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I . Kit I' '
. " it
) I. It,.
.t'.i.'i -.1
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t. Ul,i)
$tu gallon.
"bb or m anT
.llEUoeBATic mooting lit tlm Atliuna-um
ticnlghl. Go.
. DMocKATiO rally nt thu Athnnii-tiin ti-
(nlkt: . 1 It be lnr(?o awl pntliurtmtU'
O ' ' . . - - - -
V injAUM -PfOAK Indulged In a plain
Vrifnlr nd ra nd thl morning ?1 and
I - . - . --
'U'ojio tlio Atlicnivuni to.nli;hl. .Itnluc
Allen and Mulkey nnd other tiMo speaker
will addrctt the crowd.
Tin: doling niH-'ting of tho campaign
will bo holl in tlm Athcncum to-night,
(i j everybody and hour the truth.
Jon Mottinr.v cot drunk nnd win
ftnod by llrm this morning nnd tho
ttnii ". trimmings. Sliihnn intulo the arrest.
IS f X. r -
ltiaiAfti) IlAitrotf win pulli-d by .SIrm
, han for drunketinoM and disorderly rem.
duct thl morning, and II roil lined him 3
nnd tho trimming. l'nld.
lox. UovntlKSTT vra out on a Httlo
ut light, aud took aboiird loo much
6f ''liquid forty rod." II o was, there
ton, fined. 1 for drunkcnnei. Arrested
. jJoUJr IlEttricr,'a colored man.wa flMi
.y iqttlrn DroM tbf morning, for refusing
to jiity'bbJ Mroot tax. "What might have
Ucn acttl6d for $3, cot him $ 'Ji. Tin-re
. , r,joveral other delinquent that will bu
looked after.
Vmkd Blank kniil'Ii'i, of the Washing
ton saloon, Is a Judgo of good beer, nnd
kn?p no other kind. HI St. IahU lager
li, confascdly, tho best kept in Cairo. Call
on blm and try it. tf
Tha penalty for lllcgalrotlriL' and fall
iwtarlog l Imprlionmunt In tho -nlteii-tlary
for any period of tlmo not moro than
twenty-ona year nor lt- than onn jt-i,
Zrery proniullty of illegal voting or
false iwoarttig will tapro(c.'UU-d to tho full
extent cf tliy law.
Sixca the flrit of Augint In'., nnn thou
i and two hundred and thirty cr of coal
bare been brought to Cairo p'-r IlllnoW
CVntral railroad. If itniiding together
that number of cur would form n tmlu
uvtr eight miles long. Over one thousand
rar load were for city consumption and
alu. The balance wn unl by tho rond
A IUli. 111 bo given in the Mockler
IIoukj, .corner of Fourth ttrcut and Coin
morclal uvenue, on Wcdnoidiy evening
next, for tho benefit of widow Fitzgerald,
Mho U now Ci year of ago uwl In very bad
'health. Ticket CO cent. Wo hope that
every ono of tbe old lady' ticket will bo
r old,ai alio is adottrvlng old woman and
i " should bo helped. , H
r .
f (lOtU MilONIC JyiCKKT IjOT. Ij"t,
f 1 Mween tho Saint Charle Hotel and tho
corner of .Sixth trect and thu Uhlo levee,
one-half of a Qold Maioulc IK-ket in thu
bapoof h keyitonu, with varlout Minonlo
I'jiibleini engraved jm the outniile. 1'ivt:
Do li. aiih roward will ln pnld to thu tinder
' of tho lumo on It return to inn.
Jkwktt WiWov, t. Charle Hotel.
Nov. 7 at.
I).W. Miinn will deny tlm tho truth of
tho damaging charge wo hnvo fastened
upon hlr;i, of eouric. I'eriiona vho know
him expect nothing elio. In his preient
dMpcratoramo of mind ho I ready, on
tho llghtot provocation, to deny hi own
To TUK ruw.ic. My biuinm i-ngiigo-im-nt
during tho pait two month having
boon of n imturo to prevent mo from J
. ( opklo canviJ, I hereby. withUrnw
'" from tho conteit a a candldnto for the of
ficivpf .ihoilll'.
I nin very thankful to tho numcroui
friend wha Wndtrud nie thoir lupport,
aid hall ripioiubor thoir partiality for mo,
with a viow tome day of reciprocating.
On& Uvndbkd Mibbouui Nkubok1 A
aegro man nrrlvod in Cairo thl moinlng,
to get pay from iler. ilunn and l'opo
for bringing ovor, a ho laid, a gang of
about-oao -hundred Mlnourl uogroo tu
voto in Dog Tooth preolnct I Wo nro pro
pared to profo this fact by llring wlt
noMti. 1 "What d6 honest men now think of
, . the mean retorted to to elect Dan MunnT
Nioht School. In eompllanco with tho
Wlhe of many friend, I will open night
school on Monday evening, Nov. 7th. Stop
up promptly then, boy and girl, bo or
t ganUed into cluiee, and engage in profit
able work, J.J. DA17KKF.Y
Nov. 4. 3t
CAtno, Nov. 7, 1870. Kd. Uuu.Km:
Will you pluaso notlco tlmt tlio 1'arlor
Concert" which was announced for to
morrow evening, nt tlio residence of -Mr.
Ollbort 1m t lioon postponed until a week
from to-morrow ovoning. ilOJIIlIH.
V. S. It ha been requested' tlmt II. II.
O.alngs '"Ti nlco to ho n Father,'' Vc,
which ho may do.
Tu k Ath KNKUJt. The Young men i-f
Cairo will give tho Shadow l'antomlno
arid Mngio linntcm exhibition in tlio
Athcncum, "Wednesday evening, Nov. Dtli
for tho benefit of tho Orphan Asylum of
tlili city, to help pay oft" tho largo debt.
I'. I tha II rd exhibition of tho kind in
Cairo nnd thcro should bo a largo turnout.
A largo find chut .Mngic Lantern ha
been purchased for tho occasion.
