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Spur (ikon gires expression to tbo
belief that some ministers of the gospel
would make good martyrs tliay nro to
dry they would bum like titidcr.
A.vimiiw Johnson oxnrosscs hin cut!
mato of President Oratit substantially
thus: "Urantis a little man; n tolerable
general; a poor, weak President, und
n thing of a politician." In the main,
Andrew is correct.
Napoleon lias arrived at thcconclii
lion that ho will not return to France
until recalled by a vote of tlio people
If Gcorgo Francis Train had decidod
that ho would not haro returned to the
United States until he had received a
like invitation, Franco will be rid of
her Napoleon, and tho United Statc.i of
her windiest blatherskite.
It is not very chivalrom on the part
of Radical statesmen, to threaten to whip
and abporb poor, "frozc-to-dcath" Cana
da, unless England ipaedily ndjtist the
Alabama claims t It is -much after the
styl of the cowardly boy who cx
claimed: "I won't fight you, JJijali
"but I ain't afraid to make uiouth.i! at
'your little lister!"
Vikwino matters from a money stand
point, wo would rather bo Geo. 11
MeClellaa than Prcaidcnt. The Gen
ral receires a salary of 815,000 pc
annum from New Yotk City, a com
petmtion for his services aa ongintcr of
th Hrlraatl At lrrwlra nrirl ati nil .1 1 1 .n I
- .... , ....v. ..
815.000 per annum from tho h'tevaa'
catatc, for directing the work on the
famed .StevenV battery.
Till Memphis Awlanchc pivei ex
prMtion to the belief that, under the
Buinagement of McCombs A Co., the
Mississippi river railway is n failure.
Why cannot McCombs & To. be put
out of toe way.' The Mi.sMippi river
railway is a project of no mean conso
(jucqcc, and should be built though the
building cruili out n dozen McCombs
k Co'h.
Tub Badical member of the Indiana
Henute threaten to resign and go home,
and why? Because the Democrats
hate a majority on joint ballot in tho
. legislature, and will, unless a ijuorumi
destroyed, fill tho various State otneo
with Democrats.
The Itadicals aro htirring up a brecie
in Indiana and elsewhere, that may ,in
time, return to them in tho form of a
tornado. Why can't they be decent?
An informal canvass of tho Senate
discloses the faot that there are thirty
myor 8natoru opposed to Grant'n 8.111
Domingo ebeme. This force, if it
hold out faithful, arc sufficiently strong
to defeat the eohemo. Tho contest be
tween Grant and Sumner has reached
tho "war to tho knife and kuife to the
hilt" point, aud a victory for either will
prOTO u sore disaster to tho ltadicnl
In tho organization of the Minrouri
legislature all the officers elected the
Senato aro Democrats. lu tho House a
liberal Republican was elected Speaker
as ajmattcr of conciliation and comprom
ise, and a Democrat chief Clerk. A
lady named Miss Belle Finlayson, was
.elected Kugrotsiug Clerk of the House,
Jfthlch body, it will bo recollected, is
largely Democratic. The ladies will
'please mako a note of this as another
uvidonco of a disposition on tho part of
the Democracy to "rccognizo thoir
It is very broadly iutiuated by tho
Springfield correspondent of the St.
Ljouit JUpublican that Gou. Logan
cbocksd on Beammou'ri bauk for forty
thousand dollars, aud that since the
money was drawn the status of tho Chi
cago delegation In reforenco to tho
Senatorial question is well defined and
unequivocal. This is rather a plain
intimation that tho price of a Chicago
Representative is 'something less than
If Logan's success may be guaged
by bis persistent and unscrupulous
effort, be will bo Yates' successor. If
it should bo guaged by bis deserts the
veriost ''scrub" would, distanco him.
& CO.
