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SHIM Uttu.
.7. NC:iT.EGE:;KK,
Unrnrr, r.lsltlH Nlrci'l mill Ohio Lover,
0or Vincent' (irOia-ry tftr ra, Informs llio peorOn
nr Cairo tint ho has imnitiased mm reiutoil in me
inest lliorofigli manner thn
uf J. 0. llagtt tll) milting It otio of llm most com-
k'lo In the West, lln 1 now proparod to ilo till
litmlnol witk mhl lino, from HMAI.l.lf
uiak"i Hie now
in Iho moil improved t vlo. - Thu lwt Ulii'l ut
ii.cttircH tnkenllii cloudy; weather, Clnhlri-ns
plctui pa taken In three, to four otnnl. oMplc-
liiri ponlfil nn'l enlarge)!. Cunui ono, rnmuiul
am! K-n tin apralmana. tlMSUtt
Xcvr Tlmr Tnlilc.
On nnd ufter 12:30, p.m., Sunday, Dec.
llli, tliu following tltno tublo will govern
tho arrival' and dopnrturu of paiKongor
trains nt Cairo i
Mail train leaves nt 3: 10 n.tii.
l'.xprosi, " nt '.. 3:30 p.m.
St. I.oulsand Cnlro Kxprous
loaves at 1:20 a.m.
Accommodation Icavoi at. ..12:30 p.m.
.wir.ivn. M
Moil arrlvo.... 2-05 n.m.
Kxprosi, nrrivo 12:21 p.m.
.St. Louis nnd Cairo Ktpress
arrives M
Tho lait natnod train leaves St. Louis nt
1O.30 n.m. Traders ran Itnve Cnlro nt 1:20
n.tn., rench St. Louis nt 7:23 n.m., remain
n tho citv tliroo hours, nnd return to
Cnlro nt 4; i'i n.m., tho inmoday.
Tho l-SO accommodation and Culronnd
St. Louli exnresj loavodulyi all others
lcavo dally except Sundays.
Way passengers should bear in mind thnt
the 3.30 p.m., train makci only four stop
pings between Cairo nnd Ccntrnlia, via:
Joneboro, Carbondnlu, I)u Quoin nnd
Ashley. Tho 12.30 p.m., train stop at nil
c stations along the route.
deelltf Agent, Cairo.
P. Salt and John Catos are putting'up
their own ic. Thoy obtnin cxcolicnt Ico
from tho Mississippi.
A laikjk stock of furnishing goods ofal
hinds always on handnt 1'. Ncirs, No. "9
Ohio Lotm. " dccOtf
Tun Silver Cornt nana givo u balcony
serenade In front of tho Athencum every
evening at 7 o'clock, by way of signalis
ing the opening of tho thnter.
Ton pistols nnd cartridge nnd bowlo
knives R d'"-1 oir, 70 01,I
Levcc. a Jec'Jtf
Flour- Choice Family Flour in bbls
half bbls., sacks, &c, for salu nt tho Kgyp.
tlan Mills. '
Ton faihlonabk IwoU nnd shoes, mado
in tho lest style, and of tho byit material,
to to tho shop of m. blilew, on i wen
tlcth street, near the court house.
Joh.vSackbkwikii is filling celllir
with I -o. Ha obtains tho iw from tho
chuto on thu Mlnlfslppl side of tho city
It is i f u hard, llinty character, remarkably
puro for Mississippi leu, and about, flvo or
tlx luchrs thick.
The choir of tho Episcopal church, ac
companied by several citizens, left for
.Mound City, by tho afternoon train. Tho
iholr will givo n concert thereto-night, for
.ho, benefit of tho Episcopal church of that
Wantku Immediately. 3!)3 wood
choppers to out wood on tho lino of tho St
Louis & Iron Mountain railroad. Hal
fare tickets furnished at tho ticket ofilco In
St. Louis. Wages $1 20 per cord. Apply
nt tho various woodyaid, or to
novSOtf. H. J. DUAL, Charleston, Mo
Tun funeral of Mrs. Mary A. Standi
will bo attended In tho Presbyterian,
church, Friday morning, nt 10 o'clock, in
tlmo for thu body to bu taken to Villa
ltUgo by tho 12J o'clock train.
NowitKiir. in tho city can you securo a
better lilting, liner or bolter mado pair of
boots than at tho shop of Win. Killers, on
Twentieth street, near tho court hou.o. tf
Lost. On Washington avenue, hot ween
Sixth and Fourteenth street", or In tho
Church of the llcdoeinor, on tho evening
of tho th Inst., A CHILD'S GOLD
' MtAOKLKT. Tho finder will bo rewar
ded by leaving it nt this office.
