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.w IT Inn- Tiltilf.
On find after 12:10, ji.tn., .Sunday, Dec.
lh, the fallowing time table will covcrn
.1 ....
iiiu nrnvni iirirt departure, or pnsonger
train at ('nine
Moll train leaved nt 2:10 ii.m.
Kxprcs, " ut....... 3:30 p.m.
St. I.ouU and Cairo Kxprcsts
leave at 1 :'.'() n.m.
Accommodation leaven nt...H.'::m p.m.
Mull arrive 2.05 H.m.
r.xpre!, arrive lt!:24 p.m.
St. Lou! and Cairo Express
arrives 4:45 p.m.
'J'he lnt named trnlri leave St. Iiut lit
10..KI u.m. Trader run leave Cairo at l:t!0
a.tn , reach St. Louis nt ":'J5 n.m , remain
n the eily three hour, anil return to
Cairo at 4:15 p.m , the fume day.
The I'iltO accommodation and Cairo rind
St. Louis expres leave duly; all other
leave daily except .Sunday.
Way patiger should bear In mind that
the 3:!t0 p.m., train make only four Hop
ping between Cairo ami Centrnlin, viz:
lonesboro, Cnrbondah', I)u (juoiu and
Ashley. Tho 12.00 p.m, train stop at all
the stations nlong the route.
deciitf fjupt., Cairo.
o it pltol and cartridge and bowle
ktilvc, go direct to I. Ncir, No. TO Ohio
Iive. doc'Jtf
Til r county rourt had completed It In
bori t noon, to-day, mid cxprcs a purposo
to ndjourn until court In course, this eve
So a.vi Ski: the .Surprise store on the
corner of Sixth -street nnd AVnshlncton
avenue. Culro,Ulinoli. tf
CiUHTKlt Oak CooKlNO Stove and
Kvcnlng Star heating stovrs the Ix tl in
ue fur lain by C. W. Henderson, 1J0
fommorchil A venue Seo advertisement.
Ir you want a good, stylish and well
tilting suit of clothes, made to order, you
must go to 1'. Ni tr, No. 70 Ohio Letue".
Mr. J oil C. WiiitkIios been appointed
to tho olllro of County 8uprintendent of
Public Schools, nV L. P. llutlcr, Hup, re
signed. Mr. White possesses the requt
slt qualifications for the position, and will
no doubt make n faithful and Melon t o til
er r.
I.v the Clinton county Circuit Court, ut
tho last term, in tho raii of ). It. Hornbcr
gar vs.'hc unoItCc r : "V. rond,In)aiutt
for damages for not delivering corn at
Cairo, In lfifi., tho jury gavo the plalntltr
$23,700,93 damage.
To nc taken In tho place of (Quinine or
iSitUr f uny kind; th) doo i sunll.
and Its virtues undoubted. It will bn
found cheaper and better than any other
remedy fur that purpose, un 1 nlu as a gen
eral Plantation mid Family Medicine SI
iiiunt' Liver regulator his no superior-'
ih-c 12 daw Sw
Til r. proiuut term of thu public echool
will clo-e on Friday, Dec. "."J, with the
regular examinations In all the depart,
mints. Thu examlhiition in the High
Schoolroom will commence onThurslay
afternoon, Dee. FrlmiJs and putroni
of the school are cordially I nil ted to ut
tend. A I'liooK. Nothing is better proof of
tint excellence of an article than thu fru
ipioney of imitation of It. Thcio coun-'
lorfoiti uro tho universal tribute which
worthlessly pay to merit. Tho sterling
worth and popularity of tho Charter Oak
Stovo Is attested by this standard.
dee 1L' daw It
LojfT, U'twcen the New Turk store and
corner of Seventeenth street, on Commer
cial avenue, on Monday forenoon, u Itather
portmonaio, rontulning $'jr, ono SI bil
and ono $1 bill, nud noinu fractional cur
rency. The Under will bo liberally re
warded by leaving tho same at tho New
York store r Tim Bulletin olllco. nt
The publication of tho proceedings of
the County Court was uwa'ded to Tut
Caiuo UirLi.KTiN yesterday, on a bid es
sentially tho iamo ns that tlxed by us a
year ago as "our own price." If Tub
Dullkti.v were the only paper published
within a hundred mtlus of Cairo, wo should
ak only i fair compensation for our work,
and that much wo shall expect under all
kinds of circumstances i e of a legitimate
hiuiuoss character.
A Wonn to tiik F.ldkuly. No body
ovos to bo gay. That's human nature.
Kvery body detects tho hair dyos and tho
cedimeutal "not a-dyes." That' human na"
tliru too. PIAI.ON'H VlTALlA, OK hAI.VA-
rio.v von tiik haiu. which literally re
juvenates gruy hair, U free from filth and
sediment, which delllo tho dyes and "not
Sold by nil druggM and fancy good
deulcr. dec 1- daw lw
Till: ladlos of tho l'resbytorlan church
will glvo an oyster supper, in tho locturo
room of tho church building, on Thursday
evening noxt, in connection with thoir reg
ular sociable. Persons who aro not "fa
vorites" of tho otrrra tdulis will find cakeu
and confections, fruit?, nuts, otc, In tempt
ing abundance.
