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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, January 11, 1871, Image 1

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HMNBtMRiMiraMHi , ... i- ait- ,Sjttm, -ttri
-1 Vt ' a-T. 'WUPW-.r,,.-),- . P,IJIiptJp f
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( J J?
cAiito, ramoisfMtJiRY ui, isnT
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. I ' . j '
the nane of an indiviJul who proposes
t j establish a Democratic paper in Shu
Df-buU. fMiiiilppi. ,i We adiairo "the
genuaman a pontics, uui are no... over
whelmed in admiration of bis 'name. J
A CONVENTION of corniinern has
been in jaMwie 4 MooiaiBtuB, Illia
oit, daring .the past week,, its object
being to efeci a permanent orgaaiaitinii
aadfreMnt petitions to the Legislature
tjkw Ike amelioration of the condition of
tW raining clan. W. K. Btcvon was
elected Praaidut for the ensuing year..
A Fcllow baring a npito at a saus-age-maker,
rushed into his shop, wheu
..crowded jrith customer, threw a large
dea-i cat upon the cVunUr and aaid ;
takes nineteen: wo'll settle
when you're sot so busy.," and made
,hj exit. He waa of course followed by
the aausaaje ABMteuiveaprjr'handed.
clatter of MunriB, the gdtterat sneers of
Smiths, and the grunts of Flannigans
and all for LogSrC" .The ('fixing" o
mahen is shamoleisly'boaaled of, and
the Influences obtalneoflfcad the prices
paid, the rote Dought and the, trades
ki wogreas, are openly dketwscd ns
iat condition oi tnegram'mamiiu mc
vuicago noara ot iraae, or m jiruo
of pork iu the Cincinnati
isguzlcj, oysters, and quail Are um-
uiiguuuj uiumuurn ui mu uuiiuiui in
scmbly .oro-toastcd,. feasted, flattered
curncd or commended,, und nil for Gun
Logan. All this could bo endured by
degred tjf (pit-
an honest people with a ilcg,
tience, if there were a certainty that It'
i full in the nttaiutueut 'of ill ob-
' Llicr. GoTwraor Dougherty has m
cured to his sob the place of policeman
of the Senate. If it is the parpota of
-the Gorareor to prevent fraud and cor
ruption in that Radical body his whole
family will ocarcely be equal to the
i tank of watcjbipg; one member. U. M.
! W Waw,'Mungeouaaad ooaseiontious
. joaog sua, however, and will do hi
r r r
The Badieal Senate of this State has
eoaaMr "a emrwr of citrava.
ganee that should aeet with the
condemnation of every nan who
wwM noi a ffif puilic money use
laasly squandered. The 8ente, it is
kaows, m ecmpoeed of fifty eber
hedy aot three tisaea aa largo aa fte
Cairo City Couacil jet it haaappoinud
aevaateea ofiiccra, all, of whom eipect
their pay out of the State treasury.
It my occur that the democratic i
members will have occasion (o do, what I
the Radical hoonier Senator threaten
4o do without occasion resign and
bnajc tho quorum.
tect. Jlut there is tho rub. Itlnrom
Uct (o xueeeed I ft may elect John A
Lan to the United States Senate, nnd
thai Iiranu Jlliiiois a- a htatc wbec
money, whisky, oyiWH and quails, htid
not education, refiiieuienf, honesty and
decency, arc stepping utoiie? to ofliws
of the highest trust and dignity.
the c. ty v. n. n.-AXAnnosi:ouii
Tho editor of tile Mound - City
Juurnaimu error wuun lie states that
The BiJLi.rri.v is responsible for the
report that tho County Court of Alex-
ander county lua annulled the county V
subscription. The article in The Ucl
I.KTIN does not intlmalo !:a( tho 'court
took any action at nil on tlic mlfcrip
,t!on. Wo distinctly stated (liat ''tlie
"object of the order of the court was to
nullify the contract between Alexander
county (through tho conrt)Tud the
Cairo and Vinoennes railroad company
aufl in eplana'Uoh 6rttucaiifeof(thai!
amtrartmc publisheu tho ordtr of! tM.
. uf JJ.au re. ineprafly;
the county had agreed jfiuo
hoodi to thetta'ilroad "coWpan
It ia again very confidently declared
tUt Pmident Grant U opposed to tho
electioa of General Logan to tlio Uni
ted States Senate. As an indication of
this opposition reference is raado to the
recont publication of Orvillo Grant's
letter, exposing the Western whisky
ring an influence which it is believed
waa operating to w cure Logan'rt elec
tion. The SpringGeld lltgitttr expresses
the opinion (hat this ..exposure may1 not
result in thodefcat of Logan ; but will
, compel Us ,tbijk jr ifhigjw xpcnd more
money on him than they originally
If there is auy foundation for tlitio
1 grave intimatiops, what a ;ad comsien
Ury it furnuheH upon the influences
that make our law-maker and control
our legislation I
f i . i .
