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'Cnrnrr 11 gi.lli Nlrcet'niiil Ohio Lever,
Over Vincent' (ropery Hiorn, Inform tTio prot.lo
of Cairo that In) Impurclmii'-d nn't refitted In the.
inctt llior juxIi mann r (lit
Xiotro Otvllox-y
nf .1. o'ltaawt'l, mkiiiK It onnnf tho ino.tiotn
Ill tlu Vet. Hi' le now prepared t do ml
.kiniUol wirU inhla line, from llio SMALLEST
Wakes llio new ,
ni:3tnitA:aT ncxunii,
ln tlio moid npprored tjle. Tlio heit kind
p.clure taken In loud); callus. Cluttttcna
picture taken In three lo four tccond. OM lo-
ture e.oplod nnd cnlarjjod. l.oiuo ono,e.omotll
tttnl e lit specimen. iletWUlt
J-'louu'-OIioIco I'nmlly Flour in bhl
linlf liblit., melts, &c, for snlo lit thohgyi
tlitn Mlllit. nu
A i.aiuik stock of furriisl
aliini goods of nil
V. Nell, No. D
kind? nlways oti hand nt
Olllo IjCVCC?.
Von fashionable boots nnd shoos, made
in llio best aty It?, imil of the belt material,
go to.tbo shop of in. Khlor, on Twcn-
.. .i - . it . t.
item mruci, near ui'i conn iiumu. i
Emotion Motici:. Notice t hereby
givo thai hnro will bo it meeting of tlio
Huckholder of tlio City National lunk on
TuciJ.iv, January 10th, 1S71, for thu pur
pose of electing sovcrt Director! to servo
. . .
luring inu oniuing year. .
deMOltd A. IJ. SAITOKl"), Cash.
Wr. diudru to remind tlio render ttmt
I r tli llnliiinorn oysters unJ nil kind of
game in (Aon, nre served night or dty
nny stylo desired, at Loul Herbert's
l'.trties desiring 'oysters by the enn or
caie, citn bo supplied nt the ruling rates, nt
the Mino plnrcX tf.
T.vnnu HnoTiiKtis, M Ohio I.cvc, will-
licrftcr koap constantly on hand, direct
from th KMtern manufacturers tho very
best winter strained puriilod sperm oil, for
tewing raschine, nnd all flno and light
machinery, O'hls.oll has never yet been
superceded by any of tlio manufactured
"iil, m it never gums or it aflecU-d by the
weather. ' dec'iStf
Tnr. Ilollivr.Stt.ro mil goods cheaper than
nny other establishment in the city will
daplicnto any bill in it lino at from 10 to
SO r cntum l than ii jald nt other
The stele ornpriVi many npproprlalo
holiday glfu, ui m plcturos, photograph
albumi, vnies, etc., gits underwear, hose,
if, all of which nro otferol at price that
defy juceoMful competition. .,
Call at tho ohUtarul of Mr;. 0wn!d
war tho corner of Klghth and Comrrier.
.w Yi:.vn. gift of tho incut appri
prlatccharACtor, arid in great variety can
bo tccured at the Jawcly citablMhinciit of
MoMn. E. i: V. Huder, corner of Wwh
ingtn oven jo and Eighth tret. Do
you want a duo finger ring, brociit pin
luck cr watch chain, gdd or ilvor watch
tracolct,'lcht, illvcr or plnUd waro, or
any of ths thoutand and one article that
go to make up tho itock of it firt-clms
Jowolyoitallihmnt,godlrctly toMeitn
ISuJori. Nowhere tdw can you supply
ounelf motB aatlifctctorlly. ty
Knn meat', icrvoJ In tho neateU and
inot clotnly n innor, -.m uhvayi bj foun
In abundanco fr tho trade, at tho Central
Meat irmrktof 1'red Koohler & Co., on
Wuihlngton nvenue, a fw doon below
Tenth. Xono but tho llnott cattle, ohcep,
nnd hog nrolaughterod, and, conqucnt
lyi'vcrybody who iatronI.ei tho Central
.Moat inarkot tun ruit itit!oJ that ho or
he will bo nupplled with tho Lot meats to
bo frund In Cairo.
