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For ily Mnrahal,
Wo nro ntitliorlied to announco A.N'DIIKW CA1
nan cutiJIil.itc for the oflico of City MnrahAl.
j eci lu ciio occasion in 1110 nerr.o,:rarc pnriy.
Wo nro authorised to Announeo tht HENItY
MA It'll N will be ft candidate for the office of
Miirilial, nt Ihe ensuing clirtnr election,
fct to the decision of the Democratic party.
We nro authoriud tu aoiinuac PAUL W
AI.I.RN as an tulernleat candidate for thoffiia
of Oily Marshal, aubject only to the decision o
the o,le, til
for cif r Clark.
At tl request of miny friends, I tin cn ll
J ti' fur tli ollkeof City Clark, subjctl loth de
eluon of the Democratic party.
We are amhorlied to announce tlio nam of J
T. THOMAS an a candidate for the offlc of City
Clerk at tho cnaulnn municipal election. Id
IA K'f.
The copartnership heretofore c,illng letween
V. I'uUx nml V. M. etriekiletii. unrier the firm
L name of K. I'ohle 4c Htoekfleth, ii this fJnr ilia,
r solved bv tniltiul consent, K. M. HlockrMi 1
atitiioriMiI to collect all outlAn'lln k debts duo
to miu arm. r. iiiin.i.,
The bnalncas of the lata firm will l continued
kttlmriM alanl, by V. M.HTOCKFI.KTH.
Januarvlmh, lsfl. JauKl'lIln
-My C
. 111.,
January l'; IS71.
Notice It herel.y Riven, that thire will be a gen-
'.i4 cnarier iec.non new
ON 'I CKMHAT tn lh bit or KKIlHlAltV,
A, 11. 1171,
In the Cltr of Cairo. In the cuunlr of AleiauJer.
nine Kiaieoi Illinois, lor iins purie oi cieoi.
A Mayor,
A City clerk,
A itr Treasurer,
A . ty ilarshal,
A lily Attorney, and
Ml Memt'-ra of ihe Fele. t Ouncll.ai follow t
One Member from the 1'lrat Ward,
One Memher from the heooil Ward,
tine MemUr from the Third Were-,
One Marnier frm the fourth Wrd, and
Two Members from the City.ai.Larite.
One Merntw of the flftard nf Ahlerrti.t. trnm
Ihe Kir.t Ward,
Three Member, of the .am from the reconl
One Membr ol the seme from the Third
Ward, and
To Mtliiberi of th aame from the 1'aurth
I'ulll will be Gfrfnri In lb. di.'V.r.nt want, a
In the first War I. at the ofr formarlr known
MrK.ttite a Co.'.. corner nt huth ir.ei an.l
Wathlogtoo ateniiet
Atab rire Uominy -,
I mine mini naru, id in. ii iroili nrei.iri
fany't engine L'.um-. near the vomer of iMtlfih
atreetatxl Commertlal atenue,
mir.e rounii arl, at the court-home,
I'olla will be oi-ncl at 3 oVLick a in.. anl
IcIotaJ ateoVlixkp.m of aaul viti dar of Ki l.ru.
ary, A. II. 1171. J.'-O. IIKOWN, City Clerk.
OA.XHO, zziXiXNoxs.
AI.O, keep constantly on liaml a raoit com.
plel .tock ol
Scotch and Irish Whiskies
Pifti Madeira, Sherry, Catabaw
We .ell eicluilf ely for Caah, to which I act w
lain the attention of clo.e bargain buyer.
U'. ... ...... i. i ii. 1. 1 a r r.i.ki.
Special attention Kiren to filllns orJr.
Confection Merchant
llliiH Ucinovctl to IIU Old Stan
I3( Commercial Avenue
I Where ha .ollci t. a continuance of natronactt
Ihi.furmercualo mer.. a.wtll aa that of aa man
Inqwonei a. mar wanl prim Rroceriei, pro? uionajr
etc., remarkably cheap for cah.
I lermai niricuy caan, lor wuini no win aeif
nwer than the lowed. leTtt
LFamily Grocery
Cor. Sth St. k Wasbingtoa tc,
Cairo, - - - Illinois
liiuppli with the Ireilitit
UrorcrUa, Ure and Drlcal d CM
Bd rrnlta.
Dressed Poultry, Fresh Butter
Ami everything ! nc'lJ lor lanilly aupply
It l in abort oiio of the beat itocked grocer! in
the cltr.
A continuacc of pabllo natron- I reapactlully
iDctwoen Wasliliigtoa Ave & Toplar 8
BooUBBd Khcxa Mxlelo Order. riHM
Workoiea Ktaployed,
Satisfaction Warranted
FAtronage SollclUd.
Wastkd. In itny part of tbo city, one
largo, woll vontllutod, furntiliod room,
with Loftrd, for a gciitleman, wifo, and
ono child. Statu terms. Keferouco given
nud rcqulrod. Address, "Apjillcant,'
sews op ire cm,
Jutlg Ilrojs lnu rcturnuil from .Sirlng
field. The letter-list wat titiavoidnhly crowded
out of thlt issue
Mk. AVickwihk hu4 fitiltlieil the .lolm
ion county court-house.
