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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, December 15, 1870, Image 1

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fifffi 'If MfiP JWfM.m
W 1
lia elected & Democratic
Mayor by n
tnaiontv of over three
thouMtid votes.
In urging tlio'pifcKfte of tho bill to
n!xliflli tho gradu of Admiral, General
JiOgnti utatcd that although our navy
numbers lout than eight thousand men
there aru ouu hundred and sixteen offi
cer folding rank an high . General,
tiu4cttant Utmeralj Major Gencraland
Brigadier General, at u cost of about
ono million dollars a year.
TjuiUicjfU had a grea deal to ujr
lately about Ignoring Senator fkhurr., und
luring blip out in 'tbu cold ,whan their
ticnatorlaf caucus should como'towako uj
it comnTlttleir YV'o notico tliatTnotllttln
KulshLl rStof frmn MISuri,"taflt yet
boon shown the cold slinulder, nod vre
rather think be wont Uo that political or
ganisation, not feeling strong enough to
Vtntardmi nuy jroaorijtlro menaurw juit
attbU titai."' '
Tn Washington Pttrt6l, Initunotc
atttho Caiitol, nays; '"Tho jight of
Mi ..Pratt' couapIcttoua.frauM briuga. to
mind the J"aot tbat. uot,-uiauy month
ago ho totally vatitod' to rcsiga, ami
only hsiiafcd 'for fear "5C Et "place
ight bo filled by a Democrat. And
tan it happens that a Democratic vie
tory in Indiaua chain;) to their placet
two Radical Senator who aro anxious
to bo away."
Tut New XOrk JTma'aays: "Tho
llemae of ltepmetttatirtH make a bad
beginning. The first measure to which it
4crtt attf Uc is one cif tk maij
k4 Wnitt rtllraad wkenm wkicb stand
oterW last watioB." Why ikoulda't
trio Hcmm do aa it plaaaw is the mat
ter? It has stolsa the sasjor part of
the public domain already, and, accord
ing to Radical theory, Congrcu is om
nipotent irf this country.
Vixaih uMkbcrs of Coagrace acout
tba idea that th mfit elections indicate
the early ovorthrow of their party,
The defeat and disasters that hao re
cently befallen the party arc attributed
tondchango of fcntlracnt, but to the
fact that this irf the "on" year" a j e
ridJ wltcn ltndiculs are expected to be
Indifferent, atidlrfaen', ou the contrary,
Autocrats are expected to be unusually
llveljf aod energetic.
Radical;gcntl6uaflu, are entirely wl
oetuei to ell tho consolation 'they cau
- ' "si 'uLJ ,- r. , ,
DCft efcaeity bni excepts such
pawioaUlaaagagtd i the rebellion, who
were etfucateofat West Poiat, or Anna
polia,ofho wcro prewously mcmbere
of Congress, or became members of
the (atadarae Congress ; those who
wero'iiieiebrstof tbo United States cab
iuor", or luinistcrs, or judges, and tho.-c
tiho" luiy.haTe signed auy ordinuuee of
secession, Of held tbo ofltco of Governor
in tho'Confedoraey, or treated Fcdoml
prisoncrs-'with cruelty, nr"embezzled
mono'yj'or prUporty"6f tbo Uhito'd States,
or deserted Innri thtt army or navy o
tho United States. It is thought that
tlio Houko will favor a bill, without ox
ceptiouH, granting general grace, am
nWy andioblivion to all wrongful acts,
doings, or OHiishiona of tho persons ou
gaged in the war of tbo rebellion.
TuaRa will bo u determined effort on
tho part of a aumbor of Northern aud
Central Illinois Radical. Ropreseutativcs
toetefeat General.Xogan iu' tho contest
for tho Uuitcd'Stalos genate, Whether
or not that effort will bo successful de
ponds altogether upon tho courso of tho
Democratic representation That either
Lawreaee, .KKBcr or.OglosbyoanJcom
luant the espport of thirty, or forty
Radicak is regarded as certain by tho
friends, of those geutloiuen, and it is
believed .that that number will porsist
eutly refuse, to enter tho Radical caucus.
IX, th4 Wfef: is well Krounded, tho
obanees aro cerUunly against IoganV,
election. " Tb4 Pcwocratio reprcsenia
tion will exporieece a lively satisfaction
in voting' against him, t aud will need
the assistance of only twenty Radicals
to defeat bim.
