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glus gallon.
(Bnceltil incttlngol tlio City Council )
Cairo, UN., Doc. r,, l7n.
Thoro bolng no quorum prccnt, on mo
tion adjourned.
JOHN UltOWN, City ClcrU.
tlUXUlar mrcliriK of thu ili.filof AMrriiifn.
Cairo, Ills., Ino. f., IrTO.
rreiutit Ms"T. Klob, Lohr, Thcobold,
"YYalder and "Winter 5.
Ho quorum. Adjourned until Tueidny,
fitli Inst., nt 7 o'clock.
JOHN IIKOWN, City Clerk.
Cairo, Illinois !'. Glli,l;.
Tho Bon rd met pursuant to adjournment,
1'rofcnt llrniiklc, Fitzgerald, KU-li,
Konnedv, MeKeo, Mendel, Thcobold,
Walcler'and Wlntur I'.
Tlioru being nfuuruin p; aent, tncro win
presented ns being llrst In order n report
from tho Committee on CIh1ii, to whom
tho following bills were referred, reeom
mending their payment, to-wit:
tlill nf Tli"r Nmigh on far lalxir on strti'.
infill lire. Ml, wo m ........111(1 u,
" of M MkIuuui, lur later on liM in
full to It, UT'i 1W r.
" of Win Mi llih, halni;'i,irs rlmiu
trsna to lr Jut, le:o V'l "i
" H II Kixjkwrli A ( 0.. l.l."iliv tur
Clrk' olllvc
" otJnHllTnn.il Klinttlumlrt-rvliy
" Albri(tliinJ I.) mli, fonrntln fall of
CllvoMis lo Nor. Huh, vi li,
1 7".
tmnJel N'rinto iii nt 7u rtnl in
iiih loinmiiii'O on i-niins lrnoin-
injlrmn! fir tha Hnr
u,):V.T: i-to .v. .:'"" .v.i i
of K liro for monthly allevrjiKo as
I'. M.toNov.9. I;ii s, i
of it iiM.n,liiii,ng wkitijii...... 7 ii
of ims si an! 11, Mirk, city......... V on 1
'tfJ'i';.Vn'jr fur t"Jr lo Ul' . .
of Ji Wrli.lfr. Illlnt.fiforrllr flri lm
" .fllm. I.o.iiui. UiM fufjall
7 .1"
Il A Win, I'lr Pr.MC.'H H I'OIK'O IWtl
tUUeln Not. lot, I 7'J m
" of Cairo City ( Co , furij m Mri-cl
Ismpslo her, 1st, ll.t ... io .v
On motion tins rccrt wns recHlvel, and
tho rccommcndatioiis of the Committeo
concurrwl In by following vote:
A yet Ilrnnkle, ritr.gefnld. Klob, Ken
nJy. lcKee, Mendel, Thcobold, alder
and "Winter 0.
Nays none.
.Said Committm furtber rcommcnded
upon tho following bills ns follows:
llillof 1' Curiktirr, lisnllni ilrunVi-n man ro
JsllMI rwomiurii'li-cl ynint ol 1 7'.
" tf (iiti fl Htnilli. tflr" otiol l Cuuii.
rll Chsmlwr, II tiMOiiinicailr I
I'fijrnpnt of,.,..M.,M..M.H......M.,...H. 'J t.i
11 of K Iticr. I.lnk'l for Jail. 110 (rl
culi, rrcoiiiiiii.dc'l in flip... ........... II i
Concurred In by a tinnnlmous vote.
Uion tbo petition of Wm. T. Scott, re
ferred to thum at the joint meeting, they
recommend: 'That the prnycr bo Krantoit
and that the City Clerk bo directed nnd
authorized to Imiio to said Scott n licento
for his billiard labia for onu year from .lim
it art lit, 1871, for tho nmount lm haover
paid for lat yesr." Kcport rifelvcd.
Itecommcudations co irurred in by tbu
fojlowliig vote, vlr.. Aye J. Nays
Tbo following bills for inlsriei wi.o then
jiricnled nnd nllowin! by th foMowIng
vote, rt;
Ave Ilrnnkle, Kltxirornld, Kleb, Ken
nedy. McKee, Mendel, Theobold, Winter
Nays- none.
Kill of lis)iviny, I'
mUij f
i' r, i stu
lT. Iff," .....M ...M. J
l lUiiitrick. t'ttj at City lfi
fur Ck-tlr. IS7" -m 0
... SJ
" Jotm Drown, iry City curk fr
Ocl'.Ur, IS70. . . (l
Jin U Tolur, MUry Lily limnirr
rcro-tou-r, lTe l) (
Jn Hylanl, lMy s clly ( oniplrollcr
for O-'U.Ur, lo 7S ou
' John II i,omn, I'oIk mhii, auUry
(urUtuAKt, W" . 7J i
" John ."hflisn, I'elKiinsn, siry for
(K'lobrr.lKT'. . 'j Ou
" 'fhm WUon, Ury Msjur f-r
August, tfrritMnU-ran.l (xtoUr, lt,i'j:9 W
An ordinance upon Its llrl reading, en
titled "An ordinance In rcferente to the
grade of certain streets nnd avenues" vttu
presented nnd read. Whereupon, Alder
man Winters moved to lay tbo oidinanco
upon the table.
Tho nyes nnd nays being demanded,
were called with the following rcuit :
Ayes Ilrankle, Kennedy-.
