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THE &TJ2ErZ?X2ST, deobmb:
E3R, 31
i 1 til I t; ''
Or.J. McOlcllan't residonco wis not
burned m reported In "Wednesday ills
pstches. The burning of a forcft in tho
vicinity wiuh8 occasion of Uio report.
Tub Prtisstsn Government bus prompt
lyspologlaod for thooutrngo on English
vessels on tho Bclno. .Tho otuccr rcsponsi
bisfor tlio destruction of tho vessels' I ti
bo courttuarllslod and dismissed.
HlCHABD J. llALfiKHADfl rcnnvlv
'&1a Ooneressman. Las been on a grand do
bsmob daring tho pat two or three weeks,
A fw dy ago ho beat hii vrtfe, who is 11
daugbWof bunator Cameron, in the most
cruol and braui manner.
Thk new fprtiflcnttonj rcccnlly conv
plcted" by the' .French .beyond Mont Yn
! . ;.. .1 -.rf1f?lllovond Versailles
icrcm, win - - .
niqV'crplaco, it is thought, will, there-
oroho promptly evacuated by the Prus
Sumner's speech is to novo and oxtcn-
lV0 Circulation. it niru;i,,
largely subscribed for by Democrats and
tho Republicans who opro tho u Vo
rnrngo project. Abont a million; cop es of
' it in pamphlet term will be scattered
throughout the country.
As4dvnc of ton r-sr cont on all west-
ward downs ircigovt " - r
by a number of leaing rosrls. This will
ot b wekomo news to the people of tho
VtL Knt tfcnr are forcsd to submit, as
.railroads are th kings and their decrees
I must bo enforced.
Tius Aaache Indian, tie curso of Arl-
m on the ramnace. Tcey
- - -
i... niiinmmlttAd a'numbcroi mur-
dsrs in the vicinity of Tucson and havo
driven off a llargo nurabor ol horses and
cattle. ,
"'If tho govornmont would strongthon
tbe bands of Gov. Ssfford, ho would soon
rid Arizona of tho Apacho pest.
Thb anusnorators employed to tako tho
eondewsus of New York city, have al
totAf stnt In returns in forly-two
eltctloa districts, and thcro Is only an
incrsasa of four names in each election dis
trict over provloos returns. At tho pros
mi ratio of Increase in ths lower districts,
the aldltlon to the population according to
t&tsscoaacMSu will not bo over '-',000.
!TAainTrtv vuiirtjKJndoilts say that
At result of the Georgia election has sad
' ly disappointed tho Republicans, who ex
pected to carry that State. It is now con
ceded that tbe entlro South will go Demo
cratic la 1872, Mind tho ltepublicaus nro
considerably alarmed at the prospect. If
the South goes Democratic it will bo im
possible to olc:t tho Republican candidate,
unless Pennsylvania, Indiana and other
northern States, which aro now doubtful
can be carried.
It ts said with truth thnttho recent elec
tion in Oeorgla betrays tho pitiful weak
ness of Radicalism in tho South, and vir
tually ends the sway oi carpct-bagcjcrV
and those" instrumental In frilstjng; them
upon the States of thoConfcdcracy Eight
of the old slave holding States, Misiouii,
Kentucky, Tennessee, Maryland, Wost
Virginia, Delaware and North Carolina,
are now Democratic and ennriot full to
Remain so. South Uarollmi, Mississippi,
and tho other Southern States will sped-
1 1 j. put thcmsolvcs right upon tho record,
and woonay count upon tho electoral vote
of the entire rmtb bolng tost solidly for a
Democratic' President. Tho outlook thon,
from this stand point is, to isy the least
bright for the Dornocracy. ,
The persistence of tho Cubau Krugglo
, for freedom from Spanish domination cer
tainly commands our sympathies, ttioy
havo fought long and bravely for tho
achievement of thut end; but the end, It
seems, is not yet. Thoy have, us n cotcm.
