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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, November 23, 1870, Image 1

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Tin: Uoiiiiiii"iiiirr P Agriculture in
hiH report will ojiio.o tho renewal of the
reciprocity treaty with ('itnatla: Ho
nay. ''The farming interest, are un
alterably opiool to tliu iiroposition fur
tin- renewal of the reciprocity treaty
with the; Dominion of Canada measure
fraught with llanjfcrona compctiton with
that .State.
(IhorwitA i.i Haililuncl by the news, -fine compensation and advantage.", a
that Attorney Cenoral .Uenuan h ,,iea-urc bv which Kurnlus croiis ltowii
about to ru-igu hi oilice and return to with cdieaper labor, bearing no part of
t ho biiideii ol our national ta-ntiuii
wottM find a convenient market in our
Keyboard oitiu.a. while our own Hurplm,
produced at a greater diitunee from our
principal market, in Mibjcctto expotiM'e
traii!iiortation ami heavy taxation. " Ho
eoiiitlers there it no good ie:ioii why
the duties loviedupon imjiortiihoiil(llio
oj.e in ti o alike w itlmut favor or in vidiou
i. . . . . . .i
iiHMiiction noon nil jniei-.Mi iowoiv ami
fuw yonrs ngo, when Nebraska was ad
mlttcd in a State. This was bail enouch
but that ho should now bo ru-idcctud seems
preposterous. Tf Nebraska can't Improvo
on J'haycf, she bad better ask to bo reduced
to a turritoriHl condition, ami artcrwnrd
Tip: Democratic wau ha-i reached
the far West. Amntroug, lmocral,
wnnnlcctcd lclcgat5TTT"roiigres from
.Dakota; las-t week. .
Tim: Chicago
"iui cay. the
party received the full
chock of the negro void in the recent
elections without being hurt by "thi.i
African mitrailleuse."
This French have brought tho nci
enco of ballooning to Mich i.erfection
Till! change elTectcd in the political
n-ntimcut of the country during the
past two yean find. no parallel in tho
hi-torv of the counlrv. I'v the ratifi-
that maili nre regularly Dent by them, cation of XV'.h Amendment SOO.OOOiic-
mid almott as regularly received by thoc gro voters were added to the Radical
lor wliomjhey arc intended, It hum
be aggravating to tho 1'ruxxiaun to nee
tliee mail rarrieri railing over ".them
with contraband intelligence" which it
i.i out id'jheir power to arrest
party, which, added to the 11)0.0011 maj
ority obtained by that party in the
popular vote of lfifiR' would ccem to
place tho Democratic )aity in a hope
lr minority. That in a tingle vear
tho Democracy 'ibould overcome
Sk.vatoh h'churz cintintioi to repu- I 1,200.000 majority against them., a.id
.l:....ll: . .... . I . i i ii..., ...
uiiiw.- un iiciriiiapcr nccourili ol III- npin- unuupmaoiy iue irouger party,
join, nnd kivi that he ttnmli by his tells ff a jolitical chang-' never before
Hpccclie nnd his record in the .MiKvmri 0'ih1Im1.- If the' ioplc conld to.dny
campaign just ended, and that when he dndaro their VcntfmcnN through tho
witic to htate anything for thn public ballot box,-the Hndical party would bo
car ho will do ho in bin jdaco in tho Jiarlcd from power, nixt'Jht government
Kenatc. Vflere, he add., lie doui imt coiifidetl To Dcmocrajio hand, .by a ma- J ,
tkiok ho can be made a eon-piouoiH jority of more than a half a (in'llion -of i
minority .f one. 'v.Ui. H?Ueali'iu''lias been weighed
Tin: family of (lencral l.co have re.
loeted Col., Charlci tf.irtliaU. of Haiti-"
wore, to writo u full biograjdiy of tlm,
great cbieflain, and will turn overj
him nmplo nmterinl, including that col
Joctcd by don. Lev himxdf. nnd u
uote and lertors of ht campaigns.
Col. Marshall will aho prepaio the bio
graphical i-kotch for the i'orthcoming
Leo Memorial, which tho faculty of
Washington and l.co l.'nivcr-iiy are
puliiug forward to eompleti'in. To hU
high, literary uttainineiitK Col. Mar.-hall
ailds tho rare .jualiticaiiin of having
been Oen. LeeV imate Sim icui v tin.
ring the war.
and found wanting, and tho people an;
impatiently waiting to ht.irop upon it
'the M?al of iheir condoiauatroti.
The indications arc that the jojmlii
tioti of the United State's will rather fall
xhortofthe 10,001)011 at which it htn
K'en generally estimated under the gi-u.
iiH of 1ST0. In twuntv-iiine of the
TliK iJhicsgoWVnfnr'av.": "For wav
that are dark, and tricks that arc vain
(lie heathen ('him io have no monopoly.