It is safe to say that before tho days
of scallawags and carpet-bagger!, a
more disgraceful wrauglo for office was
never seen than that now going on iu
John A. Logan is aspiring to a posi
tion for which ucither nature nor edu
cation has fitted him, and which the
.accord to him. Ha wants. to auoceed
Yates in the United States Senate. Kn
countering the opposition of men who
feel that .the, State will be humiliated,
if not disgraced in hucIi a. Representa
tive, ho and his friends and buniue'rn
aro resorting to moaus to overcome that
opposition that may, well fill good men
ri; with prn a4 surpriw. Thc lbhbics of
' the capitol j the bar-rooms, hotels, and
even leas reputable places of tho Vity,
are filled with shoulder-hitters, loud
mouthed politicians, men with money
anu men without monoy, alt working
for the election of Logan. Dan Munn
' is there ; Sam Flannigan is therewho
isn't theje..thawould see Logan el jcttd
and thiak they can lb something to aid
- hiseleetionj .or.mako something by do
elining to oppose It ?
"Logan and the. whisky ring," says
the Springfield Iteghter. "reign.
supreme." The places that werQwont
to resound with the Toicea of our Yates.)
e, Truobulla, Duboises, Biwhhells
HHsw!,'.Br now made ojal by the
100 ooo
V in tiav-
lueni oi a iikc amount or trie compa
ny'! t:kj; thitsiibsequcnUy, the court,
octing for "ths" county, h'ad agreed to
Mil the aaid stock back to the Railroad
company for the incgnsidorablo sum of
95,000 1 the Loudi of Wit couutv -The
court thro procueded ,o. liaolura khal
the sale of tho stock back to' the com
pauy, had no warrnt in law or ill tho
vote of the people, and fur that mu
other reason, the agreement to liiak
such a wle was a nullity.
SI... IB . I
camming mat tne court us tnc
power to set asido tho contract or ajrrco
aent to loll tho county ' tfock, nurcly
it might cxerciM that right without dis
turbmg the subscription. I ho court
only sought to undo what it had itnclf
done, and mado no attempt to disturb
tho relations between the railroad com
pany and tlio oounty, which had )con
authorized by n vote of the people. HV
therefore, tho order of the court stamN,
the railroad company will bo com
pelled to issue ,9100.000 stock to the
county for tho $166,000 bond they
I will receive, and tho county will become
a, btockholdcr to that itmyuut. If,
however, tho order of tbo court n set
aside, tho county cannot hold iU stock,
bnt will, (under tho contract) bo com
pelled to soil it buck to the railroad
company for the Rum of 85,006 in
county bonds. Tho court did not
attempt to set aside tho subscription as
originally mado, and has evinced no,
disposition to do co.
Seuator Wnshburne, tVom tho ad
joining district, has introduced arc Solu
tion into the Jlliiiois Senate, the object
of which will bo commended by biwiuci
men everywhere. That objo.-t is noth
ing Ices than to secure tho reporting of
u bill to compel n more prompt transfer
of freight from one railroad to another,
and to puuish any unnecessary delay
upon the part of railroad ngeuU in no
tifying consignees of tho arrival of con;
Tho evil which this bill proposes to
euro is felt by almost every merchant
and business man, its tho country, ami
should, if pojsiblo, bo cured by nn uet
of Congress.
Tho Illinois railroad managers are
not more dirclcct in tho manner named
than tho managora of railroads In other ;
States. The eauso for complaint is
gewral, and wo are glad that llliiioisVr
ovcu Bgypt, has the honor of being tho
first to strive for ita removal.
Tho Illinois Central railroad com.
pany 'promptly notifios oouaigncea of
the receipt of fr'oight. There is n0 law
providing a penalty for ueglcct in this
particular, and ai a consequence, snnie
- s i t-f
railroad coatfatnei, less disposed to
acceptably aere tWir patrons, permit
rnnimrnmnfl ln'tiiWiri their denots until
tho goods arejjBBjgcd or ruined, lnd
then brttonlV demMl'f heavy storage.
Tottt'jkjil Winois Ccnjral
is culpabjS ij umyof transferring
freights, weUnh!Aiay. If reshipmsfats
aro mado whh Wo-ftnnc promptness and
facility at other points on thj!rcthilJ 'JyiBf.M
W a tm bb JLr4k - saw-. I
-unaMEkv ff mmz
waWwlamswiatsi thtsil llmTf wTbliits
by, Hj.,JUrl
. thai it
itlaat. Before W
Ud from the ChiaM
...Christian., salsslonarlas, at Ting
aM of 'tafei aaaMiasMjfiltta1
.1' It ffebV.ClfrIirUarJAVtl
lJi, suceassioBS of dobaikberUscfls&st, kn
Senator wasnnurno s law, it enaciea.'l jncaBaiiens. some ,sTm iae"us,
will never touth ,hoMlMtis CentUl,
';Wotakeittor grauM.tl4tthefoban' V;6ut' art.or extracting the HveM nd
law'froTh tnf ' qMHM i ftlrill ffmum Chiasm1 frve ssasfe miitff am
ttSiio but tho gujlf y j mu io'cxaCjt give mo tb hearV' ;thtaffli m
faithful discharge' of ncs., for which permit us to describe tbr MdVloM'aWo-1
thc-tmblifl ttavrthom di attf intelttit.I ff""?-:"" ,
ftilorpromp tbemtat tfWnrJth
iuq iw fsiiniiid lntcrnnw. ut - i
e Item of information rtlatlveloourtwn
.habiU.wiU Mnre.to:stow. us, how.liUU we
"AdborcDti of this religion whose boflics
are .dUmcmbarod' after death are jcailed
HMUW. twTtni, eWTnos lave
While wew6nW nht' ASWtnv mtik
uro that wouId,!hfRTaiTroa4; to anjao-
codntahility, for nnayoidable' ftHrfrcji 1n!
tho manner- .indicated, wo .certainly only their' hsadicut otT are) called sainU
think that the buiW thi edu try WZWWSt
would bo grtnUy fncimattdy 0w V-n- Id faneyl are
forccment 0f-rsueh i AM U 'Senator-1?' Lw",w"r?
