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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, January 05, 1871, Image 3

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THE CjlE-O -BTrXiLHTIltf., 0"A.Krxjjft.3H,ir 5".
.1. sCiir..w;iji-:,
Cnriii r r.'trlilli Mrrel ami Ohio I.i i r,
Over Vincinr ilrovery ' up, mfi.ntiH iiic poop
hi imru mill Hi) li 19 pl;iul.ii 1 ,m , i lined In
most ihorotiili manner Um
Picture Orsxllwy
f -1 I). llagirtll, in'iklns It onenf tin- mot ioii.
.rli itl IIik !. Ho if now prt pared tiidriell
kiikisui work iii lii, lliif, from tlm S.MAI.I.IU'l
.Mi.ATimi; to i.in:.Hizi: rnii nun. lie
inakeethe nw
lti:Mllll,iM) r I'M TI'ltK,
".t approved Hjl... Tho heil Khxi ol
I" tutea lnlii;ii in cloudy, urutlu'r. Children
pictures tnkf ii in three to four second.. Old pic.
t in a onpiod nnd enlarged i ..mi. mil , eouinnll
nni . in itf'iinio, deeuudtt
Xr.w Ooodi ut Dollar .Store.
ITV SCIIIP VOIt .I-K. III Ml)iilitit to
II titiri-hmcrs, Ht -nh price ut
1 f w CiTV NATION'.. 1. HA N l.
i.i. Hkhard. Stolen, lit tlic
. ftv rn bonnl the Oreot liepiihlle, toils
I iy tiijjht. hrotvn rhinehilla overcoat.
Twenty dollars reward will lj paid fur It
re'drnto mi nt Hnnny's lry-!joo-lt ur.,
if i J nu pirtiona naked,
'Ut .1. Jl. I'IM.KV.
Dkatii r a Caiho Mchuan. Kvery
liMly In Cairo knew Aht. Wlttlu, mmln r
of tlio noted fiimlly of nm-le'iin of ttmt
nue. Ho wm ii r.-.iuVnt of thi city for
u irroat many yer, and Will, lilt father,
hrothers and sitters, line sup pi hi initny n
Josful jurty with mini On Now Vear
v i hoillcl. it victim of roiiMitiijiti.'ii ntnl
wa li'irj" I rt'i Monday la-t.
Tiii: Hai.i, Itvu ii f;tanil mrron
t' Itough find Itendy Imll. The hull wm
r wucd ami thusoun 1 of tnmio, with dan
t ra (iHiifn,i in titii-, was h.-nr.l until
lr ,il tin vJlht in th- morulas. Tlio pom
nutlet" oi arrangementi lt)rvo t;ret
rr. lit for tlm skillful manner in which
thoy oranl.! tin fwtival un.l ihu tiivu
t vo ahility displayed In rond-ieting It
'Tijk IIcatiikx Ciii.vke. - A nivtter
ioui package reached unr hnn-1-vt rdav.
tio.tmurked "St. Iyuii Inve.-.ij-atior,
jhowoJ It to bo tlio Wi-atern News C m
patiyx lllmtrjtiori of the Heathen Chirac
Jingle y llret Hurts.- a N.-w Yir e pr.-a-
nt to the llit.vr.Ttu from T. I'.. Divid.on
Tom has our thanks (v hit tii.fijjlitf.i'.-
licts 'which I wih . rrimrk' wm kind
in friutid Toin. .May ho tmvr mo-i Ah
siti, una locorno the victim of "hi mil
nhkh wm ponslve ami chil l-llkc, I
frKjiiont retii!rkel Ut Dill S'yr.
J-i:ll moat.. rvi'il In tin- ntkUot aiid
muJt tloar.ly nunncr. can ahv.tvt b fujn
In nbiiridHOcu for tho tmdi-, Ht tho CvHtral
JIfftt markit ut 1're.l Kwhlcr .V C.i., on
WuliiiioloM nvenii". n iv, w ilorirx btluw
Tenth. None but thu linut wttlu, hip,
ntnl lioi nroluiibtre, anil, roiitiui-nt
ly every body who troniM tho Ontral
3Ieat market enn nut ati.BVl that lin or
ho will U) up)liol ith thu Li t meat to
be found in Cairo.
Cutomir baipt ilc'.lvi r.-1 U. m.y j.rt
of tin- city.
J"J're'h fMtuase every mornlnt;. tf
- -
.- - .m .
iiol:iu: iiohbi.i vii . purtv w
piven lat til)it on l.ard Him taaiiifr
Great J!public, now lyinij at our' wharf.
A lrj hiiiiibnr of youiij; jwoplt. mt am!
wlulul itwuy .vcrl plM'tnt hour in thu
lnnornt nniiix-tii'-nt of l mr mj AlMut
ono ucli'L, on.-f ib gmtWiieti doIr
ini;toxfon hori, wrnt in "rali of Lli
ovorcoat mid found il kii Tin- n!nn
b'ltij; ratad, thatn thief lu 1 li"n prurtlc
in lili prnfnnlon, tho hMr l-lu-nrtcl i..in.
pauy made :i ruth for their r!ollie. nnl n
low illd uot .llnd . them, Mid liw muny
looked in v.tin for thrlr In'..! Mr. .1. II.
1'irilcy, of tho ii. A U. II. It., lott yaIuik
b!u coal and pi'tul, mul Mr. T. Hloo au
overcoat hcc;ititi"t emily rplm .. Tinlvy,
a; will lut en liy hit nnth-Q in tlii-. )miu,
uifwri it rownrd for tho lotuni of hi pro.
prrlyiind pr uni-ri Vi uk no o,u-ti.ifi..
I'kkikvt 'ikm f ack AViwki; Two
ttli i'f p.iriini; uatuwb ala. ' for
toll.mt Onu bttl Ubeli-1 : -OM
ItyoAVhliky" why don t we drink ' I'.iur
c.iin of oyt'r, itn I huiidiouit oakr .
Thuo on Ncw-VearN Day or Monday,
r-ithcr from .Fuck Winter, n pre -nt to
,tti." Ht ixktin i.tSre.
