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1 lie near jiproach of the time at
which tliu citizens of Cairo will ho
called uj.um to hclcet municipal ufTicerM
fur the ensuing official year, ami the
probability induct!, the certainty
t lint the Kepuulicnti.4, in the hope ot e
curing Htiecc.n by tlie negro votca and
division in the Democratic- rariki, will
noniinatu ami run nttrntght ticket, ren
tiers nut inopportune n fewwnril of ad
monition and advice, nddrc."ed to tlie
Dumocracy of the city.
If the Democrat hope to imccccd
they must lie united ; and, if they
would lie united, they iuut nominate
the best po'siblo men for the diflVront
ifliee.'. Hut can ood unity, even with
Kood men on the ticket for candidates,
lie reeured ? We do not believe that
pertit unity eau be obtained in any
event , but we do not doubt that the
different element of tho parly may be
o soldered a to niiiwer, at lcajt tempo
rarily,, the purpose of a harmonious
whole. There U among n certain cUn
of Dem'icratit, in Cairo, a cjiiritof insub
ordination not because the party i
inclined to nominate unworthy men
not becaue it is nppocd to the inlercit.
of the city not bojaii'o tlicrc in unfair
nest in the manner id' making nomina
tions not for Miygnxt reaon, utiles a
dipositioti to rule or ruin is a good
rcnon for rebellion. This element, it
in thought, may give much trouble,
and ko it may. It may go hack on
the party .n it hat done before ; but
there in reason to believe it will not.
Formerly, when this "element ' bolted,
the Radicals pitted it on its back and
Mippnrtcd it movement ; but now the
Radical will not be to kind. If the
' boilers" again gooff, tho Radical
will pat tlicuisclvci on the back and
elect their own ticket. .So, bolting not
being the interest of the iiiu.at-rule De
uincaat.s, we have reaon to expect that
they will either Mibmit to the will of
the party, even if it is not their will, or
eUe retire in silence and ditgtixt to the
rather dismal ground of neu
trality between tht Radicals and
. ft
tlie Weiuocratri tliey lo not like
Their only hope i to -ccuru the nomi
nees, atid this they have a right to do if
thev can. Hut thev, and all other
Democrats, should go into the contest
rooking that, no matter what the result
of the nominating eaueukc may be,
tlicrc shall he no hesitation in putting
the dinuldcr to the wheel and pushing
the ticket fur ahead of the mongrel ticket
the Radicals will put into the field.
Defeat of tho Democratic nominee- will
be the nuccc.i of the Radical ticket, and
the heretofore bolters can imjittlo afford
to have the negro element get control of
the city as the straight Democrat-can.
Ho far as we lire concerned we can for
get the past, but we in-i-t upon good
faith in tlie future. We have repeatedly
yielded our preferences and repressed
our prejudices in the interet of Demo
cratic unity in Cairo, and we hoe that
all Democrats will lie as liberal, and in
good faith say : "l,u tho party decide,
"and wo shall t-tand by its decision,
"whatever that may bo." Tho policy
of conciliation will secure harmony;
and any attempt to re-open the iiuer-tioiih
of the past should be discountenanced
and condemned.
TREH,Tvi'E OF EGl'l'V.
Thoro is not on this wide world a
more corrupt and profligato clique of
politicians thau those who control the
Radical party in Southern Illinois.
They learned tlie trado of corruption
in an excellent sehoel, and were most
proficient scholars. There is no trick
they will not rcort to no obstacle of
honesty in their pathway before which
hoy can lie induced to paueeeven for a
momont. If we were tosay they aro
'up to snuff," tho expression might be
liable to the chargo ot'lacV of elegance
but its truthfulness could notbo called
into question. Led by J.ognn, who is
heir ubsoluto dictator who, although
ho cloaks his lack of principle wjth a
profession of Jlethodistical Christianity
is altogether unscrupulous in the means
he selects to secure tho ends ha has in
view, and those ends, being rolled to
gcther, may bo expressed by the words
"Logan, first i Logan, last ; Logan al
Homo tinm ago. Mr Logan deter
mined that he would secure Mr. Vate.V
scat in the Senate of the United States,
and he began to pull wire accordingly;
and in the distribution of his favors,
distributed with a view of strengthening
his own hands, he secured to Mr. Munu,
of this city, tho Radical nomination for
Congress in this district. This selec
tion, as far as Logan was concerned,
was a wise one. Willi Munu for
his frienJ there was no dirty work, the
performance of which he might not
have ordered with tho assurance that
his command would have been promptly
obeyed. Rut the people of the district
knew tlie man ns well as Logan and
his defeat resulted as tlie neces-ary con
sequence of this knowledge. .When
the intelligence of his discomfiture
reached the knowledge of the Radical
leaders, they all at once concluded that
.Munu was done for that ho had been
filially shelved that he would,
having jdiame, withdraw from
politics, and in the practice of resigna
tion and his profession spend the bal
ance ot Ins ilavs : hut all thee sur
mises were unfounded. Mr. Munu was
not at nil cast down. After the Miioke
of the battle hadeleaied away, he again
made a da;li for the political ring ; and,
under pronii.-o from Logan that the
nomination of the Radical party for Con-
gressmanfrom the State-at-Large should
be placed at his command, he became
the (icueral's right hand man in the
contest for the Senatorship. lie vUited
Chicago and buttonholed all the mem
ber' of the Legislature elect, and he is
now in Springfield with all his satel
ite Linegar,Mc!eaig, Hay, (who has
surrendered at dicretion,) and I'ojie,
working for Logan Milling and .Hiv
ing. Rut can the programme bo carried
out? Will the Radicals, in the event
of Logan's election to the Senate, nom
inate Miinti for Logan's vacant place in
the llouc, at that gentleman's dicta
tion? We can venture no opinion on
this subject, except that, the ways of
the Radical pany beiug mysterious and
past finding out, they may nominate
even D. W. Mtinn. Why not? He is
a fair imitation of Logan ; has as much
brains, nnd slid has little as much
assurance as loud ft voice -as much of
tho demagogue about him, and, to
crown nil, i what a Radical politician
iiiii-i be dcttitutc of nil devotion to
any doctrine that in its application to
the affairs of men does not turn into
money and drop into his pocket.