Wk dcslro to remind tho reader that
trash llaltimoro oysters mid nil kind of
gamo Ineaion, tiro served night or dayj
tiny stylo desired, at Louis Herbort'b
Parties desiring oysters by tho can or
onso, can bo supplied nt tho ruling rate.-!, nt
tho snmo place. tf.
ifK I. O. O. F, Tho member. of Al
oxander Lodgo No. 221, 1. 0. O. V,
nro requested to attend tho regular meet
ing or tho Lodgo this (Thuasday) ovoning,
at seven o'clock.
Tho election of officers for tho ensuing
term will take plnco this evening.
Ir you want a good, tyllsh and wcll
iltting Btiltof clothes, mado to ordor, you
mnst go to P. Nell', No. "'J Ohio Lovce.
Ir YoU'wnnt a pair of boots mado 'to or
Jor, out of tho best material, and in tho
A most fnshlonablo and durablo mannor, go
to Win, Killers, on Twentieth street, op
rwlto tho court lioitso. tf
A'TKt.i.VKPittM.Kf3, with all th o need
rul orchestral support, will visit Cairo, for
nno nlL'ht onlv, oh tho 10th of Junury
Tho moro unnouncornont of this fact will
fill tho Athcnum to overflowing. More,
Klkctiox Wotioe. Notico is hereby
Kivo that thoro will bo a mooting of tho
Stockholders of tho City Natlonnl Dank on
Tuesday, January 10th, 1871, for tho pur
poatf of electing seven Directors to servo
during tho ensuing year.
deelOdtd A. IJ. BAFFOItD, Cash.
7TIIK death of Mrs. Quinco Standi U nn
nounced In another column. Mr. nnd
Mm. Standi were raised In Cairo. Willo
ho has over bocn known as nn honest hard
worklnir man. no ono ovor spoko of her as
other than nn exemplary womon a rami
fill wlfo and a christian mother.
Mavok "Wilson, who Is also member of
tho Stnto Hoard of Equalization, has our
thanks for a copy of tho report of tho pro
cecdlngs of the l.st mooting of tho Hoard.
.Mr. Wilson was a hard worker for tho
interest of tho district he represented, and
tho result shows that ho wns efficient as
Well as indntrluu.
Tin: teachers and friends of tho Million
Sabbath school hnvo provided a treat for
tho scholars in tho way of a festival and
cupper, inu tables, already sprout In
the Christian church, prccnt a tempting
appearance, ahd tho wctllhofgaol things
tint burden thorn wiUnOUCribl bo heartily
enjoyod by tho l'ttltonos, and not, by any
means, bo deiplid by persons of mnturcr
Mm. O.m-NKY has taken tho house on
tho corner of Fourth stroot nnd Washing
ton nvenue, and will open thosamoon Fri
day evening with a ball, to which she cor
dially invites nil her friend.', male nnd fe
male. Wo hopo this Invitation will meet
n generous response. Good music, good
order and a good tlmo may bo expected.
dec 'M St
Tin: law card of Ltncgsx, Munn and
Popo is published in another column of
this paper. It is senrcoly necessary to
commend tbo linn hi attorneys nnd folic
lion of ability, an thoy aro already well
known at old and successful practitioners
alike in tlilrt nnd all thu adjoining circuits.
Wo refer to them as gentlemen cntirclj
worthy of tho patronage of all who requlro
tho mrvlcei of skilled lnwyers or faithful
TitK Irrepressible Capt. Henry Drown
("not llroxcn, mind you') is now in com-,
mnnd of tho Cincinnati and Memphis
steamer Allco Dean ''tho boat with a cal
liopo and circus on tho wheel house.'
Thu Captain is "a follow o.' Infinite Jest,''
big hearted ns nil out door, and, withal,
ono of the most popular and successful
itcambo.itmcu on tho Western water. Ho
is now in this city, his boat occupying tho
flno Ico harbcr below "Fort Cairo."
William Kiilkiis, fashionablo boot and
shoa maker, hasa splendid stock of French
calf, moroccos nnd other leather, and is
prepared to fill orders for "cuitom-mndo"
hoot and shoes, with quick dispatch nnd
in tho most satisfactory manner. tf
D. Lamiieiit, Ohio Levee, between
Eighth and Tenth street, has enlarged
and improved his shaving and hair-cutting
saloon and Is prepared to shavo custo
mers In first class style.
