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jr. HIII,i:mi.;eii,
Corner Klfthtli Ktreet nnd Ohio Levee,
Over Vincent' Orocery Swire, inform tho people
of Cairo tht lie lias purchased and relltlcd In tlio
most thorough inanmir tin
Picture OrMlloxsr
, of J. 0. Ilagwell, making it ene nt the most com
plete in (lie Wf it. He l now propired touo ill
klndaol work in lid line, from tho aMAM.KST
mike the new
lu the molt ppnd kit The sl kind l
p.ctut taken In cloudy; weathi-ri? Children
picture token In tlireo to four seconds, old pic
tures copied and enlarged. Com nne.romenll
and e his specimen. ' ilecundtl
New Good! at Dollar Store.
Plated Waro at Dollar Store.
Hmt Plated Jewelry nt Dollar Store,
Flour1 Choice Family Flour In hbls
half bbl J,, aacks, Ac, for tain (U tbeKs;)p-
tlan Mill. an
Citt ScKir ron Sale. In amounts to
ault purchasers, nt cash prion, at
Ir you want a go-!, etyliih and well
. fitting ault of clothes, mado to order, you
must go to V. NefT, No. "'J Ohio Lovee,
Foh fashionable boot nnd shoes, njado
in tlio belt stjrle, uud of tba bolt materia),
f0 to (ho bop of Win. Killers, on Ttvcn
tletb itrcet, near tho court bouse tf
William Ehi.khii, feihloDablo boot and
shoe maker, ha a splendid Hock of French
'calf, moroccos, and other leather, nnd I
" propared to fill orders for "euttom-made
boot and shoes, with quick dispatch and
In tho mott satisfactory manner. . tf
Election jnotici:. Notice ii hereby
(Ire that there will lj moelini of the
ntockboldcrs of the City National Hank on
Tuesday, January 10th, lb"I, for the pur-
f, 'polo of electing sercn Director! to aurve
" .during tbe eruulrtf year.
' declOJld A. B. BAFFUltD, Cmh.
Wahtad at St. Ciiaki.m Hotel.
. Wo- want a flrit-clais chambermaid,
laundry and dining room girl. To each of
tba abort, ateady employment will bo
glran, and liberal wagct paid.
tf Prop. St. Charlee Hotel.
Tabie BrtoTiiciu, 63 (Jhlo Levpo, will
hereafter krap coaitantly on hand, direct
from the ,XUr& manufacturer tho wary
beit winter itralned purified sperm oil, for
sewing machines, and all tlno and light
machinery. Thli oil hai norer yet been
superceded by any of the manufactured
oil, a It never gum or is affected by the
weather. dec'JM
Wi deiiro to remind the render that,
freih Baltimore oysters and nil kind of
game in teaion, aro served night or day
ny stylo dcilred, at Ioitii Herbert
Parties dcilring oysters by tho can ur
case, can l lupplictat tho ruling rates, at
the faerie place. (f.
Pbemi meat, served In the ncatcit nnd
moit cleanly manner, can always be foun
-,t in abundance for the trad at tho Central
' Veat market of Fred Koehlcr A Co., on
Waahlngton avenue, a few doors below
Tenth. None but tho finest cattle, l.oep,
and hogs aroilaughtered, and, consequent
ly everybody who patronizes tho Central
Moat market can rest satiilled that he or
tbe will be supplied with the belt meats to
ba found in Cairo.
Cuitomeri' baiketa delivered in any part
of the city.
fWFreib tauiagu every morning, tf
I hate this day sold my livery stable,
with all tho appurtenances thereof, to Mr.
0. Greenlee, for whom I beipeak a contln
' uanco of tho patronago heretofore ex
tended to me. To my many patrons I re
turn my thanks for tho support given mo
during tho tlmo I was In buiineu, and ai
auro them they will flud in Mr. (irconleo a
gentleman entitled to a liberal patronago
from the public. I shall remain several
weeks at tho old stand to cloio up my bwl-
, ncs. MILKS 1'ARKKR.
Cairo, Jan. 4, 1871.
The meat market of Gayer A Co., at tho
sornor of Waihlngton nvenue and Tenth
street, is ono of 'inititutions" of tho city.
It Is not only abundantly supplied with
' tho beit of pork, beef, vcul, mutton lamb,
v sausage, etc., but it presents an air of
. . cleanliness nnd order that is rarely seen in
. eitablisbment of like character.
Gayer & Co. have had many years ex
f porlenco as butcher, nnd huvo long ngo
learned tbat it pays beit to koep line meats
a ', and command first-class cuitom. For
.,ni . choice meats, therefore, cut In a neat nnd
. .g skillful manner, goto ''Tho Vooplo'a.Meat
Market," prelde4 over by Gayer & Co
,v" dec 19tf.
m '
Stop thoie Chilli taat bavo been lmr
' ailing you Cd long, as tlicy lometimcs end
a that fatal dlsoase called by loroo the "Up
Country Yellow Fever." Tby can bo
very easily atoppod by taking Simmons'
Liver Regulator. Do not dolay, go at
once to your druggist and get a pacatge
and be cured.
Wanted Immediately. 800 wood
, choppen to cut. wood on the line of tho St
' Louis A Iron Mountain railroad, rial
' are ticket furnished at tbe ticket offlco in
- St. Louis, Wage $1 20 por cord. Apply
at tho various wood yaids, or to
novROtf. II. J. DEAL, Churlaiton, Mo
TiiKRK wcru only two sttnmbofit arrivals
yesterday, tho Arlington nnd Armitda.