OovKit.voii Geary, of Pennsylvania
comes out manfully in protest against
tho military interference of the Federa
Government in State civil affairs, and
tho presence oi United States Holdior.s
at the polls on election days. He w-es
almost as utrong language on this hub
jeet as Gov. Hoffman cmployd, or as w
used in tlieao columns in protest aguin
this shameful violation of the letter o
the Constitution and of tbo spirit
Itcpuhlhau institutions.
on villi: a xd ul rssns.
The President has n brother in the
person of OrvilloS. Grant, who may or
may not be the "black sheep of tho
family. At nil cvcufrtOrville Is neither
grout in biinhclf nor in the reflection of
n. dislinguishixl brother To this fact
and a desire to become notorious, we
may, po-sibly, n.-oribo Orvillu'ri recently
acquired habit of ''telling talcs out of
school." that cannot bo otherwise than
INpleasing to hi big brother. For in
tance, it has recently come out through
Orville, that a number of the PrcM-
unt's nponU and appointees have been
sadly corrupted by the "whiiky ring,"
Orville enters into details and unl'nMs
talc that is mo't damaging to hi
rothcr'ri udinini.tmtioti, the great tin
deriving planks of which were claimed
to be (honesty, ecnnolny anil reform,
Ciiwsitig a loWr on this behalf to his
brother, tho btnntOrvilIo says :
"fthlnk I kn'bw-wlic'rc'jtartles are steal
Inc'tftftlot tlic pr6lJetion of tho Vorctiuo
officers, ltlcli nu InVVttfSbtMtr'woiild prove,
and when you cl a1iroriorT;ui Ibcliurgo
of the revenue nor, I, will put him nt
work; but to mako tho report now will
only Injur mo and not cnuts tlio stealing
to lio itoppul. It would ifijuro mc becuusu
oiHeert would coTflr it up, which would
ibow mo up at making a false report. I
do hope you can ca tlio necessity of mak
ing a chtna, and that yuu vill try to pro;
sorvn tlio InUgrlty of your party and your,
petition by rxmovlnic such mon. If "you'
with to retain thieve and icoundreh" in
office, you nlono mutt le nssponiililu for it.
A XI) G At 110.
During the year jut clo-td the Iron
Mouutain Railroad did a very fair loeal
busiuoos, but the grand cud aimed at by
the projectors and ownerrof the road
will never lu aiMjuiplMm l until tlio
main track is brought to the bank of
the Mississippi opposite Cairo, When
that is done, the coal of Pennsylvania
and Illinois may conveniently and
cheaply meet the iron oro of Miouri,
and tlio result will be the upbuilding
here, and on the bank? of Missouri
opposite, the mot extensive and profit
able irou-smolting.rulling and manufac
turing interest in the State. What now
constitute? the iron ore biMiit's of the
road (the transportation of 300,000.000
bs. iron oro to St. Lotiirj will bo in
creased by the transportation of 2,000,-
000,000 lbs. to the mouth of the Ohio.
Somerhing of such a result wasforesceu
y Col, Allen, when he prnpored, for
the inconsiderable sum of 8100,0110 to
mild hia road to tho bank of the Ml-
is-ippi opposite Cairo. The citizens of
Cairo, confident that Col. Allen's inter-
ts lay in this direction, and that he
would, therefore, bring his road here
miihoic, neglected to full in with his
overtures, ami the Colonel, in a "cut-
off-tlit no-c-to-.spite-tho-litco" i-pirit,
milt his road to Helniont.
