtixrW i'-illy, w.ih tlio nrj 1
l.tnvo OnVis nt Ilti'cti's Old SlitnJ
OK AT TIIK ritVf MJ'flt'i:
rwzzi, i,. tuohak,
.r;-pi. I o .lo nil kiii'l. rl
"li'tci'tr Nrm:r.'i ' ;
"WflX.MAI 51.. SSEi'WI, SI. E,
V) 1 .'SlliUM T-X... :l, TIiIikwdUi Irea.
liulwieii Waslunjtou Mm " a l Walnut SUeet.
ITIOi:-I'tl i oini.i i Vf iiue, upstair
'jL(j'",'t!,lRSsijJiriw, fll. I., Ciiiro
X.'L lll.iII'i-.Nt 'K ("ornor of Nintleelli
V-liinuuiniH'-. iil KH T. -dn CoiniTiercluluYf .
ovr th.- 1'. -.t, tl' i'. ii'l-UM" IIOLMISFrotsa '.s
ii.it). toliniii'iiiila)i'Mi'ji('), nn.l fromti
5 P.m. '
jp W, DU.VMlVU.N.U.Itvii.
J lOKNCK-Corner Ninth a ad Walnut"
OKPICE Cornr BUth Street nmt Ohio I.etse
OKI-'IOK HOIJIl1-Krum f a.p. to U in., ad
IIU l,ll
Thntitallinv hnnV ...r..il.l!hfil. AOKNTa
wlio aellourntw work,
bavo nocompctitlca. Them nsrer vrrti i I'OoV
puhlldhe'l like tt. Anr borfy on! sell It. Many
aifctlts are now tnafclnirTrflTn'SSOu to fCiO per
months selling this vromlerful hook, lit pft(48 dr..
crlptlre circular sent free on atipllcation. Wo
want Roorl n ngrntsi men who tan lully appre
ciate tho inenltj of tho tiork, and tlio furtllintlt
meets a unUfraal want. Attsata who ilciiro to do
good i well 'nftna' monerf ertilrcM
Wiua A Con, iu Urooino St., N. r
.Af4f ssrllml lasiltfa '
S J '1
J tilt I
Savings Bank
Clmrtcred March :tl, 1S(J1.
ornci: jy
CJit.v XnUosssil Hlmik
ni'stci'.un i
A. It. HAI'KdltP, J'rl.lent
8. H. TAYIXJl!. V.e.'reMeat! , ..
H. HVriMJl'. f.-ere'nrjnd Treaitifer.1
k. m. stock n.rrt, rwi. n. sjciiuii,
It if. WNNINoll AM, Wi K-HALI.IUaV,
J. M I'lIIM.IIy. '
Zlepnlll nf nny Amount Itrcclveit froni
'Icil f'rnti I'lnTntill,
I'r tinlinj stfeh t t .
Int. r m ' r.r
tli i i iii Ir. .. r , .' l.-jM
an r .- r,
'"pi. I-'
i.nk i
i't .y to
louipd'iDOini- j-;i..t t
Jlsirrlcil Women .nut Children
'MA .tepn'riniiHer ao that
cen :rery huilrei!P ilsy irfiia j n.tn Hi p. in.
.ind' V-!'intty et-nr fiT .WING DUr-t'lTJi
only, !r.,ru, 1 1 Wn. vJk. . - '
r nuyotf W. l r-if.OI,,TreA.urer.
rjisiK - -
mj mm mi
ISVIRI. lltritD. Hreitili-iitt
IttSIIKItr VV. 1IS.L,s:M, Vlrc.l'reN.t
(1. A. SISKJIIIM, C'nalilcr.
Collections' Promptly Made.
KxriinncepsualM Hunk Antes
and li.'iitesj Stntt-s Sccurl
-tic -llonctit -ami
s y i '
Interest Allouod on Time Deposits.
cm lumeiu
itapitnl - - $100,000
W. P. IIAbLIUAYi Praldtst
A. n. HAITKOIID, Ceehleri
WALTER 1IYNI.OP, AsaltlantCuliUr.
Htsatt Tajlor W. I. lUIIUsy,
cott Walte. Uobt. II. Ciaalatkai
Oen. t. ttlllUBMM, Ktsshfa HIM,
A. II. Satronl.
Gxchaiics Coin nnd
t). M. JSoihI Boiiglit "
nntl Mold.
SoxosBltpssjs II. ooolvodl
A KP, ........
