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For City Marshal.
Wc ore authorised to announce ANDIIKW CAIN
an a candidate for tlm office of City Marahal, mil
joct to tlio decision of tlie Democratic party.
Wi lira nulhorltud tnnnnottncothat IIKNHY T
MAUTIN Mill br, n can IMalo for the olllco of City
Marshal, at Ilia etiauliiir charter election, sub
Jrit to tliPi!fflfii nf llio Democratic party.
We are authorised to announce 1'AUI. W
ALLEN aann independent candidatufor tho oftico
(if City Marshal, subject only to Un. decision o
tllO'tOplc. Ill
ror Clly Clark.
At the rc.iueM of many friends, I am n cnii'll
ilato for the nfilceof City Clerk, subject to the de
cltiotiof the Democratic parly.
Wo aro authorised to announce I ho name of J
T. TIIOMAH aa a candldalo for tho olllco of City
Clerk at the enaulng municipal election. Id
Corner riRtilli Hire r-t rtml Ohio I.e. ee,
Over Vincent' Oroccry Slorc, Inform tins people
of Cairo that he ha purchased and refilled In the
most lhoroiili manner lh
Ploturo O-allory
nf J. (). Harwell, making it one of the most com.
pletoln the Weil. Ho If now prepared to ilo all
klndtof work in hi line, from tlm tiMALLEal
make tlm new
mthemoit approved style. Tho best kind ot
p.cture. taken In cloudy; weather. Children
picture taken In thrro to four notond. Old plo
ure copied and enlarged. Come one, corneal!
and sen Inn .pccltncns. .IccMtl
NEWS or THE cm
I'l.ouif Choice Family Flour in hMs
half bills., tucks, Ac, for talc nt tlm Kgyp
tlnn Mills. nti
A la.kiik stock of fumi'Miii oo'ls of nil
kinds nlwnys on hit ml at 1. Nell's, No. 79
Ohio Lovco. dccOtf
I'd it pistols ntitl cartridges ami howio
knives, (jo direct to 1'. Nell's, No.; 79 Ohio
I.evoc. declttf
Ir you want a good, stylish and well
fitting suit of clothes, inado to order, you
maul go to 1. Nell', No.7!J Ohio Levee.
If you want a pair of boots mado to or
tier, out of tho best materinl, and In tho
most fA'hionablo and durablu manner, go
to Win. Khlcrs, on Twentieth street, op-
oto thel court house, tf
Wu wunt
a tlrt-cla chambermaid,
laundry and dining room girl. Tocaeh of
tho above, steady employment will I hi
given, and liberal wages paid
f l'rop.St. Charles Hotel.
FltKK I! ALL AMI K.irn.K.-'Thcro will
tic a ball and raflla fr a tine watch, on
next Wednesday, January ISth, onu door
from tho corner of Twentieth .St. and Com
murclal avenue, at Tom Calahan's -aloon.
Coiro Jan. lrt. 2f JA.MK.S (SUA V.
V. M. D. A. A rogulnr meeting of tho
Coiing Men's Drr.matlc Association will
be hold on to-morrow (Wednesday) oven
Ing. A cast of characters will bo madu for
tho next entertainment, and a full attend
nnco of tho members is therefore expected,
lly order of
d'Jt CS. DKLAV, I'rojldcnt.
Taiikii JIiiotiikks, 83 Ohio Loveo, will
ucronflcr keep conttitutly on liand, direct
from tho Kmtorn mantifucturcrs tho very
liet winter utralnod purified sperm oil, for
sewing machine, and all II no and light
machinery. This oil has never yet been
superceded by any of tho manufactured
oils, as it never gums or is atlectcd by tho
weather. dec-Stf
Tin: meat market of (layer & Co., at tho
turner Washington uvenuo and Tenth
street, is on- institutions" of tho city.
It U not only t Vyiuiitly iiipplied with
tho best of pork, Jtcf, veal, mutton lamb,
sausage, etc., but it presents an air of
cleanliness and order that is rarely seen In
establishment of llko character.
(iitycr & Co. lmvo hud many years ex
perience ns butchers, and lmvo long ago
learned that it pays best to keep flno meats
and command tlrst-class custom. For
choice meats, therefore, cut in ,u neat and
skillful munnor, goto "Tho loplo',Meat
Market," presided over by (layer & Co
dec l'Jtf.
Closing Out Sale.
Twcnty-fivo thousand dollars worth of
ready-mado clothing, hats, caps, booU,
hocs, trunks and valescs tiro ottered for
sulo by V. Nell, 71, Ohio Loveo, nt AC
TUAL COST PRICES, It being his in
tontlon to closo out in tlmt lino and em
bark exclusively and more o.xtenslvoly In
tho furnishing goods and merchant tailor
ing businoss.
This closing out salo furuiihci un oppor
tunity to secure clothing cheupur tluin
ever before otrered in this market.
A two story brick residence, ttdmlrubly
arranged, with lurgo grounds (4 lets), hit-
uated on tho corner of Holbrook uvenuo
mid Twenty-third street, will bo sold on tho
most reasonable tonus. It is located on
high grounds, In an excellent neighbor
kcod, tho grounds containing bearing fruit
trees, vines and choicu selections of shrub.
bery. It is, In short, onoof tho complctest
omes In tho city.
Apply to W. II. THOMAS,
AtThomaf, Ureon iVAldoii.
AVk sco that tho night sot for tho lecturo
of 11. 1 Titylor bororo tho Y. M. 0. A.,
a nd tho exhibition of tho Davenport Bros.,
is tho tamo.
Ltbia. Lydla Thompson mid hor
troupo will delight tho citizens of Cairo
for (i fow nights only, commencing on tho
night of Fobruary 1st, next. Lydin and
her blondus will rccclvo it hcnrtyjwolcomo
from tho Cairo lovers of tho unclad drama.