'porary ronmrku, dctled tho power of Spain
during two long and bloody years. iHir-
ing (haf tUio tbcro has been a revolution
In Spain whlchUroQUcen Isabella fom
, tho throne. Just now tW u uti attempt
to placo un Italian rr,,,cu 0,1 tho throne,
which has rcrn"id vacunt since tho tllght
it of the upJOmin&te Isabella, and from the
Indentions tjjlsttlort on tho part of l'rlm
'd his abctiors Is likely to produce a
bloody revolution in that unhappy country.
Spain, tn her present condition, cannot
possibly spare any uioro troops to subduo
the insurgents in Cuba, and it maybe thati
the time for the liberation or tlie ijucou or
tho Antilles has como. "
yf are rapidly drifting Into tho ProsJ.
dentlal broil of 1872. Tho wire-pullers of
tbe two great political organizations areat
work, and all tho great acts pcrformod or
jtFT " considered arc contemplated with
yWerence to their bearing on the Pesiden
' j:'Ha contest. Northern papers are taking
V tste lea in the matter, and many of thorn
rith more freedom than camlosu
ihalalaas of the rival aspirants. 4
f . 1 - il . -1
.... m.1. ki,w....' (. not lull.
- . .In 4hA tvnAl In thn THlia I.
.i rts Tear, increaiina in tbiuo. .it
1 I 1 A .
5I ,w att tshard.of course, to point"
VitUraat, Hoffman sod
Hendricks mnv safely bo counted on the
couko ns tho chief contestants. Tilings
aro working, and a few months moro will
sco tho wholo country more or less ngitatou.
Uv that tlmo tho leaders will bo gathering
their clam mid giving tonguo for tho fa
vnrltos. Hv nff.iccablv disposed noonlo tho
great Presidential struggle, recurring ov-
ory four years, is as much dreaded as a rev
olution, which in most respects It thor
oughly assimilates with. Tho strife, bit
terness, heart-burnings and hatreds engen
dered by tlio excitement, which swoops
through the land llko nn epidemic, inva
riably proves fruitful of great unhnppl
ness and vast damago Intorests.
Gambclta means "u littlo leg."
Hob Lincoln Is n Swcdcnborglan.
Lorno's bride, Princess Louisa is said
to bo qullo a palntrcss.
Gen. Custer, tho blondo, is in Wash
ington. Uoss TweeJ' u.ild ollib button eoel
l-'orrcit Is going to bid farewell to tho
stage in tho springtime. Hit youthful
hoso is a world too wide- frr his gouty
-Tho cdltoriul chair of tho Iiuhpcndcnt
Is said to have proved not too steady for
Tillon. .
SolM'tlati Solllor, an editor nnd law
yc.r.''10 wasoxpallcd from Germany for
writing "Caspar llauscr," died recently in
New Orleans.
Hichard Yates, freshened by prairio
winds, is quite llko his own self, with tlio
Jiome-liglit ycton His race. H. U. in N.Y.
Tribune. Since tho abovo was ,wrltry
Dick's noso is called tho "homo-llghtliouKy
Tho lloston Journal savs: "Whm
last heard from tho Chief .Justice of ho
Supremo Court was shooting wild goe in
the living embodiment of of a wlldgoosu
Tho editor of an Arksnsa
sas jnpor ox-
plains that tho deficiency of 1
clcs .in hts lisuo of tho prcccd
g day was
owing to nn unusual mini
rlitch lind nccumiilfitcd on hi
ol duels
tiands, until
ho was obliged to glvo unnllre day to
settling tncm.
An editor down Un recently pub.
llshcd u long obituary notico of an uncle
of his vrho died out in jTttstralia, nnd lea
him, his onlv ncplu', ?400.000. Tho
intimate acqua'lntaticcsbf tho editor regard
tills utorv ni the nrelillllltirv mfasuro Ofu
carefully devised schmio to get rusted for
a couple of winter undershirts.
Don Piatt's Dpko : "1 o not know
a man in tho wholo.world pwsesscd of so
fow qualifications fr tho benih us the lato
senator. Ho neve.' uia nor icvcr win ap
ply himself to th study rf any subject,
nnd whllo line .irrl'S his IlcrCS Olltsldo Ills
coat, his insldo U s'tutrd wth nothing but
exasperating prejudices. Ho bounces llko
a ball, and gts olf like iltro-glyccrlnc."
he watsr ltt'Oirse Stiver Hutlcleiil)
I.ovrr Tlirtorrrl.
