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l or 'l I y Attnrny.
Wo nro Mithnrlr.d to Announce John M. I-ans-den
naitenndldalofor re-election to the office of
City Attorney nt the An'Uing 'iiuniclpat election.
I'nr lily Marshall
We nn- nutliorlfd tontinnin"" ANl'HCW CAIN
nsficiiinlliliitr for tin- ollico of City Mar. hat, sub.
ret to tin- decision of the Derme'raUe party.
Wo are iiulliorlti'il IniiiiHoutioetlint lU'.MtV T.
MAKTIN will bun enndlilate for the olllre of City
Marshal, at llin rnsultiK clinrti-r floctlon, u
ert to the decision of the Democratic inrty.
We nro Mtttioris' to RDiioiinen I'AUli W.
AliliKN asnn Independent ciiHi1rI Tor tli ntllce
of City Marshal, ml'ju t only to tin- decision of
the people. tti
for Slty Cttrk.
At the request of Intny friri'l, I arn n eiuiiJ.t
ihtii fur lh olln-ocf City Clerk, eubjt-ct to tin- ill
rlsiuiiof tin Democratic party.
.MIC1IAKI- '. H'KVI.r.T.
Wo are authorised to announce tlio nnme of J.
T. THOMAS a candidal" for the rITlr of City
Clerk nt tin- ensuing municipal election. Id
17 MXTIOX .notice.
City Ork's otter.
Cairo, 111., January ), l7l.
Nollee lahor.br Klren, that thcr will he apen
( ral I barter elmllon h 1 1
ON TCKSKAT tnr. lilh nst or KnilltUHV.
A, l. 1171,
In Ihr City of Cairo, In lli coiirdy of Alesaiidrr,
In tliu Mtti-of Illlrioie, lor the purpose of 'dent.
A Mayor,
A City Clerk.
A City Treasurer,
A l.'ily Marshal.
A City Attorney, and
Mi Members of tlm r'elcet Council, a. follow
line Mi.tnljr from th Klr.t Ward,
line Mi-inhnr ft urn tlm .'"ooml Ward,
n- MHiil.nr froin tlm Tliiril Want,
One MwnUr from the Fourth Waril, anil
'Inn Meinour from the City.at.I.rr,e.
One MemlKT of the I loaf) of All" rim n from
tint Ptrl Waril,
Tliree MIMl-rs of tho same Ir-ln the eeorid
Hon Member ol the Mine, from the Third
Waril, il
Tn Member, of the same from tlie hour,th
IVIIsulll I nH'neJ In the lli!rent wards as
follows ;
In the first Ward, at the ortlce. farmrrly known
a. McKmuoA Uo.', earner ol Hitll elreel anl
Washington an nue ,
In tlie feeoinl Ward, at the engine house of the
Aiab Klre Oirnrnuy ;
In the Third War'l, irithe Hilrnian Fir Com
(an)', engine house, near the vomer of Tuelfih
street and Commercial atenue ;
In the Konrtri Ward, at thm-tiun-ho'lsr.
'ul will Nt onei at oVIik k a in., ana
clme.) alC olok n.in of .aid day of IVbru
ary, A. I. IsTl. JNO. lllt'JWN, City CUrk.
Tfce follow l tr)ra liall' Cairo
on the day, anil at the hour lx-low.rnme.1
TALISMAN, Kvcry Mon'lny ur, p.jn.;
TVKONK, Kvtry Tlmrvlny, nt 5 p.m.;
I.L'MSUKX, Kvi'ry .Hturany. nt p.m.
rf Kieiiilt r rHe apn'y on -ar I. -t '
)aut-7ltfl It OHIO l.KVIir.
1 he Veautiful andliriht ilrshl ateemer
IIOHHr.r SV1:HIiI:Y. .....1I.trr.
I.f.te.Cl ruila ly at'ip in., iwl I'slU'Sh la ly
at 9 a.m. Harms mperKir rvf.inmoiat nalc
olirtt rtlMie tr ullage.
f . IHJXNI.VU, .U. 1 Ki
J ItiKNCB-Corrier N.nth ami Walnut
nKI'ICK-Comer r-uth htrret an I Olno I.tre
uVYKY. IIOUIH-Krom a.m. l 11 rn., n-t
WiLiiiA.n is. siTJi.n: .i
UK-I)KM;lNo.SI, Th rten'n re
elwe.'n Waihinjtoti Aleniie anl Walnut sine.
OFKO );- l'.'b Coiiineial Ai r.m . n en lr
Hn'lUIIM'.lt, .1!. !.. 'ulr
tK"ill'KNCK-Co""r ' f N ne'e-nth el.
ni. l Waliiion af. OKI IC :K-n , "".'"IT.1;
He , oer ih I'Mitli IKI'ICB H--
iri.mli' in In U m i-unilita fi' ei'tclj !
from t to & l in.
.11. Z'UMXI rs A: CO.,
lurccaora to 1 H. llemlrloka A Co.
Coiiiinisiioii Mrrclianls
"-uKncLSi?- - Boat
I.IIUIUAIi Ayjii-xIV115 07 'V
crrrt iiroiiainl to rririve, atore arnl lorw.ini
frelnlua lo nil iomU, mul buy iiml eell on rum.
rliiainrsH attrmlet to with iroinitni',
G It A X 1 M A t U IS A 1 13
T ItAliIi.
Cairo Turner Society
lU'Kle.io to iiiinouiu-o n
Fur Monthly Evening, Feb. (i, 1S71S
... IN...
Uvoivlellort will lm juit forth hy thu in'inaKer'i
to renih r tliiinc'eualon tho Hio.t rnterininliiK uml
'rccherrho' atluir of tlm klinl ever hi'i'l in tlio dry.
Jan. 1 1 ittl
Tin: Council w-li fit joint elon to
iiinht. . - a,..
Nr.AriiY llttitit; liooli mnl lio'' nt
J'.liW. "
Dick FlT.(lKiur.n Ims six prinonura Id
tlio county Jull.
l'ltoi'. II. .Sa.viis, tho worM renowned
mnfjlciim mnl VcntrllofuM I coining.
run plstoN uml citrtrldgci nml Wvio
ktilv.-j, go illrccl to 1'. Nell's, No. 7!t Ohio
l.nvi-o. ilocOtf
A lak'ik atock of fiirnMiini; goods of nil
kind ulwsys on Imrid nt 1. SuA'i, No. "'J
Ohio Jidvuo. dcc'Jtf
.lonx llni.li wm bvforo llroai ycatordiiy
diurjsd with nttcrnjitlng to kill nnothcr
negro, nnd wa sont to tho county Jull.