How shall tho nominations bo tnndo by
primary election or by convention ? Or(
shall thoro bo n party contest for tlio mu
nlclpal offices of tho city 7 Thcio aro tho
questions now agitating tlio democratic
mind of tho city, and thoy mint bo un
swered within h vory fow days.
Indictku. William Shelby
and AVU-
Hum (alias Tom) Huuhcs, arretted some
timo ago by constable Arnold, charged
with having tupped tho till of Uoldstino
and Rosonwator's store, stealing $i!8, wero
both indicted by tho grand Jury of tho cir
cull court now in 'esslon, nnd will havo
tholr trial to-day.
.S II Kin i k Ihvin, in his tour through tho
county collecting taxes, met with littlo sue-
co s. Tho furmurs have not yet sold their
corn, havo little money, und aro tint ex
travagant admirers of tho prevailing hard
times. Tho Shcrill' will footi make another
trip und expects to bo more successful In
gathering In tho tuxes than holms been.
Tiik I)ave.vi'oiit8. Tho wonderful Da
venport lirotheri will exhibit their skill or
supernatural powers which? ut tho Ath-
iiiL'iiiii, on Monday and TiKsdny nights, of
next week. Whcrovcr they lmvo given
their scuncus, largo crowds of tho curious
have turned out to seo them, nnd we be
llevuCuiro will not bo nn exception to the
Law Finn Diolv:i. Our column of
new ndvcrtlimcnts contains a notico ot tlio
dlnolutlonof the llrm of Allen, Wobb and
Jlutlcr. Tho removal of Mr. Duller to
Juckson county, und tho multiplying out-
Ido duties which demand ulmoit ull Mr
Wubb's time, havo rendered thodlisolutlon
necetiary. Judge Allen will continue thn
practice of tho law at tho former oltlco of
Mien, Webb and Duller.
City Oovkiinmk.vt. A correspondent,
believing it timo to " wake up' tho city,
has a few words tosny this morning in ro
ferwnco to the pending canvass for muni
cipal offlcsrs. Wu do not agrco wlth"Tcu
ton" that sidewalks, crossings, streets,
police, Mayor, Council aro all "bad."
Everything considered, municipal atl'nirs
aro If not exactly lovely with tho goose
hanging high In very fulr condition.
.Sidewulks, crossings, streets, Mayor, Coun
cil might ull bo better, but, then, they
might bo so much wor.e.
Wiikiik to (!kt Tnr.M, "(Jlvo nw to
eat und Cnto nks no muru" was tho elo
quent utterance of the Roman patriot in u
trying hour of his history. If ho had
lived In Cairo, In tho neighborhood of the
corner of Poplar and Thirteenth streets,
ho might havu obtained, nt tlio lowest mar
rates, from Lincoln's Fatniiy Grocery, all
his patriotic palate craved foi lino teas,
puro coffee, dried and canned fruits,
smoked and fresh meat, pickled pork, but
ter, fresh eggs, Arc, Ac. Wo advito our
citizens to do what Cato could not do buy
their groceries from Lincoln. Don't far
get tho place.
SiiAVi.s'o. "I have seen men,' said tho
barber, Ncllo, to Tito, "whoso beards havo
solnvadcd their cheeks that we might havo
pitied thorn as tho victims of u sad, brutal
Ir.ing chastisement befitting D.tnto's iVc .
no, if thoy had not seemed to strut in a
strango triumph in their extravagant hair
iness' To our citizens who aro
afllicted in this way wo havo no hesitation
in recommending .Stelnhuuiu's razors.
Thoy havo nn edgo ns sharp at tho keenest
wit, and all lovers of delicate shaving may
submit themselves to tlio skillful hands of
their ownor, and withconfldcncoanticlputo
a shaving which will add to their Cornell
nc5 and bo a luxury which the beardless
may long for in vain. Seo advertisement.
K11.1.KI) nv tim: Oaks. Yesterday
morning, about 0110 o'clock, J. D. Pierce,
lato of Courllund, Alabama, was run
over by a witch englno nnd fatuity in
jured. Ho died within an hour after tho
accident, l'ierco was a switch tondcr, and
while passing ncrnss the track, between I
Eighteenth und Twentieth streets, un en
gino backing towards him, hit foot caught
in tho frog of tho switch, and ho was held
fast until the englno knocked him down,
and passed over tils body. Jloth his legs
woro cut off, und ho died, after being In
great agony ubout forty-llvo minutes. Tho
deceased was a stranger in tho city, having
arrived horo only thrca weeks ago, lie
was about thirty years old. Coroner Ooss
man held nn inquest on tho body, which
was buried yesterday afternoon.
T11 k St. Mart'h Infirmary. Thu St.
Mary' Infirmary, under tho supervision
of tho Sisters of tho Holy Cross, has now
under Its roof forty patients, suffering
from forms of diseases peculiar to river
men, nnd accident! such as their class is li
ubloto. Kightcon of tho patient nro black ,
und four of tho inmates aro county pau
pers. ThoSlsters attend thvso unfortunates, '
whom disease and poverty and ndvorso cir
cumstances lmvo thrown upon their !
hands, with kind, careful and experienced
nursing. Tho Infirmary, from lU In-
ception, lour yenrs ago, bus boon tho
abodo of neatness, cleanllnes, and com
fort. It ts now wull established, and
is looked upon as t.no of tho perman
ent institutions of Cairo, and one which,
from Its utility and merit, should receive
tho respect und good wishes of all our
pooplc. Drs. Wnrdnor and Gordon aro
tho attending phyMehini.
VaBity-keU Will Tli Ansleriott-Uolkel
AfTmy Anileraon Fined anil Itnprls.
oiitd-Jorm Hough.
