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The I'l-iimlmu Caplttni J (), VvUun
tm am! 77 OuiiN.
V dinpiitch from Versailles vltt London
say tliHtthn French woroullerly defeated
at Orleans on tlm fitli nii losing ten
tliousnrul prisoner, nivcntriiovnn guru
iiml Tour gunboats.
Till defeat can Imt liftTO u -ej-y doprcn-itiL-clI'oct
iivm ttio Krenoli nnd upon tiiolr
yiiipathlr.orii ttirutigliout th3 world. 1'
tlioru no end to their disaitcrsV
Who UflitK1t8in.i:ii'i4 Uittkbs. l'hy
k inn u it lii tiiolr practice, Waiiso of
It military effect upon their patient;
biuincj moil use it because tlicy require n
omid phyi'pic Htnl clear i ri tol J ;ct ; icdvti
tiry pooplit uio, ilbt'caiifo It fortifies them
ainirist complaint which remit from i
luiji;ih condition of tho bodily junction,
produced liy (injunctive life; traveler urn
ll U-cainott protect! tlicin ngiiltutqiidem
Ic nrul endemic dUcicc; clergymen, ton
XrciiiMi, lawyers, editor', tcncrier find
tu In.ti uto it, became it Impart frcli
forte to mind and Unly, und preserve
lit'Hltli und strength nyiiirit decay ; tho
wcrfcini,' $laics mo it, bccausii it supports
the hody which would otlitrwiio Miller Ir
rtpnrnldo injury from exuciilvo labor
fnmilic it, Wftii it I certain rem
edy fur a niultitdJoof common complaint
everylly im-i it, bcnuo it tsfit.safe;
ajrt'hli) nnil e tiles cloin tonio nnd stimu
lant dvc'J'Jcod dcVtvlw
Tub I'kipli:' Mkat .M wticr.r 'J
iMrr.it v in, ritoi'RiKion. i npt nii'iit
mnrkttjmt opened by Oyor nnd (Jo at
th:! i jrnor of Wnililnyton Avenue mid
Tenth trectj Isjmt exactly such ami-at
mttrkt't m tliotu who know (layer would
eipect him to establish when ho '-spread
biinudf.' KvorythltiK ll new, ,reihly
painted, and wear nn air of clenitlltio'
that noono will fall to commend.
(iaycr iV IV. ant ntitunt,' tho oldest and
moil experienced bulclnriof tho country
mil Iihvo learned that it pay li est to keep
t!rt cla meats and comtnnii'l lint el
cutlorn. If rltl.on would, tl cfore, te
nure plendid fri'h meat, pur b!of, mut
ton, veal, Iamb or nu'nge-t jy ,r mi hi
way tlnd them in uitv ipiHiitlt dcircd ht
Ir lVople moat murU u .lint try It.
John PmitK'M New Mm .Makkkt.
K'-nidt-nti nf tho nolKliborhuod of ."our-ti-cnth
itrrct und Warhington nvrnuo will
o i;!ad t learn thut John l'ttrio, on" of
the oldet and mwtiiircfiillnitchfrj, ha
oenel a new rneut hop In thn Ulnikcri
biirc building, whero nil kind of froih
mi at, bc:t, pork mutton, vcnl lamb, ven I
Ioii, lauiagc, etc, of the Icit quality can J
ul way. Iki hud in iuntltic to mil pur- j
rhaten. Cuitomcr mity icnd their chIN
dren and any kind of iiie.it ciillo-1 for will j
1 . furnished, full weight and at tho rati- j
r ilui;t!io market. IVtrlo atk a il.aro of i
pjtronago, and will guartinteo full intli j
fa'tion In, oTtry imtancc. lloc'J lui j
Tiik Untrai. Mkat .Maukkt.
Mer. Krtsl Kcdiler JCo, of tho Con
fa! .Meat Market, deilroiUindoritoodthut
tV y keep alt kind of meat, beef, pork,
mutton, lamb nnd'vcal; that they buy and
ii.r.ightce, tliuLcit. uud futtot nniiiuli
brought to thl market ; drou and orve
-it tho meat in lOjicat'und cleanly man
i r and deal with every.boily fairly and
Markt bankets- of ciKUiioer deliwri'd
tree of chargo to any part of tho city.
r'reih auago on taluuvcry morning.
lluy your meaU, then, nl tho Cuiitn
M:at Market, near the c rnur of Tenth
itPn't, n WahIn;jton nvenue.
upJ& dSiu
Tiiok who tiio'fpcctacles, ran havo no
j-reater comfort than u perfect pair; meh
an bo procured from our wull known
agi ntsTabcr Ilro., Ohio l.evco Uairo.UU.,
whit am otu ugonti In thit phico for I. nr..
ut i A- Morri' perfected hiectaelfo.
Not Nr.w. Tho Charter Oak- Stovo
wcro introduced to the pupllo twenty ycarf
ago nud thodeinnnd for them hiulneitMed
with each luccccdlng year. Tho Excolilor
Manufacturing Company U now prepared
to iupply, in miy qunnlty, tluno who need
n good htOVO,
Vkkt valuable on l'laiitation ih a pro
ventlve foriFror,' Chill., etc. .Simmons
liver Ileguiator will keep tho hand
healthy, bo thoy may loso no Tiilttaulo
Imo during tho huy sickly noafori.