Nnvi Fitzgerald. Klub. McKee, Me-i-del,
1'heobold, Walder Winter 7.
Ordlnanco W, untitled 'n ordiimncu
declaring it illegal for Ibo City Clerk to
recelro payment for licenses or to detiu-li
orders from tbo order book, eicept in cor
lain cases." was prccnted nnd rend.
Mr. Winter moved to amend, by adding
nt tbo end of this hit section, "And said
watchman shall bo subject to tho control of
the Mayor In cuso of any emergency. '
Amendmont carried.
A motion wns then nindo to adopt the
ordlnanco ns amended, upon which tho aves
and Tiny wero called with tho following
result: "
Ayos 9, Nnys none.
Printing Committee report ns follows:
Cairo, !i, ill,, i;e.
To Hi Honorable Mayer "tiJ HoarJ nf .U.I.t.ih'ii
of liiti City of Cairo i
(lEXTLtMts : Tho enclosed bills of Til i:
Caiho HuLi.r.riv for printing, which was
referred to u for examination, amounting
in tho nggrecato to $S! iW, wo llml cm
reel, tho work being ordered by thu proper
parties, nnd wo recommend tho said billi
for payment.
' HENRY WINTKlt, Chairman.
Printing Commll.teo
Hoport recolvod, and bills ordered paid
by n
unnnlmous voto. Ayes, nays,
On motion ndlourned.!
JOHN HllOWN, City Clerk.
Tn r. Cktbal Mkat Maiikkt.
Messrs. Fred Koohlcr & JCo., of tho Con
tral Meat Market, dcslro It understood that
thoy keep nil kinds of meats, beef, pork,
mutton, lamb and vcnlj that they buy and
slaughter tho best nnd fattest nnimnU
brought to this markot; dress and servo
out tbo moats In a neat and clonnly man
lier, and deal with everybody fairly and
Murkot baskot of customers dollvered
'frco of chargo to nny part of tho city.
Frosh sausngo on sale every morning.
Uuy your meats, then, nt tbo Contri
Moat Market, near tbo comer of Tenth
treot, on "Vnshlngton uvenuo.
sop 29 dUm
Flour Oliolco Family Flour in bbli,
half bbls., mck, &c, for.salo nt tnoUgyp
tian MilU. a
Sew LTIiiio Tiiblr.
On nnd after 12:30, p.m., .Sunday, Dec.
1th, tho following tlmo table will govern
tho arrival and departure of passenger
trains nt Cairo !
Mail train leaves nt 3:10 n.m.
lixtiress, " " nt 3:80 p.m.
St. Louis and Cairo Kxprcsss
leaves nt l:-0 a.m.
Accommodntioii leave nt... 12:30 p.m.
Mull arrives 2:05 n.m.
Kvprcss, arrives l-:24 p.m.
.St. Louis and Cairo Kxpress
arrives 4:-lG p.m.
Tho last named train leaves St. Louis ut
10.30 u.m. Traders ran leavo Cairo at 1:20
a.m., reach St. Louis at 7:'JS n.m., remain
n tho city three hours, and return to
Cairn at 4:15 .m., the same day.
Tho li!:!S0 accommodation and Cairo and
St. Louis express leave tl'iily; nil others
leavo dully oxcept .Sundays.
"'uy passengers should bear In mind that
the 3:.'t p.m., train make only four flop,
pings between C.ilro and Cuiitralia, viz:
lomwboro, Carbondnli'i Du (Jiioln and
Ashley. Tho l'J.M p.m., train stops i.t nil
the a t m 1 1 1 j 1 1 f n 1 1 1 lt thi rout"1.
Sujit., Cuiru.
.Siil'hixk Mters left for St. Loul, lust
night, liy tho "chert lino."
Tun finder of a collar button bearing
It... itilll,.l .T V." will lm T.,.1,1 Itl full
valuo by leaving it at this olllce,
(jo am, Ski: the .Surprlsn htore on tho
wirfior of fcixth street ami Washington
nvfiiuf. Calr.i.Illinoh. tf
t HAItTKll KJ,K UOIJICINd Moves !ttnl
livelilii'' Star lieutiiiL' stoves tbo best in
lle for sale by C.
Commercial Avenue.
W. Henderson, H'O
Sue :idvertiement.
U'k bear it stated that L. 1. llutler,
K'p, eo uteni pin tes louitlng in Murphy
iMiro, .Uck'on county. Wnsliall regret to
part with Mr. Ilutlar, nlio U n genial gn
tlvniiin and a good clti.efi.
Know C."K iorSai.k. A show ohc
six feet in longth, In nomplelo order, am
ba bought on r'iionnble terms, by apply
ing Itniiiodiiitoly ut tin photograph gallery,
corner of Kigbth street and Ohio leveo.
Ton Sam:. The undersigned boln do
Iron-, to cngAo In ttum other business
hereby oll'r fur saloull tho furnittni! nnd
fixture in the Central boirixi on titb st.,
Hi privntu sale. I'urtivs wishing to engage
n howl Imis1ii', cftll on the premises.
dewaw josi'.i'H r.itoss.
Jlr. Wiki.v Timk. Tbo best buildings
will burn from unknown or unavoidable
chum. Ste that you are insured before it
i too Intv.
Ours nre nil gilt wljed eompaiilej.
nov:S.l2w C. N. JUJC'HKS Agent.
