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rmn -flMMiMiii.
9 tarVWPP Bwvwssxt"tsk"sWBl
nmitt i Cpmmisshhi
Aa4 Aawate
I AfOOt (
OHIO urn AB KA11
I or1 At n A 0.,
Genera! Coromissian Merchant
bt. in, ok i lvec,
novlllf CAIRO, ILL.
E.C. UBi
Commission Merchants
silttaUoa:lraio th paid ted
jlfO. B. PMILLlfl,
Aid Mk la
Ftoar, Metal,
'.JIr. pent, oata,
Cor.lOthL &0hk Levee
Tlcltet Aageiney
Memphis Si Louis Packet Co,,
Comprising lb followinc flnt-clu I'MMogtr
ftVlle Mesa), J YJeBe KtLeaJ,
City Chester, lOnuU ?wr.
Vicksburg Mail Line
MZ. - VI k -I 1 W lL Ml.
St. Louis &Nevy Orleans
Packet lAm?,
OilraBraacfc. TaoaasaBraa,
MollteAMe.' FaalUe CarreJl,
Ureet feaa.llc, Rkamead,
CobUubUU,- ' CBUMtiweltlu
Dexter, ' I
Taeaaayi, TfcMgg flaUratiya aa4
Willi I 1 - 5
WeteetCajn, fridayi aa: ,gtxtUr4
tinf with' Shs'lfobDe ask Ohio BImm4
t Oolamuu. tttAhrtH? tint 1lorwMrVlUll.
road M Hlekawai with thMtnhU end Char.,
U.lou, MI.iip.tin4'TnnMiitod MtmphU
mJ UuIitUU Uiioad m Maaipkia, aad with tha
at. Pruolr t WblU ud Arkaau tilt packet at
Will nU mmmMbIim, llh AirttMuw
ritir pocket at SupolMo', nth Ttnihtsa Hall.
k.ibudr!,d "nWS&U
Now OrluiFoltel
Mtkini'sll . wsy ikalos., pan tri-iwkir.
Oa f ilit Aber Ste asters wtU ,
tcaTe Cairofor Si, Loais Daily
GouiMUaf Umc M lUArosdi tqbbIdi
out of MtTlouti, wd will the Mlnawi rit.r aoj
upper MiMWiipflpaoktU. ' '
thatbov IfnMof tbwuk awrltM wmt vjf
0mm4 liokat Agist. SI. LouU, lf.
MT.M,llT-4a '
sT AtiBl Fraia
sjlassjaw ias
' 'veepeit. SieaWjsrryt
sieaew set Oatsw
. .
Ht $tltytin.
lkv AlwitW. lilliali
Froa tko Matropolia Timm ltto
dU, we Im that CapUim PUr R.
Bttapi, of thtt place U the iaraater of
a aww mo-boat, called br.hlm, toe An-'
toautic Life-Boat, which in aaid to bo
the mott effectual for lifc-iaving put.;
poeee, ia caae of peril on tho water, cter
iuTeajted. -The frequeaej of terrible,
tearaboat.duatien. the reauBbraacaef
WMMNttii;uifle aayttfn nav
iag nrereace to the preservation of Hfo
in their recurrence, a matter of vital
iaterett. If the Aubaatio Life-Boat
poaaeaaee the aierita that it inventor
and othen claim for it. Captain Beaupre
will be regarded u a public benefactor
aad wiH receive the lasting gratitude of
all thoae who "so down to the itea in
We take the following dcacnption of
the sew life-boat from the Metropolis
The Automatic Life-boat is made
of Galvanized ftheet-iron, with tho ex
ception of the Thwart and Ouawalc ;
the ii 10 feet long, 4 'feet 3 inches
wide, 14 inched from the floor to the
Gunwale; a beautiful Shear, and H
inches dead rie; the drawt 'A and
inches light ; from bottom to tho
noor, Cf lncnea, conuecled by automat
ic scuppers of 5 inches in diameter:
ihe is double thickncss( of iron every
whirs e arranged aa to, ,brm air
chaatbwa ia all parts' eiecpt two di
recily opposite lines, foro and aft ; the
largest air chambers are fore and aft.