The Chiia . tlovatorf. during thij
.seaimi, ha- e delivered from their ware
hou-o- L'j:5,000 bushel i:; re of No. -corn
than luvo been received by them,
including rfliat.w.n "ii hand at tho op
ctiing of tho sea-on. In addition to
thii.. thuy have a large Mock in ,tore.
Hy a mmarkablo coincidence, the
amount of rejected corn thipjwl and
on hand fall cntlorablv 1c-- than the
amount received.
Mcir-HIUMBlitcr of the Flrtt Vendor of
LiiRcr Ilecr In Cliicliiiinll-lle HiitH
Jllinirir lit tho Html Mlllt a l'ltol,
From t'i l incinnatl Cumincrcl.il
Tliu mauiii for tuicldo which alllktcd
t!i city Imt winter seems to lmvo conic
upon us iigain witli renewed intensity mid
virulence. As before, those attacked by
this sulcidiil iimJni.'.-s ure Uortnnns, iumI tli'i
emi'f's hitherto dcvolopcd ecm. entirely
itiiulllclctit to account lor their haste to
jeuve this terrestrial sphere, nnd venture
into "that undiscovered countrv from
wnow bourno no traveler ro
turns.' "Without even tho pre
text or unusual flnnnciul trouble, nnd
Us coiiciucnt nncortalntv about the fu
turo; without that foreshndowlng gloom
winch puts friends unuii tbulriruard: with
out anything which might lead their ns-
socinic to nuspect ttieir awtul intentions,
tbesu self-tnurflurcri form their plum
eooly, and with the utmost deliberation
carry tbcm out, throwing their relations
inw mooepuij of sorrow mid despair, and
casting a gloom over tho community In
which they llvo.
The casu which wo aro called upon to
vuroiiicio is mo iuiciui ot LUIriitUn
SVIiwcnck, h Goriimii sloon.keeper living
nt -it Thirteenth street, CI years of age,
and who Is snld to lmvo enjoyed the ruthcr
rcnmrUlle distinction of having sold the
urstisgcr leer over vended In Olncinnnti.
Mr. .Scbwcnck was bonl In JIarrcuth, In
llnraria, was married nt the iuo i!3 rears,
and camo to this country STJ years ml'o.
Ills occutifttlnn slnea lin lun l.n i n..i.
dent of tho city hns hecn principally that
which we huvo mentioned, although ot
Isle years be 1ms not found it particularly
ciJo were as follow;
i eiterillv tnornlnf nlmnt r. '..!
old mint no ain wont Into hi uUm.
Miortiy afterward his wifu heard tho re
port of ft pistol, andMpon .hurrying to tho
i la. a which tho sound. indicated, -sw her
hihband sitting on a chair i one of tho
tables of tho iIJon. with hI"Iou-
jilk bat jammed down orer his H6sd, and
;ii-niinil lia,iil,.i l... i
I . : : """jf's u.mv.ii uv oil siue.
A clojer examination rovoaled to tho hor.
rirteil' womtin tho tcrriblo tut thut
b'T husband was dead, with a gbatlv
and nektnlng wound tbrouh the
forehead, with blood and brains ooxlnc
thojtfrom nnd trickling down over bis
face Mill eiothlng I
--- -
Tlio llrrHurul fait of fffrm SlUkf .. I
SrrrllW K,.vUilnni or llnrlirlir..
SiIiooiIqi;, Torllirlnp, uml llfMlntf ol
it Sailor.
fastened to Mi feet J tho stopper wcthed
about fifty pounds.
Two days aftor thovossel loft tho captain
tried to mako Ulako sing and danco: tho
mato asked him if to did not known new
dance, and not answering tho captain
knocked him down: I iv ninl-n iininn-
and dancing sovorul times after that;
whllo tho chain-stopper was fastened to
Ids Iocs ho was mado to sernnn tnnri T
saw fresh marks on his faceiubsenuontto
thooriclnal beatini'. Aftorn u-tili lilnb.
Jumped overboard, ordisappunred from tho
snip, i saw Jiiaifo aoout llvo minutes be
fore ho disappeared, standing on tho pirt
sido.closoby tho poop deck Inttlcoj tho
mato was near him passing Into tho cabin;
ho was L'olng Into the cabin whnn th
tnrted to tin niton tho nonn dnxl- itlni,.
had been rolcasodhbout ton minutes; I d.4 ;
iiui ecu nun again, out saw tho mato ten
minutes lifter: ho enmn out rf iim ..i,in
and gavo tho alarm that Ulako was ovor
hoard: this was about 0 oclock In ilinrvn.
ningj I havo had a consultation with tho
niaio as to what I should tcstlfst
lio told mo not to toll anything about
mu iiinii ucmg iieo up anu put in irons j X
novcr had any difficulty with tho mate,
one day, after tho occurence, two and a
nun moiuiis ocioro wo reached Callao, thu
iniiiu wuiuou me 10 sign a paper which
niu uiiiKujinu uisnnnn.iroa mmii nninviv
. . -- - -j
know how.
hair mmmi
, New Discovery t )
SalvWion for the Hair.
