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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, November 26, 1870, Image 3

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im n m city,
New lTlmr Tiilile.
' ' Tu'luion tli Illinois Cunnl Mtal.n.ad now ar
; thaai and dapartfruui Cairo a folio is
Mall tralu,arrlre 2:W
l.ipr.n trnln r rli
, . Atll Iralti Imt " "
Kit rata trala lr - W
. ... jieomo.ttllt)M ltln Uri-i.. .2:S"
rrlkt train arrl at fcl. TiSland lido n.in.i
. . .... . ..1". An. I
1:11 p.m. adiMvo i. .n.. "u
Not. K-lf
I'ho.iatk court l tlll In "uion.
ff, - -
tw.l-iClioJcijTntiillyr lour ill
Tinlf bbls., xncH &c.i for 1 nt t" Kgyp
tint. Mlllii.
1 I". AV'AKTf.t). A B"l todo tfeneral hutii)
. .trk In ii miinU family. Applynt tlio cor
nor of Seventh street mid Jciroron nvo.
' - y BccK "Vii kat. Cliolcc Hunk wheut
' flour, for mlo In q.in.itltlc t Milt purcha
ser, lit tbo Kgyptlmi mills sorrier of 20th
'itroct and Ohio l-ovco, Cairo Illinois,
It wauM'uo wull uiioiiib for way pm
ongM yoln North on thu lllhujii t'cntral
to bear In mind that tbo !!: 30 p.m. express
train slop only at Anna; Carbondolo, lu
Quoin and Ashloy. Tbo VZO p.m. train
atop any and evorywlicro.
' Oon liivre cotcmporary fulicila'te him-it-lf
over tbo fact thnt bin ufllcu In In tlin tojt
tory of u till bulldltiR. Alraoit anybody
r- ia a right tj "got ibicb ;' but tin t It'
I'ltct'oriincli llOHl to brag abput It 7
3.'UotriUlninfinb',Ti)f tbo Young
iton't Drarrlft'tlc niiocinllon bitvo flttoil up
tryoj'i'icfnbIy rooiiii,.wbiri tby bold
frKjuentfrcadlnginnd spinil vscnlng In
profitable manner which, other lie,
tnlgbt bn pont.unprofltnblT.
r - rr it -
Ktkh WHrE.-Tbi Charter Onk
Stove $i on il5 Iuy thu principal towns
and citlei throughout the Soiitli and West.
All raspcctablu Jailer bavn tbviit, and
consider them their ioo.Utapl arii'le.
' ' "nov'JWAiwIt
Thk only case before police iiiai;ittrnte
SlianneViT this fottioon wan that of A.
Tbompion a plain drunk. Mr. Thomp
ion being unable to meet Ibe usactions of
tho law was committed for three lny'
lav In tbe calnl-ooie.
M, BvintTT, pholonfj h gallery cor
Mr of Klnth itroot and Commnrrlnl avi
aim, I lk ploa to to to MruriHrt elm
plcturei. !II prlcci aro Tcry low, and bn.
ruaranicc laiiiiaviuii. -
ClUMORor TtUE. Tho time tabid tor
tho Mobile and Ohio railroad ba
chaoged to conform to tbo new onler of
thing on tho Illlnolt Central. Tho tlmo
of arrival and departuro of trnlm Ii now
about fortv mluutei lator than formerly.,
WAJITKD lMMKBUTXtr. 3f0 wood
choppen to cut wood on tho lino of tho
St. LouliAIron Mountain rnllrood. Half
far IJckeU urniibod at tho ticket otliculn
8 Louii. "VVagei, Sli'O per cord. Apply
at tbo varioui wood yards, or to
'norlMt. II. J. DEAL, Charleiton, Mo
The editor of tho Columbus DUpatth
hMjma.un&blo.tofind th forca of bands
that were put to wo;k pn, tbe Kentucky &
Tennesie railroad lnat Tueiday ; nod
thinks, therefore, that Til B IIvllktin wn
misinformed in the premNci. Tiik ,IIfl.
XXtis was not mUlnformeil. Tho hand
Wereimdonbtcdly put to work.
TnouiiLi: Tnouni.r.' Thetruiufur ar
rangement at Columbus docin't work very
well. Tlio Diipatch aya that on Thurj.
day last threoaar woro precipitated into
the river frorptbo barge used lor transfer
rint: cars acwi tho rivur.., Two of tlio
cTrT'Wtiloa'ded with bacon j the other
flour. BoUJcir nd cano will bo iMkkI
oul, JWt In a damaged copditlon of course,
. -, v,
MhH. li'BiEn! weeeu In builno$s Is
duoS'if Terid acts, chief amon g wb (ch a r
tlicsv' Hei'cllcal.tobocoji(lit;ke(pi
"Torjr lwge tock of tobaccos, Jnutf, ii
tar, eici. of' all erades, and sells at suuh
(raall jiroflU that,Chtcago, St. Louis ind
vinciniiaii iiuuici uu nuv umvuuw
' dcrioll him. llotail dealers In tho sur
rounding country know this, and oonse
miintlv fo rivht to Mover's to make their
.k....v 0 o j.. - - .