A number of largo estates hrtvo boon
settled at this session of tho court. A nun
cupative will of John Vandyke, witnosscd
by John Donflt and Franklin Adams, was
prcsontcd by John It. Hinton. Tlio de
ceased, John Vandyke, ot his death, used
tho following langungo to John ucniitanu
Franklin Adams:
I nm going to dio, and I call you and
n,.nW VS., r,nidreInCDenfltand Adarasl
to witnoss that 1 now glvo alt my proper
r .. .v : u -
ty to John R. Hinton."
Tho heirs wilt contest tho will
Tlio morning session wus dovotcd to
arguing demurrers and settling pleadings
Tho nftornoon was mostly occupied in
tho trial of James Anderson, charged with
assault to murdor John Oocckcl.
In tho nbicnco ot tho State's Attorney,
tho people woro represented by r. K
Albright, Ksq., nnd tho prisoner by Judge
Officer John Shccnan and John Gockel
wero sworn ns witnesses for tho Statu.
Mr. Uockcl, stated, that tho prisoner,
James Anderson, camo to tils saloon on
Saturday last, and called for a drink. He
soon culled for 11 second drink, and finally
for the third, when hu whs refused. Ho
remained in the saloon a few moments
and wjiilo Mr. Uockcl was waiting upon
another parson, tho prisoner rushed to
wards hi in with a knlfo In his hand and
attempted to stab him.
Upon cro'S-exumination, Mr Gockel
stated, that tho prisoner was not drunk
when ho came into his saloon ; thnt ho had
never soon the prisoner before; that the
prisoner had no ill-will against him ; that
ho would not say that tho prisoner inten
ded to stab him.
Officer Shuohftii slated, that he arrested
tho prisoner with tho knife in his hand,
and exhibited tho knife to the Jury. Thoro
was blood upon it. Ho saw the cut upon
the person of Mr. Gvekul.
After thoovldenco was hoard, Judge Al
len itutcd to tho court and jury that tho
prisoner was willing to plead guilty to tho
charge of hi mult to do boJily injury.
Tho Jury so found from tho evtdenco, and
tho prisoner was sentenced by tt.o Judge
to thirty days' imprisonment in tho county
jail, to pay a flno of $25 und cost of pros
John Rough, charged with stealing a
curd basket, tho prepcrty of John C. R.
Taber, plead guilty. Tho property was
valued nt $10, and tho prisoner sentenced
thirty days In tho county jail and a fine of
$25. This partv was alio indicted for
stealing one pair of boots nnd a hat from
Albort Susunkn, which caio will bo Ull-
poled of to-day
Tlio Grand Jury bus been hard at work,
but, as yet, lmvo found but few indictments
not to exceed seven.
Tho court adjourned at -I o'clock until
(1 o'clock in tho a.m.
Natcm:'i Gnr.iT Ahsmtant. "Disobe
dience to tlio laws of health must bo
inevitably followed by tho penalty nature
has imposed. Ignorance respecting theso
laws is co-extousivo with thu human race,
titneo, tho universal prevalence of disease,
sickness and prematura death. Sctcnc
und skill combined have brought to our
knowledge tho prcclso character of diff
erent discuses, and enabled 111 to treat
them, with inoro or less succefi, according
to circumstances. Hut, in tho whole
category of medicines or remedies, un
questionably tliogrcalcst nsilstantof naturo
caiifj it nover fails when tukuii in duo
time. A treatment which a child can un
derstand and practlco is simply enough,
nnd If tlio Hitters aro given when tho early
symptoms of 11 disease apponr, a radical
euro can bo relied upon. This is our ex
perience for tho past eight years In tho
trjittmenlof diseases arising from a disor
dered Stomach, Liver, Kidneys, Dowels,
Lungs and Heart, with this medicine.1'
Mttxnrcr n Utalth. JanlTcoddwlw
Skci'iik C'KKTint'ATKs I Tho advertise
ment in another column, headed as abovo,
should bo read by ull. So rare an oppor
tunity to obtain a fortune rarely occurs.
An investment of only Two Doi.laus se
cures a choice American Chroma, und 0110
chanco to obtain a l'rizo of $25,000, or ono
prizo of $7,500, or either ono of 08 otticr
Grand Frizes, fully described In tho
pamphlets which the Managers send on
application. No enterprise of tho kind
has uvor come beforu tho public so highly
endorsed and m fully vouched for. Its
officers and directors nro gentlemen of
mean'), and Its commltteu numbers tho
names of capitalists und bunkers through
out tlio weU.
Itumembor that tlio drawing takes placo
soon, und no timo should bo lost in send
ing for shares.
Auction Sai.k. Will bo sold Wednes
day, Jan. 1 8th, 1871, at 10 o'clock, a.m., in
Front of Millar & 1'urkor'i store, No. :W
Ohio Levee, for account of whom It may
concern, tlm following goods from tho
sunken steamer II. S, Turner: 17 hhds.
Migar; I hhl. molasses; 1 bid. beef, &i
Ry order of UNDKKWKITKitS.
A.v iiivaluablu remedy for emigrant'
und persons traveling or temporarily visit
ing malarious districts, is to bo found In
Simmons' Liver Regulator. If takun oc
casionally it will provont Chills, Fuvorti
I aim injurious eueen irom ciiuiigu 01 nutur.
1 County Rook Hni'dK. There urn, at
' this time, in tho poor houso, charges on
tho county, sixteen pauper. Dr. Uurk, of
I tills city, !
is registered us among tho latest
Mr. Editor: It Is timo that some
thing had boon by somebody said about
our election in tho city, that is to cotno off
in tho month of Fobruary.
Tho parly, Democratic, has tho respon
sibility of the government of the clly, and
the party luffors when tho gorornmonl of
tho city it bad. I am not always a Demo,
oratj but I votod mysolf for Crobt, and
will stand a Domocral. So, you sec, I
want a bottor government in tho city than
wo have Tho Mayor it good enough. Tho
Council if rood enough. But the Mayor
and CottBcll, God knows, aro bad enough.
