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Ifew Time Table. "
On find after 13:30, p.m., Sunday, Doc.
elfa, the following time UbU will govern
the arrival and departure of pesseager
traim t Cairo:
Mall train lavea at 3:40 a.sn.
Ktpress, ' at 0 p.a.
bt. Loali and Cairo KxpraiM
leaves at 1:20 a.m.
Accommodation leaves at...l2:30 p.tn.
Mail arrives.... 1M e.m.
Ktprett, arrivos 1134 P '
.St. Louii end Cairo JCapress
errlvss 4:46 p.m.
The last named train leave St. IuU at
1 0.30 a.m. Traden can leave Cairo et,l:20
a m, reach Ht. Louis at 7:25 a.tn., remain
ii tbo city tlireo houn, and return to
Cairo at 4:45 p.m., thesatne day.
The li.;30 accommodation and Cairo and
Ht. Louis express leave dsilyj all-others
leave daily eicept Sundays.
"Way putengors tbould bear la mind that
the 3:50 p.m., train nakoa only four stop
pings between Cairo and Cent rail a, viz:
Jonesboro, Car bund ale, Du Quoin and
Ashley. The 12:30 p.m, train stops at all
o itattuns along the route
dec.ltf ' Supt, Cairo.
For pistol and cartridge and bowie
knives, go direct to P. Xeffs, No. 79 Ohio
Lovec. - dec9tf
The Surpriw Store will positively eloie
ta-morrow nlgki. To-taorrow will he
your atrenanee'to get good cheaper Uiaa
the cheapest.
Ir you want gooJ, itylUh and well
lUing suit of cloth, aaade to orslor, yott
suit go to P. Neff, No. 70 Ohle Ltve.
TiutPadueah Hoard of Trede 1 not a
tuot. Kobedy attend the Meting.
A saeetiag wa celled for lest night, the
object erhlchwa lo divide Use fund
and dissolve the orgsalasaWa. What ac
tion wa taken ws have net learned.
A I contemplate engaging In the tea
trade ettluslTely, I will give great tor
gains in groceries, dried and canned fruit,
candles, Ac., 4c, to close our my stoek.
Tea at New York price.
Dee.15. CU J. U. PHILLIPS.
Catena Oak CooKIHa Slovee-and
KvsalngSUr keatlngetovee--the Wet tn
me for tale by C. W. Henderton, It
CommercUl Avenue. See adverilseeneat.
Vf8tntAY' l'adneab Utrald say tbt
Tom Jon, living In Popo county, Illln
oia, about twelve mile from Pedacah, wa
killed by Dart Lynn, while engaged in n
difficulty on TuesJty morning last. Lynn
subbed Jones .with n knife In tho abdo
imn, from the effects of which he died.
Koa Sale. Tho undersigned bel ng d
tirous lo engage in some other business
hertby offers fof sale all the furnituie and
flituro In the Central houo on elh it,
at private sale. Parties wlthlngtoengtg
n betel business, call on the premise.
do3dSw JOdBPB BH088.
Kmafoue Notici. The Bv. Mr
.Sweeney will ChrlstUn
ohufek est Xlgateeata street, on 8undy at
halfjpsst 10 e.m., and half past 7,p.
Subject ef the morning discourse: "Heav.
en;" of the evening dlteeuraej "Pinal
Destlnjr of the Sinner."
spcctfully Invited.
taefpaalle it r.
Thi general Instructor of the Davis
Sowing Machine company it now In the
city, and would be pleased to meet overy
person who has' n Davis machine In use.
Persont who detlreto tee what the machine
it really capablo of the beautiful and wide
range of work It can perform should call
at Messrt. K. W. lluder's store to-morrow,
Sturdy dwlCdlt
choppers to cut wood on the line of the 8t
Loult & Iron MounUln railroad. Hal
faro ticket furnished at the ticket office In
St. Loult. Wages l 20 per cord. Apply
ut tho Tariooe Trood ynidi, or to
nov30tf. H. J. 1KAL, Charleston, Mo.
War is tiiii thus? KUJnb Hughes,
Uallard county, Jnformed n Pnducen editor
that hf dreye n number of cattle to, tho
Calro'parket last week, butteSng unable
t tell IheaarwM eoetpelled 1 drive them
homeagaU, Did Xlljak gages deaiead
more than his cattle ware worth or will
411 for elsewhere, or did our eattle buyers
refuse V pey the general market priceT
We should like to be informed T
KrsnTBobT must bear In Hind that the
fair and festival by the Indies of the Oath-
olio congregation, will open la Pblllls' Hall
on Monday evening next, and continue
until Wednesday evening. A tine Album
will be awarded to the most popular jroong
lady In the city, aUdspUneHdsevetieetave,
rosewood nieaowM be raft fce Ave
hundred eaeacee at one dollar pet; eaeaa.