This, however, is certain. If Logan
should lie eho-cii Senator, and Munu
should be nominated for Congress from
the State at-Large, Munn will be de
feated and his Democratic opponent
elected. We an1 neither a prophet nor
the sou of a prophet , but mark the
Tlio Illinois and .St. Louis Jtnilro.id and
Coal Company, ly working during the
night, Mieceedod in reaching llullerilln
with Iti truck by til lit iiutsnt, thus se-
curing the 23,000 voted it by the corpora
tion ( Ilollevillu on tlmt condition.
It is nid tlmt if tho urU-ilun well in
Lincoln 1'itrk, Chicago, bo enlarged to
eight ami a half Inch?, which can bo Jono
lt sixty days tinm, ut an expense not
exceeding $2,000, tho dully delivery of
watsr will bo 2,800,000 (jullon.
A Sinn f'ranrUro .Slyelery.
fellow was caught in the night in com
mitting n burglary; the house was ur
rounded, and parties proceeded to enter
tho liouie, which they accomplished only
t llrul a. corpse. 1 1 o find killed hiriisolfbc
lure tncy couiu gel to inns, apparently
feeling the disgrace Impending over him
too overwhelming, Tho body was kept
for days, since the clothing nnd general up
learaneo Indicated iirecuing, and was vis
ted by thousands in tho hope that It migh
bo identified, but nothing absolutely certain
corns to havo yet been reached,
Tho Rural H'ortV says : 'One of the
crudest things donotodinnh beasts is put
ting naru iro.en iron mis into a norso
mouth. It U not enly a painful, but a
dangerous act. For every time living
titsn widen a meiai mucn ociour tne
freor.ing point, tho lattor extracts tlie heat
from tho former and freezes it. Thus tho
ho.rio's mouth becomes frozen by tho cold
iron several times u day put into it; each
tlmo causing those freezings to go dcopur,
to end at last in extensive ulceration,
With such a soro mouth tho poor
horso refuses to eat, and pines away,
which calls tho horso doctor in. They
cull it hot, gluudcrs, horse-all, etc., and
go to cramming down poisonous drugs,
in doses; und tho next you know of tho
poor abused craaturo, hois trotted oil' to
bo food for flsh or crows. .Manv a
valuablo horso bus been "mystoriouslv"
ion in jun mai wav. 'ininuing ami
human pcoplo avoid this by first war
ming the bits; but this Is much trouble
und sometimes imnoitlliln. ni In nifht
work like staging and physician's work.
NowU this trouble is entirely avoided, as
wo nave tounuon targu trial, by getting
tho harness mukcrs to get leather bits for
wintor use, so mado that no metal
sutMaoco can toueli tho nen."
Tho Ooroanor opens with a paragraph
of congratulation, and proves himself to
Vie a eongrntulator of tho llrst-clas.
Several Instances of outrages by mobs
nro pointed at at amongst tho exceptions
to the enforcement of the laws of tho
Thon follows n verbal ringing out of tho
old constitution and u ringing In of the
new. Tho old, ho assert', was well enough
In Its day, but had become decidedly
"played out'' or words to that effect.
Is declared to be an experiment that mor
Its u full and fair trial.
compensation or i'L'iilic orricni..
Tho Governor, conforming his opinion
tothatof The JJu'M.etin, thinks it not
Improper to say that every public ofllcer
should bo paid a llxed salary, and thnttbu
whole ystotn of compensation by fee, to
be collected trom parties, or from counties
or the .Slate, ought to tost once alioli'lieil.
Tho wisdom of tho restriction upon tho
power of tho legislature to pass special
laws Is commended. In enforcing this
point ho says .
Tho aggregate number of bills Introduced
to both branches of tho general assembly
at the lust session was 2,173. Of those,
upwards of 1,300 became laws, and thoo
that are special unit local aloua are bound
intotnrce poinJeroni volumes mat contain
2,cl3 pages. It is doubtful if any such
ma's of crude and dangerous legislation
was ever before Inflicted upon any people.
nro then dished up by hi' excellency in
excellent stylo. lie snysi
Tho usefulness of railways, and tho ex
tent of their beneficial Influence upon Iho
well-being and prosnrity of tbo country,
are not denied, and indeed, considerations
of tlmt character are in no swiaii involved
in it discussion of tho extent tu which it is
Judicious and proper to subject their man
agcrnent lo legal control
lUllronds are
mitilic liliMiwuys, ami m corporations an i
individuals that operato them nro public
carriers, and the property Intercuts of the
proprietors of railways ar hW lir thetn
subject to tho right of the SUtt.i to adopt
nnd enforc! such regulations n will pro
tect tho publlo from arbitrary oxactlons
nnd unjust discriminations.
