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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, December 02, 1870, Image 1

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by mm II. OJHWLY & GO.
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I'x-dovornor H. 15. Vimco, Democrat
li ' bon elected l.r. K. Senator from
- tli Carolina by 11 vote nf !)l to lit.
Hi opponent wan Mr, Abbott.
Ii Alah.inia in to furnMi a pn're
'lvnt to i'uturo oleetioiH, tbo .'oveniinent
may 11- veil deolare ilrelfn government
if fiirei'. the rule of tho popular ballot
tit nn end.
Tub ffjii'o of the .Mamraehu-otN
logUlaturo, by a volo of 121 to S! nUI
Jxhed the death poualtyThis ujhiii
tho presumption lively that .Maaehu-r-elti
in well ins Connecticut did her
hare of haiipirif; in the day ol witch
craft. WllAT Aiuoticun citizen en oc.ipoa
foo'int; of humiliation in view of the
Cii'ivJiicin' proof adduced that J'n -i-dont
(Irani U intimately roiuieeted with
that ftupcudoii nwiudle known n the
;M(iarrnhnn oltiiin? Who now i not
ready to bluh for hi. country ".'
Tin: St. Louis Time -ajs: The He
j uhhtans who pave Mr. (Jratz Hrown
ii special K'rcimlo the other nifrlit, got
ii'j i-jK'cinl ruutfnrt out of him niter all.
Hi jefeh i n broad, 'eomprehetii'ive
and defiant of jwirty ties a the one hr
in le to hU Democratic friend; henci.'
th httlu family nrrnnpeuiont didn't
pan out" quite up to cxpcctntioiix.
V f'jimda woiohii i n-'frtinj; "her
.She muwf a williuiriHw to
''an)' mn in L'nitsda. for 5100 n
.- , tiny tiniw aftr cix houm' notice.
' . recently thre'liod her htihlmml whu
Ii t )Uat won a hutly couteted prize
fi h ar.d propo.vrw to tfo into the titan
lick tli" buMIIPV.
Tin: New Vork Utmixntt Indulges
j eniliii-Ju.tiiioiitltiir-t of iixultntioii
ir what it concievoti to be thecoriain
twf1 H .MarOiaH'it electiuit to tho
I i ,d .StatM Senate. .Sorry to inform
i' lt if-rtil that it tt-joicinj; i. pretn
tit Jic Tho Dem-H'raW can't elect Mr.
Mar-hall to the Senate this year but they
i to lu l we hope they will, elect hint to
f.T- do over that bixly in lf7'J.
" I.I.IAM C'll.l.S' UllVANT HIV.,
t' tau c of Tree Trade i- gathering
tr nth and tiutkiu rapid projjrc.it
tuward mi early and glorious triumph.
"In the advocacy of thin cuue," uon
t!..ued the venerable joitrualUt, "'wo have
a i )inmon Fcrvice, a common duty to
ii t.dcr our country, and thw party that
I at-H aloft itn utitnuaw, inuat and will
t:i i.iph "
HitAiu.KV, the Ucimu-ntlie ciitiililte
fir IVc-tte to I'onerc fr.un Ariuim
tin. Hit in ftilto in tno I'liini nun-
i t iriMiunioiii vote wniun ngiiiiii
h'tit Hi miijnrity, however, hoiiiy
i iK I'llfl or 100, tho feat mot jirobab.
ly u 'U bo yiven to hid eoinjiotitor.
I 'i-- Deinnerut who eiinnot'no to Con-
n II ..... .11- I !.. .
backed byatltuist I00 tnajoiity
i '"bins well ftay at home, if bin njijio- j
jiatt ehoe to context hi hcm.
TilK Itailical eanvaK-oi of the .lou
D..ie,V eouitty election return counted
II. 1 Town'Ciid, Radical, into a coat in
tho lefrMaturc by a nmjority of one
vite. Lr. rrederick Htahl. tho Deino-
ir.itic catiiliilatc, huceeeded in bringing
nbnit a recount of the lullot-, ttbieh i
vt-ulted in tho finding of tcen vote I
fir him. which in tho furtner count ,
lutl been "uimccouitlably overlooked.
Tho certificate of election, therefore,
will boiBMicd to Mr. Stahl.
t tho lecent election in K.ikoliih
Alo. es rf. Ariii.-trong, Dcmocratio eandi
d ite for delegate to C'ongre icceived
votes. William llurlcigh, Uadi
b received 1.102. It is scarcely
necc-savy to add that llurlcigh intends (
1 1 ci litest for tho heat.
.... ,
1 ii t it about tnno lor decent ttauicai ( coo)( ton)() lwo Jnw fru
to uxpav their eondemnntioit of bitch city, up quite-n lnro treo, whlfli tliey-pro-ii...