The mean teraaausetaMt and Mstisa will
be vanf$4 ntni all who Mteni will aa, snre
to enjoy themselves. Admittance Only 34
. - f
oeaw. r
D. Lamwut, Ohio Levee, Wt testa
Klehta and tenth, street. an MUejnwi
and Improved! enevng and hnlt ansng.
and i JMMte tnT eususneta , tn
first class tyl.. H
Clean towels, sharp razors and courteous
attention aro among tho tt wet Ions of the
Pat Kelly was on a terrible "tear"
yesterday and last night, defying arrest
and doing pretty much as be pleasta
was finally arrested, however; but tho
squire being absent, he put spurs to his
horso and left town.
Two strange' negroes visited the fruit
stand of Rlnaldo Whttepast night,.and be
ing enable to purchase two pies for five
cents, seised an empty lemon box, smashed
White's windows and made their escape,
mold saade eeersh fer the rufiuns to-day,
but eeuld gala no elan to their 'WhaWr
In these times of Ugh prions, it is well
to rsnMsnber that children can be tuppUed
with shoes for lees than half the asnei an
nual cost by wearing atetnlHipaed shoes, say
nothing of stockings destroyed and health
endsngered by wet feet, arising from the
childlike habit of woaring out their shoes
at the toes first. fotfon Juurnal.
Cairo Barrkl Factort. Forty-flve
gallon lard tierces $1 80; pork barrels
$1 CO; tierces wlthltwo Iron hoops f 2 00
wbitky barrels, full bound, Iron hoops
12 25; dry bacon and ham.tierces, 26 Inch
noop, vorysioui,fi ou; ooor Kegs, o gal
lons, 2 40; 4 gallons $2 00; half barrels
$3 00; borrcls3 7S. Whisky half barrels
and kegs of all kinds, iron bound.
decSdCt J.W.3T1CELK.
A old Englishman who arrived from
Pulaski yesterday, got on a bender and at
2 o'clock to-day found himself with empty
pockets, a cracked head, bloody face and
under arrest fer disorderly conduct.
About noon ho undertook to effect an en
trance Into a down town house by smash
ing in the door. The "lady of the house"
stood, poker In hand,to receive her visitor,
and when he thrust hie knob Inside, she
smacked It, cutting his scalp and causing
tho blood to spurt all over hi face and
clothing. When we last saw him he wee
awaiting trial fer disorderly conduct.
Thi oyster supper in the lecture roew
of the Presbyterian church, last night,
called out eae of the largest crowds that
has been seen on a like eoeaeion during
the year past Everything waa most ad
mirably arranged end satisfactorily man
aged the result bumf entirely s Us factory
fail eonoofpod.
Considerable merrimsnt was occasioned
by. the sal of a bale of hay that formed
the donattoa of a levee gentleman, the tale
betag coupled with the condition that If
the hay was not removed within five min
utes, It would be retold for charge. The
pTitttas of the sale asnouated to about
f 00.
The affair was to eminently sociable that
everybody seemed lota to lesvs, when
tho hour for parting arrived.
The ladies enraged wlt toe maaagensent
deserve much praise for the cheerfulness,
industry and alacrity with w4tt ahoy par.
formed their trust. The eJhtr eeuld not
have been managed more successfully
even by the men!
TkCaiboCocmcilamd tmWoollix
Jacket. Councilman Meadel appeared
.. .kuitui. at Pair a 1m fthmin
woollen Jacket, and upon betag aeked why
ne wens w we council m wmn
Sunday want to church with a fiae black
.t nn M ikat lk nnuBcil Woucht him
nothing in, and he went tocsntrea for basi
nets I UAUSfO rrm Manmt,
To parties who are personally neeu tinted
1th Mr. Meadel it U uaaaaejaary to say
that the editor of the JYeis Xeaesi ha
slandered him. There It net a mere lit
eral hearted or unselfish gentleman than
Mr. M. la the city of Cairo, and that his
attendance on church or eeuacil h through
desire fer peltry gain, M so aut or nar
mony with bis character tnai we cen
scarcely "compose ourself la patience'
while we rebuko so unjust an Imputation.
When Mr. Mendel goes to church or coun
cil in black cloth dress cent or brown
woollen Jackot, the Idea of adding anything
to bis business doet not enter his head.
