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The Cairo daily bulletin. (Cairo, Ill.) 1870-1872, February 11, 1871, Image 4

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TliurJr KrcnlnK. Fb. "7'
The general market reinnltn nbout tho
ianie as lit our Jnsl review. Jitisincss
(jultoii Irlik to neighboring clttce,
And our merchant nro well Mtlsflcd with
llio condition of the market
Tho opening tobacco inlo In this market
on Tuesday lait wits n complete success in
very rctpect. A numborof for
eign and many homo buyers were present
and competition was spirited. Thirty
tlx lib Jj were f old, and llicro wai onlyono
rejection. Comparison of tho pried given
below with prlcei In other market, will
tbow that the Cairo market compares fa
vorably with tho best. Our tobacco
merchants have secured the services
of experienced tobacco men, nnd tho
ability to back their determina
tion to inako tho Cairo market tKt
market of tho Lower Mississippi, com
bined with tho great advantage offered to
both buyers anu tellers, muu compel uio
ipeeJy recognition of tho claims of Cairo
over any contiguous market. naiea
were m follows:
1 Hhd. Trash
1 OS
r, oo
:i..,, ..
2 " Lugs
3 " I.ugs
3 11 I.ugs
3 ' I.ugs
'2 " Lugs
6 60
G 00
0 OS
G fiO
C 70
li 75
7 00
7 40
8 00
8 10
0 00
J 20
10 00
11 00
12 -r,
13 25
' Lues
'2 " Law Leaf.
1 Low Leaf
'2 " Low Leaf.
3 " Medium Leaf
1 Medium Leaf,
" Medium Leaf,
I M.
1! " Meadium Leaf,
Old Leaf.
Old Leaf
Medium Wrapper.
" Medium Wrapper.
" Med mm rappor
ir. 2:.
IS 23
Medium Wrapper
F LOU it. Tho dock on tho market Is
light, with not much activity, but held
(Irmly at prices quoted below. .Sale
COO UN. Various Oracs...i 00SB 00
100 " " " on
track l 00-. C SO
Sales from City Mills were
tO IMs. X V ''
10 " XX C 00
75 XXX ! SO
1C0 XXXX $7 (W 7 '2o
CUKX. Is in fair demand v.ltli not
very full supply. White runs In rtquo't.
Sales were
1 Car Whlto Mixed, In Lulk, del'd SOo
3 11 Mixed, In tacks " oHc
C Whits " " SHo
200 sacki, Whlto
.',sd I
OATrf Not to strong and uiesalcable
bt about two cents lower. Traductions
pretty liberal. Sales weru:
300 15Ki, delivered r,8er.0c
12 Cars, In suck, delivered 57c(.iC0c
2 " " on track 67e
1 " InbulU ouc
111 sacks, from store COc
200 u on orders VOo
300 delivered Mc
HAY. Wo have no chiuiuo to report
In the market. Tho supply U Inrga and
prices ratine about tlm tame.
Sales were
IV) llales Timothv. Dollv d S8 oOffllH 50
2&0 Choko Timothv... 18 00
ISO " Timothv. (id onion.
Delivered .' 10 M
100 Ilslei. Mixed from Sloro 18 OOftlO (K)
SO " IMino Mixed. DoVd 17 SO
110 Muu,d Delivered- 7 0
rOULTHV.Keceliits nro not oplnty
us at our last review. Oood fat hen being
2 Cnom nhtcVrni. civod St 00
4 .1 '0MI,I SO
POUK and provUlom now hold flrmly
at an advance. Trices generally havo ad
vanetd to 1 cent per pound on ineati,
and uO to 76 cents on mcs jwrk. Hides
1 Cuik Hacon, Clear Sides 12c
6 Clear nibbed bides, Dry Bait
Delivered 10c
6 Coks Shoulders, Dry Salt, Del'd bjo
G Dressed Hoes &:
KGGS. Tho market Is dull and ovor
supplied, with prices lower than at lait
report. Sales were
tlOOdot. ltoundlot...- , I5
1800 Shipper's count HcoilNJ
liUTTKH, Is not arrivliig so freely.
Tho demund it moderate nt prices within
iho ranee of previous iiuotktlon. Sulei
a t
10 tubs Choice Northern Koll,
3 half bbls Cholco " "
3000 1b! " " 20c23c
1 tub Solid Paoked 2Sc
600 lbs Southern Illinois Koll.... 20?
POTATO KS. Pr cea lilnlicr. hales
16 bbls Peach Wows $3 SO
SUNDHIKS. 1 bbls Sorghum molas-
set, 3Sc, 1 bbl N. 0. mlaiiet, SSc, 2 cheits
Black Tea, SOc per;ib.
MEAL. Sales wero
100 Ibis. City Steam Dried... t3 10
200 " Kiln Dried, from
itoro ?3 Q 3 2S
100 " Kiln Dried, on or.
ders 25
i 100 ICiln Dried on traek 3 00
LIMIV-ln JW Lbl lol, I t
ll.HTi:it-ln 100 I.I.I lots t3 CO "
OIIKEMK--wYork Factory 1U
viiri cub. rtinio iu i.iiou-r,
t Oilntnrin tr. S'ulr.
:mis:MT-in Uki..
u to4 ami i
TlmMby .
UedTu,' J
OnlOD Stttl
7 UUei7 ou
I (M)(l 79
j ooi:i io
1 OS
4 004:.i
Norway u..
huprla Ott ''
IlOtUbl. ,
POWPEB-KK, ritle
Kex, blantu: ,
MOLAHdKa New Urlcua, In bu
- J blJt.
Hyrun, "
horttliuin, "
OILB Cosl, ler gallon. .
.Votuo 1
1A'4 OU ,
OaA ,
I O'JI '40
ROI'E Machine made, Kl., per lb. 0(nUk
Manilla, wr b. I4ayl4
riHII-M'krel, No.l.perbtl.new
' No. I, ' " 11 OOfilSOO
No, 3, " " laoeviiooo
No, i, kiti 11 5o .ta oo
" No, s. " a oo(v'jao
" No. 3, ' " I OuUl 7
HICKler lb 10,4lo,
HAIl-t'erbU.. tt
hODA III Uaibuu kei' per lb.......