.,.)..; li n eceded to eut down. Tho treo vm vary
outrages upon tho peoplu It ii. i0' i imlch u,llt l)Vl(ri ,,,! wj, umTy cut
1 rctciulod that A riiistrong is not elected ; I through it split oil' ami ahot backward
I , l.i. ..n.iuiolilfir hidi'ittL' from tho over tlio ftump with u terrible foroo.
but his eonn'ttttor, jminint, nam tno j y nhodM 6tmiJini; dlr,.ully ,
action of Congress m nko cafes, expect lno jmo Hnon whluli tho tree roncted, was
that body to deny nw Dowoerot his ' hit on tliu hc.vl bv it, knocked down and
mat uouj iw uuuj j criulied bciieitth the butt. A lien liU com.
sent who in not backed by a majority ot i j,aniuM( Urcw j,jm out, ie gave u tingle
uiovo than Oil. UO'l1 id died.
A CimWlMif Ihulieal KTCiiiuleil Gov.
(Iratx Itrown a few evening .since lo
jjivo biin eliance to lit siy bi Pttino
eratie iitleraiii ci of few evening pre
vious Much to tbe disappointment of
tbc Itailical K'renniloM the (Jovenior
declared tlnit lie didn't have n single
word to uiipiiy. He wii-n't in the tin
siyiiifr Ihmiiom.
The Democratic portion of tliu audi
oneo .shouted theiu-olvo.i hoarx;. The
Radical portion were heartily di'ii-tod,
and tried to fa-lcii the failure of the
iii-Ion on the inti-ie.
'fill! Tnir ttiijryuin, heretofore an
ardent supporter of (irant's adminitra-
1 lion, declare that the iiiin"ioii ol' the
' It idical part v has heon aceoinpli-hed.
niid that tho future peace ami prosper-,
V. . .i . .. . .. ... .,-.n". ifc .
iiy oi iiiouniry oro innoii wiwi me
."itfcesg of the lomcntie rty. It
uaiU the iiNme id' .1 otin T. ilofTinati lit
it8 m.'mthcail ni- it choi for the pri's
dency in 1S-7-.
While the Deinociitli of tho country
will hetutily welcome the '1'rnr (!rtirifiitm
they will, nio-t likely, fin-int that it U
rather too f:ch a onuvcrt to deit;nstt'
n Democnitic pruKideut.
Ol,. I Sol Hundley dicu't ei;iu to
enjoy tho confidence id' Ii'ik uow-timdo
Ktidictil friend-.. He mil iivain.-t Wn-h-burn
for the State Senate, ami hi.
'friends" pennittcl him to run Ix-hind
his lii-kct in every county and liuht
ccry precinct in hi ditrict.
It wh' the t'oloiiel's jHirjio-e, we un-(Icr-land,
to fina!itlic Democratic jwrty
into initheteeiihoi' the um-t iiifiiiitinsi
mat diioetifhiti-. He found, lunvcTer,
that the old jmrty didn't imtiidi worth n
ctnt. On the contrary it ro in the
iiiijrht f its strength and tiiaheI the
Colonel. Politically, no, h i erry
Tit K lUdiral of Dewitt county noiit
iu.iied an Iri.-hmau nniiicl I 'at rid; Don
abut) for the Stale Senate, and, in order
to defeat him votel every man of
them for Midm! Donahue. Mr. Wint,
the Di i:i' rit. vho was t lecttxl through
this lbidf .tl troaehory, rery ntasnani-niou-Iv
Hud in thcHp'.rit d' Htnic I'um
ocnit. Jcliuc. to accept the certificate
of election.
The entire hi.-toryol the Judical party
pivrnt no ianillel ea of wlf-.-aeri-flcing
jioliticnl honcty. Contrast thi
conduct with that of Fehenck. of ( )hio ;
Burleigh, of D.ikouh; I'itcli. of Ne
vada, and Smith ol deoiyin, all of
wlmiu wore faitlv defeated, but intend
tn cuiitirt the right of their Hictwl'iilin itwrtWnaivu ur at IVIrjilny, t'niin
.... ... I townliip, In till tMiuntv, ttlxiut dusk 1hi
f.,n..ut.t..r trt sunlit v. It in ...it. thinu,,,, M val.;iJlly .uJui,,, In th U-U,
nioro uiau aiiomyr inu n tun cm jwnv
im, m.r.if.1 tin. H.nlu.....t men.
, , . ' f
it ir in thoittibhurit lufuwil it- loadurn
tu .-tibintt to tho eh'tirly expr uwiil wil
nf the jienjile.