Tli enko wm ii IrttAtittAil iniV artinl.
cilly fn ted; u toe, looking naturul we
ul'nou luticiid we iiiluileil it. di liciite :iro
um, mid tho word, l,u'iinl from .l.ick
Winter.' in pink lotion, ornniiihtel tho
top. And when, with rlttctnnt hnnd, wm
imirrcl Itibmuity, w found it lis dolieloiM
to thu tuito ii it wm pluiiiii! to the eye.
Thoiowholmvo eallud nt tho Dulmonico
for 'oynter, raw, ktowed or friu'd," ncod
not bo told that thoo nnt to tho ItiM.t:.
ti.v, wero tlio lnrgeit, fi-iubiitnnd moil ip
petlzing of their kind.
Miuiytlmnki to .lr.uk Winter for hi
itinerou preH'Ht. May tlio Ddinoiiico
know him for niiiiiy Ne-v Ye.iri to vme.
Tin; meat market of Oayw & Co., (it tho
corner of Washington nvcnuo and Tenth
street, U ono of ''institutloiif." of tho oity.
It U not only abundantly mppllod wltli
tho best nf pork, beef, veil, mutton lnub,
siuiiugc, ite., but it presenti mi idr ot
cleitiillueiis and order that ii rarely ieen in
oiitiiblUhiiiciiU of liku chiirauter.
Gayer A Co. havo had many ycnr o
poriencu m butelmr., and lnivo lon iii;o
learned that it pay best to keep lino meats
and command llra-clais custom, J'or
choico incuts, thorcfore, eut in u neat and
skillful inannor, i;oto "Tho l'ooi)lo's,.Meat
Market," presided over by !aycr ( Co
dCQ lPtf.
Y i.v mm: i
Klimt Iirinj, (iMMivri'il li)-lie Waj slilo
l'.uhitii in coming. Maglclnn. Athc
niifiilu. Iliuliiftji ..ii tlio wliarf coulfnnt'ii
-- Kverybotly 'titendt to intend lho,'riind
Adrlai'te l'li,!lip loliCOtt.
'I'lio (ililnit rinni,', but JfuKcu thinln I
j i i. . . .i . . . '
k wuni ou in ii j 1 1 ui ii mower alter all.
Nearly all of our lawyer urn Hber.t
fit Springfield, In attendance on tho Su
premo Court. X
Our friend, Henry Candce, I United
Slate Commifiioncr for tho Southern Din
tricl or Illinois.
Thu Knlcrprljo Saving Bank U doing
n thriving bininus. It I an Institution
that merlti prosperity.
Tho Kntcrprlio Having Hank 1 do
Ing n thriving business. It U an Institu
tion that merin proiperlty.
-.MilM farkur hat told his livery tu
1 lu to .Mr. (Sreenlec. Kvoryhody know
0,iuii1 everybody will patroni.o him.
His honor, .Mayor Wilton, is brushing
up lii municipal knowludgu and gutting it
r.ndy for tnont tho pending meeting of the
Jiajors at Springfield.
The Orphan Asylum .Managers aro
inn plindid humor witli thu Hough and
Itwuly llro company, who lately etit to tho
orphans ii i'lotlii'4 haiku t full of edible.
If Warwick htn resigned hi placonn
th" Irtnrd of rli(Kil Uireutors when will
thu viieaney ,n llllcl by nloetlon T If ho
h-n not re'tgnml why doti t he ''
ShTill Irvin l ' taking in u slight
ptinkllng of taxQi. He inli-nd trj com-
morie.' in earneit next month, and beforo
tin- lMt day to have tho lat ilollar cuth-
er.l in.
-'urlH' Irvin it "taking In' a jptink
nog oi uixei. nocipecis to commence
in itmet next month, and beforo the last
liiy to havo the lull dollar of personal
titi's gntherml in.
Dr. Arter preicntol hit rmliMiatlon
as Sclwt Co'ineilinan to the Mayor tho
other day. Thl will clear the platter
clean and impoia upon the rltlr.ctn tho
duty of fleeting a full board.
Hlatiketiburg's bakery wagon horu
ran away yi-frday on Ohio I.evco,
throwing lllankfnburg from tho oat, and
catti-rim; excellent pi? and lino bread
in all direction 1,'jcklly. Trod ci-d
unit iii!ir iirtttfra rv Cltli-na-
I lit Vlri.irlnu I'arlr 5lli4id br
he Uffrnitil Man' Noli..l'lBi t of
i.iL.'IHMrV- IIIIUIIKII niril.
On 1'rMayl.Ht, at Hincklortiie, Itillard
conty ICintH'kr. 'about twentv mile
from thi c.ty, two tutu named J.udd and
Overby b'iino involved in a roneountcr,
The fl;ht ' i'oiiduii:i.xl kflur tho manner
of rMigh and tumble bruUer, and l.add
ranv out vietorio-n Overby. mnch cha.
L-riiinl, imiiHxlialoly le.'t tlot nnli of
M.'tloti tor bi lioio.i, mid on nrrivlng in.
lorHiol hi son, u young linn nbout twin
ty four yar of ae, rf hit dlicomflture.
Th oti, In a pan xyitn of rage, mounted
hi h r'-, urmuil with a HKket putol and
lur'.i-.l in pursuit of l.add, who, in tho
meat.tiine, Wut on hit w&y homo uncoil-
i m. of ibingi-r. t'omlni; ut with his
victim. Overby'sson immtdiatelv attacked
l.idd, und mil u ball into his body Uiat
oecaiionwl instant death. The young
Overbv then lll, and hn not been ar-
rwttd. It isstiid that he passed through
Cain. In hi flight. Thl Is the story of the
trugwty at it w.u told to us yojterdiiy by a
ndi.i'.l.. gviitlumuti.
A 1'kmai.k 1)kai Ukat. Kor twveral
Ut pin l an old woman, apparently in
li'ititutx eircumitatici", wearing a gray
cloak with Mark stripe around tho bottom,
black miii lieuuct and black dreii, bat been
ifuin 1 rom iioute to liouso asking iliarltv.