A like scarcity of nrrlvals Um cot been
noted In many n day. Wu record tlio
facta something qutto retnarkallo for
THE wrinkled oiu icrniuo wno was
found, tbo other day, in tlin poMufsion of
tlirou pockctbooks nnd other articles that
ritUed n suspicion agolmf her honcity, Is
now, as sho wni thoiif on. tho beg. Her
great age nnd ajijinrent want nro all well
calculated to command chnrltv in n tilac?
lino cniro, wncro tne ncari oi mo people
jleld to tho softest touch of sympathy.
Wa are insured Hint alio I, nuvcrthelo,
an unmitigated old humbugcsi.
The Cairo Casino, n social and clinrl-.
table organization, compoicd of manyif
our leading Gorman citlr.en, havo in con
templation tho establishment of n club
room, reading sooru and llbrny. The
members propose to rent a room, or a Hilt
of room, In it central location, and lit it
up In such style ns will bolt servo tho
aim of theorgnner.ittnri.
The Catino ha no political or sectarian
ndmixtuiuln its character, It chief ob
ject being, ns we bury said, to cultivate
cloer social relation!, to tuko euro of tho
sick and needy member, and the widows
and orphans of dcccaid members. It Iihi
been mot successfully engineered by It
otlicers, ami notv is In a healthy condition
financially, and on tbq high road to still
greater usefulness and broader charity.
Would that tbcro wore h llkoorgnl2.tion
in every torn and village In llii "l.'nltcd
No I'vlick Bi'MKEr-a. Cun you Lcjlc0
it render ? In tliU lurgu city, iltuatcd at
the confluotico of tvoof thegreato't water
course In North America, only ll fly mile
from l'aducah and two hujidreJ uuJ forty
mile from Memphli, not u iltigle indivi
dual has been puniihbd, or deserved pun
lihmcnt, for violating our law for tbo
preservation of order and tbo maintain
anccof a high standard of moral, during
tho pat thrt doyi. Tho two Calm, Shee
ban, Arnold and ShanncMV have beea on
tho sharp lookout foroflcndcri; but in nil
tho city,duringthopaits.)venty-two hour,
not a linglo Individual hnve they grmped
nobody wn found drunk good nature,
good will, peacM and quiet liavo prevailed
every where in all parti of Cairo.
Thl calm In polle circle i icvero on
the "local ; ' but reflecting that ft isjill fur
tbe good name of the city, wo shnll sum
mon lufflclent pblloiopby to endure it
prorlde-l alwayi that it do-n't lat long.
The Moenis'o IIclleti.v. Among tbu
many pltaiant and encouraging noticci
bettnwed upon The Hclleti.v by our
cotemporaries, we value none more highly
tb.n the following from' that nblyi on
ducted ihevt, thoDallv l'aducah Kentuc
kian :
It affordl u peculiar plurno otiserVO
tie atinour.ctmeni that tbo proprietor of
the llullrlin encouraged by Im uccji, will
Itiue their spicy and ably conducted
Journnl in tho morning initend f evening
a liai been the ciu) beretefuro. Thli
furniihcs un evidence of the proiperltv of
the lluUttm which is mol grntifylng.
There Is not a more sterling democratic
paper in the West; and 'tho people of
Cairo can never bestow thuir pntrotinge
upon it Journal which will mako more el'
fuctlvu uiu of thelr'support In tbacausoof
the Imperlshablo prlntlplei of the demo
cracy. We trust that Ii but an earnest of
itill'incri'atcd proiperity in future; find
that our cotcmporary muy contiue to wax
in itrtnglhand good'new.
Tue PuiLLir CoM Elir. A large and
faiblonablo audienco greeted Adeluldo
Phllllpi and her concert l.ctipii laU nigbu
Wo havo not time to devote to tho trcupo
the attention their merits ilecrve; and
wo should be dealing unfairly with the
balance of tho Atidirnco If wo did, ns wc
and Capt. Ha'mbleton were the only per
sons proiont who either understood or n
priciHted tli Italian music. Asuiaughcr
Mils Phillip ha few suierlors, if any,
and tho sang ''As tlio years glide by, 'with
a pathos that banished the smile and In
voked tbo tears of '.ho midlencc. Hatter,
the baritone fellowrulglit be n better bar
itone than he It, and not try a great deal
cither ; Levy, ' tbo gretet cornel player
In tho world, ' it oxcellent. Our ear,
in youth, win cultivated up to nn appre
ciation of cornet music, and it wui lilghly
grot ill od lut night by tho blowing of ''the
grcittcit. ' Taken all In nil, the concert
wai a uccpi,
The work of refilling tlio ctittom houm
grounds up to tho temporary grade bus
loon resumed nnd Is being proiecutcd
with tho duo vigor. Tlio dirt is hauled
from point beyond the Mlislbiippi levee,
wbora thnro is abundant supply to tlU'up
half tho occupied situ of tho city,
lly tlio way, did anybody who ha tnxod
that dirt bank for the tilling of Ills own
property, ovor think that ho wa under
tho least obligations to tliu owner of tho
land for tbo privilege? Wo oplnn not.
It seems to bo regarded ns a matter of
courio that any body can go there and gut
all tho dirt ho wanti; and it Vould probab
ly bo thought a great Imrdililp If any per
son iiould bo denied tbat privilege. Hut
Just roverse tho matter. Suppose the own
en of tho land ouftUlo tho lovco should
uiiiit upon taxing somebody clfu's land on
tho insldo for dirt to fill up tliolr property I
What then ? Tboro ,wou(d bo a fuss, right
then and there, and quite everybody would
cry out agulnit the absurdity of tho thing.
