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SUfte ullf;tin.
I'nr Vtty .Yfaralinl,
Wo am uiithorlied toannminco ANtMIKVl'Al.N
nun candidate fur llm ollico of City Marshal, Mile
j-ctl tho decision of the licmoTnllc inrly.
Wmini authorised tiiAnnounenlluitllKNItY T
MAHTt.S' will bourn.. Mil ' f. . the (illlco of City
.Marshal, at llm (l: .uiif. In .or clwtlon, sub
ject In tin-ilprl olou of th" Ivrn'vrMlr parly.
mh authorised to iiuii'iiini-u I'Atll. W.
AI.I.K.V usnn inilt-pcnili-nt rnmlM att fur llm ofllto
of City Marshal, subjii t only In tlm ilii'lslun of
III" pcllpl"
I'or i Ity S'li-rk.
Atlhe rniMMft of iniii) friends, I mil n tnnd1-
it.it for Hie offleeof lly dirk, subject lolho ile-
nnunof tlm Iii'iiKH'iullf parly.
.Mlrlf.tlX J, II'MVMX
Hi iti, in tiik rii:i.n.
V am nuii.oriioil to announce, tho nnmi- of J,
T. THOMAS e r caudulata fur llio ollk'o.of (;lly
(li-rkHt the ensuing iininl"ll.il election. M
.1. SVHt.V.'MSiil'At,
C.ii iiiT HlKtilli Street ittul uliln ! t,
n-r Vitf'nfn fir""' ry rtiorn. Inform' ill" p'opli
of Cnirolli.it li U,iiiip,'imI uri I rt-Mled hi Hi"
tiiol ih"MUih m inner Hi
IL'lotuvo Crallory
of J liuijwill, tnk ng it oil" of th" iiioi roiii-
i i t" in the West. Ilc Is njw prer I In 'In -'I
I. nlti'i viork inli I'll", from th- "MAMX-M
MIWTt lti: TO I'OltniAITn. II"
mil. 4llif m it
:tt:.nt:it i.snr I'li.Ttiuc.
ii i"i' rn -1 approved style. Tin- ! k 111 oi
i 'urr i.tUrii In cloinly! timtlixr, Chillri n
U' liiri I ikdi .11 Ihr"" lo four imhi N III I m
an r I mi l enlirge-1 IVfne iiiK-.eotnei-r
ti l se in spe.-iiu.-ns. lll
Vuh n -I'liniee Kiiinily riniir In hbl
half bbl. ni'kii, .Ve., f.ir snlu nt tlm Kgyp-
tmn .Mills mi
A i..i:uRti'k of fiiriiishtht; goods of nil
klmli nlwnvt on hand lit 1. Nell's, So. TO
Ohio Lev-". dwH'.f
I'-iit ntol mid UHrtrldpM mid Lowiu
kmvi, t;ii direct to 1'. Nell's, No. TO Ohio
I.'vcf. iluMf
- - -
I r '''i want 11 tioel, tvlUli nrnl well
httifi i .it of Mhos, nmil" to order, you
' ir.UuD t- I. Not!', No. TU Ohio I..)VMi.
dei Jtf
Ir vol" want n piil r of hoots mado to or
dir. Kit of llio bett material, mihI in the
ni'jit fnthonnbt nnd duritbhi iiiiiiiuer, o
to in. Khler, on Twotitioth etret, oi
1' to the! court lioun. tf
Waxtud at .Sr. Cium.iM IIotkl.
W wniit m llrl-'liM' elMiiilii'-iiiiii.l.
li i Irv mil Jinin ro.!ii ijirl. 1 ei"h of
th ti'ii-iv, l"iy inji. in. nt will I
ivcii, nt d liberal WHgM ml 1.
f l'roii. St. L'h.ul") MoU'l.
TaIIKH llll iTIIKH'. 83 Ohio l.Yr, will
ii' r :ifl'T !"i'i nui.t.iii'.ly on hsnd, ilrt-ct
from tv l.:i-torn iiiaiiiifm tiircr the ry
h" t witiii-r ftrniiml iiirltl.ilwrin oil, for
u'ln ii:.i'.li,no4, nnd Hll tin" mid lht
in' hmcry. ThU oil lm m-vor yet U-nn
s lorceIMl hy nny of tin inuuufit"turcI
K, at it n-V"rf;uiil or U utroctwl hy tlm
winder d-tf
a intKK mvi:i,MN; noi'si: rmt
A two tt'ry hrK-J. rwldnniHi, inliiiirubly
urr;ini'.l, with lur'tf nr.iuuJ ( t liU), i-lt-
imtt'l m th corner of liolbrook avenue
an 1 Twi tity.third trei, will m told on tho
in -l r- awiiahlu turm. It it locatud on
h'f;h croundt, In an excellent neighbor
Vcl'J, th (,'roundi contalnlnjjbenrlii;; fruit
fi viui'i mid choico telvctiolMof ihrub.
I ry It i. Ill short, otiyof the couiiloti)t
( inrt In the city
Anj'lyto W. H. THOMAS,
AtTliomai, Crcen A;AIdeii
Closing Out .Sale.
Twenty-llvo thouiand dollar worth of
reiidy-iimlo clothli)K,7hatt, eap, boot,
ihocJ, truuki nnd vnleAf j-4 tiered for
mle by 1' -Veil, "0, Ohlo,tLo-e, nt AC
Tt'AI. COST l'UICKS, it lielng hit in
tention t j tloio out in that lino und cut
lmrkix I' nlvely and moro oxteiiiively in
the fiirnl.liii,' goodi and morchant tailor
ing huiluei,
ThUclotlugout miIu ftiritlihei mi oiior-
tunlty to tecuro clothing chenjicr than
ever before ottered In tills market.