' Cintotntr. Intkett tlcllvcroi in nny part
of tho city.
rjfjy-Kroh namago cvory morning, ti
(illKAT HAKCAI.VH tr.STIL Drc. 316T TO
Ci.osb oit Stock. licit Javn Jcotlco 30a
j.crih.; l..iguyr.i llio "0 tn''3; l'ow
dercd BtTgar lCj A.Migar loj C. nigar HI;
IVmararaHi K. O. ugar l'-'J; leedlei
ralslna 25; lnycri20j Currants 20;-Prunes
l'eaeht li ; l'uro Iluckwhcut Hour
Urazll min, I'ilboitJ nnJ KnglMi
w limits 0; Almondj30; Candy 20 to40;
llaklng powdsrHOc peril.; Cliulco maple
yrup$l &0 per gallon ; Silvor dripi$l 10
("'.tuned peachei U5c porcan; lllaekbcrrlcs
'JO; Tomutoes20i llmpborrlcj, l'Incapple,
riuiiHimdClicrrloaSOi Egyptian Illnck
ing 5o jior bo: j nnd nil other goods chunp
or tlntn tho'honpost, hy .lolin II. Phil
lip, corner "Washington Itvcnuo nnd Hth
t. Agent for tho Merchant' Union Ten
Comiianv, Now Vork. Tea Ht Now York
prlc. " dcc27 ."it
Tin: meat market of Onyor & Co, nt tho
corne r of M'nihlngtonnvcnud nnd Tcnlh
street, ii ono of "inUltutlons" of tho city.
It is not only-abundantly uppllod. with
"lwbcH of pork, beof, vcttl, muttoif lamb,
4i?.tge, etc., but It presents an nlr of
tunlliiMs nnd order that Is rarely seen in I
"'Ublishmcnts of Hko charactor.
(layer & Co. li'avo had many years c'-
Acrtpn m l.ntnlinpH. and hllVO lone ORO
vned that it pays best to keep flno meats
il eommaiid llrst-class cuitom. l'or
' lice meal, therefore, cut in a neat and
-illful manner, goto Tho reoplo'.Mcftt
larkct," presldeil over liy unycr -o
j ioc iotr.
Vim Natloiuil Hani: ofCiiIro,
JJoo. lo, J;u. .
Tito uurtiiaf mooting for tho election of
l Directors will bo held nt this Dauk,
tsday, Jan. 10th, 1371, botwoen tho
of 10 o'clock n.m.and 4 p.m.
dta, Cashier.
. 3c.,
CO- f
AM. . ' f
NOS.;f.lAND7, i'
MnZanonn, who occupies a portion of
tho Clark block, Informs in that hij chim
upv was not involved in tho epidemic of
burning soot to which wo referred yostor-,
JfDOB Allon, Hon! II. W. Webb, Hon.
N. R. Caioy, nnd other distinguished citi
rens loft for Springfield by tho morning
trnin. Tho Legislature will convone on
Wednesday next.
1 v you wntit n pair of boots mado to or
dor, out of tho best material, and in tho
most fashionable and durablo manner, go
to Win. Ehlcrs, on Twentieth street, op
posite tho court house. tf
A.v Inquiry was Instituted this afternoon
into tho sanity of Mrs. Dr. llurkc, who for
several weeks, has given very strong in
dentions of mental derangement. Wo
hiivo not learned tho result of tho Inquiry,
Tnt Alexnndcr Circuit Court will meet
on Monday week. Tltcro is hot an unusual
amount of now business; but tho docket Is
rather Urco, novirtuolesi. Tho torm will
probtibly last three or four wcuks.
Wit.hiAJi Khlciis fashionable boot uid
shoe mal'cr, has'n splendid stock of French
calf, moroccos and other leathers, nnd Is
prepared lo flu orders for "cusloin-mitu
boots and shoes, with quick dispatch nnl
in the most satisfactory manner. tf
rill. acquittal of Scott, on tho chargo of
proprietoslng a duorJorly house, caused
great rejoicing in thu Radical camp, nnd
has, it Is thought, mado tho nominutlon of
that sablo gentleman, fur tho ofllco of City
Marshal, certain.
Mayou Wllon proposes to visit Spring
field to partlclpnto In tho proceeding of
tho convention of MayoM, to moot In that
city, early next week. Tho Mayors of tho
principal cities of tho Stato have signified
a purpoto to le present.
riinni: will bo a lunch nnd turkey ralllo
ntScheol's hall at I o'clock to-morrow
(Sunday) afternoon. Tho lunch will con
sist of pickled rabbits nnd all tho tempting
etceteras, relishes, etc. A number of flno
turkevs will bo ratlllfrd for. It
Tilt furniture of tho "flat top" an In
stitution now of thopa.t was stored away
for safe-keeping and not "captured lor
debt" n reported to us yesterday.
