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And ASJUls of
SALT u OfflrA JN 1p
rco. 70 oixzo Xjxrtrxi
rooi itrrTi'Aiiousi:
PrwuioM or Ant A Co.,
General Commission Merchant
i:j:i, Ohio JLevs-s-,
II. .Mat!
K. C ft I
Ii U (
...A.M --0-imNJX3XX
Commission Merchants
. ,..,,, ,,..,,,!
i::.i Ohio Lerce,(JAIKU, ILLINOIS.
hiialattretlonxlsra to Ihapurrhstsa tii sal
. ', ., ., . .,
(Huecos.orto Prkri l'n
And litlrr n
Flour, Mfiil. liny, Corn, Oulu,
II ran.
Cor.lOtht. StOhio Levee
Al '
Ticket Agency
Memphis & St. Louis Packet Co., ;
. ri'r '
S3 II." tAfiMlt t
Hello Jlcmplils,
t lty of Chester,
III lie SI. Louis,
I j rami Tower.
Vicksburg Mail Line
t'oinTllns thi
Pill of Alton
Mui-hlr City,
Cllj- or Vicksburg,
t'lly;of Cairo.
St. Louis & New Orleans
INu-twt Miie,
Olive llraucli,
Mollle Able,
Great Itcpuhllr,
Thompson Pi nil,
Pauline Carroll,
leniplii.H lackcs,
Will oa
Tuoiilnys, Thursduys, Saturdays and
Vicksburg luokef m,
Will 1,tkn on
i Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.
C,nniiint; vritli tlie Mobllo ami Ohio UnilrojJ
at ( jIuiiImis, NiiTilln anil Norlht'trrn Hull-
m mm
Is.lon, JlUusn,.. ,u 'ivnnswu unit Mi-inphi i '"-" ",v- ""f " r ..
nml i.MiitTiiiiu(irntwtMiiipiii mii withtUu I made fuch very liberal offers with ie
tiieMMiopUe. 'ii. yard to the fisheiics ipucstion nml the
ymmJ&i I Alabama claims, that their hcttlemcnt
raWi, ' is assured. Hnglaud, on account ot
Wk.burs. .... ; her present peculiar position with ie-
roaa nt mrununi tun me jinnpiiia sii i i nsr
T "r ,'a" r a...
One of (he Above Stcautcrs will
i n !.r 01 I n!L. '
LeaVe ballO lOl Oil LUUIb UdllJ
oat or St. Louis, nnu witluhu Miwouri rlvsr aa I
..... .rVTTs ,i,..s s. t
1 " orincK.
o. J. M. VA' ??i'V."i?..l:T,'nl n 0t
iI,caIiq lliiwur through conuoclion maun Ii)
General TlckH AKCnt. Ht. l.onli. Mo.
No. . it7o-ur
S'AtlK from 'TcriMal, sxndoaerry,
(llaisaow or taeutawB to Onlra
a aoj
SHsTartlt Xwrrli 4 tnustct?, Alt
Tin: tnotiutnoiit to ox-President
Piereo, just finished, at Concord, in of
tlit! finest Italian marble, l.r feet high,
topjicd with a cross. Tho plinth bears
tho naino of ''Piereo" in raised Human
letter.", and on the die is "Franklin
, l'iereo, born Xov. 'S.l, 1K0I, died Oct. 8.
1 Hr.it
Tiir. Tcnncce Legislature Iia" pan
ed a bill i'li:in''iiiL' the nualificatioiis of
j,,n,r-- ' '" jrr-i.-
I bo menini-ctent by reason ol having
! formed an opinion from any publMiod
' bUtement of the offense with whieh thu
; party arraigned is charged, miles tliu
' writer of the article profc.s-os to have
J been witness of the fuet. which must
J affirmatively aiijar. A good law. and
' one much needed.
ii:.v:itAi. Kkvnomis, the district
commander of Ti'sa., who has been
i elected to the I'nitod State Senate, will
, not. according to the precedent estab
lished in th.it body, be permitted to
. Int., ti... ...... t Mm t fnii.tl.... ,1...
i.tnu .111 .-;!,. .'it. a ii mil lull , ,..u
' fittiiiL' Senator. whose hort term ex-
pircs on tho 1th of March, wn elected
also fur the long term, which common-
eel on that day. This is precisely the
IMnrtitft ..... trims.! flu I. fw'ial-i Ml ri
; ai it proper m elect .Ucr to
Mr. 'iilbort alter it had elected him
.,, , , ,
once to till the short and long teriui.