From IhoOiACgri ccunifrcml.
Parties emnlcyed at tto mills and manu
factories on citLer slda of tho river in this
city wore greatly astonished Tuesday
morning on u'.scorormg mat tno gooa
head of water iloving in thn river lat
evening had been educed during the night
bysomomvstcrlousaencvto less than tho
slack supply of iiidsamtncr, and, in fact,
tno water power tt tlie river was ulmoir
completely lost hr tho tlmo. Littlo oe
no water was deseendingtho river, and tho
lovel abovo the frit dam had fallen three
foot, when lost evening a considerable
body of water wus pouring over ton of thn
dam and the mill race running lull. In
tho harbor and abovo tho bridges no move
ment of tin vrtcr was perccptlblo wluro
qulto a still' curront prevailed yoiterdav,
and tho ico commenced to form "across the
During tin forenoon the river commence
cd to gttficrkgaln slowly, hut it ii still fur
below tho natural level. No satisfactory
explanation 1ms yot been given of this
rather startling ereurrence, which icsms
to threaten tho stability of tho water power,
which is the gr'at element ofour bushiois
prosperity. Kome pcoplo ascribe it to a
sudden ftvuzing up of tho tributary streumi
other are speculating 'on tho probability
of u quite carthqinkii In soma way brought
about by tho Dial ocllHo of tho sun which
ocuirred this morning, and which, somo
philijopliers prodictou, would ho tho camo
of unuuiil convulsions of nuturo. Hut tho
phcnoiienon is still unoxplnlned.,
A S"ll(iH)rrtlH'art.
A German vpor relates tho following
little ineldsnt wiiHi occurcd in tho hopititl
ut llildburgdiausen-
A Turcolnd been taken thcro who Lad
been wnundul at "Wotrth in tho foot, in a
maimer that amputation became necessury
Ho boro bU trAifurtuno manfully, and onlv
asked that it wight bo communicated in a
letter to his lothrothed In Paris. Hu
I., ii mir way irrecovcry, and already ablo
to Isavo his hoi, when thufollowing'jetter
j....v nun, H inioiKicu:
,,nv,i Itnrnd with tho utmost regret
"T? ,,ftv' lyourfoDtt but as I San-
TKour e,15Ke,"nt us not eitlug.
tho etii.r.,;a't!, "V1 u worJ. " M
wor! .dS' zrmd ,;ecan,t
Tl.n ......
I no ong neer n char- o oi.T M ,
ary survey of the AVakV ! !!&
the orders of tho AVr DepannS.," u,r.
ved hero on Tuesday lastlmvlnV " I
Incd Iho river from tlo town of foX!
Lorlyncxt month ho will resume worX
and cxamino hence to tho mouth of tho
river. JIo oppresses irrcat fulth in thn
practicability of the Improvement of tho
river, und in tho favorablo action of Con
Kress when the facts aro laid beforo them.
Millions or dollars havo been expended
under upproprlutioru by Congress, fur tho
Iniprovomentof streams In tho various parts
of tho United States, of far less Importance
than the A abash, and there Is no good rea
son why that should not receive the fostor
ing caro of the Government, und bo made
ny of tho throughfurcs of trado and trfilcT
Memorials to Congress havo lulroady been
largely signed Ht nearly ull the prfneinnl
Places along tho "Wabash Valley, nnd !will
bo laid beforo that body stimultsncouslv
with tho report of tlio survey ,-Yi,et;met
An Indiana Sonator, Morten, is ongaged
1 .V... l.n.infln iMinmn to (IUdIbco
Sonator Sumner from tho Chairmanship of
tlio Snnato fjommlttco on roruigii
This is intonded as a puniihment for his
opposition to Grant's dsn Domingo swin
dle. Notwithstanding tills, Senator Sura
ntir does not intend to shalo olio Jot or
tittlo of his opposition to tlio ban Domingo
!.-. tt- i... niiiirnfl bv RolMib-
lean inombers that tbo two-thlrds yoto
required to tako tlo Honaio resouiuon
from tho Speaker stsbls cannot bo obtained
In tho House, nnd that therofqro tho Ad
ministration will taro to conmenco nil
over again and intipduco tho rjsplution In
tho llouso nnd pas it by a najorlty and
and then send it tctbe Sonat for another
passage. This Isjhe only 'y thoy can
obvlato tho piiliamentty objection.