Avelntt no man of our acquaintance, in
fact, could tuch a charge be snore unjustly
Goods. Tbo best assorted, finest aad most
attractive stock of cold watehet and
chains, lockots, flngor rings and jewelry '
generally ever displayed In Cairo may do
found at K.4 W. Buder's, corner or nignw
street and Washington avenue. A Urge
portion of their present atock was pur
chssed with an eye special to the holiday
demand, and willheaeldata small margin
ovsreest. Silver and silver plated ware
also forp a f nature of the ettablithment
wortbv of particular notice, especially or
those who may detire to make lasting and
appropriate Christmas presents.
To parties ttestring to parents piano,
oraans or any kind of musical instruments
ne place In the eity presents greater nt
tractlont tnaataa etore or jeoeere. aauer.
Oo there before permitting yourself , to be
persuaded into the purchase of an Ustru
meat, aad you will thank ut far thi sag
gestlen. dHl3.t
Tna. OxTnAL Mat -Mabbt.
Msssrs. Pred Xoehlat ICo, of the Cen
tral Meat Market, dMUsltuadsntoo tbat
thay keep all kinds of meats, beef, pork,
mutton, lamb and vsal; that they buy and
elaugatatc the beat aad fattest animals
kuiU inllk - JrMi mA aarve
mvmwvm v wwm -1 r
out' the meat ia a neat and clees)ly man'
nsr, and deal with everybody fitirly and
Market baskets ef customers delivered
free of charge to any part of tacelty.
Vreta sausage ea tale every saoralag.
Buy your meats, then, at the Centra
Meat Market, near the corner of Tenth
street, on Waibingtos avenue.
Local Hhevitiib. The Rov. Mr
Sweeney proposes to protraet his stay
tho city through the winter.
P. M. Wnra employs the columns of
the Bulletin to tell the people that he
deals In coal as well as wood, and Is rsady
ti deliver the former, anywhere in the city
at the low price of four dollars and a half
per ton. His office is over Beerwart, Orth
Go's stove store.
The Rough and Ready fire company
aa fullv Installed In their new eaalne
hens, aad nave everything meet coolly
'aad' eeatealeoUy arranged, ht 'harder
t . . " t 4 a ii.mii.hu
weratag o mom nwiwi v j-
caanot be' und in Illinois.
Our fellourltlsen, W. A. Hloey Ji
wee married' yesterday) 'to Miss Abbie
Gees. The. Ceremony was performed la
Kalamasoo, Michigan. His friends In
Cairo will unite with us In wishing him a
world of domostlo bliss.
The Athensum was filled to overfiow
tng last night tho gift feature of the en
tertainment drawing out citizens who never
beforo attended place ef publio tra use
molt. Tho prlnolpal cash gift ($25 in
greenbacks) was drawn by Mr. Schwanltz.
The chisf gift to-night will be a like sum
in greenbacks.
Dr. C. Uerricko whose "mysterious
dltsppoarance" formed the subject of con
siderable speculation for St. Louis report
ors, has "turned up" sound and hearty.
Ho had merely been out of town on bull
nets went out without "telling anybody"
and being missed, nobody could account
for his abseneo. Hence the 1 mysterious
Stolen Monkt IUoovieeu A Tuoa
ovau Search. Something ovor n week
ago Bob and Jim Allison, two notorious
outlaw, robbed Mr. Bruce Woollard, of
Smith county, Tenaessse, of sixteen hun
dred dollars cash, and giving their wive
part of the money, left by rail for Mem
phis where 'they expected to meet their
women who were ordered to corao on ba
river. , ,
Detective Ryan, of Memphis, arretted
the Allitont on their arrival, and tele
graphed Arnold and Shaaaetey to keep a
lookout for the women. On the arrival
of the itcetuer John Kyle,' yesterday, Ar
nold and Bhannessy went on board, found
the women, took them to a hotel aad
searched them. A diligent search' failed to
disclose any portion of the ttolea money,
aad' the search was about to be abandoned.
As n last resort the women were ordered
to divest themselves of their drawer.
Their eppareat consternation at this or
der confirmed Uo offictrt in the opinion
that they were at last on tbo right track.
The women protested it "was a shame,"
but the officer were laexerabl. The ua
dergerments called for were handed over,
and, securely sswsd up in one pair of
them, wero I C20 of the stolen money.
portion of which waldeatlfiod by Mrs
Woellard at his own.
The women were sent back to Nashville,
last night, whore, w'lthln the walls of a
prison, they will, probably, be .'permitted
to Join their husbands.