- - .. --
H nil nuiiy uthet-', w Iwvo never
iitlier-i. We IWVO tievi-r einM. rviunm mm imawirii iwiuny ion i
.Mill why it if hohl tltn'.gh.wmHigwn and Cttvo-ln-l:, III.-
il -ii llir ilirejaril tlti twU, who Jwv Ueii h trror to thm nelifli.
exited v ttnilernti
if llu-m i-hiMiIil
treat v of I'uri
.t to rvi'iuuo. wltHt
ajijtenr? to by Iter minimi liglita nnuii
tho I'hit'lc :e:t, Kn:l:inil sltotilil feel in
hoimr bunnil to tight. The 'mtilitij: of
KiL-.-inn liivs t!in.u;li the l':.lurus
jms U(K.fml ei.ntnMti.in with KnalamV
lulu.; or j. it u&Miittnl tn her nutiimal
-luinliii 1 1 (tt t Ituwiuu tro'i.- should le
kept oft' tho territory nf 'I'm key. To
prevent tho;o thin-. why i-hould he,
then, ni-li into n war that will eo,t h
hull' million of live- and millions nf
treasiiri''.' True, llu-.-ia would v'mlate
the li'iiii.t m a fourteen vear old treatv :
ytt l',nl.ii.d N onl one of a ji.irly of
fivo to that treaty; mid ha nothing to
;aiii and much to lou by iiiM.itiug ujhiii
;i trict ob-ervance of it.- stipulation.-.
"Act well your part ; there nil tho
honor lie.-" And that'.- exactly what
Kiiglaud is. doing.
. .9.
.1 SISOl'hAi: J.Yi FATAL OCCi'Jl
A yciing niuu named Ithodct wn killed
in tlu wood near l'mhionli, ou .Saturday
hist, under ciruiiniatnnee wlilelt aro do
tnltidns follow by tlio Herald :
Young lthodeii, with tliroo other buy
from thii city, win out cooti-Iuititltitr wJitn
! tin, ftiltil ni-i'Uluiit liiiiini!iiiil. 'lhnv iriM'il
the tr.vr.roicv i.ovs:us.
a tir or jai-im.
I iuitiy Kiifi-l',o MR.n JrK'"-,rl,
-hii of Hie K'ont Tyoon i
lit- nrp lier IipbiI baM, na4 mtri'lolhin '!
llnir pptti"(.M, lnU wntlAoti; ,
IIt taiKunii llt color nf lnnmii l,
Atnl thpclmpodl ft tidii.son.
A liri.l-oim i.ii ihk liv w"' Jl.tity Ill-Ill,
Ami hit Mure I'KiieMiiii.llii clollif'.:
llli vl'i'-y liliulc f ml run llm loiuif hl h"il
In lh fliriti f n lific.litiili rfwet' "
l i-yt tlunlwl (Inuiinanl, n lr
I Im1 nrnly jinllcil lilmo.H.
t'liunv IVo rn Iiitci Johnri) Iti'Hi,
Ati'l vth'-n in IIiimixiI -. .
lie ' Tl""!, .Ii" IjIiiiIi1 tucli ()! , mini.
Vnii'd tlioiigl.t -hi 'it t- o mii"h -.
II it liln t lvn t r Ik r .Inr.l I'jtwl n'"i""
An i I,' r ' liuriniliK wi 'i-moiitliisi mnlo.
An'l nil In tic Imis nf their iii-H-lotii
biti tln.e little I'sgnns Mmy
All ariiund In nnH, aaJnyitiR ilicmnh' .
In tirtljr Xlllae , . ,
' Hhi k nlnx ion In r mix Irtriae.l lillr,
niiMlnrfi lir lUotifihl ntwwulil jitaj.
n n li-'.l i l.m- ! liih U'l fcr'i top.
An. I qui. II) iliaiv rB..f
As h(ii'i ui hi. hiH kikI faod hiinni.ll,
wiil,i aittJiatoa. vl .hmn a Mr. tmr,
-Atrt tin aifNfiiM'.MMmniis to.
Th" i-m.r- i,f irii- I'irr , i vn lirjupun,
oll'ti run. i xtrrm' ly roitu 1 1 .
Ar. 1 ihi'iy. ou.; lwi 111 lnrxrlt.f lli.j-.
t'ari .liftim rn tMk.lt .u tuuli
T!in fi.-' irtnTV lulr woiiM UMf io..l on
If lhM IhH enntifli.
h tin Tjccnti tufclKt i.n tsrth hi orl,
In Ms Jltl I'twn.) until,
Ari'i wit out t' hnnt for Hi trnuit ilr,
Willi hi noriMihoiio,! Iiy ntl
tn fiiuinl iliin )'iiji,)ln Itilrgnlllit.K stlu -
ix lop if h lirlit.iii g fKl.