Fir Restoring
Hair its
Original CoMl
A Itmlical exchange N" ijuite confi
dent that the ."people will never again
rut the control of (he government to
f;.x l?r.xs'iii " N
tiiirr.lng trial of J'.,,
muruer ana lor cruul treatment at sca of
rnwii uiiuvr ins cuiiimanu, was be
gun in tho United States circuit court, be
tore Judge Hotl'man and a Jury. The
crimes were committed on lionnl il,,.
-Phalok's Vxt'
utterly from
(?) in jifsc. It acts on a
totally different principle. It
is limpidfragrant, and per
fectly innbsltos. precipitates
no muddy or mCulent mat
ter, requires no sliakincr ud.
and communicates notain to
the skin or rhc liner. No
paper curiam is nccvfsnvv to
conceal its turhwrncarnncc,
for the simKT -eason that it is
not turbpr. It is, to all intents
ami puf poses, a new discoviry
us xuiitv: vncni srr
Oaeo c: i. B. B53EIN3,
BO North Eiohtli St., Phllndn
A color and dressing that will
not born tho hair or injure tho
It doea not produce a color
mechanically, a9 tho poisonous
preparations do.
It gradually restores tho hair
to ita original color and lustre,
by supplying now lifo and vigor.
It causes a luxuriant growth
of soft, fiuo hair.
Tho best and safest article
ever offered.
Clean and Pure. No sediment.
Sold everywhere.
Golden Remedies.
t' Uvi only. r.'l Tiow, Itrnllb n 1
Honr. (1,000 IIKW.Milt for nn cie ut llit..
la an itjge which tbr fill to enrr.
Ii... Kicil.u-rt (ior.lir..V IMT..
SAMf, No. I It 1, r the
Rrcatnl llerrlTe, known.
On. It I fit ACS OOI.DE.V
l: MX I II DM It OUt Ii tha
tirr-tl.it Tonlo nnl Aitrlnz'nt
In thn Mcllfil Mil In. lit
Ii th onlr rtllihlo llur.il,
Thftf Tl'mjillfi r not UmiUM to Curi til
Conuilstali, anil benefit noni Imt are rnsrantt
to tCcct a Ila-llcal atl St.1jt Curt In all zvt Ut
wnicn mrr are reroiamrnucd, wn-n all otl.tr trit
mtit hai fallrd. Tcni of thonian Ii Jvj rrcojjj,
uj inur n, wno iito idii an anre, aniXTiiro
nrantect as l&cnralli bj lbs U.t cfyr uollcal
faeultjr. .
Jl nALHAM, No. I, ifei flr, Clceratfl
8ar Throat anl uth. 3rf Tjct, Cuune
3ui rrnptSini, Cor.pcyfulor.-l IllotchM. riormeti
of tha Scalp, Frrc-rntyr.o. It Ii th Ortnltit l'.cn-f
Titor, Alttratlra tjfi HlooJ l'nrlfltr anr.-rn. re
rnoTr all m-rcur from th ijritcm, n-t Icartj
the bltxxl rmre 11 hlthjr.
1IAI.PM, No, carts It-rcurUI AUrc.
tloni lthtuinitlim In all It. fjrini. n,l
:ltM Insirat r'llrf I a all cati.
Ithtr.vo. l era, fi jr twttlf, or trj
S?f YTJI A: CO.,
A'.o, kl'i-p .-nn.l. rlly en liaoil ll i
I 'In tr.- ; ol
skwi.no machi.m:s.
in n, 11 ill in i;
THP. )Ih VKUTICAr, vv.v.u
I III! I iiintilnli.ul ut . .
Scotch and Irish Whiskies
Pirf MarlpirQ horru Poinhoui Pnr QIU PI 0. ULA!1. i
jiij muuuiiu) uiiuiiji uutuuuH uuii Ulll Oli Oi II do II 1 1 IUII fl
I tin ilom.mil r.i. fh nii'fa cnt-iw. r...
INllin ilio AlUutlc .liit', wlicrp'thoy nro' b
S?m0.,J!,.,.?n,, w,"'.r" "u,y. ""Pplant nil otlicrs,
Hrpst,'! thnn enn li iiiiiliril.
HtlPTl-r f.lln In anv liml .,r, ...! 11 I.
roiiM.iinif r n f-vr Ptrnmr imrti, anil it vrtlca
lOCil hit I.i lllo riln otl-rnonm anil tutiir,, rn
" ,"c,.,,,n" or "lc'' r trii.inii.
ClOtllfnif Iind l.lnv.. m.nnl. ..... i. .
nil nlhrri. nml Hint It i in.i n.n , f. .......
f,i-wlnir .t.,rvl..lv wii l ....b... - ..'