Venterdav ho callwl tiixm 3Ir. Ilryan
Shaum-Aoy, who ollvnxl her victuals, which
tho Indignantly refused, demanding mon
ey. Aflcr her departuru .Mrs. Shanneisy
imUic1 hcrgoM tpuctnclei, and at once iu-,
pacted that tho poverty stricken woman
nail stolen them. Kx-Slierill' Meyer was
iuformiol of tho clrcumtancei, nnd gave
haiu ftv.irtakint; tlio old lady, ho iiifti-
tutwl a march (thu consenting) und
found on her person three pocketbooks,
one containing nickels, ono fractional and
thu other greenbacks, amounting in all to
between ?"" and $100. Alio, a leu of
mutton, mid u largo Humility of cotl'eo mid
sugar. I no spei-taeles, liowover, eoulU
not be found; and tho old lady, in tho
reatol confidence, informed thoex-licrllf
tliut ho win toveral point too smart for
him. He admitted tho soft Impeachment,
ami bent retreat.
Wll V AUK YOU ml .SKIlV0Vh7 Lot u ru-
oUo tho uestioti, It i because
organization is naturally dollcato or you
make It so bv violating tho law of nature.
Llfu is u burden to ten of thousand of
human beings only on account of the in
dulgence of their uppolito and paf-
Ioiib, A uu iippropiate and legitimate
penalty thoy nro nitlering from nervous.
irritable, irregular J sensations, uncon
trolled impressions, uufoiinded'uueasinesj,
reitlcHiioss, qualms, mitgivlngi, and do
pondeiicy. Their tear will How or laughter
lireak out unprovoked by orrow or Joy.
Thoy nro victims of hidden diseases which
produce ibis llutteiiug statu of animal
spirit. I not thh your condition? Whit
voj mint need is f;uia.-iio)i. MISH-
I.KKS llKKIt 1HTTKKS U a tontc and
gentlos'.Vnulunt which will refresh both
mind and body with natural utrongth, and
what it gain fr you it maintains. Per
sons of nervous temperament willboablo
to overcome and keeji in eliBuk their Inlir
'mlty by tho dally uso of thi, puro nnd
wholcsomo nervlnq and luvlgorator.
I'latkii Ware at Dollar Storo.
G Stock kok SAj,KflO,00(.a stock
tor tale, hmjulraat
Ftouir Choico Family Klour:injbbu
half lilt., look, tVc, for ale at thoKeyp
tlan Mill. DU
yitANK. We, havo been reiuetd by
the lady manager of the Orphan Asylktm
to return to the' Rough and Beady flro
company thir$hert-felt thank for tho
largo quantity of provisions snt to the
Asylum by that company, a gilt to trie or
orpnani. )t t l
Tilt ALDERJIE.V. Tho, board of Alder
men met latrJght. JTIiojordinanco to
take from the rpliiwrMssgjeTrates authority
to rcleata'on. lil WM.tivMed. Mr. Lohr
presented hti Jcileiiation, which wa ac
ccnted, to 4akV effect on tho 10th of
March noxt. T0
CoNsithYATeKy .ojRe.'-.efeiMr
lilaisdcl has reorganized hi Conservatory
of Music on a new plan, a will bo cen
by ills advcrtiiemcnt In another column
Tho Professor li a totipotent Itcacher of
music, and receive liberal patronage.
Xkw TtACH rit. Miss Pierce, of Car-
bondalo, has been appointed by tho public
scliool director, to till, the vacancy In the
public ichool occasioned by the rotigna-
of Mrs. Sago. - Tho now teacher is (aid to
be well qualified for the position tho lias
llxr.fin.: A "negro fTrorn Alton attempt
cd a deadly aault with ,. rator on the
Stewart of the Dclmonico, and wa arretd
by Arnold who found two raiors on hi
penon. McHale received liitn, to-day for
twenty-nlno days. Judge Uros proerly
"goos for'' uclt cburactcr.
Moviyo: Kennedy,' the Alderman, Ii
moving tho old Hough and Heady engine
house, at a rapid gait, to it destfm-d loca
tion on tho corner of Thirteenth street and
Commercial avenue. ' lie oipecta to eoiii
pleto the removal to-day , Tho bouse) U go
ing on a gallop. At a homo-mover Ken-
nody Isa success. XfX ' V
.. tp
Kstrat. A cow, red We, with white
stripes on her hips; white stripe on fore
head; half white tall; betwoeu eight and
nino year old; dry; bored jn'bethrborns
for hollow horn. Taken up by tubeclber.
Owner required toprovoprepertyand pay
expense. JAMES HUltLKY.
Ciiroanr.-J.fiftf! & p g f
TAilia Uii0TKva,U3j Ohio Xovoe, will'
heroafter keep, constantly on hand, direct
from tho Kuterii manufacturer the vory
best winter tirafned purified ijxrin oil, for
sewing ttiachin'eii, and rall Ice irfd light
machinery. Thlt oil has never yet been
superceded by any of'thn manufaetured
oils, i It never gums or is affected by the
weather. Uetttf
i ... ,
uIlKAior N avid ATtoK." That' Cairo.
Tlmrihsrt not been day duflng the prei-a
ent teaaon during which: our merchant
hare not shipped freightrSouth Vy rlvar
and. thcro are now at our whart thlrty
thn tcamcn taking caruoe for belew.
Tho CnmmonwealtU and KmllieLa Harge,
fur Now Orleans, Utah, for Utt!o Hock,
and the Iockwood, for Shrereport, aro
loading here with freight received prin
cipally by rail from St. Louie aod Chicago.
I iiavk thit day told my livery stable,
with all tho appurtenance thereof, to Hr,
O. (Jreenlee, for wham Ibepeak a cottln-
. . v
uanco of tho patronaco retofdru r-
tended to me. To my many patron I re
turn my thank for tho upport given mo
durlug tho timo I wai in buiincis, and as
sure thuin they will iiud in Mr. (Sreenleq a
guBllviuan.butitlvd,to a. liberal, patron ago
from thu public. I shall remain several
week at tho!d stand tocloee up my buU.
lit--. .MILKS TPAHKEtt.
Cairo, Jau. A, 1671.
Tutt Coax Hxocctio.x. An Invitation
having ben. extended to tho member and
pow-holderaof the Episcopal church, a
largo company of ladies and gentlomen
metntthe reldenco of tho rector; Hev.
