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for Haror.
We, are ttt'hnrimil to announce DA.NIKI.
AUTF.lt m eawfidalo for Mayor, at tho nu
nj( municipal e leclron.
For City Attorney.
W. r autliorisid lo annou,,.., John M. I-w
,lu ncaiidldtofrtr te.eectlootolhi oft. of
cllyA.Uruey.lth. .u.ulBt.n.ini.lpal e.eitliiw
lor til) .ffamhal.
U are attlhorlied to announce AKURKW (.'A1N
j candidate for ttii ofllre, of City .Marihal. ant.
ret to thi iImiUIoo of Id lmvrtif rtjr.
V are authorised toKiitiquif.tbitlltNltV T.
MAUTINwiH LtsnrandldaU for the office of l.'Hy
Marshal, t tlm running charter election, tub.
eel to thedriIon of tlm Detnoeratlo jrJf .
We. are aiithorued to nnnoun'-eJOlIN DROWN
a. n candidate for City Marshal, eitbjwit to the
deei.lon of tlm ilemoeratlo party.
V are authorited to iniiiiiiiti"n W,I.I.lI I.
hCOlT a ruilMat tor City Marihal at Hi en
ulo rhartereirutlon.
lar City llrk.
At tlm reque.t of miny friend", I am k cnri-li
late' for tlm oRicaof City Clerk, euljeellolhcde.
Isiunof th liemoeratio party.
Wk arn authorlied to annoni.ee O. . I.YON
acatadtdalororClly ler,aulijel to the deelilen
of Hi ilrmncraili parly
htim in Tim ni;i.r.
We are autSerlred loaunnunee Hie name of J,
T. TIIOM MS a eandidate for the office, Of City
(.'Ink at (he eamln nmnleipal election, td
for City Trrnrr.
Wo ate authorlied to announce JtHKi'll It.
TATl.tllt, a a candidal" for re.eleellont'ilhenf.
ti nf nty Trnrer at tie trailing rniitiUipal
el.? Ion-
I'or Naltrl Coisnrll.
Tisare,ithoriied I announce N. It. WICK.
VIi:H candidate for the elee Coun-ll
fioin the Thir l Ward, at lh ensuing rnunlei.
pal election
Far Alairaii.
We ale iitl,oitd I. anionse Iliat W. 0
dry l a eatndldaU Ut mmW vl the Hoard of
Al lermen Irom the Pint WrJ.
J4 IMrcKrW-KJaSh ajri Walaai,
nKKIcr Corner Blith' f Ireet ao.J Oblo Lei'e
IlKMCK llOUKS-Krorn t a.m. t.. It m ani
Wii7iA.ifir. HHITII.W. I
RI'.HiriKNOK--No. tl. Thirteenth re
etweeo Waelilnxtoa Afenue ari l Walnut Htrret
OF Kg K-lltt rcmeiclal Atetai, .llr
H, WARIIKEK, .If. I.. Calr.
ItKIDKNCK-tVimef f.f Mneteeith t.,
ao'l Waihl(toii ate. DKKICKm Commereial
ate., ci. r lb PDitoSle. OKVIOR fol'RM
from 10a m lo II m., (Huadaje eicetteIJ aod
Irom t to t p m.
0f, 116 Cafrrk! lrrr.
UBriHaaia.ait IIlbj., Ilali i
lletldaofa.Nu. II, Ninth lrel. Cairo III.
VrillUaa II. Ureaia, )
William B.jrt, CAIKO, ILL.
Hllta r. tillbart, J
.HrJaJaUutioa ! to Admiralty aad Steam
Ui bw.ineti.
unci mm UatlaL. HmmiT
ar 41lr Stallaaial Baufc.
D.T. Llaiacar, l
W. Maiaa, 'AIB4, ILL.
P. M. ra. I
nFKICK-OB Mfentti
rtlrtet, Wlbtir't Itlcxk.
la prparJ lo dellTtr tba Ut
Fire Wood & Stone Coal
in any part of the city, in an '(U.ntily Uraiinl,
'ii Uori iiolire.
Coal Delivered t 4 50 Per Ton.
omCB lTr llervrart. Orth 4 On.'a elove
Imp. Iwodooraabnre tho Corner of Klyhth etreet
aii'l Commercial arenue. docCit
......AT TIIK......
Cairo City Book Bindery
la prepared o
.Hanufaeiur Htaak Heaka and do Ml
klndi afktoaklUaaUac aaHaM.
73 Ohio Iiovee,
Are iirnarl to take conlraot for raliliiRor
.)!(, ho aol , or daclptlcn, oaoy
other kindof work IB Ihelrllo.
