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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, January 07, 1871, Image 3

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Cornet- i:ii;lilli Nlreot mul Ohio l.tiie,
'ii-cr V nf( r.l'i flroi-i-ry Sinn-, Infdrini Ih-i peor le
of Cnlro Hint (in purwluieil nn 1 rctUli'1 in lire
iot thoriUli waniw.' 'ic
Xlotxxio O-rvllo.x-y
ipf J. 0. Ilnw lurking It orm of tlm liiixt e-om-
I'lfln In tho Went. Hn lr now j.rrfmroil lo ilo ell
Kinnaoi work inhla llw-, from tlm HMAI.I.r..HT
Inakcatho new
nr.siiin.iMUT I'Idtiiuk,
ii tlm inol .pp.uie.l liln. Tlio it UoJ nl
p.iture UUen in i-lmi.ly; unntlirr. Children!
picture t.m ii hi Uiii i- lo r-i'lr o.rtu.i. OMplo-
uiri-i rojilecl ami e fibred, rum fine.cotnonll
anil aee his apcclmr n. .IrrJiltl
Nkw Goods ut IJollnr .Store.
1'i.atrii Ware nt Dollar Store.
IlKir Plated Jewelry nt Dollar Micro.
Fi.ouir Choice Family Flour In bbls
half Mil., Mick, kc, for sale ut tho Kgyp-
tlan .Mills. nu
UTr bcnii' ron Malk. In amount to
suit purchasers, nt cash price, nt
Jr you want a goml, stylish nnil well
fitting tult of clothe, made to order, you
must go to r. NufT, No. 7H Ohio Levee.
le-c'Jtf J
Fob fashionable boots and shoos, made
In the licit style, nml of tho best material,
go to tho Pljop of Win. Killer, on Twcm
lioth street, near the court homo. tf
NVlI.MAM KlILKUM, faihiotmbloboot nnd
hoe tiinker, hn u iplendld tock of French
calf, morocco nnd other leather, nnd it
prepared to fill order for "cutotn-rnadfi"
IrfmH nnd shoes, with qulck dispatch niii
in mu moil sntisractory innnner. tf
first Natlonv HnW of(;iro,
i in . in. nru.
The annunl meeting for tho election of
nvo Director! will bo held at thlt Hank,
rueiday, Jan. 10th, 1871, between the
hour of lOo'clock a.m. and 4 p.m.
M.KCTIOV XSnTICK. Notlco U horebv
give that there will Imj a meeting of tho
..tockiioMen orthoClty National Hank on
Ttietday, January loth, 1P71, for tho pur.
oto of electing icvcn I)irector to m-rvo
'luring the eniuing year.
d.lOMt.1 A. H. HAFFOltlJ, Ch.
o want a linj.clnn chnmbcrmald,
laundry nnd dining room girl. To each of
the above, itiwly cuiployment will bo
stvtn, nnd liberal wagei paid.
tf l'rop. St. Charli Hotel.
F.7i:av. A cow, rel ilde, with whlt
itrlpct on livrhlpi; white trlpc .n fore
head; half whiVj i b'twn-ii clgtl and
nine ycart old; dry; bored In both horni
for hollow horn. Taken up bv ml.icller.
Owner required to prove property nnd pay
nipcnc. JAMKS HL'ltLKV,
Cairo, Jan. 3, H71.
TAnEi: Ilr.oTitr.iL4, Ohio Levco, VIII
hiireaftcr kt-ep comtniitly on hand, direct
from tho Kntcrn manufncturi-ri the very
bet winter nrnluod purltlcil iix-rm oil, for
icwing machln , nnd nil Ann nnd light
machinery. Thii oil hai nevor yet been
itipercodcd bv any of tho manufactured
olli, ni it never gumi or ii niToctix! by tho
weather. dei-itf
Wk dciiro to remind tho render that
ln.li Italtlinoro oynten nnd nil kind of
gamn in teuton, nro nerved jnlght or day
nny itylo deilrid, nt Ixiitli Herbert'
I'artie deilring oynter by tho enn or
mip, can bo tuppllcl nt tho ruling rate, nt
the inmo i1nre. tf.
Fun muiit, tcrvwl In tho nealet and
ninit cleanly imnnor, can ul wity t bo foun
In nbundanco for tho trade, nt tho Central
Meat market of Fred Koehler V Co., on
AVni-hlngton nvenue, n fow door below
Tenth. Nono but tho flnwt entile, sheep,
nnd hog nrotlnughtorod, and, consequent'
ly every body who patronize tho Central
Mont market can roil nullified that ho or
ho will ho (upplivtl with tho left meats to
be found in CnirQ.
Cuitomora' bnko.U delivered In nny part
of tho city.
8SrFroh mmiago every morning, if
I iiavk thi day nold my livery ttablo,
with all tho appurtenances thereof, to Mr.