Xetv TIiiih 'I'nlilt'.
On and after 12:30, p.m., Sunday, Deo.
Ith, tho following tlmo tnblo will govern
tho nrrlvnl nnd departuro of pm.-onger
trains at Cairo:
Mall train leavotnt.... iy io n. in.
Kxprei, " " at Mo ji.m,
.St. I.011U and Cairo Express
lenvcint li'-'O a. in.
Accommodation leaves ut...r.';30 p.m.
Mail arrives 2:05 a. in.
Kxprcj, nrrlvci l'J:2t p.m.
,i, St. l.ouit and Cairo Kxprcss
arrives -1:45 p.m.
Tho last named train leavos St. Loute at
10:30 n.m. Traders can Icavo Cairo at 1:'J0
a.m., reach St. Louis at 7:-S a.m., remain
u tho city three hours, and return to
Cairo nt -1:15 p.m., tho samoday.
Tho 12:30 accommodation and Cairo and
St. Louis oxpross leavodiilyj all others
lcavo dally except Sundays.
"SVay passengers should bear in mind that
tho 3:i!0 p.m., train makes only four stop
pings between Cairo and Ccntrnlla, viz:
Jonesbcro, Cnrbomtnlo, l)u Quoin nnd
Ashloy. Tho l'-'.UO p.m., train stops a nil
tho stations along the route.
iloCltf Agent., Cairo.
I'ntiil Fiiik! Mr. Ilnldwln, agent for
thy hxcolslor l'iro Kxllngulahcr, Is In ou
city nri'l will glvu mi exhibition iiud trial
II r on thu I.nvco, near Fourth street, this
evening ut fj o'clock. Coma out, rind soo
what Iho Kxcolslor can do.
Ouimcii HusiNKM. A meeting will bo
held In tho I'resbytorlan lecturo room to
night to reeeivo tho report of tho trustees
of the congregation, elect now officers nn
rent tho pews for the ensuing year. It i
expected that all tho imiinhcru nnd friends
of tho church will bo present.
Comino JJow.v, a.vu IIkumiiinii Up,
Messrs. Llnecar. Mtinn nnd I'ono, who
havo hud their ollico up stairs, in Svintnr',
Hloek, liuvncomo down Into tho room for
inerly occupied hy Mrs. Harbor, tho mil
liner, and lmvo fitted up their new office
in n tasty and npproprlato manner.
linnoit Caiiio JJui.i.kti.v. Permit mo
through your columns, to thunk tho "He
curlty Insuratico Co.," of Now York, nnd
I er gentlemanly agent, Messrs. Sullord
.Morris A: Ciindee, of this place, for tho
prompt payment of a Ion hy fire of II vo
hundred dollar, atistalned hy me on my
hoitteholil furniture, clothing, etc.
.4 l-T.KI). Til KO ISAM),
lanunry 18, 1871.
Hkiii: aiii: Vouu CAiiii.uiu.t! I lmvo
jul n eclvcd from ChicBgo n lot of No, 1
cab-iMgcs, wiilcn 1 will sell at tlio verv
lowest prim, nt Mechanics' lln.irdlng Home,
i'oriiir Third st. and Commcreiul Avenue.
Orders sent through tint po't.otlico will
reCflvo prompt attention. Tho doumnil is
netlv", nnd the opportunity to purchnso
will i" i on pint ii way. S. loto no time.
::t M. IIUItNS.
Tin: Two. There are two Klehmonds,
by ri n in ii .Martin nnd Cu!u, in the Held con-
ti-Mltig lor tlm Democratic nomination for
City Mnrslml. To either we shall givo our
hwirty support. M.irtiii it an energetic
lite man, nnd II lie secures the ollico he it
seeking will make u competent officer.
Cain is nlo a man In every wny qualitlcd
(or tho pmltioii, und, if eleetcil. will per
form it dulitt faithfully.
Al.M'Mr I'liozitv. Olllcer .l.ihu Shi-e-
lmii found ii drutikuu iiihii, in mi uncoil
seiiHit flat", lyliiL' on Hilliduv wimrf-
bout yostenlny morning, and had him
hauled to tho cityjnll on n dmy. Ho 'nu
almost fruzon, and cutikl nut till who lie
was or where he emtio from. Mellato pro
coo-led to th.iw him, and, if hu uccjcd,
will hiivt) t!in inehriitted ieiclo bef'Te hit
lioiior, squir" .S(i!iniie-,y, tbi. in.iniliig.
Wo publish, tiiit morning, tho rejwrtof tho
ofiinmlttee, appointed iy the French Sunit
ary Aid Society, of thlt city. Mir: Vin-
mtit, J.cjlfiiiui, Sinvtl.e nnd llrrnn, com
unite.', pvrformuil llm duty i-oufldud u
them In n manner entitling tlifin to th"
thnukt of the xiolety. Tho ml to of Cairo it
not liirgu, but it I'outitribiitod fntdy, and If
out pHiig I. ulUviiituJ by it, llm doners will
hive rH'eiviil full contldsrH'.ioii fur their
Til s: inenl iiiurket of (iaer i Co., nt tho
.-.irnerof U'li.hiiigtou nvenuo und Tenth
treet. it on of "institutions" of tho cits'.