Clean towels, idiarp razors and courteous
attention aro among the attractions of tho
tabliihui cut. tf
Taiieii HnoTiiKK, 8.1 Ohio Lovce, will
horeafier kt-op constantly on hand, direct
from tin) Kastern manufacturers tho very
bcU winter strained purified sperm oil, for
towing machine', and all flno and light
machinery. This oil has novor yet been
superceded by any of tho manufactured
oils, as It never gums or is alt'ected by tho
wither. dec'-'Stf
Personal Taxes. Parties delinquent
for personal city taxes, nro hereby notified
that on tho 1st day of Jatiunry, cost will
bo added to all sums then delinquent, and
1 shall proceed under the law, to sclr.o and
sell property for tho fatUftietion of tho
same. JOS. P. TAYLOlt,
dec27d.1t City Collector.
Tin: chances in tho radio for Joo Mc-
Kcnzlo's eighty aero tract of laud in Mis
sissippi county, having nearly all been ta
ken, tuu raiiio will taKu place at ino now
Delmonlco at 0 o clock on Friday evening
next. Tho laud lying directly on tho lino
of tho Cairo and Fulton railroad, will, on
tho completion of that thoroughOirc, bo-
como valuable. Furthermore, Old Joo re
sorts to tho nilllu a a means of replenish
ing his depleted purse, and hopes that his
friends will bo present at tho tlmo nnd
place abovo Indicated.
All chances unpaid for at tho tlmo of
tho rnlllo will bu resold. St
Nkw Yeaus gifts of tho most appro
prlato character, and In great variety can
bo secured at the Jowcly cstablcshmont of
Messrs. K. & W. lluder, corner of Wash
Ingtou avenuo and Eighth street. Do
you want a flno finger ring, breast pin
neck or watch chaiu, gold or sllvor watch,
bracolot, lockot, silver or plated waro, or
any of tho thousand and ono articles that
go to mako up tho stock of a first-class
Jowcly establishment, go directly to Messrs
uujori. ixowiioru also can you
yoaiaolf mo:o satisfactorily.
AM. H17.1U.
The Athenedm. Thero was an over
flowing houso at tho Athencum last night,
and ovorybody seemed delighted. Whlto
as Rip Van Winklo waj very felicitous,
and Hit Lsland as Mrs. Rip nnd subw
quently ai Mrs. Derrick Van Slaus wivj
really good, as alio is in nny part assigned
hor. Thr entire performanco passed off
vory smoothly, and, manifestly, to tho uo
llght of everybody.
To-night will boproscntcd "Ton Nights
in a IJr room,"' Whito sustaining tho char
acter of Sample Switcholl ; Tumor thnt of
Joo Morgan, tho drunkard: Warvoll that of
Simon Slado nnd Hrytr thnt of tho philan
thropic Mr. Pomalno. Mm. Morgan will
bo pcrsonatod by Miss Leland. Tho cast
Is .a strong ono, and as tho plcco Is of ft
character to bring out tho members of tho
troupo in tho roles In which many of them
oxcol, wo may roasonably expect n first
class cntcrtalnmont.
Tho following synopsis will furnish nt
least a partial Insight into tho varied
scenes of tho drama to bo presented :
PART I. Exterior View or "Sicklo
nnd Sheaf." Interview between Mr Ro
malno nnd tho Yankco Samplo' idea of
modernto drinking. Return of tho land
lord. Sccno 2: Interior of "Stcklo nnd
Sheaf." Ex-mlllor and happy landlord.
Tho young 'squlro. Poor Olil Joo Mor
gan, tho inobrlato. Little Mary In fcnrch
of hor father. Departure of tho Inobrlato
nnd his child. iuarrol between Orcon
and Willie. Timely arrival of tho Yankee.
PART II. Tho Yankco nnd Phllan
thropist. Slado's progress In tavern hoop
ing. Quarrel between thu landlord and
his drunken customer. Tho bottle and thu
fatal blow. Arrival of lltllo Mary.
"Father ! Father I thov havo killed mel"
PART III. Tho Y-inko nnd tho
gambler. Sample's definition of tho word
"irentleman." Tho troat. Tho Yankco's
deslro for Grcon's happiness. Scono 2 :
Tho drunkard's homo. Tho patient wifo
by tho sldo of hor suffering child. Joo
Morirnn's promise. Mary' anxiety for
her father's good. Frightful delirium of
tho poor Inobrlato. "Como horc, dear
fnthcrl this is llttio Mary's room I nothing
can nurt you ncro Alluding tableau.
PART IV. Tho 'Sickio nnd Shonf."
Snmplo and tho young wiuiroon a time. Tho
Yankco's storv about Undo Josh nnd tho
poorhouso. Tho fight, and death of Willie
Hammond. Scono 2: Escapo of Green.
Tho nrrost. rjceno 3: Joo Morgan's
wretched home. Tho wlfo and mother
watching by hor suffering ones. Llttio
Mary's advlco to her father. Despair of
tho Inebriate. Tho child's dream. Tho
promise "I'll novor drink nnotlicr drop
of liquor as long nt I llvo." Tho dying
child. Death of llttio Mary.