Fi.OBif Choice Knmily Flour in Mis
Imlf bills., sacks, Ac, for sale nt the Hg.vp-
thin Mills, nu
Mr. Warwick has hud tho good senso
to resign lila placo on the hoard of public
school directors.
1'aui. Ali.c.v, independent candidate for
City Marshal Is sum that ho will carry olf
the prlr.o this your.
Mn. Dhow.v, the woll-knowti coal mer
chant lomutlmi-i cullcil King Coal was
in thi cltyyestcrduy.
Ir you want a, good, stylish ntid sell
fitting suit of clothes, rnada to order, you
liinat go to 1'. elf, N'o. 70 Ohio I.ovee.
Miis WAi.DiinifiK is teaching in tho
placo of Miss Kclsey, who wa recently
called to tho death-bed of hur futher, dip
tain Kelscv.
.Mo'irs. Hyan and Turner, disllngtilthod
gentlemen of leisure, are alucnt from the
city on a brief profcMionnl trip, and in
search of health.
Jailer Mclialc has procured a bran-new
suit of clothes, for the purpose of attend-
ng his Jailors' legislature-Instructing
convvntin in flnotlvle.
Hchu's team became frightened while
passing across the staging to l'hillip's
wharf hoot, and fell otf into the river. Tho
horses were fortunntuly re'euol with little
Tiir Acnoi'.A Oil requires a dlirvrcnt
burner from that which is used with unil
oil. Ait for tho Sun-hingo burner, which
is tho best in use. Sold by Kwoll A: Jacob,
95 Ohio I.cveo.
- i . mm
Siuri'KD. Tho machinery for the pro-
fxncl hub, ttioke and wagon manufactory
of Morgan, Karnes A: Co. has been shipped
and will arrivo in this city in a short time.
The work of making Cairo a great inanu
factoring city goes bravely on.
Gk.vxral Don Carlos Uuel, who saved
Grunt from destruction tit Pittsburg Land
ing, has been In tho citv for several days,
topping at tho St. Charres hotel. He is
attending court, being Involved ir lnw
uit growing out of u coal transact. on.
Lurki.v, whose hand was crushed some
time ago while coupling cars, is at work
aln. It was believed thatho would loso
his whole hand, but tho skill of the sur
geons, Wardner and Dunning, saved tho
thumb and the little and fore fingers.
Tiik railroad traveler will find a
reniudy that It pleasant and perfectly
bartiili-M, und a sure preventive of the
evil cllects from Constitution or change of
water and dit, by using Simmon' Liver
Kcgulator. Jan'Jo-lnwlw
Tub Kitciikn Qcccx. In all home-
holds, wherever used, the Charter Oik
Stove is tho domestic queen. .Smiles und
good nature pervade her kingdom, und her
fubjciti are always free from family Jara
and kitchen disturbances. jan'Jvdawlt
Tub Casino Club have leased the second
torv of Leo Klub'a building on Commer
cial uvenue, between L'lcvchlh mid Tnolf-.h
itreeU, over Col. Henry's stovu atore. The
Hoclety will furnish the rooms in splendid
style, and uitublith it reading room and li
bra r v.
Mrnie.- Kx-ShoriA' .Myori has o)eneil
detectivo otllce in this city, nud will re-
pond with alacrity to all demands for his
torvlccs, and do tho work required with
characteristic euergy und tact. Mr. .My
ers has only an iudetlnite knowledge of tho
meaning of tho word ''fall," und iitia no
use for it in his lexicon.
Tho fraternity of easy-liver. which in
fests tho city haa a membership owning
peculiar names, Thcro is Grasshopper
Sam, Fivc-Uiigored Jack, Fiigcr Jim und
Slippery Sam. Grasshopper Sam got
away with a green Tennossceuii some tlmo
go, and then got away from town. IIo
hat returned, and U keeping a wide-awake'
oyo for vcrdency.
Tub IIoos. Tho hogs of tho city nro
in a hail war In fivnrv ward thi'V am
quietly lying down in their little beds and
are dying in amannorthai proves tnem to
be hogs of suporior culture. Tho disease
that afflicts them i cholera; or at least so
say those who havo had great experience
In hog ailments. In tho Fourth Ward
is an old cistern out which ull tho water
has leaked, and it is now half full of dead
hogs. Is thcro no balm in Gilcud ?
Tut rhetorical exercises of our public
schools, on tho first, second and third Fri
days of each month, should recotvo tho en
couragement of the parents of the pupils.
Wo know that listening to school recita
tion is wcarlsomo to tho patience of u UN
person not angelically amiable, but Pro
lessor English, in his laborious work of
teaching tho young Idea how to spout,
shculd receive tho countenanco of tho
friends of our public school. Tho Pro
foer Is doing nil ho can to get knowledge
into tho heads of our urchin population,
and parents should not neglect tHrpart
of tho important work,
c.t i no u li:.
