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1 , i
BY JOHN llVOMlUiY & (K).
Sk.vatoii Till Mill l.l. h jiiL'iarii),'
Hii.c!i mum 'f.Jril vi'rvii'i! ld'ullll. Ill
i - i - ,
whii'h, nintm (itlicr tilings, lio 11 '"'
favor nl' iim.liin it iniHtluniuaiior fur
(.'imitiiMniicn to riiiriiiiinicnil tieri-nm for
offito. ur to Holluit fWlural patronau
trupt tlm oxcfiuivi) tloparl uiciit"."
TtlK RiWtnti ffernU kiv: "Tlt'rc
."itll rfV life election U n warniiitr to
tliu dominant jinrty (lint it cannot ul
w.'iy I'liiiliiiuu to livo 011 tlm lnurd (if
t lie war, nml that there ate living ti'i-.tiq
(if froat iiiiortaiiLU now irc:.iii iijiuii
tliu jieople, which iuut bu met by the
parties of the future."
.Inil.v A. LoiiAN participated in the
jiroceediiij;of the .Methodist Slalo Con
vcutiiiu t Hlonniin'ton. It, inaiil that
he was yuiltj-, during the (.'onvcutioii,
of tho "pioujdodu" of wearing, pan
tahmiM that are thread-furo at the knoo
the t-ianifest object being to create
the infirCr$4oii tint ho hud worn out hi
brertliejpbyinp! 1
l.ogau know pretty well how to ' run
hiiu-oir.fr J l
TllKlJoleoudii IfrrttlJ r-ay.i.
Chicken buyer, who Itsvo not ncccel-l
in pjtllne; its ninny oT tlioio fowl in thoy
wnt and who hsra n fun .unpty e.op on
hand, mity till nut hr calling lit tlm (.Mrn
Jll'i.t,KTlN pltlcc. If a i;hu is svnnt,
thuy ban fun t to Joni'th-im.
The nru.r.TtN chicken ltnll notlia
cooped. On the contrary, we intend
that they idiall 'multiply and nplenidj"
until 1872, and then the whole brood
hall crow long, loud and litMtly over
the election of a Democratic I'lv-iilent.'
A rr.vi yoarj ago nothing would have
ceemed mure improbable th in the delib
erate alteration, by an tiutlnrirative
body of Christian clergymen and orlho
dux Biblical fcholaM. of the phraseology
and meaning of the Lord'.- 1 'raver, yet
Mich has been tho ca-e. The New
Testament rcvi?ioni-t.,uow in !e."'ion at
London, have voted that the literal
translation of the phrae, "deliver in
from evil," should be, deliver u5 from
the evil one ." and they have decided to
expunge the dosology at the und of tho
prayer a nbfpnt from nil the earlier
The oiBelsl returns from .luhiKoit coun
tr fhow that tho tmiiict of Mtrs. Hoi
e' nib nnd (Jibion, Hcuiocratle pnndldatM
J r Stnto Poimtor, wuro lufl oil the tlckut
mi I coniequuntly they fulled to rccoivo 3oO
vottn, given to the remainder of the I)in
oerutiotick.it in tliut county. Such 11 mil
tiikf. or wiirul overdijht, might lmvu da
feit'ed thfo gcntlcnieit in it clo-tf cont6t.
Thu llfkfH w.-re printed at the t'ltlro Hoi-
Iftiii cta-v,
Tho above is from the .Junc-b.iro ?(-
", a piper jnibrlKAl by Mr. T. F.
H niton. wIim, on more oecasions than
one heretoloie, has m.inife..ed a dipo
.iti in to indulgo in the luxury of a
quarrel with tho IJu.i.trn.v.
That wo should bo guilty of wilfully
omitting the name of any Democratic
candidate from tho ticket is nu insinu
ation wo will not allow to pa-s without
rcbukti. Tho copy for the ticket wa
prepared by 11 gentleman whoodevotion
to tho party cannot be nucstioiicd by
uuy person, and our foreman, who N
not acquainted with tho political subdi
visioni of Southern llliiio'u.and did not
know whether Johnson county was in
thu Find Senatorial district or the
Twentieth, followed cnjiv, as all good
printers do, and thuv the inMake oc
When tho Gtnvlh- speaks of a "wil-
ful oversight," thus intimating that tho
uiuisfion of our Senators names wu- iii
tentional on our part, it duoi us great
injustice, and allows its maliciousness,
which is only equalled by its stupidity,
to crop out in n very insulting manner
Tin-: politics op 'nit: cousthy
If the elections held this vcar have
not changed tho complexion of Congress
they havoat least demonstrated tho big
uificunt fact that tho majority 011 tho
popular vote, in tho country, is Demo
emtio. If a President wero to bo
elected to-day, tho liko vote which has
been already given on tho Uomouatio
side would elect tho Ueiuocratio noun
nee. The following ore tho Statos
which have given their popular mnjon
tii'- I'nr tin; Duiniicrntiu ticket :
Ji Koiirl
New V.i.k '
.Vllltll IVlllillS..,
lit 1 urarc...