PART V. Tho meeting of Samplo and
Mr. Homnlne. after an an nbicnco of llvo
years. Sample, a tcctotallar. His quaint
description of matters nnd things thnt havo
transpired nt Ccdarvlllo. Sccno 'J I A
penranco of Simon Slade. Wonderful
transformation of tho oncu happy miller.
Frank's progress In dram-drinking. The
quarrel between father nnd sou. Death of
Simon Slade. "Frank Slade, you havo
murdered your father." Sccno .1: Tho
happy homo of Mr. Morgan Arrival ol
Mr. Romnlno. Tho resolution. Tho wlfu's
Joy. Sample nnd his new suit.
"A Irunkurd now nn longer Hist Iso'trl
I'rre, ucnthrl!'l, I (Umlaman oncomore!'
Door opon at 7 o'clock. Oentlemon
with lades should go early and sccuio gco.l
Tun meat market or Gayer i: Co., nt tho
corner or Washington avonuo and Tenth
street, is ono of "Institutions' of the city.
It is not only abundantly supplloJ with
tho best of pork, beef, ven, mutton lamb,
sausage, etc., but It presents nn air of
cleanliness nnd order thnt is rarely soon !n
establishments of liko character.
Gayer & Co. havo had many years ex
pcrlcnco as butcborx, and havo long ago
lenrned that it pays best to keep flno meat
and command tlrst-clais custom. For
choico meats, therefore, cut in n neat and
skillful manner, goto "Tho Pcople'sJMcnt
Market," presided over by Gayer iC Co
dec lCUf.
The subscribers for shares In Mr.
Rcllly's gift cutorprlso will bo waited on
by Mr. R. us soon as In tho courso of hi
rounds ho can reach them. Ho will start
out to-morrow.
Tho drawing, In which Mr. RcIHy. lino
brick residence is tho capital priifc, w ill
take placo within the next llvo or tlx
weeks. In tho mean tlmo thoio who havo
not subscribed for elinnco can do so on
application to Mr. Rellly.
If tho winner of tho capital prizu is not
"man of family" and does not wish to
occupy It, ho can readily convert it into
cash, at n price that will return his moiiy
moro than a thousand fold. I'urtlo, in
both town nnd country, who hnvo sub
scribed for ticket, nro expected to bo in
readiness for Mr. Reilly's coming. dcIOtf
Or tho thousands of porson who make
up tho population of our great city, It wns
left to little Mam Foolo and Katlo
Harroll to think of tho wants of poor, old
Han. Leo. Tliesu llttio girls went out into
tho city, on Chrhtmas (Monday) morning,
and tukliig hero and thero for '.'3 cent do
nations, gathered in a sum which will add
not a llttio to tho comfort of tho poor old
woman and her wretched son. Tho little
girls found that during all tho charp, frosty
day and nights that preceded Christmas,
old Han had been without lire, and tho
miserable supply of bed clothing in tho
hou?o was barely sufficient to keep hurnnd
"Hill ' frou freezing. A portion of Mnmio
and Katlo'a collections, therefore, wns ex
pended for wood, and tho balance in such
a manner ns to supply tho old weman's
other most pressing necessities. In till the
city, on Christmas day, whero waj charity
inoro deservedly or unselfishly bestowed?
. - -
l'irt NitUoa.il lUnk of Cnlro,
ixv. in, l;o.
Tho annual mooting for tho oleotion of
llvo Directors will bo hoM nt this Hauk,
Tuesday, Jan. 10th, 1371, botweon tho
hour of 10 o'clock a.m. and 4 p.m.
dtd. Cashier.
, form
MK6SKS. Illggs nnd Mallory havo
n copartnership for tho transaction ot .
passcngor t.geticy business' In this city, and
aro commanding u very cxtotntvo patron
ngo. Mr. Hlggs U an old resident of tho
city, nnd is consequently genornlly
known. Mr. Mallory was lately oil
gaged In business In Hickman,
Kontucky, and confidently refors to tho
bilslno3& men of that city as to his stand
ing nnd 'business qualifications. Ho cer
tainly possesses many of tho pre-rcquisltoa
to success in his present calling, nnd will
no doubt vn his way into a large, nnd v o
hopo n proftnblo business.
I'mr. THtMonxiNu Two IlHit.Di.vtis
HunNKD. AWt 1 o'clock this mornln?
tho residents If tholowor part of thu city
were nrousod Ivtho dnmrnf ImlU nml tl,r
tho cry of flrdto discover tho rosidenco of
Aldsrman V. oobold, in flames.