While it cannot be denied that the
city of Cairo manifested a want of foic
oust in neglecting to meet the overtures
of Col. Allen, it is equally certain rliat
that gentleman in being governed by
what seemed to bo a feeling of resent
ment, inflicted greater injury on him-elf
tid tho stockholders of hi road, than
upon any other man or ot of men in
11 tho land. He has delayed tho reali
zation of one of Cairo's fondest
reams; but moat grievously is he
ayiug for that morsel of revengo, if
evenge he considers it. What ho may
o in tho immediate futuio to correct
his miMake, wo cannot of courso foro
tell ; but we eau bear him nud nil others
tho assurance that the time is not fur
distant wheu Cairo will realize the full
fruition of her hopes, alike in refer-
" ,u 11,0 neiguuoniig rou weaim oi
a- .1. . l.l f ; l.l. ..i'
31issoiiri nnd to tho trade and traflio 1
at aro to bo tapped by tho great lino
of railway already pointing Southwest
toward the shores of tho Pacific
Tiisknifo with wiilch Payno the -sassln
ftiwulted'.Secrctiiry Seward hat been
returned, by ordorof tho wnr ilepartnient
to Mr. ltoblnson, who was Mr. Howard's
only helper In that perilous hour. ItUu
murdorous looking wenpon, Hbout two
inches wide, tho bliiuo tlrmly fastened Into
a bono handle, and without spring orclmp.
It ia marked "Wo Urande cnmpknlfe.
The force of circumstances und tho
stimulus of natural surrounding!
Ii.nvit mado St. Louis a crcat city. The
m) m
public spirit and liberality of tho citi
zens have cut only an inconsiderable
figure iu the work accomplished or re
suits achieved. Indeed, no people in
America arc more justly stigmatized as
"old fogies," or more soundly nnd do
servedlv berated for their lack ofehtcr
prise and of that spirit so esecutlal, to
tho unbuilding of Western cities
Who but thu lot of old fossil
ized specimens, of humanity wlio
form the " Chambor of Com
seen the ltjIii trado of tho XorthvJest
diverted from itn natural channels to Chi
cugo, aud thence by circuitous and c.x
pensive routes to the Atlantic seaboard?
ho but the dozing and torpid business
men and capitalists of St. Louis woiild
refute aid to a railroad project, (like the
Cairo and M. Louis railway) that prom
ired to open up to .thoni tho great
wealth of Jvgypt, and sure, direct and
reliable communication with tho "head
of uninterrupted navigation" on the,
Mississippi, and with Ihc broad area of
productive country below? Who but
the three hundred thousand lethargic
ouN that make uti the population of
St. Louis would permit 825,000 to form
tlio sum total of their aid to the boasicd
'Southern outlet" that belts the richest
ortiotrof Missouri, and connect theni
through Columbus with the Gulf? f'o
pcojile, surely, in all this broad land-
riicy have supinely folded tlieir arms,
hilo thu well applied money and Veil'
irectcd energies of others hivo
made them great. Tlieir re wards. have
( ii iniincasurably 'beyond Jlbel'r dor
hcru; .ami well lorvht, Joiiis that
ueh was tho eve, becau.-o luid
one oeeu, evenly measured ov thu
ther-;had flic .reaped as she has sown,
he would now bo tho' fortieth city in
to 1'nion iiirtcftd of the fourth.
The recent "Review of tho Commerce,
'opulatiou and Manufactures of SL
l.oui,"'as given in the Misouri ltrnb'
Uom abound In luotti and figures that
to fbow that in tins cstcrn land of
our the Miiallet expenditure of bjains
and energy may be productive ot tho
mou magnificeut results. St. Louis
presents such grand achievements on
ituch small investment that n little detail
may not prove tedious. For iustauco
lly the railroads wliicli find termini
in St. Loui, and to the building of
some of which shu did not contribute
8100,000 tho receipts and shipment
during tho past year form tho immense
total of 2,:i7!,200 tons.
The coal received in the city during
KS70 amounted to 137,2.V. tons, or
23,1(31,473 bushels.
During tho same time there were
mined of iron ore 310,000 tons ; shipped
207,000 tons ; consumed 10f,000. Of
pig iron there were mined 72,000 tons,
37,000 tons ot which wen shipped, aud
tho b.Mance "consumed."
Gf flour there were manufactured
1,331,000 barrels; received by rail and
river 2,022,030; shipped 2,553,S10.
Of wheat there were received 0,033,
233 bushels, all of which, with the ex
ception of 1)20,335 bushel-, was "con
"sumed" in the city.