Or.' t
I 1 li., 1
K. Ill' ft
3 1 !' nnj J vf tin
ii inn
Ill Vlrylnln
II I ViVi Virgin .
... in
l'.!.l H
The electoral college, when all tho
Slate ate rejne-ented, admits of !M7
volet, of which I fill are a majority.
The Iiomocracy would tlm have a clear
majority of tivonty-.ino vote?, conceding
that the Kadical.i would eapturij, by
fori"! and fraud, the electoral votei of
1'ux.n, iisidppi and Georgia!
Y If the Democracy Trill now act with
i4iiu and tiniilcnco they can easily hold
their own, and, in 187", elect their ean-
lidate for tho Pro.-iiloncy.
I'liliimliiia. Itr . Item.
Tlm Columbus Jittiiitvh, vl tlm Hth con
tnlni the following local now
An Irishman, naiui tin knot.-:.. tVH
Into the river T(ied.ty night, In atl' inpt
lug to pnis fniii the wharfboat to the
stcmicr Arlington, and wus drowned.
Vn nro inf.jrujol t!wt while Mr.
jSXjrillctli anl a .Mr. I.yle wo.ro in tho
woolifdiiy lie-fur- yilordjjr, iMliunlin.
iibtMit 11 tit'ilu liavk of llijlmjiit, I n r, 1 r-
tcf ot a m In from too il .11
plnci whero O'ri'J'oth and I.y'i) lull r
a crop on tui , y ir ;n.u wmu t-i
wn'.kiug throegh a rnno-brnkp,
witlrtbem s jrn c
nolet Orin'eth's
chnr 1, killlMi
uri.I-rt in I i; Mr.
otii) wu! wall t'i'i
wittieivjd the tied
U iut ipioition I hy
1 no city Hiitn i
contr.ieiel Wit.i si -rr.
Uo, for lliC'gr.u'alini; of
clpil tr.'t4. Thj jtrir-3
tliirtvtlv" ."-it n 't t iMo
hlf tb a:n int pil l H th
T.i (' i 1 it . m i' hW reipotu.Vo
for tho fidht.-in "Uib to"v
"Fiffn hun
iSi-of Hill wrd .
l'r out of 01
pMkiMir! lk t
ohm liHiti, by
, tn Itr
Iltt Wl-K
AVo liuve id
,ttlt'"lt wm 1.
iMoaaiiy 1.
'- . .
countv I? tho tunncr D'tnocrittlu
c uVty ft tin 13th Congrc-i-niiI Jittri. :,
nrd M no..Vim.T prt 'Iii'-t i the lm..iit'r
pwinct t f I'ltt )" county. TI1.1 .t'-neioro
Ga.ttlf of ti-diiy, nty; "Whllo Union
countv t k li. h.'rin for the hreit
Doni vr.ttie majority in the dbtrict, wod- .
. . . . . 1 . !
which were for the Ilcpublicfiu ticket."
Thu Caz'lte aNo furnWhos u the follow
ing itouu :
Cuptuln I. N I'hillip wa in twn n
WedneMlitv. He informs us that tha hut
mil on the" l)u tjnoln & St. I.oiii ritiinmd
wa laid on Tuesday lat. Tlm U.ip'uin
hit it contract for 10,00.) tie. 11 portion of
which h is gettlm; out 011 the river near
(iand Tower, to bo dtdivorod t .t. L uiU.
sir. C. Colby, who now redtb'S nMir
Itent in Harbor. Mlrh., nrrlvel in town on
Wodncsdiiv, 0 aru Informed that tlie
----- .it .1 t, ..!!..!.
S,,?neK pair S Sj& !
net in Southern Illinois will continue In ,
oiitrittlon till the ilrt of danuary imxt, 1
wliun tho iiiticinne.'T win lie ninppeu i"
Citiro. '
others of our p .rumen arc living 11 Hun j
time nnd Uutrutntr all tno town tint; iney 1
can carry. Wo honld like to Join them in i
thi. wholesome .port; but tliu routine of 1
'ui: .r1 I
won iri'io inn uwi. .'"vu .ic ,
jtI(, I
Vn nr.. informed thitt a now tlni" t i-
blu will t ike eilect on .Muiiduy next no I I
tint n fan train will run from Culm to hf-1
tbiglinm, eonnectir.K therawithit fut train
for Chiengo. It will leavo Cairo in the
itfieruoon and i'! only ttop nt Jniie.bur.