It it not only abundantly mpplied with
tlm best of jiork, lf, venl, mutton Iamb,
miu'ugii, etc., but it presents an air of
cleanliness and miler that It rarely een in
lnblishmeiitt of like charneter.
(inyer -V Co. luivo had many years ex-
perieneo as butchers, and havo long ago
learned that It pny beftto keep lino meats
and command llrt-class custom. I'or
choice menu, therefore, cut in a neat mid
killful manner, goto ''Tho l'eople s.Mcat
Market," prosldoil over liy (layer fc Co
lee Hnf.
A Koiiciiii.i: lli:i'LV. Thu mate of tho
teainei ''Columbiu,'' when excited, is in
tho habit of making ttriklng replies to
civil questions. Yesterday morning ono
of his deck hands asked him if hu could
get iiiouoy from tho boat to buy u pair of
gloves, and received in answer a blow in
the faeo nnd it fearful curxo. Thu hand
sued out a WHrraut, mid officer .Shcehaii ar
retted the billigcreut mato and brought
him before Judge llruss who lined him f.'i
mid costs.
Lkctuiik. Hon. Ilenjamln Taylor,
of Indianapolis, I is J., will lecturo nt tho
I'robyteriau Church next Monday evu-
nlug, tho 2.id Inst., at lmlf-p:iH seven
o'clock. Subject: "Thouyht and Hi L'tar.
Tho following nro somo of tho testimo
nials of tho press concerning Mr. Taylor
ns n lecturer t
f lie entire lecture sparkled with rich
und beautiful thoughts, und Mr. Tay
lor hns added to his well-established repu
tation hero us ono of tho ablest thinkers
und speakers now before tho public. .Si-
ri uri, Jiuinf, s, I .
Hit u'n.t a lecture, ills conception of
tho province; of a lecturer is perfect."
JllaUc, Toledo, U.
"An audience which tilled St. James
Hall uearlv to its entire capacity cunio out
last livening through the wildest and most
tempestuous weather of thu season, to lis
ten to the lecture of Mr. it. V, Taylor. It
was not his first uppearnneo on tho rostrum
In this city, mid Ins reception Inst evening
Indicates thnt hu it here, as everywhere, it
favorite It itowcd like a crystal stream,
flttslsinK lit cascade, of dolicato fancies,
dimpling with eddies of lUaint and genial
humor moving in n deep nnd quiet clmn
ncl of truoaud manly thought, but over
clear und bright nmt musical." Hitlalo
.Vyirrss, .V. J'.
"In a rocent conversation with Mr.
Greeley, 1 asked whom hu con.Idered tlm
best lecturer in thu Held? Said ho: '1
would rather listen to ISenj. 1 Taylor's
beautiful uso ol languagu than my loeturer
1 ever heard.' "(). Sntktt,
Tickets for sale at tho book storosfor llfty
cents each.
Ity order of Lecturo Committee,
Iteport of tlm ConitnltU to Obtain
.iiil for Hick nd Wotsstftcd Prssh
Ndlillrra Two ltnndrd d Flftr
Nlttn lollr naUcd-I.Ut of th Colt-trlltttlloni.
rro Mr Editor of th'. Cairo Bulletin.
Sin: A few citizens of this placo on
dearored, a short tlmo since, to raiso a few
dollars for tho nbovocommodabla purpose,
bv calling on thoso benevolently Inclined
Hut, Innstnuch ai there seemi to be a half
entertained impression, (In regard to col
lections of this kind in ccncral) thatmon,
oy thus raised, tometimes doos not reach
Its true destination: or, to !uso the com
mon pliraso, that it is thut dovn on by (hose
handling it, at Uatt to tome extent, wo
herewith publish a complete list of all the
rnonry tnbicribrd, or xn any way eontrib'
uttd. Wo do this, through respect to-
wards thoso who benlgnantly contributed,
to show thorn that tboir money, instead of
being misapplied or perverted, has bocn
honsrnbly and scrupulously transmitted
to "Sunny Franco."
Wo return our sincere thanks to ono
nnd nil for their liberality, and especially
l Mr. Mnrcus Stockfloth, 78 Ohio Lovoc,
and Mr. 'Win. Kluge (both ntivos of Prus
sia) whogonoroinly contributed.
Vo regret that thu sum that we send
uwny it so small; but scarcity of money If
an obstacle hard to overcome.
Wo, hereby, respectfully tender our
thanks to tho Hullctin Printing Company
for grutuitiout favors, as regards print
ing, Ac.
Thu Mibjoincd document will speak for
Fiimt National Hakk. )
Caiiio, Ills., January lHtli. Ib71. f
Til lit lit to CKRTIKr, that I said this day
to Kmncit Vincent, IS. VcManus; L. D.
liyrno ana Jlobert smytli, n draft on
Lyons. Franco, payable to Loon Gambottn.
Minister of thu Interior of France, for
l.lTH.'JO Francs, to be uted for the benefit
of tirk and mounded French noldiert, 'tor
v.'tiich they paid mo, $159 'JO currency.
Cashier First National Lank.