They iai all thmatliinry appliance for r
niovlnir or ruiainf, houaatonaliort notii, and k
ohai Pt pnUU ptlTonax. novllf
Hoard and Tuition per annum, 122.
jai. BDEAcA"eLd
nml tutlon peraunntn, '.in. l'reiident, thofry
ll..l.fellinuth,H. .. Dean 'of Huron. For
partioulart apply lo Major Kvni I-"don, Canada
Mail Liixi e
Tark, LlTnMt MMla)aa(a,
, not forget Solids oh W-,lnlny nnd
I hursdHV night Jinxt.
lx0(,KVK jj-JTTo'-IrTtiw
iWllI 'I'lKI
I liny evenings.
rinNa. Sheriff Irvln Is In Chleagn. IIm
will be hack to-morrow.
ClIILI'BF.!" (dottlCe II apecifllty lit
iVortliinctotrt new rliotngritiihie Art
On to the AUihiicuiii on AVuilnofday iitul
ThujNlity nights Sanil will tlllit rami
MtiitiMi you )y hf magiuiirt.
A lakok ktock of furninhlfi' 1,'ooili ofiill
kinds alvay on hiind Ht I'. N'cH'c, 79
Ohio Liivct). tlce'Jir
Hr.Mr.Mnru.Oti .Monday evcnini
20th Inst., tho Hibernian lire company
will glvo their tenth ii'numl bull.
Fon jdstols and cartridges nnd bowlo
kn re., en .1 rrd to 1. etTf. ?ro. Ttt VMO
I.ovoo, dfci'tf
Will .Sino. -Mrs. Imogeno Jtrtt'A , at
thu rcpiuit of tho choir, has kindly con
scntud to attsi nt tho KjiiscApal church this
(Sundayj i-vvnin);.
HatihI'actio.v (juaranlmil at W. T.
AVorthlnijtoti'a new I'hntofjrnphio Art
Gallery, over Kock well .V Co s. Ik ok Stor.'.
I von want a stylish anil well
titting stilt of clothe, made lo ordnr, you
mrit i;o to r. Self, No. 7U Ohio I.ovee.
Imitation l'oreaiain l'hoto-;raphs nil
tho go taken only by W. S. Worthing
ton at his new Photograph art gallery.
HiKituriLVPiilCh. For Kormun'a t'liu-
Ivlwatu Couch .Syrup triidr mark of
hieroglyphics go to llumm, solo figint,
corner Klghth street and Couunereial nvi.
For flftl-eti Vfr I suil'erI from dljr-
dcr of tho liver j but slm-n I have used
ono packai;oof Hlinmnns' Litre r I'egulatnr,
to this day, which is imiw .everal ye.nr. I
hv beencomi.rAtlvly a sound man.
.Maj. A. V. WOOLKV,
fobl4IA:wIw King'tnn, tin.
All I.tcrr. The pottit-Juror In nt-
tendanco upon fflurt from tho country,
rccivel their county orders lat sviiln;,
sold them for ninety dollar and ninety
rive cent upon n dollar nnd immediately
left for their respectl vt liomes. .
Am. kind-! and sizc of picture, for
framing nt W. T. Worthington's i.w
l'hotographle Artliallcry. feblOtf
There will bo a spoclal rommutii-
AA cation of Cairo Uxlire, .So. J37, nt
Masonic Hull, on ilonday ivonln, Feb.
20th. frwork in tho F. ('. degree by order
of the W. .M. f. It. ICKKN KY, .S.cr y.
Hr Kriitr. A largo number of our
citizens having rcittetod n repetition of
the play of "Thu .Marriage Fropui.tl tf
Heligoland,' hvocmpIIil with the re
quest and will repeat it thl i Sunday i
everting at Philharmonic Hail.
Sh.iai. l'AUrv. Mr. nnd Mr. Hullduy
cntertnlne.1 n parly f friend, tit their
house on Fridav evening hit. All who
purll'dpstod and they oinprteil tho villa
of thocl'y agree In pronouncing the uc
casion tis pbiiant, social nml utijoytible to
tho In-1 dcgrii.
Itlsstr.tuge what t length of time it
takes lo wear out Hoots nml fJhoes when
made of ixooil material, and Win. Khlurt
tte-. uothlni; but tho bet of everylhliig-
stook, Wi)rkiueu and nil at lili ehui on
Twentieth street opposite the court Iioumj.
TiMK'n T.T. Tinnt trios all thing.,
rejoets tbo'o which tiro ti.ele., and hold
fust to that which 1. go t.1. Stove with
out number havo hon lnvted nnd put-
nntel, but soon envn tin tho L'hn.t. Thu
Charter O.tk has stood the te.t for sewn-
toon year, nnd Is stc.idlly Increasing in
favor. foblldowlt
. - -Why
will our friend run tho rlk of be
coming b.'iiitl by wearing common Specta
cle1, wlien they cun proouro the mo-t per
feet artlolo thut 1ms yet been made, by
calling nt our old friend Tabor Urns' tho
well known Jeweler nnd get u pair ot
Lazarus & Mnrrli' IVrfoctcd SpeeUoles.