Tin: UKft'r
toiio li jm
' ' 'it - am: hy
E. H. XtlAYKAilD, Prop,
I'lTlxttt'ttti, I'.i.
(i. tii.-n.lljr
Bitter Cordial
WhsUvali' I'epot N. V, rnrncr Klllli ninl Kaon
U' l'liUJJnUa, !'
JACOII St'HKiriZ Stole Proprietor
It In i rellaMit' Family .Meilluliii-, ami i-an !
Uki n hy eitli.T infant or at lilt with thsame Iwn
t V. I .-J ri-Milt', It i i o.-r'ii". pt-inptnnd xrtv
remedy lurJIfsrHlfln. ilyirit erjrr) N enmplied
djipi piu; Irnrne nf-.r.(rl, t.iiitinpii, eiek
aloiiiuili.heiuluolie, ti'. I-'orohil m ami I'evoT of
all hiadu, it la tackelu-r nn I KiT.-r tli:m iiiimtie
MilhiMit any of na periilolnui i tt.'ti It ei! l
an iii'li'-tite, prnui u pouirli'l dnetnr of mod
und will i oimtnraet ilm .iln-u of j inr i- lnHf.-W'
mlmiter"A)n'1lipitt.'he-evt'Iflli e of Hi inedl-
i-ni prupi riii-n, nyp iin a icv onnw manyi't-t.
"j lu but pusy(.ii
nliiU-On'! litJPOtK.is
Tenit. - v
II. o I
t?Tnn..jind '. It. It.
Jti-sMciiiisTs, K.. pinrSirt l iiHioi
to U-.sU t,oy l) V- nip u, Do be. i, , ,
oao btjle to li W i.I(!erelu, I Pel
ntl.o.,Bl,Iean,.,.t.lo yy, . f ul.oul Hi. m, in i
nsv iireaent atiltt. uf lealtii.
. ' t). MKNlOEltfSogthOllisL.rhlla.
, . Pastor Baptist 1'ansyunk t'liun-h
Hold by W. P. Allen, is Main atre el Dubriiiti. -octliidly
Cor. Washington Atp. & litis St.,
Cairo, - - - Xlllx&oleje
Keeps constantly on hand the ceUbraicU
r..vllt5'METAIitlO CASES.
Also, all klnda of Walnut and Black Velret Coffins.
He hasaHplenUld Hear,, and will
Attend nil PsssscreU iss the Cltjr.
n -I in
,:- ' "" - " to t i- . : . n, oi fa p for
i.. i ' im.-.i p, ri.nui.T, and w.,ui, iiifnnn them
il i- hi-e,m in-: ,und at h .r. I .tund 10it.-omnir.
n.iiue. All -ili-.pr'.iiip-ly a-:i..lcilio.
l.-ifernl .Vth.tnpc- Minlf on Conslun
me its.
iVifi'.r -ii" .i... u. , ni.l sitnrd.iya
. 'Oi.- K.i,. nt .rl v .1 ill policy ofln.ilr
r. i..i..,,.. n l.,- . Ji w , ir.fiir
No Extra Charge for Storage.
Korpr.impt r. -ii- nn i ('r.'-t attenllim lo tusl
nen woul I i. ,..i r. ,,e tiully refer to (ho follow,
hit nier. liant", 1 ... . i it.-r and ulhc r.
llallldM' 111 ia I. Itin.l .tS.,1.1 Attain . (...,...
CoiiJI'Jtiy. AJI.fi ai. kIV . S. JI-TMll, Uriatol A
sjii-iii.'i .myu Hlnlit Ol J)i W.lluirnsoa, Hrst
NllidilM Ufi, or I'.ilfu. Ilonlrn ,t..lane, New
Y .rk. . Kreuri,, II .n. Clark Alnir, Hos
ti.ii. AtUnt "il i i (., I' tts' ' r ( lApp.t .son
Ci. A 1 i-inl intr Iwnsni.i Illinois'
j.vrAiti.ihjiAiju i sot)?"'
Tao auperiorlty of Una ej.ellent preparntli.D
rverunyiitlier article orerotUrod to the public
i.nlieen demonstratel hy.fie wonderlnl populir
tty II li.i.ntuine.1 within ll.e hrlsf tear uliico I
mmmimI miuiiiniclurwl. Hut liu. llian
.Ono Million Housokcopors
aru today nslim .iKlia In th(4 an I uthi-reoiin.
tr.ea, aiidthuduuiaiid is r.tpidly Int-riM.
