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From llio A'l'lren of liiiuout.c ConKreimn
Let there be ho dissension about minor
illlTfl? .'wtfttewi no time lost In dhenwloa
i i i u i I! 1' no manifestation of
Harrow or priHtcrlpwe rerun?) no
sacrifice or mo cause io grainy icr
'inal ambition or rcsenluicnt.
Of Jtiirrrmu Onmtj.
ui Hoiijinion Oiimty,
roa ML'pr.niN'Tc.M'ENT or ru'nt.ic inntic-
' ; ,- Tiny,
oiiaki.i:h rrixMK,
, 'f, of ivurU County.
orijc; .)
M.IJ.4 f . ' . Of CooHOunly.
.. TKKU,)
il .It, it i TMONAI KtfllHeMD,
i Of Ad aim Count.
tilt., JOIIM Jf. CHEHi, mt Whl( Co.
' ' 'vrftt HKVATOltsi 1T MKTMCT.
r4l.rC. UlBROjr; BfUallalla CoNBtjr.
rilOM AH A.K.IIOW;Jl.art'louCu
1 ' t'An uiriiuitftfirivv lui fitnriiirr
, . 10 U RUKIIII'I',
4LUXAMDKH 11. "lyi
' voa coro.vkr,
LTiJ rr1 :
.cy r"T Votis, for Crohn; vole for Webb,
Holcatnb, (iibson and Jos-man.
.JRxciIXKKU are jna'xlnK n preliminary
surroy for a railroad from DuQuoln to
2 172!. VOTE FOR J."ri.' CREB8
'" ' Takb down the'name of every man, to
f biorrow, against wbom you liavo evldcnco
' - ' of Illegal voting. Watch the polls.
Mu.N.v, nt Vicksburg, resigned in the
face of danircr and came borne. Vote
ico of dang
against him.
Thr affidavits of at lit ono hunJrr.l
cltlzcm of Charlotton, IlllnuW, ran ix
fca'rKl, to proTo that In 1855-0, O. M.
lunn wa a violent Know.Knothltig.
No mau can voto unless lie hai livel
frf 'tkc State a year, the county ninety
kyu and the precinct thirty days.
Measure everybody by tliis rule.
Asr man -who know Martin V. Browa
111 tell you that 1 U not qunllfU-l to All
Um) ofBco of Bliwlir. KrorybxIy will t-U
y'o"u that A. II. Irvln'a qualineatloni are
of the nlghoit order. "Which of tho tw
ought to bo c-locUdf
In tho year 18SC John M. Urel votwl
tho ontlra Doinocratle ticket, Stnto and
national. In tho year 1850 Muiin
.Waft violent JCnow.Knothlni;, and votd
' for Millard' Fillmore, tho lo-cnlh'd "Amer
' Icnncaiidldate" for l'retldent.
Votk early, and thou work for the
ucmt of your ticket. Tltoru was
never n more important contest in Al
. uxandcr county. Kvery Democrat
cxjxscted to d his duty.
1 '' ' , ' Til K Radical rlnj of Cidro, iooIiik that
1 ' thero Is no chanco for electing D. AV.
. Munn fairly, will doulitloa attompt to
Totn coro or more of Kentucky and
MUaourl negroos, and nogro river men.
"Watch tho poll, and protect tho purity
of tho ballot hoi, by all thu lawful nteunt
at your command.
W-'T i .. rn Marlon VIlii ayi that tho Do
t -uiiu imocrary will carry Williamson county.
Wo had prepared ourwlvoi to eo Wil
liamion remain nnotlicr yoar in tho Muck
' ?fO jt 6f?lUd(cHl:darkneii. But tho tide U
turninu ovorywhero. Why not In WH-
f 1If' 'llarhionr Whon'tho Kadlcal clique per-
n I iia In' bringing out such men a Dan
. Munn,boatIUlloU are ture to rebel.
lv you havo doubt, m to the right of
, any man to voto, chullonge him. The
) wy . prcHoncof his uauio on tlio reg'iHter
does not eloao ull inquiry in that dircc-
itfon. Ho may bo guilty of fraudulent
jvKX-owt;.' i
Go to (he polls in the morning, cast
your vbtej and then sco to it that your
" ' ' YPt0 If thoro is a full nnd
Konst'VQt pollcil; tlio result in tho city,
will be 'substantial Deuiocralio victory.