Don't you wntit it chntico? Jus. Gray
will riiMtiuiTn rnivy ro'olmr, nt Ills snloon
5n Coinrnprrlnl nvemio. on noit Suturdiiy
Ouii puthltif; nnd fiicrgctlo friend, John
I.lrioir, hn removed to Mound City,
whore ho will ongtgo in tho prnetico of tho
TiiorsAKlw nttiMt Iti vlrturei, und from
nil qunrtors of thu (Jlobo como testimon
ium of wonderful ouriM performed hy .Sim
mon's Liver It'-guUtor. febldti&wlm
IIlKiiofli.yiiiiCh. For Norman'n Cha
lybeate OukIi Syruj) triido mark of
hieroglyphics go to Hum in, tole ngenti
corner Kighth trct and Commercial ave
nue. Fresh (inrden and Flour Kod, import-
1 nnd domutlc, in great variety, of tho
mutt reliable, and suppllod In any quanti
ty by Jlnstol & .Stlllwell No. 3'J Eighth
Tin: Ac ho ha On. reiulrM a dllTerciit
burner from that which is iv with coal
oil. Ask for the Sun-hinge burner, which
It the l,t in uw. Sold by Kwell A: .Incob,
05 Ohio Levee.
"IJlLl." IIalhen, Mr. Irvln'a deputy
theritr, it In nttondntice upon court. Uo
will hnve almost excluilva charge of the
iherlll butlneii oufldeof the city. liftlUfri
It n iund, hard-wurKini; democrat and n
a natural sequence, It a llrst-jlM utllcor.
O.vk hundred present given away eve
ry night by I'rof. II. tiatid entertain
merits. Tho beU nulclnn now tra'.eling.
Thirty-two ypar-i csperienc. Tho grout
Eurojwan traveler.
- -
Our old friend "Cot." who li verier u! In
ch! led -Cttingham " for hurt, U now
dlijientlng aplrituiil comforu nt the bar of
the iteamer Kmmn Floyd, In tho Cincin
nati Hid Nashville trade.
Ir loir want n pair of boot inndo to or
der, out of tho best material, und in thn
moit fashionable and durable inrmner, i;o
to Wm. Khlers, on Twentieth street, op-
postu thul court house. U
!)n..l. F. ISa.ndau., ollico on Seventh
Mid Wathingtoii tri)t. Trent all Chronlc
coni hunts. CVi'if''i' l'rt, Tell
your disease without Biking any quostlon.
The Doctor rcmnlns- only uno week. Cull
and see tho Dr., It co.ti you nothing.
The Kitciik.v (ii'r.n.s. In all house
hold., wherever used, tho Charter Otk
.Stovu is tho dotiieilte queen, iimilesand
gootl luture iervde her kingdom, and her
eu!J-ctnr nlwayi fru from f.ttnily Jars
in I kiti hen ilisttirbancos. lutr.'oditwlt
Danck ami lUrn.K.Thore will bo a
daiiit', and ruHle for a Him navy rtvolvo
on Saturday night, Febr.ary lth,at.lumt
(Iruv saloon, ou Commercial avenue,
iwo'dours Wlow Twentlsth trict. Chun
ret, U ft y oents, onch.
Ooto Ewell iV .laoob, and eo I.wonard
Si Co' Improved UraM Jet Lamp, which
can bo Hied in every manner about tho
house. They cannot bo broken. No
chimneys to break, no danger of explosion.
Can be uod with Aurora oil or (iiuolinti
Tub LtxTintK. A goosl hlaod atidlenco
mot at tho Presbyterian Church la-t
night to listen to the lecture of l'rof.
llKtomim on tho subject of Memory."
We need not ny the lecture wm n inter-
iting M it wa profound.
.. ...
Thh nillrond traveler will Und u
remedy that U plomant and perfectly
harmlesi, audit mro provontivo of tho
evil el!Vct from Constipation or elmngoof
water and diet, by ti.ing blnimon J.ivcr
I'.egulator. Jan'.'odttwlw
C. AY. Wilkinson, Esq., attorney at
law, of Kltabothtown, Hardin county,
win In tho city yesterday. Mr. Wilkin
son U a leading domocrnt in hU county
and last fall did activo scrvicu for tho
A Tnnp N'othlmr 1. better iiroofof
.tho excellence of nn articlo than tho irC'
quoney of imitations of it.
These countorilta uro tho universal trl
buto which worthiness pay to merit.
Thosterllni! worth and nonularity of tlio
Charter Oak Stovo in attested by tills
standard. fobld&wlm
Two notid darkles ,of tho 4 Ml Ward,
encni'od In ft hand-to-biind combat n few
evenings ago. Tho victor not wishing to
pay tho usual prlco charged by our polico
i.ouru for such uleasurcs, gavo mo van
n,.ui.i.l(li(isiimofS1.00 not to comtilalu
.,r l.lm beforu Hr6.-s. Thus thu mutter
Where !ie stim Hillt-Valtie-Io Iliu
rnuce. The W. It. A-T ur was built for Capt.
Dan Able In 19M. Uor hull wan built at
Pittsburg and wm originally 2Gu feet
long, with two feet beam. It wm towed to
Louisvlllo and there rocelved machinery,
cabin nnd outfit. Tho origlcal cot wm
SMO.OOO. Sha wm afterwards widened
to 51 feet, and lengthened to nearly 300
feet by tho Atlantic and Mississippi
Itnr Inst valuation WRl
W,000 and iho was only insured against
fire nnd sinking from ordinary causes. As
an explosion Is considered an extraordina
ry cause, her owners will recelvo no Insu
rance Owners of freight Insured will re
covor their Insuranco, howovor.