No ichfirggfor dm!slon. It
.luD'JK Underwood, member of the Hen"
ate; Judge (tilcsploof the. St. Clair Circuit
I court, John Hlneheliflo Kq., member of
tlio lower homo of tho Legislature, nnd
lien llouenu. correspondent of tlio fit.!
i I.ouU Di i6crat, nil of liollcvillc, worn in j
t thocltv Inst night, having made a "flylnir i
tr!I'" through on tho Cairo Hiid St. Louis
' -I . ll... MM . I 1.. . t
short line. They returned home bv the
train this morning.
Tin: ball niniounccd by the Kough and
Kendy llro company it under the manage
ment of gentlemen who havo had much
experience in that line, and their assurance
that the affair will be one dticrvlng the
patronage of every citizen of Cairo should
be accepted as sufficient. All the detail
aro being looked to, und wo doubt not that
Schcel'i hall, on tho evening of tho 2nd of
January will present one of tho happlast
scenes urer scan in Cniro.
Thu property holders of Cuiro owe the
Hough und Hcndies a debt that cannot be
paid in gratitude. Tho least they are ex
pected to do Is to buy tickets to tho com-
pany'i balls and picnics, through which,
means are derived to meet such expenici of
the company as the city refines to pay.
Tub Vy.)i'u: a .Mvr .M :i:cisr. J
OaykkA Co., I'lioi-niKToii". Tne meat
market just opened by (MVer und Co., at
thu cornocof Washington Avenuo and
Tenth street, Is just exactly sueh it meat
market as thon who know Onyor would
expect him to establMi when he 'Spreads
himself.'' Kverythlng I new, freshly
pairits), und wear on nlr of elciinlino-s
thut no one will fail to commend.
(layer v. Co. aro among the oldest and
mot experienced butchers of tho country
and havo learned that It pays h '.it to keep
tlrst cla meats, and comma'i J (!rt class
I custoui. If cltlr.ctis would, lb cfore, se-
euro plehdid froh moaU, mr beef, mut
ton, veal, lamb or sausage I jy can Al
ways find them In unv quantll dctirid at
he I'eoplu's meat markeL dust try it.
- - -
Tni; KtniiTii 1'AnLou CoNcr.itT at the
Sr. Ciiaiilki To.Nt(utT. We present bo
low the priigrammtfarrarigeil for Ihe eighth
parlor con- ert, (tho lat of tho tlrt aeries,)
to bo held In thu St. Charles hotel this ev
ening :
takt nsr.
1 Overtuie Orchestra.
'-'"Oh could I Tench the Nightingale"
:i I'ian.
4 "On to tho Field of (Slorv.'
I "Katlu Strong."
1 Comet and piano.
2 "A Song of the Time." Original.
4 "IJlind Orphan (Jlrl Lnmcnt."
.' "Sancta Maria."
The success that has attended tho first
lories of concerts certalnlv warrant tho
commencement of nscrond scrle, and wo
aro ipiito sure that If the crowd preterit
to-night uro permitted to determine tho
matter, tho ote In favor of a second series
will be unanimous.
Tin: splcnidld run of custom enjoyed
by Mcsr. (Soldstino A Ito'enwntcr, 13S
Commercial avenue, Is duo to tho fact thut
they keep exactly what thu trade demands,
and sell everything at tho lowct xiiblo
figures. Their Winter supply of ladic'
drogoods, Irlh poplin, morlmx, liiitre,
alpacas: mink und other furs, bleacluiiud
brown hcotiug und domettics, Is unusu
ally full, attractive, and will b-i sold nt
lower prices than llko gofnU havooeen of
fered during tho enon.
They desire to call especial attention to
their stock of clothing, a largo addition to
which was received thU day.
Kvory article is of the lt
make, and tho variety is so general
that no ono can fail to suit himself allku
in style, quality of goods and price.
A large stock of white, colored and vari
egated yarn arootfered at greatly reduced
price. In short, for anything in tho dry
good and clothing line it will pay to go
directly to UohUtine tV Hoon water, a they
aio in a condition to servo customers with
nnythlng In that line In the mo-1 atif.ic
tory manner. dol2(KVwlw
Committee appointed to nuiLo arrange
ments for the ball and supper for tho ben
efit of sick and wounded French soldiers,
aro noco'sltated (wo regret It) to announce
tho pottponeineut, for tho present, tit least
of tho same; and nnyono who has been
kind enough to U our ticket', will phnue
refund tho money for any that they may
hava sold ; and wo hereby tender our
thank to nil; both buyers and sellers of
tickoU. A number of tickets wcro sold,
but not so many as wo had reason to ex
poct, and wo attribute tho failure to dull
times, unprecedented scarcity of money,
too much indifference In sonio quarters,
nnd In fact tco frequent call on public
generosity. Thu nionoy that we havo col
lected, will bo sent away about th? liOth of
December; hence those who havo sub
scribed or who intend to subscribe any
anynmount, will pleaso pay tho samo this
weok to Mr. Francis Vincent or Mr. Hob
ert Ssmth; as it Is tho last chance that
they may over huvoto manifest their sym
pathy nnd admiration for a nation that has
dono more to assist and disenthrall other
nations, than uny othor power iu ancient
or modern times. Uy ordor of
That Fetor NofT, No. 79 Ohio lovco, is
oloslng'out his largo and well solectcd stock
clothing, boot, shoos, hut, caps, trunk
and valises, i and
iixlow coaT.