Mrs. Wallace, tho Into proprietress, wo
aro told, meets her pecunlnry obligations
Wanted Imsikdiatcly. 300 wood
choppers to cut wood on the lino of tho St
Louis x Iron Mountain rutiroau. liixt
fare tickets furnished nt tho ticket olllce In
St. Louis. Wngc $1 20 per cord. Apply
at tho various wood ynids, or to
novSOtf. H. J. DEAL, Charleston, Mo
Tunic vns a lively old timo among tho
colored inmates of the barracks yestorday,
It Ii thonirht that too much Chrlstmns
whisky found Its wy there. At all oventi
thero were several tights, an imruenio
amount cf ouarrcllnc. scrceshing hnd
cultlngi'Up of n very boisterous nnd ill
natured chttrnctcr.
CABDor Tiia.vk. Mr. Illack respect
fully tenders his thanks to his frionds and
neighbors for their kind and timoly help
during tho rccont tiro, through whhh n
largo portion of his property was saved
from destruction. To Jtidgo Grocn ho
desires to otfer special thanks for tho
kindness nnd protection shown his family.
A.v individual named John Montgomery
lilted ono Bridget Fnrroll in wrath, last
night, und this morning shn has it badly
bunged cvo nnd baltored Jcountennnco ni
rcmlnderi of his vlilt. Constsblo Arnold
nrrcsteil Montgomery, nnd conduitc' him
befjro 'squlro llroi; but u Rrldget failed
to appear at tho hour named, to prosccuto
lor comphilnt, llio case w dlsmlned at
her cost.
Mn. .Edward S. Pityon, tho ntaunt
courier of, Adelaide Phillip concert coin
puny, called on us' tc-diiy. Miss Phillips,
witli Mr. Levy, the world renowned cornet
phiyor, Haslor, tho eminent baritone, Hoff
man, tlio gicut composer nnd pianist, end
other artists of distinguished merit, will
hold forth In tho Athoncum in this city,
on Tuesday night, January 10th. Seond
vcrtlscment in nnother column.
Ax Ixquiiiv. In what section of tho
ordinance do our Polico Magistrates find
nuthorlty for allowing persons fined for in
fringements of tho ordinances to go frco
upoa psymont of thu. costs. If It is im
portant that officers should hnvo thoir
costs, is it not of ns much Importnnco Hint
tho city should hnvo Its tlno ? And if tho
magistrate must credit porsons Cried U)
foro them, should thoy not occasionally, in
fairness, rcquiro tho pnymont of tho lino
and credit tho ordiunnco breakers for tho
costs. (Say?
Thk Rough und Rcady'a lrow Yciir'ii
tall will bo held In School's linll on Mon
day night, Jan. 2dTho management hnvo
mado very complete nrraiigeraents ; n largo
nurabor of tickets havo been toU, mid
thero Is reason for believing that thonll'iilr
will bo most eminent success. Tho best
of muslo has been provided, nnd tho floor
management has been conflded to gentle
men who fully understand their business
and will see to it that cvory duty charged
to them will bo impartially discharged.
Young folks and married folks In nil parts
of tho city, nro preparing for tho occasion
and will ba present In force.
i'oK pistols and cartridges nnd bowiu
knives, go direct to 1 Ncirn, No. TO Ohio
'Levee. " lec9'f
,0k TitF.tHMcRCLe.-Alfrod Wilson and
"Mary Williams, 6bony hucd inmates of
tho old barracks; fell afoul of a colored
chap named Joo Stalth, yesterday, and gavo
him a terrible lanuaing. They bunged up
his eye, nnd wooled btin nrpund most sav
agely until tho poor follow looked like lio
hnd passed through tho roughest kind of n
threshing machine. Officer Khcchan gab
bled Mr. Wilson nnd Mrs. Williams, and
tlio 'Squlro imposed a flno of $10 and costs
upon tho former, and $u and costs upon tho
latter. Wilson was cnlaliooscd nnd Mrs.
William was given n little time. Uelng
tho mother of a very young baby the
'Squlro didn't "have thohcarf' tocalaboos
The Okkjiak Thkatkb. The Gorman
Dramatic society, of Cairo, vlll give tholr
second entertainment In Philharmonic
hill to-morrow (Sunday) evening. Tlio
programmo nnd cast aro given in our ad
vertising columns.
Tho society embraces considerable dra
matic talent, and will furnish entertain
ments well worthy of tho patronage of our
German citizens.
