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Xnr Tlsno TnMc.
On nnd nftcp 12:30, p.m., Sunday, Dec.
1th, thu folloivltij: tiuio tnblo will govern
tho arrival nnd dopartnru of passenger
trnltu nt Cairo:, i. . .
DF.PAtlT.' f
Mall trnln lcnvcsat U 3:40 n.m.
Kxpress, " " at 3:80 p.m.
St. Louis nnd Cairo KxprcfM i
leaves at 1:20 a'm.
Accommodation leaves nt...l-:30 p.m
A Kill VII. . ,
.Mull arrives 2:05 a.m.
Kxpren, arrives l!i:2 p.m.
St. Louis find Cairo Kxpress
j Arrives M un.
Tho last named train loaves .St. Louis fit
10:n0 a.m. t Traders enn lenvo Cairo lit 1:20
ii .in., reach St. Louis nt 7:l!5 n.in., romaln
n thu city three hours, and return to
Cnlrp aV Ii 10 p.in.;-tbo.iiinodiiy. . .
Tliu rJ:"0 accommodation and Cairo nnd
St. Louis otfprcsi leave daily all othurs
ltiavo dally dxcept Sundays.1
Way passenger ahould bear In mind llmt
tlio 3.0 p.m., train make only four stop
pings between Cairo ntfditientrariia, fir.
JoUPsloro, Carbondale, l)u tjuoln rd
- c stations along mu romo.
' Csdpt.' Cairo.
dU'itf f
.loiiy SACKimnunn.wat tho winner of
KocfflcrtoM'tfafcfefl AnWiff con.
(ratolite him on h'u, "L'ood luuk.i a
C jl AliitcJ Carnal prcswiVf U a pair of
(Jcnta SJIppcn tho. ilnoit ni tho '"City
Shoo Store Ct
KolUpftUli 'tuJ.artrliBhCnrid bow in
knives, go direct to 1. NefTa, No. 70 Ohio
,U)V. , .. . .. r ... decotf
One of oar ministers s;avo hii heareri
a disoourso on Heaven, yesterday morales;,
nnd Irt tho evening a diseoarso, on Hell.
.ttjiH r .1 , l" ;i r
, Ladles' ondU nos' Ilultoncd and .Sid
laced Shoe Imlrenctifkid and oil goat at
vltatySboeilor).M ' Ct
"Vk htiir It Llntod that a popular vhnrf
bit clerk was caught in tho mci'ios of
hymen on Saturday. .As no announcement
u tent Tn wo do not feci nuthorlxoJ to
.iu Willi i?m
ti.. i
Ir you ws.nl u
stylish and wcll-
Uttiiii; miltof. clothes, tnjulu to ori
muitRO toP. Xe'tT, No. TU'Ohlo L
to ordiy, you
II 1 7 ' i I. i J I . 1
wv conw
jkrnpltUj'cpijnjj'laj; lh the tea
n'ivoly, I "will glvo great' bar-
trado cxclui
r ttfkl'Hilu.Kycof'i drljsdtand .canucd fruit,
candies. Vc, Aal to, close out my stock.
Tens nt Now York prices.
u.itoc.1.'.. U. JLtJ'IIILLir.S.
, '
1 Tr the Kjyrt!an foundry, tho nghbor
Ing sash nnd blind factory, and ono or two
olhor old ciiipty tbclls on tho Icvec, wero
torndowtv or occuplod, tho appcarntico o
that portion of tho city would bo improved
greatly. Can't somebody buy 'em for
kindling wok1 Y
CitAitTrrt Oak CooKt.io Stovus and
Kvcnlng Star heating stovM the best in
ue for'iala by C. f. Hendorjon, 190
Ctimmcrclsl Avenue. Sen advertisement.
av Hofular Convwcatloi of Cairo
rClptftf 'No;r71, tC. A."M., Tuci.
kday cysning, Dc. 'JOth, for Instal
lation of ofllwraaml other lmportmit buI
hcm. lly order of tho M. E. II.
Foil Su. Thu.undeMigpedbng da
ifroWtu cnuiea inJsotiiu citlicrUjinInuii
lioreby otTorn for falonll tho furnituio and
n...-. l.. .1... r. I'll. .1
HAViirvi hi mu uiiiihi hwhj uii .....
at prJjftttQsnJc., lVtc4wihltigtoengag
n hotel busincu, call on tho premises.
' -Jat(icb,-ndiiw '' ' u,joseph imoss.
''tnzilffifil'ti y'tftUit will tecturo In
thoAtlienoiim, to-morrow night, beforo tl.o
Young lion's Christian's nisoclatlon. Th'a
raverenJ gontlcman's lccturu dolivorcd in
this city threo or four years ago, gave tho
most unbounded satisfaction, nnd thoso who
heard him then need notibo urgod to bo on
hand to-raorrow orenlng.