-N'o member of tho legal fraternity of
Cairo Is mr co favorably known and re
spected, and dc.6rvcdly so, too, than tho
subject of this biographical sketch. Slnco
a.resldont of our city, ho has never denied
his tirosonco and liboral'support to every
enterprise connected with the welfare of
Cairo. Ills profession is law, and to this
ho has consecrated hi? life, and In this con
nection wo shall apeak of him.
When quite young ho selected tho lawn
his profession, and directed his energies to
the consumation of this desirable and cx
nlted object of his ambition.
For many years ho was a student at tho
well-known law olllco of Judgo Krum, at
St. Louis. Ilcru ho devoted himself close
ly to tho study of tho oloniontary principles
of the law, and subsequently attended
that fur-fnmui and renowned law school of
Harvard University. The close application
which had characterized him as a student
at St. Louis, was pursued here; and, in a
hurl time, ho graduated with signal credit
and honor.
lie removed to St. Gencvigvc, Mo., und
began to praotlco. Owing to the civil war
then existing in Missouri and St. (J no
vieve, at time threatening to bo tho sc no
ofconllict, he removed to Alton aim in
IBM to Cairo, and became a member In
the firm knuwn ns Haynlo, Marshall and
Gilbert, No fact it better known to tho
Ciiro ll.ir and citizens, than that tho bus!
ii" of this Arm was attended to almost ex
clusively bv Mr. Gilbeit.
fter the death of Gen. Hayute and tho
removal of Judge Marshall to Salem, .Mr.
Gilbert formed a partnership with Judgo
Green. Lord Cheiterrleld in one of his ce
lebrated letters to his son remarked tha1
the profouion of law should receivo nil the
cnor-jio and lime of tho lawver. Mr. Gil
bert It nut a stranger to the sayings of this
undent writer and Jurist.
Whether in the olfice, or the court room
heisduvotod to his profession. Ho is re
garded at an able, sound and safe lawyer.
IIo examines questions of law for himself
and prtotiM then, with clenness and
strength. Hi upeeche to the court or
Jury are always fiuu from idle deciamution.
Huiinisst entniated to him always receives
his personal, prompt and thorough atten
tion. thi:
ihmiigi: OUESTION.
Cull i .Sliv.tlla.
The Cairo Chamber of Commerce held
meeting vesterdnv morning, at which
the Newport and Cincinnati llridge wu
diicu'sul. Th following resolutions wore
adoptvd :
Hen.lvd. That In our opinion tin wants
of culilliiorcei ra-quiro VU'i OtlUlili 01
brld.4-s n-r- i.ur wi-.leru rlv.r. b'lt tb.it
tl.iv ar and o-ht to bt m uoiistruitei ms
nut to interrupt thi navigat'"ii of th"o
great natural hihwaw, und that it Is tho
avrious conviction oi tins m.imuer iiiai
the Newport llridge Company at Cincin
nati, should M comnelltd to rulio their
bridgu to conform In height with tho sus
pennon bridire of that city, and bo built in
conformity with tho rejiort of the frilled
.States Engineers, as in our opinion the
construction of audi u bridge a- tho com
pany contemplate, would be a greater
diuiiage to the lommvrce of the Ohio river
tlmri the natural obstructions for which
the national treasury I being yearly dc
pl ted by millions toiemove.
Umolved, That the Preiident and Sec
retary of the Merchants Exchange be
requested nt onto to teVgraph our action
to thu Illinois delegation in Congress, with
the requeat that tho eamo bo immediately
laid before tho Com.nlttee u Commerce.
D. 1 1 Clin, See'y.
We are pleased that Cairo lia expressed
her opinion upon this matter, ono of no
little importancu to her Intoreats, In a
Wiuhiiigton dispatch, dated Jati. 21, wo
aro informed that "It Is very evident that
the river interest is ahead of the railroads
In Congrcai, and will win in the end. To
day tin-re will bo prestutod to tho Com
inltiee a petition on river commerce,
signwl by nixty-ouo citixens of Western
l'eiili.ylvaula, asking Congroii to previ nl
tho eon.iruetlou of the Nowport and Cm
einnali bridgu on tho plans at pros nt
designated, mid twunty petition, ig' oil
by 1,300 cltlena of Weatorn Pensylvni .a,
lul.ingthe interference of Congre against
the construction of tho Newjiort und Cin
cinnati bridge."
Tin: meat market of Gayor & Co., at tho
;orner of Wnahington avenue ami Tenth
street, is one of "Institutions" of tho city.
It l nut only abundantly supplied with
tho best of pork, beef, veal, mutton lamb,
sausage, etc., but It presents tin ulr of
cloiinliiies und order that U rarely seen In
establishments of like charncter.
Gayor A Co. havo had numy years ex
perience us butchers, and havo long ago
learned that it payi best to keep tine meats
und command lir.t-cln. custom. For
choice moats, therefore, cut lu :t neat and
skillful manner, go to "Thu Pooplo's.Moat
Murkot," presided over by Gayer & Co
dee lOlf.
