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i'- !
CMO, ILHNOI8, JANUlVRY $9, 1871.
On Fourteenth etieet and Ohio Li. a imk-IpI.
bookcoMalaloi auni ef money, which the owner
m hate by calling oa Green A A lbert, Attorney,
at Law, Cairo. Illinois, and identifying property,
uirogiiii., Jan.n, mi. joiK-iiit
A Cottaee, i-fn rounii, ten lot enclosed wit
a all-foul lfO:.rd lanne. aJI Dim ti.rnn.rv riiif.hnllil
nits. fDO'l clslem. with ntn.iv ,f u.ir .ti in I 11,a"u'
)J repair. Kent low to a totiifit. Apply I Radical
L II' Ttl tt t.'fatV " ' I
f ' ' Tenth tilrVS-l,
mandanl at Memphis, is spoken of ns
candidate for Governor of Ohio.
m-.THK ,
Ct4iro Turner Society
lira; Irate to announce a
Fur Monday Ereilay, Feb. 0, 187 1 ;
... IN ...
Etenr'tffart will be put forth by the manager
to render thenrtea.loii the tno.t entertaining mdiI
f wharche' aflalr of the kind er tie Pi In Itieclty.
Tliu Coluinlju? (Ohio) Slatcunnn thinks
that with a vigorous campaign nod lull
the Democrats can carry tin) Htntc, and
nnd thereby secure to Ohio tlm candidacy
for Presidency In 187a.
Tlicnt: It a ruport that u now oven hit;
paper la shortly to bo stnrtcd in New York
for tho purpotu of advocating tho renoml-
nation of President Grant. Tho money, It
it laid, has nil been subscribed 1 00,000
but who urn to be It) cditori In yet a my
iiiuiital training of too combatants on
either side, nnd points to Prussia's ystcm
of education as an example worthy to be
followed by tho United .States.
A bill has been Introduced into the
Legislature of our own statu advocating!,
system of cnnipulsoy education. It is
inprobiiblo that It will meet with favor, ns
it is well known that from tbo gcogroph
leal distribution of tho population In
many portions of tho stnto, its practical
working wntild bo impossible; but there
is littlo doubt butthut the phraso "com.
pulsory education1' will bu tho catch
Word of the dcmRgougu of the Republican
party, if some other iuc, us well suited
to their purpoio docs not present Itself.
a carnonter. twentv.! "rears cM ire. 'And
some weeks ago his .wile and. only chjld
died ofsriiall-pox.' iSince then ha has teen"
very aisconsolalo, onu uns saiu uibiiiu
la wlfn' About noon
I on Saturday ho hired s horse Jrfd.btiggy
saying that ho was going IntoWio country.
Ho drovo directly to tlsef casnctwy ivnd
shot himself- K- " 'J L "w '" ;
i.i:tti:b from gen. iiunNsnn;.
Eighth St., between. Washington I
Commercial Are.,
Adjalialae; Ultlenhonan aV llanar'a.
Keep the Uatoflleef. fork. Mutton. Veal. Ijunb.
Hu.ai;e, e te., and are prepared to rrrr rltit-nt
m me ino.i KcepiM.ie inaoner. ocusdtr
' 1 r j- . s
Sausage Maker
OlltrO, - a. a. XljlXlOlafJ
Orders tilled promptly and
he fullest satisfaction guaran
Cor. 10th uu4 l'oplar St.,
Cairo, - - - Illinois.
Bora Mbl altujthtera ouly l!i heat cattle, huj
1 aliaep.anJ I. preiare'l to nil any ileuun.l hi
all meanta fruin one pounJ to teothouiaa
otl. leltl
U lllltm M. Ureeai, )
William M. UlllMrt, CA1K9, ILL.
Mile r. Slllbert, J
Bpeuial ailentioa mita K Admiralty an J 3iem
lickt hu.ine...
UfTloe oia Obl ! Hoaai 7 t.t
owr Clly VatloauU Bank.
intci'a Iilock.
Jt'DUR W. P. CiUL-rotf, Orand .Mailer
of Orand I.olge of 1-reo ilutoii", of Ala
bama, died on Friday night, at Montgom
ery. Hu was formerly Chief Justice of
tho Supremo Court of tho .State. Hutu
Houses of tho Alabama I.qgiiluturc and
tho .Supreme Court adjourned until to-day
out of respect to him.
Tho Chicago Poet tells "a true storv of
lln Uutlcr," giving him credit fordoing
several acts of kindness while governor-
general of New Orleans.
Hotter lato than never, tut it h hardlv
probable that tho knowledge that lien
Uutlcr provided a convent school, contain
ing from thirty to fifty soul., with food to
keup them from sturvlng, will materially
alter the opinion formed of him from hU
other action wliilo there, by which by
won tho title of IJoait IJutlor, and which
will deservedly follow him down the
pages of History.