STnr.Ntirii to the Blood. 'Without a
certain proportion of Iron, tho blood
loses its strength and purity. IJlood en
ters every organ through the circulation,
distributing the nutratlvo principle to
every tcxturo and tho sourco ol every
secretion ; henco tho Importance of keep
ing It duly enriched. If It has becomo
weak, tho cntlro system will lo weak, and
tho danger of Incurring dlscaso Imminent;
in short, good blood makes us healthy
bad blood makes us sick. Hero wo aro
admonished of tho superior advantages of
Iroulnthcso Hitters is readily absorbed
into tho circulation, and a strong
nnd vigorous constitution created. Tho
circulation U regulated by them, and If
any organ bo weaker than tho rest, the
debosits which causo bolls, carbuncles,
tumor, lumps, &c, aro checked and re
moved, and n healthy totio itnprated to
tho cntlro system- It always cures, and
novpr fills to proventdiscaso arising from
Impure blood feblcad&wlw
Tin: American AitTlHAN. This ex
cellent paper Is devoted to Mechanics,
Manufactures, Enginoorlng, Chemistry
Inventions, nnd Patents. Tho sixteen:
pages aro clearly prlnted,Jnnd the pictorial
representations of the moit important In
ventions nro finely drawn. Tho establish
ment has connected with It also a Patent
Agency; and porsons who havo contrived
any useful novelty sufficiently valuablo
for a patent, would do well to address this
firm on thi subject. Tho prcsontjvolumo
will be marked by weekly nrttclos entitled
-Our works nnd Shops," commencing
with thoso of New York city, and by arti
cles, with portrait", under tho heading of
sketches of distinguished Inventors, Me
chanics, and Manufacturers." Yearly sub
scriptions to tho American Artiian, S- J or
fur six months II. Address Ilrown,
Coombs A Co., Ilroadway, New
Tut: meat market of Oaycr & Co, at tho
; .r'.rr of Washington nvonuo and Tenth
street, Isonoof institutions" of tho city.
It Is not only abundantly supplied witfl
the best of pork, beef, veal, mutton lamb,
sausage, etc., but It presents an air of
cleanliness nnd order that Is rarely seen in
establishments of liko character.
(layer A Co. havo had many years ex
perience as butchers, and havo long ago
learned that It pays best to keep flno meats
nnd I'omumnd first-class custom. For
choice meat, therefore, cut In ,n neat nnd
skillful manner, goto '-Tho Peoplo's.Mcat
Markut,' presided over by uaycr & Co
dec I'.'tf. ,
A Threatened Suit. "We hear that
Mr. Horrlgan, a well known citizen or
tho Fourth Ward, fell through the side
wulk, near tho cornor of Nineteenth
and Poplar stroets, In Commercial avenue,
and broko ton of h! ribi, and that It Is
hU Intention to commence an action
against tho city for tho damages ho sus
tained by tlio accident. Tho Itnpccunios-
Ity of thu city may bo a good excuse for not
keeiilriK the'sl lewalks In first rate repair,
but it Is no ulcus.) for permitting the
high sidewalks te remain totally neglec
ted. Closing Out Sule.
Twenty-flvo thousand dollar worth of
readv.mado clothing, hats, caps, boots,
shoes, trunks and valescs aro offered for
snlc by P. NetT, 70, Ohio Lovce, at AC
TUAL COST PKICES, It being his In-
tontion to closo out in that lino and em
bark exclusively and moro extensively In
tho furnishing goods and merchant tailor
Ing tiusiucs.
This closing out halo furnishes an oppor
tunity to secure clothing chcapor than
ever before oll'ercd in this market.
Dit. DuNNiNn's OrsiCE ltonnKD. A
fow days ago u thief named Archy Oulu
stolo tlio key of Dr. Dunning's offlco, and
early yesterday morning ontered nnd
rtolo tho Doctor's gold headed cano and it
caso of surgical instruments. Arnold, of
course, was Immediately put upon tho
trail, and by t o'clock had Gulo In custo
dy. Ho had a preliminary examination
baforo .ludgo Uross yesterday , and was
bound ovor in tho sum of 500, and was
sent to tho county jail.
The weather was so clear all day
yesletday that tlio "ground hog" had no
"dilllculty in seeing his shadow. According
to tho old prediction, therefore, wo aro to
have six weeks moro of wintor. Tho
second of February is also known in
Oreat Britain as ''St.Swlthlan's Day," and
a prediction runs thus
i'f Swltlilan'aday l bright and clear,
We'll hu?e two winters in the year."
"Whv will our friends run the risk of be
coming blind by wearing common Spoct'
cles, when thoy can procuro the most per
feet articlo that hns yet boon made, bt
eallintr at our old friends Tabor Eros' tho
well known jowelors and got it pair of
l.nz irtts & .Morris' Perfected Spectacles
Don't dolnr. fehldnwifclm
Mr. Wheolor was born at Blnghnmton
N. Y., In 1839. Hero ho received as
thorough an education ns tho Institutions
of the place afforded. After completing
his school course, he entered tho lnw-oflke
fthat great man, eminent lawyer nu
tatesmanDnnlnl H. Dickenson. He
was surroundfd here, by advantages of
no ordinary character. Besides naring s
extensive and well selected-llbrary, ho had
the old of the council of ono or tno rorc.
most lawyers In America, lie studied
diligently! and mswle rapid progress. He
not,only read tho elementary books of the
law, but ho conquered them, yes mado
tbcmjhls own.
At tho ago of twenty bo was admit
ted to the bar, and loon itnrted for tho
great "West to seek a futuro home. Ho
camo to Mound City, openod a law offlco
and pursued his profession for fivo years.
In 18C5, ho removed to Cairo, nnd
shortly becamo n partner of Muldoy ts
His progress hero and tho rank ho oc
cupies among hie professional brethren Is
well known.
He is an indefatigable student, a sound
and safo lawyer, and attcntl vo to business.
His papers aro always corroct and gotten
up in excellent style.
Politically, Mr. Whooler, llko good and
sound lawyers generally, is a democrat.
The law, howovor, Is his profession, and If
his future as ft lawyer can bo corroctly es
timated from his put, It is, indosd, bright
and promising.
Tbejury In the caso of James Sullivan
vs. tho Putnam Firo Insurance Company
acrccd, after being out but a very short
time, upon a verdict for the full amount
claimed by tho plainim iw. a
motion was entored for a new trial.
The caso of T. B. Ellis & Bro, vs. the
First National Bank of Cairo, was called
for trial at tho opening of Court. Tho
plaintiffs are represented by D.T. Lincgar,
Judgo Oreen.l W. B. Gilbert. Miles F.
Gilbert and John M. Lansdcn. Tho do
fendantsby Judges Allon, Mulkey and
S. P. Wheolcr.
This ca'o has been upon trial before.