Closing Out Sail'.
Twonty-flvo thou.and dollars worth of
ready-made clothing, hats, caps, boots,
ehoes, trunks und valcscs tiro otl'erod for
snle by P. Nell, "., Ohio Loveo, at AC
TUAL COST PRICES, it being hi In
tention to cloiu out in that lino and em
bark exclusively and more extensively In
thu furnishing goods and merchant tullor
Ing busiuco.
This closing out calo furnishes un oppor
tunity to securu clothing cheaper than
over beforu ottered in this market.
For pistols und eartrldgej and bowlo
knivo, go dlreot to V. Noli', No,4 "t Ohio
Lcvoo. decOtf
1 ltl.linn ITl-wuv T -ltltTfllnllaC. Tj. 1)..
will administer confirmation, at tho Church
of tho P.odoomcr, this morning, nrid preach.
'Missionary meeting will bo held at half
past 7 o'clock In tho evening, with addres
ses by tho Bishop and other members of
tho board. A collection will bo taken .In
behalf of diocesan missions..! ,. '
Tiir Fcxur.il or William Avovs
tcs Wi.s-sto.v. Tho funeral of William
Augustus Winston took placo. .yesterday
morning, from the Church of tho Redeem
er. Tho iicverend'Mr. Coaii delivered
nn affecting and tery1 Impressive' serinon
over the body of tbo deceased, in which ho
remarked upon tho peculiarly sad circum
stances attending hiideath and, .with much
feeling, pointed out to th. sorrowing
friends the only source from "Which they
can derivo " present help In time of
After tho conclusion of the service, tho
body,atUnded by the griof-stricken-fnTnlly
and many friends und acquaintances was
taken to the III. Central depotfromj tbenCe
borne to tho cchiciory at, Villa Ridge,' and
there laid In its last resting place.
The Democrats must no'ratnato If they
do nominate a ticket good men for tho
cltyolllce. They cannot succeed of they
du not. The tricksters must bo compelled
to stand back, and tho better class' of clti
zotit must not pormll tho government of
the municipality, to fall Into tho hands of
tbo Infernal croakers the gray-backed
ancients who weep when they see a new
building going up, who croan over their
cups and look daggers If they1 do not uo
them at any man who dares to question
the wisdom of tho stand-still policy of
these moss-covered frauds. We must nom
inate lite men men who havo tho wisdom
to appreciate the fact that .Cairo has a
great futuro, nnd who, having tho knowl
edge of this fact, have alio the will and
ability to do something to shape tho mu
nicipal policy so as to hasten the dawn of
the good tlmo coming. But deliver us
from tbo domination of Radicals, niggers
or moss-covered Democrats.
Uox Fictory. Messrs. People! it Ed
iiiundi, of tho Cairo Dox and Basket Com
psny, have complete the removal of all
tho inachlnory of their cxtcniivo works
from Cobdsn to this city, and are using
every possible endeavor to complete tho
work at tho earliest possible moment. Tbo
removal of Peoples & Edmunds to this
city will, we predict, murk a now era in its
hi'tory. Thcso gentlemen, after tho 'oipo
rience of a number years clscwhcro, their
business becoming extensive, aro com
pelled to como to Cairo in order to avail
themselves of advantages for manufactur
ing purposes obtainable at no other place i
and, In. this way, necessity forcing tho
cnltlon of the superior advantxgcs.of
Cairo o n manufacturing point, wo shall
grow Into the greatness which even tho ef
forts of persistent enemies cannot with
hold from us. In the citizenship of Messrs
Peeplcs and Edmu.ndson Cairo obtains nl
lies cf great vitluo to her. They aro gen
tlemen of energy and enterprise.
Tn km: is considerable, excitement in
certain circles on tho subject of religion,
and Christian, Infidel, Atheist, Deist and
Thelst tiro beginning to mix in 11 dreadful
Jumblo of controversy; and, in order
that tho belligerents may "cull names' un
derstanding, wo publish below a few defi
nitions fresh from Webster's unabridged :
CirijiPiu. A believer in the religion of
InjiiM, Ono who disbelieves In tho in
spiration of tho Scriptures and the divine
origin of Christianity.
Attititt. One who disbelieves In tho ex
istenco of it God or Supreme Intelligent
Dritt. Onu who believes in tho exist
ence of ii God, but denies revealed reli
gion. Ono who professes no form of re
ligion, but follows the light of nature nnd
reason as his only guides In doctrine and
practice. A frewthinker.
Tlit ii in, Relief in God and revelation.
.tw Time Trtble.
On nnd after 12:30, p.m., Sundny, Dee.
1th, the following time tablo will govern
tho arrival und departure of pasaongcr
trains nt Cairo:
.Mail train leaves at 3:40 a.m.
Express, " " nt 3:30 p.m.
St. Louis nnd Cairo Express!
leaves at 1:"0 a.m. .
Accommodation leaves ut...l'.':30 p.m.
Mall arrives 1:05 a.m.
Express, arrives l-:2l p.m.
St. Louis and Cairo Express
arrives 1:45 p.m.