Put In tliqt shape, "iwoodle-dco doem't
amount to twoodlo-dum by u long idiot."
lr rotj want a pair of boot! mado to or
dor, out of tho host matorln', nnd in .tho
most fashlonablo and durablo manner, go
to Win. Thiers, on Twentieth streot, op
olto the court liouo tf ' '
Tin: Atiik.vkum To-Nioiit. Hubinl,
thn wnrld-renowncd conjuror holdj forth
In Un, Ailinnenm llill ovcnfrig. Besides an
eiitortaliiment that is well worth tho priop
of tultitlulon thcro will bo a distrlbulloti
ff nrf...tit. raneliiir In valuo from $160 o
."0 cents. Among'other properly that will
bo given a way" wo mention a flno liorso,
valued nt 1M); ljud.room, parlor and din
I.,.. rnnm fiirn'.turo. china, glassware, gold
rtndIlv'cV watcfics.SfliVor-ilafcil pitchers,
rako bnskol. cuni., 'etc.- Tboro will DO no
blanks. Kvery ticket will lira w a prize..
! nti iicdlctosy,tbthxPr!;,or
offori oEtrtordinaryMnducenjenU for pat.
ronngo, and that,a"ffulThous6 wlllbe on
i .i a :r. . Admlolnn KG
cent?. ' ltoVorvrcata76 cenls.J
sensible men tboy afernako UielrVuttlncss
known through tbo columo of TBk
UcLf.r.TiM.havbrrio'vcd'Mrs'.Sallle Wood's
grocery bouto across the street, In a.vcry
successful mannor, and wlthouti even
dUturblng tbu progress of trado.
Their next Job, wo learn, will bo tho
removal of Comptroller Hylnnd's building
from iti present poiition to tho vacant
corner below.
IJalrd and Sumirwoll aro experienced
workmon in their line, and always put
through any Job they undertake, in tho
promptest nnd inoU tatiifactory Manner.
To the mns'iucrado ball which i to como
off on Monday, tbo 13th proximo, under
thoaufpicci of tho Cairo 'Cailno, wo havo
havo already referred. Tho affair will bo
held in commemoration of tho fourth
anniversary of the soelety, and will prove
an occasion wprtuy of lattingnnd plcaiant
remcinbranc'o. ' J
It is the purposo of tho matiagors w
invito only such person a thoy feol in
clined to welcome, nnd uninvited persons
will bo denied adraisston. Tlio wives and
daughters of our respectable citizens will
thus be guarded ngalmt unwelcome pres
ence utid a crowd Insured which the best
oiuimny mingle in with pleasure and
satisfaction. . ' .
At this early day wo need not enter Into
detail. It will bo enough to say that tho
ball Is given with no expectation of mak
ing money. The members of tbo Cnsilno
simply deiiro to ccllpso anything In tbo
line of masquerade ball yet given' in Cairo,
tojoln their friend In tho enjoyment of a
good time,cnds thcio and achieve, tboy will
havo no regrets to expend, ihould tho nut
ge oxceod'thilincoino.
Tun fifteen hundred bale of cotton
brought up by tbo Marblo City, last trip,
was huitlcd nhor nnd aboard tbo can in
n "Jitry. ' Tho officer of the boat p.itd a
gang of negroes lon'ccnt a balo for plac
ing tho lot on shorn, and one of the result!
of thi liberal pay wai tbe quickest Job of
work tbat hni been performed at our
wharf in mary aday. Tlio ! paired
ulT, nnA tho way tboy mada cotton bale
whirl and roll kept ui on n constant look
out for "a nlco accident" "negro crmh
cd" for tbo columns of The Hci.lktik.
Wo do not say that It wa because Tnr.
IIvlleti.vU a Dcmocrntio paper tbat tbo
negroes kupt tbeuiielvei out of tbe river
or from under the tumbling cotton bales?
Perhaps they would been equally cocsid
erato of self had our neighbor of tho Sim
licen a looker-on. AVo only know, that
after eagerly watching them during an
interval of u quarter of an hour, wo put
up our pencil, and left utterly disgusted
with n gang of nogroes who could sling
SCO pound cotton bales around In that
kind of a stylo without making a singlo
contribution te our columns of a "Sad and
Dcplorablo Occurrence."
Si.noulah Accident. A lady wbo
does all her sewing "In'thsj old way, with
needle nnd thread, accidentally wounded
tho ball of her eye with tho noedlo' point
nnd shortly after began to advocato tho
use of sewing machine. She explained
thechungo by saying that her devotion to
the old itylo was all In her oyo and thai
tho Davis machino which sho had pur
chased from Iludort was all that tho heart
of sawing woman, or housewlfo could de
sire. Sho bog u to urgo all ladios who
deiiro a mot excellent machino to call on
Uuder Ilros.
NowiiKiir. In the city can you securo a
better fitting, liner or better mado pair of
boots than at tho shop of Win. Eblers. on
Twentieth street, near the court home, tf
Notice. All pasicngor trains will stop
at Mounds Junction until further notice
dlw J AMCS JOHNSON, Agent.
CloKlug Out Kale.
Twetity-ftvo thousand dollars worth of
rcady-mado clothing, hat, caps, boots,
shoes, trunks, uud .valcses aro olfured for
lalo by P. NeV,T, Ohio Levee, at AC
TUAL COST PHIOF., it belnghl In
tontloir tcloso out ui that line' nod em
bark exclusively and litore eitenslvcly in
the furnishing goods uud merchant tailor
ing business.