Tho .Idowaiks are mii; mo street is bad j
tho crossing ii bad; the police is bad
Tho tax keeps up and tho peoplo pay It;
and tho money Is badly spent.
I am a poor man and pay not much tax,
but I observe Muybo thcro is a blunder
somowhoro. Cm you toll? Thcro Is,
something wrong. You nro tho editor
why do you not wake tho peoplo up. If
tho peoplo will wako up, they can havo
good sldowalks, good crossings, good
streets, good police. TEUTON
January 17th.
A LlOIIT-FlirOTtllHD ClOAR Makkr
A German, whoso namo wo could not ascci-
taln, nrrived in tho city yesterday morn
Ing from St. Louis. Shortly alter ho got
off tho cars ho fell into tho company of n
man named Harney Mltchel, who says tic
is a cigar maker, from Carrol street, New
York city. Mitchcl cultivated his now
acqualntanco with yreat assiduity, made
himself agreeable, drank often at the
German's oxpenso, and proposed to Ini
tiate him into all tho fast mysteries of tho
city; but, in un hour or two, ho "shook"
his new friend, who .ihortly after discov
ered that his pocket had been picked and
he was minus thrco hundred dollars. In
formation of this fact having reached Offi
cer Shccnan and Constablo Arnold they
instituted search for Mitchcl, and cap.
tured film. Too missing money, how
ever, was not on his person ; but tlio offi
cers woro Informed that ho hud passed
through Mr. Saup's cigar storo into tho
back yard, and Investigation disclosed tbo
fact ho hud concealed ono of iho bills do
scribed by tho German a loOblll torn in.
two In ono of tho back buildings; but
neither tho pocket-book nor tbo balance of
tho monoy could bo found, nnd Mltchel
would not tell where cither was. Thu light
lingered gentleman was contlncd in tho
county jail to await tho action of tho
grand jury.
.Mr. nnd Mrs. Jewell Wilcox aro onu
visit to St. Louis.
Tho stcamsr"H.S. Turner" -a-lll repair
ut Mound City.
Houlon of the JoncsWo Oauitt was in
tho city but night.
A illtenie, likn dtpthorla, Is killing hogs
In ull putts of tlio city.
There uro about sevouty pupils in dally
nttendanco at tho Gorman schools.
J! c Halo received only ono now boardur
yesterday a drunken negro.
licrnard Smyth Is still absent, alternat
ing between Decatur nnd Springfield.
And Doctor Smith, too, is the happy
father of ah infant girl, born yesterday
Capt. Hamblcton, of Mound City, nnd
Alf. Cutting, of Metropolis, wero in tho
city yesterday.
Tho wharf. In thu vicinity of tho stone
depot, is covered with cotton bales.
Thatji'.s a bad sldowalk on Fourteenth
street, between Washington avenue and
Walnut stroet.
Mr. Frank Williams, formerly of this
city, is en routo for Texas with ono hun
dred and olglity teams to work upon ono of
tho railroads of that state.
Abo McFall, coloreJ, of this city, wus a
cabin boy on tbo Ill-fated steamer T. L.
McGill. His namo Is recorded on tho list
of tho saved.
l'roiecutlng Attorney McCartney has
gono up tho road. How can thu court
got along without lilni ?
All tho gamblers and thieves who wero
"warned" somutlmo ogo, havo returned to
tho city with reinforcements.
Tho decision of tho Supromo Court, In
tlio street-filling caso of Fulls vs. tho City
of Cairo, will bo given within u month.
Mr. Wm. II. Morris, of tho firm ofiSuf
ford, Morris and Can dec, Insurancu agents,
loft for St. Louis yesterday morning, to re
present tho Cairo branch of tho American
Centrul Insurance Company, which con
vened In unnual semlon in that city yester
day. Thoro aro a largo number of Spiritualists
In Cairo, nnd they uro all on tip-too of ex
pectation anticipating a rich supernatural
treat in tho "Manifestations" of tho Da
venport lirotliers,
If any porson has lost a pocket-book and
can prove It contents, ha may obtain it
by calling at tho ofllc of Green and Gil
bert If tho found one In their posession
is his.
Shores wants to pray for Deacon Hop
kins, and requested permission to do to.
Hopkiii replied thai when he winded thu
Old Hoy to pruy for him lm would apply
fur thu prayers of Shoros. Thu brethruii
no longer dwell together In unity.
Squire Shaunixsy presided In tho polleo
courtyostorday. Ho protests thai tho pub
lic morals uro so decidedly oxcullunt that
tho police officers cannot ouru their suit. Ho
hud ono caso a bard ono and didn't get
any monoy out of him. Sent him np
Tho Mississippi is reported as aguln
practically closed by the St. Louis pupen
ofvusterday. Ico and low wator aro too
much for It, und boats aro hunting winter
quarters aguln.
Arlington, Coltimbui, Armada, Paducah,
Tom ja.per, St Imls, U W;riiotna, Evanavllla
Columbia, Marklnuiiy, Momphis,
Silver ltow, " Northweitein, at Loiih.
ArlinRton, Columbia, Armada, Paducah,
W II llrown, Ht Loula. Oiltimbla, Little Kock,
nllver How, uhreveport, ( W Thomas, Evansvillo
Tho weather was partially cloar yester
day. Tho tomperaturo was below tho
freezing point both morning nnd evening,
but tho themomcter roso to 48 degroci
during tho day. Tho wind was coming
from tho north last night nnd thoro was a
prospect of very cool weather this mom-
Tho river has risen sir Inches slnco
lastroport, and will bo rising mora rap
Idly to-day, as tho lower Ohio Is swelling
Tho Ohio was still rising at l'itlsburg
on Tuesday morning with seventeen feot
water In tho channel. It was still raining
at that point on Sunday last, and two or
thrco moro feot of a rlso was probablo
Tho coal boat fleet was preparing to leavo
on TueHay, as tho Ico had about entirely
disappeared. Tho gorges havo all brokon
abovo Louisville, and tlio America hud ar
rived at that port, thrco weeks out from
Cincinnati. Tho river is no doubt open
below Louisville, although nn boats have
yot Coma out. Thoro Is thrco feet water in
tho chuto down tho fulls, and six feet larco
from Loulsvlllo to Grand Chain, whuro
thero It only tlvo feet. Tlio Hello Vernon
was still laid up thoro yesterday, utiublo to
proceed to Cincinnati.