Uti'inlv Ii ilfrnl Un, jtvutW FOA-t'oS
T 'oowf rfewH out or that (htrr
AM'I bftoM HI Hi 10 go tth''
i wont ty prwwlT wlier I ;
linn to lrtfd n hh eMlJ, vhe Hmiii. '
t'liiinwlly iU uUpir,
llutlhT)i ucII,Lt.! , bviUjr fyolixl,
Hi ) i ti- hit MroAi lmln :
for uhu, UhAH-itt-k,U1.t IB M.o l
I'uluf It j!aakr wc.l
W l.u-unit Uw k MiMixraauit ml tkv rtor
t'M I'cm Union I out br lnrlBf .
1 ly iHinr I tl.ijin mih U lhi TfOMii'ii lo',
.'.i .Ui uwiit Mdua l um,
V, i.crii tltr imulu nut u iho uiglilinl. .ixl
TIm I iiu of t'io taint l Imh,
Ali't wlwr,-ih mo.qini'.v ortotil bi,t
JUJ.,-u tl, rvMl" rtw.
An 1 i.fili t i.'K., lia tli T)Miri M(t
MUIIIIm .'I illl'l h piwi,
II..liu.nJ.iii I ,hi lokf.1 ui m tiht
That i-nrMl tiha u iiwtlt KlmoSTi: v V
fVi'a huM Iia ! mmi tntilm UjMt
W.ili p" r i, i i.ujglio-t'
Tbo foUowSn-.' vi-r, I'wdlch wo have
rorrt-rted inn.lit in the inaltir of- or
iticumiihyi are t ' td from i i uiiilcM-LI,-
iKKiii, iiiti-inc.U l.v ttio iiutliur tu con-
wlqiL ktHleifl f.iintly, wWieti, wo iire h
eurei, prHtrv the tuecliln- meuiontu in
n mcn.orln! album, anion iKlior fuhtrnl
l'OOK t.lTU.f. .IKllUV.
i. rim l'lh ln tnki H tMtii( liltl Jir
Tl.fon uf Jo,t.l. ,mU -jri'ii. IIom. il
i'.'Tn ii hr wr..t!. 1 miii lb .lytmier,
Ami iiimh ti MrtlMMl Hi bi I.UIn ll..
tt w ihr Sutta t v, Ant-,! i.ule Jr.tf
Whi' h.nrrHru It il ' thiiiJru to tuui 14 linn
I ; . l.llt tr.At li l.i( rcut.ui( Mf
"i lii'.'i. I.Knli I. Ol uttl It' r..
.'Ij-i,,ki',j 'i.k ,iuiu ii iiK.4 i r
Mi UiHfxat iJUr.l !4 tui,.: li
i.ui yiMiik .-.gflii s" iutu; .i'i "terry
r r taf , , i.ui. ji i tu .',,..
.11 nnl nn ii MtiiintliiK I'i iiiiiplly A -
A ili-jmifli l'ruiit Kvitn-nillu, Iiiiliiiii.
of tho ::uth in,thiit itv.-, : ,
A dfiomdo nniiil '.'IIim h.u1u1
uiHMmi miuuv. rinsnufion uirni m. 1
r-wlv t Mr. Cmvot... tl.u
jiroprK'.or of tln tr ttl.t'tr tlm .li-M.'.iii !
iM.-ciirrvi. CruVuii lHk it lovolver nut m
i"i.illli. via wvn .v. vii ci :,.."'i
I.U ami .liwt iVUwm tlirougli tlm j
Aniuliur muub minimi O.utKrn, v,-io
ilriw u J;nlf, rooivfil n liilli from Cr-
Vf'i i'1-titl tbruush t!.e il.niiMor. tAtt-'in ,
v.i'hjhju. rinmii una Unwrn i iteiuMy ton i
UDgfTlM nw Lord .Mayor of London 1.
Mr. Aldurmati luikin. U'lteii a youth U
unuio tu i.uudou tu M't'k liii t'oriiine, imtrtd
h. u auluaman n ttnn if i-xport Mruggi.U,
Mild Hugo t.y tui', w .rkid la way up,
until iiu imit iii"iitii.irti,'ii, in miu coui.w,
ni' tlndiii the nn in u ni' 1 1, i.' .Inn elmnfd to
tlmt uf lnkin llruilii i'.., iijii-i-lt' 1. 1 the
lien I. Alilornmli ll.iklu Win oliu ul tlio
early director- of tlio .Mulropulilttn I!m1I-
way, i.Aa bii'u lur ..jiuo yuara i-iiNiriiinu ot
the' nrvnt Ctintrnl (Jh nvmpuny, mid ii
prcidunt of tlio (irett AVojtum milwity.