purchases. r " ' 'Jt j J
lli'siytsis bus baeii sadly pro3trntcd ih
Mobilo by tho provalonco of yellow fever.'
rVhtkJcWsft ft that city 7V fjust
tjpiejl thcp, tht those .Northern, JHuscrn
nd AVostorn merclmnU with whom wo
deal should know this, and bo prepared tb
mako'auch extension of Vp'er fllW duo
hero at wlll.onablo pur business meniicror
after to moot all thoir obligations without
tllffleult.v." It anybody In Cairo intprosfcd
in that gontlo hlnt,?
i Tub Surpriio Storo is situated on ttio
of Sixth, stroot and. Washington
Teini.'1 'All Roods aro marked In nlaln
, flgures Wd At about half tho usual. price,
Thtf lUrei'krrreicctruiiy invited' to calf
n'd ioo" tno bargains In our beautiful Irish
ad JtptnHt PopMn'i.,,"Wb'cbmo,o' itty
kHt'tnUfprUoor lottery. Examine our
Uit cf price on small bills. nov2Uf
Wi: nro jjlad to rnrolvo u roroborutlon
of tho ruport thnt young MrOco vlll sjir
vivo hlx injuria. ly n nolo from 3Ir. M.
S. Luftcovllcli wo nro informed Unit Me
Gco'n le was broken In two places nd
tbut bis tbroiit was bndly lacorntedbut
Unit his Jpbyilelan uJiprciscs tho belief
tli t nil danger In bis caso is now passed.
Wo nro pleMod to record this fiict.
Thomas "Wood", of Murpbyboro, rn
ccntly received wonl from Knglimd tlmtii
rleb relnllve lind ''Imndod In bi cbeckn"
andilcff hint, tho inldThomftl; X fortimo
of $150,(5fto" Jftinj-of our rebillvc in
Kng'and die, we don t enro to be .appri
sed of thu fnot. The n'ows wmild cume,
most likely,ln tbe ihiipo of n demand fur,
buriiil expf nicil
HtK'KWiir.AT Ki.oun-Mi'M. Fulton
JcSon, of tbo Kgypliiin Mill?, nro umiiii
factnrlfig n first elms nrtleleof Uurkwbeat
Hour, wlilcb they mil in tncl; of :
venlent fir.o fnr rotail'buyeri or retail gro-
cer. Jlio ULural samiHo received m mo
Mvi.LUTl.v olllsu ii,Jt)lendid, tind wcuc-
kimwled(;o tbe receipt of it with tliiink!".
Dcnlers nml others d"Inng to purelm"
any iptanlity .irom i' jiounui to o,rni
pounds can tnll on Mrtr'. l.fc Sunn with
every nnuranei) thnt they will n-curo the
wt l tw found In the market.,' J
Antiiiint Uoi'KiN'H il(.clre. that th
noro preacher .Shore', hn not .been nu-
thori.ed by U congregiitlun tf go abroad
and folielt uioiicy !to aid In tho erection or
it now church cdillco or for any other pur
poie. Ho sayitbnt .Shore peremptorily
refuct to permit a comiileto organiz.-ition
of tho church, ami will not allow anybody
but his wifu t'i know utiything about tbo
new oliiircli project. n noiiovo nop-
klOAtftlRlho truth , that .S:ior- ii enrry-
Ing mutters with n high bund, and will
Vpend nil tho utoney bo niny collect Jmt
luctly as no ploxios. '
Hopklni letter to tho public, which wo
nubllili ehowbere. is very emphatic in it
itntcmcnt, and to It wo call tho attrition
or.iUr reader,. ' -
t'ou Hkmiv L. Wkhii. Tbe old let-
tltrioftbis portion of rJouthorni Illinois,
will be glud to learn that tol. Henry J-,
Webb hn returned to stay.
Mr. WubU tikik un netWe jpart in tbu
management of public aiTiiirs In tbo early
dayi of Alexander county, and, wherever
bo lindi an old ictllcr ho flndi nn nc
rpiaintancu and a friend.
The Joneiboro la:ttt' referring to C61.
Webb' return, ays
Col. It. L. Wcblii father of Hon. II. W.
V. I I. r i..t... . .!H..I.CKin t'... ,.n
Frldav lat, and will lieconm u purmnnent
resident here. He is one of tho olden e!.
tier In Soutbcrii Illinois, nnd It u brother
of Hon. Jumci WhIhi Aebb, of New
Then again there nro tho confections
tho forget and bil uek 'fr .sswiti In
Cairo. Candles, mint and gum. drops,
fniicycandies anilkj.ei everything in
tlfo?ctndy line, and nil ff tlio purest qual
ity 'nnd nioit popnlar brand. Hut enough.