Business continue good nt our wharf.
Tho Mollio Ablo continued to rocoivo
all day yefjprday, and loft last night
with sou tons.
Tho Great Hopublic Is roccivlngjrap-
Idly, and leaves Thursday.
ThoTomJaspcr received 100 tons bore.
Cant. Thompson her compandor, Is so fur
recovered from his rccont severe attack
of 'pnotimtmlii ns lo bo nblo to sit up
Capt. Goll Is in command for the present
Tho Mnrblo City brought 1200 bales
cotton for rcrhipmetit Kust by rail.
Tho G. W. Thomas brought 1300 sks
corn for rcihtpmcnl to Nashville, Tcnn.
600 bbls Hour1 10,000 lbs. bulk meat for
reshipment to New Orleans.
Tho City of Chester was Tecoving
yesterday and hist night, and oipeoted to
leavo for Memphis nt nn early hour this
morning, with 100 tons.
Tho Silver How received about CO
tons here.
, No further particulars wero received
yesterday of the McGill disaster. It Is
feared that Capt, Tompkins and first
clerk McFarland nro certainly among the
lost. They wero last seen on tho burning
boat, throwing overboard every loose
thing which could,tloat, to assist thoto who
wero In tho water. Their families resldo
in St. Louis.
The Armada loaves dully for Fnducah
at 5 p.m.
Mew Tlsaa Table.
On and after 12:30, p.m., Sunday, Dec.
4th, tlio following timo tablo will govern
tho arrival and departure of pasnonger
trains at Cairo:
Mall train leaves at 3:10 a.m.
Kxprcss, ' " at 3;"0 p.m.
St. Louis and Cairo Kxpresn
leavcsat 1:'.'0 a.m.
Accommodation leaves nt...l'J;30 p.m.
Mull arrives - 2:0s a.m.
Kxprcss, arrives l'J:24 p.m.
St. Louis and Cairo Express
arrives 4:45 p.m.
Tho lust named train leaves St. Louis nt
10.3D a.m. Traders can leavo Cairo at 1:'.'0
a.m., reach St. Louis nt T;-j a.m., remain
11 tho city thrco hours, and return to
Cairo at 4:13 p.m., the sumo day.
Tho 12:30 accommodation and Cairo and
St. Louis express leavo daily; all others
leavo dully oxcept Sunday.
Way passengers should bear in mind that
tho 3:3u p.m., train makes only four stop
pings between Cairo nnd Centralla, viz:
Jonoboro, Curboudnlc, D11 Quoin nnd
Ashley. Tho 1J:30 p.m., truln stops nt ull
tho stutioni along tho routo.
dcc.'Itf Agent., Cairo,
Investigation l n necessury for Iho proteo
llun of Ihn liumuii lidy aainal iliaeaae when un
healthy Inllui'iicea nro abroad, a Iron armor and
Kranltx mat merits an-fur Iho protection of ahlpa
nnd f.inri'' uhennalled l.y ahot an I shell
Henri-, it U de-lmlile hIicii lhoe (intent enemies
nf it.ility, dump und eold pervade the air wo
lircathf, lo put the ayatem In the heat po-klhlo
voiidltuii lo iicoimlrr llieiiu Tlicatoinaeli it the
nrK'in h' tthlvli every other urv-ia I iioiirl'lied
aud MUUlned, a d therefore iixm Its vigorous
and nvul'rartion depends, in 11 treat measure,
lhiic.jip.uMt) of Ih" )ii'iu lo ri it lh i.iiil'a of
Iho Iniiaililn tnemlea of hoillli un I line, I.) which
at lh(iui lenient M-asun, tl ; alirroliudt'd, Hoc
totter'x h'tnniuci. Illtterr.au admiralile tonuinnd
rcKuUtiii.ic medicine for rdleamin, l never m re
11 link'' 1 1I1.111 lu inter, v. hen the torpifrin; inilii
I'Di'ea of 11 chilly atiinnplu rc.cHV.-tt nil the vital
fiinolluu,aud reuili'ta Iho hody cxlroui'l) il
t'cplililc. It v t mil); tho dii;pt i iiiirmit,
unit UiDliter'tHiid die lls Mith llil' iiuciiiallcd
U'Kt'trKa f pec I lie I v physical coinllliou la attuuicd
Mliicli aecma 10 lie proof efpiind all varictien nf
trmpt'iatiiro, nnd that lnlnvc.il 111 Iho air of w In
ter. 1'i-rciii.htfiin-iliiMtl 11 i pri'CJUtlmi ulnuli
eheuhl uvter lm iis-jjIshjih-I when ilniia-r i pie.
I'M, Mild llierefori'll four"' of Ull' Illttrra at till-m-iivoii
It p.iriuiilarly ileslrulile, t'pvull) tor the
lor tho feehln and lcM), Aaaitmvd) or MiU
nm, il)pcpil.l, liiriolljuem, and lumi'l colli.