For Sunday, the 8th proximo, n grand
bill is in preparation, being ncthing lesi
thnn that great dramatic production enti
tled "Lorlo of tho Rlackwoodsror Village
nnd City." This absorbingly Interesting
drnma will o presented with now.cencry
and properties provided especially for tho
Tho bill for to-morrow night is a stirring
snd lively one, and brings to the footlights
On best talent of tho company. Doors
opmat'iSO; curtain rlc nt 8:15. Ad
mission 23 cents.
Local HneviTir.s. The Silver Cornet
band plays at tho Athencum every eve
ning. Tho pupils of tho Mission Sunday
sclfbul waro moil bountifully fed night be
fore last. Tlio liouso wai filled to over
flowing with little ones and their parents
J. II. Carter, lato tho St. Louis River
Timet, and Mr. Gather, of the Anna Ad
vertiter, were In tho city to-day.
Mr. Scoflold "will accomplish some
wonderful foat of light nnd heavy balanc
ing in tho Athencum to night.
Tho ico is rapidly soficntngjundor tlio
warmth of our mid -day suns. The boys'
skating has been seriously interrupted
The proposition of Mr. Gamble' to
form n co-oporatlvo Joint stock company
to pursua manufacturing operations In
Cairo i both nttrnctivo nnd feasible.
Ferocious sows, In Cairo, pick up little
children on tho sidewalk.-!. Commerce
Wo know ; but thoy mum'l bo confined.
'They are. such splendid scavenger.''
Two Individuals of forbiddlng-mcln and
obnoxious cnrrlago cuto.-cd an appearance
at Villa Rtdgo two or thrco days ago, nnd
pocnting no visible means of support
wcro ordered by 'squlro Hoimer to leave
tho tillage. Shortly afterwards they camo
in contact with n countryman, who with
his household plunder, was nwnltlng tho
arrival of the train f jr Cairo. Tho coun-
i-trymnn not liking tho looks of tho stran
gers turned and walked away from them
Thoy punned him, and from a brisk walk
tho pace of tho parties was soon increased
into a full run. Tho countryman flually
took shelter In n negro shanty, whero, llrtd
Ing h loaded shot gun, ho biased 'a way at
his pursuorn, but with no other offect than
to drive thorn off quite as rapidly as'thcy
came. Hy tho next train tho two stran
gers camo to Cairo, nnd n yesterday the
countryman followed. lie mot, tho brace
of lads on tho levee, nnd ono of thorn,
without any preliminary preparations gave
tlio countryman n smashing blow in tho
mouth, and then rnn oil". Arnold pursuod,
nd overhauled tho fugitive nt n point bo
low the old fort. Tliny wcro escorted to
tho ollcojof 'squire Shnnnossy whore tlmy
contracted it debt of something over $0,
with thojeity, to puy. which they consented
to twurd nine days with Jailer Mcllalc.
Tin: ATnr.sKUM La;t Aitkakancu
Whlto Metropolitan troupe mukes Its Inst
appearance In this city this evening. Tho
company Is billed for Effingham on Mon
day night, and will tako its departure for
that villago to-morrow evening.
'Ten Nights in n Uar-room," it notice
of which wa omitted from our columns
yesterday, was most successfully rendered,
generally nnd in detail. White a "ham
ploSwltchel" was exceedingly nnd natur
ally funny. Witrvoll gave n lino render
ing of Simon Smile, while 'lurnors .lou
Morgan was us complete it presentation of
that difficult character it wo cvor taw un
thi boards of Cairo.
jfcTbo "Hidden Hand'' last night wn
plajcd smoothly, nndjn somo part excel
lently. Turner did "tho Qld Hurrlcano
very well indcod. Miss Lcliinu, ns Uopi-
tohi, mid Whlto as "Wool," commanded
rounds of applause, und nt tlio end
of tho fourth net wore called before.
curtain. Uroycr's "Illack Donald" also
o ailed out unmistakable, evidences of ap
probation. To-night wo slmll liave "Tlio herious
Family" with White In his great charac
ter of Amlnndnl) Sleek. Tlio penorm-
nnco will commence with tho rattling lit
tle farce of 'My Turn Noxt." t
As stated abovo tho company pppcnr fr
tho last timo In Cairo to-night. Wo re
grot that tholr patronago will not Justify
their stay during tlio winter. Tho mom
tors of the'trourfonro clover 'people, pay
tho printers with Juhvaryliitr. promptness,
and posscssos not alittlo of genuine dram
atic; ability; "May they lire long and
A Remnrhnhte Oriler hy t.te Alexander
County t'ottrl.