I, O.O. F. A spceii'!rnccUng
r Pef AloxnndarTodgoNo, 22s,jlli
$ Jtprijdfion TujdaytTonUg,'P6c.2oth.
h fljlWnes ofhd wi'o'WnglwlU b Pot
ponqd until "Wednesday evening AH tho
I0bes of tho- lodgo aro. earnestly ro-
,juestod jo ftUoVd.
1 1 jE.,A. JmilXf , N. Q.
.i(. 'Vs ilulrcuW romluii, ;tho roador ihat'l
c" 'fresh' "BalHrnore dyater and a(l kind of
" . k
In nny stylfjswlred. at Louis Herbart's
Parties desiring oysters by tho can or
caio, cnibbVsipplitflUt-Ui'b riiHog rates, at
to cut vMod bdlttM line of tho St
Louis & Iron Mountain railroad. Hal
,-fltW'sWl?ttJll! oOlQ.0 in
,..SW Louis. Wages.Sl 20 por cord. Apply
,bJarl6uaytoad yaidj:orj iax."
av,KBftCTiMAWc.tNbtleoMi hereby
glvo tftft'thoft win'Vd'S meeting of tho
stockholders of tho City National Hank on
Tuosday, January 10th, 1871, for tho pur
poso of olocting Eovcu Director to servo
during tho ensuing year.
declOdld A. 13. HAFFOllD, Cash.
I think Simmon's litvor Regulator ono
of tho best medicines over mado for tho
Liver. I have scon it usod by my wifo
and by many others who were sick nnd af
flicted, with wonderful effect. It ficcms to
always euro. K. II. 1 AUKS,
dec 19 d&wlw Albany, Oa.
TnK meeting held in the bnsemont of
tho Catholic church last night, to express
sympathy for tho Pope, was ono of tho
largest ever held in tho building. A com
mlttco on resolutions was appointed, and
when Jtho rcolutions aro prepared they
'will bo presented for slgnaturo to every
Catholic man, woman and child in the
Dum.vo Saturday night there wore re
ceived at tho Illinois Central vrlmrfboat,
1 900 bales of cotton, 107 hhds tugar, 400
bbls of molasses and 000 bdls of hides.
Tho cotton went Kast by tho Uluo line,
and the other articles by tho Illinois Cen
tral to Chicago. "Wo shall not bo sur
prised If tho cotton received and shipped
during December will roach tho enormous
quantity of 25,000 bales.
What a help It would bo If Cairo freight
could bo carried on Cairo bottoms I
Oois'Hl GntKOJ .Goxj:! Faster than
thu auctioneer's hammer knocks down
inorchandis o,.nt'gleet disposes of tho teeth.
Ilia, therefore, for that prtzo of life, a per
fect'sot,'by.brushlng them regularly with
Q f r !k
Si'AULDlNa'fTOiAjphas now taken tho
place of all cements and mucilages,
' .1...WI.I1 ...
i It Is acarcoly ntccsJiiry to cnll attention
- '4- .. ..V.V .. 1 . -f Mn..
10 tlio CD'umn nuvurnuui:iiv ""'
Parsons, Davis & Co. It cannot escapo
The establishment of Messrs. P. D.&
Co., Is an honir to Cairo. Tho display of tho
articles advertised and a thousand others
not mentioned, cannot bo surpassed In Ill
inois'. 'Wo reftr to it with prido, and
mre'it that tlvtrt Is the place to it-euro
holiduj1 prelcnU.
,Tgr. Iter. Jacob llradley docs n'l agrco
with Henry 'Ward lloodhor ou tho Hell
subject. Jako says there ts a hell, and that
U U aootlilng, surging, smoking, flaming,
loillnR, roisrlBR, howllng,.ragiBg, ranting,
rumbling, rattling lako of molten brim
stone, Msilng boll ;$bi-n doctors diin-
grce,'' etc. .
Jacob also inys to the-sinner
"When you're l Ihur fn thouain-t )CJr,
An hnt njr bun,
Von'T tv Irt 1J to tij unit (til
Thannlitn xoflllrtUltln.
Tub ATtittM.BOM-WhlU'a Metropoli
tan TUator, at tho Athcnxum for six
nighU only, vlxi Thursday, Friday, 5nt
urdar, Monday, Tnoday and Wednesday,
Dec.Vj, 2H, 2 1, 2C, 37 and 29, 1870. Dcors
osn at 7 o'clock ; curtain rises at 8 o'clock
For particulars wo small jesters and
programncs and doncriptlvo bills. Ad
mission, SO cents; rciorvcd scats 7(1 cents ;
children's 5 cent.