I,,,, ,. , ., , , , . , . ,
' I he Senate decided that hi-t credentials
' for the long term werejut .n good n-
those for the short term, and that the
stibeiueiit election by the Florida
Legislature wa invalid.
iiniiir.nv is i:i,i:ctioss.
i While the radicals aie persistently
j charginc that the democracy of New
I Vork city and statu owe their miocc-s
to corruption and the liberal lire of
money, w lind tJov. Hoffman giving
the lie toall those accu-ation- by urging
the enactment of a law to punish bribe
ry in election. Inn special mejsigo
uM)it the subject. (Jov llotTman eatd :
'Intelligent and fair-minded men of
all parties ngre that one of the groat'
est evils of the tiiir- coinectod with
elections U tin 'rrupt u-c of uinney to
influence the votes of clos-tor-. All
law h and inea.uro whieh aim at e-tab-Iihing
i-urity in elections will fail in
their purpo-ie if they fall short of
reaching this one great evil. Kegi-try
law.-, no matter how ftriugent, do not
prove effective. No power can guard
the ballot-boxes to any purpo-e. if the
men wlio.-c constitutional privilege it is
ti vote, are to bo intluenccd in the ex
ctvin? of that privilege by thu corrupt
u-e of mouev. In all cmmirie the
jmrch ins amf ,alo of oflicci", civil or
militury. i- prolific of evil. In a re
public 'like our." the purchai-caud hale
of oter and of votes endanger the
whole organization and structure of the
It I- stated that the fisheries troubles
were purpo-eh provoke 1 bv Kugland,
in accordance with a plan Ion;: laid, so
that when our government eame to
urgea settleineiit of the Alabama claim-,
a concession of ti-hury privileges might
be offered iisn proof uf friendship, but
' really for the purpose of Mill further
1 delaying the adjustment of the moro
important (iiostioii involved in thoro
. claim. From what wo can learn, tho
nuongor sent by the President after
J the San Domingo job expedition, was
for the purpo-o of their recall, not on
' account of (.'abral's sueco-.s us -luted ;
i il... I.'nuli.lt inieiiriiiiieiit havo
U.nllo aflairs iu K.-opo deM.es to
sottlo up her difficulties with this gov
vernment aud makes great couce-sions
in order to induce us, for tho present,
to forbear our design ill thopuichaso
or au,10v.itinn of San Domini:"; not
... ,
ashing at this juncture to have new
complications to uri-c; rather wishing
to settle the old ones. Can (.'rant afford
to lose the cash whieh would be made
.1 0 :.CilUtsitioit of S.in Dmiiiiiiro for
. .i ..I I... l il. . !.!.
tuu , ,u iusviimu
I claims aud that other pietion so dear
to Yuukcelaitd the fisheries?
Dispatches from Washington city
announco tho startling iutelligoncu
that tho United States fctcauier, Ton
nessee, " foundered at sea, ou the pan
sago to San Domingo, and that all were
lost I
We cannot believe there i suficieBt
foundation fur this report, and think it
has grown out of the fears of tke
friends of the commij-sionen.
The Tennessee U one of the staunch
eat and most complete vessels iu the
naval service of the government, and
is believed by many able to weather
any gale.
Hut the rumor may be true. It may
be that Providence has, iu tkfa way,
stepped between President Gnat aad
hbi most earaest. Wrt th, tmrn
tlorrnrSa'ri TJJmTngo.1" "Tfis a lactfau
thenlicated by hacrcd and profane his
lory, i.t iUv Jvor, occasionally,
interfere in the affairs of men in this
manner. The memorable event of the
lted Soa is sll that we need refer to iu
s-ub-tantiatioii of this assertion. Hut
far be it from u. to hay, that Provi
dence, in -inking the Tennessee, aimed
a blow at the policy of (!rant. To cay
so, without more definite information
on tlii- point, would be both diloyal
and pre-umptioiiii. We only venture
to aAsert, He may have intended this I
di'pcn-atiou as a rebnkc of tliu President'-'
attempt to steal San Domingo,
in face of the protect of Senator Sum
ner. Tin; New York .S'mi, a republican
ncw.-parcr of some influence aud large
circulation, thinks the democrats can
win ipiite easily iu thu coutuit of 1ST!.',
if they follow the projtcr course and
use ilivretion in selecting candidates.