It la hi purpose toombark more oxtcu-'
tlvely In th o merchant tailoring and fur
nishing good business honco tho dcslro
toclosoout thu stock nbovo enumerated.
Vt.'jvtv Uhoico Family Flour in bbls. Joit.v Fktiuk's Nkvt'Mkat Mamckt;
half bbk, w I Ac, for alo at tno Kgyp j l.caidenta'of tlio neighborhood of Four
(lull .Mill.. .iiu teenth street and A)"ubington nvcnuo will
Uk Wi.k is Timk. Tlio bot buildings
will burn from unknown or unavoidable
caue. See that vou uro Insured before it
is too lute. ,
Ours uro all gilt edged companies.
nov28d2w U. N. II CO 11 KS Agent.
Wanted Immkuiatklv. 300 wood
choppers to cut wood on the line of tho St
Louis & Iron Mountain railroad. Hal
fare tickets furnished at thu ticket office in
St. Louis. Wnges SI 29 per cord. Apply
nt tho vnrlous woodynid, or to
novWlf. II. J. DKAL, Charleston, Mo,
1'irct Natloiul Hank ofO'D,
' Dec. 1, H7U.
The annual meeting for tho election of
five Directors will bo held at this Hank,
Tuesday, Jan. 10th, 1371, bjtwoon tho
hours of 10 o'clock a.ui. iiul t p.m.
ltd. Cnihler.
Foil Sam:. Thu uu dcrslgnod being do
hlrous to engage in somo other liusines
hereby olfur for side nil thu furnituio nnd
fixtures In thu Central hou'e on litli St.,
at jirlvate sale. J'artlos wishing to cng tig
n hotel busines, call on the iremitui.
Look at Ti)KtjR I'JstcKij: A white shirt
for ?1 ; . pairs of mcir stocking for $1
n large traveling batket for $1 ; Hand
r-cape fl j large china vaei tl ; tlno writ
ing deiks; four lxjttles assorted perfumes
$1 ; mid a thousand othur urtieles cfjuull t
cheap, nt tho I).illar Store, 1 2S Coniinor
clal avenue. ibUwlt
Tin: Carnival of Novelties nt tho Alhe.
neiim hist night, d ru wout a good crowd, and
everybody was delighted. I'roients wero
distributed, and quite number of specta
tors carried away gifts worth twotity and
fifty time the cost of admittance. Ono
individual received a coin silver wnteh,
another n kit of mackerel, aiio'.hur a sack
of flour, and so on throughout.
To-night there will be another distribu
tion of present, and a largo crowd will
doubtless be thoro to reeolvo them. Tick
ets 2" cents. "
As a matter of special Interest to pa
rent who4o children are attending tho
public school, wo publish below tho ttMtil
monthly report for November :
Number of iiunll enrolled
" of day of tehool.
Avcrago No. belonging....
' doll v attendance
Per cent, of attendance
Number of tardlneei
" neither nVsont nor lurdy
" case of corporal puuishnie.tl
" of suspensions
Tho enrollment show r.ti Increase of -3
during tho iiU'iith ; tho average dally rt
Undauco an lucreaso of .T".
Tardiness occur mostly in the primary
department, and among children who n.ivu
just commenced attending sclirxd.
Amo.mi the publications of thu hit
month, not thu least iiicful or intcre.ting
toliousewive I tho "(ioley L.idy Hojk
l'.ecelpt and Household Hint,' it compi
lation of tho 'mot tueful and practlci
receipt which havo appeared In tho La
dy s Itook for a long- lories, of yos.M. The
"Ilousehold llceelpts ' havo long been ono
of tho mot valuable feature of '(!oley'
to thoiHands of ladtui.'and they will he
grateful to the editor for giving it to them
in a convenient form. Thu book J neatly
gotten up, printeil on good papor and in
dexed iu such a maimer that tho informa
tion dusired may ho found at once.
Published by Kviin, Sto.ldart A; Co.,
Fhiladelphla, and foraluhy W. II. l.ock
well & Co., Cairo.
Caiuo llAnw.i. Factouy. Forty-five
gallon lard tierces $1 80; port; barrel
jl CO; tierces with two Iron hoops ?2 00;
wlil.ky barrel., full bound, Iron hoop
k'i 25; dry bacon and barn .tierce, 'JO inch
hoop, very stout, $1 f0; beer kegs, 8 gal
Ions, 52 -10; 4 gallons $U oo, half barrels
$3 00; barrel;?.'! 75. Whisky half barrel
and kegs of all klndi, Iron I mud.
dec3di J.W.STEKLK.