C.Coan, on Monday night, last, and all
oyed season of koclal lutorcottno nlto-
gather pIoAtuut. Tho l!evorend gentle
man and hit estimable lady received their
guest with friendly greeting and enter
tained them with hoarty good will. Tho
lunch that wnt spread, is spokou of m n
near approach to tho perfection of culi
nary art, and wa partaken of by the com
pany, wboaa appetites were whetted by
tho excellent quality of tho viand which,
spread beforo them, ploatnd tho eye u
much at they tickled tho palates of tho
epicure who were present.
Si'LCNDio Phuh Mkatd. Jas. Kynas-
ton, corner cf Nineteenth and l'oplar
streets, ha on hand and is slaughtering for ,
the trade, tomo of tho tlnosl beuvc titer
brought to Cairo. Pur thu holidavl hu
lift purchawd live head of cattlo that 'can
not bo nrpa;sod, one of them a four year
old, woighiug ono thousand eightlinmlred
pound gro.
Citlscns of thn Kourtli word iI of tho
ity generally who want extra tloo frch
meaU for tho holiday should n.C fail to
call on Kyuaston. 'IIu can, tupfily beuf(
pork, mutton, veal, lumb, and Miuago in
any quantity d wired and on aatiafactory r
term - dm cara lu anotuer.cojnuui. i
Wk detSro to remind th loader that
Ireah lialtimorn- oyster 'ties nlbklitd 'of
gamtrin caon, aro' a'o'rvad JaigUt or day
any stylo tclrel, at iiom ncTDert
restaurant. ' 1 1 1 r I ' O
Piiriici dciriug oytm. If. taa .cn or
cii6elcin bo Bupplicdat the railing rates) at
tuu mtm(i piace, u.
A lamob stock of furnhhtog gJd of all
kludi alwa'y on hand at P. Netfi, Kim
Ohio Levee. sloiiotf
Jke;ularmti3a ofthe IJri ol Hdirmm.
Cairo, Jan'y 2, 1871-Thero being! no
quorum, on motion adjourned lillth iht.
iat -7'l-a o clock, p.m.- '
w. ' jSO.'HROWNVCKy Clerk.
Wo want a'flMt'cla's- chambcrmelil.
laundry and dmlng room girl. To each
kllU IUVITV, bUUUJT VUipiUJIllCllb V 1 1 1 OU
given, and liberal wage paid.
tf s Pro)i gcharle Hotel
V v ; ; -
VTnT? Tbat la'the nueitlon. Why
did not the colored 'people of Cairo culo-
bU tbp eighth anlvercary or their cman
clparlonjjwt paasedTX'ould tbeynot obtain
orator frora'tlio rank of tho white cle
ment of thclrparty 7 Can it bo possible,
that, now tho election is over, the Kiidioal
White men havo no use for tho Radical
black men? Ungrateful fellow I
lay. Oak Lkai Tho gonuino Chatter
Oak Stove havo an oak loaf on tho fcida
door;, and aro stamped with tho namo of
"flile V. Filluy, St. Louis. When bnv-
Ing one of them, therefore, look fur .those
proofr of Its gcniilncncs', und reject all
i.. .i . i .i . ... '
unii uu not uavo mom. janxdtvwit.
" Stov thoie Chill thai havo been liar
asslng you so long, as they sometime em!
in that fatal dUeaso called bv some tho "f rti
Country Yellow.' Keter.'i 'fTtioy ban, bo
very easily stopped by taking Simmons'
Liver Heeulator. Do not delav: m, t
onco to your druggist nnd get n package
anu bo cured..
"Horrible" Wha't can bo more 'Ter
rible I would rather bo(rthnn blind f
Such wa the exclamation of otm of our
most Inttlllgeat citizens, and vol how few
there, aro ,who tako proper enro of thelji
sight, many porPuiin using the verv corn-
nonett .Spcctaolev and thereby risking
Iho loss oilal' r'rcciolul gfft Vm7o;i. W
woum tuifirest to our readers and frionil.
that our relfable and well known .Icwoluw,
TaoerBroi, atetible Ve'riuf In tLfn rl)ii-'
trict, fur Lazarus - Morris Perfucted
Sfjotaijk-; (tby jsre, imlvertally used
throughout the CnHl SWte'.'.nhd 'every
ono who wears them ayi they are thu Ut
Spctacle wade. Jn2d-whr
Cakh Casc at Hollar Store. r,
AlkyaKdrk 01ovs at Dellar Storo.
111 is
: CoL'Krt OmubiusWantki. iuh i,t,l
l.forcoin(jf Jnlor,at'
Ir you want a sx, stvllsh and well
ttttlng u!tof clothe, made to ordor, von
niaUgo to P.NofT, No.TJ Ohio Lcviv?
Poa fashlonablo boot and'thoes, made
In the bet style, and of the b"!t material,
go to trio tnop or W m. Khler on Twen.
liethitreet, near tho court house. tf
I r you want n pair of boots mdo to or
dor, out of the best material, and In the
most fashionable and durable manner, .go
TM.1 . m ...
w ii in. toner, on a wenuu;ii direct, oj
posite the court hou'c. tf
Kirn .Naiioml titnk ofc'niro,
Vn: lb. ICo.
The annual meeting for tho election of
Uru Director will bo held at this Hank,
luesjay, Jan. 10th, lt71, botween the
hours of 10 o'clock a.m. and 4. p.m.
'"J. C:iihlr.
n St .
Klkctiov .Notick. Notlcti i hereby
glvo that thero will b n meeting of the
Mockholdor of thn City Notional H iokoti
Tuesday, Jwiunry JOlh, 1871, or iho pur
pose of electing evcn Directors to frve
during tho ensuing year.
dfclOdtd A., II. H.VFi'pitD, (j.i-h.
1 . 1 1. 1 , ... .,
William Kiii.Kitii.fashionalilobool und
hoe maker, hi u pleiidld tok of French
ralf, mbroccw nnd olhcr leatho, nnd is
propanj to fill order for "custom-made
boote and tlii,,wllli.qukk d'upatch fiii'U
In the most satisfactory manner. tf
Cloaiug Out Sale.