With all tho states rpre.ontod, the
Unite .States senate conslfts of siivuntv-
four members. The terms of twentv-threo
will explro on tbo 4th of March next, and
tho successors of all but three have been
chosen. Of tho outgoing senators twenty
are republicans and but three are demo
crats; of thoio already elected eight are
democrats, not Including thote from (ieor
Ico bonting is just now tho prevailing
passion on the Hudjuit river, above Pough
liuffalo is to havo n new flr.t-elass hotel
with opont house attached.
C'roas , the New York bigamist, had mi
extensive wnrdro1.. In his room wro
found two) ve new huts, nbout eighty pairs of
pants, suvan dozen pairs of now gloves, otc.
'Hits gol Samaritans of Ilull'alo contri-
bnted 1 3 AO lonros of bread to tho poor of
that city last week.
The rscelpls of thu roouut Catholic
J 'alr, In Providence, It. I. were $12 010,
or about f 1 00 per night, the fair huving
cotitlnutd 13 nights.
Hon. David Lyman, who died in Mid-
dletown, Connecticut, on Tuesday last,
had his lift- insured in dltlcrent com
panic for eighty thousand dollars.
Tho executive committee of the Muim-
I chusclts State Tumpr.inco Alliance unan
imously vot.tl to jitttition the leglshittiro
Ilrfla'not Reapnnatbte for thentin-lmllil.
Ilia-f She Hoa4-Europeans War ilm
Sanaa f til llelay II wasiti Nitl
arrlptlnna put tnlo tlsrlr orlaliuil
linpe whin h tnak eharf r of Hie
stitrk Will Irare no atone unlurnril
So Complete tuaWorklnalt-o Vrarx.
Hew Tork'jan. 11, U71.
Hen. Orcea u. Bsum, Jlarrnburxh, His.
JJtxit GeutAi.: I havo hardJrBown
how to answer your kind JetMr oftho ,1rd
Inst. "
In looking over tbq totrr constitution of
Illinois I find that nothing" therein con
talned prevents either tho county or city
authorities on our line, from making all
tho necessary tubsorlptloitjj donntloDJ or
contracts that wcro authorized by tho roto
of tho peoplo prior to tbo adoption of tho
new constitution. In fact User Is a tiara-
graph In the article referring to tubsc;
tfons and donations to railroads, which
witb ifefcrincn to tho chance for contiim-'
Ing.thc work upon tho origiual.buis.
' "'oMrsrvcry truly,
tlnctly asserts that nothlnL' In tho artTcltf
shall Lb so constrded as to prorht tho offi
cers cf counties and towns from carrying'
out any vote of the poople, taken prior to
the adoption of tho constitution.
Now tho only thing that Is at all In
question It tho vote of "Wabash county,
which vote has in It a condition that tho
road shall ho finished within a given time
which has already lapsed.
You know, amvf all tho County nnd
Town officers knok fiut effort 1 havo
mado to build thlslndj?lf tbo Count v
and Town officers chooso XbTiuvo the"wor1c
now command high price everywhere.
Unool'thj mot tuccvrifttl journals in
tho west th Cincinnati Vumtntrciat
was otnbllahad by I.. O. Curtis, who hj
nuiiio.1 hU ttapar bauie ho did not know
gia. Elections aru yet to bo held in Kan- tho difference ictwevn -i ubstantlv and
... .........I .1 it... ,..,.. .t 1.. Ar
bwr, which was added to Uio liquor law ahandonod for tho ifolMt, oTufT 1 can
lint yuar.
The jwople. of Kingston, .Jamaica, uro
cr.thutiatlc over the prospcet of direct
communication with New York and trad
ers Hro acouring the interior for fruits to
ship to New York. Truits that before
were valuelea and rotting on tho trve?,
sai, irginla uud West Virginia. Tlio
but named states will elect democrats
which will muko a gain of nine. It Is tome-
what significant that of the twentv-threo
outgoing senators but fire have U-cn reelected.
an mljortlve. He did nututiooer his cr
ror lu grammar until It was too Into tc re
name the prosperous daily.
Tho investigation by the hcuso Military i
committee into the charges again.t !
General Itutlor, made by Mr. Farnsworth, '
of corruption and mismanagement of thu whttu by gaslight, are tho most iUtmyu.
affair of the soldiers' homes, Colonel, Misso with handsome hair wear it in
Wulgel, of Ilaltlmore, and Cajit. II. A. tw.j long bruid., tlod with ribbon bows-
Arnold of tho WUcoinin limn.., at .Mil- I A stvllah arrang'imenl is to separate the
Hiding'gauntMs are In chamois, doeskin
or castor, olthcr whit.', hu:)! or tone colon
with di'fp, clotu cu:l'.