The first time, the Jury failed to agree,
and tho court adjourned before tho second
trial had closed.
Tho damages In the action aro laid nt
ten thousand dollars.
Tho plaintiffs in the action claim that en
or aboulthoflrstof December, 1857, they
wcro possessed of certain choses In action
to-wlt: three United Stales 5.20 bond or
tho denomination of ono thousand dollars
each, and six United States 5-20 bonds or
tho denomination of fivo hundred dollars
each, and.two United States certificates of
Indebtedness of the value of ono thous
and dollars, of the aggregoi vlu rf eight
thousand dollars, and that the First Nat
tlonal Bank of Cairo did havo at the above
mentioned period and does yet, have pos
session of said bonds nnd certificate of In
debtedness; nndjin the languago of the de
claration whlli knowing said chows in ac
tion to be tho property of the said plain
tiffs and of right to belong and appertain
to them, but contrivlnc and frauduiantly,
by Intending craflly and subtly to do-
celve and defraud tho said piatntius in
this behalf, hath not yet delivered the
said choies In action or any or either of
them or any part thercol to the said plain
tiffs, although often requested to do so."
Tho defendonts In the case, upon tho con
trary.defend the wrong and Injury and says
that it is not goilty of tho said supposed
grievances luld to Its charge, In manner
and forco as tho said plaintiffs have hereof
complained against it.
Much difficulty was experienced In ob
taing a jury. Important and pressing
business demanded tho attention of one;
full knowledge of tho facts In thu caso ex
cused another, until tho morning session
was spent in obtaining tho following per
sons: Almarion Worthlngton, Uonry E.
Gunter, L. D. Davis, Wm. Elder, H. F.
KIpponDurgh, B. F. Blake, Lovl Nelson,
Jacob Bnrger, W. B. Wiley, Marlon
Wright, Thomas Whitlock and James
Tho caso was openod to tho jury in tho
afternoon, for thu plaintiff by D. T. Lin
egar, Esq, and for dofondant by Judgo
Mulkey. Tho caso will consumo In its
trial several days.
We learn with deep regret, that the
Hon. Charles Burnett, of Shawnootown,
eontl&ucs In very feeble and delicate
hoalth.wlth but little hope of a speedy re
covery. Ho contcmplatos removing to
Benton, Franklin county. Ho Is a young
man, a lnwyor of marked ability, and in
1803 was a mombor of tho State Leglsla
turu. The hull of tho Stonewall, which
iteamor was burned over a year ago and
about 200 lives lost, Is now used as a
wharfboat at St. Louis. Tho watchman
tolls a nowspapor reporter that ho recelvos
visits frequently from the ghost of tho
Mnto of tho Stonewall, who was lost when
she burned.
Wanted. A femalo servant, whlto or
black, to do chamber work In a small fam
ily, and nurso. To good help, the highost
wages will be paid. Address "Enqulror,
at this office.
John Koxhlkh, green grocer, koepa on
hand constantly a full supply of goods
groceries, vegetables In season, butter,
turkeys, chickens, Ac, Ac, all of which ho
tells at tho lowest prices.
FLouif Choico Family Flour In bbla
half bbls., Backs, &c, for sale nt the Egyp
tian Mills. au
Tobacco Jeter.. Human nature is tho
ismo tho world ovor. So is tobacco
juice. And so too arn aircat majority of
tobacco chovors. As a r.-vss, they gen
erally enngromto about thi rstovo in
Barrooms. s'it In front of tho doots of
hotels, and gather about tho door of tho
post offlco. Of all places, this soems to bo
tho favorite, as is seen nt a glanco "by tho
puddles all sprinkled around.'' Slnco tho
blessed era of short drcsief, these puddles
havo ceased to bo the fruitful sourco or
annoyanco to ladles that thoy wero In the
Jra of trains, but thoy will never ceaso
- I r
to b a sourco of disgust as long as tho
sex continue to carry their eyes nnotti
with them.
Tobncco, In tho shapo of it fragrant
cigar, decs not scum to bo'disngreeablo to
thodaughtors of men. Many a time and
oft havo wo heard thorn express their
admiration for "that nico clgur." Hut
chowlilg tobacco Is thoir spcclul avorsion
nnd tho baro mention of It has powyr to
traniforn tho most classic nose into a pug,
for tho time bolng.
Hear what one of wont'in-kind thinks
of tobicco-chowing ;
I knew by thapiiilillosall srirniMsd arotnut
Thecshln forlaJles, a chewpr was nciri
l.J t ..1,1. If l.rulx'a In Ihls world 10 tit folltl'l,
Thn said lnJiTlttu.it Is certainly here.
Of delicate women there stooil a full score,
Willi Hi nmiiiro was seatvil with others near hy,
Of Intruders perhaps, there wero thirty or more,
Anil arouml ilia tobacco juice ceasciessiy nj .
And this, I exclaimed, Is thn Und of tho free'
Yes, here Is Iicmocraey takltiK lt ease,
U'lill lailloaara atiUldlllffAt full liberty.
On the floor to bo seated aa aoon ns they please.
U, my country I Isall thn old coiirtcy ilend
That once of thy sons was the loiy and prlilo
Ililetentbeharlor foretcr has tied,
Whero noir may tnyitaugnters exn-c 10 auinc
New Time Trtlilc.
On and after 12:30, p.m., Sunday, Dec.
4tb, tho following timo table wilt govern
tho nrrlvnl and departure of paienger
trains at Cairo :
Mall train leaves at 3:40 a.m.
Express, ' " at 3:30 p.m.
St. Louis and Cairo Kxprcs
leaves at 1:20 a.m.
Accommodation leaves nt...l'J:30 p.m.
Mail arrives 2:05 a.m.
Express, nrrlvcs l'J:2 p.m.
St. Louis nnd Cairo Express
arrives ."' p.m.
Tho last named train leaves St. IjuIs at
10:30 a.m. Traders can leave Cairo at 1:L'0
n.m., reach St. Louis at ":'.'3 a.m., remain
n tho city threo hours, nnd return to
Cairo at 4:ir p.m., tho samoday.
Tho 12:30 nccommos'atlon and Cn" round
St. Louis express leave duly nil others
lcavo dally except Sundays.