Tho folUtwing order of tlio i'onnty
Court will Wmmnnd somo attention tot its
boldness, If it no other ron3on. Its object
is to nullify Oio contract, between tho
county of Aloxindcr nnd tho Cairo nnd
Vlnconuc. rallronl company under which
tlio iVmpany wre to secure, under prc
fcrlbcccondltloii tho mm of 100,000 in
countylond. Tlo company accepted tho'
conditlA und thu completed tho con
trnct. Tho County Court, one of tho par
tie, nowWlarcs tint tho Railroadcom
pany hits fRed to comply with tho condi
tlons ImpoVl, and that thoreforo tho con
tract is nu,,d void. Can tho Court,
being it porl properly constitute Itself tho
judge in sucllfcaso? If tho object sought
is merely to r,e tho question of tho coun
ty's llnbility, ttyo determined in n higher
court, tliecoursijurluc,i ;, 8Ufllcicn'.ly di
rect; but by no lenn, final.
lly ii very tlocfdXmnJorlty the people of
Alexander county nWed n wllllngnes to
subscribe $100,030 toHo C. Je V. railroad
to bo paid over in thoWds of the county
when thoroud sliould tt completed to tho
Pulaski county lino. Avdlo it is truo that
unexpected nnd nnnoVg delays hnvo
charncturl.ed tho opcratlns of tlio com
pany, wo nro still lispo3cuio bcllovo thnt
only it few of our tax payervould hesltatx
to urge tho perforninnco jttlto county's
part of tho contract, If thoro.y thu rond
could bo secured. What the Olivers of tbo
road hnvo been doing; whethcrthoy have
been exercising rcasomiblodlllgch-o In the
prosecution of tholr work, nro milters of
fact, to bo dotormined upon, not by ono
tho parties to the contract, but hy n court
of competent Jurisdiction.
Tho order Is In tho words following s
Wherein, on tho ICth day of July, lfe37,
the voters of Alexander county voted ono
hnndrcd thousand dollars to thu capital
itock of tho Cairo nnd Vinccnno Railroad
company, in pursuitnco of nn order of tho
County Court of Alexander county, mado
nt tho'June Term, 1307; nnd whoroa, on
tbo 20th duy of Xavembcr, Ut)7, tho
Countv Court of Alexander County,
nnd Green R. Raum, its Prestdcut
of the Cairo . and VlnccnneJ Rail
road company, entered Into u contract
whereby snld County Court, for nnd on
behalf of said countv agreed to Issue ono
hundred thousand liolliirijn county bond
Cayable twoaty years after tho date of such
ouds, with Interest nt tho rate or eight
per cent por nunum, pnyoblo semi nnnual
ly to snld railroad company In installments,
as stipulated in snld contract. In consider
ation of'suid bonds as aforesaid tho said
railroad company ugreed In wild contract to
lnuo to snld countv onn hundred thousand
dollars' stock In sitld Cairo Vinccnnos
railroad; anil whereas the said County
court of sakl countv agreed In the samo
contrnot. with the said ntllroiid company to
.nll mid onn litindrod thousand UulUr
stock In snM railroad, whcnlisucd back to
said railroad comp.tny in nnd for tlio con
sideration of live thousand dollars in coun
tv bonds of Alexander county, thereby
virttittllv Klvinirttnd donutinii to.'snid rail
road company nlncty-flve thousand dollars
In Alexander county bond, with eight
per cant interest per Annum on snld bonds
for twenty years said intereit amounting
to ono hundred nnd ilfty two thousand dol
lars nnd tho principal mm intercut to mo
nmount of two hundred nnd forty-iovcn
thousand dollars, nnd whereas tho voto cf
tho people or i-ald countv on said luusr-rip-
tlon to saiu capital siock oi sniu ruuronu
comp.tnv, did not aulhorizo tho County
court to sell snld stock nt n moro nominal
sum and thereby to donate to suid railroad
company saiu nmount above statoit wincii
fiction is not warranted' by law; and
whereas more than n reasonable Unctlt of
timo has elapsed for tlio completion of
said mil road nnd nlto tho extension of
timo granted on sitid contract, requiring
taid rnilrond company to communcu said
work within six months from the ditto of
aid contract, and to piiilt snld work with
reasonable dispatch to completion, nnd ex
tension of timo grunted requiring said
r.iir.m.l imiinnv to commence work on or
before thotlrst duy of Incumber, 1870, nnd
with dispatch prosecute said work until
completed; and sttid tall road company
having fulled to comnly with raid con
tract, it I therefore orderod that snid con
tract bo nnd i hereby declared null nnd
vi.i. it U furthor orwred that tho clerk
of this court notify tlie n pronentiitives of
cald railroad ivmpany In thl county of
this order.