' ' ' ! Lukewaruiness or indifferenco will bring
1 . m defeat.
Tt is a fact that almost everybody
has observed, that old men generally
vote the Democratic ticket. They have
neon tho government administered by
all parties, and know tli.it the country
ban been mont bappy and pro.jperoun
under Democratic rule.
Thomas A. K. Iloleuuib is an cdir
cated mail, and a citizen of uuimpcuch'
able honesty and integrity. Dave Lin-
cgar is contesting with llolcomb for a
seat in thu .State Senate. .Morally.
iioiiiieaiiy ami mcniaiiy, noieomo is ine
.11 1 . . II III I .1 '
better man. Vote for liini.
.J. .f. C'asti.iw, Itadical eainlidale for
the State Senate, is a high tarill man.
As he m half owner of tho Kijuality
salt works, thu turifTis making him rich.
If nicli men as he are kept in lower,
the manufacturers of thu country will
plunder and oppress the poor always.
Oni friends in tho neighboring coun
ties will confer a sjtciial favor on us by
Fending election returns nt tho earli
est possible moment. If this reijuot
is generally complied with we shall bo
able to publish the resultjnjho entire
ditrict on Thursday evening.
It is claimed that the names of four
hundred negroes are on tho registry list.
If this claim is well grounded, a con
siderable number have registered ille
gally. There nru not four hundred
legal colored voter hi Cairo; but be
there many or few only such as have u
right to voto will be allowed to vote.
jus PAssronr.
The editor of tho (Joleonda JfrntUI
ways that if "he wanted a' passport to
"hell;" ho would uc a copy of the
Ilt'i.LKTlN. Very likely, for the lit'!.
I.KTIN lias tdiown that thu I h-raid man
i.n a right to outer the infernal region"
tliat neither man nor devil can gainsay.
TilK lat (loU-onda IfcmUl says:
"Our Democratic friend had quite 'a
largo prooosion la-t Friday, and with
mu.ie, Hags, etc., inarched through
the Mrcota to thu public hquaro, whore
"Col ('robs addreod tlicm." No lew
than four hundred white voters were
rocnt, aud all of thoiu were siinou-
nire Democrats.
Ci.. CitKiis voted against the Fund
ing bill, say the little Iladical jdieoU of
Kgypt, aud tho l unding bill wives the
people 820,000,000! Tho Funding
aw lias not saved tho pcopio n cent.
Not a dollar has hecu funded under it :
and, as it provides for the payment of tlio
-20 bonds in gold, ( ol. Crohn did right
in voting against it.
.1. .1. Uinn, n I'airo ncijro, Imi been can'
vastnS Perry county In tho Intermit of
Drtn Munn. Two yearj co, whan run
ning for tho Statu iJonalo, Dun Munn I
roportM to havo sld that If tho nogroet
woro given tho liallot ho hojted hU rlglit
arm might wither If ho didn't Join thu
Democratic party. All cf which goel to
provo that tho n'egroon uro not yet free.
They muit voto for Dan Munn no odm
whst ho laid.
W: anpeal to every conscientious
voter of Cairo, to my if we havo on our
own responsibility, preferred hu
charge against D. W. Munn, in support
of which wo havo failed to produce ev
idenco entitled to serious consideration.
That tho charges wore numcrou- and
damaging, is 1). W. -Muun's fault, not
ours, lie mado his own record, and
wo liavu cxiKteed it. And now, in all
xoriousucss we ask : If D. W. Munn
is guilty, as charged, in a single iustauce,
is ho not unfit to represent this people
in tho Congress of tho Uuitcd States?
Gkn. Gha.nt, ut Vioksburg, said:
"Tho resignation of no officer in tho
"in tho face of the eneniy will bo ac
cepted, except on account of cowardice
or inefficiency," yet D. W. MunnV resig
nation was accepted, and ho came iiouic
before ho had fired a single musket in the
service. Col. Crobs fought all through
tho war, aud en mo homo only wlienMho
last armed rebol had surrondorodnnd.
thero was no further ditty for a soldier
to perform.
y it is your dcsirotlint ten thousand
dollarsa year bo added to our taxes, for
thu purpo.e of educating tho SOU negro
children of Cairo, rote'-foi liinegar and
Wilcox, who will, if tent to the, legis
lature, vole for laws to compel tlio
school Directors tohuiko hucIi n levy,
If you would have tho' State, and not
tho city, tdiouldcr that burden, vote for
Webb, llolcomb and Gibson.
i i ii , i , t
Fimiio.n' K. Gltiin.v, Democratic can
didate for Hcnator, was educated as n
lawyer, but is u practical carpenter.