Which tho Statu Is the national gov
ernment is thl t protect the pi-upleJ
ltliht here arises the qiiotion of Suto
right, and into It tho governor enters and
pursues tho good old democratic pathwny.
Ills language Is entitled to a thoughful
porusal. Ho says:
The dllUcutttcs that occur to my mind
do not relate to tho power of the state to
enact und enforce proper laws, but thoy
grow out of tho complex nature of the
subject. There aro conflicting interests to
bo reconciled and adjusted, und nothing
within the sphere of governmental nctlon
requires more delicacy of management
than what Is termed the railway problem.
And there is another ground upon which
tLero Is some degree of hesitation. There
Is no concealing tho fact that of lute years
less contldonco Is felt by many In the
powers of tho state govcrnmunU uloue to
subject railway management to the dvgreo
of control that every candid pron must
admit to bo demun'ltd by tho intere.ts of
tho pcoplo, anil attention has been directed
to the government of the United States
ns being uloun equal to tho great duty of
tho hour. In my inaugural nddre, I
thought It proper to ayibat"ona of tho
most unhappy results of the great contest
tliroueh which tho nation has liaised, is tlie
confusion produced In the public mind as
to tlie relative powers oi urn national hnu
ntnto governments," und my more extend
ed experience has ad led force to tho con
viction Unit one of the wont evils that can
exist in a free govrnmcntis that there
should bo any serious dilferenco of opinion
either ns to the extent or the distribution
of its Important powers.
If, ns maintained by some, tho govern
ment of tho United States has the power
to create incorporations and autliorizo
them to construct railways in tho States
or to govern or control tlnso created by
State authority, thooxistencoof the power
ought to bo no longer dUpulcd, nnd stops
should bo taken to amend tho constitution
of the United States sous lo prohibit Con
gress from creating uch corporations by
tpccinl laws, und from granting tho public
property or extending the aid of tho Uni
ted States to private individuals or corpo
rations, und, in short, to subject the gov
ernment of tho United States to all the re
strictions nnd limitations for tho proteo
tectinn of public und private ri1its that
nro found in the most advanced and per
fect constitutions of tho States, und ulso
to require of Congress to udopt such effec
tive po.itive legislation as wdll subject ex
isting nnd future railway management to
proper control.
To tlioso who assort tho power In ques
tlon for tho Congress of tho United State,
tho immodinto necessity lor thus amending
the i-Ydorul constitution will bo apparent,
fur ns tho peoplo of the States improve
their constitutions, and subjoet railroad
corporations to moru efllclcnt and com
plete control, this powerful Interest will
defeat all their labors by taking shelter
under tho authority of federal laws, and
tho scenes of corruption that have been
witnessed elsewhere, nnd that are now
happily Impossible in this nnd somo other I
States, will bo reproduced In Washington, !
aggravated by tno tact tnai iranciuses con
ferred by tho United States will be far
moro valuablo than can bo conferred by
any of tho States: thut there are thous
ands of millions of public prcperty to
tempt tho corrupt and tho greody; nnd
that member of Congress, being far re
movn.l from tho observation of their eon-
tltuonts, will betray tho pcoplo without
fear of popular indignation.
If. however, tho onlnlonsoftho fmmors
of the constitution, and of tho eminent
statesmen who have actually guided the
policy of the government from its origin,
urn lo ) rswardnd aa authority in the de
termination of tho question under consld-
oration, it ourM not to do cinimsu mat u
II Wltllin 100 power oi mu icuurni v,uu-
gress to authorfzo tho construction of rail
ways in tho States, or to creato Incorpora
tions for that purpose, or to regulato or
control ousting railway corporations in
nny way whatever, and tho' general as
sembly should earnestly protest against
such nn assumption of power by congress,
and proceed with a Arm and unyielding
stop to tho enactment of such Just und con
stitutional laws for the proper government
of railway corporations, ns may bo necess
ary for tno protection of tho rights of tho
people of tho State.
My apology for tho extended discussion
of this question is, that tho pcoplo of tho
Stnto, in tho adoption of tho amended con
stitution, havo Imnosed upon tho general
assembly duties or tho highest importance,
nml ilmilitd ni in S lie tituiip nf f tin Ktiifn In
' control tho subject of railways have had
nnd will liavo tho ctleet to produco tim
idity, holtation and feebleness In its coun
cils. To maintain tbo usefulncJ of tho
.Stnto governments, It must bo established
that their powors are In nn sense subordi
nate or dependent, but that, under our po
litical system, tho grasp of tho States upon
their own proper functions is us firm und
uncontrollable ns tlmt of tho United
Stutes ; that each nre eisontial parts of our
admirable political system, and their orbits
in that system being defined, they are
each supreme and alike Indestructible.