4t THEO. S. SIIKAllS, Agent.
Slnco tho organlwition of tho Cairo Or
phan Asylum between eighty and ninety
children have ln-en entered, nnd of this
number about twonty-flra havu been fur
nlshod homes. To provido for the wants
of theso homolns little ones has been a
work of charity which our citizens nnd es
pecially onr ladles havo engaged in with a
soal and Industry that reflect upon them
tho greatest credit.
Tho institution at this Timo contains nine
Inmates, most of them being very young
children nod infants.
O.NKof tho largest crowds of youngtors
that over congregated In Cairo, might havo
been iou at tho Athcncum Saturday after
noon, having been called out by Hurt &
ItidgwayN Carnival of Novelties nnd tho
promisouf a present to every child In at
tandanco. At tho tlo of tho perform
ance thero was a jutn nt tho door that
threatened, for a time, to smother or crush
lomo of tho smaller youngsters nnd it Is
Hiiito remarkablo that a number of them
were not seriously hurt, '
Tho prcsonU consUcd of whistles und
brass Jewelry.
Tjib meatmarkotof OayorA Co., at tho
corner of "Washington avonuo and Tenth
slrooL li one of institutions" of tho city.
lltla not only.abundantly mpplied with
the best of pork, beef, veal, mutton latnu,
sausage, e,tc., but it presents an nir or
cleanliness und nrder that U rarely scon tn
establishments of llko character.
Gayer & Co. havo had many years ex
porienco as butchors, and havo long ago
learned that It pays best to keep lino meats
tw 'command. Ilrst-clasa custorn, For
choice moats, therefore, cut in a neat nnd
skillful wannor, goto "Tho Peoplo'sMcat
Markot," presided over by Gayer & Co.
dco 19tf.
"Wk stated, the other day that a Hallard
county man brought a lot of catllo to
Cairo, couid not obtain his price, and
djovo thonj to Paducah. Now right hero
thu "uazollo comes In." Ho couldn't Had
'any body in Paducah' who would1 give him
within a cont a punu the prit-o ho was of-fercd-lnOalro.-
'lifo thereforo drovo bis
catUq to Cairo nguln, and sold them at
something Jess than ho was originally oil-
orodi but i very mtorlal advance on tho
price dfferod in Paducah. Ho says that
Paducah. is "ajirutjy good place to soil
a cow, but twenty head of cattlo at ono
time overstock! tho market." It roinalna
now for our friondsof tho Hera Wand Ken-
tuhian to innulro as wo did : "Why U
this thus?"
i O Oit '
I ' t f
. f-4 . 1
am. mzn-j. ' '' t
CHINA, A5Ji) OF tn
TIN HOKN9, jf v.
' ETC.,
NOS. 5 AND 7,
Locnl Drorltlos.
Tho first considerable snow of tho soa
son foil last night.
John School's turkey lunch yesterday
nftcrnoon was well attended, and passed
off very pleasantly.
Ex-ShorilT Myers loft for Momphls,
Saturday, with "a lot of horses.
Tho greenback prlzo at tho Athcncum,
Saturday night, was drawn by a gontleman
narood Ross.
If thero is any reason why tho dan
gcrous holes in tho sidewalks should'.not la
closed up, what is it 7
Tho Turners' Christmas festival nt
Schcel'a hall next Sunday, I a tho principal
attraction for that day. It wlllbo largely
Parsons, Davis & Co., P. Snup, E. &
W. Buder, Rockwoll is Co., Tho Dollar
Store, Herman Schmctzdorlf it Co. aro
abundantly supplied wit holiday goods.
Mr. Rolfo S. Saunders, of tho Caiimj
Bulletin and Knoxtitle Whig nnd Regit
Ur, was in thocity, yesterday, nnd rcinainod
during tho day. Mr. Saunders Is a prom
inent candidato bofaro tho Tenncsieo Leg
islature for State printer.
John Kinncar,n stranger In tho city,
was brought beforo Squlro Broils', this
morning, for public indeconcynnd fined
$5 and tho exquisites. Having no money,
ho was calaboosed.
Johnny Racgan, th notorious burglar,
is in Cairo. Uo is said to talk freely about
his "profession," and is notat all backward
about detailing hii experience. As ho. has
an ultor contempt for "swag" worth leu
than ton thousand dollara, it is scarcaly
probable that ho will oporato in Cairo
certainly not on tho printing offices. Ho
a good looking man and in any reputa
ble lino might becomo a useful one.