Iu bona, r lb... Muifti,
.VAH.sj!Vrkrff, 161 lo Mai 4 00a 7
evaau . i lhfJI ",'.c,.ln proportion
WIIKAV-CholN) White.!......... ,i nnai o
ho. lwhila,. ,., i jinrji ao
fnolrored 1 in 1 ao
.No. I rod , i o.l 1 10
Ordinary ted A whlto 00 TOO)
PKOVISIOXN-Pnrlt.nirKf , Mil. a BOaM 08
I'rima ineaa tKirk. nee hl.l
SO nit
IJreakf mi bacon
i:p(irlilc. peril), dry unit
HiM.nl ablea, per lb ilrvanll
liiillllcil HiiRar CjrcJ l.inia
1'lnln hnma, pcrlb, Miiokcd
Hhoiil.lersperlb.ilry nail
Shoulder, smoked,....
' i it
I.AKII-Tiercoa and hbla, per lb...
...-,,91.1111 iii iiui-f pern'"
Country I.nil, per
vr.KTAnr,n-r,.iiof. r
Wlill .eant, per hnh
Navy, " " m
Onlone, irtl .
FIII'IT IWhr-a, qts.and
hit per Ih .,
Armies, tiar lb
3 ooaa no
1 50rt9 .10
i 50f,a oo
a my j no
hoaI' lloaln. iierlh
svwaii iim. per III..
Kxtta 0
in (;llo,-j
few-crop. N. O., In hhiN...
iwmarara. in ium
SHOT Assorted niimlxri, per ke
a 4om no
II Tfl9 Nil
. lOalOJj
liurl.-. Si Hi tK-
liar i.cmi. nor in...
TOMArcu-hark, per Id..
liter i. i.cr iu ..
Ilrltfllt. ner lb..
7 ft (HI 00
3.1(1 1 00
Hmnklnir. rn lb, 'U'
Evening Star
Tin ilrtntinl for C!url r Uk, Clii.i.raRu aaJ
F!v..iiIii .mr Hfdta lina ortvxn in rat.dllv
IhntHcliavo not Illicit otilurn at promptly do-
rlrndloi dntliitltii; now trcutril lln mmUinnve
of anntliiT Mom Kininclrr. wo hall nrrraniT
rontlrif iit-ail.v tli Mitlrpfiircc of our nwn fftad-
llliini'iitli Hip production of tdo loo- nlKire
niiiioil ami Impiito 1111 nil onleis with' ill ilrlny.
Wr unudt rnlltlin ntlfnllnn of tlioni-atioilt pur
rliiKlnp, In tdi' mtrcvo nnl popularity of nil of
(nt-r runei, o irinr cTiiruriui iiiviriDiriupio
ml'rlt iMn Ixi otli'icc tlmn nutati'mcut of tho fuel.
tint nfier la ynri ur nml iitg sul.it ru rtiria
irrmirikii Kinu in inriiiium. nu lo nn inoi
lilUrrnnl ilrlrrtniiirl oppoltlon tlmt euuM lie
luvrnti-il, tlmt t tic v air tu-lay, tdo
Mont Popular Stoves In Iho Market
KtnlliaTeKlcuueh rallrfitctibntliiu tni ilfinanil
Kf-'Alr lliaii fvcr.
If you want tlic
iu:m t utihi.xi muij run uui
biy tlm C'llAllTKIt OlIC.
If you want tlm
itr.sT cuokinu stovi: run coal
duy tlmClUI.I.KNOt:.
If you want the
Neatest ii llvntSlii'ctIroii Parlor Stove
-riimI-,liiy Hip i:vi:.MN(i SI'Alt.
SOI.I) 11V
exci:lsiou manupactuuinu co.
ma A. Oil S. Mnln Mlrttl,
Nl. I.ouli, Mo.,
.... Oil
Cairo, Illinois.
mm Min co.,
Land (iiaut Ulrrct from lk lovr.
inrnl ol
12,000,000 Jlovqh
. .ur uit-.
Host Furmlni; nml Mineral Lands Id
3,000, UUO cre rlmk-r farmiui: U'
on llielihii or throad, In trio
S I A TK OF i:ilIlNK
In th
.Sow for U, lor c-aih or credit at low raleanf In
term. Tli .e landa aro near th Alii parallel of
North Lonmtuile. Iu a mild and healthy cliuiate.
and fortrram KrowihR and afn-W ralauiK ara mi-
tqu.llad li any in in iiihhj miu.
Uoiitenlent lo market iioth et and vt, PiK-ea
lanvefruin tiwio io i'iperaere.
(iiiK.vr iMrc:Me.rrs
To tt tllera with limited Ineaua.
8.UOO.OOO Aoroas
Itlcli fioieiiniiinitlsnd alunx til mat ltwren
Hurteiit.l and ittian for entrr uudur the llorna.
U'k 1 and j'rt'.viiiptloii lawa, uud can lj ttkriiby I
An opportunity utter before, pre.tnu l for e. I
curinn liomta maraKreal Itiilliuid with ull Ihe
contenienrea uf nu old eitled cmmiry. "fa
edition ol le."TiMe pinihlet with map'.nuw I
ready and mt free lo nil wrt of tho lulled 1
ilain, Canada uud Kun.po. Aildreaa
. 1', IiAVl-, Land ( ominlxloner
r.ii(.iun:im i ,r. m, i;, i u,, iiiuiia,.eb.
424 H .nil Hi ihtli ... aiiMilu.
DolMis IX!
A color ami tlrcusing tlmt will
not burn tho hair or injure tho
It iloca not jiroiluco a color
racchanically, us tho jioinonous
jircparationH do.
It gradually restores tho hail
to U original color and ltiHtre,
by supplying now lil'e nnd vigor.