- V
Pnprr on Mnndny
Custom cin.trnliis u to omit the put-
Ilcntlon ofotm number or tee Hfl.r.v.Ti.v
that tho employes and attaches of the olllce
may observe the New Year holiday. -Tho
nex't loiio of tho paper will, theroforo,
appear on Tuesday uot.
Happy ;nwicar, uiimr rcnucrs
nnd frleniw; ono and nil. .nay mo icw
Year bo fruittul In blessing lo evert body.
Cnrd or TluutliH.
Caiiio, Doe HO, 170. rtitko this meth
od or expressing my hearty thaiilts lo Hie-
members or the Arab, Rougli una neatly
and HlbernlnKlw companies, und to Pres.
idtut .lack Winter especially, nnd to citi
zens generally for thy timely -,iislslnco
rendered mo on Thursday morning In si"'
Inn ' u, nnd lls cotcnts from de-
btrnctlon by Are.
' Closiuif Out Snip.
Twenty-llvo thousand doll.us worth of
rcady.mado olntlilns, ht, cap'i boots,
shod, trunks und valouoi iiro ollorod for'
salo by P. Ncir, 70, Ohla" Levcc, lit AC
TUAL COST PKIOHS,' It 'being h's I'"
tcntlou to close out tit that Hue and ox
bark exclusively und more axtunslvnly In
tho furiilslting 'goods nnd niorcltantt!tllor
Ing Vtlt!ss-
.. This closing out Halo furiilihos in nppor-.
tunity to ee'euro clotliing. cheaper llum
cvor before otl'ered In" this marko.
Vnwiivni1 tn.thneltv can VOU SOClirO ft
hotter fitting, finor or bo.ttur inado pair. of
Ants tlian at theshoit (if Wm. Killers, on
Twcnsth street, near ho court house,
PnomoonHlaUdoll has m nd o n change
in tho price of tuition, which will tnko if-
fect January 2nd when wo i slmll refer ,to
tho institution inoro nt length.
PfiiMc2foTicn. I will open office nt
isaao wnlders store, corner Sixth street
.jnd OhioLovco, ovory evening noxt week,
for tiVs convenience of parties desiring to
take out cltv lloonsc. which rami !, nr,w
cured on or before tlio (Hit of January,
under ponnlty. .J will ho nlso found at,
my ofllco corner of Wii'hlngton nvenuo
nnd r:!ghtconth street, from 8 n.m. to 12 n.
m.( nnd from 1 to fl p.m. every ktiay.
J. II. TAYLOR, City Treasurer.
Dec. 50,1870. d2t
That Peter Nelf, No. 79 Ohio lovcc.Js
closing'oiitlii largo and well solcctcd stock
clothing, boots, shoes, lints, cap, trunks
and vnllscs, at nnd
nnLow COST.
It Is hi purposo to embark moro cxton
sively in th o. morclmul Inilnrins pnd fttr
nlihlng goods business hence IhoMoslro
to closo out tho stock uliovo enumerated.
Nownr.nK In tho city do tho ladies And
n finer, more fushloliahlo or hotter nssorted
stock of marlnos, tllk nil Irish poplins,
luttrcs, alpacas, nnd dress goul and trim
mings generally than nt Oolano and
Roacnwatcr's, 138 Commercial itrcmn.
And not less nttrnctivo U tho stock of
stoplo and fancy dry good, gloves, hosiery,
notions, etc.
For tho male portion of tho commun
ity the firm has provided ono of tlio best
wsorted stocks of clothing nnd gents' fur-
rrUhlng goods to bo found In the htnto or
IllVtiols. Tho supply r pleco good,
clothe casimero., Jeans, satinotU, woollen
nnd ccs.ton goods, white, colored nnd vuri
gatcd yimi, Is not surpassed lu tho city;
und ns tJ, tho price n momcnt'H Inquiry
will siitlify.nny ono that
ooi.hTiNr. . no kn h'at nit cas.vot nr.
It I their ptrpoae to sell a largo quan
tity of gowls tj winter, nnd lo Induco
tho peoplo to Liy thoy propose to oiler
bargains that cm. be secured In no other
rapcctalilo hmo in the city. dc20 lot
A'rv Tlitn Tnhlc.
Ou'nnd after 12:30, p.m., Sunday, Dec.