I'or tiventng toilets, wlilto gloves aro
still in vogue, but those of tho most dc
Hctttu tint of tr.iw color, which i)l)far
l.T. I.liiaajar,
u, w. nuaai
1. II. 1'opa.
OFFICK-On Boreutb Blrrtl,
la anpplltH with all kladi ml
Boor( iVlo, cstoo..
,-,r llotween Eignth ami MnlhStrrets,
T nthlrHty, who loe gooJ liquor, ahoulJ iya
Mm a call, and thuse who want a
Cua have their wants aupphej at his bar.
Proprietor of tha
BlUlard Salooa and Bar Boom
El Dorado
106 Commercial AveM
Cairo, - - - - Illinois
waukce, were examined. Their testiiiioay
mainily related to the character of tho
appoinUes who, tinder lSutler s tu)er-
vision, Ji!vo filled otllcial places, and inclu
ded statements that Duller has nut always
followed tho rule pre.cribed by tho board
of managers, to uppoint di-nblcd otllccrs
only to thoso places, but that during re-
c.'iie4 of the board, ho has taken advantage
of hl position as proidcut to give tbot
places to personal friends without regard
to other qualifications. It is alio charged
that for a properly purchased at Augusta,
Mulne, for fifty thousand dollars, otilv
thirty thousand dollars wore actually paid.
camiF.ua: a si) savwatiox.
Tho ofilclal tatWtles of commerce and
navigation now In press at tho govorinent
printing houto in Washington show that of
tho total import entries (or tho ton immthe
ended October ill, 1870, $390, jo., 79 1 eon
slstcd of merchandise, of which $17,3S,5i.l
freo of duties nnd JOW.O'JO was of gold
and silver coll. nnd bullion. Oftho total
domestic export, for tha utmu period j-'JO'.i,.
4Cl,0i:o was merchitiidisoi $'Jt S,tVJ I, OCilof
wblch'was ehtppvd from AtlantU', and $10,.
84(5,905 from Pacific ports, and f J0, 3U0J1 1
was speclo and bullion. Of tho total vnluo
of foreign export $l3,0S7,og;i was iiicrchan
dlso and SlO.giC.SlS gold and silver. Tlio
total valuo or foreign commoditlea remain
ing In warehouso October 31, 1070, was
$1", SU.OOO.agalnst &47,70S,"01 October 31,
mi. This report contains, in addition to
tho regular monthly summaries, u table
showing tho occupations of tho immigrants
who havo arrived in tho United States
from Jirltish North A met lean provinces
during tho year ended dunu 30. 1870, thu
total arrivals amounting to 10,411. This
braids into two atrands near tho ends, and
form two ourli, pendant from each braid.
Trains for ovenlnj? wiar are very
much shortened, for which tho ladles
should Ih grateful, as o few nro ublo to
carry a train gracefully, and it i always an
liictimbraiico In a crowded assembly, when
YVhitu linen collars, of tho voritablo
nautical )ih, ar foretold, so wide tit tho
back as to resemble llttlu capes. Tlioy
ore to bo supported in front by a navy
knot, of trrp ile ek'me, or ribbon. Tho
va.t expanso of lltiuii will hardly bu be
coming to the small .hwulderii of our
Neckties with brottd ends tied in a sail
or' knot nro fashlonablo with tho present
stylo of linen collars, which tiro standing
in tho Wk, with tho front corners turned
iwr. Tho iniMt fuahlouablu bow fur tho
neck Is made nfit bias plvco of silk fringed
on all aides, uud tied in a carolc bow
The chignon Is quite roiiu out of fashion,
but thu coiif'urti of thu day aro titoro (da
borate than uvur, and evury effort should
Ix mado t havo them appear loose nud
Ht'iliyt. Tlio hair Is niLetl in waves and j
Patideatii: in iront, then on the top ot tuo
head it i arraugMd in 'ctirlsof ditlorcut
lengths, or lit two roleaux divided in tho
I middlo by a plat. It requires tact, taste,
I and ingenuity to nrrango tho hair becom
Illgh'Colored merinos and bright, warm
plaids nro nlwaya worn by children in tho
cold caons ; but ut this lino thero appear
to bo a decided preference for tho shado
of blue called nzurline. It I a peculiar
ihade, very bright and deep, and look
beautiful! v whon trimmed with a shado or
table shows tho arrivals of Immigrants two lighter, or olso entire black. In this
from tho provinces for each of tho ten j color, wo luvo Irli poplins, lino French
..... ,!.!....