I'lainta. Iher Uiiothiiij(coiiiparaMi'li' lhi whole
annul irttomti
sAHtCFraiu vcrpool, l.oinlouileriy,
(Jlaauosv o' tueeiikuwu lu Cairo
NuH'onl, JWorrlsj & Cuudcc, .tit
Family Grocery
Cor. 1'oplnr ami Thlrtconth St ,
(In th building knoirnns th SmltliStore.)
lldoinir nOen-rilflroerrv llmlneia In FirUCIam
tloods, fine Teat, uro Uoflee, Cannod and Pried
Krulti, Smoked am Halt Meat, I'ickled Pork,
l.anl, Smoked licef, iiutter, Kreah Ken. Flonr
Ileal. Salt Fish. Nut. Canaim. xhnt. and all limit
of Koodnuually kept In Urst-alais grocery ilorc.
jnil.-'itin .1
Cor. Sth St. nnd Commercial nr.,
in Tin: perry iioilsi:
Misirti naiars,ri.aiiToneliand Skill
ful Workmen.
I.allea" and t:hdilren'a Hair Cut and Curled,
eitti-r at tlie ahopor
Ocntlemen'a Whukera and Hair lijed Ina aelvn
title manner, and satlafactlon guaranteed.
(In Fourteenth atreet and Ohio l evee, a pocket,
hook containing n sum nf money, which Iho ow ner
can have liy callintfon Orecn .V ililtert, Attorneys
nt Ijiw, Cairo. Illlnnln, and Identifitng prniert.
Cklru, III.., Jan. IT, 1S71. JulSdlot
The partnership heretofore existing Letneen
Ihn undersigned, in Ilia prtlce of lia, N thU I
diiv dlmolved br intllual eonienl. Killixrona 01' i
thu late II rm of Allen, Wehb A lliltler Is author-
Itorftoaettln tin nuv nrilliil.ln-d lni-ine.a of the
I.rtnershlp. WM. J. AM. K.N'.
II. S.l l.-'U. VT1.IIII,
Cairo. Ills., January tT, IsTI. Jnls'ldaw Iwr
XorlliHcatcrii Real I'mIuIu
mmsKkvuiAH, m.v.v.,
(,'untlucldl by a lloartt of Directors ami
Committer embracing tht leading
Hankers and llusintui Men
of the, Sort hire tt.
Worth of VAMJAIII.F I'llOI'KltTV to I- .11 -irihtltO'l
at Ponce opera Home, .MlnneijNilfa
Cerfcilcutes S2 00 !
Kntitllng Ihn holder to one linn
Amorloaai Oromo
ONK ticki:t
IN TIIH IIKSTItlllt'TKU.N tlF I'llllW.
i Cain, . . . -)v.-,ooo
1 CJsjrt, .... 7,500
i om, .... 1,000
'J Gifia, vuvh ... SOO
i can, .... 750
Ami 04 other Cash Gifts!
Ereryccrtlllrategeia nt nnco an ojrilillln Oil
Chroiiio, an lachaucotoilraHr cllhvrof the atote
firand I'rues.
sTAII prlt.s pJi I throiish Iho
11 HUT .WriOMAt. tltXU.
N. II. The drawing Hill Ihi eondueled h) n
Cotnniltlen roillpo.ed of genllvmen noted for
their nlghfliiaui'lal and anctal poaltlon men who
hoii'iI ctrn lo lend their nimea to any hut a fair
anil In. imraMe train icilcii. Wo append a portion
of the
ThonAlcera of the National Kichangn lUnk.
" " " Itank of MlimesK)ll.
" " City It tuts.
" l.'acliaugo and Paungs Hank of
Uorat' Thompson, I're.'t lit Nat'l II ink,
Hod. K. Wllllua, llmker.
Talker I'ailie, Hanker.
Wm, Iiawson, Hanker.
Hod. Win. I.e.', Mayor of r(. I'aul, 'Una.
V. H.tillsnn, I'rnprlelor Nicollet llnu-e.
Tlioinaa l.or), Attorney at Ijavr,
K. II. Amen, Mayor of MinnraiKilia,
K.I'. Will-, Ileal Ciluie Ih-alar.
T. A. Merpliy, l'r. ...lent r.st'haiigo and Rtvlngs
now ik Tin: Tim:!
Tha remaining aharei in tho Drnnd Drawing are
coiug ott rapidly, an 1 w ill ocn ho none. 11. iii. iii.
berllat lh ilraMlnglakea place MAItCH Fltwr.
and that u hen tho lull nnnil.rol atiaios are .old
It will Uiliet I.1I0 to mad your.ellut tliU.ippor.
tuully lo hiiy ai'hoico Chroiim for Jil'i and oh
lain a priio uortli lhoi.,iii.N.
Thu lerfet faunex of llila great achenio Is
lully e.tal'li-heiUlidall who latent ttte sliroof tho
wiirili of their money 111 11 II 110 tsurk of art,
and achancu to b.'rnliH' Hell at an cipeii'O of only
Two Dollara.
Treas.. J. )( HIDI.i:, K. C. CI.VHICK.
I'res'l ll Nat I ll.tnk. h.-c'y.
For Infnriiiallon and tleacriplivo rlrrulirs, ad
dre the ileucrul Manager',
.Minneapolis, Minn,
rrmo xiwu rs ly.
.Monitny nml 'I uomIuy, Jan. '2:1 nml 24
Tin: wmtMi-iir.Now.M-.u
Davenport Brothers
Will appear aller u uut I'atrmir.lliiiirv nnd uc
ceaslnloireernf eiciit.en je.ir tliu of winch
were apcni 111 Europe) hi ihelr
HyaUrlaua nml Klnrllllig Vi'iimlet
Their wonderful Scuneea lulu been given ill
pru.cnco of thu enwued hc.i.l of Europe, mid
liefuiu sailiiud llllelll'.ent uaneinbl.uoa tliloilgll
nut Europu mid Alifrieu. ii-toiilihing and con.
founding (ho ui.e-t nt' all cjuuirie.. Ttn-y niu.t
I. cen to ti uppro'i ile.l.
In ii'I'li Ion to tlii'C.ll'inel riciiiieu.f the I'm ell
port Itrolhcra,
ProH W. M. Fay
Will glie In Itl brJK'l I'MIK SEANCE
Wll'lout Extra S'lmrge.