There is no other principle involved in
the eeaetractlba of this boat except
the principle of baoyaaey ; the earn of
all the air chambers' Is about 30
cubie feet, which at C5
pounds to the cubic foot, will amount
to ,a haejaaey of 187 peunfa ; her
capacity within the gunwales Is about
3000 pound which added to the capa
city ofairebambers woald' wke 4875
pounds with this immense buoyancy
she is found to empty herself in one
half minute, uaalded, Wat ia two
mew wRI Ja'aip iato the boat, within
3 aeeohds after oho will have righted
she will empty in much les time ; the
riathtjrkelsectedby tthe end chain
bars aad assisted "by peculiarly lormed
side chambers or bustles which run
fore and aft, with a lifting power of
about 250 pounds, situated immediate
ly below toe gunwale on the outside of
tho hull proper. Many of tae leading
citiicnsofthis place have witnessed its
operations and will certify that the
above' dtscripUea iia no respect ex
aggerated. , . THINGS AFLOAT.
Theravc of the imail pox are de
creasing In London.
Xxcettlva froitshav endaugred tb
erops of all kled la Ingland.
John Ware, the New' Jersey patricide,
wm convicted of murder In tho first
The Impeachment of Lieutenant Gov
ernor Johnson, of ArkaatM, has been in.
definitely postponed.
Omega, Nevada county, California, hai
thirty-two young bachelor, and only ono
unmarried woman.
A party of weitem gentleman are in
MiuUslppi prospecting lands for foreign
Tbs graatett mas or solid iron in the
world Istke Iron Mountain of Minouri. It
It SCO feet high and two rallci In circuit.
The public, debt statamoat which hat
Juit been Issued, shows a reduction during
January, off 4,00,980 75.
The aew aumeratlon gives now
York city a populatioa of 944,129, being
an Increase of 17,7M over the enumeration
ef last susasasr.
The amount ef meney actually received
thus, far through performance and
through d7BUons to aid of the Holland
testtmealat, .lsil,jO 61.
Bristol, a, Iowa which. Is partly In Ten.
aessee" and, parMy 'la Virginia, ha one
representative In" the lagUlsturo at Naih.
vill aad aaothar at Rlohmon'd.
A Milwaaks funeral was interrupted
Ue 's4hr day hy the hearse, which Hp.
ped and turned bottomilde up.
Aa Inalaaspolls. gentUman hu a copy
of the "UUtoryof the Kingdom of Venice,"
pfinisdla 1M.
The committee, oa appropriations have
reported In favor of an addltloaal grant of
agtatlasaaskie! oaTtwe feet of no'w
ft0:UsWlk -fifty taet la l'eagth by
elgWl"Jft4W-PTra hour,,
aadi eeally wtWfl' r ' : ' . '
Prussia saAha.ses'e a prakakle
otbreak'of horinitlet btwB yraaee aad
Prussia by the viilt of an American ship,
WWW to ha acwraeetofloe' In ,ew
.i A 4y iafHartl lkawV.wIth
geptemUr 12, aad Mies by accident, wtir
hear noihtaj tether of the war until next
t. "
LiMm freaaVaxai rearatsat the effort
of tli Slmecra: parivai verjr'etergetio.
tm nwMvanvMeTlioafuaaa have been
IttJlfMi to their teat in tho L(iUtur
aM'Mr,- Carter ha beea elected ipenker.
Joha Rmi, a aaemher of the
Meat, died at hi
aear Teronto, Wednesday.
Rev. Dr. K. T. Fitch, BnrMor of
dirinltv at Yale college, died on Tueaday
night in Hew Haven.
A Chicago divine own and drive ono
of the fatett honet in that cltv.
Mr. OeorgovF.' Angli ti tald ti bo the
Btf h of JioitOR. Bad hlaaaata .falaa aw i
.iuIm, -f .ho ttfftfnguiined
Texss leader of that name, it editing a
newtpsper in Ocorgotown, in thnt ttatc,
It It now denied thnt Mr. Chsuncoy
Ilose of Tcrro Haute, hat glvon $100,000,
or any sum, for a Presbyterian fetnnlo
college in Indians, or anywhere clto
General Itlplev, who It laid to have flred
the first gun at Sumter, recently corntnan
ded one of tho outpottt at Tarji.
Edward Howell, formerly a loading
politician, died at bit home in Bath, ttou
ben county, N. Y., on Monday, at tho ago
of eighty ycari.
Frofator Ware, who offerod a prir.o of
S'-'.OOO for tho best rule of equation of pay
ments, has himtelf won tho puno.
A.T.Stewart hu ordered from Tiffany
ik Oo. tb chandellert for hit marble palace
In Fifth avenue. They will cott $40,000.
Dr. Anna II. Manning, a practicing phy.
ticlan of Norwich nnd New York, hat
been married to I'rof. Oeorgo II. Comfort.
They will maka a tour of Kurope.