It causes a luxuriant growth
of soft, tiiio hair.
The best nnd anient articlo i
ovor oil'ercd.
Olean and Pure.
X?o KodiTiicnt
Hold everywhere.
abk for rjonmxs'.
And all kin
v -.sW;jiiir
ssssssW Ti
Aorlliwciloru Ileal Miito
Conducted ly a Jlcard of Virtctun and
Commttttt tmbracing the Uadlng
Haulers and Dusinot Men
of On Jiurlhwst,
Worth of VAU'ADU' I'KOI'EKTV to U dis
tributed nt IVucv UDtvn llouir, Mloncpoll
Certificates 82 OO !
KnlitlliiK thf liultlcr to one An
-A. xul orioan O x o o
. osk Ticicirr
Gin, . .
in, -
cm, - -
Gin! cutis
i Gin,
And 04 other
Lrprrcf rlll!rtc am ul file in xnlllnltc- Oil
.'hromo, n l cliuai aloUMW wither of the nUiu
Omnd I'rltri.
xr.Ml prlt- pu through the
N. II. The drawlnv will l comluelr.1 by n
CiniailtUp cotnord of K'ntlofni'ii uotrd fur
their blxtl financial on.l nocinl o,ltioii turn who
would ( rn to ltnd their nauipi to miv but u fair
and lioiiorablotrnuriciion. W append a portion
of th ' ' '
ThoolTleois of tlm National KxcIisiikc Itntik.
imna or iiinnfuiKjiH.
" ' " City ll.ms.
" " " KidiatiKF andi-niiiK lUukot
Morai-r Tliiimpnon, I'm'l If t Nut'l ll.iiik,
Hon. K. Williu., lUnker.
I'urkrr I'mtif, Umikir.
Wiii, Hawiinn, Hanker.
Hod. Wm. I.e, Mayor of HI. Paul, Mlmi,
K. S. 1 II son, Proprietor Nicollet IIou.
TlmiriM l.(i wry, Att'UDry at Ijiir.
i:. II, Ainr, Jlnyorof Minmniiolla,
i:. I'. Wrll,. IIi-hI IMalc lnl-r.
T. A. MerLbr. I'ri-nldpnt nxchntire and HutIdi;,
nv in tiik Tim: :
Tho rrtnaiDiiiK eliarrs in the Ornnd Drawing arr
;oma btr raphlly, mi l will aonn b aoin. lirmrin.
irrillii inn iiinn inx iakf 1'iaei. ..iaivvii rjlt?i.
hhI tlmt hcn th lull nunibrol hi-" nmcoM
1 1 will txitooUtu to vii II yourmltol thliopior
tiinlty lo buy ac!ioI Ohromu for Ji ami ob-
min u priif worm iiioiipmkip
The tirrfrtt tM'.nvn of tlili crMt rehpino In
IuIIt rtnMIbid and all wliolnrrt nro aura of the
worili of their monry In a fine work of art,
an i acntnea in u?ornoiiciiai aa cipeno nioniy
Two Dollurr,
Tre..,J. K BIIH,i:. V. C. CI.A1IKK,
rrr'tl.l.Mtl liok. Heu'y.
for Information and dracrlntlte clrmUra. ad-
lit' tho (leneral Maaasct,
MltineAiiulli. llun.
U.T I ...
St. I.OIltN, I.OUlKTlIle.CllH'llllllltl
C'ltlviiK", Jew lurHi itosion
,,,,AKO all
Loliits uMt nntl Worth
enurnirr Trnlna Arrlvr at ami Irnva
iniro n lauawii
Mall Kiiria.
AlllllVK-aiUO A. M... IJi-40 P. M
IIKI'AHT-4lua A. M .......ilUOI. n
llolli trnlna connect at Ootralia with tralnaoo th
I'ana. Ilcratur, nioonilnilou, Kl I'aao,
i.a naiir, jiritnuia, rrcrpari, iiaiina
ltiibuiUrt anil all point in Illlnola
Mlaaourl, ?llnnoola, WUcoualu and
And with linea runnlnc Kaal and Weal for
Ht. LouU. SurlnROelii, LouIhtIIIp. Cln
clunatl, IndUaiolU ft CcIuhiuum,
and l meaKO Willi aticigan i.emrai, nigaian
rvjuinern, man riiianura;, f"nijno
and Chlcavo billioad tu)
Niugro F11h,
Neiv York,
Ahllmleliihln, llultlmore,
Vo. through tlckitUand luformallon, Il-plv
IlllliglaCeotral Itiklkoad tlepot.
General 1'iu.cliKer AlCeKI, ChteiKO,
M. IIKWITT, tienernl HllperinteiKlent
J. Johnaou, AvtaU'tttu.
On ami after Thursday, April
trains will run uafolUma:
(loliiK Siiullitaat-l.eav NprlngHtlil
I Mall .'j.ll a. .
r.xptvaa .:iu r, x.
iiqiho aosniwriT mil. rim,
C'Sr.,,M - i''
Mall I; I J e. a.
Jlaliinijclo.e connettiona at I'ana with Illlnola
Central R. It, fur fair.) and all point, aoutli, and
with tho lnd.At-t. L,i.la II. II. for ludla-iapolla
and l.ouimlle, and all points rual and aoutheaat,
AUo, at Spj ujstleld mil, tl. Toledo, Vabah A
U e.tero II. It. lor uinry and all polnta weal, ami
wilhth thlcauoA et, bum It, a, for ht. Louie
an J Chicago, and all pumta uuith and norllm est.
K. HOKiK, Uen'll-upt.
pJItf JOfN roGtiirr, (ien'l TlckeAeu
iJuiro, - - - Illluolw
Ida put receiie.l a full and completeitock ol
Gents' Furnishing Goods
01 every description, which will h aold at prlcei
that will not fall to ami all purcliasvrs. rriecl
rtlaKiiarantecd. Jlia atook of
Shirts, Hate, Caps, etc.,
not excelled In point ol price, alylo,' and iteilgn
In this or uny other inaikH.