Although yhat kid gloved, nido-whisk'-cfcd-Jtadicaf'snecriiigly
call "n mo
'clianic," ho is ono of tlio ablest men
in Southern Illinois, and his honesty no
man questions. .Scores of Itadical
mechanics will wipe out- Linogar's uamo
on their tiekoU mid Mibt-titutc that of
TilK pKipositioiisHubmitted by the
county court to bo determined to-morrow,
will, if determined affirmatively,
place, a debt of ?M0,0(IO on our should
ers, and add fully forty per cent, to the
bulk of our county taxes during a
period of twenty years I .Shall we so
burden ourselves? Jf your answer is
V(, vote No to-morrow.
St'KAKINO of tho proijct in Union.
county, tho Jonosboro GVi: s-ays :
"hvcrything looks most eneotiraging.
" I lu ti4.imlii urn- onmini' rtnH .tnfc vntrt
I . "o ,
and the sterling ' Dciitouracy on the
"hills and in thu-vallovrt of old I'uioii
'will bo iivcscnt in full force-.'- - Thoy
;are determined that sho bhall keep the
"bauncr.iti this district, and will roll up
"1,000 majority for the Democratic
Is it not a f.ict that at ull meetings
of our citizeiM'licld for tho purpo-.o or
forwarding projects and enterprises for
tho advancement and development of
the town and country, D. W. Munn has
always been conspicuously nb-ont?
Thero is not a laburing manor mechan
ic in Cairo that Ins not worked mure
and harder for tho proniierity of the
tOWIi lllltt lllOIUiUUeAt Or UUt lWm III).
dertakings, than D. W. JIunn 1 Kvery
Arisen of Cairo knows this to be true,
iml should romomber it to-morrow.
Or tho thousaud men that Colonel
Crebs led into battle, les than five hun
dred returned to their families nnd their
homes, nt the end of the war. The
others fell in battle or died of wound'
nnd disease,- nnd fill soldiers' graven
under a Southern sky. Of tho nurviv,
ors, readerhow many, think you, will
vote for 1). W: -Munn'!' fvtynv !
Kvery man of thorn will yoie for'Cid.
(Yobs, becntfu they ull know him as a
brave soldier, gallant officer and an
lione.-t nun.
Ai.Tlioi'dii Col. Crebs ohlaiiied J?Stl,.
(Kill 'for the Cairo custom hou.-o, and
nerved his constituents daring tlio ilk
Congre-is in tho mif-t faithful nnd satN
factory manner, his present acquaint-'
mice among tho monibern of Congress,
his knowledge of the routiuo of husintM
aud of tho rules governing legislation,
will render him n more effioient and
influential jopro-.cntativo than ever. If,
however, bynuy unfortunate chance, or
combination of dii-astious eiieumstanvef,
Dan Munn should bo cfeelejl jio wou,ld
have everything to learn, and during
tho fir.-t ioion of Congress would bo
neither useful nor ornamental.
. -
IlAi'K'AU orators and newspapers of
tho unscrupulous type claim credit for
tho Itadical party because it has reduced
tho public debt. Now what credit nrd
thoy entitled to for applying toward tho
extinction of tho public debt, a few out
of the hundreds of millions of dollars
wrung from tho pcopio in thg shapu of
taxes, uuless they expect tho pcopio to
thank them for not pocketiiig Uie vholc
nmouut. Tho truth is, Grant's" udmnr-'
istratioti icicrves-'fo bo oxecrated be
cause of tho very inconMderliblt'.YiJiluc
tion nf the nublic debt, when wo
remember the vast sum its titx gatherprrf;
havo taken lrom tho people. uiu ot
evory ten dollars paid into thojn!fld'o
lUdioalrtax gathersf less thnii ono dol
lar has boon applied to ktho publio
dobt I - '
IK Wi "Muss acknowledges that he
WftS'pidd 500 by citizens oCeCairo .to
visit Wasbinguiu to look aftc- matterw
iiLwhjcli our city was deeply concerned.