U. IIUh.ll.iK. m , "
IJy the building or thd road, tbelrroporv'
ty along its lino wlccrcased In -valuo
uy minion or iioiias. vne pamea-who
deilro to build the fond, ennnot and d5 But
expect r. return' of (bo Interest on tho cap-
tal in vested .for some tinic, Traffic on tho
iroad for two or three or nioro years will
not ba sufficient to yield a net rcvenuo
which would bo equal to tbopnymunt of
interest on thu Investment. Now it Is pur-
ftictly absurd tosupposetbat men of capital
will go Into the enterprise without some
inducements, outsido of tho prospect of or
dinary traffic. Hut for the war in Europci
1 could hJvb comtnthcesl tbo worjt Jntimo
to havo fullfilled the contracts wo bad al
rcadv entered Into with tho Countv and
Town authorities.
I uui no inoro responsible for this delay
than tho pcoplo ulong.tho line of tho road,
because 1 could not control tho events
which have caused thu dolay.
You know at well a's'I the original catiso
or the stoppage oftho work, and you know
thut it was something that I could not con
trol. Under all thcto circumstances I feci that
it wonld bo qulto proper for tho people
along tho lino oftho road to put thu sub
scriptions back into tho position tuoy were
In when I first took hold of thu road.
It will Lu qulto easy for all tho Couutics
and Towns to do tbU except Wabash and
In tho latter county, subscriptions, of land
and money should bo raised to make up .
for thu lupso ol it 5 5,000 subscription.
1 ou aro qulto at liboity to uso this letter
ns you pleaso ; and 1 hope you will bo able
TltU AI.A'llMA t.UUt.
"Washington. Jan. . . The statement
telegraphed in regard A tLorc-opening of
tho AInbama cliilnii attracts n great deal o
attentioiL :mtl is much csimmtated 11 Hon
Tho fact tbftt ttoi "B.afJI Ijetri tVo
Tliornton and l-ish was coiuidcreu a sue
cessful dilviiiktlu ipjorot, and heuco it
publication ha created a dtcided suin.tllon
among t)crsoiu having knowledge of it
Sumner say that the report that ho told
d ish that if tho treaty n-L'otiatoJ waa on
tj! terms proposcu, it woull bo r.-otid
bv tho .Senate, wa? unfound-d. llo s:iv
Hhnflloh'is notcxprosKdlli slility' totiiy
naityiwlilcri'iuight Ini ng-.tiato'd by tho
ae . .,
auminisirauou on mu iiui-nii'ii. oumiier
docs not, however, ilenv. tlio ifact that the
Alabama cblmiqutsttoit Is l,proju i)f
settloinonl at the present time. Whether
u treaty. will bo eyotiutcd on tho Jiuiii
proposed, cannot yet be predicted, but it i
certain that tho terms now under con-lJ
...... frit tttOiiflA Slw. nlittilri.ilrtf lif rif .J
tain positions .hcrctoforo .taj;cnby .tiy.
United .States, and If reports aro correct.
the 111911 iruportiritiis Uio q tics tic n;of rec
ognition oftcoiiVidcratoMAIIigoriniA-pby
Grc.tt' llrila'ln; nn'l. ariuthlr t that 'the
United States shall make no claims for
Toaaelf destroyed by-priVataora'cthor than
tho Alabaina meaning tho .Jilurijla.
Shenandoah, CleOrgla and' 'i'umter,'
iTHC i.scoyB TAX. . .
'At 1:30 tho Sona'O resumed consldora-
'1 A. ! I
tlon of tho bill rejicalfng th- Income Inx
Uccomber 31st, leii, anj Mr. Jiucking-
ham spoku of practical di piirlutcnU of the
law. iindaboifaUuru U uurntcs it mttv'ise-
qucuco ofUiu nygn;ct Qiaan-.rs to imittiAti
and collect penalties tor tint iieglct aittl
refusal of a partyto muko return. rr
these and other rcnsoni enumerated he
would voto for Its repeal. .