Wbontho SonatoIcaSfomWsSumnorwill
. ..,.i.Jtnn onlll fon tho l'resl-
dent to supply cirtoln douments on tho
.. . tf B. r . . tli In lis. IhArii
an iJomingo qutsuon I '
Is reason to bolove, wlMHy nd wrong
fully withhold.
No Name. it Is n finmon thing now-a-days
to hear perso complain about
their physical disables which bring so
much discomfort to bth mind nnd body,
that thoy find ho.'giaiineotlon In anylhln
around thonv Onr h no satisfying rest
nt night i another I always pcovlsh and
despondon; still oiother takes no delight
InBoclot: and oticrs again find no ecm
pensntijn in Into", oxcrci'o, or oven life.
No mno is glvm in pathology for tholr
ailmiits, novo thelcss, the riijf. aro al
waisprcsent. They simply lack vital
poor andttof. llakcr says that ''tho
Ust romodyfor this class Is MISIILKH'S
rrt.Ml lifTVtl ' tflilnli tin It'll Oiuofl
rfor sovori years, and with uniform suc
cess," ns. tones tho Stomach and Liver
tho scntof thccotnplalnt and reconstructs
tho shattered constitution. This vitalizing
tonic spccdllyrcmovcs tho causoof languor
nnd discontent j Imparts a calm forco to
tho nervous system ; rouses tho dominant
organs of tho bocys nnd blesses tho sufferer
with perfect and lasting health.
Tin: best of fresh meats, iludlng beef,
pork, lamb, venison, mutton, veal, sausage
etc., can bo secured from tbo meat shop of
John Potrie, corner of 'Washington avenuo
and Fourteenth strcect, In any quantity
desired. Pctrie is an experienced butcher,
kills nono but tho finest and fattest ani
mals, and deals with men, women and chil
dren alike, fairly and honorably. Custo
mers may sond their children with every
nssuranco that uny kind of meat called for
will bo furnished, and full weight given in
every instance. Offering thanks for tho
patronugo heretofore extended, ho asks a
continuaucoofthosamo promising to give
ntlsfaction to everybody. dec21m
Tin: white-haired King who offered mil
lions for a new pleasure, would havo as
signed tho reward to Phalon's Vltalfs,'or
Sulvutlon for tho Hair, becauso if w'ould
have enabled him to renew in his'silvor
looks their youthful glory. Tho Yltalia
is clear and has no ledimcut. It docs not
s'.aln tho skin, but will color tbo hair In n
very fow applcatkms. Sold by all drug
gists. dec'J7d&wlw
Sl'LKSMU Kitr.su Meats. Jas. Kynas
Jon, corner ct Nineteenth and Poplar
street', has on hanl und Is slaughtering for
the trade, somo ol tho finest beeves over
brought to Cairo. Tor tho holidays ho
has purchased flvo hea l of cattle thut can
not be surpaswd, one of them a four year
old, weighing one thousand eight hundred
jKiuuds gross.
Citizens of tho Fourth ward and of tho
city generally who want extra flno fresh
meats for the holidays should not full to
call on Kynaiton. He can supply beof,
pork, mutton, veal, lamb, vnd sausago In
any quantity do!red and on satisfactory
term Seo card in uiothtr column, t
A M.ui.vincKNT KtMiUENci: roit Sat.k
uit Kent. I deslro ither t tell or rent
my retidencc, situated on tho corner of
Holbrook avenue und tuenty-fourth street.