The People's Meat Marbit. O
Gayer A Co., PaoraiEToaa. Tee meat
market just opened by Gayer aad Co., at
thecoraerof Washington Aveaae aad
Tenth ttreet, It Just-eaaetly snail a meat
market as those who know Gayer would
expect aim to establish wawa be "spreads
himself." Xreryahiag it s4w; firsarj
painted, aad wears an air-of eeaamasMse
that aootto will fail to essatasni.
Gayer, AvGo. are, saaopg' the eldest and
most exerleotesd butehersof the country
and have learned' that It pays best to keep
flrtt class meats, aad aommanrl first ssass
custom. If cltlteas iaeuM, U efere, e
cure splendid fresh sneats7per besif, mut
ton, veal, lamb or aafft t n aaa a
ways find them in.aay natHdaetrcd
ho PoopVs meat
Just trylt.
Look ATavavPaicaa; Awhlte shirt
for 31 ; 5 pairs of aaaa's steeklags for f 1 ;
a large traveling buket for $1; BTaad
scapes $1 ; largo china vaiei 91 ; fine writ
ing desks; four bottles assorted perfumes
f 1 ; and n thousand other articles equally
cheep, at tho Dollar Store. 138 Commer
cial avenue. dStwlt
A Paoor. Nothing Is better proof of
the excellence of an article than tho fre
quency of imitations of it. These coun
terfeit are the universal tributo which
worthlewnest pays to merit. The sterling
worth and popularity of the Charter Oak
Stove it attested by this standard.
deo 12 daw It
Election. Notice. Notice is hereby
givo, that thero will bo a meeting of tbo
stockholders of the City National flank on
Tuesday, January 10th, 1871, for tbo pur
pose of electing seven Directors to servo
during the ensuing yesr.
declOdtd , A. J). BAFFORD, Cash.
A WomTOn BtDxatT.No body
ovss to bo gay.' t ThW's human asluru
Every body detests taair dyos and tho
eedlmeatal 'act a-dyea." That's iumaa aa
turetoo. PiiALasr'f ViTAiu.oa HAtra
tiov vpa the HAia. which literally re
juvenates, gray hair, is froo from filth aad
sediment, which dsfile the dyes aad "act
vdeasV:... , V a
Sold by all diuggltit and fancy r gopd
dsMors." f w
: r
rlttt KaUaal Urak of Cairo,
J)e. to, lew.
Tae anma) meeting for the" elaoiion of
five JMrooiort will be asUal this Bank,
Tuesday, Jan. 10th, 1871, between the
hours ef 10 o'clock aja. and 4 pan.
dtd, Cashier.
Ratfle axd Free Ball. A splsndid
gold-headed cane will be dltpotsd of by
rafilo at Mrs. Gibson's, corner of Fourth
and Commercial to-morrow evening at 75
cents a chance. A free ball will be given to
which all are cordially Invited. The cane
li n very handsome and valuable ons. 2t
Fiona- Choice Family Flour la bblt
half bblt, tacks, Ac, fer sale at taoBgyp
tlaa Mills. au
A large stock of furnishing goods of til
kind always on head at P. Nfs, No. 79
Ohio Levee. dec9tf
Fresh BalMm era oysters served in any
style desired, can be obtained, at any hour
of the day or night at Louis Herbert's
restaurant. Also oysters for salo by the
can, in anyjqnanllty desired, at the same
price. tf
Residents of the neighborhood of Four
teenth streot and Washington avonue will
be glad to learn that John Petri, one of
tho oldett and most successful butchers, has
opened a nsw most shop in the Blanken
burg building, where all kinds of fresh
meats, beet, pork mutton, veal lamb, rene
ison, taustgo, etc, of tho best quality can
always be had in quantities to suit pur
chasers. Customers may send their chil
dren and any kind of meat called for will
be furnished, full weight and at the rates
ruling the market. Petrie asks a sharo o
patronage, and will guarantee full satis
faction in every instance. Dee 2 lm
Thk splendid run of custom enjoyed
by Messrs. Goldstlne 4k Rosen water, 138
Commercial avenue, is dus to the fact that
they keep exactly what the trade demands,
aad tell everything at tho lowest possible
figures. Their Winter supply of ladles'
dress goods, Irish poplths, merinos, lustrss,
alpaca; mlak aad other furs, bleach aad
brown sheeting aad domestics, is unusu
ally tall, attractive, and will be sold at
lower prices than like goods have been of
fered daring the season.
They desire to call especial attention to
their stock of clothing, a large addition to
which was , received thi day.
Every- article i of th best
make, and the variety is so general
that no one can fall to suit himself alike
ia style, quality of goods and price.