Turtle Oil '
Large Stock
...ion 8A1.K AT...
ro rs .1 A I. K AT
ft"hrar biiiI bcltir limn
Nnopfnr all uaca (i xii'pl vitMli.
lux nlolliea) for Irnnlup; Win.
ilnni ltlioul Avaltr. I'allil.
Sill S'lulhM, t'loora, Tnhti-a, and
nil Wooiltvnrk. :ttluu, Karllf
tu hmiI (llasannre. ami tor
Uastaral Ilonaa t'lrniiliij; I'lir.
I or -iiliailli.; iknircni iiiitiib
llrnaa, Mrl, Iron, mttl all Mrli Mi.
Warra. llmov , n by .Milr, M ..la
ami llual, laitvlnsf a brllllnitt mt r
riintl to Nrw.
For Sale hy HAKCLAY I)llt
Chapped Hands
3 !
An Kleguntly perfumeil nnd
valuable nrtltle, fur tlni toilet ul
IiUiIIch and d'eutleiiieii. Will
cure Cltuiuicil llninls.Itoiii.'liiies
of the Skin: Cltiinnetl Litis mid
C'hured SurruccH.
1'ieparc J by
Barclay Brothers.
(lenulnc Im nor ted Kxtni-t.
llulr, Tooth ami Null llrushe..1
India Itnlilier Niirarrr (iiMidt-.I
BAHOIjAY 33X1. o.
Cheap Store
l no abundantly supplied Altli
To which alio patllviilurl) luiltca altontlcn.
Hh ha jttat received a full lino ol
Urcxn Trlninilni;s, Silk (itm,, Silk
tiulooii. jiiliure l-accH, Movs
Trliiiiiiliii:n, Milk nml
Velvet IliiltoiiK,
Crock! t lluttoiis, l'liisli
uiitl TrlmiiiliiL' Yehet. Silk (iliuiis.
Due Klil (llone
Ladies and Childrens' Shoes
Alld a lillllllldl ilplt'tflloe) of
.. A. Ml. .
All of Hhii'li no propoae In cell at
Tlie Xvry Lout't Cnli Irlix'i
him Invites tho hdlea lo call nml e livr new
Goodi and learn Ilia prKe.
hliw iileleriiilii"l to uiaintalii her claim to Iho
honor of Imvim; "'I he Clie.ipHtorc"
1 S. IAIIKi:ii,
DKAI.Klt l.N
Bar Fixtures,
Cairo, IlliiioiN.
. Thocoiiartnerahlli liumtoforo cxlallnu bvtHeeii
K. 'ohl mid K. M. Htookrleth, under tlm llrm
IHUH. of V. I'uhlo & Htocktleib, in thUilay ilia,
aolved bv mutual eonsrut. !'. M. Htorkllelh la
amhoriied to tollt-ct all oulatainlhiK ilebta duo
toaaldhim. 1'. I'OIILK,
Thobmlneaaof tlto lite, firm will Uioontinuod
Itheold stand, by V. St. bTOCKFI.UTII.
JiuuaryUih, lifl. jairJIdliu
0 b
1)16 JonN s
Great Kennedies
Mnnut!wiurer;nnd rniWr ul tl.a
Smith's Tonic
rou Tin:
.1 3
fPJJE pfi .r o. !',. ,i'.V'Aled 111" III 111.
X JueOj ' - - , iinffiuiUy,ou.kll i.
lilt lie i Ver Ollerr I totlin pu! I lor the .,.
ten, tptftg nr. I :tttnii ir Ai;u- ii'id KoK-r,
or i.b.:li a"i i t-' . r. l Mhur ol ahurt or b.uii
etindinc Il ! (era to l), entire Veatrnaiid
South! -terii cuunlry . Uar loin teekiuiouy l
ine i-uin ri in bi-ii; ,n, iii. iu nu eaae
l,tlai-r v.11 It tail tooure, if ittfl dirrrtmn an
slr utiV loll- ci r ml lari.ed nut. In a trei
mm el!- a a a ii!m ,l.,ae b.i. Ueii ftiHi'i'-nl fi'f i
uure, nn i wb'.le i iniiliea Pavu lawn rure.l by a
uniile I "ttl.', th a pirf. ft rratcratmo tt t!,
general htwIUi. it II, hiKoter, tudoai, and in
eiry e iai iivre ei rt.i n b vnre. if nui"i"in
tinned in ama!!r diea for a wwk at two alter the
liaeaev hna l'i liwhi kl, in,i nlaroalM io Jib
fi nil aa'l lor.!! eii.ndltt ea I'atiafljr, thl
Mfll'ltic will not tvipnta "lay aid Ni kept it
ton tN in Kftnd or b r ! nn.l I tlio pti'-nt. I et.
r, require a rail, :ut, iti'.lii in, after I nil, a
lakrii thre or fuiir d )-ee i f lb Tome, aiimlf
lo. i,t HiiII'n Vrtsrlnltli fninlly t li
ar ill lm inlbcent.
Ml. JOHN JII I.I..H Piinv'pal'. fei
?;o. -to surjvn, (Wo tvwt,)
SI ISll iillllMs
To Jly.aJiilliMlStiiicj-ttun! IVtirM
wltle ItisitSei'. :
JIIAVh tt eiied inun) ieiunimial tr m
prnfoaioii.il and tue.i . al men, my aimaiiiea
and vnrloiia piibtii-alMina Imie n, all "( n In Ii
are irenuttie, 'Jim folhutlnn, from n lilahly idu.
vated and jiopular phj -lean Hi Utorgin, i-eet-tainly
oii'"olilif moat aeiiibli. tummiiBiratloBa
! have ever r.'e, !. Ir. Clement kbumei.
aelly what l.r rpak of, an'l l,ia te'tunony !
aenea to Im writleii in liltira of uotd. Kvar
what Ibe IiiK'tor aaja of Hull' Norm Ilea
Villanow, liaiKer (Vtiuty, U.i., I
June s. 111.