Don't delay . feblthw&lin
Taiikh lluoTII KIlS r?-1 Ohio Levee, will
noreaftor koep contnntly on hand, direct
from tho KaMern manufacturer tho very
best winter strained purilled sperm oil, lor
ewlng muchlnos, nnd ull lino and light
machlnorv. Thu oil has novur yet ioen
superceded by any of tho manufactured
oils, as it never gutni or Is nflVctod by tho
wcathor. decL'Stf
Sam AVai.tfiin lia "Grusshoppor
Sam," now contlned In Jail for robbery,'
constders himself an abused man, nnd
thickbtht) law yory oppressive ttbai do-
prlvos hlin of, liberty, nothor"initnco'
"No roRtie e'er toll Mm milr ilran,
WllUKOod ojilllloo, I'f lmUvf."
Thk ncgroos of tho Fourth Ynrd havo
boon organlting for iouio tlmo fop tho city
olection..wyjttM'y)M'?r.tlit they cm
carry thaTttU-ASpA1. Vttt,d,
boyond douU Acoorediais by the'namo
of JoilaiWeaitlVf M VJ kogronidl.
!daUfororjjttiuplcoof UwaklQ it
thorourtli ovarii,
TliU great vootilltt will nppenr ut the
Athumcum to-morrow Mond iy) and
Tiieudiiyvcnlng. Mri.JIJruwn hni wn
goldijn opinion front tho prc. I ore i
what th Alton Tdtgraph ay4i
itri. Dritwtti) inunlclnl ttliilltlt.i cntttlo
har to n lilnco In tho front runic of vocn
li If. with Nilnon. KoUocl' ar.d l'ltttli
and wo ipto'tlon whr-thcr any of thi threo
mimed kuro hi.r luncriort. " Her ilnclni;
ccrtnlnly (cmi fuultluii. Her voicu ii
rich, clear, nnd ntiro. with crcat icono and
of purfect cnltlvatlun. It fiuclnatei uvery
hcuror, and whethar in n luunil Oratorio,
ii nlmphj lullnd, or u dllllautt operatic
loltctlon, la nlmoit liqtially clisrmitif,'.
hvorv pcrforuianco of horn was liitcncd to
with hrcathlfit attention, and rented with
cntlitnlu'lin applauia and u porsiitcnt de
mand for n repetition. Klio was nhlyiup.
iiori'.n uy .-Mr. .. n, t urioug, tenor, nnu
Mr. I'. A.IJowen. buritoiiu. Thu fortnor
gentleman U n plea int und well cultlvn
ted vocnli't. and tho hitter has apecullurly
rich, full voico of roinnrl'oblu depth and
volutin-. Mr. LiuWIkmLI nrraided nt tho'
iiliirio. dnrlnir tho cvf-nlnir, Bnd sliowod
hiiinelf a master of tho Instrument. His
t .. ... tff.. li. I. . l .
u(.'uoiii)ariiiieiivn lo .iiri. jiruwu i luiu
wcruinrticiilnrly beautiful and consonant
with her stylo ofslnging.
u havo not tho t rnu to speak of tho
prosrammo In detail, und can only say
that Mrs. llrowns flr.t solo -TUni.-,
ir.1t lls.e,.. " h,. - .,1,... iinisn U k
tho latter part. Tho ' Oraecul Conort.
ISt'lAi M 1 lllfii "111 Villi! Illl'Sk,, L-iivwimi I
(from Oratorl.i Creation) by .Mrs. Urown,
and .Mr. llowcn, was boautlfully rcudorod.
Hut tho grout ravorito of tlio evening was
Mrs. llrowns inimitable singing of the
"I'lHtoroliao Cavllllore, ' which was ox-
on site. and so delii'hted tho nudienco that
they demanded u second nnd even n third
appearance, iiio ucceeding soli, ny
Mr. Iloweii, was well suited to his voice
and was loudlv encortd. Tho closing trio,
' ho sol quest Aniina, ' by tho troupe,
was rendered with such i:raco and finish,
that, on its conclusion, tho dellirhtcl au
dience oooly declined t depart until tho
linger" inaiioa second appearance.
Where llnr'iiln. In Dry SJooiU Hay lie
U now making arrangements for the open
ing of the spring trnde. Ho Intends filling
his rominodloui store room with u largo
variety of dry gorvl, comprising ladles'
dress goods, muslins, table linen, carpet
ing, matting nnd all article' usually found
in limilnr esublisiimont.t.
lli rnrpef, two ply, three plv and
UriiMei., are of now nnd cle'gant pattern,
nnd rheujior than have been brought to
this market. Mr. Mutiny Intends nddlng
to hi stork In this particular, nt nn early
day, and will show such n variety in styles
nnd price that nil purrhnscrs can bo ii!iod.