Until hrli-k, rotten .tunc, nold und lye
ar tin '.'ran. rjr .i i!..-1, t iwtd. since
S.i lio -Vmh h or of r h :u, a,, ii.,,, ami
wdli I r I nK.r I exp-n..
TI.H f IIoh ,mr are f. ir H thi peclal n-ee t
wi . 'i "itpni.ii it aiimir.'i.y iuaiult
TUCI.I11X ttl.MlOtV.V-W.Uoi4iult.n,' esn t
. r ...I ntf (lie i,i. T i .. nalelotli, not
ln1l, rni I' m-i r- e-.k.i of yaiM liu
i :. .1 1. ,.i .. i,i it ii ,i . .-en, ,v B(i., ., (
' 1 ft L , H
o.lin Ij.i' -'iwlMi 'i; ' 'i i ,nwi..n -ro
rrmuvo virnl'lior dile. j.alntwill r.-.iulra
litliu ,-jitro ruliblOK.
TO CI.VAX KMVKH-itaejrntir dirli-clotli, nib I
on the happlln, and then raiddly over the
kiiitc. 1 lua win ijUo a imlfiantaad dura.
We iollh, Ithout acratchlng.
10 VOMSH TIJf. BIUSS, .a ettrr Call..,,
Artules Kutithe damp cloth on the caki
of rt.p.)llo until well ioeroW, and then
.UieklypTerthaiirlacof Uin utensil. U
win prnducu a iutre equal If uotaapvrlor to
polm ao adore; ilonot rub too hard, and
nue wllh c loin ia clean water,
roil Hlll'SK CI.KA.MNU-apello i.ofthi. great.
et raliie in the ATim of time, labor and
tho wiar of the nrtlcli-. clesn.ed. Try It
' hneeand Ton will neerlie nithmit It.
loll UAstMNfi IIIH:s, Hath Tuba. Floors,
Tslr, elr. U'liern onpna formerly ncd
eapol hi i, inn.lual.lo! mid onon iitd, will
never he illspenied with.
IN Till! IIOI KK'-Korall purwaei (except wah.
Inx clolhet), lhi .uncle N coiiTeuient
economical anil n li il lo.
IX TIIK NTHIIK For piilmhliiK acalm, measures
.w V.rc"IVr'l lnl. hear. etc.
IX Till: Mini' ror vrvanlnir, poli.hln and re.
moving jiiniit, oil, etc., Irom laachintry and
IN Till: UKFICE-of the suxeon, dtnllat, civil
tUKlncer, pAlnter andanuraver.
IX ALL I'LACLSwhcra a oli-an.inK and iiolldi.
ids agrnl, at once eifovilvo, economical and
liatmlsa, la required, our Apollo, will
prove I In ureal aupenorily ererall ethrr
I'OIl HAND WAHHUO-XapollolaJa.t what every
piinu-r, painter, idioiounpher or imiohuiUt
jid. Il quickly n-uioveo ai-pN, pvlnt,
iultund i.llior .Liin, frwuiilieliin ., ),
u. w.ll iitttuuch. It tofleiH r ,i r ,( i,
nn f ti'.iv. . in. ni .iiiiioitiHiiil if
I'lttci; 4 ti wti.il.-,
tSOLUltYi y)urKi"usr.iii ' .. -r.jIs
Wnolealn IVroN,
ill tVaWUU) i, l., and "0 Oif.ird St.
' .Tt ir (,. Codi.r.
ii ..... i. nil-J' ii .wliiin
li.lnW lir-. in lJ0, rn lehvrtr.it I- !?ror th
hMlinetit of iU ili a. a rrtxj' i: . un-.
ji. ,nl III 1U, i. A i-iire ia uilHtanleiid
lery n le.n'fpp.
Dewces' Female Regulators
' .-1 u .
f !. l. -. U.i, tori-iiL.w i. li.tr l.-linn
rte. i ri.-r fie j er lH
Al.p n Itili ii.rl'i ' t ,f Hand Kemii,l Tnissea
a-iiiii..i ,u i' . ili hi.i iilin, i Jl fur.inulo
ono t t4 j.i-1 i il. .it, ii r S'p. r ir f.
V M mil la i'.i. ..it , uuutaiiiinii aa uUUiralu
tr.iUmO un llii.l,..n i,iitoe, iii Iii ii fi'.r pnclicnl
r. i,.rk iiii'-n li uhm', ikvt and treatmnnl ol
th- i.?nin i uu up.j; i.i lai,e pufn imn Ji out
Jiid oiii.iniiv.-, -iinivMui; l!i illl!i.(i-,n -I i.i j, i.ti).