U'iiilk Mr. M. W. Little, proprietor of
the Mnkntid'i nurry, was on his way to
the railroad, the other day, n largo tree fell
ni-ross hU team, killing his hurrot n fine
span of nnlmali instantly. A limb of
tii't tro came within n few Inches of strik
ing Mr. Littles ton nnd n sou of Mr
(iurley, who wero sitting in the wugon.
Tin: object of Mr. Fultou's trip to
Memphis was not to purchute tho old
tlo.imer Dan Able, ns that craft may be
doddered out of service, but another old
transit slewmor, the Oon. Anderson. Mr.
Fulton was conducting negotiations, not
In bis own name, but for tho captain o! the
lion Accord.
I). L uni:nr, Ohio Levee, brtweon
Eighth and Tenth itrcots, has enlarged
and improved hi. shaving nndliuir-cuttlng
ami i prepared (o shave cutomers in
tlrtel4 style.
Clean towels, burp razors and courteom
attention are among tho attractions of the
o.tuMUhmoiit. tf
Thk Young Men's Dramatio association
bold forth in the Atheneum to-morrow
night, fur tho benefit of tho lcl; nnd
wounded Frunoh and l'rulan soldiers.
Kvory dollar realized nbovo actual ex
ponse. will bo equally divided nnd for
warded to tho treasurers of tho unnltnry
commission of tho two powors.
Tho young men lmvo settled upon n very
attractive programme, nnd will glvo nn
entertainment entirely worthy ol public
Caiko Il.vnitEi. Factijuv. Forty-flvo
gallon lard tierces SI 80 j pork barrels
$1 CO; tierces with two Iron hoops i?j 00;
whisky barreli!, full bound, Iron hoojih
$'J 'J5; dry biuon and bnui4tlerees, 20 Incli
hoop, very stout, $1 o0; boor kegs, 8 gal
lon s, $2 10; I gallons $'j 00; hull' barrels
$3 00; barrels;i?3 7.1. Whisky hnlfbarrels
and kegs of all kind, iron bound.
decodOt .1. W.'.STKKLK.
Thu transit steamer Arlington is molt
admirably adapted for thu trade in whicli
sbo U plying, presenting all the modern
improvements so much prized by travel
cm, such ns oath rooms, spacious salootM.
etc. The table is u feUure tint will!
especially commend tho beat, particularly
to tho thousands of hungry and travel
worn passengers arriving at Colunbus per
Mobile nnd Ohio railroad.
Thootllcersof tho Arlington are oxpurr
leneed river man and ytntUmen. Wo w!sl
the designation to be accepted In tho broad
est sense. They nro careful, nttentivu,
courteous and obliging the very men f
ho poslt'ons they occupy .
2 Alton tion Sir Knights. A spccla
VNOJnclnvo of Cairo ComnSnndcry No.
13 will bo held at tho Asylum In tho.clty
of Cairo, this (Thursday) ovcnlng, nt 7
o'clock for drill. JAS. S. UEA.KDKN,
choppers to cut wood on the lino of tho St
Louis A: Iron Mountain railroad. Half
faro tickets furnished at tho ticket office In
St. Louis. Wages SI 20 per cord. Apply
at tho vnrious wood ynids, or to
tiovSVtf. H. J. DEAL, Charleston, Mo.
Tub attention of everybody,, (ndtw
pccinlly of tho ladles, Is called id the fact
that John Kujhlcr, Eighth street, opposite
Mlko Mnloncy'a butcher shop, bis In store
n supply of splendid mince meat nnd ap
ple butter. On Thursday evening next
lie will receive fresh white fish and trout,
which he will sell, with anything 'clso in
his well tilled family supply store, cheap
for cash. dec. Gdlw.
It kiiman MEYKit, Ohio levee, is the
leading tobacconist of Southorn Illinois,
and Is supplying thu "country trade' ui
well ns the river and city trade, with to
bacco, cigars, snutTs, etc,, at prices ns low
as rule in tho cities of Chicago, St. Louis,
or Cincinnati,
Hu Is n very obliging business man, and
Is prompt nnd reliable In all his dealings.
It i u pleasure to do business with him
Orders accompanied by tho cash will be
faithfully and satisfactorily filled as if
the party ordering were personally present.
Tiik Cairo Casino, The annual .meet
ing of tho Cairo Cusslnu wns held last
night, and was in session when tbo alarm
nf lire was given. As a largo portion' of
the members uro firemen, nnd a the fire
broke out within fifty feet of tho placo of
meeting, they were right there where tboy
wero most needed. To their well directed
ollorts Mr. Schmctxdorf Is IndebU-dfor'tho
larger portion of tho effects that' weresavod
from destruction,
Tho following gentlemen wens elected
o Ulcers of tho Casino, to servo during thu
ensuing year :
Herman Meyer, l'reidcnt. ,
Stephen Sehwanllr., Vlco President.
Carl L. Thomas, lt' l'rotoeoltst.
Henry Diukle, 2nd" do.
Charles Feuchter, Treasurer.
Tho meeting was characterized by tho
l;tof feoling.
Fiiikmk.v' Nkw Ykau Hall. The
Hough and l'enily tiro company, one of
tho mott etllelent firu organizations In tho
Northwest,' are perfecting, arrangements
for u graud New Year' ball. Committee
ofnrrv ,ement have been nppolnted and
nro at work, manifestly determined to
m.ik) thvi ball one ofthograndest re-union
the company over held.