Mrun llniMra hftvn iii..mI .1...
atviM nf nn 1.1. n v: i',".1-. " rrr.n
. . . ---.-- IIMIIU nil
..."''aro h.'piiM lur J. Iln.l A C ' CYlct.rato.l
11 r.r.i.i.Mi i,i..
wi .ell ex ui.iti-iy f,.r Ta-h, t b 'li f.icl w
itiTim tut ofi-ntmn nr eiuiu t- irtm liuycrs.
I'oi- si niti-ntion Ritin to fl..itij nrilcM.
'I'm: 3iovn.
A . 1
uns Koiiioieil to Ills (Mil
134 Eommeicial Jveoue
M.iniir.lllir..! 1(1 Pit. I I1AI.1 . Anil I ........ ....
itiBcl'fwIicro, '
Call nntl (.'ct n Clivulnr.
UiirK, a raJltal rum f ir all urluarr
ucraiiftotiiti. rri C3 ttr botllf.
JL- F.MXm D'AM tl'lt. n rJdicil cui. I.i
In oi l cr
Ntrieut cr Ixntral ll.billir,
jronnn impawn; fnrry witn kanilviral cnatt.
l'rltt 11 rtfttll. it two fur
On rtctlpt of r.ce, th. rmrillii will It
hlpiJ ti anr .Uct. l'romi.t altrntlnn ral-l t
all corrcttwin.lcnti. . irfnuln wlihont tha
nm6f "lilt. mclIAl A RoMiK.V IIHSIKIULH,
D. II. ntCII.UlO f Ij Tf.-irlcur," Uotra la
Clan uf bottln.
Circular! icnL 7rl auptlt t at n HUral
dliount. ti A
Aillrni. Illl. 1). II. IlICIlAir". VS Var:k
Etrctt. .Vi York.
Wlijro Iimk.Ii.'i In n contiiitiaiicPiir pAlrMiarc 1.
linr.irmprcu.to tncr., n.tll n, ii,hi nrii.inan
un-. niuTaii.rimeRriK'cr i',iiriii.iuu.y
'"'"' i-iiinij rruii, lur Wlllcll 10 w I .
OHvrllian tlio lowest. ,-tf
Plaster Paris Plasterers' Hair
oaniacrasiaxr'i', nt.o.
I.Iini! In I!till(, uluio ntiii Imm
Prurfsan's " Vitalia" is
Amoriouti tiiiji .Mnttorhorn, on thopasmcc warranted to cifv-.t a chance
from Adtweri) to S.iti r.-imiriir., it...,?.. .t . i. , v . . .?
11 .. in u c coinr nr rn, r?tr uirinn
ijuia:in, luu snip cirncnlur. l.iilili.i ..1 ...-..,
.. . . , : ....... v. ... . 1 . .
so nays ancr uie nrstUDt) ica
tion, the direction beincr
-11 1 o
carciuiiy ooserved.
t iirtywda St(!. tho liicreaajj, ipj. .Ucmociatiu lu.uU LottiM, tlmt ,,a.tv is
tlian t!,000,n00, which w.mlJ lsriiiK ..ur ot mily titutitutc vf hoi.e.t IcuaCrbut
I.Oj.ulat.i.ii i n,, t k twH :w,oui.OOiJ hraitis! ..'Hii-.-'rrom io,.t,.,,icco ol
iiud :i,O00tO(J0. Tim nimaiui.is nine the limlio:,! i,arlv-tl.timitv that mnkes
Mate will all, kivo New V.irk,Kivs but j;.,,,, ,f (ti (Irani. nnil Krcat mou
a huiail iuurca.se. I Im eliauccj are timt
we uliall have about the nimmut ubovc
ty tl.e cruel troi.tmo.it and murder of a
rjuor namoa .is ninke;
I Lnuw.Mos lllukoj hojolnod thojiUt
torhorn nt Cardilfi slio sailed from iiib
port on tko fith of Jlnrch ; on llio 10th of
.Mare h ilio was In tlio northeast trades, out
nt sou, far awity from land ; Lctwocn 4 and
." o'elock in the morning of ilareh luth I
was in my lunk. In tlm nftnr.imrt rc ,..
forwunl house; on tlio starbonrd side: on
tlint mornlm; I lioanl two pl.tol shot-viuid
immediately Jumped out on dick ! I taw'n
man lyiiij, down in tlmdcck and tlai tjp
tiiu mid i.-iatu cloio by, stamllnL'i I wis
uUtut twelve iVi-t from the m m ; It proved
m uo uiiiki.': I wollt In t in itnnt
Sold by
statflil, or jut abjut tiiat of Krano-, or I
oi'l'rii'sia and hor (lernnii doioiulea
cicj, llailit tiot been fur the war wo
should have had ll'.OiUMIlin or
111,000,000 ot'iieojilc.
f itjt uttluttcroil Wish.., nnd ruleri of! ,w,ncr ho lay, oml could icq that he was
it 1. tillers It- luttmorci ami I hay-1 lduedlnj; from, only tlmt l.o was Lle"dinK
or is tho niiiiteonce of efironioiy, lr'J i lhomutliurowas.Mr.Alluni thu
'l'l.,. ..r.L . ..i ...... captiilnsuld 'the cutlass hud boeoino pret-
Dollar per Box,
i: t ijnuM,
nas not
Special Notices.
