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f '"sVrmK on the t'lie.otcr ntiJ Tniiiiirnii
railroad is progre..in,"; favorably.
.Sknatoii "Tutu N (icltiii well nu'u
. jllw, iliut, ai urtiul, eimsist.s of jiicklui
Tiik lonpfvt fence in tliu world i.s
that which lmIomji the lllinni Centra
railro.nl. It i 1,-IUO miles luiifr.
Tilt: Of Hiiliue county deeidci
,by ii mujurity of over two hundred
vote, that the county court coiitiiiitu lo
IK'CllrO grog MHIIM.
Jonathan .Mkekkk, Deinocnit,
elected to the l.cpshitme from .Moultrie
county, instead of Mifluire, ltcjiulili
can, as jirevioiily rejmrted.
JosKl'li IIoi.t, a valuable employe of
.1.- tr il. i i
mo vuuuaua rauroau company, wad
'killed py the cn at KAiii'haimm I'ri
day tat. Wt re norrv that mi clever rt
company idiould line no good n Holt.
w TllKltf: In very little doubt hut that
ih UHdieal-inewberi of Confrrc from
Virginia vSiriiit upon Judjju Hive
"ie deleatt candidate in the l ifih
diitrict, contesting tUoWat of the Cou
wrvativo roombur who waj elected.
A boy in Jencyvillo swallowed a
pint of strong. Jyo the othor day, mis
taking it for cider. The verdict of tho
eoronor'u jury, bhorlly afterward', was
to tli effect that the hoy died because
"he couldn't utiud the lyr. "
A Wakuin'iito.n correspondent of the
Cincinnati Kmuinr niyw .
I'rrilnt (5rnt InformiM .Soiialor Wll
on that he wti not in tliu least cunccrnnl
about tba Kovtiiuw Reform Vnrty, nnd at
for tlio Chlcnco Tribitnr, in hit 'opinion,
tun riajKirimii, lung iimiiJnnvtl tlio
Republican prtv, mill was, tliurofor
without influence in tho eountrv."
TllK question now being di"cued at
Washington is, shall we go into a war
that will cost two hundred thou-aud
lives and u thousand million dollars for
the purport of collecting from iiuglaud
a debt of fifty million dollars which
Kngland has not refused to pay.
Two girN in Carlinrille tied up their
father, lnt week, whilst he wai in n
htatu of intoxication, and did not un
bind him until ho proini-cd to join the
uood Tmnp)an. There woultl he an
extraordinary demand for ropes if the
women of l'adueuh idiould nttenipt to
reform the masculines by a like proced
ure. doilN A. I.dUA.v deehues, and A. .1.
Kuykendall agrees, that papers like thu
Cairo Hui.t.KTlN' that havu tho courage
' .to cxpo.-e tho cnrrujilion of Hadieal of
tieiaU, should ho Mijipre'-ed and tliu
editors imprisoned ! Will .Mr. Logan,
as a representative of the Radical party,
introduco n bill in Congre- for a law to
that effect? If Mich a law wight to be
,jased, why will Mr. Logan not origin.
TlIKY havo noiio of this divorce
butUor in India. If she doesn't behave
ho kick and ouffs her into obedience ;
"If ho finds that to bo too exhausting to
his physical system, ho holds her out at
arm's length, and repeats three times
the talismaniu words, "You aro di
vorcod." No provision if made for any
liiisbdhavior on tho part of the husband,
because that is .supposed to bo itnposi
ble. . ,
Iris naid that tho lato fair at Centra.
)in wfti.a failure iuu pecuniary point of
r view. The expenses exceeded tho
" receipts about 82,0(lfl.
We hope this untoward experience
will not discourage our neighbors. No
agency is more jioworful in tho work of
developing the agricultural and horti
cultural resources of Southern Illinois
than that employed by tho oitizons of
Marion county. Tho 8U,000 that was
paid out to meet tho excess of expeiidt
tures will bo returned tou.fold in tho
improved methods of farming, in tho
improved stock, fruit mid grain, of Mar
ton oountyi And this gratifying return
will bo realized before tho next fair is
,,'r $ " ' "
ScMKNcK'iH fn'x to coiitiMl tlio ulee-
linn of liowii ll. ('iunpl)cll. on tlio
frromid that an Ohio I'oiirt did not
overrule a law of Unit lalu ! The
Radicals of course expect that Congiess,
which is the judicial tribunal known as
the Radical court of appeals, will over
rule tho decision of tho Ohio court,
and declare the Ohio statute which
keeps ho important a protection as
.Sehenck out of Congress, to bo null
and void.