Iln ii k!o it imtgUtrAte of tho count v iif
ifcU'Jut it ii travvlur wa4 writing his '
unuio ou tho tvgim-r of it I.cnvcnw.irtli i
hotel, ii Ivdbii'i .Hlilt-d forth and tool; it. I
way ncro.- tlio pug', Tlio man piui't'd
iiiul ruiii.iil.od ; "J vo been blud by St.
.Ion lion, biitvii by iviin Ulty npidiirn
niid lnt,urvltwvd by Kort.'jcottgrHy.backj,
but I'll bo d d if 1 wuaevur in tv place bo
l'uru wlii'ro tho liedhui; lookml over tho
hotel ri.'giatur to Mud out tliu number of
your room!"
""Ali holioat man U the noblust
work of tho Lord!" t'lithuiiiutically n.-
n iiuiihi n iiniiiv.iuii iiainui, nun uiiur 11 ,
nun... ...Mi.il. "Lutllia 1 ord lm.n't hud 1.
. t .i. ... i, . i . i . ......
job for fifty yoftr."'
jiirTwo KcntluiiiBii out Imiitiiii;. to
crntly, kllloil a itiryo jjoldcii vnyle, meal
iirintr ciht t'uitt oh;lit iiirhc. from tip to
tip of wine", utid oWht.iiiclu.'i lu grn-p of
tal.iiu. iwrcf
o. - -
Tin: rolativo proportion of tho .cveral
paiti of tbu dic.Mil ho;:, itVjiropprly eut,
.-MOUlll Im ot
Hlu illli. n
It Ii ill)
i't'f" ? "j"
.... .:i
... 1
Itough l.tnl unit trimming
I'ui'l' fi'rt.ki.'iirta.cli',, .,
New Discglvrry )
SalvSdonifor the Hair.
For Restoring to
Hair its
Phalon's "Vit;" (lifTers
utterly from aMtlit: "dyes,"
" colorcrs,VIincl " restorers "
(?) in ie. It acts on a
totally dtTercnt principltr. It
is litnpidfragrant, and per
fectly innouirAr. precipitates
no muddy or llaoxulent mat
ter, requires no sharing up,
and communicates no tain to
the skin or the lineij. No
iiif)' riirhiitt 15 nprry.'ciiir fn
r r" ,' : . J
lunccui us iuiijr .tiincarancc.
r , . 1 1 , . . i
tor tnc smvqre rfa?on tfiat is
not tttrh'K. It is, to all intents
and pir.jpo.ic1;, a sew discovery
hi ToihV Chemistry.
e2?" PhaieipV " Vitalta" is
warranted to ctFal a change
in the color of the ildr within
jo day.5 after thf firstVipplica
tion, rhc direction being
carefully obscrvctl'
Price, 6m: Dtillar per Hox.
ion;:jjni; i . : i ilu.
Sold uv aljIru(;oists.
If your DruriYj has not
" Vitaliu" on ha.-.d; write, en
closing ti.oauid we will
forward it iitfmcdiatoly.
PliAi.o' cc Son,
!.' CO.U, Y.M2S).
' .1!o:i:tl 'iu'1ioii, Iii iiioIu nut! i
4Mtil setter
. -
C fiT j u 3
Aa....l M..,.ly n n....i.m..i .uiiv,.u
tniuiyimrlnrtlu-.il .
, ,
Ku-ry Lnnil or Coal cljchfil, imtl rnll
.'li'nsiiro (itven.
III! 11'4I1K tMIAI. rifltNIi:i .VTilin
jt::t (i.Mi i.o ai).
ur-Ivi lort.-itti-c -,Vn willufiiivl niinu- latJ ! i
.J 2tTrf JJUS.', I'
; 74 V7T7
J a
.JAJU'.S JtUSS, I'my'r.
ftl '
Are PrcpiuHl to Stiiply Cintumers
v.lth tliu lJesl (Jnalily or
Oi.Ur. left lit JliilHilny Jti"'. Olllisr,
So, 7-1 O'.iln l.itti, or lit tlir t'onl j
Vn.-1 rli,v ttn-SI. linrli" 51"- ;
lr,'linti'ulti E'nnilt
At liiilliiu.
.. T..M.uu..u'......ir,.ui,.
frww :nf
" mMH
it. .
ftltJl-A Jtr.l) TH I'M.I. IIHIU.U !
., , ... , ,.,n, ,., ,rv
I'romWly an.l ...,fad..nly. Uh Ho- tiy l
tip Aire sid nit'cstoaay
.. . , -ii. ......... ikl.l Ul.,.,l
i.otivn iiruern ui uiiiiir -
ok at Tin: i-ST wrFifi:
!?BAU OtlfB
.j.jitvIJJl'fl l.tnti. Vfi'Uly
f i'.i ill Nov
I'oi tt, 1,1 vi r.iiol nmt (luraiihtowu.
l-orpa-iiye iu'ih til V i T JUNrm,
.HO Nortli niQlith St., rhtlnclc.