O. (Irconlee, for whom I bespeak n contin
uanco of tho patronago hcretoforo ex
tended to me. To my many patrons I re.
turn my thanks for tho support given mo
during tho timo I was In business, and as
sure them they will Hud in Mr. Orwnloo a
gentleman entitlod to n llbornl patronago
from tho public. I shall remain several
weeks at tho old stand torloso up my busi
Cairo, .Tun. 4, 1971.
Tiik meat market of Uavor & Co., ut tho
corner of Washington nvcniw and Tenth
street, is ono of "institutions" of tho city.
It is not only abundantly supplied with
tho best of pork, beef, veal, mutton lamb,
sauage, etc., but It presents nn air of
cleanliness nnd order that Is rnroly seen !n
establishments of llko character.
tlaycr& Co, have had many years ex
perience na butchers, and lmvo long Hgo
learned that It pays host to keep fine meats
and command first-class custom. For
cholco meats, therefore, cut In a neat nnd
skillful manner, goto "Tho roople'i.Moat
Market," presided over by Onyer & Co
dee U'tf.
l'o.iTroNKi). -For want of time, I have
postponed tho rnflle for horso and buggy,
heretofore an noun end. Due notice of
time iini' place will bo given.
(Saitlkt JIimih:. This hotel Ii now
open for I ie reception of guests, comer of
Fourth street mid Comtucroiil nvcr.uu,
Mr, (iiil)'noy is tho pro rioton-i. Yi
l'jit night nud day for boat and trains,
''Ilr.itE's Yotm Mui.k." A small black
horso muio won found running nt largo in
Oooio Island precinct nbout ten day ngo,
nnd it now In charge of a resident there,
whoc nnmn enn bo learned by nppliention
nt thii office. It
Attention, Mik KnkiiitsI A regular
conclnvo of Cnlro commandcry, No 13, of
lomplars, will bo held at tho Asylumn In
tho city of Cnlro, this (Katurdry,) evening,
at 7 o'clock. All sojourning Mir Knighti
nro invited to attend.
JAM. S. KKAItDKN, ltecordcr.
-MlMDKH o.v the Stkahkk Mahiilk
Oitt. The difficulty aroio between two
colored duck humU while tho steamer lav
at llelniont on her trip np tho river. Ono
infurinlcd negro atrucie tho other on tho
head with nn Iron bar, causing n fatal In-
Jury, of which tho negro died tho other
day. 1 ho murderer e'eaped and hni not
been apprehended.
Tiik Jury that inquired Into tho sanity ol
Mrs. irr. Hurko, tho other clay, decided
Hint sho whi laboring under mental de
rangement, but that it was not of a char
acter that rendered It advisable to send hor
to the lunatic nsylum. It was thought
that quiet, and tho removal of alhinnov
lug or agltr.tlng surrounding! might, In n
fw weeks, restore her to her wont'-d r.i-
lUrn.K. All persons having chances
In the real estate of Joseph MuKltizir, nro
hereby notified that tho samo will bo tallied
off this evening at H o'clock without fall,
fct the New liclmonlco, on Ohio Levee.
Thero Is about nlno chances yet un taken;
price per chance, ii. Tho lucky winnur
will htcomo tho owner of hO acrei of land
in Missouri, within ten miles of Cairo tho
Cairo and Fulton It. It. running directly
by it, making It very deilrablo property.
So, drop In to-day, and takj a chanco, and
those who have not paid, are also requested
to drop in nnd pay, so thero may not bo
any thing In tho way of the rat!lo going
n". ' dli
Circuit court commences on Mondnv
Dinning room girls wanted at the St.
Charles hotel.
Tho New Delmnnico it doing a thriv
ing builne.
The business community ro now on
u rush for liceniei.
Opt. McCnuley, of .Memphis, former
ly of Cairo, was In tho city yoitrdny.
Kennedy has trotted the obi Kough
nnd Itealy engine hum t- it destination.
.loo Arnold has been on a chase to
Columbus Ho didn't catch what ho wai
hat havo tho committee of tho
council done In refurenco to nmcmllng tho
public clstorns?
Thu market homo holo Ii dliappc-ar-
ing. Tho contractor to till has dumped a
urge-quantity of dirt intuit.
Carl Wlttlg, tho venerablo leader of
tho W'itllg cotillon band, hai rompood
and arrange.!, during tho put forty yours,
over six thousand pieces of music.
.Messrs. Abell and McLsaghlin have
formed a co-partnership to transact stoani
boat lumbor business. They Hro located at
Joseph McKcnzIo's old sum! on Commer
cial avenue.
Cnrpentcrs arc nt work on tho frame
of Mr. Klchoffs new furniture factory.
Tho material Is nil on tho ground nml tho
known energy and Industry of .Mr. Kich-
off furnish an ninple guarantoo that thu
establishment will bo completed nnd put
in succesful operation at tho earliest pos
sible moment.
Stop thoie Chills that havo been har
assing you i-o long, n they sometimes end
In that fatal discaio culled by some the "l'p
Country Yellow Kover." They can bo
very easily stopped by taking Simmons'
Liver Regulator. Do not delay; go nt
ouco to your druggUt nml gut n package
nnd bo cured.