Tin: course of senator WiNon, who
declared his opposition to tho m-osS-incut
of clerks in the government r
vice for parly purposes, cicates consid
erable comment among the officials
on slender Falories who wcro fleeced
previous to thi" recent elections. They
avert that Wilson's opposition to tho
attack upon their income conic too late
to do any 'good and i- only iiiauifbntcd
because of tho fact that the sentiment
in Miis-aehusetts is opposed to that
biisiues4, and the supposition tint t ho
indorsed it would defeat him Mr re
election. Itv tho completion of the Belleville
and ifoulhurn Illinois railroad, citizens
of Cairo have choice of fivo routes to St.
Louis, viz: via Mississippi river, Tron
Mountain railroad, Illinois Central and
Ohio and Mississippi railroads; I. C.
and Aihleynnd.St. Louisailroail.aud I.
C. It. Si S. I. railroads. On the 1st of le-
ember lightning truios will be placed
on tliu latter route, which will enable
our citizens to take breakfu.it at home,
take dinner in St. Louis and tea at
home. It is expected that the run be
tween Cairo and St. LonN will be made
in six hours.
ClIAIU.Ii: r.MtWKI.t., the Radical
Cougr.s-uian from the First district in
this State, is making hisoOicc jay, even
beforejie gets hi certificate of election.
flic Chicago Journal says that Con
gressman Kitrwell '"won in wagers upon
his own election, ten thousand dollar
(iter and above all his campaign ex
tx'ii'O." l'arvell ioiif hnvo spent, Ac
cording all accounts, about one bun-
I red thon-a l dollars to el"tt him-elf,
which rhw- that ui has already made ,
as Congrcs-mau SlH,(mO.
The New Vnrk HVri publishes a
revied lit of the member elect of the
next national house of representatives
in fhi h the revenue icforui Republi
cans arc separately designated. The
political complexion of the next hou-o
will, according to this, be as follows :
Democrats 109
Itepubliesnt, PrutectionUu 105
Republican, Rurt'iiuu Reforniuri -'J
Tho combined majority nf the Demo-
erats nnd revenue reform Republicans
isM; enough 'to organize the house
and control the committee in the in
terest of tariff reform.
Mil. SihOMlHMto. was Mavnr of Don-
..U.nnvill....... Mimoi.itco of (iovornnr
Wurmoiith. audit ltotiubliean and Mr.
William C. Lawe, a lawyer, residing at
the same place. Tho latter was a Dem
ocrat and much inspected by all who
knew him .
Thre can be no doubt that these
.1 1 ..,.1 1 ..1 ....
"OllilOllieu wore iniiiuereu n .u.m-n n-
groe. witliout a pretext, and while en
gaged in a most humane and public-
spirited mission. Mr. Sehomberg was
shot in the region of the heart. Mr.
.awes was also killed by bullets, his
body being afterward horribly man
gled by case knives.
AromniNU ton Washington dispatch
the President's friend say that ho ha
become imbued with !en. Rutler's the-
t MM .1 ..1 1 4!,...
ory, namely; mat mo oniy saiyuniu
ot the ;itepuoitcau party now ues in
getting up a war with Ihiglaud, and that
the first stop in tho programme is to
recall Motley in a manner that needs
explanation, nnd then to seutl out a
man who will force a crisis ou tlio listi-
. . l M..
cry question, "ur opinion u .u.
f 1 rant is not high, but wo do not tlmiac
so meanly of him as to believe he cogi
tates this cold blooded atrocity. Ilo is
soldior, and eonsoqueutly docs not
love war as Uutlcr docs.