Tiio-k who u-u fpcetucle, can havo no
greater comfort than u perfect pair; sueh
can bo procured from our well known
iigent,Tabcr Uro., Ohio Lovco Cairo,!!!.,
who aro eolo agents In this pluco for Laz
uru & Morii' perfected spectavluj.
Klkctiox otiuk. Notice i hereby
glvo that thoro will bo a meeting of tho
Mockholder of tho City National Hank on
Tueiday, January 10th, 1871, for tho pur
poso of electing seven Director to ervu
during thu enulng year.
dcelOdtd A. li. HAFFOUl), Cash.
I). Lamiikut, Ohio Luvue, between
Eighth and Tenth street, ban culurgc.l
and improved his shaving and halr-!uttlng
and i prepared o shave customer In
tlr.t class style.
Clean towels, fcharp razor und courteou.
attention aro among tho attraction "f tho
estahlUhmeiit. tf
Freih Hultiinuru oyster mrvod i'nuny
style delred, can bo obtaiiiid, ut uny hour
of thu day or night at Louis Hercerf
re.laurant. Also oysters for salo by the
can, In any quantity desired, at tho iaine '
price. '
One hundud phture Albums nl$l tuch
largo pictures, framed (n oval gilt frames
Si; 10x12 French pinto mirror 2 undur
ihlrt for $1 ; 2 prs.iilruwoii for $1 i 0
"p'air children' llalinoral stocking for $1
No lottery or choat. Call at thojlolhir
store, V.'.S (,'ommerclal avenuo and rco.
I bo elart to loam that John Pctrin.
the uldc.t und most successful butcher?, has
onencd u now fncat shot) in the Jilnnknn
burg building, whord all kinds of frcdi
ideal, beef, pork mutton, 'veal lamb, veil
Ison, snuagc, etc.,, of tho best quality can
always be hud in quantities tu suit pur
chasers. Customers may send their chil
dren nnd nny kind of meat culled for will
ho furnUhod, full weight nnd ut tho.rntea
ruling tho market. Pet rio" asks a share of
. . . . . ...
paironagc, nnu win guaranieo mil sntH
faction in every instance. Dec 2 lm
Tiik Ontuai. Mkat Maiikkt .
Messrs. Fred Kochler & ;C0., of tho Cen
tral Meat Market, dcslro It utidcrilood that
p they keep all kinds of meats, leflf, pork,
mutton, lamb and veal; thatthoy buy and
slaughter the bct nnd fattest nnttnals
brought to till mark'oti dress and servo
out thu meals in a neat iind cleanly man
ner, and deal with everybody fairly nnd
qua rely.
Market bukets of customers' delivered
free of obargo to r.ny part of.thu city.
Fresh sausngo on snloovery morning.
Uuy your moat, then, hI tho Centri
Meat Market, near the comer of Tenth
street, on Washington avenue.
Tin: nttniitioii of everybody, nnd es
pecially of tho ladle, I called to tho fact
that John Kodilor, Eighth street, opposite
.Mike .Maloiiey'ii butcher slioji, has In store
a supply of splendid mlnco me.it and np
plo butter. On Thursday cvonlng next
ho will receive fresa white llsh nnd trout,
which ho will sell, with nnythlng olio In
hi well tilled family supply store, cheap
forraOi. " dec. dllw.
Fair uml FcHtUul.
The Ladle of tho Catholic congregn-
tloti will hold n Fair and Festival (Christ,
mm week) in Mr.J. II. I'hllll' Hull cor
ner Tenth street and the Levco, commenc
ing Monday evening the 10th Inst., and
will continue during thu three uculvo
Them will bo a varied assortment of at
tractive nnd fuiicv arttolei to suit tho taste
of nil.
A beautiful Album, to bo awarded by
ballot to the MOST POl'ULAK YOUNO
LA DY In tho city. A VEBY .FINii
NEW IMA NO which cost live hundred
lollar, to be rallied for at one dollar per
Nothing will bu left undoiio to plvasu
nil, Supper, lift y cents; admittance, 2
Thu nubile are Invited to attend.
Jioor open ut 7 o'clock p.W
3 ec. 2 Sz Tue. F. .V: 0, 20 A: 21. T
7 ' t
ill zr i r i
Jfo.is, liN. I'drciitr, Eroryliody, Konlr'
3 ncro:
1'i'V. girN, father nnd mclhers thvsu
twojpamgujilu nro imperially deticHtyI to
vol "1. ''.nip, 102 Commercial avemii'
ims Lt .isht til tli largest tock of toy
and cwifcctionarl'M over opened tu Cairo.
Wo hull not attempt to cuumoratu.f Wo
hall only, ay that tho supply embrace
everything yet Invented to please, In
struct und entertain Illtlo boys nnd girl
Many of tho toys aro highly ornamental;
other are very curious, and all nro fully
forty pur cent, cheaper tlian like nrtielu
were uver beforo olio red in thi market.