Ilntrlivlor' Ilulr ll.vi.
Tin tr in Tim wobii lir not conl.iln lea.l
no Tiirkl toixir.iy: iho iy.i in or ro-
iluri .luntri. It iiorf.ally liarmlix r i.iMn
nmrit.iiicou., AvoM tlm vniint' I an .ldu.ni
-.tar.lioni lKinjitlnj I'rliin tlir-y diinol mioh
sou would 'ii" the ilnnKi-r. Tlio ji.-iiiiinu
W. A llstoliolor's Ilulr I'J lin tliirlr jtmrn'reu-
utntitin ! uhut.J u liitc'nt). h.,c h Viit-
Kl.ta. Afipheil at lii llony nrfi-t, N. V.
aio the changes of tliiitv
ISiO Illinois ami .Missouri
The greate-t, wi.eit, ami purest
sialo.-men of the niiintiy nro, to-tlay
Democra'. Itriu in tho faith ami loinr
buttle for tin. ftii-eo-s of .iho principles
of tho patty. Vlnne,' in the lUilieal
rMiilc enn 1? found the peer of 'eyiniiur,
of Hpndrkh.siinVnille'oii. of Hoffman,
.,,.., i it . . I,, oj iipimruu.siii ivnuie-oii. oi iioiiman,
wore amnn thy Hiiiiillon in popiilnlioii . ' ... ...
.r.Hii.j'.cbu.or.hoi-,.,,,, nBMh &SiSSSt
-iiuu uniu nun ,ii!,piiri iwo nieiiioer, oi n cymj,iel0 a,i(j
vougrc.isj lu.m. uvu imiy, as many as
flic Hiate of New .lcrcy now lum.
I'onrincin answer. It
is iii)t uemvary to udcl iuiuther hiiiIo
Vtlll, III til, n..lll,ifi-lli. t.l..,it.lli , n .il...-.
flint. A.. ........ .1 1 1 .... I .. e. ll. I . C I '
u.w uu . lv.-tVVUIVI "IV, 1WIIII R ,,; IC-ll TI
. I ,v ... . nil.. . . I v I''J I"'! Ill IWItm -.,11 -,H'
nml fifth Sl:it,i of tlm 1'nli.ii ! tl.n I . ' . 1
pie havo ileelareil tho'r willingness to
iiiiiiiIw.h ..r :..i...i.: 1 1 ... .1.. .
"H iiui.tuil4ini.-, rfliu III IIIU llt'Al ,.!..,. 1 i 11 ...
..,,,,, ,' : . . 1 . , jrivo the control oi this ;overiiiuont,iuto
eeiftu uIlhoiiL'U, lue population for an , . , . . ,
..viri i,..i.. 'e n 1 1 Lhmiivi.itiii haiiiU, ami only await thu
s extra Mcmbor ..CgUgwi ha, bee... (,I1rtmii.v ,7: )m rtl l,l,iwn
I , . . .1 y
trebled, they will have their twenty
levon or twehtyi-cl-ht hicniber-s of Coii
'Kress, or in innVyV the K.npiiu State
of'.Vow York." ' " " ' '
yoarn lience, to do so,
Yalta oil Logan.
IC itre-f nnitcneo of tlio rhtc.V"' It-puliliean.
CiulMinliilo, III., Nov, IV.
It bejnji wejl-jinowu that Gen'. Lom.i
ScilKNCK has foni-enleS Uml I wasporsuaded to Join the church and tho
m friends fliall contoht tho eleotion'of rr'l,fc1 oolty JuiUlibut tho tlmoj.o
1 11 1 iv ,. -v"'-,l 011toredl1ImfelfforthoScnMorlalrace.it
Umproll, m thofjyju Dutriet, upon 'miij perhaps'intirest your readers to bo
'tlio Hiu,'lo"point ytiicthcr the, inmates of fo1", ;,.ml Yates tlilnks of tl.U ro-
rV. ir'r , . . , mnrkablo enfo ol converslQii. .Souieliodv
. .unitary syiuiu unit 111071111; tQ mvVmehard -PnCeiav-ih kls usial con-
vuto. Tlio Supremo Court of Oh'o had dlt!'.'V l,0''r fallow iind told him of I.o
t niinimn,.ti j... 1.1 1.1 1 Fnn 5 "idden1 t-hungo of heart, ltichard
uiiammously decided that they liad-nO listened aluntlvoly. "It won't amount to
right to vote, and were not lejfitllv ' "iu mid-hr.- -'l-plnycd that out ten
' resident, ,,f Ohio, and eo.io.,u&V """'"''i VERITAUT
,y wneii oitered weru rejected.