As Now- Yur' day come on Sunday
the b-ill v.lll'bo hold 'on Monday evening
January 2nd. Scheel's largo hall has been
soloctcd athe place, nud we doubt not, on
Ihirniirht of the ball, will contain onoofthe
Inriiest nud happiest crowds of 'brnvo'
men nnd fair ladies" that over convened
on a likij occasion m Cairo.
Mr. Lol'I Mattiikwh left for St. Louis
yesterday morning, and will probably de
cide to locato'ithcrc.
During tho past four years wohavobcen
iutimatoly associated in business yith Mr.
Matthews, and bear cheerful testimony to
bis tiprlghtuoss nnd integrity as a man,
nud his usefulness ns a citlton. Ho Is not
only it skilled and reliable accountant, but
n ful tli fill, industrious nnd popular bttsl
nefs man. Should ho, at ho hope to, con
nect himself jvlth or find omplopment in a
St. Lnuls business house, he will command
for thathouiu the best wishes of his hosts
of friends In Southorn Illinois.
During tho past four years Mr. Mat
thews has edited tho "Cairo l'rieo Cur
rent," nnd through Its columns aided not
it little In building up thu reputation of
Cairo us it market and shipping point. In
all tho relations of life ho has maintained
tho good will nud friendship of our citi
zens, nnd wo are joined by nil who know
him when wo express regret that ho feels
himself cnllcd upon to seek another Held
of labor.
A Ml'i.i: Tiiikv Killkd and Akotiu:
"Missino." A few daya ago a braco of
individuals who claimed I'aducah ns their
home, stole it couplo of fine mules from
Mr. Dexter, who livos about sixteen miles
below Cairo, on tha Mississippi. Mr.'
Dexter, Joined by Romo of his neighbors,
made immediate pursuit, and during the
daycamo up wilh tho thlcvca..nnd com
manded a halt. Tho thloves disregarded
the comma lid, nud put spurt to tholr mil
maU in tho nopo of escaping. Tho pur-
Miors Immediately opened tiro, and brought
onu of thu fugitives to tho ground,, but be
fore thoy came up with him, ho regained'
his feet, and climbing a feneo near by dis
appeared under cover of a fleld'of corn.
The iihaso wiu kept up until .the other
thief was captured and both mulos recov
ered, whun it was thouglft advisable to,
mitkoseareh for the Individual in the corn
field. The search was not a, protracted-,
one, for within n itludrod yards of tho road
they found n dead body, which proved to
be that of tbo other thleL TWpttrlylheu
xtartcd for Charleston, but when thoy nr-
rlve't'tir're thotr"prlfohlir wis j'mLuing."1
It was surmised, by somo,' that tho rascat
liml , .li4n1imi fiiniht lilmtnlf In tliA
I - , I
lu)b vf " treu and thus mljoruoly per-,
iilied.' ' ft i .
Horse thloves will probably learn ere
long UltH ouuiuvivii, -uuauuri uus tuu
safest placo In tho world In which to osjil
, . 1. ...1 c .. .... .1... 1
- 1
John PrrniR'n Nkw Mkat Market.
Hcsldonts of tho neighborhood of Four
teenth stroot and Washington avenuo will
bo glad to learn tthat John Fctrle, one of
tho oldest and most succoisful butchers, has
oponod a now meat shop in tbo Blnnkcn
bug building, whoro all kinds of fresh
meats, beef, pork mutton, veal lamb, von
Ison, sausage, otc, of tho best quality can
nlwnys bo bad Inquantltlos lo suit pur
chasers. Castomers' Taty send their chil
drcnstnd any kind 6f?nvsat csllod for will
be furnished, full weight and at tho rates
ruling' tbo matsiet Psitrle asks a share of
patronage, nnsl Jftll KMritateo full satis
faction in every instance. - Deo 2 lm
p. t a'
Tk T m " a
Mr. tioMMRTZOoarr'a Bakkrj, About
ten o'clock lost night, a one story framo
building om:fclgbth' street, occupied by
Mr. Hormnn Schmetxdoru" as a buttery,
and owned by his mother, was discovered
to bo on Are. Mr. Schmettdortf and his
wife, ware at tha time, on the stroot, nnd
arrived on tho ground only when tho
flames had mada considerable hcadwny.
Tbo Uro originated in a middle room of
the house, nnd is thought to tiftvo origina
ted from tho bursting of a lamp, as Mr.
aad Mrs. 8. left a lighted lamp in tho
room, when thoy went out.
Tho lire companies nnd a largo crowd of
citizens wero promptly on hand, and sua
eoeded In saving the greater portion of
tbo contents of thu. building, jM.tL finally
succeeded ludrownlng tho' tiro entire!
out. Tho Ilough and Kcadles threw tho
first water on the bulldlagj tut tho Arabs
were right on their 'heels. Tho Hlbcr-
ubsns wero promptly, on hand ant ,dll
splendid work. Indeed, the uninjured con
dition of tho framo ' bulldtnjs that stand
on either side, testify that all tho fire coin
panic ..worked with good Judgment vnnd
telling effect.',' , "
Wo very much regret to learn that Mrs.
Bchmetzdorff had no Insurance on ttsj
house. She bis juAldc'dlri Cairo duriijg
tho past seventeen yen's, and the property
destroyed was tho principal accumulation
Ul IURI lUllg J.UriUU. AI1U KJMtl IU3
probably reach $1,200 or fl,00.