Of corn the receipts nmouutjd to
4.705, 130 bushels, audthe shipments to
3,505,351 busheU.
().it. received, 4,41!,510 bushels;
ryo 2(15,077 buihels ; barluv 773,445
bushels; hogs received, 310,212.
In manufactures, the ritizcus have
been driven into the investment of
I8,H7,150. To profitably employ
this capital, 33,01! liunds were
c .lplnyed, mid to these wero paid,
in withes, tho very respectable sum of
? 10,80 1,851. Thu value of tho prod
ucts is estimated nt 9100,513,050.
We illicit continue tlio.-o figures ud
UhilKM ; but enough lmvo becu given
to Mi-tutu tho proposition wo laid down
at tho outset, that Ht. Louis, despite tho
e neru'vless nnd illiberal character of the
10null(i(II, ;rt ,.m t.;tv
By Nllsson found nt Iloston many per
sonal friends, ono a young lady, now insi
rlcd who wu; n tchoolmnto In Purls, ut
Madame Collnet't ostnblishmont, where
many wealthy young Amnrlcan ladles
havo .boon cdiicatoJ. A young SweodUh
workman in tho organ factory tf tho
Messrs. Hook was ti youthful "fichoolmiUo
ot th" now great aantatrlcu in thoir nu
tlvo land. Ho called upon her ono day,
and was vnry li(artily rccolved, and tho
two It Is said, chatted n long tlmo over
the renilulsconces of their childhood.
The I. CJffflftittMln ran over a man
lying on the Irackv.near? Uaka&da, & fow
days afo ana grouna Dot aujpgi off.
Tne d4 odt of Alfred 'Clapp wu
found in pie AntUceraetftfft few days
secy tiarned fo"a crlip." He aUde himself
a nu oi 7 teayes, wnien, cmcning ore
brought on a x, daring the paroxysms oi
which he was burned to death.
Cobdon has Improved moro rapidly dur
ing thopait year than any other town in
E??pt- Its population are an Intelligent
cluiof people, and of course, Democratic.
Tho Maionlc fraternity of Joneiboro cel
ebrated tho 27th ultimo In a most fcllci
tous and happy manner. Addrosses Were
delivered by Gov. Doughorty and the vcn
orablo Col. II. L. Webb.
MUs Ltzzlo Olmitead. of Caledonia,
sister ofOeorggH; iiiuilml mwi NjMt
les from a fall upon tho fee a few days ago,
Maxtor Harry Orcar, of Joneiboro, son of
ex-Mayor Grear, broko his arm In thesame
manner. J
The otHco of tho Carboadalo Xew Eft
has been leaiod to Mr. W. II. Hull, late of
tho Calm .Vmi and Mr. .T. P. Roberts; who
has not tho honor of our acquaintance.
.During tbo existence of this lease, what,
we should liko to knew, will becomq of
Ilarton? e wish the lessees a perfect del
tige of success.
A subject of Dontnark bought sixty
acres of land in the vicinity of JUknnda,
a few days ago, for which ho paid $17,000
la gold. It is his purpeso to. p'o;tsel Im
mediately to the erection of a large flour
Laura Keeno has purchased and as
sumed control of, Liua Ed wine' Xew
Verk theater.
CrrUluiDtoa made the average of 160 in
s!Ibir'bnjokrotii iraitie with Gamier,! at
WYorkithcTitternlghtr '
The Kmnoror of Drazll Is irolnir to visit
tho crowaM heads of Kuropo this coming,
ll.ntt.nr I
Durlnc tho week btwun ChrltttoM
and Now Year the losses by fire In the
TJflfcd .SUles exceed f8,UOO09. .
Alter tcrtmaun4 his contract as ,Vlce
Pros1dcht,Mr'ColfxIs to' bo Trcsldobtf
but his authoritywill oxtend only ever a
railroad not over our beloved. country.