.If yw.want' toy and confiictibns for the
holidny or any other days, iherois one
place wbero you can suit yourself beyond
doubt, and that piano Is'at'IV.Siup s Hi.'
CommercUl uvtnuc- novKif.
"SrAUUiiMrn Ou K,' nlwiiysupto tho
sticking point. . nov 2Mood 1 w
Tur fiRAXii bUHi'tun I The gray
lmlrod can hardly beltcvo .their eyes when
they H-o their whitened locks rctorod to
their prcitlno bcaifty,by cle:ir nnd tram,
parent fluid. Vhai.ox's ViT.vt.rA, nn Sal
vation kou tub .Ha ik, l( the nrtlelu In
o,uestIoii and is free from uuy seJimeiit.
s Sold by ullUrugfjwiti nnd -fancy glxxls
doalcr. nov 21st d & w 1 w
IiAaotu nnd Morris, manufacturer-
"1'erfeeto.l Spectacles, ' nro public benv-facto-".
No spectacles ever uwJo, wil
bear rompariton with the "Tcrfcclid' I
article. I nfer lirotnors, unin i.ovee, ire
tbo olilv p.(rlies lu'Curo from wh'ont tho
tVctneles can be nurclmsod. . ?
article. Tuber Hrothors, Ohio I.evee, tre
m' .
A (ir.M. TboKvrnlngHtnr U tho most
lo.iutifuf sheet-lron cylinder wood atovo
made,J;lt'l"duralilf,' tconb'mtcniin'd tho
po'or tmi'ii"" friend. -Kvorybinly ahould
havoono of these excellent atow.
Nov 1 1 A&w It i ' "
Tin: Ckstrai. Mkat Maiiket.
Messr. Fred Koehler A- Co., of tho Cen
tml "Merit' Market,1 tleslm It linderstooil that
tlfe'y keep nil Ulnd of meats, beef, pork,
mutton, 'lamb and voal; that they buy and
i.i.i..t.t.tr thu l..-ii mid futtust nnimali
"brought to'ilifs market; dress limV iervo
out tho meats in ii ucut ami cluanjy, man
ner, nnd deal with everybody fairly nnd
squarely. 'i,T,,
Market basket of customers delivered
(mw of chargo ktiy.purt of tho,cUy. -
fresh sausage on lulu every mbriiln.
Uuy your meals, their, at tho Centra
Meat Market,-near, h-corner of Tenth
street, on Washington nvciiuo.
1). La.mui.ut, OJilu cUwi.ti between
Eighth and Touth itrceti, ha enlarged
and improved hi haJng and hair-cutting
and is prepared, to ijhavo customers in
firstcVfUrylo.0 ", 4 ,
na Clean towels, brp ra.ors anM'Vourteous
attoutioniuro'iiTnong tho'atthtctions ofthc
establishment. tf
Fresh Ualtimoro oysters sr ved in any
jtdosU aA bo oltMitfltflPjr 2ur
retatirnt. 1o, liylfir for salo by Hie
can, in any quantity aesircn, ai mo same
Shell oysters recelvod every day by
i i LoaU Herbert) ' ' tf
"5 jvk I'ot toi-.9." Tho following note,
text, and "original poem,'.' was received
on 'Wednesday evening by tbu llrst dirwl
ressofthoUairoOrpban Asylum. Barring
corlain defecti in measurPj tlio'pocin', Is
really good too good to withhold from
our toiider: - '
Caiko, Ill., Nov. sa, 1870.
I'lunso tlnd'cnelovMl.Sl' vlth which buy
swfce'. potjiloofor thoj lllllo uiit. '
"If nlrnitic-r nii'l .tr iii'imkeaml lf Ktitu'o
of .I nly foo.l, mi. I nut) of you my unto thtm,
tiqnrthi )onv, tM'jc muiium! nml till"'!,' not
wliliMMiilinif yuii tiviillif nt of tliofo ililnj,!
whli li urn needful to l"ly, wlmt dulli It
An old l.idy.itih her old nriiiehttlr,
rlTn.l littnicrHufiiyaiiirfi J" 1
t I I f Kor'di4'amltir'wcahi'i onlf furr.
. s w. .i ',,-.,..!Hri.t- sv..rr
" X .illii'hfr fchfnrmcl'mlf.
llnd licen 1'otAlofn,
Hut nnir lliey were gone, of lul and efmd
Nnl line M-a loll for the old lady'i food,
Of IliOke polatoos i
Xidheliyhednnd aalil, "Wlut shall I do,
Where fhall I end, mid to whom hll 1 o,
"J'er more poinloes
And Imlli tiifhl "f Ihellciwon, oref ihowny,
Tli" 'lom-oti -o re.vly Id woihlp and I'MV,
Vhon r i II ir wan full t f nlalop".
I, ! H.I f rid for the !&( a (o
He'll not tniiitlimind to xlvoine omu
Jf tlieh a Morn of potatnoj."