Mr. Herman SchmctzdortTs household
etTeots Ver badly daraaged'bytue rough
handling, and a portion- of tketn was
burned. His loss will probably reach 250
or 300, bolides his loss of business.
We desire fo again remind our readers
that Messrs. Iluder, corner of Eighth
street and Washington avenuo, are pre
pared to manufacture hair Jewelry In
in tho most skillful manner, and can yet
(III orders for -the holidays. They have
laid in a fino stock of watekes, loekets, lin
ger Tinge, Jewelry generally, and splendid
silver ware, with v' w of meeting holiday
demands, and would be pleased to have
their friends and thu public generally vail
in and inspect the supply.
The stock of muIt'iieiirtrumcriti, in
cluding pianos and organs, is also full, and
deserving tho especial attention of parties
desiring anything In that line.
r Tho ladies, and manufacturers of cloth
ing will bear In mind that the Davis sew
ing machine pronounced tho best In use
.is sold in this city only by Messrs. Under,
Tiu l'orLB'it Mkat M uiicr. J
OavkbJc Co., FKorniKTOitH, Tiio meat
market Just opened by Gayer nud Co., ut
thu corner of "Washington Avenuo nnd
Tenth street, Is Just exuvtly such it meat
market ns thoso who know Oliver would
expect him to establish when ho "spreads
himself." Everything is new, freshly
painted, and wears un air of cleaulinos
that no one will fall to commend.
Gayer k Co. are among tho oldest and
most "experienced butchers of the country
and have learned that it pays host to koep
fint.cluss meats, and command first cluss
custom. If citizens "would, tb cfore, to-
cure splendid freslt meats, por beef, mut
ton, veal Jiunb or sausngo t jy can nl
wnys find them in any quantlt desired ut
hu People's meat market. Just try It.
without sediment and without bad smell,
that renews tho youthful honor, of tho
hend, however tlmo may h.tvo blanched
them, repeating' tho liuo uf nature to a
xhiulo. This marvel of science Is l'halou's
Vltallu, or Salvation' for the hair,' It
stands itlouo.
b'oid by all druggists and fancy goods
dealers. dccSd&wlw.
TtiosK who uso suoctneles, can have no
greater comfort than n porfect pair; such
can bo procured from gur well known
agents,Tabor Bros., Ohio Levco Calro.llk,
who are sole agents in this place for Ju-
arus & Morris' perfected spectacles.
nov.ruix wiiu
Not Nkw. Tho Charter Oak Stovo
,wro Introduced to the puplio twenty yearp
ugo and thedemand for them bus Increased
with each succeeding year. TheExcolsIer
OUtpufscturing' Company is now prepared
f. .Hnnli 'In nriv nittinliv. thoiA who '!ICfl
U -
it ggod siove.ll ?S .
lilH',OUkVW It.
Very valunblo on 1'lantatlon' us a pre
ventlvo for Fever, Chills, etc. Simmon
Liver Regulator will keep the hands
h!n1lliy7Voth,ory "may lose 'no 'valuaulu
lino during the busy hlekly'season.
dec4d&wlw .
TjiK City of Viuksburg and Urand
Tower discharged here yesterday, 1500
bale's of cotlon, aud'evory babs of it was
SO.u't fgrwafded per Illinois Central mi
fpad rTl'.h'n . (IV bWT after jit was. pla
ced ashore. Tlntt's thu way W do bttsl-
I.. ..!-..
. j t. f ;;-,", . 1" ; , .
I'liliBiitdi oyatens reoeiVed oVory slay by
liens iii.vauu. ...
,,X,ouis Herbert
Professor W. Clark, M. I)., of Philadel
phia University Hospltnl, will bo nt tho
Commercial Hotel, In this city, for tho re
mainder of tho week, whoro ho will oxntn
Ino patients and prcscrlbo for them, If they
wish. Tho Doctor is nbunduntly supplied
with evidences of his ability and standing
in tho medical profession ns oppossed to tho
impositions of protendon and umplrlcnl
mountebnnks, as nil will ncknowlodgo who
call upon him. Spociul attention given to
chronic diseases, thoso peculiar to women
and children, and nil diseases of n private
The Doctor furnishes remedies that hnvo
been tested in a thousand cns.es, both In
public and prlvato practice. Parlies can
bring their physicians with them If they
wish. Do not condemn until voti call and
judge (or yourself. All his examinations
arid consultations nro free. dcc"l3t
Fair mid I'chIIviiI.
Tho lttdles of th'o Cathollo cone-re:!-
tion will hold n Fair and l-'estlvnl (Chrit-
mas week) In Mr. .1. It. Phillis' Hull cor
ner Tenth street nnd tl.e Levee, commenc
ing Mondoy evening .the 10th In si.', and
will continue during the tluee uice-ive
T,heroiwIII b;,a vurie.il a- iMnent i"
tr7ict(vdnn',l funey nrtlelos , -.r.t iho ute
A beautiful Album, to lx awarded by
ballot to the MO.S'IM'OL'ULAK YoL NU,
LADY In the city. A YUP.V 11NK
NKW PIANO wliiulnut Bvsi huadred
dollars, to,bo rulHo lfor.nt onoideUar per
clianto.' ' ' "
Nothing will bo loll undone to.pknso
all. Supper, fifty cents; .udmitlutiuc,
cent. "- : " '- '
Tho public nrolnvltcd to nttend.
Doors open at 7 o'clock p.m.