A largestock of white, colored aad vari
egated yaras are offered at greatly reduced
prim In sheet, for eaytatag Itv the dry
goods and clothing lino It will pay to go
directly to Goldstlne A Rcaeawator, as they
are In ecoadltloa to serve euetosaen with
anything in that llae ia the meet satisiac
tory manner. delSdetwlw
Cletiae? vat Bait
, Twcnty-flvo thousand dollars worth of
ady.niade clothing, hats, caps, boots,
oes, Iruukt and valoses are offered for
a Vsbr P. Neff, 79, Ohio Levee, at AC
TUAL COST PRICKS, It bslog kit in
tension to close out In that line aad em
bark eiVtanrTely and more extensively in
the furauhffig goods and merchant tailor
ing business.
This closing out tale furnishes an oppor
tunity to secure clothing cheaper than
ever before offered in this market.
teas story brick resides, admirably
aiiaagil, with large grounds (4 lots), ait
sAtst an the corner ef Holbreok aveaae
aaTwenty4Urd street, will be told ea the
meet rtaaonsbte terns. It is located on
high grounds, la aa woelleat neighbor
aaed, the grounds containing bearing fruit
trees; vines and choice eelectioasef shrub
bery. 'It Is, ia short, aae of the aempletost
cents in the city.
Apply to W. H. THOMAS,
At Thomas, Ore ea sYAlden s
Fair aad Festival.
The Ladies of the Catholic cong roga
tion will hold a Fair and FesUval (Christ
mas week) in Mr. J. B. Phlllis' Hall car
ner Tenth street and tho Levee, commenc
ing Monday eveniagtae19tk last., and
wjll continue during the three tuccettivo
There will be a varied assortment or at
tractive and fancy articles to sail tho taste
A beautiful Album, to ba awardod by
ballot to the MOST POPULAR YOUNG
LADY in the city. VEBY FINE
NEW PIANO wblch'cost five hundred
dollars, to be raffled for at one dollar per
Nothing will bo left undone io please
all,, Supper, fifty cents; 'admittance, 2
Tho public are luvltad to attend.
Doors open at 7 o'clock p.m.
Dee.2Tue. P. ft 19, 2021.
As heretofore anaeuneod, the Bee. W.
Al Bartlelt.of Chicago, will deliver a lec
ture at tha Athaeum..oa next Tuesday
leveaiag,'the20tb, at half pat t seven o'clock.
Bjnjcct!, "JORn .uainoaian. jawuiw
.staaMacats. ticks for ml e at toe book
stores ofW; B-. leskwell Qp, aad H,. A
Hannon. ' '
Mr! llartlettraaks among the first lee
turm kaecm-to the eeuatryt aad it ie
kuf siiai ik uelvertal ssaistROtwa he
I- 1 1 1 . . . .... it. .L..'l.' fv...
gave wnen no leoiurtu o(w "
yeah ee&'tegeteer wHa tna impottaaoa
aad intarast.ef m ubJot to be treatea
of, vfthii tip Vaar
him taw Mate; a evsleertalai,
canart e Ms4Wf9FMVly r pltae
aatly taaa af stos)ag to the taieated aad
aloquebt Ma!tV)inal
,'By oruer iae Ittctura Cematittas,
Y. U. C. A.
That Peter Noff, No. 70 Ohio levoo, is
closlng'out hit largo and well selected stock
clothing, boots, shoes, lints, caps, trunks
and valises, at and
It it hit purpose to embark more exton
tlrely in th o merchant tailoring and fur
nlthlng goods business honco the deslro
to close out the stock above enumerated.
Beys, UtrU, Parnate, Ersryltody, Leak
Boys, girls, fathers and mothers these
two paragraphs are especially dedicated to
you. P. Baup, 103 Commercial avonue
hat brought on the largest itock of toys
and confsctioaariet ever opened In Cairo.
We shall not attempt to enumerate We
shall only say that tho supply embraces
everything yet invented to ploaio, In
struct and entertain littlo boys and girls
Many of the, toys are highly ornamental;
others are very curious, and all are fully
forty por cent, cheaper than like article
wero ever before offered in this tnarkot,
Littlo boys and girls, oven folks of msturo
growth, find it impossiblo to past Saup's
establishment without stopping. Tho at
tractions insido are irresistible. And no
wonder. Think of twenty-sis large cues
of toys-steamboats, locomotives, sol
diers, bortcs, dogt, catt, elephants,
dolls, toy furniture toys that walk and
cry do everything but think and talk
animals that howl and barhr and squeal
and bellow balls, marblet things cu
rious, things ingenious, thing ornaments
nd all so cheep that anybody can securo
a full supply for Chrlitmail
Tben again there are the confections
the largest and best stock ever seen in
Cairo. Candies, mint and gum .drops,
fancy candies and kisses everything In
tho candy line, aad all of tho purest qual
ity and most popular brand. But enough.