Tub City of Violuburg and Oraiid
Tower discharged hero yeitorday, l.'or.
bain of cotton, and ovcry balo of it wn
sent forwarded per.JUinoU Central rail
road within ii few hours after it win pla
ced horo. That'll the way we do hull
nef in Cairo.
A MUCK mYKI.LIgiT'lfbftta'VOJt
A two Mory brick rei-idenco, niliuirnbly
arrangod, with largo grouiuls (1 lots), hit
uatoi onjthb'.cornor of Holbrook iivtnuo
and Twoniy-thlrd street; wllUxuoldon thn
most rcasonnblo terms. It U located on
hlirh irrounds. in riif excellent nelL.hi.nr.
hood, tho grounds containing lioarlng fruit
trees, vine and choitu fulcttionsof shrub-
bory. It Is, in short, one of thV comploteH
omes lii tho. city. f
Apply to vy. II. THOMAS, 1
At Thomai, flrowi AAlden s i
ffi 0? YHE CITY.
On ii ml iiftiT )2:iO, p.m.. Si inlay, IV'.
, -Ith, thn fnllowlnp limn tublo V tn,vni
j the arrival and dcpurluiu of pai'iigfr
I trains at Cairo!
.Mail train leitvcf at .1:10 u.m.
i Cipro, " " at 3:"0 p.m.
St. Joui and Cairo Kxprotst
I h-aveiat 1:'J0 a.m.
AocommrKhitlon leavoi nt...l30 ji.m.
I AlllttVK.
j Mall arrives M' a. In.
Kipran, iirrivel 12:24 p.m.
St. Loui and Cairo Kxjir!
urrivc 4:-G p.m.
Tho lnt iiamud train leave St. 1U at
10.30 a. in. Tradori can leavo Cairo at li'-'O
u.m.. rearh St. houi at 7:'J.' a.m., remain
n th" rlty tlircij houri", and return to
Cairo at -I: lo p.m., the fiamoday.
Tim I'-V.'iO accommodation and Cairo and
.St. I.oni exprvM Icitvo duly ; all other
linD dally oxeept .Sunday!.
Way pu'ini;,r' hould hear lu mind that
tin 3:8o p.m., train tnnlc only fonrttop
filngi hotweon Cairo and Centralin, vlx:
.Ioiu'Omito, Ciirlciiilit'i-. I)n (juoln und
Aihloy. Tho l'J:3n p.m., train f.t"p i.t all
tho ktatlofiialont; the route.
JeeSIf Supt.. Cairo,
Tiik i'arclty of rcrtilini; mattftr in thi
liuf of Tin: Ht u.r.ris i due to tho fact
th-tt our entlro fore of printer wcro cn
gageil until 1 oelocli t'xhiy on tho city
delinquent lax liiij in tho tnl'taktn belief
that tho lUt could bo Jplaci'd In typo for
thU iiumbur of the paper. 4t tho timo
for typo-ottliiirf'or tho pjper wa thereby
narrowed down to two hour and it half,
w we.re compelled to go to pre with un
iMiially lnrriri column'.
The delinquent lit will appear nil Mon
day evening.
1'ok pitol and cartridge nnil 1owIt
knivet, go direct to I'. .VeiTi. So. '( Ohio
I.eVee. ile'!tf
(io ASr Sei: tho .Snrprlf! toro on tho
corner of .Sixth itreut u'ld Waihlngton
avenue. Calro,IIinoi. tf
Dikh. In thl city, on Friday evening
Dec. 0th, at the re-ldoneo of hi father,
V,'. 8. Lane, Anthony I). I.ano, In tho
JTth y.wr of U ag.
for. A pair of gohb-n (wclvdn, pob
Mo glai-ed. The tinder will be handfome
ly reft'iirdod by returning them to tho
owner. -M.S. KN.S.M t.N't.Klt. Mi
r.Ki.ioior. Xoricn. Th 15-v. M .
suueney, of Diib.uquo. will conduct d;
ine orviw In tho Chritiaii rhtirch to
innrrow at half pl 10 'ehx'k b.iiu und at
thuuiuiil hour In tho evening. The pub
lic i invited to attend.
II AU l tit OAK" CooKINfl ftove-alid
KvenlngStar hoatlng 'tove tho bot in
iic for aln by C. W. IlendcrMin, ll'O
Comnwrclal Avomw. fVo adverti)nietit.
Ii you want a gcrl, styllfh and well
tltting suit of tlothei. mado to order, you
mutgo to I. Nell". No. Tf Ohio I.ovsn.
Tin; Orphan ayluin eontain .two In
funU and ibrw little "toddler- that
careely admit of a higher elmililcatlon
In fuel live lurido. Tliee, and three
childron of idder growth intitule tho
total number of lnmat-.