. 1 h" ilcwniuntno MTir n ft m li-roiil.1,
Tl'lnkinit to iluthe old ldy roine koI
ll'il nyeretice tJioUsht-o'OUli?.
II ail. e l hr nt ante what ui her chlf wunt
An.l he, riimple soul, eprctln a uraiil,
tuiirieilintely answered, "poMtees."
He jiff jeil th'n fir pa.lt nee, for i'odne,
nnd Rrjip ;
liul u hca he prayi d, "lr.l, glrn her eHce, '
She niehhly nulled "lute pot.iloci"'
And at th end of each prayer which he mid,
lie heard, or thoujlit he hfjrJ, In its ied,1 '
TlialinmaoM rcipt lor'italoe."
Tl.o dea-on ms Irouhlad, knvr not hat to do;
Ti- teiy i mWrwinp to liato her act at
AUlOnlH Ihone "tflllul pailatou)."
ivi.enilm In- .rnor, lie M irtl for huliir,
Thnilnoriloieii hehln I, he heard adoep ijroan,
"0, ijtve to Ih"! hungry polatuat."
Ami Die Krowi kept following him nil the uay
home ;
In tho mldit nf tile nlRht'lf Inunk-l his
'', r;lie the the hungry pou!oct" r '
lie eoall lair It no Inncer; aroi nnd
from In- well filled cellar, takini; III liaale,
A tuKOf lua hest jxjUtce-.
Scslu he went to th w litox't Inna hill,
Hfr leriiV re ahe had net yet lint.
' tint t liir h In l.r nlil nrm chair.
With lli. aame wan lok, tho aatne wan air.
And tntirinj: th room he poured on the'
rt"'r' . .
A tihelorii)i.'9 frorti his fidl),lor.
Of i'hoieel jlnlie.
f iSTluAil (ovih'tili lad up f"r)yt '
Iter hairj.ird au l nal i.o more;
.N.iw," wild the Owiwon, "'shall rray,1'
"T," an! I tho wldev, "yon maj."
An I he knelt li'm down rn th inded lloor,
Where lie rvJ paii(tloiit hl jc.m.ili atorr,
An I atifha ftTff llif dvaciin piaysd
As ii)r lfure hU lips efiye-l.
No lonrer em'urraiie-l, Inn fr an I fud,
lleponrelmitth vrieeofn IIMral -jii1 .
An M!' ..i"W rep m led l'.:i 1 ,-.'.ti i ."
liul i-n J no iiwrw of "p"Uilu-.''
And Mould yon hr t hi tlni. lalo
I'rny for tha pdr ' pf'i)Hia premd
Then ptfi-o oUf priycr- tith elina mid
Ijooil ilei 'i
Vctx-li out ijie par, their uuUuiiJ iheir
Prny frrlhe:r ieennd lira.'!'. l rlriiAl food,
t'.r wis low an I tui'Uiwt, ull the-.- tv kjoJ,
lid Mra iiuar riik eor.rj(..
. IMlOrlST ..tl.ST TYII
AS.VV. T h r I'ii li 1 1 W I ilA g aUijit ,111 m
JMilor liullrliii: ,
As elder T.J. Shorosia traveling and so-'
Hilling from n generous'publlc" to build ti
Bnptlit church in Cairo, nnd claiming to
be iigeut nnd paktor of nld churchy now
know all men byUic1oprcVcnU that' tho
First llaptlst church of tho city of Cairo
novcrjuutborl.o.l - aaid Bhores 'to nut ns
agent. " "
Wo dedre .i gol church edllkv, but wo
want It to bo ohm when completed. Wo
(ivy 1 ng di'lrr l to belong ton Regular
U.il tt i. ' ialioss and to have truteo
and Mrcauier to our church but Shores
" , -
f.slS''l! 2:i'Ln it? it nil, ndtutJV'VrJWt
I church motlnjj not only refu.cd to tip.
'point tni'Ue. eto., but exrludnt number
f our host mumbers for aim;ily inking
iliout thwc thing. Ho alio nmdu luoor
the folio win? language; TAi i M lVAurot
mid nl! v) iort that wilt twt titi goftrnift
bi .MI4 , luii nor stay i iutv. (
Wo have Wii giving money to build n
new church, fur n long time, besides sui
tajnlng our pastor, j ntnl nov.' when n mule
him nboout tho oKndlng of the money ho
answers: "T.ut mjy liuitlntu '
Tho citizens of Cairo have never refused
t ) heliHtis until ho pursue ! tho abuvo
iiaiucd course. 1). you then blumy us f;ir
kcoplug our money In our pockoU"? When
ever ho leaves homo lift lefiifcui to let any
body know iiiiytliiiig about tluUnitlding of
tbo eJ.-h,vit.Jl11
ter, soxton iinjtrouiurctind bo tolls in,
whon asked whvho do.Miiot let tho doacons
luiow what to do during Ids abscueo ns. fol
. ... ...1... .. .1.. .I.i a!i lit a n Tension n 'fsil. I
lows: ''yobftly-hjrraiivUil.iig, 1910 Wiin
this busiut'ssliut Aio ilnd my wife. ' "
- IUviu.a; jfiado tho above ftatement,'' wo 1
.16 slncofelv bopu'thal you will 'keep your'l
In voilr lfocketi until called for by 1
an authorized iigcnj of tho l.t (colored)
Uaptist church, Uuiro. .