It contains nine large and comfortable
rooms und a well ventilated cellar, out
houie till complete, embracing a fine two.
story barn. The ground .contains eight
lots, ona and a half .'cot above grade, nicely
fenced, containing a lsrgo quantity and
variety of fruit trees, vines and shruU
of tho choicest selection, Tho place will
bo rented or sold on reasonable terms.
Apply to JOKL G. MUKGAN.
""Dec.'-M l2w.
Tin: dreadful yellow disvaio is raging in
tills country. Death stares you In tlio fuco
"Why do you delay 7 Go to the drug store
and get a packugo of Simmons' Liver Reg.
ulutor for one dollar, und remove the
causo of this fatal dlscaio. Kcp your liver
it. proper order and thori Is no danger of
yoiti ijclng ufllictcd. dcc27di;wlw
Tits: tubicrlbers for shares in Mr.
Keilly's glk. cntorprl.0 will he waited on
by .Mr. R. u toon uh In tho course of iili
rounds he cuu ,caci, t,t.,Mi u0 w,, Ufl
out to-morrew.
Tho drawlus, In which Mr. Keilly's flno
brick residence it thi capltul prize, will
take placo within tlit next five or six
weeks. In the incur, tluo t)10 who havo
uot iuwibed fur chutl,M CBn dlJ
apidlcaUu, to Mr. Reinv
man of fMly" uai d
occupy it, he can readily sxsnvett Ulnlo
cash, at a price that will r. turnhUmSn,;.
moro than a thousand fuM. VZ.
both town and country, who have ,uo !
scribed for tickets, ro exited to l 1
readiness for Mr. Rollly'i coming, aowtr
If you want a good,MylWi and'wTTT.
fitting suit of clothes, mado to order, vou
mail go to P. Noli; No. 70 Ohio Levee
Hooilatiu'M Poilojiliyllisa Fills.
- -
Hoofland's Greek Oil
Hoofllaiid's (ierjiinn Illtlors.
A lllltcra Without Alenhel or .Siiltltx
of mi j kind.
Iiilltte rent from nil otncr. Iseompoiedof thf
lurulcnorrnt r"oclp!e nf Itoots, Hcrbiancl
IIark (or an mflicallr teriticil, cxtrol,) the
worthlt! al Inert jwrtlom of the Ingredient
not bclni;utd. Therefore , In ono liotlln nf this
Hitters llicrc l4conUiarJns much medttln.'il vir
tue will I fouuil In tcverit cc.'Ious of onllmry
mixtures. Tho ltoot, etc., tudlnthl Uilli-rs
aro crown la Oirminjr, their IUI principles rx
tr.Ktrd in that country bv a ulcntiflo Clirmltl ami
fdrwtrdtd to the manufactory In tliNclty, wht-rr
th'yarc comoan(lrdand bottled. Contnlnlng no
spirituous iLmlleut., this Hitter I free, from
tho objections urged agilnst nil others ; no desire
for stimulants can U Induced from their ue, they
can make no drunkard, and cannot, under any
elrcumt.Mice, haenny biilnbeneilcl.il rlleot.
HooflantPs G'crmuu Tonic.
Wti conipouudrl for tlioo not inclined to ct.
rune bitten, aad Ii intendeil for iiie In cie
when aotne alcoholic stimulant I rcqulrel incun
ncttlon with tho tonlo properties of Iho llitterp.
Eaehtotile of Iho TodIo costalni ono bottle of
(tan Uit ten, combined with pure Sata Crtir Hum,
and flavored la uch a niSnncr that the ut re tint
Litlerncf s of tlie Hitter t overcome, forming n
lr..artluii hljl.l airvAble ut lcant to tno
palate, and coutaiolns tho medicinal virtue of the
HltUf. Thopffcoof tho Tonlo Ii 91 00 per
lottle, which rnauy persom think too hish They
mint tike, luto consideration that Iho ktlmu.
Isnt uied Is Kuaranteed to be of a puriitahty.
A poor article could I furnished at a chcpr
price, but I it not belter to pay a litlU moro nnd
have a good wtiul f A mcJlclnal preparntlon
ohotild contain nono but tho beat mgri-dlcm nnd
theyvhotxpst to obtain a cheap compoun I wdl
tnot certainly becheattd.