Michael Hogan got drunk yesterday,
and becoming decidedly obstreperous, was
arrested and calaboosed. Hlii case being
rathor an aggravating ono, squire HroH
lined him this morning, $10 and costs, and
remanded him to the calabootu lor a period
ol seventeen daya.
Amos Smediey is tho name of a col
ored man who whipped an old crippled
negro, was arrested, lined $15 ani coitu'
and sent to tho calaboose. He should now
bo pormltted to expend a little of hist
strength and enduranco on our broken
Tho tow lxm I Anderson patsod Cairo,
yesterday ovenlng, with an Immet.io tow
of lumber for St. Louis. Itwahlppud
from Mound City.
Wo acknowlcdgo tho receipt of a
complimentary invitation to tho Turners'
Christmas festival. Tho festival will bo
held in School's hall on Sunday evening
next, and will be a neason of feasting,
music and good feeling worthy of tho ubi
ety nnd tno occasion.
William Johnson paid two dx4otrs into
tho city treasury, through tho lmiuli of
squiro Brosr, this morning, for exorcising
the poor privilege of gutting drunk on
bad whisky. Ho had arrived, only tho
day boforc, from the city of Paducah.
Fkksii meats, served in tho ncateat and
most cleanly manner, can always be found
In abundanco for tho trade, at thu Central
Meat market of Fred Koohlor &: Co., on
Washington avenue, a fuw doors below
Tenth. Nono but tho finest cattle, sheep,
and bogs are slaughtered, and, consequent
ly every body who patronizes thu Central
Meat market can rost satisfied that ho or
sho will be supplied with tho best meats to
bo found in Cairo.
Customers' baskets delivered in any part
of tho city.
KaTFrcsh sausage ovory morning, tf
The best of frnsh uioats, Including beef,
pork, lamb, venison, mutton, veal, sausage,
etc., can bo secured from tho moat hop of
John Pt-trle, corner or Y nMungton avenuo
and Fourteenth strcect, in any quantity
desired. Potrio is an experienced butclierl
kills nono but the flncit nnd fattest anl
iiKilft, and deals with men, women und chil
dren nlike, fairly and honorably. Custo
mers may send their children with ovcry
assuranco that any kind of moat called for
will bo furnished, and full weight given In
every instance Offering thanks for tho
patronage horotoforo extended, ho asks a
continuance of thuiamo promising to glvo
satisfaction to everybody. dec2lm
IJoots and Siioks. Jint recolvud n
largo stock of Hoots, Shoos, Fancy good,
etc., at tho "City Skoo Store," in addition
to tho largo stock on hand, which wo will
sell cheaper than thu very cheapest, to
meet tho requirements of thu hnrd times.
And it would bu to tho interest of all pur
chaser of boots and shoes to examine our
stock nnd prices boforo buying elsewhuro.
Also, a tine stock of Fancy god, as
Ladle' White good, Embroideries, ltih
bons, VolveUj Buttons, Veiling, (Uovus
and Gauntlets, In Kid and Buckskin, La
dies' Misiot' nnd Children's Hose, ott-.,lc.
To our Ladles' Mines' and Children's cus
tom mado shoos wo would call particular
attention. , ,
Corner Commercial avonuo and 8th t.
Cairo, Ills. Ct
n. I.vuiiuiit. Ohio Lovoo. botweon
Kahili and Tenth streets, has oiihirged
and improved hi shaving und hiiir.cut,tius
saloon nnd U prepared to nhavo eustp
tours fn first elan stylo,.., J
Cluan townU, nharp razors and courteoiH
tittuntlun uro among tho attractions of the
establishment. , If
Kiii Nulioii.it (lank nfCalio,
Tho annual mooting for tho uleethm of
flvu Directors will bo held nt this Bank,
Tuesday, Jan. 10th, lb7l, bitween tho
hours of lOo'cloek a.m. and 4 p.m.
did. Cashier.
Flour- Uhoico Family Flour In lib Is
half bbls., fncks, &c, for snlo at tnoKgyp
lian Mills. nu
A(LAnouttock of furniihitig goods of all
kinds always on hand tit P. Nell's, No. 70
Ohio Levee. decOtf
Chrlstmns Presents nt tlio Dollar Store
nt One-Half tin; UmiiiI Cost.
Pearl scis, four pieces, SI.
. Two llno'sauco dishes with cover, $1.
Eight flno goblets for $1.
Music Folios, only $1.
Fino writing desks, only SI.
Call at tho old stand of Mrs. Oswald's,
128 Commercial avenuo. 'It
Closing Out Snip.
Twcnty-uvu thousand dollars worth of
ready-made clothing, half, caps", boot,
shoes, trunks and valcscs aro offered for
f alo by P. Netf, 79, Ohio Levee, at AC
TUAL COST PRICES, It liclng his In
tention to cIojo out In that lino nnd cm
bark ox u cly nnd moro extensively in
thu furnishing goods nrd merchant tailor
ing business.