'Yours for the right,
PorTc rnc'Scrs iiiifl Pro WsloiJcaferV.
SYvivjd.'Jtfvlloylotv.o, J30 'OJiio .Lovee,
hitoiongagcd itnthe porkipooUingi and
ptovision busifiess.'tind n'ra rHvnfod i,to
pay'tjio hlglyiit markot. pr.Icp ifi cash vfor
.jessed nua Uvb,)W3i Vt?n4,i,r'(1"'S ln
their lliio'at lha lowwt flurcs ruling.
1 ..k ii.,. ......niii.ltts iiiiitil rv iinv-
ingporl; to fell shogfil call on them Wore
making coutraehi'eisewHere? JT
Oharleiton Ouuritr" copyw
chnrgo tin otlico.
Hoys, (Hrls, I'nrentf, Everybody, Look
Here !
Hoys, girls, fathers and mcthors theso
two paragraphs aro especially dedicated to
you. 1. Saup, 102 Commercial nvenuo
has brought on the largest stock of toys
and confectionnrics ever opened in Cairo.
Wo shall not attempt to enumerate. Wo
shall only inyithnt the supply embraces
everything jn invented to please, In-
". 1 1!.. . . .
struci nnu onieriain uiiio ooya unu gina
Many of the toys nro highly ornHtncntnlj
others nro very curious, and all aru fully
forty per cent', cheaper than like articles
were aver beforo oflereddn thi'inarkot.
Littloboys and girls, even folks of mature
growth, And it impbssiblo to pass Saup s
establishment without stopping. The at-.
tractions Insido. arc irresistible." And no
wondor." Think of twenty-six largo ensea
of toys steambonts, locomotives, sol
diors, horses, dogs, cats, elephant;,
dolls, toy furniture toys that walk nnd
cry hIo everything but think and talk
nnlmals that howl nnd bark and squeal
and bellow balls, marbles things cu
rious, things ingenious, things ornamental
and till so cheap that anybody can secure
n full supply for Christmas I
A two story brick residence, admirably
arranged, with largo grounds (4 lots), fclt
untcd on tbo corner of Uolbrook avctiuo
nnd Twenty-third street, will be sold on tho
most rcosonnblu terms. It is located on
high grounds, in nn excellent neighbor
hood, tho grounds containing bearing fruit
trees, vines nml choice elections of shrub
bcry. It is, in short, ono of tho cumplclcst
oinn In the city.
Apply to W. II. THOMAS,
At Thonias, Green A- Aldcn'.s.
Chaktkk Oak Cooking Stoves and
Evening Star beating stoves the- best in
mo for salo, by C. W. Henderson, 190
Commercial Avontto. Heu advertisement.
nug20dlm. i
1 Commercial '
Fr.iDAT Etknims, -I
Xo. 25, i:o:
Vcslcrday having been appointed nnd
generally more or lets observed in busi
ness circles as a day of Thanksgiving, our
present issuu was necessarily delayed one
day beyond tho uiual time. Tficro ha
boon but little animation in our market
during tho present week, and to-day busi
ness of all kinds has been excessively dull.
Wo do not remember to bavo teen to few
can on tho track on any previous day this
till; and our commission and forwarding
merchants appeared to bo all waiting,
Micnwber liko,for"omclhlngtoturn up.',
If our river reporter keep making the
lame itcrotyped report wa havo grown so
familiar with lately, beginning, "tho river
I fulllnif nt tbo rnto of flvo litehc per
day," wo ihall ioon aeo plenty of produco
seeking an outlet through Cairo, which
will dnubtleH giro our merchants all tho
employment they want. To those who
contemplate making ihlpmcnU of any
kind either to, or through Cairo, during
the low water and ico embargo of tho up
per rivors this wlndor, wo would hero re
mark, that every posslblo arrangement
has Won madotoiiandlo with facility nnd
dispatch as much as can by any po-slblllty
be received. At such times there Is always
an active demand for all kinds of produco
lii'thi market nt good price; and ship
pers can roallza.snoticr, and reinvest their
money oflencr by having their consign
menu sold here; than when thoy send them
to more distant markets.
Flour has been quiet this week with
no quotable change In prices, which aro
linn on the low and medium grade, but,
rather weak on rholeo grndes, of which lat
ter there nro Inrgq itocki. AS'u note sale of
.in Mils spring super at fl 011
0 " extra I Ml
710 various grade from 4 li.yM "'
J50 " city mills, whiter wheat on oin
der X, XX, Ai XXX, $5 2.'., 0 Ml, iU. ,
100 bl.l XXXX family nt V 00
" Huckwheat llo'ur 7 00
Wlii'itt I' unchanged, and no tales
Corn U in continued good demand
for dry lot of whltour yellow, with sales
1 car Millie, In tbe ear, on track Mo .