Llttlolioy and girl, even folk of maturo
growth, find it lmpoIblo to pns Suup'a
otiibllshmcnt without .topping. Tho at
tractions iiisldo aro IrresUtlblu. And no
wonder. Think of twcuty-slx largo cases
of toys steamboats, locomotives, ol
dlers, .horse, dogs, catJj elephant,
doll, toy furniture toy that walk and
cry do everything. but think' Wl talk
iiulinnls that howl aild bark and squeal
nnd bellow balls, marble things cu
rlou, things Ing.-u Ions, thing ornamentn
ml nil so cheap that anybody can couri
a full tiipply Tor Olirlstmnsl ' '
Then again thoro aro the confection
tho largest and bunt stock rcviT seen iu
Cairo. Candies, mint and gum drops,
fancy caudle and bUsc everything In
tho candy line, mid nil of (ho purest qual
ity and most popular brand. Hot enough.
If ywi want toys and confection for thf
holiday or ,uny other duy, llicro is vna
place where you can toil yourself, beyond
doubt, and that placo I at V. Saup' 102
Co'iY.mcrcIai avenue. ' ' "ll(vl7tr.",
Closing Out Sitle. ' .
Twenty-flvo thousand dollar worth of
ready-made clothing, hats, caps, boot,
shoes, trunk Hndrvalec are otlered for
a!o by V. Noll, 70, Ohio Levee, at AC
TCAIi COST 1'KICF.S, it bldng his In
tention to clo.-o out !n that line niuljCiu
bark exclusively und 111010 extensively In
tho fumlihlng good, and merchant tailor-,
Iiil- busiiie.
'I'hisclosingout sain furnliht i an .oppor
tunity to secure itilothing cheaper' than
over beforo otlered In' this market.
A LAUtissto?k of furiilshlng gooil of all
kiiuls always on nana at r. .ncii s, .o. ij
Ohio Levoe.
" W i3-i (j. ( A.
A two storv brick residence, "ndinlriuily
ujraugodrvwJtH)iirgo ground (4 o)f Mt
uue4,onfth&:ooijior of. JIojljrQpk nvctum
..V.ViV...,,..,! 4l.UA .liuXi-will hnsAMVn 11 lit
i... j tjiit-v... .-. "... -
most reusojiiablo lernis. It I located on
high!? ground,- JliJ lk iMebJje'nt'ihh.'
teod, tho ground, containing bearing fruit
tree, vine and oholoo selections of thrubt
hcry. It l, In short, ono of tho completest
pniHln.tho.city. . -yf.TJ i'f' '
Apply to AV.H. THOMAS,
At Thnina, Grrimi Aldnn i 1
Ar Inston, OoltimMn, l,!ila Norw.ll
ni'V. Iley, 'it. -Imp?. '. y of Dun.
.i-.imer. i iree,
1 Uanelii a little, l.imm.. a uiittk.
t In iiutn'i " W.t Wind, r.mo
iriipru i.ojie,.iieinp , H'i:i:iir... -k, uir,tm in.
Arlnwton, Cilumbtt, (. Is .N'ntBll, I'lehn ali,
Tnrn ltoei,i'iftfbiir, lllrndile, H t.m,i,,
Wel Jinl,.Meiii!iiii, Snnmrrek,
OIICilV. ' Mernse r, NeirOil
City of Cn'ro.VlekMiiirtr, Dnap-itt 11. He.
Alleghany r.rl!,Vctm r.v In.liuna,
Tho wijnthur continue moist and
gloomy. The rain has been general from
th Ilocky to tlio Alleghnny mountains,
and a rife of all the western rivers is prob
able1 '
Tho river hero lini risen five inches
slnco yesterday, mnking about 2 feet 0
Inches nltogether sinco it commenced rising
about ton day ago. ' ,
The Mississippi It about stationary at
St. Louis." Tho channel ' has Improved,
by cutting out so that tu arly seven feet h
reported between St. Louli nnd Cairo.
Tho Ohio In stutlounry at Pittsburgh
with ."feet 0 In dies in the channel, nud a
prospect of a i.irthor rio immediately.
All tho iiuckotscQUtJnuo.takmg good
trip for r'ehlpnleiit Soulli. -
Tho now fteamer Arkansas l'MIe pur
chased .by .Cnpt. Doxter at Motiiphi for
$40,0011, to tako tho placo of tho City of
Kvunsullle, in tho Cairo nnd F.vnnsville
packet line, arrived hern this morning.
'I ho Nightingale, bound for Arknn-a
river A-ith n Ilu6 curgif strucbts rock iiOar
I nloiitown Iat .Saturday uvening, nnd
brokoitwcnty.bovon tlmbnri in .'libr star
board side, compelling berlo enter protest
and go on tho jiarino way at -Puduc.ili,,
where .lio is i?w repairing.
dipt. Kymati new bout, with thu ma
chitiery'ofj'die Alpha, now nearly flnlslied
at Kvansvlle, I to bo called tho "KddI
Captain II"ii. F. Kgan i nppotnted
freight agent for th" Nu-hviilo nnd North- j
weltern rullro'odf' A'steann'r'lll bo rhar- ;
t.jred to run hotwucu the termlnu- of that ,
ruel. HlCKUinii nr.l Ciiim uoiireetiitg 11
with the lllinol) Central. , -Thu
City of C'li s.et i thu tegnlur
I packet for M iniphi till uvening.