Thit doting out Mtlo furnishes an opjwr.
tunity to ocuto clothing; cheaper than
ever before oU'crwl in this market.
declOtf ' H
Alkeanueh Glove nt Dollar Store.
Thk council havo 'concluded to pay tho
Judgment obtalnod, by Mrs. ltedman fo'r
Injuries suttalned by her on account of a
defective sldowalk ou Seventh street,
lv... .:., vlj nml parirldi.ea'and bowie
knives, go dlrert to P. Nofl t,'lo. iff unto : nurovepon anu uie uu, wf .tt.
Leye,, dooPtf 1 Both boat expect to leave to-day.
"fiTm Saflonk MCslni,' 'ErS freighter Ihe AkorttSwra ll
l'lio annual inoetlng for
llvo Directors will bn hbW
-T.i.mlftv. Jan.- 10th. 187l.- bitwoen the
hours of 10 o'clock a.m. 4 p.m.
C. .S'.-UWO'i. .
,mS 'Ca.hler
I'atronlxe llama Indoalry,
mThe Ktidcnco ofPGallgher Eq., lhan
wbleh there la not A moro complete one
in tho Mtato of Illinois, wilt provo an en
during nidnumont to tho skill and good
tasto of Cairo mechanics. Tho brickwork,
tho carpenter work, tbe plastering nod
stucco work, the painting, graining and
upholstering; are all tbe work of Colro
mechanics and arttzan . We point to this
building with feeilngi of pride, tad as in
troductory to tbe further remark that all
that Cairo mechanics have accomplished
in time past they can accomplish again.
If there aro any citizen who labor un
der tho Impression that In tho matter of
inside decorative work,- paper-baaglng,
etc., Cairo I at all deficient, we beg leave
to refer, them to Carl L. Thome. There
ha been no work in tbat lino performed
in Calre that he cannot duplicate, and if
deilrod, sarpaii.' 'Further, he can do this
at tho same or a lcispricej and if In any
particular bit work prove unsatisfactory
bo is alwayi hero to render unto Csnar
tbo thing that are Criar's.
Mr. Thomas I au old resident of Cairo;
bo buys bis oils and paints, hi paper and
grocorlcs ovcrythlng in Cairo. If Cairo
dealer cannot All hi order, then and
not until thon, he sends bit money abroad.
.Such a man, it seem to us, (everything
else being equal) ihould "bavo tbe pre
ference" In all work in hit line.
It Is notour purpose, In this connection,
to rofleet on any citizen who has brought
rao-chanic from abroad to perform work
which Cairo mechanic might bavo done
as well and as cheaply. Wo know nothing
of the conditions under which tuoh labor
was; Imported Wo writo with- view to
'tne future, and to giro te others tho as
suranco that ha been given to us that
tbcro Is no work in tho lino of bouse
"building, painting or decorating which
Cairo mechanics cannot perform a well
and as cheaply a tbe tame work can bo
done by tbo mecbanietof any other city
of tbe country, Ncrtb, South, Kast or
West. It
Miss PiiUlipp concort, last light, wa
an Immense success.
Horses and cattle have commenced
forming nn item In the freighting of the
Illinel Central railroad.
The affable and coffiplacent Fitzger
ald preside in person over tbe affair of
tho popular Sunflower.
Mr. H. P. Martin aanounct himself
as a, candidate for City Masbal. Like tho
good Democrat ho is, he agree te abide
by thn decision of bis party.
At 12m. yesterday aearly every avail
able teat In the Athencum had bea taken
by tho citizens anxious to hear'Mlu Thli
llpp, the matcbleii contralto.
Chris Ostcrloh'a horse, with a dtay at
tached to him, mado 40 speed down
Washington avenue, yesterday, bringlag
up in a corner near tho cuitom bouse. A
tired animal and broken harness formed
part of tho sum total of consequence.
Gas Stock tor Sale 110,000 gaa stock
fur sale. "Enquire at
. ,xr.n Microscopes at Dollar titore.
Card Caiei at Dollar, Store.
' A laiuie stock of furnishing good of all,
kinds nlway on hand at P.'Nefr, No. 79
Ohio Levee. decStf
Cou.ntt Oedek Wasted Oath
for countv orders, at
SuM.Glastee at Dollar Store.
Ai lint ton, Colurnbu, Arauda, r4uli,
Arlington, Columbn. Armada, Padueeb,
Tbo weather was clear and cloudy
alternately yesterday, and tho temperature
was quite mild. Tba thermometer IndU
cated -U degree at daylight yesterday, CO
deg. at noon, and 60 at dark. The Indica
tions of rain wero plentiful, and steam
boatrnon counted high on an opon river to
St. Louis in a ahort time.
Tho Mississippi is unchanged at St
Louis, and the gorge between tbat city
and Cairo remain intact.
The Ohio ha been rising at Cincln
natl for sevoral days, from no very appa
rent cause, as no rain or thaw of conse
quence had beenj; previously roportod
above. Tho tidal rlsdthls far wa lomcwha
over three foot, and may bavo been caused
bv corcos beolw Cincinnati. No risejis ro-
p irted at Pittsburg or Louisville, and the
ico still held poieilon or tlio river lroin
Pittsburg to a point 100 miles below Lou-
'isvillo. The weathor was quite cold from
Louisville-to PitUburg, with fbut Iticaee
snow onthe ground, If tho present warm
weather extend in that direction we may
goisonaHy ePt a rise and. an early re
sumption of navlgatron. 1" Z P
Busincis hero contlnuf good, notwith
standing h jnoageport list. ,
The. Mary JC Porsyth is still loading'
fonNow.Prleani and will leave to-day.