This closing out nalo furnishes an oppor
tunity to fiocuro clothing cln-aper than
ever before offeroil in this market.
'A two atory 'brick rwldonco,-admirably
arranged, with largo ground (1 ltt'l. fit-'
uated on tho corner of Ilolbrook avenuo
and Twenty-third street, will bo sold on tho,
most reasonable, tonnes '-JLtiv lecafujl on
high groundsill-nil Jcsc'elJcnt nclgnbor
kcod, tho grounds 'containing bearing fruit
trees, vine nnd cholco sclcctlouaof shrub.
bory. It is, in short, ono of tho completes t
nniM In tho t-itv.
Apply to W. II. THOMAS,
At T houtai, (ro t-n &Aldeh
Fair nnd 1'entivnl.
Tho Ladle of tliO Cilhollo congrega
tion will hold a Fair and Festival (Chrht
mas week) In Mr. .1. H. Pfiillh' Hall cor
ner Tenth street nnd thoXuvee, commenc
ing Monday ovenlng thc-lWh" Init.', and
will continue during tho three succentvo
There will he a varied asiortmcnt af tit
tractive und fancy uflfalus to null tho taslo
of all.
A beautiful Albino, to bu awarded by
ballot to the MOST POPULAR YOUNO
LADY In tho city. A VERY FINK
NEW PIANO which rost fivo hundred
dollirs, to bu milled for at uuo dollar per
chance. , "
Nothing will bo left unduuo to ploao
all. Suppur, fifty t-ennj admittance, J
Tho public are Invited to attend.
Doors open nt 7 d'clooh p.m. .
Deo. 2 ATue. V. fc if, 'JO .fit.
As heretofore announced, tliu r,'i-v;W.
A. Uartlott, of Chicago, will duHwr a luc
turd al tho Athcneilm, on next Tuesday
evening, thoSOth, at hhlf pas t sov on f.Vlook.
Subject: 'John Chinaman." Admis
sion 60 cents.- Tickets for nilo. nt tho buo!:
stores of W. B. Rockwell is Co., u:id H. A
Mr. Bartlctt ranks nmong tlio lint lec
turers known to tho country; nnd it i
hoped that tho universal satisfaction ho
gave when ho lectured huro threo or four
years ago, together wlt'j tho lmpurtauco
nnd Interest of thu subject to bo treated
of, will bring out a largo uudienco to(lii'ur
hi in tills tlin-, nli). Tlio'ov;iug cartnltily
cannot bo spent moru profitably vr jileas
untly than by Ihtfiiing. to t'nu talented nnd
clnqu-int gentleman.
By order tho Lccturo Cotiiinlttcc,
A.. M. 0. A
Hovs, d'lrls. I'M-rnt. ' Everybody, Luol:
Hero :
Boy, girls, fathiim nr ,d tncthors thuto
two p'arar.iplKiiro wpf cially dedicated to
vou. P. Snup, 103 O onmirrulal avenuo
Las brought on tho lar gest ktoel; of toy
and confecttonaflo, if .'or oj.oneil In Cairo.
AVo shall not nttuuipi to onumoratu. AW
shall only eay that tho supply embraces
uvcrythlng yet inv-entrd t please, In
struct and entertain llttlo bo'ys undirls
Many of iho toy nr. i highly Ornamental;
other aro vary t-itrli an, and all are fully
forty per tent, cheap er than lije article
wore over b-f.ro 3'e rol In this market.
LItllo hoys and girls. , ovi'n folks of lmtturo!
growth, find it iiujxm wil'lu tn pass haup-
eUabliihtneut withoC t ttupping. I ho at
traottonit inido arts irresistible. And no
wonder. Think of 4tivonty-l lari;o cases
of toys .leatiib Ml' , luCDU'itiv'. oI
dlcrs horse!1, drg , rats eluphants
dolls, toy fuinit art toy that wall: and
cry do uvcrylVdng 'hijt think and talk
nnimaU that Howl Jn, id bark nnd squeal
and hollow Sails, it arllrs things u
rloui. tiling Ingniio n thhf's m iann ta'
nil till so oh-stp that- m lyhndy can nduro
u full mpply fur, Uln i.t n u!
Tlfeu again, thero mu thu eoiil'ta-tloii
thu largest uuil K-tt M uol. oyer hcun In
Cairo. , Caudlos, mh:t and ttm drops,
fancy eandios and kliwi uvyrjthlng in
tho candy Hut-, and all of tho pti'retjiu"atf
Ity and inoH popular bnr. I. nut'iinougli,1
If vOu i.'ant tovntiund ca
,a fiifltJ.mil t'K'iftMWHi:
hulidiivs or any, uihor. dnyt
thoro if uno ! tlifin'.'Jil'ji v. .