Tub auubbing which Mr. .Secretary
Boutwoll gave tho rnorchauta of Mcnir-
pliia is evidence enough 'of bis. stub
born determination to procludo interior
citicn from tho advantages of transpor
tation in bond. A committee of the
clumber of commerce of that city liar
ing written him asking the appointment
of an appraiser for tho port, he scuten
tiounly replies an follows :
Triiiaury lr (oritur ut, )
omoccfiao 6rury, -J
Dwmlnrt c, 1170. )
OasTLKUtN. Your letter of thoUlst of
Novombcr, setting forth reasons for tho
pMintincot of mx appraiior at Memphis
Is rocclvotl.
It was linrdly necessary for you to stnto
tho provisions of law, Inasmuch us theynre
well known to tlio department. '
It It my purpojo to aptiolutnu appraiser
and other neuowary otUcvra ai .ooii.ns thure
aro indications that tboir services will bo
needed, and you mny ixi asm rid. and can
anuro tliu inorchunticf Motnplifs, that all
necessary officers' will bo appointed in soa
ion to meet any demand for their fervlces.
Very respectfully, '
A Wnnhington. letter writer cinleav
orx to prdduco a parallel to 'tho dirt-
eating comj of Porter, in the conduct of
General Butler. He xayri that during
the war Butler wrote a book (which he
was induced to aupprcKs) the object of
which was to fix upon Grant the odium
attaching to tho disiuption of the car
tel for the exchango of prisoner. be
tween tho North and South. He branded
Grant n "another njicciiueu of the
traitorous imbecility ,of West Pojnt,"
and fubttqucntly declared that if Grant
received the Radical uominatiou for the
Presidency he, Ilutler, would return &
his.allcginuco to JcfT J)Uj und do bin
utmost to dcatroy the Radical party,
In swallowing all this, and forcing
bis way into the favor of the President,
Ratler biH shown hitwxlf'fif niucU tin
expert at the busine.'of dirt-eating as
the oWiulous Potior. . '
Com to in. aonvrM lon.
With viiur . rmlhM .anJH.l fAt!
PrM t6t ila fmai tor tiau4 ie7 i .
Willi TWWT kM.M Ml(IVlM(klU. J ;
Lall m itn lumtom .,
iitii(or jojrc.ime tli llli .l,
Wlnlv on my lirsrj tjt lulu
Tour 'itwy ttmtti nil.
0m wltb ymtr tiatlrc Hmnti
Jlfort-c n ( lotao Muotn,
Aii'l np mjrVritrr .fti.
Iu U.e ctuiij ct their perfem:
Kcr llmilgtil'n mraiijr wi!ipfnrm
W.lliUir r OonlUut.lat! f('tat
Vft in-, lik low ri ihrodbina
U.lli rnJItKi, mill'. bl.
RtargoFrantli Ilrrak Into thellaitllct
II Uitirald(tk llir LyaaaUe-Clvl
AmtriCBaai Very Mtuli.
Celt. 13, Dup'tC, n.iHTn.Ei?T..Iosr.ni l
l.TI'.N, IKX. GUI, lOIU.
Tolho ltiuUlcniof Lyoii'grwiini; i
J)iun CiTirr.Ns; Tliaak, m-oiilo of
Lvous. for your rnaKiiltlciuit reujntlon
ThnnKS, dear KenuMIcuns of Trancv, for
vour cenerout )i04t)itaiitr. In thu name
of thu poploof Auitrien and Ireland, tbu
onlv friends your yoiinu ltopubllo lnu ti
uuy on tne rneo oi tne giouo, us ineir roprc
sontallvo I glvoyou thitnks.
Tlianki to vour nntloiikl L'llard CJCort
wbo arrittl nio at tho station at Lyons us
I was on tho wuy to Tours to gotuuunswer
irom tiambotta noout lomiinu uio uaiauinn
of Lufayattc, and placed mo in a folou'
colli Thanks, dear friends, for leaving mo
six days without a towel, comb, briuli or
cbaniruof linen twenty three hours out
of twontv-four in solitary contlnumcntl
Lafayetto in America occupied thu mansion
of ushingtou. Don't to oU'cndod, dear
citizens, if 1 suggest tho Spanish inquisition
I a rotten bum on wlilcn to lounu your now
republic. Tho empire never committed a
nioro infamous outrugo on porional llburty.