Another old congrcttman hut been un
earthed. Hit namo it Hon. N. Thather,
and bo was a member of tho houte ilxty-
nino year ago. Ho bat been hiding tomo-
whero in Maino ever tince.
Tho approaching wedding of Wm.
Spraguo Uoyt, of tho firm of Spraguo,
Hoyt it Co., of New York, with the
youngett daughter of Chief J uttlco Cluue
it announced.
The Lxmltvill GiurUr-Journal tayt:
C. C Bom ia, the carpet-bag congressman
from Cbarleiton, 8. C, ha threo wive
now living, and there are thirty-five ttste
yet to be heard from.
Alexander Duma died poor and paraly
tic, though he vu n.Jal with mrl-
ou vitality, and hit novclt had poured
Into hi hands wealth like that of hi own
MonU CUrltto.
It thould be tet down to the crcdU of
the Hon. Eli Ssultbury, the new Sumttor
from Uflaware, tuat wben be gave an en
tertainment to his frlendt after bl election,
he did not tempt them by any tort of alco
holic liquor.
Mitt Lackey, the young lady whom
Calvin B.;Crot,thoNow York batchelor
benedict, etpouted wben already a married
man, I in Westerly with hit frlendt ; her
parents, it it laid, having diiowncd and
abandoned her.
Dittrlct Attorney Fllow ald to law
y st Howe recently in tho general scttloni,
New Yorki "The similarity between Eve
and your client 1 that both sinned, and
both have had tho devil for a legal ad
Aa Apialtutic I'wiali of tb Dulttd
Nkw Yokk, Feb. 7.-.Totho l'retsof tho
Uultcd State Gkntmemkn! Availing
myielf of the courtety of tho Wettern
Union Telegraph company, I tend you by
wire tho annexed appeal in behalf of the
lurTerlng people of Franco.
ltelluf, to bo of any value, mutt bo im
mediate. Tho committee respectfully re
queit thnt you will publith tho appeal,
with men editorial notico a may tend
toenlltt tho earliest nctivo nnd practical
sympathict of all.
Tho Wcstorn Union company, I learn,
will tend without cbargo any telegraphic
message between tho New York commit
tee of relief and the co-operating orgauUiv
tlons throughout thu union,
ltcipoctfully, J. W. SlUONTOK
General Agento of tho New York Atto-
clstod Frctt.
To tU pnplTor the Unltel 8tatw, in tohlf of
the Huttorio PupuUiion of KriQcc i
Tho committee appointed by tho Clmm
ber of commerce of the city or Nsw York
to organize measure of relief for tho suf
ferine populstion of Franco, is nowyro
pared to rccelvo contribution of monoy
and supplict, which will 'bo gratefully ac
knowledged, The oommlttoo appeals to
Die American peoplo for this object In tho
tacred namo of charity, and for that alono.
It doe not with to refer to tho morltt of
the conflict which ba unhappily ariten
between tho great nation of Germany and
France, for It believes that ditcuiiion on
these point thould cease in the pretence of
suffering and want.
The German army, with a noble mag
namlty, and sotting an example which l
worthy of our admiration, nave .shared
their scanty- rations with their, .starving
foes. Let It not bo tald that wo, of our
abundanco, have done loss, than thoy,
The French people have been engaged
In a war of the most dastraotlva ebaraetar.
. . . i . i . t . .
it nas arawn leannujfiwts tawr wmv,
exhauited their supplies, and crippled
their industries. In the agricultural 41.
trlcts the last year' crop 'was ia short one,
and the present one wm harvested only in
part, and much of what was gathered ha
a """ " ' . L?r,a , -mri
since been destroyed, or
4ho ue of Jhe arsst. .
basn tha teaiut rrf 'aur.'
a urinous battie. av
tarribie maasraituda. aad tha horrefawt
war have beea bres4UAteh,hete.TeTTj
doer. 44 imM4Jitt7uMily of , lfd ,-fi,
Sw lu Ufcl
hnm Matt! MATS', aaasf to BlaBtthelT
fieldslhtraswtag,br ' the, crops of next
season will not bttetheaealnt;. (ft $T
Unless peedy aetsen to take for tstfV
lief of the raaabHaats, InUstsev.salssnr satl
desUtatiefvssuist ptavalL Other naUJhl
areasevug n uus wees as iiwa Buoiaai
8fcalli4UsaU that Aaserlcaaa stood j
Wsllaua BMtstaMcii htmd r
French, people ia.thele, hour of dktrce7
Ourdutv at a
tlm IndSereat to the aoDeali'or relief.