Itb, the' follow tig tlmi table will govern
tho nrrlvnl nnd departire of passenger
trains nt Cairo:
Mntl train leTcsat......... S: 10 n.m.
Express, " ' nt 3:30 p.m.
. St. I.oul and Cairo Express
ImWMlit -. l2n n in.
Accoiiiinodiitiuii leaves nt...l-:30 p.m.
Mail nrrlvos I.0J n.m.
Express, arrive -1-.'J1 p.m.
St. Louis nnd Cairolhpn.'si
nrrlves M't p.m.
Tho hist mimetl train leave) St. fuls nt
1O.30 a.m. Trader can ltavoCnlro nt li'JO
a.m., reach St. Louis at 7hi5 i.in., remain
n the city thrco hour., 'and return to
Cairo nt -1:13 p.m., tho same lay.
"Tlin 12:20 accommodittioilnnd Cairo nud
St. Loul express leave daily; nil others
loavo dully except htindnys.
Way passenger should bcarm mind that
tho 3;!50 p.m., train make only four stop
pings between Cairo and Contralla, viz.:
Jonoboro, Ciirbondale, Du Quoin nnd
Ashley. Tho rJ:!50 p.m., train stop at all
o stations along tho routi.
dcc.'ltf Agent, Cairo.
Arlliiirlmi. ClllinUK. Ari-O.V. I'llH-lUIIlll.
t; V ifmnitK, Nf Url'in, MintH'ol.i, "
ArlUti!tn, Ciilamlius
Allen I van. On.,
Argnijf, New OrKaiif,
V II Hmwii, Minliii,
Mmnmilrt. '
(.'ImrloKluu, Wntnui.
Tho wcatlijr is ngitin clmtr, Jmt Ihei"
nro Indlcntloss of rain which inayeomujit
from ono to ftur days'.
Tho river has fallen llvo inches sines hit
report. Tho leo frofn tho Ohio has Ucrons
ihI wry much nnd I now a he:tv as at
uny time und tho coiiiiuuneeuient cgld
weather. Tlio Ice from the MissMpplU
still light. That rlvor Is still closed hard
nnd rust, and is quite low.
The Ohio f.illlii; every whore, but I
dosed by Ico from Evan.vlllo to Pittsburg.
Tlior Is sovcu fect witter foria Ceiro
to Eransvllle.
lliisineis hero Is somewhat dull, but
not by a.v nieiins suspended,
.-The St. Loul Hargo Line, (Jt. I.
Co.) is loading four barge l.t-o tor New
Orleans, and will, leave- rejvvo. nt U-atH
2,000 tons from I St, Louis-'J' ra";
-The John Lums-b.' loaves for nsli
vilio this ttfternoon.mlhM rectdved ji tine
trip of grocoriw'hcre. Tho Carrie - .
KounU lias usatly hhds sugar, 000 lbs
molastci nudOO pkg hide for thu Ohio
rlvor. ?no Is awaiting ndvice from above
to d(do whether to lay uplioro or proceed
up llio 9hlo.k
Tho W. II. Urown took n tow ir salt
from Cairo to Memphis.
Tho Otilckston reached J.vitnsvllio
and will return to-night, 11' the wonthor
cs favorable.
Tho Arkansas Hello left l'aducah yes
torday for Evnnsvllle. .
Thu Mlnneola met tho Mary Houston
at Cave In Rock, going along till right.
Tim Ram. .T. Halo !cn Evnnsvllle OJ
'Wednesday for Louisville, nnd had pivs?d;
Clovorfoot'nt lust tiecounts., . 1 .
The Arltncton contlnuR to make Her
roitularMmWtt'lly trips to and from Pol-
V V... llMln .IHHlMlllV
I umhtis with hut vc
ry llttlo dltlleulty;
e . . . i f. ii .
that on tho 1st day of Jan
bo ndded to nil sums then
i sn.iii nroccrjn nnuoriuo law. lomaam
smic. JOS. B. TAY10B,
dec27di)t City Collector.
A two story brick. fesidoitco, admirably
arranged, with Inrgegrotifld (4 tc tt
tinted on tho corner"of Holbroolimf aa
and Twonty-thirdslrcot, will bo sold a tte
most rcaionnblo terms. It is located OB
high j;rounds,'In nn cxcollont aeigKbor
tcJ; tho grounds containing bearing fruit
trees, Tine. nnd ehnlflo n!ftloniof shrub-
ucry. If, in short, ono of tho complotcn
omes in tho tlty.