Thov found mo tit Marseilles you were
nioro republican at Lyons than they
L'orhar.s vou aro. Should I bo
permitted to return to America I will ox
plain to mv peojiioimu r runcoit noinuuo
reuuy lor j.vduoiiciwi iiruaiiutt. i iuhu
ordered a complete tel. of convict clothes,
noiomitung too woooeu sikki lor my ice
turo cwtiimo in America, so tbat l can
givo my countrymen nislblo proof how
npo rranco is lor uuoriy. aix uunurcu
millioni a year for your army, and four
millions for froa schools I Tho American
neonlu lmvo lust uxnundod threu thousand
million dollars and Killed a million men to
cmnnclpatu Uio blacks. It will be, 1 four,
a louir time boforo you do nnythiiii to
omuuclnalo tho whites. Unco nioro, dear
iiepuoiieuni mi jjytjjn, iiiuiika. iru in
H 1 II 1 II I - - . I
l-ranco I
I Inive either committed smo gigantic
crimo against tho llcpubllc orolso uiocov
crninent has made a (earful mistake. Time
will show. Liberty I Kqualltyl Materni
ty I have dlileront mcuuing in diflercnt
uatious. In America sUam, gas, electri
city . In Kngland prostitution, pauper
ism, slavery! In l'russiu infantry, cv'
airy, artillery 1 In France eating, drink,
ing, smoking, under barbarian invasion I
I'li-o ii Jttpuhliyue VniverieUcI En
Avantl Aux Armesf tt lkrlinl
Civie Amtricanui Sum Mombor Llgue du
Midi, Soldfer In tho Jtopublican Army
and Prisoner in the Bnstilo of Lyons.
atali-iho Cincinnati Cbmmcrciul jioinln.
ates Sonntorltovols hoofthblawny'skin
from Mississljipii for tho .Presidency in
1872. After enuroeratintr all 'thn nuallil-
cations, which lie possoea, in.an omiuont
dogroo, entitling him ta! tbat distioguUhoU'
honor.'' it says; 'tThcn. asain.- tako tho
'question wnicn nas sogrcatiy agitated tlio
' . i . i . i .I . .
vuuuiry oi iniu mo queaiion oi XTesiUCu-
tlal family relations who can show such
ft record upon tlilultt'-j'18 Heimtor ltcv
clt? It is less Uinn iynur ainco ho wu
publicly licensed ofwhat Of getting
iila brothers-ln-lijWnnu'Uhcloi. and neph
ow, nod cousins, jind other relatives, into
office. Not ut nil) bhtqultbtitherwisu, und
on the conttary, Jio'wns'.chhTltf't vAlh some
thing, whlyhjino'we'l lti cpntmi&i of rein
tlvo4 which went in far, indeed ns h total
nuclcet of hU'owh sttlor.' wlioiWfis an In-
iniito of u eolorcnT,potirliousV In Now
York." "7Vic l'ofiifJtUUburj.
lroionlUon lo Jtf(oro tli,l'operly to
She r.eo I nmllr. ' ' f,
Wasiiinotoh. JJcc. 13. -A rcsolulioi
whleh .Mr. McCrcerv. of Kentuekv. sub
mitted in tlio onutu yctcrdayj undt pro
posd again tonlay.to provi'lo.a'joiot cpm
mitteoto intiuiro if General l.'co had over
ioisoi.jol any titlu in the Arlington prop
erty which could bo legally ponusentedf
arid If found to belong to loma.of hb fam
ily and.not to liim, to,aic;crt;i.ni tbu number
of inlcrmcnM inudo tbcru H and etc.
If tlicy .could not bo rciaortd . ta
sorno oilier jilace 'ot eqnilturi,i pro
duced a very decided commotion among
thj! Jtadlcal Senators, and ellcittd an. ciji
cited and HDirrv debute to which nfuli Ben
atu und well crowded gallcric .listened fur
two hours., Tbo Kentucky Senator opoiivi
tbo discussion In a speech scmowbut roi
tnurkbbjo in thaieoato for in XnoTdellv-
ry, : graceful worded ulirnics, and-ili
high etilogluio on tho lifuandtleatb oHLce.t
.ScTcralof tho J'.cpulilicnn Sonalore tntur-
:i!ly got very much arou.od by It, and 116
li, Ui&n throo denounced it at an outrage
on tho loyal sentiment of tliu country, on
tbo Senate, und on common dct-tify.