Mns. LlVKHMoitK, of "the Woninii's
Journal looks to 11 leorganizatiou of tio
political parties of tho country as a stop
preliminary to tho success 0 the
woman-suffrage movement. She says
that sho has littlo hopo that eithor tho
Domocratio or ltadieal party, as at
at present constituted, will embody a
woumu Miffriig(j.!iiiik in tlioir platform,
I Tim old lady's liutu of tlui Demo-,
! entile party eropn out mi plainly that we
i titu dispOfiid lo kdieve that she uetually
that that 'parly will espouse the
cause for .which she expresses such a
' The Ilidical party 1ms held undis
puted control of the! general govern
ment during the past ten years, and its
representatives in Congress have studi
ously avoided any net or tlio expression
of any word calculated to commit them
to woman's suffrage. On the other
baud the only women voters in America
wore enfranchised bythc Democratic
legislature of the Democratic Territory
cf Wyoming, and tliu only plea in that
behalf ever heard in tho halls of Con
gress was uttered by a Dcmneratiu con
gressman. Hence it is highly probable
that Mrs. Stanton'.- piedictiou that the
women will owe their enfranchisement
to the Democratic party, will Mioucr or
later be fulfilled. Can't Mm. Liver
more read the signs of tlio times, or
lV)llV (
Tli future nf tin- It l I ml I'arljr
It in reported In tlio WiiliiiiRton cwrre
potuli'ticc of (ovvrnl journal, that .Sunntor
Scluirz. nor; t the K;duriil cupitul, hits
eontniiik'teil tlio rumort that ho ivor. the
formation of it now )rty with ruvtinuo r
fonii a. IU uornvr-ttoiic. Ho hvows hit in-
Mention to rfiimin with tho Republican
iitul si-;k to nconuipiiiti neec'iary mronn
through that organization. A statesman
wllli vir-v vj clear and cU!i:1 will of
course net ujion hU own Independent judp
metit. Wo havo few men in public 11 to
of ao much culture, phlloiopliy nnd cour
Ngc, ui the eloquent .Senator from Miuouri,
and wo eitunot sy that wu diiunt from
hit opinion at to the inexpediency of
bringing a new party into our national
ilite. Third tmrtloi nro coinmonlv a
uierii maku-weiiilit. They are often coin
Hed of fkulklng allie of one or other of
the grest iHilitieal orjniii.ntioni. We are
not iuriiriiod that it uoul not uit Siimtor
Scliurr.'s mtnlv temper to go into nny
thing but n fianl: und open liyht. Xor ilo
wo presume to advise him respectlni; lilt
personal or party relations. Willie wo
ihoLld bo glad to too hi gift nnd elo
ueuce on the Democrstlc tide, wercecl
ln judgment to what niny bo due to hU
HtiteceUent und clmrncter.
(In one point wo aro confident thut ho
mlfjuJoJ. Uu will bo ino'l certainly bo
iliiipHjinteU in 2il expedition t crrj-inj;
revenue reform nnd other IIIk-'mI mes'itres
throoiih tho ISenuMlrnn party. If its
lead' ii wcro al! a mtneioui i.nd fi.r Hdn
bo i, they woiilii if e. oi-se -..'. j
prog nun mi, met lati" me ml : mo
D 'ni .cratlc ull. lie jHili.ip d.. not
overrate jtepular inteliigenee and the force
of truth: huthodoei nt make duo allow.
mice lor the poiiticid utTeet of the tliotif- j
und million of capital ('inlmrked in manu
facture. Tliu wealthy nuniupuli-t' wlioj
plunder the peoplo by the taritf, know full
wll tlliil tney imve noiiiing to nopu irum
the Democratic party. The whole weight
of their intluenco will le thrown into thu
iiopublieiu cnle; nnd the money they
can att'ord to ppead, nUM to tho corrupt
ing pittroiiago of tho Milminiitratioii, will
keen the Republican party steady to tho
.'. !.... I.. : I... Tl... -.1.1 (...n.
! iiruteetiuiiiivv lutci uu um 11.111
1 have worn out Hnd lo-t their potency, and
I the Republican party will not, in lu de
clining nirougtii, Hsiruugo so powcrim n
boly of aupnorters a tho htgti-tarltr men,
R natural niliw. '
lint we feel no hto or anxiety, to dUpel
the oontllctinir Illusions of the "revcRue
1 reformerpi. ' Timo and tho progress of
j oveiit will do that work more nilcctuidly
. tlihti any nrs;uuieiits otl'ered at this tuge of
"'. iinonwti. mo nave aceor. ungiy
madi- upojr min.li that thuro U no better
role f.ir theeondui't t Democrat1 toward
tbi-rovonus ruformors than Prior's excel
lvtitadvire fur liie treatmetit cf it wife:
''Ul tier I 'il! slilila tli ml;
It.' 1.1 In . Viroi' s tf rjr 1,1.1 "
When thuy Iihvb fully te.Usl tlio impos
ibility of Ub'-ruli.'.iiig thu tarltl'through the
RpnOIIo.in party, wo nra wil ing to trut
tboir own Jti'li;imii)t a to tho uret moth
od I'l'ne.'.itiipiiiliiui; thii'.r favorite reform,
.MpHiiwhil Iron triidn nrj;umentsMn tluir
liK-utlH have a fiirU'ttorcliaueo of siiocs,
itud it more pro,'lyti.iug inflneuce, than
, cuiiiing from Deiiiocrnts, "I tut wnole need
! ni t a phyiliian, but tliey that arc sick."