,,i , , 't rr : . . i. I rv Keepers ui mo cocito uio laoriani
Ma.iirjuniecontempirttex-iu Ins rcsoiUvLcaJM'cliaste flj, Womon dj-in
tion. . r ' y fmUamnjUm oft Hii;
In the Statoof
iJifJi' "u"ea - ana "cnainueni
"jroaealt out to the thirsty un.
wmdm at Are cents a drink, or twenty-
cTrA0 . Tn prmldlng genius
rtaeyttble lnstltufloii waone Bill
1ho' mo? other" pU, had a do-
i--.-ui,.UiK, as ma ace on
"Ml STOW! Bad flftMadV .mn
aMtlcatsdcrow, brack.as ti7 ace of spad
.. . itMinMBj amoaa o
yptir WUlch fceVof cotttseih
fmm&r -& tfe irewry.,' tits
'"Cj WTtesAflltBJatT.-tlwoys
wnr. WtttcU e,;;of course; t
My Bsadfls) the smeary.,' Da
valaaea ot a knock-do wa anit
wB, on V, Mi oto w was frlghUriod
rrom home, and lew off to the weodi. naer
to return.
About three mlTes from ihri tfocntv mm
a SlLlmnL taiaiiUtiir kaiunln nlil turn.
blo-down affair, only used on etrialn Occa
sions when a ejrfiult ridor came that way.
Uglttrsswent'tatt:coK taking
BwaMBbTe MSMstwn : ancl two"dV8 the'ro-
aflerKIM.lolarwh. wU4BroWn.ioTn to
preachiorf issfd 4 UrgeJcrowd assembled,
amoflc whom was a yery'old lady, who' was
compelled" to use crutches In' walklmf.'who
took br teat :itL-the freat. now. and was
ooTtabsorblatho'ctoiiueneo'of tho
prerter.'The'VereTtttf geritlomsn had
seat e-get'WMer mm a can war, and
mepcea tBuaaerins; Bis anathemas at all
gmtiVlit6iHtfi. ffi. hoarso, croak
W4eftwfreryabove' ottered theomlnout
w ar m J r-
Porter' WonMn'M - atffm, j fr
AmillS uf re- 5 J
,.mong thoJatpJt tocgramirQm " ah-
Ington wo And trio followffigii V
it for certain Information ri.rdlnJ ihn rtucse burul cuitimrthe
,llf(. ,.r tVk Ciak A t3 f a2TiIT i I tliotn aa rnhtllna uihil tiia sntkoFlsV of
i 1 1 1 11 , I I """Tf1 1 1 n i v TiiTi r i 1 1 7 f i iiTrP i ' Iw i r r aV r laV i a taJrlri inBBsisimt,-
..u. Ui,..cu a mnun I ,"7va.1TT Tnzt."r. I W S BB 1 1 1 ll am IS B I
rvlvl wHinamr pcii-mvii nprrniinin lim
Early In llio on Mr. Morton i
duceil u resolution cnjlingupon the Pr
to ConijroM In reply, and tbnt tho Same
win ou mill to trio .VTiato. The mewtge
poMiiuicusmniwAikisVcMr mkWnt
wo nanus aune iwomimttB. ar is tob
inn; u rcoiuuon will Do introduced mro-
idltiir for tlm npnolntinfiiit of u nJsclal
coininittco of fwgr.j to Inveitigataf fh?
prcicnt coriJitlon'of many Southcrn.s4tei
and tWrrSubvhlchltfeebsrtfJ'.)
Iiil- bocn cmmitud Iu lKHIondiirln tfi'i'
It is i(BcIm1Iv known' hro that neoiitln.
tlons are In rrocrcit for lb annelataient
of a joint commission) .by, the UltH
.-Maid anu apain, lor mo iiimoni oi
claim rl.ln; oui-ot tki Otibnn rebellion.
- iinou;n iwo eTccunvu icniom have
tKe.il hcjd by.tlio bontp.nctl thiirr;
ttjo nomlnatiCn of Admiral lVrt.r hits
Wen brought up. n&UiJuV friends and
tiieircbiMrewiwiU turn to tbe western
knm. I T. .... .r A.-...li aW ..llu.
(hkmn "recr-irr - m- awtm 3
friend from.tbaOMi, and tbe corpse; I
puv low. wo. conyi.Ttitn .qioseq.doon., sola
ere ro aecreiiT luen out, ana tne orincw
sealed rWm I NtMtV 1' fcall
'scaling thoeyes for the western JMraey.'
i i uoT bisu eiiToiou un iwi in vu oi rno
i. iijauri tit Lijnu mjaiii
em Toarfiil of tho Miult
party i.iom anxloni'to forbo to
tho nomliiatbn to a vote, n tho contest U
clow, one party flchtlna; the Iloiiso bill
aboliihlni; tho gradoof Admiral, whilb the
otcer It flchtlnc Potior. Between th two
It is doubtful if tho caio can ho decided for
tome time, t mm tno belt Inrormatlpn t
ut vwinvu, uicru ii uiue.uvuoi ii ivvoio
could 'jo bad now, that h would hi do
featwJ. i
roji'r.cTS ron AMxrsTr.