A larue number of invalids from the
Kmt aro snondlnir tlio winter In California.
attracted by the delightful climate ot Us
southern couatUs.
Uull-flghtlng Is an amusement of scmo
parts of China, as well mC Hjinln. but In
tho former ceuntry tlmy ntatch bull as;ai rtl
biU,.losUd or mas against brute.
"Irs. Vholpi, the New York lady charged
by Macy with stoallug u six cant puokuge
ot'eandy, Is likoly toloosohorrcatou because
ottne event.
The Spaniards havo had io much expen
slve trouble lately that tbey fl poor,
ao thev have cut tlio wages or tho new
King down to 51,000,000 a year, ho to board
"Mutton hams'' aro ameng the smoked
luxuries of Geo nil a, and nromlso to become.
at articles of food, a source of commercial
rovenuo for tbo .State.
Oscar Hays, the body servant of President
roi k, aieu not long ago in uuiumwa,
renn., ana tno town was draped in mourn
ing in his behalf.
Mrs. Annlo Hurd, InspeetreM of Customs
at l'ugct Bound, Is so suiplclous of tboso
of her own sex, that evrnr lady traveller
wuo comes uuaor ner jurisdiction nss to oe
closely examined before they can pus
Solournor Truth, tho aired African
female preacher. Is talking to the Iloston-
lans in these days. A tract of land South
for the colored pooplo of Washington Is
what tho matter it with her now.
ilrock. In Holland, is the cleaaest town
In the world. Ho horse or carriage hat
ever been permitted to enter it, andeverv
ming is Kept wun most scrupulous neat-
no. i. nciero enuring manyoi ine nouses
you aro required to remove your shoes.
A Prussian soldier, standlns uuard in
tho streets of Ver'siUos, was recently
wounded In the calf of the log by a pUtol
shot discharged at him from behind. For
this, the city of Versailles had to pay him
two thousand francs damages.
After the Iilshop of Paris had celltcted
over $10,000 of tho San Francisco Catho
lics, and left, his contributors found out
that he was a Hebrew clothier of Chatham
street, New York and they nro anxious to
got hold of his reverence.
From Ml. Lonle IsCttri iSNkwnt
lawst. (Krom llici St.-I.oul lUpnUiitn.)
Sr. Louis anoSoutiikantikn. This It
a now road, of groat importance to St.
Louis, as opening up a rich section of Illi
nois, tho trado from which has heretofore
reached St. Louts only by circuitous route,
and forming a portion of projected routes to
tho South and towardt the Atlantic. It
was oponod in November, 1670, from tblt
city to Mt. Vernon, Illinois, a distance of
70 miles. Twj trains' are now running
daily, patting through Belleville, Mascou
tah and Nashville, crowing tne Illinois
Central road at Ashley, 10 mile west of
Mount Vernon. This road it to bo ex
tended during tbe present year to Hbw
ncotown, from which place work It now
progrosslngttownrd St. L04U, aud thenco
to MeditouvUlei 5 Kentucky: .distance of
40 miles. AT)rxhi;h! i,lse projected to
Evansvllle, In'dlaYiaTdjttant frenl St. Ioult
150 miles, aud this with lines already
under construction will give a lint to
Louisville, Kentucky, of J.M) miles, and to
Nashvlllo, Tennessee; of "iSt miles, thus
greatly reducing thu distance between this
city and thoso named.
This is an oxtcuslon of tint Bclloville
branch of tho Torre Hautu and Altcu rail
road, and waa built by an Illinois com
pany of which 1). L. I'll ill I pj was ,rptl
dont, and K. C. Leonard was treasurer.
Tbo road was tlniihwl to Du Quoin, Ills.,
on tbo line of the Illinois Contral railroad
noTember last and has slnco been
wtSSftiV8' I'u,,' AJton nd T"o
Butler, ofew York is president, and W.