. . .rrii-.?sMqi JJ?
iilai-iV whuro vnu'iMn knli. vi -itrsn't bcyonit
aottbtv amUhnt plai U nt-ilA J' "
Cumtnoroial nvuiiue. , novl 7lf..
. I..I.H.I M.w
Tlmtl'otor 'otr, X. 70 Oh ! h-vi'o, U
olosingjout Ids largo uml woj N looted n took
clothing, V'pots, show, l,ia'., S T' riliil"
and vall$os, nt and 1
, -' .JIKI.OW COoV-
It Is Ms punou toouitjaric nu T" tsti-n-ilvoly
In th o innrohant 'ilot iii!; "I'd fur
nishing goods birliu s lu-iivo tl ii' delro
to close out tho tnck tibovo etitu nerat 'd.
Arlington, Columbus Miln Norrttl, Tailiiciili
Ilollt. Mciiip.,-jt lui., Smii.I Hale, Cluclr.uatl,
W J I,fwi, " IMinhurg, "
Colorado, II STunur, Loululllo,
Itoht Itlini", " st MnrT, "
Alice. ' t II Wif.on. "
St Jo , ill. " Or.iy llonn-l, Pi-Wi r,
Loli.aiwu, " Wild Cnt,
tityt'iiei-ior, Memphis, WiM Uiu k,
fiM'l'ORfr, I'elrel o'.', "
Umpire. Iiih1itII1V. Cllj nf Alton, Virkburx
M Hngnn, KmniTille, City Vie luburVf- "
Ubwltl, " I'Currolr, Mw Of lcan,
BtlTcrlJow.Shreteport, ftlchtnoiia.
ficn Anderson, Mtropojtav
ArlltiKton, Columbus LldaNorrHI, TaitiMi,
Hello Jtnphls, Menin., Citt Vloxaburg, St Lo,,
Mt.Morts, m Colitmbla, "
SiJonh.'' ' ' Cltr of Chester, "
Olivnt Alton.
I'otrel No i. tl'.f Tower. "
((my Ilonml, Louwilte,Hllvcr ltow, " .
Ill (iray, " (Ml WtUon, " I
W II liCWis Ncvr Ott'ns Wil l CM' ' i
Alice, ' WIM Diinlt, "
JIollioAftlc, " lUarrnll, "
K'ilnhurg, " flea Anitt-moa, "
IIHTurner, " Coloruds, Vtcknlinrc
Umjilrf, .Nrslivlll", M Hhrob, Kranuvllle,
Hubt llurn.', Cincinnati, MIowiUI. "
Snow fell to tho depth of four Inches
at daylight this morning, but rnin com
menced tailing at 7 a.m., and continued nt
Inlurvnh until tho snow has bvon reduced
to n very thin coating. Tho thermometer
indicated at noon.
Tlio river Itut rlen two inchoj slncu
hut report.
Tho Mississippi U about stationary at
St. Louie, v.-ith nil feet In tho channel
above Cairo and tun foot below.
Tho. Ohio Is falling at Pittsburg with
seven feet four Inches water in tho chan
ucl. It Is riling at Louis villo with nearly
four feot watrr in tho chulb over tho falls,
two foot inoru in tho caual, and nboutj six
feet water thotieo in Cairo.
Tho Cumberland is rising with tlirco
feet tlx inches on'llarpoth Shoals.
Business horo continues good.
The Mississippi A'alley Company
'Bargo Lino is loading twof barges huro
with 1100 tolu which makes frciirht lor
5stcamorj to Now Orleans rather scarce).
"Thu Memphis and A'ieksburg paokets
received from 110 to 1J0 tons caeli at this
The Kvansvlllo tntVNnhvlllo packets
brought fair trips for rcs'ilpmtnt to St.
Louis and tho South.
Tho City of ChoJlir? City of Vlcks
burg, City of Alton, und Grand Tower
discharged huro 2317 bales cotton, fl" sks
driod fruit, for rcshlpment East and North
perJ.C. H. R.
Tho City of A'Ickiburg rcccivo-l MO
obla'betif huro for St. Louts.
Tito Paulino Carroll and Richmond
reshipix.-ii here, lpOO tlorccs beef, 250 hhds
lUgftraao bbls inolasies for rclilpmnnt to
Cumbcrlaud river, St. Louli, Chicago, and
New Vork.
Tho Mary Davago nnd AVIld Duck
rehipped -100 tons horo furbelow.