In other article r.f dry good Mr. Mutiny's
stock will 1 low In price, vnriou. in kind
and nf the bet quality.
ciitcrrr couitT.
The case of John II. Foster v. John II.
Davis in action of ejectment wo called
for trial yesterday morning. Judge (Sreen
Mid Albright for the plulutilt' und Judgo
Allen nnd Vlnjlur l".r Sb" dfetuNiil.
The plaintiff ululmid tho lands of tho de
fendant by virtue of n tax title. Tho cno
wn vory closely contc.teJ. Tho defense
object"! to tho introlucttoii of :!i3 Judg
ment nnd preeopt of tho County Court as
tvldence, on the irotind thut thev wero
not in duo form; was overruled. This is
an important ilveisiou ntrecting tho va
lidity of Lit till. Tho court refined to
permit tho deod to go to thu Jury. A ver
dict of "not guilty was rendered by tho
Jury and a new trial granted.
It is now evident that tho court will
continue in se.ion for two week longer.
Several att jrneys go to Spriuglleld to. day
to attend Fulled Mates Court.
The grand jury appeared iu court At J
ouluek, p.m., and pri-sonted Indictments
ag.iln.t John Carey, for malicious mlichlr!
and burglary, nnd Louis Gary for reculv-
Itic .tolon uudi. knowtnL them to bo ueh.
Thsfssraiid lurv wore dUchnrtW : also I
the petit jurv wero dl.olmrgod and a new I
,.,..,,1 ,.e.l..r.ul iVnrt ,i,lt..n-n.., (.ill
o'olix k. a in., Monday.
Cloliic Out Sale.
Twonty-ilvo thousand dollars worth of
retulv-mudo clothllii;, lint, caps, hoots.
dios-r, truuk Niiil vahe i..-u olio red for
ilo by P. Nelf, 7t, Ohio Lovee, nt AC-
TL'AL COST I'ltlCES, It being hi-In-teiitlon
to clo.u out in that lino und em-
Imtk excl slvely nnd more extensively in
tho I'urni.hl'i. g d und luerchnut taller
ing bti.lii-n.
Thisrloiingout llo I'uriiislio- tin oppor
tunist to securo idothing cheaper than
ever iMiforo ottered In this market.
Too Fast, Tho Paducah IleraUl says:
Ttventv miles of tho Cairo & Fulton
Ituilroad huvu buen complolod from Little
Uwk. .rkan-as, in tno iiireetion ot tlio
MUsl'ilppi river. Wo understand, how
ever, that the terminus of the ro.vl on tho
M!s.llnpi river will bo at Columbus,
Kentucky. Instead of at Cairo, Illinois, to
mako connection nt Columbus with th
Iron .Mountain road to St. Louis, with thu
Mobllo & Ohio road to Mobile, and with
tho Kli.abcthtotvn & Paducnh rotid whou
it Is extended to Columbus.
Col. Allen mivj bo foolish enough to se
lect IKdmont, but wn believe all tho
signs of tho time Indicate that bo will re
construct thn road from lllrd's Point to
11 f.n Dr.K.ss, Mrs. Drown, who will
sing In this city Monday and Tuesday eve
nings, has' as lino a voico as wardrobe, A
Cleveland (Ohio; paper says: "Mrs.
Urown wore ono of the handsomest, rlchost
toilets wo havo aver icon; is bluo gros
grain with Victoria train! over dross of
lame, llnishcd with long French points,
Inw neck, short sleeves, trimmed with a
wealth of luco an oxquslte- pattern of
Kbpcat'su. "Tho Marriage Proposal
of Heligoland'1 will bo repeated this (Sun
.day) ovonlng, at Phllharmoulo Hall, by
tboflernmn Drcimstic Aisociatlon.
Tho Cairo .Vim wai publUhod In 1831 ;
Krancli M. ltiwllng), editor nnd publish
er. II. S. Harroll wm post tnnster, and
Bryan Shanncsty kept tho only drug utoro
ami hotel, wa .Imtlco of tho I'cnco and
Kotnry l'uhllc. Tho following notlto
furnlihca un Idea of tho extent of tho liv
ery stable fnoi)itlo of Cairo nt that early
That old (lid don't Pilot t ilo ha, cum.
tnunced tho livery st.iWa buslncsi. Ho
ha on hand. onc yok of oton,
and intends to have a horso and a tlat
bout soon. H. H-'
Cairo, April 21.
A society then existed In Onlro .called
"Tho Flst-Fuottj." In giving notlcoofn
incctlnje which had bevii IieM. 'tho Sun
'On tho 17th Inst, this notoriously lm
moral and nevor-to-bo-fortotlen company
of 'bold soger boys' turned out nnd gave a
.nr.nti.inn ..twtiftt tlir.l rntllil rlri.'