Tk charity" that gWes qufekljrlf'a double
charitr. BHOlba cammiuea eannoi loo
sirofljiy naprew oa an n iKnur ui,
prompt actio' XVary day lost is for than
. A - ; 1 . ft .1. 1 . .. . t
a day pr ssisery (asativBU
anu seed jor towuiir tne crop in the
tnrlntr will, it it honed, bo sent br tbo
Vcynnca of which furtiior atraegeraen twill
l.rmnfl nrt m'Wfiir rnp inn nrnnnr mn.
ue maaa. . . i v
The committee call on it follow citU
zens evnrv where to ehnra In thli work
of humanity and.Iove. It urge thtm to
organizo ia evory-city, town, and.vilIago
at onco, anu earnestly to rorwara tneir
contrlbutloni without delay, and it fecit
asturcd that this appeal to tho benovolence
of nil will rccelvo an earnest and generous
C. H.MAH8HALL, Chairman
C. LANIEIl. Treasurer
A. i. BEOKES. SocreUrv.
ItessittnnciM In mnney; which will ho
trammlttod'lb' I'arl withcut delay, can
be made to Charles Lanier, treasurer, o.
2 1 rno ttrcflt, row lorn.
Nearly 116,000 lmvobeon . received for
the beqtflt of tho Fronch relief fund
What Wc Eat aa WtaaKaliealt
Tho'centus .of 1670 i particularly Inter-
cuing in rcgara to tno agricultural pro
duct of tha dllferoutSlate. Two hundred
and tix'.y-four millions of buthelt of wheat
wcro ratted in tbo Union In lev?. Aha
principal States for this crop wcro theto:
Illinois J 01 0W
low ...r............ aft. on we
WI.COnila.tt.MHM M t.MIMt...tttttlSt ud (no
Clirarnla.,M.i.......w.MtM. 21 o oo
In itui ,,m..i. ,r. 1 , on ooo
f)hlo ....,,.m.m.... ..w o on
Minar0U.....MM - ..,;.. .....1S ("O DOS
Considerably moro (ban half, of th
whi;at is ralsea in thew vn Statos. Cal
ifornia groKtmoru wheat to th acre than
any oilier State, ihuyleld bolng over
twenty butholt. In Oregon Kit ninoteoa,'
in Miouetntu tixtevn. in Wisconsin over
flftosn, and In Ohio over fifteen. In Illi
nois It is but llttlo over eleven bushels to
th acre. -
In corn the heavy Sute ar a follow:
i)Uaolr. . ..... -.m ae uto
...iiauiM... . .... - 7s w oao
...... i ,'" i"
U I7'il WSJ
ToUl -....i.m ..,,. mXSTX S0 ("J"
As tho whole number of luiholt nf corn
raited in all the States was but K7 1,000,000
it follow that wn get thrcc.fourth,of iUn
even State. In Onlo there aro thirty
buthelt grown to theacro, and tut twenty
thrco In Illinois; lu Kuntat, they obtain
forty-eight buihslsj '
In potatoes the W'eit it not in tho lead.
Tho re were 133,000,000 buthelt raised, nnd
tho leading Statu rank thu:
NwTerk .,..U.............5I em tti,
rnajlraU....: - -l ton uo
Ohio m .. u no
Illlnot. 7 eui no
Uln 7 loo w
JIkt.lsn t.i. T ) '"'
Vrrmual.. . 3 TM UO
It will be soon that thu little,. raountal
nous, rocky Statu of Vermont groat moro
potatoes than Indiana, nnA-that MaJno
rait a many as' Illinois. "InTermont
tho 1eld to tho acre' It .1)8 buthelt; In
Uhio'ltls 112. In Michigan they get 160,
and in New Hamp.hir HO bushels to tho
Of tho 17,000,000 buthelt of buckwheat
produced In the Union, 12,000,000 nro
rnited in New York and PenntVlvanlu.
Tho great .States for oats are Pennsyl
vania, with 48,000,000 builiels; .Now tori-,
with 31,000,000; lllinoli, with 35,000,000;
utilo, witii 2T,ww,tsw, nnu witeontin, witn
Two-thirds of all Iho cluose In tho Unl
tod State is manufactured In Now York
and Ohio. Nearly half tho butter is made
in Now York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.
New York lias moro milch cows tfiaii any
othor .Mate, and California next, tno iiuni
bers being respectively J.030,000 and 1,
330,000. Wo have In Ohio one quarter of
all tlio sueeo. Uaiiiornia ts tne next ercat
Stato In ihocn. bavins over 2,000,000 of
them. In Tux as, which ho 000,000 milch
cowt, thu prlcoof huttor is $1 CO a pound.