Twcnty-tlvo thouiatid dollarv worth of
rtndy-mudo clothlnt;, hat", caps, biiot.
houi, trunk mid valce ur olIro.l for
talo by P. NefT, 70,,Ohlo Levee, t AC
TUAL COST PHICP.S, It being hi.'ln.
tcntion to cloo out in tliat lino mid em
bark exclusively und more extemivc) y in
tho furnlihing good and merchant tailor-4,
lng.bulae.. --t
This closing out rale furnlshe an oppor
tunity to tccuro clothing cheaper than
ever before offered' In' tlils-mniket.J
doolOtf r
, i . .. i
NowiIKUK ill the city can you secure n
bolter lltttng, llnoror better iruido pair of
Iwjstliaptthq shopt' Wjn. J'jiijerii. on
Twenlleliratreolj near tho couitihouie. If
Foil pistols and cartridge pud boivlri
knives, -ja direct to P. NVif s. No. 7t Ohio
Hut Platod Jowclrv nt Dolla'r Storr.
Skku Microscope at Dollar Store. -Su'.v
(iluises ut Dollar hture. J
or llrKV. I deslro either 'to tell or tent
my residence, Situated on tho corner of
HolbriKik avenuo and twviity-fourtii street
It contain nlno large, nnd corafortabjo
iwiin iiihi a y.v vt'iiiimicu ci'iinr, iii-
houses all coinpluto, embracing a lino t wo
tory barn. The ground contain? eight
lots, ono and a half feut above grade, nicely
fenced,' containing ri large iquiuitity nnd
.vnrioty of fruit true, vines ami thrubs
of tho choicest selection. Tho phlcu will
be rented or sold on reiinonablo tortus,
v Apply to .k, JOKMiiMOIK.'AX.
TW.'Jt ,10wV ' '
I;coa.da., .New Ofk.ins,?:,,0!,0Vi:
ArllDRtnn, i '
l,O0lll'lll, C.i
Armala, t'iiA.,w
MrUel!lt, M"',,,,
of , ,WI
-The wcathe- Was cloudy ntnl wiml,
and snow was threatened.
bpthormometar yesterday Indicated 30'
uliWyliClit, ia at - p.m., nnd SB nt dark.
Tnn river 1 about stationary.
Tho Mississippi it rising a llttlo. at St.
Loul, and as far down as Liberty bar,
whero tho rlto has released tho Tom Jas
per, and tho wa receiving her cargo yes
terday to como out to Cairo. Tno gorgo
below St. Louis moved a few feet, and may
clear out ontlrcly If mild' weather contin
ue. Tho Ohio Is rising above Cincinnati,
butaitho weather was turning cold, It Is
probabli Ihat tho riso will only amount to
a few inches. Tho Ico still prevents navi
gation nbovo Wheeling, but iho river is
nearly cjear of ico from that point to
Tlio Sum J. Hale. and soyoral other
boats havo paied safely througli tho canal
ut LoiiUville, whtiro there- is four feet seven
Inches water, 'i'fifl coal ilect ha alo
passed sifuly through tho canal, but thcro
is not enough water fut them to como out
of (hcPjiJil. 6liljjtlx f.-ot l reported
from thenco to Cairo.
limine continue good at our wharf.
Thn K.invllle,i Paducah: and Nash-
villa packets' haln'g fair trips for reship-
ment South, and tho I C.'It. P.. is crowded
to almost Its fu I capacity with freight for
belotvr -
1 1 The following boats lire loading hero
...l.i.'r-". l.ll.'. t i '!.' 11.. i... -.11 '
im irvigiu received principally uy rail
from St; Louis and Chicago: Common
wualllr, Kmllia.La'l)argo,'for New Orleans,
Utah, for Little Itotk, Lockwood for
birroiycport, ;
Tha pilot huu'a and tcxni of thu Des
Vro.cro,Lurnixl otf her ut Jlcinpliis, on
Monday l.tst, bu't tho boat was laved.
Wo regret to ati'nnuncu tti'u deuth of
thu cjtirnnblu wlf.t of out old friend Capt.
Iienjainin .I.igjn.
Tho Travis Wright u nearly new
stem wheeler, was destrnved bv tiro at
New Orlcuns on Monday night. Sho hud
be UTttunitig o;icikii5ii ii liel HWer.
..UK TUB LV.MiiriO.S OJ' TJH.-
'.Itfj'.liMU lhoHi..i- r.f llirnol-, t tlm 11m ef
ll.-tnc, I) mletSMli, !
ttJ:".if:tt'i:s i
I.m,umJ J, otilil. .. , , , ,. l'i
iirrriruit. , i,i :i :s
I', a, i-.n.l l- iiucin-tiUtion lnvrti to
U. bouilom lin I I7,l.v to
lilt,.. t.ekf,t,lio-i.ii. tr ........ t.;t. l7
I1... from riili cr. t .-nn-l '(' noi'Knl T3,'J'.l It
Pu Irnnoitivr.Ni.i cnMljiik... . . ni
J'u Jroni mli-ivnL mi I wnkrr" M.IH T'.'
,iiiiimii; iivu-j-M-M...
lilluT ti i' et.ilr .
I'lirn1!.! esprniei... .
.in.ti iu
-.T,!'.' M
f 4,1 I I
l 91
T.iei r.
(Vh ilrinnlnfl'nlInK unn-.-t I.I '
HiIHoi MiKr .vlionl iiDK.. l.
Frrffllnn il rurwiar, mkIiiJ-
lni li .-LI. S.Mi Tn
wcIh. iviln... o,T. r M.tTS Nii
I.l Tmnler .Noi ,.- i,ii !
101,1 II s".
.,JIio,"iO l
C'Mpilil mock jai.l In
Hiirniils .ua.l ...
Cielunirn . .1 1,111 VI
lMrr..t..... ., li'l'i hi
IVfll I.Of IT. lT 14
1I.1IU M
Ji'nl mini linkcir.iuliiuiioutiuailtDi;.
lo.lllVl.l.ll ..iOill.
UuotolvaknanJ lMiikr .
, Ovi'il"
."i.Tfi in
tw.iu i:
S.Bic uf irni.'i-, A1ttr .aity. s.
1,-ArllrMiiluKl, iaii-i-u( tlm Uly Nntbiaiil
Hint,', ot ftiro. ilo solnnnljf wr ili-itllm nbuii.
i ii. in)it i iru I Uiu .U-lii my kiiwl'li;r
nnll-llr. "A.M HKr'()lll), l'jblvr.