A.liiiU.teii to b'lb t binet and
I r k
Heiinci. ."SI cent llc-cned e4t ;.' cents.
B.".t c.ili lK.viiri"llii udv.'in. i' nt II irliinn '" ,
IIihi Itixiiii, w hero a plan or the Hull c.u l' eeu.
Poors op"it ut I u'clo.'k, lo coiiunm.'.' at a
"cloJk. laiilTdi'l
. .
. . 11 a it. i."
1 . t I'llAWa'.
GR A N 1
i 1 .11. ......... ...I,..-
Cairo T rnor Noclety
lieg lent to .iiinoencc
wlinilU llinwyUl.linL'U
-fr sK. yn-r .
For Momlaj llviMilii-r, IVh. (I, 1ST I
IN ,
SCTrll!. 1-1 AXi'L.
Kveiy eir.irt nlll bo ptilf.uth by thu iiiiiiafceM
to render llieoi'cii.ion Hip mo.t eiileiluiulug and
'ro.'hor.'li' ivlltiv ofihokliidcver held in lltucity.
Jan. 11 .III
M in M WW I M n in
ivor an vomer art cie erer ntTeretl lot ia ontj
r . ii.n i.mnn.ir.iii .t i nn vnn.i.-m , imnui
liy it rias niiaine.i wmiin 1110 oriel year biikv
Mai first mnnufacliirrd. Not leu than
Ono Million Housckoopars
r, and the demand is rapidly Increaalt g.
mi..v ii-inrf MAhnnn in tr.ia nnii nin lrna
"no longer a necemlty In tho household, sin
0110 uoca inn worn 01 eacn ann an iuj
Hi lirlefia labor and expense.
Thn following aro a few ot tha apeclal ,
"Moll iApollo la admirably adapted t
until It lacoTereilwIlh n creamy latbet.and
then briskly over Ihn pann ot glaaa ct -aa
.itUndiiolli.li with dry elollior chanoU To
rtmoso nurnl.lior dried paint will tequlrsa
tl CI.KAN KXIVKS-Usoyour d.sli-cloth, rub I
on the, Kntmlln, and then rapidly user th
Unite. 1 1n- will glTn 11 brilliant nnd dura
blu poiisn, wiinom acraicnirjg.
t'Ol.lSII TIM, IllltSS, and other Cllliar
Ariirlea Hiiiillie iiainp cloiii on tha caka
of Kapollo until uvli coveiBj, nnd tbaa
pilekly .iter the aurls.' or thn ntensll. it
ill produce aluatre e.pial If not uperiort
to the new.
polio as nliore; do not ruh too hard.aad
nne with cloiii In clean water.
Hill 11(11 SK CI.KA.M.(1-Ki.ollo liof tin grail
et Tallin In the raring of time, laborasii
th wear of Hie article- cle.in.cd. 'fry It
0 nee and you will never I- without It.
Kill IVtsillMi IHHlirs, llath Tabs, HaorS.
Tables, etc. w here soap was formerly ueJ
rapnlin la Inrrduablc: aud nnco Hied, will
net cr be dispensed with.
IN' TIIK' IIOfSK for all purpoxH (eicapt waah-
Ing clothe), thu .itiitle la co&raateot
eciiinmical and reliable.
IN TIIK tsTOItK For iwlishlng scales, meaaursi
(tin, bra.. oti'npr), kniiee, fheare, etc.
I.V TIIK Sllul'-I'or cleaning, poinding and re-
tnOvlncUins.oll, ttc, irom machinery aad
Mr HKOFKICK-of the -mgeon, dentist, clr
engineer, p tinier and engrai er.
N AM. FI.ACI..S where a cleansing and polish
ing aireiif, at onee eili-cilie, ecunonilcalanil
harmless la rn Ulre.l, our ."apollo, will
prou. it great eupcrlorlty oier all alhor
I I UK IIAMtVAKHINU-Sanollolt whataiery
, printer, palnlcr, phedxrapher or ma.'hlnlst
! needs. Il .illicitly remote acid-, palm,
I nk and mherslaliK from iho hand., which
fo.ip "III not loi.ch. Il .odeas thvbauda
iin llcaria Ihcm amnolliniid while.
I'llH'l.' a tiw tents.
hU I. Ii lit your grocer, ami druggist
Whi.lfl lepct,
ill Wa.blnBloa, St., and flO Oif.ird St.,
Neai YuiV. t.nndnn.
Jlany jeara'cxpenencu in cttrina Cat.irrh. con-
siimntion, D).pep-lH, contiution, pilen,
.. .1 ut Iho I. iter, blood, akin. and
urinary organ, dlwlo-el ihu sum
ing f.1.1 that iho inujoilty of Ih-in went raus
"I by and colli I only l-i cured after cnriin Ihein
of kemlr.nl weakuea., 'nliat itlon, canities, Iron,
tonic-, UlrauhnN, hyp-iplm-hite-, mercury, co
ulna, c'iibdi, bticlui, inj.t.-iiiiii, anJ the ordiLary
reliicdlci. hid proved wor.o than uselcs.
Treatment Uurirrlor to all oltifri.
I deem It a duty to any you cured three casta ef
coiiaiitiipllou.nftei other ri'inr-liea failed, anllwo
of Typhoid Fever In Iho I ntel iiag. I will
acini Jim tli'lr nllldnvita If you wish.
JAUKSFKl'KIU, M.O.lCana.a WssU
You cmeii my wlfn of long.elan.llng weakoes
and luytl(nf disea. of thelirer, kidneys, aid.,
alter troitinentalong tlumbr 01 horn.
r. W HICK. HartforJ.Conn.