In the value of all domestle animals tho
principal State. rank thut:
Now York.,... ..
,S1W (l 000
. 100 UlO '!
. VO (HU 0D0
... 7 UO OS)
., t 'J 000 000
... 000 000
New England and the South aro princi
pally dependant for most of the staple ar
ticles of food upon tho Northwest and
Now York nnd Pennsylvania.
l'roaaalaa: t)r Telegraph.
(From the llu.hacll (III,) Kecocd.J
Wo learn that In Dlandlnvillo there ro
tide a young man who became greatly irn
tatuateu wun a rair maiaen ituiars:iite,
daughter of; an entorpritiiidr,' prosperous
merchant of that village, lie couceivod
the notion very suddenly, thfet "it it not
good for a man to "bo alone.',1 So deeply
was ho convinced of thi fact. that he'oould.
not watt until the trsin cauio along- to 'in
terview the old gent and make bis rdstrl,
moual proposal, but'pobped the question
by telograph as soon as .the oUc wss open
in tho morning. The operator carried , the
inessagQ to thq resldohco of tho gentleman
whom he found yat la the bed. Jn reply
to "what's wanting," tho telegraph, roan'
Informed ;Mri D," (hit 'Mr, So-and-so,
of Blandinvllle, wahtod his daughter,
'Toll blm ho can haye Aor,y,Bsj4 tAW-.
iWaltt th" hit adored,, nna Tthe two wore
made oae la a twinkling. The' happy
couple were off on a bridal tour by next
express, Somebody said they wsnvby telograph.
ay pPt bbjgatierally known
tknrr WlUisti. OW lorvlnz
ear ia tho ens4i and Jutt
w.nw' .1 rJt Vr. 1L m ttlinfimA.
ker.-sssttttarlliia'teinal namo waS Jorry
u ivr ... iiiu, c, u,
Afn&Sd Wcrmrnefir have an
rM vt v.Li aL . J
rjstfiicavsM. Mhtrtmce.rahd.tbst . immo-
dlauWP4ftiHJwofoirTril.rm nta
TT. .'i.ij.J.loaiul-U, Mar W -native' place until
of his spirit' foe high honort and dlttlaet'
Hon bad boen moaturably filled rv.tba
Kiuiininir uiit mniuri.. vviiuiu .hu v. ... u
renown accoraeato tne conquering ncro.
for it It'boyond dlimito that too tarvstrtei
cafiso off victorious in hi cncoirntea W.
AhAal bullies, whoso fa mo rankled
ttra ml nil nf lba iMIrxM ehnmnlon
wIiimuM lironk no rival. iWonUerfui
jitorles are told at Celba thhew se worked
or studied ail M3Bt,'aod sefttetinesjunrq.
mitifBgiy wwiirtyisnt aours. nwne
undertook roJVnake"'flfry"'parrs of (shoe
without sleep;-tfial jo!) wa men rccKoneU
a week' vrirk." 'Commencing on Mbnday
morninir. .ho ttot as far ns tho forty-ieven
thoe on Wcdhetdny night, but tho pegt,
ns they madi" tho circuit of tho tole,
had bctftiti to Utiumo tho picturctouo
zltr-zaL" cf tho 'Virginia worm-fence.
nnd nothing proven ted (ho smashing ,of
flngoeJC tve Uicf. waning energy i with
whicUitlixltamtnor camel down whilo tho'
futura'&eiiati slcptr Jerry Colbath tub-
tequohtn! became quite well known ns
Henry WOsjoar, and 'rrfanufacturcd shoes
forsomo tlaaoat Natlck on hit owp ac
count." " l
31 r. Wilton's subteauont obaniro of
nam was for reasons sstbfsetoryi to and
crtdl table to.himtelf, and which ar of no
great interest to tbo render possibly
nonoof hit burincit. Hit political hiitory
it well xnowa. : - - -
Aa Aapeat' rir lasmlarstlMt In rat
terjavaata. " c
.......... , - i
The San Fr'aucKoo Cktonxdt suvi It
Is of. the first Impo'rtanco Tor the .Ma to' of
California, onu" indro especially for tho
city 6f San Franclico, that' tho lands 'still
onea for; totfleniant should, ho. taken up
anuuia.popuianon ue largely inorcato
for ImmlirraUOh, The'Paoifio has trans.