Closing Out Sale.
Twenty-llvo thomand dollars worth of
rendy-mado clothing, hats, caps, boot,
shoes, trunks nnd vnlesei nro oirored for
sulo bv F. Nell, Ohio Lovee, nt AC:
TUAL COST l'UICKS, it Udng his In-
tcntlon to cloo out in that lino and em
bark oxcluivoly and more extensively in
tho furnishing goods and morchat tailor
ing business.
This closing out Halo lurnisiie un oppor
tunity to secure clothing cheaper thiin
ever before offered In this market.
A Maoxikickxt Rkhipkxck kou Sai.k
on Rknt. I desire cither to sell or rent
my residence, situated on the comer or
Holbrooknvcnuo nnd twenty-fourth stroot
It contains nine largo and comfortnblo
rooms nnd n well ventilated collar, out-
housua nil complcto, embruolng n lino two
story barn. Tho ground ,'contuins eight
lots, ono nnd a half feotubovo grade, nicely
fenced, containing n largo quantity nnd
variety of fruit troes, vines and shrubs
of the choicest selection. Tho pjuco will
bo rented or sold on reasonable terms.
Apply to J OKI. G. MORGAN.
Dec. 24 d2w.
Gam Stock for Sam $lo,QOOgas stock
for sale. Enqulro at
Xotice of Ke-rslcts-TIi natlttN-tV
vl of Epllilinnj-.
Tlio second quarterly mooting (Method
Ills) for this chargo will begin at tlio Mo
thodist church this (Saturday) evening, a
biilf oust 7 o'clock. Mtrvico wlil bo bold
onSundyniornltig,nt half-put 10 o'clock.
and tho Sacrament of tho Lord'a suppor
ndmlnlstcred in tho ovcnlnK. nt 7 o'clock
All aro invited.
will bo preachod by tho Rev. J. O. Burr
oughs, In the Ohriitian Church, this Satur
day ovonlng at half pait 7 o'clock. On
Sunday tha rovorotsU ccnlleman will
preach in tho morning, at half past 10 o'
clock, and In tho orenlng nt half past seven
A cordial Invitation Is extended to all.
An attempt is to boj made, wo are la-
formed, to organizotho llaptlsts in Cairo
Into a congregation.
On yesterday tho festival of
Kpiphany wai celebrated. Kpiphany
demited, among tho Heathen Orccks,
festival In commemoration of tho appear-
nnco of n (Sod in any particular place,
After Christ tho festival was observed by
tho Christian Church, nnd was celebrated
Undesignate His manifestation on earth to
the Oentlles, with especial refurenco to tho
day on which ho was soon and worshipped
by the wiso men who camo from tho East.
Until 813 tho Kpiphany was not observed
ninseparato festival by tho church, but
was Included In tho feast of tho Nativity,
Tiio occasion has sinco that year boon com
memorated on thoClh day of January, the
12th day after Christmas, and henco tho
Kpiphany Ii also called Twelfth Day.
Whs Nltstsffl HNS! Whet I! Co.l Them.
Mark Hickcy was arrested bv Shcehan
and brought up on thochargo of lighting.
He was lined fi and costs nut took nn np-
cul to tho Circuit Court.
Robert Parker, wa! up on tho charge of
being drunk, was find $1 nnd costs and will
rejxnt of the offensu for tho period of
seven days In the city Jail.
James Simmons, for tlio same offence,
was nrrcstod by Cain. Judge Ilro, being
no respecter of persons, fined him and
costs and sent him toj-illto keep company
with Parker.
Wm. Parker and Cal. McKelup were ar
retted by Arnold an J Sheehan, charged
with carrying concealed weapons. They
wero fined and costs, each. McKclup
increased thu revenue of his country by
promptly payl"S the $." line and his share
of tho coin, but Pntkor took un nppeal to
the Circuit Court.
iiRvnnr.n and r.onncn.
W. A. Leads, arrested by Sheehan and
taken before squlro llross on thu chargo of
drunkness, was lined $2 and costs which
ho paid. After which, he made tho follow
ing statement: that ho camo to Cairo on
tho night train, from Ashley; that upon
getting otf the cars, ho was accosted by
some ono representing himself nt having
como otf tho same train, and invited to
drink; that ha went with tho person into
a grocery, drank, nnd knew nothing moro
until he woko In tho morning, In the cula
booic, with empty pockets. Upon hear
ing tho statement, very apparently n true
one, squlro llross remitted the tine.
Making of She II. H Tiirittr-Tli Uual
a Total Loan-All llaud Navel.
Wc learn from Mr. Mart Ilurnlnun,
pilot of tho "H. S. Turner," who arrived
In this city yostorday mornlngdircct from
tho scene of thedlsaster, that, nt about'.'
o'clock, a. u., on tho otn Inst, tho boat
named ran against some unknown obsta-
clo in tho channel half ii mllo nbovo Is.
land 10, and sunk almost Immediately. No
lives were lost.