Tho last named train leaves St. Louts tit
10:30 a.m. Traders can leave Cairo at 1:'J0
a.m., reach St. Louis nt 7:25 a.m., remain
ii tho city throe hours, and return to
Cairo at 4: So p.m., tho samoduy.
Tho 12:80 accommodation and Cairo und
St. Louis oxpress leave duly; all othors
leave dally except Sundays.
AVay passongers should bear in mind that
the 3:30 run., train mukes onlv four stoiw
pings betweon Cairo nnd Centralju, vis:
Jonesbcro, Curbondalc,' Du 'jQu'ola and'
Ashley. Tho 12:30 p.m., train stops at all
tho stations along the route
dccStf Agont.,Oulro'.
Goto Ewcll & Jacob, and seo Loonnrd
& Co's improvcd'lJrass Jet Lnropwhiclt
can bo usod in every manner about tho
house. Thoy cannot bo broken. No
chlmnoys to break, no danger of explosion.
Can bo used with Aurora oil or Gasoline
A laroe stock of furnishing goods of all
kinds always on hand at Y. Noll's, No. 79
Ohio Levee. dec9tf
Nkatlv fitting
boots and shoes ut
On Slip ttcntli nfthc lute Win, Aut'lUlllx
Wliiatiill, liy llev. ,1lr. Ounn, ll.r-or nf
She Clltircti of tin, llei eemer. Uilro,
III., Snlarilnj-, Jan. iifMli, 1H71.
P. 119t 71, It It good fur me tlinl t lia.p
turn aflleto-l, that l'nvglit icarn Thy nt-ilnl.
We need not be, taught what is felt nnd
realized by every human heurt, that no
chastening for tho present .seetuoth to be
Joyous. Heathen philosophy may strive
in" vain to steel tho heart against tho tting
of pain. Christian philosophy admits that
chastening Is Indeed grovioits. It docs
.not nttcmpt to conceal from Hi tliciplc.i
nay, rather, it distinctly rivows tho fact, as
declared In Its own word's : " In the world
"yo shall have tribulation i" Wlrtcachoi
us'that, "nevertheless, afterward, it yield
I'eth tho petccabh fruit of righteousness
r' unto them thut Are exercised thereby'.1'
I know of r. j consideration which lean
more appropriately- or .mora, profitably
pro.ent to our brethren in ufilictioii onsiuii
an occasion ns this, niid mojt giudly d I
point your UAti, Ikivl'iPdo&h'wRh tho
grlcvpuiixeis of prt-cnt olmiteulm.', to tho
joyful and peaceable fruit of rightcouaUus.
which tribulutioii yiiJdeth to tho.o who,
In n Godly manner, 'nre'extfrelsml thereby.
" Heforo 1 was troubled 1 went wrong, '
says David j !'but,iow. have I kept Thy
" word. It is good for mo that 1 have b!en
"aflllcted that I may h'arn Thy slntiit."
And ngaih;'Vknow, O. LonJI thatrThy
Judgments arovriht. anJUliiitXhoitof
"very faithfulnuM,fhast kimk-J'Iiio to be
'.troubled." Go I1 does nt wpect His
saints to.bo inscJuiblq to soiro.i.-j lie doe
hotVxpcct tlioui'to enltivati,'H loi'-il indif
ference to sutl'cringj but He docs expect
them to study ho meaning of Ills chast
ening and to-prorlt themelvts thereby.'
Holy,Job WRa atllletedj and from tlieilepths'
into which God 'hail sutrored Llm to be
thrust exclaimed ".O, that jny grief were
'thoroughly weighed spd .my - calamity
"latd In tho balance .together, for now it
.'-! would bu huuvlor IUhIi thu. eulld -f tho
sea; therefore, in words nre swallowed
"up, for the arrow j of, th' jAlmigbty aro
'within mo, the poison whereof iiriiiKoiti
tun niy spirit; tho terrors of dud do sot
fthcnufelvei In array ngulnstim jTf cvtn'to
"day'fitny"com'plaintbitter'; iny stroke is
"heavier than my groaning,' And yet, In
the midst of nil his caiairtitici, Lis fallh was
unshaken. "For 1 know,' said lie, -'that
"my Redeemer Hrelb... ruujrfh, Ha slay
"me, yet' w'lll'l tr.t'lnliim." r).'.v!d, tho
man alter God -irn heart, wjs ii.h
ulllicted, so th.4:1h.cried c ,ti" My ,hart
"Is imltfeu dt'vn and"', I:'..- r-u l.V: gruas,
"so that 1 forget' to erit tny-r'tad. 1 have
rreITii uIlieVaalfTtwero tjrehd uhil tnln
"lcd iny drink with weTpi'n,!, and thai U
" cuuse of Thine indignation and -wrath,
"for Thou hast taken me up' uA 'c. -t mo
"down." And vet, this eamo devout
psalmist confesses ; "It L, good for mo lo
"hold mo fast by (iod, and to put my trust
"in the Lord God. My llesh nnd my
"heart falleUi,'' ays he-j rtbut God Ms the
"strength of my heart nnd my portion
" forever.'