Apply to W.H. THOMAS,
At Thomas, GrconJitAidon
. IIoMellci'.i United 8tt- Almanac for 1STI, fir I
dlitributlon, Ri.itl,7liroughouttheUaltdllUiflt
ami niiui-iiiiwuiim,!..,, wostorn Hn
ui-oai jrictfirifti .... ni.nK, .
itymiv, will IW puuiiiiru niout1nrjtof Jklta
tnrjr, In the Kngllili, Ocrman, I'roock, ihrw. i
Blsn, 'Vtlali, aivcillili, Hollind, JJohemlan snt
SpAnitiln3U.i2e,fiad all who wl.li to understand
tho lrn phibjopy ol lipnlth should read and port
ilr lh f nfRpiilons It coaUIn. In addition to aft
n.liiilrCo medical treaties on tho ctuaei, priven
lion nnd eure of n gxon rarlety of dlteMei, It env
hica a Ursa .mount cf InformntlonlnUreitlDf
lo the lu.mhant, v.o tnoeh.nle, tho mlntr, ih
former, the rUufr, ant profemlont man; ui
hne.ilcul.Hlon hjte beentWo ror inehmertd.
'anndliitltiidci. a aro mod sulUblo for eor
net mid coinprihuTe Ntloiut Clendr.
Thi inline, uses, .nj oxtraordlury tnltrf
rncctiollIoitsltcr' St.mnch llltler. lh jtpl
tiinicandAltorMlroormo than hsirtho CbrU
tln world, nro fully et forth In Its psgss.whieti
aro iiloliilerpcrii.d with pluorIM IIIustrtton(i,
vsliwMe recolirti for llio houihoM nnd fnn
nnccdoter, und other InsttuctlTo nnd amuiln.i;
rea Jln matter, orlsliiaUndSelwud. Among th
Anniulu totppenrwltli onln of tho year, this
will in ono of tho most useful, and may b hut
usklnsforlt. Tin. proprietor, SUut.UotUttr,
A Sinllh, I'ltUhurK, l'.,on receipt of two cent
lamp, will forward n copy by mail to nny pttsont
whocannot procuro ono In hla neighborhood. Th
lllltn nro sold In crwy city, town nt TllHg,
ami nro sxlemlvclr used throughout , tho enUr
Tlllted world. , odwl w
Philltarmeulc linll,
Will lei preientci the b-aiitlftil and merry r'7,.
The Walk Through the Window
JIatqulie do l'Ksparro Verniao-
nabriuli-. Iivr daughter.
l.liettn I'.imme, o tennt.......
l),AIIUOUUT....L- m
Iluilolph, lilt .NeplieiT................
..Mll-S. F1UULK
Iheuholntoronrludn with tho icrcamlng fir?
Mr. ltullrlg la Kroll's WIUrfrt!eB
ut llcrlln,
Mr llu!lrlf;...-.. . ..........f r Mhnr
Mint ilullrnr, named ldun............-Mrl Niliur
Mr HullrlK...M.. ............-.Mr JmoIs!
Kiiollrt oummel - ..Jlr hunchabckr
l.mdarK'nt Ut Mil
rretidein Hlrun)'Ol..............- .Mr Alo
l.lenieuaat - ..Mrrjiliau
trailer - .Mr ElWr
ri,,tiiA,i .-chan3hot itr bltlantx
Mud C.irrfr...... .Mr JJif,r
Conitelcr ..m..m..m. -SSr ZMckor
Adiiiisiion CJct fhilJrm Wew
Alclaido lJilllipps
ii ai'i:i.aiiik ritu.i.m"' tepiifuiiy
f AT Tlin
Tuostlay b:vciIhk JainiHry 19
Atto I liy th following Artl-'
HSr. J. IsEVY,
Tlie OrcalMS
Cnrort Pliyer
Id th
Mr. .J'-Ics D. Hulr
The Kmlurut Hnlloa.
JSlv. Kiltvard IIoiTiiia a
The U.itinvui.lic J I'ianist and Composer,
t.'.-udi of admllon. with coupon liuched V
eurins to each rerted et, to.Ui had at V.
Ilmliiian' tiuutiou itere on und miter JTrldiy.
Jnnunry Slli, and at in Hall on the Tentnf vt
theunnrert. IViformaiKe to cciiiinenee m
o'rlack. decilH4
REAL lllhll limi
rt itfv- w
t6iiccekiorii to John t. JIarman i Co.,)
74, Second Floor, OHIO LEVI-
0.lxo. 111.,
siiT7 nn misii iii-ui r.iii 1 1 -
' ... v Z.

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