.,, The, rcnult of this eoutwt i.s inteudod,
nJ,matt1cr, p gynr n, unseat Mi
Jpjionout. NotwitlistRiidjiig tlio do
ciHtot j3f(tlie po(ir' h' Iladica) U0Ua
, of jRoprswantativci will claim csclusivo
1 jurisdiction in (bo matter.
.''l'i .3
l'olltlcnl Scrtilia.
JI'('.iii Ii4 r-(iH(uu i(.niiWlian.
whllo IlllTiols U I'l'liift butt()iih(ilel ' to
Ben4 Logan to UicHlnltod .States Senate;
Xubraskit Is being bored perform a similar
niliee for Mr.Tlmycr,nman who.if possible,
knows less than Logan; nd Ii, If possible,
loss fitted to bn a -Senator. rriayor wti
ftbloto work hlmsolf into aHenatowliIp t
If VOllT Drnafrit
ir. .v . . - ,oi--t
nana on iian v. rirc. en
closing i.oaxr;rul v.c will
iorward lr .Arfmedintrlv
ty handy alueo it
fff &
17 Br0iitiv.i; N.r
"Toi tv iioyi.i:,
Pork Packers
Ijfltl !n-,n
sharnened. and if nnv llliin trnt.t.l
more, let him come;" ho win Ivlng there
about fifteen minute, and wai put, in irons;
lii wn.is were fnstoned tes -tlier, Mr.'AU'
len pluelng tho irons upon liTtii j next Ulako
wa. broiifjlit to the mlxzcnitay (I eould not
.lit It. .... . H.t.l . ! . I . ....
...j uu iu(ia ,)H Uj,j laCKJ4
win looked between Uie irons, nnd ha was
hoi.ted three or four feet clear of tho
.Moso begged tho Captain to let himi
ilOW.I. 11 Ills WiinniU Clnnrt...). ll.. .1.
appeared to lie .cut nearly half through; ho ,, . , . .
was Lent tricud tin nboiu Hit I'M! tnlt1llt..j-a I 11 A I'lL I Iks I A.a
whcnlct,lownhewasIna.l,tln,H;r IIUl OU U
nnd cryiiig; 1 did not' see him audln--: '
allerwaril I saw wounds about hU hodv - CA RO. - - ILLINOIS
while the man 1 Inke was Kittiiis- or, ifio t II-UINUIO.
deck ervhiL'. tho imitn m..i bf.....;.V -fr Mime Iiiut.
at t a T . ------- ...a- WMSILitllll V ..... i. -
KleKcil IIUU a COUUlO of t me. - l,fi....i -'" -i. ia,uianu
1,1... nn .t.ln ...I " 1
...... . uier 0Il u,, otimr
Urtilng .llnrrlnl.
rii) rursouiu'tn -n, cn Hmlal Ki nml
ir Jirit'ty nr Iii)i op.Mjiy nrttutK niarrlcxl, Uli
anil.iry litl for tli v ul.o foci imllilo.l f,r mat
rimonial ln'iliifii.. Snt frrei 111 .I'Hlii.l (iiml.
oi l.. AiUru.i llDHJrJ A-.ovlutlon. Ilnx I. Mill-
ftdtlplila, IM. na-ptUM lin
'flu- liiiicrlliitMt lt rroiiti'.
An iuIi, in' j- rfimi- . ii'i'i 111 n tif npfr
mtlitlif)'. An tmitrnrtM.iiifi. r ilulr u-, Ilium la
D"tlKvti I I fun.. !i-It. II".t ...!.r lit l III.' 1. -
lull lUifftHtiug tin' uau i-l Marry and lAlilnaii'a
1 ii.rl J 1 H n-r. liyi afiar n. ii.ifnti.':i
liaiitlUvrtjliiivt calialui u mwi .Minlitllil.ilf li.tate
nil' I ajtryraU'' lfJnrauyu. niarlJw-'ly
W. Strntmn,
'1'. lilrd.
iKce.ora to-tiatton, lla l.nii A ark,)
Ttlll aU'WNOritT ff ttll n .-'Vnt trin.., ....
iTt'r antrtitlir nrt i. ..t.. ..it.r.t .1.. .. ,1..
tn hern tl-nion.triti-i i.y In vron Irr'-ii 11 r.iUr
itv Ii h.n ntt.iiiuil ir.tti.iithti liriff r.r hiiic I
vtaillrt minufauturril. .Not Irs tl m
One Million Housekeepers
rnt.)..Uy n tiij Sapo 10 in tli . r.r. I :r ua-
.--, Ann in-utmanti 11 rufiiaif.u r:
iiu urirK, nil ten. lour, Milttnnil le
j, r it
.--. ..O'l
lr.r. (
Tlinvo 11 lin urn Mt k, ur
AHliclv-1 uilli nuy ulirunm ilitlicnliy, ohuiiM uilli
outtli-uy Hnlvfir !r. Iliaisti) s. .1. .Num Trratuot,
n-nl rn e In an; ilUr.i,
M. l,l.i Mii.Vs llA.MII.ION.M.t)..
1', 0. llux l,v. Nt ir V..rk City.