(JutUcttvi, in the C'fv of Cairo, for th
.SicA unit II ounded of the French Re
publican Army, by the French Sanitary
Aid Saeietu.
atrlck Clarke f 10 00
Heruard McMannus 10 00
lucent r, u0
Friend 1 00
lolui Frit.gvrnld 'I 00
lohn 1 lowly 2 00
Cuil 2 00
.Mr. Hudson
1 W
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
Co). Carter (Tenu)
Jolin llogn.i
Mnrinu Wright
Y. McKee
Thot, Mi'Cnbu ,
D. J. linker
t 00
1 00
1 00
5 00
C. Wlintor.
mnet .MeWllli-nn
I'liltoti rtnii
hot ()'Callai;hun
1 00
1 0)
1 00
5 00
2 00
I'.it. Keuuodv
Dr. V. Wm'xl
.G. Lvnch
Hubert Smyth
L. .1. liyrno
Patrick Clancy
James Hots
-Patrick Sweeney
Patrick O Loughlin...M ,
Albert Sutanku ,
Win. Slrntton ,
Patrick FitzScr!d
Alex Deilaum
Ym. L. llnmbleton (Mound City.,
Patrick liurk
James Kvan.. ,
2 00
ft 00
I 00
1 00
fi 00
1 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
1 00
2 50
5 00
6 00
3 00
1 00
Putrick Mnllouy.
John Hyland 5 00
Wlillnm Mcliale
6 00
Thos. Lcmiv
Win. P. Hulliday...
S. S. Taylor
Win. II. Green
1 00
5 00
5 00
3 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
2 00
1 00
1 00
2 00
1 00
2 00
1 00
1 00
5 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
A. F. Davis
John Dree u ,
Wm. H. Morris
Louis Nassanno
Parker A- Hlake ,
James Greany
James Garland ,
Peter Net!
Michael Koblor
Phillip Lehnlng ,
Phil. Howard
Arthur lloylo
J'Vod Thcobold
John Antrim
ltarclay llros
G. D. Williamson 1 00
. Mnckoy
1 00
John O. White
1 00
1 00
2 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
2 00
2 00
5 00
2 00
1 00
5 00
5 00
5 00
2 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
2 00
5 00
5 00
1 00
2 00
2 00
1 00
2 00
1 00
1 00
5 00
Thos. Scott
Mll-o Millony
Joseph Swobada & llros
M. J. McGauly
James Powers
liuv. P. J. O Hnllorim
Jules V. lSrahlc
Hugh O Callahan,
John P. Healy
Dr. J. J. Gordon
Francis Kitrnau
Jowett Wilcox
0. 11. White
Mr. Hyslop
J. W. Stewart
Jako Martin
It, P. ltohblns
J. M. Phillips ,
Sam Wilson
O. It. Woodward
Smith Turreiis,.,,
Itccd i&Mann
Dennis Dovine
Frank Corcoran
Dfliiiiit Codv. .
Daniel McCarthy
I'ntrlck (ialllgor
Martin O'Shen
Thos. Hill
Michael O'Neill
Michael Mnliony
James Murphy.'.
lllohard FIt-v:erald ,
John Q. Illinium 2 00
Matthuw Walsh, Jr 50
William O'Cnllahan 1 03
Al Sloo 1 00
Georgo MulCeaig 1 00
Chariot Feuchtnr 1 00
Stephen Hwanitx 1 00
Fred Koohlor 'J 00
J. IS Taylor 'I 00
M. Stockfloth S 00
Thou. Koan 1 00
Chas. O. Patler 'I 00
J. T. Kflnnie 1 00
Dr.Wardner 1 00
Wm, Klugh 2 00
Mr. Blxbr. 1 00
Wm. McCormlck 1 00
Young Men' Dramatic Association
per M. J. Ilowloy and Thot,
Lovett 3
Dr. J. Ifonnard 10 00
Nicholas Feith 2 00
Joseph Mendel...
Pctor Saup
.. 3 00
Total amount 2C3 20
Lest ernense for this lilt and ball
tickets 00
Total net amount 5250 20
Vastdrka'a Wlll-Ealatca IMttUd-tl
tart at Cioardlanihlt-Prasllnga
1st tka CirealtCottrt.
Tho nuncupative will case of John Van
dyke, reported In Tut Rumftiw, wat
brought to trial yeslorday. F. K. Albright
appeared for tho claimants of tho property
and Judge Allon for the heirs. Upon ex
amination, DunSt nnd Adams, wltncsset
to tho nuncupative will, stated that the
languago of Vandyke, that ho gavo his
property to John R. iiintoti,was not mado
at his death, but previously al different
timet and places. The Court refused to
admit tho will to probate nnd the petition
of ohn R. Ilinton (or rum testamento an
nero rojected.
Thomas Martin, Ksq, guardian of the
holrs of John Ryal, mad final settlement.
Lotto rt of guardianship wcro granted to
Green II. Parker as guardian of Eucella
ISaicom, minor heir of Erattut ISatcom.
Gavo bond In $1,000.
Nine o'clock yosterday morning found
this Court In tosslon j and, with more than
usual despatch, proceodod to the transac
tion of business.
Among tho attornwya present net hereto
fore reported, was L. P. Uuller, Esq., of
Tho greater portion of tho morning was
occupied In arguing demurrers, motions
and taking defaults.
At 11 oclcek, Wm. Hughes and Yfm.
Shelly wcro placed upon trial, charged
with stealing f 33 from Ooldstolno k Ros
on water. Tho prisoners wore defended by
John M. Lansdcn, E, Verdict: not
At 12 o'clock, m., Court adjourned.
Upon reassemblltig, nt 2 o'clock, tho
Grand Jury appeared lu Court, mid
through Its foreman, John P. Ilely, pre
tunled eight indictments, nnd retired fur
further luttincss.
Tho present Grand Jury is doing Its
duty faithfully und well. Grand jurort
have usually given too serious considera
tion to cnes of a frivolous nature, thereby
incurring great and useless expense to the
people. This Grand Jury is directing Its
attention solely to matters demanding Its
attention no others.