If you want toys and confections lor me
holidays or any other dayt, there ie one
place where you can suit yourself beyond
doubt, and that place ie at P. Saup's 103
Commercial avenue. nov!7tf.
Shell oysters received every
day by
Louis Herbert
Arlington, CotumUif. , LWa Jtomll. I'a-Iuoan
jnna Ki. vincinaeu, " Si.. v. .rlTnl"
JIIeK wan; uui, m. """
OraadTowar.BtMult, twlM, .'...,
julit Via VaiUt, Aik Klrer,
Arilostoa. CMombui. Uda Norfall. Iluf
ItarW dir. MBral, Tttom. MswavUla.
Uraad Tower, " ioha Kf la, Kw Url ai,
stera MUIer, Niels Wall. Slhreveport,
W If Brova M Laws. Ju la. Vktstmrt .
P. YarMe. LouistllU.
The weathor is ag!n clear but the
temperature remains about the same. The
thermometer indicated 32 decrees this
morning, and the clear sunlight had not
succeeded ia raising it very snucn si noon.
Tho river is about statienary.
The Mstiltslppi is stationary at St.
Louis, withsii feet water abovo Cairo and
tea feet bo low.
Tho Ohio Is about ttatioaary at Pitts-
bun. with eiebt feet water in the channel.
It is r Is nc at Louisville wttu tnree loei
six inches in the chute down the falls and
six feet ever Portland bar.
The Cumberland is falling with three
feet oa Harpetb gnosis.
Basinet her continues gooa.
The John Kyle, anew, splsndid aad
eapaeiou steamer, received 3W teas here
for soutuera points.
The Mary MUlor reshiped to torn a.
sorted freight tor points below Memphis,
and received 10 tons here for Memphis.
The Norvell brought out 60 bdls bubs
for Cairo, U caddies tobacco fer I. C. It. B.
6 hhds tobacco, 62 bdls hubs, 23 pkgs hides,
and dried fruit for St. Louis, 5 tons sun
dries for other points.
Tho Idlowild brought 30O bels pota
toes, 60 bales bsy, 60 coops poultry, for
reshlpment to Now Orleans, and 20 tons
assorted freight for other points.
Tho St. Joseph discharged 422 bales
Ksstern cotton, 300 sks drlod fruit here for
the I. C. R. R.
-Over 3,000,000 bushel of coal has loft
Pittsburg on ths present water. About
half a million bushels will como below
Louitvlllo turely, unlets Ico Intoruptot,
and perhapt moro can be spared from
Captain Fegrama mammoth tide
beol tteamer, Jatnct Howard, it expected
to detcend tho fallt neit Monday, and
leave for St. Loult about the middle of tho
Cant. Perrv't new ttornwheelor, John
Howard, it completed at Louisville, and is
about ready to start for tho Arkansas river,
Sho it to run between Little Book and
New Orleans, and it built osprestly for car
rying cotton. .
The Mollle Able and W. J. Lowit aro
overdue for New Orleans ,
The Colortdo it tho regular packet for
Memphis aad Vieksburg this evenieg.
The Qulckitop it the regulsr packet
fur Ivansvjlle to dayv
Th Llde Norvell leaves dally for l'a.
Tun Davis eewiag machine for sale only t
by Mettrt. W. Hudor, cornor of ,
Kighth 4f'' w4'y4h4pif,toii avenuij
gives the most Mnboundel satisfaction ti)
all who have it la Use. It performs the ,
wiue range Ol wpra in ae w jiw.wiw
maaatr, it tlwpltiln iu eonstruotton, run (
easily, aad cannot gei out of repair. Po
full partlcultrsMcal)stMcsr, D's, and gut
a descriptive ptqaphltt.
' 1 !ahtt i.
The a, Y.T.'to. it iuoahds;
here for New Orieam.
ThuraiUr Erenlng, Dec. II, 1370.
Tho general aspect of business remains
unchanged, and thero it not that activity
which characterized tho market last yctir
at this time ; but the sumo complaint Is
heard from ovory direction. Tho spring
llko weather thnt ha prevailed sinco tho
opening of the prosent season ha had an
effect upon business, suid has not contrib
uted anything to tho advantage of our
market. But there can bo littlo douU
that, In a short time, the Mississippi above
us will be rendered unnavigable .by ice,
and then wo may anticipate an activo and
driving business campaign In Cairo.