ll.'lytM.4H It
sidoj thuinato hit him on tho side, htels
and on the head ; thq eirectof this klckithi
I did notice; ho was tied up uenlm iba i '
..,.u ... uvtuit, iv.m iti-ni up ICU mUlUtOi: I I I I II I - n
iMycknegelj Newberry & Ctf,,"
tm Kcain until nficr liti T'SillIS,lj iillaT '
rhercby given t'i tliij.iil4iirili'tt lho
a.imo as before, and kc
Into sfiiln until nfifp hi.
dressetV-about two houw aftorward ; ho SSl' 11 ""it' KJ"J ') .Tnfr xhS ",l,lhlrl"!
cameiibaft tho a.bln with 11.0,, tt.Zac
iiuu mo iiiuur oruercil mm on thii ton Vif lut',ai'iintinorir(,iitrt-r'iTnaii tiiadvhts aue
tlio psonj ho was triced ud In tww.irn:l ""'". nn'l ay nil Its lA'1'1 .''':. A.'
l.-l' , . ... . . .. v,u "Ii. . . ULltKlt-.lil-:!..
v. i;iwiki:.n.
Cincinnati ai)Vi:ktisi:.mi:ni S.
J A V.iiZir.V.SV.'Al.U
Mflcmif shop
Copper and Sheet Iron Work
xo. 2 ifi i:iwt.'riiui.stiTot,
C7 OI3CIO Xj33"7"
Aliens or Aincrlt-Hti Pittvilrr Co., ami
.Umiillncliirt'i-aAKi-iilN tin t utnui Vitrn
Q I. Vii4iii.ir,i;o.v,
- AM -
C'USI .12 ISSJO.'V M ; K '51.1 XF
Nn. 7i Ohio I.e. it,
Njircliit nttt'iiliuit t'ii to I'nn.lii
lili-iiU uml rillliiK Orilrl.i'
l"ilc.ort jo JolinQ. lUruuti A C'.,)
74, Second Floor, OHIO LEVEF-
Buy anil Sell lieiil Estate
ar no lnnrr nci'.n u Hi. h
Nt'.-.l i L.e. lin w,.rl, -.f ,-. i, ij
with tirit-. Iilxir ii I i xrii.c
Th follow xi ore it Irw ot th r
Mhlcli .".iiolin i. iiiiiirttly n.i.ijito ,
TUCl.l.M.V IVIMIlHtX-Witliiiiittiitt Pj carneta
or.mliiirf the puinl. Tiiktiuut iii.nnt
ilriiilii. mil It oter tlio c kt of f-aimlio
until it ..fon-rcilHiiti n creamy Ulher. anil
IIiimi hdiklr orer Ihojnoul j clean
oil.inli.oli.li with tlry cloth or vhauioia To
rrmnvo urnl.h nr Hnnt paint will mmlm a
littlo I'xtn mhblDK.
TO CIXIX K.MVi:s-t jour tl.rli-clotli. ruli s
on tho t-aimlifi, anil then raii.il y m. -tha
jtii'Tt-a. Thi. will cite a hrltfunt ami Jura-
mm, ii,i.ii, witnoui tcrnicnitiK.
10 fOI.ISII TIN. lilt ASS, and ntlirr Callnirr
Artlrlr.-Uul,ttin il.tmp cloth tn th- i air
or .ioli not 1 mcIi catrrfl, mi-l tnn
liimkly nii'rliinaurliuiKof i' , ,
uill i.jii.luotialiulra con.l if n I . ii.. r.:r 10
to tin nv-.
TO CM.'A.N l'AIT (.VII trOOII-UOIlK-rio 9a.
l-iliii in al,i itnimt ruh too har.l. ncl
nn.K uitht'lntu in vl.au ttaitr.
I lllt IIIILM: 'l,ia.MMI-M,i. n.i i.of inosretl.
fi .Ins in iiiu utiuiur I inr, ubtirao'l
tun tt'-tr tu iu nriiti' . t u'.n.c I. Try It
iieiaiiil yuit u II ripve I.i h i
roil H.tsiiin iii.siii.s, mill thi,.. nor.
lahli'., rle.Whvrt at iiivtaal .iner.y u.ri(
s-.tMl', it liiMiiaM(;niil ur u ut I, 11
netrr he iliieniri witli.
I.V TIIU JIUI'SK for all urp i.e (rx t in waih-
liiK I'lotlie.i, thiH .irtmu n i-oiut'iiient
iH.'noiiii' Hliulrrl'a4.
IN TllKsroitK-Kor poli.hniK n m1 j, mr.mrres
Ulll, 1 r ii orvniiiit i , Lair., tl,r ...til.
IX TliK slinl,-r.rtlt,.utiu4;, pu li anlre-
iiim ii ; v'um.oil.t tv., in "i iiu. nery unJ
MT IIKtirnrr r tu ,uon. .lent it, eh
t'liiiit'iir, p tinttT mill murnrrr.