All tlicxo who want fun and n goml
laugh, eomu mid help tho orphan. Ad
mUsion oO cent. St.
A -Missouri negro who camo In from tho
country thl morning, and who ay that
ho brought over tienrly one hundred nc
groc to voto for Muun, in Dog Tooth pre
cinct, uxpriMsi-djm iinxiuty to voto curly
Unit hu and hU coiiipuriluns might return
In tlmo to vote in .MUiiourl.
Thu tliu evidence of n purpwo tocom
mlt a great fraud upon tho people, multl
ply. Can honest men voto for can.ildatc
who thus sock ihcir own election by mean
at once fraudulent nnd criminal I
If any person whom nnmo appears upjii
tha register thall bo challenged, it will de
volve upon him to bring two rcgidnrod
voter of the precinct, who are personally
known to tho Jmlgys, to wear that ho has
resided in tho Stito u year, tho county
ninety day nnd tho precinct thirty day
immeiliattly irrftlin tfit elrtttnn.
If anv person olfer to voto who U not
registered ho mint prove hi right to vote
by tho oath of n registered voter ntul Aon
Aof''rof tho precinct wins is known to tho
Judges otherwise tho vote will bo rejected.
This provision of tho law will be found in
the amendtiiuutof IbCi, and, with nil other
provisions of tho law, will bo rigidly en
forced. VOTE FOR H- W WEBB-
(iKnMAV Samtaht Am .Mkkti.vcj.
On AVitlnctday evening ntxt a meoting
of(irinau p.-ople, Udlet and gentlemen,
will bn held In the German School house,
on Fourteenth street, to which thu Ger
man of Cairo nnd vicinity and particu
larly of MounJ City, nro i ordlally invltod
Thu object of thu meeting is to rnlse
tiiwin to contribute to tho relief of Ger
man soldier engaged In tho war with
Franco who nro lying tick and wounded
and in need of help, and for the relief al
so of the destitute wlJows and orphun of
tho bravo men who have already fallen in
battle. '
Iut ull (Jvruian who can do so, attend,
whether male or female.
Uy order of tho committee.
l'AUi. G. frciiuti, IWt.-
Nov. 7 lit
OWrtd Itu, llriul, If Ton fan.
Unscrupulous members of tho Radical
ring of this city will urgo colored men to
vote, in utter disregard of tho law. rhcy
will tell tho col j r (si men that tho oath is "n
mere matter of form,'1 and that norup'Ui-
slbility I incurrel by wenrlng falsely.
Wo warn colored men to ' bs- mr-
they're right boforu thoy go nhe.ul.
l'hu law say. if tho person ottering to v-to
l challenged, h shall priluco two witnc I
fe, known by the judge to bo voter, und I
thcia witnesses shall swear that the said
person ollorlng to votu Is an actual iio.nm
kihk resident of the pn-elm-t, and has re-
Idcd in tho Stale during tho year last
Now wo wMi to call tho attention or tho
colorc-1 voter to that horrid Lutin, Choc
taw or l'ebel word, hoxa ruiK. Is thin
ft colored man in Cairo who will make thu
desperate venture of swearing that any j
brother colored man l iio.va huh: in any- ;
thing? Wo shall not my that the colored j
man who make such uu oath will fall dnid j
in hi track, or even go oil" and hnng him
self, but, In ignorance or the meaning of j
tho word, (or braco of words) u would ,
-.. . .1.... tj unt'i L'lttt '
mil Dwuisr unit nny iiutii it nw... i .....
for tho wealth ot tho Itothsohlld.! Tho do
vll would haunt our golng.-oul nnd our
coming.n until, In puru fright or desper
ntlon, wo would "flee to tho mountain of
IIcpIdnm" nnd gnaw tho roughest tlio to
be obtained In that vicinity.
It I bad enough to wear tint any man
U hoha. "Wo warn colorod men not to
hold up their hand und add tho run:! It
i not our purposo to intlmiduto nny man,
but wo now give notlco that tho punish
ment will bo terriblo and degrading if it
hall bo discovered that any man is called
Hon a vide, who Isn't.
Tho etymology of tho word wo will not
attempt to give. It had it origin far back
In tho dark age of the world, when men
wero murdered for pastime, nnd women
wcro hanged und quartered because thoy
woro black hair nnd couldn't help wink
ing. During the lato war, tho "bloody
handad rebel" used it us n battle-cry, and
many a bravo Union man went down with
tho horrible words ringing in hi ear :
"Doha Final" Hut enough. We hnvo
sounded the notoof warning. Let colorod
men disregard It nt their peril.
Mayor's Office, Cairo, I1U., 1
.November 7th, 1870.
Wlioro.n, It being deemed ncccssnry
that perfect order und rinrmouy pravnil
at tho poll to-morrow, Tuosday, Novem
ber 8th, 1870, It H horoby ordered tlint nil
drinking aloon, tippling shops or place
whom spirituous, vinous or malt liquors
are vended nt retail, bo closed on that day
between tho hours of 7 o'clock, n.ifl., "'nnd'
7,o'c!ock,p.m., and all sales orjiving'tiwny
of uch liquor, or tho keoplng open of
such houiei is horoby strictly forbidden
Tho people aro nlso ipeoially calitioriud
against carrying concealod deadly wca)
oni on thnt day.
Tho Police nro ordered to promptly en
force tho nbovo nnd ull other ordinances
nnd to arrest, without ceremony, nil vlo
lntorH of peace and good order.
H Is tho duly of every good law-abiding
clti.on A ce that ull infractions of thr law
are tliurpty and dtcUlrthj met, and it will
be dun'. Thtrrforc, let no disturber of
the :accjt'ttti' hinnelf tlmt force will not
be iMtimliatcl'j umul when necesmry to pre'
Acrte order or protect the city.
TH03. AV1LSON, -Mayor.