Ii'moerui are aireauy iree-trauers anu Uo
not need oonver-ioii. ' Tliu great llold for
uiiiMlonnry etlori ie inside the Itepublieun
party. Nothing could work hotter for the
ciuiso than a b.nly of ealoiu free trade
ii pontics, whole itrguiiiunt reaejt those who
need to tin convinced, and nro not bluntej
by their party prejudices nguliut the run
soncrs. Tlie K re lull Nf ulliiieiit.
I'ndertho head of ''The French Sutitl
ment" thu Moniluur Universal publishes
an artiolo in which It nborvo:
"It 1 not, as niHiiy foreign JounmU nro
pleased to statu bcctuito we nro posouoil
dy it ridiculous infatuation respecting our
strength, an Incorrigible national vanity, or
an incomprehensible warlike mania, that
vonro not disposed to uuikolpi-aco Mt thu
cost of two great iiicrlllees. No! And it is
particular necessary that Kuropo should
at this timo corcctly undcritaiid tho feel
ing of France. The nation deeply regrot.
tliu outbreak of this war; tlio nation hns a
horror of war? Franco, which Ii ulways in
advance in the progress of ideas, feolstbat
tho timo for human hecatombs h past, and
thero Is not of the youthful yoluntoors, or
of tlio national guard, who to-day nro
marching against tho enuniy, resolved to
conqueror dlo, who docs not look upon war
as a social absurdity, a snvngo anomaly mid
who I not determined In his Inmouhcart
to make tills war tho last.
At tho sauio timo wo do not labor under
such Illusion as nro attributed to us respect
ing tho ulterior revenge whioh our arms
will bo able to obtain. Wo certainly
liellovothat.livlni; forco of tho country, tho
garde inohllu nnd the gardo nntlonaln, will
L cm Jong Inilict upon tho 1'riwiiiui nrmics
rovcrsos sueii at iney navo not iiitnerto
ettierienced. Hut even If we hnd reason to
Hpprelicnd further diiasten for Prance,
ought wu therefore, to bo more eager to
profit' by the flrat opportunity fcr making
pcfl'oe. '' On .the Contrnry. Pcaco made
now would. in nil probability, lo budlymade
and II Is especially because we do not
desire to renew the war that wo must not
have an Imperfect pcaco. The pcaco
which is to bo aligned must bo one of
huropcan disarmament, not one or armcu
watchfulness. That It what Is said by our
peasants and -our artisans, by great and
fundi, by men and women men who feel
that they nro bom for souiethingclso thnn
object for alaugbtcr, women who after to
day eliding their husbands and brothers
to "tho demon of war, aro not disposed to
morrow to sacrifice tlielr son upon tho
blood v Held of battle. Lot thcro be no
mistake. Tlio war has nochnnco In respect
of its object as it has of its character. That
which wo nro now dclcnding, tho In
tegrity of our terrltory.tho national Inde
pendence, is the cnusoofcivillzatlonnndof
liberty. To umlcrstant this point thoro
ughly, It is sutllclotitto notice that tho men
whn'in the Corps liCyMatlf were most
strongly opposed to tlio miintaluutico of
lauding armies nnd Inre contingents, tho
men who in July last voted agalrxttho war
nnd who aro now ut the bead of tho governs
ment are tho lenit ilipo-fd to accept A
desecpti Ve poaee. and now aro tho most nor!
sistcnt in their declaration. 'Mot an
Inch of our territory.' To-morrow, por
hap, nnd if not to-morrow, certainly not
long hence, the ttutcsmcn of Kurope will
examine this question of peace. Lot thorn
not losesMitof ttioiirocodlncobservntions,
nor of tho real meaning of our resistance.
A (.'aiu'I-t bag rovtnuo offlccr in South
Carolina recently ran away from his wife,
and the bereaved lady writes to the Lcuis
vlllu Chief of I'olico for information. This
Is what sho suy of bim :
'die came Into Kentucky to go Into
polnticks he was ono of John Urown'i nion
and was with htm In Maraland ho is a
good stumpl speaker can edit a nuscpaper
deliver lectures and teach school and I
o,alto a friend lo tho colored peple he tryes
to rnsko hlmtolf notublo wharo ovor ho is
he wos it icsser of eternal rovnaw before
ho went to Kentucky ho hai sandy mua
tash and ways about HI.''