Way passengers should bear In mind that
the 3:30 p.m., train makes only four stop
pings between Cairo nnd Contralia, viz:
Jonesbcro, Carborulnle, Du (Jttoln nnd
Ashley. Tho 12:30 p.m., train stops i.t all
the stations along tho Mute.
dec3tf Agent., Cairo.
'Business continues moderate.
8r-Tho City of Alton
with about C00 tons,
tilled out hero
10-The Cumberland is still rising with
thirteen feet on Harpcth Shoals.
sa3fThot. Inili Barcu Lino nro still
receiving rapidly for New Orleans, nnd
will load two barges here.
Qs-Tho Mississippi has risen three
feet at St. Louis, and Is still rising with a
good stngo of water.
sjsjrTho Ohio Is rising nt Pittsburg
with thirteen ieet water In tho clmtinul.
Another fleet of coal Is preparing to l.mvo.
05y Capt. 11. 0. (iwathmey hns bought
nn Interest in tho KvnnsvJIlo and Memphis
Packet, Mary Miller, nnd will heronftur
havo chargo of her ollico.
fgT A heavy rain storm occurred nt
Memphis on Monday night lait, causing
Wolf river to rlso very suddenly on Tues
day and carry off nil tho saw logs and
flat boats moored along its hanks.
5r A Hat loat going down tho Mis
sissippi on Tmvday hut, ran against n
raft at tho mouth of Wolf river and sunk
in a few minutes in over 100 feet water
with till on board. It Is thought thoro
wero seven or eight porsons lost.
Tho Jus. Flsk brought out tho
following Cairo freight! C. It. "Wood
ward 65 bundles spokes nnd hubs, 8 sliibs
Iron. D. Artor, li! bbls meal. Klcholl"
ifc. Uros., lot walnut lumber. Shu nlso
brought lUcaddlos and butts tobacco for
rcshinmont to Memphis, and 19 boxes
handles for roshlpmont to St. Louis.
jap A dolcgatlon cf Western men nro
In Washington, urging upon Congress
tho necessity of establishing a system of
buoys, light-houses nnd other signals
ahngour wostorn rivors to point out tho
channel In dangerous localities. Millions
of dollars nro spent o very year on light
houses, &c, for tho bonuilt of our foreign
commerce, although tho lattor has been
provon to be twice as valuablo as tho
0Tho Cairo and Nashvlllo j'nc-liot,
Tvrono. eleareil lust nlifht with 80 tOUS
tlUllll. till VUI.IUVI -
that tho steamers in tho Upper Cumber
land trado aro now working harmonious,
ly and ply from Nashvlllo to tho forks of
tho rlvor or head of steamboat navigation,
with regularity, insuring tho prompt
dsllvery of freight and a ready access to
market for tho tobacco and corn of that
section. Although tho geographies gener
ally teach that Nashvlllo is tho Head of
steamboat navigation on tho Cumberland
tho above lino of steamers ply rcg'slnry,
for nearly six months In every year to rv
point !'0mllrsiljovo Nashville.
cerrMgrTTT'-1"" 1 j-wsCTOTijsuLiJicnai
MV t.vi.MJflHClTI.Vfry
The raw, astringent a rnojplieroof winterereatns
and Sdtasatrs runny ailments. To protect them
seises as etreatunlly ns possible nijainst the tntls.
Ibledana,crs wlnrh surround them nt this senson,
should lm the espial enre ol persons constitu
tionally itellmt. As there Is no medicinal prepi
ration In nso which ,o thoroughly hrares nml
inriiroraten tho stomah,Uiein.r,iind the ncrrc.s,
as Hosteller's Hitters, is course or tlut nerooable
toule If particularly adtlsable for iljpet.tu, tjil
ioiK, arid nervous autleter, lu tlm old, lsmp,
iutd trying weather tshlch generally pifsnas in
our climnto ntlhls period t the )eiu. huj.tsn
ehills hue, a very bad elln-t upon iiisppptif ivl
individuals of bl'ious habits, not uiifrt.iuently
prodiicltK congestion of thn livnrur '..!, or
low fevci-1. sometimes r,f un mti rniltti tit ur ri-
inlttent clurnrtttr. Attacks of rheutnal'im re
sl-otolienprirctien'le.l, and win it there . it tn
dency to th.it eoniplainf the !tii'r a ill be found
tlm best preventive. The nperat on of Uio a; in it
vegelablc tonie Is dlrssjtrtnd simple. U etunii
Isles and strengthens the ilietire and secretive
organs and tho nerr-s.an I puts the sysiein hi n
noudltlon to resist tho net Ion o (those fnrmMaMo
foes of vitality, a low tempem'ure and uimhult.
somc winds and loirs, ily (julekenlrMC tre Miperrl
cut oireul'tion, without creating itnjthlntt an-
pro.vlnnir to fever, It imparts tono th skin,
and thus renders the surface of the body eonipnr
atitely impervious In unhealthy external infill
nnees. ft l.tHvilwretl
iiKti.ru IN
Tin nml Hnllinv Ware, Clothe- W ringers
Toilet Ware, foul Hctlf. I'iro
Sliovt-N, Air (iraltM,
IauufafP..rcr r
Tin, Gopper, Zinc and Sheet Iron
VrV V. Z3,
No. 166 Washington Ave
llanllitK. tltillerlmr it ml nil Itltnls nt
Jolt Wurk Hour in nuoriesi .tmitr.
T.,I IM KT A X 'I' TO I'llYSI-
A Hew Discover! in Pharmacy
"There is nomed' lnn n potent mi'itrinedis-
sesns l l .phvll .i. r.iuld il ndn siered
ilhout k vintf it.tin, it wanld super 'etln all olht-r
. ath.trtlfs." Ileorl.tii l- Medical Murks, ul. r.