Citrbondale, Du liuou'i, Ahley, nml Cn.
tritllit, iirrivliv at Chieitgo omo thrt'f
houn curlier than tlie piveui iiifu-. u i
lso ronortwl that this tn.in will run in
connection with fut tniim on tho Smith
tiaitomni Aihlny, nnd witli the Itollc ill
juilromt at J)n Quoin for ":t. Loul.
l'rrry County Unit.
Tho Da (Jindn Tribune of tho 17th .iy
that nt ii minutai bdfuru i 111., ye.tord.ty,
tho hist rail on tho 11. & S. I. It, 11. wu"
laid, and during the afternoon it through
train reaehol this city from M. I.vui.
U"ttl tr tr.iln will ba run In a tew days.
Tho editor of tho Du Quoin VViioir
f peaking of thu Hull.ivillu and Southern Il
linois railroad says:
"Wo took our rtr.V trip on this road, bo
twuen till oil v nnd l'ineknoyvillooii Mou
,i..v 1,.. 1 Mini wu nniit sav wo wero ouito
iiifprUwl to lind thu road so smooth. It is
far hiipurior in thU repcct to many old
road wu have rode over, nnd when tlio 1
mtmmm Ir Unix
sire to mko e'limi muntmn 01 uim oan- 1 ii.iiu...i. . . v.
nv precinct in tl.it i..iintv. .Miwnlioiuur I arc -aid to bo o.igagid, and t i which
i. mil !.',td '..tnd entith'st.. the banner. ' 'ho-o "political ear dine-. tuo New
jlwK)lU.l e!?htvaix vtM only throe of j V.-rk Kte.yivj i ,! tho ( iiicittnati
ties become settled and tho mad bid usfd j au-.M.a,. . ... " "7 V , j"' '
It will buonuof tho mouphwantitud easy Tho lueii who ar. i.io,t needed m tliu
roads to rldu upon in the ITnion. At pru- administration ol tho government aro
ent writing, thu track laying is not quite pomoorat.s. Tho jniiici plc.s that tho
tluUhod, and thu company Iuito but onu mv v,elf;iro rCtiuiios in the adininis
ptt8oii"or coach runninir between this city I ... . e ,.,,1.1:,, ,,n.ilrs nro Democratio
and the county seat butlt is expected that , tratm t ol pul 0 aflairs arc I t ruw
tlio rond will bo llnished before this .pur . prineililoi. I ho very ideas wlucli tlio
Is i.sned.so Hint throinrh trains between disaffected Itonublieami, who oiler
this place nnd St. Louis, will bu run this
week, and on tho Ht day of noe.iuiber,
VTt lAW&W tft. to' hlt
1 '
Tlio 1111110 paper fitys that 0110 .Smith
who ha been circulating In that neighbor
hood, bus brought dbgrnco on tho "Smith
fitnilly ;"
nnn.Smllli.iigent for a rtrm lit th"
I North part of tliu .Sliito for the fiilo of hoi
.11 tint; clotin, for niilliiu; purposes, nml wlio
j I hn icnt ronio tlmo in thU vicinity, left
.'si 1 our city tomo day ago taking with lilm
. 7 i four horn niul other eollntomU helonirinK
'1 i til liU Mm nl tit. ir j tliiaffifnil tllllL 111, WllA
Koiin; to njttle up wlili- tliu linn, hut up to
la-.t iiccounti ho han not boon hoard from.
1 1 i conduct for romuduy pruviotisto h!
depnrturo fnillcatud rascality and wo warn
everybody to loo): out for him.
RIES. The Nmv Tarty Dodge,
Iliiillraln ! I'lirnUli Ihn 'timllitiit'
nnil Ilnmcrlii Hie Vulirii
from Dip ni!?oTImei.l7tli tnst.
Lymni Trumbull and John A. Log.in
ure illitftriotts examples of political
for twenty year.''. Lyinati Trumbull
has nia'uanimouslv regarded himself as
a fountain oU jiofitical wisdom. For
twcniv year?1, he has jcalmi.-ly guarded
that louutaiu of wisdom 111 the interest
of the people, For twenty ycaiv, ho
hniicpocd unlimited faith in Lyman
Trumbull, and has wondered why tho
people have not excrcifed a faith in
that citizen equal to hii own. For
twentv year;, he has painfully observed
1 tho fdiortcoiuiiigs of every public man
whom tlic people navepreiorreii to nun -iclf,
wondering wliv AmericaiiH should
ve bru'i o short ..'ightcd as not to
ail themselves of the magnanimity
h h would have given them Lyman
iimbull in his Mend.