The Turner was in tho Louisville and'
New Orleans trado, and was on her up
ward trip, ladencd with sugar and molas
ses, hlio will iloubtloss ho n total wrock.
Sho was owned by Captain Rust nnd others,
nnd was valued nt ?JO,000, mostly coverod
by insurance.
Tho ofilceri nnd crew of alio bout ar
rived In this city yestordny morning on the
Why ai;k you oNKHvoi'r.f Let us re-
olvo tho question. It I a becuuso
rgunlzatloii is naturally delicate or you
mako it so by vlolntlng tho laws of naturo.
Life is a burden to tens of thousand of
human beings only on account of tho In
dulgence of their uppotltc and pas
sions. As nn upproplato and legitimate
penalty they nro Miller! ng from norvous,
Irrltnblo, Irregular J sensations, uncon
trolled Impressions, unfounded unenslnoss,
restlessness, qualms, misgivings, mid des-
J pondoncy. Their tears will How orlaughter
break out unprovokeu ty sorrow or joy.
Thov nro victims of hidden diseases which
proiluee tbil fluttering state of anlmai
spirits. Is not this your condltlou? What
you most need Is infigoraiion. MISH
LER'M IIKRH HITTERS is atonic and
gentle stimulant which will refroih both
mind nnd bodv with natural strength, nml
what it gains tor you It mnlntulns. Per
sons of nervous temperament will bo nblo
toovercomonnd keep in cheek their infir
mity by tho dally uio of this puro nnd
wholosomo nervine und Invlgorator.
Sun Glasses ni Dollar Store.
Skkii Mlcroi'opci nt Dollar Ktoro.
LOVE ASD m.0011.
Dsaperaie AfTr, l.i Jrk,on ,;otlnlr.
A Or ther Mlioots ih Lover of II,.
Hlsler-.Kirapet to Ml.nnnrl. '
in Dutch aidgo product. .raeknn'...
ly, il vei tworamillfM-th.! UnAum ..ml Z
AJkinac. In tha Lltiiliav famllv
daughtor, poising filr, and upon hg:
of tho young Atkinses ca.it glances
spoko a sentiment more intense
friendly regard.
The father of tbo lady, John Llndsoy,
and tho brothor, Luko, a young man who
hai tho name of n desperado, objected to
the attentions of young Atk!m, and for
bade tho twain to meet together; but lovo
that laughs at opposition prompted tho
lovere to disobey tho injunction, and "thoy
met by chance, tho usual way."
On last Wednesday ovonlng Miss Llnd
soy ntlondcd church held In tho neighbor
hood, and at tho conclusion of the services
accepted, as usual, tho escort of youn-
Atklna. Thoy had not prococded far from
the church building, whon they wero met
by Llndioynnd his son Luke. When tho
old man got within striking distance, ho
began to belabor young Atkins over tho
head with his cano. Atkins, not liking
tho application, attempted to defend him
self, and whllo struggling with his assail
ant received a ball from Luko Llndsoy 'a
revolver, under his left arm, which ranged
towards hts heart and inflicted what Ii
thought to bo a mortal wound.
At thisjuncluro, n brothorof young At
kins cntored Into tho affray, and struck
Luko with a club. Luko immediately
fired two shots, both missing his usmilnnt,
who then turned and ran ; but before ho
got moro than thirty feet In his at
lemnt til ninnnft T.tllrn flf-Ail .ratti .nil
..... ...... .
,.. ....... -J...... --.
tuo bail entered his hack In tho region of
Ihn.nlnn HI. Intiipia. Ii I. il, 1.1 ...ill
lio prove fatal.
Tho Llndioys made good their cicapo
toward tho Mississippi river. It is be-
liorcd thoy crossed into Missouri, but
nothing lias bcon heard of either t.ince tho
night of tho fatal affray.
ms: UANiitDATKK. The discuision of
it ... ii i . .1
mo canumaies or municipal omccs has
1 1. t t . - .1.
wgun aireauy. i no uauicais navo "nxei
up ttielr ticket, except tho candi-1
unto for Mayor. Tho negro HIrd is to
run for Clerk; ost for Treasurer; Fisher
forCity Attorney, nnd Uoyle for City Mar-
.i..it r. n..i.. ..in i
1. .! . 1. 1 . . .... . .
.un. ..... itutiu mi, iiruuauiv uecnne.
iwing io omen crowueu witn uuiinci! to
aucnu to me omce ireifcteu. If ho docs,
.-coit, 1110 negro, win uo piaciil upon tbo
ticket. If ho Is not, he will run as an In
dependent candidate.