Ki.r.tTios oT:ol -Notlco If hereby
glvo that thers will bo a mentlng of tho
ajpckholder -f the City Na'ttomil Hank on
Tiieidny, January lOlh, 171. tor the pur
poto of eluding n)ven Direetor" to ervu
during tho i-r.i'ilng your.
deelOltd ' A. 11. SAKFOHI, Cash.
chopper to rut wood on tho lino of tho S t
I.ouU V Iron Mountain railroad. Half
faro ticket furnl.hed at tho ticket otllcu in
St. f.uuU. Wtigu jl '.'ii per cord. Apply
at tho varloiu woodynids, or to
iiovmOw'. Jt. .1. DK A h, Charleton, .Mo,
- - - - . -
1'ir'l Nation il IWuk mi . t r ,
lie . in, !:('.
Tho annual meeting for tho election of
llvo Director will ho held at thU Hank,
TiiDidny, Jan. lOlh, 1871, botween tho
hoiirv of In o'clock , in. and -l i,m.
C. .S HUdllKS,
did. Cahler.
Ol ic Ctrmim clttxetio should bear in
mind that tho llrt performance by tlio
loiinini Dramatio ns;-oelation will be giv
en 1 it l'lillharinonio hall, to-morrow even
ing. Tho association embraces only homo
lalivnt, but will glvoan entertainment that
wi'd prove worthy of the countenanco und
vneourageiiu'iit of nil pat run of tho
itriiui'i. '
Foil Sai.k. Tho undesigned being do
slrou- to engago in Homo other tmlnes
hereby oll'er for sale nil tho furnlluio ami
ilxttiPc in the Central hoiifo on lith A ,
at pi lvato sale. I'm r tics wishing to ongago
n hot.il buslno's call on tho promise.
dec ilililw JOSKIMI IIIIOSK.
Oxit hundred iiieturo Album nt?l each
largo picture, framed in oval gilt fruinest
'r 'V
SI: 10x12 French idato mirror! 2 undeT-
ahirts for SI j 2 pn. drawer for $1 ; l
pair i;hlhlreii' llalmor.iltoekliig for $1
No lottery or cheat. Cull ut tho Dollar
store, TJ8 Coinmerciul avenuo and see.
A LAtmrstoi It of furtii'hiiig goods of all
kln.j always on hand at 1'. Nell's, Soy 70
OJlio J.evee. dct'Jtf
llt'ci: Wiif.AT Clioico lluokwlieat
flour, for "ilo l'i quantltln to suit purcha
icrs, at the Kgyptlaii mills corner of 20th
street and 'Ohio I.oveo, Cairo Uliuols.
nov UClw
II k "W'hk i.v Turn. Tho best buildings
wilbbnrn from unknown or unavoidable
cau?es. .Seo that you are insured beforo it
i too lute. ' j
Ourjnroall gilt edged companies.
nor28d2w C. N. HUGHES Agent.
attention of overybotly, and ow
poelally of .tho.ladtes, I called to tho fact
that John K odder, Klghth street, oppoilto
Miko Maloncy's butcher shop, has in store
a supply of splendid mlnco meat and ap
ple butter. On Thursday ovtntng next
lie will receive frcih whlto flih nnd trout,
which ho will fell, with anything elso in
hi well filled family supply store, cheap
for raih. dec. Cdlw.
Foi'tt I'lai.v Drunks. I'tor Collins,
Fat .Mc(loern, Ton. Oilson and Hill Riley
Indulged In a itralght whltky drunk, last
night, and "brought up" In the calaboose.
1'at McCovom and Hill lllley wcro ry
peril tent, and declaring that thoy are meroly
In town waiting for n boat, tho'.Squiropcr
inlttel them to go acquit, admonishing
them to sin no moro. Peter Collin and
Toni(iilon were lined $1 and costs, each,
which they paid right there on demand.
Wk rucolvod u call, to-doy, from tho
Ituv. Mr. Sweeney, of Dubuque, Iowa,. who
propo' to lubor hero during tho coming
week (and probablo longer) in the intcrct
of theChrlitian church.
Mr. Sweeney ii an earnest, activu, Intel
ligent mai, an agree.iblo companion, and
a gentleman who will be uro to win his
way to the repect und friendship of our
He will preach In tho Chrlitlan church
on nigiiteouth street, to-morrow, at in:30
o'uloek u.m.. and at 7 n in.
Tin: Atiie.v.kum Last Nioin . A vary
fair hoii'o greeted tho Young Men's Dra
matic ii'tociation, last night, and every,
body seemed entirely satisfied with thepcr-
formauco. Ino original burlesque was;,
rich in juins and hit, and was received
with many demonstration of pleasure.
Tho young men forming tho uitciation
dcierve well of tho public, and we hope ero
long will be given a benefit on their own i
account tlul shall U'tlfy ttutour citizens
ure not unmindful of the erTortl put forth
by thrtn in tho interest of needy nnd suf.
feyna lintniinlty.
Tin: tJKT.M.iv Dr.AMATto Associ.vtiok.
Tho Initial entertaliiinent by this asioci
alloii will bo given In Philharmonic hall
to-morrow evening. The following named
guntleoion, imwt of whom will actively
participate, are a tutllclont guaranty that
tho performance will b'e de'ervlng n full
Amandus Jneckcl, Chas. Mthlicr,
Curl L.Thomas
William Alba,
II. Kichlur,
Chin. Fouchtcr,
Fr. Deoker,
II. Voung,
C. Schoenmcyer,
Charlcit Faber,'
V. Eiicriberg,
"Sr. J. Kilchcnlker,
Honry Meyer,
uus. llloland,
lludolph Hcpiacker.