Mr. Johnson regarded tho internal rov
euuo system as thu main cuuse of thuprei'
ent'buslness prostration. To alow tho
ho cohlrasled tho poverty of Virginia, for
four years the theater of war, with tho
wealth Qf M .isftchusett, which, during
tho war, enjoyed the benefit of war con
tracts, and rouiincnlvd 911 tho fact that, uc
cording to tho cstimaiud receipts of tho
cotnmisionor of Internal rovcuuu fur thu
current fiscal year. Virginia would pay
Into tho United .States Treasury $o2,uuu
moro than Massachusetts If tho neco.i-
ary for addillona rovyniiDS hould actually
arise, the required sum could bfl'np)xr
tloiicd eultably unions tho .State" to bol
Wised by the ordinay tax collocting .ma
chinery of the treasury. .
hOrHTII IN 1.0V1 WKI.L,'
Mr. Morrill, of Vermont, referring to
tho statement ottheivureUry of tin Trea
mry, that the rcvonuu from tho liicoinotax
win Itldlstiensablo as a mean of Muting the
current expenditures, said ho wonld regard
pf tuelrUng, or Ih what place ho was
kept prisoner. He bad trained tip In his
. i. , ' "v ?r mttiitrcll, cnllod Ulonuel
iV'i".' n s" "S without tho
sight of his lord, hi, llfoscenicd wcarisomo
to him, and ho becam.i confounded with
moliincliolly. Knowno it wm u,.,t j10
canio back from tho holy lnnd, but nonu
co.ild tell in what countrey hu arrived.
.Whereupon this lllondul resolving to
tnnko search for liim in many countries,
but ho would hear somo newes of him;
after oxpenoo of dlvors (laves in travaile.
ho camoto.n towno fby.L'ood hap) neura
ti tbo castl') where hi nialster, King
uicunni, win Kepi, in ins nosi no de
manded t i whuni the cn.-tel apiiertairoJ,
nnd his hint t"M him that It U'hmgeil to
tun Duke orAu-trin. 'Uien ho inquired
whotlicr thero wero nnv nri'i.nors therein
detained nr no. luralwuys ho made such
secret questioning wheresoever ho enmo.
And the host gavo answer that there was
one otiiy prisoner, but ho know not what
he was, and yet he had been detained
there, im. r" th ut" ;thajpaco ofa veifo.
When Hl nnlc(ll hr-tird tills hi wrought
iiirh meanes that I10 became acquainted
with them at tho catel, h. minstrells doo
eailv win acU iintanees anywliero, but
ee tile K i n ix he cotil.l not, neither undr-
st'ind that it was lie. One dav ho sat
lir.vtly t'fori 11 window of tho castcl.
wliere King liichard wa kept jirison-r,
ui.'l bei;ati t. mir a "hg in I n nch, which
King Richard and lllundel had aofiictinio
ciiip)'!il Umttlnr. lien Kintr KiclH.
ini lieard the ni'iitr, ho kn w that it was
liiiuidel that iimr it, and when lllondel
dat half 1. f the a rnir. the king began
ther halfe Hlld ( "lllllleted It. TIlUS
lllondel won tlio knowlediro ofthokiif'.
his (meter, and loturiiliiir home into
hue-Inn. I. made tho barons of the count r
acquainted where tho kmc; wa. Th
iiappciicu nyijiiiu year 1 ivy.
rnpvoi''iiiK fMt.
Vour beauty, ladvfair,
"None view vftho'tit'deIlght,
lint -till so cold an air
. ,1. No piusiuii can excito;
Yet this 1-tiatieut o
While all aro shunn'd like me.
No nymph my heart can wound
It iavor she divide,
And smiles on nil around,
rnwllllng to decide,
I'd rathfr hatred In'ar
Than lovo with others share.
SCAT imi
Cairo. XUtnola,
Copper and Sheet Iran Work
No. 2J8 Enit Petri Stmt,
ca.lOlIf !ATIf OHIO
Imvn Xew TorJt Parson Mint" tit IM-
Knr of tltr " rrlliuur."
IFiuui the Vv YotK Obatirtvr.l
At a tomper.mco meeting, a few dnys
aso, Horaeo tireelcy mudo an nddres "in
whi di ho took ()e('Birtii to cen-uro tho
.eb ry t.T a want of fniutlulnoM in rol uk-In-i
il-) v.caof intJinperauca, lb .aidll.y
W Tu ol'.uu oalltd upon to pronounce lu
ntrul disciurus uvur thu remains vflhuso
who had boon addicted to tills vice, but
they aro always silent upon this point,
while all tho virtues of thu deceased aru
Miiilu ll.o aubjuct sif tho eulogy. JSov. Dr.
William Adams followed with u brief
peiH.li, in which ho raid ho had read tho
7W&mxc often, and had seen tho obituary
tiotii " of many eminent person. In it, but
had n vor obiurved that they were on tho,
principle prescribed by Mr! droehiy for
the clergy. And ho could also bear wit
no.', that thu clergy aro not so reticent ou
the aorvlce of the departed ns Mr. (ireeley
bad intimated. Ho know ministers who
always spoko out distinctly on such occa
.ions one in particular hu'could mention.