ThatiKsKlV IliR l-roclBinmion.
State or Illinois, )
. KXKCL'TIVK Dkpautmk.vt, s
SprlngUeld, Nov.0, 1S70 J
In oecordanco with tho prnctlco of my
predcccMors, I doherobyrecommond to all
tliu people of tho state of Illinois to dovoto
Thursday, uho U Ith duy of November, 1870,
to such nets us will manifest their grntl
tilde to tho Supreme living for all thu. mer
cies of thu yean
"Hut when then mitkost a feast, call tho
pour, tlio maimed, tho Initio, the blind, nnd
lIlrMI .hall Uct."
Djnuatlho executive department, in tho
clt v of .Springfield, this Mh day of Novem
ber, A. D. IH70. .IOHN.M. IWLMKJt.
Ily the governor:
KiiWAitn lit mmki, Secretnrvof State. dtJ
HA!?, iii'imn
Salvsi'on for the Hair.
I'c Re: taring n Gr'fti' Hair it!
Original Coor
Piiai.on's 4lVTJT.', difTcrr
i-ttcrly from "tlycs,"
colorors'-'tuid " rt-srorors "
(?) in '.'5.e. It nets on v.
totally tlutcrcnt piint iplc. It
is limpidyfrngi.tnu ant! per
irotly innowo"!. precipitates
no muddy or flaCvyitant mat
ter, n-tiuircs no shauint? tip
und oinimniit:aff3 no .' tain to 1
r!u.' skin or the iinc:'.. No
pap:r airlt:.n is n .. 'i lu !
t'oncrai it? lwV':' j t. a-anco, ;
.'"or the linvj'.'t: it." i .tr .j
i.tft itr'j. ' i , .o ai' in tenth
and pu n-. .rv i im-ovihy
i.t 'i oii 'JhcV.ustvv. I
ITAMit It-
a change
wjirranie.i ;o i..
in the color v i .In
,ir within
10 dav3 after the firaripplicu
tion, ' rhf tlireotitHW being
carefullv obset ved '
and y.vs so siiinMi:.vr.
Dolhif per Box,
Sold v aliJ)ruogists.
If your Druggi. has not
Vitalia " on hiituif write, en
closing ijvi oalml we will
forward it itnnifilitttely.
Phal(n t5c Son,
ci7 liroackvav, N. Y
Uaco c: j, B. D02BR73,
ABO North. Eighth St., Phllndn.
A color and dressing that will
not burn tho hair or injure tho
It dooa not produce a color
mechanically, as tho poisonou3
preparations do.
It gradually restores tho hair
to its original color und lustre,
by supplying now lifo and vigor.
It cauaca a luxuriant growth
of soft, lino hair.
Tho best and safest nrticlo
ever offered.
Clean and Pure. No Bediment.
Sold ovorywhoro,
Golden Remedies.
I'.e lli-8 ntiljr. nnl sir-Time, Ilsl!li unit
Money, it.000 KKWAKIl for ny cue of tllacuc,
la tnjr stiRi wlilch tti-T fall la cuts.
in. HiciiAun (jui.nr. imm
H.tll.S, Nm. 1 A 2, re tli
sKtts.t kllrrntlres known.
KM XI It Il'AHOUH Is tlia
(IrsMcit Tonlo n. Astrlnrttt
In tho Usdlcsl I.UL lit. III.
Ii th only rtlltkl illarstle.
Thus IlsmsJI' ure hot tdiirtlsol t Cura lit
CompUlnU, nJ tiecrflt noo hot are cutMntrot
to cSct a luaiol sol Hip-"1 s.'1 tut
which Uirr ara ranommemted, wbsn all othtr traat
maul bat rallat. Tens of thouitmli yrtrlr rreoif
by their uie, who litre lost all lioj.-, anJltasfTr"
Boasead at Inearablt by the best cftfr mcllcil
II1T.SAU. S'a. I.- rjfet Uleers. L'kerilol
Rora Thnat ami Wnath. Hora Krei, Cutua-
tm rrarrtnni, Cervr&ornl lllolches, Sorrneti
jf UhaBcalp, Hcrofultfe. It It the Uretteit Iteno
TtUr, Aluttle assf JIUxxl I'tuinef known, rt
mow all nercurfroa the system, ami Itaies
Sba blool iiire acrf lietlthr. X
t J HkXxfX, Ho, a, caret ttercurltl Altec
Uoni Rhenmtllim In til Its frro, an'l
lm ImmrOCatt relief In all c.