9 i
Ia. JoiiKfOV played "tho trick of the
lxp" upon a lot of negroes whom be fouad
luafln t1out tlm freight dcpot,'and won
tOTorul dollan from venturesome darkies
who felt confident that thoy could "prod
the loop.' For thl dvortlsemcnt Mr.
.lohnicn win brought byforo 'squire Shun
iioi'y, thU morning, fined ten dollars und
tho trimming, and' consigned to fifteen
days hiboron thoftreet.
It will, doubtle. greatly mortify Mr.
Johnson's frlendi to learn that ho so far
forgot himtelf as to tako "'a doad mre
thing" on a lot of nugroe; but "slch U
Hie. , ,
p, s, Wo forgot to mcntloti, in tho pro
per place, t)iut tho .lame Johtiion in que
tlou U n negro.
Aitei! un abience of n few month,
lo tor NcfV roappoarii In Jour columns a
ooiupicuomly ai ovor.
Mr. Nell' i tho olde't merchant tailor
and clothier in town, and, with one or two
exception, tho oldet business man. na
was among tho ilrU to erect it builnes
homo here, nnd Is tho nlj old cltlzoti.that
hai continuod uninterruptedly In.bustnasj
from tho starts
No man ha been moro dovotcd to hi
buiinci than Mr. NelT, or moro fully
enjoyi. tho respect of hi patrons. Ho has
bocn governed y n determination to deal
honorably and liberally with tho public,
nnd lun liad, in hi own experience, full
exemplification of tho adage that "honesty
Is tho best policy." Ho has been been uul
formly successful in business, and no man
In tho city vtand higher In commercial
elrclci than I'otcr Nell".
Ills advertisement explain themselves
nnd'to thcui wo nsk the uttcntioh of tho
D. Lamiikut, Qhlo Levee between.
Eighth and Tenth-streets, ha enlarged
mid improved his shaylng and hair-cutting1
nud it prepared t rhave cutomor in
rlritoluM stylo.
Cleiui towel, 'harpjazoyaHdcgurtoous
attontlon are among tJL0tt;2rS9,
. SF
' ..... AtiLZ'ILU
r. Kicii iiaiiimoro o,Ur.M-i in-..,
stylo desired, s'kij bo,oVt",'(".'J( t
of tho duv r night aVLo.uu- n
Alo oysters for ealo by
lu'antlty deslqd,,t, tho i
can, In any qua
.Factoby. Forty -flva
g-dlon lard tloroos $1 8); porli barrels
,H CO; tlorocn with two Iron hoops'$2 OOf
wnlky barrels, full bound, Iron hoop
dry bacon and 1mm tlercei, "0 inch
hoon. terv stout. $1 60 : boor keg, 6 cal
Ions. $2 -10; 4 gallon 82 00 ( half barrels '
00; barrels 3 75. Whisky holtbarrelii
and kogs or nil kind, iron bound,
decodet ' J.W.HTKKLE.
Tiik Latest FnxKOMEXON ii a mild
without sediment and without bad smell,
that renews tho youthful honors of the
head, however timo may havo blanched
them, repeating tho htio of nature to a
shade. ; This marvel of science liPbalon'a
Titaila, or Salvation for tho hair. It
stands' nlonc.
Hold by all druggist nd,anoy, good
dealer. . decBd&wlw.
- .- J"
Gkamd Bali, and .Himtbk kor thr
BKNKrtT or the .Sick and Woundkh
Fhencii Holdikks. A. graad ball and
supper will bo given at Philharmonic Hall
(over Louis Herbert's) on Wednesday
oronlng Dec. I t 180. Admlnion for
lady and gentleman 2.j0. The best
music hus been engaged; whilst tho hall it
the largeit In town. No pains or oxpenso
will be spared to make this crodltablo and
onUrtalnlng. Of course the fiot proQt
will Iki added to the 'stitn already rsistd
(f'J3'2) and every cent will be scrupulous
ly trammltted to (Sambetta tho, French
minister of war. "J1 ''"a 8 1
It is hoped that thero whTbij ATgcncral'
nttondanco. Tho magnanimous French
Nation which rendered such indcspcnsl
bl e nsilitnnco to America .eighty-nine
years ago, at Yorktowo, should not 1x7 for
gotten herself, during horprosent distress,
ralomlty und misfortune'. Vive ta France.
W.m, McUALK arrange-
R. McMANUS J menu.
Delta Social Club. An organization i
having In view' a cultivation and gratlfloa
tlon f the social qualities and ncceuitiea
has been perfected, under the namoof the
Delta Social Club. Room In Tilt liUL
LKTis building havo been fitted up for the
mo of tho club, In good stylo tho' floor
carpeted, the walls papered and ceilings
kaUomined, and all tho needful arrange
ments provided for light and hoat,:
At nrocent'moetlhg of the members tho
following gentlemen wero elected as offi
cers: .S. S. Taylor, President,
Chas. Gallgher, Vlco Preitdcnl,
IOiili Jorgensen, Kec'y. and Trcaiurer.