- - - -
A Fink Tiiissi von Tin: Tcimi.-Tlic
fragrant Ho.odont ha taken a very prom
inent placi; among thu most approved den
trifiCiw of the day. It t u very jKijiular
urtiulo for tho toilet, highly recommended
liv ull who hnvu used it, a a bcnutlllor nnd
preserver of thu ,tceth, rcfrrshlng tho
mouth, sweetening tho breath, and arrest
ing tho progress of decay.
'.Si-ALiii.vu'h G:.U:,,r Stickiest thin gout
Vou.so Hkaks ox Aoi:u .Siiouluei.
It U no lnoger a lontliKf uu task to drakeu
gray lmlr. l'UALu.N'a Vj tai.ia, "on Sal
vatiu.v foK the JI.wi:, nlfoct tho chnngo
without nny unclean .nccompiinlmeiil. It
1 u limpid, clear Haiti, und hat a pleasant
aroma. The number of applications de
termines the (hade. No scdlm ent, no
stickiness, no darkeued'bottleslSold by all
druggist and fancy goods, dealers.
Oct'.Hd.S:wl w
"WlIATTHK rur.S HATH. Tho Head
ing ( In.) DUpateh say : " The wull-!cnowii
superiority of MISHLKKS HKltU U1T
TEUS will spare us tho necessity of say
ing anything at length In favor of thl
magical Toiitcuud Stimulant. Wherever
this Hitler I bet known, it imH with
uu wtonUbing nlo. Thl i li.-.- cas.i in
our ectio:i of tho country. There aro
cnc In this city whero thu inou radlca
euros hnvo been oirected in chronio dl
eases cane whleh the bct phjlclan
could not clft'i t, and wo know score of
families (our own among the number) who
would not be withuut this Great House
hold Kotncdy for any consideration. I.tl
evury family in the land keep ll on hand."
Sold by nil roipectablo druggists. Price
ono dollar per bottle. Oct. Kl.cod, wit
9 9 9 9 9,5 $
lAMKS-M. llAtntow, .M. 1).', Physician
and Surgeon, formerly of ho ludlnim
Stutu Hmplul I now in the clly and will
remain hero until .the 15th of Novonibcr.
Those mfioring with any form of Insanity
whether Incipient or of long standing will
do well to call aud sco htm. He will dem
onstrate to yo.i the morbid conditions of
tho brain, nnd will tell you what produced
It, 'vc. Tho Uoctor will alo dlagnos nnd
treat your dleaso with liresucec
whether ll liu constitutional or local. Strict
attention will bo given to all forms of
Chronic disease.
Ho will rullovoyou of ull private disea
se primary or eeondary without J tho use
ofmoreiiry, and a f tiro cure warranted.
Otllce nt Coiiiim-relal Hotel, Itoom No. I
ilessr. Fred lloehler ; Co., of the Cen
tral Meat Mail.ut, desire it understood that
thoy keep nil kind of meat, beef, pork,
mutton, lamb and veal; that they buy ami
la-.ighter the best and fattest animal
brought to this market; drw nnd fcrvo
out tho meat In a neat und cleanly man
nor, and ileal with everybody fairly and
.Market haskeU ot customer delivered'
free of charge to i.ny part of thu city.
Fresh 6ausagu on aluovery.morrl'iig.
Uuy your meats, then, nt the Centra
Meat -Market, near thu corner of Tenth
ttreet, on WuUilngldu avenue.
aep-!) d:Jm
x muck mvmiNd houhk rou
A two Btory brick Tcldencc, admirably
arranged, with largo ground (1 loU), blt
uatcd on tho corner of Holbroolc avonuo
nnd Twenty-third elroiit, will bo sold on tho
most reuspnnblu tonus. It la located on
high grounds, in an excellent neighbor
hood, tho ground containing bearing fruit
troes, vine and choice selections of shrub
bery. It l, In hort, ono of iho complolost
omes In thu city.
Apply to W. II. THOMAS,
I At Tiiomn", Green sV Amen 1.
"How sit eyes ncho," (said a lady
whllo reading Harper's edition of Dick
on's l'ickwlck.) Now, If thntlady had been
tiling Lnr.nrus & Morris' perfected spec
tacle, sho couldhnvo read tho sumo size,
typo from four to six consecutive hours
without tho slightest inconvenience.
Tabor &. Bros nolo agent. Sco advor
tlsmcuU, , f tf.
Fob a glass of splondld St. Louis lago;
lejor tlio best In the city go to the
Washington saloon, cornor Washington
nvcnuo nnd Fourteenth street. tf
Succehs. Tho great Napolcon'i only
criterion was Success, and this ha been at
tnincd by tho Charter Onk Stoves. Ovor
J00,000 liitvc been sold sinco thulr intro
duction, and the demand waxes stronger
every day Oct 3lt. It d fc It w
Ciiautkk Oak CooKiNa Stoves and
Evening Star heating stoves the best in
use for sale by C. W. Henderson, 100
Commercial Avenue. Seo advertisement.
CtTT Taxes. Tho clly tnxes nro now
due nnd must bo paid on or beforo tha 10th
instant. Otherwise), cost will bo added
as I shall, on that day commenca tho prep
aration of tho delinquent list. No further
tlmo can bo given. .1. II. TAYLOK,
City Collector.
Nov 2, 1870.
Fresh llaltlinoro oysters served In nny
stylo desired, can bo obtained, nt nny hour
of thu day or night at Louis Hcrocrt's
rcataurnnt. Also oysters for salo by tho
can, In any quantity desired, at tho snmo
prioc. tf
Fi.puu- Choice Fatuity Flour in bis
half bull., socks, Ac, for sale at tnc Egyp
tian 31111s. nu
Shell oysters received every day by
Louis Herbert. tf
I). Lamukiit, Ohio Lo.veo, Klwccn
Klghth and Tenth streets, has enlarged
nnd improved his shnving and hnlr-cuttlng
s it he 1 pa red to sliavo custo
mer in first class stylo.