A C'onnccth'iit paMor, at tho funeral of one
!!' Uio prominent people of tho town, ro-
iiiiirk. il. "iio was a cooii citizen, a vou
all jiiiowj ha was an honest, upright otll-
cerr nut, my irinmis, 1 am sorry to my,
ho would itwciir. ' This palpable, but
quite intentional, hit was appreciated
by the audience, and If Mr. (ireoloy was
not asleep at the time ho probably "deter
mined to let tho clergy ulouo until ho
leaves oil' .wearing.
Tan aiipanorltjr of tnia fjillnt rrsparatioa
tunr nnynthar article nar 'offered to lha pablla
iia. nrmon.iriien oy tne wonclrrrul popular
II) ti ha itlalnM within th l.rlef year' slhc It
wii"j iu.in..iMMireiu oiiri. man
One ftlillion Housekeepers
to...iy ti.fns Sapoflo In this and oth ircoua
, an ltliAilrmiuil li raf.Mljr Incffaslix.
nth hrlck, rotten atone, aald aatelljra
i'U(iotiuuranrcr,.iy la tho hoosohoitS, sloca
vhoilutallii) work uf raenaad ail taM,aa4
lb tarlcaa Ubofaiid axpDs). '
fhn rollowini; ansa few oCihis 'racU!'tiis I
wliichhaM)io l a.lmlrablj. auapted I
CLKi mXUOWK-WithoulweUlna u-M
ur.ollilin tho Laiat. Talc a wtlcloU.aat
tlriiipuiK, rub It oiar the cake ot Has olla
uuullti.RoitreJwltha uriamy lattwf, toj
theu bdskljr orcr the pane at glaas t . sasi
oilnntlpoll.il with Ury cloth or cbaaoja Ta
rnnus varnish or JnaJ paint will raaolraa
.itUeeitn rutblnt.
0 t l.i: IX KMTK)-l)iernar diahxloth, rob 1
oa tha capuliu, and lho rapldljr atae tba
kn.lis. Tin. will eiTa a hi ilfiant an.l Jur.
U polish, without .cratching. a
, . I . .1 1 repeal as 1111 expression by t!i
to make an arrangement to put tho sub- 1 , ' , .,
, ., 11 want of w)ii KUneo In the seci
years from 18G0 to 1809, inclusive, aggre-
I gatlon 116,523.
alt UlnJ" letter- pin printlnj; executed
yud'tlass myle at tho
Cm Oftce.
Hon. Henhy "Wilson. U.S. Sonator
from Massachusetts, contributes an article
to tho Atlantic Monthly for
'M9 for January, In . " ,
which, nuu """iing inav mo mission 01 village, sml snowing
to tlio grounus, anu turecied to a grave
which ho isald was tho gravo nt his who.
the Kopuhllcan party in tho matter of
ilavery and unlvomal suffrugo has boon ac
complished, ho argue that it nqw re
mains for thu parly to take "a now do
parturo" in tho direction of compulsory
education, as a means of infusing now
life into it as an organization. Ho attrib
ute! tho triumphs of tho Germans over
fallfn Franco, to the differenco tn tho
poplins, velours, and tho whole family of
morluos and reps.
Sulclilo tin tlir (.t'uvo of III Wife.
On Saturday afternoon a well-dressed
man, about twenty-six year of ago, drovo
10 Lutheran Uomctory, Jimuio
ml showing a ticket was admitted
In a few ininutos tlm attention ot! tho
attendant wits drawn to thu locality, by tho
report of a pistol, when It was ascer
tained Unit tho iiiiiu had allot hlm-tlf, hU
body falling across tho cruvo to which ho
had been directed. At tlio Coronor's
inquest yestorday, it was ascertained that
10 11111113 uumu was Tutor .Smith, of CO
Thorp avenue,
"Williamsburg, Ho wai
.kll'llVI. Vlllft ... .WV1. 'U..IW1I I - m II.'
ill niiicii ca-u I can (cuiiut go uu nu i mu I
work and have the road built from Yin-
ceunosto Cairo inside of two years. I think
tinder all the circumstance that an effort
should bo mado by tho Couutics ou the
lino to renew all subscriptions. In which
cao 1 uiu free to say that there .hall bo no
delay lu tho beginning of the work ; and
every creditor oftho road shall recoivo hi
just dues.