1 car " In bull: " &Cc J
l'JO sks 11 on track 05c i
223 " " from storo C&o I
t nro higher to-day, with no re- i
colpti. Sales early In thu week were 'J I,
curs In new burlap at 42c delivered. To- ,
day' talc wero:
"l car ikilvorcd on wharlboat ist. . . .44u
1 car Irom (Horn Ma
loOtks " In two lots ttu
liny 1 In' good request for shipment
and prices aru well sustained. Tho sales ,
reported comprised:
2 cars ordinary iiiiiod
1 Cf'fiiir- ti-J.
110 S5
15 T5
. ' ii i j. -in
f 17 50
on track 17 50 i
18 00
...... hi U"
Id Ml
U " Timothy
11 11
").'( h(.rci.'aii
K 1 u , do
1 car. ilamaged
' I'd 00
I 10 OO
ttO 00
on track i!0 00
Imy old at SI 50 per
Until ha been In moilerato demand
1 with alcs of 1 car load on track and 498
ack from more, all at 17 00 por ton.
Corn Weill continue dull. 30 bbl
loity mills steam driod'old at $3 85 per
bbl. w .
" Prnll.lnnn uuil IArl.-MO
Pork and Lard are lower and dull. Othor
ucorlption areunchapged and quiet.
HnUer-h quite dull for any but
strictly cholco, and'the market i well up
jillcd with all gr'odci. Sales coniprisod
keg cholco roll at , 3,0'
H tubs " poked ,3033o.
KI.I-rWto K0 dvmana wiiu iigiu
recejl'U and wl.pf il5(Pkg at BOa abirs.
nnri rnlint.
I - 1 1 I MmnnA .lain, n J
a . i - f 1 V j , It aa. n.i.4
I'Olllirj ua uen i"
liuuNnir ine.wauK.'Duv i lion wwu
' ft coop chiokens old at $2 753 00, 6
coopsdittoat$.1 00, nnd 3 coops Turkoys
ntjU 00 per doz.
Aipl2H aro very plenty, with fair do
mand for cholco. 25 bbls common to
primosold at 1 riO; f.O, nnd 80 bbls nt
52 "0(;)$:! 75 ami $4 60 per bbl, tbo latter
for selections.
Potatoes are rather dull.
50 bush roach Blowa,old 85a
10 bbls o &! 80
0 small bbls potatoes 2 00
Oriiiitf(4 nrc in market and sales of
4bbls are reported at $11 00U 50 per
NorKlitini M olum't Is in largo sup
ply and dullat 15c.
Oliioim are dull and dealers nllVr'ii
I hem nt 4st 253 50 per bbl.
Groceries are unchangeil iiliil quiet
for all description.
FrcJuhlH. Thu olferings Imvir been
ralier light for a day or two, and rates are
'steady and dtichanecd. Tho rivers above
aru all steadily recoiling to low water mark,
but there Is nbilndatico of wator below hero
for tho largest boats. The weather to-day
has been cool with alternate clouds and
sunshine, with soma indication of falling
weather soon.
CIIRF-IK-NeiT York Pajlory
COI'FKK rrlnie toClmirc
Cnmtnun to Voir
I'AMIM'.I-Hlar, lluht weight
(ISMKXT .a Inlrel
.. n oo.
UUOI'i:BIi:H-Oiinnie . .
t'OWIii:it-Keg, rut -
Ke, blastUK ...
HOl,tS.Si:-i-.New Orlean. In I.Ms.
1 UUy4 3.1
7AV1 00
1.1 i 10
no i:i s
.i.iui to
i a -si 'o
Oll.x-Coal, i'r n Mm,
i ldated,
BOI'K-Mtchlne msde, Ky par U-
llr.n.l in,i.le, per lb
MnnllK per In
DKIi:il l'IIUIl'-i'iehe, for'' A
hirper Ih
Apple', per It -
, POA t' lli In, pari Ii. .............. ..
Hl'OAll-ltard. per lb
Kxlrn CI .. a.
l.Vy . Ill
ewcmp. S.O., In hhd... .....
Ilcimirarii. Hi hi.l.
SIIOT-Aaaortrd numhera, per kej.p4
ltuck. SA ll tm
ltnr I.ei, por ui . .f'Mvvj
TOIIACCO-UurU, per lh "iiJJlJ
l.lkht, per Ih S
llnKht. rlb -.. ( 00
HinoklnV. Ir lb, pkg.. 33y I
KIBII-M'krel, No. l.perbhl.nnw
No. J, " "
" No. J. " "
No.1, klta "
' No a. ' "
15 00ft 10 "(I
9 TS43 OO
3 00 C-JU5
1 BOMl in
.. aajji
. 7:II30
No, a, " "
lfK-rr lb.,
I.TT'a l.l.l
ftUIIA-lll lUllKinKeKi' per
" liilioie, r lb
itAILM-r-rr ke. 101 luUal...