Th. .Ii...nrf I . l.il.ii in bare made is Ihe.i'tim-
noiin.iiiiir o' I'odiiithvlliit with mild hivtiives in
imb tnannfir nt tu niau a mild and taevtanl
citliartw tint ctn twi alministeretl nn all oce-
slons.to old or yoiinn, main or rcmale, wunoin
causing Irritation and eonssuent rl". Tins
compiutul I call nr. nowanu s i-o.niijiiii
substltutiiior Jtsai-i at nil. t mn ni ii
myself, and used them In my family as well as In
inyprtttice forth Usttwo years, un ler nil ' '
cumstanceawheru neiilhsrtie was Indieatml, t. ill
thi tii'tsi satisfactory results. Itnclst pially ii't
the ruUiry nnd dlh'fstivo orsns, prom.ttliu
alvino tlischtrRcs in it mturtl inanntT, always
mild yet activo enough to thoroughlv cleans the
U,els of Impurities, islvinu natural tono to the
penernl system. Ihirlnis the t tineen ) ears of
my pr.tctict. lute tivdall the tlillerent purita
lives in the Materia Mcdlcit wlfh but little satitlao.
lion. Manyof themsuehns Kpsoni and illaulr
Salts, t'iilnml, Men-iiry, Antl-bilinas, talhartit'
and l.lvr IMI.to.inumt.routouiitittiiin,ull havo
a .im.lrr ctt.tct. They ar.t drastic lit their nrtmi"
and by loitfreat m tivity.exlitiists thn stsleut liy
dralninir the towels n( the natural HiiiIs, nlwavs
nix'es.sry V promote dif lion, enn.etjuenily
liro liii'iiu' Piles, i-insiiinpltiin. I.ivir tttinpmuii,
mid lout; irilii "f diseases mci lent to theduie
lite nrtf-ns, insitM l ul relievihi: as intended,
whl lli compound I hate di;tiverI, t) in
mild iwrieiili'twratBS. le ts m it ntl Ill ivu
ment itp.ntlie .mall mte.t ns and
inir thf'n nf all nlislructions, and mviiitrtiiii( the
" I e'onVider liicse Pills a great (whievemeiit m
tilt sunt! o( ...eilu me, mid ino-t respeelfillly
solicit your insesiuMion, and feel as.nrr.l iui it
. ..-, Ill ..,-. nil ftl.t.S,llllll 1 1111 r
lair truti tun ttin fnni.ii"! .... '
futor. Jly iiitli.t'l in treatmt: such ilistxises a.
rmil llreaih, Liver Complsinsl, lh.pe"'. tol
-.i ..r it,, it. .it au. Itiiloii, liiinnl nuts, nnd
neatly all iliseasea of Iho illircslittt iiraint i hits
i'eii, iirst i tv,n- " - ,
theiiiisuitfmy Hitlers und Ttnitilrtiniihen and
7 . , i. liar., .i.i. u itlfMll
IllVllltiralt., Illlil 111 nut'.-."-
lion tv.a pi.d in lb.. diret-i ions III- di.ertts u.ml.l
yi...w,t it HI ther ti-e.tiii.ii'. I h..il. '"
f tlle latt-pi.oii l.i Hie fi'l. b, f..,t. n. w leu bs..
inllet.it a' in tn sniieir tut. mi
I'Kin. I h ive re -. li'ly ' I my " '
iiLiimfaetiiririg. and .tut ll pi 'p-" d ! ru.l -"i"
pit Hie Willis "f ts". 'l,f '" '' "I
nianl'lies. Tn a.-iinie..Uif tli.., sis diiin e
i md tb..y can Im ..hisuiel m -ty V'"' V,V
lii. ,it"u,U m tho enutr). I lnvo ...t..d ihe
f..llow.iiK P"' '"""y lart of h-' 1 Ul1''
Omu IIox, pust-pslil '
Twolluxe. ',
Tliteis "
fclX " " "
Ad.lrew, C.M. KVAK..
IclCdlf tat ArehStres-i Pi.il.nlflpliia. 1 i.
-nn: m:v anu r.vsiiios.iKi.r.
Shaving & Hair Drossing ;
Saloon ;
I. now open '.lib. '', reii-.. fair W i.'. iu.
,. p ,.ri.'.!l.'.,ite,tl.,l llmrl.iltiliu.ai. U- I. . i
Ecdrorir. V. UiHirtl.
Inm prepiire.1 in ilnU It'tbl of "rHaiin-ntal
Hi irwtii.-tiiilfli tiuiiM and br iiW.
Hair lirt'saiiiat "lie in 'he West .ndl.i ltl '
m o to tl......i.es.d'll.o.e utial.Utos.-t.ins. l
,1) IftltlOll.
QlvCil oil Jic.
juuSAUl.t JHN '"Wf0"'.
-jfjiott kali:.
A soSoro 25s!i
on coM)ii:uoiAi. .w i:.i'i ... in: i " ,',',H
ANU 7 Til n l'U K K l -. AM' A
Ilts rlllnw Hoiisti mi Mitlli Ntie.il.
For particular it.plv at the f.ty I'niK
jfj s. u.iku::Ii,
X733i:3X3'VOrunt.Xt33 ,
Bar Fixtures,
lro, Illinois.
Special Notices.
This superb Hair Dya Is the stsr ts tin Wosld
-I'erlectly ll.trmls.,Ueahliinil lnsuntaneous
No disappointment. No 1 Rldlcutous Tints or Va,
pirasant Odor. The'genutna W. A. llatchalar's
Hair Uj rroilitces IMMEUrATELT a splendid
Iilsck or naturnl Drown. Doe not fuln tut
Skin, but leaves tho Hair Clean, Soft and Deauli.
fill. Thetnlyafoand rrfect Dye,
Sold by all Dniuglsls. Factory 10 Bond Hlrsst.
N'ew Verlt. jany2t d.eodAwAly
nrrt to no to n.ontDA t.v
II tvro fur tha last tltlrty-nvs years dtroUd ttr
ir!i.,lo uni.i nml atlcnllait tolht ilujrcriuui dit--.tsts
nnd cuiiiuinptlnn, I retl that! uodsiitaasl
nilly tlis cuur.tilli.il biikM tn Pa pursusd tarssuai
a Meriiiiy l a I cats irdiscasrd lunts to basilar
i Himlii a ll.o rust wid nii-st Impuiunt stsp la.