Clean towels, sharp razor and courteous
attention nro nmong tho attraction of the
establishment. tf
Tub Pi:oi-l.' Meat Mahket. O
Uayei-. & Co., PiiorniKTOiw. The meat
market just opened by Gayer and Co., at
tho comer of Washington Avonuo and
Tutith street, I jut exactly such a meat
market as those who know Gayer would
expect him to citubllsh when hu "spread
himself." Everything Is now, freshly
painted, nnd wear an nlr of cleniillncfs
that nnonn will fall to commend.
Gayer V Csi. nro among tho oldest nnd
most ovperh-nced butcher of tho country
and have learned that it pay best to keep
Urst clasi meats, nnd command n llrstclus
custom. If citizens would, therefore, se
cure rpk-udid frerh incut, pork, beef, mut
ton, veal, lamb or sausage they can nl
way tlnd them In nny quantity desired nt
the Peoplo's meat market. Jutttrylt. tf
ror Hlirrltf.
We iiteniitliorltnl tu nunimn'O tli ilt. A. H.
lltVIN mcua.lUI for the oftlo- ofHhsnrt uf
Alti!iil-r county, alilioi niiini! NosnulxTtlec
Una, mil'jret to tlio ilrcMon of ttii. li'uumtlc
C.itimj (Joiivi-allon. unt.l
cjkvi.vj M.icni.vi:t.
Tho Compli-tost, Siiupk-fst mid ItJ
Sewing JIachIno In Use
Cor, 8th Si, & Washington Ave
Tho ili-hun l for the H.WIrt MKWI.Sfi if.VCII
t.NI'.lo tin. Atlantic Stntni, sthcre Hies rs hejt
knnwn, nml where tlis-y npil.uit all nlln-rs, I
up-Met tlun s-iin le riillril. .... ,
It never fain la any kin.l of work. II Imtliiiple,
cfiiiltlnif a low lrou; irt, nml ll sstiis-.
feeit rmsMfii ll to rim oyer Mms i.nJ In tuiu oof.
iicmwltlioiiteliniisoof llleliiirlriii"a.
llollilng nml ion tnniiiifnfliirt-i" i f--rlt t
nil thr, ami lhat U U Ju.l l!- Ihliut fur fuiiiilt
i wlnj;s'er)l).'ly il I ucknulmll "i-r uiuiu.
'".M?rii Iliiilem hvi- tevernl mns ami ililti i-rent
J.' efflol.li, nl rc'i-liully Invito all who
wiint tlsii
Sluiiufin;liiri.l tOKI'O lieni " lf'l purs-lia.
Iiigflntia here,
Call ami Get a Circular.
riirl-or of lit
llilllard Halooa aad Bar ftoom
131 Dorado
10U Cuiumerclnl Ave.,
Cairo, - - - - llliis
. .. i " t
IIm provluoil a
'Popular Public Resort
Where the visitor will Unit Urge airy room
u-pHoiI f tit
ComlorlaUe neatH, etc., and aU( upiii vita
tho lient and rooletlsg'rher, the nurnt win
ami llqimra.elK"! eto., to Ita foiiinl In tvlro.
Kvento.ly in lavllo-l to call in unit "ioo oil,
IMenty of loom free to cverylJy.
i ah mm
HI. l,oiii, TiOiiUviilv. JSnt!lnniitI
ChlcMRitt icw York, ISuatuu
I...AXD kit
PoliitM EtiMt aiulNoi di
PntscBKcr Trnlna Arrive at nml Is-nv
Cairo ita follow t
Mall Expre.
ARHlVK-lOO A. M !-jn P. M
UEPART-ai08 A. 91 .....2l4.1 1. M
Beth train eonnfet at Ontralla with train en th
maxiv mije.
Pana, tSrcalnr, nioomlnplou, I't 1'nan
tin Nnlle, Jlcintotis, Krreiiurt, IJaltnii,
lluliiiiiir, nml nil iolnl In Illlnnls,
?IUaoiirl, riliinciota, 'WIseoiiitii nnd
An.l with linen running Ijist ami Went for
St. Loul. Sprlngfli-ld, Louisville, Clu
clnnnti, Indianapolis k Columhiis,
Ami at Clilono with MluhlKnn Central, 2!lchl
. Hoiilliorn, tml I-lllstiiirff. Tort Wnyno
anil Chicago luilroii for
tlik IV
Kit IK,
tit 0 lllfltt
lo vsi
. 1
For through ticket anil mfurtnation, apply
at llllnol. c'enlnil Kall:oa. In pot.
nrner.il I'ansi-iiKi-r Ai:int, Chlcnijo
M. IIUOllITT, (tfniTalBiitvrinleO'ii-nt.
J. JOll.NHO.N, AKfllt, Cairo.
On nml nflcr Thurftdny, April llllh
trnins trill rntt nH follows :
sniso oCTn wst tr.xxt irKiS'SrltLb.
Kl iFUIM t.u.tttvMMtH...l' 1') P M
ExpTtPI hmi''jI')' A M
Stall Iifi r. m.
Xtkinceloao connrttiona nt Pan's wllli Illinois
Ontrnl It. U. for L'alr.i nml nil liolnta annth. ami
with tlio Iml.APt. Loila U. 1(. for tnilmnpolla
ann ixiuiaruie, ami an point iM-innn anuuie ii.i.
Also, at Friiti(Arlil witii thu Tnlvilo, Wnb.uli Jt
Wr.lf rn It. It. tor tnlnry ami all imint wot, nml
ithlha ChicaRo&tft.tniiis II. It. for Ht. Loul
ami Chicago, iukI.II point npilli ami northwrat.
K. DOKJE, (li a'lbupt.
JOHN FOGfllTT,fJ.m- Ticket ARt-
a rtr
XlllVlt. HE.l'iJl'.S
Jtany ys-arn'eiporunco In rurim; rontimptlon,
riysps'pfU.con.iIpation, piles, iIi.i ah' of ilio Liv
er, l.lou J. kln, nuil urlunry nrKm),il.-i ln-1 tho
tartllngfact tliat the majority f llini wore omul.