Iu the elections of the jiast year,
twenty state.-, which, according to the
prcciit apportionment give one hun
dred aud seventy-six vote for presi
dent, went for the lepublican'', while
seventeen state-, which give one bun
dled and fifty votes, went for the dem
ocrats. It will be seen, therefore, that
if the democrats can retain in 1-S7- all .
the rtato.'' they carried in lh"0, they
will prevail in the next presidential
contest, provide! they can make an ,
additional vain of fourteen electoral
Can the detnocrutr make such u gain?
A-sumtng that they will show 'ood
reuse in thu erection" of their platform
ami the selection of their candidate,
the southern states afford the most
availublo field for them to make the
ucceary break iu tho republican lines.
Ammg the state- carried by the re
publicans thu pat year were Arkan-as,
.Misisippi mid Texas. With no
change elsewhere iu 1ft"-, thee nlonu,
if wrested from thu Itepublicuus, will
moro than siifSee to elect the democrat
ic ticket.
The editor goes ou to state that th'e ue
. .1, .i
gro vote i very unstaoie, nnu mat
there is n strong probability that
enough black men will vote the demo
cratic ticket to give the vote of the
south to the opponents of the Sun t
party We are glad to see thu radical
newspaper.- beginning to appreciate thu
Tin: icruut visit of Simon Cameron
to (leorgia, or his becoming interested j
:.. .. :i. i i..i....i.. i
in u 'nmpi.i i;iiini.iu,ii.is w in u gotm ei-
foct upon that old hoary-head political
iki'ioimt, iiivw s s in iiiiui si iiuiuu iitj
fho South needs no more rocon-1
structioii. All that is nccesary is to
let her tdone."
Tho bed on whieh Peter tho (ireatdled
is proierved iu tho unttct cundl'Ion he lelt
it in. The led has thu advantage uf
Pe.er. i
l'here isa iitmorthat .Martin Kerquhar
Topper Is com lug to read his ."Prover- ,
blal" In America; aud, In con.o.iueiico, a ,
great many people begin to look upon
dual' mtitc with envy.
The following Is a Ju dear's advice to lit
.. in , ..it, .i
sou on in woouing-oav: "unen nu-u i
wont a courting, I told theo to keep the
eves wldo open j now that theo is married,
I toll theo to keep them half hut. -
"Wrap u am.ige Into llisinarck's
Klonx-Zeltung and throw it to a dog, and
vou mav be uro the dog will not cat tho
.. i- .i. i...
t a lll"e. I'or till sareusiio ruiunii, mu
Munich Vaterland was lined one hundred
An attorney once a.ked Lyman lice
cher: .Supposing that tho parsons and
thu devil ahould litlgato a cause, which
party do you think would gain it?" "Tbo
dovil, no doubt," replied Mr. llocchor, "as
ho would have all tho lawyers on his side.''
, .
A Massachusetts paper tells of a col
ored woman who hud boon lately con
vortod, but was so unfortunate as to tly
Into n passion over tho misdoings of ouo
of her neighbor's youngsters. Iter mis
tress romarkod upon tho impropriety of
such conduct In tho case of ono about to
Join tho cllureh, and received this frank
response: "i nnvo spenonceu ron
an1 l'so gwluo to join tho church:
Mti K ,1'U scald dat nigger first."
M Win PMtt-A
stw ma nnifcfcm ti rtsMMt
asurtitMK nuanBsiMHif T" swu-
7b the Kditvr of A'Cbir fcMw
WAtaiNtwr, D. C, b.T,lrt.
In the Houm ou 'laUffsUj "Ball aad
Chain" Porter, of Virata, wanted, to
troduea a rvMlation leaUag to taapro
tsctSon of
ct Wtai Msss, aad a -a T4t U swsf
UMralaaatdyMvalai la taa ssSaaMsiTa.