.V AM. I'I..VI.'I.S Hli.-r t'lt an. mi; nml pnlnh.
inn kki'IK. at oli-.- t L'tvuve, econinnn-uUii.t
luriiili't, i. ;,'UiriHi, our .--:iH)l o, will
ir-" ita (jreat u,ii rlurily ovtr nil ether
ml -iiiu e..
I lll: IM.M)II AMII.(l-Hrtpolloh4 .UliatflHir
Li.:'r, I'-iiutrr, tihoiovrai-h n ."trucii n,t
nvmla. It tiit)kly ri'Mioti-t ;t, j. tm nt,
iukaii'1 ntlioraialiia from tho I, which
tuap trill iiotloi.uh. ll .orten. lliolnn l.
nn ll4vi- thfin mnoolli anil wi. It-
ritli'K a (mi centa.
h 'l.ti II V yi.ur urocers on J ::c.ts
Whnlt salo I'ppoti,
ill lVailituRtou, St., and 30 Oxtoti St.
New Yoili. l.oudon.
Lin: i.vsuimnck.
Jack yard; ho was hanciiiii there stvinii.
in with tho motion of tho ship, amf jvlion
iv tiutvj, lit! tiruilllULl in 11 llllllll imnn in 1.1. .... i . .. . . . . ..
.ii. . l. ...... i ' 7, . ' "iw i no iiucitu.iMnc'i ra.peuui r annoiiitei'a to (lift
dooU; ho remained thcroan hour. Hno Wj,EnWt th.ts.4U Mnri-le-iuiiiiii in tU.tciiy "f
uls hands in irons, when ho wiu'. rriulm J " ipr;,-tiaretoforo .uontluvml in tlm firm
"P apun i.y one hand' iid 7Zk V, tlK. . i. . A."V Y. "
kpt---tticro wlitfttng"to and fr!'MiTs:.hpiir0uaK'hiihi'rl-)i?tcnJeJ to iio tin,, 7" A "VTTCJ t miTnTT'THT
nooiii iiujniai) wo met n ship, aii4-whdh'I""""-u u'""-ci ' ": -;, . .sA. .s.M s.v X J i.V.i'iXl
lag distance Jllako W.i.UIZ 5 . rxopriotor.
Cor. Walnut & Gano Sts
shu camo within neakiin
. i . . 5 . :t r- i
iyri icniown anu'iiiutio tnit on the sleek-1
house while tho bhln wni In .Ir.l.i. irtVI
vessel hfs ho w,p dud up lga?n ' ho cried pOSTJR.W,
ii(i(l waslUtt duwn uu' thodack at 5 o'elock- --!
L'l-- - " . - . rim
ami left lying tlioro; every day nfter thAf HANDBILLS, CIRCULARSi' A '
I saw hbu on tlmiuwi) deek : ho wus fnatr bUSZrVr .. V' ,wwlriw .
oiipiI In i.ll,t,1 ' l,ta r..... ... .i. Ami a)l JilllUS , '.
.. ....tjw.., (i,ui ur it in
nciies irom u; lie eotua not alt up; when
ill kinds
ho was not fastened toln Iron j eomotlniMfi?forinea t tho CAIRO iui.I.ETIN OFFICE V'
ha had n ehain.stoppcr or dovil'H c)a-y lf,UrisUlekly antt chca-iy. v"' f'f ''' I s,.
Cairo B ulletin Job Rooms
WnaUluKioii nsrn-tld Tivrlrili
the place to pot yarir Job rdntlutr ilou
EQOI'S & mil
Belivcen Wnsliliigtou Avq & roplaf S
llooln fiiiil Shoe-t Matlo o Ortler. I'lnra
Wurkutcn KiiiiHoycil,
Satisfaction Warranted
Patrotut:e h'ollclled,
orricrXortltivest Cor. ronrsh and
UIIsd niritl., N. S.otil..
Anil for. Ttlt (. Aj CoiuittcreUl Av.
Cairo, Illinois;.
Ca-h Cupltul, ..... AiOO.OOO
Cash Assets oyuxi t - ' o 75,000
..r. c
AHTlII'll ll. IIAUltKT, l'rca'l.
V. M. lIAWI-H t r.inv. ui HjII..
CbIeotrJtato Jluuajjt-ra lur Ili.uoi..
O: P. TOPITX, Cairo, SpVcial Agent for Boatli
cm lllinoi..
Premium r-'J tonn-lcollcllonaniaJoby V, N
Iliii;lif.,(';nhK'rl--ril .aiwn4l Pank.
oottUJiii. ; 'r'
l k .
. I 1
ri UN AltO
Mall jLiine
TKA DIStll I I'M Leiavv WtMkl rrdui Vest
Yurk, LlTrrriol.svai4aViSMai.
For pai.i( apply la " CUA4

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