Tlio Lida Norvell leaves every
ing tVr 1'arlHcah. ' , ' . .
J I U-rr. r -' U' 'j
.Monday Kvksino, 1
The market ha shown only a modi'mto
degree of iiiuiiiulijii since oiir, ' sejiif
woekly,roricw, lnit the 'dull ;iou" I
about nt an end. For ioiiiu tunu pnnt,
.price li!LVC',rululdii"liiin,(Jbir.go, and St.
'l.oul' hnhnd n gixvl river ar.'l low fre'lghi,
facts which op?ratod to tho Injury "of "our liii.arui Uviiirf. TlmCUeapiurisU
market;, f h'o hlgTpr ,TrrMrc.lgolr.T"'. , -lJ.!f rJ' : ili
. '.i-.. --.1 :u'. '...'.... j.. Is, j. ' 1 ....
iroiit ut, mil, iiiu C'liiiiieiiunii .11 .;.'...,...,
1 had ltelleet; but -l. l-t IVIdayV' ri ViW V,ISSLip. .
r4vhik.iI lii SI. lA'nirf.' -Woliave'l
now it belter markeltsliali. Cillcilgo, nud j
havo no advanced rate of river freight
to pay a .St. L'uiijjini. liny ran b ship
peil from hero at fjJ per ton, nml from St,
I.otiN at not lc than $3, lupklug a dill'. r-
enco in favorvof oitr.marktt.vf over a
cur load. Pi
Tho disagreoablo weather of the paA; w
day has had an Injurou otfee'. tiponigonc-
111I btiinu, but ir It shall ia f.dlowod by f
old, fr.-ezlng wortllier, us In all probability
it will be, tho good remit of tun 'change
will bon be visible. The river above !
cloed, Cairo become the head . of nav
igation and compel a recognition of her
uuequaled geographical position.
Our quotation generally remain un.
dunged, but wo note 11 decline iu lard
from lull to l'.'.lrtfl:U; and Iu rn
.tVom lOjr.iyU to Ml 0-. i m
FEOli K 'rhbiarket hai jfbt!ucrec -d
iu iictlvityfiiioo-on'r but seml-we"eklv:ro..
oit, 11111 thuru Iiu Jwui uq change in f
nre. iiiu aaiiw unre 1
i- '
I Ji l.i.l Sin . r 1 ,10
Hairin X.W...
I .V.l O.I
liliiC iii
ii :i
7 ti
1 '.'.'".i: ii
Ch uco XXX. ..
'I'll ' Family
fi' " V .1 inn. Uriili 1111 nr.l.'r..
From City .Mill, nt follows:
Joia.1. v .
" xxxx ,
to ". raaiilv.Mhltewlii'iit...,
A 5 Si
.. 7
... 7 An
COltN Tho s'ujfpl'v" "aecftWitfol!M6)(
ltolf to'thi'doliiiind, whfeli I llnfitcdi mill
prices nrrt barely uHulncil. The snle 011
Friday, .Saturday ami .Monday wero con
lined to
Seir-rMtrH, in ttll, niilnk.-..
I " " ia io!, il. li veifil
I ' " in t.erl ip. doIhtrrJ
t " Cuoki' Wli te, lafik
I " 1ii) i c Mxi,m mek .lelivere.l .
'ttJIiiK'i lr-l, lit. 111 -li re .L
Vt.v', M' 'I, 'leliu r. I
. I
OATS Aro In limltiil demand.
thrvapp!yf'l lightr".SaleUvi ro ft1
1ir7n .. il-l ierl HiIIiTn
lim ' on ojr,lv,rj6
HA . IViuioi liiiil .clioicu oiinlintio Iu
light supply, and price have been main
lathed tu our former iju.'tntloiis, .The Kulei
. 1
...(...' .1. ... r. .
1 .
'jiisiA, .ieiiitM'..Ir.jM?.?....T..j liojjusM
I7 0H.I I, Ml
coit.v;i UAiueix duji. wiui sub.
iifio bb)i.tpn t-ffinf MtJ ' mil' J
iiiA.v.-ib:,i;OTl St,..-,.. ...id at
"im' ..... .. ....
Ill'TTKU-l not iri WtrvM ' ddtnaiulf,
KtiOS.' ThWih..Aiwere,l pkl!t-l'iiiU10 (i
bbl at IU)o.
rilUlI KV 1.1 still lli'limueii ueuiaiiu. i
, A I'l'I.JvS AVtS in got 1 deionnd mid
fran'o. lia btU o'tn.ltii(. .fSrtf(ilA $4iXnJ
X TJ fjj
.-.sssjusii.,i;niurlir.i .vuion)! l:nB.
.IKWIITI' XlXnX,Vro'T.liV.Ct y iMvX.