. njivv....iMi.
i Among sentiments tit tho meeting, the
I f0nwlng may suffice ns a spcclmon t
, FLAT-F,OTs.-KemnniUr ihnt
., " :"i',.iJl' ' "is ,t,n, i. .
" "'"'j
In March, 183.', Henry Simons was up.
pointedjpostumstcr In place of II. S. Har
rell, resigned.
Tho Cairo City Timtt was publisliod in
1854 by Hacker & Faxon. Tho Catholic
church was built that year. Thlavcs and
gamblors infested Cairo nt that early
period, until tho Time akcd, "Is there no
law in Cairo?"
In 1830, Cairo had a population of 131
white tnalei,l.'!.'l white female total U34.
Freo colored males, I ; fomnles 7, total 8.
Ilryan Shannexsy was Post Master in
1651. During this year steamboats ro
received $1 5u per hundred for freight be
tween Cincinnati and St. Louis, nnd
$11! for passenger. At present, freight is
but 25 cents por hundred. In 1851 John
S. Hacker was appointed surveyor of this
Ii. L. Llghtnor was Clork nnd School
Commissioner In . 1SS7. At a court hold
at Thebes during this year, the following
Attorneys wcr presont:
(Sen. John A. McClornuuJ, .ludgo Sid
ney llroesefc David J. linker, Sen,, and
Hon. John Dougherty. L. li. Litcnbco
was chairman nnd John Hodge nnd P.
Corcoran wore secretaries of a Democratic
convention held at Thebes over twenty
year ago.-
Tho population of-Almamlor county In
1850 was 1140 whilst tnulci.'nnd ll'l 4 wliito
females total 1,414; Freu colored male'
55, fomal.M 85 total la'.. In 1P54, tho
number of udulU In tho county who could
road Htid write, comprWod UPJ males, 250
females, and of this number only twenty
wen; foreign born.
W. T. WortTitlxnTov Is lolng n ldg
bnsiuiias In copying and enlarging old
Daguerreotypes, Atnbrotypo nnd Photo
graph, muklng them look n bright n
when tlr.-t token. febll'tf
Akamv Atttntiox. Tho funeral of
C'harle. A. Meyer., lute a member of tho
Arnb nro Co. of this city, will tako puce
from tho residence, comer of Wash
ington uvunua ami Il'th street, at jtreelqly.
half past ono ii'diVJcJ tlijs S.imdtiy .jiflcr.
! All memburi are notltled to meet at tho
cnglno hou.e, initio usual dre, nt pre
' clsly ono o'clock, p. in, ,
I lly order of thu company.
! .IAS. S. KEAUDKHecr y ;iro f,n.
Caup. KihUir flallttlH Circuro
itance. beyond my eoiitril prevented tho
druwlnir for my property "at tho time np.
pointed. Xow, that a lUtllclont number
"l "K nave i.o"U uispo.o i oMi.o.iraw.
'"Vt will certainly tike place tin. 1st of
A ni nexi. . uieri are n uuuureu
i ticket'' unsold, pnnon.ditilrouiof purchm-
Ing will tlud them at thu City 'find FIrtt
National IUnk...- , "tp. KKIJ.LY.
Cairo, Feb, 1, ITI.
T'AKK Noi'lti:. For .ule.r exehuligo
for Cnlio property n turns u: I" i '
mile from Cairn, Hour Anna, it. t" ' s
county! healthy locution, nml good water.
Tho place I" about half cleared, In goml
running order, tocked, with good range.
For particulars addrc. Francl Jvlier, bov
107, Calm, or cull on him on Cedar street,
bctw'eeu Light mid Ninth rtreet.
Aran African gathering uptown Fri
day evening, two sisters Indulged In an
excited discussion over tho right of a young
darkey to accompany them home. Mary
Jane railed Ilutsy Ann nn old tattler, when
Itntsy Ann dealt her n sovero blow which
wa followed by u general row, character
ized by htilr.pullliig and a freo use of
brooms and chairs. No one 'erloiitly
Tin: Uaiiio St tit, Vol. 1, No, I,
of tlio now n-ries of thu Cairo
.Vfnr, made Us appearance yolerduy.
Having out-grown its former one, tho
.SVnr comes out in ti now dress, enlarged
und improved generally. It I now a
hnndomo nnd well printed little sheet,
nnd 1 editod with wnsldorablo nbllity,
"Wo hope our llttlu cotcmporary, not being
govorned by the Immutable law which
rulo In tho solar system, may, from a
satellite, grow to bo n Slur of the ttr.t
Sanph gives his wonderful porloruiance
in tho Athoneutn, on Wednesday and
Thursday night coming.