Taa eUafcaatt aye wMak tWaaMcals
hava on saaUrtaadib smH akk "fkfed
"inonTiif "tht inititutlon under the prcicnt
adDcinhtrntiuu Ii vlllalnoiu
ru. .b-mmltlcu who fnveitlgatcd the
Wcit Point
recommend that tho three members of the
fourth clun, who were driven from the
iristitution, be reitorcd, and that all of tho
flrrt dim, and others who were guilty of
i nib gross behavior, including cadet
Grant, ton of Ulyuei, "chip of tho eld
blockhead," cadut Towniend, son of Ad
jutant General Towiuond and cadet far-
rgut, ion of Admiral i'arraj;utbe cxpollcd
from West Point. These cadoti, from tho
poiltioni held by tboir fathers, run the
Institution lust at ther plvaie, In total
illtrvgiiril of the rules, regulation!, orders,
rli;ht or decency, and thoy are upheld In
their insubordination and bad conduct by
thu President, who, whan cadets of tho
llrtt cliui liavo boon Cound guilty by court
martial, has pardoned them. The conduct
of tho officers hat alio been severely ccn
ureil for neglect of duty. To tavo "Wcit
Point from decay and contempt an exam
ple mutt be madoofboth the guilty cadott,
Prctidunt's ion or no President's ion, and
thu officeri of tho Inititutlon, and a vigil
ance exercUod to see that Pruildsntial
favorltiim bu excluded from It during tho
rett of till Itubecllo, corrupt snoTjirofllgnte
administration. That Congress witl
whitewash or let oft easily, Is expected so
fsr as the cadott aro ooncornoJ. The ofH-
ccrs will probably to made tho scapegoats
fn order to shield tho eldest born of our
tiil j'rksiuk.st,
ltadi,1(. between the ncrvout Radicals of
tUfl sf0rthiit and tho rampageous lUdl-
i,nl. .i.. .souih. hs duUrmlnwl tosblrk
the roiponilblllty of cither ilgnlng tho bill
ropeallng tho test oath or of vetoing it and
will lt It liwoina h lw ! tho vunalllu-
tlonal expiration of tho ten days lit which
ho hud to ilgn or veto It, thus making
Congres reponslb!e for Its reiults, be they
good or bad to the Padlcal purty.
Tiir sovTHKits rActrii' uailiioai mill
In the llo:no ycstcrJay wui referreJ by u
vote of 120 toOl, the committee to report It
any time after tho tilth Init. Thli action
Iniurci It pu.sago thli ici.Ion. A large
number of Democratic mcmbors voted for
this bill on the ground that It wai but .Im
plo JuUlcn to thu South to have this road.
The constant dcnlali by newspaper cor
respondents and editors that there aro to
be no changes In
go for nothing. Those who make tuch de
nials are friendly to those whoso naraei aro
mentioned in connection with walking tho
It is now reported tbut ux Uovernor
.Morgan of New York who h beon thu
Proildenti guest for sumo uuy pt, win
.iw...i.il lldiitu-ell In the Treasury
lienl l(T,j lnu 0jj Tmn over bimIii that
. .... .. .i ...'.ii., c
take the portfolio of
.Svnstor .Morton win
Mate In order to t;Wo tho llihy fos.ll, who
thn Stiito D.imrtmeut, an
s -
opportunity oi w.gg.mg u.
:itur w iiio.i. . rornej' i i" i-
',.,.., , .11 I,, ii.., iwnt iiiIIch deiinrtmcnt. I
give you those rumors for what they aro
worth. There will bu changes without
doubt, ami Pennsylvania will get a place
in thu cabinet, llorle, formerly (secretary
of tho .Navy, is now a gue.l at tho White
House and hi name and that of Kerney
ei'iu to be most prominent from thut
MutU t,rrisrr-laliur t'ulluwa-aiid
l,KKctIi'SIiilltlliiaoris Invltrliilo
Aursiiui-Hlovs XVisrk-Tlse Irioril
AIJonrmisst-Tli Tlslrsl" Hoiiar
Tlse I.He Itsniucn Guiitpssnlps), f tc.
upiiiiKiirl'l CJrrciondeiier.