Thoio Interested In the General,AnU"
ty bin nave, alter a thorough cinvais of
.ixHB'ywsri oimo to tuo conclusion I tbat
notuinc ot tnc kin I is poitlblo at this tes
jl?af-li?.cLanctc;,of i
ivh-to the resolution of
inea-rci uenv
Gov. M
t re-
orloa in
quiring about tho condition of uiUfri in
OMtliJarollnn and oihpn.itntM. lalinrh
tliutjtjlroald have defeated itmnrsty lad it
boorwlUnndor wo v. Tho I'rcslaenft
rrlDJs arqdecided on tlio subject.
V'lorlilfi h en1vt!n? Imllnni.
Mr. Bouclcauit's "Korraasa" has bocn
parodied, under tho name of 'The Frail
roaa to ituin."
There aro three Irclio ot. snow-in Gcor
fin, but tha alnylnp Is mostly done by tho
lift TO iiU. 1VUU.
At tliftdoco of the war tlio funded debt
of Ithodo Island umounted to $4,000,000;
It Is now $2,775,500.
Penciled eyo-brows,
eyo-brows, painted chookf.
tourt-plntterod lips and rinlo manners sip'
pear to booulto tashlonable.
Halfituoro claims to linva told SlllSOO.-
000 worth of boot mid shoci )at yuar, nnd
asks Lynn what she thinks of that;
Larco numbers of oysters have ibeen
frozen in New London harbor, in' cons-
quonco of tho oxtrcino low tides la'ylng
uaro tno oyitcr ovut. ,
Ltttlo Frosby says tho revorond Peck
nltr who declined toolllclate at UfofuBoral
of Goorgo Holland, the comodlnnj evidently
dMeliovci n Sabine grace for actorsi
The ytwfraiajian, a dally par-or or
Midbournou is II pamphlet of 32 IaL'f in
small Vyre, measuring l'J.by 1 jnfcho,,
nnd oa,5aturday they print betldd'Ti
iuiple'mentor-lB')aj:0'- ,n r
11.1 lll.l.. ..... V ..l.nliunt -tuil.tnl.
uui tnkou. ill last summer.vt'stiU'A'itaiBS
an Invalid ut Caaandalgua. It take Ave
doctor to attend blm and he takes ipedl
cln by the hogshead. Tho owner
anxious Whtivo hlm dio.
i.wi.i.-.Tn.i'i fit f..n.tr m.n ni i.p.itii.d
stir?' Why ilo thoy remain motionless and j
l.l.,l.t!.. l.ln..,Hn,r oAiintrv It rnlni.H'
ivm nuinvu. . - ...... v .
tneir aweinon tn remit tnem in every
jmiiiiuiu wajr. mi ivur sunn mi fw
ciiived an enterisyruie reujrlon ar4 de
anded Jk, wiURIirVt-ls . :
iThaOML fcsWBBftlimUajUds
tlils: From ene hunarad rxiunds of CM
nese lead can hajutrmcted eight pounls of
iiiverfwtvBuMS iNrsjasawafl tsrtaTtw
pouBW.t)4 OJMB e- ao!4 at the oriirMI
cost. f But.tbe only way to obtain thii iti
t m ny awapomtafnywaW'seasif witaf mm
eyes of.Ctimismvfc'8ie eyes of foreign
they (lKsyJtata-JOtmsmeas f tWtr towtt'
people, bt only thota ot ttse OklBeWJ.'
Thammawtl kavmbicb this silver la oW
lm(nil limA nartv Iiwan Hlisvarja1 T sa rt a
of tho nativo Chrittlanv durlnr the lorrr
I- I t ) I.I .fc.. . . . ..... . . ,w
ponou in wincQ ibis rciikM nas nean pro
nacated here."
Although the othorjsvll practice whteh
uur ioui'hi ituuMcfHi hi. luivnMvBninion
CaCthskaWKsvare UtceuttihMsVof lm.
ace Iu rarer, and then, by descrliolnc a
turies of oJrcWM wtuttterrning them ittttsf
livinc men anoT women, in tboru um
i Chinese,. bnt an eiceedlugly janimaglna-
allty,-4m to nave swallowed all our fairy
taiet as true, recarued an our leeeruemain
l:afro;frt oVweptlot-,- aadiwlierever ,we
hatf ui( B. otllke ''oemtldTlk)n,, ibji'
spiritual sense tKey hare' attached to ft i
'lllffill Villi I
The preacher and congregation1 looked
aTfEracariacB'prennlty,- and cactrpeored
into his neurhbor's faco In vain to detect
som" urn or srnr. turret betfrpat length
rastorai, however,' the sesmsw-procoeded '
nut ere tea aamutm esasMM saw. ominous
'tflBsn' v6r avals' elaetrfflod tli an.
dieam aa4 JttttWtksr nreachat cast his
arm trfwatd Isrseareli for the delinquent
W'atoWlew down front his perch, and
HmacrwtMst tsw'AtBtemvwtJr swrveved
Hr leiilBM' orowd atd ravo another
Til 12 MOUTH,
Nt. lonl,IiOtitflTllIc, Ciiieluiuttl
UHictago. .now orit, llostou
,...iin nt
PolntMEoMt aiulViilli
Piuetia;er Trnlnn Arrive nt ntuj Ipuve
tfklrn hi ffillna
Wall Kiireai.