AsUjs necessary exjHinscs did not ex-
cccu,9lr)0,'bis pronU wcrat8'i.i0 and
did he, do ?,,, Nothing ats c
mrotold, boyond arranging .tho ground
work for Col. Graham's removal -from
thu Cairo post office.
That business ho was expected to
assist Col. Crebs in transacting hail been
provided for by tho Colonel before
Muun's arrival. Indeed, but for the
kind offices of tho Colonel it is doubtful
whether 3Ir. 3Iunn would have been
in viIim! to n kont (in f h flnor nf On ncrtLSM!
.So mnch for that nincli vaunf;d trip
to Washington. -
TilK desperado Brashiers, who killed
a young man in tho (own of Thebes,
was convicted of the critno and sen
tenced to tho penitentiary. We are
very directly informed that Dan Munn
asked Governor Palmer to release tho
murderer, insisting that ho (Munn)
was actuated only by a desire to vindi
cate uu innocent man; yet, when tho
papers in tho caxo woro forwarded, tho
Governor found among them Brashier'n
note of hand for 8100, to bo paid to
Munn iu tho event of his (Hrashier')
rclcaio from the penitentiary ! Munn
had placed tho note among tho papers
and forgotten it.
When it is known, that Brashiers
wpa. the bloodiest minded desperado
that ever Jivc'd' Tn Alcxaudetjtpunti'iJ
thal thd .shqriff could. .only keep him
confined iu jail by placing inch and' a.
unit tron nmuaclen upon mm, ami ny
chaining him to tho floor of the cell,
.Mr. Munn s "desire to vindicate luno-
"cenco" will lw understood.
Voter, if the name of D. W. Munn
if on your; ticket, think of Hrashiors !
Brains, not Hash !
If the legislature of Illinois wero
purveyor for thu people, wu-t-hould ac
knowledge tho fitness of .Tcwott
Wilcox's nomination ; but as it will be
a body of men where lmifnf nnd uot
A.mA. will, Wi.. J....t,l.i,i nomination
is ouotluitWould riot liavo been mado?
Ten Thousand Dollars a
If the Iladical party, by tho assis-tauco-of
negro votes, gain control of the
.city and county, ten thousand dollars
per year will be saddled upon tho white
tax payers of Cairo to provide for the
education of negro children 1
An. honest, Upright Mail.
During thu hented campaign jul cloicd
tho llttcrc.u opponent of Col. Crubi hai not
darvd to breath ono word agalutt his hon
esty, Integrity or uprlghtnewt'ni h man, or
bravery and loyally in a' oldler. Ho
taud before tho people with a clmrae'ur
without blciiil.li or Main m tho nohhtt
work of GoJ, mi hoiiust num.
Challenge Every Mini.
White or black, of who.o right o volo
you are not satisfied. The pre.-onco of
his name on the regi.-try list is only
jirimtt ftieic evitlenio id' bin right to
vote, n fld not conclusive. The pro-oiico
of his name on tho list by no means
debars anybody from the right to chal
lenge, itcmombur this, aud challenge
Save the Comity.
If over there was a tiino when Demo
crats should stand by their nominees,
that time is now. White aud black
Radicals are banded together to wrest
tho city and Jcounty from Democratic
control. Is thoro a Democrat in the
county who will join that mongrel
horde to elfect that end We cannnot,
wo will not think so.
Officious Intermeddling,
or-What ?
Iu his hpocch at Du Quion, D. W.
Munn is reported to have declared that
in tho Legislature ho Btcadftatlyrworkcd
for tho interests of JKi Quoin. Tlio
contest ws between the citizens of Du
Quoin and Vincknojrvillo, nbbut "a'inat-'
tr jleculi'uvly local to tho people of
Perry .county. Having thus coufessed
'to ,1m' ln(5rfe'roiic'o in tho local matters
of another district, in which ho was not
'ccmcciiieil,.li0w can ho explain his con
duct Mf ho denies tho charge r that' ho
was governed by n fpccunlary'consider
at ion 'I
One Vote.
Tl.e election of H.W. Webb will
ceouro.ouo vpte in tho Illinoiy Legisla
ture, for a Democratic U. S. Senator.