W. P- Halllday, J. W. Ilaoclay, Dr. H.
Wanlner Directors.
Only members havo ncces to tho club
Thn club alreudy number twenty or
thirty of our most substantial citizens, and
give promlsos of a ro'ry pleasant, If "not
prolltshle, future.
"Wn dcslro to again remind our readers
that Mesrs. Buder, corner of Klghth
s'.root and Washington nvonuu, are pre
pared to manufacture hair jewelry In
In the most skillful manner, nnd can yet
till ordor for tho holidays. They have
laid in a fine stock of watche, lockets, fin
gcr ring, Jewelry generally, and splendid
silver ware, with vlow of meeting holiday
demands, and would bo pleated to have
tholr friends and tho public gcnorally call j
in and inspect tho supply.
Tho stock of musical Instrument, in
cluding piano and organs, 1 also full, uud
deserving tho epcclal attention of parties
desiring anything in that line.
Tho ladles, and manufacturer of cloth
ing will bear in mind that tho DatIs sew
rlpg machine pronounced tho best in uic
i sold in thl city only by Jtossrf, Uudor
Mr. McGkk'b addross to the ladie o'
Cairo, which wo publUh to-day under thu
head of new advertisement ii entirely
wortiiy of tho perusal of thoso who wish to
know wliero to buy tho most faihlonablo
and ileslToUe millinery and fancy good,
dios trimmings, lace, kid glove, etc., ut
price that defy competition. Shu hit just
received a very uttractlvosteick of trim
ming, frlngoi, laco, etc., and wants the
ladios t call in and inspect It, and If any
body bolleve that sho Ji not in cariiekl
when hbo avows a purpose to sell cheaper
than tho cheapostlet that doubting indivi
dual put her on trial. Her cxpeme. are
light, and she can thereforo afford to ell
her goods at a very small profit.
l'rofesor W. Clark, M. D, of Philadel
phia University Hopltal, will bo at the
"!Oommerclul Hotel, In thl city, for tho io-
' mnlndor of tho week, whuro he will exam
ine patients and prescrlbo for them, if they
wish. The Doctor ll abundantly supplied
With evidences of Disability und Unding
ill tho medical profession aoppossed to the
iniiettioiis of pretender and empirical
mountebank, as oil will acknowledge who
(isill upon him. Special attontlon given to
chronic dlteast, tbone. peculiar to women
and childron, and ll dlascs of a private
Tlm Dootoriuriilsliw rciudlthat huw
bjen Jested In a thousand1 cases, U In
public and private practice. Parlies can
Wring their physician with, Uiora If they
wl.it.- 'D5 Jift'fonclimn Jintii you pan ana
'judge for.'yodrplf. . AH his examinations
and consultation are free, loofaat. .
W'i.ouu- -Choice Ftimily Vluur in Ml,
U., hwV; c.t for sale at tneKgyp
tlin Mill. au
' 1 Jhcil'oystora recolvad erery day by i
Cairo IUhrki.
tfEP.1 II' IIF.l'llltKTltl-: I'VIH'LV.
, Th. ,. SlM Vl, ..,.. .vna u
1., 5 ,mt i,,, ilirg0Bnd WeU sealed to-k
fllnlllln ,,ocU. .,,,. ,. olln, .r.a
?.... .
' lit LOW CO?T.
It 1 hW puroi' to embark mere exteu-
jjclgdn th o chant tador ng an 1 fiK
' ntshlhg goo.1 t)uines hence the de ru
to clo'o out the stock above enumerated.
Cloning Out Sale.
Twcnty-flvo thousand dollar worth of
ready-made clothing, bats, cap!, booU,
shoes, trunks and valcscs are offered for
snlo by P. No it, 79, Ohio Lovce, at AC
TUAL COST PRICES, it belng'hls'ln.
tcntion to eloso out In that lino and cm
bark exclusively nnd moro extensively In
tho furnishing goods and merchant tailor
ing business.
This closing out sale fur:it.hu3 an oppor
tunity to socuro clothing cheaper than
over beforo offered in thl. market.
Fair nnd Festival.
Tho Ladie of tho Catholic cowjrega
Hon will hold nl'air nnd Festival (Christ,
mas wcok)in Mr.J. 11. Phllll' Hull cor
ner Tenth street and the Levee, commenc
ing Monday evening tho ltith Inst., and
.will continue during tho three ucce.ivo
There will bo a varied icnortment of nt
irictlvoand fancy ortielo to stilt tho'taitd
A beautiful Album, to ho awarded by
bullot to tho MOST POPULAR YOCNO
LADY In tho city. A VERY FINK
NEW PIANO which cot llvo hundred
dollar?, tn )io rnfllcd for at one. dollar per
Nothing will be left' lindoni to plcao
all. Supper, fifty cents; admittance, J.
Tho public nro Invited to attend.
Doorjopen at 7 o'chwk p,m. . .