In view of tho fact that u largo amount
of money ha already been expended upon
thu road, and that every disposition exist
on my part to leave no stonu unturned to
bring about its completion, do you not
think that I am right in tho above sug-
geitlou'.' Slnco my( return 1 havo learned
that scrlou charges havo been mado
ugaiust mo, by newspaper. uid citizen on
the lino of tho road, ono of which accuse
mo of being In Uio lntorc.it of tlio Illinois
Central It. 11. Co. You will remember
that I resigned my position a director of
tho Illinois Contral II, It. Co., a .0011 as.l
became identified with thU road. I am
qulto willing that a committee should
bo appointed, composed of members
of City, Town nhd County muiilclpalftlo,
with instructions to inspect tho book of
tho C. & V. It. K. Company wlth'tho view
to ascertaining exactly What has been ex
pended upon tho road and what my prca
pect aro for continuing and completing It
in case tho subscription aro renewed I
need not tell yon that insinuations with
rcfereuco.to my interests with the Illinois
Central, are entirely groundless, and I am
quite euro that no ono who i at all cogni
zant of my eourso since I becamo identified
with tho 0. & Y. road will for ono moment
allow such roports to Influence thorn. Thu
is tho first time In my life that I hnvo
been called upon to answer any chargo
against mo, of bad faith toward those with
whom I have dealt.
l'lcaso consult with Dr. Mitchell and an
swer mo by telegraph what you both think
hu f-ennte
n, under ln ciruuoi-1
GoMsn Remedies.
stance lit KugianJ, would Iv cui.-e tur the 'Mti
r 11
ministry torutiro tit once
At 11:15 Mr. Ilarlun- moved
oxoctitlve icssion.
'Mr.Scott appealed to thi'enafoljOispol
of the income tax quick, and make tliu voto
011 Mr. Huclau motion a test oC tho Scnat0
to the ponding bill.
Mr. llarlaii motion was then rejected,
aye 20 ; nays 123. .
Tho pending hill was then rosumod.
DUIl MEXICAN liUInVto'fi. , t
Our relation, with Mcxiuottl thu proa
cut tluio itro coiitldurcd very critical, cau
sed by tho course of tho people of Mexico
In relation to tho "Zona I.lbr.'r." I ho op-
" i
1 n-fir 1
t- I"'
It.l"! Ill
lu un a
Hiwt .ir4t, kai.
11 ni 11 nui.iiKV
1.MXI1: u,iaii u lb
ilrvoSjl 7ntg and Ailrlnu'iit
In it. i.'.ll.-l.l.Ui- 11. . lit.
I IIU'.o (.Hi D1..N AS'ITUOrU
1. Ltti ui.lv r.l.lKu Ji.ir.t.c.
Cw'M'lu.'.s. auJ biuant ifut. kul are fuiriil..(
tu rffut .1 i'.i Ikul and Spwly Cur. In all f. r
Khl.'fi Ci-r a ri-'-.ni'ie nl"l. "Ii' t " "Shr lrit-rn-fit
a, tuu.1. T'us vfilwesauds jirl rrjn
by tiivir wli I' st .11 UuK, an! Vfiu-n..ui'.-d
l Ji'.curiUa by tL lt irCc ui4!ol
U 1 M
I 1-. I'lMriUl
T!.r .1 ..ml j"i S it r. (.atsri-
ons Rr.il, Taj. ru'.l ll..tcV , .raurn
ftU'is.l ..T..f. ItliH.i.n-.li.tlt-n'H
.... ii........ 11V1 1.1....1 l'lee.fr kn.wn, re-
II 'u raxtr tron'tw tytiu, u ita,a
n.s. iiiiAsn, ai oiaar tasuaarr
Arllflea Hub tlm damp (lulhonvha u
of H4poll) until well cotrarea, and thoa
uiiicklyarerlhasurlaonuriha ulciiail. :
UI prud ii'f a lustre equal If uo( supanor la
to the new.
nhu a. Htov 1 do nut rub too hard, aad
nn.e with clotn In clean watrr.
I'OU 11(11 SV. t'l.i;t.M.i;-Npilio torihjrraal
e-t laluw lu ihi aaviDK of iline, latxiraod
th" xs-ar of lh article, cl.an.ed. Try It
iiiieeand you will neiertM without It.
I'OU l Af.lli.vii UIhiilm, llatk Tabs, Heert,
Ta b I r a, r I e, Wh rrnaoapwuforuiadfUMa
r-nfmlln fa InTalilshlr: and onco uaod. will
lieu'r til dlapsinaed with.
IN TIIK IIOI'SK-roralt purpotaa feieenl vaaa-
I 1 clothe.), tin. article la ccuianiaot
eennniniriil ainl relatlr.
l.V HIKNIOIU.'-I .r N)liahlas scales, maaaura
-.)!!" !!".'. "'V'l'Jwr), knUa, ,hara. etc.
IN Till.' sllol'-Ior clV.ininn, polishing and re
nieTinu (iimi,oil, etc., from uiacbiuary aud
Nir IIKHKI'iri: of this 'neon, donllit, elr
iiK.u.-i-., ,itilivr .IIUI UUiTBTrr.
ri nnw)
jL.'l'A!.r,., Is" I.'.V'
A 1. 1, t'l. ll'I.S Hhrro a cleansing and polUb.