The Domocrati nro also louklag nbout
far candidates. A movement Is on foot to
bring out Mayor Wilson, and It Is said ho
is not unwilling to devote another year to
tho performance of the dutloi of the otHco
he now holds. Ho Ii noncommittal on tho
subject, and says that his courso
will be determined by the develop
ments of the next few week, which
means, of course, that ho Intends to make
the race. Mr. Lyon and Mr. Jorgensen
have both been named as posllblo candi
dates for Clerk. In connection with thu
office of Treasurer wo havo heard only the
namo of Mr. J. II. Taylor. Let tho kottlo
The An wkk. The .S'uri wishes to know
why tho momtar of tho council aro resign
ing. Knowing tho Sunt anxiety to obtain
information, and Tue Hui.lk.ti.v being
nblo to Instruct, wo mnko hasto to answer
tho Inquiry. Momhcrs of tho city council
obtain no recompense for their services but
abuse, nnd' this being n coin which lays on
tho hand of him who receives it, is not
considered good pay by men who glvo
their time and attention to public affairs
who labor night and day to tho best of their
ability for tho public gol. Tho conse
quence is, that tho councllmeu who have
endured the infliction for several years
havo becomo tired of the experience, und
ono by ono nre gracefully retiring to tho
shades of private life.
'Horrible 1" What can be moro "Ter
rible? I would rather bo lUml thun blind f
Mucli was tho oxclamation of ono of our
most intelligent cltlr-ous, nnd yet how few
thero nro who tako proper earn of their
sight, many persons using tho very e-om-monest
Spectacles, nr.d thereby risking
tho loss of that prccioui gift, Fi'sfoii. Wo
would suggest to our reader nnd friend
that our rolinblo and well known Jewelers,
Taoer Uros, nro solo agents In this Dis
trict, for Lazarus & Morris' Perfected
Spectacles; thoy nro univorsnlly uied
throughout tho United Suites, and ovory
ono who wears them says they aro tho best
Spectacles made. Janld&wlw
... . .
Sri.KNinn Fresh Meat. Ja. Kynns-
ton, corner cf Nineteenth and Poplar
stroots, litis on hand nnd 1 slaughtering for
tho trade, some of tlio tlneil beuvuever
brought to Cairo. For tho holiday hn
has purchased ftvo head of cuttle that can
not bo surpassed, ono of them n four yenr
old, weighing ono thousand night hundred
pound gross.
Citizens of tho Fourth ward and of tho
city gonornlly who wunt oxtra flnu fresh
meats for tho holiday should nut fail to
call oiiiKyuaiton. Ho can supply beef,
pork, mutton, venl, lumb, und snusago in
any quantity desired and on sutlifuotory
'term See card in another column. t
lv you wunt n pair of b.ot mrlo to or
der, out of the best material, and in tho
most fashionable nnd durublo mnnnor, go
lo Win. KIiIom, on Twentieth street, op
posite the court houo. ti"
Nowhere in thoclty can you ecui'o a
better fitting, llnoror better made pair of
boots than nt tho shop of Wm. l'.hler. on
Twentieth street, near tho court houi tf
A two Htory brick residence, admirably
arranged, with large grounds (1 Ictsl, sit-
! Jnl,fiion 11,0 ?rnor or Uolbroolc avonuo
1 wcnty-tiiira street, wltt unsold on tho
nt'.!t rewonablo lorms. It is -icatod on
high grounds, in nn excellent noUhlor
I Vcod, tho grounds tontalningloaring Trutt
....... ..... ..iiw.ww etj..-i;biuii9Ul fllirulH
I'ory. It Is, In short, one of tho complot'ost
omes in tha city.
Apply to "W. H.THOMAS,
At Thomas, Grcon JsAldon
choppers to cut wood on tho lino of tho St
Louis vfc Iron Mountain railroad. Hal
are tickets furnished at tho ticket ofllco In
St. Louis, "Wiigos SI 20 per cord. Apply
at tho varioui wood yntds, or to
novOOtf. H. J. DEAL, Chnrleston, Mo
A i.AneiE stock of furnishing Roods of all
kinds nlwny on hand at 1. NofTs, No. 79
Ohio Levee,
County Order "NVaxted Cash paid
for county orders, at
Foil pistols nnd cartridges and bowlo
knives, go direct to 1. NcfTs, No. 79 Ohio
Lovcc. decOtf
Alkxasdkii Gloves at Dollar Store
Card Cases at Dollar Store.
Arlington, Colniiilus, Armsdn, I'n-Jucab,
I'alntrrMo t. il.tnuhi. Hi Mrr. EmdmiIIp.
MlnntvU, M MetMnaM.bt Luiils,
e.'iimdn, nasnrinr,
.1 miii.Kw.i. uihiiii". wma'jrt. r.um.i .
. ,.,..,. . I. B..I....1.
I Tjrrooc, .Mwiiriu, I'alniAr.Casryriilr,
ni nnra, wempnis.
Tiio weather was clear, on yesterday,
and gradually changed frem mild to
freezing shutting outthohopos of boatmen
for nn early resumption of navigation.
I ho ico at St. Louis started on Thurs
lay ovcniui; but only movou thirty or
forty yardi, and Is nu doubt tinner than
lever this mornliiL-.