Whilojuiotber looked unonilt iUuioiUi?
rtnk troaion. Sir. Kdmondi,'of ybixiont,
moved that tbo Scnato do iiol rcccNu tbo
resolution, a iirofegding.wbith.Mrl Jrum-'
bull alone of tha.JtepUblleun 'qheitioncd
very much ns a dangerous and discourteous
precedent, wbichX)omocrullc Scnntors
earnestly commented on. Tinally Mr.
MeCrcury, wno vim wholly uueviiscioiu
of any intontlou to vrMHtuaft- lliUUrribW
hubbub, got up a'riif lald'tllaOio tflcmttdr
of tbo Leo family hud ruqucsted blm XS
suumtt mis resolution ; tnut lav nau pre
pared it of his own volition and imw nro-
that thu resolution. liould not oven bo r
cuived for consideration, by tho Ssnatc.
In thoenrso of Jtbo 'debater Mr. Sumner
statcil that Jm was prtlcat, virtthjHr.'rjtiru
ton wbcn.bii y vo (lie prdcr for .(bp .burial
of thy LTiiion utntdutArllugtorLuiditM
...M. I . W ...t 1UV4 .. V I'. V.V.I. ..... VI. ,MW
Lvo Liwlly,froui evergvttlngfuylUvl4 back
agr n. -r m . , , nix
!' ISI , 't
t r ' it 41,
"Tls aiioual vinRits. '
I'nder the alovo h'cading.theNow; Yorfc
Htm,' which" Is known to bu a Jtenubllcun
journal, Uerrely;n:.ults Grant on nccbunt
oi tuu unngeput ncpot; nitiwt iiju inituo
his administration notorious. Tl.o Sun ar
ticle H u mod ut unu, tuklug up 11 VO cob
iinins ox mai sprignuy paper, una snows
wnaui costs to nrovtso lur "ino lamer,
the fnthcr-in-lnw, tbo brother, tho brotliora-In-law.
tho cousins, tbo cousins In-lhw'
and how it is done. Not liavimr uvc" to
uevoto to tnu entire nrucic, we append mc
S'uu reeapltuluiion whiuh contains ull(tlio
essantiul facts! -
t'srirtiit. lTliliit. . iVi
J 1" t,'.l.fjr, Cot. CUloC, N O .h ., 'I
J IVhi.'jnillainrnJrr...... .
A Min.nl. Lis .Man-lml - !'."
Jc- (irani, I Jl.f jv.r.aton, Ky V"
KTIirnt iloo-Ufflicr, White limine V i
u.V limit,. A Hi L F.
llrr l .1 'rnmrr, V n Minl.tcr
iin.llininl.i'.itlnir ol atnlli- inr
l.oin. ieii,iMia.Wiuliiut'ii .1
t'Olil Cirtiiiita'-rwfprri.k .Ti... t.'J
Ks-lti U I l.jnrslrMl.Mir N U -T. t'.un
U II Jolin.oii; At-f jpr I It - lu,ii
A'ldnoii ji.atYctcrtc:.. ..?;..
i-ut. j i aiuip.vB.rn 1......
l.lfllt. J HInOD If H Ai... l,w i
Col Ilud.on, M.hi.ktIo tiiutultiJIa..,
Col l.r. t, ,N V Oiulom II' iia.M
;.. 7,jii
. l,(0
..... i.fi
..- ,IUU
.Mox Mirj, 3lnrnl 1 t
Krl.iado II lies. AUill t ot1lrr
.Mij K A Jl.i:uacr.rri:i- rjr
Annn'nllv truiu uototmnut oIUcoi
ulirc -ny, hut rrm UiulM Hialen, t
ins. iliroiuUtim Tfi -iJvnt..M
t. '
Tiu.il ono y oar fur f m.ly lud,'
Tho ex-rcbcl Gen. Loncstrcet uddoun
n thouborn nsnncot tlin President lanl-
lly. Such i thofact, hohacotulri.of Mri
rant s una ot courso must vo tirouided lor.