A color and drcasttig that will
not burn tho linir or injure tho
bead. .,
It dooa not protluco i - color
mechanically, as tho poisonous
preparations do.
It gradually restores tho hair
to its oriiMtml coW and lustre,
by supplying new lilo and vigor.
It causes a luxuriant growth
of soft, fino hair.
Tho boat and Ball-et article
orcr ollcrcd.
Clean tmd Pure, jno sc-aimont.
Sold everywhere.
Golden Remedies.
l ih, ,n!y.MU.-(.Vim.Itrr.ltliwl
hhht. ?!." o" fur c" ni ",i
In any tUf. l.uli Hi r fail n cure
1 1 ., iwi ill I u i r.f nt'i tilt
SAMS, Noi. 1 h re the
cttt ,t filtr-rMlrci known.
t)ii. KK'IIAfH tlOMtnjJ
I! 1,1 XI It D'AMOLIt Ii tho
flrr.Mct Tntila nwt Allrtnrtit
In tiio V.i!lr.il l.lit. 111. UN
on ra i;omik.v A.vrrnoTK
Ii the only rrlUV.r illnr'Cc.
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hy llirif uie, who lirr ln,t all hot, anJLwr'irt','
iiouti't't ai li.curaM by tha tjt ofrTr uiillcnl
XJ IIAI.SAll, No. I. tAtt Ulceri, L'locratcl
Horn Thr at an I MTut!i. H'.fe r.jt; CuWno.
em r.rutitimt. tori.ru jrr t lllntchrj. iatnf
if the Scalp, tcruMyte. It l tl" CiMUit I'.enn
ator, Alu-rallfc Ulwl l'urinr atuwn. w
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lliblul ,ar ar Loalthy,
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:Itci lameali relief In an cai.
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yonni i Innntln rnrricy wltli wmvUrful StCt.
Vrlc 1 J t t, .u . 4t tw.i f r fl.
, . . - -1 H.klH Mill 1 tt
fl.lptl In any plair. I'r-mpt attntl'in M !
I all ,rrf.iiniJcnn. Xim -ruolii wlih.wt lh I
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uimi, . iork.
WfSpnil nioiifV t,v xiii"., nr "il iO,,i.
markisl ii. H", thrnun your ilii'ifgi-t. uti't
you Hill mwt with ni l,i.
Special Notices.
iietllitK .llnrrlctl.
. fur) ' ; "I Hivlat IMI .ml lll
ir"rlf ly it uni-top-iety i f jiiimi m.irri",!, with
an:t.irr lii-lp fur t h .- ulm lil uitiliimt fir null
r i .i, n il lupliiw. rnt fr, m Mi l i nri-l.
n t ,. AMivf . Ilow.irj A" . i'. i.i, i- I', I'hil.
ii'l!!il,, Tu. K-ptt; .in
Tlir lniiicrUliulilo l'rrfiiiim.
A.i nili", th" I'TfllinM nr in n luir n ..t
manan-y. All l"Ui' r timnli r ililr i., II., tr
notwrnlt l('tflllllr loft, Iluw illtturfllt ltll
mil ii wlliiit tli iir f ili.iry mill I,'iiiki'
I luiktii WmIit. IM). afirr iu ,ii,iii'i,,;i Hm
lixniliii-p lin't nxlihlr a llli,.! ,l'-llhtflll,it-liiflte
iml ,tim.oI; Iri-iiM". uMrMfiHlly
A - H
lot 135 Ohio Levee,
':V.IV Motto Depot.
.VV. SI. I'M I- I
r i! J f
'A U IS H tit fl t. V.
lu I'l.i.ii.ti.r ntttl I.Ltll.r I till. I 1
.Sllil lor nil .ISO M.opt M lish.,
i.i it
Dobbins TIJJi
''.V'ir t!:!;!:! c rmy iui soil iuni
i ,vl,::.:;vv.:..VJ:,,7.;r!v;,,, a ? 5 mb&s.
tieiHirui ii.,.,.o . J,.u.i. a'.... h , ltM VM,sm
' r..r IMIIslilnir Kinvpn, :i.in,.'.
1'or I'iiIIsIiIiic Univpri. ':i.ut,ir
llnikk, .M.'.'l, Iron, unit nil .M.-mlHt!
Uitl.ia. I.roiot i . us Iiy 'tut; If, hl.iln.
nml SttMl, Ifitvlni; it l.rlltliuil .tiil ici
i .llliil to Ni -iv.
l'or Snlo hy ItAtlt'l.AY ItJJOS
Ii pri'jiirnd o ilo oil l:!niU I
r r, Mewa a i. smn,
J j IjxJ 8 IJ O
. vr n ir c . i."v.ri" n ,.r i;AT.ri
.... AM,h.