Warehouses, eminent domain and tho
Judiciary are thon discussed, and the Gov- j
crnor gently glides Into denunciation of
police detectives, undor tliu head of
and uses the following language :
Tho unrostrictcd Interfercnco of prlvato
fiersons In tbo administration or criminal
ustico tends to deprive tho laws and Insti
tutions or tlie sluto or public commence
nnd respect. It is now established, by us
age, to tie tho right of Individuals nnd cor
poration, whose property may have been
tho subject of criminal inlurie, to Intro
duce their private couri'cl Into the man
ngemontof public prosecutions, and In such
caes theotllcer of tho law, wh ue duty is
not to convict the party uccu'ed, but to
enforco the law and vindicate Justice, Is
practically superseded by counsel who ro
procnt prlvato purposes, if not personal
resentments and passions. Under such
circumstances, tho solemn inquest organ
ized to determine facts suid .afstM.iw-l
law Is degraded, ana becomes struggle
In-tweon prlvaU parties Influenced by per
sonal feelings, while consideration of Just
ice and truth nro forgotten.
Instances havo occurnil in the State
where men without propurty nnd friends
havo been suspected ot crime; they Imve
bean, when about their daily business,
tracked nnd watched by detectives; they
have been arrnted and Indicted, mm con
fronted with declarations mudo In un
guarded moments; thoy havo been prose
cuted by experienced and able mem
bers of tho legal profession and private
retainers, nnd their defcino assigned by
the court to an altogether Inexperienced
and Incompetent attorney, and a convic
tion has followed with almost Inevitable
certainty. Cases liko these, occurring us
thoy often do, suggest tho inquiry whether
the right of private counsel lo tnko part
in criminal prosecutions liould not bo
mado dependent upon thodiscrctlon of tho
court, upon the application of tho state s
attorney, and whether such counsel should
not he required, before doing so, to tako
un uuth to discharge tho duties of public
prosecutor without favor or prejudice, with
a true nnd only intent to do Justice and
enforco tho law.
Tho employment of detectives In aid of
tho enforcement of tliu laws, Is painfully
ugge.tiv of tho rapid approach to that
eoiidltiuii of social nnd political helpless
ness, where tho people, without cjntideuco
in tho laws of the land, surround them-
elves with nides and eacerly await the
coming of n master, who, by hisowu vigor.
win give protection to tneir persons unu
property. Tho recognized eltcncu of a
class of persons, self-appointed, who tako
nooatus and give no imnus toccuro tneir
fidelity to tho laws, or to Indemnify jiarlle
they may Injure, whoso nuthorilv to pur
sue, wate'h, and nrrest seem uudcAncd, nnd
whoso Jurisdiction is without boundary, is
nn anomalv In a land of law. If nece.-ury,
then should bo licensed or commisaioned
and subjoctcd to control; If useless and
nihchlevous, as I think thoy aro they
should bo repressed.
1'itrdoiu, State lluanees, revenue, are
passed in review, and
discussing which question ho refers to the
nigger In
, , t I It ,
the school, who Is dl-po.cd
of in this manner,
Tho question whethor children of dlller
ont complexions shall bo admitted to and
instructed In the same schools Is one of
more local and temporary Interest and may
he safely left to those who veto and pay
tho taxes, Tho duty of providing a guod
common school education for nil cannot
ho evaded, and when tho inhabitants of
tho districts provide schools, alike adapted
to meet tho wants of nil tho children, tbo
question of cost, with an Improved condi
tion of public seutlment,wlll finally nettle
all matters that relate to tho solection of
the particular rooms they shalt respect;
Ively occupy. The time Is not diMant
when the prejudices mill now give to inn
. , ,f , , , ... I
subject all Its impor anee will have pt-ed
away; but at present legl.lutlon i nece.- ,
sary to protect the rights ot the children ,
.. ......t.u iu.un.uu ...-... -" -
kn contemplated by ho
lherigl.t iilooes,ent..lltobel dlepend.
ant upon the prejudice.s or ca prices t he
in habitants ot districts, oroftl...olic.rsof
i-chouls, and suitable remedies light to be
provided by law for thouwhoaroiiiiirniu
erly denied admission to the public schools,
or who, being admitted, are deprived by
teachers or others of their full, equal
Referenca in then mado to tbo Stat" tdu-
catlonal and charitable institutions, and
finally tho
is reached and tho present ivstem of
management denounced.
J, caving the penitentiary, u visit is
paid to
the now State-house, tho canals, the Ad
Jutact-Goncral, and at lost tho conclusion
Is reached and tho signature of his ex
cellcncy greets tho rcador's oye.
Joint education: Gymnastics.
Tho iclcnco of sorrow Slghchology.
Why is tho earth liko a blackboard 7
UecntHo the cnlluron or men multiply
upon tho faco of It.
"-Mother, father won't bo in Heaven
with u, will he?" "Why, my child?"
"Jtccnuso ho can t leave tlio store.
A Nevada City miner was drying
fifty pounds of giant powder, tlio other
day, at a furnace. Tho furnaco is to let.
A prisonor arrested for drunkenness
In Uoston, recently, suidho became In.
loxlcatod on "Tomporanco bitten."
.Mrs. Cross of Newcastle, Indiana, has
been twice divorced within tho past six
months. Sho found her cross hard lo bear.
An Ohio woman has sued her husband
for dlvorco because ho refused to believe
in the damnation of unborn infants.
Tho Rochester Democrat sass woman
is h world without nn equator. And what
Is quite ns remarkable, in every latitudo
sho is without n parallel.
A brakeman cn an Indiana railroad,
who was left by his train, tho other day,
took n short cut on foot, nnd beat tho cars
fifteen minutes In n walk of flvo miles.
A Miracle SHory.