Wantku. A female servant, white or
black, to do chambor. work In a stnall fam
ily, and nurse. To good hclpi tho highest
wages will bn paid, Address; "Kuqulrer,
at this office.
Monday Night. Tho Hibernian ilro
compnny's grand ball will bo given to
morrow night. ThU company hai become
ono of tho most proficient companies in
in tho city nnd t deserving
of public patronage. Tho ball -will
bo conducted In such a manner m to
glvo lutisfactlon to nil who may uttend. t
Tickets nro only ono dollnr each, and
overt property owner In the city hould j
buy one.
V. N. Wonriu.NOToN seems At homo
In his now Photograph nrt gallery. Hrt
makes every body and overybody'i chil
dren fed at homo while there, n his pic
ture of everybody und everybody's cbll
Uron will show. Call and .sco for your
selves. Over Itockwull cCo's Hook store.
Tun Kitciiuv (Jiki:n'. In all house
hold, wherever used, tho .Charter Oak
Stove Is tho domestic queen. Hmllesnnd
good nuturu pervade her kingdom, and her
subjects nro always freo from family Jars
nnd kitchen disturbances. Jan25dnwlt
.Mil. Woi(riiiX(iT0.v,i now Photograph
Icnrtgillory iconltnually crowded. Why?
fouio mat ask. Woman's rcaon: because
ills pictures nro tno best mado in the city
or Stall'. No exceptions. feblOtf
Ir YOU want n pair of boots made to or
der, nut of tho best material, and in the
most fa'hlonnblo nnd durable manner, go
to Win. EhloM, on Twentieth street, op
pnto th el court hotio. tf
S t.snt Is tho Prince of Magician. Tnku
tho lat opportunity of seeing on Wednes
day nnd Thursday nights.
PitKp.tni:. It is tho duty of every dti
r.en to get his pocket book ready to buy
n ttcket to the Hibernian Ore company.
Foil sale oroxchange, 100 ncres nf choice
land in Franklin county on tho contem
plated lino of railroad from Ht. Lou to
Evati'vlllo. 1 will exchange for Cairo
property. C. CLOSE.
Fi.ouu Choice Family Flour In bids
half bbU., snclc, An., for sale at thoKgyp
tlan Mill au
' PACKUTi. '
T'm l.ilhmlnj ieamer ! Cmm
koi! n,siivji.m:
on the .!) and nt lha.hoiirs btl(.ir.!iiniJ
'I'A I. I.S.MAN, Uvtjry -Monday nt ." p.m.!
TY HON K, Every Tlumday, nt 5 p.m.;
LUMfiDEN, i:urySuturJay, ut.p.m.
I'or l'rinht or raai(u apply on laril, or lo
:. nnio i.r.vr.i:.
The le.nil fill and li.'tit draught steamer
.l iUn .ITIRTv, eTK
nnnsr.v smi:ii.::y . sia.tcr.
f.sf ( jilro dtlli ist'.p.m , aid PaducaUiU'ly
iit'.ta.m. Hit. us .uperl'T ' 'mod it ions eh
erdte. p!l. i I'rOliaje.
(VI.'i.NiO.V At CO.,
(Hu..'..ji. 1. 1 J,,hn q. Itiirmoi A Co.,)
"II 4J'jl?Ji:01V3KKK
74, Sccoml Floor, OHIO LEVEE
OAtl'O. X11..
liny and Sell Ileal Estate
pay av-Tsaag,,
.-..Ms l'lt:i'.Ht; S SS.nVKYA.Ns:
' r
W. Ktrnlton.
T. II rd.
e,Te n I) I. it, II
u A ("irk,)
OHIO 3j23Xri3X3
Auriif Ml AliirrUiM. IuHlr tut
i?t,Clt! TOJ0
o.is si ism k'o.v m i:iu;n x xt
No. 7(1 Ohio l.ne,
S)ieelut al tent Ion Given In S'oo.ln
meiil una I'IIIIiib Orilrrx.
A N I'
Confection Herchant
Huh Itemoreil to lilts Old Stan
434 Commercial Jme
Whr hesollctla ronlinuani'e ol i.alronaj!ii
hiaforinorcuito tners.aawtill Wii el ae man
newonei an may want prime gToceriea.protuionsy
ot"., remnrkahlyi'lmapfortaiih.
Term i Htrlctly ea.li, or whlrh he will wt'
nwerthan theloHi'il ell I
Kffl.Vfl MACI5IXE.S.
k & it en
The Completed, Simplest and Ho
Sewing Machine, laUsf.
Cor, Bill SUWiAiik
The, iletii(ind for the HAV1B SEWINO MAfll.
INK In tho Atlantic States, whero they are b.;.i
known, an't her they supplant all oiher., I
greater than ran ho "supplied.