Tho Ohio is eore-sd at several nlacas
J between Marlotta and 1'itlsburg, clear
f "
from tho former place to 20 mlloi above
f Louisville, and gorgod thonco to a fow
miles abovo that city. Ills again gorged
for fifteen miles in Icniith above Hawcs-
I ... .... . . .
i vnm anil 01.11 i.mihw 'rim in 1. vaw
I . ... -
lieavy below Kvansv o. and tho river
noarly cloied ut Unlontown and Carrsvlllo
when tho St, Mary camo out. The cold
WOAther of hit night no doubt etTectusIly
t'.opped up tho river nt tho latter named
Llultli." ..unuwi tirisK al our levec.
Tlio Mary McDonald camo out from
Liberty bar whoro sho has been laid up
tor two weeks, und report tlio Tom.
Gasper at tho ihoro In iU'p water, with
all her enrgo on board, waiting for eighteen
Inches more water. Tho McDonald re
ceived 103 ton here for Ylckburg nnd
way point,
The St. Marys reshlpprd 100 tons hero
for point below Memphis and discharged
90 pkgs furniture for Cairo. Sho then
received 70 torn for Memphis and way
Tho Minneola discharged lO'i bundle
green hides here and laid up. Among
her passengers wero the crew
and paisengers of the steamer H
S. Turner, bound from New Orleans to
Louiivlllce, with 300 tons nstorted gro
ccriei und it largo number of passengers,
which struck como hidden obstruction,
which made no bronk, nbout half u mllo
above tho head of JaJnrn! HI, nml iilout
ono hundred yards from tho Missouri shore,
cauiing her to sink in ten minutes, but not
before sho reached shore, ono hundred and
fifty yard above, whnro all thu passenger
wero safely laudod. Owlngtothe coolness
of tho otllceri thero was no panic, and no
lives lost. Tho Turner lies with tho water
not quite over her larboard lower guard,
but her starboard boiler guard Is nearly
submerged. Her chimneys fell n sho was
sinking. If n bell boat can reach her
spoodlly ho may bo saved, but as tho bot
tom is very uneven whoro she lays, It Is
feared sho may become badly broken If sho
lay too long.
Thiir..y Kveninid January 3, U7I.
Vo noto an Increased activity In busi
ness sinco tho cloio of tho holidays and tho
Mississippi river; und, while it Is true
transactions aro not ai larj;o ns our merch
ants had it right to oupect they would be,
It is alio true that, considering tho condi
tion of tho trado throughout tho entire
country, btulne.s In Cairo is comparatively
active better, in fact, than it is oitliur in St.
wouli, Chicago or Cincinnati. At our wharf
t uno time, slnco laitreport, thoro woro
. fiiig thirty tlireo ntcamors rccolvinj; or
twaltlug ciiriioi for the South, and tho
.. C. R. R. Is crowded to Its utmost capa
city bringing freights from St. Louis and
Chicago 4o Cairo, und carrying freights
away. On Monday tlm agent of thu road
nt this plane, .Mr. .lames Johnson re
ceived by rivor -1,000 bales of cotton 'and j
100 car loads of sugar, molasses, oranges,
etc., for Chicago mid other IxdnU, and had
all thoie freights transferred from tlio ,
boats that brought them to cars nnd on
their way to their destination within
twenty-four hours. Tills demonstrates
tho fact, that Cairo, as a shipping point,
can luivu no rival 011
lmvo no rival on tlm continent.
I'horo is hero no dlay no co.tly trunsfor
rates. Our rivers nnd railroads form thu
cloncst connection. .
Tho river is still scaled botwecn Culro
and ft. Louis, nnd, although tlm prceent 1
woatliur has crcatoU tlio iixpectatiou mat u
will speedily open, wo bolluvo it Is too
1 V .1 . .. !.. .., i. . ..-nil
early In tho season tor audi a rouit,
Ttm ili-iii.'iriil lor an urnm 01 grain n
good, and much in excess of tho supply.
FLO L It Tho doninnd for tho lowor
rgrijdcs continues active, nnd is steadily
getting better, i'ricw remain lirm and
unchanged. Sales wctc
fObliU XSprlnu ti oo
w xx........ di'S
I-' " XXX while wliit rt M
T " Chalet l'.iml'v 7 M
SaliM from City Mills wc-rei u "allow.
mi l.jM-Kru nnt.;fr.. i ri, i
vw tbl.i XXXX rmllyll')tir jr Oi
" While wheat 7 (XI
ft U)
s u
HRAN. 1 cat
brounht 110 00.
in sacks, on track,
AY. Choice is in goM demand, nnd
all offered Is promptly tnkeiitbo supplv
nu continuing to do inaucquato v.tho do
demand. Tho stock on hand is limliwl
Bales wero
2Cara Miinl, from alore g po
tw)Hi rto.iltliTcrt'l io oo
4. Cats CDioIco Timothy, on track, m oo
Vniiv1' t, , ''"''"I. - OO
,,,T,18ro ' Krcat demand nnd
great difficulty Is experienced In supplv
Ing any, the supply being very limited.