the Iviitor o( the llulltthi:
Mls Linda (lllbert, of Chicago, lectured
at P.uproeutntlvu Hall last evening on tho
subject of "Prison Uuform." Her lecture
created an imprcsIon which Is seldom
nmdo, aud evoked praiso which is not often
given Her manner or speaking is very
mild and deliberate, hot voiee i weak, and
her gestures few and not particularly at
tractive, and yet ho presents hor views
with ueh evident slncurlty of purposo
that she gains tho attention aud the sym
pathy of hor audience, Sho says there are
nvor 800 persons iu tho county jil of
Illinois either under lentence or awaiting
trial. These being entirely Idle, nearly
ttlways without books or papors, crowded
togothor with little or no sunlight, and
surroundsd by filth and Torrr.ln, aro iub
jeet to evil Influoncos andovll only. Miss
Gilbert wants uuman persons anu s.u,..-
faro oi iiieio outcasts, anu to prtm
thorn mMns uf Improvomont and proral
aponthe proper authorities to supply tliaii I chanr-s to U made are fnthoStato, Navy,
withwoA. She gave many IneWeplsi'etlniJii Attorney liberal's offices only, the
prison life, ad a aasabtr f cases of. WU
oners rekwrrned by kindaess. Hlie was fol-
lowed by.
rjov". PALiixa
In a hall hour's talk. The' florarnor
acknowledged his Inability to suggest
BMaai by which tha convicts of Abe Stato
can be macfc nt to regain tbetr lost places
la society .ili sllsrwhhr,vich"focllng
t) the fact tW lie wuperfwctli certain that
murders, and arsons, and sJiaultvaadJ
other criaasa would b committed, during
tbo present year bymcn crar.od by tho
laiuaaea of alcohol :and he rtcommcndod
I trtirt'-an nivlum for Inobrlatcs be citaD-
liihed, wheru In mny cases porsons could
be lent before they had reached tho fatal
point at which criniii is cotnmittcl. At
the closo of tho Governor's remarks a ros-
lutlon was adopted by the meeting asking
Gov. Palmer to put his idoas Into a mos-
sago to tho General Assembly.
slow ruooiusi.
Nearly six weeks of the scsiton have
gone and very llttlo real progress Is yet
made Nothing has yet been dono with
the ichuol law, nor with tho revenue law
excepting the Introdnctlon of very long
bills on both tlicso lublects. Noltherof
thcie bllli can be paucd without a wook's
careful conilderatlon, and yet many aro
talklni; of adjourning from tho tint of
March till the middle of November- Tho
effort to discontinue tho holding tho ei
lions of tho
at Mount Vernon and Ottawa Is attracting
considerable attention. Thu Sprlngtlcld
people aro apparently taking no part In
tho matter, but thero aro soma jealous
people from Southern Illinois and
from the Ottawa region, who
can't help believing that the mooting of
lawyers lately hold hero was contrived and
managed by Springfield. It looks to Dem
ocrats too much like centralization, and
although it is now urged on a pica of
o:onomy it will suroly ho followed by an
attempt to build u magnificent court room
nd to pay salaries to Supremo Judges
which would onablo thern to llvo In tho
nabob stylo to which tho useless lavishnoss
of public money tcndi.) ,
Tho attempted appropriation of $1,125,-
000. for tho nuw State Homo will not go
through, uttll tto comtuUslocer havo
inadu a complete showing of what has be
come of the amounts already placed In
their lunds. It Is undoubtedly pol
icy to complete the building as soon as
practicable, m tho stealings aro measured
bv tho tlm of the wor rather tnan uy
the amount expended, but appropriations
ccrtalnlv oueht to take Into the aecount
the ability of tho people to pay, lest the
next year s taxes become oppreMlvo.
The third hcu.o Is neither largo nor at
tractive this winter. I l.avu not heard a
slnglu member complain of having been
oll'ercd a new hat or n box or cigars yet
Perhaps it is tbut fact that delays lcgll-
latlon. mid makes all tho papers ay that
nothing Is being done. Well, 1 understand
the I.lfu Insurance men will be hero next
week, perhaps It will be better then.
Springfield, Feb. 7, 1871.
Tltlv.r' In (in Uritnt' CnlilM .