It never fall. In anv kind of work. It I filmtto.
ron.Utlnir of n (e r .tremj part, and It vcrtuwl.
feeil ennile It to run oTer i-eam and to turn eof
nera without ehanffn of ntlteb ur teii.lnn.
Clnihlntt and ilttTe manufattiircra ptefurll to
an niner-, nni mm iiijiiii me inin lor larnuj
eewlnjf etrerj,dy wtl laeknowIed"o after exam.
Mer. Udders hare -eTfr.tl alio and dlllerenl
tyles of flnMi, and respectfully iniilo till who
Hunt tlsn
best nc Mtrni
Jtanllfaetttred (ogito theiita e-ill before pnreli.i!
Ini"elie.n litre,
Call nml if'et n Clrrulnr.
('iii'pei.orlo I'ohle A Hloekllelh)
Kecllller nml Wholesale Denier In For
elgn anil Diiitiestlr
78 Ohio Tacvce,
CAXBO. - - - ILL.
It- keep on hanlooti.tantlt, a full ilock of
Old Kentucky llourhon, ltye nml Jlon-
oupuii'ia niiMKicH, i renrii Jirun
tiles, Holland lln, Itntiic
nnd Cnllforniu Winei.
sit yhi v co..
oaiho, xxjXjXjtroxa.
Aleo, keep con.lanlly cn hand a net com
plele alocl; ol
Scotch and Irish Vhlsklcs
Port, Madeira, Sherry, Calabaw
. VV7-I3V,33S.
We ro auent for J. RM X Co, 'a Cel.hrnlo
VH.eeieiiirrly'for (ali, lo uhlcli Ivt w
liviii, it, allenlion of closo tnrjsaln Imjrr
Hl'eidal attention glrrn to fl'Ln ordnr.
yY"M. n sen trrr eT
Impofter and Wholesale Deab
Wines, Liquors
Aen. ftir l.t hranda of
ImpOlTOClAloB or CllZ
foront Ici-adra,
Wo. 73 4Sirl Ii"B VJEI-J
.Vl.t.NTIXi: UJ'.SC!'.S
Family Grocery
Cor. slh SI. .V IVa'.hlngtnn me.
C.'iiro, - - -
I a.ijilei rtllll tin
It. -le.l
(rors lira, (.fi't'ii hiiiI KiIi iI hwiI (an.
stail I t nil-.
Dressed Poultry, Fresh Uk
An I eter)ilnii.' id. iiee.e. lor f.imly npply
It i. In. i r '.i I iivli,t tv'' 1 ur enr to
the 00 V.
ASCII' 11'I.S.M ifpilhl". I) Sir .nje M re.JHH-tlully
.o. ite.i, .Uc.'l.rjm '
Tin: m:w and fasiiio.v.vdli:
snaving s nair uressing
Unuii iipi'iilothe vilireniol cir ti'a.hlnijt,
men i ie .ii nne, anu nn'rLiitittit;ear 'ad
Iti'tirstrsFss.Xss. 10 OlliNtrcit.
I am prepared In ilo nil l.ii.l. n. orniiiiiaiitsl
llnlrnnrl -:i(i'li nuiinN and hrn.'ilut.
Jlalr 1 'r'lti done In the I.IIOI atidlveUlyl".
I Mill KO to Hi,. limiT. of llaOte Illi I ' t.'i'.nnu In
! iH on Mv.
nit n.snriiis
i.lililllil JOHN IIKIr't'Ir"l,
Bar Fixtures,
,85 and 187;COMMEHCliL AVENUE
CmIvo, IIUiioIm.
Imoge&e Brown
Kcpcctfully nnnounccs TWO
tins 1 Ly the Wlow u.y enimout taleut
Mr, A, I FURLUHCTenor,
Mr.F.A.BOWEN. Baritone,
- . ; - v. ,
Mr, H. LEDOCHOWSKI, Pianist,
Admission, including roorvod seats,
Tickets for jsulo ntD. Hnrtman'..''
Th feehtu and ,ebcat itroml Jhe vslnjer, and
wlthxood reason. Tlm weather nt thfs e'iaapit.ha
aUlepreailnit tnVot upontl.u v.ltiil orntns'anil tha" ' '
animal aprrlt., nnd they haio tt"l"t Itnllty or men
tal anitnAtloti to pre. The agcl nnd inHtti). In .
whom th name of llfo la watlnrrdlm.tsM alwayii i
nnpleaaauliy attretnl ljMli temper ituro'ol win- ;
ter, and .hould forl'fy their ij.tetna nKalnst 1U
The e.xti.i vlijor and re.teut (ioirrhlBlijne.en.
fcelde.1 ejttem -e.pilrei"tn erit.li it to tiieel Wlljl
safely thaa.sault of coMnn'dilatnp, hif loo'nba (,
Bc.iiired hjr threRiil.irue ol llotetlor" flom.'
acli Hitter. The ..n. i i-in-vt ef li, otider(e
mrdleino I oou npporrnt,lu un liirc.ed ppe
lite, morn nrlire dl-jestlo'uaildabrlKbuf, hap
pier frune of mini. rAniMMJisj fijejf thuboiljiy.-.
and If liUnot preperlytl;e'ieii lbflfeis'of 'Hfe
hum low. Vh n till is thn c:ie, lhMUdiIlltj Vnrr
aliiajatM rctnldleil wlttilnn .linrt apacn of t me,
tli tAklng n fiiltiloin of tho hitters tirlco . star.