Pr. Jou.i Ili'LL Iear Mri 1 bit. niraci
Klieu uur "Worm Iletroyr" aeieral trial,
am1 bud It KOiidetfully eltia.iou.. It nu no
f n led n a alnl luataiie i In hat- the wlahed-lor
itl"'t. 1 am dinntf a pruly lara-a eonniy praettwl.
and baie ll y u fur ennt arueieiof tlm k dy
I am Ii'-o ui conlfi Jiat I knew it no reina.i
If. oiniiii'iidc I by tb" ni'la.t aoih'r i tb..t tc
i eiti.in a el pM ly iu ita "rt. t on tt.e i ,.irri y
lhevnt unei rikiu m llm itrun. My obM-t in
MrilnOII la t. till. 1 Mill llfMf, toliMl leria I MAM
(ret the rnedi" mo dtrixtly rom )',ti. If 1 caa j(ei
II liK) tfjay tenii", l fhailiiaa a gfeaA dialol It.
I alii aware that the itaaol aiii-'brrlu la laenntraiy
ti)lbelw:Innu"nd prwnoe of a utrM maionly
of Iho rtfUr iu iliaiardiliK u rain4y b tbwe
know to la tuifieient. aimply Imh'Uum we may l a
liju'iittiiti.f ita e'.iiiliinaiH.n. I'ormy pari, I aaall
tuaku It a nil to tie all aud ery mean to al.
jeviutu KUtlernm humanity wl, ch I may able
to rommund not liiHntalir.( Saa'auae aoin on
tnorei IriL'eulnna fir.-i mi elf I, Me Ii arue'i Ita
ett' ' t lll.t, d i ci.p '1 tbo a.d itRht b. awui
I. in kn'iwie If II i, 1 an l) i.u ii." 'i.- in,
udloei.iK or ".'. perierof t.'ia t) . - , , S ,',, '.'.'r
U'.alr I'tia l.'.nu .J lb"1 'u.ii. i. puri'iiib'
run) all manner vi n - ' '. ii .i. ,r
I'll reply e'on, and nr.rm rn. . r y..nr ii.
term'. I un,a i y r. : u . ' ..
Jl I '- I'.t 1. ; 11. .M. M I:
SAfi.SA ,
Elcutl.tliu C'atiitn,M Jittti'f nntl
Utu I.cttei'from lilt. Io'.Iht :
llen'.oo Hirraelo, Mo., Anl3o, IliA.
Dlt. JOHN la'I.I.I'esrhir. Know mis tu rib
cane) of )oiir Nirapunllii, and thn he.il nj ami
benciclal oualibea it pi 'taawa, I acud yuu lb
follnMluc ilaienient of inyej-i
I wiia MOniKleil nlioui two jenit iw-n,, i ,l(eL
1 r-.oiicr and i ..abiii'.l :i'raib'eu month. 1 ins
iti,c" ao nfien, my wi'tiud hve ii'.t l.4!e,j ei
1 have not a ,t up a luoiueni amea 1 waa woiibJn.
lam allot tin., .all II .' Inp-i, My (iirai healll.
u imp.i.reil, a.i'l I a'i aomeiluni lo a.aial na
lure. 1 balell.oi. U.i l in ..ur .lapatllU that
iiianjlluii i!"". I u,. I th.it tbat i vciioihi.
I ll ax. exprraa inn a half do.jir InllT'a, aej
OuuKtt CAl'l C. 1'. Jull.SeO.,
xi. Iiuia. Mo.
I'. M. Thob llowiay aaa wrilb n April ttli, loi.i
h) Mr. Jmme Jm'.uma, liicw.u.- of C4pl. JuhB.
Ml, JiHIN Ht'I.I-!". iti Myliuabaul. I'l
C , Jobntou. a aUlllful urafa.n aa-1 p',),i.
lan iu C'niiruiN' U V illi, uli-re ht il." l, l i-.'.ui
tlm iibove 0. 1'. Jobnx.R in my earn. A' tliniei.
)eara of a, b lil u clir'iuii" Uiarrhri raw
acroful.1, bT vhli'li I tfavahlm iu:rH.ir...i.;ir.:1i
IT UUIIEI) j;ni; I haiai lur Un years rt mil
mi't.ced it tnmany lu Ken Vi.rk, ol.i.i ai.'l I
fur acrufula, ler eoico, u4 nneml di I d'ty.
I'arlwl ueuiia liaa alaandcl l. ' iaru .mm
la aawa i4 f aeiaafa aaa rtve aire i m i'
mlnuulMu. I am lory niuinua fur my nti i "n
luvo iM!eliia to journal aaparilla. lie .- in.riu,
of H''ltlUta apmiul.H fc.nele, bi nee bia i .1 i. u
vuuloril. llmwoiiuda aeio teinblu, I U
lioie hvi!ll reeoiur lieapeetfnlly,
Arlcaiisns Iletird Fi'oiu.
Tc'Ktiiuony of .Ueitli-nl Mt-u
Mlony n mt Whfto , A t . Mbj si, hi.
Or. John lli'ii I'ur H.r I.n.i IVnru iry I
at Lnuiavlllu pumhviii ilrua, mid I got aumi
of your Hiirannnrllla nnd (.' dron HiHera,
My aoiidii-mw, who ai uith mo in thoatorn
Ima been doi) with I lie ilu iiin.ttlam for anina
time, commenced on thv Itilti re, mid aoou found
hla Kueral lienlili improi cd,
Ur. (Ht, who has been in bud health, trie I
them, andhonUo improved,
Dr. Cotlee, who linn teen 111 bad licillh for 'ev.
end yeara ."(mAuaifireru;UHited hiitmbroveit I
very much by llm ll.u iifjour lllttera, Judeeil I
tho tYdrou Illtlora haa (,'lven yon ureal pnjiularily
In this aaltlcmi nt, 1 think 1 could el n frenl !
iiuiuitity of your medtcinu Ihia fall c..,niiiilly tho i
Ccdrou llittera and buraapanlla, bhip mo Iu
ileinphlx caro ol llickett i Neoly. I
0.11. WAlihr.
Prcpurt'd by jluTjOHN HULL nt '
IiIh Laboratory, Fifth Btreet, Louis,
vllle, Ky. !