Now, my brethren, those example aro
to teach us that' wo otisthtto endure a tH lo
tion, ns St. Paul has taught us also; "for
" wo know,'' says he, " that our light affile
" tlon, which Is but for n moment, work-
"cth for us a fur. wore oxcecdini! und otur-
" mil weight of glory, while wo look not
"at tho thlngi which aro ccn, btit at tire.
' thlnL-s which nro not seen, for tho aim",
" crlngs of thi. present time uro'not worthy
" to bo compared with-the jjlory .whtcli
"shall bo revealed in us,'
Wo nro not lo repine much los rebel
ngalnn God tinder preseflt jiitlcnhg, for'
lie design, only good for us, und not evil. ,
Wo may pervert Ills providential designs
and pervert them,to our own destruction."
Wo may hard?n ourselves under hi. chas
tising baud, und cut off or blast thu
" if if-eablo fruit of rlght-H'tien-. ' with
i.i .n....i ..... ....u. ....... re
WHICH lie SSUUIU Ultl,l w I'nurinT. . I
of that nmn ii wor.e ti.at, Uic'iTw. H.7
will have pla.-c,! lrimelf K-yond the rench j
of Gods lan and gr..,t. ,t m-r.-y, unless I
hoshnll repent nnd turn hinitelf from tho ,
error of his way, and from the hardness
. J . .
Of 111! heart. God WJII JVO US tliroUgll i
great tribtirntlqn.. .Ho wlllptir!fy y
theioby. He will purge, our hiuiL from.
tho droi3 of caath. He will flt.ml'or tho
glory, tho peace, tho- holinei'of 'heaven.
Let us not, then, murmur that Ho send us
trouble here, It by , any meiiiis through ,
this wo nro to rotip tlto reward nf JJfo, nud I
Joy, and iininoiiu'.ity in tho world to come. !
... , . ., ,. , ,. , ,. 1
"Such Is tho alchemy of Gvd s di.eiplino
. ... . ,.,.. 1
"that Ho turns ourl6rrow into Joy.' Ai I
mourning precedes comfort, to comfort fol. ,
lows mourning. This Is a world of ln, und i . - t .; l-sxiij ln,UIltKl,i .hall de
thereby a world of ropen Unco nnd .grief ; D ' m)'a lhu mioft(, but
but iir.giHiyo oiu.uo
preludo to Joy and consolation. Tho trials
nnd bitter experiences of this world pro-1
pare us for heaven-Just us repentance ,
? ., i i. ,i... r r.....: .. ,
ior sin leuus in um- j"i ut- luiuiseuuss.
There uro tlilnirs which wu only ltnrn by
contrasts. W.o should scarcely appreciate)
joy without grief, health without aiekncsi,,
i...i'i 1.1 . Vi.. ii, ..T.. ,
or yveii jiuiiucsa wiiuouv am, .11 u inu.b
tasto sorrow before wo can fully know joy,
and though lu tho dUclplluu of God there
may bo times1 when It would seem thut'
every Joy has doparted from us and the
world mny sooin u blunk and 11 void of
darkness, yet God Is able to bring n richer
Joy out of It nt last If wo will ree'eivo Ills
cuosicn.ng ns.uu um cimuron. ..ccuo ...
saya.the- sjroat lApwtle to - tboGentlles,
, ...... , .1 tl ,.T .. . .1 . ,
" that tho suU jr uL's of th snn.Sent tlmo. in)
"not worthv "to bo eouinured with the f
.Hnrvtllntsllnlll,v;.adillli.', The
.i.iVorinVa of this present timo have their i
uses" ns 11 urenurntion for that glory,
Mourning, suoh as yours, 1ms its uwi ot
Christian discipline and ft blesalnu of
gruco. Your heart's grief may bo san'cti
lied to your soul's .alvutieu und to your
eternal joy.
It Is 6110 of the most precious of truths,
to those who study It -.right, that "our
"light nflltclion, which is but for amo
"mont, workoth for us a far more exceeding
''and eternal weight of glory, whilo wo
"look not nt tho thing - ' - '"o seen but
"at tho things which niu ... soon.' Oh,
'f wo could but realize tho eternal mcu,uro
of thu thing which nro not seen If we
could appreciate, M Tnan cannot, tho glory
and the bliss or tho heavenly Jerusalem,
how light would tho prcnent allllction np
pear -how unworthy to bo compared with
tho glory that shall ba roven'-d. Wo are
to live for the unseen. Llttlo ut wo do up
prauiate it, it Is vol tho trtio object of our
strifo. We tiro lo live by faith and not by
light. As this l! tho Christian duty, so it
Is also his blcsod privilege, if ho can only
understand it as such. In tho midst of all
llm trint-i of thli world, tho Christian dis
ciple lives for tho an icon. His motives,
jili.pirutioii uudiiis joyi nro not "those
of earth. Ho lives by f.tili, anil hl lifo it
ma ry uiirm in uou. io nvo ny latin is
to live stri'iintlwiiod always with God's
h"lji. i To live hy.-ightjis, tollv'u trustinj
ih our own strength. To iivo by faith, H
Ujc.nt all our earo upon Him whocarcth
I'or-uj. To live by sight, is to attempt to
provide lor ull contingences by our un
Killed trenght. . To lvu by faith,
is to recuivo Gods chas'.ouing, as
did tho holy ones of old, whoso
'vainplos wo havo cited, that
we may learn submission, ns even our
lilv.-sod Saviour learned it.