Siiit in eoultd v. i.ipbur on iivi-lnt of i-i. (JA
iut.) Adiiiw"
Galen's Head Dispunsary,
No. T. W.i.t J. ilcr.on .tree
etTeoddAeoww i.omille. K
UMli : -
yji. if. .st'HiriTun,
Importer and Wholesale Dealer
Wines, Liqt$is
'A rfl A l1 11 ,LK)K- lX UlA f
lM j
i'oront Is-iaxsrlw,
yorao men.
inr t'..-riun.c ui jor nru aemoBsiraiea in
fact thst reliance may b placed la theoRtceef Of
rru 1 -t -- - . i . . a . l -
Specific Pills
For the nptidy and permanent cure of Bemlatl
Weakness, the result of oxcess or youthful Indl.
illacretlon, vehlah neglected, rolnf the happiness
and until tho sufferer for buaineai, aoclotr or
msrriag-e. They can be ussd without deUetlost
or Interfsrsnce with business pursuits, tad never
rail tn remove nsrvous debility, losi of memory,
unpleasant d reams, week ntrrea, headache, aer
yous trembling, general lsusitud,dlnoeea of tle
.on,Uuhlni5o?th5 akin, which, If neglected will
ii 1 !M on 10 otber serious diseeaea, for whe
outkVlp 1 once artecud, Itcaanot recorir with
.' ii f-itLf:om. 't? I'rriitton of Dr. IMbt.
h 1 -ILane-nnientphymeinnoi many rears'
jien -nn', and nr not a wnrlhle-i. patent medl.
ne IV. Ileil a epjeflu u merty h;, 0n tested
?Cj'tntT.il w"anicd a certain curs,
i.ii natlrhow bid tho ran mar b.. HnndriMia
r-- l' '' iii-.i.i-h"iii mat win llisiira
'ciy lure. iTivain rimmr aent rree. ia,
Oea'I Agii.t, TJT llroa-livjy, .V. W.
Dr. Harvey's
A physician of i yeari'cxperlonceoirers his val
uableii'incdy, known m
Harvey's Chrono-Ther
For thn Immediate relief of all those illdloultlee
and deranreimmta eeiiar to the Temale sex.
To married Indies they am particularly valuable aa
thay never lad to removn .lis most distressing
yt tom, no matter how long ther have existed.
Wvate circulars to Indies, giving fall Instruction!
sent free on receipt of mamp. lr. Harvey'
Chrnno'Thermal 1'ills must not be eonfnundee
with worthless patent medicines sold as Female
Pills, Mr nls pills are ssf and "lire In orery case.
They will bo sent eciirelr aealed, on receipt oi
J I, l-y return mall, with full direction for use.
ficn'l Agent, 737 Uroadway, New Voile.
A Lot-dim on the PhHosophj of Mr
ri.itn'p, nml tho Secret Indrmltlci
or Voutli, Manliootl nntl
01.1 Ago.
Tnialottiiro ahontil bo In tho hands of every
yoiirginaii,iiml cipsviallv thoso i-untemplatlng
tinrnk', it will i-.mtioii nnd guide Inn tnroiish
I -r. and IfholellnwH thn imtructiims thcro laid
.1 .an, no m.iy i-iapo disease nnd ati-un ciilag
Willi ail lua fiv-iiliien iinimpairinl. It r atanis
.: - .md pres. ri -.iiis that willcuro nny rase of
-i iii-ii wonlcne.., i missions, etc,, nn I restoru
In .liiood to ir-fcet health. nf. u to all,
l. one w u has autlered ami is now r r I.
A-U.i. .. Hr KUi.XItTltl.MAI.V,
.... . ';,lin " 1" h use.-New York.
Golden Remedies.
fs thest enly. and savt Time, Itsalth ai4
Moosy. 1,000 HEWARU far oar esse of dlseetw,
ra toy stags which they fall to core.
Da. KlCiUU'rt OOLDtM I1L.