I ' 1 , 1 1 1 . '. 1 1 m wit, -j 1 & w .
ill a n i .f ii an :i .'..aw 1 n i n nt'ig i y , i r aiin
iiiivw.vatx mtb hlbiuU jyEB'iU SllUUfil IlILfW 111
II. WAniSMiH, M. I., I'hjalo(ftnftnlPttti.oni i. II. Vow,, Attorney ai Law;
EDW.VUD lHlJJEn, of P. A W. Hader, Mt. CUNMXfaiAM, Teller 1st Nat'l Daok
. II. OREBl.i:r. rroi.'rN.V.9u.rei x. , UiiUUHTlnU, JJry Good. M.roluasl.,;'
' ; ' m)
Ilcposileil with Ilia Stale of UiMOurllWOrdln.it to the law of that!Hn, (or the hidri rvirfcl nrit
Uf till) pOliey llCl'ICM. ' iciaini.Klll
Cash Capital 8125,000,
On which tlie HtockhoMer ran draw nnly ' leal Interest, (which It 'in'oro lhsn turnsl Ihc profili of tin""' i
Ipilllinsllnir illvliiuiUamiiilly alnoiiiJilicniire.l. 1110 proani 01 iu
KiteolalaiicntiiinUcalliillu tho bi:'i:.V l'Klt CENT. INriMtlisr I'AVJNa PLAN l.t.t i.m.
.lure. I.y tliU Company. Tlio ,Un I. enllnly new. tha computation, hntlnf tVn mVta hj'
Hun. W. li. ILirrey. Ilin nr;lcuou .v:tmry. in aeeorl.it. wlUi th .lpn9 01 liio Companr: nU lii
lelmiuil l lliettT lai!i. ! Iliu now mil want of tlio ptiMtilnn anyntin pre rlouslv Introduis
III .-linplo, i:iulAt.lo anJ Jt tin. te. ninl incrile tlio ntlentlmi of lli piibllo. It I a nrnflUMa lnTMU
innitmehii-iiriiiineioinhliie.l.fiin'o tlio eotuivliolliT I eiituled tn an ANNUAL INTERfST or
hKVHN I'KltCll.NT.oNTIIlJHt'MOI'Tlli: l;lti:Mli;jt VIV, which H n.arlr ! sV forthHn h. T
policy, inakini It ailUluito contract, frfo from tlio ili.ilt mtatfi'of fluouiitlnitiia.l uncertain dlvid
mU iiolilmtliu nci:e.ltif ainl pr'nciitlimlm pomitnli y or mlsropreiMtiUlon. Trin roller Is fr
frutn ivitrlvlioni n-;ardltiu; travel ami ruidrnea, tint Is 1 '
.vo.v-roitrr.iTAur, As.coi:ti' to thi: .massaoul'siktts law,
Or U) 11 1'in.l r, i'oli -y. nt tai e Una of lint nurml.
L'flltn! (In- l!1rr, (I-'lif Nil 1 1 011 n I Hniih) mut gtt a ClrcisUr.
CHAN. Clf.VM .Oll.V.iI.Mirielnrj.
rjpo Tin: r..i:ir.M.
Cheap Store
Imowabuml ti) Ul HI'!,
Tu wli
1- rt
.!l V
Mu'ln frv vvJ Af u'l I'u. of
Diyvi Trlmiiilii!:, SlHi fJImp. Silk
(iiilunii, (iulpiii'o Liters ilos
Tiliiimiiiasi. Silk .Hid
Vilu't Ituttoiif,
Crocket lSuttoi.e, VStiOi
ittiil Tiimmln:: Velvet, silk- (lliapi.
Fine Kid (iloiioi,
iladies andcChildfens Shoes
j Ami a f II iiiriiiiipt'(.i i. ef
' ...Nn
AM of will-li lir irr-0 .i Uii-rll .it .
TIiu Very I.owe'i: t'nsh I'rUc.
Jlnilnr'1'ei th" ' ' 'Ie I f nil at d t) iS-r nfw
rm. i mill tc.irn Hie piU'N.
an isiu'tf nninni 10 niiininia iirrviniin 10111s
if it 1
mm . . .
WlH2 f
Mill il. M.
t .
Un r 11I1 ml tin 1 ah ilsr of iiupf inlxr, ! ''1 111
x' yef Ni- url.in. iiiii.. la 1 -rf.i t nimlili,
In 11 1 in -i itiit,trivl:ru Mill, p.ir il)tiK "f 1:1)
1 -fli.l l. re.-iuori 1 , i 1 1 yen I :n
I. Il 1 n ! ei.llilHli 11 lliinl 11" fil,
..Hi. i.i- It ) !.'!. An A I' m ii ami l.irri'l
rut i. 1 1-1. w h't r tuiir 1 1" 1 li .1 ip, .mil ,
1 nil inn: HI " "Ukiii In romni i..iti.. of my
prui. ..'. n. 1 nimi sain! 1111 1.11. e, ir me iti.
jn LUJPoi' cy I-Toi.isa'cj,
l'rutr t''iniiieriiil aruutt' un.l lluhlh rtri el
w)i-r I uill ... ptiiarri lo ri ti ler priifrot'-an
iii.lui a'luliiitiiu.T liui'l laviervlee.
t 1 the poor I will ev alt tuna prf ii' e, et.i er
flS'lv, flee.
llle poor fgro lis sirll n tile pour
W hile .Mmi, lll.nlviii)1' lir m'i li nme
iu my .rvlrr. UetJ I
! J .11. I'HlM.HlVi A (JO..