Tho ma.iianimitv of John A. Logan
c mnllv remarkable. It would be
wclc i to cite the evidence 1 of it that
lave (ippca-cd in the past. They arc
iTam'liar to evcrv intelligent citizen who
na o-rrvcu me pomieai sonicrauiis
which Mr Logan has shown hiiu'elf
capable of performing in tliu race for
olhfc "
Mi L'jgan. Trumbull, and u few
tieci'iiciM of political matruaiiini-
j,Vi wlu have di-eovcredrthat thu I'.adi-
leal twrtv i reallv "oinu to tho bad,
fiiriiT.li tiiolher ex.'iiiitilu of elf-sacrifie-
i,.i(r!ilijni flint Ik idiaracldrintic of
tji(j Jiit1 Tlioy propose to ha ten thu
1 tiemt-c of the umlieal party by organ
! izins a new party around its death bod.
in tlm end tliuv tiller tnem-elves as
candidates, provided tho Democratic
party will furnish thu votes! Was
there ever before witncjicd in this world
of fclfNhno''s a. id ! ,, . 'me 1. 1
exhibition of political magnamity?
And this is tliu programme of the
new parly movement.' i.i which those
I'lf-saerilic'ng citizen". Mer. Logan,
' and tho Chicago Ttihu.ir. are giving aid
and comfort. It 11 not a Democratic
'movement." kiv one innocent chroui
eleer. -for the arrangment is that the
Itepublicaus shall -npply tho candi
tl.ites. and tho DeniiK'nits the voters !'
A charming nrrangoniont, is it not ?
it is ncedle-s to say that no portion
of tho Demnoratiu party will take any
stock in "tho arrangement." Tho Do
tnocracv of Illinois, at any rate, have no
llli'Vl.lv 11 I. 11.'. 'i ... 1.1.1 .... ....
iu b. curbed ,, ..econd time with
"Ditty U ork Logan. 1 hoy kuow liim
too well. Thoy knew him of old to be
Uu utterly unprincipled seeker ol othec.
'I I,.... C.i.i'miI l.im in lSl!t il illvim. with
the young men of Niutheni Illinois;
and eoiupronii'ing iiiegoou iiuuiu m me
)0uiocrntic artv with tho treason of
..)3'ttUr." ,) adiel. Hi ambition
tin ..fnce. natter whence it
,, . . , . .. . m
came. I ho price that Jell. Iavi woiilil
not trivo for him, Abe Lincoln paid.
Thus John A. Logan p:ied from
nem0PraL.T . trc.oon. and from
tronioii to I;a(licalim, and was
again an officeholder. And now, it is
coolly proporod that the Democracy
.hall'buy him back, tho price' named
boing tlio ictker'tt chair in tho nuxt
federal h ui-o of repiv-cutativo.'? Tho
Dcinocracv will do nothing of the kind.
Thoy will neither furni-li the votes to
elect Logan, nor tho voles to oloct any
oilier di-nllccted member of tho Radi
cal party who it anxious to fell out bo
foro rtacliciili-m goes to tho devil.
Tho Democracy do not porcoivo any
demand for a new party, nor nny reason
for lending themselves to any now party
movement! Least of all do thoy per
ceivo any reason why Pemocrats should
lend the'in-elves to a uiovomont having
for its object tho official elevation of tho
leavings of the lladical parly. Tho
Democratic party contains an aliunduneo
of abler and better men than Logan,
Trumbull X- Co. The mo.-t eanablo
, ,m D.muu'nii
1 thoiii'olvo n sacrifice for Democratic
U) r0 l)om0pndic
! ideas! Free tra.lo is a Democratic idea.
Civil sorv eo reform is a DamooKuitt
idea. Hovoniio nml fiminciul roformnro
Doinoor.itic idea, Mlootoral Jrul'urm h a
DoniofiMtio idea. Whoever sincerely de
sires that tlic.e reforms shall ho carried
mil will net with the Democratic prrly,
and will not attempt to mnko it a con
dition precedent that the party nhall
vote him into office. The parly which
holds thc.su principles and ideas is ce
tainly the party which in mot capable
of releetingtho wcu who are best quali
lied to put them in practice. And in
making tho selection, it in very certain
that the Democratic parly will" have no
-occ.ihion to become tho "patron of any
political auction jdiop for tho pale of
fccond-ratc nnd damaged lladical oflico
wiokerH. If tho disaffected lladical.s
really deMro to bring' about thejinport
ant reforms which the Democracy advo
cate, nil that they nocd to do in order
to realize the important result is to join
the Democratic party and i-ervo under
its banner,-;. Qhc .Democratic party
wants no mercenary soldicn, antlVill
not bo officered by any mercenary generals.
Completeness oritussla's Prcpurttttoai.
Kkw Yoiik, Xovomber 17, Thcro wm
grent excitement here to dny ovor tho
potsiblliticj of a general war in Kuropo.
.Mviiy conllicting dipntches havo been re
ceived bymurchants ond others, sorno say
ing war is probahlo ami tho balanco ay
big thcro Is no serious expectation of It.