A Full Vote.
Five of the nino'counties composing
thjs .Senatorial- district aro Democratic.
A full voto will olect Gibson and llol
comb, (who arc Democrats of unim
peachable integrity) to the State Senate.
No, Lager in Ilis'n.
It is said that DjiI Munu in .ouuof,
his speeches in Wabash county, felici
tated himself over the fact that his foot
had never passed the threshold of n
lager beer saloon.
Good News from all Points.
From all parts of tho Senatorial and
Congressional District wo receive tho
moit oncoiittrghig iiowj. If thu full Dem
ocratic voto is. polled, Crobi, IIolcoinb(
Gtbion, Wubb, Irvin and Gossnmn will bj
elected by decided majorities.
Don't Fail to Vote.
Boar In mind, Domocrats, that ono voto
may cloct Holcovnb, Glbjon, AVobb and
lrvin. Ono voto may sociiro us tlireo
votes In tho Illinois Legislature for a Dem
ocratic United Stoto Senator. Lot every
Democrat act, on Taptday next, nn if his
own wero. that ono toto.
Democrats, to tho Rescue!
Tho cloction for dclogntos to tho Con
stitutional , Convention, held JaU fall,
should inspire us with hopo thst Illinois
is not hopelessly Uadieal. There is a
chanco to iccuro n Domocratlc majprlty tn
id nit-Iigilture. .Shall It bo said
that Alexander county, for the tint time
durlrig'Hcr history, will' bo rcproiontcd by
Radicals? Perish tho tliouglit!
Strange Negroes.
Tho city is full, of Htningo negroes.
Over one hundred have arrived since
yesterday morning, They hold free
passes for 'the round trip on tho steam
boats on which they arrived.
Wo ask holiest Iladicals if they will
voto for candidates who, by a resort to
$uch means, reck to defeat thu will of tho
. -
Munn as a Soldier.
mule bcseiiring Vicksburg (Jen.
Grnnfdcclared that no would accept tho
resignation 01 tnmci, umy ma-u tnc-n
on tho ground of "iucfhcicucy or cow
ardicOj" yet Daij Munn resigned and
came nomo'beforo ho had smclled tho
enemy's 'gunpowder,
military record?
How's that for a
Munn as a Substitute
On the 2!)lh day of October Mnthow
Donahue, while duly sober, aud iu thu
prewnctfof' L. 1. Duller, Henry Cain,
James S. Itcarden, W. S. Kds0;i and
others, swore that iu the mouth of Jan
uary, 1S05, Dan '.Munn, thou acting as
a substituto broker, placed him in the
naval hcrvice, and to this day owe?,
but refuses to pay him, 8200 of the fctOO
bounty pinniped ! ,n - .
. - . .a.
Munn and a Crippled Sol
Initios Ilrodie, a ono armed and no
hu ml Cnion soldier, has declared under
bath that Dan Munn is withholding
from him ?S0 balance duo on accntint
of a "substituto transaction" that took
place nearlv six vcars ago. Will1 not
soldier-voters rebukojfhis bad tidth with
a crippled coup.iiiiou ?
Munn and the Wiggins'
In tho city of Hollovillo, tlmbolidf is
entertained, that D. W. Muiin, uhilo
nctiug State Senator, was suborned
iu tho forvico of tho Wiggins' Ferry,
(a rich St. Louin corporation) and
worked to defeat a measure that was
conceived to be of great importance to
tho jicoplo of St. Clair county nnd
other jiortjons of 'Illinois.
' " ' '
Muun's Kuow-Nollilnglsm
Tho affidavits of ono hundred oiti-
zeus of Charleston. Illinois, can ho urn.
cured to, estnlllslj'thoi fact llmt Dan
JIuiiii, when a resident of that town.
wqs.,11 ijei jl'yuow-Nothing, uud do-
nounccd'the'prineipar portion of our
foreign borp. jiopulutioti us tynry, loiuy
"louiiyiuy, bigoted ami Itcrntiuu ilhttnh
"(ini 7nVi upon whom the
"peoph thnuhl new confer the right
"of tujfrage." Wuit oyidonco has .Mr.'
r'. a i .i .'l v I.. .
luuuii luriiisuuu iua no nous uoi, iu
this timo, cutortain tlio same ImtojL of
foreigners that ho entertained then ?