NVo noto an Incroaio In prices slnco our
ait. Sales wero 200 unrL-. t,ti,-. ,uu...
crcd 68c, and 1 car, on track, in bulk 4ec.
UAlri Ao noto a steady ndvnnco In
fialcV 1 1 exceeding tho supply,
tcar.ln-vks.nntriMle .
J " " .ltiirTt.l 4v
lMaaeka, detlverel ,
111 " onnrtler.. t4
A-uutilU. The market Ii dull for
nvo cniciecus, but Uressod aro in good do
mand. .1 coops sold at $:i 00, nnd 32 doz.
en urcsscu cuicxens ni$i (JO,
APPLES. Cholco nro very (enrco an
naruio ooutin. loviiiin. cQoico solil
l 50f1?,5 00.
MEAL. ISO bbls kiln dried, from store.
j w, anu io utus. city mill steam drle
at $3 lOrtJl-1 25.
H UTTER Tbo market is overstocked
Hales woro
H tbl i'ock Itue-r 3
lObtlaanJftubo. Choice Norilirrn... ...... Mi"i
1 pkg Choice Northern :.)
" firkin . 2j
3 boxeaHoulhoro llllnnla, roil 2inii!
i pK Houthtrn Illinois, common it
EGOS Plenty. Sales wore
3 pkRi. Shipper' Count lMo
ISOiloi, i' .. 2Jj
1371 Uos, " " .... Uc
3 boxss, " " 2Ja
l34dos, on p.t. . n..
LARD. 20 keiri sold at l3io. and 5
tierces at ujc.
GAME. Growintr scarce. Ouallt have
nimosi entirely uisappearcd. l'rlces re
main about tho same. Sales wero 100 dor.
Rabbits 40(1 00 and -'5 doz Ouails nt 7oc
f 1 00.
POTATOES. 20 bbls. cholco Northern
Peach lilows, sold at $.1 00, and 7o bushels
.sortliorn reach Illows at 9lv.
PROVISIONS. 3.', !,M Mess Pork
sold at fill e)0e;.7)l0 40; 1000 lbs Clear
Sidei. dry salt, delivered, 510 50; i cmV
do, from storo. $ 1U h l)rood Uoga,
a oomi li nnouiuorf,ury ran, tc. j rice
nro lowor and unsteady.
SUNDRIES. 10 bushels of sweet pota
toes sold at ?'i 00; n bbls krout at $lu 00;
H bbl yellow clarltled, at l ie and 3 bbls
yellow prime, 12c; .1 bbl dried apples
common, He.
Lini-in !( Mil ioi, .,
PLASTKIl-ln 100 1.1,1 lot
CIIICKMK-.Nf-w York Kactorr.,
CUPKKB-fruno lo Chnlc....,
Common lo t'ulr...
C!Bf.WSJ-Hlar, llaht weight
'K.KT-ln b.rrcl
UHSSS.':MIVt elunnira
,tl a. per lU.
.3 IMS
.$a 7.v. soei
llnrlap. ..
l'0V)EIl-Ka, rUle.'....
K'iii, tlailuj ...
MOI.AlMEH-.Sw Orlfana. In U.li.
JJ bMa-
Sorghum, "
eill.S ejoal, per gUi ...
Ijini. '
1B" 10
a o-.(
4 UU .i4'J.1
ta il nu
I 35rjt 40
I 35 1 HO
I yiI
H auall od
)l 7sfA H.1
7 a. ,oo
uas on
llOl'B Machi io inaIf , Kv., per llu
llanl mail, per lb
Manilla, per III...,
PIIIKII KHUlT-Peiu-hM, fori)'" A
hlfper Ih .
Apple, per ...
He)Al'-Ko.!n. perl! ...........-
n 'ii.iii jiarii. per lu
A t'.)le. .,
Kitr.i C
Newenip, N.H., Intihil"...
m-nmrnr.i. In 1.1.1.
iHOf Aoortr-I numlx'ra, per iirx
luck, 21 In lu ..
lur l.e.l. jr ll nH.
Tl)ll.trce- Park; Wr llC...".""l.
I.lfcht, per Hi...
iirmiii, i-t ll ..
Hiiiukum, ptr lli. sui.
i itii-si Kn a o- i.i-ernui.new
Xn.J, " "
17 oo rj I mo
13 oo -tin oo
u noci.i nu
J IIU.i.jM.1
i an 4 1 7ft
. a aim
" No. I. kin
" No "
So. a. " "
HICK ICr lI'((taaaataMaai
rtM.T I'rrliM ......
OIA 111 irilin kfi' peril
' in liii-., iH-r lli...
1 731 30
.HAII.N-lvrkrjr, inM.
either ltri In l-roporliun
lROVIHOMN-l,irk,iiie..l.l.,10 OII3IO.III
rrnn me. rk. rr mu..
Ilreakfiut Uti-oa
I'lesr lle, per lli.ilry alt
lllhlie.l hli... per lb ilrvaalt
llitnie-l HilRirl'-ircl .imi
rinlnliama, ix rlh dry rait
Hhoul.le,.,erlli.ilry aalt
Lar-I Ti-nr1-..............