L. P. Duller, Esq, called up tho case of
Loulni Hnrria vs. Wm. Harris fordivorco
Tho prayer of tho petitioner wat granted.
The case of tho Peoplo vsUonryJJefler
son, (colored), charged with stealing a
coat, was called for trial, lie wat dc
foudod by Mr. Lansden. Thecaso was ar
gues 1 at length. The jury bad not agreed
when Court adjourned.
Councilman Jorgonscn it confined te hit
bod by tickness.
Another house it on its way to the fourth
ward, going up Washington nvenuo.
It can be of no groat moment to any
ono whether lllair is elected or not ; but
every family is interested in tho fact that
Uuder and Uro. are telling tho Davis
Sewing Machine, tho best, it it said, in the
market, at figures tho lowest and on terms
ho most desirable.
Alderman Kennedy intends to go away
from tho city again on a trading trip down
tho Mississippi river.
MoIIalo and hlschain gang nro repairing
tho tldowalki on Washington avenue.
Tho city was very quiet yosterday, and
none of tho ordinances wero shattered.
Tho polico officers rested on their oars, as
tho nautical phrase has it.
Squiro Shanncssy being asked for the
police report yesterday, expressed sur
prise and laid : "I havo had but one caso
tince tho 0th, and he bad no monoy. Tho
bottom it falling tut of tbo business,"
Jailer Mcliale has procured a stove for
tho calaboose, nud has greatly alleviated
tho sufferings of tho inmates of that es
tablishment by allowing them to havo
Uro In it when the weather is cold.
lloretoforo they havo been compelled to
onduro tho cold of Winter at well as the
heat of Sumtuor.
Tiik Poliui. "Toulon," in his com
munication on municipal matters, includod
tbo police among the "bad'1 things that
afflict tbo city government. lie cannot bo
a well-posted citlaen, or hu would know
that wo havo now only two policomen in
tho city and that thoy are very competent
officon, at th numbar of arreitt made by
them will verify. Hy their eflorU the
calabooso It kept full of offenders against
the ordinances, and the city obtain! very
efficient stroet laborers for a vary small
consideration. It it a fact, that the two
officers, now on duty, aided by tho consta
bles, make as many arrests as wore made
by tho much larger forcos of former years j
and the poaco of thi city If now as well
proservel us It hat been at any timo with
in tho past right years.
Mat Ruknh hat proved lo bo a succcsa
ful business man, as wo taU ho would when
he'oponod tho Mechanic' Boarding Houio.
Ho has scttlod down "for good," nnd keeps
aqulot and orderly house, about which
everything it conducto-1 with the utmott
propriety. To hit guesU ho it attentive.
They nil are woll-satlsfled and get tho full
worth of their monoy. The houso is lo
cated on tho corner of Third street and
Commercial aveuue.
Dnm for Mbx. The llfo of a river
man. It oneof danger, in which may b dis
played nil tho magnanlmout and brave
traits of character that make men horoot.
Occasionally, wo find among thoso who
follow this arduous calling a heartless and
brutal man llko Captiln Washington, but
noarly all of them, bluff and rough ns they
aro, havo kind, bravo hearts, nnd seldom
hesitate to put In peril their own llvct to
savo tho lives of ethor men. For Instanco,
in tho disaster which destroyed tho steam
er "T. L. QUI," tho captain nctcd tho part
of a hero, and by remaining upon tho
wreck to givo aid to tho terror-stricken
passengers, lost hit life. This fact calls to
mind tho poem wo givo below. It is
Jowol of rhyme, and a tribute properly
paid to tho ruomory of the men who hav
died for mon .
JIM liLtmso,
or the rasiau nut.)
Wall, no I t can't tell whir ho Uses,
Ueeauie hoilon'l lire, you j
L"itttitr, tio'a got out of the liabil
01 II via lik" toll in,l me.
Whrhti you Iwi for llm lttlhr tear
That you Iiaten't heard folk Cell
IIdw Jimmy Hlmltii m.", In Ills the ckt,
The iil(lit ol llm I'ralrir UcWf
II weren't nu natal tlim engineer .
It all i-rsilr iiiucli alike
One wife in Niclii-unfler-th-Mll
Ami anotlieroul here, In 1'U.
A kerrlem nun In hit talk wat Jim,
An'l anawkwarilman In a roar
II ii I tmnerer flunked, anil he nerer Hod,
I reckon tie net cr knowed how.
An I this wm all thu rrllclon lielia.1
To treat hla enijlnn well ;
Nnter lo Im ,.t-i on llm river;
io ininn in" poor ueu ;
Arvl If ererth" I'Mlrle Hello took tiro
A thousand timet he gwore.
He'd hold hi r nosile agin the UnU
Till tho last oul KDlnahure.
All iNiatt lias Ihelrdtjroiith" Misslsslp,
Ami her day come at liut
Th MoTsttar wat a tetter lioat,
Hut the llelle the wouldn't L iwn"i,
And eomrue tearln' nlona thnt night
The oKr.it rraft on t tin line,
With a nliurr squat on her aisftty value
And her lurn.ice crammed, roam ntid pine.
The flrv Imr.t nutat sh clenro 1 the bar,
And burnt a hI In th" nlxlii,
And quirk as a flash she turned, and made
Kor that ttlllfi.hvik on llierlijlil,
Th.ra wat runJilDKaiilturaiiif, andJItn veiled
Oter all the Internal rnar,
"I'll hold her nurs!" aclnlho Link
'fill the last piloot's ashore."