After baring U'cn treated br profe.irs and
many eminent phy-a'lan. wilhout benettl for lo
digesllun, Ulsilurx, lieurt .irtii'lion, coiih, dla
ea.uof the lungs, liter, klndcya, 1111J argauio de
bility, you icitored mo Inlhreo monthi unnnl r
rigor and good heullh. F.bTillHIN. N. Y.
Von cured my wife of long staudlug wenkne.a
and III) .ell of ill.m-i' of Hie liter, kidney., eta.,
alter treatment along tlniu br others.
. W. KICK, Hartford, Conn.
Myife'cae wit considered hopalcea tiyall
tho iliy.iolan-, but iy tho ble.slug of th At
might) 1011 rc.lored her l health. A IhousauJ
tliiul;.. I'.. Il.illlEH rii,
Klitiitieth, Fiord Co., Ind.
Your medicine an-Ihu gtejti-tever ill-cut rra
by nun. They cured niyon of Hronc hills, Jyi
p,'i.la, and an weak our lioclor nut.' ourstltaa
gun up all hope. A nn lii.lruinent lu th tuaila
uf linl wuthiiiikynii foraring him.
WM. J.blTl'Ill'N.S, Mulidtiiiky City, U.
Ytihae reltere.l iiie.it pun nnd reiorodmy
untie to it natural col.ir, etc.
II. HITCItUOt'lv, biiarnn, VI.
You cured 1110 of .lurii of ten year' 'aodlngi
I .lllleled terribl) beforu I look )OUr ine-lltllie.
Juri. UAUi Li:rr. Iturllngton.N.J.
Your iiiediciiie cured mu o rapidly, I woult
luwi'sidjuut'ssi had Mm re.iiiir.-l 11.
J. Hl.afKsTONi:. ir .Apple Itltar.lll.
! liiuwneii lcoiniiiruci'd )our
1 uo oilier cotiid lutvu -JMd me.
I leel gr-lellll I" lull, a I w.t. nm eaptvitu 10
iiivuicinv. iauuw
Mis. II. J. H.VDHEN.Mllwaukr.Wis.
Tho awelllug lh.it uthVtcd lu)' ll I entlt.ty
rcinotcd by sour niwlicluu. . Itl'lTlKH,
Vau lluren.Uhio.
You ..iir.'il nt" of adi-cAot thlrtr )ear staaJ
In. Al.EX. MOOItKIIEl. (Juincy. O.
You removed my .mg-tand, complicated dia
c,...' ill. 1 few la). MAUInUN fllHillT.
Wrlghl'a Landing, Wl.
I hate been well about )ear (ruin tins medi
cine you ut me. Mrs. M. WILKINSON,
Noble.rillo, Iu.i.
Three ph) slclau .aid I could tut I lieipd Uat
Fall, but )oiirindlcinnretorid my health.
Mr HUTU CONHIT.Iheria.Ohla.
The ) oung man our medlclnet urcd was a hope
. a CJ.11 of three Year' atanding. Ho could uot
liaouliisaldfllorluoyear. .
.1. II, MiXi'ltMH K ililUboro.Ind.
Four year ago til) oonatiliit n a i completely
broken down, but ). 1 liaiHcuiri'lctcly cured me
J, J, lllll.NI.'. Minbnry, I'a.
Irc elved iiiincdlal.'r.liiflr'o')ourinKjlciut
m.'.vj i;nir. i..iiiisiii.kt.
M, aide I. well. I'HK.N flf AHIIH.'',
l.u.,.1 Irtll,...!.. Il.l.lu.t IH
I don't think I haie irlect curr, ihsrtfora
nid mi) inoii'iuc'i.' ,., , ,,,
J.J Mlr.llEMAN. Lsndon. III.
. ' I',- X
I h id th" In? rcoinpl tint, .1) reim, und roinit-
liutiiu u-.irslufora I H"'k y ur wonderful nied.
I !,.,ne. .NTItIl-.S.Cale.U.iiii,0hlo.
tour ini.lic'iio ninove.1 thn pjln id my
.10111.11 h, ud a Jrene llitotigh my ahoilldert.
Mr. H.Ttillle, lodep.Hd. nce.0.
I I, ...i.' TiiiuiUi, Ihiiuitle, liy,, cured ut coiupll-
can .
Charleallntritli. cured after lull ng oa aban
doned t')' niiutnbcrof ilnctors.
Th. ititfglniinii, HariUoiiMlle, Id , w-oiatlirea
year niter wc had cured him, he u. well.
Mrs. I,. It. Hill, lloul ng tir.cn, Ky weakatia
and coinplicateit illveaiio cured.
Win. llevr. CriwfnriNvillc. Indisna. wrobs Jao.
UM, m.( cMired him dvdii yeai prcviotn.
1 r.x-Mi.yur tlcorje II1I1, lra.dliii. New York.
I emcd f ,,,.Ihc.ic of kidneys and bl Wder Willi
' i.iir.il)i.if olhcr org hi.
II,. .',. I i, e i.teer.uu nicer .'ii Hit fce OfNatn.
' ninelH'.ydeii, Ki , rt i. cut nf Ihu Chatham
' lti.nl:. New York, w 'in h thu iiio.tvtii.t.cntdo.'tor
Calicut un U.viirnl at tbe r bciue.. althoula
1 per.in.il inteniu,! v Mating ii.nn."! auJprea-
J r.lcunditlJn Adsnufiee Ifr. A..H. Myain,
awuuc liotel-acroKius.li.oli .Htuia-ltefora 10
11, m and niter 3 p, 111. , Hltodawl
. - - - ' ' -
pou Ri:.vr.
Ai'otlsgc.elo'ti rvf'int.Uii loi eticloMdwIth
a aia.fuut loird l'n''C. all I lie i'eccsryout-buil4
lug, goo.1 cl.tertik itlli lei.ty of watar, ail lis
ooJ reuir. Kent I th (!h?VT oN. Pl
3tf ' ' Trnlii M trail.

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