Th oxpo.illon made byMer. Pawei
onit linol: In thn liotKe ot ruprnentatlvcs
on Monday of fraudulent uctlon of the
1'po.t "tllco department in the grenl Chor-
penning wltidle, iu which the po.tinastor
general Is lmplicat.il, mut, it would seem,
rr.iill In thu impiMehimml and retirement
, tlo10er. llv..rilMlh.!
I fiiul l)mt r t'r. swell brought his
, hiw iwrtn-r .Mr. t'.nt'i; with him
. . i
to Washington, and immediately ..fter hi
own tijipoir.t nuut luiiaiu-o nun us nri
n.si.tuiil ji 'sttiiHster ceiioml. and that
soon ntterward Mr. Karlo left that placo
and opened a law otlleu n olieitor ot
claims u-aliut tho post otllce department,
has long"been felt in Washlugti.ti to bu a
reproach ami a public c.indnl. Hut how
ever wanting In propriety mi eh a conneu.
tlon between thoju lgo and the advoci.te
sras deemed and aeen tube, il wnsditllcult
toomphaslzu thu fael In thu ahseltco of
knowledge loipeetlng speeial easfS. It
was oasv to uo how readily cornipt rela
tions could bo established, and how uuily
tho public treasury could bu robbed by
collusion, even when It wus impossible to
fix tho charge of guilt.
Wecallod public att'-nt. on to thou extra-,
ordinarv aniiiigcments of tho now law
firm fro'm Maryland Immediately after It'
was e.tablislied In Washington. Hut at j
thattiino no .candalous practices resulting
from it had yet been rcvleld. I. ntil now
tho huslnesi of Jlcssrs. uruswou anil r.ario
has been quietly going on, tho one noting
as attorney and tho other as Judge, with-
out any publio uxposure. All at oneo an
mtounOing piece of thiuvory i arruted
just at tho point of its consummation, iu
which thoso two gentlemen appeard a tu
chief actors. What other transactions of
tho isino general character havo boon hith
erto completed, or what others aru in.'dilt
ted, wo aro loft to conjectuio.
Knough Is disclosed In tho exposition of
Messrs. Dawes and Heck to settle tho caso
of tbo postmaster goneral aud his partner
in tho most peremptory manner. Ws can.
not supposo that it admits of any other
solution than that, having Intllcted this
aJdltlonal disgraco tipjn (leu. Grant's,
administration and tho republican party
thoy must early retlruto tho places whenco
thoy came. Sew York Sun,
The newspaper prcis of the country,
particularly of tho Radical por.uaslori,
havo at last aroused tho President on the,
...t.l.w.. r llm onntemolated Laoinei
.'u .dmlts to a nowspaper
Ks thtt a division of the
UVLUV. v. . '. " ' ,
vawnetis to f" -
Inftcr the mllournmcnt of Congress.
vresent Incumbent of which are fully
conscious ol and ming for a change
The 'Pruident denies absolutely that
either Mt Dontwell or Mr. Urlknap are
to leave the Cabinet, as hs ranks those
gentlomen among his tlrtnt suppntters
and best friends, llde which nelthor or
them havo signified thtur Intention directly
or indirectly to sever thctr official ral-
tlons with him. and ho certainly will not
ask their resignations. Tho Vi.,!dont
issn1rrnrwhnt bn Intended todo with nmo
rnmi n nl n dpifreo of nositivencss.