An Alisoluto .Sal'csiiari!.
lnvfiiiiU. Iirokifti loa liiliolih wi.l eti.t l
Cliroa'n I'yi-n,j-ia, orsa!Teringfroni the t rrlMi
exIeitiMlcn irliii'Ii Mlinij Hut ait.wks nt nciilK
iliKOJi-. lh. liulun-iny nf HioiimiiJ who li.i
tin rmV"! as ty n mlrari fim a imUr kUJ
of iri'trati(inly jto-tftierV iHin.u-!i ll ttetr, t
a hum Kiuranteo tint by tliu wiim iiiiri run to-i
pij Vfi sttt nstli'-'ii"-! aoil rcsorteil, Hut to thoo
wlio sticd In j-flril if int-mlcs to all wtiu, by
rmiiMiof cxiaure, jriV4tlon, nnd tmcini;nlal
rl-inft'.u or uohwiUliy niinatlts msy at any tno
irint l Mrleta'u ilenn, lhi pnrcrHph l mot
rwirticuUrly nn.l cinplinik-alty aildrwsed. Vou,
whonrn thus ltiiatoJ, anl iirotlercl mi al.nnluw
safrgajnl agnlast tlio ibinser Hint tiior.an s you
Tonnuml rcKilulo tlio j-(m Willi ln linrnil
intfdlt Jl Hlmitlsnt not! Altontlre, and job til bu
liiroariiic-Uos-'lii't I'10 malvlles whoe neds
tjoat wound yiaifiitlm air uiitoi'ii. llostcltor'
rit'ims-'h Ultleri" nrnuot Viily-a utaa'Jsril TonU'
ami Alterative) thmuchotit tlio t'nltixl fitJilr, Llt
,iity arp .iti-'IIU)il If thn ccrtifl-'aV, Hi" most
'di.tiii.tulslif'ielliwnt'uf iht I'iIo.to Hie (ipoplo
of allallirrtiliil. in i .ia.u i, .I'lur.iiuiiui'i in-Vrtli-l:eS
they an' K',''i"J''-k"K tlm I'lai'fl
ofnllllifrHioin.wliics,Mhollier"uitiTeor f.ir.Kn,
on. I it strrvly a tno'i t prrelvo nnrt
l.m.'i- nub'ii orertlirmi' Io-t:.f, ".y nilloTt-ni-unity
tipoMcdf o-ry i-iliprinilot.int nJ r
ti'iso-te IK' rnipl'-yr ' an i-'. .1 -''U-ni-e.
'll'Ot'Jf '" I -.
I.'.t of letter reniMninitiini'l.s.ined lathe !'(
OHW, nt t.'ior, 111'.. famMiiy. l'- IT, l:i.
UHtt' HIT.
Allem. mrsS-A '
t'irr. iiiIk Nuaey
On-li, iiir I'
t.'urtiii. ni'- rry A
CniM-, ir l--til
i-miipbt'll, minJiiiie
llillunl, mrt S
Onekor, utri VUi
Helm. nls Ifiura
Jpnoj, Kir M
ltiin, nii".i n
1 fig, nir li A
V.aiouy, un JlllJ.i
Miller, mi" Ada
tli-atliiuor, r-'ranee
o'r.iimcr, mi Mary
wiifoi'Viiir Kllea
Hll"!, tars Ji-imio
is myhurn, nu.i JI
Ur.,NTI.i;MS"' M"T'
llin.i. ti
Aunrlte, V
Ahrr, K'ltir
lluttu-r, Almiio
lllhii, A
lu ll, I! Im.i'
r.iiji.ui'f, rr.ink
ItcwyiiMii, .Ih
lirouKlitiln H
tibiUn, .Mfrud
Mliintiiii, enixly
ISroMii, .((din
llurn, Joha
I'M-Usnn. tt I,
liidirau, 11.1
tsrriy. J
tUiniitxll.J W
Mtillrblf, A V
lb fflffay.Hr.'
.l.'t-ttiu, I ,1
Mm-rImI, 1v S
Mir W, J.ilin
. Wi.n, It II .
' Wui:iV'wn.,i!',,'rr
t,4ltl IMllI, J.
Nll, ll I
.H'I, 11
iVruii-. Julia
I'.m.-.l. Wi i
ti . .1 rri
IbiT, H hr.ird
Vt&ii -IMS
IK' .t.J'.-'l'u
ll'. .Vl.'l
lunninm. w '
lleinor, I.-
Jl.linif. ."I n
I IT'."'", . .,
ia iibiitj -ii"
i;ut,.i; n
a .wuii.,L.!!
ii iii. ..'. v :.,
'.:, I-
"I'.A ...
li.tv. t"int
ll.ir.,.(iii. u
Jiprjn. J 17
JuU.'t'f. i
tKT. .I.llll
Iltiill'.iM , 1J j
I.j,n, .111
l.i i. .i. .' i '
IV .