3tt'AM-.'4lU0 A. Jl T.....ai30 l. M
Mth trtlna connect K CeatrHU wilh troi on ;b
Pana, ntoatur, nioomltif(inii, nt I'nm,
I.a Mailt, Mrnilntn, Frrrport, (In trim
aviiiiiiiiic, nun nil floilllH 111 llllllnla
aiUsntirl, Mlnnranta, Wlrilii nnd
Ami with linrarunnlnc Fjt sml WV.t for
St. Louis. Sirlni,'lli'ltl, Louisville, Cin
cinnati, liidlanrti(ills X' CVhimhim,
anJ Ctilcmjo with .Miriam ( rmrnl, Miclilim
Hoiutiern, niil rillsliurir, KurtUJjno
nnd Chicago hailronN ia
Detroit, Ninirru I'nlU,
Clcveliind, l.'iir,
Dnnkirk, Murrain,
Albany, New York,
Huston, PlttMiurir,
Ahllndelnhln, Ilaltliiinic,
nil nt
r'a. throiish tlck(t.1 nnd iuAinn.itiorj
tlllHilal'aal I lfl.Al t
iiiiis'iiit vvuiiai iittiiivn'i a-"'tii
ii rjMit'f.it
l 1 . JUIl.tMs
M. HtWITr, Oonrftl Hiiperlntwi'lnnl
BfiVlBs' one
an anal sleatrilad atlaace at tbo in-
traaw. tto&rVsMlmmranr frwm the win
dow, csirrmfcaaiVl lass and all with him;
aad set off at a break-neck pace through
Ulmsmmy stmaiy fsltoaeoVhLhlt horror.
ton, wna.Baapited out
i imrmiK-in inm
mm ferssMbfe" the tM lady with the
ennenes naa oeen rnoeiM down in tne
etMsteb,-! wketw site lay. ttaaWe to rise, and.
pfcwftlinrr Bwr-. tfce'esw'wwo-'was after
sotnelblo;t0 eat, flaw down hmide hor, and
jooklng up at
alt to SerlUai
very knowingly, croaked
17 r tad no'h-
r'vri thlsoM Meth.
mijfBoh.,' . . iv
wwiaaten the
ad mnelodad If nostl.
msaMunle maleitv bv
BUoomnliclty la that affair. The
Jm jQf jft such, people. . , ,
tlaaT-yfarrwrprritTiee m enrms: Catarrh,
suniBlioa. bfsiwntla.
.'fBWU ,111
dblrrr, UotX.
Ids rct that ine major Ir of l im
am, Anil
lh start!.
wern caua
Aarcunqf thrill
caustiCK, irou
physical meanlnir. It would be
ine to, know how, far our.vlowt of the'Cbl
."ft m.f.vm iiwniw y;ngm v uo J u 1
nese'aro equally profound and Intelligent.'
A Fr e n'ch uu'lC bav I n c oftou heard' the
expression, "I've other tlth to fry." much
ahonisbed an Rnglltlt frlad by sayicc:
"I havO'n'o time to talk tbyou now; I musl
yiy aoma fltn. . -
It was MtTMiW. years aeo, in tho
Uouso of Jfeprctehtatlves at Washlnslon
tbat a eentleman. who was known to bavo
a very good appetite, 4ad eaten aw"ay hit
sense, ''l'ool il" replied IlcaryU Clay
"tnuy wonia not pe a mouiniui to mm i v
imrgmims n-
tlemarr,' orfft poor Hind -man," said a.bajr.
fWJJJW'insI by- ou are
blind, my good fellow, how did Vou know
i was.yung ur tnauo a mittsKo, '
saiq us MtnpsrrsrayAgive a triua to a
Door dumb man!
A ilttYo noroioy aVib'bVouth had Just
been enulaped with a'now suit of clothes,
tbe tint he VBr,bad, la hU Jjfe, you may
bb sure", Ifo'it 'mbrnlnfe he BppoSrCd with.
on lea-iof the trowaert -ripped up freta
altoe io.waltMaulA'Oa.balBg asked bow
It happoned, hatwered
I Wanted to haar Uo."
lease ma'am
Wamct witnitkis witty .and unantwer-
tblo retort in a sketch of, a 4bort trip
through a portion of Ireland. The writer
i conversing wuu nit car ariver.: "Are
ou a Catholic, Jimmy ?" "1 it, yur lion
asked, an'orator in bronzo,'. aiuwerod
YoIe from tlio (,'iillury, r
t tlm KnlnofcfTocts of thoold Kxchahcfo.