They arc the Ureattat Knotin Heme
Kor Liver Comprint, lyiepi.i, .Nervou lleblll.
ty, Jaundice, li,eai of tlm Kldtieyn, trup.
(lorn of tbt t-kin, and all ditcair
sriaini; from a disordered
uitr,tsu)ineii. orim
purny or trie
Read the foltomna. aymptnmat Ccmtlpation
Vlatulence, Inn aid I'dei, rulinex of blood to tlio
bead. Acidity ot the Moma-h, Nausea, Ilart-Uirn.
dmiutoTfuMl,faIlneanorwelsht inlheAUiitiMli,
hour fcnictatioiu.imViiii,' or Uulterlna at ihiipit
of lh atomacli, awuniniuKCf the head, hurra!
crdiffltult breatlur.x.BuiitrinuuttlioM'irt.clioU.
loKOrauttocatliiieaation when In lyiaj io.
tuie, ilirnneM ( viiion, dot and weLI,i fefur Jlho
nt.t, dull pain in the head. t&cji'aoy of ir.inr.
alion.ytllownetsof tlm kln and eynn, pan, in
III aide. Iju'S, chest, lunU, iU'., auddm rlul,i-i
ot beat,burnioK In llio ll-nh, roiittant Inayinini;
ot vil,anlKfit.lti.rfiion(it m:rlt. Allttn -fi
Indicate din a. of the I.ivit cr 4ly ttve oivnt
vombintxlwilh llnrureblo.t,
Miii.of the llitt or Tonic will on rvu.o
thohhoi yiiiitom iodiapr,ai.d the iwti.ilt
u,IIUcine(lla7idl.(alty. 1
r. Hoollaml'.s (.'reck. Oil,
UtflitlnK fiue fur nil Uliiitt of Pnln.
nml Aelie.
ArmiD Kiitivii.ii,-Jt wllli'irii uil Lu.l.o
raiiwaud a:li; n Ii a hhcurnat.am. .Niuru!i',
rii'ithwbe, flultlairi., bprmn, Hruitun, Kr.
IliK-., Ilvl h., 1'4'tH in th IU"khii l l.oin.
I'irith JfiLt, Limb, Slit)i((f Iniwti, ittiuc
vi'irm, tU'.
Tn ItrrantiLv It will cure Kidney litn
plaint bwka. I.e., tick liftadacholi'(ilii.'ldyientr)',
Uurrhova, rhiiiM inUulutn, cholera raorbui,
eraiiiptand pkint In the aWmh, feier mid airiie.
toufi, c 'dd, oathuu, t Is.
Dr. HootlnutPs I'odopliylliii,
Two J'lllx ii Dine.
TitiHOtt jt'ABtrJul'ytt IniMent VfjtMlc
(surname Jin'jwn,
It Is iM rin ,ery to take abamltut of th i,il,
topro'J j' the iltuml ell'.cti to i-f them i"t
lukkly Mid iwerfully, ikaii.ing tlio lirer, M-md
auli and lMMe of MlluiiMirillia. 'tlm prin :i4'
Ingredient ia 1'iMluphylhn, cr the uh hoholiu rx
rct 'd Mandrake, nab m by many time moro
pow erful, atuitfaii.l arching than the Mandrake
llelf. It peculiar action I.Utilliu Liter. clean.
Iok It i"j.i-dlly from all otlnictii.n, with all tbo
IMiwcrof Jlcrcury.jtt frcu irom tlm injiiiioiitrf
aulia attached to tlm ui of that mineral.
for nil dlaeaaea, In whlel, t, mv ol aiitbailiu
U Indicated, theao i'llle will ulre intiro autj.fut.
lion in overy a. They mctca mi. ,
lu cine of Jivit rornjd Oi.t, J'ei.. .U, Hrf,J ex.
tr iiiui oitivcDnK, Jr. floollund'aOennan h.tin,
or I'iuiIo thould tiM-d In eonnKiion Miili tbe
I'lIU TheTuula tltuct (if the Kilter- or Toruo
buildt up tho evatem. TIih llitlera or Toww Pur
itica tiro klool,atrni.'lhena the rierrva, ai'jttii,.
the l.iMirandKiK ttrenlh, vnvigy ad nijor.