Dispatches from London tnyt thcro is great
excitement, but thitt the general tone In
Kiightnd is opposed to war, und in favor of
lotting Ktisia enter tho lllnck Sua If tho
Kercral orders were rececolvcd by cnblo
to dny for tliu purchase of gold somo of
them for largo amounts.
Tho Kriclbh unity is not in condition
for a foreign war, und as Itussla is not
bound by treaty ugalnst privnlccring Kt.g
land would loo her commerce in tho event
of witr.
A dispntch from Iicrlln indiaitcs that
lttnin und l'ruisin nro In Imrmony, though
nothing of the kind is nnounccd. Ofllclul
Iterlln itirs nro qulto roservud In relit
tlon to thocaitern qtKistiou, ami nro sup
posed to bo under special servcillnncc. A
dispatch from Amsterdam say several
hesvy loans have been contracted rooontly
by houses known to bo intlmnto with tho
Hussi.Mi government, nnd tboro Is it sus
picion tliHt thu tVnr bus been supplying
tdmsulf for 1111 emergency.
Persons familiar with Kussin say thnt
other nations will bo'turprised to learn tho
completeness of bur nuvul and military
irouirations. Several first-class war steam
ers carrying twenty to forty guns each, arc
on tho l'acillc coast, and can bu ready to
sail at short notion to ntluck Kncllfh com
merce in Chincto vrntur. Tliu port of
1 iisayctto on tlio coast 01 .nnneboom is
tliorouyhly fortltJ.'d and fully equlpiied as
a uitval s'tation and connected with Si.
I'ulvnburi; bv telegriiph. Tho iirmy lint
been thoroughly reorganized In tho jinst
llvu years, und "a largo foroo is now in or
noar'thu llhtgkSca, Kuf-iitnsnowiu Xew
York !ty that tlio delay in making demand
for rev. V.g tho treity of Paris has been to
get troops In podt.ou and bo prepared fer
tlie possibility of war.
hair mimmi
S'd i-:-tion for the Hair.
('or Restoring to Vtfi:$ bhir its
Origine! Calor
Phalon's "Vitia" diflors
tittply from nj-V'thc "(icr.,"
' colorcn'Vtnul- " rosiorcr.s "
(?) in yrri. It nets on a
totally different princinlc. It
is limpidfragranr, and per
foctly innotreroiie. precipitate;
no mudd.'or fiatfiiii.-u: mat
ter, requires no shiiinf; up
and fuiutiittnicatcs mi 'ft iiu t:
the skin or the liiu No
paper curt.ni: is !:?;; ..'.a re.
conceal its tnrhi V .iptwa'aiuic,
for tho pm)p!ie 1 1 If.ii h
not tt:vbi'. It is :c iutcntr.
and pirjo.ies, a nk .v I'lscovi p.v
iu 'l'oil' (.'iicr.v'tt-v.
m J'haf-v.;. ' Vital! a is
warranted- to t't, a change
in the color ci the P'jr within
10 days alter the nrstYii(lica
tion, the direetioiv being
carefully observed,
Price, One Dollar per Box,
Sold bv auDruggists.
If your Druggij has not
" Vitalia " on haiidf write, en
closing i.ooXfnd we will
forward it iitfmedintely.
Piial(n & Son,
Si 7 Broathvay, N. T
ume 01 J. S.
-tBCTNorth Eighth St., Phllnda.
A color nnd dressing that will
not burn tho hair or injuro tho
head. '
It docs not produce a color
mechanically, aa tho poisonous
preparations do.
It gradually restores tho hair
to its original color aud lustre,
by supplying now life and vigor.
r ; - 1 .1
it causes a luxuriant growiu
of soil, fmo hair.
Tho best and safest articlo
ever ofTercd.
Clean and Pure. No sediment.
Sold everywhere
Dr. mcHAirs
Golden Remedies.
t'.e tlino nntjr. m! tiro Time. Hilth smt
Moner. (I.Oon ISKlV.inn for nr cue of .Hint?,
In tnr Ujto mMcIi thr fJI t cure.
- in. niiiiAU'd (jnr.nr.x hai.-
,r HAM.-, .Vo. 1 Si 2. rt tbi
jf. Kreitut aUeralirri known.
jSimUL t'' ntciiAirn oouie.v
( MR) I I.' MX I It D'AMOtm ll tha
V LKI Ureitttit Tonic n. Aitrinsent
ElV In thn MolltH MiU III. U.
It lh nlr itllbl tllurftia.