It will bo tocn by our quotations, that
the low grades of Flour find ready iaIo nt
improved price, and that in the higher
grades, although dull, a firmer feeling ex
ist. Wo roport littlo activity in Oats, whilo
Corn It In good demand.
FLOUR. Tho dotnand for the low
grades is good. Tho slock In tho market
of theso grades is much reduced, and arri
vals find ready talo nt improved prices.
The better grades are still (lull, and find
talo only at oidort require, but wo noto n
firmer, feeling. Tho tales wero
to bbU L8ufKr..;....... ....-...tl to
10 " Hupcr (winter whct from utorn 4 23
:iS Huucr (o XXX - - 4 to
M 11 XX (winter from Ktore-. 4 Tiii W
200 XX.... ,i 00
1V " XXX i TSafl i")
to XXX (winter wheat) from toro 73
Vrx " Various Ora.lti, on orUe r 4 WU M
From City Mills wo have roports of tho
following lulos
eobMii Super - ti im
to Lk Super 4 7.1
100 ? t 5
ISO xxx siee e
10D ,XXXX.-...... 7 tl
AO 11 Kutnily. 7 M
OATS. lluycrs and tollers apart, and
no activity in the market. Tho talcs re
ported wore
SO sack , on order,......... 4(V:
S ctn,ttotn ttara 4 la
Oats are always quoted in this market
in $aeki and never in bulk, Tho printor
inodo ut quoto them in bulk last weak, and
merchants havo been considerably annoyed
by the rulitake.
HAY. Cholco If ir fair demand, but
the lower grades aro neglected. Sales
tint Hltad.ilellrarcil 414 uis SO
2 " on track. 17 UIkIS ixi
t ' CJKle,oa trok.....-........... It M
, CORN Is In fair domand, and receipt,
, we believe, find tale at quotations. Hold
ers aro generally firm. Sales wero
Scars White, oo order", delimrd ,. lie
I 11 Mixed, dellrered..-.... Mc
SO sacks MliKl, dellteied Si
3 ar Mixed, la bulk t'Mt4o
t 11 " rromiOur,drlivrHl......n SJo
S " (newberlaiM) " SiaSJo
t 11 fruaatoct ....
WHKAT la la fair demand for mill
Ing, but receipts aro very light.
CORN MKAL. 60 bbls. Steam Dried
City Mills at S3 25. and 100 bbls. Klin
Dried at S3 00 conipriso tho sales ttneo our
jail report.
I1RAN. 70 tons from City Mills told
at $18 00 in sacks.
liUTTKR. The demand It very light.
Wo have reports of talo of 4) bbls. Cholco
Northern at 32c, and d pkgs. Choice
Southern Illinois at 30c. per lb.
KOUS. Tho talcs compritu 4 bbls, 'i
boxes and 3 pkgs at 30c.
POULTRY. Nothing doing in chick
ons. fi coops turkeys told tfI5 uO0$18 00
and 4 doren Ueiso at $0 60.
APPLES. 25 bblt., Ordinary, told at
f 2 6003 00, and 100 bbls. at 4 00 4 60,
according to quality.
POTATOES, 60 bushels Northorn
sold at HOc.
SUN DRIBS 3 hhds Sugar sold at 1 1
12(o)Uc; 5 bbls. Oniont, from ttorc, at
$9 OO; bushels Common Whit Ik' it us at
9160; 10 bushels Cholco Navy Beans at
$1 762 00.
SACKS. Ounnlus. 22j'.3c; ro-sowed
Gunnies, 23J2ic; Burlaps: 2) bushel,
rcorn, laJlUo: 4 bushols, 16(SlUJc; 4
butnoit, locj & butnuis, iuc.
FREIO UTS. Unchanged.
rlth Well Founded.
lu old lltnio, at I .ie couiineucainsat of uutj
season, It wastlio fashion to takn a strouK eathar
tic at a safeguard H alnst achate ol tniMraiuri.
It was a wors than scntsleta prartiee, Thn teo.
pleof our dy imUeritnd tho inaller letter. In
Uad of UtpUtlagtha tyatem lliuy rcluorco It
In tha method thoy adopt they exhlolt a wise dc
crlniination. luntcad ofrt'tortlnctolheTltlatrit
timuUats of coninivrre, or any of tho compound"
Merited from tlitin, they put their faith In the
only ahtolutaly pure inTljformil procurable in Ilia
market Jloutter's Btomarh Hitters. Thtlrfaith
it well founded. Ni ver ban any tonic medicine
hern prepared with tuch scrupulous precision
and cncientoui4 rare. It l n tegetftt.lo com
pound of which aver) Ingrcdieut is mund, whole.