-i hy iuJ colli. ifi lily lw curnl nnrr eiirinz iht-iu
of .tmltinl wMkno.. 'iihalalion, rniitiri, Iron,
tonic, ktlmuhnu, liypohihili'i, iiirri'iiry.cop.
aliu, tulx-1.1. Uii-hti, iiijilliins,nuil thii nritliry
rrintd leu li.nl rtvnl wvxto than nrli-s.
kviih:xci: ntovi.-.tJ
DH. I-I1I3 A. TH?S
-rratiiiist Sur)t rlor to nil ollirrs.
I ilrrin It a iluly tu nny you rr.rr I throt- cnscii of
roii.iiinpllnii, nft. oilier rrnuilli H J.nlisl, amltHD
of Typholil Ki vrr In tlio latts-r st.i'. I will
reml )ou lliflr uin.lsritu If nu uih
JAMhWI-Ki'lllbS, M. p.,CnnivU Wt-nl.
You mini mr wlfo nf lonit-staiillnu nml;iifi
an.l iu)wlf of iiT4 or tlii'liwr, ki.Iai'y, slo..
tflsir trswtiuvut Iniift lllni" lir ullicr.
ii. W. UK K, II utforl.t' inii.
Aflir hisrlnu hs-rn trralr.l hy profiisnrn ninl
inallf I'llilnunt phy.ioUiis tillhoilt l'liclit fnrln
iliffrsllon, dlitlnr... hunt atTit.'tloii, roiiuli, ilis
raorof I lie Iciii;, Iilt, kiml-)n, nn I nwouo ili'
tnlity, yuu rr.luicil iik- In llin J mniilha In niniity
Tl.ramltfuo.lH'.illli. r..vrilllll., .N. V.
My wlfr'acivso was eonsiilrrcil hnpclrss by all
tho i.liy plclau. but nr tho I.Ii-.siii,- in' Iho Al
iM'K'il) yon rt slorril lnr to ln-alih. A Ihniis.in.l
tluiika. I'.. II.IIIIKKITII,
KlitiU'lli, l'oyl i.-.i., ml.
Your mo.llolunrthi Ktrali'.t i'ri-rilii'OVi ril
hy nuuu Tlivy ojro I my .uu of Hroui-iuii, ys
PPiu, ni l to miU iiiir liotior inn i iirluis
linvn iipalllinf i. A nn lnliumi'iii In iln hamls
of Oik! wolhankyiiii firavlnu bun.
W.U. J.&TKI'HK.VH.ftaaJli.ky filjr, O.J
Yuu 1iao rclUiT.-J mo of pain nn l r-lori-il my
uriui-io It. iiitiiml I'oliir, rli-.
II. IlllCllCliniC, Mi.irnn, VI.
You clirf.t mo nfilistf.isi'of .ray rar.' rlainlui.
I autrs-rdl ivrrll ly lirfori. I took i.ur iiu'.llrinf.
JIM. IIAItTI.KTT. Iturlinetop. N.J.
Tour iiii'illclau s-iirt'il uiiu-xi miil.lly, I umill
liae it 1 1 son J'ss) hail s mi rt-imirul it. .
J. ItLtUlUl-UMijr., ,.fU' It I vi r, III.
I tei-l jtrjti-fn' tu von. k" I nnt ii'U rx'"li.. to
llvo wnrn I coniiiif r'r l join im .luiuo. I knoiv
no oihprcmi.il (iitc isreii'mK.
Ml. II. I. llAlMli:N,MilMiiiil.i-,Vni.
Tin awrtllnif tlmt nffllfli-.l my nlf if suHrtly
ri-iiiosril hy your mcilK-ini-. II. M l 1 11 1 it ,
M i Hur.'ii.i'iii.i.
Veil i.Mllf.l lil.' nf li .ll.i'.n- ul ill rtv) i.i.i.(.iiiJ
IliJ. .l f',. Mllll KII' A .On wi.il,
Vim ri-mutu i ins l.-ds-n'-i'i i i m .,li. ; I ii
i'. i in liliw ! )-. M W-m Willi. li ',
Wi.'if" lost l.llil, i.
I li:iw U'.'n n tlui.illl.t )i.i' in.m In. nioill.
I'im-y.x. sent m Mr- m NMMCInmiN,
Null t.ttv. iitl.
Thiri- l y.niM.i .!! liiiul . n it'"- li.- pr I li.t
Kiill, but i mil ino-iU'iiirt ri.i i . Hi,)' In i.i.
-Mm HUTU t.HiX ll, P r .i.i'hiii.
ThoyountjinMii onriiii-it ' (iir.ilw.i.n Imp.'.
Ha IMi of thn-o rrii' tllliHK. Ill) omilil nut
II uu III. lli lor luu s ars.
J. II. Mr.U.MI-K, !llll.-.ti, Ii.il.
riitirji'UrsB,' ! iiiyi'oiiiiiiuii hi trisriiinpi.'y
hroki'ii iltinn, I. ill you Imi- niiuili li Is niiril in-'
J.J. llllllS, t,ii.fciiry, I'a,.
t rivi'lv.il iiiiiiii-ill iii-rrlli'i tt- .smir inml.t'lno '
IlK.VI.IIl'H-r, LmrioMK Kv.
My.lile l well. fiiK.S fl)".- A-IIUV
l-ispi mini. I, Dn Ik-, l l.
Iildli't think I ll'ivo ii i. uwl n.lr, ll.vl-ff.iro.
ainu uu inou. iur.,i.'iiii'
J.MfllKVIIM X, l.sn Ion, III.
1 h mI Iho 11 ror jruniil suit , ilji-i i .i.l ', mi l loinif
I IIM Ui- siiim hvfiim I li"ik y lir tiomii'ifiil iiiimI
..inc t. VAVriilKH, (s.Iiiiiii,iihio.
Vnur mrilii'mo S'uroil inii..r. tin- p.nu In my
liiniuili,ai' I mus-iuu1 Ihrouh my slunilli-i".