NHY'iTI & TO.,
AI.ii, ki-i-p fonMnily cn limit n .iot rnm.
fl It a II f T. . Illillifi rrm r.
Scotcn and Irish Whiskies
Part, Madeira, Sherry, Catabav
Wi nrc iujrnt tor J, lU'lil A Co.'h Cclrt-ialnl
V.lIiaa.lSfl AI.K.
Wn i, oi,'liilvcly f.ir dull, tn wh.cli fi t w
Invito tin' Mtuntioii ofului.ii bai'HHin l uyrrv
?,i'i:ia; intcniioii ivpn to llillhi; onlrr..
a i
Confection 2ierchant
II.ih l.Vim.uil tn Ills ()M St nml
Wliuro Iinrolu'l In n ot.litiiinncr nf tiilrimnitp i.
lil.. furiiHT i.ii.to tiur., uf will a il.at of n i an
rti'tr i.i.l-i ua may u.uit r.m )(roortfp. tri tfi )
ti.., rtMimrluliIy i liwp fur ili,
TiTinii hlrlctly ca.li, for whlcli tin will .,11
oner tlmn tho ItiiK'iit. Tlf
I'KM.iai IX
Plaster Paris Plasterers Hair
'.Istit' Jn !Si:!!i. iilnuyM in Jnwnl
uuiihlh um on uiumu llli
OAino, ILL.
(jncci:uii:i- co.muisshj.v.
XT. Hi i ii. r. Hint,
c.'i .r .trV' n. H, I- n A Cl.uk,)
,Sit uf AwtIhiii I'uinlrr Co., unit
.tltiiiurncliii'rrii .i;imiIi tin- rotlnn Viirn
. u. '. : I, :.:.'" m'.
f tf f ft?
ff U & fiA
T?1!H I Of-
4JU ,
SI MSsNit4.' KWtVli JtXT.
.. 7,t a'.ilt. jtni '
Ail. Hi Uulu lirtei.
CAIRO, tl.L.
Xpel.il alwillaH ultH li .IH
ilifill Mlit'l'StUliSfT oritiiii
rfl WiSifi'f:: Ar. :.,
(SUfirmii.. in J.'I.u tj. itaiiiMii '".,;
I Mi
A EJ V T il XS JK f
U, Second Floor. OHIO LKVEE-
' " '
WW. IZ.ii
f i
Imoodef and Wholesale Dealer
'"""l 0
'Wines, Liquors
TOBACCUanci tiuuii.
Aki.ii. for lir-t branua of
ni'.vixtj ,H,ic;ni.:s.
.1 1
1 (f f" 3 2 3 J RS ft nnafllllllp
1lirt .Vmi.lnf nyl CI..Ll..i
Tito 'ComplRtcst, Slmplf-st and lie
Sculnt; Mnelilno. In Use.
bui, o u f od oi raiiipn m
(;A11(0, ILLINOIS.
Tlir- t. .nin I for tho DAVIS flKWIXf) MACII
INI; i . A:I.inliO tntr , hIhtp tlif nrn Iwiit
Uii'.iiii, nn, I lii-rn tlu-y Ktiiplnnt all utlirri, la
uri'Mlc, Hi ,n run ,o miipiril.
ltnPTrTfiiKln nny limit nfworlt. tt laalmptn,
I'oiHi-t.ii.r i f u Ui ilrnn ,att, nn, II. rirtioa.
froil 'im' In Ii to ,nn nvrr rum, an.l tu turn eof
nor. uithnutchiinisnof nlllch nr U-n.ion.
Clotlilnt; Ami (ilnve nnniifwtur'r, prrfor It to
all ullirrn, runt tint It l Jan llm llilntf for farallr
iwg ciiTylKi.ly ul lavkiiowltiltio afierrxain
MenM lluilrra lintu anvvral iu anil itiftVrtat
.lylc. of finbli, anil rmictfaUf tntltn allwh
Hilllt llio
mi mm machike
M.iiiiif.irtnrp.l tugito llicma call dtforo purchat.
Call mill (Jot it Circular.
STAm.ISIIi:i 1801)'
i ."i"r ' ii' nf tl i'i'llnt reparation
i . 'ri.il in i' r nlliTi'it to ihu imUla
Im. Imii .irinnninfM hjr thr wonrlcrMI ronulir
i i H'tnti- luuuiiiliu I, riff yi-ar alnvu I
uu,nrt mnimt t r I. Not li' tlum
Ono Mil I ion Housekeepers
Li-iMv iuihu KnKiliJ In lln. ami ollirriv.im.