Dec. 2 & Tuo. F. & id, 20 & 'J I .
a brick ))ni:i,LiN; noiist: vim
A two iitory brlolc rosidonpn, lulmlrnbly
arranged, with largu grounds (d lots), t-lt
ttatei on thu corner of Hollirtiok avenuo
and Twenty-third street, v.i!llx'"idon tho
most roasonabg terms. It ii located on
high grounds, in an excellent neighbor
hood, tho grounds ontuluii., I ailng fruit
trees, vlnea nnd choloo oli' !!.iuoi shrub
bery. It Is, in short, imor mo eoeiplolcst
omes in tho city.
Apply to W. H. THOMAS,
At Thomas, Oretn it A kiln s
Pork Puckrrn mid Prut W m I t r int.
Wood & ltoyle, No. Ij.I tJUbi Lstvce.
liuvo, engaytMl jn tint, pork fiiiiTliiig and
provliion'buslne, and am propitrrfti lo
pay the highest nmrkit pr.c Ineu h for
dressed nnd livu hog, or t illl oi-Jet lit
tholr lluu ut the lowet tltfuti ruling.
Fnrmers of tbo surrouudlm eouiitry bv
ing pork to sell should call on them beforu
making contracts elsewhere.
Charleston (Amrirr copy -lw nml
barge this ofilee. t ovJ Idw'Jw
Buck Wiikat. Cholco Iluekwheut
flour, for sale in quantities to suit purclut
sers, ut tho Egyptian mills corner of 20th
street nnd Ohio Levee, Cairo IIIIuoN.
nov 201 w
Fresh Halt imore oyter n-rved In nny
stylo desired, can be obtained, nt any hour
of tho day or night nt Louis Hcrliorf.
restaurant. Also oysters fur sale by the
can, in any quantity dcslml, ut thu same
price. tl
Hoys, (ilils, lnrs.'iit, Kverjluidy, LouU
1 1 ere s
llovs. irirls. fathers nnd mctlior thoso
two paragraphs arc especially dedicated to
you. 1'. .Saup, I0J C'ominereial avenuo
has brouglit on tho largest toel: of toys
and confectlonaries ever or.t ned in Cairo.
Wo shall not uttemnt to t numerate Wo
shall. only say that tho nipply cmbno. '
everythlnj yet Invent. A to pleiiie. It.- I
struct nnd entertain little lo an 1
Many of the t.ys are hi--My oru:..u tnl;
others uro wty curlmu, and ul! .rj f.illy j
forty p.-r 1 u iiiinpi'r ti.an lilni uri'.d
wero ever bei'. ie, ciisnu in thi m.trkct. :
Littloboy un I ,rl-. wen I'olki 'f iu .!UU j
growth, ilnd i: im n- ible to pa.i .Suup'e
oAabllslunenl without U'lrintf. Then.. J
tractions iiii!n nru lirsmUtlble. And no 1
woudor. Think of twenty-al large eases
of tovs jtearulKHits, ku-AnitttlVc, sl
ilicre, hor.es, nog-, eats, ulapjrint, j
dolls, toy furniture toys thai walk and J
cry do everything but think und tuilt 1
uiiimiila tin.- howl und twrk nud Mpie'.l
nml bellow bulls, iiiuiblea IhiMgs eu- j
Hon, tilings iugruioiis, things oinuiuenttt
nd till so clieaj) that anybody tun imeuru
it full Mipply foi-j('lirUtmRl
''Then iigalii thoro nro' the confectloni
the largest und bo.t tm 1; ruvr seen In
Cairo. Candler', mint nud uiu itltw,
fancy catulies and kU'i s -evorythliig in
tho ciwhIv line, and all ol the purest mial
itv and most impuhir brand. Hut enough.
If you want toys nud confections' for tlio j
holiday or any other Any, there is outs I
placo where you oJiu sttil yourself bevund I
' , , Af , .v , ' , ,
dulllit, andthatpli.co IS t 1. Hatlp . 10U 1
Commercial avenue. v I Tlf. '
. . J
Mk. ltuiM;Tr will remain at hU roeo.
cornejf yth.it,.niul t'otutiierolal avnue
-. . r ' ' . . r ' . . .
for nllly two VCCU h ti;,.-l'. ( uavi0
all who desiro l.uk..d w,..tu3 ' hi; st.sy ,
hero to call on hint ut uu j. TheipK
mens of his work on oxhibitioii at lil r"oms
.1 .i.t'..; ... 1 . ..... !..,.! i-
miuwM.iin to no un miu; 01 nwi
'ubllltyto idoaso ttnn bo iif.ve. by any or.tt
. ! .. ' !
Who lius given Iilni an tijipojiuuitji s j
'kiii, . "rmt
-Tho Lda Norvell leaveiiUlly'fOrl'n-
iluea at 4 11 111.
- 1 .
ci.yo'fcTo.TiX!:'1' OTci'.rHt
&,"c1'''' -. rfn.lto.
Jill.iti8ho, XishTlho, MAWr, NcwOrlonns.
cut or Alton, ,.k, ,;,v 0f (jnlr0 Sl ,
Vnllie 111 u'hii. ' van,., Aeflnlit l.oui, '
Minnie, Meliii 1 Molllo Al.lo, "
J.ll.i HukUp, Nnahsllle.
Tho weather continue-! dear nnd cool,
tho thermometer ranging frotu 40' to C6'
during thu day.