For Ntilo by II AltCl. A V ItltO i
ri. ' 27 L TT C3
SIl.flltr.H, i itlner 1'iratN.iti . I anki
JHWr.TT V.'II.l-OAM'roi.'r. ht. clmr. a lloleli
II. WAnilNl'.n, M.il., I'hysl.-iaii.iu i .eon!
i:iAVAltl llllfir.lt, nfi:. . V. flu l.r. J. releri
a. it. tnu:i:iii:r, l'rnpr.v. v. ti.r;
1 1'.
Hep,iied with the .Sbiie nf.M nr. nn'orUuii;to tho taw a of that Plate, (or the more perfect atcurlty
of the poli"y ImMera,
C.i.sli C.-tpital .33 25,000,
hi which the Mlneaholileracniiilraw only Intereat, (Hhlch It more than cum') Hie profilt ol tlia
biiaineaa lieirm divided nunuiilli nmomi ilii.ii-iiii'.l.
rpe(inlleiitinnaealliilto lli l-l'.VKV I'KIt CUNT. INlKltDjT I'AVINO 1'I.AN, Jilat Ihlrft
lnei.il bv tbl C ,iiiain. The plm la vnllrely new, thn computation! having Urn ruailo by
Hon. W. II. Ilnrtey, the m It-know i .i in iry. In aneordance wllh tin. dealcna ol thn (kiinpiny; ami la
r elu'ied tu I tilntiii r n lnl tu tho tick a nnd wanti of thn public than noy plan pre vioualy Introilucrd.
It la bimpte, Cninta) b an l ib tln 'e ami iner.b 'b' Mil lltlou of IIih publlii. It In, prnfltabla luveat.
mem -rnd ini-nrancn onib n.' I a n, a the p'.l v-hnMer Ii etitiiled to an ANNI'AI, INTUHKST Of
t-KVKN IT.Itrr.NT ON "I II i: -l'M ' THi: lltr.Mll'M I'AIH, vrhirh l clearly set forth In tlm
pnl ry. ii ak.i.a; it a. etlnit" 'niira. l. fn from the ili.ndinr.t mea i f flilcluatliiK ami iiucertain illvld.
iT,d ani Ihik t,,e ne . .- ti at, I pr n n i ; tl.e onbilit) uf Inlariprcae.itatioii. Thn K)llcy la freo
Irotnte, hctiM.a rngardinc trnvi I hi. i residence, and Ii
:.O.V-t'OltS'I'.lT.VUL', AC'COUIIINC to tiii: M,vss.v'iit:ariTH LAW,
Olb; ,il'i H',1 I'i.I V, It l',f ! I n of die Ra.ii-nil.
Call lit til" Villi! e, ib'li-al .Vutloiial Hank) anil net at Circular.
C1!A!I. t!.-MiA?ItM"rrrlnr)". UeclUtf) '
L. Ml. m:TiVfi
Sinn) )eara'rxut'r.t ni in nuriiM CuUirh, on
limi.ln n, tirapnpaia, i nnlition, pib .
'i..eae of th. 1,1 ver, bloo.1, akin, aiel
nnnary i.ric'ii, .Ii I the atartl.
Ina taut tluit ih. bi ll". nt) ol ib"m wero mtta.
i"d by and c .ul I ,i,lr I- cured afi-r curnu tin in
of acmionl wiiakni aa. 'iilialaiton, onMallca, Iron,
Ionic, aiim'il hi' . I.ipph',.b t-, mri nr) . i ".p
alna, euheka, bu"hu,' int-elmn'.and the ordinary
rem li"a bvd pr i4 ..rat" t!,n Matleaa.
i:vi:i:.t'5: .tovt.u
I'lllltllleiil Httriierlur tilull otlltla.
I diri It a duty to any Vli "ie I II r i i.aa "I
r ji,.liniitiofl, aftai otharennne iiea f a I J, mil'n
,,r "l)pboi, I'. ver In it , tall, i ala,' .nu
aeiid 0 Ih.1' " ia .1 j'.i' w n
JAMI.i I'Kl'Klb-, M. I .fara.lt .-ai.
Vnu rNi 1 1 jr w!f.t of loi,i-aU.ii.lina" nkn.
an I II,) -"If ' , '1 etae ol lb. Ilier, a I.'" ) . I '. ..
aft 'Hir Unut.ialontf tlluntiv i ihe a.
:. ;V ttltb, Haiti,.r..,i;.oii.
Aft r h.nlnii ln trat.11.1 r.ifaH.n an,i
tninr i iuirteiii j.nyaie ana nlioui iimM for In
diatvation, dluine.a. betut ut.' Una, coUfli, Uia
naantf the limit-, liv r, kladeya, n4 oriranic l.
btltty, yon ri alined iu in thri n tnontha to manly
timw aiulf .o'Vhnalth. r,.STIIlBIS. N. Y.
irti. nrl mi w,i. of Inn at.in lina wetvUnnaa
and injall of .liaa-ax" uf lb-ll r, ki'l', tc.,
alter Ireatnient along l ow by otlanm.
U. W. HICK. Hartfort, rouii.
1) wife'ann.n wraa loli-nb rH h"pla by all
llinph)aiciana, but ny the bla.am uf tba Ab
tnianl) veu n-aloieil her t hulth. A thnuaaml
Ihinka'.' K. II.JIKKHT1I.
I.lia,i' vtn, l lnvilOo.. lad.
Vour luedi.-iMiah) Iho Kiaatil iver li" v r
by man. Ta. y eurnil my a.m H-llromihitia. .Ija
iMrpeia, noil ai nw ..or niawi mi, . . -
ave ii pull t,. an inalrumerii In the hao.l.
of liial iliankli.il f'-raaviag bun.