Vole in the Interest of
A voto for D. W. Munn is a vole to
enrich two hundred thousand manufac
turers of Now Kuglatid ut the oxpcnvc
of six millions of farmers, laborers nnd
mechanics, by kcoping up tho prcent
odious and oppressive protectivo tariff
which D. W. Munn favors.
Is He tho Man?
The names of'l). T. Lincgar nnd
''Big Sal" Newman Btand at tho head of
tho Personal tax, nbatement list.pf Alex-nnduMOunFy.-A
vowing hjmeirlfcfKfcud
of public schools, Mr. Lincgar refuses
to pay a tax of 82 "" levied ngain.it him
for the support of such schools. Do
the respectable people of Alexander
county desire mvh u man to represent
thorn in the Senate of Illinois?
Elect a Capable Man,
It often happens thattho County Cor
oner is called upon to aci in tho capa
city of Sheriff. Wo ask every candid
voter of tho county which candidate, in
that event, would provo tho most
efficient man, J. H. Gossman the
Democratic candidate, or Christoncr
Ostcrloh, the Radical candidate? Who
that knows tho parties would not choose
Gossman as tho superior man ?
Choose Between Them.
If Jewott Wilcox is olected to the
Legislature ho will vote for a Itadical
U. S. Senator. If H. Wntson Webb is
elected he will vote for n Democratic
U. S. Senator. In ehoosiilg between
Webb and Wilcox, therefore, you ehoofo
between Sau Marshall and John A. Lo
pin, or .lames C. Allen and Bichard
Oglesby, or .faiis C. ltobiuson nnd tho
inveterate Iladical and high-tariffite,
Samuel W. Moulton.
Comparo tip Figures.
Is it not a fact worth remembering
to-morrow, that tho lastDcmocratic leg
islature of Illinois, cost tho people of
tho sfate only 805,953, whereas tho last
Iladical legislature cost ' tho pcopio of
tin. Slain tho enormous sum of tico Jtun
tired tevmty-three thoiitmid ttoiiur
ami fixty-tix cent? Hero is au argu
ment, then, amounting to ono "hundred
and seventy-seven thousand dollars in
favor of Democratic economy aud
against Itadical extravagance.
He IVoycv Explained.
D. W. Muunxhas uuvqr attempted to
explain why ho denounced thu J'ullcr
fare-ivgulutiiigndlroad bill asau outrage
upon tho fanners and poor nutn of
Illinois, ono day of the last o.-imi of
tlio logislatmo, nnd on tho vuy iu :a
day inteil fur the Vfl ! I lit Htiil the hill
would oporalo to iho itdvautago of tho
rich railroad corporations. If ho spoke
tho truth, railroad corporations could
afluid to pay for it passage. If -Mr.
Muun did not tell his voto, why diil he
vole for the bill after ltuh'ad denounced
A Negro Shanty Domol
i:hed. .Martin V. Dronii, the Iladical can
didate for Sherilf, declared that no
negro should live iu bin piectnct or put
afoot across the door ill of his
dwelling. Some timo ago u eouplo of
negro men built a shanty iu Mr.
Drown' neighborhood. Tho shunty
was torn down, nnd ono of thu negroes
declares that ho believes that -Mr.
llrowu wan cognizant of thu outrage.
Notwithstanding thoMi faot.-utho white
llndiculs of Cairo will mutcr tho ne
groes ut tho polls and compel them to
voto for Drown for Sherilfl
Isn't it n fact that thu negroes aro
not yet free that thoy have merely
changed masters?
I). T. Linegar,
Ono of tho Radical candidate! is said
to ubsord daily twenty or thirty glasses
nf "whisky straight;" to play casino,
roven.-up aud pqker ill a Cairo bar-room,
during at least forty out of ovory fifty
two Sabbath ; is mid to boast of the fact
that he has not passed thu door of a
christian church during tho past uiuu
years: and yet ho de.iounron the I torn-
ocratic party an a lot of bummers
whisky-guzzlers and unwashed sinners
of tho most graceless character f
That Radical candidate is David T.
Linegar 1
Fanse! Reflect.