Throiutti the hoi, stuck lirc.il Ii of th" turning
Jim lllildfo. roltfn va. henrd.
An j they all had trust III Ills cumwIhiss,
Anil knowed he would Weep Ills word,
And a. eure'a you're born, they all got oft
Aforn thesumke sUk's tell
And llliidao'a a host went Ui alone
III th. mAr of the I'ratrlx llelle.
II" w-rn'l no saint Uit at jnlKineul
I'd tun tuy rluncr tilth Jim,
'fiiiKsme sun " pious cenllemen
Tint wouldn't .hook hands witli him.
Il".eu In. ilnl)', u dead ur llnu
And Mi nt tor It thar and then i
And Christ Hint a xoin'tu loolitrd
unaminm.1t died for men.
Xatl'kk'sGkeat AasinTANT. "Disobo
diencu to tho laws of health must bo
inevitably followed by tho penalty naturo
has Imposed. Ignorunou respecting these
laws is co-eiteniivo with tho human race,
hence, thu universal prevalence of disease,
ticknets and premature death. Sclcnco
nnd skill combined have brought to our
knowledge tho precise character of diff
erent disease, und enabled us to trcnt
them, with moro or less success, according
tu circumstances. Iiut, in tho whole
category of medicines or remedies, un
questionably thogrealest assistant of naturo
calise it never falls when takon in duo
lime. A treatment which n child can un
derstand and practlco is simply enough,
and if tho llltters nro given when the early
symptoms of n disease appear, n radical
euro can ho relied upon. This Is our ex
perience for tho past eight years in tho
treatment of diseases arising from a disor
dered Stomach, Liver, Kidneys, Iiowuls,
Lungs and Heart, with this medicine.''
Messcnytr Health. Jnnl7eoddwlw
A.v invnluablo rumtxly for emigrants
and persons travolini; or temporarily visit
ing malarious districts, Is to bo found in
.Simmons' Liver Regulator. If taken oc
casionally it will prevent Chills, Fovert,
und injurious clfects from chango of water.
Arlington, Coluuihus, Armada, I'aducah,
Allot', Mf Orlftnt, M Miller, Kraosrille,
Arkansas llelle, Ktanavlllo.
Arlington, Ooliiiiiluis,
Mary M ill vr. Memphis,
Chester, "
Anntda, I'ailucah,
Hiher How, Hlireieporl,
Coluuitil.i, Ark Ititer.
Thu weather was clear and somowhat
colder yestorday, ns tho thermometer in
dicated 'JO degrees at daylight, .15 at noon,
and was again balow thu freezing point
last night, with a prospect of colder wcuther
than yesterday.
Tho Mississippi has it channel depth
below Cairo of nine feet. Navigation Is
suspended above this city in that river, on
account of both low water and Ice, al
though no gorges nro reported.
Tho Ohio rlso attained a channel dopth
of 18 feet, but dispatches recolvod here
by Capt. W. 1. Halliday stale that the
river was fulling, with llfticn feet in the
channel. Tho coal tleot would all leave
yosterday and to-day, and it is haped I
tho scarcity of coal will soon bo over, llio ,
extraordinary price of coal below Cairo
hut nnturallv IneroHtod tho rates of freiuht !
nas naiurany iiurcKtou mu raitaoi rnj,...
and tho loss therefore Is not conllnod to
i. i .i . e 1-1 ,..,. ,
ttoaiiiboats. It is worthy of special nun- ,'
tlon thnt the coal of tho CnlroCity Coal '
lion unit mo ii'ui i , t j ,
Co.. at this place, has been sold at tho same .
, , A, , ..,i.. .,.,
HI OTIl'IW I"- " ' I
cents per box until an inereaso oi me i
ncrcaso of the
rale por car load was forced iipau them hy
tho I. C. R. It., on the 1st inst.,slnco which
timo tho price has been advanced to forty
flvo cents per box. Steamboatmen will
gratefully remember tho Cairo City Coal
Co. in future, nt that company had it in
their power to doublo their pricct, when
steamboats could not holp themselvos. In
stead of doing so, they havo assisted steam,
boatt in Veoninff away from tho high
priced coal plica below, by running extra
cart, and giving boiu from 100 to 100 torn
coal each. Every down-itream boat triet
to take at much coal hero at will bring her
back to Cairo.
The Wabash rivor hat risen 20 fot,
and wo will toon have an abundance of
water from Cairo to tho Gulf, for the lar
gest class of stcamors, fully laden.
Tho Cumberland Is roportcd rising
slowly, and there It no doubt "hut thnt tho
Tcnnctseo will follow suit."
lSutlncss horo continues brisk.
Tho Tom Jasper added 100 tons fright
and 200 tons coal.
Tho Mollio Able took between .100 and
00 tons coal. Shohas bocn'.dctnlned by
a scarcity of labor.
Tho Northwestern rccolvcd 100 tons
frolght and 150 tons coal.
Tho Arkansas Bello brought 370skt
wheat, 100 ski corn, 37 tkt furnltiiro and
sundries for Cairo, 400 balet hay, 350 bbls
potatoes, HO coojn poultry, 90 tkt onts, 10
torn sundries for rcshipmcnt south.
Tho Alico discharged 234 bales cotton
(5 hhds tobacco, 15 pkgs molasses, 1.1 tks
coiTco for roshipmont per rail and to
Cumberland rivor. Sho lays up hero
until tho Mississippi becomes navigablo
to St. Louis.
The Armnda brought 10 skt wheat,
10 caddies tobacco for Cairo, 50 wheol
barrows for Memphis. Sho roports tho
Hello crnon ns having ttartcdycstordny
to cross tho Grand Chain.