Hanky i.Vrjinia,.in yoiui
r, 1)00.001) In confedefate'
70.- SI. 000,000 In confederal nataH, sqld
furfw, nuu iii,ovy,!Jy
Morth Cftrolinal bonds,
i'Aud pray to tho Vircln Mary T"
"i da, yetnonor. j .wen, sneiwat.a oou
woman. Tbo bible says to. nut sue may
nave won no txittcr man your motnor or
mine,' "That's thrue, yer honor; but
then you'll alio wAbero't a mighty differ
ehcefn tMlr' fchildred f '
A'eoneeitad fallow. .Who nr'Ues. himiell
i oewgaoiq ie expmm.ana -unuwaiaanj
Crythlnp, was present dyrloe a cobvt)-.
n about apple butter Ue nad n'eVoVl
a . . . m . . . . . a : I
nearu uiefrtu:arctr; aaa corntatooeu re-
pealing it to himself, whon onei of bit
sjsndsdhinW'fivbaM you sty not
iirrtho nillk.of.eows rod on apple.
a and
I a
in: tno
No'l'arlipajicrj ouninow bo obtained
by the Hermans at ursulllos. Tub
French aro on th? lookout, and tho 'oor
tine wlm ll&nd to CODIO ,'OUt With COP-
lot of the Paris journals sind'deposit ium-s
In tho works, whero tnoy rounita moai anu
20 francs awaitluK4thoui, venture out no
.iLitilj m
The' Now Yiirk 'HvraU beliov Auiand-
rial...df ln?lll('riUit With but littlo
diulty,rtr:hSwTStln Jm,awlogft.
'Ilia rnliri fhim. thaKikkinar at A ditrratfl M!
and clcjjani tpcoch to the deputationiiia
.'Italians. wno'irB)ta.tipoi)iiim at stwiriu,
to.hls. late vM condolence .jfth yrim '
widow; hat bean oaleiilated to soothe ripen
Uh turhulenCO'iind win rospAct from the
hiasies. 'Ills piitt life gives TirltllMhfnrtB-,
Its tof t eeuraceouS'-sndu'isanly future,
whkh hit military Venowiid'U priv
ate character ought tb"tUrh'to Hfatn't len.
eflt and hit own glory.
JtA.eateN:fth,,A)i4M(,94ia or'llntrjr
rmdlMbdproTrd won linn uss.
I) R. 3H E.A T EE'S
t Mmwn aacHfiar vm tiit rf
J d$Wlta'duiTM V:reetirMltarM easts ot
raaiilfuoi, kiiai PKm-raraiItt nueo, ajullwri
of Typhoid Ytw In th latter stacr. I will
Aner hsrlnr WtO trlti hr nrahtaanra anil
liiau viiiiuau, pdaivjajia
Dt you tlialr aflMiYlti if ou with.
TOITCUMd Mr Hfn nt lfra.itan.lm wiakfi
aaumyiroraia ofUilTr. kl-inrys, k..
P. W. RICK, niwIfhrJ. Conn.
I nr nrofoaanrft an
ilhaui IwinaAl fnrln.
tljCrtiUav stlcajorfi, trl , affectlan, ruh, Ula
ta.aef ta lani;, lirer, klndeys, aud orjrauia de
TtaBdKoodnllh.. K.WinHl.v. '
loucuraJ mr wife of lone standln wrakrirtt
ami mrtrii eru or ItTrr. tmtnerr . ta..
liar .fvaiuivu. aiwna iimm ut uiuera.
,11, a. W. UL'EJManrurcl.Cnnn.
Mr alfr' ca Maa vonalJarcl hunalraa bv all
1 1 . I. - i . .. . t I ... I I r ......
mlnhly rau Matond br to health. A thousand
think.' B. H. StRKr ITU,
tllmrmin. Hum imi.
.Your nif dlcinc are the icrralr.t arnr ilin'om
y curea y on oi iirono inns, jya
wralc our LKHiler Km nurliM
amr. A an luslruiSMnt In tha hand.
tittak you mrtavinir ami.
i, v wisn.Dir.i-iB...-eanai!.Ky vim, u,
You hare rrlierrd me of rain and re-torrdinr
tirineio lis natural vuiurtwic.
ii, iiih.ih.ii,iv, Biiaron, vi.
YMcurtllti ofduivaa of UayMr' alandinr.
I toAred trMsfojr I tok your mullein.
. rl . .w.uiiiiir.i i, nunioion,r.,j.
yadriAiliara Ckrod ra so nuldlr. 1 woul I
Iimo I'slt jou Su iiKl von reauiredit
' J. m.UKrtTlNC,jr.?4pple Klrrr.JII.
I Iral irrateful tOull. aa 1 su liol Kinrctrd to
llvi-wiifii tvoinmencnl your inrilk'im-, I know
no other eoiiid hare saved me;
rrTatflliPS,mt amiotea m l''VlispHroly
noirilUyoiirinodK-ine. K it.M'llTUR,
Van lluren, Ohio.
Vou cured tne of adlaeaaeot thirty year, aland
Inn, ,. Ai,i.iouiiiiysu. uuiuu, 11,
TnuTemoT."! ni
e.n,Mi nfew dsya.
lily long-atand, rnuiiilu-atrd lia.
Wrmhl'a Landinir. W'ia.
1 bar bean welt about a ew. from ine nunll.
elne you tent me. Mr. M. w ILHINhO.v,
wvir.iiiiv1 1111!,
Three phyaiciaoasald liould nl heipeillaat
Kll, lulourraedieinerHoreUiny heiilili.
Th you man your inaJU'iiirt cured waaahope-
Ua c or ir vtmra- ianiiiii
II i could not
on hi sldo for two year.