Mr. II. Tint I... I tuts-1 mlriiti',tl.
lame TfinnlM. D.uivillr. K'.. onrnl nl ll'll
-:lt' 'i ilii-aai.
(.narli-nl.niliili, i;iir'i nil'T iiiviih; imtii ist.su
ill. In-. I I.) ii li'li.lU'r i.f iti'i lurr,
Tims. illMinon, llnrrisontiilii,ivioiolhri'
yrBrfli-r wp limlriirnil hini.hrtwns Wfll.
Mr, I.. II. Hill, IIihI iik liu-'il, Ky iwkm-.a
Wiii. Ilovrr, Ciiim foril.Mlh-, liuli.ni, wruli- J.m.
IhTii, Im.l rnii'.l him t'iulil tinra .rt vimta.
K-MH)nr tii'ouH Hull, llriMitltn, 'lrnr
I'linul of nl. I ilui'u.o of kiilni-ja- .in. I tln.lilt r villi
iml).l.o iilhor nriinn.
Iltahul n imiu'iiroiis nli rr oil this f.ii'o nf .N.lli
f m l llai-ili-u, ! , l-rviii-tiiit of thu Uhtlliuin
Hunk, Ni'w York, vhlilith4iiio.ti'iiiiiii-nt ilni'tura
ami pioffitaom lin.t tri-ot-'il i-mht )i.im.
I'olirnia ran In- nt llu-lr hoinos, tsithimta i(-r
mniil Inters hy alutniK Im-irpatt aiiilprtscat
I'limlltion MUk I'ri'O. OIIkt. 710 ir..ulu(,
NfW.Yoik iKjO!li'oiblv
BOOK i mil
".11. KHI.KUK,
. , -481IIUNAUl.K
8001 AND SHOE .iUD
Iletuocu Wttsliiu(;tuii .lit) & roplur S j
HoeUausl Sbuaa Milt loOrilcr. 1'iiii'
Wa.1iin.il Klil.ililVll. I
Satisfaction Warranted
PulrsMittfe (toUcltcd.
apt!'.' iwu
Great Eemedies
M.mnf icliirer nml vi n. r m (I p
Smith's Tonic
FOR Till'..
rpHK pronrlrlor of thl cclchrafcl m.lli'inr
X iiitiy claim ror it nsiiperivrity over all ro
inc. lies cTcrolIcroiltothi. pulilm for tlm
dm. tptrd) and j trmtucrJ ttn uf Asnaoinl Ki-Ts-r,
or Chilla an.l IVstr, hlhi-r of fhort or lone
ttnnilintr. Ho rrlrra in the cntirn Urats-ru urnl
(iutlnTf stt ru ronntryto ln'ar him testimony lo
tlm truth nf tho abortion, that In no rasp
hiiinTcr will it fail In euro, If tho dlrmiona art
Irlctlv IoiIomcI ninl carrlfl out. In n eri-.U
minyrn.p n alncln iloso hs hpim suftlolcnt for i
ctirp, ami ss holts famlllta lmn brrn ciinl hy a
In Flo IkiIiIp, with n pirfrct ri'storatinn nl the
Kfiirrat licnltli. Jt Is, iiowevor, prmlont, nml in
ftpry rnsn moro certain tu curp, If it.- 110 la cum
tlntioil In .mailer iloo for a wcuk nr tonfl..rlli
ilUrase liar hocn ehrcltcil, more pspcol.illy in iht
fleult nn.i Inn tunillnjr rn.cn. U.tially, th..
mrdlclnnwlll not rpniilm nr.v nl.l to Lrpnttip
towel In ijooit iinlrri ahoiihl Hut pttunt, ho v
rr, require n cathaitlo nirillrino, afn-r harliis
tnkfn thrpo nr four ilop nf II111 Tonlr, n slnslr
rtojn nl llnll'N Vrectntiln Kmiilly IMII.
will In atiliiclcnt.
DB. JOHN HULL'S Principal offlcot
NO. 40 I'lITH, (C'roiss struct,)
To!MyVnltctlSUi(c-H ii'iitl l'rltl
ivltlo Itcmlt-r:
JHAVh rrceivnil many Icatttnonial Irom
rroli-nlon.il ami mcillcsl men, my almanacs
nml viirious pnl.licnlions liatu .hovin, nil of which
arcKnuim.. Tho follnnlnjr, from b hljihly ssln.
catril ami nntmlarphyalcinn In llrorxia, la cer
tainly onnollliu iiio-i .Piiaililorotnmiiairation.
1 h.ue over tMnircil. lir. Clrmpiil knowir.
nelly what lie i paI.s of, nml hla ti .ilmony ilc-ai-ri-
to tin written In li-llcra of L'ol.l. )Iar
whiit Iho l)oi'lor ) of -lltll-a Utriii I)c.
Vlllanow, UaiKi-r Counly, On.,
' Jllllli ZJ, lui. I
tr. Jons IlrLt Iwar Sir: 1 liar ri-renily
piu-n your "Wctm Dutrosrr" m'ttral trials,
am hn.l it woinli'tfiilly otti.'no.uds. II ha. not
f.nli'.l in n altilo inntaiuo lo hntri- lh- umhoil-lor
rilrrl. I nm iloin n putty lsr'n i-iiiiiily prai-lti'l.
ami liain il.il y i.o fcr koimo nrin loof Iho I; ily
I nm frro in s-onfcis .lint I hmiwof nn rume n
rit'omtncmloil ly thonhlvst AUllmrilii a Hi t i
vrrUui u'i I osily 111 It. On tlinrniitrii y
ll.i'vuro uiicrriniiiia tho vxtrcmo. My ot.jr-ct 111
rllluKou is In nml out uiion what ti riua I enn
f t Hip 1.1. iliruii -tirn'tly 11 Jin you. Iflrani-rt
u iipnii r .y term., 1 .liuil u..i u nn-nt ilrnl ol It.