Tho Great Republic it loading for
New Orleans to lcavo to-morrow.
Tho Armada leaves for Paducnh evory
EsuUlthod faeta are alttnt arguments which
neither pen nor tongue can shake, and It It upon
ettablliheil facts that the reputation of Itoslotter't
Rtomaeh nittert, as a health-preaerTlng elixir,
and a wholesome ami powerful rented, ft hated.
When wltncsset rums forward in rrowdt, fear
fler year, anil reiterate the atmo ttatementa la
relation to the beneficial effect of a medicine
upon Ihemteltet, dltballef In tta efficacy la liter
ally ImpoMlble, The credential of ihla unequal
led lonla and alterative, extending orcr a period
of nearly twenty years, Ineludo IndifiJualt of
erervc!ast,and residents of eteiy clime, and re
fr In llio most pretalent among the complalnla
which aflllrl and litrr&st the human family. lMh
er n multitude of people, ttranjor to each other,
hare siinuaMj- been telu-d with an Insane and
motiveless desire to deceiro the public, or Hot
tetier'a Hitter, fur no les than aflftli of a century,
hate been arfurdlns audi relief to autfercrt from
Indigestion, fettr and ague, biliousness, general
debility, and aerrout dliorJeri, at no other pre
paration haa erer Imparted. To-day, while, the
yet of the reader are upon tlieae linea, Una of
thousands of persons of both aexoa ara relying
upon tho Uittert as a aura defence against (he
ailment which ilia present season engenders, and
their confidence la not rnlaplaced. Tfca local po.
tiout which lnttreatel dealer aomt timet endear
or In foist upon ike tick in It tlca.1, are erery
wheretneetlnK Ihn fate tint I dun lo fraud aud
iriiMitlure, while the demand for the great sege
table specific it constantly increasing.
Kaaayra for TatstsR Men
Which Interfere with Marriage, with aura meana
of relief for tho erring and importunate, diseased
and debilitated.
Pent in aealed envelopes, frea of charge.
CIATION, No.l,irkutli Ninth at., I'htladelptila.
rpiIE NL'IEN4)K OV 51 AN.
l-'or the Lett exr.oiltlen ol Human Hcteace. In
r which man' character, capainiitirs. anu most ap
proprlato pur.uitaaroairen, tee TIIK I'll HEM)
LjUUlV,1ll .UU,.1,IW " -, ,,),,,- ,W-
nilim. No. t now readr. ciiii'alnlou The Ileech,
ere, with aereral portra ta and hlographiea , II, II.
CUltin, the merchant! It. II. Woodward, of Cali
fornia! the Mormons, their re'lgiun, mode of
government, rnlygamy, etc.; with to Illustration:
aliuwiue tho use and abuse of all the human fan
miles. Unly tl a year, or 3i cents a iiumhe.
Clubs of len, M sn. h, and eilra copy ta
ngent. Address, H. R. WKI.I.H, 3av Broadway,
.New Tnrk. JtniOwlt
. i:ntatk.
Whereas, by virtue of a certain Deed ol Trust
bearing dale, August '."Jlh, l7i, and duly reeonl
I'd in the ltwiirder'eottu'e of 1'ul.i.sklcountv, III.
Inols, in liok "H" of Heeds, pgo 3SO, W. M,
Willinma did ronrey lo the undersigned tbo fol
lowing di'ai'rihed real estate, lo-wlti The north
east iiiarler of the northeast iiiarler of section
iiiiinbered ten (lu) In town.hlp iiiiinl-rrd eixleen
(li!) south range numbered on (I) west of the 31
prhuipel meridian, In I'ulaski county, Illinois,
t-ontaiiiing Fortr acre", more or less.
In trust, hi'wetvri that in rasn of default in the
putiueutiif tho sum of one hundred dollars dim
from said W, M. William to the iinilerslKiied.und
payable by note dated August ifJIh. IS7U, threa
iminth after date, with interest after maturity
at ten per cent per annum, according to the tenor
and erfect of eaid promissory note, that then the
undersigned should proceed lo sell said real
r.lai", and execute to the purchaser a good and
sutliclentdeed for the conveyance of nil ilie right,
till" "iid Interest of the said W, M. Willian a, by
said Trust lieedvonteyod as aforesaid tu tho un
dersigned. An. I whereas, neither said note nor anypnrtlou
til" eof has been paid ty thoamd W, M. Williams
or by any oilier person, default having been made
therein. "w therefore, In pursuance of the pro.
tisiuna of said Trust Ijeed.uoticels hereby given
lint hi aiH-ordani'o with thu leinn of aid Trust
It I'd, I will, on
Nalurdayr.tbeUOth day of January, 171
betueenlhe hour of ten o'clock, n.m., and flte
o'llock, p.m., at the front door nf tho Court
llniiso in the city of Oiro, Aletauder county,
Illinois, proceed I" sell at puliiiu vemliip, tilth
liigfist bidder for rnsh, tli.nwl estate hereinbe
Inruiletcribed taaatlsly tie debt due and unpaiu
nt moroaid with llm costs nud charge of suld
trust and will eaeouto to llm purchaser a deed
then fur. WM. A. WI.VSTO.N.
I'llro, IM'Clill! I'J,1K70. (dei-;islllwld
All .11 1 . INT It A TOIVH X O.