The Now York ieraWsavstho "miracle
play'' forms oncof the few bright gleams of
poetry that Illuminated the meditevnl ages,
and many modern pools and essayists
(notably Longfellow its tho "Golden
Legend''! havo attempted, not without suc
cess, to bring homo to us tho strangely
quaint charm that still clings to it In tho
memory of scholars. It had, however,
two ravo and even conspicuous faults,
coarseness and blasphemy. With theso
few words of instruction wo bring to tho
notica of our readers tho Interesting en
tertainment of tho Grand opera house last
evening, under the auspices of the Sadalily
of St. Paul's church.
Although announced simply as a Kind
erfcte, or Chrlstchild's feast, it revived
nil the more pleasing features of the old
miracle play, whilo It carefully avoided lis
grosur blemishes. There was tho samo
curious mingling of taints of school-children,
nnd angels and Mary and JosavW,
ana tun iiv""": ;; i
jpleasiU -outplay of rich colored dresses ;
the samo tone of chlld-llkn belief in tho
absolute power of mother church, and the
unquestionable reality of her traditions and
legends. No moro charming or appro
priate mode of worthily celebrating u
Christmas Sunday oventng could have
tx-n devised. Tim play opened with n
tableau of school children, the Nn s dressed
In tho uniform of tho Sa lality and the
girls In plain white muslin.-
In tho center were a boy with a red cape
frlngod with gold, and n girl of larger
growth (tho queen of tho feast) with a wand
ol' Biilhorit v : tho .tila proum were relieved
by two maidens wearing the green flag of
L.l- .H.I ....... ,1 . h..n....l..,.,l
J(lii, nilil uut uwu uc.i iiinii -j.ui
banner. After toveral glees, hymning the
praises oi tins joyous lestlval, Had necn
rendorod with a singularly pleasant effect
by tho freh voices of the children, tho good
Santa Klaus himself appeared upon the
scene, vested in his snow-spangled robe
and fur cap, nnd bearing in ono hand u
bundle of i witches nnd In tho other a bag
of goodies to reward the evil and good
children according to their doods or tho
past year. The next prt exhibited tho
epifodo of tho shoptif rds and the announce
ment of tho birth of the Messiah by the
heavenly meengcrs, with it view In tho
background of tho stable not it grotto,
butn rosllsllcstubl with a realistic mang
er In which tho Saviour of mankind first
'took upon Him our flesh." Tho closing
tableaux consisted of the scones around tho
Christmas tree, three of which were strip
ped to fill the hearts of the youthful play
ers with harmless pleasure. Tho plnr
concluded by speeches of thanks to tho
L'lvers of the entertainment, and n chorus
of prnlsoto Ulm whoo hand Lever opened
to minister to tho wants of his crcaturos.
.liitmrriunu'sUoK from Colorado.
Kroio tlial'ucM t (Uilontlo) Chieftain.
That there exists in the mountains of
Colorado beusts and animals unknown to
tho devotees of rclcnco, thoro cannot bo
tho slightest doubt. We have just learned
of a trapper on the Greenhorn, it stream
about twenty miles south of l'ueblu, who
while hunting recently for elk und deer,
.aw a strange animal, at tho sight of which
no was not only astonished, mil ut Url It
cnu.cd him great fear. Tho hunter wu,
however, in it position that afforded him
protection, und ufter tbo llrit turprise, and
hu had gained an u'.uruuco of his safety,
ho watched the beast, und tho following Is
.. .1.. .,f II... .1,1,,:.. Il .. ..J 1.. ......
I UU.VI 1,'IIVII VI liiu iiiiiii l nm IIIIKvl
j ,hunim'0Xi ,,,,, H kind of umouso color,
with it nkiii varied witu light stripes, simi
lar to thoso of it zebra. It. head favored
that of n rhinoceros, but much larger, nnd
it bindiy tail liko that of it fox. The ani
mal fed on grass, weeds, &e., und llnully
disappeared, crot.lug the creek and going
up tliu muiiiituiiib. where It is likely the
brute has a habitation of somu kind.
Tho next day our informant examined
tho tracks of this singular looking animal,
and found them to bo liko tlio.o of a horsu
but a great deal larger. Wo cannot but
believe the assertions ol the trapper to ho
entirely true, ashe whulu torvi entirely
corroborated by .Mr. Mntt. Kiddle, barirer.
who lives in that heighlxirhooil, nnd who i
had seen tho same beii.t or ono liku it. We
think that by the next issue of our paper I
siiiii wills. 'J tliu HvAV I "3 HIT III tllir I'ltlHT
wu w, le , W(J lmni ,h ,
formnlio1 , ,,, U1(U M , ,
u )1(rt . (f Kentk.m(, nro , pur.nin.rn,!,,
e.mingm tro.Ity, and are determined
to capture or kill the animal, and thus
ivo , ,a unJ , ..
wf lt tlllro lir ,,, ,,,,
, , , .i,., - Hr0 ,,.
entirely extinct.
.V l l.i .Hill iiuiuwi'll .1 uu. ill hi.- i
cord with the I'resident on the San IK- I
nilngo quetion. Unless he, too, has some J
pocunlarr Interest in the Job, yen conldn'i J
wnll ask jiim to be.
..Iim 1 . ! .1... If ... II 1 1
Keep Mllklsssj.