Doc. 'A Tmv JP. A i I', tVJfi tit, -
llo), lllrl.lnrrnt, KveryliiMly. lmk
lloyfglrls, rjlthors nnd mother theso
two paragraph are especially dfllcated to
you. P. Saup, 102 Common lul avenuo
lias brought on thu largest to:k of toy
and confcctlonaries ever opened In Cairo,
Wo shall not attempt to oiiumoratc. Wo
shall only ay that tho supply embrace
everything yet invented to please, In
struct, and entertain llttlu boy mid girl
Many of thu toys nro highly ornamental!
other are very curious and all aro fully
fortv per cent, cheaper tlian like tirtlelo
wero over beforo ollcrcd lu till market.
LHtloboy and girls, oven folh of malum
growth, And It impo-'ible to pit Saup'
sublishmcut without stopping. Tho at
tractions liuldo aro IrrctlitlMc. And nn
wonder. Think of twenty-W largo cae
of toys fteiimboat.", locomotlvo, ol
dior, horo. dog, cats, e''cp'iimt,
loll, tov furniture tov that wall; und
- - I
cry do everything but think and talk -i
animal that' howl and bark and squeal
and bellow ball, marble thing cu
rious, thing ingenious thing ornamciita
ml all so cheap that anybody c.m ceur
a full supply foriChristma!
Thon ugtiin there nro tho confections
tho large-it and host stock rover seen In
Cairo. Candle, mint nnd gum drop,
fancy candles and kl'sei everything in
tho candy line, und all of tho pi.ret qual
ity nnd molt popular brand. Hut enough.
If you want toy and confections for the
holidays or ony other day., there J ono
placo where yoii can suit yourolf beyond
doubt, and that place I at I. Saup' 102
Commercial aveuue novl7tf
Hftbllnal 'onllmllon.
MINT fUlli:.
HniuCvUMitlon of lifo TclltoC to fO'llve
l.cm, efprelally iliixe whiuli a1Iih' but lllla v.xur
clf. IVr-'n vrhnenntmol iUiiiifitnnntelii'bit
ef t'i-ly. imJor.iuli c.rcuw.t uieef, nillt pnm
My li rvlleted lr elttnitla lltvir .i-nlai em
jiloyniriit fnrnther- of a mere mtlvililint; Imt
till. Il leillloin' cflt-tii . ll.iM'imle.'n I:, '
tionl u very utuliiule liMirJ"r. .A I Hie ordin
ary so-ealleil lonn-.lni intaimlily .t.vntvi.tu H.
NilliingeTi lie more lul'iriou tlitti II." reiillii
oml ueof tronu aperient. A'liey a 'i' u.
Lite, anil ttn tllyitliinut )uiriil)xi Um loweh-reu-It-rniic
lli-ni ' 1'irpl'l Hi'l iioiiiiirti die uf
i'urtliiirli inrtlleliie Uw" li'J cllwt ii-on lltfin.
A mlM aperieut, cnintuiexl Willi it H.'littu tlini
luul, ltni reiiii"l),oniliie.iiililntionla tlt !
pieit (.ropbrtirn, of He e iat(ie.eat, in llolrl
tfr' t-loiniu'lt Hitler. Tlil fiue Miimm'lilo
lavlornt tho vrlmte tatelfal citurl, lillo qiliei.
ly remoilnc from it notivoliitloas nil linpeiti.
nient loa Ovelw-wiCtliroiitjli tin in. No in r
puricstlvfllms tlililonlile uprmliuu, Noeelm
ry itiinul.tnt etfeot Hie d'ircf 0Dwt. C.t.. f
contlption tiUinlone.1 a Impel, by litui
goSl'et metlcl men Iim trtii nirl in a fw
vefby the Wler. T.i llioe who Imve trifl
all IbAinetlivuic of tlm tlinprni.ttiy In vtin,
y tiy llili iirclUMi' lliiinliiil aii'l np'-run'
There I" n' i-'iillelent rnueii why 'iil'pm n
hheiibl In' the t iiieniifn,' of wl'iiliry habil
Hot.'lt-r'llilh r.t'y mipplyius ihniiKr uhleh
wruiM olliernl' liileriil fieni xerei't, II III
nil cae. riuthle Hijj )lcin to p. rf. riu oh f't:
lory fiite-ilon rraul.oljr and htaU'ifutlt.
tJi'.'Oilftt ll
rjjio TiiiimniMc.
WILLI&iyi R, BURKE, m.D.
Ou uralmnt lb lih'ilJ)' ef K.plnnliff, use. in
lliecuy of Nu Urll-!tl, liU. I III erln l llCJUIl,
I wan iita iiioiihiiI. elrlcLen III. .ir.il . of iiiv
enilte left we. Vox eioie l' " "vu yo.r! vtft a
htjpli'in' erippb. luiiil'l' to iuu'.: Inn, I a no(,
ronnnvdlu yl l. An All l1' lu'ifuj 1.11 J merci
ful t.u.l ia nut luit ri'klwlui: uiu u ltl.UI), and
eu.il'llHK DM liKlllll I ' ll eltllto ,1 IMillli.'l. oi my
jirofct.iou. 1 1 11 c i.tn'ti hii o!!iie, f-. Ilm .r -
'In. thei XJei'i',v Irloviso,
Uo'ree'r l.'oiuiiieieinl ntenhe find Klslilh ttel
wrre 1 will lie jirepsred to rMelei irefe-l"tii
(lit ou.'l who iniiy ifed my Hcmec
To the mir I w III nl all t)m lreM-,rO"',cieei-fuU,
free. '
lit nor' Neitro bh well I"; I'00'
Wltllo Mm, vtill Mlwny "c "eleoilie
So my aervlts. ''I'i'JL.