Mr. ThooboH Informs us that ho re
turned homo nnt rotlrod nt about tho usual
hour; but was nvakenod, nbout 1 o'clock,
byastnoko that was rapidly filling hit
room. When lit retired ho loft n flro
burningVi his itivc, tho plpo of which
entoredtfp brca.tof tho chimney. In
thoparlorbronst if tho samo chlmnoy
thoro at ntlovo tillable, closed by n tin
cap. When Mr. T. Nponcd tho parlor
door ho dlscoTorcl linkup lying on tin
floor. In a momont, hwovor, tho llamet
filled tho room, nnd pre.i(.fr0m ono room
to another so rapidly that Ivns found im
possible to savo any portion sf iho furni
ture. From Mr. Thobold 1uil4liigMIQ tbmct
sprond to tho cottago occuplo-l,y Mr
Hlack, doalor In boots and shoo!, c.j0r 0f
Commercial nvonuo J.ind Eighth treet
Friondt nnd neighbors lent willing
unco, nnd Mr. 11. wnt thus cnable t0
savo a portion of his household goo,,
but everything savod wnt badly dainago.
by tho rough nnd rapid bundling.
When tho tiro companies arrive! on tho
ground, tho flro had completely onvolopod
Mr. Thcobold's building, nnd wnt spread
ing to that occuplol by .Mr. Iliad:. It
was not thou t; lit possible to. tnvo cither
building, so tho chief energies of tho fire
men wcro oxponded in tho work of saving
adjoining property, keeping tho llto under
subjection nt much ns pottlblp, nnd lighting
nttomptcdcncroachmentsboyoud the limit'
of tho two bulldlngt directly Involved.
Tho Arabs wcro tho first on tho ground,
nnd throw tho first wntcr. Tho Rough and
Readies and Hibernians wcro promptly on
hand, however, and did a great deal of
hard and ofi'ectlvo service.
Mr. Hindi's los will probably reach $G00
or f S00. Ho was without Insurance. Tho
building ho occupied belonged ton norr
rosldcnt, who It represented by Mr. C1
W Intton, real estate agent. The nmotint
of insurance on tho building wo did jiot
Mr. Thcobold's building, jwliich, with
tho varied Inr rovemcnts nbout it, lie say
cost him six thousand dollars, wnt inturod
In tho State ;Insuranco company, Clove-
land, Glib, for Sl.oO'J. On tho furniture,
which Mr. T. valued at $1,005, thero was
an Insurance of $500 lit tho snmo com
pany. Mr. Thoobold also lost his own nnd n
groit portion of his wlfu's wearing apparel
In fact tho building, and everything
therein with the exception of thren ctinlrs,
wcro cntlroly destroyed.
Mrs. ThcoLold Is on a visit to her friends
in Wisconsin.
The Millcrers have the sympathies of tho
community. Tholr loss is qulto sovcrc,
but both of them being gontlomen of groat
ecuporativo cnorsry, in a year or two they
will have qulto outlived nil tracoi of It
The DollarStorusell goHls cheaper than
any other establishment In tho city will
duplicate onylll In it." lino nt from 10 to
50 per contumie! than I paid nt other
Tho tiock comprise many appropriate
holiday gift, such a picture, photograph
ulbunii, vase, etc., gunl underwear, hoe,
etc., all of which nro olfcro l nt prleo that
defyiuucusiful competition.
Call nt tho old stand of Mr. Oswald
noar tho corner of Eighth nnd Commer
cial, tf
Cluslng Out Sale.
Twcuty-fivo thousand dollar worth of
rendy-madu clothing, hat, caps, bout,
shoe, trunks and values nro offered for
salo by P. Nell, 7'.", Ohio Luvov, at AC
TUAL COST PRICES, It bdng hit In
teiitiou to cloo out in that lino and cm
bar 1; e u dy and moro oMoiulvuly In
thu furnishing good and merchant tailor
ing liUaillCS.
This closing out salo fut nh'hiiin oppor
tunity to soeuro clothing cheaper than
ever beforu ollVrwl in this market,
dec Hit f
That lVter Xolf, Xo. 7'J Ohio levee, 1
clodng'out Ids largo and well selected stock
clothing, boot, thoc.t, hats, cap, trunks
and valises, a I and
iiki.ow roar.
It U his purposo to euibaik moro exten
sively In til o merchant tailoring nnd fur
nishing goods business henco tho deslro
to closo out tho stock abovo enumerated.
Ruder Hies, havo engaged tho services
of n first class engraver during tho holi
days. Parties purchasing goods from tho
firm can havo them engraved on short
notlco in an nrtlitlo manner. Call and ox
amino goods and wotk. t tf.
Sholl oyster received ovcry" day at
Loul.1 Herbert.