Ills career iu a lcad.tr of coufexloruto ur.
mio-s durivg thu .war could not weigh
against him In reaching for tho United
Mates treasury when it was understood that
ho was related to tho wife, ot thu adminis
tration. Thu ulialluwnei of tliu Itadlcat'c-
utnmlon that his unpolntiiiont was pari
of a plan to win over to tho ,1'nlon
too icnucrs mieirni arms against it, tsnoro
oi:poed. '1 Ho .Ni;i closes Its nrtiulc thus !
"Aiuinow, in Houer earnest, what do tno
Am ican oopio itiiui; or tlio tacts wu
liavo itist laid t)efo'o tliom ? Is this what
tnoy oxpecteu wncn iney uuoso uen. lieant
to bo their l'rcsideut? Wu know that It
is not what wo expected vhon wu ndvoca.
ted his election; and if we hud supposed It
possible, wo woutd soouor Imvo burned ofl'
our light hand than ask uuy citizen to yoto
lor uuii. iratit. 1
Gov. Walkrrof Virginia.
In his annual messngo ahows tlinvny In
which urani nooks icderni troom ovor
tho south and pays nis ro.pccts iwt'ollows:
1 ieut ooiinu to say tnut tn viuw or all tlio
Iroumstanccs. tho sudden w t bdmval of
tliesotroop3-vvliIq,Jnthoinldstof thu por
fornianco oftbo dulleato dutv to" which
they. had boon" asaibnod of"-sutalnlni5tho
civil authorities in Norfolk county In ro-
moviiiR neffro siiunttursiu aeeonlanee mth
n orttcr jrom the president hututy' with
out any ratification to pc nonjultattou wlt)i(
in6..outlario"rln;i8 It ifsajtha'li y fof lourl
pflicorsirid citinens Wd tbo' pcacb'of bour
couiuiunityL.wtia,in iny vpiniou uu aut of of
llclul discour',Jiy'anl a'nilinlWstiiUon of in-
dilt'ororonco. to possible f onsequonccs of
tno (rras w ctmraoto ', vitnont aYiarflo!; in
tho history of thq country, 21 q original
OrTor for tbo assign 4 'oat of foduinl, troops
jo u Is duty v as rigl t, ttl on 1 1 rovric: t' m
pntlor tbo olroumi'.anccs sm an iuoxc v
bio wrong.
ji-ctcdlolhnVsiidlStad pi yJm4
Ytii.taka anJ!ramtl luwdid'Mii-to:tt
CATllbltaltojHdiU 1.5,
wnwoi'V. Si EOSSEtt,
A color rintl ,Trr,cJoiri',thrt J il!
IlUUll. w
I It does tqt.-.'produqOjU cplor
incchfrflletUjyife ! ttopo&bnouij
prcpnrntious" do.
It grpdnall restore- tho hnir
to iw4jrgjtml'-''ccjlor ntld itPtrc,
by supply hrg'ncvr'lffcf ?m (1 vigor.
If tM?"' ft luxuriniiVgrovrlUj.'
oi aon,,nnu jiaii. . ,. ,
Tlio Mjcat nrld afcgt 'atficlo,
OVOi oflojed.
' -Soldtpvcrywliore. iHn .
.vtftoaili taa Vrr'-M-
W.T.T "A r J
Sal'.don.for.thci. Hair.
t Phalon's "VtT!" differs
utterly from jjKitlic ."dyes,"
!f -cok) rcra,Vy?Kri ..'ircfltofcrsi'i
(fyn QiYtiC.r , It ,acts on .a
totallydyrcrchVlprihciblc.. It
is f Hrftidragrant, arid per
fcctlyyinnoct" precipitates
no"iruicfdy' briiaci-Cnt inia;
tcr, requires no shafyng up,
aTRl cmwm iicaSrlfoiath ta
the skin or tfieline-i. No
rnnrn ifc fur h-i r'tnA
i, wiivvsit ifc. iui- . 'V . ILs..
lii 1 o ' tlv llBfS v.
w .lll.lllll.-ll
in th'.
carefully observed
1 h 1 v.uK it
Dollar ucr
If your DruggisV Ins not
" Vitalia f on haw' write, en
closing iM.oo.iul we will
r wt
lorwaro it i;,nnu late
PiialAn, & ...Son,
ci7 Brohuav. N.y'
Dr. RI!
Golden Resmedies.
.trtl' I f flL.T. B' .IlV '1 ,!ni. It.".!;!! SB 1
Sfgoff, 91 ' I HCIf Altli l"ir at -v cuo vt illitiM,
laaayaUr lU ihtr fillt i i-jra;
i MiriiM- ) i.ui.i'i.. ii.i..