Mil.ii iiUvl un.l .i.rn to l.ofor mi', llil fourth
;.y t -iiniiur, n.i. tt n..ri'-r..
' Nutir Public
tir I
I- PC. t t,
i , it. 1 1. V.'l 1,1,1 l,.i.V.
? $ ( W. I. IIAI.I.IH.W.
lTia''i .
or tiii: om i ion or tiii-: -
Firs t National Bank
or f.vnto, ii,i,
AUIk (1 i-ef lluonm on tho S'tli dny cfDc-
veui'ier, a. if,
Leans ami drsjoiiuv... If IWIHIMIIIMHH
lin iiln:i-. .mm. .'...ui .,,.im..vi.. .I,T 1"
I . S '-ii.uiiiM-.-M'neirfwuiuui . i,-.ii m
lln'ri'O' bund i and iiinrljMj..- -. H',11' II
t ,N iov' "d I r urii'es no nino u,.i
I Mil- rin ii.NMniin an.i ri.rjiu;i.ii " .
ii.. I r tin otb-i iNU.in'. lUnlt" - -,."vl 4S
Diie frcin o'f.f i t mlxowl Uiukco 1 1 IT '-'-'
Itenl lllIU..,M ...M. M....M ''V-
Kurai'urn mid lisluivi
1,1.1 l
is; .it
,n ui
4 "J
( 1 1 rr.-nt XIM;iir,......... .......
l itt- um
l ailillono, iiuvlildii.uont".-
ltli iii Iimii'I, oilrrenoy
.-j en
rvt.iM At
bit i,Jl :tt
51.0.1T '-'i
l.njr, -.1.1
.11 u.
'M.I ll'.
virrui iiijii iiiaieu.i'nK 'r
, T.l.u.'.'. ill
ll-ditl IUU it.iP41l- ..(....
jr-t.:LU .ti
Sill!.' Of III II I
bciimii'iii Ab-xiiider. I , .. , ,
I. t'.S. Iliiulu . ..sli1.-r bf Ihe I n.t .National
-rtaliKrol ""." """ . Hiiuwie ."- 1
n.ut.iiriuii irui-iu uu-i.v-i "i mi ki... sj.
of Jsii..ar).A.IM.TI. WU-hblIU-
v .. JT, a.. oUlJlulJe.
Y0"fjt4VI.t i n S
' ' ttf ' lllil.N T. ltKMNll'. fli
i.tiiir. 3HI.I.I.II. )
Mil Idol,
r111 r. I roll!
vi rp.M.i.l.i.11.1; iiii.ro,
4t -JO
Stiirord, .trr.'-A Ctuiili', AbI
oiiMcrvaory of TEiimIo
I'fl'lI.J II bo rrriimo I bf dm month. bfKln.
H ..'f lr?lK !.n..J.".'!i1'Wf ..1!L .
?uHN who lure pn,l tliirnili.n wol (.imlinno
' PrVtVrnoath. '''"''iPF'
I- T1,4l-Paytiieal In Advance i
1 I'ImTo n,'? CnlemUrltontli Jl CO
Voosl .. ' J w
nnlfn- II 3 IV
.1'iAnn Anil vn,.l " 3 00
nAlwu.lo ;"t
f alro, III.., JniiarT it". lV).H.nlli:lfpctor-
Chapped Hands
a, VM1I111U Jaat W 1UI1
5 2
Aii i:iogantly prepared nnd
valiinblu nrllrlo for (no toilet of
l.inllei nnd (Jeiillenipn. Will
cure Chuppcil llaniU.Koiihticsi
if the Skiui Chapped Lips and
Cliufed SnrfaiT'.
Prepared by
Barclay Brothers.
(Jcntiine Imported Kvfacf-.,
Hair, Tooth and Nail finishes
to w
Imllii Itnliher Nursery (Joods.9
Coal Oil!
l.lNSr.L D OIL, Itntr and Holl
oil. WHITE LEAD, and Color.
Etc., Etc., Etr.
I.anrt Uiawl ISIrs-ct frnm the tlovrrit
turut nt
12,000,000 A.CVGS
.of tiii:
Hi-it I'anninir and Mineral I.nndw lu
' Americn.
3,000,000 mrn chblee fjrmin !n'l
on llilui of lli roml. In Um
la tli
r.itKAT I'Latth v.vf.r.i:v
N'owfiTnal. lorraflinrcrnlitat low nt of tn
trr!. Tli-- laoils ara nor Hi 5lt ir.illrl t
N'.rili I.imuuiiiIo, m mild ,ml lirtiiliy climtH,
mill fur -rnm uninini; ami M"-k ruloiiK nro Mil
vin til l L niiy In tho I'nu.-d .sui...
i'onrcalut to inrkt I itli l aal !. l'rioo
raniiffium ti .Wlo iniiMfrarri'.
tiitKAT i.Mtt'i:.Mt:.t-rrt
To settlers wltli liini'"! ninns.
fl.OOOtOOO Aoros
Iticli (iaii'nanwtit lnnJi alias ilie roil iMitvroon
Hani-) i ml oi..o for uiry nailer th lloin.
Fl.'ml ami I'rc rmptlmi U, n l cn l tkn by
A( I UAI. .-CTn.nit'j.OM.V.
Anniotluolly ntr Wf.in prfntJ t . r '
During i.oii nsraKrcat ltalln.o.1 witli ll the
cniinralviwv of nn ol I rilli l eniintry. N
i..litUiiiol icn'tive pitn i-lilf t with m.iji-.nni
irmly un.l itnt Crr lo utl irt uf Hi l.'nlii.l
SUw$, Ciiii Ii aii.l i:uro. . l In -i
U, P, DAMS, l.m.I iiiumlil'puer,
jn4'llmii V.V. II. II. :., oiimlia,.N'rb,
ntJIileat ailit Heat of the I'.clfc ttca."