... c.rir.l Term, A. n,
.Hon. F. Hross, Judge,. James
lion. Amociatos.
-tl o. tiail,i,vlw,'i
E.M.Criton.. - Sot.wh.
.facob G. Lyncii, "1 . , .,
L. II. Myor, Sliori. 'dprj
I'riflAy Morning, 9 o'cloik,
Court opened by proclnmatlo.
In pursunnco of notlco given, scau
notalt forbuildlnt; nbridL'oacrofsSextOi.
Creek, near Tliebc, nccordlng to plans
nnu spcciucauon, wero rccoivcii ns toi
lowi, vir. :
Of Hutncrwell A ltalnl $.S7.'. 00
Of D.inli'l Killey and rtl'lmnl Jlcl.mnls.. .,,T(i 00
Of I'fieliiircli l,T.V)i
01 MTIInllmw I.TOUDO
Of John Major 1,0.1.1 ou
of Geo V llrnilrick vtftt ii)
Of .lohn llocigta l,roi 00
Of i: I. Hunter 1,271
And tho Court having opened nnd ox
nmlncd snld proposals, and It nppenring
thnt tho bid of E. L. Iluntor was tho low
est and best tho contract was awarded to
him at and for hl.t snld bid.
Tho contract for filling tho approach to
to said bridu'o was awarded to him for nnd
nt his bid of 20 contt per cubic yard of
SrtturJny momma, 9 o'clock, Nov. 10, WO.
Tho Clerk wns directed to ndvertlso for
sealed, proposals for tho following puposct,
to wit:
For decont Interment of each paupor
who may dlo In Cairo during tliu year
1871. -
l'or furnishing each cofiin.
Hlddors to submit their bids for burying
nnd furnishing colli in separately.
For medical attondanco nnd "medicine,
for tho poor, nt tho poor farm, for tho year
Tho contractors will ho paid In current
funds nt tho regular tortus of tho Court.
AIjo for publishing tho proceedings of
tho County Court for ono year, Including
tho proceeding! of tho Dccombor term,
Tho contract for lathing and plnttoring
tho poor house, and building and plaster
ing cistern, wat awarded to Jnmc.t llurk,
nt Ills bid of U'J cents per yard for ono
brown coat nnd ono whito coat of wash,
and $10 00 for building clttorn.
Whoroupon, Court adjourned until
'.'ourt in courso- Hvordorlof tho County
County Clerk.
LOU a.
A PI rl n lIMnlillslitiirnl II V
ritil uii KirK'uit Ainoliiliurnl,
Loult Horlrt is at last fully and satis
factorily Install n hit quarters In thol
hpringlluld blo,nd prcscntt to tho pub
lic nn establlslhont that rotlocts credl
upon tho city, nn upon him ns it liberal
and ontorpriiing Uizon.
Tho saloon ami hiding room nro entered
from tho I.cvoo, hrough stained glat
roeest doors, proviunl at an oxponso f
sovernl hundred doll rs. During tho day
time, f.nd f ir Into tht nlht, tho clever
Jim Il.mctt, will meet Sou nt tho throi
hold, roniiy to take your oiders whether for
oyttcrs, list, gamo, 1 squaro meals'' or liquid
nllmcntatloi. If you happen In when
Ilarrott Is nit on watch you will bo sure to
meet tho pnrlotor, Mr. Herbert, for ho It
always. uWit hit faco beaming with tho
good unturoard good cheer that'makehlm
u happy man.
Tho cil'orts ot Mr. Herbert to furnlOi
Cairo with u rcit.iunint, really firtt-clat
u uvory partlcultr, hnvo certainly been
crowned by tho most signal success. Ho
hat expended not only hundreds, but thou
sands of dollar h that direction, assured
Ui tti I'otitMingo of till .ulillo -would
justify tliu expenditure.
Tho wall of tho room present most
beautiful gilt nnd pnnul wsrk, many of tho
p.niuU surrounding rcpivsuntatlont of
mythological conceptions inch at Tlialia,
Ciilllopc, etc., In splendid imitation of
hrouxu nnd inarble. A prauliiout jtanel
remains blank, It being Mr. Herbert's pur
kiio to 111! it with ii life-six lithograph of
Robert E. Lee.
Tho restaurant room nrn most ologautly
llneihed, thu wall bolng coverol with tho
flulst gold lloworo.l and v.irnLhod p.iper,
tormiiiat'ng on u biwof roewo.l, walnut
and gtlt pnnul work. Ono of tl,oo roonn
is sullioluutly lurgu to .)'it a party of
twunty K)rons, while tho othor will mot
cdii i nlintly ucuomniodatii nny iiumbur
from ono to n doxeu.