Tliete lUmaJIci sra cot .lf rUi.l in Cure til
Con..UIntii, and nenent nonet lut re rusranttfl
to tCcct Ilk Ileal 0'1 Hfieedf Cure In all ciiki Ut
which thejr are, renorauetniea, tri.ea sit ouir irtu
roent h 111M. Tem of thauisn.li yesrl recntJi
hr thrlr ne. who htre lost til hot, anl rTiTiu
nouneed as iDcurttli bjr the Uit orCr in:JI:il
fuultr. j
IIAI.SAM, No. I. yrfee Ulcere, UlcersteJ
Hore Thrott and tyTuth, Sore F.jti, CuUno
ous Eroptkmi. Coppeveulorc I Illolchri. Sorrnen
5f iho dcalp, Hcrtfulye. " l Iheilretteit lUn
eatnr, Alteratlre a1 Illnod I'urlCer known, re
Biuret all mere tr from Iho ijrslcn, and Itares
the blvl ntrt trt netlthr. S3
IIAI.SM. No. 2. cures Mercurial AfJrc-
tloailtheumatlim In all Iti form, tud
dree Inmette relief In all eai'i.
v rrlce uflUier No. I or 2, ! jht bottle, cr tw-J
iu 1 tp uat's r ni.n cx
ANTIIIUTK, a radical cure fjr til urinary
lcrtiijrinnt. I'rlt i3 ir t.otile.
Ul 11 A li S (U)LI)KM
KI.IXIU li'AMdl'U, a rfllcal cui for
S'trroui or Central leMHtr. In old 'r
youni (rarartlni! tnerix "Uh wonJsrfut eSect.
l'rlte 15 r Iwttle. tt twj for
Oa receli't of ft'.ct, Ihtia remedln will l-o
ihlp. ( nnr place, frunipt tllontlnn pnl I tu
all correiiNindenti. None irrnnlna wltlmnl tha
name of nil. nicii.u-.s iiiii.hk.v iiKMrniK.s,
P. 11. nil'IIAIIlM, H.le l'roprletur," blown In
-lui of buttle I.
ttrciuan lent. ir.e lunpur.i mi mm nv-rai
dlieount. r
AMrem. till. !. 11. UlClIAUn?,
btrecl. New Ywrk.
S VarleV
Special Notices.
llntrltrlur'H Ilatr Ij .
Tut star n' tiik woau-Uott nut couIaIii lind
no Tllriol palMisto In titr.tl) so llui hsuIciii ur ti-
luca ilcatli. It l I'.'rf.i'tly liinnlrsi. r.i.tllii -ii.liiiitunooiH.
Atol'l tlio vniinleil nn iIcIiiItk
"'tr:ttlon Ik.shIii 1'rltifi.lliey.lniiot .ri-rf-n
) would (ocRp.. tho ilitiyrr, Thn Keimiiia
W, A. Iliitulii'inr' ll.tlr I')e Ii.ta llilrt)' )i'iili'rrl
tilatluii lu upliolil Itt iiitourll) . Sld ty D't
Ktl. Applir.l at IG Hony 'rct 1, N. V.
UetllliK .Mitl tllil.
Knyi furyouiij; iitun, mi r-iwi.,1 llvll. nml llie
inl'ri.'iy or ImpMi'm-iy uf h'.iitlnc niurri.''l, wnh
t.tntt.iry li'!i for tlio-iMiho fci'l iinlliicil furinnt
Mm" ll l.l liailnei. Sent Uf, III wiHiln I ns. !
0 ti. Aililrt'ns llorturd Amiwlntlnn, ilox I', I'lul.
n l.lpliia, I'n. s.'pU'.id';in
'I'll i' Iiujk'1 lalinlilti Prrfttmc.
,: tuli', tliu pvrfunii'i. now in tua hato i.up.'r
in 'fn- y. An lioiir or Umfcft.T ilieir iip. Ilii'io t
iiuini".il I'.'rfiliiie l.'fl. I I'm .hfl.'r.'iit l iho ri'.
nil iiK'ieiiii tin. li"' nt Murry nnd Iiniiinn'i
I'lcr.da Wat. r, I '.1)1 flir lie hjij. I. .!:.'. 11 tlm
Im i'lkiri'li 1 1 i'Xl.ul. it liiu-t iI. IIKlitllil.'lil.i".!"
and a(rt.isMi IravruiH'i', iinitl'lwi.'ly
TIkihii I111 mr Mck, in
Allh 'ti'd with a.iy flindiio ilittli'tiliy, ehonld with
iMitili lsy wrlto for I'r. Ilniu-'l-'ii'n .Vih Tri'.itit".,
.i ut ft. .. 1 1 itiiv iMldr.'x,
P. tl, llo l.'OJ, New York City.
oiNcix.N.vn AUVinmsnir.NTs.
j a k .3r:i:xiVATai .
a no
i I
iii r c .1 ,i 1
t st v s
' ' -1 ' ' '
Copper and Sheet Iron Work j
No. 2 IS i:a( I'f.irl Ktrot-I,
"yAi.'.iY st. lttouJ.s:;
Cor. Walniit & Gano St?