.ut Iv-actlco of milking but once each
.'r ulval?" glvo but little late in the
ter and If hrink much tM'
out- I. Ground of n,Jt "ll0ldin&
thoy are milked M,mt&JA
well stabled. The process may11.?!, ?,
ued up to within six weeks of thetr cSg,
Ml Justin McCarthy contracted to
writo for tho Harpers, forty-five stories,
each of four columns for tho llaznr, for
$100 aploco. He wrote hi forty-llvo sto
ries in forty-flvo days and took his $1,500.
Tho statement Is true, nnd no amount of
monoy would purchuso its admission into
theso columns.
HarGrceley, commenting on tho portion
of tho report of the commissioner of
agrlculturo regarding "stocks for grafted
chorry trees,'' says that's all nonsense
anyway putting stocks upon cherry
trees; thoy won't hold up their heads any
bettor, and besides stocks aro out of fashion.
9 It is said that Grunt will shortly
send a messago to congress on tho condition
of tho south. Will ho detail his agenoy
in bringing about tho condition in North
Carolina, and other states where ho sent
troops to control tho election?
fir The l'revldonco fit. I.) .lournnl
has tho "best of authority" for saying that
a comet of lsrgo slza wi'll suddenly mnko
its appearance nn tho night of Juno 10,
1871. nnd, "during tho next four week,
tho fntoof tho world will bo decided."
fir Tho youth who, being desirous to
wed thncirl of his affections 11 interviewed"
her paternal ancestor, and stated that al
though ho had no money worth speak-
t . I.. 11 -1. - -1- ...II .
inff in, jci uu wan ' chuck imii ut ui)i
works," got tho girl. Other youths can
tako tho hint.
Ms9"Tho atmosphere of tho Kiecutlvo
Mansion," says tho Hoston Post, "is heavy
with tho nilas.na from the fens of corrup
tion." Ah, well, don't be uneasy about
tho health of tho present tenants of tho
building. Wo aro all making arrange
iiionts to movo them out aftor n while.
Kir It Is reported that A. T. Stewart
has purchased the up town depot of tho
Hudson lliver Ituilroud for C00,OO0, with
tho Intention of erecting an up town dry
goods store.
fcTT T I I. Mni,inil In fvirwLin. anil also
U..l.lr,..... ll.l i.mnml Phlllln Sllf r.
. I , niuii.., ...p. ....... . -
1.1-.. .utll I... . I ...1 1.1. ruliipii SV.wrl
Europe, to 31 tw Ilotllo Law, sums of llm
belle of y.anosvlUe, Ohio.
ssT"In describing a now orean a country
editor says: "Tho swell died away In a
delicious suffocation, liko one singing a
sweet long under tlio bod-clotties."
tif The President labors under the con
viction, as is shown by a largo number of
tits appointments, that to nave married
Into the Grant family is a liberal educa
tion. .Nrv.' DlS'JUVliRY I )
SalvVion for the Hair.
For Restoring fa Gftw Hair its
Phalon's "ViTASirfAM difTers
utterly from aWrtlie "dyes,"
colorcrsVfmd " restorers "
(?) in ufsc. It acts on a
totally deferent principle. It
is limpi(lfragrant, and per
fectly innotrfvySj precipitates
no muddy or ilacHulent mat
ter, requires no shatidng up,
and communicates no yain to
the skin or the linen. No
paper curtain is nectary to
conceal its turjji''appea ranee,
for the simple v:.istm that is
not turbijT It is, to all intents
x and pufpo?es, a nkw discovery
hi ToWi Chemistry.
t" i"ha i Vita li a" is
warranted to n " :t change
in tht: color of i te (?.dr within
lo days after tin- tirstltpplica
tion, ' the direction! being
carefully obstrrved
Pries;, One Dollar per Uox
1! lUi li(irilK.
If your DruggisS has nor
- N'italia " on haiiri write, en
closing $i oaSnd t! wi"
brwiirti it irifiue.liiirelv.
$: .Son,
r7 Broadwav, N.T
si ' to iiivCAiROHti.i.i.Tiiy nrwvK
umct et J, B. S0BBQT3,
420 North Eluhth St., Phllad.
A color and drcauiug that will
not barn tho hair or injure the
It (li not produco ft color
mechanically, aa tho poisonous
preparations Co.
It gradually restores tho hiiir
to its original color and lustre,
by supplying new life and vigor.
It causes a luxuriant growth
of soft, fine hair.
Tho best nnd safest articlo
over olForcd.
Clean nnd Pure. No sediment
Sold everywhere.
Special Notices.
Til Imperishable I'crfum.
A i. rule, tli icrfiimc now in uie lisvc no per
mnni'ncy. An hour or two aflfr ihclr ue, thoio I
nntwnol perfume left. How illtVrent Is the re
mit micoeeillng tlio tio of Murrjr toil Untntn's
Flnrnl.i V-'otiT. I :) nflcr lt Application tht
hitnilkrrchlcl exhale a nio-t ilfllii)itful,ilfrie
nJ ngreeublo lrnr.in',e. mrlJeoitljp
vn. k ;;;;.;.- .u .rises coxse.vi
TtrniTo no to rionioA i.v
It .visn f r it.i lit ih;.-ijr-l".torf-ir.il5Tcte t nr
wliulutiniu mil atlrntlun l.illio .liilrcfluni illi
tit mul riiiiiuiiit'lluii, I l I llijl I un.kiilirvl
tail tlieeburw Uulbu.l.tto I unueJ iiiromra
al.1l.r4tn la, I Kid uii.M.uol Un.. in li.tlili
t-mn.ln .-. Il.o Olil AMI liii-l lint jll.nl fieri K
rirlliuuenl linmia nkm ti4.lt ul lln U.t
if All (.licit nn tin. tmtliii in fiir Hilt I ur,vr. In
xrliiter, I. S lur..'.., ncll djuu In tlie nUtcnticM
tha iriiip. r.tiirol. roulir, tnilnt inbjcct tn.ucb
inrlatl-.il a.iani m n .ihua uu.uilra. I itaila
Itapiiliil I tun rivvfnntf il. A .mil lictell. Sept
lliori- hy !' irnuitu Iji-1 w.nurl n Kt.ral tr
knolfre iin.i.0 Innc. In II n iJdlr illitxl. tm.