J. ii. Mivvimiuiv miiKiKiro, iq'i,
l-'ouryerK iiiycoiiaiiliii.un waHiioinpldidy
oken down, Imi yo t liaooir,plelly vured um
J. J. HIIINK. Hiti'borjf. I'a.
1 rrcairtil Immediate relief from yutirinnjieinn
" IIK.NJ.HUKbT,l.uuiallle.Kl.
Hyeld. it w.IU, j .tJMKHTlua AWUtV,
S uerfret cur, therefor
ft;, i
h.inTiii atore nti
j.ciir,.iiuiA.-, uynunn, in,
Iiutlre year tefor 1 tonal y.-ur wonderful tned
ielnv - . VNTIUa.C4tod9iii.Ohlo.
Your rnedioinH removed In pain in my
eTCmfB7"J wTrMfest ihronBb my ihonhltrs.
iira. ii. limit, iaiie'fQuenie,u.
liiaao Truart0.i'r.llle.'Kv,. cured m cnmpll
cuteddlreaasv , i ,
CharUaGriffllh. cured aflcr lnvirn leu aUu.
uncd by numlirQf diKtors. .
Thoa. Iliiitlnann. ttanitontill. 111., wroi three
yvura after we liadi'iired him, lie waa wxll.
tin. I.. II. .llill, Vvwlmg tirern, Ky weiikncs
ndt'oinpliualfiralte'iu cured.
fr.riiBinuiii.iiiiai riMiiiMaa, rui vn.
UrsW hhnlKht Vswta WetKlu.
irar SeoMa IU l.,IlrotlVu. Nw Vorlr.
td?Wd iil.eas of khiaey and biallder with
paralysiaof other orKn.
HealHtaetUtrooi uloer an the I'aco of Nalh
ulncl Itedtrf, IKaq , lariWit of tlio fhulhaiu
Hank, New fork, UhlOhtlirno-Umlnciit doctor
and professor had treated eiht yeais.
v!VatTiU.caB hotuutulat llwr Uoiue, Mhoiil a
rtMMl 4atrla, h)tthig iiciri riul i.rci.
ant conOJlla , AUvIca fw, . Vr. A. II. .;
ceirea fiUiilst hi trdaidence, .V'. ut., hat
JoUiire.J.e.Vofli, it ahondiaUiica from fiih
!fha Hotel !rcls Mlwlen iur lieloro 10
. ra, end after ap.ni. wnonemimir
1f H't I
latuid Clrant IJrfct from llir Ooverif
mrnt of
12,000,000 .A.cres
OP Til K...
Mest Farmlns; nnd .Mineral Lands In
LSfOMOO term choice f.mnin? sml
on in line or iii rod, in tlio
In tho
flllKAT I'L.tTTi; V.tM.Ef
.Nowformle. lor ca.iiircriillliit Ium rule of In-
ttrrtt. Tfieae lamia nre near the Slat n.ir.illnl ut
Norlh IxinBitude. In mild and healthv climate.
nl furaraiti icroaitiK aiut afMik laiaiii nr un
ion ua,i lit a.tiy in llinuniie.i siaie.
unntenlent to mnrMet t.nth ei.t unit .!. I'rlre
rnofrom tl Wlo tin ui per acre.
To Sittlora with liroiled inrans.
B. OOO. OOO Aoroa
lUch (tefnnint lands alonx tlm rotl lietuwn
Hurray I sod open for entry under the Home,
atotd nd Pre.enipllon Isir., nn1 enn ho taken hy
AcruAi BETri.Eiw, only,
nopior(unlly never lieforn prreiited fur at
coring home nenrKrel ltallroa.1 with all the
cnnalnca of an old settled country, New
million of dearriptlvii paniphleta with m.tp, now
rendy and eent free In nil pirln of the Lolled
Htatei, CiJiadd nnd Knropo. Addreaa
O.K, I'AMH. I.nnd tXimmlnloii'r
Jr.ldlm3m II. 1. II. II, Co., Uninha, .cb.
i)Kai,uh isr
lt I i C 1 II
Anu ,(3nt of '
! fyoon im ti:mioise
' f-ccerno! or Arit.t Co.,
1 AXti
1 General Commission Mercbant
So. irift, Ohio l.cvcc,
J v 1 ' CAHtO, ILL.
l. Jlthl. " " B, (j. fh
Commission Merchants
l.'l.i Ohio Lpvcc,CAIKO,ILLIXOIi.
SpremUtlenllon siren to the purchaso and salo
United Ktate of America, Souihem District ot
Iltlnol .
Whereas, on the Jth day of Deceinhor. A, V.
WO, Knna K. Kerr, John l. Kerr. I'lttriclc ie
Nell, John fcoti and Henry llerry Hied a lihelln
th IJislnct Court of the United Halea for the
southern Ulstricl ol lllloole. acalnat
h tl 1.1 .lI B.l.l V..D...I II .. A
. .v, WM., M.,, , ...tlV'., ,1.. IIIIIa .
urt of Cairo in tlm DUtrict stores it, nrayin
"cIcLtv- four
now lyinx at lh
hat th aama lie condemned in ncconlaneo ulth
Ihenrsreror fnld IILcl. An I vlicrra. hr ilitun
of procre In dt'o form of liir, InniH ilirec'K I,
rcturntblo nn 111 flnt llondnv In Kelirunrr neit
1 havaaelfed noon anil fAlcen the al.f nlL-litv.
rouraawlonxa.oak.Mh and rafted" mid have tho
same In my cmlody.