Every urtioloof furnlturo and table
warn is of tho vary tat quality. Tho
table arc covered with thu lluost damask
cloths, and contain in wuro of Iom value
tlwnttlplo silver plated oatoM, knlvo
kpooiis oto., thi) httavlott in 1 purot Iron-
iiono clilna ware, and all thu oleetora that
aro thought ueoossary to all to tho com
pleteness of tho ostabllin'i. iiunt.
"Tho l.iteliou will nfV!y War tho most
rigid iiupectloii. Everything i kept per
fectly cloan and in Its placo. ThU depart
ment It directly presidod ovor by ono Jf
tho best restaurant eooks in tho Utited
States. This fact need not bo urg"1 "P011
anybody who has in his ordor -" 'I1"1"'
tlsh, oystor, toatt, ootlVo tfK oi,'i Imt
Mr skill tothol-. Hut enough.
Thoso who would kno more .thould drop
on Horbert nnd i'3 thdr order.'
Mr. Hurbort " " o1'1 of Cl,,roi
devoted to t'd intorottt of tliu place, and
a most .wvor nnd estimable gentleman
gonorv- Ho enjoys n largo jiatronago
m) no man can ay that ho h not earned
,uddoosnot desorvo It.
FiikbII meats, served In thu neatest and
most cloanly manner, can always bo foun
in abundanco for tho trade, at tho Cent nil
Meat market of Fred KochJor c Co., on
Wabhington avenue, a few dcor below
Tenth. Xono but tho flnost cattle, sheep,
and hog iiroslaiigMured, and, consequent.
Iv everybody who patronizes thu Central
Meat market can rost satisfied that ho or
liu will bo supplied with the best meats to
bu found in Cairo.
Customer' baskets, delivered in nny part
of tliu city.
f?2fFre5Usauig every mornlug, tf
Clome out Stock.c,
ii.. l.,i..nvra 25:d
.indsutrarlS: A.sug
11.mr 1.1! n. V. BU(j"
,.!- fir. Int'llFHV;
. . :
rnuiiia"i "V t.
ant "Peaches 12 i Pure Due.
niA. if .nrn IUL3.
- . , 1. nn. C.amlr
walnuts 'JUi ai-"' AZ'i
ti.i.i nwriirs40c porlb.i tnoi
eyrupl MPrS-LilrBfi
tnrtnfi noacneSffov i"" x
mr n T nr lix MMi9 1' t v . I
"hcrrlosSOj ,Kgyptl
f I fl v o
Plums nnd c
Ing So por box ; aiu
or than tho choapest, i..
Hps, corner Washington avt
st. Agent for tho Merchant'! Un.
f . . . . . ft - - -1 V
v.ui;iinuiv. jow iurk. hmhuiih a
111 ILL'S. UW. P U
. I nm m
Arlington, Cdnmliii", Arm I.i, I'luluctk,
Alice Uan, Memphis.
Arlington, Coltimtai, Armid, rulucah,
Ark liclle , KvuniTllie. ollVullrjr, Utterly,
Cliarleiton, WiUon'i tjindlng.-
Tho weather turned oulta cold l
-i.-i.. i .i . . .
iniriiL nun inu incrmomoior inuicaica on
20' nbovo zero at dyllght this moraln
I.. . 1 . .
tho tempcrnturo again mod era tod this for
. i i : . .
place. Stoamboatmon, howovcr, most
awailowdoca not mako a apring' to
fact of tho thcrmornctor rislnc a fow
Kiuvo nuuiu inu lrccziniT no mi iur m xi
t - i. -i . .
( tn r....tn.ntAn .t i 1 1.
M..- ..-t -t il. . i
bis.4(i i LLuiiuiui iuiii uiiu run in liim tit
1 1 t . l
...til 1 1. II ..ii i
in viitir uii cn iviitivu uuruu Hill
1... . 1 - I . 1 . .
iviiii'ivbui v liuuiiL-u uii ilia riiir lru
bank to bank.
n , 1 ... .... .
i iiu river iicra ipii niirnt inrnra i
night and has fallen nearly twelvo inch
In tho past twenty-four hours.
inu Jiii9i!3inni nuovo uniro. until
1 . f . . . i' 1 a . .
f.--ll- -1., t. .1 V, 1. .
.... . a..W.V, ....MWMM . U W V.. . ,t!UI, R ITU
Vint, butv Lfuui,, i.ur.uu uii .no JKIIfiMlP
..A.I ..... I . . J . . . 1 ,....
last evening to endeavor to broak throng
tho various gorges nnd assist tho Kollor
and .Shark, which nro both aground, tb
formcr.ot Watson's nnd tha latter at Lib
erty bar. Tho Arkansas Hollo also star tod
up tho Ohio to find how far navigation
was possible In tho direction of Evansrille.