1111: Kiirnt, al once ftlecil,, oooomlcal and
liiiiiuk's, is required, our riaiiollo, will
pro lt trnat auparlonty oyer all ethar
. iiti.UlK'r..
I (111 II t.M it ANHIMI-pollo Is what atary
pr.n' T, painter, phntoicrapher or rnachialst
ii.cds. It ,iumkly rumoves acida, peinl,
jilcand nthrr tains from the hand,, which
iip will ncMoi.vh. It aofivns the hands
an I le.ui's them xneolh and white.
I'lill l-: t few cents.
fcOI.I IIV yuiir Krocera anddrulsui
U'hoUuIe lOts,
ill Washington, St., aad SO Oxford fit.
New Yutk. London.
11m m
in retiuioit 10 1110 'v.ona i.ior.'i.- j no op- .1 h, liv ,
pinion Is entertained hero by, thoM' f'V1"- T I'l'IIMV fiOLDKY
illar With all tljo facU, tliitt MbICO Will: j; au IS , i heari. SI rJirVil AffeV-
a 1 .1 ... a . " -a 'Vs.. I -It h. v.ama e.l
JLs ntx.i:
luivo to abaudou tho position oho ha tu.
ken or that tho. "United States .will bo
compelled to use force t protect .our own
Lordor from tho wholesale smuggling
which is now carried o.u In open deHuneo
uftho'otlloers and tho laws, ' . '
Tho president sunt' tho follo'wlng nom
ination to tho senate to-day ; Oeo. W.
Dlackburn.'to'bo collector of Internal rev
onuo in tho Sixth district ofTonnc'Soe.
Commissioner Pleasantonrecoiumends j
that tho law bo aroendo J so ns to Impose a
tax of 08 cent, on formci'tpd' liqnoiV.as
this figure I capable' of bojrtg 'dl U- d in
l'ractionnl part of a barrel without a re
mainder. Tho former tax w.n !'2J ei-nts
and caused discropaneles to occur in ad
justing tho acaouuts of.oollotor because of, 71 ISC,XT
tho difficulty of disposing of tlio iruulonal j iJ
Mlelsaril Ctrur sle I.I011 nud Hlnuilrl.
Tho class In Kngliih history will thank
us for tho following quotation from an
ancient writer:
"The Knglishmon wnro moro than a
whole yearo without hearing any tydlngi
tt.ral;Vnmsllsm la -all lis farms, u l
air.. ln ivs.ita' reili f In all rMM,
M'ri, ef .10rVr No. I ft 3, J pr bettte, or t"J
.1.' I ' I I I I I V Cll I I A
V. 1111 llill 11 VIWMI'IJ.s
AVTIiv.lS' a ridlenl cir fir all urinary
l'ti.u.'1'i-iU. rrlee 3 pr kjiiw.
I'AUitl'R. r rt'lKil cm. ror
v... ,7 ll.t -ril PfW'l'). In ell or
jiiun-t l"i,e (is-ris. ft si fih wwlerfal eJeet.
I'rioe 1 I1"- I' r to fr t'J.
Oa rtJulii" "f ir.e. 'I)"0 remedl-t III c
shltHWil I) mi els'). l' ''( anwitliiii paid (
all iorr..M' .!(. N "' ' i--silt.- wlth..ut M
.u.i.f .'rut. I. "A" a dol.KKN HKIiniUM.
Ii. 1. IllLilAUti.., t,iU 1'r-nirikior," blon la
cUil i.r bjUtaa.
Circular, rant,
ul,euunt. f.
AJUrcai, IU5. II, 1). r.K'JIAlUU,
lr((. N Vurt.
3VLrn,ilJL.lXl s
.IIIMSlll VH eis Meekly !
York, l.lverpeol and tuoetiat
For iasi apply lo
CIIAS T, niltOB,
Ooal Oil!
I'rule lupplltd al a liberal
Hi Varltk
crSeiiil. moiirv M evire. or enter uood
innrUcI (!. u. I'-. Hiroiifc'h your ilriigislit, and
ouyuillmevt with m io-s.
m 0
Wll I IT. STANDARD, la prtaM
LIN,Si:ED OIL, Han atrfWl
fd. WlUTi: LEAD, b4 Colon.
Etc., Etc.,
I'.Vlll'. I'm in M'( iiuol, I.ixuUuiili'ii.li
(Jlnsunw , (ItiociiistiM.ii ti, Calio
91s SO.
friatibrtl, .oi i ii & lUidci', At
In.l .11 L in
AM) ()M MI KtXaV. sl

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