Kstute of Thoinax II. Mcliliiniss, deceased.
mtuiHtiairU "f ihe K-mi" of Thomn ii.M"Oio-
Ui-ss, lutii n the County of Alexander andriute of
n,,! ,ril,t.(, uvtvhy givi a notice, that h
uillnpi't'urU'ieretliuCuuui) CoiiitufAlenuider
uiuiniy, al tho court liouae In fair", at the, Ki'bru-
ttrJ T(.'r'nii tUt, Tlliril M(llllu) . tviiruary neat,
i "hu ll lime all peranna lining cUlnis against
tuideslnlu bid iioillli'd nnd reiiuvsted lOHileud
iur the purpose of ImvlHg thu same udjusied. All
pcrtous inueiiieit to eaiii 'intii are rei
make imiiicdiate tiayiiieiit In the iir.der.iirneii
are reiiu-eli'd to
'' 7 K 7UViih P
New Discovery )
Salvation for the Hair.
For Restoring io
Hair itt
Original Col
PhaWs "
k" differs
utterly from
" colorers,"
(?) n
It acts on a
principle. It
is limpid;
nt, and per
lcctiy innoe
no muddy or
lent mat-
kcr, requires no snaming up.
and communicates no tain to
the skin or the Unerl. No
paper curtain is nectary to
conceal its turtiJWfppcarance,
for the simpti: reason thatV
not turbyr It is, to all intents
and purposes, a new discovery
iu I'oilfVChemiitry.
MrVs 'VlTAtIAMis
warranted to e?Kmt a change
in the color of thenair wirJnin
i o days after the ftrstitppHca
non, rnc aircctionf oemg
carciuuy ODservec
ne Dollar per Box,
Sold by am
It your Dru
Vitalia " on I
has not
write, en-
clostnc Si.xrhd we will
forward it ijrtfmedintclv.
Phalw & Son.
Cl? Broadway, jyty
Golden Remedies.
lfs these nnljr, and nte Time, Health aait
Woney. l,000 ItLWAIIIl fur any cue uf dUrate,
Id as tlige which thrr fall to curs.
Iia. uicilAU'rl COLns.V UAl
riAMH, .Sot. I a 2. art tka
crealeet alterailret known.
Ureauat Tonle ud Aatrlaftat
In the Medical I.las. Pa. KI.
It Uit oalr reUakle dlareilo.
Thtse lUatedlta ara net adrtrUsed (a Car all
Ceaiplalat. and benefit Bona I but are naraataed
So affect a Radical and Bpeedy Cure la all catea far
whlek tker ara reomttoda4, when all other treat-
tint baa rauw. Ttat or ueuaanos yearly
by ineir ate, who bate loai an nope, ax
noaoced at IncarabU br the best of j
nALDAH, N. I, CUffi Clcera, Ulcwrated
Mora Throat and MaiiUi. Rare Eyes, Calaaa
us XruptavD, CappevSwared BleUbtt. Sorsnee
of the Bcalp, Herofulae. It la the Orealeat Ktno
rater, Alurautt ajn Bleod rarlltr known, n
motts all raircur from tkt ijtUn, and liataa
(he bleod pur aafl kealUir.
UAUM. No, 3, caret Itmurlal Affae-
lUisuBtautra la all It mm, aaa
ta relief In all cases.
tser No. 1 or 2, llfir boult, or two
ANTIliOTK. a radical cure fir all urinary
ucrtntrornu. i-rice t rr ootue.
J t'.UXlll H'AMOUIt, a raillcal coi for
Ntrteut or Utncral UtUUly, la old or
young! lraptrtlnt tncriry with wonttrlul tffU
Price i -r butilt. r two for
On rclpl of prlte, tkne itratdltt wilt b
thlpil la any place. Prompt atttnUin pall b
all corrttnondcuts. Nine penutne without th
cant of " lilt. l:ll'IIAL"H Gill.llKN HIMKD1KS,
Ii. II. Itli'llAI'.US, toU Propritlor," blown In
glass orbuiutt.
Clrculari tent, frsde turplled at a
AJ.irtti. iin. n. u. niciuiins,
Irrtl, New Vvrk.
ICS Varlck
sssfSend money by expre
marked C. U. !.. through t
or order good
your druggist, and
you will meet with no lost.
w-,vvsvvwWVVVVV'VVVVl ayaeaaaayXyv
Perfected Spectacles
A rr1 Evo Glasses
.The undermentlonedd'aTantages oyer thos in
ordlraryine. the proof uf which may be teeu la
the Kxtraordlnary isles and constantly id.
creasing demand forlhrwi
lit. That from the pe.;u ,?"Sl!.,.uI?,l?n of. Hi?
glas.es they ASJISTand I'UlJshaNh the tight
rendering frtiun.l change unnecessary.
id Thl theyotfofer a brilliancy ana di.liact.
nesdnf ylslun, witn an amount of K.WKand COM.
KOUTnnt nliherto enjoyed by spectacle wearer.
3 That the material from which the Lenses art
ero'und. I manufactured apeclally for optic pur
and it l'UUK, HAhU aud UHlbl.lANT,
i not liable to become fcriitched.
Sth. That Hi framea in which they are aet,
quility and finish, and guaranteed perfect In
fiery rict.
Taber Brothers
Vine Jewelry. Plamondt, Hoi Id Muter, PlaUd
Ware! also Manilf iclurers of Jewelry aud lna
niund Ketliug.
3SI"o. 83 Ohio ILovfO
Sole Agtntt for thla place, from whom oaly au
they be obtained.
So lfillr iiiilsl.
Manufacturing Opiltflaut, Ifarlfortl, Opt f ,
unv lllf dltt

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