!!- II W II
. II fill 1- l
V ' n all
w I' ni 1
tlnil-.'u of HiM I'
i ' ae i'ujh- i.' I- ry
I t- t!. . II t t!IV
W.M- KI.AHi, I' M
ii. mmm & co
Ilarln; far recovered from th effects of tho
liteflrnns to Ixi nbloto resume Inistness, nrsll
lbcinsolvi-4 of tin- method to Inform th pabllo
tuai tney inio opened a utaery on ids
Car. Eighth St. & Wnahiairiwi. arena
Whern they sre iirctvucd to ecrre their custcmeri
with Iho. if
Cnkci, ClirUtnia S'ntnlleS stnit t'onfC
tloa Ucncrally,
On thn mot reanonablo Urm. They will, aa
heretofore, keep a fnll fnpply of
In the mnnufjctttro of which they haro nequlrod
illirt.cliirrplitAll6ii. f
TiSlrvTw. -r
repeciiuuy noiicua snaro 01 me uimiu
FLO tT il
And A)nt of
xco. 70 onxo Xiia viu
yooi ntnn.xiiovsr.
Hnrr.sftm er Ai A Co.,
General Commission M ercbant
So. US:, Ohio Levci,
iiovlllf CAIRO, ILL.
li, M.itlui".
Commission "Merchants
I!).', 0!iioIvco,UAIRO, ILLINOIS.
poml attention pTPtt tv Uviurliio rutj ia!
.-.TilE .1
Ar crfc'tla8 ert.-vnonuntj fof a Orsnd
Kvw It'tti-'s Kail,
To be given in
Ixi ScheeFs Hall
. 1 MStlOsN
I itUny Jan. 171
Themsnarrx tietontniro the putilla that no
illurt Mill Im ni-nred ti mnko ihitoecailoncrodlt
tililo nllko to I ho coinpauy and lUe s-lly , and wotthT
of the i-uronwof tho nubile.
.t tho-o hIi fMl dl,oed to ruosnlta tha
setuon ot tha CJtoianyinn J aaraet tly demro lt
i.tiil tilT, riy tI.kot. and If o3lbie, attend.
'1'U.iuvituliuiii- to iho public (.i niTilly, iiudall
ucil tM-lutti'il ii'roaaniii uoucicuineu.
l pr -tiarvl la dilivt r the lt
Fire Wood Stone & Coal
in any part of the city, In any q,uutity destrad,
Coal JJelivcivtl nt $1 oO Per Toa.
' Ttnre, tirodoor nt-ore thf enmrr of Kigtitli street,
! imd iNiiiuuPfviid ariuue. deetijl
n(.'lri:.l'vr U,rrnrt. Ilrlh IV'. .Km
4 1
tV. !tI.MM.V, H. I tie
innXCr.-'Vr uf Arid Wnlaat
; iKl-'Ifi: '"f'nr sixth strnet i ! tn.io Lerea
ol-;'lt;H ll'iUUr-l'ti'in aj.J'k 1 m., aa4
KRaiPIiSCU- No. II. ThrtltwiJi rsn
l-lKCr.-U-' Criri r-iel Averi;u ' r
mm in
m- ..MJIM'D.
nn rei'.nivtt' -IwHiTmber, sM, In
-.'i,!-.Sv. fcirlMciiw.'itria.S il'irf.t hllb,
Htftf 'i ii,in n , ti'ij,;ft vitl!nilji ,f my
lf.'MiIOf ' 1-irt-MinfiUhrib Hl.i y.Mn I w a
l- 'Ke s'-i" inll. t.t SiaVil a.nd fool,
. -niSi ! AV VI Ji we'rrtit and meitS'
I I II' - I ' Hid UMl III. 11,1 IS
' if' l'k''" '" i"t atTyi -H f if
fi'K-U i tt. lit an u,iiu.r tidvft t th t
- I"l ,
' UX Whv 4-QJT?y Hons
. . l mil imt i.r uif fI ut'trirfeni-rofosMsl
"4l e.ldfoK'Is.lioiii.tiwa.tmtvasWs. ,
iwrnwr i-ii-ii;cin Ikl ittnnf dl'l KUHth iw
,iiitc ..i.r s iiii iw uiriatau, tmwKl: Aft mi l
'. Il-v -ir1l, f .11 9 j . m
llie iio'ir .uru o.h well IM
Willie 11. ii. Mill aJuajra M wlS"
! ni Kcrvlcen. lt

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