Is tharo n Democrat In Cairo, or In Al
exander county, who IsHcnds to let his
personal likci" or dlllike ;riso, In tho
pending contest, uporior,to Ills duty to lib
party nnd h'ueountry? Iitheto ls,ho should
patuo and reflect! Following tho suggestion
of hb hate for tho D;mocratIccandidates or
his friendship for tho Iladical candidates,
Jio will voto with tho colored hordes and
their whlto iladical manipulators, who
seek tho defeat and overthrow of tho Dom
ocratlc party, whojeok lo.fmten'upontho
lajLpaycrsofrCafrp. a tax.of $10,000 a yoar
to cducato black children, and upon tho
pcopio of Alexander county all tho ovlls
and hurdons of mongrel ru'el What Dem
ocrat will go to Ihiitcxtont, bccauo a part
of As ticket docs not plcaso him? Surely
no one.
.. Ni:." Dii.v.1 . i"'i
' OR,
SalvVion for the Flair.
For Restoring
Hair its
Phalon's ,VlTiVA,, (lifTers
utterly from aMf'tlic "dyes,"
" colorcrSjfmcl " restorers "
(?) in 'Joe. i It acts on a
totally dyffercnt principle. It
is limpiclfragrant, and per
fectly innoctroiis. precipitates
no muddy or flai,ylcnt mat
ter, requires no shading u),
and communicates no Jtain to
the skin or the line.. No
yaper curtain is ncr;' aiy to
conceal Us turljAippc:uance,
for the simple reason that it is
not turbfi. It is, to all intents
and puwoscs, anew uiscovtuv
in Toifly: Chemistry.
PlultWs "VitauaVs
warranted to rrrct a change
in the color of tiic TJfcur within
io days after the firstiptlica-
tion, the direction being
r..iu. ,.t... i y
Price, One Dollar per Box,
Sold by ali)ruooists.
If your Druggi& has not
" 'italia '' on hunrc write, en
closing si'.i casfiul wt will
forwaul it ulutH ili it, ly
Piial(n & .Son,
Special Notices.
i:iurticio'H tinir Hi,..
Til s "r U TDK Vnttlt. oC Hill ci.ul . II l 1
mMilrlol iuUuu ti -irnl n I !; j 'rin i r ti.
iiH-o iImuIi. It Ik rftiily harnilf ...I
n.l.uit.uii'oiit. Aruld thu antttt-.l an nr'.i
-irlloi) bo.vtlni; 'rtm they tlo nn( j . e
.t woiiM tv.io tlio ihiniT, 'I io rnuiiu.
W. A. KaU'liflor'a lUIr l1) lu Hi Ur ' n
nlnliou lu uplioM It4 intrtrrily. I 'y Dru;
tiUtn. Api'lic.l at It) llrtiiy .Id I, J V.
UrlllnK Marilccl.
i:.l fiirjouiiiCliifn, mi SikihI I!ll nmt lli
)n)irli-iy it lm'ni'riiyofgHtlii( marrlil, III
inll.iry lu-lp for tlio.o u lio fovl iuilllt for mat
rimonial li.ip'iii-. font frt m i-.ilej vntct
o -.. AMr'. II iu jnl A.(H1iaiion, llox I, I'MI-n.li-lililt,
li. ui'tla.l:iin
The liujit rltliabte Ptrfuiua.
A mlc, tlio I'vrfuiiH'n now m uc lnv'o no .-r
man.Miry. An hour or twonfitr llnir uo,tliMO I,
aatrivoot crfuin loft. IItfwlll!i-ri-iit ltlic rr
tult km-croJlng thu ue. of Murry mul liniuun'.
florl'U Wtitrr. !.y. utter It. t ;i Ilia
lumlkrrvlilrt vxlmtn a ino.t Kt I ht fill. it-a to
nj ii(jreijl'lortraiii'0. innrltlt"xily
Tliuae who ate Klctt, ur
Atllloluil w illi any chreulv iliCUiuliy, tuuM wllb
oiitilutuy write for Dr. Hamilton'. N Treat in,
r t nt free to any alilri'',
IVO. Uoi l.sv.'.-r JiYir VorU IMy,
II. t I'urser P. IM
p a it i: It' A It 1A it v..
)e.leni 111
Window Glass nnd Putty.
llntslir. Wall l)icr, "V)iaov Slim
Cttivo - - i Illinois
L .

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