. .
VJ IDKNCK-Coriicr Ninth nud Wftlmit
dl'FlCK-Cornor Sixth Hlrret '"'I Ohio Leu
OFXICK HOUU-Froni .- I .. no I
ci-ino, zxitiXKroxs.
Also, Itrop con.taiilly cn linnil n iiot eom
Ilctn sloe I; i
Scotch and Irish Whiskies
Part, Madeira, Sherryj Catabaw j
7U" IN 3E3 SI.
V.' nn n((onts lor J. UeM A (i ' Ct'li'lir:.l"l
Wlir.l'.I.I.MI AI-i:.
tV ni-ll exiillinvely fur C.ili, In uhlcll fnot tr
invito tlie tit Utit .ti nfcloio tun; mi bujvr
K.wll itllrntinn alvrtt to llilihg urdcrx,
j- x tiik movj:."
A N li
Confection Merchant
Has Hrmuved to IIU )M Stnml
134 Commercial &venue
Wherr lie solid Is n rontinutnco of ralrnnK w
tils formrrfuito mors, n.i will tlist t( man
rn'W (ine ai inny vtnnt jirlmo KriKTrlM, prollony
i-li1., ri'iii.trlinl.lr ulio ip for rail).
T.r ... j . U(.I.Ih t.m ..1. 1-1. 1 ...Ill u .11
Pf rni i Hlrktlr r.nli. fur uhlrli l
will ih-II
iiwiTlli in the lowest.
m:.w.i:ii in
Plaster Paris Plasierers' Hair
liiinc In llnlK, itlunys on hand
W. MMllon.
t. him.
ti 'not loKli.illim, llii.l.on A I'lark,)
"WllOlOf-:: li
I M .........
57 OHIO 13X7:33 33
Acrtil or Amrrlrnti t'ott.ler ;., urns
SIitiitit'aL'litrpra Auriitu lur Ctilloii Viirn
1. ".VIJ.F,!A.VSX,
c: :.i a nn a an ; : j j i a xr
Hn. Tl! OI1I11 l.cM'c,
s.n i'lul niti'iitli.ii t;ivi'n t itiii:ii
mi'iilH nttil rillliiK OrilH'i'
(Hiirei'or 10 I I ti , llitrmtn A Co,,)
A '5J C 'JL' 11 it K" M 8
74, Socond noor' omo L-Em
Uuv iiiKl ltoul Estate I
tm m. -ww a ?t
I TiiMHIl .VUS'l'll A "l',S OK TITJ,
A.MS l'llS:iMJ;j; ('(SNVtiS'AKl'KtS
xyM. KlIlsFaRN,
IJ.'livcpn Witsliliiglon Avo & Poiilnr S
lloolxuitil NlttieH Matin lodrilar. I'l net
VorUiitett Kiuiuycil,
Satisfaction Warranted
Vntitumiti' SollclUtl.
1. rnwi'.'rTwri, tmm mi.ii wurn w. ir.nw. 1,1 nmmtmm I
; " " ' m im mm ' I
t s ww m r s
s. k 11 mm
tic Completes!, Simplest nml Its
Seis ing Machine In Use.
Cart 8th SU Washington k
Tlm iliMiiiimt for tho HAVB 8i:WINfl JfACII
INK In tlm Atlantic Stolen, where thoy aro bet
knunn, and whero tln-y mpplant all others, i
iiri'ittcr limn enn U .iipplifxl,
llni'ter f.uiamnny kind oftrork, 11 Isslmplo,
conn'tlni i.f is few etrnn? uts, nnd IIS Trrtlral
fi'i'il eimue it to run over iranii ami In litrn cor
ner without t'lianira of ttlirh or tenin,
ClnlltliiK nnil (itovo mautlfacttircra prifcrlt to
all oihr, nnd tint It lijit.t thn tlilrn? for fnillr
(ifwlnt; eserylH)dy wit lncknnwldi?o ufUT cinm
ining, Jlenir lluderi Imvo levrral ne and diDercnt
ttjlei of (lnl-.li, and miiectfiilly Invite allwhn
want thn
.MnniifActnrcd to give Ihetnn call before rnrolms.
Call nml iM a Clrmlnr.
JjST.llll.IHIir.D 1SOO
The tupcriotlly of tnis exeellent preparation
jtnr anyi.ihcr artlele eter olferod to tlio ptitillc
lias U en iIeinontrleil liy the wonderful popular
Ity it li.n atlniii.'d within tlio brief year lnc.' I
uaallrot tnanufacluri'd. Not le tlmn
Ono Million Housekeepers
nreln.ilaytiiltu Fapolln In thlt nd otliereottn-trl.-o,
mid thn ileinitiid it rapidly locrenalntf,
llatU brick, rotten atone?, acltt Mint lye
nr-nnloni(er a neocailty tn Iho hotliehnlil, l:u"
Sipjlio due. tlm wurk uf fault and M tln.7,uiid
vi nil lit le laWorand cxinie.