Keep ) our bowelaactlte with Iho 'UIk, and tor.o
Uti too aratein with tbo Illlti n or 'I'mui ..1,1 ....
dieakocan r tain it hold, or overupriinaHail it
Tneae incillciiin am aold by all lyiujrir m ua i
dealer in medlcirica oterywhere.
Hi-collect that it is It. llMfiand'a C'ermajj
llemedle, that aro ao universally in id au4 iimiui.
im-nded; nnd ilo not allow tho I'ruxftt f mduco
) oil to tako nnythiDg elu that be may aay Uiu.t
Kood, becauto he make a larutr prolil on it,
IhbMi ill mediea will bo aent by eipie toi,y .
j.1'11!";11 apijllcallon to Ibu I'ltl.NCilMlriK-Villi-.,
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t'ornirrly C. M. JACMMU.V. iO.
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"jrouKhous the United Mitel Tjlnadl'rsiuth
America and 11,0 We.t Indict. KoFHale by
CAIKt), ItiUeiiS
M'. II. .ttnrrli.
Notory Piibllo.
II. It. s'niiilr
Notary public nnd I'
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acs -rj,r i'.,t : 7
Asi't !.7!h!J,
A'JM.'fM 2,. "5 M.tiZO TJ
.IssfM I.tlM.ttfi SO
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AHMOfM .")(, 0(10 00
, i .. MUTUAL hlVll,
AsMiU. :io.ooo.ioo 00
. HA' vi:m:.s, n hti i,
AHSi't-, , 1.50O.000 00
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A-Hwcirf noo.ooo 00
. iji:ti:.ii:.VT, iio.sro.v,
.Meeii, .4(iuo,sisti ;s
Safford, Morris Candee,
71 I2a.TO Sj-ZZ YES
City .Wmni.
IViiifjfiarn, -N". Y. ;
Ah.si:T.s -oi.iini.aiu at
Gdrmanin,. T-T. "V.;
ASSIIT.N .... 8t,or;s,m 7p
Ilunover, 2N'. "V,
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A X H i:i H ........ 7!-,U2.T- lib
liltlrliliK Lmlfi iirlltre'.tv;
Yonkci-M, 1ST. ;
ASSETS S1-.-,! 13
Vlbany Jity;
AHHKTtl ..31.ja,ttVt
Fircmn"), Punil, frj. J?'.
-issirr.s ..t)OTb,ouu oo
Security, 3N". ; Marine
rry-Storej, rwIImK, Kurn lure, llu'N an
Cri!Oi-.inurel nt miuai fui -ri le iw ,'iB.i
pennHiicnt eeeurittr tr.mnt
I repeetful)y a I; ft the . ,tiri r,f f. ro,
1 aro of their patr nng.
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01b at J-rt .Nattnual . Hank
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ran 1
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JovlDKlio a,aof any to or i0criptlOil, iin
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Tlieyhutoall ihemKhirtery npplliineM for ro
olian, cf 'public pjtiomw. noli(
' ' F!BE
anufacturers of
uu IILU mAtii-nrdtKY OF ALL KINT7S,
l'i-. r.-t tlitinc-' llm i.iita .... t i.iiirim- Irinitntm-", jnvi.11
I f 'um'si Turtle -0il
Jilo Moll's --
...'. tji v., ov,.
Between Commercial and Wash
twecn Commercial and Wash
AtrcniK for Ilorlt ISIvor PnptT
Coni'tiitiy'iNItcatliinir I-'clt :t:l
lti.ti-:i-. tJciiit'iit.
If. IV. John's Improve:! fSonl.
lui; ahritya.ou Itiitisf.
g " IVArfilKH,
M!A!.rB IM .
or i:vi:uy Dii.Mitii'iisif;,
LathB Shingles and Cedar Posts
Doors, 'Sash, Blinds,
rntM.Mt::tl OX MI OUT NOTH-i:.
oiim:k C0JiMi;icuh .won:
and tj;ntii sti:i:i:t,
riAin. r. tiiojiak.