.... L r - , t " "t
ferred to"thorcMtern cities the trade of
immense uuuricu wnicn prcvioujij-uruw
all saiinlieS from this place, so thai it is
evident 'unloii Wo ckn tomohow get con
sumers within' tho limits of California,
who csnnot.be taken away from us, tmfi
Fraaciicorriuitcro'tho wallr'.Few people,
wo gnw, will "be i Inclined to quettion this
statemenU '.Accordingly, evory logltlmnto
effort honll tornado to urge forward (ho
settlement'of tba.QOut.lry with delay.
. . ' . r i.
un Plan ur so aoing win ua uwuiiiu
S.nt ia th.iiltmnl Land Company, will
shortly! -rftlt hl city for the purpeso of
j e xsaunio g, w Dai taotiities our.tHare ousrs
IVrsS) fSfwrorrrrraifgnintsr -Thm sio
dittos' of whteh'thtt contlcninn.ls lead
.Hat achieved wonder ia procuring lulmb-
usats aiong vuc imo oi uo aiwuirKiuc
railway, and if ho can do California n sim
lar terricq ho ought to be oncoursged by
all means to perforin the good work. Tha
company has agendo cttublithcd in
Great lirltain, and throuchoul Europo,
and we hayo no doubt that, if proper In
ducements wcro bold out. iucj couiu di
rect a stream of Immlcratlon to our shorts
which would soon mako tha wildcrncis
tlwiom llko so many gardens."
BUttraa Ctiacka-- tVaratsts;,
.Hj a matter of Interest loi parsons who
travel, or exnect to travol. wu nolo a case
concerning tho rights of passenger hold
ing conductor' checks on railroads, which
was recently tried In . the-riuporlor Court
nf Uultlnicro. Tho plaintiff, on May lit,
1807, Purchased n through ticket from
Newport tolinltlmore. nnd proceednd'on
the Philadelphia, Wilmington and llaltl-
moro Uaiiroad a lar a rerryvuio, wncru
lie left tho train, tho conductor, after
leaving Philadelphia, having taklug up
tho through ticket and given tho plaintiff
a check in pluco out. On tuo uiu 01 Jin
tho DlalntltT cot upon tho train for Bait
moro tit Hnvro de Grace, nnd offered 'the
check In payment for hit faro,, which ti e
conductor rciu.oa to receive, ninwuin
Handing tho plnintiir nssortiun that on
li'avlni- tho train at IVrrvvillo. on MuvJtt
he wut informod by tho ticket agent in
tho ticket odlco at that placa that the check
would bo good on any othor day. On the
plaintiffs continued refusal to pay tho faro
111 monoy lie was ijcciuu iiyinoronuuciur,
In tho action brought to reoovor damagos
Tor thlt election tho court inttructml tho
jury that the plalntiiT was not entitled to
recover uniest moro lorco wut uouv tijuu
whs necessary to put' htm offlho train, ami
unlet ho was put off at a point where
thoro was no ttntlon-houso at liaud, ur uo
place for shelter or food. Tho court alto
held that iftbecheck had been indor.cd in
writinc by tho ticket uccnt, or by tho con-
ductor of tho train of May lit, .Umt.it was
good ro r nuotner train at a subsequent
time, it would have bound the rnllroad
colupnhy; and that tho conductor of tho
train of May Cth was not required to tuku
tho passenger' word, unsupported by rn
writton authority.
lirAta meeting of tha British At-
sociation at UublIn, Mr. Charles Btanconl,
of Caihol, road a paper rolstivo to his ox
tontlya car etabiihmeut, after.whlch a
geutlsmsn ttstSd that let fPjckfordaj tho
great English-carrier's, they 'could not
work horseinore. than Cten mile a da,
and wished to hoar-Mr.4 Wanconi's opinion
on tno, subject., ur. u, stutod thut tbo
fouacVby experlin ba' could, -bitter pjk
a horss olcht miloeJa dav for i x dsvs-In
tho week, than.six uiiloi aday. --I'or sovon
days. By not' working on' Sunday ho of.
footed e saving of J two! vo per cent. Mr.
maiiconl's-opluloa tin this point i of tho
highest Importance, fur ho ho over ninu
nuaujroa norses'wurKing sixty .seven con
veyances, wiilcli daily travel 4,zt miie.