Tho fallowing nton few ol th eprcl.il u.s t
which Hnjiollo U ediiilnil'ly unapted t
TOCM.AX iriXIIIMVS-Without weltlns rsrit-lt
I ornolllnx Hi" jmlnt. 'Jako n wi t el.ilh, 11m
ilriiuiliiir. rub II user the cake of miim.Iio
iiiiiiI It laeoteredwilli it erentny Intliet, and
then btlakly urrr the uue ot lui eltun
iilliiudiioliiili 11I1I1 dry cloth or I'lmwinla To
reniovi. vnrnlalmr dried paint will require a
Iilllu extra mbbluK
Til t'l.l.'lX KMVIW-l,e)oiir ilirh-iinlli, rut. I
mi the carotin, and then rapidly oterthn
knis.'t. 1 hit will glso it Ullliaut and dura
ble polish, without .cratchim;.
lO rOMSU TIX, IIIIASS, and other Culinary
Article. Knutlin dtmp tlotli on the ea'a
nf Hupollo until well coeero-4, und then
.Illicitly over the surlaen of the llteiinll. it
will produce it lualra eipikl If not .iipi'ilortu
to thn new.
polio 111 iilmte; du not rub loo hard, nnd
rlnae with elntn in clean water.
roit iiiii'si: ei.K.v.MMi ."Apciiu uofin.'uit.
eat t aim. In the navliiK of lime, latxirand
the wear of th itrlicK". cleatned. Try ll
iiuCdiiud soil will mitrrbo without it.
Hilt UAMIIXII lilMIIKS, Hath Tulu, Mnora,
Tahlea, ete. Where eoiptiniforiuetly u.r.l
Hipollo la inrhliul'l.'i an I oife ued, will
r.eterU' illpened with,
IX TIIK IIOI'KK Kurall purp.).i' (ecpt wnali-
I UK' I'lothee), tint .uncle la foiiwiilt-lif
ii'ulioiiiieal and nimble,
IX I UK srilltK For poli.lilni: teal.-', luciaures
tin, lrn. orcopi'rr), litiltn, .lnur, etc,
IX 1111. sllul' I'.ir 1 le.lliinu', pollaliiili; and re.
t.ii'Yiii. 1:111ns, oil, vte (rum tit... li 111 cry and
1 .nl.,
MI IIHilKKICH-of Ihe "ineon, denti.t, cir
eiiut'ieer, p ilnter mel eHKMver.
X ALL I'l. U'La wlirin n ilranaini; mid j-oli. U-
mg intent, ul net. rUcclivt', rciiiiiuiilciilaud
liiniile., l required, our Supolio, w ill
pri.ve It itrt'ivt aii.'iiorily oter all ether
11)11 II VM W sI.Ml- -iipolio .. .t lir.t nery
pr liter, p tiiii'T, 1 1 "ti'KNplt. r 1 r inaclrhi.t
nnd. i Uii'kl)f rcKtutta hkiiU, paint,
ink and .' I In-1 ataina front the li.tuiir, which
-1. iji will not toi.eh. It .oftetia tlio luuda
and le itca theut ainnotli and while.
Plllfi: a few centa.
HM.I II V your Kiocera nnd ilrmsliU
Wholennl,. Pepota,
ill HahlnKlon, St., and :I0 Oxford SI.
New Yoik. Lou. lun.
1 llffJIVIeeili ni"
mil m
ZU(;Kiti:iLi:, i:M'iti;ii
Monumental Designers
SCO'I'S'II (JUANirt:, Ac.
tnviwsieojio, My.,
Monumcnta, Vittllta, 'irare atonea, Mantle,
'I'liutiluKi t'lo.. executed wild auperlor work
iii.ioahip, at lo'.ve.l pneea.
Cuiill.ii, llcrinaii aud Hehrew letlerfcK don
in tho ttjlo,
Marhleand (iranlto Fisurca, If the le.t wulp
tinea of Europe, imported.
All work Ktt.iruntnad.
Fordeai;ni, apply to
Corner Kiuhth Ktret nud Comtnerclal Arenue.
HV.l HD.VF.It, Sf. U., Ctiiro
RESIDENCE Comer of Nlucteelb atreei
Waihintiton ave. OFFICE Od Commercial tTen
ti, over I'oat offlca. OFFICE JIOUIIH-Krotn
a tit. to Hm, iSuoJa) eicsfUd). siusjreus
to r. p. in

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