A " Other alte In
In i.ronorlLon
rrlme meas imru, per i.ou.
llrrakfMt haeon .
I.'lenr alilea, pr III
Itlbl-td anie. p rib
Il'ms, H auR'rc'dciinra'd
nmn nim,er hi..
iiuik, cieitr iiufa...
Hulk clear rib aiilos
Hulk hiima
laABS Tiercua mid lihla, per lb..
Coiintrv Ijird. nrr In..
Kf g una in hum, it hi
VKIIKTABIjIIM 1'oUinea, per
norJ oa
i non'4 no
3 .lOntf 73
:i oo3 no
i u.y i so
1 VtOMl ti.t
i in l in
l o.i i to
00 1 00
Wliitt tieans, -er hii'h
On dm. per hi
WIIKAT-Otioie White
tin. I miUti
i.nolre reit. ...... .
Nil. 1 red .........
Ordluaty e. A
Pork Packers
No. 135 Ohio Levee,
Near fttono Depot.
Nov. :t,is;oi.ti
la hereby (then M the paldie Uul th
Zuckriegel, Newberry & Co.,
Of Owenabom, Ky iHiliatarfd by the withdrawal
of Mr. W. 11. hewberry nnd N. '.illlkon; and
Charlea Zlickrleeel UouHrauleuuiierof thebual
nei., li'tiiau horire.l to ri live nil ih iml.li duo
the Arm, and pay all "'.'''i'.'.'.T.'.n.L.....
. 1 , 1.1 n HI r l.l.l,,
. w ii. m;viii;iiiiv.
N. Zll.l.ir.K.N.
The tni.i r-li;iii-I ri'i-eelfnliy annotuiw to iln
pllblie thnt tlm Mnriibi Iln-'f..i in the e'lV nt,
iliii.l"iii, hereio.orfi con.li.-li-.I m lli.t linn
nam, of Zueliiti'Cfl, N wberrv Al'.i.,i Ii I'm
luliirele'emi liieled i.v him almie, an. I h iiu.U
Ih'il III'1 pllrnlU ' hllhi llot'XIen leil to I he llllli
u III. li. uullliucu to lll'll.
KUt'Klili:l -.1
1 0 td
Cheaper unit lirtler than
Kiiuulor Kll ioea (,mcel sruoli
luir ioilial lor s li-Hulllir Will
0 k
iloui ullliooi n(r, I'mIiii.
111 1'lulliMi rioora, Inltlra, mill
......a.. -It.la... I.a.l.
iiuil (il(.MU'Hra niiil lir
lidicrnt llouae CleitnlliLr I'm-
lor i-oimiiiiiB- iii" ."""".Vr
llrwaa, Hlrel, Iron, nml hU .ilelailllu
Warai, liemovi i n hy JIhisIv, Hlnlua
uiul llilal, UnvlliK brilllrtlll alirllli r
eijIIMl Ki i.
For Sulo by HAKOLAY HS
Qni4 is. thotian,
la prepini l o do all kinds ol
.... AND
TKAMMIIIPa. Lev Weekly fr-uiA'w
ftU, tilverpool MHuiiailoHu,
for ag apply to ' CHA8 T. JUNIKi
T2kct Agency !
Mnmnrtio P. Ct I nnio Ponlol Pn
iTlDllipillO W Oil LUUIO I ObMjl UUt,
I.nlilprll1i' tlin follow III? tlr't-elm" INeil((er
Hello MemphW, I Hello St. I.onls.
CII)- or ClioiliT, I tli unil Tower.
Vicksburg Mail Line
City or Alton. 1 .luila,
Cltv of Vlckdlmrtr, Mnrlile City,
City or Cairo. I Itiihluon.
St. Louis & New Orleans
racket B.liif,
Olivo Itranch,
Mnllln Able,
(ireat Itepiibllc,
Tlioinpsoii Drnn,
Putilltie Carroll,
TleiiiiiliiM Packet..,
Will I.ean on
Thursdays, Sutiirduyn nml .Sundays.
TivkMlmri; PaekctN,
Will Leave on
Wednesdays, Fridays nnd Sundays.
Connecting with the Moulin and Ohln K11rrd
at Uoltimbu., Na.hTilln and North eattrn tun
road at lliekinani with Iho Memphis and Char
lemon, Mlaalaaipnland Tennea.en and .Meinphls
mid tilllavllle Itailruad at .Memphla, and with thu
Si. Kranele, Whll and Arkana.n rler packet at
thaaainn plaee. Ti.e
Vlt'kHburff Packet
Will nnketDiuiretlona. alio, with the Arkanin
rlier packet at Napoleons with .Southern Hall
rci.i l and Yatoo river nnd .New OrieaiM puckrd at
Xuw OrlvitiiH lufketM,
Maklnit kll way lauding., depart tri-wcrkly.