I amasMirr that tho iiaitotmichntliclp l.cuutrnty
In thaltMichtiiKS nml pnu-lko of it Ktrat mnnnty
of Ilio ri.jr Km) iliwarilim; a rriiii ily whlvhwu
know lo l i- kiulicirnt, lni.ly lin-niipr(i iarb
liimiint of il.. uiiiil.ln.itloii. Kor my pvt. I .hall
tn.ilio il a nils? Id iiso nil an I nrry mean to at
lovialo aiiilrriughiiumnity wh h I m.iy U nhle
In ciiininunJ not lii'.il.'ilni;; 'jochiiiu .oinn one
morn liiKi'iiioiia than my .Wf haro Iraninl Ha
i lfiH is tlrsl, anJ urvl IIm iin iljjlit to ircurr
thnt Itnowltil).". HfittPtPr, I r.m hy no nu-anaan
iiiltiK'aUiur auppoitrrof Iho tliou-:m. uf woilhlisa
no'tnima lli.t il k.. iho inuiily, that prritltn
i iiii' till iiiiiiinor 01 il.(.ju.. to nin . ". -1, 1 In r
I'll .Us-tppty -.', ninl Inform 111 1 ). ir - ij
Irrins. Iuin,.ir, i ry rii un. y.
'juLiiiiV. clkii:m M.U.
Stt-itil ilto C'uiiIiiIii'n I.t-IU-f anil
Use Hit-tier lVsnti His .llotla-t-:
Uilltnil lUirulia, M .,, A I tn, I'.
I)!t. .hill.V lll'I-L- 1 ii- - r Li. 4 'ik'th rib
Oii'licynf uu 1 :ui-jiirill.i, ui.il t . liu , . . j ui.
la-'nht'i-'l iiniil.l p. it - 1 -i't. 1 I- !.(
loll.. min I.J 'nuil 1 'i' 1 ; .
I SH 1. 'lIMl 1 1 .1 II il....i I S". I 1. .. 1 1.
I'ri.iiiii-r nut nnlin m In.- mtii.. : 1 . .uh-. 1. ug
iii.ito.i h . 1,11 I,,, my tiiaiii I liHtc i.vt llvJic'l si'.
1 luttf-niM a. 1 npii 111..11.W1. iw H I i.. 1 . iiutii
lam .ho ll rimtili di hijw. . I. uviifru l.cnlll
is inipiiii' i, huiI 1 111 I Miinisi'i.iiji in ai-i.t in
luri-. I lu im.ri fjilli In sur -"..i-.ijMirr:.i tli
in rnythii.ii I'l-e. I w U-t t6.it ll. .1 wi i.iiIup
I'lP.OO I'SIHIM tllO fl lltlf ll 'I I I'll'. 4, Kit
Cllise UAIT C. I'. MHN'H.V,
ft. tl, iln,
V. H Tholollosililit w wrilhiii spnl , 1"',
tu JIiii. Jrrnlit J.husniu, iiiaiIi r t -i 1 Ji.. ir
on: Dlt, JOHN liri.l,-is...-ri M t Jl'.i'i'l, In.
C !. jnliiitoti, wn 11 akillfn! auryi 11 m.. luiy.lc
'lit in niriil ."ww Viirk.'wliari- ilnl, l. tvui)
thu ah-iT. C. I'. Jnliti.iWi 1a my .i . At tlnriPtt
ji 'its n gt, lir h.'ul 11 l iirnui" ! ii 1 in hue
mriifuU, fiit 'l ii'll I yitsi'liiiu ji.i.r r..'iipiiril,
IT Cl'lllil' HIM 1 lialu fi 1 u " -' laimiill.
jifj.ja.-l ll 10 iMitiy iii .N. a York, Hit" nml Inn,
for arrofuli, tsvpf im, aiw "ji iic.mI debility,
IVrliH't niiH'p.a has ilnl 11 mus tjfuin
la mi fn. If 14 j.rala iaj Iri.r vt't uImim
u.ruc.... I Kin si'.) i 'mom ti.r 1 1 1 mi. to ajcuti
liu riv iui.o tu tu.icaraaniuill 1 11 i tuir'nl
nf ijhIIiiiu 11 .limii'tia nr" p, hrr.ci' lu4VllUi.)i lo
vallfiirit. Ilia uMl.ti.l . .(.'in lrnlii. . ail I I...
litis no 11 ill rpciirrr lti-ti.-i ifuUv.
(.edron Bitters
Arkansas Hoard From. .
Tc'Mtliiiouy of .Uctlltal -Ifeu
Utony 1'oiut Wlulo Co.,Aik. May a. 'wl.
Jir. Jonk lli'iu tX'ur Kin Lat I'obriiiuy I wa
at Lottlavilln purch.uin ilruj:., ntul 1 jjol aoim
of sour Hiir.ni'.inll.i nml CVilron llutrra.
My aon-in-law, who rn with I'm 111 thoatore
Ii.ih t..in iIomtii null U11 iln'iiin-itiniii for aoiup
huh', coiiiiiu'iK't'il on the l!ltti'r, unit aoou fouuJ
111. Knt'r.U hoalihimpnucJ, .....
Dr. lll.t. who han Ihpii ill Uul lii'ultti, IrlcJ
tliciii. an.l hu also liniirmi"!.
Hr CsilU-e, wha hni l.ctiu in hail health for aev
(Till year .(o'aKS uJ life ollrrli'il lio iinprotvil
vry imicli by tho ui of your littler, IihIcciI
h. U'llron lllltrra haa kIvpii you xroat popularity
111 this settlement. I think 1 ,couU cll u fruit
.iiuntily of your msHlicinti thl fall cpcolally Iho
(Vilron llitti-rs ami tf.ir.aiuiriilu. bhln mo In
MpuiiiUI r' ( lllukctt A NVt'ly,
I'reparod ,by Bit, JOHN UJjTj:t
.hla.liaboratory, fifth Htrcot, Louis.