I'rlee ctIUier No. 1 or s, f 3 r eotiic, or two
iu rnii .Mi's h m. )kn
ASTIItOTK. a rvlletl rare fir all urinary
drtnrtnienl. Tries 13 per Kitlte.
Dl. Kir.HAU'S (iOLDM
KUXin li'AHOVlt. a tfllcot cui fcr
:ervo'H rr ileneml tieblllty, In .M or
yonnji Irajinlnir erieriry with wonJerfat eCecU
I'rlee JS ir botile. r two for 3.
On recel.t 'cf price, tlieio remcllei will be
ihlrl lo any plica. Prompt attenlln paM to
all cormraodenu. NVna cenulnt wlthonl Hit
nuaaof "IUt. HICIMt'.S OoI.llK.V laMKIIIK.S,
P. II. RK'llAUlis, u ie rp ; rlttor," blown In
(t of bnitle.
Clreultrt tent. Trls mj , ' jil it a libtral
illieminU r- -
AdJrait. IK. I'. II. RICH Mtt3 1 VirIA
Direct, New York.
Special Notices.
llrttclirlur'H llnlr tyr.
Tut mil imiii uj.i Ioc ti'.l coiiulii I) ad 1
ne Tllilul oifpui luiiinU)zetUvs')ili'iii or n
diico death. It i rTfetly h.irnilfe. r" ul"!o - .
n.Unl.iiit.ius. Atiild ttifs vuntH.I nu ilelindv
narallont Isus'.lns vlllfsthojdoiiot p..e.-4
jrf.u vioiild escape the dmitcer. The I'liinmi
W. A. Jiittolielor'a Hair l')a InMlilrty je.m'irp. I
uutiou lo upli.h its lui.'Krlij. S .l.l l.j- Dm;;
;.!. Applied at lultuuy ttmd, N. T. I
arlltiiir .Murrlr.l.
IIs.jyifur)'ouii4iiit.n,oti KojIiiI livila und Ilia (
prupriri ur iiupiuj'iioi; in Hr,,ui n,ru,,,M,, in,
lalitlHry ludli fur th'iswnho feel illllllli'd r.'riuut- .
riiuuuut happiness, .-Vnc ire.-, In -Vhli.,1 unfi'l j
npi. Addris lloitur.l As.wlillon, Hut I', I'lill' ;
a li'ip.l N, I U. IMpl,. UI
:'lu-imjuiUlialjlu l'lii'uiar. 1
As;l l III, III! jJll ItllHH Iilm III lt. biVO Ml I . I
niMimiy. An horror tr.aflrilnir us ,lltii i
UiiiU. ut Jierfiliwi loft. lliiV.f1raiit )sii,.'rf.
mil siivi-t i'.li) lli' h-i hi JIuh ami l. uu. i.i'.s
Ituri'iK V.'jI. r. Isjy vfter i tiiplwutli.u tl.-
J liainlkt rcliiel ct'.ili .- uiuel il liglilful, .1. 1 .'Me 1
tiul itgret utile ,raim . iunrlin.i'ly
' TIiiim- lm etc Mi l., in-
1 AlMIOI.'d uilh ;.iy .il.li.l.iu illtllobll), ehuul I Willi- ;
nllldi lav wrltafor I'r. Illlliillliili'e N.'M 'l.i fclli-, j
M'Ot lll'O tO llliy lldilM -s,
,M. I.OMIiA" HAMILTON, . !..
I'. it. llo l.'.sW. No Viirt; (ill),
III') lldJlUil
ci.vj'ix.v.vTi Aiivr.iiTfsi:ju:xTS.
j tv s: ta:t:i:.YVAf.i
I IS I tAm tNfi ftr .V Sull.Lin').
Copper and Sheet Iron Work
No. SIS ViM lV.nl Strout, i
ei.vct.-J.v.vri, onto ;
Cor.Walnut&GanoSts;iT m SHOE UK2
DAVIS & TUOKHR i twsstiotii stubct,
2Px oprlo tox-scs.
CW. DLiViVINC., Ma 1. Hi'-
ItiENUK-Corner Ninth ond Wrtiml
OFFICK-Coruar Siiilh Streal nd Ohio Utfo
OWICE HOUBH-From a.m. to H ninal
mm k.
oLino, xxjXjXJxroiiei.