OU AU. KIM"")!-'
Tin: ut:sr
1011 HAI.r. M
E. H. MAYNARD, Prop.
A iusti's . jci:at ur.N-
Bitter Cordial
WhslMde fpot N W eiirncr Klflh and Haen
rlirel., I'liiU.li'lplil:), I'.i.
.I.M'IMi SVIIISirrz, Nolo l'rnprltlor
II li a r.'lM.lo I'liinlly t' le-ltie. nnil raa bo
tAkenl.y either Infint orsciilt with ihiitmt'en
rllotnl roull. ! ii n-'crtnlii, protnptioel .peeily
reine.ly f..r t1inrhea,ilyenter3', l-rclt eomptleil
il)pepi. biHneii of plrlt", filntlnsr", ulek
sloiiinili.briiilaL'he, ete. f'orehiliKninl fetor of
all kla'U, it I fir bt'rr anil if'r tlitn quinine
without miv of ll pertiielnii. rtleet. It eflorl
an appium-, pMvc. n powrflit ilni.er of feoil
nl ill I'O inleri.'t the rttri't. of lupior in a few
tnlntltei. .'. ir.lnptlt.nblo evhlenvn of It lacill
e.tl ropi r..i , we npji'iiil n fcir of Hie nmny rer
Ilk'Htea In our oleri'
.lnhnnD' I'rp.'., Kiit Ttnt'i,, nnil Vn. It. II.
jACfnrHciirrrr, VVt. l. arHir! I (wen-..! Ih
llittsr I hate ob kIiii-I hem you, uri't firnl '.lictn
t't be nil they are m'Olunirntl.vl to b. I funinl
jinTe betll to nllercl meeon'hli rnl.to relief. I fl
ntiomh I cannot Iu ttry wit wltliant ti'rc.in
l'iypn'ent nUtuof li!lli.
I. MH.MUi:. i;tl!l..iiihi.llil..l'hlU.
I'Mtor Hspti.t l'ayniit I'luirch
Hold ly W l Atl n, i MIn !! lni'tiiite.
Head Dispensary
K.i.d l.-Iil In 1 ', nnd uji'fiel Ml, for lit
ri'Mineatof alt lifnff'i o' privsb' nntnre,
ji.Icnl l llli A f i (;iirn(i
et.TV tirelert.skrn. - 1
Dcwces1 female Regulators
For fonn". Nsmateil to remove nMruciion
cle. I'd''" Si r lox.
Ai ii lull orlrnentof IUrilesnl True
, ti 'Tior ii.ility o Miil H.inbh: It forrlngln
(ni II -r Imli iloten, or (Ar loin.
A MciIuIkI r.miplilcl, eunlalnlnK an eltborat"
Itr4 .inn ihnUiT'-.ei.i..,willm few pr.vtlral
reimrU' upon the rnitM., eilwi nl tre.ilinent ot
the eaiiie-enaUltilns I trtfo pito. uno 30 eat
in. I cimratioff', fboiiloii Hie ibitcirr.' M2o,eto.
?rlil lit p.im. ri' r on ireelpt of pore
Cfll'H.i ,lcti"
Galon's Head Dispunsary,
"'o, 73 M'i-t .loifer'on lree
i7eoi!.tit ouw l.oiiTille, K
; -JO, ,cqe -JKTVJ fcrtf wn 1 i Ti n symptom of
II Sb.er roiiipltlnt nru
unt':t:ii,i nat puin
in in aula, noma
I. Mil'. tli.M.ulii n In
iheshoulder. and I
lie nlofii.teh lnutbiU.
ed u ith lo.i of nM'cliln nnil ir kiic
Hll-t.lkl'll I . ll.l'llllll.IJI.
lOHel' In
irenetaleo.tiro. Komeifme leernnnif with lax
T'l... I..... I ,h...I.L. 1. ..in ....I .lull
wmmxzxmmntmnmBwjinniion, cim'iueranirt
lo of memory, vom.
p.mled with piinfiil.cD-
ionnoi nnvinv ii'iiun
lone KOtitHililmr which
rjiniiiwrti iimiiii mnf-" "
Une vuiiipIhiiiiiii; 01 Hi jUlieen.ilolilllty, and low
H '-tit". h"iiioliinoi, Dome of th ttlmte nyiiip
t.iu iillend the ill.ra-e, nnd nt other fine Miry
f-of ibiiiii but lite l.iv.'r (Kenvrllv ii, ont.ta
lii- oitoltev1, Curt e l.iu-r ttiilt
X3x-. Bimmoiint'
Liiver Regulator
A prrpr.ilioit(i 1001 on I hvrba, viarrunle.1 to
Iwtlriclly ei.tulU', niidciin ilo 110 lujttry litvitr
It lin beru lleil 1 ) Ii "idrr li, mi I kio'wnol
Hie ' eat n one 1 f lliw niot ti'liulile, citl
i'hi 1 ni an 1 Iwtrinle- lit 1 irioneur ilunl
tb .itil.'i.ii, li 1 1 1 nxi '.nl) uii'i Jirffitn
' . tt're 1 "r
;wiixnirirao3gyg;ii).pep..i, i.-t.te.'ho.