.r-rTjho 8. Loul Barge. Llut i loading
iWrga siofe fyr New Orleans.
The ,. M., HUrav) -Is loading i,or
us iho. thfrojedWn6t Rtlmly. from" tho I. C. R.
or tho election of anu j.riacipaUy from St. Xopl
aid at this taM .uhcJg'h largo nortlon is from ro'i"t
although a largo
alone the railroad.' .
Capt. Fowler, clerk of the now defunct
TboropxontDean,-passed, turougii' the city
yesterday on hi way homo. Ho is settling
up tho business of tbat steamer along tho '
river, and hnscolloctcd every dollar owing (
w ner, anu paid every dollar owed by
her from New Orloam to Cairo. Her
liabilities and loltlcmonts at St. Louis and
all othor pint will bo squared by Capt.
Fowler In 2t hours after his arrival. Sho
ha cloarcd nearly $l20,000j!nco sho 1ms
como out two year and two months, ngo.
Her total cost, after adding a camn, was
1153,000, and sho wa Insured for $80,000.
Capt. Pepper will probably buy another
boat to complete the season's work, but, If
be finds none to suit him, will set about
building another, to be completed in tlmo
for next season's business.
The Armada learc dally at 5 P. M
for Paducah.
- Mondav livening, Jan. 9, 1111.
During the pail week there Was consld
erable agitation In the builncsi circle of
neighboring cities, occasioned by failures
at the East and Weet but thus far In tbo
West all failures havo been, confined to
dry-goods, notion, and cognate trade In
manufactured goods. The depression of
busincis, which has occasioned these fail
urc and extends throughout tho whoio
country, has, of course, had an influence
on our market; but within the pat few
weeks there 'itai been an tncreaso or nc
tlvlty In nearly all the department of our
busine which' ii very encouraging. Tho
Ice embargo- which thn Wlntr has laid
upon tbe Mississippi river, bat mado trado
la all kind of grains, and in hay and flour,
very active. Prices hare been steadily
Increasing, and if tbe water below docs not
becomo io lew as to necessitate au increase
In the rates of freight, thero will be no
decree while tbo river abovo continue
ice bound.
It may not, in this connection, bo out of
place, to briefly refer to tho wbolesalo mer
cantile establishment! of tbo city, which
contrlbuto so largely to tho business of
our.clty. Tbo dry goods, clothing, queens-
ware, boot and shoe, hardware, stovonnd
tlnwaro branches aro represented by en
terprising men of capital, who havo abun
dantly prt)rded for tbe Winter trado, and
av.ow a roadness to fill orders at figures
tbat will at once obviato all necessity on
the part of country merchant! who buy
their flour and grocorles here, for visiting
St. Louis or other markets for dry goods,
clothing, quceniware, boot end shoos of
other merchandise that enter into tho
trade of tbe country.
riJU K To condition or tbe markut
remain unchanged, there beina a very
active demand for low and medium grades.
Price remain firm at last quotations. Hale
to biila Low feuperM...M.... -....Ii W
ti " Fall " from lor..... M
lio triei " '
BO Wlnur," . ft (St
410 " XX if)
W " XXX...... Stl
1M 11 Virion tredr . - 4 '.; M
Sale from City Mills wore
luOLUiXXXX 17 on
te " XXX..... . .. e oo
W XX. . B 40
to " White brat Karnll 7 M
CORN Tho demand still continues
eood, and tho difficulty of obtaining suffi
cient to meet It has not decreased. Sales
were :
2 ran Mixed, lathe ear, on track 4k
t in Ihe ar, delivered - 4Vj
I ' Yellow, n MCc, delivered M.'yi
White, " 0i57d
110 inckt, delivered lio
J ears, In bulk 4Ki
3 " In sacks-.
OATS Tho demand is active and prices
are Qrm. 8alci were
1 ear, in hulk, nn lrck...,..... ............. !;
I " delivered tu-
I " In Mks, nn track 47j
a " delivered 4745
IM.iek. nn order Im
HAY. Tbo activity in this articlo
continues, and wo noto increased price
wnicn ara nrm me demand u still in
ax cos of tho supply. Sale wero.
4 ears Mixed, delivered. ...II 0tn 0"
a Choice Timothy, delivered.. l 0ot0 eo
" on track. to Ut
3 " Extra Choice, delivered 'Ji to
1 UlltK.lc,"on orderadalivixl VI 00
POULTRY No demand for chickens,
and no sale reported. Ono coop turkeys
'old for $16.00,s and 100 lbs. dressed tur
key for 101c.
APPLES Very scarce. Thoro wero
few sales roported, but prices remain firm.
B bbl. Spitzenburg and Greenings sold
for 15.00.
MEAL. 150 bbl. Steam Dried City
Mills brought $3 10n 'ii, and 250 bbls.
Kiln Dried, $3 00.
nUTTKR. Plenty, and prices havo u
downward tendency. Sales were
37S1U CoiumouioClioice roll,.... I"."?
3 loieaHouttiern Ililntia, roll 'Ho
t " tnoiee rou -i
rki " -o
3 " Itock Hirer... lie
EGGS. Dull. Price down and few
sales. 1 pkgs, shipnors' count, brought SHc,
and 450 dozen shipper' count, 27c.
u a Air.. soar co. j n ucmanu i nom
inal. No tales of rabbit reported. 11
dozen quails brought 11 00 per doss.