Ono or tlin Abovo Steamers nlll
Leave Cairo for SI. Louis Daily
Connerllr.K there with all Iho liillrinid. riiniilu
nut of St. l.ul, nnd villli thn Mi.aoart rlvtr nnd
upper Ml.ia.ppi pncki ta.
t'l.AS. It. ICYI.i:, Ticket As t
onl. if. l'lilllliV.iIainiiiolli svliarriioisl
Where ihrsukh likel imy be proeuri'd fr nil
point. Can, Weil, North and .S.tith, reached by
Iheiilioie lincaiir through eonnectluni mailt by
General Tivkrl Aijont, St. l.ouli, Mo.
Not. tl, 1ST0 ilif
fit. i.oulsI.ou.Hvnio.Cliicliina.l
Chicago, Mvw York, Itontou
,,,,SNtl Ll
PointN nwt hihI iVorih
Pnneiittcr Trnlli Arrlvrr t Mill lenvf
Cnlro (ollowat
Halt ICipraaa.
ARUIVI-'JiOO A. M. ..,..,...,....... '-Iro I. M
HKPAitT-aioa A. il actoi'. M
lloth train eoanect at t'entralla wilh Iralnaon th
mamt lira.
1'iilin, llernllir, HtmiliilllKtoil. Kl l'
I.n Salle, Meinliiln, l-'rri purl, Oiileiiii,
llnliiiiiiir, nml nil il"l I" IlllnoU.
i3ll.oiiil, .llluiir.iila, Uenii-lii unit
lo it u.
And ultli Inie-Tunuhii! V'jvt Mid We't for
St. Louii, Sprln,'H'l'l. Louisville, t'ln
eiiiiiiitf. liidlutiapolls .V Ci'luiiihiis,
And al ChieaKo with Miehimn IVnlral, Mlehl
H.iitlheru, sa l I'llMmrir. Ken V)lie
1111,1 LaiOlUu Kuillu.id lr
ni-.w oui;,
in r t-i i II!.:
tail I vi m V rl f ii. I
KorlliroUKh liokrW ul ii.fiirmlioiii pily
at IlllnoU Central IUilnJ -jmimii
Oeneial I'ttssMiixer AitHttt, CliU'nl
M. HUilII ITT, tienva) Miperiutemlenl,
J.JOII.VnON, Aifelit, Ciiiro.
On ami after Tlitirsdny, .llrll
trnlHs will run ns follows t
Mail i- '
Kxpre.a 1 r-
ootaa ioTiir'T issvr rAxi.
CmrAia '
M.lll ,
..I, Pi i'. a.
Mikintrcloie connections at 1'aua willi lllinnla
Central It. K. fur Clr uJ Ml jwiuu aouin, a n
wit the Ind.A St. l1i H. It. for ladli'iapolia
!, I o ilavilM. and all point ent uud eulhe.it.
A.. S Sprinitleld Vh thu Toledo. Wnbuh A
weatcro Ii. H. lor Ipiinry and all iwlnti e.i, and
iim il ? !' lieHito AVt. liul It. It. or SI. Loul.
iulil CliioKo, and all points north and northwest.
K. KOlXit'.lien'Ifiipt.
JOHN KOiiOITT.OenM Ticket AkI.
a fUit
And all kind
Perfor.ned at tho OAIUO Ill'M.KTIN OKFICE
eally,iUlekly and chenply.
nir nrPT lun riirinri
Wood Cook Stovo
Has tlio rntcnt Fire Ilottom
I'orHaln by
Beerwart, Orth & Co.
i:io Commercial Avenue,
- - Xlitnoli
SuercsKors to K. It. Ilendrlcka M Co,
Coiiimisrioii Merchants
DH'Are prepired to reeelie, store and fsrwtrd
freiehts to all points, and buy ami aell on com
mi..lon. cirlliulneaa attended to with promptni.
. SO. II. rillM.IN,
Sueeo.orto IMrker rhinil.l
And Dealer In
Flour, Wcul, llnr, Cere, Oat,
II run.
Cor.lOtht. &0hio Levee
Z. V. .Mathti... K. C. I'h
jyjATiirNN a in.,,
Commission Merchants
Hpevlal attention given lo Iho purchuo aad )
It. W. Mima. Drt I. Tita
Forwarding Merchants
IlK.M.l'.liS I.N
r:.K , ()u.,o.vT.s,iri,
Vo. 58 Ohio . Itevee
T (. in is nei,
Bar Fixtures,
airo IUInolH.
Cnlro, - - Illinois
Has just received a full and completeatook ol
Gents' Furnishing Goods
Of eferv dwcmdloi, UlosIU Im m4A M Jfc
mas n mi noi ran loiun uragrcwiiii. ii
dla KUarutx. His stock of '
Shirts. Hats, Caps, etf'
.a, hai aA4llml In ruiint nr nrifii. alTItf
lul in Uiu or any oiaer uiariw..

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