.li.i, uivlrr Hie lir.il.iu inilurueul tliecllm.uanl
u ut licln'.. wi re trill r : well.
fine lionUul mllu. mil. nljwn Hie rler I
rolnlwlilcli I womM pr. i r l I a:nk, a. Ilia lm
f rr.luiol.ni.Tii .mi. ami Ih9irdryan. Iracin
Jilflli.n.HW at' I I m.r, i -n a.o liJrt lli'te. I
annual rlienU.-eMnl infir r.i.0 tn Ullnn.lll H
la inn inilrifr i rli.r ituw , ar. I ln-m. lmt
Imi-illiKl i tlio rnl.l tti-re. 1 l.a utln ItifloruU
1,11. lit lie L.ttir, mil ij.hi.i. c iinpuin at litnr.t
I. ullliitj. nri"-l i-liii. a. II lo.tt.alta a iflutn ft
til-i.i 'inn I, mn nili aislliata.e, ihfy eentrall
Ulnr.iMiiii a U.ii.t tiiin..Ltu!u4 mu.t lical.
ji.tkwin.iu.. ll.i-.ni.a, Utnh Cn.t, an.1 msnjr
Mlr ilicraln . .rlnua t in. i.f I'lctlili.tanU sal
ly rarutmncii I. I to c Mu-npilw In Miiurr. SI
t'lkina fur uriru so an-. Hut rl!inl.ain. Iii
llu u takaculil I b. to llivi wlrii tune Is a I...
run tcnir'tilun-t ami II Is m l tirtt.iar In ff,
ttial. Mixta tiuuui,ll.e it.nnpi.n.liim-.if
t frrurnt tud'., Im la trrun tn tile aticrttrt
taerrfuraiur at.ical., t,ii II il. wnlnl itiieMale,
nun f tht rc wh nf pre. allium till uli arnl futk
Jacka'ntille. vt alui.Mtau i.tli-r Hi. lucaUll.a
Ili4.uii.iur.,n 'I Inmlli lli. - .ai. atclrcutlr.1
Willi a tut uU llt.r. a iliHirJittilatwinaIi.tltanc4
l-iirtli, M,ti ilitii,.'ri'iHi.-tii l.ii t. f.r iIiom wkoit
lun,'. am itl.iA.ril, anuu n'Uil.ini lni Is tap
urill ti-oomuiuiJi A.
J-i.r nilmii )iat.'rlir to I'-Sl.lwss rr'asalnn
all in St" il,l'Un, IUIulmIi), anl I'blla4l
(.liiat.tr mck, Mlitte I uwaul ciaumt.1 tn aa
aicra.-e rlo l.un.lml p.tkiiu .twrca. A praetlca
.1. M. tnatilM lun In uii.l.rilnl ILeil.MU
f ally I anj Iiiihii in cauili'ii In lifarl In lalu.j
t il A l r.'ii nn tiki) .lit auamllict .1
"hthtntk" I'ulmoniO B.tuii, kfisiM 'Knlc, an.1
Jlinluli' l,Uls"a4 J.l liitiflu lvs Lot arli
Jn"lorkl,rrHl tttrjbx! Is u.l-- rhertck's
Miilr.ke I'lllai fr Ilia ii.utl la I wlilclr
uii'MJucabilioua tabita tli.u i....ro notilitrn Sail
toji.. It la A w.lltaUUi.liM tut. lUt iiall.'S
i( S'lorua ratrl die ir tutujrntian. talall
Unx.it iha Muilutnrari. iiiwUrii&trlarU.lii
.Saw LncUn.1. ni-ilitnl al Ira. I vl ll.a l.opulatlca
llti tb t Utrllila iliMaai-. In lUaMWila fiatts,
lidu'tiiuiprv.ailvilartlrt .till Ibtte ate man;
l'ivu-auJ.t'('-i'.liii'- Wuia.nl parctnua-s
.r Ilia oouij t.Mi.alf cmiuinijilni were ' ai
t4.il aUreiMIn r.irJ luiakuu lir.li tuMt as in
ruuulacarl.ireit.arutii-aiajl.l tut lUraH
t. It thv take puai iVtiiia a little cuM. "iiica
lUo-aietriJuInuatruraiU l l.i.t will vitsruf
In a ft w il) a. In. la lu au.nllcn ta It. ant
Well lJ)a ihe rnin-laflvii tr anctlitr anl an
t'lh.rauil.unlil 111 lus.a ato J.kc4 Uj.uJ all
Lupe ot tut.. .