To iivo by sight is to live joyless and
liopelo.M when confronted by iiliscipliuo
stic-lins'thi present'sorrbx.' To live by
faith is to trust in God who knowcth our
weakness and our want and to seo His
mercy hlnlng through tho clouds of
sorrow and irradiating them with tho
lighv beyond., Wo my. nut, indeed, in
this Vorld, ho spared sorrow. Tho clouds
wilt gather, nnd nonoenn prevent; but
('nil Is able to tint even ihedarkcut cloud
with bright, beautiful and glorious light,
and tho fl'wifi'.or and heavier tho cloud,
the more mo.!vo nLd the more sublimo
tho glory wldcl. Uod paints on thuirdark,
grainl fonni. The deeper the sorrow the
more precious is tho heavenly consolation,
If wo will but receive It. This is tho
consolation to which I point you, my
nrllictcd brethren. It is ono which tho
world o.ui neither give uor t.iko nw.iy. 1
know thtJ"ilifrkiriSs which now, as a pall,
overshadows your hearts. It Is my otllce,
too, to point you to tho promises of Christ,
mi to 'assure you of tho faithfulness
of Mllia . that iironiisid, "ltlosscd are
'they that mourn for they shall bo com
.forted." To insure this promise, your
mourning mut" ba n godly sorrow
a trii.tfol grlof. The blessed religion of
Christ doc not reqf u, in ii.nl, to
uproot natural ujlcctioiw or to ctiltir.ite
loicul Indlt5'erencl,, bat God would havo
tliahCVrctlons chastened and sanctified. His
tomtnuiid is: '(iivo mo thine heart." Obey
Him and lovo llltii.iind Ho will bless und
reward you, and comfort you. Pray to
Him nnd trust him, .nd He will pour vou
out u blessing that there shall not be room
enough to receive It. If Ho has pierced
your hoarts with n .harp arrow, It may bo
that He would teach you whatevory dis
ciple mtiit learn "that tribulation work
: rtlenco, and patience, experience,
! ""N1 experience-.hope, and M.iMiopo
i "miikcth not ashamed" if tho love of God
In .hid nbrind in your hearts by tho Holy
Ghi.st. Right here, beloved and Hlllicted,
right hero, where thi) waves of this sea of
nllliction seems woll nlgli to cover you
let mo ii'kyou to weigh well this truth. Lot
yur trust in God bo strengthened. Com
prehend the moaning of God' providence
lu thu dicipllnu Ho send. gird up the
loins of your mind and hope to the etui, for
the grace of G 4 thut is to bebrotightuuto
ymi at th,- revolution of-.lfsus Christ and
so .hull you b-arn uit-tiredlv that 'sulvtlnn
" ol ,""u- . "'", H; ur",,l
"u ,0 w iIih.,. yten. He r..ire.
J'"" ' "iroiipn uwm. wit 'e yi uus-
" " Mi lttly njvon Him.'
faithfulness oxee.-ls our oomprchon-
t FPI'. I . i.. 11. .1. ..I.
o"- nwro mm injn iii in ur iiwiiii
wHoro.we may ndtvtri-t iu it. Though
1IU jidgintjntii bo liko'tlio great deep, yet
flis' fuithfulnuM reachth unto tho Heilv-'
ens. Though ills Wrath' would n-nnr
like an ocean, yvl . His mtrcv
your trust
fumver. ' Tt this bo
in your grief. IIo who
knon-p-.ll u'l griof knowcth tlw wrrow of
yutir'iiortrts , nnil lie who wipetn tliu tears
. ... ..'.
IS 11 lis illIll Uli. CM", villimvti,l)nlV.,SM.il
iu, .. ,fvull ...
... .. . .ail,.Illl uv.0 '.i. oC-llU
Urilllu.,i ,bll nol lVopftrt from '
,,,, ,i,n f,nvf,,in, nt .,. ..,, 1
,.bo r-lll0Vud iMl Jw horll tllftt Il;llh ,
t.mMVon tw.. Tothul ovorlaetinismorcy
. . .
let 1110. now. cutiiiiiond this ono who has I
but newly luiinildtlie deep .olitudo of that '
word, (jbo it -p.:.n 'Mly now;, .1 widow.
She may, Indeed, know that there is no
balm on eurth'for eiifcli a woo as hers ; but
Christ who knows the deep agonies of her
heart, heralds hi. euro to help, by promis
ing to ho tho widows God. And Ho can
ralso ugain tho twico crushed hearts of j
lovlug parents nud eootn the atigiiiiu 01 a j
mothers grioi, stay in .orruiv 01 ii
. ...1 ... 1 ,i. .......... .I.ni'.ili.irl.'ssolill.