1's.rNHlis by l.AHOJ.AV lSUOt
frttt thMrrltaticotmy Usi.lAc i in tint
r-ir iiiu ti 1 1 v 111 1 1 TiAi-infiiiAttf niirn n
'"Ut;il"ll. MIIIVII IlfUIfCLPIl. rilina irifi r
....tit- 1. . -. . .
iu;,ii.ii;a', lilt' (nil tw irvi riwiuiu
11 unci it'i viivu v 1111 Liiauieii iiurtiilii.
full torcmovo nervou jHbilityf looi'
unpipnnns u renin. wrK nrrvrii. neml
l..-l.. . i: l.a r . .
umy iv.it on tootiicr noriotM flu cm en.
. 1 ' 1 -1 hi vsi irnin iiicsj hris..sriiifirts nr 1
Ik ........ I . . .
i"-iiriivi- nii-inri" nni 11 vtawi. Iii trtfsxii
iiiniii j hi. 111111 in T.irriniiDi 11 rnnn
in crrillirriirir.-iu UC nown. TO CflUrn
iisnn ..nnlA.n ail ... .... 1. . ...
LJ-iiif. mm mica it tu 1 iniruciion inai w l
Jrt.lt Alt.. i.t... ..1 . s.
urea .iinriii, imIM
ucn 1 acni, t.ti lirua-hTar,
Dr. Harvey'
A plij lclnn ol in yran'cxpcrlonvo oirvrs
ii.'thlori'inutly, kn-jiitias
Harvflv s Uhrnnn-'r
v .
mal Pill
Chrann-Tlicnnal Tills mnt not Iki ponfo
wiin wiriiiiii 1 if ipnt inpiiii-'iniTia eiii iub r
It, II. f.Km . I ai Mlir a.ra. .an.l . Is
Ail'lrcs., fTKI'lin.V 1IA.MI.I.V.
Ocn I Ai;cnt,73T uroamay, -cr 1
riiiif.vcjN you or;iiT
A l.ocluro nn tho I'lillo'iinliy nr
III 1 SI II I II. -llllllllllllll llllll
OIsl A;e.
..p' ...... i I. ir t I
nh. -!-. -1 1 I I . .. . .. t- - .t
sonnii man. nml rut'H.'inllt H -li ; :i- ninl
mi. 111111111 r.iv.Hi'i m i, , . . ,
ll-p. ami ifhp IcllniliS Ihn ilmlr.li 'lil-r llu.rp
ilown, ha may I'.ont u ilisoa.o an I nt: . n ol
apimnil rpaknp.a. cml.a .r. cf . nn 1 ro
in.i itifiiiiiiuvi in ii.iri. I i t 'i M - .. r
by I'tio who lias nillpir.l a:i I r w
.iinrrK. ri'-'si 11 r-nir
M ilinti It. I'll ! 1 Ii naj.X w
n 1 t a
r.a llipp nnlr. anil .ire T!mp. Hfallh
In any itw. wlilrh they fall lo cure.
11. iiti'iriiv.1 i!nr nrv ti
HAM.-i, -Sos. I .V am
ercatrtt altcrailtps known.
Dlt. Itlt'HAt M HOLD
V.I.lXIlt II-AMOU l Is
lu Iha Mc. eal I. UU lit.
I'll ll 'N I. 111. 11. Allllll
U thvonlrnllableillarrllc.
Th.. ItrmMlp. at not .ajrtruinl ll I urn
In rtlWt a lla llpal anil rinpnlr Cllf. In all C4SPJ
itfiiirr. in., nr. rpiniinriiuru. .iith .11 uiuvr i.w
tntr'. iiti-p-itlrrt mj Ho(xl l'urlflcr kn'iwn.
f ni K.tii. H)ttruikWfi. ik ii inn urriietu ive
-a. n ' nMif 1 Itffi f AT X?
J Ull ll 1 I . tl 1 III ilMl
li'-nilU' irU.i In U I f pn
(aa ! amiPiAlH , 1 III All C1l.f3.
x . in iir 1 mrs imr
e "xy. in tt.ii ij iiiiii.i
i w it ill. : K it rmiucai run r ui u.ui
.1. 1.. . ti. i-rlce S3 1 -r I " -
II llll'll K l"0 V
i it). II ll II All O llV'lJl'Iji
JL Kl. -Nllt li'VMOl'K, a rv ai cur i.
.S.ri iUi cr Hon-ral Pc'ji, In I
rmtnffi Ifsirtlna irrr "I'll - f Uff I.
l-.lL. i .... I...II-. i Mr 1 ( ,r i.l.
i.nm v, ..1.. ... - - -
l- N ...v ....... -. . .
tflasj of laittlai.
... 1-.- . ...1 t.-.i- .11. t 1 21 a norr
illic.i'int, 1 .. ..
Aii irsii. 11 is. ji. i. I..V...1.. - -
Etrwt, Mit Yuit.
:i itu Uu 1 n m if 1
1 iiiiii 1 11 iim ri nn -mini ir .him
'Hih I u lrsi. tl'i itti pKltl. t i n
r r r r r n im n inii i ran
k.i , . .
itiiiiy nrriiii nit iimsii:'- mm ui l i - ' f.i
few of IliuiUa tuttliaLUtrucof-.v j tr.c tr
most In vol. C'urotlio I.ivvr "nit
A I'rr IWIHIIUII ill iiun n 4 -! . - - - -
luii ofrii.ii v vsirtLriin. mid t?jin ii'J ivj in j
v --o"
lVl.i liaan nai.H liV h tl n .1 f Pvl . Mvl Wis WIIO (
. i.... ...... . ..naAf iiianiiiit in uu r. ci
ll i itlir li riirr. , ,
iivniieiijiiii. i rUKiTuv
liav r.aa,ii i.riirun
Llls.arluul trii'siij,iiB u
ivaani)r. Liirrtiuu
ilrontv. botU. tiHlti l (ImtwH Wl.m,Hn..
1 4 l'rufilta Mtt n. Oi,
Cairo, iiiimii.

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