S.Mr0WLht0J?' of st- Lul, uperlnton
Quoin Is TO mllos and tho lsngth of
flinco the completion of this lino an ar-
f.!!f5en nbu .bon mtA XlHnoie
central railroad. h tiih
atea the through lino frem St. Louis to
-.I0 VL Du.Quoln, 140 miUs under the
namo of the St. Louis and Cairo short line.
Tho d stance of this route to Cairo and the
south s 80 miles Ices than by other linos,
and with the facilities of the 1. C, R. IV in
tho matter of rolling stocV, etc. trains are
run from St. Louis to Cairo In six hours.
and It Is expected that even quicker tlmo
will Lo made. This road, with tho exten
sion of the Mobilo and Ohio to Cairo will
dlvo two lines dlrectlr connection with tho
- j
entire system or southern railroads.
Tlse 3f owth of Ltccntlonia"
It is a shocking, commentary upon tho
puonc tasto mat an indecent pis v. run o
ooarso double entendre, nudity and llcchtl
ousnosn. should actually attract more pce
lo aud pay better as a theatrical venturo
han tho unost drama in tno Jamruago per
formed bv tha same nersont. It shows a
Horrible craving In tbo minds of tho masses
and even amontr ntoo s wun scnie Drcten
tlon to position and rctlncment, for the
vilest and erossott poriormances. unfor
tunately the tendency of this kind of thing
it not confined to tno stsgo. Go whom
you will at the theatre, on the street, and
In the ball room you tee an amount of
aninciauir, powder, rouge, ana sow nocicou
dressing, which is tbo result of
an intlma
tlon of a certain style of French women
not necessary to mention. The effect of
all Is to break down all the barriers which
surround young w.imanuood, and cultivate
a rreeaorsi ana .aeanoon or manner wnicii
Is fatal to propriety and morality. Unseen
charm'j have a thousand tlrao tho fasclna-
lion of tnaia to llhoraltv dlinlarad. Mod
esty and nudity of dress are Impossible in
oaii-room, ana cannot long keep com
fl S I I
WJtlakejr SatlttiM .
The Internal Revenue Ilureau fiitnlthei
ilsofclldklngiaterMtlng statistics: There
are reeittered iu tho country COS irraln
distilleries, having a capacity for using
iw,un ousueis oi grain per uay, yielding
C90.984 gallons of spirit. There aro 12
molaseos distilleries with a consumption
capacity of 23,345 callons of molasstt dally
yielding 28.0J3 gallons of spirits. The
quantity of foreign and domestic spirts
In bond, on on Iovsmber Ks 1870, wa
0,018,021 gallomi, and the quantity out of
bonds, m rwr reports of assessors on same,
day, was 30,581,680 callons, maklnc th
total uaaiUt t tu2ita (pirns in ttie
United tttatetnn November 10, 1X70 45,
608.564 gallons.
,N I
sSalvWon for the Hair.
For Restoring to GTtiv Hair its
Original Colo
PhAlon's "VlT0A,, diiTeri
utterly from aHrwc "dyes,"
" colorers.'Vtlrid " restorers "
(?) in vbc. It acts on a
totally different principle. It
is limpidfragrant, and per
fectly innoctwujs. precipitates
no muddy or mcfcvlent mat
ter, requires no shaking up,
and communicates no .t;tiu to
the skin or the litierj. No
paper curiam is nccj.ary to
conceal its turJiVap;v:irance,
for the simptereafon that it is
not turbtiC It is, to all intents
and purposes, a nkw tuscovirtY
ia Toilj Chemistry.
warranted to unr! a "hai
in the color ot thelfvi' 'it
o davs alter the firstimplica-
tion, tho direction being
carefully observed,,
Price, One Dollar per IJox
OlSTNINU tVU lOI'llka.
Sold bv ALbDRunoisTs.
, It your liruggift has not
Vitalia " on land write, en
closing $i.oond we will
forward it urffmediutely.
Phal( & Son,
ci7 Broadway. N. T
w . .