Vy , Nfi. 1 - a, ar- Uio
rrtiirtt altcrailrci tnirn. '
lis. Ml It A I. H llill,li:.V
. II f ! V Ml llMll.tlll I.
F , (jrtalit Tvula auil iitrlnjciit
Li the ouly rcllalilo ilhin i.c.
Tlif '' Iti'infilks r.r not aJrartljul to luw all
Cni.Uiiitj;ana liotM nonoi Uul are (raviiiltt
lo ttffct n Itallcal anil flply t'ur In all cum fsr
which IhfT are rtoorainen'lfil, whr n all ethf r tMit.
incut Im lulled. Teiu of thoman.ls y irly rij,
tv their usij. who lure lut all hniit. anl hteTu
nunnccJ as IneurJtla hy Hi best otv cmllc.it
JLiJlJIAI.S.VM, No. I. VtfS Dlcer. llrirUit
Horo Thr at anl Wiith, Pure Vyi,'l'utan
oiu HriiiiUini, CupiH r. ItciI XIMchnj. Surrnc.s
it tho sjcalp, HcTufulaAc. It I th Oritc.t Ih no
valor, AllrratlTO aifl lllooil Hurlfler Vunirn, rc
uSotaajallimtrcBifrtim tlu tyiteio, .uadjluvcs
rtf blnoa iioraty1halthy." " rt W
M llAI,sr, No, 2. cures lli'rcurl jp ,l:Rw
tloniltlisumHtUni In all Its formj, and
rlrcalramoiBaWriilUflaallcii.iei. t
s.i-rico ofAlthcr.No. I uri, i yzs uuiuc, cr iwo
IDo riJ. a ratMcal euro fr U uruiar
Hi. liKMUrS- ( 1 OLDEN
Ji- KMXilt Il'AMUtlt, n radial enirf for
Kcrrulli cr lgOll l)hllllY, In i.ll ur
ns i.imnitlliia ciwrxy with wonJcrful ctTvft.
tPAims, ,., hT,.trln. .r lira lot 00. II M.M t 'IJl ij
rtvlk. prtfc,thto .rill'i,wlliw
lilp(1.tj.aiy rrnuitfaUutlna''aldi.lo
all torrcsiiaiiilctits, Non lSuln?, without th
naraoof " PH. HIOnAU'SiHOLDEJl.JtKMKiilEH,
I). II. Itll'IIAlilis, toll i'Njirletgr," tlowa In
B$r&S'i fct? '-rtaflo tn.plleir'srt V'llbaf
illscounl, p r O
JUJrMs, lilt. 1). 11. niClUr.US, IC4 Varlck
atraaiLaav ri M
ri.ll ,i.i)l,.llil
sffScnd nion J
y t'xiirt'si. or order irooda
murkod (.'. u. I)., tlirmiKli jour ilnfilbl. anil
jou'wlll'iiKCl with uo-lo;i,
iu tk. . , 1 11. iii:-ii 1 E-jsuui
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Snccial Notices.
m i -in
iftrncn.'on HUl EtU anTtthaM
nr iprlfty or miiirurrleiy of getting mnrrlo.l, with
n nitary licli i .r those lio' feel unllttcl fonnat
rt&ioatal1 li.it las.- Neat free, la gealoit tntcl.
njitj. Ail'lr; HowAr.1 Af j:iaioii(lJtx J'( I'hil
nilliliiA, t'. ptl!i'lf,m
Tho liiipurUhnttlo I'crriime.