ovideatly called forth by tho attacks of
r.rtin ltndlcftl ihects. which ho men
tioned by name In strong terms of con-
olftiBjr flnke'a Item
Mark Twain, in TAe Clataxv for October,
elves tho following narrative of a diitreis-
lnir accident." and It mint bo confessed a
very slight burlcsouoon tho style of soma
Iocs I reporters:
"DiSTitnssiVo Ac'cidkxt Last even-
tnir. about alx o'cloek. as .lr. William
Schuyler, an old and rcspoctablo citlxenof
floutn I'uric, was leaving nis rcsiucnco 10
go down town, as nau ocen on
usual custom ' for many years, with
thuoxccntlon of onlv a short Interval In
tho inrinL' of Is.'iO. durint: which hu was
confined to hli bed by Injuries receive In
attempting to stop a runaway horso by
thoughtlessly placing hitmen directly in
Its WHy and throwing up his hands and
shouting, which it ho had dono
so even a single moment sooner,
must Inovltablv have frlchtcn-
ed tho animal still" moro Instead of check
ing Its speed, nlthougti diastorous enough
to hhnsolf as It was. and rendered moro
melancholy and distressing by reason of
tho proicncoof his wife's mother, who was
thoro and saw thu sad occurence, notwlth-
uridine It Is nt least likolv. Miotic... not
nMA..Blla tin. I sl.s ss.tnlil Isrt FfpAhnnla
itCVVBVUI J IjMtSfc unlit aw
tering In another direction when Incidents
occur, not being vivacious on tho lookout,
ns a general thing, but oven tho reverse, at
her own mother It said to have stated,
who Is no more, but died In tho
full hope of a glorious resurrection, up
wards or three years ago aged olghty-ilx,
being a Christian woman and without
guile, as it wero, or property, in conso
quenco of tho fire in 1340, which destroyed
every lolltarv thing sho had In '.ho world.
Hut tucli is inc. J.ei us an uko warning
In- tills solunin occurrence, and let us all
endeavor lo to conduct ourselves that when
u-.i mnm to illo wne.ltl do it. Let Ul IllaCS
our hunds unon our hearts and lay with
puriiritnois and sincuritv that from thli
day forth wo will buwaru of the Intox
cMlng bowl.
Al.arft) WIM Cut
'c weto shown tho toot of a monstrous
wild eat that Wat killed l y .1. 1. F'-nnrr,
on his premises, tlx miles and a!.. : 'i'h
east of town. Mr. Fennor reports that
whim ho lint saw tho animal It was aileep
nn! Mtrviit Swcnlr rct iTOIIS 01111,0111 UIU
clicking ofthohammcrof hli gun aroused
it and wai In tho act of springing upon
him when ho fired and killed it. On mean
uring it he found it to be four and a half
feet long. Tho foot fhown to us was as
large as a common cur dog's. This Is
probablv the Inrgeit of the fellno species
killed fn Adair county for many years.
KxrlunlU Jltghttr,
. --
tarl n addition to thc$30,7 10,000 al ready
paid bv tho United States to tho several
sttiisfor exnmus Incurred in raising
volunteers during tho Into war thu lum of
57,7isii,O00 still remains uue.aaiainu uu a
claim for $iS7,000 1 New Hampihlro for
$IW.0(H7; Vermont for $132,001); Massa-
chuietts for 'J.H,O0O; Ithodo liland Tor
lo.ooo; Connecticut for $300,ti00; New
Vork riirfJiMijOUO, isow.iorsy iora9.weo,
rennsvlvaiilii for i'-'30.00() : Maryland for
17,000 1 Ohio for $5H3,O00j Indiana for
2(i"C,000; Michigan lor $100,000; Illinois
fol lJV.'O.OOO; Wisconsin for $100,000;
Iowa from jto,ooo; Kentucky lor ,-o,-000
; and Nebraska lor $18,000. Tho othor
Status have been paid iu full.or nearly to.
Among tteie, DeUiware reeeiveu 5J,vr.',
mid that for subsistence uiily.
t'Alltd VNl NA-IIV1LI.K
Till "' 'X I " ',' ' "
l-Ot! 1.1.1.
oh III ii . Jil t llits lion' iilo.inmfil
TALISMAN, Kvery M-n luy 1.13 p.m.;
TYKOXK, Kvery Thursday, at i p.m.;
LU.MSDKN, Kvt-ry Satuiday. at .1 p.m.
For KuMjilit ur s.-'u .its,il n Umid, or In
lMliliSv.: M.U.I.Ul'.y, . ,
Ihu.tiu; ' ' 7. HI 10 I.P.VKK.
daily i.tt Kirr.
'I hu 'iiinfMl and It '' t-isttT
nuHsii.v sti:iii:v .S.Ur.
,r4 cito l m i. m i I'.ulurjtuUily
j t u ts.m. Il.nm- .uponor uvuum .iiutmas she
,lt.,. oiibl . j.. tw.