PROVISIONS Pork ha a strong up
ward tendency. Sale wero
7 bbl. Mi-. . It" -"I1 JO
W ' heavy..... u
CO 11 11 ritra heavy... UI
SUNDRIES 1 sack mixed feathers
brought (MX) per lb.; 1 bhd prlmo sugar,
11c : 7 bbls. do. 14c: mul 100 bbl. lime,
delivercl, 51.i!5.
LIME-ln pvi bbl lot.
MilTKll.ln lud bhllon.....
..l Hf bbl
..3 00 "
...a 13K sou
OMMHtY Nw York Vaulory.
VttBf rmmi 'nine 10 vnoir,..,
(Uimnion 10 fair..
alASBI.IW-aiar.lbiht weiuh
raair.iif -in bxrmi
WHUllKHItUa- iunme......
iiiirispn... .,
I'OWDKB-jKeii., riHe..
Kf2, blastii
MOI.AHSK-j-New tlilran. iu bbl.
" " H bbl.
Syrup, "
1 rioranuni, "
01UOol, 'per aallou......
Lrd,r "'
MmJ.- 11 ..
IHfJ lw
4 U0( 45
75 i I 00
I 10ltl 40
1 0(4 1 UO
OPB-MaeUl.i rasdt, Ki per lb.
Hand made, per lb
Maiiill. pr lb.
. UKIKP r'UUn-'"oh.. tor o A
nil prr iu. ........
Apple, per lb
MOAI'-Hnin. pr b......
WOAH Hard, per lb.
A Colten
Newcrop, N.O., lu Ii til ...
1 a (!! 4
latmi l.i
liemarara. m udi....
S)l(OI'-AorteJ nurarwre, per kK
Back, lb bB
iiemarara. m bbl,..
Ilur Lead, iwr it'
7B(.I OO
:io .ti o
TOBACCO- ttarlc, per lb
LlirhL i.er lb.
RriKhl.'per lb...
HlUnkiniC, prlb, pfK..
Ff.lir U'lrrnl. f.n. 1. ner hM.new
" .N'o. , " ' 17 (IDfllsi 00
" No. 'I, " " 15 001(10 00
" .o. 1, kit. " .1IIU3 mi
No i, " U Illl rVJ '15
" No 3. ' " 1 SISHl 7
ltliT.-1'er Ih UtOli
SODA-Ul t'arlion keffi' per lb T
" InCoxo., ner lb .. Hti
.VAII.S-IVr Ueg, M to ..ill 175(1
Uthrretteala ironort:on
I'RO VIS 10.K-rnrk,tne.t, hbl. 10 011.3 1 (1 .1(1
I'rlmo iiipm pork, pr tbl.,. 1 7 oil
urcaKfiUi oacon
Cleur tUltf, per lb, dry unit
ttibbnil alilc., I i r Mi dry unit
Hiillllod Hugar Cured ytn
I'litlii Imm, per lb. dry stilt
"iioiiwors, per id. irj im
I.nrt Tiorcps
" i:.
LAUD-Tiercea nd hbl., per lb..,
Keg and bibbM, por lb.
Country Lard, j," lb
l .1 i s I
ne3 on
l no,,' mi
a aO',)l 79
1 (vo .13 ,10
i a.vi :to
1 '40.(1 u.i
l in 'l i.i
1 n.i i in
oo i oo
r.uaiAni.M-roi(ji, por
White beans, per bii.i,.,".71
Nvy, " "
Onion, per bt
W II K AT -Choice Whlto ..
No. 1 whlto
L'nolre red
No. 1 red
Ordinary led A uhllo
FREI&H73-B7 Rlvsr.
FromClroto..' j t 1 From I tiro to
'B7SallreTi-27 Slgaaailfy.'.-sSlI'.a;::'
First Class ..
Pecond ri
Talrd Class
M .11
. I Ki
.. 1 M
Fourth CIm tl W
SipK 1 Clan. . 7n
Tn Nets
t M.
I Oi
, II 0.J
1 74
To New York. nr bl,l
...tl M
.. 1 3C
To Uoslon, per bbl
for t'llr Maralial.
We are authorised to announce that II. 1. MAIN
TIN' will be a cn.ild.ate for the niBco of C.iy Mar-
hl,attho ensulnir charter election, subtect It
the detltlon of tlio Denioerallo patty.
Golden Remedies.
l' Ih'ie nnlv. sil l sire Tlmr llrallli L,
Money. (1,000 Itl'.tV.tlllt fur any i f illicit-,
la any sligt vhlrh th.y fill 1 1 enrr.
1 ns. luciiAU'rt lioi.nr.v nti.-
-v rt.Ulf, Not. 1 k -', sr-
rrrairil allrraiirrs lnon.
4B Un. IIICKAL'S llill.Iin.V
I t-'MMIt D'AMlH'lt l
I fcH iirAlft Tonle and .ttlrlojrfnl
In lh- Mnlkal I.l't. II. lit.
Vaaawv' OIIAU'H uol.uv.s ASITliotrS
iS' Ii lh only tsllaMt dlut.Ue.