A?n rule, tlio i ,'iimi',.. w in i.syliare nopcr
mam niylO'At hour tii1 two ufli-r thnlrlsn', tfisio 11
nutracaor p-tftsnialoft HoirUllltrcntUlliarc
(fill nueci'HIn j tlnlSi. of Marry anil ritnman'if
rtiiM'Vfhfrr. Dijaffcr 'HapprteMran'tho
bindlrcretilft rxhhs a tng.t dcllghimi.ilcllAte
and ofrconblo Irasrwu. , tuntUltbilly
4 Tins TO DO TO J'LOUiuA .V '
lulolimo nl attrrr'I'Ai t
t . PH.. ...i,-uii.'. n. . " ' " " .in. a rnVHTIIII
fully tin' i :-n i, 4ti,ui.Mlo M iiamM i tim
ai.iioMi.iy i nl cin tru.Mi' J nwu li Jiiiiijy
MsnSuiw.. ilio r.fl nt.fi nir-t imi.,iii t ni. i; "i
Sjriti.tn Irnt lo nycH ttkln.tuiaiiaiidtSib. i
cf all ..at'i vnllilncTiltr nl fir II J. Hirpoe, m
w ..n'-r. i,ii ttm., wrii uvnn in y nuiivv n
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It I'.ilnl 1 tan ru.ornmer.il. i fvl (hHoIIu'Ih t
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w jnrnl p
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pnimnliKh I wwiM ptv.1t ! VuUlkniii lU luif
irnitoroli bkhi iTtii, aril llitnirilry ml trami
.1 1. ' Hi aixl Kn'.vrcrlw oro 1'iciucl ihrr. I
flwiJkii.iaO.cMta inurtaio t..Mrioniilet Hot
;.ii u.'4irivrr bri.iicc.Biwi.iUiuaiuiar' :
nuhr I. j liftt-r. nfi I r-torrrw cmraln at llntjt
iitin tiCQf .Tit inrr-. Ti.rtir.Ti'tifinftriJk
1'Utttl.t l
in.tS .Itfi. a l It In.lli'Cti.A a tftnmif
nppi Ills i ruii, ! i till Is th etu, U.r irtii raiJjr
uoiiinm imii. na iimi iiMiniir. lou.s I mil.
Ji 1..111, .it, Uitwra.a, jra Cuve, ami man
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ticn liiiiiiiniiBrai mI it it m.i nccf.uo'l i wr,
lilt, Mlivio a V"!"".'?'.' ter iiixriittjluiuiur
to rrcncnt c.ll. I.j It crru.a to iha aliDrtlr i
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Kitthofpadi (rprM!Mv"i'rwtriiM WMf.t.. '
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villi it uriiW UTir. a liOTV aJ Hj:racM,diTnrc.l
l.iwcti, h .rn thrin, urc ,u!ul , f rtln vhc-a
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ilrTi'i,l'..l't'm,1:.,i'i,mnlr.nt I'lflimn.'
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tucat' Wl t.a. nviuwuurr.'ll" llrxof uru
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Jln-vUiHIMtiVnal yA if if J J? C.j srt f.i
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..tf LjlcLLItel. tUi. -It 11 lil ll 1 UT L.l Luflulli.rf,
f"!trtliistfrr!M.ir Tff. l.1l,'?!'!','H:.,
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t b.-t'tt up
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liimilitl-o kcjitrcrulatlyat that mint t.y meant 1 1
ath rn i, ; ,-, I'taucUa atl4iit taku Ii.. ti, r
f.ei : 'ilu l...ula ut tLu r na hy tibUIh.- ii
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lUi.r. vtw.lfultli. 1 1 1 1. li, and tho rmr. i
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l.iiuiuian r iJily learn, t-hiihr thry arn tur
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I. ut.
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J. II. Bairxw, JI,P.
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Cairo liullctlii oftlcc.
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, i'iuiw, 11 ucioai
OAino, xxsrjxro-oxis.
Also, keep constantly cn hand a most com
plete atook ot
Scotch and Irish Whiskies
PDrt, WiadeiraV Shefry, Catafiaw
, Wo are airents lor J. Held A Co.'s Celebrated
V fri rtrlii.lrely for Ca.li, to which lant w
Invito tho attenti n uf clo.o tiarsaln buyers.
Scc.Al attention L'lvrn to fllllnK onlers.
'.it 1: ,4rt- Hi.' -it -iA
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Confection Merchant
Has Uemored to Ills Old iitMs4
r: r
U Commercial - Avenue '
yrbr h so) lot l a rontimiatien of patrnnafe m
lilalormureu.ui iiiuri.aantll as that of man
new one as nuiy n ait prime Krocerln, tiroillon
cti'., remarkfthl erifp r,,f cath. '
Tetmat Hrrirlly rjwli, for sihtch ho fill aell
owortluo the loviont. . nt
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uccesfMo Pfrsiie'n. IIBiNcti ft'Ha'ru.)