Also, l;ei ronsl.tnlly rn li.iinl ii ino-t eoni
le sllPlc n j
Scotch and Irish Whiskies
Port, Madeira, Sherry, Catabaw
it-XT mV TVT "tTT! GJ.
w -v
Wo api nirsnts tor J. Kelil i Co V Celol.r.ilcJ
wiikiii.i.m. am:.
WVssllc.Ti'liislvctj-f'ir dish, di hlcli ftict we
Invito tlio sttsnlliiii of elo.f tmrgtln bii)r.
H" la! ntti'iitmn filvrn to lllllnu orders.
Confection Merchant
Una Ueinovi'il to 111 Old Stand
134 Commercial Avenue
Win ro ho sollci In ii ronlinniiiK'o nf pnlriinnp m
hixfurmrrouito ini'ri. ntw.ll im Ihni of n inmi
new onii M tuny wail prlmoii,rocerle,prollonsy
cm., renmrkabiy t hciip fur iti.
Terms I hlrutly ciuli, for which ho will tell
ower tliiiu tlio Iocl. e7tf
" lK.VI.i:il I.N
Plaster Paris Plasterers' Hair
O 32 IVI HHSri", cCpo.
I.line lu Itulk, aJwti.VH mi lianil
W. Kttalt' n. T. Illrd.
C'Tiiatton .v i;i::i.
, U".'i' in lot-iiattoti, lliidsun i etnrk,)
' WholoMiilo
ozxxo 33 van 13
Audits or American t'owdci- Cn., unit
JInitnlitelHrera Aui nti lor otioii i.rn
i ifllMKitv
I4 "
Writ IAT " CJ V C
Y V.J 14 Vj O'fV, Vl
tP. H"" rPk '
il. 13 M ... IW3 "r
Msii7 XhrafJ' (j '
3 ttw -' aa
5Js.a .an Ti :
Nil. Ttl t)hf: l.i'ii'i',
smcn.i ..n... nut uu.-. mm'i en
lunula nil, I rillli K Ontcr
im imimmi
1 w a. vst on tv :.,
(iiiri'i's.(irs io Joi n' ll.innmi X ('.
w a. .st on
! A HJ V T E W JB lu HZ H
I 74. Seeontl Floor, OHIO LEVEF
i.uy ami Soil Kwil Jis.atcl
ttl' .II.I..MIM
1 IJ.'tWcon Wasliliiston Ave & roplur S
I llunlM taitil HlioeiSlailtilo Oriler. 1'lin-s
VurKiurii r.iiiiiitijTii.
Satisfaction Warranted
i'atroiiAfTP. Solicited.
ap d
sr mm mm m mm mm mmmmmM sin sk-
Cor, 8th St, Washington k
n t rim Tr t t ATrv ret
mum uio.
, The ileinnn l for the IUVI3 SBWt.NO MAUIf
INK In tlio Atlantic Stale, wfiero lliry aro bast
known, and wlicro tlicy sopplitnt nil ctlicrs, It
greMur tlmn ran be supplied.
Itmmr f.dinln any kind (if work. II la slmpl.
ronslstlntf nf n few ftron parts, nnd Its vertical
feed t-naMas. It to run fttrr noitmrf and tnturn cor
ner wlllmutclmnsaof ailirh or ti-nsmn,
Clotlilnif nnd (ilun minufiuturrrn prefer It to
all (itliert, nnd that it Is Just Urn tliinx for fionllr
wowing nrerybiidy wit I wknowled( anerrxam
lulu. Mentrit. riinlors hare tcrerat Kites and ditlrrrnt
sljlf. of finish, and respeetfiilly Intlle nil who
want the-
Manufjotnri'd to Kite Idem a eall before punditt
l!i(tlimlierr, Call mid Uct a Circular.
Trio superiority of trim cxi'ellant preptrttlon
ou'ranyuther artlclRoirr otfered to tli publlo
has been ili-monitrated by Hie wonderful popular
ily It haa atlaiiied within tho brlaf ytar'ttneo I
waiflr.1 inanufiictiirril. otlesttluin
One Million Housekeepers
uie t(i-Uy usinn Hnpollo In I hit nnd Uhor coun
tries, and thoilemind It rapidly lecronslni;.