' " iitT.or d K. II. IIwelrU.!ii L.
. Cu.
...an .
Ooiiiiiiisi'ioii M crclimils
i I't..,
'SJU'.zhrX " Boat
- . -OAlKO.-IM.INOId.
;iu:. Mi:.Mri.
"''rrK i,Ml"lf')'''? tecflre, "tirTniilfcinTiixi
fi iiliM'fo ill'j"Iint ami li Mil', jrvtl iiix-nin.
Oj)-iiiliinMlrn ion till priinipineij.
SO. If. PUtS.t.SS,
iiecenfir ( P-.irLer.t I'li-I'i.)
ir er II
I 141!I "
Cor.lOtht. Oliio tcvee'
W, .Mill.! V.
!'), r. J'.ii.i.n
5 t""
rtrMrni (n?1:,iJ?CilftM
irRrni . U h ikNii n
"" am. . ,
Forwarding' erohauK:. Wn
. Mrh f ,lV ' 4 .UniiriuMui iuuk Moaka
"t.'s itt .fiiirv r.'4'4i mi a i
m; hiv w l.wr . ft L. T ,t . m
, .'J' , '.. , . ; V ," ' . ,J
ATIA"AIj rank.
i" 23 HE d : 4
Jouxn I'JIIIXIs, Commis.IMwc!
IIKnMA!C SIBYBR. Tobaccont'.l! ' 1
.MwtJTs3;f 1
.1'.,. w U
For One Week
lontlay Evunlfjir,
JSllt t.& Ili(l20WUy
TIm m -t na' pie nail nt'mrtlve exhltiitloa tr.iv-
lllti-lia'nt nnd ( liuirlnn Vnlrl!6hnlt
nnd ( liuipinn
Wli Miw. rra:.t tli moi wondernit eajtton
It n I.nn-1 11 ami New Ynrfe, alel prinoiin.:n
' nu'1 1'UMiO 10 lo llUMHul.;.L.fc4t In,
ViniriroVt.miur,ia.tf...u..J. , v c J
To Uif Horn I l,y W.i"!. WAKB' t' ;
Iloyal 77irlnuw ThsTipt
t)f a.l tru.t. rfcxirevriliiurr elitrjcter, Inilml-IOi.-tl.
llmirliiK Sikrtrlfia,
I'l-i'seiit .(.'Jtcit. Aivur . Shrlitlr
tu' Sni enn l .eeureit nt tli uir
t tlio ilxy itttliQitt etlraclurxn.
clnllrrr i , . uif sni enn l. .eeureil at tin. tior
I t'lee.liirllltf tlio tiny l,0Ht PllMcll UK1.
...... I.' t'leeinriienco at in a.
l'A.Ml. rjlATINKV. tiiurlny t s p.m. AJ.
is lou.n.ninltlMj 14 trot. i:r'hlJ r.
'. i;p;eeht Mho.r. iinwo.v; '
?r.'! if "fO I'li'Titieeiiiriiencouli. lit St.
lci:.lir Aseiil.
irisriiit Carbo
In Qualii and
k -
oncj Hilpply mi llaud.nutt lll vertd
Iu nny iart or the clly.
V.vury l.nad of Coal Weighed, ami full
.llrnsiiro (hnn.
or troi.v ciiai. t'i7it.vini: atiio
i'i:ii uak i.ssaii.
'r ler IrltJ.iitlio MtUcojt illtt 1111 111 oU lata tj
JAJIES KUS.,!,,lrop,r.
nrpl itt
aiAacto city
Arc rropurcd lo Supply CustouiPM
ivllii Ihe llct. OiuJttr oC .
.'. AND 1 r "
I JImoiM Col.
Oiilris; left ivt llalliilsvy Vrotu Mc,
Xo. 70 (M1I0 I.cvtc, or at the CohI
Vnnl l.t luw Ilia Ml. Chsurle llo
'tr,wltl Kcrtlv lresni
"Montiliik" Hill Krlns; Coal tonnda
tf'iiiiuiiitnay hour. dijror a'Ulil. i i
"Cnlrii.tM.-ifth, ISTO tf " 1
rril OX A- SONS. - - l'Voprletor
Aro .Now thVtsll'aipJrwaion.
Mri.Jt a "irt priW,to fiirayy
j)l ujiuN of flour of in liest in lty,Mi.r 73
l ..eelef aJVkluj.. pr.itmHi,I;twnr, 111 .iick
J ll
n'iT..,i,ifcH.i I (nil
finm'tli bt
UL' 27U. nt
unit do Ml
WfrrtHn'l - u 1 .

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