A(aatsr Auirl .st Puwdar Co., nasi
JlrutuUctnrcra AKtmtafar Ctta Vara
.Ci r oo e r
no. ii Ohio I,i' roe,
Npcrlnl ntscntloii rItoii to Coualgss
Diunta mid FllllnK rlra
V.Sueci-or lo Johnq. Iturnian Co.,J
74,' Second F.roorVOHIO' LEVEF-13
C3ivi3CO. Xll.,
liny aiul Sell Real Estate
I iritMail AU.ST.il A UT.H OF T1TI.I.
a.m l'strrAKK to.wr.TAnrcjca
Importer and Wholesale Dea
Wines, Liquors
Atfc-n; for best brands of
forout lcladi
No. 75,01ITO LEV
Jftui jiut riMnlved'a full anil cojnjiiolentook.of
,T AlOANDl ii iHllUHSu
Gents' Furnishiny.Gootis
Ofve'rv ileserAitlou. w'hlciwln'ii Sh .1 n-.f.
ihatwii i ntrii,e;tiiiiTa p.RM.rvrrT:'
Shirts, lTaW.I'wcr et..
I . , - , J
III not excelled In. point ot prie.0, stylo aail mator
nUlntliis cv wy oilier market.
. i,. .. . ; . . )) ; winn.'1! avion
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thtUxlraardlMssi-rlaalaa nnjl CMlMaUr uai
trcaaloK .demand, for thasstlr f7.f "T tt rnt e T
1 , , ,'J fJl.l.l l 1H1IUC ll.'U
1st. That from tHopenliapnnstritiMi of ttoi.
CtaiMa tlwr-AUinMff'FIUXimYtMStiyRU
miormg.ireijuccicaaofM iinwaaaary..... ...f,
ud.-That thpriionfrr'fc rlMcraraitietlJ
Mfif tliliiD. wilnaa aslotMit f JbLUIaM 0O1T.I
f OUT not hitherto cnjojredbj apcacl wssrsn.
I. ThaV lhmiirilfrmrwhieA'lh Laiax
Kiuunii, i.. maniintriurrii arociauj lor vptic par
l-OSM.-ao UiiPORE, HAliu4.TJpttMT,6
nn J not 1UU to become fcratched.
4th. That Ui mmsA'whle thtr Js Mt.
uhnlk.li ! Qnll: ail.l. -Uul fM f III la i f
t -j ( it i ;i
CZ' I . If! 1 " 'S
1 1 1
r urotrtorsi
nni Jwiry. Diamond, tsoiiii aurtr, nmi
AVarej al.o Manufacturer of Jewelry Mil Dia
mond Stttlnw,
aSTo. 88 Kior3L&re
feole Agents (otthl place,' from fto'oarf-ist'
I , Manufitcttirlng'bptlcIaflalJo'CeMl
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TsJe -3
i-J riit)4 W'titinWiei'
u-alk. ejsia
tt; la'llu AHiuU
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uia(er than can bo tiipplled.. . . , . ' ft
T iMror fMln any kind ofworr. Jl tfttMtJe.
taairiMht; of rwtreiw rt s4 rtrtlj.
featf essaida It to ruaaret aatrwi ) tsitHl
DarawithoatcUana.ofiaUtthi;44Mgbut U
4 ClolUln and crot ajKmarVMSf lt
all other d.hS ltl7jBWIJs!?fc
rlnsTerybociyint IseanlsiliiiMnX
lulnR. . , ,-!. r, n ' r
netsra. uaaert naTaierem wieaaiiitnBn
style ef ftnlsh, sad respeetfally IdtIU ailake
rwit lu
tUuufaotiuod to Klta Ui4mcU.biBMMks.
tuU afld (Jet Ctrxilir. ,,,
"tt ti
lU 1.1 V1M
cinxr' )
Eighth St., between. Wiiblnatoj ft
Keep tlio !wi f ji dcAl uVfooVflLLaaiK
f aii.iie, t.ie.,'ai are rTeiafretl f M fVrMliMaa
uitba inostasvfviaidvialuiMlltXtsiMMtiyO
Sausage Maker'
Cnlro, -
w Order Wfetf orWHotll
ho full)t mtkfMtt ouiiiM-
leea,. r r
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butt, tisti
Nov. 21, n;o--tiiuiu
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1 diUttt'il ltM SaadaaslaVa'
And 1 iEve GtltuMmm
1 , -1 - - - r 1 1 "nl
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