The river is nearly stationary.
Tho Mississippi Is falling slowly at St
LouN, but the channol cuts out so that the
dopth of water nbovo Cairo remnin3 itbout
tho samo 5 feet C Inches. Thero nro fully
nino feet below Cairo, since tho rocont
Tho Ohio hasrlsotut Httlont Pittsburg
but is now stationary with five feet water
In the channel. It is rising at Louisvlllo
with I feet I inches water on tho fulls.
The canal will bo opened to-duy, but tho
dredge linflti will bo compelled to work two
tlitys, inking out mud, boforo bo.tts can uso
ll'sotliut it will not bo available for uso
before H.iMrliy.
Busing, here continues good.
The Warner nnd barges will havo re
ceived th IViO tout which they expect to
liiko to-ttc'ht or by to-morrow.
The linker brought 27o bbls Hour, 300
bids lime, 251 sks corn, for rcshlpmcut
. ,--Tlvo,lMrv1l brought 60 bbls lime, 30
boxes glass waie, 5 bbls oil for Cairo, 301
bdls Imndlc-i nnd wngon mntcrlut for ro
shipment n nit)).
Thu City of Alton received ISO tons
Tho Ilollu Si. Louia also discharged
110 bbls e.Mturn cotton hero for roiilp
tnent per rail, and received Mil sks wheat
nnd 1") tons groceries fur St. Louis.
The Mitrble City Is now it Cairo and
Memphis packut, making ono trip per
week throunh to this port, nnd ono inter
mediate trip fr,m Memphis to Nutv Mad
rid. She leaves horo every Thursday
evening. Shu brought 100 hales cotton
fur roshipmntit east per rail, nnd !liK) bales
cotton for Hvansville.
The Grand Towor ts due to-day, for
Momphlt, aad the MoOIII, Arthur ami
Kat Kinney lor New Orloati.
Thu ldlewil I Is tho regular Cairo nnd
KvatKvlHo prtcktt to- night.
Tk Lldn NorvHI leaves dally for Pit
dttrnh, nt ! p.m.
- -
rSMhlttiMl t'otiatlpntloii.
now to KrrKtT a ckktmn- and it.kma.
AK.Nl ri;ilK.
,itncn ''-'i;Mtlon nf lif.- pr'llroi Ioi'hIIt
., hMtlllly lliisun tth'Mi alhiw Mit lillln ox.it.
vr-r'i li'r,n(r.n-i ilii iiafuitiinttnlmlit
of Ii 'lj , timl. r -cu'i eir mnitnpi, mljlit pol
My W r !'" ! cl.iMnitijt t!nir "'I'tiiary eni
l4uytMHU turottMr of a itiara bSit- Ulnt lint
t'i.sii.y nn means , rt ue. Il.il'itutl eonlli.
t.nn l a rf oli.tiiinto illor ler. .AO llienrlln
ary to-psllcil reintslios littittlnMy nKrurutn it.
.Vollnusertu I more Injurious than tin ronlla
ul ueof ironnperlsnt'. .J'liey at ilrst Irri
t.ito, nii.l llnally almost p.ir.iljxo tho l.iwrN ren
iIpiIiii; tlirm nt hirplil lli.it i iinrinoti iloses of
ourtleittie mi-lleliii- ln( 110 etloct il"en Ihi'lii.
A tall'l n;erleut, eoiiililiie.l ullli n K''ll Ulinu
l.uit, if l,te n'iiie.lt,nalit eoinhliittluii lu thu lisl
1 ptoj'-irtir tl, ,,f tlir-n iliKn-li.Mlt., in IIotit
ler's Momwli Hitters. Tills fitiieun htoimrlilo
lilt lt"rntei llifi u liole Intnitinal oan il, w lilln rii-t-ly
removing from 1(4 convolutions all liupvili.
ineiilH tun lrejsSelliroti);li tliein. No mere
urirtivelias till ilonl.ln operation, .oor.lln
ary iiiiinl or i-ilwls tint ilesire 1 o,h I. Can f
foii-tlptlDHi nl.iielonr.l m ln)icle.s l,y iitln
KUIkIiPiI iiioIkmI iiicii hire l.eoii ciirivl 111 n few
U'iOin liy llin Ililton. To t!ioe ulm Imvo Irird
nil the iiiisieine of tlio iir,inry In vain, we
ay try hi irresi.iaWo tliiuil tut ninl ufrrlcnl.
TlirrcU in titliviciit reiimin why vonttipsti 'ti
fli'iiiM Ik tlio eoiiMitieneo of neilenliry li.tlilts.
Hosteller lllttrr, by iiilyui4 llm VK'r whleli
011M ollierttifn Unlerheil fioiu excr ii"', will in
all : en.iMe th cyileni lo perform Its ecr
t ry fiiuelioiK ri'Kiil.irly nn'l lieultlifullv.
YllAlt'S IIAI.Ii!
JArM H'ABUl 1871.
.tiu: .
A. - 1 ' . 'ue; iirruutetneats for anrsnl
Nw Yfai'VsSSnil, ,
Ui ; 1 t il 111
Ksa SScccFe. Hall
Ms.ml.ij, .Ian. U, 1571.