. rorelgu Lileraluro
yew Voluinu bfgttu Jan. XS71
Vhu "IViIoctic" rourlnla Oie Lest V.J.i)', !!
iu4, Surb-K, . d ts. uutitli Aritclcs, troiu ilie
Muiiunent Kniili'h. Frciii-)i.au.liemau riod
'..In it,. vtlnnsarn t.-ryeuirfiilly iiil...iid
lur ni"rtl. ii .iisticrnf 4 ccnturv it lm iii.nn
tiiiiivd il- .lluan ill" IiA'liiiKi'.'cpnjviic of bir
ci'i tontniiK)rry thought.
mi;cia,tiks oi-' Tin: r.ci.nfTif.
ltt,bi lltvd tluit In tliliUpa-liueiit lh "'.Ipu.
tie" la ninrn pomprfhenaif mid i-oimlttn tliaa
any other ilagatin 111 tin Kurd nut vitlllHtely
iliotd t' lli't tul'jrcl.
Tbr i" no .lehurlinent of l.iii-rAturi' more tin
iiuriant. an I at the aim" tiin iimt i!-nrlly in
irctlinxki liu'-iruphy. In IhH iieparmirui,
llicr. f.rx, H Ii' luuud ,ketrlii'nf tho .mt of
In- faiiioiniiii'ii of pr.ent mul p.it tun" .
lltlllt lllllllM.
I'olll t.ilrlur in all us br ui"lie la repp-evni
edbvtlie lil eeleolioiw wliicli imii Iih uLuu.-d
(rom tlio whole tirldof pernvllt-iil Ineraiuir.
In ll.ia dei.trliiu lit Um b-t i-uui i.l liti'Mture
uf IUL'laeU f lUlld.C'UIIMlMKj vMOI .- Ul
v illi I..-.I niuuiiipniiitj iKo-iIi.t-.. b.n . iiietly
ilTo liort ali.i.u. lot -tliH.fi the p.,?-li M ustino',
,ui .lmd y evlut rati I.
(Jcitrral Lltri-:tlnrr.
Vinler line head arnuintirs.,ril ll Ili0 aubjivii
M lil.ot elliue al'Vlo rin-a ii.-aiuri, no iii-imiii i.,
til till cauiyk on Polltu-al. c'.k hI itt.it l.uerary
Iim)K' I'liKIl nil iuo r.uitii.il iinaiierni'i aii'i
tCitltorlnl Dronrt nit'llta
'llmlMitoilil lieinrtiriiitaar J,ilrary .Vdieea,
Por lgn Literary .otra, eieii.-.., .tt,ana tan.
Tlo-y Iwre been reinii'lelli-l mid --Meiiiii.il,
nriiibnu-n every im.lbe tool, mi'l llieM- '
io,lbe tople
n. i ntner eclei Ho imblic"iint iilin li i- i
.(.....ti.ucl, a,,(,p.l.
- - ;1..r,nl. .
'd .he.el.n.uuU... Thvo' ja-'Mj.i
,,,,! , ,. u..t nunmr imd bi lb-
Kud uroof patliiaioi.Hi. I'e
iT.uM.4-vi..iocop..-.4.- n;;
. year. iu..eo.,,i.. onv ,' V5i' iiprliiZt
ear. li"; UergmiHU ud f '"'' I' ;,"i,riL .
lil.ibri.tu. Auls'rlrfTrN'p.'tbl.reer. '
..t n,"' h' I i Fl it li -Iteel. N. V.
nublD ' . ' '
.. ,
r,, L TISVl filJ f iLL I'U .
is tUH l.ulpltJl m -JiJU'iivru iiiviiuh. .
I o
Conidiinj Iho exlivmn tatitlTeael of ill
detain body, nnl, that ltIunpfotK.tJ zep',by
Artificial covering fioiri the ucttm ofccld, It I
not strange that at thli season It' In liable W maoy
illSorileri. Tho aklaoxrralfSs'a po-rfal Inllu
enoe ocr tlm ionbv:h nail txiweN, t.l nhnn IU
functions nrd inlertupte i by sudden chills that itsl
th poros.ia l premnt oTf.omtlnti from li iur
focr, Inbrnal soajnitlan It if! to tn.tm. Tte
digeatlra oraan nater perforn. thair ofllcn prop
arly whf n thi Is the case, aad th sratt matitr
of the aystem, which thouldba illhr(41aput
througb the perspiratory jtonJt, httlnf do ett.tr
outlet than tho biimli and th kldoty, conttlpa
ilon Ami a variety o( real dlnewaa ara more oris
protalnnt. DyapepsU, where it exiah, is ala -Kraratcd
br tlio.o cauaas. Tba most (.(lectlfa
prfveatkenf, and remedy for, dlalurbonces of
this nntur. ft Hosteller's Stomach Bitten. Act.
Ing a, a a.tlinulant and tonle, Ita roui the atom.
ncli and the intestines, Imparting lo those Import-
"'' organs both nctlritrAnd regularity. It alio
npr, Ma audoriflc, by tonlog tlie veaselaof
the ,kln wid promoting the fre psaxga of ex.
hau.tcd matu. ihrou'sfi ht natural lta of the
ystrm. Oin a ,, jjur,,,,., t gT , health
ful (mpnlie to Iho fc.0n of t,e kidneys, where
thcre.ia n Cadency to u.,0fJr( ,0a a a blood ae
parent and nenlne, hat a ibly beneficial ITect
liirlieumttlecaiM, U combu,, n happy pro
portions tho Ionic, alterant e, apical, antiseptic,
diaphorete eand anliblUoua ptpTtlaa rtnalalte
for the restoration of aystcnn genenny dltordar
d, DdJhs no'crpitl an a winter medicine.
Tnlted HtAle, of Amerfi;, Soiithem District of
Illinois. ss,
Tin-I'lillclflU'ei or America, to th Marshal of
tlieiioxthern Ijiatrlctof llllnot, OractibKi
U'heri-at, llll haa been died in the District
eurt o( thn United giatea, in and fur th. Kouthera
Ilmirl.it of Ilium-, on 1I10 2lli day of December,
in tlio Tc-ir of our Lord on tlioud cljcht hund.
red nnd aetenty, by Enoa K Kerr, John D. Kerr.
1'illrick M'.Ni'll. Jotin Sr-litt mil ll.nr. 11....
nffilflsfi-ichty-lour a.iw Ion;, oak and uh, raft'
i-d," now lyln? nt tho irt of Cairo, In th dutrtct
.re.alu. Piocoa un I liiCDlllon oi Ilia aiid Ouurt
in mat iM-an:! to i mivlo nd llut all persona har.