The RtoifUtt aro not advrilltcil tl Cure alt
CsmplalaLs and benefit none, but are risriut ..I
so trfcttlltaillcal ami 8fly Cure la all t t
which thy are feeoram'ndH, when all oll.er Itrs.
tnent has f ll I. Tens of thoa.andi yearly trtj.
by their uw, who J.ato bit all " a-t-r-
uunced ai IncuraUs by the txit tjy.i uim..,i
U- HAI.SAU, Nn. I. oftes I'lcer., Ulrrrall
More Threat and yffutli. Sr Fyei. Culsae
c ErupUuns, Copperylret lllotch.s, Horrnm
jf Ui Stalp. Ferftfalye. It Is the llreatcst lUnj
water, AllcraUro Vl 1II1 1'orlnrr Inown. re
moves all tofrcur from tbe syiutu, nd Uavti
Iheblonl pore aoB healthy.
1 9 iiAtSM, .So, 2, cures Mrcurll AS-e-Uonsllheumatbm
In all ill fornii, and
lauafdUte rellei In au c'"t.
lUierNo. I orv, f p:r ovue, or iku
inniArs goldex
ANTIIIOTK. a ladleal eure fir all urinary
deranseni t.u. Vie f rr iii.
n. KinrAirs oolhex
J i:i.IXIl; n'AMOl'K. a rvlltal cuu fir
Nervous or Henrl lblllly. In edd t
yoim 1 lcinli effrry Uh wonderful e2t
I'rle 11 ir l-iule. r twofjr i.
Ou recl t of prl'e, these rraelle will M
allnrl l. any pUo '. l't- Kpt allsuti"-! piU U
all rorrM"inileuti. N 'ne yinutne without tb
nsio. of " lilt. ISlt II M liol.liKS- IIKMKUIKft,
II. 11. HICHAM". ' 'I rroprletar," blown In
clxi of IhiiUci,
Circular, srut. fnde surpllol t a llbcnl
dlieouul. ft ' ' . ,
Addren. HR. I. II. niOIIAItl", ?."! Varlfl
KtrrcU Nsw York.
aWSend money by ejpre... or order good
marked C. O. lb, llirnuuli jour ilriiKl.i, an
you will meet wllll no lots,
It tht hit JfruuMJ 71 ic ivU Pro'
mettref HtJithr.tr dit.ir.trtJ. It it
a tret entire and tare eure fee lyt-
fefsi.t, iiJijettten and ad ditcMtt ef
Ms Liter an j yt ..-o .
It it a mild and 'irhtful miter-
ant ftr dtlicatt 'nia.'fi, and it the
meit a,eri table and fltatant ' totting
Tenii ef tht djv.
J-'jrvounr Children and Inf. mtt it
It a iurt euref.r Wind Celt;, Unfitly
raim in the Stoma. h and Ueteelt, frv.
linn be iud at all Pnirs'sn and lenerai
dfiltm cr by ldiic..;.i tha V, l.o.cjilo
BS0W5, WFHEtt & CO-,
lilrii 1-j .V. Sttond St..
t,r, lovu, uo,
taawiccen I
Estill ii i;Ar i i. it. ai. i
Ou aud after Thiirsila, Airll lillh,
traliw will run its rullims:
Eipri-s ' "
noun Noaviiwrm urn r.
.xpre. ,
tl) .
MakinitclOkO roniiMtl'tim nt t'ana with IN t"'' j
.niral H. It. for fair . . ml l J''''"'?'"" '
th tin. Ind. M. w M. I., for Indiawpolia
id Louisville, and tl! p unt ; "'! '
Central 1
and I.
Alio, tit t-prlUKtlt-ltl Willi the TiiliM".
(v i, ii .IX. i,.i... . mu.I all ItiiilK wc.t, ami
with tha l.lilvauoA Vt. I'U' ,"r '"! 1
Md c"i." a.i d all 7 '( i'0'thwo.t. ,
t ijir,i:, (ii'n'i bnpt.
ptilf .liiVN rotliii n: Oen'l Tn'Kit Ani nt
CairoBu.iletinJob Rooms.
for WaahtUKl uvrutie unci
Fl .nr. ir bbl. i V, is Col (tl,. p. r b.l ,V) t
lly, prton... I as, 7 Tbewi rrh a an
Corn, per tk... 20: Wi i o.itna, pit 1 1 . i in
lti, prewt...i:u I.uml r rr l (0
I tatoei, -r b' ai! IV l.nmhr. l,o 7 in.
Apples, perb. S. ! Iletry frt r;i7 SJ
I prk. pfrb... ., M iw i.iKiit irt-cwti Of, a
rtpHKy, pern.i 1 in
iIibsmiTii't I'm isa"1
Ihttrsdny Evening, Jan.
Will dnllvar 11
Free, IllHstrathe, Moral & InatrHctlTO
iNrKiir.H'ri.vo, iMPomTAM a jib
Erorv nemon. oM and young, should hear lh
lecture m It my bo tho mean of sarins them
bundled, of dollara during a llfetlmo. rlvrl
ix uiosi iwn wioi.uk aaiiiaiTiut
iiM.in. ,1.. .t.nin.. Tim laiila oiu! tf.ntlemeii
iif Hit. city aro respectfully Invited to attend.
Aainiaaswia inn
Succeeding that of the lecture one of the eon-
.lllllflK piiy.i'-iiui. mi v..
a ai..niaarlMlCotl.
i'iirtheiiirpii.onl irotlng all patient who can
tw rincl at tb.ir home and msklna arrange
ment, with otlirwho my wish to go to the
Thn institution cim.ni. of lour departmenta
for the lien ment ofdi.eisee, and tha pierva-
tioniinii iriiproTement oi ncniin
Mil Kienl Department for the treatment ot
evf ry variety ol deiormliy of thn .pine and limbs.
leiorniuy oi iiiqiaio, rr.niiwi naai ma iei,
li.e.i.eoflbe lointi. contracted cord, itirlknae.
st, nn in ihebiad'lrr, wnlto "wellinj.caiicer.cora
uion aii'l nvitnan luuiur-, nip oifea.e, pu ami
rt.iulj, ii..iuiu-, uinputatlcni nnd alt diaeu-t ot
tlieeio and ear, eto.
ivpinmentiiir itiseafoi women ana tnua.
rni tior tho treatment of crloruslt, debility,
vim i,dis.ipn thourrvous ) itf ni, ulnl Ittl.
lutiom, ffinile wtaknes., nterllity. menirul dl-e.i-r,
proupiti, immediately relieved without
tun pci.nry. otc. ...