11 avltiiu t.) Itraons Loa lacte are aTfCttJ,
e.tu slutill. Is I J la in a al. i f "eV'SA '.tt
-.iili) h)tup. hcUnck'e U.aweiJ iwiic, ant
obrnta'a SlanJraka rilla.an.UMuriorl4i. 1 10
ruaairn4 tktM riitujar intUitlnrt, Prcaiu. 1 aa
tkurwiiftil arauainl.il IIU llirir actun. tknuw,
lUL wiiaro ilw ata uar.t lu uritl acrcrilanee Ua
ci illraclliiiia. Hit will Un .Le wi'tk that la re
ouirtrt. 'riiuueeiiiiipli.lir,l,imute w.Jluainert.u
'.a pliticiou viliu ttattil. i r .nil, eou.ii. it
ninhi ai.t4la.anJ II.. n a.li lata ilia patient U alt
r r.lomit t.rrila, mil te nir Ijt.rua Cvff.J
Itia Iian4. Ururu lutu.
.Mr flMi l, U.'i" in. l!irfi inf.IU'lncl In JtffrJ
an.. tllb Inn iTlniul Oimln n. t..rt In a-toe
tuw. Mhire a fm r u.o ut tlio JUiulr.ka 1'IIU Is
aitaut. il ulijttl la. In cl .i imi in lh inn
a.li, tn up u ."! a pil.te. It la alwajt a
.unlini n p4li.nl l.c.na in srvir tiun.-ri
llu.uli'P.a. rsuiik Milk u i. lull M fil, ana
II. e tniiUCH hi t lint n ll-n, tutn.e i-ixnl llouj.
ai.l Willi It inure ll"li, Vilit lJ la .lu-'l rulluwrj
ly a lif.illn.ruf.tielim.-e, tlitu ITi-t utlilurn
Olil aUilta.lli'i .ri'lii4 tliiua an. .iiniui util
aitraia nuP n.-r piuM.-t.- ai.. ami , aii4 lUe
patirnt .it. .m il.pi ii Ut J lie a .ol.la t4kltiif al I.
k.w. ilnro mu inuiy t.- ..ami ii.t a iw lute
rial llw means I Ku lol lurJa. lUenae.t. ninr
li aikcJ, It Hi re ml. ,a I r u;li l.rlaitU
llitrela. ily aJ.ivoWau h Is auJotrluaNxu.
I,i atilnnwana mum itunn.-Hie inltr.
i.-iin.raiute if about aoi.nl dtKtc.e. wMcb
eLsI.itl.t t. kept rtruUtl at til it iMul I ineana (I
Hlu-rinni.i?r. ..Vleu'li ? taiUiil Uke hia ei r.
"liltl.iii llul mila ut IU r na I. walkioi up
A "l Juii al inmli aa hla .mnwlli will reroii. Ii.
ltd." U li I' iiiiulirallliiiKul4lliiiafliatlul.L
I lia.e .ar.-l lli'iumuta uy Hut t.i.in. and can di
u ahi. fuii.uuipll.il It as tuily iultd.V . an
vUirr.liaew,irilialak-ii la tune. and lliorri it
kmli.flr.aiui ollapuivtt-d. lUen.latandaun
"aVulld hi 111.4 lUt f flu nek. lulmonit
5!..rJ!: M.M.1..1. 1 (it.. n Miami Tunic hail
curtd'aery Ki-uir nl fclat .ftmid Ik I tiortl"
taafa lift uinuiiiplli'iu li'
Ih lillllo.l tcllMI In ftlul .Jul. r",'
&a ufdraLU
''J"..'. ... .k. M.n.lnka rule are tceu-emat.
..ti.te ll,e K.r.'
If.- liiduU.iiceliifiall.Ua4.""e,ul.
I hi will pryl.t I lUjaj ww .j inealJ' ai
ntrV. 'i'il'Al? V' tanyoug0dVI5.-'
i J UjjidunVj ai I rutaaloual M.iu lu lloa
. i''-iui eutiiliiaatai Mlltnia al
1 iou fclaia Btrttt. I'tnladtlphla.
LirVin SSaeaamlnailunwIih the Reaplromtttr
2fM ne dvllara. lti; llf.plrvui.wr
,Ti .r?a lUe iatl coadillun of tlie lunesi and
Siiiu taii rrtdlly learn xhtihcr lot are eur
Kfl i?fiwi- ,u ' J"'f 'I JleUiK-tly undertluid.
il.i iii lae of my lunllcln.a deptnda tmlnlj
i"n itiaSt Ulnj lakitt elrlcil according U dlrtc-
"lla''eoncliialon, I will aa, that whan persons
iu uiy tunliclncs, and tlu-lr aet.ma are Oruu.U
into a healthy tuiidllli.n Ihcreb.thcy are nut sa
I14U0 lutake tuldi .i uu una with dlaaaurd lunn.
tin hear a au.ldrn iliaime vt min.plitt wliLuui
Ihelukilll .1 kt.iUr.irlMalmutli.irW the leva
ihlal lulwe. ....
Full dlrUiina In All laugmt'e accompany my
i.ivdlclui'S, w i iplwll and .liar tlutaujf uue f4ii
u.i llu'in wlllmul con.ultluif tut, and can Lo
tiUiM (turn any dru.-.i.t.
J II. Rllixi'l, M.ll.
No, 1) Kurlli Klxlh Ktrwt, Pulladdphla.
0 couhtAU: 1'i.Acv, si:w ions,
iHlhrtConiplStSlt In Anthem llllnoie

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