, anil tliilviiiiitt i mpi'llr IuciIuk,
-inlli hrlolc, rotlrn at our, aclUai lym
"tnlotg?ri rifir.lly In llm hoiiaholil, iii.cn
wlli) ilo.'iih.t wnrlt .if 1'iicii anJ all the, and
tli lirli'.i l.iUir 4u l otjitn.p.
Ilia folloulii arna f.'ur ul Ilia ififdal naaa t
"nidi Sijiuliu In aUiuiraMf anapttit i
'H'l.KlX WnnOtVS-Wjihoutwelllif earpata
or oiling tho paint. Tako wilclotk. nut
ilni'pmi;, ml. it orrr tlia eak of Bapollo
imlil It l.rnvrrr.l with n enamf tathar, and
thrn tuiakly orar the panaof glaaa
.llftniliinli.h unit itry cluthor ctiatnoli, Ti
rinuin iirnili or iIiUm! paint will rcqulma
Iittl" extra rnlitilDK.
O er.V. t.V RSI VKt-ltm jronr ilith.rtoth. rub i
on ili i-Hiwilfii, nml thru rapidly Mar 111'
ktiiTo.. 'I'M. will Kivrt a lifilliaal an 4 rlurt
M,' pnli.li, wltliout cmiililor.
I'OMSII fi.V, llll4.SK, aaj lkr CaUaarr
Arllrlc Uulitlix Jump cIotliOBltia cak
of ri.ipolni until writ coivr, ajiJ than
.piliktyuurtliufuttt'-anrilia utcnatt. it
lull prmlii i' nliMtro t',tlal If UOI UBrlor to
,.t:.., rii-.
1(1 ll.i:. l'AINr AMI WOOII.HOIlK-U.iu
(kjIiii ii. aLuitit; ilanot rub luo baM, an.l
rui" kiIIh'I 'tn in rli-Aii uatcr.
Kill! IIOI Si: CM: l.MSU-fiiptlio i.of llir.l
. i Vilui' in ill" iit,IiK of tlinr, labor ana
Hi. in ur of tliu riIii'Iv cli'an.rd. Try II
i, i. n,i,i ton will in t . r t,o without II.
Hilt It tMIIMi liHIIri, Hath Tulm, Huura.
'Inl l.', rlc Win i,- .iipMunluriliKtly llt,l
yiipi'ltn I. invi.tu.iMi'. mi I on.io n.i-,1, will
I.. , . I c I . . in, ! . It.
IS 1IIK HOt sKti rail purr).'. (nc-pt wa.h.
i i.or ,!, n.r.i. i. ii- -iuia i. t'.uiTruia di
I I nHjMolil.' -Ki i pi'ili'IiiiiK fvalcii, liiraaiir
' lilrt. I'M., or' piir), l:oit.', iliraii.fic.
IS TIfl' MlllP-r .r 'r.- . mr. pnlithmx ami r.
1 n.v. .4 ami', oil, ., iroin luii.'l.itiprr aii.t
'; s,,. i(:-..f lln . ioon. ilenlut, elf
I Muginwr, puniiT aii'l rnarr.
, AM. I'I. t( l.s "In r,' n cli-aniiini! anl pall.k.
I ' j .if. ul. at oiue rtl.'livn. i-l'iinoininftl n.l
lurinlv,. i. mpilri'il. mir Hapoiio, will
pi tr Hi KteU Mi"i ri'iiily nvur all ttln
. I .: ,
r'OIl II -Ml" .IIIMI-u.ipotui 1.1 what riny
pi i.t : , p i. hi. r, lnUit'raplirr or inru'lunnl
nil. Ii quick lr rimnra-'an,t, j.ainl,
ink ii, 'I "ih"f rtiun (i.iiii Ilia hail.1, whick
iiM. lll net toi..'.h. It often, tli Ian, I.
m,. I Inn, tl'l'lll .IIHMltll uuil lillllr
I'ltli T a fwi'snta.
Nil. 1 1 li v your Ktoocr. ial ilruyjul
Wliolr.ila Jvpi'H,
Stl WuOilnnton, K., ibiI 30 tttfvrl HI.
Nf Yoil., I.omlon.
JM jh VV U U U V o
11.14 pl.t rctiirat-'J witli n ryrj aflecj alovk l
- or
j i'in Hid lloyi, f t
I.ii.llis unit litlilru'a Uola.
i . ,i liU 1 J4ica turn ftuiu&ly. luiOuAAtMiUHn
"mnlnotlir nrw i:ood.
.in i Mr Mi'.ddiil, uultptud theC'iuliHjit
j rhcnpvv 'mimMnr
Anllinv ii n ught her preirut it.uk at t'ltow

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