It.ptirttiiHiil lor thn treatment of chronic dl
e-e -IntlUi.lnstneOitarrah.dlvpeDsIa, 'plep.
s.rolul,iilliiiia cousumptl n.aemln 1
n.M, ili-r.-n of tho hea i heart, lungs, stomach,
l.ter, boview, Mood, Ll id ler an t ki luets. etc.
Tie Hih.n li.partment Which aflord thw
nn si luxuiluus ami complete bathing arrann
modi, for Hi- vu tut ! and thn prit.
tiou of he llhin America.
I'liy.io an. and Hur?-on Prof. D WILSON,
froiirli'tor, 0. 1'. H-uhnnberK, W, tl.Loian. W.
i:. urli'ik'o, J. I'. II miff, I., llrockman, It. New.
t jii. I. V. M itt, A. I. C3p r, n. II. Uamllion, V.
s. I'oo'e, IV W Wood, I'. Ii. Johnson.
I'l armuceutt-t.-W. W. llrull, and Mr. II
Jl. Hum nu. ...... . ...
Aki nl I M. Vansehaai k, J JoSnscn, L.W.
Millr , , .
onico hours From .m..t'S p.m., and on last
da) lroin 9 a.m., to I n in. llest of reference In
the liua 1. of all our phy.iclan. Jan7dlt
U'viIiumiIsi)'. Jitiiuiiry II, 171
No.fityrinvo .nkw.
10HO I'rlre fllvenaway. No blanks. Krryb)'dy
Iteisaprlte. Hie rMiouruxl
Mll.VUIt Kt'ltlNI.
TheC.reat nurcpean O)nuror. In his astonishmgr
lllii.trnli"ii.ftinld igtitlulii.sterie. On thou.
Cute- w,ll U- Kiten fa'tly awy ainen the
aiidieni'o eonsistinjor a iuaui nunr
jro-msr ! sn on Wednesday track ot
L-..... .,...,.,.,.... u'uiriir.. o. Album-. Dry-
KOods .l.l'r.Uted Art.iles. "d l l.,'r17,n,'
hnrk.. and nt.nly ovn other saluable and us'lul
article.. Iteineiiirer crer)bo.ly Kt a prix.
Adlilllilll erllls. Ildsfllfil n't f.Vf "
at 7 oc!'flc. j.i.iv-..
riTTaiiuno, pa.
Bitter Cordial
tlh)lel IVot-N. W cornr Fifth and Bcw
strtets, l'lillaJrlplua, I'.
I.K'IIII SClIKirrZ, Nol I'roprUtor
Ii i. r.ll.l.ln Fannlr Mrdlelne. aad ran ba
' alien hy elilu r infant or m ult ith tho sar.ie been
f nvi.l ri'.ull'. II ii at'rrtaln, prompt and spevitv
'ineiiy iuruiflrrncviiy.rniry. oowri cooipnr
dyipep.u, lownea. of aidrits, faintinss, siok
t loiiiath, lieaiUi'he. eto. for chill, uud fever of
l kind., It I far betirr and stf'r than (juininc.
vithout uy of ii pernlclou enVcts. II eilectcs
I.U nppi'litB, t r ui s a powerful dletor of food
aid uill touuierart tli ttt-ctw ol llijuor In a few
inliiilb'.. A indlspiitabln evideni'o of Its uiedl
c.l propcr'.'i's, wn appi ud a few of the many cer
in. nt.-. in siir pisition i
J. i.n.on'i Depot,' l-it Teun,, and Va. It. It.
Tin n.
Jco!?ciii:iir, Kiv DearHirt Inavausellhe
l Iters I hva ob alned liom you, and flod them
to bo all they aro reuommended lobe. I found
oue bottle io i!ord moconsidrrable relief, I feel
a tin 'inh I cannot do ry well without them, in
my present tatenf health.
I). MKMGC. luat?outhctth at., Phlla.
IVslor lUpliat rasyunk Churvli.
Hel l by 7. P. Allf n.rw Main street liubuo,ue.
-poit iu:.vr.
A cpttago, eleven rooms, ten lot eccb.-d wittt
a x-fni't lioard tnice, all the necessary outd'Ulld.
inics, Rood ciatern wlin plenty of water .all ja
K ' 'J lepur. Unit low io !JvR'1'j(';n(S.i-Prlr
I 0,u3ir . Tenth Mm!.
11 V IMraer BU1"
AI!!C1'.I! A: 1 1 LAKE.
Heater. ia
, Windoir f.'''t und Putty.
, u11,,,e,( v" i'"ir. winilow tis
' ' oi OHIO IXVKK,
J Qaiio - - - UHllOSt
ihim iiiiL uuluuiu.
Ci'imliu' linnurteil KilatU.
II..I.. 'I'i.iiIIi nml Villi llryahea.l S ()
India Itublier Xnrscry d'oodsJ S i
i 3 '4
AT '
TM.'. ''

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