Dtp 11 1 nnBF'''"
lVaeAVlTVgJC!aifl l)ynii'r. nlleetlou
:iu. .i.)-,itir 1..-: ' .nn n.t l.ill. tll.eitirf
ofUf ekni, uapiii ly I ili.'b'nol, tin ! tni'holy,
r .leore.ionof pirlN, hotnbirti,e(.lii.,orpln
Inl'. 1 bowel., p.1111 In Iho hd, foier enM ngn
tlrep-y, lol', pni :n Moil "Ii hioI lmtb., fi.lbini
cry d-l i. I' unlo ntieiien, nnd ImIio.i. ,1 mo
(I'll. m illy. fl
I'io'iihI oiilyliv.l. II. 'ellln . Vn
JriitriPii, ! ', Hi.
For te by Ilittv't'V llrolher., lOno lree
Ciuio, lllinuli.
JI : b y nilllkVblul
Is thtltit IfcuitJwtJ Tonic ?, J'rf'
meter of Health tx'tr dit;r.tr.t. It it
n 4iMHtiva and mr turf A' JM't
ftfjii, &:' anJ ..' Junta c
the .nvfaiiil amwl .... .
. ,t .in. J.uh'M Invuet'
tint tor JeliriH AVw.V, ui il tht
pi fit arrertti' "J f '-"""j
hi, It'll,
And nil kinds
l'erloimeil aide ('.MHO lll'M.KTl.N OKFIOK
e kl)tinilebeoplv
Uaxoteurefir 'W ictie. OniA'M A, . 0 , ,
jwiit.UStin. i ar.JJnnveU, &e. I ATTOHNXTS AT LAW, "
licit t lad at t I'luinui Red Kcntrii i , (;sBeafrRvMa",iraw" Miiaiji "
dwell, cr by iWitMinj tin whoioi'!; . . jTh iTTm 7tLzS!VJ!!f ffi
Gheap Store
la now abundantly lutolled a Ith
vo wnicn ne pwxicmariy iqtuw Mfentloiw
Shn lias (itftf VAit.l.i . A.t II. . -
Drcaa iHmmlnirs, Silk lfi, Silk
(Jalfjon. nlpare Lacea, Mom
Trlmijingg, Nilk m
Veltet BnttOM.
nnd Trlmmluff Yrtvct, Silk Olmpa.
Fine Kid Olones,
Ladies1 and Children.1 Ske
Anda fullsndcompleto slock of
Alt of which lha ornnn... in ..II .1
The Very ,ont Cih PrUe
C,nlnn. Ik. 1..II..1. .... .
go-od, ,n,l ieYr m price,. nD" "e "ot ,,uw
nn ieitt-irrmiae.1 10 inintin hcrcU nitolho
honor of hsrlng'-rhjrjhn-g "
Am rfetln arrnetnnts for a Oriii.l
'Sew Year'flBall,
In SchecPs Hall
Mom Iny Jan. 5l,lri.
T!iemn(rerbei:toiiir ih publle thslno
nlort will Iw e pnred to tnU th occuloncrcilli.
able ttltkt lo th contpsny rvl th elty, snl worthr
of the pntronnk'e 0f the publlej
Let thoeo who frl dlo.oil to rfeooniietha
flPVlDllK Af PArllt.llHW ..! . . I . i
projperiiv.l iiyt cwcl. and If pobt. nflvml.
I lie "nHI Ion I tn th publle fenrlly, unit Ml
well boh.tted person will lawrlcomrd.
-w w
.Hotint Carboif, Iw Qualn sssss
Ohio Hlvet
Aooil ritii' oss llantl.aBddsllvere
lu aajr part flhe ally.
I'rcrt Imil of Coal. Welgheri, and fall
Measure (hen.
nn ijt'oix coai. rtiRNiiBn AT 4a
Ordere If TJt the fnco. will! filled uninodUteg
.ept Ilfl ' '
Arc rrrpnrrd to Supply Customer
ullli tho Heat (Juallty or
llliuolN Conl.
Order Un fit llallltlwy llros. Illllo,
.o. lu Utito Lew, r mi tm t'oal
Vara Itrlow Use It. I'StarK Ho
Ir I , w IU Keeel rmuisil
Tl.a Tu "Mont.iuk" will LrlnK C04I longide
tenuieis utnny hour, ihty or night.
Cairo, u-i.'ifib. nro -if
William 11. 4rH, ) -
Mllrw t. Ullberl, J
fpcciol atieatitip jjutm tu Admiralty n4 tntu.
tHjt biuuiw. 7
UlUro on Olilo Hmm 7
vr city Nalltaal Bamau
1 ... . .... n " t-
t' "U 1 lMAr
I I III llll 1
ni NAft m y h wk Si m- f
rtiiiuiiui . .
I turli, ' '"" T "I'MaT Sliai 1
ror vusitgaapidjin fMAHt.
v1 f 1,
I UHH&mj7Vltnt

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