Home, and 'nieJIclnul' in tho trim of th
word. Now, wo have three premium! nutwr.u
compUinU. One-half tKoihiull pupulation of Hie
Unltl Ktutius kuthr inuru or !, either from din.
rue of thu lomach, deranneitirnli of the Urn,
or alftclin of theklJueys. In no other Und ua
ilerllMTvn are thane inaladira u ijeuernl as in
tlila country, and Hosteller's Hitler h a rciHi
for them all, unless orgaulu In Ueir orUI,
therefore, beyond cure. Awl 1st lh "l" r
forluasjeenonth to (exempt from lliuii prv
eat wJaeataite t fel,.' ' ! ... cwm.
Innal um of thU Wtahs.ng wnU-will h ccrlulnly
prarent Uxera aa the suu will preeut Ua earth
from freeainir where iu S""'' "' Jenceml
dfClS.(lt .
y001 AND sATe.
la prepared to di'liier lblvt
Fire Wood Stone & Coal
in toy part or the city, Ut any quantity de.Ued,
ou thoit notice. '
Caal Dellverf 4 at 4 49 Per Tea. '
OFFICR-Over Ileerwarl,
Orth A Ca.'s slave
store, twodourn abote tho corner el Kijhth street
ua vswmerciai arenue.
IITlnt fur rcooTered from tho efTeeln of tlin
lute flrean to allto rpiitmo bufin, r
tliprnKOlvi-s of lhi method to Inform the jraMIc )
that they hTooicnf(lalUkerjonlhe
Cor. Eighth St. & Washington avenao
Where tlier arc prepared to ftrte their ctniemtrsj'- J
with tha or ' -
Cake, Chrletaaaa Catidlrw and Coafsc
tloae taetteaaily,
On the most reaonaUe tsrmt. Tliey will,
hfteiofore, keep a full tnppty of
In thttntnafactnroof which thty hare acquire!
aflriit-clM, reputation.
Theyresiwufuujrjoiiclta sharo of the publio
patronage. deoltlf
he undernigned Iim Wn appointed' BOLBj.
:NTa InCtiro.lllinoli.tor thesalaor tho-aowr c
33 oil jVEetal Pens.
Thcjo I'cni are now nlme.t exclusltely in usn
In all the RuTPrnmrnt detaetments, bivnkuiK and
commrrntal houses and publio Khools throughout
the Unl tel f intes. They can rw used safely in red
Ink. Knell pen guaranteed as durable a tight
ordlntry tcl pen.
flamplts Orall. M OO per. Oroaa.
dcctUSt B. A. IIAXflOH.
...i.. AT THE (
Cairo,City Book Bindery
I preparcrt lo
MantifMcture Illank Booka and do ml
kinds or IleokDIadlnsr na Rallnt;.
73 Ohio Itevee,
noxTlf '
AihI Avnt of
INTO. 70 OBXO ZillVll
, ux.
HiTriMoat or Aria A Co..
General Commission Mercbant
o. i:t"l, lilo I.uvvc,
novlltf OA I HO, ILL,
. I). Mathuss.
i c. uu
Commission Merchants
1 35 Ohio Lorco, CAIRO, ILLINOIS.
Special attention siren to the purchase and sala
.TANUAItY 2, 1871.
Aro perfecting armuvinenU for a Oraiid
9Tiw Year'Mliiill,
To bd given U)
In SohotBFB HX1
Tho nianagers 11 assnro the publl that no
eHnrt will he preit lo make the occasion credit
able alike to the company and the cily, and worthy
ef therwtpmsKOofthepubllo. .
I,e those who feel dlsposod to raeoiulto th
terrice. ol ihe 0inany, and earnentry desire lt
inixperiiy. Mir lwkil, wl ir possible, tttctvd.
Tho'iuititloiiuto thn public Keocrally, and all
well U-haved por.oniwlll ta welcomed,
f A '
TKAMMIII'N I rni Wrcblt IvwtStMew
YarU, l.lvSrt4qweatetwM.
Kr pAssaur Bpply lo " t'HAS "f. BtNUK,
' - - in . ; . . we'. . .
J3 )STi wj
ud alt kin
poll AI.I. KIM OF
Ho lo the SUIMtlui.'t.;Tli ijvVetC
lath Complete! in Boot hero- lllinol.
Mini mm
ntUUilbmrat. tf

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