It is also tho result of fortv-.Uuo year
"rTfp-. M " YV fl -ill, t
1sb?A hrutal.hutband in'Marbluhuad,
Mast., wehthonieln astafe of Intoxication
recently and threw hi wife-but of doors,
breaking hr leg. It tf PPS
well wben a night or two agoh returned
again tiadr tl"nueno of liquor and do
liberately broke tho Hmh again in two
Tbo Tianira m?aothIasr more than the'
Biowjn or an innumerable iamiiy
lormt or nnlmalculse. In order to pre
pare It for use, u Is first left In the air tor a
inoriumo, until the golatinous partis
docompostxl, than tho mass is washed 'In
hot water nnd afterward In a bath of dilate
muriatic acid. The toVUt ipon gesture?
blenched by means of chlorine and hvDO
salpttKe ot'icdy The (ktluVu'
tpintea that ro.44d by dotU,WtIr dre..-1
Ing ulcers, are puttfied sponges, dipped
into fluid wax, and thea pressed between
hot pistes. Tho French nnd Austrian
governments have lately commenced to
rear sponges artificially tho former cu
tho shores of the Mediterranean, tho latter
on tho const of Ualmatia. Tho culUTa-
tl6n'ts laid to d perfectly .successful, ,nd
to yfo.d laVgo profits. 1
IflrTho storv of the dotr who mad
UTway'from Bochctter. N. T to Uoton';
near uioucctter, J-.ngisnd, in less, is now
capped ny a tale rrora JHontrcai. a gen
tleman thero tent a tine Newfoundland
dog homo .to a friend, retldont about' fifty
miles.' inland' from Newcastle, LKnelaad,
i no dog went acrott tno tea In .Mayor
Juno last. In November tho doe landed
at Montroal from an inwardbound vessel,
walked ouiellv up to Shcrbrooko street;
nnd took possession cf his old kennel.
How ho hipponcd to hit on a Montreal-
bo jnd vcstel nonno can lay. Ills English
owner writes that tho doe disappeared.
Tho .Captain says, that Carlo same on
boariaad tiowed .hlmsolf away, refuting
to be dtilodgod. u '
0A boar was recently put up to bo
shot at Picklngton, Ohio, by tho father of
a boy whom it had killed, and tho price re
ceived was $100. Tho history of the beast
shows how dnngorous It Is to trust to
kladnsss sad cultivation In a brute savasre
by' nature. Mr. Bowers, its owner, came
into pottettlon of it when it. was a cub,
andra'ed'lt: as a' playmate for1 hit little
boy. The bear Was docile for a while, but
a it approsched maturity Its nstiresavsge
itm became to apparent that it wo chained
toatrco Ono day, tho boy want to it and
gavo It tomo candy, but. it rsuscity led it
to'knock tho bov down, tear hit seel from
hit head, and inluro hlm so lerioutly that
no ai cu. xno lamer ana1 moiuac sooK a
hand In tho 'fleht. and bruin, was secured.
being aflerward pot up for prixshooting.
Tho present tariff Imposes a tar of 165
on salt, and admits pearls and rubies tee.
Tb ttlt is used by tho poor, tho pearls
by the-rich. The tariff taxoi coal 35per
cent, and admit mahogany frt: Tho
coal is used by the artisan and by tho
pour; tho mohogany triake th rich man's
costly furniture. And so It runs, through'
.. . . .... ., .... At t . A I .
tne wnoie list, coniinuaiiy uincriminauna;
against the poor and in favor of tho rich.
0Aofc Time, iJre. J2i 1870.
"To LtrtTtraWKiTrRS. ThTrosttnastor
General hu Issued an order reaulrinir the
nam and address of the sender of 'reeU-
tllfd UtUrm aA f lhi S WaSShWtf tO
the ssme, and, in ooso of non-dellverr, the
regiitared letter or pack ape will be re
turnwl dlro t'y from tho office to which it
is so 2 to the tender without being returned
though the tlcad-lettor office. 1
BjrjrA foshlouablo but ignorant lady
wanted a costly hair shawl, but ber hus
band Uught her a cheap Imitation of the
article On examining it alio found the
name of tho manufacturer on ono corner
and wanted to know what thtt was.
ThL" said the husband, "oh that's the
namo of the camel of whose bslr the shawl
is mode!" ThO wifo takes groat prido in
her shawl, nnd has no doubt or its gen
JaT Tho farmers of Iowa have formed
a secret association for mutual advantage
under, tbo title, or, "Tim 1'atront of Jiu.
bsndry." Its operation will extend to
price ofproduoe, and will have an lmpor-'
taut bearing upon the grain iurkL So
rapidly ar meratwr earning in that oy
spring they will number, It I said, at'lca.1
afiTTn tho llnnKot EoglnUd Is a curious
machluu, into whldi sovereigns are poured,
like grain Into a mill. As they pais on
ono by one, nil that aro light weight aro
thrown to one side, those, of full weight to,
another. So that, tho distinction, it, iud
m.'...-.L'..r.' .
nnu uuvrt iiijj .wi.atu.f ....