Ilatli tirlck, rotten atone, aclil anil lya
nro no longer a neerssity in tho houiehold, allien
SiiihjIIo dooa tho work nf each and all thete,and
Willi Mrlest lalmratid exptnie.
Tho fnllnwlni; aro a few ol tho rpecllnei t
which tfupolio la admlrubly adapted i
TO CI.K.tX WISnOWS-WlthoiitwetllnK carpeta
or "illliitr tha pAlnt. Tali a wet clfilli, not
ilrlpplnc, rub ll arer tho cake of htpollo
until It Isrotered wllh a creamy lather, and
llien briskly over the panoul kImsj clean
oil and polish wIllulryclolhorchaHiolii To
remoro Tarnish or rlrted paint will reiiulroa
little ultra rubbing.
TO CIXIN KXIVKK-Utoyniir ilith-cloth, rubi
on tho barnilio, anil then rapidly orertho
knltca. Tina will lite a brilliant anl dura
bio )li-li, without MraWihlntf.,
10 I'OLlSII TIN. IIIUSS, and atker CilUtry
Article (tub iliu damp cluth en llif ctWa
of f.iK)lo until well corerrJ, and then
liilckly iirrrtheaurltce of tho ulaiitll. il
will prudiK'naltialra ciiual If nutauprrlor to
I it) iii uaw.
I TO fl.EtN T.UXT AXII WOOlUsTOItli-l'ae'Sa.
olii as above) do not rtili toe hard, it !
I rune with rlntn in clean water.
KIIK IIUt .sK CLKA.MMI-Otpolio laoftno git'.t
i..t value In tho aavlnir nf time, latnr and
the wear uf tho arllcloa cleansed. Try It
ouceand you will never bo witiiuilt it.
OU tTAKIIINf IHHIIK1, Halrr-Tuba; Kluors.
Tablt., etc. Where toapwa fi'rmeily used
Nipolio Ik iavalu.ible; aud enco u.e.l. will
never!" dltpenied with.
IN TIIK IIUl'MK rrrnll purposes (eicept waah
Ink' clothes), Una .iriicle I- rouvrnioul
iiiuiiical and rrllablt.
i IN Till! STOIll: l'ur itull.bmi .oale.. Iliea.urea
ilui, bruss (ircnpper), UlliH'. hj.-.re, el.'.
TIIK MIOI' K.r rl.iniiij, p.n.iunk- nnd ra-
inorini!tur,s,r l.cic, Cr. ill iniehiuery and
MT lli:ill'riei:-f the -u.oii, dentist, civ
I eiiiftiirpr, i.tlntfrni.eiiii4i(er.
, ,N AM. ri.ll ISwIiti' a rliatiHipy ami pnll.li.
mi i. u HI, nl 1 1 1 - elti ihie, et'iinoiiurat and
liiiii.li--, is rc'i'ircd, ir Kjpolio, ll
prut )" Kiipt ii. r.t) nrr ull elder
K0i:i,t.MMtASIIIM!-J'M)tMiU. lrhi.elM
' I-"'?'''' .:,lw,'.r' r hrv!'"1: :'f
i,HeiU" I' I'h.'l.ly ii uii'ti'a ut id., (Hint,
invalid ollifr stiilna liuui ih lulu'., which
iiii will lu't tell. I'll. II Hiiltont T 'lulida
and Ionic llieni anionthnud while
t'Klt'K a few uie.
,-iil.liUY----- your Htoccra ii'ilni).'X"ts
WhoUsalo IVpots,
ill MoshluKton, St., and 30 Otfiird M.
,SV Vnih. hondtill.
i )T.'i"ili"d' III"
, jjJSHOiatl .1iUTU.lI.
b'l'lt'i;--.Vorlhvct Cur. I'outlU nnd
llva IMrvata, Hi. Lou I a.
And Cor. 1IU t. b CuuiiurrcUl Av.
Oaii'o, Illinois.
Cash Capital, .
Vash Asiets over,
AUTJIL'IIU. UAltltET, Prea't.
r. .31. HAWKS ()SAY, 113 La Salle .treat,
Chicagu, ntute Mantgots fur llhnoii.
0. 1'. TOPl'EL, Cairo, Special iiut for South
ern IlllnoU. w -
rri'inluiiu paid to ami colloctiOQs matlo by C, N
Hughes, Cathivr Kir.t Naliooil lUak. '
TKAMSHirS Wv.,WtSfr ItraNtlHtw
York, 'Liver! salttsMplw.
Kor imtaagt tp'plr to' '

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