WM. J.fTKrilKM, Mn tUkKy i n), ii.
Vnu have rlieve inn ol pain and c aiot"l my
urine la its natural eol-.r, t, .
II. HITflitrirK. Flaron, VI.
Too ei-re I ti f liaeaai of la rnar.' alamllKK
1 euHer'l lerr.i It b,.-'e I t.e.k your inaHlUiim.
JtH. HAHTI.KTT. ItSrlmston, N-J.
Voir meliuitUL liairnl lie ebllj', I Ml
hnta plW tauim Ra.( vo'i re-juti"! II
' J. 111.10'KaiTO.NK.ir., Appl Hitr. III.
I laad HratnfUl In vnu. aa I waa Ifal LaiatMitaal U
livewfien 1 eutnuiel l your iuJkuiii. I knl
Bo otberuoni'l hav aave I ma.
"ilia. II. J. IIAllllKN. itllHiaHk. IVia.
Too ataallitw! Ihal atBn I' d my w itn ia intilal)
ri'niaiea oy yuw rmmnenn. r. ai. -fi ii r.o,
Vi.ii liuren. Ohio.
Vou eurJn f adlai ia-.. t irir leaf. iu
IDII. Air. A. SIliHHaVIIKAl'. "kfll .B"y..
I'iurein'ii"' I ii.) I mi; nid, ...i,ip ia!..rd.i
a.n a tew .laya. A I'l-O.N WHI'SH",.
V i.Kul a l.awi t.i(, Wiai
I have 1. 1 n Well about a )cai ir in ti . mt I
eln )ou anii me. Mia, f I UII.U I
.Nobb -n'le, lirl.
Ibren -.by... i n ..a.'l 1 , uiild n it b.ipn i U
ran, am luiirne .iw-iawi inM,re.i uij in.;.n.
Mm UITH l.D.N. H, lUi.a.obi.
ThnvniiDtf man voiirmnllelne run twi. .,pe
iaaaa nt Iblee tear-' alaaiiiilK. Ho could led
It on hla M.le for two )rara.
J. II. MiMlK.MK K llill.boro. Ind.
niir)enraiu,i my eonetitul on waa cumjiiatvly
ifaaan giian, iui jo i iwivne'iirpieieij eunoi in
j.j. i:iii.Nl;,ftunUii).i'.i.
I rei'vivril lmrnndi.it.. rell, ffrum vnur ine.li. ine
IlI'VI ltlll.P I .'.....11. I...
l...M.I,W,WI, IW lll", l.
Jl) Mdo la Will. 1'ltK.MlMa ANllltV,
IV,ii"ir.n".-k llrlda!-, ft.
Iilon't think I bain a pntle't ciun, therefore
acounm moil, me'ii"inn.
J Jhlii;UtM.. l.yiid ia. III.
I ha 1 the liter, inolailil. ill at enam, aud vminl
inn I1" Vara belorn t took ur womienul incl
icinn. n, v a ". 1 mi.-, t aie'ionn, niii.i.
3 1 our in,lHMi leincieil tlm aim in tny
riuidOLlii hd.i e'lria-. iiiri'iiyn taijr aouiieieia
Mra. II. T' llb , llldaii-nden. ",n.
,!.au" Tfinil, l'...n .li.-, Ky,, i nnd nt i..rn.i
caie.l iriaeaav.
t lurlei.iir.mib, cured afi. r htvibaj lm rlan
ib.ne.1 bi MiiiiDilirof din tura.
Thua. mrKinaon, llama., nviile, III., wro e three
yaura altar e ruMeuiea b in, lie w well.
lra. II. Hill, Itowlin"! iire.n, Kv,, xeiKlie..
ainlroniBliiaii d lianaae cured.
Uli, Imv r, I'niufurdaiilb", In'tiun, wnitv Jan,
l"T", nnn i'iirii mm eii,l veaia irnvioiia.
I!-Mnj'ir .emu Uh!i. Itrooilvu, .Ni w Vork.
cur."! of old iliaeiiaK of kidi.eya and bladder W th
iural)aia or inliwr orn HIS,
Healed a i ii eiu. iil.-er en the f.i, , ot Natl:
ainel llai'teii, K' Piimi'i ul uf tlm ClmlliMn
Hank, mk, w'm b ti mnt eminent ib t"ra
and pruli'ani.ra bud in ut. n nt yi m..
1'utienta cim lea CUrod at their boiiiea, uitliniit :i
'. onal inti.riiaw.iiy atulib tut ir u.t mid prea
l iil "ii.lili ni Ailvb o finn. I'r A. II. Iliiuli, le
Ci.i. itlliiiJtaat hla leaidi'icn, .No, ll'i, ICnat
L.'tli airiet. N'.h-V i! n -i r; ,1, i.,ii. ii Irom ill
alelli.e I.' n 1 iHroaa mnUiaon aiillareladoro 10
it. m. mi'l i in r ,i i l.i. i tbaliudin IV
rJL, Hi!a 3aTJ
tub: bkht
E, F.MAYMED, Prop,
I'liTKIlUIMI, t'A.