V - -
boot m mi mm
Uettrocn Wnshlugton .tin A Poplar S
Sloulasiiid lio watltsio Orsler. I'laea
Wurksss" KiUiluyeil,
Satisfaction Warranted
Patronage 8Ucltd.
Savings Bank
Chartered Marck 31, 18W
officii lie
ity National Bank
cAiao. irxisoiH.
A. II. HAFFOHl), Pte.ldontl
H. . T.VU)K, Vieft.I'retl.Jent:
w. HYSliOP. tWreiry nnl Treurr.
P. W. II tacj.AY. ClUS. OAt.lflHBIt,
R.U; CUN.NINOlfvst' W. V. IULUDaV,
j. Mi VniiiLifs.
Donn.lt of nis Amount U.crtTtdfraaa
Ten Cenli CpwarUt.
IntiTf t pnM nn ilspo.lts nt thn r.ito of I por ernU
per nnntim March HI and tjrpt. Ul.
Intcrrstnot wlthilmwn I'M.1 immnllstclj to
llinprinclpilof tticdeolW.thrrrt)j gUlnijthrm
comiunilinlt-ro-t. ....
flurried IVoinen and Cklldrca
.My ilciio'lt mnnT otlit
.voom: Kii'si: ca.x uraw it.
nrn errry bulm"i day from 9 a n';V?,3J!;,ni
noil si.itur.tny rr'niiiR nr baii.iu miwoj
ODlr. Is" 'in 0 In So clic.
W. IirHr.Or.TTfastiror.
O jA. I JEt. O.
IIANIKI. ISIRI), S'rrntilrnlt
IISIIIKKT W. .Sfll.liF.lt, Vlce.Ffa.i
SJ. .. UUS4II IS, CiMhl.r.
Collections Promptly Made.
Lixs'lmnuc, Coin, Hank Aatea
ami unlU'si MatcH Mccuri
tie llntisrlit and
lntcrcit Allowed on Time Deposits.
tin nmoNJi
-Jnpltnl - 100tQOO
W. I. II.M.MDAY, I'r.ldttl
A. U. SAKI-'OItU, Cisilileri
WALT Kit UTtil.tll', As.lst.nil CoshlSr
Slaali Tjlor IV. r. llaltMay,
call Whllr UoM. II. Cuaalnjliaia
0o. II. WlllUiasoi, Slrpkta IllrJ,
A. II. NarTard.
HxcbnuKe, Coin and
U. H. Bond nought
aud Mold.
JjN.S' CO.lls Y.llll).
Mo ii ii I C'lirbo i, ln lnoli und
Ohio Itlvcr
A uom Snpjil)- on llniiil.ninl UrJI varcsi
lis uuy pari ss r 1 1st- city.
Kwtj I.oml of Co.il Welu'hed, rnd full
Measure L'hiu.
ur ji iiv t'.i. rrit.Mi:n iTao
I'l.U t'AII l.O Ail.
II. i. . . . .'. ;;..'i u ! ' I.. I' . minf.li.ilsl;
JAMI.S KOSS, Prop'r.
XS-ft Jit!
Ui:To i'i'Y
Aro Prepiu'cd to Supply Customers
illli the Heat duality or
1 1H no 2 Coal.
OnWia Ir It ul llHlIlitey Hro: B0t
So. 7u Ohio l.ctcv, or at III
Vaitl liliv llirsii. S lmrlrs llo
lel.svlll Itrsilic I'romi'1
-. Tog "M nunk" Coti ln5Sida
iMi.iif.s iitai.t liour.JV,;rii'Kl".
sr.iirn, ii. t. i'tii. lv
Or.Uuncy, aeu.uylraBla.
Fair rate anil prompt and tciuiuUoaJjuitin.uta
of losses.
Capital auil A.sel. June lOlls, 18TSS,
U,IU,03U 13.
tiprmUtU, III.., January W, 1S71.
IHaaSia. 'Hie l.jcommx Kiru insurance Cool
panv lias complK-d vritli tli-.-lms, iuil l auilivr
tiw loilo biismoas n I II m. i -
Voai s li uly, K C. LIl'PJSCOTT.
roi-i'i.i: cu,
, AK'nts, Oalre, Ills. .
OiMos) In Wiatcr'a IStovS., vurnsr Till rl and
Commercial nssaux. Uilaid

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