Cpttavre,In room, ten Uta un.-luna-lwitU
au-ootliqrd leni-o, all t lit nrCM-iarr nuMmiM.
lng, fo4 elitvrn with plenty of water, all In
SKxh1 rvmlr. HatX low In a irmxi tenant .Al'l'l)'
to W.W.TIinllNTON.
StnStf Tenth Hlreel
lathe Cntnpleteat In Soitlliern llllil
va:o c: . 3. SSBUH'S,
420 Kirlh Blyhth St., Plillndn.
Dobbins J1MM
A color ami dressing tlitvt '.vill
not burn tbo hair or injure tho
It docs not produce tt color
mechanically, as tho poisonous
preparations do.
It gradually restorcn tho huir
to its original color and lustre,
by supplying now life ni.d iir-r.
It causes n luxuriant pov.th
of soft, fmo hair.
Tho best and safest urticlu
ever oflbred.
Clean and Puro. J
.Sold everywhere.
ASK POli POfil'.!
Special Notices.
A rule, Iho pirfumos now in ue Iiavo nopoie
mnnrnoy. An Imnrortwoallor lhririie, tlifio m
Dolr'ol porfnm' left. Iloinllilrrcnt Isllie rf"
tilt acetlinj( tho u.o of Murrr uil I.ininsn's
FlorM V'Ator. Payi fler lit Application Iho
huxlkcrrhict pxliatci nio-t ilclli!htflil,li llralo
nil iu:rofntl Iracnncp. innrMi rully
PR. r,c:n:.cx Ar.nr.ns coxsVMn
Tin:.'! to no to ri.or:nA rx
llAVnrafuMl. Itl llilrtr-flrajvArstlirriM tj
whuUllnit mui llltntlun lallio .Iu I; r lunij iliv
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Anl Anjntu of
rcro. 70 OHXO T.-iy !
""UiottterATcta Co.,
General Commission Merchant
Vl'i, Ohio I.cvcc,
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R. O. Uh
iV I'll I..
Commission Merchants
I i:i:UliioI.evco,CAinO,ILLI.VOIS.
i FprrlAl Rlt.-nllnn KiYrn In thr (uirchat an.) ral
Turtle Oil
MA nr. 1IY
Xlftx-al ivy Brosi
Larg-e Stock
...FUR HAI.K AT...
9 t
la Cliiinnrr Mini belter sliata
Sitnpfiir iill'llira ( xr-l! trnall.
111U riniiir.i tur 1 it-iiiiiiir a in
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Oil s lm Ik, t'ninra, Tnltlra, aud
lilt Wmiilit iirlt. t'ltlnu, 1'. art li
nt unit ila.au itrr. mill lor
(Jrlirritt lluuae I'lriitillii; l'lir
for l'ollsliluir UtiivrN. ITuwa
llruaa, Meet, Iron, itiitt all MM'
nr . Ilrlilill 1 . im by Mairlr. HI .J
mill Itnal, lent Staff a lirilllrtitl am ca
t'tltllll til .Vi tv.
l'ur Sale liy llAltCL.VV HUH.
Chapped Hands
An llloirnnllj rfrfiimcil and
viiliinlilc a it lilt' for the toilet of
l.iullts 11111I (irnlloiiic!i. TT II i
euro Cliiiinicd lliinils.llniiuhiifsi.
or tin' Skin; i'luinnril Lips nnd
t'liaffil Siirfai'fs.
Titv one norm:.
t'rriaril Ly
Barclay Brother.
I- l-rfli:tr.-l ' "''Mlturni.t
Fire Wood Stone & Coal
in .1111 pirif Hi" fity. In nny rjnuililT ile-ne-i,
I nil l. 'It 'I
J C1.1l ltllvti oil at 1 .10 1'it Tn.
I ill I'M'K -i'i-r IWrwarr, tlrth . Co.'a toiv
'.ui', tu.iili.urakUiii- tin-. i ini rol DiKliUi.ttii-l
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Sullonl. JoitI &, t.'niKiiS .4k(
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