Init or prelendtnir to hare any rlfhl, tllle r Inter
ni theroln, may be cited to eppcar, and anawer,
all and alnKUlnr, .lie mutter iu oald libel articu
lilely iimjMiiinded, anl ihat this Court would t
I.M-e l t prnno me lor lh.aum of FAiir Hund
red Dalian, tho ilamacoaa'leaed in taldlibal. l.
aldea CO'Hof mil C.
Y .11 are therefore fOmmandod In attach the aald
"eighty-four ,w log,, oak and nahLraft!!." and
l-iiiri.im th.' -ft'im in your cuMody until the fur
tlu rurderol thH court m-ivcllCii thu same; and
tniilvn notice, bynilbllcatlon IntheCiiao Ilrtn.
ti for linrtidy prvtloua lo th day ef triad,
and by notice mIihIuj In tin1 moat public nnn-n.-r.
for th an.tc of fourteen ilr. t ar near th
I place nf trial I a ueh aeltiir and libel, to til per-
ona claiming ine eni "einiT-inur aaw lo, oak
andmh, rafted," or knowing orharinganrthlnglo
a y why this Court ahnuld not pronounce arint
thn aaine. iwcardmsto the prater of the salJIIUI,
and ibailhir liaji.par befrrn the aald Court,
to .o held m and for tba Southern lliatrictof III-
liioi". at the United Hrtes Court Room, In the city
rf Cilro, In aald Diitrict, on the tint Monday la
Pel runry next. If that bo a dy of Juriadiction,
if uot, tlx n on th Drat day of lurlsdiction thete.
after, at ID o'clock ln.be forenoon r,f that day,
.then and lhf lo Inter od rlalm'of theaame,
and lo mtkn their allegation lu Dial Ithaff,
And nti.it you ahull barn Ufciioln lb premiaee do
mil tb-n and tber mil' rttitm, legerher with
ifjf-a awrt. ...
TrviU Jiiilrf of aald Coutt, tbie illh da)
Wl'lta. mo iiniwranm naniuei n
A .- UUK. ' VI iwu vuuii, imi Mill tmj
of December In Ihe jearofour Iird on
ni uccemnerin inaiearoiour iiru on
Mrd mi thousand eliht hundred aad
aetenty and of our lndpeadac the
wu7r. ov.o.v IIOU'CN.
falted Htste, of Amerirs. Hlhem Dlitilct of
Illinois .
TlnCnlte delate of Amcrici, tath Mtrahtl of
tho douilitrn Dllitlcl of Ullnola, Urreiing,
Win rem, atlM hai U'en IIIA.I In the Ulitrlct
Court of th ttnlted Male, In mid for th Southern
Di-trictof llliimta, in ine 1 1 dy of leoembr,
in tba year or our Lord onu til und sight hund
red nd emi'litj, tiy Vi'llllam Sloiiia ant firora
W, nurn. puttner doing hutineee under ih
iiininnn'lijle vf "Moiria A Uuma" agalnat tb
lHiubiAt "Hengtl Tiger," tier boala. tackle, a
par I and furniture, forTeona and raaaea in
-aid llhl mentioiiril. ind lajlr.if th asual pro-re-
and munition of tlm aaj l CoDtt Intliatbe
lialf to Us nu le, and that all pcrsous bating or
pretending to litre any right, this or Interest
Ihervln, may t c tod to appear, aad anaeer, aJ
an.1 hingular, thematteraloaaid ilUI articulately
propounded, and thit this Court would be pliaxd
n pronoune fur Ih tutu of Four Hundred and
Viitr-U lollar, tho dainiites alleged In (abl
liM, leldeacu,l of ealt.
Von are thrref.iro commanded lo attach tb said
steamboat "Hengal Tmer," her boats, tackle, ap
parel and furniture, and to detain In aam la
your cu.to.ly until tlio further order of thla Court
ree-titisllie im i and to git notice, by pub
licatlon In IheC'iiao nritirix for fnurtesn date
pruviuiiatolli day of U;aJ, nod by notice postad
up in I In. most public m inn or, for the spun of
lnr!.fnda),t or near the place oi trial of aueh
almrand libel, lo nil peraona claiming thn said
ali-amboat Hengal Tigi-r." licrboala. tackle, ap
parel Hnd furiilturr, or knowing or hartng any
ihlngtosay why this Couit ahould not pranounc
agtunat tbi aame, according lo th prayer of
..idlilx l, and that they be and appear U-fo a lba
aald Court, to be held In and for th Southern Dit-ttk-lot
llllnoia, attheCnitad Kutes Court Rooai,
in tlm envoi llilro, la eald District, on the drat
Momby in pbruryiiext,lf ihat Ui a dayofjur.
ladietlon. If not, then on th firatdiy of juriatlc
tun ilierennar. at 10 o'cbKk In tlio fortnnou f
Iblt.la .then mil ll.ero in InliriKiaa claim tf
lbi ejoie, -ind to make tlmir allegtliona in llul
And what you ahall hit n don in the preanlaea do
nu llien und tlivr maka'relurn, tagallier with
t'tit vy ti
Witness, th llnnerabl Hamuel It.
iws Treat, Jadgo ol ild Court, tluex1d)lay
1 1, a. of Doci-iuker, lu tho year of our Lord
V 1 onotliouain t eight hundred ondaetao-
ty. and of our Independanee Slth rear,
jmUll UKO. P. HOWEN.Clstk.
VIckfiitiirR, Mcmpklti amd
Tlic popular and comforubln
for the a bo to and all Intermedial
Mill lu.ivo
(lOinta, on
'I'liiifMiIti)- KvonlnK, Jna. ith,
for fieiglit or pa-og apply on board, or to
jpou Ki:.r,
ACoiin-cileten room, ten laata eoclotedwitli
n;.. go.vl ...ten.. ilth pie Mr ''. f" ;
K""' r l.nr
Itvtii 7 i-1 1 . t a. "a -v m.t e
I"' ,,
. J.uJ"
w, v
1 II01LST0N.
Tenth btreet.
m state wmi
4 t - r r tkat-aw ar or st
tt'I.SJ.OX tV CO.,
4 g t; 'j
74, SeCOlld
Cairo. Til..
'Buy ami Soli Keal Estate
ti.tM. AiissTUAtUTSi tit TU
or ALL.flta

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