Tim in .iingerM lk.'ilo n.siiro lint ptililid tli it no
rtto.t I! I' spiireil In maliii llio oec:iiierislil
i.liitf njite to tli eom jinny 11ml tts v iti , "el ""Tihr
f I lie pHiri.itit.. of the puliUc
XjH th wlio fl .Itftt- I I" ivei'tfiiino Iho
m'iv.cm. ut th t' .tuikiny, h.I "'! "mo i'
nro.fw.rity, stivtlwuls. . ' po"i e. aiieini.
1 Tl.e nllioilHt. II." i.iiNlcKeiier.illy.nnJ lilt
; weil lifltat ii.tih n iJI ' ' el"iue'l.
l liei iy (iitwi Uui .tefault Inviup hn tna l.
L.m,,r.ii!ioiali litialhepiyiiieiitof4piir-
i0ll ,,fih' ui'unt 'wiinol to tie t.aH by.i e. i am
ZTu vTZml
f.i-it ii 1'niiwrly, 'Imrnl N'nti in'er ISa l!".l,rc
,,. J 111 Hi. lu.'i.nlM'f omee, 111 i.n-1 r .tly-
'l nt',, .,, th x-u, !.. ..M'sTtiiimr,iiti:int,
i, 111 iix.k 111 tli,. K.r.'ll lun of 111 11
,u) ,,lKHr u i.y M,-tu ,il ll.np.mi r ofmlo cell-
.i . ii ,rien,r, i"nifr 1 f Wiuliljieton nvnnu
i uni Wli strut, ii a't ::iv el Hue, 111 Alftinuer
i f lUuens, ull tlio liitld, tille
& ..1 lnUit'M of iilfl t'uveulrv lulU-. or leu :w,
;,. .,,, ,,, ,. . . .1, ,.Ti ;jft-, i r ,i Hi-Mln
1 . .). m w. t. 1 :,t u,eeitiy ihtee) 111 ul C'it of
Cairo. ec .-.I ii lo tile i?cor.:o,l iilu ilieieaf.
with tli- firu i.ntew, tA ut 0.0 purisjuun
tr . :,Miiittj.h. .t...
. "Tnulis-i ,f irwi"!!" City l'ro.vrly.
Mount Curlion, Ia Queln and
Ohio Klvor
A Koosl Huppiy Hand, a4 tlsKTet
In any pari of tote elty.
Vvj Imd or Coal Wetfkui. ud Ml
Mfasuro 0IVcn. ' "
nv ncti- ciAr. runsntEB at M
PEH OAK L0A. 4 -
Onlers If ft 'at it. mco wlllbe filled ImrhfJlatfa
wept 2ttf '
AlltO sji'j'Y
o o
Aro Prepared to Supply Ctitoweri
with tlio Host (Jnallty or
lllinolM Coal.
Unlcm Ion at llallldftr Bree. OSVeet
.Vo. 70 (Milo Levee, or nt she Cetttl
Vnril licluw ttieHI. Charles Ha
trl,vlll Receive I'rossssil
Tmi Tur "Mnntnnk" will t.rlnn Coal slnng.l.U
tenners el nny liour.ilnyor n'ltlit.
sUllrii, Will, IsTO tf
1 o'ns 11 VLanivm haloTT
fi Ntiii!lril rtlth all klntts sir
Boor, Alot 4o
llotwff n Klxnth and KlnthStrseU, SSS
T f tlilrsly,;)iJtoveKooillla.uoi,hoiill l?e
hit, 1 n uutl. nml iIiom! una wr.nl n
Cn liato their wantu upplil lit bar.-
J4II. UiTliH 1
I'tuprlotor of tha .
inillitrd Saloon and HOT Koom
100 Commercial Ave,
Onifo, - - - - Illinois
Jl.11 tli J up a fins
Saloon and Restaurant
And lea
Popular Public Resort
Wliern ilm visitor will nnj largo airy room
uplifil mth
I'oiiitortn1ili tvAls, etc,, anil ab.r uppliJ with
tlil'ft nml cooleitl.tTtr, ,n purral winte
nml ll.iinr,elk'irf. iv., to b found In Calre.
KrerylHxIy is Inrlte.l to o.ill In am! "oool oS.
I'linlyof room (crn lo frorrboitr.
Cairo. ... IllliioU
lion jitft reiielrel a full nml eomplntf stock ol
Gents' Furnishing Goods
OTevery ile.cnptliiD, which will he nli at prlffs
il,a '.rill nn I11I to suit nil pnrchssers. rrlcs
itls)(ii.irniii.i,. Hi. .t(Kk of
Shirts. Hjit.s. f'nns. ntn..
Ih not rixritllo.i in joint of price, itjlu aaJ maUN
s.n Its sill - 1 s SIJ UlllVf 11141 lvlt
TSJX. zx i X
TKIMNII IPS lenve Weekly tVsss Xes
Vork, i.lvrrpnot nnil S)ueessalwa.
Ker pmngs ply to (HAS T, UIMDr'i
jl SI.VJKSS t AlllS,:
111 1.1. iiE.ins-,
UII.IJS fUIN., 1 j
i.i:ttkk iiur
fill khi'U t.llir.iiro.d nrlnlli,4..uij t
An .il.i.j il ut llio J
Catirss llullvtln 4Me.
'7 LAW,
William , rtr,1 .t ( mI1Ts
mium . tinners, ' J " .THf"
rfpw ml tttf ntion inloadarralry ssMtsSeaaa
brt ti.islnrs.. . fIJiJ
owe' otfllKtttiieVe'
s,sy .
iV.J.AII.u. ' 1 ,u.H,.V

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