" ;e
LARD-Tierce ami I'l-N, por Hi...
Ker aiut III I'I'K per Hi...
I'.mntrv I.iril, per It)
17 UU
1 3a I ill,
1 Jus
VKCJItTAULf-H-roUloe., .rr
I''ltaaaaaMaaaaaaaMaaaaaaaa i'lOlJjS 00
White Ix-Ani, per lUh 1 .10(.i'4 All
Naiy. " " 3 30(4 73
OlIlolH, per 111 .... 3 OO .3 30
W1IK AT-i'lmli'e White ... I 'J.VI 3tt
No. tirhllv 1 '40. 1 1 U.I
c'noleo ri-l.... 1 10 1 1.1
..i. 1 rtl 1 0.1 1 10
eirdlnaiv 11-t A while VO I OO
Krom Cairn to- S" , - Knnn INIro to
2 1
L'l .... .... I.l.l
t S I'. 1 C.m Oil. per Ii
Mil 'li
il eat
i uo
7 en
n! ; as
j JO
17. rr 'v
Corn, per k -.n
(ml.. iK-ri nl. 17j
I'olnlov.. per hi l
I no 7 0"l j Tiiimof o iern
iuiiiaiunn. pvrnu
'A I l.iimher.ner M
1' i.iuiilier, looae
Applca, peril.
i lilllivyi'rt-ol
an 1 ii!J
I'orK, htii....
Wlilaky, peril.
'By Ba!lrod By Sloe ani Katloaal
j.-jr,t ci...
,...ti ni I Fourth Clm 11 01
Set-oml Cla I 'J.' I Hprcial Cliiaa 70
raini cij. 1 u 1
Tu New
1 03..,
l 0
. I
T.i New York, per U.I..
To llostou, per hlil
..(I SO
.. 1 ac
jrOK KI.'VI'.
A I'lilloti'. eleien ruotns, ten Una cocloacil will
11 ki.S)ul liunril lenc-i-. all tho UKCe-marvout'liiliM
m.'. !00,,l cl,'enl", wlt!1 l''n,y,0 'ri f" !"
I viwJ ri'pulr. IteH low lo a ifooil tenant. Apply
, v. W.THonvroN,
jainir Toatu aircai.
Adelaide liillli),
"".I'M ADKLAIDE PlIir.LIPrS respejtlully U
Tuesday Evening, January
Asmto.l hy tho following Artiata i
Mr. J. LEVI,
The Otealcat S'ornet Player lu the
Mi. Ttilas 3D. Haslor
The Kinincut Balloae.
Mr. Kdunrd IIolTnmti
ThI)l.tlniil1if.l Pianist n-l ejnipoaer.
riill Of n.llnl.iitAn. ultli rnumti &ll.rhitl
ctirlimio mr m rrtorvcil acat, to - h.vl at t,
lliiinan' aurtlnn at'irc on ami allir Ftl-lay
niiuniji u.ii, nnn nt ini nan on mo rTQaiOBT vf
ohneoticerl. Performance to commence A
t el.vk. .lecllilui
Turtle Oil
o 3
Bnrol(7 Bro
Large Stock
.leill H.M.K AT...
you.iM.r. at
la riieanrr anil lietlir III an I
NM(i,rur aH'iiaca (rsrrtit sh. I
lK closhaa) for S Ivnnluir Win-1
ilnwa wllhnnt water, I'nlm.l
OllS'lolha. riooni, TabUa, aniil
nil AVoouivoru. s nina, Karsn
n find f Jlkaauriar. attd fur
eianeral House t'lraulnr lur
ttoapa. I
war a"oiiiiiar
Hraai, Nlael, Iron, Hiail all Sftlf 'l
Warn. Htmovea, iia by Mngle, HI a
and Kiial, Itttvlnc a brilllnnt assr . ra
Hinal to Ncsv.
For Sale by Il.VRULiY PRO
Chapped Hands
All KleJiitly perfumed und
rnluuhlu nrtlrlo for the toilet of
Ladle and (lenUeiuen. Will
i-urn dimmed Ililtidti.RoilL'lltena
of tho Skin: Cliuuncd Lips and.
Chafed Surfaces.
Pre iure-1 by
Bsmrclmy BrothorM.
ni: ant in
DR rovisiom
Oalro, Xlie'uolas.
(Hurci-iiaora 10 John Q. Harm.m A Co.,)
ffl3r 33 TWO'S
JL II T i" 1xV 13 13 51
74, Second Floor, OHIO LEVEE.
Ortivo, XIX.,
Buy and Soil Ileal Estate
, nn iui:iAtii! i-VKYA.' t:i
e l AI.I M.k
11 V 1'itrker x M T Hl'k
p.VHKKlt t'j lIL'tKC.
Penlera In
Window Glass nnd Putty.
Uruahca, Wall Paper, Ml4w
Oaivo llHnos

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