Al Ill I.. .1.1.. I . . 1. . t .
iiu win uu huiu iu ii'jfui v biiuir jirogroes
to-morrow, probably.
It Is hard to find nny thing cooler than
tho recent weather, but a dispatch fra
Memphis published In yesterday's Cincin
nati Commercial, wo considor a llttio moro
frigid. It says that "navigation Is now
considered closed abovo this point meaning
.Memphis. As Jolly Jack FalstafT said'
"Lord, Lord, how this world is glrcn to
Tho Alico Ucan nrrlvod hero from
Memphis yesterday and laid up.
Thu Marblo Citycleared for MomphU
with 300 tons received here.
Thu Dexter leaves hero this afternoon
with 1500 tons, all received at this point.
Passengers for tho South can find no moro
comforUblo or swift steamer, none moro
staunch, nor nny with moro tQldent and
gcnllomnnly officers.
Tho Arthur commenced loading for
Now Orleans to-day, and clears on Sunday
morning, January 1st, 1871.
l..-t of latter rrmslnlnuncUliur,! In the Post
Oir.oc, it! Cairo, III., on rtilunlar, Dec. SI, 1870.
LtDirt1 LIST.
IW Iwui, inm K.tlicr Jint, mri AnuniU
1'ou.iuny, ml 1! J
ii nrituii. nir MttJ
i(ruui,i. uii ,
llill.iur. CT
II iKlio.mrnSUrjr A
llimlr. inr M 1".
fk'olt. mln Kill.
Hnilt.lilulnLtill A
Trailer, iiiim Jonnle
Wnuhl. uiMjImiuX
WnKlron, mm
Iliuliffi, mr Mine
lri'n,nir M il
.li.K'ffn, (ioo
llurl lti.li:ewajr
Hail, Clin o
lln.li, Jfiii A
llnttliiKion. Laurel
burin, I. f
111.. mi, John It
Call, .ttxlrctr
criK-ki i. W JI A
i.Mvin, l
Ci'iin ii.limn.n W
currm, Junii
i rjo.-y, K I.
ri.rnmi ii', Julia
Critloi'ani, Joeh
I'.iiiinliiii, J A
Oimi'liell, J A
im. f.A M
liiM'io, Cliat
llu.tn, larna
lloiol, J U
Durlwni, I.
Iifuui. Thoi
i:al, Wm
KJanl, J"f
Karali. run
r-l'.ili, Jolm
Calill, Joint
li.'tiir), Wiijdo
i.i'niry.J W
(irt'ou, O II
Ilodjru, Charley
llaerikon, U C
llusan, V J
Hill, Tho
lhuitfli. I1 J
liaiiiiniin.l, J.iok
HcnniisiK. Henry
lleiler, II 31
Hunt, Clua
lhigh.t Krene
Jam,' A roraey
ltwl.il, II
Jonca, J
Jnhn.ou, H II
ICnie, W
Lirnly, C K
l.oil, Jjii.et Ii
,r(,u, Jainca
Mooity, Samuel
.MoKerran, W
ilurtjan, A
Muiiiicr.'f M
Mfnr, .Moot
MtMirn, L
Mo.Nulu, John U
Mfc.kejr. J W
M,lillf.unri, Oto
Mfou:iitr, III-'
Jld.einn.A M
3liller, Allrt
Nave, (lea
.Vorrmcy, Chk
OrinlcJ, Jfi
Oacooil, W o
O'Donnrll, KJJIe
l'aiif r.
IVabocJj, Uii
IVni-e, A
rliif, Iiuc
rrrklus, Iiom
JU.lt, JK'Ob
l;iJfiwjr, Wm
ltio. Irrla
lltiodo, O
ItodRcr. O
l!o, Je.te
r-njilor, w A
bin ni, W
Hluwut. It I)
Htarcji N P
lur, Jl
Bk'Ti., H It
(Volt, K II
riimoni, O
Hfvrarl, IVtIJ
Shore, O
PlimH, Y II
Templvion, I'oitar
Tni) nwn, Wm
Tnotnpxon, II II
UmUilo, John
Variable. John
William.. J M
While. John
wiiiiMtii.a b
Vih, Jnin(j)
West, JO
JMlllll'Hf, I'
lVrsoua calliiiR tor any of the nbq ItlUrs
will ii-aaa"ak for "i lfeiiiaed letlera"ani cue
thacUtouf thUlial. U. W.MeKtUIQ J-.M.
JIXKG.lll, ...UWX ic WOVE,
II. T. Mui-unr,
ii, i. i. nun,
1. II. I'i ir.
t'AIll , ILL.
oifick-oo eereatU Stntt, WWft'i Ace
uwiwtf '

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