i ri'iepaiint in avoid taking col.l i an J lb, t
i: p act t on llilacmllntm for this purposs, Ul
i-r,9ii-nc in aroui ma ci hi inumi mm
f 'i : t, i nn nil, ci nuntiii. u una dutdum
t mr.Ja. svsll dus n In tha Autt. whan
'. in,. tj ,rjs rr.ular. and not subjwt tmssk
ifc . n, niminnnt nurinrm lalltoilss. I'slsuu
l i r. I en ricommind. A food taotslls tspt
i bv t'tierman. tAU winter I esse ssvsrsl psr-
i li ts s. i, ,vi lanis had I een fcailly tlsrass4. Imt
' i" i riii, hiauir ti.r.urncauf tlisclUnaMaa
i. . ..i . miita Kcitm (IL
" ' i ' 1 ii ,cs rsnlierrinsrn Its riser Is at
r i.iittl. ul stuuiilpirhrt.i ltl.tlSs, as tlis leas
I - 's it -i urn, ,,,.1 thn air dry and tracta
AI u .it ,im, lnt,nitlM sra loc.ted tbers. 1
sht mi I fit vi Hi! e m trrfcrenca u MtllanTillti IS
IstK tml tfr illl.-r tirlss,, andltistmsalmsM
liiipussiijivi 1 1 ikec idtti-te. luetsbltsinriortost
ml, lit be t. u r. Slid lativnt complain at timsat
Put II. t Is a ip -I sum, ns It In :itU a rtlurn osT
n, - in' t an I, nti 'ii tills It thoci", thuy isnsrall
U r. t.s ii' ''.I. sr J thull IPsluiits Biuit lital.
Itt'k-'m ii!', IP'icni.t, tirifn ('as, and many
MP rti."im vsri'iiit psrtt of ricrtita,ssnts sars
ly riTinu m n I t lo coiuumpUvta In wlnttr. Mr
rrasunt fr ii in so an, that paiienia ars its, lis
I It t i tike i ' id Hi. n than whrrs thus It a lass
fit l-ni; rruiuret and It Is ml necessary to say.
luab nhi it a c ,iiiinptita pstMnsiposMhlrusif
tn r.eiju. -it ci ' 'i, lis Is cerun U tilt saorUyi
thr. af.. in f a In 'els, p, welt tliiwn Into the ntats,
tut .r li. rvH t rprvlllnir esuwinJa and ton.
,u ur Bliiio.l any i ihsr nfttia localitla
I In... hi a I.t... I burnt IIhks who arstroall4
wilt, at -, llmr, a ibsonlertd stumach,dsrantsj4
,. .,..( .fa. -u.urcouctit Put, fur Hi6ss whosst
1 n.iriii ..iv.1,1. aijuto souU-cxn folnt Is sajs
i. ,iiyr.tiiiiinenutX . ,
1-r nn. i n yeaispr: r to 1VJ. t was prnfsHlfS
a t,niw rs.,litt. n. I.aiuunirt.an 1 1'hilsjst.
i 'ii. n , k, l. re raw and eiamlnsd vn aa
..:.' t!' i li i li il pjMrnls a sei. A prsctlcs
,.,,, ii ', t ' "i isviiiuptnl'lslliissiriunt
, . i... I is ii.t-l I b.t i, bu ersunl ttisiliissss
fj I a. 1 1 Ii-iko tuy cj'jii' it In rr(srt la tsUsa
c 1. A p r- it n iy lako t"t sjanullss uj
- urn. V I'ol' J fsrt.?, estteM lenu, sal
u a. f. ..I. ,
t i nils, nearly eierybn';
M , '-.M I ' : is t f -r tlu cuu
inn r.iu, si.i ytt coir i. - cjts nvi siua
r Is utlns .Sihsntk't
uiaia It tnt.r tisslr
at us 1, iVl. Ibsn i, i.T, nortliim Isll-
t . -. It la wt.,-e.tsVi.lif I Uct, thai ristltM
,f li.snos rs-e'V tt.s tf cuiaumputn, eirKlally
.,,r bn iji tirrntart. un ilia othsr bsnJ. la
I.i. t. ,-i,uM at least trile iwpulsilo
n st-f Hi t t'-T" '. lit"'. In ilsSMJjis tiuua,
i .: sii t,is.ls,ijfitlri mil Cms asrs many
11 niUtiroarfstriire. Vhtatsii S4)cnus
f '.swu'l l suet If c ..sunptirea wsrs aa
c !.. alt: ..ul: ir'.ir.ll, MV.nsTiralictiUsastasr
n ip..4ititirt,lirtr.snuii- Ut Itulttisyars
, i t:. y i list : at iitnt aliilleculJ. whtcrs
scrixtuiiais riiv .1 I i I eilsta will sssr err
in n f, rtii. 1brr v n absntlon to It, an4
1 n, it la.s t'li- r.u- a. it fir anultier and aii
. rsMi. imul ' a ta.i.1 are uisruci tyi.aA alt
kjlyllbi'l' to iers.'Pt slii lur.M ar alTstttvl.
et, it abllniy. 1 1 In la in a it.k iHetisstes a Pal
wi.Vt "-rtit, ii,.'nrK,s Pfawsed-oniC, an4
.1. ncl s Ji i i!rj I u.s,nt atriorlJa. I rs
. .iiuii.ii Ha isni"i.arini.uuinfs,bfau I la
I' t..usli t ,iisr.ii l with llie.r ajtlon. Ilrmw,
i .t.li rit..oaiaufdlnili.vtacc1irJsnestslu
, V,.i, ns. ilirwd da t'.s worn ust Is rs-oiiirs-l.
1 ins act ms: 1.1.1, nsiurs will tljlfis rssi.
ito i lii ' "I" I " n1' 'or "'''. ?!
r.Z"t i' als.niid li.. n a.ti ims Ihs palisnt w walk
. r i iiti utt ' ' ' ilsv, will Ls iiim tu lists a sir;ss
ml hatflslxit nilnrij. ,
A.yelaiils,luiiHeriiy three medicines In aceorJ
a..... mill Ibis priiittd illrllui.s.eseulp,s.ims
tws wretrt n freer um cifthn Alsmlrsas t'lils la
i,ry. Ily ePjecl It, toslvs Uu tu IDs stora-.cli.-lii
f ft i'v u s'-sl a.p,ute. II Is alwaja at
r l s.an iwn , t u7ii, ikuis kiy ....j.,.
1 lav.. It p- stir aJflu Vltlt Ifl.tti tnr fund, and
'.. s.an lwn a i auiii iwnins lo cruw imtiry t
t',s train!' '' It t'l tlislr.ii.n.l nil's tovl uootl.