Tlio totii.ti-li will .11011 Lcicin t perforin its al
Inled t.vk reularly and sleaildjr ( ibnfoilMas
tlioron hljr a. 1 1 m listed; will ff IJ'll.p'aci'niiat of
of vital lesntd nourHl.uital jslil'titlie.ln fy ro
qulrrs nn lertlm vxlurnal ptev.iire of r'uld, und
Iho winter nllinenla uhlch am apt lo aall th
tresltnnd initotiod ph),iio l'l M avu led,
fiblU-oiUwIir . . , . , r,'l
jyprs. lVKi.L.n.i.v
Ha.rnmoted from ihoeornerof Kind iree-nn.l
Cotiimeri'iAl avrnue, to
The Second llousn on Fifth Street.
Ilattvrett Cnminerrlnl nuU Wnalilns(luii
And Ltepa constantly on hand a fell supply of
farofcriuH, 'otioii"s,'ruys, tic.
Alii, Pry (!ood, I'luthln, rrnTMiona and Con
fr4llen( nt the Tery hme.t prlre In lh" eliy.
U'lti'l forget Hint Mr.. Wcllman ha thaiu'd her
lil.toecf MK'lieii, anddon'llori"iH IheliHjilionof
ner nriv i:inn Jit.. Mtniuaii will aiwara oe
found at home f not in the store room, in thu
deillo pnrloflli hnii.g. ultnlw
J iTI. I'Ifll.MPS.V .,
("ur.-iMt.ur Ik K. II. Jleii.lrie k A l o,,
Wliarf - Boat
I.llt:ittl. AflV.t.M'F.N si a ns: .v (Oft.
isi!-,tre pret'sreil to reeeiie, kto(M mid forwat.i
fr. I'M. I i all p. '!', Kll I Ml hll.l .el,,. n.
nr "i
L'0'i.i.iui,el' nJii-l luhilh i.romi.iun.,
Qi.osn v vixui:.t,
4 111 UklJl'l .IV
time, Cemenl, Plasl&r fsris
lM.ASTKK V.ll'S II '-lit.
Cor. Mfc Street 'f iJ'Hf' 1 J
fc Si reel M'j
... MSB - tVJ.. irWst
9 . W U
I'nileJ Hf''-VmeriM. Soiitherti lil.ttiei ot
Whrnas.'nlrfiiVlSil- ji.tfthrSlf
1.71, JMtllilCly Flovierree A r,i. ril.d ii 'lit I ti
Die fii.tnct luiirtof iIim V iii,A,l i.i. r.-.u ...
r-.nini. ill i-iin vl . lllllioili, llnll:rt .,e
l o.u I.OiiiTiiio.iiop,iy,t!,,.Ke,,,eIn4 I. If.
niuire, lirnyiiiKinaii iHittnn mav Iie,ui.iu,,,.j ...
llKd und twenty Dolhire. iiudHliu
Dollar. nudfliiie.u, hy uriuv of
I loqraa in nun loriQifc
itirnatdA on tho tlm More
teued Uuiu Ullij t,iluJl.ljlliJ lenilt
t ille, her htau, eKv, iilDreiH'iI and Lai Hi
Lou i.
In tnv eii.todr.
Nonce la heiehy tilt en, lliata. DitliC4tUtUb4f t
Iho United Hlate.u ill bhritalh Jnltedlf,",' " R.
Sktjrl room it lh city uf Cairo, ou lh rlr.iMou.
JtjtB atarcli for the trial ( L. pnnvsrs. " a
&,'ti4 the owncrerOM'nera.andfQiMiHiuaaSsat .T
ta or ollm;ejjy tuMxeitfimrew. aft lawy-Vl
elld to IAnrVappear at tttf Haxivid l kSVw.i ,rjf v i
lald.toihow cause, If any Shwlmie.! iiy asSwua " -houldnot
Ik) ienitei4 W aivoidaiieo wiil,,aaal
arayarofeald IUI. r' JOllfl I.. KUUTf.
lly IVter tiau n. Deputy. II. K Manbal
Dairo, Ilia., KeLru.ry It, l70.-t.diM)

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