Aolico ia harehr irlveii. ilmf a ril.i.u r.inri nt
luDuniiruDiRinniii f ii"i. ni ine i'lllieil cl Ilea 1'
Court IUi.nu, inlhecltyol Cairo.i n ilium. t Mini- I
day In Fekruary next, for the trial of tlm a id I
prrini.e, ni ute onncr or nwiierv, mm nil per I
mod wno naveorciami anr interest mere u. .ro
herahy cited to te and aji cftr nl the tuiio and
pi,- fore.aiil, to show i'.illi'. If any they h.'ive,
hy adeore shmili not I reudereil in accont.
alien wl h the prater of and IIM.
JU1IM I.. IIOI TI'.I'.K. Jlftr'i.lll,
II) I'clcr Snup, licputy.
t'Jiro, lilt., I'fCrlillH'r.VTili U". -jaii'dllt
J u
Turtle Oil
MA 1)1. 11 V
TiiricnoMirriiitK: .
Large Stock
...I'OIl SALK AT,.,
W o
nlled PUtei nf .Miioni. rtonlheru l)lttif I ot
IHInoU s.
IVheiva.. nil llil, -2id Inv of DiN'urillur. A. II.
l7i', William ilorrfa mid I fleoro W llilrt, lurl
ner. etc.. hied a hhelinihii liielnct Court of tho
United Hlatea forlliu houtlmrn District nf llhii. .
), uili.tt Ihn Ivalutaiit "llelliitl Tivr, h.r
Mint., iNCKi, pp irri anu iniiiiiiir , 'ni ni in:u
ho mmoiimy U i-onJcui.T d in ' r luuon with
thBiinivvrof an d libel. Ami h"rr:w. I,y viitun
ol pioen iu iliioriii of l.i, I" inodirvcieil, ri
lurnaiile on llii'llr.t Jhiiid ir in IVhruury, I h tn
selied iiponimit lukeii lit, ml I e'fiiuitiiut"len
Kl Tiui r." her lio it, tne" I", uppirel mid lurnl-
ire Aii'l nri llie eaine hi my i- ii i'ij
Notice la hcieliv Kiien. thai . i lii.lr.it Court of
tliel'nitrillStHteawill beheld nt tho I'm led Mxtc.
ourl room, In tlieeity nt t " . niiiMiir.iiou.
avln l'.iiiro:irriieTt.fiirtli" trial flhi'.eit! iirein.
iaea, or owners, and nil pcrauna hound the ow imr
Iuitii or claim any luitte.i Hh icih, iiru hcruhy
clte.1 In l-)ml tiipnir Mui liniuiiiid pliuonforf.
noil, to show cau.e, If nur lliuliain, why nilccrva
should nl r rcndciud In iKconlanw wiiii lli.i
jirnyer full! libel. J DIN I.. HDITI'.
ny I'oicrrniift m-,iii; p, .tiisiittti
ClrO UN., IritemborW, U7Hmi9iIU
( riicftiicr anU belter III ass I
eiiiiiilir millMae t xc flt srniili. l
Incoiolliiol lor IrniitHK Wln
iIiim sslllioiil uslir, I'alul.l
llllllnihn, t'Kiora, Table, a nil I
nil WiMiuwnrK. cninu, l.artls
ru unit lilsiawart, ami fur
llrtiernt Iloua 1'lpniiln I'llr.
tur rollohlnir Ktils-ea. Tln.
IU'waa, Stei'l, lion, mill all Ifl 'le
Wnrca. Itriunv. a, ika by St mule. Ml iJ
mill It.i.i, leiivliiK h brillliiut sir r
l llill su ,N. w, .
I'or Suit) by IIAItt'L.VY IHtO.
I Chapped Hands
An Dlii'iintlr Dcrfumed aad
jt nliiulilt" artlelo Tor tho toilet of
li.mllt's mid (.putleiuen. ..Ill
iuiim (:iiuiicilIIuuils.Kouslittefe
r tlm Skin: C'liupppd Lips and
ciiiiri'J siufiiepi.
v k hi:i:n waiCiT
a Nil
Copper and Sheet Iron W
.No. 28 EiM l'ciirl(iMt
TKV OXK iiorrLK.
Prepared It
Barclay Brothers .
yoi ,xi fo.tii.
prepircl to deliver th lest
Fire Wood Stone & Coal
u .nn puit of Hie cllv, Iii any (lit&ntitr deeued,
on nt notice.
t'out !cllvcftMl nt jiij ."jo Per Ton.
OKl'll 1!-' er ll.'eruiUt. Drill A CO.'a atove
toie, Imii do' ra sIm.ic th I'riier of Eljihlh stteet
nun t .iinnicriial nieiiuo. fc ilecuit
. V V ... rr . .
Cor. Walwut&GanoSts; tickets FOR SALE
f'Alt IS I roni nonl, I-onilosssUrry,
i.'Iiiokimv o QueeiialQuis ills Clri
3 I S y.
SitlUirtl, Xoriii & tiiiitle, Aiit
-.-i.,. a auMl,,.,- i.,. B..v. . - . x "---- - - .1 . . . . . . .. . . I . em v K
. v " - -- - 1 -irummian l'tttaSMBlJilifc- .
'ouSW . i.

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