SAMS, Kos. 1 ft a. are the
' . greatest altersttrw known.
fB Urcateat Tonlo and Aatrlagtal
. V In the Medical U.L Da. KM.
s' u tne oaiy raiUH antntlc
Thoe Remedies are not advtrUscd Se Cirt all
Complaints, and bensat boosi bat are giaraaleeil
to effect a Radical and Hpeedy Car In ell cases) far
which they are reoumaeaded, whea all othar tnai
total oaa railed. Trna or ineosuiu jevir rec-r
tr their oie. wha hare I oat all &odc. aa4 hoV
noaaced es Incurable by the twil ef Bsdlssi
Si M niltlU Wm I. IMWmm XTXemrm. riearali
( Hors Throat aad Msiatb. Bars Eyas, Cattae-'
em IruptSjDS, Copperylolered Bletchss. Sareaass
5f chs Soalp, HcrofulaSc It I th Ortatatl Reno
veter, AlteraUrt ajff Blood rvrtter hnoan, r.
sasvc all mtrearrreai she eyssesa, aad Uavse
she kloo-1 pure asjf hcalthr.
Hit. ijlCllAfrS GOLDEJf
JL IIAL9M, Vo. 3, cares Mercurial Affec
tions Rheumatism In all Its fortaj, aad
lives lameate relict in all cases.
T s i f Xlltcr N j. I ir )J per bottle, or two
JSLy AVTlIn ri:, a radical care for all urinary
d.-rnueriuctitt. l'rlce ti Mr bottle.
StJ I I.IX'lt llAMOl'lt. a radical cur for
S.rr.Mi. or lieneral Dctility, la old or
yminj, l u n-i.ni enerity with wonderful eHect. .
Pile li per buue. or two for J.
On rc'li't uf price, l!iio remedies will be
!ilrd t.i any p'ac'. I'ruapt attentl m paid to
all irrespnudei.ti. N rnu'ne without th
nanii-uf "lilt. ItK'HAl S OnLDKN' RRUCDIt:.-,
1. II. RIl'IIAItUd, 3o! I'roprlctor," btn la
jtm of bottles.
Circulars scut., TraJs. supplied at a liberal
dlicount. p O
Ad drees. DR. I). 0. UlCllAUnS, !4 Varlafc
Street. Ni.iv York.
1314 The aymptomsof
I liver complaint ar
'inea.lne.s and ia
.n the mde, Soma
nines the imln la la
iho shoulder, and la
iniMLikt-ii or riiouiiiNli.in. 1 he atoinaoh 1. aft.!-
Il lo of appeliio ii
l.n.l h.iin.lmi.
t-dwllh lo nf appeliio mid meant-.., Iiwela in
ni-ne.aico.t ve, .ometimes alternating wltli lax
Th" head u tmnblrd with in. and dull, heavy
,saaawvBiv.iHws(-ns4uoii, conlilrratl
.loxof memory, acconi.
pauieo: w nn painrui sen-
.aiionoi navmg lenun-
lone aomeining Which
inch! to have !.-n ilona.
un,. cumpiaiuiug ot weakness, drlillily, and love
spirit, b.iiiivtiiiios, aoma of the above syinp.
Ionia intend tha disease, um at other timet very
few of them; but tho Liver ia generally the orgaa
most involved. L'urolhe Liver wiih
33 x. fllixxxz33.ou.as'
Liver Regulator
A preparation ot roots and hcrl, warrantel to
l-e slriciiy vegetable, andean do no injury many
It lias bet-n used by hundred, and knowno I
tlm last 3J years u oueuf the must reluble, elti
vaelniis and barmlesa preparatlona eye r ottered
theautrerlng. If taken regularly aad -r"'lni
11 is sure lu i-nre.
Sflyspepsl, neaiUelie,
Ijsaudii-e, cotnenea,
..ok tieadaciie,cnroaio
liirrhiia. alktiLii. ot
Ji he bladder. cain
lyseuterv. ancetioo
ut Un- hi.Tjk'1 r, icvi r. m-rv
u.ueas.cliills disea.es
i f too n, ntpur ty uf tho nlood, iiiehrl07.
nr ifiireiunu. apu-iie, liea(lurn.e in'.v p on
, u. ,i. n, pa ii m tno head, fever sjh ag-ie,
.. ,., .1 ....,.,4., II. ...1 I....K. ..flililA
i r iw'l w, ft-uU-s iKtitoiu, hum o.lioua u
only by a. Ung
For slo by niviy lUoiUn, Ohio 1 re
Cairo, Illinois,
t t byai
. jr. ".. ii. 10 aecureine gen
u in-, i-nolomi 31 in a letter and they will lie seal
on r-vo pt, ecuro fr-m observation. h nmii. nn.i
If An. I mn.l. nt 1..
tt.iM ill. i.Ia- nn.l In.l.i.A,,....

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