BOTA lineal descendant of tb street
Protector, Olivor Cromwell, died recently
near' xmcinnau, uou, auo ueceaseq,
Captain Joseph Howard Cromwell, was a
well-known hotel'keeper In Cincinnati,
and WM'detcondedfrom nenry, Lord Lieu
tanant.et Ireland, Uilrd. son of the great
Cromwell. .
,j jiiJ .
tjjr Ptvfuior Kton:bst.dltcavord that
thlsglobe will onlv sdpport Ufa 20,000,000
ycart yet. Aliiott a pity po.wouto mucn
trouble Hiit wo dony tho fact, and will
only take tint-rate argument r ocular
Chined Cocktail" Is tho
latest uorolty. .
', ' " PACKETS.
" i
, fi fulluwinx aleaiarr ! Cairo
, ' Wit. NABIl VIM. K
.oil ltu ant at th beers ImIowisrihI
TALlBMAN.EjrtyMqodsy at? 5 p.m.; '
TYltONK, Every Thursday, at S p.mf;,
LUMSDENi Every Saturday, at'fl p.m..
Kor t'rlUi or Fa( lply bntNril, or te
7 OHIO hKVtt.
lUiii Cairo dll. ats p,to, asd Padetah daily
t s s.ra. llarlDg superior aecowraouation u
oltcita public patronage,
al I ,
a a en!'
Savings Bulk
OtVlflBBS , .
a: atMrroaDtlMsssli
n. v. tyia)b, vjee-rrasta
i w. KT M.or, Ueetatarftsstl
r. w. BiMn.tv?wue oStWHi
" eurtnuiouAM. w. sr.- ru
i. as. FBiuupa.
... , Tea .oemtavawaaaib
, latiMBMwiihStwsi toMM isassiiuuiy la
the principal ef lh dtpoill. thereby ttTtaittMat
compound intsmt. . ........
MarriWmeMf star CIsllArw
sen vervbuiloet dr from im.Ul
aad ttaturdy.TBiB.fer BAVIM DKKMITS
rr, rrom e to so'eioes.
. W. HtaUr.sasrr.
a c.'a
u ' r
amKLrastrWMeWt 1 4
stosiBuaT w. mnxBua, vua.rra4
J. M. MOOHstst, OasBHer. "
ojfections fgiptlf Miit,
Cxckstnsxe. Rastk Ifmtm
susti ursitcei matteej aesjatri
lRteresjt AlMwei oa Ttsaa Dsjaaelta,
nam mi
wuftvi. tsjMsswia.
inn iii'iame
sflatailtHl -
; , .t .
Li .Mil Jti-.
WV. 9. HAa.X.ID.T
A. a. aAVsrostD, Casaurr
WAX.TBK HTBLOr. StistaatCtot
Htaatt Tsjlor W. V. HsIIMsV, 1
cstt. iratt ak.aVCBajii4ka
4)M. B.'triiilsttMa, -tyiA4r4,ni.
A. B. aoavi. . . i nvCr.i9ii)iK JI
.flxilA .11
Bjj st.MsMSaaii sveAss ssss.faTTsyw ts
FOOT ObMllllto.
Msfttut (Cetrssotr, M,4n)Ti
; 04tle MlTcr
It 7'i v
A Bopalr ass sWasi", tiWaSUvwra
la tusjr BHtrt artlte altjr.
En ry Load of Coal Weigh4 aad Ml
! ensure QlVea.
niT tl'Ot. CO.tl. FL'RMIBKB) AT 9
Onlsr lrt ttieme uiitiild Ima'tdlaur
aepl StU
Are FreaarM' IcT fltsiwry'M
with the Best iHty af
Ortlers' left at alallUajr stra.
Ha. lu Okta or at Sa
Tard ttw tbeBt. law
t I, will ' V fWsH J
" '" ' -'AtlstsStasw, i.
(Uole tins" ,t t"
j el ti MssWAJraVd -
j jlt bm ,il -ma a- ' i
.OX Stajaj. JNMtf taasti
r 1 ,C-KJ
to m r
KairraUa tad BtosnSat souittMt aajastalsati-'-'
Oaattal aad
Bprinrl'i. Hisj Je WMfOQf
nil. Si ft. 'rh. LvMmlM Shra limriMI Otil S.
ptojr bw complied with 11m law, aad 1 .SAUM-, .
' A4at, Cairo, 111.
Orle in WinUr1 Week. OOfBsr Tth atraM aad
Commtrctal artaua. 11 law
I i I IIIIHpBBBawaaa
fit sa Aoe'l . J

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