MIIAKII! I'SI.i'imi Wi-oUly rrunaWaW
Yurli, 1,1 vri pool miilliie,
Kor ptiaagi) apply to t.'HAH T. 1,J?rj
.Lot; is
x Z2 23 a
JOII.V II liili,MH, Commlaslon Msrchaul
UKlt.nA.'V .MKV1SII. Tflliacconlst;
1. II. fOIMLAttornay nt l.awi
O.Ct'.V.VIXIIHAM, Teller lat.Vat'l llan
J. A. l.Usri.:,iry()ooJi Mere
jSTAI.t.ISIIi:i ihoo.
ll.e -.i '..ft ., ii-ellelit plenllon
v.T ai i ".' r le en f utfercii loll, pllbllv
baa lan ilem' ', -'t .te 1 1 y Hie wonderful pular
.ty it bna K'U ' , 1 ,. lib tl l Ii" tiicf)enr Site. II
waa drat Ii sr. ' i. t ti l S lU.itb lll
Ono Million Housckccpcs
u,.Jav nama! p'.io'i i in in and nth ircoun
a, an. I the Irlllab I la lapi'Jl) lte.Ii .1.11 .
mill tirlcli, lottrii atoiir, acid anil l
bolona.ir inaeaaiiy In thn h'lliaelioli' , alma
rd"i ibieail... w ik "f ea. Ii au I all tba.H,an l
Ih til lee. Ialr ai.d cipin.e,
file folb.w.r.J area few ot the a pec la. iae I
imh Hae,lki la admirably adapted :
ll.l.l.l llIMltlMS-WithoutwattinK ci pel
or oilin the paint. Take) a welcloU,!i"t
IripjHnif, rub It over the cake ot ba olio
iiniil it facoien I with a creamy latin i, and
tlmn hiiakly over the inn ot itlaai o. lau
illandlo!la!i with dry cbdhor rhamoia Tu
t, mow vain. h or iJticd paint will require a
..lUe nlrw lliblnnK.
(I t'I.HN'.KMVI.i-l an your ilirlnrlolh, rubl
on tti- rap. li.., a-. i then rapidly ovrrlha
l.i.ii. -. Tl.i will u ih i l.r llianland dura,
i. .. bli, wiuniul acratrli n".
'ill.lll TI5, lllllSi, and ft bar fallaary
Artlrlra Kublhn damp cloth cn the cak
of rtaiolio until well covercJ, and then
,UH kly nvertheaiirtae o thn lltenall. it
w.ii piii'lo. - a luiire i .pial if net aupenor to
to tlm new.
ru a.iu.i i'aixt ami uiwiii-nom-u.afu.
wlio aa alaiint do not rub loo barJ, abd
i i ' with ei .to in lean water
Kit: HOI ll. fl.llA.MMi bo laof thncieat
ii .. iii 'i.u aavniK of tune, labor aod
l'i r . .r , f I' . a-ti Cllill.ad. "Iry t
coca ' . I )o i . ? en rbw without It.
IUI1 IllSIIIN'l IllillrS, Hath Tuba, rinors,
Table., etc. v i. rn a ip formerly uan.1
.... i ia .iii.l i.'l, . and i, nee uanj, will
li-i' i i. d. da aed WKh.
II Till; lllll'sll-r. rail purpo.ea(ficeftwaah.
iii(5 el ,11,..,. tin. inn le la COIllenleDl
. i .iuom.1 al and reliable.
IN TIIKMillM.-l-'.r Kiiahls( main, meaiurea
llin, bra.a oii.'pperl, knlvre, llieara, etc,
IN lilt: Mini' lor ileauina. .ollihlo and in
inov.uj cuma,oil,etc, from macnluery and
MT lllint I ICK-'ir thn .uueon, Uentlil, civ
t utfinner, painter an I engraver.
X AM. I'liAl l.s where a rleanaini and llih
inx r.sent, at oucn eileciivn, economical and
liHiuiio.a, la reiUirnd, our bapolio, will
provi. ita Kreat auperioniy ovr all ether
1'OIt II l.Ml lVAMII.Mi-natlioa;.ai what alary
. I r.i.ti'r, pi.bttr, photoKraphar or matblnlal
need. It ipni'kly remnvea avlda, paint,
.ik and other ataina from the bunJa, which
aoap will ik loi.ch. It aoflent tho hands
an I lonvi'i tin in amoothand white.
pltlrl a few tenia.
iUMj 111" j our srocera and druxtt
WliGlelalo lCt.,
Sit lU.hlitKlnn, St., ami UO Otford M.
iftt Voih, luidon.
TATS'Itl'a'S 4e'ICFaAT
Bitter Cordial
Wlole.iilo I'epol N. W, corner Fifth aud Use
alriltl, I'hilaJi Ipliin, pa.
JAC'OII Nt'lllliri'Zi Noltrroprleot !
It la ii rellabln family Medicine, and ran bn
aki n by citlur infant or uc ul t with tlm ai.io len
rli'lal realilta. It la licartuln, prompland apeedr
rinedy lorili!irrht-.i,ilyaeutery, bovtcla complied
dytpepam, low ti'- of MUrite, fulntiuj!a, aick
atiiiuailheailuehe, etc. f'orchillaaad fever ol
ill kind., it ia far better and stfer than mtnnna
eithnilt liny of lie peniiclnua i tlecta. It t Meets
tu appetite, prove u poaerflll diyeetor of Ioo4
a id mil iiiiiiii'T i. t tln HwU of Inpior in a few
n i In u 1 1-1 . Aa InilKjiiiliiblu ciidcncn of Ita med.
cal prupertma, o iippend n few of Iho many w
llii iitea in our I o-oon t
Juhnaon'a Dcpnl, Hint Tciin., nod Va. It.
. i mi.
JiiusPciittrr, lip ImirHiri InMnuaedlha
Uilleral htvu iih.nlned (mm vou. and flail Ihrm
to ba ull thov lire riMiomiucnded tube. I found
ono bottle, tnnllordineconiililerAble relief. I feci
iiithoui!h I cannot ilu icty well without them, in
myprcicntatiilcuf hcnlth.
I. .MIIMfii:, UlSouthClli at., imiu.
IM-tor ll.iptat I'aaayuiilc tSnli.
H"IJ by V I'. Allen.M .Mnlnalreet Hubitiio.
TIIK 'K.V AM' r.iMiiUAAaJiiK
Shaving & Hair Dressing
la uow open lotho cltironaof Cairn. Wailtlng,
n Ji ico clean bliaie, nnd Hair Cutting can bo hud
lJcdford'H, Xo. 10 titliH.recL
lain prepared to do all klndi of ornamental
Hair work watch guards and braselets.
ilair Droadni; ilumi in Ilia latest ami best slylen,
I mil co to tho houses of those unable to come to
my saloon.
J11U OU jXM.13

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