SII I v .111 11 lli'.m limn, iiii.i. itiii ,J"V in."-i
lv t Pal ,iJ"f trio I ii.s, ll,.nl!isr u(h busas
o'll aiai' .iii Kf I'Uii rlulii an I claiumy oJstl
.i:s n.s I ii.-r pr-n . and anr, y, and tUa
m , tyits tti,t,i ,itk,lliisuv(ili',staslniCtiliL
2. . it' t s a luatii. e i,uaittitcs stha hats
ni.isii... us" tet 1 1 VI - It Ilisiiist nrr.sy
isia-kid, I.t nth l rs-.hr t tuirJy
ipit.'ia. .' t lm et . h is, a. JticrUti 'ti,
ta i sv in a wa''U r it t!ur nj I!, i w nlfr, wiih a
I n, ; ,j in .r aiiul xit my dorses. wPicli
sliiuidl' pirerulailyat Hut pttlul tyineansur
a lb. nn n.. i r. tt such a stluit tsis Ms sir-
i " .., ... . i... II,. ii. . i ma r,m be stalllm aa
audil-wn as mush as his ,inns;m will psroiUa
Mi r t k. .pup a hialiliy circulation of lbs Plcod.
I luie rurtd tliiiuitiiJs Prtblnrii.nl. andcantlsi
mi attain. iVsruiaid.' n Is as easily cured aa any
ttKrdite.iritlslakfn In llins.and Ihsprepsr
Undid trvaiiuiklspursued.. IhofwIstaMsiia
SaiuiM en rr.h llut.rVlititcka Pultnoiuj
Mm... M i.i Irsso I Ills, and ft stjeed Tsutic bass
tin 1 tuy nitny el wlist secine.1 u bs bopiisas
tiKseff n.ui'.tl'fl. lioli.M)oiwill.yuum
ls a.i.i .li.ilalit lo tint sums liour consumf Uyy
mi.i li i iH t n rweued fron Itrn vi ry Jaws if ilssUi
''VVrtrfti'tlie ilsn-Irasa Villa ars cewsresd,
riiTii.-ly ili.iuld Keep tt supply f lUim on tuinJ.
'Iliryiel s I llm loir tetter than calornsl, and
r. i. ii. if iiiliuunilsilreit t-lilal. In tacl.
ih 4 ,. . valient lit ail cairs whirs purfsUse
Mt-.l ttis r ipiirt it. If you bass paruain Imi
t,.i , i ai'..iitd C trrti ri iniwi,! ddas tflsa
ii,U..i v.. i i'.is ir ou ,r subjssitj
r, a li Ur'i . t iss a .loan of tin Handrails, and
L.. . n. r-iii isIliiii. lo buurs. If you would
nl.iiaie H.i iiittlif chsnssctwsicr,orthst
lr. mtu itli' iiilrull.lilieinaef His HanOtaio
i tt.ry Hiuut, and sou may thru drlnl saaiir, and
ml siawuieloiis. pears, appl'S, Plums. Pttubaa, or
riim,wiiti.illUoriilM tin in-sdysitk PyUwtu.
Ion riikl New lurk. Put ronllnn to sa paUints at
Lit .,Ui.f. N.s II .Nuilli MS 111 isiml. I'biladilphta,
ri MiuMiv.manti, a u , l is. r m. Ihosswlw
M .b aiUuMUiihi'i. tniimiioii wllh the Resplrnmslar
will I. clurk'tsl nt dull-its. Ib llriptmruiur
tr. s lite rtstl contluioii ef Ilia luncsi and
kui. it's tan rfsJily leint whrihrr ibty ars cur
iilil.' ur in... J lut I dtuire II distiin-'lly undsrstotsl.
that llw t tlue tt ins iiiadlclnrs dipinds csUrsly
ui 'i their Uitw bum sirlvll acctirding t dlrstr
li'i'tviKtuiltin, I will ,ty, that when persnrst
tak ' lay ui. .tic i. i, and lln ir iilmw, arsbruuibl
.un. t . an In i 'itdlt,"ii Uirreby.ibrr ars nut sat
1 uukni di i irwona watt diseased tunas
.ui I,, tr a Mi.i.l. ii ihan.-e uf atiitisphera wlthoul
in i.a'Miiiy ul .rtatirir Itst IrriUlluiivf lbs trust-
,.utl talus. . ,
lull diivsti.ni In all lanwa.ua accompany rny
tm-Jii-'n.- mi raplicl ali i t.!iar Hut any ens lan
1.., iU in Miili.Kii i'nii.ulliii u, and can b
i j'. I fiuii un i!ru,t tU
J 11. fcuiscK, l!.t).
;.. . is N.ti a Mailt Street, l'bliadtlpUIa.
.KI.I.V I-'. JI12mY,
: i oi n uj: vi.ACr, xr.w torx,
v, nl if AfiUST.
b '-end money bv express, or order good
mar . I l'. I), li , tliniiuli )our drunUI, and
nil)-is II inert w.tli tit loss.
Golden Remedies.
f s t!.eit niilv, and sase Time, Hisllh aad
Money a in) uj. WAUll fur aiiy case vf tlissass,
In any . 1. 1," b they fall Id ours
ts. ltlt.ll.lt.n tiui.itfci
HAMS, Not, I A 2. ars lbs
greatest altrratlTM Inasn.
iiKiA Ilia. ItlL'll.lts u u ui. is
r.XiR V KMX I" I'MMOCU Is th
VVjJHHr? HreaU-it Tonic and Astilnnt
VWfirii i th. Mcllcsl Mil... na. III.
i-IIAl'S tiOl.i'- AJiirnorrs
. ""'."'.m.-i"..:: .ii
i. a-t a 1. lie tland Hiieedy Curs In all caars for
K J II ILSIU. No. I. yrfes Ulcers, Ulcsrated
J,,r r:u at and Hore Kyei. Cilia
. , .x.Ia.a.1 ItlAtahaa. Itftraiiaaa
i rrjiitni, v w.;.'
,i,i. t all inercu
tiiob: ,,d puro ai
llALSM, No, '-. cures Mercurial Affec
tions lllieumaiuni tit au w. ,
l-lves Iminnalo. relief lu all rates.
r Ji i or ., a st wmr, v.
Piles uf,'
IV 1 ur A . S v Ul, 11M
ANTlinitr.. rauis-aa -
.KmiiueineiiU. Price t3 per Vxitile. .
jo.,',... Imparling energy with wonderful 2ecb
l'uto 13 per boUh:. r two for f. .
(iu recolit of price, these remedies will b
,1, ml to'any ,.licc. 'l'rouipt "" J"
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