LT 0 ll'Ui, .1141 II..IIIW II1WII ... "
fc , f 0A(J who
" . 1VL)I1
I' k"u ' f -
That silent, .peechle.s form speaks
yet mow eloquently than any llv-
ing voice eun spoak of death, of ctornity,
of the helplessness of man ugalust tho
power or providence of God, It can toll
you, what words will fall to toll, of the
eurituat reality of life, ..nd of tho re-iit-ItHi
power of death. It can p ranch to you,
as no mouth can but thut of God, of tho
uionitntoui realities of tlmo und of cWr-
nlty. Its silence, and holplcssncs, and
decay, tell you, if posslblo with greater
powor nnd Improslveness than oven tho
wise proacher of old, "thcro is no work,
1,no' device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom,
"in tho gravo whither thou goest.'' Who,
then, would not desire the hopo that tho
I righteous hath, that his last end may' be
1 like that of n righteous man.
May God strengthen your souls in this
affliction. lie can make the tears .of be
reavement blessings to tbo souls of thbso
who mourn. May ho lead you through
tho docp wators of this affliction, guideyou
through tho clouds and storms of this dark
world, and bring you to the brightness and
glory of a bettor world nt last. Unto
God's gracious marcy nnd protection wo
commit you. Tho Lord bless you and
keep you. Tho lrd make hf faco to
shlno upon you and bu gracious unto you.
Tho Lord lift up HJs countenanco upon
you and give you peavo, both now and
evermore. AMEN.
Tho weather was cloudy all day yeste
lay, and about two Inches of snow fed
during tho forenoon. Tho tcrapornturo
was about 30 degroes at daylight, but
rose to 30 during tho day, and tho greater
portion of tho snow disappeared.
Tho river has risen four inches slnco
last report, but seemed to bo about sta
tionary last night.
The Mississippi is stationary at SL
Louis, with tho chnnncl depth unchanged
six feet to St. Louis. There is an
ubundanco of water for tho largest clasi
boati fully laden, bolow Cairo.
Tho Ohio Is rising at Pittsburg wlti.
six feet water In tho channel, nnd tho
wenthor cold. It is falling from Louis
ville to Citl.o, with flvo feet on tho fulls.
Tho Cumberland Is rising with .oven
feet wntor on Harpoth Shoals.
Ruslness continues good nt our levco
nnd steamboats handled a largo quantity
'of freight yestorday.
lhu Quickstep brought 10,000 stares
and pieces heading, 10 tons assorted freight
for Cairo, SCO bbls'whlskcy, 82 mulos-for
reshlprncnt south.
Tho Ulencoo received 30 tons corn and
oats here.
Tho Nashvillo Packet, John Lumidon,
brought I liltds tobacco for rcshtpment
East per I. C. Ii. It,, C12 empty flour
barrels, 20 pieces Iron for Cairo, 17 mulct,
l3tons sundries for rcshlpmont South.
Tho Kato Robinson discharged 12 tons
crackers and sundries here.
Tho Farragut discharged 175 tont flour
for reshlprncnt south, and received nearly
100 tons sugar and molasses, from tho
wreck of tho If. S. Turner, for Cincinnati.
Mount-moor brought out nearly 400
tons Hour and ns.ortcJ freight for reship
lilelit south.
The Continental continued to rocoivQ
freight llvoly nil day yesterday and will
depart for New Orleans to-day with a full
Tho Marblo City was to lcavo last night
with about 500 tons for Memphis and
way points.
We nro again Indebted to our kind
friends of tho telegraph otHco in this city
for Information of another terrlblo disaster
on tho Mississippi. Tho steamer W. R.
Arther, bound from New Orleans to St.
Louis, with n nno cargo of assorted gro
ceries, exploded her boilers yesterday
morning at half past ono o'clock, when
near Ihmd 40 about 20 miles above Mem
phis. Only meagre particulars havo yet
reached hero, hut tho accounts wo recclvo
seem to indicate that tho explosion was
outward and downward, causing thu hull
to sink almost immediately, after which
tho cabin parted from tho hull and
lloatfd oil'. Tho cabin took lire fcovoral
I times, but thu flames wera fortunately
extinguished. Twenty lives aro reported
us having been lost, but we havo recolvcd
no names, dipt. Ilrolaskl, wife, and two
children aro afo but severely, although
not fulally scalded and burned. Oapt.
Alex. Fruziur nnd wlfo were passen
gers, nnd nro safe. Ono pilot nil the
engineers, four In number, tho carpentoi
und atuwurd aro reported safe. John W
'llowuiaii, 1st clerk, and Peter Wertz,
-.'ud clerk, nro reported lost. All tho
survivors reached Memphis yesterday
forenoon, und received every necessary
attention No can so Is assigned, as yet,
but wo, us an old cnginoor, will admit of
no other cutiso than a scarcity of water
In thu boiler, or a superabundance or
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