. ''fSftd 'j do ail 1-JtJ'!- 'I
im,.ir1(Mi.i1.ivii..i .. .
i::r.r:Tir sTitnrr.
,1 si 1111 19
ITIrO-N SOXS, - - I'mtirltlor I
Art- 'tv In full t:n cat Inn.
t--r. 1'itlton A Sen aro irrl to Iwrn i.
Ii i; iie 1.1 Mnurb' . l,-t i..i ij, a .1 '
.: ' I . I ,-f i,i' rt i- iiialmm s'l ,.ir, m.
r i h i I,, n!.li Irom tlm L1.-1 WlnU
' . . ...vt t:ii:
Cairo City Book Bindery
1 1 "iaril to
;iuiiiiritciir- lllmil; Itook" mtil 1I11 it!
Itlnilx (if ItnoUltlmtlii;; mill rtiillntr.
0x71 1
pArcwiy awi -cwjiffnt'-
Iliivumfe fur n-cfvroil rrMii i-tleen n t,
l.itii riieul to Iw eUrtt" ronilint luni-it, nvall
tlu-n.-i-ui-- uf t!iirintti"J to iqforui tlmpiiiillo
llmt thuy Imvi 11,-iiiaaalliltOry on tlio
(Jor. Dlsltlli St. S; VasliIitffloa iivimiu
WHt-r" 'ii y nre i jmr I toacrvu iiieiri'miu""--"
VI till llll'Vf
(.'aktt.ii UhrKlmau ('niiillfM nml Coif'-
ttiius (U-utrally,
On tho mol reatonnUii tonil.. Tlivy .will. M
lierctofJH', la-op run nuppiyer
IiitliumitnufacturoowlikMlify liavo nctulrca
n r b Lmra d isL? ra
Solo ".Vjo:atflii for
A Nil
(!fil! ii Rj-Wkl Imp
l 'rlptivc V re tllSM ard I'nco Mat aent
r,iin;.ji iti.ia.
Sieam Lneines
il.n.tly on hsnd
rn in ir
I tiiukmomijti:ks!.
e) CO
1 T
' T P o
large Stock ?
I'sjll NAM'. AT
rt 'tiN -v ikT f 1 r.
M ,1'
? "1
. AT
Blue Lie- WateF
y n a
1 H
j & J L.-..vt- ,-,,. m Ju.s
jiq S irmltnl iiiiilrgrtnleliy
1 Harclx-ty Bros.
,k. , i Whii-rnmh'Q
ron .VLKAT
o 3
5 h
'1 Cj
TliltlaiKit iiinuiirneltirriS srn
,,.r, ,, rniiim illrrjl rrruii
tlm Sirlii(.', nl .Snrntut;n, Xnc
Ilinltliriilri-rri-.!iln llfr
tll V I ll IX I li hvllniluall uiirulre.
Iinrklliitr niiil lirlj;lit, rrum tlio M'.W
.ISai'day Brothers.
ami nm.rn-- in
Eighth St., between Washington &
Commorcial Ave.,
Adjoining Itlttculiotito & JlamiyV.
Ilccptli ' . .itcfllFff, Vorlt.JIiitlon, Veil, Laml,
,ct ., n til ar-prrpnre 1 t't H'rte illimiua
In mo- - m t optni U iimuiit r. wfiltr
JBj:iiT isrriK.ices
Sausage Maker
Cairo, - - - lA5sxoi
m- Ordors filled promptlj' and
ho fullest satisfaction guarran-
Cor. lOtli iiikI Poplar St.,
Gfiiro - - - - Illinois.
Hum nml fUuglitcra only tho liostcatUo, hog
nntl wlieeji, nnU la prepared to (III any ilenmnj In
Iresh nit-aiits ffvm ne psilml (9 lou tliouiiiui
I'Qiuul. ilfCMIt
n JL2n.xclciy Sxom

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